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How well it responds to commands.

The Ford Edge is so comfortable. The seats are set for heat and cold. . Fit me exactly. . We have a black one, and it is beautiful. Not to big, and better than most SUVs. . The Edge is a car for people to enjoy and get all the benefits from a supercar. It pulls well going up hill, and does not jerk as some cars do. Going back down hill, is as smooth as anything you have had. . . It turns tight and smooth. I would buy another one, if I had to go out and buy another car. Ford makes a remarkable vehicle.

- Sally D

Ford edge: college kid approved!

My 2018 ford edge is great! It is reliable and is easy to bring back and forth to college. It also has a huge trunk to store and carry lots of stuff (works great for hauling college kids back and forth, as well as all of their stuff!). It rides really smooth and was very reliable in snow, rain, and ice. It is a bit big and bulky to park, but you eventually get used to it. The rearview camera is really helpful for driving and parking. There are some really bad blind spots, though, so be careful.

- Aly L

Both front seats feature heat .and 10-way power adjustments, and a hands-free liftgate is added.

Ford Edge Titanium Leather-trimmed seats and ambient lighting .instantly set the Edge Titanium ($35,930) apart in this group. It also comes with the SYNC 3 infotainment system, an 8-inch touch screen that recognizes swipe and pinch gestures, enhanced smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, a 12-speaker Sony audio system, HD Radio, and two USB ports. Both front seats feature heat and 10-way power adjustments, and a hands-free liftgate is added.


The 2018 Ford Edge is a great value for the features. It is beautiful and smooth.

The 2018 Ford Edge is a super smooth vehicle. The features that you get for the price compared to the higher-end models is unbeatable. It is sleek and powerful. This vehicle has so many standard features that the higher end models do not have such as the Ford Explorer. For example auto unlock when the key fob is in your pocket and you touch the handle. It locks the same as well. Keyless entry. Keypad. Backup camera.

- Amber M

Edge 2018. This car is safe, and comfortable, with options to personalize.

The Ford edge is reported to be an extremely safe vehicle, which is our main reason for purchasing. The car is very comfortable with many adjustments available for optimal comfort. Although this is a larger car than I prefer, the road visibility is very good. I like the ability to sync my phone for my digital books and preferred music playlists. The temperature options are good with fast results.

- Donna S

Oddly shaped doors that keep hitting my kids head.

This vehicle is very roomy inside. I am very tall, and I still feel like I have plenty of room to move around. The trunk is a nice, large size. My strollers and kids potty seat fit great, while still leaving plenty of room for shopping bags. The one dislike I have is that the car doors are oddly shaped and are constantly whacking my kids in the head as they close the doors.

- Kris W

The car is just the right size for me and my husband.

No problems at all plenty of room. I just love my Ford Escape. The seats are comfortable to sit in on long distance trips - the gas mileage is great. I told u I cannot think of anything else please forgive me; it has plenty of trunk space in the back. The air conditioning is just wonderful. You can turn the air at any temperature and the same with the heating.

- Linda. K

Great vehicle and American built.

The ford edge is very reliable. The ride is very smooth and getting great gas mileage. Comfort is excellent and the features we have are outstanding. Have the leather package with heated seats. One of. My favorite features is the heated steering wheel. Like the design of the vehicle. Plenty of room. Have not had any problems to this point.

- Chris B

Comfortable, lots of room, drives smooth. Overall great car!

I have had my Ford edge for almost a year now and I have had no issues so far. It is a great car and I would recommend it to anyone that does a lot of driving and traveling via their car. It has a lot of great space and rides very smooth. My only compliant would be that it does not drive very in the snow with the tires that came on my car.

- Sarah R

Ford Edge is a great vehicle!

The 2018 Edge is my second Edge that I've had. I loved the 2015 so much that when my lease was up I ordered and bought the 2018 this year. The Edge has been my favorite vehicle to date. Comfort and reliability are the main qualities that made me buy this brand again. I love the heated seats and heated steering wheel in the winter time!

- Lorie R

I am still learning all the new features.

I cannot get used to the blind spots when making turns and I am constantly adjusting the mirrors. Too many bells and whistles for this elderly person, but I am willing to learn it all. Gas mileage could be better. I just cannot get my seat adjusted to a comfortable place. Rides nice. Cannot wait to see it perform in the snow.

- Linda S

The Ford Edge is a wonderful SUV!

The Ford Edge is a very nice SUV. It is very spacious inside. The Edge handles very well and the has a lot of extras. It has a panoramic sunroof, voice command, Bluetooth which allows for hands free phone usage. There is one drawback...it drinks gas! The other perks outweigh the gas mileage though. It's a wonderful vehicle.

- Jackie r

My vehicle is the best buy for me.

My vehicle is exactly what I wanted, it has pick up and go but is also very safe. I love the heated steering wheel and seats. I always use he button in the back to lay my rear seating down. It came with winter and summer floor matts, reverse camera. I purchased the ruby red as it is I also call her ruby, she is beautiful.

- Gloria S

Love my Ford Edge!! Hands down my favorite car that I have ever owned!

I absolutely love my 2018 Ford Edge. It drives great it all types of whether contentions. I always feel safe while driving it. It is looks great on the inside and outside. There is plenty of room! The push button start is so convenient!! As we as the motions censored tailgate. My favorite car I have ever owned.

- Jackie B

Lots of great features: designed for safety.

Love the quiet ride; the lane sensing system, the cruise control package; the rubber fitted floor mats; the telephone capacity is understandable roomy in back seat. Like the three seat heater options the cameras are great; wish they had one on the front that beeped when I was getting too close to something.

- Amy F

My Ford edge is worth the money and I get what I pay for.

Great gas mileage and comfortable ride. Easy to handle on the road and has all the bells and whistles. Stylish with an affordable car payment. It has all wheel drive, factory tinted windows and easy touch controls. Comfortable for short and long distance. Room enough for groceries and luggage.

- Ann T

2018 ford edge - family approved!

My ford edge is great family vehicle. It is comfortable for everybody, including the three kids that sit in the back. There is plenty of space in the back. It is still very easy to drive and does not feel too large. The XM radio is definitely a necessity since I spend a lot of time driving.

- Chelsea S

Great gas mileage for an SUV.

Great turn radius. Good cabin space. Decent gas mileage. Nice backup camera. Multiple phone charging ports. Halogen lights. Controls on the wheel. Five star crash test rating. Very nice Versatile mid-size SUV. Worth it for the money. Great Ford product. Not sure if anything else compares.

- Anthony L

A ford edge is a great family car without the look of a minivan!

I would like more features, such as a moonroof. I am very happy with the performance and reliability of the vehicle. I am also very comfortable within the vehicle on both short and long trips. I am happy with the features I do have such as remote start, Sirius radio, apple play, etc.

- Melanie R

I love my edge! It was a wonderful investment!

I love everything about this vehicle! The size is a perfect medium—not to big but so very roomy. The safety features are awesome—slowing down automatically when a certain distance behind another vehicle; moving back into the lane automatically when going over the line!

- Tina G

Practical and comfortable.

My 2018 Ford edge is a very practical car. It has a very smooth ride, comfortable seats, it gets great gas mileage. It offers very good acceleration. The interior is roomy and spacious. All the controls are well located and are easy to operate. It is a pleasure to drive.

- Mary Ann C

Pros and cons, major things.

Vehicle has great gas efficiency, great room and is very quiet when driving. Vehicle could have more bells and whistles for the price tag but the turbo engine in them does make up for some of it. Car is great when comes to safety features, so big plus when comes to kids.

- Taylor P

All-around superb vehicle.

This car is super reliable. Feels really safe and dependable, but it is also sleek and good-looking. I bought this car because I was looking for a car I could travel the country with, but also had cool technological features. This has hit every one of my needs so far.

- Charlie H

Comfortable and quiet ride.

Like the size and how solid it feels. Very quiet when driving it over all kinds of road materials and conditions. Lots of creature comforts and security for the kids that make long trips bearable. Handles well and like how the driver sits a little higher on the road.

- Tom R

Comfortable vehicle for Michigan winters.

I love the size of the Edge and how smooth is drives. I have not had any maintenance issues. It is very comfortable and roomy and the back seats go down easily. It does very well in the snow. I do not like the gas mpg and I do not like how the wiper blades function.

- Stephanie A

Excellent vehicle for comfort and style.

I love my edge. I have no problems. It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven or rode in. Very reliable and the features are exactly fit for my lifestyle. I will definitely lease another edge when this one is complete. I may upgrade to a titanium model.

- Marianne K

Great road trip vehicle!!

Love this vehicle, brakes are really sensitive though, wish we had gotten the GPS. Heated seats are great. Quiet ride. Accelerates quickly. Good miles per gallon. Plenty of room for everyone. Back seat reclines which is great for passengers. Lots of luggage space.

- Hanna M

Sleek and comfortable Ford edge.

No performance issues to date. Seats are very comfortable and make me feel secure. The car feels safe overall and very spacious inside. Heated seats and steering wheel are awesome in the winter! Good trunk space for grocery shopping, taking trips and moving.

- Alex E

I is four wheel drive and does not have a 4x4 option.

My vehicle had an advanced safety package that came with the titanium trim. The vehicle has a self braking feature along with lane keeping feature automatic welfare engaging windshield wipers. It features the crescent active leather interior that I love.

- Julia C

This car is honestly amazing. I am very content and happy I made the purchase.

I think it is very comfortable, suits my needs, makes me feel safe, I do not have any issues. Great family car. I would recommend this car to anyone, especially mothers. I do not like the breaks though, I think they're a bit too touchy but that is okay!

- Drew J

The best vehicle I have owned.

This is the second Edge I have owned I bought it because I love the first one. I am a small person and the seats are very comfortable. I like the back up camera, ease of use of GPS, auto hatch back opener (foot, key fob, dash button, and on back opener.

- Loret L

A vehicle of comfort and delight.

The ford edge is a safe, reliable vehicle. I am very pleased with its performance and overall look. It is everything I need and want in a vehicle. I travel for pleasure quite frequently to visit my children and the comfort of the vehicle is awesome.

- Sandra O

Has good gas mileage for its size.

Its comfortable and easy to drive. I love all the features especially the adjustability of the seats and that you put them into memory which is great when using a car wash or valet parking. I also really love the touchscreen controls.

- Donna T

It is a save car to drive because of the backup camera and front camera as well as the sensors when you are getting too close to any object,

I like my vehicle because it is a comfortable ride and easy to drive. I especially like the navigation system. Also the backup camera makes it easier and safer to back up . It also has a front camera which is helpful when parking.

- Janet D

My pride black beauty of 2018.

It is a black four door Ford edge with black rims and flu theme everywhere. Very comfortable especially for long trips I only had one problem since I have it over seven months and that was with the left brake light in the cold.

- Dy S

My car has tons of space and is very comfortable.

I like how spacious my vehicle is. I do not like that my seats are not leather. I would prefer tan leather seats because I have dogs. If I could get another car I would get the same care I have now but the fully loaded version!

- Megan L

Very safe and reliable car.

The Ford edge, is a very reliable car. I have leased four of them. It is a sturdy, and solid ride. I did not have any mechanical issues during, the three year leases. Driving in the snow, living in buffalo was no problem.

- Valerie K

I am blessed with being provided with a vehicle to drive at no cost to me.

I love that my car is roomy yet still small to drive. I love the moon roof that goes all the way across the top of the car. I love that it is a safe car to drive. I wish it got just a little better gas mileage though.

- Kim S

The size is perfect for a family of 3. Mom, Dad and Baby.

I love everything about my Edge. I had one prior and loved it too. So I decided to get a new one. The only thing that I would change is for the rear seats to fold more flat in order to utilize all of the cargo area.

- Jennifer H

Seats that adjust for everyone.

The Ford Edge is a very nice SUV. It has a lot of "bells and whistles ". I am a very short person and Ford was the only SUV that had seats that would adjust so that I could comfortably drive it and also see out.

- Betty S

It is relatively expensive, but well worth the cost!

My vehicle so far has been fabulous! It is a very smooth ride, and is incredibly comfortable. All of the added features are wonderful, including the heated steering wheel and seats, the touch screen, and the AWD.

- Jen P

Vehicle overview- nice but lack of get up and slow phone and GPS connection.

Nice car, needs more pick up and go. Very comfortable, easy to drive. Feels very safe. Love the features, wish the GPS was more user friendly and would boot up faster along with the phone hook up.

- Melanie N

The vehicle has plenty of room for a family of four.

I like the body style of the Edge. It has a lot of cargo space and plenty of room in front and back seats.The seats are very comfortable for longer trips. I do wish it had a more powerful engine.

- Mike e

It is comfortable and easy to drive.

Mirrors are too big, blocking view. I like the quiet ride. I like that the seat is high so I can see the road. I don't like the back-up camera because I would rather look at where I'm going.

- Nora M

It's a comfortable smooth ride. It gets fair gas mileage. I've only had it 8 months so far no issues with it.

It rides good and is roomy inside. The design of the side front makes it hard to park - it kinda goes up on the outer front edge making it harder to see and judge how close you are to objects.

- Lisa B

If mileage is your requirement do not buy as driving 65 to 75 mph greatly reduces from published data

Rear Compartment is great for shopping and lifting a wheelchair in and out. Ford lies about Highway mileage because the use 55MPH as the mileage which no one drives on highway at this speed.

- Andrew B

This is A Quality Ride and Safe

I love my Ford Edge - perfect size very quite and comfortable, I would recommend it to anyone. The safety in it is great and I know my family will be taken care of in the event of a crash

- Janet K

It drives smooth and is great in the snow. It's easy to handle and has great features.

Love the color and the big sunroof. The updated features are fantastic. Happy I can connect my phone to the car and play my phone's playlists. Navigation is easier to use now also.

- Maria M

It is great! Love it if you only need five seats.

I like the line detector, the beeper for card, and the automatic wipers. However, the wipers go on in the car wash, there is no air control in the back, and no third row.

- Gina W

The comfort, the mileage.

Love the size, it accommodates a lot of stuff when traveling. It also drives great, handling, gas mileage, etc. Love the auto start, the sunroof. And gas mileage is good.

- Connie F

Very comfortable riding vehicle and good value overall

The Ford Edge is a good value for the vehicle you get. It has a lot of features I personally like. The Ford Edge is a nice riding vehicle and comfortable for long trips

- Betty B

I love all the safety features.

This car is so comfortable. It has all the bells and whistles one could ever need. It also has all the safety features that makes it so much easier to drive in the city.

- Rachel F

It's safe and affordable and the interest rate was 0

I love the roominess. The back is big enough to haul large objects. It has an excellent sound system and it's fully loaded. It feels solid and has a nice quiet ride.

- Mary C

My first new car that I DO NOT regret

Comfortable, smooth ride. Very quiet engine. Comes with heated seats, touch screen, electric everything. Very good handling, love the color and backup assistant!

- Michelle M

It adds a good amount of room for small families without breaking the bank

I love the vehicle, the only complaint I would have is the gas mileage, I thought having a smaller suv type of vehicle would allow me to save money on fuel

- Micah B

The space & how roomy it is.

Its perfect handling, color. Size excellent price and replaces an edge I had and loved. I really wasn't going to trade my edge until I saw this one.

- Loretta L

Lots of room to move around and great for road trips

It is very roomy and plenty of legroom for 3ft long legs. The back seat is comfy even when seats are fully back. Smooth ride. Plenty of trunk room.

- lindsey h

That it gets good gas mileage and it is very spacious.

I like the color and look of the vehicle. It has lots of space and gets decent gas mileage. I have not had it long enough for too many complaints.

- Alanna K



- John C

There is no lever in the car to open the trunk and no button on the key fob either - the only way to open the trunk is from outside the trunk. Not as fuel efficient as I would have liked. The gas tank should be bigger, I have to get gas once a week. Liked going from a sedan to an SUV. The kids can see out the window, sitting in their safety seats.

I got a good deal on it, even though the dealership tried hard to add on extras that I did not want. The car definitely needs a bigger gas tank.

- Anita F

I think the value is the most important. It was well worth what we paid.

I love all the room that I have in it. Love the gas mileage since I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it is. I love the back hatch.

- Alicia L

Quality vehicle Ford service is exceptional.

Everything especially heated seats. Keyless entry is great and tailgate operator is the best. Without having windows tinted was really hot.

- Terrie P

It makes me feel safe when I drive it.

I like how big the trunk is and there’s plenty of room inside too. The air conditioning system works well and the seats are comfortable.

- Carrie K

Ford Edge is all around a great car.

I really love my 2018 Ford Edge. It's a great car overall, plus it performs amazingly in inclement weather, which is common where I live.

- Geo M

It's comfortable, it's safe and it drives super easy. It's a great car and I would recommend it to anyone.

Purchased first Edge in 2007. Just traded it in on a 2018 Edge. Love this car and the previous one. Very comfortable. No complaints.

- Amy S

all of the safety devices/monitors, comfort and ride, head and leg room.

Love all the automated features, such a blind spot indicators, backup camera, side and front closeness indicators, collision alert etc.

- jim m

The most interesting feature of my Ford Edge is all of the great technology.

There are currently no problems with my Ford Edge. The Ford Edge is a great vehicle that anyone should own if given a chance to do so.

- Theodore B

It has the backup camera so you can see what is behind you.

It is not oversized. It is roomy in front. It has the lay down seat in back for hauling cargo. It has a backup camera for safety.

- Sharon W

Awesome SUV with amazing style

It is comfortable, stylish and drives like a dream. Issue from the factory with paint and getting it taken care of was a nightmare.

- Lynette B

It's a very safe vehicle, rides very smooth.

It runs like a smooth car but it is safer because its a vehicle like a cross track. I love it has heated seats and is a great ride.

- Louis T

The car is sensitive to breaking. You really have to push down on the breaks.

Good overall, do not like the air conditioner feature and that it takes awhile to start up. Also could have a little more power.

- Shannon G

The best car with the best features

I love my edge. It's super comfortable and drives great. The infotainment center is awesome and the heated cooled seats are nice

- Banarasi P

It's used for construction and I usually like to keep a cleaner car.

I like the big screen, the ride, and overall look. I wish it was a little bigger - may go with the Explorer on the next one.

- Bob L

GPS needs work on Ford Edge

Smooth ride. Great interior but GPS needs work because it does not work well when you talk to it. Has a hard time finding POI

- Joyce s

I love my car and it is paid for.

Love the heated steering wheel, heated seats front and back. Love the cooled front seats in summer. I have no complaints.


It's fast because It's a sport. the other edge is slow but the sport is fast

I like the adaptive steering. I like the adaptive cruise control. I like the look and size. I don't like the creaks.

- Jordan S

That it's worth getting the middle package, all the bells and whistles aren't that much more but they make it that much better

I love my Ford Edge. It's a great mid size, pretty good on gas. I like the look of it, and it fits our needs very well.

- Lin J

Living on the edge!!!!!!!

It's comfortable, reliable and sharp looking. It's dependable in the snow and rain and it's a great value at the price.

- Jude K

How much room it has on the inside.

I like the size and amount of space. It drives well and have not had any problem. My only complaint would be the price

- Stephanie s

I dislike the gas mileage and the maneuverability. I like the interior features like the heated/cooled seats, leather, space, plastic foot mats, etc.

It has the capability to do what I need it to do, whether it be bad weather, hauling gear, a cross country road trip.

- Michelle G

My edge one the sexiest cars I've owned

Overall space inside. Speedy handles great looks great comfortable so much more relaxing and Enjoyable not a gas hog

- Tom S

The caliber of the engine is very good, fast

excellent vehicle to drive, I love your comfort, speed, my family likes to travel in it. the best car I've ever had

- Robert S

It is a safe comfortable and stylish car.

Comfortable seating, easy controls, either voice or touch control panel, navigation is intuitive, the dog likes it.

- Lee A

Very spacious and comfortable to drive.

Very spacious and drives smooth. Good technology but not great on gas mileage even though there’s a bigger tank.

- Laura P

My vehicle has a large interior cabin with a lot of trunk space.

I like the spaciousness, gas efficiency and design. It has plenty of cargo space and the back up camera is great.

- Maria S

It has great safety rating.

I just got it but it has a lot of extras, and drives great, good gas mileage, love the body style, nice color.

- Judy H

Why I love the new Ford Edge

No problems. Enjoyable to drive, love the safety features and ease of control. Plenty of space. Good stearin

- Simon G

It is fuel efficient and roomy.

I like my edge I have no complaints. It is roomy it is a quiet ride it is got all the bells and whistles.

- Kim F

It not only is nice to look at, it is a joy to drive!

I am very happy with the Edge. It drives and rides great! Am a little disappointed with the gas mileage.

- Ted S

Very comfortable car to drive. Gas mileage is not that good because of all wheel drive.

I don't like the gas mileage. It is an all wheel drive and the gas mileage is not that good around town

- mark p

That is awesome, I love so many features. It's very safe too

The only complaint is the cost. I previously didn't have a payment, but it works great and looks great

- Lindsey J

It's a good car for a small family with plenty of cargo room.

I love everything about it except the 4-cylinder engine. On takeoff, it seems to have a lag in power.

- Jennifer G

Roomy is the name and delivery is the game. Great gas mil.

The vehicle is roomy both front and rear. Plenty of space in rear for hauling. Color is excellent.

- Bill R

It has a great navigation system and stores all addresses

The leather seats, heated seats, amazing sound system with Sirius radio, great navigation system

- DK S

I like the space inside, the leather seats, the cooled and heated seats, the storage, and the integration with my phone. I wish the gas mileage was better and that it was easier to parallel park.

It has AWD and thus suits my needs in that I can use in the mountains and hazardous conditions.

- MichelleAnn G

eats a lot of gas is the sports addition

it has a lot of power witch i love but eats a lot of gas. is brand new and makes weird noises

- vanessa g

I cannot think of anything special. But I would recommend it to others to at least test drive it.

I wish it were a little bit bigger when we take longer trips, but overall I do like this car.

- Anna P

We've had not problems out of the vehicle. It runs great, and the options were just what we wanted. Very comfy

Very reliable with comfort and style! The vehicle you can't wait to travel with

- Heather W

Efficiency and environment friendly

It's an excellent car. Offers an excellent service and have a great style.

- Alexis B

It's not a soccer mom car. It's sexy and sleek. Drives great!

I like that is all black. It is very roomy. Descent on gas for an suv

- Marie S

Our car offers a very comfortable ride, holds a good amount of cargo. I really like the dual temperature control and the heated seats. I don't really have any complaints

The Ford Edge has great safety airbags, and built in safety features.

- Sandy H

the sport model is very responsive and has plenty of power.

Many amenities and new technology, plenty of power. No complaints.

- Ron H

great gas mileage, easy to drive and park, very roomy

easy to park, great gas mileage, has a lot of bells and whistles

- Dorris K

The space it has, the look, and gas mileage. Love that it connects to my phone.

I love how much room it has. I love the look. Very good on gas.

- Tammy E

It's a safe vehicle, it's a smart vehicle. It can parallel park for you, and it tells you when there is another vehicle on the side of you.

I love everything about. This is the second one I have owned

- Karen R

The seating, armrests, and headrests are very comfortable. Apple CarPlay is easy to use and very helpful. The cargo area in the back is the right size for my needs.

It is very comfortable to drive and has a smooth ride.

- Linda H

I love to drive it around

I like it's look I like it's quality I like It's style

- Susan S

All wheel drive,cooling/heated seats and being able to control everything from the screen.

A little small. Great features. Great gas mileage.

- Brandon A