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One interesting detail about my car and the one and only thing I enjoy is the speakers are the original that came with the vehicle and they are extremely good!

My vehicle does not run very good at all. It leaks oil on a regular bases. I have started to leak transmission fluid as well. One of the things that irritate me the most is that the seat belt alarm goes off all the time even if the vehicle is in park. It is a used vehicle so I'm not sure if the previous owner made any changes to the vehicle that could have caused any or all of the issues that I have with my car, but I am not happy with it and haven't been since the day we purchased it. It is a 2002 so it had a lot of miles on it when we purchased it. So I'm not really sure if it's fair for me to judge the manufacturer or say it's previous owner error.

- Amanda R

My take on the Ford Escape.

The car is very comfortable and for the most part very reliable. It seems to be very safe and fuel efficient. However it is a older model so it includes no luxury fixtures. Therefore I think it would be a great family car for safety and comfort. You really haven't even had any issues for the most part and have traveled many miles to and from work, family outings and trips and errands. Overall ever recommended to families or even younger drivers looking for their first vehicle. And was purchased used and didn't have many previous owners. Ford Escapes are really reliable cars.

- Megan B

Mechanically Reliable, Very Driveable SUV

I like the leather interior but wish it had heated seats. It has all wheel drive on the fly which is easy to use. Mechanically, it has had minimal problems and even now with all the miles, most of the repairs are due to age and maintenance. I love how it handles. It has nice, tight steering that us responsive. It could ride a little smoother like some newer SUVs. The only other significant problem is the body since the paint has peeled off in large areas and is rusting. The rust is also quite bad on the running boards.

- Kelly D

Reliable, comfortable family vehicle.

Vehicle had some recalls in the past on the abs system. Other issues have occurred on this vehicle like control arm damage but classic wear and tear of the vehicle. Generally, this vehicle has been a great transportation for work and school. My model has 4 electric windows, one on each door. It also has an electric sunroof. Interior design on this model is very simplistic. Leather seats in front and back, electric seat adjustments on just the driver's seat, manual seat adjustments on the passenger front seat.

- Samuel C

Fords with dependability and reliability.

My car has a shape that still looks up to date. The shape of the car gives very good visibility while driving. It sits just high enough to allow the driver to have very good road vision but not so high that it is a problems for petite people. I have had very few repairs with this car. I have had only two unexpected repairs. The inside of the car is roomy for the driver and also passengers riding in the vehicle. There is also plenty if space for storage and for anything that needs to be hauled in the vehicle.

- Theresa Y

This car is a fun ride, at a great value!

The feature that was the deciding factor in purchasing my vehicle was the fact that it was a 5 speed manual transmission. I've always preferred manual to automatic. Even though I'm well over 100,000 miles now, I've yet to have any major issues, and it is my daily driver. For a good amount of time, I was driving around 600 miles a week. I only have the 2.0L 4 cyl so the gas mileage has never been an issue. Even with a three hour commute round trip it is a very comfortable ride.

- Vernon J

In Summary, my Ford escape is a good vehicle and I enjoy owning it.

The suspension is not solid. It needs work but I would say that it is due to age. Also the transmission is in need of a service job. I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but it doesn't shift as smoothly as it did when I first purchased the vehicle. I'm contributing this to age as well. I have replaced the engine and several parts around the block of the SUV because I truly enjoy the body style. Overall I will say it's a nice affordable vehicle.

- Simon D

This is the most reliable car ever.

My car has been so reliable. It is comfortable, easy to drive, and I,ve had my best trips in this car. I have 280,000 miles on it, so I am always doing some kind of maintenance or little fixes on it, but it is still going strong. One weird thing I have to do is add freon every year, but the a/c works perfectly fine otherwise. Honestly, I am considering just fixing this car to run like new and keeping it forever because it is such a good car.

- Amanda M

Ford Escape 2002 decent car.

My vehicle is reliable for the most part. It handles decently in the snow, not very well on the ice although with new tires it could probably handle better on the road. The interior is the only downside of owning an Escape, the door leather falls off all the time and the knobs for the air always fall off. Interior really is not good. Exterior and motor and everything runs and work a just fine. Rust prone.

- Dakota M

Best vehicle for the price.

The biggest problem that I have had with my vehicle is that the catalytic converters went out after about 150000 miles. Other than that it is a great vehicle. It is a comfortable size and gets good mileage. It is a fairly reliable vehicle, and the check engine light came on right away when I started having issues. I was able to pack all of my belonging for college into the back of it so that was great!

- Katherine R

Cheap and functional. Not a luxury but it gets the job done.

Bought car used, the plastic on the doors was peeling off but that was an easy diy fix. My car burns oil, but that has been the only mechanical problem so far. I just need to add oil every now and then. It has had a few problems with the frame, I need alignments frequently, a broken wheel bearing, a broken ball joint. One electrical issue as well. Overall, not bad for a cheap, college car.

- Maria P

The escape gets you from point a to point b but with a lot of fun in between.

My car runs very well some maintenance needs to be caught up most notably the clutch needs replacement. The car has enough power to move along up and down hills well enough. The interior makes for a nice enjoyable ride. It has an aftermarket radio so we can now plug in any sort of music player through the aux port. Which is a simple but very important feature on a vehicle.

- Lupe T

For looking like an old run down car it keeps up very well.

I bought this car totaled, so my experience is not going to be very relatable. But it was easy to fix up, easy to find the parts and now that everything is fixed it runs perfect, especially for being an older car. It is very roomy, seats 5 people and has a ton of space in the back. I have used this car to move my whole apartment (minus the furniture of course).

- Jami L

2002 ford escape is awesome!

My 2002 ford escape is very reliable. It currently has two hundred and thirty miles on it. I have only had to do minor maintenance. Oil changes, change spark plugs, change coils, new fuel filter. It is easy to drive and I feel very safe driving my three month old son around in the car. It is very comfortable and I really enjoy taking road trips in it.

- Cassie B

2002 Ford Escape xlt SUV: a fine family car.

It has had a few issues with the exhaust system in the 7 plus years I have owned it. Overall it runs great and the 4WD works wonderfully in the ice and snow. The one thing I would have liked to have fixed is the sunroof. The buttons no longer work and even though I have cleaned around the Edges it sometimes leaks when it rains inside the vehicle.

- Dale M

Ford escape great SUV very reliable and . Comfortable.

The only annoyance with my vehicle is the small gas tank. I usually can only go about 250 miles on a full gas tank.,the other major parts of the car are very reliable. I do not have excess tire wear, brake wear, or exhaust system wear as I have had with previous vehicles. I wish my leather seats were heated but this option was not available.

- James K

Great on gas and it's like riding in first class

I've been very satisfied with my vehicle. It's great on gas mileage and it drives like a dream. I honestly made a good choice when I decide to purchase it. It's like riding in a bubble I don't hear or feel any outside distractions or the bumps in the road. I'm thinking about getting another one. And the color matches my personality.

- Sheldon M

Reliability and comfort in this mid size SUV.

After owning my Ford Escape for over 10 years I can honestly say I would buy another one. It is reliable, good in gas, comfortable and mid size SUV is eight size for family and pets to travel comfortably. Other then replacing the battery, tires and maintaining it, it is never let us down. Performs great in all kinds of weather.

- Holly D

Recommend Ford Escape compact SUV.

The vehicle is 4 door with 5 sets. The truck is hatched back, the radio is replaceable for something modern. It run smooth and is a reliable car. I purchased my car used and provided it with some tender, love and car and so far I haven't had any major issues. I highly recommend this car for someone looking for a compact SUV.

- Veronica G

It is Reliable and Dependable and worth every penny we spent on it. It is perfect!

I bought this SUV in 2007 (used when it was 5 years old) for $8,000 with 45,000 miles on it. I still have it and it has almost 105,000 miles on it and I have only had to put about 3000 of work into it over the past 11 years......I LOVE IT and I will drive it until it DIES!!!!!!!! Best investment we have EVER made!!!!!!!!!

- Mandi M

My vehicle is great I love it.

My car works great. It's very reliable. It gets me to the places that I need to go. The comfort is great. I am comfortable when I am driving. The features are great as well. Comfortable seats, great stereo and room in the back to haul things. I love my vehicle. It is my first vehicle as well, but it works perfect for me.

- Erica K

The vehicle is a navy color, super reliable with very low mileage.

It has a lot of miles but has been very reliable throughout the years. There have been a lot of maintenance on the car but for its age nothing that we have not expected. The interior is starting to fall apart - the vinyl sides on the doors are peeling and the material on the roof is separating by the windows / doors.

- Rachel B

Nice Fixer-Upper 2002 Ford Escape

Considering the age of my car, it runs really well. It was a fixer-upper purchased from someone else and had a few things that needed repair, such as oil gaskets, air conditioner, one of the windows, and the power steering pump. Other than that, after my initial maintenance on the car, I have had no major problems.

- Ariel C

It has a sunroof. It has 4x4 and new tiers.

It's a great car and it's a reliable car good on gas, it has new brakes and brake lines done them myself. Gets me from point A to point B with no problem. My daughter loves riding in the car the 4x4 works great. I bought my car from my mother she took great care of it. I bought it for $1500 beat money well spent.

- Jeremy B

Red four door 2002 Ford Escape.

This car has been going strong since 2002, and has driven all across the US. It is comfortable and definitely reliable. I have sunk quite a bit of money on repairs in the last 6 months, but they are all from usual wear and tear and maintenance that will eventually be needed when you drive a vehicle long enough.

- Kendall U

The tank aka Ford Escape. Great car for crappy drivers who love to hard break

I'm the type of person that gets used to driving one car and can't drive any others therefore I love my car. It feels like I'm really protected while I'm driving it. The windshield is big so I can see everything which is great because I'm blind. Great acceleration and breaks. AC surprisingly works amazing.

- Madison F

Great comfortable and reliable car!

I bought it used about a year and a half ago and have had no problems with it. It is a 4-door and seats 5 people comfortably. It is pretty good on gas and rides nice. It has basic cloth seats.. Which I like better than leather, anyway (not cold in winter). The rest is power. Windows, locks, steering, etc.

- Cynthia L

It's a good, dependable car!!

I bought the car used, and it had sat for two years. I've put almost 6,000 miles on it since I bought it two years ago. The only work I've had to do is new brakes and tires. It's dependable, relatively cheap on gas, and I can store a lot of gear in if need be. All in all, it was a good investment.

- Leslie V

2002 Ford Escape v6 if maintained well, will have a long life.

Vehicle is well maintained less than 100, 000 miles. It does have some problem with one of the sensors but that is about it. Runs well. Its a v6 but does not consume a lot of gas. Sunroof and leather seats. I consider it a mini SUV even though it looks big. I would have preferred a bigger trunk.

- Luis L

A comfortable, small SUV.

The only issues I have is the mpg! I really wish it got better mileage. The space is just right for my camping gear and having the sport package gives me plenty of extra space to strap more needed equipment. I also love that even in cold weather it starts every morning. No major repair.

- Therese M

Great little SUV for coaches on the run.

My is small SUV is great. I am a coach so I can carry all my training stuff with me wherever I go. It does not eat up a lot of gas. Perfect size so it fits in small spaces. Plenty of legroom. Good radio for the long drives home. I love my car. Right now I would buy the same car again.

- Dennis L

Fuel efficient and excellent mileage for an older model vehicle.

I enjoy driving it, it is very reliable and fuel efficient. It is very comfortable and I hardly have any problems. It does not have a lot of features since it is an older model but it still runs like a new model. I would recommend buying a Ford Escape because they are very reliable.

- Sarah G

Its older so doesn't have newer technology aspects.

Love v6, has power. It is very roomy. Fold down rear seat folds flat for hauling anything. Leather seats make clean up easy. Dislike no light where you insert key into ignition. Dislike cup holders on console not deep enough. Dislike it not having Bluetooth or more than 1 data port.

- Cindy Z

Comfy and roomy. Beautiful color.

It is yellow. My favorite color. . It is roomy but not too large. It is old and has an occasional mechanical issue and it has some rust. It I had the money I would purchase a newer one. There is very little rust on the outside, very good paint. The rust is mostly on the underside.

- Eve K

2002 Ford Escape with 58,000 Miles

I've had my 2002 Ford Escape for about a year and a half, and have had few problems with it. Overall, it's a reliable vehicle! I had to replace the fuel pump at 57,000 miles, but that's the only major issue I've had. The gas mileage is decent, and it feels safe and reliable.

- Brooke N

It�s spacious and comfortable. I like that it�s a bit higher off the ground

Bought it off a family friend, used. It's my first car, needs a lot of work but still gets me where I need to go. It's has a lot of room, good for moving things around. It rattled but it is an older car. It's very comfortable, it's also a good car to learn how to drive in.

- Willow H

It can go through snow and also can handle the beach sand.

The Ford Escape is the best car I ever owned. Reliable durable and his greatest hits. It is very functional for the area I live in and gets great mileage. I also love the comfort of it, it is ergonomically wonderful. I have never felt so much comfort in any vehicle before.

- Char M

i'm in love with my car despite its problems

My car needs a new starter. There's a vacuum leak somewhere. But I'm going to fix it because I love that car. It's perfect for me it's big but no too big. And it extremely good on gas. Once I get it fixed and up and tuning I'm gonna go everywhere. Because I love driving.

- Desire O

My Car point A to point B.

It's a used car. Minor work was needed and still is. No compressor so the a/c doesn't work but the heat does. Hot summers and warm winters. Need breaks. And a tune up but overall great car!! Been to Mississippi and back in it. Need tires possibly just some brake fluid.

- Ashley M

Great vehicle and mileage.

Have had the truck for 15 yrs, have only had to replace the clutch, and maintain maintenance on the vehicle. Overall very good vehicle and saves on gas. Comfortable for everyone, good leg room, and enough space to put luggage and people. Vehicle is very good quality.

- LIsa L

Ford Escape: nice ride for an older dog.

Bought this Ford Escape used, from a private sale. This vehicle has been ok, dependable most of the time, did replace the transmission and have had routine maintenance the entire time I have owned it. Would recommend newer models for families or serious shoppers.

- Betty O

It is very easy to see out of and drive.

I like my vehicle because I have not experienced any problems with it and it has all of the features I want in a car. It is a good size, easy to drive, and comfortable. I do not have any complaints about the car itself, except for that it is obvious it is used.

- Kara W

Ford Escape great for outdoors.

Reliable SUV that has been great for outdoor activities such as camping or kayaking. Very helpful for taking friends out for the night or traveling around because there is plenty of room in the cab. Proper care of the car has elongated its use very extensively.

- Cody Q

Great for a day to day family car.

It's a great family car just as long as the maintenance is kept up to date it's great. I have 2 same make and model an older 2002 and newer 2008 and love both. We have two kids in car seats and it is really roomy in the back seat and has a pretty big trunk.

- Michelle V

It rides very well. It good on gas parts easy to find for it.

Drives good and gas send mileage not bad. Love the bright yellow color and how comfortable the car is. Only issue have it makes a sound and this is something this car does Ford said. It also hates the heat and uses more water but in colder weather dose not.

- Carolyn C

The driving lights, cruise control, window,

My car runs great, performance is good a good reliable car smooth riding car I would recommend my car to everyone. It a Ford Escape xlt 4x4 it is has everything that I enjoyed. It can get out of tight places and it is has cruise control that helps a lot.

- Ronald D

It is super cheap on gas. And it has a lot of room for a little car.

It is a good little car. I can go forever on a tank of gas. Stop to refill 20.00. It's old but it only has 125,000 miles on it so it get at least 100,000 more miles to go. The A.C. works and it is depended. It has 4 doors and I'm very happy with it.

- Maxine M

Its very reliable in my opinion.

I haven't had any problems with my Ford escape. I did buy it used. The ride is smooth and I have yet to encounter any mechanical issues. It is a v6 and the gas mileage is decent. I don't have any leak spots on my driveway either. I am very happy.

- Lisa R

My car is reliable and comfortable to drive. I would recommend it as a good option for anyone looking for a small SUV.

I have had my car since I first started driving at age 16. My car is very reliable. I have had very few problems with the vehicle. It is very easy to drive, comfortable, and has held up well over the years. I only wish it had better gas mileage.

- Karissa B

Equipped with airbags, anti lock brakes and excellent gas mileage.

I love my 2002 Ford escape. I love the body style and four door option. The back hatch is very spacious and the back seats fold completely down. There is ample legroom in both front and back. This is the perfect car for a small family.

- Meg S

Great SUV for around the city or country.

Great design, great traction in bad weather rain or snow. . Seats to hard t for a long trip, not very good on gas but great handling. Repairs little costly, cab area set up very nice, radio has great stereo sound. Lots of cargo area.

- Carrie E

My vehicle burns gas quickly, but is dependable, and overall I would give it a thumbs up.

I found my vehicle in an ad on craigslist. It was in working condition, but the windows had been busted out. I found that it was easier for me to simply replace the doors, so now I own A yellow ford escape with silver doors.

- jeremy B

My car has a hidden fortnight sticker on the outside.

I like that the seats on the back can fold down to make extra room. The back becomes a giant trunk which is perfect for moving and road trips. This car has been running smoothly since it was passed down from my parents.

- Austin G

a lot of front end problems with struts.

Great gas mileage front end problems. Had trouble with power steering pump. No electrical problems. Had to replace fuel pump but easy because it has an access panel. I would not recommend for anyone to buy one.

- Geneva P

Couples adventure vehicle.

Really dependable and fun to drive. Handles well in the snow and can tow a small camper or trailer. Roof supports both the kayaks and the snowboards. Great on fuel as an SUV and plenty of room for our 2 dogs.

- Virginia G

Even when taken care of properly, the cars lifespan ends immediately at 200k miles.

I love escapes, I just wish mine was a little longer lasting. Even in good care it's pretty much done at 200k miles. Ford should be more like Toyota and build vehicles that last through 300 and 400k miles.

- Timothy L

It is reliable and doesn't have mechanical problems

I love my vehicle because it is small but spacious. It is easy to park yet big enough to haul large items when the seats are down. It is very reliable but sometimes I wish there was a third row of seats.

- Lori S

It is very good in the snow, it handles very well.

I like that it is larger than a car so that I can fit things in it without a hassle. It is higher off the ground, which makes it easier to see things. It is roomy, I can fit many passengers comfortably.

- Meghan O

This car is alright if you don't need to drive long distances without something breaking.

It was a fine vehicle when I bought it 5 years ago, but now it is old and breaking down a lot so I wish I had a nicer car. It gets me from point A to point B though so I guess it serves Its purpose.

- kaley D

2002 Ford escape... Not bad for 16 yrs. old.

For a 16 yr. old vehicle it still runs fairly well. . . Mass air sensor issue aside. When it rains out water leaks into the engine compartment and it idles rough due to dampness on this air sensor.

- Brian S

Dependable, easy to maintain, always starts when needed.

Fun to drive, easy handling, economical, dependable, does not to much maintenance, usual, gas, oil, fluids, tires, has a capacity to hold several passengers, transports large and small articles.

- Wyatt G

It's a pretty reliable car, get really good gas mileage.

My car is very reliable, especially with the amount of mileage it has on it & the year of the car. It serves its purposely gets me from point A to point B & it gets pretty decent gas mileage.

- Elaina J

It has 4 wheel drive. Comfortable. Lots of space in cargo area.

I love my car. It had to be repaired some but on the whole I have no complaints. I only wish it was never but I can't afford a new one. I wish there was an automatic opener on the back door.

- Patricia B

His name is Bruce and he is wonderful.

I love my Escape. After 16 years, it still runs like a champ. It's got plenty of room for hauling stuff. The gas mileage isn't great and it does have a small oil leak, but what can you do?

- Bethany C

Is a little SUV. Taller than regular cars but still compact. I love it!

This car is perfect for me. Very comfortable little SUV. Also great in the snow because the 4wdr. strong engine, manual shift, which I love. Great on gas too! Never had any problems.

- Francesca C

The Ford Escape is a great size for smaller people.

I really enjoy the Ford Escape I purchased used at a car dealership. It is small enough for me, but not so small that it would be a safety hazard if I were to get into an accident.

- Sophie B

It safely and reliably gets my family where we need to go

I like that my vehicle can comfortably transport my whole family. It has held up well, but it's getting old and is starting to have problems. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Catherine J

It is reliable. Good to get around.

The Ford escape uses a lot of gas. It is a good car other than that. It is good in Alaska where some roads are not paved and during the winter when the road is covered in ice.

- Michelle G

Even after several major repairs ( fuel pump, transmission, etc.), I'm still driving it.

I bought my 2002 Ford Escape in October of 2001. The zero percent financing and high safety ratings were the deciding factors. I still have the Escape almost 17 years later.

- Margaret A

Great Car/SUV gets you to where you're going smoothly and safely!

I really enjoy driving my 2002 Ford Escape. It is a very roomy car for being a smaller SUV. My family likes riding in my car, too. The Escape is a very smooth riding SUV.

- Shelly C

Good reliable vehicle, decent in the snow, comfortable.

The interior is falling apart, door panels peel off and knobs on ac unit pop off. The car itself is good, drives well, may be an older car but drives like its brand new.

- Dakota M

It is dependable and the perfect size.

I love the size of the vehicle. It drives well even though it is an old car. It is gotten a bit less smooth over the years but it is reliable. Terrible gas mileage.

- Rachel J

That it is powerful and a reliable form of transportation.

I like the shape and height of it. I like how well it can still run. I do not like the sound it makes whenever you open the doors, while the key is in the ignition.

- Alicia K

That it is an awesome investment.

I love the style of my car. It is just the right size without being to overbearing. When taken care of correctly, it runs great and does not give me any problems!.

- Jasmine H

Very versatile vehicle, and is great in any season.

My Escape has room for two active little boys, and drives wonderfully in winter weather. It is a comfortable drive, but is finally starting to show signs of wear.

- Arianne J

The one most important thing that others should know about my car would be that it is dependable and will get me from point A to point B.

I love my escape. it has been a very dependable vehicle for me. My only complaint is that one of the seams or seals in the roof around the windshield leaks.

- Kimberly B

I have owned it for almost 17 years, and would buy another of the same make and model anytime.

I purchased my vehicle in October 2001. It now requires a lot of maintenance and repair. It needs to be replaced, but I can't afford to do so at this time.

- Margaret L

Comfortable, easy to drive.

Comfortable, easy to drive and control. Has had a least 3 sets of brakes. Does not get great gas mileage. Have had to replace air conditioner compressor.

- Peggy P

It overall seems to be a good car. I would recommend for a small family but no spacious enough for a big family.

I like that is takes me where I need to go. We recently had to take it in to get repairs. It is small for our family would like a bigger vehicle though.

- Brielle E

It does have a nice sunroof but there is a short in the motor so it only works when it wants to.

We have had nothing but issues with our 2002 Ford Escape. Yes it is older but it has been constant issues one after the other with no break in between.

- Laken C

That it has been a very dependable family vehicle.

My Ford escape is great for my family. It's got a v6 and plenty of room. It gets wonderful gas mileage. And so far I've had no problems with it

- Melis P

It could have held up better for the care it was given.

It is old. It has a lot of mechanical issues. It could do better on gas mileage. I did not mind the way it drove when it was in better condition.

- William M

There are over 110,000 miles on it so driving long distances is not recommended

The vehicle is a black 2002 Ford Escape. A/c does not work. Fits 5. Wheels have been realigned and here are no existing problems other than a/c.

- Philip C

it's a high maintenance car. it's a lemon

it's very high maintenance. the radiator leaks, the oil leaks and the transmission fluid leaks. and in spite of a new battery, it wont start.

- Darlene F

My car gets pretty good gas mileage for an SUV.

I love my car! I have had it for a little over a year. Very good car. I can move as close as I need and it goes up to we're I can see better.

- Genevieve S

It is a means of transportation nothing more and not my dream vehicle

The interior is peeling because of poor quality material. The electrical system has issues- radio not working, windows not working properly

- Mary k

It is good in gas and very reliable.

It is 4 doors. It has a lot of room for my grandbabies. It has a lot of room in the back for shopping, so we are not cramped up so tight.

- Lee C

Handles well and is fun to drive.

Its old so I do not like it. Great in the snow. Gets me where I need to go. Roomy to hold a lot of stuff in. Just wish I had a newer one.

- Kate M

Like the style. Like the roominess inside. Like that it's lasted this long. No complaints.

It's over 15 years old and has over 100,000 miles on it... and it's still running! Wearable items wore out, but the car is dependable.

- Bev A

The car does have a higher turnover risk so don't take turns too sharp

It looks really nice and doesn't feel boxy. The seats are comfortable and not too generic. It drives well and has plenty of cargo room

- Rebecca T

I looked at so many cars trying to find the best one for me. She is it.

My escape is named Betsy. I have had her for 10 years. I bought her with my own money. She is reliable and the best. No complaints.

- cami k

The Ford escape is a great car meeting all my daily needs plus some!

I love my car! I have had it for years. It gets okay gas mileage and have not had many problems with it event with 240,000+ miles!

- Tyler G

For a 16 year old car it runs great, pretty reliable, still looks good.

Has a mass air sensor issue that is inherent to all the escapes from that era. It makes the car idle rough when it's rainy out.

- Brian S

Comfortable family vehicle

Good size vehicle for family of 4. Reliable and long lasting with regular care and maintenance. Smooth comfortable handling.

- Chris B

It gets me from point A to point B without issues. So far.

Would love to have a convertible, my vehicle has 163000 miles and it's just too old to make me worry about breaking down.

- Leanne C

Drives and handles nicely.

I like that's it is big but not to big it is not good on gas I like that it has a lot of storage and it is a hatchback.

- Lyndsey O

Made great, and i love it.

Dislike price of parts to fix it. Like the way it rides. Like it is not a gas hog. Like i get 32 miles to the gallon.

- Sarah S

Reliable long lasting. great buy.

Have had no problems very reliable. Only regular maintenance. Would buy another one in a minute. great in the snow.

- Heather K

It could break down at any time, always be prepared!

Every time i fix something, another thing breaks. It gets horrible gas mileage and doesn't ride very well at all.

- Katie G

It's a good family car. It fits two dogs in the trunk and my son in the center of the middle seat.

I like the size of the car and the amount of trunk space. I don't like the steps on the bottom sides of the car.

- Kady D

Keeps handle great in the snow.

It's to small for my likings. I am a truck guy but it is nice in gas. The interior is pretty good just crammed.

- Clay R

it is a nice little ride, roomy for a smaller SUV, good condition for age.

gas guzzler, when purchased was sold on how "good on gas" it would be I fill this tank 3 times a week crazy.

- Michelle W

I love the size of my car. It is perfect for my family. I would buy a new one but i don't like the styles of the new bodys.

I will keep driving it as long as i can. Out of all the cars I have had in the past this is my favorite one.

- Amanda B

My car is safe and reliable.

I like that it is safe and reliable. I like that it is easy to upkeep. I do not like that it is getting old.

- Cassandra M

The repairs needed to keep it running have been surprisingly low for an old car.

I like my vehicle, but it is getting very old and I would prefer to trade it in soon for a full size truck.

- Dan B

Ford Escape 2002 who loves to ride to work

It runs really smooth. I love the leather seats. I don't like that it's all black but that's a me problem.

- Lauren M

Do not buy a Kia spectra due to electrical system.

I love that it has room like a car and carrying space like a truck. I also like that it is 4 wheel drive.

- Ellen K

It's a great mid size SUV with lots of trunk space. It really runs great

I love the car but it is over 15 years old with 200,000 miles and it might be time to get a new car soon

- Carolyn G

I have owned cars and minivans and I find the escape the perfect blend of the two. I have the maneuverability of a car but am up higher so I can see more clearly what's around me like a van, but without having the bulkiness of a van. Plus the seats fold down so I can move large pieces of furniture like a van.

I love the Escape model. This is the second one I've owned. They are dependable and reasonably priced.

- Tara H

My car is sporty but also classy. What a way to travel.

My Ford Escape performs well. It is dependable. I can use it to travel comfortably anywhere I go.

- Sandra G

U got nothing most important. Really? There is nothing more.

Recalls, repairs. Too expensive with the repairs. This is ridiculous that I have to write more..

- Carole K

nothing that I can think of others do not matter to me

It does not have a backup camera, It is good on gas mileage, It gets me where I need to go

- Kathy C

it drives great, great car, love the way it handles well

I love the car, right size, but the only thing i don't like is not much room in back seat.

- debbie L

Lots of youtube videos for minor repairs. Easy do it yourself.

Very easy to make repairs myself. Parts are not super expensive. Drives good in the snow.

- Cassandra H

It's a decent vehicle as long as you take care of it.

It's an old car and is unfortunately costing me money, but it gets me to and from places

- Kristen B

Its black and looks like a bug so thats p cool ig yes

The speakers are kinda weak. The seats could be heated. But everything else is nice af

- Vic M

The price Of this car is reasonable. The size is right for a family

This is quite Comfortable, and no complaints. May be the seats can be a little softer

- W F

It's AWD and you can haul stuff

It's old so it's a money pit but when it runs I can drive in the snow and haul stuff

- Jennifer R

it is easy to maintain and drives smoothly It is comfortable to sit in even for longer rides

It easy to drive and comfortable. I like that you sit up higher and can see better.

- Margaret P

The car drove well when it was newer, but it could have held up better mechanically.

The vehicle was taken care of, but has not held up well for the miles on it.

- William M

Had Engine rebuilt ,& now get 40 MPG. Also handles Very well , and Especially in Snow

I like the Smooth Ride and Automatic Transmission . And Brakes work nicely

- Rick J

Its a quality good. More quality car.

My car is so good. Its a quality car. The car have cheap pieces y so good.

- Celida C

It has an aux very nice speakers also high quality

Has perfect air conditioning and nice seats only thing is the gas mileage

- Zachary P

I've never had any problems with the car. It's extremely reliable, I have about 125k miles on it and it's still holding up beautifully.

It doesn't get the best gas mileage. I get about 14 mpg on a good day.

- Kevin B

I absolutely love that my truck has all leather seats, a retractable sunroof and 6 CD changer. I also like the V6 engine because it has some get up and go. I don't really have any dislikes.

My truck might look small and unable to do a lot but it can do a lot.

- Holly S

It's a 4x4, It can drive in the snow without any issues.

It's a 4x4 which I love. Very roomy. Seats are very comfortable.

- Greg K

is a high quality SUV the parts are cheap its a good car

I like very much my SUV. Is a Ford Escape and its high quality

- Celia C

Nice, reliable car. It gets you from point a to point b. It's a small suv but spacious inside.

I like the space, gas mileage, cassette music. No complaints.

- Ofelia G

it's safe and fuel efficient fits six people nicely

My vehicle is comfortable. It's roomy. It's stylish

- melanie s

very reliable great car. runs very well, never had a problem other than normal wear and tear

very nice car to own well built and good reliability

- keith c

Great mileage for age. Dependable, comfortable ride and drive.

I love the ride of a small SUV, just the right size.

- Tamara M