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Ford edge: family friend or foe?

The ford edge 2008, is a vehicle I bought that allowed me to have a larger vehicle than a car but without sacrificing the gas mileage. My first test drive of this vehicle surprised me when I was able to accelerate easily again similar to that of a car but with a larger size. The second row of seats offers comfortable and great leg room for my tall, long legged family members. With children it allows sufficient room for two car seats yet still space in between for a smaller individual to sit or kids supplies. The rear holds amples of space to store or carry items needed without risking the passengers space or design. To offer more room for large items, the back seat folds flat allowing room for carting large breed dogs or moving furniture or bikes. My only problems with the vehicle have been items affected by the recall. First was an exhaust recall which I experienced for many years with a cracked exhaust pipe. I spent many visits and unnecessary monies seeking dealership help for repair with no reprieve. Finally, after many rides with mechanics one was able to pinpoint and repair the problem. My second issue has been the airbag recall that has shrapnel risk. The recall was issued a few years ago with only recent options for repair. While calling for this recall dealerships imply ford is not providing any for the edge model. Huge risk driving kids around with shrapnel risk. Finally, my transmission blew 4 years ago. I had a transmission company rebuild one and has worked ok since then but the switch between rpms seems slightly off. I am told this is due to the first recall mentioned.

- Jessica B

Good vehicle, but for 1 concern

My Edge has been a decent value, having driven it hard over the past 8 years. I still get good mileage, and other than routine maintenance, haven't had any major repairs to make as I approach 200,000 miles. It handles rain and snow fairly well. It has had 2 instances that have had a negative impact on my experience - twice I have had the on-board computer system malfunction and cause the car to literally stop working while running. Complete system failure with every dashboard light lit up. Both times I had to shut off the car, wait a minute, and restart it. All the warning lights come on then flash off and the car runs fine. You can't take it to a mechanic for testing since the car has been turned off, so Ford has no proof of this issue unless you look it up on certain mechanic websites. Other than those rare occasions, the Ford Edge has been a good vehicle.

- Dan M

My vehicle is really awesome

I have had this truck serviced at great expense since it was new and usually ahead of schedule. If ford service said it needed something I did it. If Ford service said it might need something I did it. I am now at 87k miles and had my High Pressure Fuel system go out. Ford dealer is telling me 10K dollars. Telling me I have purchased bad fuel but when they took a fuel sample there was no water in the fuel. So now Ford won't stand good for their product, the insurance probably won't pay for it because there is no evidence of contamination, and that leaves one option. I am going to be out 10K dollars. Not to mention at a time

- Michael J

Family vehicle that is good for travel.

The Ford Edge is a good car for long distance traveling. The comfort for 4 people is high and will get around 23mpg when highway driving. The gas mileage is not great for city driving and stays around 19. The v6 engine is enough to get around and has decent acceleration for weighing over 4, 000 lbs. The limited version has leather seats and the 2008 has either a back up camera or backup sensors that help when parking in tight spaces. With so many Edges on the road parts are easy to come by if something needs to be fixed. The large vehicle might no be a need or good for some drivers.

- Ben K

2008 Ford edge is perfect for middle class families. It is very spacious.

My 2008 Ford edge is a very comfortable, family affordable SUV. This car is getting older so I am starting to realize some problems, I think something, small or large, might be happening to my transmission because I heard a “thing” under my car when speeding up or slowing down on occasion. The a/c & heater work very well. I can play my own music through an AUX which is a must for someone who loves music as much as I do. It has been great for traveling. I can throw my snowboarding gear in the back or strap a kayak to the top of it. Great car for the most part.

- Jennifer N

My vehicle is a flickering grey and come with rims already. Man or woman vehicle

The ford Edge is a nice reliable vehicle. It has a lot of room for family and fun. I have had some safety recalls on my vehicle but no unfixable problems with outrageous pricing. It is easy to maintain and gives u a real SUV feeling. It is good on gas and highway friendly. It has a well working air conditioner and the heat hasn't failed us yet. Mileage is awesome. It is a very relaxing car with a luxury look. I was happy when I got the vehicle and it hasn't failed me yet. It holds five people easy and has awesome trunk space. Don't regret the decision.

- Melissa S

Spacious, comfortable car that I have a lot of great memories with.

It's a 2008 Ford Edge. Absolutely love driving it. Smooth and easy to drive. Seats are comfortable and car has plenty of space for potential passengers. Don't use the built in navigation anymore but love having Bluetooth to sync my phone to when I drive. I feel most comfortable when I'm driving that car and have gotten so used to it that I might consider getting another Ford Edge once I'm finished with this one. The sunroof is also a nice touch to have when the weather is nice and you want to drive with the windows down.

- Timothy M

Amazing SUV comfort and style

Performance is absolutely amazing! I use to have 6 speed cars and so I like to go fast. The edge gets up and moves! The ac is absolutely amazing. I am married and have three kids and have plenty of room when we fill the backup to go camping! Gas mileage is amazing for a SUV. The transmission has around 180,000 miles on it and still going strong. The things we replaced was motor, power steering and there was recall on the fueling system and air bags. Other than that it's been amazing. I would buy a new one in a heartbeat!

- Peterson G

The interesting detail is how clear the rear view window is.

The Ford is really good performance wise. It can handle long distance very well and has a very good engine. The system in which it operates itself with is amazing. It alerts you of people around and the cameras for rear view when backing up is lovely. The mirrors are very easy to clean as you just put water on it and it's clear. The seats are very nice if you like that new car smell. When sitting in the driver's seat, it feels very comfortable driving the car and takes no energy from me at all.

- Jeremy L

Very reliable until 100, 000 miles.

Ford edge is a great car, very reliable until you reach 100, 000 miles. After that it starts to have a ton of problems. The engine shakes, the temperature gauge stops working and causes the ac to malfunction. There is a weird grinding noise. I have done all of my oil changes and maintenance as required and on time and the car is still having a ton of problems. Great car but plan to sell or get rid of around the 10p, 000 mile mark or plan to spend a bunch of money on continuous problems.

- Alexis B

It is perfect for someone with kids. It is very spacious and comfortable.

Some things that I enjoy about my vehicle are the luxury amenities like the back door button to open/close the door, the seat warmers, the electric seats, the sunroof, the moon roof, and the leather seats. Recently I have had trouble with a noise my tires make when I turn. It is a very annoying clicking noise. Other than that my other complain is that I have to roll down my front windows of the back windows are open or my car makes an awful noise with the wind circulation around my car.

- Janet J

Love my Ford edge! Great on all road conditions! I can never get locked out!

I bought my vehicle used. I love my Ford edge. It has been so very reliable. My Ford edge has needed very minor repairs. It handles beautifully on the road and gets fairly good gas mileage. My Ford edge does well in snow as it is all wheel drive. It stays steady on ice as well. My only complaint is the air vents are situated rather awkwardly (for someone who like the air to hit her face:) but my favorite feature is the safeguard numbered pad on the door in case I lock myself out!

- Connie K

Ford edge limited is a top of the line mid size. SUV.

This vehicle has been great with very few problems. It has been reliable, fun to drive and. Comfortable. Great gas mileage and easy. Handling. This is the limited edition which is fully loaded. Some of the features are CD player, heated seats, back window wiper and I love the panoramic sunroof which gives full open view, great for summertime fun. This SUV is the perfect size and seats 5 people quite comfortably. There is ample space when traveling in the back of the vehicle.

- Deborah H

Over all this is a spacious car I can transport a variety of stuff in and feel safe, AWD has me covered.

The number 2 problem are the water pump and something to do with the transmission. Before I bought it the transmission was already fixed. Water pump makes me nervous, but no negative signs yet. The bluetooth is messed up, I have yet to visit Ford about it. The sun roof when shut and windows open makes a flapping noise that annoying. Other than that, this is the safest I've felt in any of the vehicles I've owned. Spacious, comfortable, convenient gas mileage. Looks sharp too.

- Holly K

Overall a great vehicle and enjoy the ride.

Have almost 190,000 miles on vehicle (which are mostly highway) and the main problem that I have is that the battery connections keep getting corroded. This causes the engine to rev high, speedometer to not work and all dashboard electrical goes off. Have to clean battery connectors and check cables to restore vehicle to normal driving operation. This causes major problems and undue stress to keep getting vehicle repaired. Otherwise I greatly enjoy the vehicle.

- Tammy P

It's very dependable and very comfortable to drive.

All wheel drive, heated seats, dual zone heating. It's peppy unless using the air conditioning. Then it's a bit sluggish at take off. The heated seats are wonderful during the cold months. Gas mileage is okay not the greatest but not bad either. I've only ever been let down by this vehicle once, I had to have an entire axle shafts be replaced because they put one tiny porcelain ring in it, which the heating up and cold of winter most likely caused it to crack.

- Christie S

Perfect for the family, not so perfect full 360 view.

Car is very reliable and spacious- I have two car seats in the back seat and still have so much room. The electric trunk opener is very useful when my hands are full of groceries, luggage, ect. However, there are many blind spots when driving and parking- the front corners, looking out the front windshield, can sometimes be difficult. The side view blind spots are large so driver must completely turn head, if switching lanes, merging, taking exit, ect.

- Lisa S

love my car Stella with the panoramic sunroof

I really love my ford edge. It drives well. The seats are comfortable. The hatchback is spacious. The back seats fold down to provide for more space. The backseats also partially recline for the comfort of backseat passengers. The cruise control comes in handy for long trips. The air conditioning fan has gotten clogged multiple times resulting in replacement of the AC on 2 occasions. If the clog is caught and cleared early, it isn't an issue.

- Megan H

Love this car so much. Great for my adventurous family

I absolutely love my car. It drives nice it's very roomy and dependable. My kids love that the back seats recline which is great for road trips. My family is tall and we all fit very comfortably in the car. The back has lots of room as well. The one thing that I do not like about the car is that the windshield is extremely reflective which can be difficult to see through when it's really bright outside. Other than that I love this car.

- Ashley C

Great family SUV with cool touch screen features.

I haven't had any major concerns. The touch screen took a bit to get used to but other then that. And some of the vehicle features only apply if you have certain hardware and connectivity. There is no gas cap. That is a huge factor for me. Especially have small children. Moms tend to forget smalls things like the gas cap. I like how the gas gauge is. Keeps me informed as I am driving how much gas I have and how much I have used.

- Sha-tara G

Great family car with the perfect amount of technology, and spacious trunk.

Great car. I have put over 200,000 miles on my ford edge and still going strong. Only problems I have ever had with it is censors, spark plugs and my heater. Totally enjoy the look, the space and the moon roof. The heated seats are excellent when having leather seats. The dual air temperature controls are a blessing when my husband and I are both riding in it and it fits 2 car seats comfortably, making it a great family car.

- Trina C

Awesome car. Newer Ford edge could only be better

My ford edge is the best vehicle I have purchased thus far. It rides smooth, great on gas, and maintenance is not expensive. The only concern is my interior is light so that's hard to maintain with two kids. There has been two recalls on this vehicle. One recall involving the passenger side airbag and the other is with the fuel tank. Overall the ford edge has been a great purchase. My next vehicle will be another ford edge.

- Melissa T

Plenty of room for everyone.

I love my Ford Edge. There is plenty of room for comfort and the car seat. I haven't had any problems other than normal wear and tear. I get great gas mileage. I have family and friends who own the Ford Edge and they really like theres. I love the fact that I can put my groceries in the hatchback area and not have to worry about the kids stepping on anything or stuff rolling around because of the bag hangers.

- Kathy M

The Ford Edge is comfortable, smooth and a quiet drive.

I love the Ford Edge. It has comfortable seats front and back. Plenty of legroom in the front and back. Adjustable steering wheel that makes driving more comfortable. Bluetooth for hands free mobile phone access. It has been a very reliable vehicle. We were notified of recalls and all recalls have been repaired with ease. The Ford Edge is a smooth and quiet ride. This vehicle has been a very good investment.

- Mandi G

Seats fold down, so you have more storage.

The Ford Edge is car to have it is not a gas guzzler and it is a very comfortable car to take a trip in. We have had our car since 2008 and all we have ever done to it is bought new tires. Taking a trip it gets great gas mileage. We went on a trip, drove 400 miles and filled the car up once. This is a great family vehicle to own with all the space you need to fit all your groceries. It's a great car!

- Kathy B

Panoramic sunroof, leather comfortable seat. Remote start, push button tailgate.

The best SUV out there. The seats are extremely comfortable. The room in the vehicle from front to back seats is perfect. Mine came with a remote start and a tailgate that closes with a push of a button. My miles per gallon isn't too bad.. I get 19.3.. which I drive a lot of city. Highway I believe I would get around 25-30. The panoramic sunroof is amazing. Highly recommend this vehicle.

- Maggie E

The Ford Edge is a smooth ride with amazing interior and nice color.

The Ford is very comfortable inside and the placement of everything is very easy to find while driving. Have to fill my tank twice a week and wish gas mileage was better. Love the orange unique color as well. The sync Bluetooth is amazing as well and helps while driving. My dog was in the car and left no scratches on the seats even though he does have claws. Very smooth ride as well.

- Mikayla L

Lots of uses and enjoyment while driving.

Most of all, I like the fact that the truck lifts and it is so easy to load groceries and other things into your vehicle. I really like the Bluetooth Audio and the fact you can talk on the phone (when necessary) without the use of your hands. I have never had a car with the moon roof until now and I love that. The second seat also folds down for additional room to load a big item.

- Dee A

I am glad I got this Ford Edge instead of what I thought I wanted!

I love that this car is a crossover and has a lot of space without feeling like I am driving a huge car. I have had it for years now and have not had a single issue with it. It is great on gas and has cool features like bluetooth. I would recommend this car to everyone I know. I enjoy SUVs and this was not my first want for a car. It is a crossover, and I am glad I went with it!

- Sandra L

It's been a pretty reliable vehicle for our family.

I purchased my edge used, its in good shape and gets myself and children around decently. It doesn't have much "pick up" so getting going and freeway driving is not a plus with this car. It's got a good amount of room but the back seat seems tight. I have two child's and two car seats are right. No way we could fit a third. But it's sturdy and has been reliable for us so far.

- Jessica C

Comfortable vehicle for a family

The transmission has been unreliable there are shifting issues especially for the 2008 and older models. The blue tooth is very difficult for people to hear on. This is an incredibly comfortable vehicle. Gas mileage isn't terrible. The features in the limited edition are high end and the radio is great as well as the speakers. The leather seats are extremely comfortable.

- Victoria H

Owner's insight on the ford edge. Luxury without the high price!

My ford edge is beautiful, comfortable and has consistent performance on the road. The only issue with the ford edge has been the airbag, which was replaced for our model. We were able to get a complete tune-up and brand new airbag installed. The sound system is great, the dark red paint coating looks amazing in the sun. I would recommend the ford edge to new buyers.

- David W

There is plenty of room and it just makes you feel comfortable driving the car.

This car is great, living in Michigan, I have to travel through snow regularly. The car handles really well. I also use it as a family car and I always feel comfortable transporting my kids. There is plenty of room for car seats. The car handles really well in the snow, rain and a sunny day. However, the paint is starting to bubble and rust is starting to appear.

- Megan V

Doubted the all wheel drive... Proven wrong.

I really enjoy the amount of room inside of the edge. It's a mid size but feels roomier than most others I have been in. The gas mileage is pretty good for a typical fuel vehicle. I came from a beast of a vehicle with the best 4 wheel drive so I was a skeptic of all wheel drive. I feel like it is hard to lose control in any type of weather and it's very responsive.

- Courtney L

Wonderful Ford edge- great transition car.

My car has been super reliable and dependable in the past three years I have owned it. I use it for personal use-commuting to work and driving around town. It is been on one long road trip and did excellent. There’s enough space and comfort to cart all of your stuff and cargo around with room to spare. I think it is a good transition car for people in their 20s.

- Emilie T

2008 Ford edge sel AWD review.

It is very smooth riding and has plenty if cargo space. The transmission has given me problems with getting stuck in 5th gear at times. I have had it fixed but at times it has happened again. You need to turn vehicle off and back on and problem goes away. Seats are comfortable and adjustable. Newer models are better but this is a 2008 so take that into account.

- Karl R

Versatility - great for a family of four or an individual.

One recall - Takata airbag which was annoying. I love the size of this SUV - not too much car but large enough for a family of four or driving around town by myself. I also like the height of the car/seat. I like the back-up sensor and the overall performance of the car. . I also like the cloth seats. For it is age, it has enough features - digitally and safety.

- Karen M

Very comfortable and roomy

My vehicle is usually a nice drive. It has some problems like the seat warmer has gone out and the passenger seat won't move anymore and when I turn to the left it makes a road noise but other than that it's a great car. It is very spacious and very comfortable for a long drive. It is semi modern and you have and aux cord and you are able to do Bluetooth in it.

- Sierra S

2008 Ford Edge Review (light blue)

My Ford Edge has been a great car. I've only had three issues with my car in 11 years and two times it was a battery issue. I bought it new and hated to trade it in because it has been so dependable and have had to put very little money into it. Not a lot of bells and whistles in my car but it is comfortable and drives great! It has a DVD player in the back.

- Sherry I

The gas mileage is not the greatest. Eats fuel quickly!

The Ford Edge is a sensible vehicle. Acceleration is about average. I have never had a problem with batteries, oil changes, or brakes. It's comfortable for my family. Large, convenient trunk. I have fit a full size mattress in it, very carefully! The only major problem I've had with it was the engine fans going out and it overheating. It was about a $920 fix.

- Tara K

Review of Ford Edge Limited in winter.

The one thing I don't like is driving it in the winter. Live in northern Indiana and roads get bad. First non 4 wheel drive vehicle I've owned. Other than this I've not really had any problems with the vehicle besides normal maintenance. I like the double sunroof. Also I like the looks of the car. I considered three males and was recommended to get the edge.

- Leanne D

The edgy Ford Edge and why I love it

My vehicle is pretty good but I think the performance isn't the best at this time. I wish it had Bluetooth but the aux cord does it for me. I am sometimes afraid of taking the car out because I don't consider it that reliable since it is from 2008. The tires also need an upgrade because most car these days have 60 PSI four tires but this one only has 35 PSI

- Jin I

I'm a ford person and I love my Ford Edge

My Edge drives great and is fun to drive. The seats are very comfortable and roomy and it's great on gas! So far we have not had any major mechanical issues with the Edge. It's cost effective to maintain and it's a very reliable vehicle. We have always driven Ford cars and trucks in my family. If I were to buy another car it would be a newer Ford Edge.

- Amy H

It doesn't break the bank

I like that it is Reliable, cute, easy to park. Has a good safety rating. It hauls all my groceries/ kids/ dogs with ease. Good in the snow. It didn't break the bank and fixing it doesn't break the bank. My husband can change the oil himself, unlike me brothers Audi. It has such a spacious back seat, I'm tall and my knees don't hit when I'm back there

- Valerie J

Ford edge safe, reliable, most efficiently built vehicle.

Poor transmission. Solid engine. Great performance. Reliable. Safest car I have owned. Great fuel efficiency. Brake system on abs side could use some tweaking. Stock rotors are poor from manufacturer. This vehicle saved my life in a bad accident and barely had a scratch after..Even as tranny is going out after 140k miles engine runs great.

- Peter D

Ford edge is a good ride!

I purchased this vehicle used. So far it has been a pretty good vehicle. I haven't had too many problems aside from normal wear and tear issues. It rides good and is pretty good on gas. The back seat is very spacious. The only thing I don't like is I do not have a key fob and I cannot unlock the trunk from the trunk, if that makes sense.

- Caroline E

Good condition red ford edge 2008.

Fwd strong running v6, comfortable and easy to clean tan leather seats with a CD player and bluetooth hook up for in car phone services. Roomie 5 seats and a large trunk with automatic door for easy access when hands are full. . No oil leaks no leaking air in tires. Nothing wrong with suspension. Great for a casual ride on the beach.

- Nina A

Reliability is the name of the game.

This is an easily handled, reliable vehicle. It is roomy without being difficult to park or handle in high winds. I do not particularly care for the tire sensors. A change to cooler temperatures triggers the warning light. My experience with Fords is if you give them regular maintenance they will give you years of reliable service.

- Mary K

Comfort and Style, Class and Stability

I have owned my Ford Edge Limited for 11 years. It has 202,000 miles on it. I replaced the water pump at 190,00 miles. Other than that, I've only had to change the tires and oil, ever. It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. I'm never tired or hurting after a long driving trip. Plenty of room, handles beautifully.

- Gena G

Good performance, luxury details without luxury price.

Looks great on the outside, have a leather interior. Seats are comfortable. Drives well, no major issues with performance. Often the check engine light comes on with no real reason why. Sunroof motor constantly stopped working, luckily it is closed. The size is perfect, not too large, but still holds a good amount of people.

- Louis M

It is a good first car for a teenager.

My car has not had any problems. I got it for my birthday and it runs very smoothly. I love the car. It has great sound box and road noise is relatively low. The seats are comfy with heaters. It is very reliable for I live at a university and my home is two hours away. The gas mileage is decent and it takes regular gas.

- Kacey F

My vehicle is great, drive smooth. I recommend a Ford Edge

I actually don't have no major problem with my truck. It's a great truck.. I have a full sunroof, a CPS system. I also got a back up singer. Its cream inside and out. Good engine, I do have a problem with the AC, it's not getting cold and blowing out hot air. It have a good factory radio, remote that open the hatchback

- Anthony H

An average family size SUV.

I really wish it had 4 wheel drive. It has plenty of seating capacity and is comfortable. I have problems with brake calipers all the time. It is nothing fancy. Wish it had more technology capabilities. Trunk space is large and has the ability to fold back seats down which makes it nice for extra space to haul things.

- Michelle L

Adventure of a ford owner.

Since owning it I had a few issues to address. I had to replace the battery, brakes & the hood. I also had someone deface my car & more. Overall, I love my car but it didn't come with some issues. However, I would own another car. I know there will be some issues due to the age & condition of the car.

- Tammy B

The joys of driving a Ford Edge as a mom of 2.

I love my Ford Edge Limited! It has leather seats, sun/moonroof, and power everything. I feel great driving it. The ride is smooth. My kids have plenty of room in the backseat. The cargo area fits everything I need for the week. I love driving this SUV because it's reliable! I never have to worry about a thing.

- Sara F

All in all very dependable vehicle.

It is a reliable vehicle. It has double sunroof. Rides smoothly on the highway. It gives good gas mileage. It is a very good dependable vehicle. The back seats lay down with the push of the button. It has hands free Bluetooth. It has Sirius. It has hand controls on steering wheel for easy operation of driving.

- Avon M

If you're looking for a reliable and stylish family vehicle, get the edge!

I love the fact that my edge has enough for me as a busy mom but isn't too big that it sucks the gas down. It maneuvers well and has plenty of storage for road trips. It has all the features that I love in a car, Bluetooth, cruise control, tilt steering. I will definitely be buying another edge in the future.

- Bree B

2008 ford edge likes and dislikes.

I do not like that it is black on black it's so hot in the Florida heat. I do like the navigation system, and the dual sunroof. I could live without the leather seats but they are easy to keep clean. It has an issue with the valve cover gaskets leaking have replaced them once and have to do it again already.

- Amy D

Edge is a great car. More interior room than the explorer.

We had to put in new speed control sensors, which was somewhat costly. I have read this is a fairly common problem in them. Other than that it is a great car. It is comfortable and gas efficient. It drives great and is a good size. When comparing to the explorer, the edge had more leg room in the back seat.

- Angie N

My ford is midnight blue and I really like the color.

Constant recall notice, check light on have replaced spark plugs and still goes off, abs is on along with the traction control light, windshield is cracked, recall notice have been for gas tank and airbags. I have other notices for recall but I am unsure what they are for, gas mileage is not the greatest.

- rachel G

Leather interior with roof rack and chrome rims.

The 2008 Ford Edge SEL has been a great vehicle. I am the second owner and bought the car when it had 48000 miles. It now has 192000 miles and still going strong. The only issues I have had are the brakes. It was not a costly expense so all in all I would say the Ford Edge is a great dependable vehicle.

- Brittany L

My 2008 Ford Edge experience.

I love my Ford Edge! It is very spacious and easily fits our family of four with plenty of room to spare. It is very reliable and I rarely have to spend money fixing issues other than routine maintenance. I would definitely recommend it as a car to consider if you are ever looking to purchase a vehicle.

- Mandy H

Best value out there currently.

Performance is great, as well as the handling. Gas economy is a plus. Inside the vehicle is average but it is not meant to be luxury. Been using this particular vehicle for years now and it has had minimal issues. If you plan to get/buy one, expect a vehicle that will last you for many years to come.

- Eric S

The Ford Edge is a reliable and very comfortable car with good gas mileage.

The Ford Edge has been great, the SUV has a lot of room with seats that fold down with ease. It drives great and the seats are comfortable, the older ones can have a trans box leak but Ford changed it in new models so it does not happen. The steering is good and easy. Long trips are comfortable also.

- Cynthia D

Transmission is a nightmare.

I have already replaced the transmission and I feel it skipping again. Other than that, I love the way it drives and feels. It is perfect for my family with 2 small kids. It rides very smoothly when we are not dealing with the transmission. I really do love this car if we didn't have that one issue.

- Stephanie F

It is a crossover with lots of room & love the heated seats

I absolutely love my Edge. I have had no problems with this car except for frequently having to change the windshield wipers. No big deal! My next car will definitely be another Ford Edge! This car came out of Massachusetts & was very well built. I love my Edge & hope it runs forever!

- Bronwyn R

It handles very nicely when you drive it.

The vehicle is new to us, so I haven't driven it very many times yet. I like that it is easier to get my kids in and out of their car seats because it sits up higher than our old sedan. I like that i don't have to bend to load things in the back, but I'm not crazy about not having an enclosed trunk.

- MK T

The 2008 Ford edge is extremely reliable and very impressive.

Large leather bucket seats. Am/FM radio. Auxiliary plug. Usb plug. Bluetooth. Panoramic sunroof. Runs perfectly. Quick breaks. Child safety locks for doors and windows. Very reliable. 11 miles to the gallon. Oil change every 3,000 miles. Anti lock brakes. Back up sensor. Privacy glass.

- Jackie H

If you're looking for a reliable vehicle, this is the go to.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. I absolutely love it!! My grandmother had a 2013 Ford Edge and I drove it all the time. I loved it so I wanted one. I have not had any problems whatsoever. It's a very reliable vehicle. I highly recommend this type of car to anyone. You'll fall in love.

- Kayla W

A Modern and Very Spacious Ford Car

I have had my Ford Edge for about 2 years now. I love the trunk space. I only dislike how it could have had a third row. It has not given me any out of the ordinary problems. And parts haven't been hard to find. It's a great car very spacious. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Angel F

It is very spacious and I love the way the car is made.

Need back brakes and rotors, and need tune up and transmission is slipping, it has some minor paint damage, a few scratches, and a little rust on the driver and passenger side, it holds five people, it is a mid size vehicle, other than those minor problems my vehicle drives like a beauty.

- Johnson S

You get all the added extra space of a full size SUV with the convenience of a smaller one

SUV but smaller in size, plenty of legroom, plenty of cargo room, back seat is same size as our expedition but not as big overall, 4x4 Only complaint I have is the way the windshield is slanted, sun reflects off dash which in turn reflects on windshield making it difficult to see outside

- Christy S

The interior is super easy to clean!

It jerks when shifting, but other than that runs well, it has low gas mileage, but seem like it goes through tires quickly, however I drive 50+ miles a day. I love the heated seats, and the sound system is great, the storage in the back is large and spacious. And the sync is wonderful.

- Devon M

A quality and reliable vehicle that will not disappoint.

My Ford edge is a very reliable automobile. It has not caused any problems for me to date in regards to running or reliability. I love how high it makes me feel on the road as I drive. The only drawback I feel is that there is no navigation system or reverse camera in this early model.

- Craig G

Great car for a small family!

It is really good on gas $20 would last me about all week. It is a really good car for a small family, the interior is really nice love the leather seats they are really comfortable. Also love how you can change the volume from the wheel. Overall this car is great absolutely love it!

- Alejandra H

Dependable, comfortable vehicle

My Ford edge has been very dependable. I've had it a year and zero problems. Nice and roomy in the vehicle. Plenty of power. I have no complaints.I have put around 25,000 miles on the edge and I see no problems in the future. Great gas mileage for SUV. I will own this car for awhile.

- Daniel N

Ford edge review 2008 is really good on gas mileage and it is very roomy inside.

Good car roomy inside! Good on gas! Will buy another one soon! Sleek. You need to change oil and tune-up and make sure you rotate your tires! The only problem so far is that Ford has a recall on the airbags and they do not have them in stock! But I have to say it is been a good car.

- Tricia S

Double Sunroof does the trick

The vehicle is older and has just started giving us engine problems. The car has over 150000 miles on it. The performance has been great. It has been very reliable since we have had it. The car is comfortable. The features are good but it is a bit older. The double sunroof is great

- Rebecca E

Luxury features include moonroof, heated seats, Sirius radio and CD player.

Love this car. Very reliable. Comfortable and has lots of features such as a moonroof, heated leather seats, CD player, Sirius radio, back up sensor, electric seats. The mirror shows the outdoor temperature and which direction you are driving. All around solid and comfortable ride.

- Erika W

My likes and dislikes of my edge.

I love my vehicle. It is comfortable and have space for my family of 6. It is also great on the road with great gas mileage. Great trunk space. The only thing I wish I has was a fully loaded with leather seats with built-in Wi-Fi. Other than that I wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Sade G

It is just your standard vehicle. No surprises.

It is fairly good on gas, much less mpg than I thought when I bought it. Otherwise no issues. Considering my fiancée is a larger man, there's plenty of room for him. He prefers the larger ford's but the gas mileage sucked on his expedition. I think we went from 10mpg to maybe 20.

- Lorraine R

Used ford edge. Good small family SUV.

Good gas mileage, sensor issue that cost 600$ to repair. Brakes have worn down easily. Bought at 60k miles, and only at 130k and the engine is slipping already. Very roomy, and has served well for my two kids and I. Does well and rides quietly (approximately 23 mpg on road trips).

- Laura L

Moonroof and sunroof, are some of the best features in the ford edge.

The forward edge is an amazing vehicle I recommend it to anyone that likes ford, the edge is clean and sleek, always runs good. I've had mine for 3 years and all I have done to it so far, is change spark plugs. I recommend the limited as that has a moonroof and a sunroof.

- Dawn B

On the edge of late life limitations.

I know it's an older car, but in 2019 so far, between a new alternator and a brake system, it is cost me over $1200. I also needed a new fuel tank and airbag in 2018 due to a recall. Even though I brought it to a ford specialist, they had a hard time locating correct parts.

- Allison S

The Ford edge is a must have, I love it and you will too.

I love my Ford edge, it comes with a lot of features such as heated seats, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, sunroof, it drives very smooth and quiet, it did have a recall for the airbags but I took it in and Ford fixed it at no cost to me. . I really recommend this vehicles for families.

- Marcus W

My review which apparently is not long enough.

Smooth ride. Good on gas very smooth ride roomy yet cool. Cheap tires to replace. Great on oil as well. Nice sporty look. Headlights are nice so I am supposed to give another 260 words on this survey so I don't know what else and every time I keeping this alert unto say.

- Kevin J

Great family vehicle, lots of room in the trunk.

Gets great gas mileage. Can fit 2 full size car seats and a booster seat in the back. Lots of trunk space. Does awesome in the snow. Roof rack is a great option. Great car for a small family. Heated seats. 3rd person shoulder belt in the back. Does great in the mountains.

- Amber L

drive great and works well.

Great reliable vehicle, never had any problems. Change oil regularly, perform scheduled maintenance and drive as usual. Only thing that needs work is the sync system with the radio, Bluetooth, phone and sound system other than that it sounds great. Would buy another one.

- James G

All the edge. Very reliable car to have no complaints from me.

Sure a great vehicle no issues gets me from point a to point b w no problem. Only issue was recall on gas tank and airbag fixed and all good. Gets good gas mileage. Good tires. Haven't had anything fixed all original from day I got it in 2016 except for the recall stuff.

- Melissa M

Still gets decent gas mileage even though 10 years old.

High air does not blow well. Had to have air conditioning worked on several times. Leather seats! But they do get hot in summer. Nice sunroof! Very roomy back seats. Decent gas mileage. Back hatch has plenty of room. Upholstery has held up for 10 years, as well as dash.

- Lara E

Great for the Outdoor activities

I love it. There's plenty of room for the kids and all of our outdoor gear for camping, skiing, surfing, really anything we could want to do we have. The only thing is the lack of car seat anchors in the middle seat in the back, but that's because it's an older model.

- Jeff W

Ford edge. Heated seats with a defrost for your mirrors. Sirius radio available.

Automatic. Black leather interior. Heated seats. Sirius radio. Plenty of room. Heated mirrors for defrost. Excellent air and heat. Very reliable. Has garage door remote option. Brand new tires. Has child seat latches on seats and behind. Perfect car for a 4 family.

- April H

I love all of it. It is the best car I have had.

Great all of it. I love the room and color it barely shows any scratches. I love the durability and the long lasting engine and air conditioning. I also love the TV and the way it beeps when you're closer to hitting something when u back up. I just love all of it.

- Beth C

2008 Ford Edge with a v6 engine for plenty of power.

Nice family car 5 passengers with fold down rear seats for all those weekend projects and plenty of room for groceries or other shopping and I imagine plenty of room to lay down in the back for camping and hunting or fishing trips very comfortable for long drives.

- Bill T

Safe while still being stylish.

Bought car new and love it. Perfect size for our family without being overly large. Nice interior and exterior styling. Dash is not overly cluttered. no major repair problems. Feels safe. Wish it had better gas mileage and upper hand holds for front seats.

- Erika B

My opinion. Ford Edge tip points.

Uses to much gas to fast. Also the shocks could be made stronger especially when driving in a city like philly with tons of pot holes. Other than that the size is great, I have AWD which is great for snow and I have a TV with satellite radio which was a bonus.

- Kelvin L

I think the ford edge is a very reliable SUV. I love the power for a v6 engine.

It took me a while to get used to the severe slant in the windshield when driving, as well as the windows being higher up. I love the get up & go power the edge has. It has a very quiet idle as well. Love the features on the steering wheel for the stereo.

- Carla Y

Vehicles are a necessity and is vital we take care of our vehicles.

I bought this vehicle used, like every older car it needs work and you have to be really attentive of all noises and vehicle dash alerts. I been on top of it and my vehicle runs great so far we haven't experience any problems and we drive this car everywhere.

- Ricardo C

Others should know to beware of buying ford vehicles. I have had too many problems for the mileage I have on it. And ford customer service is terrible at best.

I love the comfort and interior of my ford. It has about 130,000 miles on it. The thing I do not like is that in that time I have had to replace the engine and now the transmission is starting to go out. I do not think I will ever buy another ford again.

- Kevin P

Great family SUV. And sporty too.

I haven't had any problems yet. I love ford products and especially the ford edge. It's got plenty of room. And looks sporty for a SUV. It's a good family vehicle. It's got room in the back for cargo. Stereo system is great and I can hook up my phone to it.

- Suzanne S

Ford edge, a decent vehicle

The Edge is a good vehicle. We have had some transmission slipping and some issues with drivers rear wheel well. But what do you expect from a 11 year old vehicle. Gas mileage is mediocre, but its and SUV. Otherwise the edge is a decent family vehicle.

- Jason S

Comfortable to drive and safe.

Has blind spots. Safe. Rides smoothly. Hard to fix if things break down. Decent on gas. Easy to use features. Sometimes hard to park. Nice looking car. Is ok in snow. Reliable for the most part. Lots of room. Has good radio stations. Comfortable to drive.

- Jacqueline G

My Car is a Ford, edge. It's awesome!

My car is really awesome! It has no issues, it runs smoothly, it goes really fast, it smells nice, and you don't have to get gas in it too often. It's really amazing! I totally recommend xfX doesn't cost too much, at all! Go get one! You won't regret it!

- Frankie H

Safe reliable gas saver roomy

Reliability Safe Nice in drive. Realistically very nice car. Smooth on the road, Bluetooth capabilities, nice radio sound. Very nice sliding sunroof top. Roomy inside back is roomy sliding seats hand free hatch opening, saves on gas, easy to clean car

- Billy C

I get a lot of compliments that I have a really nice car.

Rides really smoothly. Ample leg room in both the front and back seats. Good cargo space. Beautiful look to it. I have had a few engine issues and there was a recall on the airbags for that year, but for my next car, it will probably be another edge.

- Haley M

I like to keep it very clean on the inside. I hate sitting in a vehicle that is dirty, dusty, or smells.

The size of my vehicle is perfect for what I use it for. There is just enough room to place things I may need such as a cooler, extra bag, school bag, and supplies. I do not have any complaints about my car other than I wish I got better gas mileage.

- Jessica T

Check online to see if there is a complaint forum about frequent ballpoint replacement issues, primarily in the front.

I like that it gives a very smooth ride, it is very roomy and offers many options to choose from. Has plenty of trunk space as well. I do not like that it does not get great gas mileage and it seems to need ball joints replaced frequently

- Chrissy W

It is a crossover SUV, but it is small for a crossover

I like that it has four wheel drive and is a larger vehicle, which makes me feel safer during the winter and at night. I dislike that it does not have a sunroof, and that it is a Ford because I know the transmission will eventually go out

- Stephanie M

Stylish and comfortable family vehicle!

My vehicle is comfortable. There is a lot of space for passengers & cargo. It is very reliable. We use this for day to day and family trips. It fits our family of 5 comfortably. I especially love the panoramic sunroof and heated seats.

- Brooke S

You get comfort and style in this car, along with good gas mileage, what else could you want.?

I personally love the ford edge because of the space and good gas mileage. Its size is bigger than the ford escape and smaller than the ford explorer. It is very comfortable on long trips, and has plenty of room for any travel needs.

- Hayley V

It is getting old and has a lot of mileage on it. I am worried it won't hold up much longer.

Too many blind spots, on the front windshield mostly. Air conditioner vents don't adjust enough. It doesn't hit driver but passenger can't get it to not blow in their face. Fairly good gas mileage and comfy to drive on long trips

- Gale B

It is a very smooth ride and gets decent gas mileage for an SUV.

This is the fourth Ford Edge that has been purchased in my family. It is a great car that has a very smooth ride. Biggest complaint is that the tires are a larger size than the average tire and therefore cost more to replace.

- Stacey S

No interesting details. The vehicle has been fairly reliable.

Haven't really had any serious problems with the vehicle. Changed oil regularly, brakes, flushed cooling, rotated tires and haven't had a major repair problem at this point and the vehicle has over 140, 000 miles on it.

- David C

Ford edge - due to problems with pcm and transmission - would not purchase again.

Vehicle has a nice look but has had problems with transmission and the pcm from the beginning. It has nice features including heated seats and sync and is very comfortable but it is not a car I would purchase again.

- Beth L

Everyone should by an edge if they are searching for a SUV. It is very reliable

I have had my car for about 6 years now I think and I have not had any problems with it! It has 150,000 miles on it and still runs very well! I highly recommend this vehicle if you are looking for a small SUV

- Abby S

On the back it says that it's an awd (all wheel drive) but it's not.

I like It's durability, the amount of cargo space it has, and It's stylish look. It is dependable and gets pretty good gas mileage. I also love the backup sensor, it's a must have for the next vehicle I get.

- Bobby M

It's very easy to drive and pretty much maintenance free.

I love that its roomy and spacious. It's easy to get kids in and out of the back seat. The heated seats are nice in the winter. I just wish it had a little more space in the back seat for an extra car seat.

- Samantha O

decent legroom and seat is wider in the hip / waist area

the car had been reliable and dependable since I bought it, it has more room then any car currently available for an individual of my height and weight. I HATE the automatically controlled door locks.

- vince r

If you are wanting a SUV that is good on gas I would recommend something else. If you're not worried about gas mileage, I would recommend the edge, I love mine.

I like the style of it, it has a luxury appearance. It is comfortable for long trips and rides smooth. It is pretty good on gas, but could be a little better. I wish the air blew cooler and harder.

- Jesse I

It is very reliable. It has an easy turning radius, so it is easy to maneuver.

I love my car. It is sporty, has lots of cargo space, gets great gas mileage. Very little maintenance. It is high enough that I can see around me and I feel safe driving it. And it looks good.

- Deborah V

Great car for a family of four. Safe traveling car and reliable.

I love my car it's great for driving long trips with my husband and dogs. Gas mileage is average for and SUV. Only thing I don't like is it's hard to wash with the wind over the back window.

- Alexis B

It doesn't get very good gas mileage. The automatic seats that are supposed to remember the driver does not work like it should . The heated and cool seats are a great bonus.

The vehicle actually runs great and the ride is smooth. The gas mileage is not great. The sunroof and moonroof make it look nicer. I love the satellite radio. All in all it's a great suv

- Christina O

People should know that the Ford Edge is a reliable, easily maneuverable vehicle, and incredibly cost efficient with great gas savings.

I love Fords. The Edge's smooth ride allows me to take in the beautiful scenery. Also, I like sitting upright in the comfortable seating. My children have lots of legroom in the back seat.

- Angela P

It's a great family vehicle. With lots of room and extremely comfortable

I like the size & comfortability. I also love the entire top sunroof. Complaints...I have an airbag recall & an abs sensor problem that is common and not covered under any recall/warranty

- Erin D

It is paid for and the insurance premiums are very reasonable on this type of vehicle.

It has very comfortable seats. This is important for us because my wife had Multiple Sclerosis. It also has plenty of cargo space which is helpful when I have to do the grocery shopping.

- Larry H

It is an extremely roomy vehicle, yet that is also its biggest weakness, since its rather wide.

No NAV system does not help it very much. However I do like AWD on the unit, and the color is very nice. I try to take care of my cars, so hopefully this will last me another 3-4 years.

- Adam V

Handles slippery roads great.

I got the SUV because of having a child so there would be more space, drives great. However does have a air bag recall at the moment, do not know how long I will be in a rental car for.

- Whitney S

Perfect size SUV for anyone�s needs with seats that fold down.

I absolutely love my vehicle! It gets decent gas mileage and it is a very smooth ride. It is the perfect size SUV that allows you to fold the seats down and create even more room.

- Morgan E

Very enjoyable car. Ride is very smooth. Plenty of room

Great vehicle. A newer model might have more bells and whistles but my 2008 Ford Edge is great. I love it. Plenty of room for passengers and for our two 65 lbs , and luggage.

- Amy K

Economical on gas and easy to maneuver.

I love the size and space the edge offers. Also, enjoy that for its size, it is great on gas. I hate that I have to do so much maintenance then I feel like my other vehicles.

- Louis M

Great family SUV that always looks nice.

It is a all black paint job with black leather interior. It has a sunroof that allows flowing air in the cooler months. Only problem I have is the ac blower isn't very good.

- Elizabeth P

Rides real smooth. Good on gas, great for family road trips.

I have had no big problems with this vehicle. Good on gas and rides real smooth. The back seats fold for more trunk space. Comes with build in navigation, and sunroof.

- John R

Very comfortable to drive and more advanced than I thought.

Very comfortable to drive in. Drives real nice and smooth Plenty of room for hauling. Love how advanced the technology in the radio is. I enjoy listening to SiriusXM.

- Joseph J

That it saves me money on gas.

I love that have room for my sister kids car seat it does not eat to much gas. It always gets me point A to point B. I like way rides really smooth on the road.

- Diana M

They are known for transmission troubles.

I love the size as it is big enough for the family, but is easy to drive. I have had a lot of transmission problems though. I like that it also sits up higher.

- Stephanie F

Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

No major mechanical problems since I have had the car, I bought it certified used off lease, only things I have had to do is keep up with regular maintenance.

- Sherry A

It is a tough built auto. If I bought another car if would be a Ford Edge.

I bought my edge brand new. It has over 200000 miles on it and I had to have the air conditioner fixed, new brakes. No other problems. Still runs great.

- Launa R

That it is easy for older people to get in and out of.

I like the fact that it's big enough to carry things in, easy for me to get in and out of, and I like the looks of it. No complaints or nothing I dislike.

- Jeri G

It hasn't given me any mechanical problems, rides extremely smooth and quiet.. Have I said I love my edge?

Love my edge. Performance is suburb, and beautiful car, excellent features. Gas mileage is very good, and I feel safe with the many safety features

- Mary L

I love the moon roof because it takes up the entire ceiling. The hatch back is also very spacious and handy.

It is a very dependable vehicle. It has great gas mileage (highway) and fairly good gas mileage in town. Four doors, a full moon roof and a hatchback.

- Kip G

2008 Ford Edge - Great SUV for the price

The LEX model has great features, such as leather seats and sunroof. The Edge looks great and handles well. The gas mileage isn't terrible for an SUV.

- Kristin P

Although it's not the hottest or sexiest car out there, it does the job

It fits all of my kids and disabled mother. I love how it also fits all of the groceries. And it still feels compact enough to fit in any parking spot

- Melissa S

Drives great, comfortable but is well known for a shifting issue that Ford has not acknowledge.

I love it. The only thing I have concerns about is shifts hard from time to time. From what I read this is a common problem with this make and year.

- Cori L

It's been a wonderful car to drive in whether i'M by myself or with my family.

It is spacious. It is reliable. Has all the modern features of a new car today including Bluetooth and siriusxm radio. Great car for a family of 4.

- Amanda L

It seems to be safe and reliable.

My Ford edge is great for the family and on the weekend it is great for work around the house I can lay the seats down and haul whatever I need to.

- Billy T

Ford edge experience so far.

The car has been pretty reliable and we haven't had to many problems with it. Back seat is a bit small for 3 kids though especially with car seats.

- Matthew S

It is very good on gas. Great running engine. No problems here

It's a great little SUV for the price. Has some good room for the kids to not be so close to each other. Lol. Overall it has been a great vehicle.

- Brian H

A terrific car in every way. Great to drive, handles very well.

Love that it sits higher than a car. Great in the snow. Lots of room and back seats that fold down. Drives great. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Janelle C

It has no aux port and it does have a wall plug in ability.

Comfortable great gas mileage and color burnt orange. This is why I purchased the care and very happy with it.... Really nothing that I dislike..

- Tammy B

It is AWD which is All Wheel Drive and comes in handy for different weather situations.

All wheel drive is perfect for snow and hills or mountains. I love the heated leather seats & mirrors. The color, size, and hatchback are great.

- Tammy B

It sometimes cuts out when you go up hills, but not all the time!

I like that it drives very smooth. It also has Bluetooth which I dig. It is durable and will get me place to place. It also has all wheel drive!

- Jessie B

Love it but it has 2 recalls.

I love my car but I have had 2 recalls on it. One being the airbag and the second is the gas tank. My car has low mileage and is in great shape.

- Lindsey T

Ford's are definitely a vehicle you can depend on it's been acting up but keeps going very reliable

My car is running rough it needs underbody work and internal work like oil change engine light is on and needs tires over all makeover desperate

- Keny B

The Ford Edge is like a compact car with the features of a SUV.

I love the size of my SUV, it is nice for traveling and not to big. My only complaint is there is a recall that the parts are not ready for.

- Heidi B

My Ford Edge is reliable and a great looking car. It is the perfect size to meet my needs.

I love my vehicle. The size is perfect, not too small not too large. I've had it for three years. I don't plan on replacing it anytime soon.

- Traci E

Its reliable and safe. Very roomy, extra storage space.

I love that the car is orange. I love that the car is very roomy. I hate all the recalls on the car. I hate the door latch is now acting up.

- Char C

Great for traveling/road trips and has easy to use features that are both necessary and luxurious.

Perfect size for my family needs and activities. Has all the bells and whistles without being to complicated and it is comfortable to drive.

- Regina B

It's made by Ford. It's very safe and easy to drive.

I like the size of my car. It's got as much room as I need. I love that it's made by Ford. The seats are super comfy. The radio is decent.

- Rachel S

It is 10 years old and I hope it lasts another 10 years.

No problems, reliable and I like the comfort of the drive and the higher seat. For warranty work always took it back to the dealership.

- Lorraine E

Nice, large electric sunroof.

Spacious even though it is a smaller SUV. Like my leather seats. Sunroof. Decent gas mileage. Air conditioning not real strong though.

- Lara E

Smooth, sharp and shapely! Runs smooth, looked sharp and feels shapely.

It rides smooth, fits my whole family. It's comfortable, looks good and gets compliments. I have never regretted purchasing my Edge.

- Christine A

It's so cool the way the wipers come on

No problems. This car is great. The features are spectacular, including many luxurious items. I'd recommend this car to anyone alive

- Stephen A

A great car and a good deal. Roomy.

Love this car. 147000 miles. Only issues is a drain from the account was stopped up a couple of times and the sync stopped working.

- Tammy S

It is reliable and has needed very little maintenance.

It is roomy and comfortable. It is family friendly. It has been reliable. It has a bad reflection on the windshield from the sun.

- Amanda M

It has a Takata airbag that needs to get replaced because of a safety recall. I have been waiting for 2 years for parts.

I love it because it's higher than a car. It is comfortable and drives smooth. It does gobble up gas and could be more efficient.

- Linda B

It is so easy to drive and runs so smoothly. I never have to worry about it.

Great car! Runs so smoothly and is great in ice and snow. Gas mileage is not great, but the performance of the car is fantastic.

- Anna P

It is old and has no air.

My Ford edge is paid off. No monthly payment is needed. This vehicle is now 10 years old, but holding up well with minimal rust.

- Jess S

Keep up on yours brakes and all fluids.

We only have one issue with the brake line dragging. I love the sun roofs and how spacious it is. I also love the heated seats.

- Nicole M

It is pretty reliable but does not have good pickup.

The car has no power. It hesitates and sputters. It has lasted well will regular maintenance. Have not had many big repairs.

- Jessica N

I really like the trunk and the hands free phone.

Had trouble with sensors and transmission. It only has 85000 miles and I do not think that should happen, I love the Bluetooth.

- Lon A

It is good for small families.

I like the size of the vehicle, but it could be a little bigger. I also like its fuel usage. The ac could be a little better.

- Ryan P

Smooth drive, especially in winter. Safe features, comfortable ride

Reliable, comfortable, large but not too large, 2 rows of seats, good in snow, smooth drive, leather seats, air conditioning

- Hannah M

Runs well for its age and even though it has many miles on it.

Love the ability to haul loads. Love the size. Love the ability to fold seats down. Don't like that it has trouble shifting.

- Shelley H

That it is pretty much reliable.

I like it. It is in good shape and gets me where I need to go. Plus it is a Ford. It is a white Ford. I named in snow white.

- Natalie K

Smooth Ride, Space for everyone

I like that it's an SUV & has enough room for kids. It also then has enough room for dogs. I think it's a very smooth ride.

- stacy p

The ability to sync with your phone makes hands free driving simple and convenient

I love the body style and room. It rides comfortably and doesn't seem to be a gas guzzler. I love the sync feature as well.

- Karen J

My Ford Edge has comfortable seating for a family of five people.

Blind spot makes it difficult to see. Currently unable to use car because if airbag recall. Ready for a new improved model.

- Diane o

That it is economical on gas.

I love the cargo space. The seats are very comfortable. I am not fond of the aux port being hidden in the center console.

- Tiffany D

I have really enjoyed my Ford Edge!

I love my Ford Edge. It has lots of room and is very comfortable to drive/ride in. I would recommend an Edge to anyone.

- Jennifer S

Good for small families and great daily driver for anyone

I love the reliability, 4 wheel drive, and options. I don't like the gas mileage. I would also like q roomier vehicle.

- Any K

It is a solid sturdy vehicle which rides well on local roads and highways.

Great ride. Handles good in snow. Room for five with plenty of cargo space. Good gas mileage and electronics are iffy.

- joe M

That it has held up well for being 10 years old. Inside and out.

I love my ford edge. I have had it for 10 years and it has been a very good SUV. I would consider buying another one.

- candace s

it is a 6 cylinder and uses lots of gas which gets expensive

like that it's an suv. like the the size of the inside and truck space i dislike the cost and how much gas it uses

- lashonte s

I like the space the car has. I need to be comfortable in the car.

It's a good car. It takes me where I need to go. It is comfortable to sit in. The performance of the car is good.

- Danya Z

It is a very reliable car.

It is a very basic model. It has cloth seats. The lights are not automatic. It does not have a Bluetooth set up.

- Abbey B

The car is safe, gets good gas mileage and has been very dependable.

My Edge has been the perfect vehicle for our family. I love having a hatchback and the backseat is very roomy.

- Cherese J

It has lots of space so it's perfect for a family.

I absolutely love my edge. I have wanted one since they came out. No complaints. I only wish it had a sunroof.

- Tara C

Great family vehicle, especially for families with BIG dogs.

I like how it handles. It works great with big/giant breed dogs. I don't like some of the repairs as of late.

- Tosha C

That's It's a great car and the best thing ever

I love my SUV..It's been the best thing that happened too the family ever . Got over 250,000 miles on it :)

- l H

I enjoy the edge but too many issues.

issues have included oil leaks, new radiator, and belts. The car drives nice, but too often it breaks down.

- chad b

Handles well in rough weather.

Dislike the road noise that comes from the tires. Love how small it is with plenty of storage space though.

- Mariah K

It is nice looking and a very reliable car. It also is good for carrying my family around.

My Edge is very reliable. I have not had any problems with it, and it has well over 100,000 miles on it.

- Jill A

Fuel Efficient, Stylish Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a smaller bodied SUV with good fuel efficiently and a very good amount of space inside.


I really like the size, it's not too small or low to the ground like a car. But it's also not huge like an SUV. I feel that the interior is roomy and comfortable. It has held up great and has not given us any problems.

Great size overall and enough room to ride comfortably. Front and back seats are comfortable to ride on.

- Mandie h

Safe and reliable transportation. We bought a second one for our teenager to drive.

Nice riding and good handling vehicle. Plenty of room for 4, 5 in a pinch. Fuel economy is mediocre.

- Steven M

I like the headlights I like the drive I like the radio

Runs great good gas saver hold about 12 gallons love it when other suv don't get as good gas as mine

- James D

It is very spacious and comfortable for a mid-size SUV.

We are near 200,000 miles and it has been a very reliable car. We also love the spacious interior.

- dale J

i love my car. it's the perfect mom car for my family of me, my boyfriend and son. it's a good size. not too large but it fits all of our baby needs. it drives smooth for being a large car.

for an suv, it really is a smooth drive. it doesn't feel like large suvs that are bumpy and rough

- Shelby D

Ford Edge's are ideal for all generations.

It's very consistent and gets good mileage. But it's expensive when I need to repair something.

- Chelsea M

Rides nicely but having problems now with the brakes and transmission. Very comfortable interior and nice looking. Spacious and good size interior

Very easy to maneuver. After many miles, needed transmission work but for the most part fine.

- Jason R

Super comfortable and roomy. Well built and gets decent gas mileage

It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. It is starting to nickel and dime me.

- Terri G

The Edge is designed for the driver's ease and comfort.

I love the way the driver console is directed towards the driver. The SUV is the right size.

- Cyndy S

It is a very comfortable car to drive and is a great family car.

It can haul quite a bit. It is easy to drive and park. Good family car tho it only seats 5.

- Kathy W

Large Comfortable back seat that reclines or can lay flat to enhance trunk size.

I like all the features I like the size I like that I sit slightly higher than in a sedan

- Colleen K

Great family car that provides a comfy ride with plenty of room.

Lots of room. Comfy ride when traveling a long distance. Wish it had a 3rd row of seats.

- Kathryn B

It's not a newer model because I had to buy it used

I like it because it's reliable and I dislike it because it's not a newer model

- Patrice I

Love the glass roof it's glass from front to back

I love the style Love the size Don't like not having navigation Love the color

- Heather w

Everyone should buy a ford edge, love the way it drives in the snow.

Truly love the color. Love the way it drives. Only had to fix minders repairs.

- Vernessa L

You get great gas mileage on the highway even though it is a small SUV.

Like the size, gas mileage from size, enjoyable to drive, bluetooth technology

- Amanda S

It's a great traveling vehicle

I love my car. I wish it would have better gas mileage and a little more room.

- Mindy G

It is a good family vehicle, that is reliable in the winter.

I like it for the room dislike the fuel milage. It is great on snow and ice.

- Shawn K

It's roomy and it saves a lot on gas money. You can now use it for other things.

I love this car! For one it helped and still helps me save money on gas.

- Kafi R

This vehicle is a dependable and family friendly. It has lots of space on the interior.

My Ford Edge is dependable. I love Ford vehicles. I have no complaints.

- Katelyn C

I love the availability to fit 5 people as well as the way it drives.

It is very low maintenance if you take care of it and get it checked on

- Clayton r

I like the size of my vehicle. I also like the color. The ease of driving and the overall look.

The vehicle is easy to learn all of its features, very user friendly.

- Renee H

It is an overall great SUV. Ford is an awesome company and I always call them the originals in the automotive industry. This car is so smooth and reliable. It is small looking but has a lot of room in the inside. Very comfortable.

It is very comfortable and very dependable. It's a great family car.

- Adrian M

It is roomy for the compact size! Great for a family of 4.

I like the room. I do not like the gas mileage. I do like the size.

- Natalie R

Love all ford they look nice my edge drives great. It has great features really safe.

That it really drives great for being a suv, and it has great style.

- Donny S

It is very comfortable for long trips.

Love the way it drives. Has room for baggage. Auto-start is great.

- Deb T

I like that it sits up higher than my old vehicle. There is enough room for 5 people. It is comfortable and has a smooth ride.

I guess that it is a comfortable smooth and somewhat quiet ride.

- Cheryl B

It's reliable. Most terrain, good engine, great wheels.

No complaints. All around good vehicle. Not much else to say.

- Toby S

My car Has key pad to use if you lock your keys inside.

My car is a very good car. It runs good. Has good gas mileage

- Donna M

I like the durability of the vehicle and its ability to drive on difficult terrain. I like how spacious it is and the various features it has especially given how old it is. That said, a we have had to make a lot of repairs in the past couple of years that have totaled a couple thousands of dollars. We are nearing a point where it may not make sense to continue making repairs anymore.

It is extremely versatile and a good value because of this.

- Ali K

It has served us well with very little maintenance and upkeep needed, currently has over 225,000 miles on it. Unfortunately, no longer has the space needed for our family and we will need to upgrade soon.

Still runs great at over 225,000 miles and ten years old.

- Kara R