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4dr, Silver SUV w/cruise control that is great on gas.

2005 Ford Escape XLT

Silver, 4dr SUV that I found to be a reliable daily driver. Good on gas, typically taking 20$ to fill up from 1/2 a tank. Cloth seats that stayed warm in the winter and cool in spring/summer. Has cruise control, power windows, multi-disc CD player, two 12v adaptors, and is equipped with anti-theft. The back opens up two ways - just the window and the whole door with separate handles for both. The trunk is very roomy, and even has a cover to hide anything you put back there and leave it. Unfortunately, it is not removable so if you have anything large you want to put back there, it makes it difficult to work around sometimes. Only issue I have with it is the back windshield wiper is so small that it clears off just a tiny spot that it is almost useless, and I don't like that the car alarm doesn't go off when someone pulls the handle while it is on - it apparently will only go off after it has already been broken into which I find kind of silly.

- Jessica H

2005 Silver Ford Escape Review

2005 Ford Escape XLS 2.3L

When I first bought my Escape, the cruise control did not work. With an easy, inexpensive fix, the cruise control now works. Shortly after I purchased my Escape, the check engine light came on and it has been looked at multiple times. The answer we got was that there was just an issue with the computer and it was not actually an engine problem, luckily! I love the amount of space the Escape has, too. There is plenty of trunk space and there is also plenty of space in the back seats and the front seats. Since it doesn't have and aux or Bluetooth set up, I was able to buy an aux adapter that plugs into the cassette, which works great! This vehicle also comes with automatic 4 wheel drive. I am not able to turn on the 4 wheel drive, but it automatically kicks in when it is needed. I have never had issues driving in the Wisconsin snow!

- Sadie F

An amazingly unique little SUV.

2005 Ford Escape

Overall the escape has been a good vehicle. The Escape drives a very good riding vehicle. The four wheel drive work good but I would rather engage the 4 wheel drive rather then the computer. The v6 engine is great no problem throughout the years. The two major problems I had with the car was the transmission & the differentials went out to so the cost on all of that was about 6,500. 00 dollars. I have been rear ended about five times & overall it is held up really great because I have been hit hard no major frame damage the bumper, tail lights & mufflers have had to be replaced on every one. I have had a couple of crack windshields that had to be replaced. I have taken a lot of care with the car making sure it clean, wash, engine is clean. The Escape has been a great small SUV. I have enjoyed the vehicle.

- Bradley B

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