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Ford Escape: great choice for college student.

I have owned my Ford Escape for the past 6 years. I bought it while I was in college and have used it through graduate school and since I have entered the professional world. The Escape is a great vehicle for someone who moves frequently. It offers a good amount of space to pack belongings into, while also offering a vehicle that is not as hard on gas as larger SUV’s. My Escape has approximately 125, 000 miles on it and still runs great. I make sure to stay up on normal maintenance and have only had to change the battery once in the 6 years I have owned it.

- Brian S

2001 Ford Escape with transmission issues.

Ford Escape is a mid sized SUV with great room for storage and passengers, comes with a leather interior and sunroof that allows for plenty of sunlight. The vehicle is four wheel drive with decent gas mileage and smooth driving. However, this make and model commonly has issues with the transmission going out. I have had to replace two transmissions in this type of vehicle and it becomes a hassle of replacing this part. However, I have chosen to stick with this brand because they are reliable in getting me where I need to go.

- Elizabeth S

I am the primary driver. The car looks It's age but it has a sense of charm.

I have an older vehicle. It has been a reliable car. I like the fact that it can show wear and tear and not give me stress that a newer vehicle would. The cons would be the maintenance costs that come up from time to time. I live in a hot climate and do not have a/c. Gets a little warm on the car in days when it is over 100. I don't have cruise control and would not trust the car on long trips. Overall it has been a reliable vehicle and will continue to drive it until i cannot

- Randal D

Great car, great steering, can be pretty fast.

All together a really reliable car. Had a recalled frame that ended up breaking since it was taken to get checked out and they lied and gave it the all clear, but once it was fixed it was driving like it was new. Does not get the best gas mileage so it is recommended to keep the gas above half a tank at all times. Steering is hydraulic which is great. Overall the best car I have ever driven and wouldn't want to have anything different.

- Victoria G

To have a successful car experience maintenance is key!

For an older model my 2001 Ford Escape gets me from point A to point B and even further if I would like. An older model is never a bad option especially for a first car, the only issue is that since it is an older model maintenance is key! I have a full time job and also go to school, 5 days out of the week I am constantly driving and my SUV has actually kept up with me. In the near future I am willing to switch to a newer model SUV.

- Karla H

Ford Escape is great when in need of an Escape.

I have had the car since 2003 and I the only major mechanical work done was I replaced the transmission and clutch in 2009. Since than besides maintenance the car runs great. I have plenty of storage in the trunk, with having 3 kids all playing sports this is fantastic. The car came with a luggage rack which is a blessing for our road trips. The car is a standard which is better on gas. No problems with the power locks or windows.

- Margaret M

The most fast and spacious Ford of its time.

The Ford Escape is wonderful for people who like to travel and go to the beach. It has a very spacious trunk, the back seat holds 3 people with plenty of room, 5 cup holders in the front, power windows and locks, radio. It takes about $30 to fill the tank, and the engine has some problems, but it is an old car so that is to be expected. Overall it is a great vehicle that I love driving every day.

- Kayla W

I like the smaller size and the 4 wheel drive.

I love my escape! It is just size but yet it is still rugged. Yes I have had to replace some parts through the years, but overall it is been a great vehicle. Once a tree fell across my road, my husband hooked a large chain around the tree and on my truck. I put it in 4 wheel drive and I was able to pull the tree to the side of the road. I'll definitely buy another one when I can.

- Jennifer P

The things that are wrong with my car is common with most Ford Escape SUVs.

Good on gas, having problems with power steering. It gets hard to turn at times. Also the wheel bearings are making noise and need to be replaced. The car has some rust or cancer over the back wheel wells on both sides and the back hatch and hatch window hydraulic pistons do not work to hold the hatch and window up when it is opened up. Other than that it's a nice little SUV.

- Frank D

It is a very dependable vehicle as long as you take it in for regularly scheduled maintenance.

I have had my Ford Escape for 17 years, and I love it. It has proven to be very reliable which is why I have been able to keep it for so long. One of my favorite attributes is that it has great visibility, something that many newer vehicles do not have. The only complaint I have is that it is getting old, and that I will unfortunately have to replace it one of these days.

- Sandra T

Problem after problem, unreliable.

Given that it is an old car, I still hate how there's always something wrong with it. I feel like I need to take it to the shop at least once a month. I am afraid to travel to where I might not get call reception because I am concerned that my car will break down and I cannot make a phone call to get help! And I hear ford parts are expensive? It is really bad on gas too.

- Rea P

2001 Ford Escape, very reliable!!

I really enjoy my Ford Escape. It is a 2001 but runs great. I live in the mountains and this vehicle has done very well on the dirt roads. One problem I have is with the door handles opening the doors and the hatch, probably just worn out. I keep it up to date on maintenance. Have had to have the exhaust manifold cleaned once cause it clogged up. No real major problems.

- Teresa J

Long lasting vehicle that drives through snow and is very reliable.

My Ford Escape 2001 is a reliable old SUV. It runs hot after 20 minutes of driving. The catalytic converter is going bad, but it still drives. $35 can fill an empty tank to full. It gets uncomfortable with long distance driving. It picks up speeds comfortably. It drives through the snow without hesitation. And the four wheel drive helps if you are on rough tureen.

- David L

It still works fine after 100, 000 miles!

I got my car as a hand-me-down. I don't like it as all. The only part I do like is that it gets me were I need to go without an issue I have had this vehicle for about a year now and there is over 100, 000 miles on it so far it still works fine surprising! I don't really know anything about the vehicle it is self besides the fact that it still thankfully starts!

- Kayla A

That it is sometimes expensive to fix minor problems such as spark plugs because of where things are placed under the hood of the car.

The problems are when I try and get something fixed it is typically too complicated under the hood so the labor costs are higher and what needs done is more expensive. However, it drove from Kentucky to San Antonio (13 hours) and made it with only a tire blow out which was the fault of my own for not changing the tire and debris in the road.

- Ashley R

It has great gas mileage, and it's got tons of room for things, but it's not so big that it's unwieldy.

I love the space. It allows me to carry both many friend and object alike. Using my vehicle is easy. I've obtained my driving license and now, I have been unleashed unto the world, with reckless abandon. Released from my cage, I will hunt, and I will slaughter with rage the likes of which no man on this Earth has ever seen before.

- Ishmael N

The Escape is quirky but fun.

This is my second model of Ford Escape. It is a great car all around that proves to be durable and useful. It has plenty of storage, power, and decent gas mileage. The main issues I have had are with oil burning, breaks, and door fabric issues, where the door panel fabric falls off.

- Drake B

One of the best car around.

It comfortable to drive drives very smooth I have traveled long distance and its has held up very well. It has enough space inside which makes it suitable for a small family. I haven't had major problems with the Escape. Just small minor problem that my husband fixed right away.

- Maria A

My Escape. My car gets me to wear I need to go with out any problems.

It's a good running car for it to be a 2001. It does have some issues such as the radiator needs to be replaced and the engine mount. Other than that it's a good car. I probably need new brakes soon and probably need to invest in a better car radio but this is not a big deal.

- Jasmine H

I like the sunroof and the hatchback.

It is extremely reliable. . But is also great on gas. The only problem is once you fix one thing something else goes wrong the highway miles are great and the radio is loud enough to hear outside of the vehicle the size of the tires are nice and makes them very affordable.

- Dominique S

Great looking and good highway miles.

Yes. Front end problems. Not. Good on gas had to replace fuel pump. I had to put power steering pump. New tires. I have had the Escape for 4 years. Great on long trips but gas mileage not good through town. I think. That it would be better if I kept the maintenance on it.

- Geneva P

Until recently, my car has been mostly reliable.

My car is older, but it's been mostly reliable for the last 12 years. I like that it's small enough to drive around the city, but big enough that I can use it to travel and camp. Unfortunately, the sunroof leaks and the AC has broke three times over the last two years.

- Gina R

Escapes are the greatest!

Have had to replace the fuel pump twice in two years. Other than that, it is been a great and reliable vehicle. Love the design. There is great space in the back for transporting items. This is my second Escape, and I plan on sticking with them as long as I am able.

- Adrian S

It probable in need of a new transmission.

My vehicle performs ok but its old and I need a new one. I think the transmission is going out on it again I had it replaced but I don't think it will hold up under another one. I need a car that's more dependable and I am not afraid will conk out in heavy traffic.

- Loretta L

It is a good first car. I love the material of the seats and the trunk space.

It uses gas like crazy. I have to completely fill my tank from e to full twice a week. Fluids have to be replaced often. Bumpers are awesome, I hit a wall once and there was absolutely no damage. Also it is very spacey, perfect for a small family. Good first car.

- Ally H

It is a great compact SUV. Good, safe family vehicle.

My car is extremely reliable. The only issue that I have had is with rust around the wheel house. I drive it almost everyday and used to drive it back and forth to school around an hour each day. It still runs great and is super great to drive in the winter time.

- Ashley K

Its bright yellow like big bird.

Its an older car so it has issues but it gets me to and from where I need to go. Needs work but drivable. I think my car is a good fit for a person who don't drive very far to and from work. We fixed a lot of stuff on the car. So not much has to be fixed. On it.

- Nicole M

This car works great, it's a must have.

Great car takes you everywhere, has traveled long distance and has not failed me once. I had some trouble with the air condition I feel that when I go short distance it doesn't cool as well and since I live in Florida we struggle quite a bit with the heat.

- Lizzie A

Ford Escape is always reliable.

I think that my car is amazing. It never has problems and can take sharp turns. It has a decent acceleration rate and is always reliable for me. There is a lot of room on the interior for at least five people. It is trustworthy and never needs work done.

- Emma C

The Ford Escape is a reliable car when maintained well but can be prone to a number of issues down the road.

For the most part I like my vehicle. It is a good size and has been fairly reliable. It has had some speaker issues in the past seemingly out of nowhere. It's actual features are generally good, but 17 years down the road are slightly out of date.

- Rachel P

It lasted a long time working great.

I do not like it as much because my husband uses it for work so he always has a lot of his tools in the back. And I have to repeatedly tell him to clean the car. Also the aC doesn't work properly. I am just tired of it and want something new.

- Maria R

It is great for families with multiple kids.

I like the space available and seating options. I do not like the age of the vehicle. It is becoming unreliable. I do not like that it does not have a light on the fold down mirror, only 1 CD can be loaded at a time, the color (red).

- Kate E

It is a decent car other than the cons I had mentioned.

It is been a reliable car through the years. But the electrical unit has always seemed to have issues now that it's getting older. It's about done with, the windshield wipers broke 3 times and the catalytic converters are clogged.

- Adam K

I love my Ford, & its comfort.

It's a really comfortable vehicle with great gas mileage. I love the big windshield it has, it makes everything so much easier to see & gives me more comfort when driving. I don't need to do work on it very often either.

- Scott M

My vehicle is quirky but fun.

This is my second Ford Escape. I love the functionality of the vehicle. It is useful, rugged, and easy to take maintain. Common issues I have faced are oil burning issues, fabric tears and rips, and rough engine idle.

- Drake B

It's big but still small at the same time. It's a solid car and defiantly will keep you safe. It has leather seats. Great heater and air conditioner. Has all wheel drive, amazing speakers. Pretty decent on gas.

It does amazing in the snow! Sense I live in Utah I have to deal with snow. I always feel safe in my car. It hasn't broken down or anything. It's very reliable and I wouldn't trade in for anything.


Great vehicle size for two people or a family of four.

Transmission has to be replaced at 100, 000 miles. Wiring problems with the main computer. Great size for camping and back road driving. The back latch sometimes gets stuck which can be annoying.

- Megan T

It drives well when it's working. Repairs can be a pain, but their fairly easy to make.

It has lasted me for almost 18 years with fairly easy repairs so that's awesome. It's also comfortable to drive. I don't like the designs of the new models though so I'm not sure I'll repurchase.

- Joanna G

Ford is the way to go if you want dependability.

Love it except there is a rattle that develops under the carriage someplace. Have not had the chance to take it to the shop. Love the AWD in this vehicle bring it is my first experience with it.

- Teresa M

Its my baby and I love it.

Few problems but easily fixed. 252, 000 miles. Drives like new. Reliable and I love it. Has a sunroof but doesn't work and never bothered to get it fixed. Comfortably drives and fits 5 people.

- Karlie J

It's a safe dependable car.

I have had this vehicle around 8 years and it has been very reliable. It now has over 250000 miles and I drive it to work daily. I have had to do relatively little to it in regard to repairs.

- Joe H

it's reliable and the parts are reasonably priced and most of the time it's easy fixes.

it is a wonderful car that gets me back and forth from the store, school, and doctor appointments for my child and barely do i have to work on it and if i do the parts are reasonably priced.

- tia r

It is comfortable and I enjoy driving it.

I love my car. But it has a lot of issues. Cars are extremely expensive to purchase. So I am stuck with a vehicle I cannot fix. Too many greedy people in the world. Nothing is affordable.

- Dakota H

2001 Ford Escape it is an excellent vehicle.

2001 Ford Escape is the best vehicle I ever owned has no issues whatsoever I just did regular maintenance to it like oil changes shocks brake pads but it is been a good reliable vehicle.

- Brian B

It has room for a big size family.

It gets me where I need to be. I has room for everything I have to do. It is good on gas. It is small enough for me to see over the wheel. Tired are cheap for it and it is easy to fix.

- Christian N

I like the usefulness of my Escape. I don't like the mileage, but I want to have a V6 4x4 automatic, so I guess that's the trade-off.

It's very versatile. I can pull a trailer to haul wood, trash, furniture etc. Yet I can carry groceries etc in the back without worrying about weather. I can use it in the deep snow.

- Becky L

Perfect small SUV! Easy to drive, park and load - people and gear!

I LOVE that I sit higher than most traffic, I love the 4 wheel drive in our winter snow, and I love the awesome amount of cargo space - I can haul people and gear, it's wonderful!

- Stacie N

It has plenty of room for a family. It is easy to drive. It is comfortable for short or long trip.

I like that it is spacious and has plenty of storage space for long trips. It is also is very comfortable and easy to drive. So far it one of my favorite cars that we have owned.

- Anna N

Do not turn too sharply, the car could tip over.

My Ford escape is a really handy car, the only issues I have with it are due to it being used. I like that the seats fold back for extra storage and the four wheel drive.

- Eric C

It is a reliable vehicle and good on gas mileage, and it is paid for in full.

My vehicle is very reliable and it is paid for. I like the sporty feel but also the convenience of a suv. The only complaint is that the hatch back does not always open.

- Holly M

Room, capable, powerful and fun!

I love my little Escape. It is roomy on the inside with a lot of hip room, has good power and towing ability, and the 4WD gets me where I need to go in any weather.

- Jerod T

2001 Ford escape love it!! Very reliable.

The only problem I have had with my Ford escape is that the ignition has gotten a little sticky over the years. You have to wiggle the key a little before it turns.

- Mildred C

Ford Escape is this truck for you?

very reliable vehicle very nice looking depending on the care you give it has leather seats sunroof all power windows runs very smoothly but does waste a lot of gas

- Angelica G

It's very sturdy. I've owned 2 Ford Escapes and they have both been in accidents, neither my fault, but I walked away unhurt both times as well as my daughter when she was a 9 day old newborn baby

I love the roomy interior of my SUV. It's 4 wheel drive which is very necessary for where I live in the winter. I do wish it had more space to haul large items

- Danna H

Review of for escape as requested by sb

Bought it used 10 years ago and it still runs good. Have kept regular maintenance up on it. Had to replace some coils, but other than that, it has been great.

- Lori C

It's nice and smaller sized but it drives like a truck.

I love how my vehicle handles. It is 4 wheel drive and it gets me to work in the snow. It is comfortable and fun to drive. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

- Leslie N

It requires a lot of maintenance.

I do not like that it doesn't have gps. I do not like that it doesn't have rear passenger airbags. I do not like that it doesn't have backup cameras.

- Erin S

I love the size. It is perfect for my family of 3. Not too small but not too big.

It is old so stuff is wearing out so I am fixing something all the time and salt and dirt get stuck up in the passenger doors so it rusts really bad.

- Elizabeth Y

It got rusty behind the rear passengers doors cause dirt and salt from the roads.

The main reason why I don't like my Escape is because the air conditioning does not really work so it gets really warm during the summer months.

- Elizabeth Y

That it is temperamental sometimes and it can have trouble getting up to speed on the highway

I love the size.It's good for many things. I don't like when i do a sharp turn that the wheels make a funny noise. I don't like the white color.

- Shelby P

It's a good car , but there are probably better ones out there , especially now a days.

I like this vehicle because it is comforting. I like this vehicle because it is reliable. I do not like this vehicle because of gas mileage.

- Mike S

It very good on gas.And has a lot of room in it too.

Roomly good on gas love it I is a very nice SUV. And can go anywhere with it.Easy to keep clean.You can load a lot of things on the SUV.

- Cindy S

4 wheel drive, 24-26 mpg. Great on gas. I would buy another one

Great car, I am the 4th or 5th owner. Never had a problem with it. Has trouble shifting from 2nd to 3rd, revs high when first turned on

- Josh D


Gas tank takes 25 dollars to fill up and gas lasts longer than most cars. The only problem is the headlights will go short off circuit.

- Giselle R

It is very dependable.And any maintenance has been cheap.

I have had my vehicle for 11 years. It has been a very good SUV for me. I have had to do the usual maintenance. But nothing major.

- Tamara K

The Escape is a Reliable Family Car

The car has been great with only minor problems. I have put a lot of miles on it and put it through the ringer- it's still going!

- matt c

They should know about the trunk space.

The car drives very well. I have had no major problems with the car. I like having all the trunk space and seat space in the car.

- Mckenzie F

We have had our Escape for over 10 years, and it stills runs great.

The Escape is good for older people, because it is high and it's easy to get into. It's eco friendly. It has great fuel mileage.

- Charlene W

It's a good sized suv-not too big, yet big enough to hold a lot of items.

holds a lot, can see well while driving(few blind spots), easy to find parts, when things break, but gas mileage is not great

- s w

It is good for long distance travel.

It is want I need to travel with my dog. Plenty of space. Nice trunk space. I bought it used and some of the locks do not lock.

- Patricia O

The most important thing is gas mileage.

I like it is easy to use but very easy to tip and seems very to repair without extensive tooling or taking to the dealership.

- Carl S

The black knight by Ford out of this world

Reliable, efficient roomy, fast paced, economical family friendly, dog friendly, great mileage, awesome factory audio system

- John B

That the dash lights may go out for no reason.

I like the fact it has a lot of room. I like the gas mileage it get around town. I also like that it pulls things with ease.

- Shawn C

This vehicle handles well and gets decent gas mileage.

I like that I feel safe in the vehicle. My vehicle is older but it is still solid. I like that my vehicle is easy to repair.

- Stacy R

Sunroof is awesome and it runs great on the highway.

Its extremely reliable and is great on gas the parts are really cheap and affordable in case you are a do-it-yourself type.

- Dominique S

Ancient, reliable until this year.

It is 17 years old. It was a great car for a lot of years but it is older than dirt now and not worth the cost of repairs.

- Beth H

That it has a lot of documented problems.

It needs a lot of work. It is big. And it is slow. It needs tons of work. Replacing everything is hard. It is ridiculous.

- Scott G

Reliable Small SUV for family

Leaking sunroof, exhaust issues, hatch won't open, bright color, accelerates well, oil issue, was sold it new tires

- Cassandra M

The car itself has probably one of the highest performance to price out of any i have owned before, i Rarely have to take it into the shop.

The Car as a surprising gas tank size. you are able to go for a full week on a single tank with a 30 min commute.

- Ozzie C

I have had the car for almost 3 years and have really only had minor issues.

Steering shaft, brakes, headlights/taillights, I have had problems with my power steering and my back pal joints.

- Riley S

Dependable and trustworthy.

It is easy to drive. It has good basic features for age. It is easy to work on. No major complaints at this time.

- Patricia Y

It rides pretty well and is spacious.

Just recently purchased this vehicle off of craigslist. Has a lot of underlying problems. Basically a scam car.

- Rachel C

Probably how roomy and easy it is to haul things in

Great vehicle. Very roomy and easy to convert to transport big items. Reliable. Currently needs A/C recharged.

- Nikki S

at least it's realizable gets you to point A to point B that's a good thing

rusted Getting old and having to be fixed on all the time and getting tired of it need a new car pretty soon

- David O

It's great there's no perfect vehicle but overall great

Great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great

- Lau B

Keep the oil changed, do not speed, and drive with caution in my car.

It is comfortable and economical for me. I get good gas mileage. Sporty. I have no complaints at this time.

- Shannon W

It had a good sound system until the speaker shorted out.

Good. Got it used and not major issues besides some replacement parts due to age and natural wear and tear

- Jordan F

Its my family car something I can take my dogs out for a good ride.

It's just an old car but she drives well. I don't like that the buttons hardly work, I like how big it is.

- Camila P

Maintenance is the key! I have a full oil change every three month.

My car is now registering over 200,000 miles and running better than ever! I have a great mechanic!!!

- Janet M

Low cost to operate easy too drive, SUV sits up high and easy to get in and out off

Like the sunroof, 6 CD player. It is paid off. Easy to work on,Low cost to operate. Nothing I dislike


The back left window can't be open by the driver but it has its own button so there isn't any problem.

No complaints to be had. Does exactly what I need it to do and that's pretty much point A to point B.

- Eric M

A very good vehicle to buy

It's a very reliable car and has good gas mileage.It isn't very old either I highly recommend it....

- Joshua G

It is very fun car, but it is not great on gas.

I love that my car is very roomy. It drives well. I don't like the poor gas mileage.

- Raquel R

Midsize suv is awesome.

I like that it is a Mid size suv. The seats are not that comfortable. It leaks oil.

- Lisa B

It can seat 5 people comfortably

It is a big vehicle. That makes it good for carrying things. It is also reliable.

- Emilio Z

Has a lot of mechanical problems that go bad - takes a lot of upkeep

Like the roominess - don't like the mechanics of it - to many things go wrong

- Ralph D

It's comfortable, easy and it has a 6 cd changer.the back seat folds down. It tells me when i need to change the oil.

It's big but not to big. It's Low maintenance . I wish it had floor storage.

- judy m

I love my Escape; it is comfortable, reliable and has a lot of room for shopping trips; or moving things. It feels safe and I have not had any problems with this vehicle.

Good to know that this car is older; 2001, and is in very good condition.

- Judy M

Our car is great! It's 17 years old and keeps going strong. It's comfortable and has great storage capacity. We've moved cross country twice with it, and we'll definitely be getting another escape when this one has run its course.

Our escape is well built and has lasted a very long time.

- Stewart H

My family has had this car for years. She's old, but she gets the job done. Between my brother and I we have put upwards of 150,000 miles on it.

It does it's job well. Has decent storage capabilities.

- Mark S

It is a great car. The heater works great the air conditioning works good. I love the electric seats and windows. It's very roomy. The only problem that I have had with it is the gas cap doesn't shut securely

It gets pretty good gas mileage for being an Little suv

- Blair G

It runs and gets from point A to point B fine every time.

Old, loud, glitchy, exhaust issues, hot, jumpy, rough

- Molly M

It's mine. I like having a truck. It's really convenient for my dog.

Love it but wish it was 4x4. I want a new paint job.

- Joan C