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2006 ford escape . Love it. Comfort drivable, and dependable, just what we need.

The vehicle is great. It drives better in snow and icy conditions than any of the regular 4-wheel drives I have ever driven. It has all wheel drive and goes practically everywhere. The only problem I have had with it is the air conditioner compressor. It went out and was a hassle getting fixed, they ended up replacing it twice before getting it right. I think it would be a little better if the cargo area was extended about another foot. It would give a little more room to haul stuff, I live off the beaten track (off grid) and buy groceries and other things on a monthly basis so I fill the little SUV up to overflowing most of the time. Other than that the ford escape is dependable, runs great on the highway and off road, looks nice, and always seems to do what I need it to do. I have a small trailer that I pull with it when getting building material and large items. It pulls it like it is not even there. The leather interior is nice and easy to maintain just wipe it down every now and then with leather cleaner/conditioner. The stereo is ok. Sounds great but I live in an area without good reception. We do not even have cell phone coverage in my area. So we listen to CD's a lot. The power seat helps a lot. My wife is barely five feet tall while I am over six feet so every time she goes to town we always have to readjust the seat and mirrors which only takes a second with the power adjustments. I am very happy with the escape and hope I can get another as good when this one is worn out. We've had it 13 years now and it just keeps on running like a new one.

- Sherman T

(personal summary of 2006 Ford Escape).

Great vehicle however it is been giving me break problems and turns out the light on the dashboard where it says the breaks have a problem but, however that light only turns out sometimes. One minute my car can be find the next minute my brakes are hard to stop. But my vehicle is great on gas, also it is very good for going on rocky places. It is comfortable for me in the front seats like the passenger seats and mines but for some reason the back seats are not as comfy. One thing I do not like about the car is the radio. It does not have a AUX cord hole so you can put your AUX cord music and listen to it. The air conditioner sometimes is not that cold. Even though my car has tiny problems it is heavily reliable because the gas last me really long and I have to travel lot of places back and forth.

- Stacy C

reliability. We travel a lot and the vehicle is a four cylinder and is great on gas mileage

My 2006 Ford Escape has been the most reliable car I have ever had. It has over a hundred twenty miles on it and has had no major issues. It rides very smooth. We did all the regular maintenance and everything still runs like it did when we purchased it. I personally like the fact that the windshield is very large. I am short and I am able to see clearly. The vehicle, holds the road in various road conditions, although I have never driven it in snow because I live in the south. The paint still remains shiny and bright. overall I would suggest the ford escape to anyone. It hauls all my gardening supplies and much more. It also has enough room in the secondary seats for people to be comfy. We love the Escape

- Cheryl T

My 2006 Ford Escape is My Best Friend

My Ford Escape has been my good, reliable friend for many years. I have replaced the AC clutch, the AC compressor, and the tires. Not any unusual problems with this car so far. Some people may not like that it take a few seconds to accelerate uphill, but I don't mind. I like being able to ride up higher than in a sedan. My model has cloth seats which are a plus when you live in the heat of the South. The hatchback area is spacious. I have to help friends move and haul tons of groceries, so this is a definite plus. I like the lines and details on the outside of my vehicle. I do not like the newer models, I like the look and style of the 2006. Overall, it is a reliable, roomy, and stylish vehicle.

- Gwen S

Ford Escapes are reliable!

My vehicle has been very reliable, I have never had any engine issues. It is a 2006 Ford Escape. The only issues I have had with this vehicle are due to it aging, like replacing the tire rod, the joints, tires and brakes. This vehicle has never left me sit, always fired right up. Getting regular oil changes really helps the life of your vehicle. I did a lot of research before buying it and Ford Escapes have gotten really good reviews for being reliable. Also, it does great in snow! Love the four wheel drive. Very comfortable to take on long trips with very roomy trunk space. I would definitely consider buying another Escape. My daughter has a Escape too and has never had issues!

- Jill L

Practical and useful 2006 ford escape.

I love my 2006 ford escape! Even though it is not 'aesthetic' to some, it still gets me from point a to point b safe and sound. As my dad is a car fanatic, he helps me take great care of it and keep it looking as new as possible. My only complaint is that the black plastic that frames the lower half and the front/rear bumpers fades very quickly. It begins to look dull and almost alike gray color. I would compare it to when your skin gets ashy and dry. However we found a great solution to it and we have nailed down a beneficial washing method. My escape is very comfortable with lots of room for passengers (aka my dog). It is not too big, not too small, just perfect!

- Julia H

2006 White Ford Escape XLT

This car has been the most reliable vehicle, especially for a young and new driver. The gas mileage isn't always the best, and it's a pretty small tank that only holds 14 gallons. Other than that I have not run into any problems with the functioning of my car in the past 3 years and over 100,000 miles. The interior is starting to deteriorate, but the outside of the car is tough and it also drives very smooth. There is tons of space in the trunk for storage and the back seat is very roomy. I have not run into any problems with the engine of the car, not one! Very durable vehicle and great car for many uses!

- Melanie P

There�s a dent in the drivers side door from my neighbor hitting it.

Truly, I love my car. With it being a hybrid, acceleration on the highway seems to be the most difficult issues. It causes the RPM to spike immediately and surpass 5,000 in a matter of seconds. The fluctuation in the gas also irritates me from time to time because I have a feeling it doesn't read the amount correctly. When I fill up, I'll sit around 400-390 miles until empty and I'll drive it home (less than a mile), and when I come back to my car and turn it on the computer will tell me 330 miles until empty. Nothing too drastic about either, just person pet peeves about the car as it's getting older.

- Skyler G

My 2006 Ford Escape review

The car is good. It's pretty good on gas. It holds some fluid. Regular oil changes, transmission fluid changes etc. The only problem I have is that if the ac goes out and it's not repairable from under the hood it's going to cost an arm and leg to get a little tiny leak fixed because they need to take off the entire dashboard and steering wheel to get to the problem. Not having ac is probably my biggest problem. The check engine light tends to come on and off even when the problem has been repaired. Probably sensory issues from being an older car, but overall a really good car.

- Aja H

2006 ford escape hybrid. I love this car, and everything about it.

Love: heated leather front seats, fold down back seat backs, cover over the back cargo space, 6 track CD changer under front passenger seat, anti-theft security system, great gas mileage, oil changes annually, uses regular unleaded gasoline, and it has a very smooth ride. It has a very quiet engine. So far the only problem has been some water leaking inside around the top of the windshield. Also has a great sunroof with optional settings; open window, partial open from the rear, or closed but inside cover open. Gas mileage is about 25-27 mpg highway, . & 22-23 mpg in city!

- Barbara P

Escape for the daily person.

Since I bought my 2006 Ford escape in 2013, I have become to love the idea of owning a small SUV. The versatility of the rear compartment, sitting high in traffic, and having a 6 cylinder under the hood really made me feel as though I had everything under control. Nothing could stop me. Weather, packing in luggage for a trip, or just needing reliable transportation, this vehicle gave me everything I needed in one small enough package that didn't ruin the parallel parking Audience that sometimes makes one feel inadequate.

- Brandon C

The sunroof is my favorite part. I love letting the natural light in.

I have had my ford escape for about 3 years now and it has been extremely reliable. I absolutely love this car! It is awesome for the summertime and it is hot and sunny, you can roll your windows down and open up the sunroof! So fun to ride around with friends. It is also good for drive-in movies. You can open the trunk door or just the glass for more convenience. Also not to mention the ford escape is so comfortable. Tan leather interior, looks nice! Another great thing is that it is very spacious!

- Lindsay N

I love the look and comfort. Bought it new on 2006. Unfortunately since then I have had to replace the transmission as well as the engine. So I am into this vehicle for a lot of money. Fortunately the interior which is leather has held up very well considering it is had myself and two boys since new in it. Also the exterior still looks good except for fading of the trim. When clean the car looks almost as good as new. Oh just thought headlights are discoloring and do not let out light well anymore.

- Sherry Z

The Ford Escape is an utmost reliable model with plenty of space for anyone.

I have never had any problems with my Escape in the past four years of owning it. Besides basic and preventive maintenance I have never put any money into it. Being it is a hybrid we get excellent fuel mileage in town and on the highway. I have always been a Ford fan and always will be I have never had a Ford leave me stranded. I would suggest a Ford Escape whether it be a hybrid or not to anyone with a small family they are the most dependable vehicle on the road in my book.

- Dave C

Now that the computer has been replaced hopefully no other issues for a while.

I have had many issues over the years with this 2006 Ford Escape. Had to replace the transmission after problems with slippage cost 900 shortly after we bought the car, recently computer died on the side on the highway with my daughter in the car and cost 480.00 and same amount in labor and other major issues such as undercarriage work, rusting door panels and many other issues. Will not be buying a Ford in the future. At the time it was within our budget and good mileage.

- melissa D

Reliable vehicle- only had to do basic maintenance.

Honestly, it is a great vehicle I just own an older vehicle now. I bought it used, but have not had very many problems with it. General maintenance work, but overall a reliable vehicle. I do have sensor that makes one of the doors think its open. I could probably get that fixed, but that is my biggest complaint. Sight in it while driving is nice you are up higher than a car but not in a huge SUV. I do not feel I have a ton of blind spots. Use wise it's a very good car.

- Morgan S

Locking steering wheel; still a great car!

So one of the big problems with this car is the steering wheel. If your wheels are not perfectly aligned when you park, the steering wheel will lock and you will not even be able to get the key into the ignition. It took me several times before I finally started remembering to do it. Other than that, it is a great car. It does extremely well with long distances, and the gas mileage is fairly good. It is a very comfortable car with. A lot of great amenities.

- Jenna W

Better than a small truck!

The Ford Escape is a great vehicle! I love that it is a small SUV; it allows me to haul small trailers or load certain kinds of furniture right into the back. Ie- I have put an oversized chair, a rocking recliner, and a six foot tall bookshelf all in the back of my Escape (of course these were all separate instances). Nearly anything you can do with a small pickup truck, you can do with this vehicle, but you get the bonus of more seating than a truck!

- Caitlin D

Dependable vehicle - beware of your dealership

First SUV I have owned and love it. The only major problem I had was an oil leak that was still under warranty. Then it leaked again, but in my opinion it was the fault of the dealership not doing a good job on the warranty work. Twice the dealership messed up an oil change job. Stopped using the dealership. I have no complaints other than that. It has been dependable and I feel safe driving it. Plenty of room for hauling pets and supplies.

- Judy W

Runs great and I am extremely happy.

It runs great, I am short so this seat moves up and forward to accommodate my height (or lack of). It has a CD player. Wish it offered XM radio but cannot complain because it takes me from point a to point b without fail. The air conditioning does not work but was just told that if I pay $120 I can get it fixed. Overall I am very happy with this car and am seriously considering leasing or purchasing a newer ford escape in the near future.

- Becky G

Great gas mileage, great compact SUV with enough space for 3 car seats

I like that it is a compact SUV, but can still fit 3 car seats across the back seat. I like that it is easy to get my kids in and out. They can climb in by themselves. I hate that there are no air vents in the back. It gets too hot in LA. I also hate that it has no cruise control and has been having electrical issues that no one can figure out. The gear shaft also gets stuck which is common with Ford Escapes and annoys me so much.

- Emily D

An interesting detail about my SUV, its a 4x4 it has a complete frame.

Its a 2006 Ford Escape, I have had no real mechanical issues with the SUV & it has over 100, 000 miles on it. I keep my fluids checked & oil changed & I get good gas mileage, for the most part. I am experiencing rust on the back quarter panels (both sides) I feel it should not be rusting yet, but it is a 1 owner, my parents gave it to me (2 owner, I guess) after they drove it all the time, so it has been a good vehicle I must say!

- Melinda B

Safe and dependable while stylish and comfortable.

It is a real workhorse. It is safe, especially in the rain and snow. It has well over 100, 000 miles and has mostly required routine maintenance. It recently needed new brakes and shocks. The tires were recently replaced. I have always received excellent service at the dealership where I purchased this vehicle new. It is body style and color, included the interior are still very much in style and continues to look great.

- Judy H

The greatest Escape in tan.

I love my car so much. When I have to, I'll probably buy another one. Only a newer model. It is very reliable and sits up at a great height for me (I am kind of on the short side). It is also very comfortable. My Escape has cloth seats that withstand the test of time. The hatch is super spacious. Great for hauling groceries or Christmas presents! No rips or tears. The one downside is it does rust easily.

- Ashley B

Small SUV, mostly durable, and known to flip easily.

The car drives nicely, but I have problems with the front control arms, brakes, and brake pads. I had to have all of that replaced not too long ago. The car overall is pretty reliable it got me back and forth from a job an hour away for a year. The car is a good size, but you cannot fit a bike in it or something like that. Has a good amount of room if you are moving houses for all the boxes and such.

- Page N

It is 4wd and you can drive it almost anywhere.

It is a great dependable vehicle. It is 4wd so you don't have to worry about muddy backroads or snow. It has luggage racks for cargo and has plenty of cargo space in the back for luggage, camping gear, and groceries. The seats lay down so you can sleep in it or haul a bike inside. It's all power seats, 4wd, delay wipers, 6-CD changer are just some features. I definitely will buy another ford escape.

- Peggy S

Great gas mileage, great performance roomy and comfortable.

Gas mileage is about 30 miles per gallon. When driving below 20 mph the electric motor is used and takes no gas. The vehicle is very roomy inside and the seats are very comfortable. There is plenty of storage in the back although if you fold the seats down it's a bit tight for sleeping if you are 6 feet tall or more. It handles very well, has good acceleration and is very responsive.

- Jeffery T

Hybrids keep going even run from a hurricane. No gas. You can use the battery.

I love that it is a hybrid. It really came in handy during the hurricane. We were out of gas and we could keep going on the battery. It was great when my kids were little. Now that they are teens it gets a little crowded but we intend to use it as the car to teach the kids how to drive in. The vehicle has been very reliable. No major breakdowns and we have had it for 12 years.

- Naomi S

Smooth ride, quirky electronics.

A few quirky issues with the electronics. (interior light; locks; windows. ). Pretty comfortable for a non luxury car. It is been more reliable than the blazers I have owned before it. Seats are easy to fold down. Headrests are not my favorite. It drives like a car, not a truck, but gives you the higher profile that makes me feel like I get better visibility than a standard car.

- Kate C

FORD fits the motto found on road dead

Did nothing but break down from the day I took it off the used car lot. I don't recommend this vehicle at all!! First thing to go was a sensor, the next thing wastu rod ends wheel bearings shock came through the wheel well just so many problems. Most recent was timing chain snapped off in driveway and hit the engine which is now without compression and not worth fixing really.

- Mary R

Ford Escape is a small family SUV with good mpg and power to get you there.

The Ford Escape is a small SUV that has efficient get up & go w/ a v6 engine. It is got enough room for a family of 4 and plenty of space for luggage in the rear & top luggage rack if needed. It is been a very reliable car that has never had any major problems other than normal wear & tear. Gas mileage is decent at 20-25 depending on how it is driven. I feel safe in this car.

- Michael B

Save gas. 4 cylinder. Good sur conditioned.

My car is a Ford Escape 2006 it is a good vehicle. Save gas because has 4 cylinder do not use belt time. It is very comfortable and I can use to litter cargo transportation the air conditioned is very cold and working very good in summer it is a high vehicle but it is not rustic nevertheless it is strong. It is a great car by family because his seats are excellent for trip.

- Maria C

It has a good safety and reliability score, fun to drive & large cargo space.

The escape has been very reliable for past 10 years, no major issues, except for the dashboard lights which may not be as bright if the weather is cold and vehicle has not been used for a few days. The drive is comfortable and smooth for this SUV. It also has large cargo space that fits all of your groceries and large items purchased at the local home improvement store.

- Flora L

Very reliable, sturdy vehicles perfect for a student or small family.

It is a very comfortable car, though it is small. It has been very reliable despite a few technical troubles. It makes a great car for a high school/college student or a small family. These things are built to last. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. Only trouble I have had is an oil leak and shot fuses. The AC is also weak and no longer blows cold.

- Emily P

Awesome mid size SUV gets around 25 mpg.

I have only had this car for a few weeks now. It's a 2006 escape with a v6 front drive. It gets about 25 mpg. It runs awesome. Plenty of speed to get up and go 80 down the highway with no problems. It's a little load inside the cab. The rake on top catches air and you can hear it while driving down the road. Other than that I have no problem out of this car.

- Liz M

No matter how much you take care of your car, things get old. Some things aren't worth repairing. Technology changes a lot in a few years too. You have to know when it's time to just buy a new car.

What I like about my car is that it's a 2006 and it has lasted me this long. I never had any major problems until now. What I dislike is that since 2006, technology has changed so much. I don't have safety features such as backup cameras. I don't have satellite radio. The rubber on my doors and moon roof are bad and water is starting to come in to the car.

- nely p

Great vehicle to own for a family.

This car drives smoother than any vehicle I've ever own before. I've had it for thirteen years, and have hardly had any problems with it. It's very roomy. Can hold 5 people plus luggage comfortably. The only problem I have is that one of the doors isn't connecting well. The open door light is always on, and sometimes the alarm goes off randomly.

- Wendy M

This hybrid just doesn't save money on gas if you're using the air conditioning or heat.

It's a hybrid which I've found isn't the best for a Buffalo, NY summer or winter. The heat only works when you're driving and the same for the air conditioner. When the heat or air is on the gas mileage is no better than a non-hybrid. Compared to the Focus Wagon I had before this, it is smaller and more cramped! Wouldn't buy another one.

- Sandy J

And interesting detail for me on my vehicle is the different storage compartment

I have had to do little maintenance to the vehicle such as changing tires, brakes, rotors, and oil changes. It is very comfortable for my family of 3 plus I have used the vehicle as my work car when I worked in child car and needed to transport. I have packed up and entire wardrobe and moved plenty of furniture to and from places easily.

- Vanessa S

Great Car- holds a ton of stuff but some wind noise

I really like this car. It is very versatile and is great for a variety of activities. It has the ability to hold a ton of stuff. Also is large enough to fold down the seats and sleep in the back. The one downside is that there is a bit of wind noise when you are driving fast or on the freeway. All around great car. Would buy again!

- Monica G

2006 ford escape, a great car

I have not had any problems with my car, no repairs etc. It is a great car, I have 107k miles and no problems. It has a good size rear in back. Tailgate opens or just window for placing in or out items. The car has nice comfortable seats and seats in back fold down to hold more larger items. They are also one larger than other

- mary F

My car takes me anywhere in one piece.

I love my car because it's simple! Power windows and locks, but no computer screen to distract me. I feel safe in my car. It is also very spacious for both your legs and for shopping or moving. It has taken me to Florida from New York and vice versa. With kept up maintenance, barely any money has been put into repairs.

- Abby B

Ford Escape is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

My vehicle has been extremely reliable, only had to replace 3 things on it since 2006, and is still in great condition. I love the mid-size SUV body as I am sit tall on the road, I can fit so much in my vehicle, and I also do not feel like a large tank. Con is the engine has no acceleration power and does not like inclines.

- Margaux W

Details about the Ford Escape

My 2006 Ford Escape is my favorite car. I've had no problems with it so far just had to fix air that's all. This is a great car for a single person or couple lot of space and a big trunk. It also has an six cord which is good. The seats are comfortable and I am just in love with this car I will continue to buy ford escapes

- Elizabeth T

Great vehicle for a first timer.

I love my vehicle. For my first vehicle purchase ever, the ford escape was a great idea. I have never had a major issue with my car. The color I went with is called metallic mint green. The interior is dark grey and fabric, not leather. The only issue I have ever had with my car is the steering wheel is a tad off center.

- Jennifer W

A good car for families, good leg room for the kids and lots of trunk storage.

Having driven Toyotas for the last 15 years, my last a 2001, I was surprised that the 2006 has fewer bells and whistles. The Ford is reliable and fits my needs at present meaning size. It is comfortable and easy to drive. The seating in the back seats is adequate for the grandchildren and easy for them to get in and out.

- Ruth S

All about a SUV back in the year 2015. Hope you like it

It was the right size I was looking for at the time. It was not a big SUV.it had 4 wheel drive. It sat up not low to the ground..the price was right for me. It was easy to fix. It was four doors. Power windows. Power locks..it had am FM radio .it also had a 6 disc CD player. Front and back speakers in it..power seats .

- Pamela P

Keeps on running, tough and strong well made vehicle made to last.

Great guts to this vehicle. Over 200k miles on and runs just great. Very sturdy and well made! Some rusting around wheel wells but I am not great at car washes and being in Wisconsin the salt shows its damaging effects. I would stay with an Escape within this model I am not a fan of the cheap feel of the newer styles.

- Kate G

It is fun to drive and is very sporty looking

I like my car because it is compact and peppy. It also is very easy to handle and is good on gas usage. I can haul some things if needed. It is comfortable for me even on long drives. The only thing I dislike is that it can't stay clean on it's own or have unlimited fuel. I would buy another one when I need a new car.

- Janet T

That safety is the most important thing and when I get the car inspected, it always needs a part to pass inspection.

I like that I can drive or ride up higher than a standard low vehicle. Also like the compact car because it's easier to drive and park. The back seats also can be laid flat to create more trunk space when needed. It's 12 yrs. old and I've had to put in some repairs to the parts this past year costing over $1800.

- ted H

Ford escape, a efficient and overall good car.

It has been running good and is fuel efficient. The car runs well and has been Very low maintenance. The car is comfortable and has lots of safety features. The cruise control is a very nice feature and helps to reduce fuel consumption. The fact the car is a small size means it is easy to park and move on the city.


This car is smooth riding and spacious

It is my first mid sized vehicle which concerned me a little after only driving small cars. It's extremely easy to drive and is not as top heavy as I thought it would be. It drives smooth and is incredibly spacious. The only thing I would change is being able to put it in 4WD manually instead of it being automatic.

- Arielle R

Ford Escape hybrid: the SUV with all the basics plus better gas mileage.

There is a surprising amount of space, especially when the seats are put down. Great gas mileage in the hybrid version for an SUV. There are some consistent heat and a/c issues, but otherwise a reliable car. The back seat can get a little cramped with three adults, but passenger seat offers plenty of legroom.

- Sarah K

My 4 wheel drive Ford Escape is amazing!!

My Ford Escape has been marvelous! I have put it through everything and it's been completely dependable. I would buy 555 more!! For an SUV it gets great gas mileage. Plenty of room backseat even fits 3 car seats! No complaints at all. I've even been in 2 fender benders and the trucks has held up amazingly!

- Shelly B

It's amazing for families!

Haven't really had any problems with it. Its reliable and comfortable and would be good for people with kids. The back hatch is good for groceries and pets. Me and my husband take it on trips as well. Only problem I ever had is the oil light goes on and off when it wants to haven't figured out why yet.

- Amanda T

The best car in the world!

No problems with my car so far. It runs well, the radio works, the engine is quiet, the ac works, the heated seats work, it saves you money on gas, it is just a beautiful car and you will be happy with the car I swear you will. I strongly recommend this car! Still going smooth even after 200,000 miles.

- Tori T

It drives really well and is a safe car that can last a long time.

I love that it is an SUV and comfortably seats 5 people with plenty of legroom and fits my child's car seat with ease. I love the way it drives. I dislike how many problems I have had with it, but I realize it had many miles on it when I bought it. I also dislike that it doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Erica A

I really love my Ford Escape.

Smooth ride, handles well, brakes well, does not grab or spin out, has dual airbags, seats 5 I feel safe in my SUV. I love the all power windows and seats. The heat and air work great. Have no mechanical or electrical issues. I feel like I got a really great vehicle for the price. I really do love it.

- Jennifer R

What I like about my car and wouldn't you like one like it.

My car performs well, especially in bad weather. I love the color and the features it has, it has been good to me and I love it but would love to upgrade it at some point. It is spacy and holds a lot and can even lay down the back seats to haul things like a truck and it is also great for tailgating.

- Linda C

I splurged for the additional sunroof and heated seats

I love my Ford Escape. After 13 years of wear and tear it has had only a few minor issues. The cab is nice and roomy, and the trunk is fairly large. Additionally three people can sit in the back with plenty of legroom. I suggest anyone looking for a reliable and sturdy car go with this make and model

- Megan J

Compact roomy and many options.

This is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. It is very fuel efficient and quiet. Never had any major issues with it. Roomy yet compact. I love the style and the options that it offers. Easy to maneuver in tight spaces. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone in the market for a compact SUV.

- Vicki B

Reliable Ford Escape with good gas mileage.

My Ford Escape is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. I haven't had to do any major repairs on it in the 11 years I have owned it. I would recommend this car to anyone that wants a reliable car. I always buy Ford for a reason. I even bought my 16 year old daughter a Ford Focus for her 1st car.

- Candace F

It is has 5 seats which is perfect for us we are a family of 4.

It is ok it gets you where you need to go I cannot complain it was bought used. It runs good the seats are kind of comfortable. It is a good family vehicle. It is reliable transportation. I really like it but not everyone has my opinion cannot really comment on comfort features or anything else.

- Nicole M

It's great! It does exactly what I need it to, and is great on gas too.

My vehicle has been awesome since I purchased it. I of course have had a few maintenance issues with it over the years, but they were easily fixed. It is comfortable, spacious for what I need, and great on gas. The leather seats are nice, though sometimes I do wish it had cloth ones instead.

- Taylor D

Good mileage, not very comfortable for long trips. A lot of rust problems.

Very poor design in the rear hatch. I had to replace the hinges for the glass insert due to the bolts rusting away. Now the rear gate itself has rusted away a good inch all along the bottom of the hatch door. The water and snow just sit on top of the rear bumper rotting away the lift door.

- Edward L

Compact and reliable for long drives.

Perfect for students as it can carry a lot of stuff which additionally will be free from nature's elements. Off ground and reliable considering I have extremely high mileage. Cost of gas is affordable, but not as efficient as today's models. Seating may be uncomfortable on long drives.

- Alexandra C

It has it own suspension it has auto lock doors.

I do not have any problems with my car it has not giving me any trouble yet it performs good it handles good. It gets great gas mileage it do not burn oil it starts and shuts off good it handles good has its own In the mountains suspension it is compact it has a great back up sensor.

- Jeanette E

Lots of room to grow into.

Can fit 3 car seats in back. Have plenty of room for cargo storage. Good gas mileage for highway. In town not bad but not great. Always gets me from a to b. Only issue is around the 120000 mile mark transmission went out so had to replace that. Also had to replace starter due to age.

- Joshua M

Great car for moms with small children.

I enjoy my ford escape. It has plenty of room for two children and their accessories. I also like that the ford escape has four wheel drive. It handles well in the snow. I have found it to be very reliable. Repairs have been minimal and easy. I would especially recommend it to mom's.

- Jacqueline M

It has the ability to tow a trailer and has a roof rack for storage.

My car has been very reliable for the past 12 years. I have had very few repair and if I did the price was low. The only major repair was putting in a new engine. I would recommend a Ford to anyone purchasing a car. Not only are they reliable but they last longer than other models.

- Suzanne R

Its comfortable, but prone to problems.

Its a 2006 Ford Escape xlt. I love it. It is comfortable it looks good. I have had a lot of mechanical problems with it. The computer went out and I had to replace it. And now I am having transmission problems. I love the car but I spend more time fixing it than I do driving it.

- Lena C

My 2006 sweet Escape review.

Good mileage, comfortable, good sound system, good heat and air, power seat, sun/moonroof, rear wiper, plenty of room, tells you when it needs oil change, tire pressure monitoring, folding seats, running lights, multiple disc CD player (no auxiliary connection), two power plugs.

- Judith B

The perfect SUV for packing up and going out of town

The vehicle is very reliable. It doesn't feel overly large like a lot of SUV's but is still spacious. This model is fairly basic and doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles but it is perfect for me. The maintenance is easy to keep up with and I have not had any major problems.

- Kayla R

Brand new engine and few other brand new parts.

Well I have had to have a new engine put in it. I just replaced the cv joints and front wheel bearings. I need a new air flow sensor thing. I need new tires, but other than that, I like it ok. The stereo speakers are good. They are factory. Had to replace the subwoofer though.

- Autumn P

Good Deal, Bad Car. However could has better features

The Performance is well, is not the best and kind of old. The main problem are the refactions, are not reliability. For longs trips is kind of uncomfortable. The radio does not has a 3.5 mm input. The rust is a big problem starts in the doors and them you have inside the car

- Emmanuel S

12 year old body rusts at door and wheel wells

bought used 3 yr old and for the 9 years have had just the normal type of maintenance. Yes we have had to replace a few items some would not consider normal. Give enough time all vehicles would have to have many parts replaced. Would have liked a little better gas mileage.

- Walt M

Never a dull moment. Always something with this vehicle.

Broken seat belt. Shifter sticks. Needs tie rod ends. Tranny is acting funny. Just replaced blower motor and resistor and ac only works on one speed. Door seal keeps coming off. Wire issue with headlight only one works or none if its raining. Uses a lot of gas and oil etc..

- Lauren M

Blue leather interior, Runs almost like brand new car.

I need to change my transmission mount and back motor mount. My SUV runs wonderful. I love my sunroof. My air conditioner just went out. I love steering it awesome. It is blue with black trimming. I have nice leather seats that are in good condition. I'm very much my Ford.

- Kim M

Overall, a mediocre car at best.

My vehicle seems to have one problem after the next. The majority of these problems are specific to the make and model, not the age of the vehicle. I cannot wait to trade it in for something more dependable. I would consider purchasing another Ford SUV, just not the Escape.

- Erica B

Reliable. I have taken many long trips in it. Comfortable, lots of legroom.

This car is reliable, never has had a breakdown. I do regular oil changes & maintenance. Lots of cargo space for the many times I have moved. Good gas mileage, smooth ride. I love the style of the old escapes. New ones have less cargo space, I don't like the modern design.


Car is great for traveling and pretty good on gas.

I really loved my Ford when I first purchased it, however it is slightly dated and I do seem to be having some issues with it as if lately. My ac went out and I had to purchase a new compressor. Also, my defrost seems to be going out. Other than that the car is great!

- Crystal M

Reliable 12 year old vehicle.

My Ford Escape has been fairly reliable for a 12 year old vehicle. However, it has started needing oil more often now. Since it is a 2006 model it does not have all the luxuries a newer vehicle has such as Bluetooth. Overall, I have been very satisfied with this vehicle.

- Nancy M

Ford Escape XLT 2006 review

Door alarming and mAkes some unknown sounds occasionally. To fix the door alarming would cost around $400 to do and that seems very expensive. The brakes are a bit hard to push and that sometimes could prevent from stopping quicker for other cars. Just some minor issues

- Melissa R

I bought my car used and within the first two weeks of having it a part that connects the engine and the transmission went out and had to be replaced. Other than this issue I love my vehicle. The A/C works well, there's plenty of space for my things and friends, and it drives very well. The seats are cloth and very comfortable and it has an updated stereo that I can connect my phone to.

In certain Ford Escape models between 2004-2009 there has been a recall regarding the transmission because of a faulty part from the company. They will replace it for free if this is the actual problem so do not be afraid of choosing this year and model of the vehicle.

- Sunee H

Reliable family vehicle. Not the quietest.

It is been a reliable vehicle, but it is quite loud. There are a lot of squeaks and creaks, and the road noise is loud even with new tires. The radio screen also does not light up, which can be annoying. The back seat has a lot of legroom for the size of the vehicle.

- Heather B

The sunroof is amazing, and the sound system

It's comfortable has ac drives smoothly no odd noises makes for good transportation. Gets me to where I need to be good sound system 4 wheel drive it is very reliable great on gas and good mileage. I really couldn't have asked for a better vehicle. It has a sunroof

- Savannah C

I absolutely love my ford!

It is been a fantastic car! I haven't ran into any issues with it personally and would highly recommend it to others looking for a reliable safe vehicle. It is very spacious and truly a comfortable car. No extra special features but runs great and gets the job done!

- Taylor B

The perfect size for an individual or a small family.

I love the size of my vehicle the most. It is roomy enough to be comfortable, but not so big that I have trouble parking in small spaces. It has 4-wheel drive, which is great for snow. The gas mileage was good for the size of the vehicle and the year it was made.

- Laura S

Ford Escape is a family vehicle. It is nice enough to use as a car.

The all wheel 4 wheel drive is wonderful. We use it like a truck some of the time. Lay the back seats down and haul things. We also make beds for our dogs in back. It makes it easy to pull a trailer or boat. We have had to replace the starter a couple of times

- Ruby G

Best little car for the money.

Like the Escape its powerful for a v6 but have issues also with the rear end other than that good so far like driving it I am more of a Chevy guy not too much on Ford but will prefer over any foreign vehicles like the interior and exterior like the body style.

- Kenneth E

The most important thing to know about my car is that the air conditioner works extremely well.

My car is very dependable. It has the right amount of space for me; it is not too big or too small. Since my car was made in 2006, I do not have any nice radio features such as an auxiliary input or XM radio. I also do not have heated seats or steering wheel.

- rachel g

Features I like about my ford escape.

Gas mileage and compact size leg room head room 4 doors push button lock air conditioning rear defrost rear wiper fast economical comfortable mirror adjustment power seat leather interior power windows storage space air bags seat belt warning center counsel.

- Vicki B

Works great just cosmetic issues!

The leather seats are a little cold or hot deeming on the weather and you slide a lot. The rear tire well began to rust because of lack of mud flaps or water blockers so the tires splash a lot of water and mud up. I bought mud flaps but the damage was done.

- Met W

Hit a deer rolled over the truck into the back of the truck

Hit a deer. Need lots of work, but it drives great, needs tires, needs body work, needs front glass, bumpers, tail lights, water leak fixed, oil leak fixed. The inside is fine, does not need any work, motor runs good too, no noises, its s 2006 ford escape

- Debra M

Great family vehicle with lots of cargo room.

It is a great size and easy to maneuver. The front seats are not very comfortable. Lumbar support would really help. Right now I am having some transmission problems but I haven't taken it in to find out what is wrong. It does have 165, 000 miles though.

- Mary B

2006 Ford Escape with 180, 000 miles - minor issues.

I have a 2006 Ford Escape. It has about 180, 000 miles on it but it still runs great. I have only had a few minor issues with it. I love the size of the car; it is big enough to not feel cramped but it is not too big that I feel like I am driving a bus.

- Samantha B

My car is cool and I love it so much

Its an old car with oil leakage issues. I have had to replace parts on it seldomly. Right now the AC isn't working and will need to get fixed. Not much engine problems. I love my car. I want to update soon. FORD is good company that makes reliable cars.

- Taylor P

Ford Escape review: good ride.

It runs nicely. Runs through gas pretty quickly. Only a few things needed done in the few years I have had it. Little bumpy of a ride. Not a lot of blind spots. Good size car. Lot of trunk space. Seats are comfortable with cloth. Radio system is good.

- Madison G

It is safe, economical, requires little maintenance.

Like.. It is a true workhorse. I really comfortable seating for four adults., rides high enough to be easy to enter and exit. Gets decent gas mileage. Enough car to feel safe. Little maintenance required... Dislike.. Could have a little more luxury..

- Judy H

With the 4 wheel drive I was able to drive through the snow with ease. The interior has drop down rear seats for transporting merchandise or luggage

This is the first time I have owned an SUV I like the size and visibility when driving. I purchased a 6 cylinder which enabled me to pull my jet ski or the shuttlecraft. I am in the process of looking for the same type of automobile again.

- Diana P

Ford escape awd winter beast

It's a good vehicle has awd sunroof heated leather seats. I have no problem in snow storms can drive through a foot of snow no problem. The transmission went the 1st year I had it which sucked buy other than that it's been alright .

- Michael B

That it is a great car, when it is newer. The older it gets tough, the more problems arise.

I like the fire brand name first of all. The color is green, I like and dislike it. I wish it were a lighter green in general. It is getting older so I am having more problems than I used to do that is my biggest dislike about it.

- Steven K

Escape Hybrid is great on fuel

Our Escape is a hybrid and has saved us so much in fuel. Most of our driving is done in town, not highway, which is where the fuel economy of a hybrid really shines. I love this vehicle and plan to keep it for as long as possible!

- Krysta R

Ford transmissions are iffy at best!

My issues are based on age of the vehicle and prior owners - but what really pushed me over the edge was when my transmission pooped out on me. Had I known this was common with fords- I would have made other purchasing decisions

- Bethany C

Started out as a good vehicle and then it aged quickly with many repairs.

My car has some age on it now and many parts are having to be replaced. I found out after I bought the car that it had been in an accident and the salesmen wouldn't give me the Carfax report until I signed the papers to buy.

- Delores K

Problem with electrical system and the car will alarm even though there's nothing wrong. Ignoring alarms could possibly be problem when there is actually something wrong with vehicle.

mechanically it's been a great car. There's many cosmetic things I don't like about it. There's a problem with the Electrical (?) because it is constantly alarming and there a few years of Escapes that had the same problem

- cyd m

It does horrible on gas, sensor monitor says it gets 17 mpg but when I calculated it, it gets about 14mpg

My vehicle is suppose to automatically go into four wheel drive during the snow and it doesn't. The senior panel is always messing up. It is always having something wrong with even buying it brand new at the time of purchase

- Ashley Munoz M

The car is very reliable and holds up very well.

I really enjoy the car. I haven't had any issues with it for the time that I have owned it. The size works perfectly for travel while not being too big to make cornering a problem. I hold no regrets getting this vehicle.

- Justin S

I am 68 years old and plan for this car to last the rest of my life.

I love the visibility it has I can see everything, it also holds a lot of stuff I do craft shows and farmers market so I have a lot of things to haul around. Also other than routine maintenance it runs like a dream.

- Helen G

It is a very reliable car.

It is a car I bought used that has abused radio, which is my biggest problem, and some rust. I am also annoyed not to have a remote with it. Other than that I am sure the car would have been perfect if I bought new.

- Faith M

It is a very dependable car.

I love the fact that it is a small 4 wheel drive that sits up higher for extra clearance and I can see over most other vehicles. It has enough room inside that I can pack for a trip and not be overly cramped.

- James D

It's affordable to drive. We've had no mechanical problems with it since we bought it and that's the best part!

I love that it is easy to drive around town! I also just came back from driving in the mountains last weekend and it's the perfect vehicle for that. Carries adults comfortably and both of our dogs as well.

- Regina M

The highlight of my vehicle is how reliable it is.

This car is very reliable with decent performance skills. This car does have some issues with it however with the price I bought it with it was a nice deal. The car has good comfort not many nice features

- jen c

That the catalytic converter has been a problem and needed replacing.

I love the way that cruise control holds going both up and downhill. I love the roominess when I put the seats down to transport large items. I love the fact that the engine is still in terrific shape.

- Luc L

It's a good reliable car with known issues that should have been addressed.

I like the car as a whole. The air conditioning was never very good and gets worse every year even with maintenance. The electrical system has issues common to this car and all the sensors are shot.

- dixie Y

The most important thing about my car is the fact that it's reliable to get me from place to place.

I like how large my vehicle is. It runs well for what I need it to do. Overall I don't have many complaints other than my vehicle was used, so there are a few issues with it, but nothing too bad.

- Kristen P

It's a compact SUV, that is quite roomy.

The SUV is pretty reliable and is fantastic on gas. I bought it as a replacement for my pick-up truck that died over the summer. It runs smoothly, and there haven't been any issues with it.

- Sarah S

This car will last you a long time. Even years after buying it, it will still be sturdy

This vehicle is over 12 years old. I love that it has a lot of space and a sun roof. My son loves it too. Still running strong after all this time. A few noises and creeks but still runs.

- Jennifer S

Proven very reliable and multi functional.

This car has proven to be very reliable.How ever have had problems with the securitie system.Giving a false warning to the system to shut the vehicle down.Very hard to fix this problem.

- James C

The most important thing people is that the gas mileage is pretty good.

I like the fact that my vehicle is pretty high off of the ground. The 4 wheel drive is invaluable during the winter. I dislike how quickly the parts wear out and have to be replaced.

- Kristen C

That you sit up high to see over other cars.

You sit up high so you can see over other cars, has lots of legroom. Second seat folds down easy for more storage. Child safety windows. Dislike that it key only opens drivers door.

- Kathy T

Reliable, comfort, power, size.

Have had the escape since 07 and bought it used have 96185 miles on it and except oil changes and battery have had no issues with this vehicle been a rock solid would pay another.

- Russell A

It is pretty reliable. I drove across country twice in a year with it.

Somewhat reliable, but has had some annoying problems recently. There is a problem with one of the fuses that makes the alarm go off randomly. And the cd player stopped working

- Stewart D

The best thing about my car is its paid for.

I like my car because it is a SUV, which is the size cars I like and feeling like I can run good on the roads. My only problem is I want something a little different and newer.

- Linda C

Its reliable and good on gas with a lot of room.

I like that it gets me from point A to point B. It's good on gas, I also like that it has enough space for my family and anything we are bring with us when we leave the house.

- Robert H

ford escape is a fine dependable suv

my escape had a new transmission in 2012 other than that it has been a dependable suv.runs well i have been driving my escape for six years and have been very happy with it

- ron b

That it goes over 100000 miles and going strong and should last me for another couple of years at least

I like the subcompact SUV cause I can handle it better. Also like the fact that I can put the back seats down flat to create more trunk space and like the gas mileage I get

- fel f

It's a good reliable suv just not my first choice. It's a good choice for a small family, or outdoorsy type.

When we bought this car it was not the one I would have picked. I would have prefered a VW Bug, but husband picked this one. He now regrets it as I haven't let him forget.

- Melanie P

My Escape is a prettier style than any of the newer SUVs

I love the customized pull down roof rack and running boards. I love the color and the fact that it looks like an SUV instead of a crossover like the newer models of suvs.

- Kelly H

I believe the escape has safety issues. This includes rust issues. Also the repairs are very pricey.

I like the design of the car. I have had numerous issues with maintenance of the car, alternator, suspension, rust in shock plates. Currently looking for a replacement.

- Chris C

It still goes! Lovely family car!!

I have a very basic model. Electric windows and locks. Key fob to lock/unlock. Seats 5 comfortably. Not enough trunk space though. Drives well for an older vehicle.

- Paula B

My car suits my needs in every area I need it for. I have a big cargo space.

It is roomy and comfortable. It has automatic windows and seats. I love the dark gray color. The one thing I dislike is it doesn't have the automatic headlights.


It has lasted me awhile and have not had to put much money in repairs.

I love it, there's some cosmetic things that are starting to appear but other then that she's great. The only thing I really do not like is the radio. It is old.

- Kristen B

Ford Edge is a great value

Overall a great car and runs great compared to more expensive small SUVs. Haven't had any engine problems but the sunroof for no reason just stopped working.

- Daniel Q

Very safe, smooth riding vehicle that is easy to control.

It's a nice, spacious yet compact vehicle that rides smoothly from point A to point B. It's just an older model and I would like a fancier, comfortable ride.

- Shelby M

Maybe a reliable car, maybe not.

The car is somewhat reliable; however, it can have a lot of problems. Especially, since it is a hybrid and may have issues just associated with the battery.

- Anthony U

My headlight is fine on my car

I like my escape and the wheel bearing was mess up when I brought it and it drive good also good on gas just nice and comfortable for me and my grandson

- Deborah R

I had transmission issues early on, but routine maintenance has kept it going!

I like that it's mostly a small vehicle, but it has a decent amount of storage space, and mostly enough room for 3-4 other people. Almost 200k miles!

- melissa c

It is a very reliable car and I appreciate that it is not too flashy.

It was a gift from my mother. It has been a very reliable car and gets good gas mileage. Even though it is a little older it still gets the job done.

- Tyler C

The air is constantly cooled within minutes. It has perfect mileage as well.

My vehicle drives smoothly and is perfect size. It is not too big or small at all. The vehicle's seats are very comfy and perfect to take on a trip.

- Alexandra L

It is a great car for a small family.

My car is great for the winter because It's all wheel drive. It has a good amount of cabin space. I wish it was a little better on mpg for Its size.

- Patrick K

It gives good gas mileage for it being an older car.

Its an older car but it's still reliable. Gives great gas mileage. Has enough room to take your kids, family, or belongings for a trip or vacation.

- June b

The V6 engine and AWD cause it to have a lower MPG.

I dislike that it is all wheel drive. This causes it to have a lower mpg than 4WD would have. I like how it drives. It is the perfect size for me.

- Desiree M

Comfortable and reliable.

I have had my car for 12 years and have had very little trouble with it. Still runs good. I take good care it. Get oil changes on a regular basis.

- Kris K

Does not co for table fit 3 in the back when you have car seats.

It's getting rusted and older. It is beginning to not run well. There isn't much room for our family of 4 and all our stuff that we travel with.

- Amy B

even when running just electric it has a lot of punch

It's a hybrid, it's fantastic on fuel efficiency about 34 MPG the initial higher cost was easily paid for in fuel cost savings within 2 years.

- Phillip B

Coupons good she's reliable and I like a real well.

She has some misfiring had change the intake gaskets put in new spark plugs coil packs some sensors otherwise known that she runs pretty good.

- Jo N

It is a spacious car for someone with a family. Large trunk space and lots of legroom.

I like the gas mileage and trunk space. I dislike that the side panel material falls off and needs to be reglued on (3 of the 4 door panels).

- Jose G

Ford Escape my car that I enjoy and thankful for.

It has broken down a couple of times. I enjoy driving it. I like that it sits up high. I enjoy taking it on long drives. I like the color. -.

- Rod P

For being a bigger vehicle MT Escapes gas mileage is great. My car is great!

Transmission jumps but other than that my car has been dependable and for an 06 it looks great. No visible rust and the pain has not chipped.

- Melissa L

It's a good size car, not to big not to small, has lots of space to store stuff

I like my car but it is getting old, I want a bigger car. Over all it has been a good car. It is just now getting to the point it needs work.

- Tabitha H

Gets good gas mileage for an SUV.

I love that it is an SUV with great storage and capability and it is easy to maneuver and drive around. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Jennifer G

Ford escape good urban to rural small suv

Pretty comfortable small SUV. Good gas mileage. 12 years old. Has small problems but no major issues. Does well on dirt gravel when needed.

- Jill H

It really drives good in the bad weather.

I feel protected in my car, it is a little bigger but it has protection. I also like the color and the style of it and the way it drives.

- Linda C

My car is fully paid for so I am hoping it will still be working for a long time!

I like that it has a lot of room for people and cargo. What I do not like is that it uses a lot of fuel because it is a heavier vehicle.

- Patti N

Black Ford Escape XLT 4WD

My Ford Escape has been extremely reliable in all types of weather and terrains. The all-leather interior makes for a comfortable ride.

- Missy C

Reliable. I have had very few repairs in the 8 years I've owned this vehicle

I love the compact body and easy handling. Also the budget price. I dislike the seats as they stain so easily, even with just water.

- Debbie D

Fun, comfortable, reliable, stylish car. Good for a family.

Been a great family car. Small enough to zip around town, comfortable enough for the family and storage. Good gas mileage, reliable.

- Chuck H

It's a great value. It handles well in the snow and is spacious!

I like the design, the spacious interior, the accessories, and the drive. I don't like how loud it is, from inside, when driving.

- Dawn W

Lots of cargo space for transportation.

Older car but it is still in great shape. It is good on gas too but there are just minor issues with the air conditioner working.

- Alyssa M

It's a 2006 and It's never given me any problem other than change of oil and tiers.

The vehicle is a good car, it has plenty of room. It's a nice size car. And It does good with mileage. Overall It's a good car.

- Anna T

Hard to get parts for. Have to usually order online

I like the room inside, it goes well in all weather conditions. I dislike that I have had to replace the motor at 100,000 miles.

- Virginia D

It's good on gas and I am sure It's great for a family.

Its reliable and drives nice I try to take care of it as much as I can. There's nothing wrong with it and I am happy driving it.

- Anthony D

Is safe and comfortable..

I like everything about my vehicle. I wish it was more economic in gas other than that I love my vehicle especially the sunroof.

- Catalina O

It has been a very reliable car for the last decade.

Very reliable car. I have not had any major problems and it just hit 100, 00 miles. I feel very safe driving it long distances.

- Erin C

It is sturdy. It can go off-roading. It is safe. It is comfortable.

I like how big the SUV is. I do not like that there is no Bluetooth setting. I wish this could be used instead of an aux cable.

- Katie K

The sound system is amazing.

My. Vehicle is great on gas. It is not too big or too small. My vehicle is inexpensive for minor work that needs to be done.

- Precious H

There is a Ford issues were you may need to replace ignition.

Besides factory issues with ignition switch and sensor(needing to be switched out), it gets great mileage and performs well!

- Matthew H

It drives smooth and looks nice.

Love the space, wish it got better gas mileage. It also could be a little smoother o take off but that may just be my road.

- RHonda S

The most important thing is that it is Ford dependable.

I like that it holds a lot in the back. I like that it is a dependable Ford. I like that it gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Candace F

It's a tough and solid car that's reliable

I like that it's good to drive on rough roads. It's bad when I have to spend on repairs and parts. Overall, very good car

- Samira C

It is clean, comfortable and reliable.

I like the vehicle because it has been reliable. I dislike the vehicle because it does not have all the latest features.

- Ron T

Ford Escape hybrid 2006 is a reliable car that if has issues will be costly.

Own a 2006 Ford Escape hybrid. Typically, issues occur due to the electrical components of a hybrid. Somewhat expensive.

- Anthony U

It is very good on gas mileage and has a lot of room.

This is a great because for a family. It has plenty of room and it has really heart gas mileage. It is a very durable

- Shelly L

I highly recommend buying a forced escort vehicle.

Only normal regular maintenance, great gas on highway , rides good, roomy interior. No leaks whatsoever. Shifts great.

- Linda P

You have a blind spot and head rest are obstructing view out back window

Has blind spot hard to see if car is passing you have almost been hit by cars passing me. Plenty of room for family.

- Dianne H

My mini SUV stylish but yet classy looking

I have had no issues with the car itself. Drives smoothly, it's not to big, but also not to small. Great gas mileage.

- Janie B

Has an outstanding four wheel drive system and never gets stuck.

I really like my vehicle for many reasons. Drives very smooth, has a very strong engine and accelerates very quickly.

- Brian H

low maintenance cost per month

it's a small car for a small family it has good performance,ideal for the city consumes little fuel it is comfortable

- liam s

Runs good always , cheap to fix. Also lots of room for family

Really good running suv just always have brake line issues that need repaired, and once alternator but very reliable

- Justin F

The Ford Escape is a good family car, it's great for storing luggage and bringing the dogs along with us.

I like the amount of room it has. Do not like that it is starting to rust. It has run longer than our Chevy equinox!

- Abby S

Not hands-free, as laws have been enacted this is slightly inconvenient.

I bought it used, so far no issues. I really don't know what else to say, but filling space per minimum requirement.

- Judith B

It won't get stuck because of the great 4-wheel drive

I like that it's 4-wheel drive. I like that I can haul large items in it because of the rear flip doorNo complaints

- Lewis L

It's very reliable and a very sturdy car. It drives well and has lasted for a long time.

It's very reliable. I love the way that it drives and I have no problems with it. It's the best car I've ever had.

- Maggie R

Overall a great car, I highly recommend it.

It is comfortable.. A good performance.. Family.. Economic spare parts.. 4 cylinder.. Save gas.. I lake the model.

- Claret M

It's a Ford so it's a good brand that sticks behind their vehicles

I like that it's the first SUV that I've had. It works well in the snow & rain. I haven't had any problems with it

- Tracy s

Its dependable and it is good when needing to drive in snow.

I like driving it because it is big and I am higher up above the road while driving. Its sturdy and I feel safe.

- Rodney P

It loses power when you accelerate while the air conditioning is on.

It is poorly designed and engineered. There are a LOT of blind spots in it, and everything is crammed together.

- Robin K

It's an SUV. It's got good mileage and drives nice.

It's a good car. Has 4 wheel drive. It's getting older so it needs repairs more often and it's starting to rust.

- Lindsey G

It is a gas hog and the ac is not very cold.

My car is so bad on gas I need to fill my gas tank every 4 days and that is just with driving to work and home.

- Dawn D

very good and safe first car for a teenage driver.

comfortable vehicle that runs very good with excellent acceleration. Gas mileage is adequate, could be better.

- david k

It is a stick shift with four wheel drive.

It is a solid build. Not to loud. It could use some more oomph power though. Very reliable and fuel efficient.

- Berkeley M

I like that it is an SUV and it is off of the ground, which makes me feel safe driving. I do not like the miles per gallon, needs to be better for my everyday car. I like the look exterior and interior of the vehicle and the overall design. I don't like that the vinyl on my doors keeps coming off.

This vehicle makes you feel safe if you were to get into a wreck. I trust this vehicle to keep my family safe.

- Brianna M

gas mileage and safety features Camera is a huge plus

Love it, great gas mileage, big trunk, Could use a bigger backseat and bigger cup holders. Otherwise great car

- amanda b

Great work SUV. Fits all the equipment and with the 4x4 can make it everywhere

Love it. Small enough to get around in the city yet big enough to back with tools and my other work equipment

- Max J

Great go to vehicle. Gets you where you need to be. Reliable!

Great car. Good on gas. Not enough bells and whistles but it will get you where you are going. Strong engine

- Sarah V

Perfect size, not too small not to big. You can travel and store things, but can zip around town easily.

It has a great design. Handles well in the winter. Love that it sits up. Good storage, But not a big SUV .

- Tracy H

Betty is a Beauty for sure

Super roomy, comfortable and very dependable. There's tons of room and cushioned seats. The air is ice cold

- Kaitlin N

It is a very spacious vehicle

Our 2006 Ford Escape is very reliable and dependable. It was pretty spacious, plenty of room for the kids.

- Crystal K

My car is still in good condition. No major repairs and no accidents.

It is my very first car. It has sentimental value for me. I do not like it because it has less technology.

- Cristina R

Its a study car so it is safe in case of an accident.

Its roomy, convenient, automatic, my color.. It burns oil. A little rust. Back window wiper doesn't work..

- Erin H

My escape has kept me very satisfied these past 12 years.

My escape is my favorite car that I had. Very reliable, comfortable, with a sunroof, comfortable seating,

- Ivy Stella O

Easy to maintain. Drives well in the snow, good gas mileage.

I love that I am able to get out of the vehicle without any problems. I do not like that it is a gas hog.

- Crystal G

its a ford. very reliable spacious great for traveling

Love it,No problems just general maintenance.Right at 120000 miles.spacious and very reliable.great ride.

- catherine h

the Ford Escape is very reliable day in and day out

My car has been very reliable--it has nearly 200,000 miles on it and I rarely have any problems with it.

- Kathryn C

That it's a Ford and will last many years

excellent ride and gas mileage. Has over 160,000 miles on it and still have no problems. no complaints

- tony W

It's a hybrid and works great

Like the way it rides. The way the hybrid works between gas and electric. I like the color of my SUV.

- Mark M

It is a reliable vehicle with adequate space and good gas mileage.

I love the size and feel of the vehicle. It has great storage space. I do not like the road noise.

- Wendy P

That is not that hard to drive and is a great car for people that are bigger or learning to drive.

What I like about it is that is easy to drive and it's gas friendly. Also I can maneuver with ease.

- Nelmary C

Can be more costly In gas. It is nice to be able to haul things around if need be though.

I like having a suv because it has more room and sits higher up. A down fall is higher gas mileage.

- Sarah P

It is amazing how well she handles on the highway.

I love the car. It is smooth and easy to handle and I will be devastated when I have to trade it in

- Shelly S

It is well taken care of and I regularly do maintenance on it to keep it clean and running.

My vehicle is dependable. I've owned it for 6 years or so and it's been a good car for our family.

- Mark S

it is a ford and used but in the five years i have had it i have had no major problems with it or any recalls

i bought vehicle used. i have had it for 5 years. it has been a good used vehicle with no problems

- b d

It's got room for my dog. It's comfortable to take places. I can put my groceries in it. It's red. I can take things to goodwill.

It gets me were I need to go. I'm able to put large items in. It's comfortable going on vacation.

- Cathy C

I use it a lot and it is cheaper than most cars also i bought it used

I like that it is nice looking. I like that it is cheap. I don't like how little features it has.

- Chelseie B

That it's good on gas, a decent size and fits about 5 people comfortably.

I like the miles per gallon. I like how it handles in all weather. I like the stereo system.

- Kayla F

My ford escape drives great, but has had many other problems.

My vehicle is getting old. The air conditioning recently broke and the radio no longer works.

- Gabrielle B

The room it has for me and my dogs and the activities i do.

I don't like that it has rust spots. I like the room it has. I like the gas mileage it gets.

- Tristany L

The reliability has been excellent. No repairs outside of typical have been nexeszav

It has been extremely dependable. There have been no major issues and it still runs great

- Dan O

Roomy for it size 5 can ride comfortably and room for Luggage

I like the all wheel drive, Moon Roof, the total size of Vehicle. Don't have any Dislikes

- Richard Y

That it is a Ford & it is the most reliable car that I have ever owned.

I love everything about my Escape.I feel safe when driving it. It is really great on gas.

- Patty B

My vehicle is reliable and offers a lot of storage capacity.

I love being up high. I like the color. I like the boxy shape. The new Escapes are ugly.

- Loralei M

It is durable and has great mileage. It's pretty large also.

It's durable and hasn't needed many repairs. The car has a lot of space in it.

- Ty S

it gets great gas mileage and low maintenance. an easy driving vehicle

it gets good gas mileage it's easy to park low maintenance ease of driving

- caroline w

It feels safe and has a lot of room. It's very comfortable

I like that it sits up off the ground. It feels stable and has lots of room.

- amanda R

Has and tires today and tomorrow just in time for me

Ford escape from the beginning of the day off tomorrow and see what happens

- Tom k

It's a big car. Also it has a cool feature where if you're too close to a car, it would make a beeping sound. But A GAS SUCKER.

The vehicle takes me places and gets things done, but it sucks up the gas.

- Janessa R

Reliable, compact, easy to drive

It's very reliable. good vision. good seat placement. terrible gas mileage

- Sam S

Plenty of room for all your gear

gas mileage is very good color style is what i like Easy to take care of

- chris P

Great family vehicle, perfect for people with multiple kids.

Very roomy, perfect for children. Has a backup camera. Great family car.

- Crystal m

Worked great when I first got it. It was bought used. After a while parts needed replacing. Spark plugs, coolant lines, eventually the engine pulled apart at the seam (likely a manufacturing miss). At this point it has easily cost 10000 dollars worth in parts and labor costs.

It's an suv. Having the space to store or seat people is very important.

- Christopher R

It's still my car and deserves respect no matter how old it is.

I dislike the interior design. I dislike the color. I dislike the radio.

- Marilyn C

That's reliable and attractive too look

It's nice dependable car with good mileage and doesn't waste much gas


It handles really well. I have no problems in the winter.

I love how it drives, not too big or too small. I have no complaints.

- Christina D

Forget that it's 12 years old, it's paid for! And I love it!

Love the high clearance, yet drives like a smaller vehicle

- Heather L

it drives well. i like the way it drives.

i like the way it drives on the road. good on the highway.

- jim F

It is a trustworthy vehicle and will last a long time for you if you take care of it

I have no complaints. It is a good solid vehicle I trust

- Amy G

it's reliable and it has a lot of space.

it's a nice sized suv. great for a family and for travel.

- margarita g

The Escape is roomy enough for my two teenage boys to sit in the back without complaint. It handles easy and has great visibility. It is a little top-heavy making heavy wind very noticeable and a tipping hazard.

The Escape is a quality mid-size SUV for small families.

- Judy R

It gets great gas mileage and has plenty of room inside.

Easy to drive. Plenty of space inside. Good gas mileage.

- Sandra B

Love the 4 wheel drive. Love my sunroof. Love how it looks.

It's 4 wheel drive. It has an awesome stereo system

- Kris W