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2002 Ford Escape Owner Reviews

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One interesting detail about my car and the one and only thing I enjoy is the speakers are the original that came with the vehicle and they are extremely good!

2002 Ford Escape

My vehicle does not run very good at all. It leaks oil on a regular bases. I have started to leak transmission fluid as well. One of the things that irritate me the most is that the seat belt alarm goes off all the time even if the vehicle is in park. It is a used vehicle so I'm not sure if the previous owner made any changes to the vehicle that could have caused any or all of the issues that I have with my car, but I am not happy with it and haven't been since the day we purchased it. It is a 2002 so it had a lot of miles on it when we purchased it. So I'm not really sure if it's fair for me to judge the manufacturer or say it's previous owner error.

- Amanda R

My take on the Ford Escape.

2002 Ford Escape

The car is very comfortable and for the most part very reliable. It seems to be very safe and fuel efficient. However it is a older model so it includes no luxury fixtures. Therefore I think it would be a great family car for safety and comfort. You really haven't even had any issues for the most part and have traveled many miles to and from work, family outings and trips and errands. Overall ever recommended to families or even younger drivers looking for their first vehicle. And was purchased used and didn't have many previous owners. Ford Escapes are really reliable cars.

- Megan B

Mechanically Reliable, Very Driveable SUV

2002 Ford Escape XLT Sport

I like the leather interior but wish it had heated seats. It has all wheel drive on the fly which is easy to use. Mechanically, it has had minimal problems and even now with all the miles, most of the repairs are due to age and maintenance. I love how it handles. It has nice, tight steering that us responsive. It could ride a little smoother like some newer SUVs. The only other significant problem is the body since the paint has peeled off in large areas and is rusting. The rust is also quite bad on the running boards.

- Kelly D

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