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Quiet, comfortable, but bad gas mileage.

2019 Ford Edge Titanium

I own a fully loaded 2019, Ford Edge, Titanium 2.0, milege is far under Ford's fictacious ratings, even on highway. Best I have seen is 25 strictly highway, measuring by math ehen filling up, not the false reading on dash. I Very quiet, nice ride, definitely not as powerful, fast as my 2018 Equinox premium which was also 2.0 turbo and would get 24-25 min around town and up to and past 29 on highway. The equinox was far more noisey, more tires wore, worse sound got. Ford has better GPS, overall, but still issues. Wireless charger has never worked. 800 watt sterio is fantastic. Handsfree liftgate can drive you nuts kicking in and out to get it to work. But Chevy was similar issue. Would not have purchased if I had know gas mileage was so much worse than Equinox.

- Rcwithlime

Daily driver

2019 Ford Edge titanium

Have two major issues that Ford has not been able to resolve. #1 - While driving with the AC on all of a sudden the rear seats will start blowing hot air while the front continues to blow cold. Had it verified with a dealer and they have no clue how to fix it. #2 - Has a slow speed surge/buck and again their explanation is there is no code. Have seen numerous complaints from other owners on Ford forums who have the same complaint and Ford does dot acknowledge there is a problem, Have been a Ford owner all my life but I'm not sure I will buy another one.

- Jerry Eads

It's just a nice sporty SUV with some serious horsepower

2019 Ford Edge Titanium

It's a roomy SUV absolutely love it. And it has serious guts. Air conditioner is powerful as well. Very roomy especially since it is a step below the Explorer. You have plenty of room in the car!! I love ford and think they are a great American car maker. We as Americans should buy more of our American made cars. As well as the American makers should have as high standards if not more of their cars.

- Kim B

Great midsize SUV. Plus does very well on gas.

2019 Ford Edge Titanium

I love my ford edge titanium. I feel like I am driving a luxury vehicle with all the perks but not a large price tag. The only downfall this car does not offer some safety features that a lot of new vehicles offer such as brake assist, or blind spot assist. Those are the only two features I wish this car had and what I will make sure my next vehicle has.

- Emily S

Solid, peppy, and stylish

2019 Ford Edge sel

After four years, my Edge is solid on the road. It has never had a problem. Change the oil on time and routine maintenance and it delivers every day. Eco-boost 4 engine is responsive. MPG is as listed. Seats are comfortable and adjustable for short driver. I will trade it only to get newer safety features in Edge 2020.

- Judith Griffiths

Back to buying ford after years buying Honda/Toyota

2019 Ford Edge SE

Perfect for family of 3. Reliable, great on gas, smooth ride. Cargo space could be better since backspace only holds a stroller or set of golf clubs, but after research it was best cargo and miles. Per gallon available. I have gotten away from buying American made vehicles, but looks like I'm back to staying with Ford.

- Jim R

lousy transmisssion

2019 Ford Edge ST

transmission is nothing less than appalling. I want to love it but if the trans cannot be fixed i will trade it in on another vehicle(not a Ford)too bad, it has a lotgoing for it but not drivable with the drive train that it has. I spent way too much money. very dissappointed.

- mark miller

Cameras and sensors help with safety

2019 Ford Edge SE

Very comfortable and easy to drive has every feature you could possibly need in a car. Great for families and travelers Lots of cargo space in the back and has cameras and sensors everywhere. Stays in its lane and also has great gas mileage making for a drive every day SUV

- Tiffany T

Car wash

2019 Ford Edge sel

Took my Ford edge to the car wash and rip the rear wiper off. I don’t see anything that is going to help taking it to the car wash and this I don’t see anything that is going to help taking it to the car wash this is just a bad design on the wiper it sticks out too far

- Brian Shirk

Love my Ford Edge try one buy one your love it.

2019 Ford Edge

I love it its the best car I have bought today. So far it rides great runs great I just love it I would buy another one next time I go looking for a new car I tell all my friends to buy one how good it rides how nice it looks its good on gas no problems yet good service.

- Duane J

St- sport trim. Luxurious on the inside, bold, aggressive on the outside.

2019 Ford Edge ST

Most reliable car on the market, no issues at all. Twin turbo 2.7l v6. 335 horsepower, 380 pounds-foot of torque. Powerful, aggressive design. Ford is the best car brand by far. Chevy and dodge are cheaper because they are made with cheaper materials.

- Eric A

Sunroof does not have channel drain

2019 Ford Edge titanium

How can a brand new model not have a channel drain in sunroof. Without the drain water drains into interior. Dealer tells me this is the design. Past edge models had drain. All cars I’ve ever owned had drain. definitely a design flaw

- Jeff Meissner

very disappointed

2019 Ford Edge SEL

After only340 km engine has a problem, with heavy knocking, lots of oil in it so no problem there, but it is already in the Ford dealer . very disappointed, especially always drive Fords. I guess I finally got the lemon. gees,,,,,

- Ari Leponiemi

I really love the gas mileage- averages in high 20?S.

2019 Ford Edge

I love how room it is and everything is with in fingers reach. I live the updated technology. And that it came with all the bells and whistles.

- Lynn P

Wind Noise

2019 Ford Edge sel

All is good with my new 2019 Edge (99.9%). .1% problem is the wind noise while driving 55+ MPH on highway, have to increase radio volume.

- Wayne Pratt

vechicle while taking off hestates

2019 Ford Edge

The vechicle has a low head clearence ,the stiring wheel is to small and the odometer does not work right , it over counts the miles !

- Juan Velazquez

Pleasure to Drive

2019 Ford Edge Titanium

Comfortable with pleasing styling. A pleasure to drive. Lousy gas mileage. Only getting 15mpg city.

- Paul Conley