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One of America's most reliable cars.

The 2007 Ford Escape is the most reliable car I have ever owned. The car rides with ease on highways, country roads, etc. It is a bit larger and higher up than most vehicles which is very convenient for driving, switching lanes, looking into your blind spots, etc. The gas mileage leaves more to be desired but a typical tank of gas is about $50. For being 11 years old it runs as well as newer cars my household owns. The wheels and axles are a bit slippery when conditions are wet/snowy, so I would be a bit cautious about purchasing if you live in an area that has a lot of precipitation. It is equipped with your standard ac, radio, and can use a radio converter to stream music from your device. The trunk has a lot of space which is convenient for travel. My car has about 85, 000 miles and I have only had to take it for repairs about once besides regular inspection.

- Andrew S

2007 ford escape hybrid with high miles and a few odd issues.

Ford escape hybrid with 169000 miles on it. Overall the car has been decent since I purchased it in 2015. It has a 6 CD changers that sometimes does not work when it is cold. It does not get as great of gas mileage as I would have expected it to. I probably get 320 miles to a tank which I think is about 12 gallons. It is spacious and has a utility rack which is helpful to strap things to. Because it is a hybrid it is not suitable to pull campers with as the capacity is lower than a regular SUV which is disappointing. The biggest issue that I have had with it is that about 5 months ago it started getting stuck in park and would not come out. I spent over 800 bucks and had a new shifter put in and that still didn't correct the problem then had a brake safety switch replaced in it and I still have to bypass the brake safety to get it out of park.

- Teresa B

Great vehicle with a few hiccups. A lot more room than one might think at an affordable price.

My SUV is easy to handle, gets great gas mileage and has lots of room. I have used it to travel extensively and to transport my children to various sporting events. It is the perfect sized SUV for my family. The problems with it is that the gas pedal now sticks, causing me to lose acceleration at the worse times. Ford did a recall on certain years after lots of complaints & a few accidents; however, they didn't do it for all years, just certain, which didn't include my year of vehicle. In addition, they a/c, which doesn't get used much in my area, needed an expensive fix because of a defect. Ford knew of the problem, but chose not to address it. These two things make me hesitant to purchase another Escape now that I am in the market for a new vehicle. Otherwise, I LOVE my choice, made nearly 12 years ago.

- Kellie S

More LegRoom Than Newer Models!

I love my Ford Escape because it's a mid-size SUV that makes me feel safe and at the same time, isn't too big to feel intimidating to drive. I have gotten a lot of compliments on what a good-looking vehicle it is. I was impressed by that considering I purchased it used. It runs well and the ride is smooth. The only things I would change about it are things that newer hybrid models have - the eco-efficiency and rear air vents would be nice. However, my 2007 Ford Escape has much more legroom than the newer models. I also like that there are lots of latches available for caraways - both in the seat and above in the back. It's a really great vehicle.

- Lisa L

I love my 2007 ford escape.

I have had my ford escape since 2007. I bought it brand new from the ford dealership. I have never had any major problems with it, but I maintain it on a regular basis. It drives very smoothly for a midsize SUV. It is perfect for a family of 4. Car seats and booster seats fit perfectly in the backseat, and there's a little room in the middle for toys, snacks, or whatever the kids need in the back. The cargo space in the back is also just the right size for the family. You can fit strollers, baby gear, or whatever else you would need for small children or babies. I am happy with my ford escape. It has served me well for the past almost 12 years.

- Karen S

An alternator repair is very expensive for this vehicle.

My 2007 Ford Escape gets decent gas mileage and runs pretty well. I have had to replace a few key parts due to them being the original car parts. My car has 119,000 miles and I have had to replace the alternator, a caliper on the front passenger side tire, and a door lock mechanism. There are some rattles as I drive, perhaps an axle is out of place or a wheel bearing is going bad. I want to use this response as a warning to people buying Escapes that are 2007 or older. They are alright cars but going up to at least the next model year (2008 or above) will get you a better vehicle. I would rate my current car overall as a 3/5.

- Paul K

Wish there was air vents in back seat.

I like how it has a great trunk that easily hold a stroller with plenty of room for other stuff such as groceries. I absolutely hate how my back seats do not have air vents. We live in Texas and in the summer it gets way too hot in the back seat for my toddlers, was even worse when they were little and rear facing. My daughters would be drenched in sweat just during the 20 minutes drive it takes me to town. We've also been having issues with the brake light fuse keeps blowing but its supposed to go in the shop soon for that. It does get decent gas mileage and is comfortable for my family of four.

- Danielle W

Love Escapes but may have technical issues.

I love the escapes but the one I had bought and still paying on has major issues. It has been in the shop four different times in the short time I have had it (less than six months). It likes to travel on its own while driving down the road. It's an older model so it's understandable to have some issues but this is a major issue and one that has put my life in danger and those around me. No mechanic can tell me what's wrong they all claim to 'fix' it and not actually doing so. I love the SUV and I'd hate to get rid of it but with these major issues there is no other option.

- Chelsea M

it definitely helped me overcome my fears

I recently purchased my 2007 Ford Escape and I absolutely love it. The four doors are extremely helpful because I have two kids, one of which is still in a car seat. This being my very first car that I am driving myself, it's extremely easy to navigate all the features. The child lock is truly helpful and the window lock helps when my oldest wants to stick his head out of the window as well. The Ford Escape is a great SUV. And although I thought it would be intimidating for my first car to be a SUV it's easier than I thought it would be.

- Clarisse W

2007 Ford Escape SUV. Gray.

I have owned my vehicle for about 12 years. I cannot complain about this car. Never any major problems. I have only had to keep up with normal repairs due to wear and tear. Despite me not being responsible with car maintenance, it has really done well. Plenty of room for myself, my son and his friends, we often load it up with our two dogs as well. Smooth ride and great sound system. Fold down seats in the back are awesome if you need to fit larger things. Like bikes, some small furniture etc.

- Jennifer F

Dependable and durable SUV.

If you're looking for a vehicle that is dependable this SUV is for you. This is my first time buyer (on my own) purchase. It is still in excellent condition. I've never had any issues with the escape except the regulator on my window broke, other than that it's perfect. It has been driven in inclimate weather and it handles great. Lots of trunk space and really there is no need to buy a larger SUV. Love my escape so much that in the future I will purchase another ford escape.

- Susan C

It can easily park where a compact car can. It is shorter than the sedan we have so I have no problem parking anywhere yet I can still tow if needed.

We have had no problems with our Escape. It is a 4 wheel drive and we got a hitch. We have towed small trailers with it, driven off road, and successfully traveled all over with our little family. We have been able to pack a good amount in it for 4 people. The only downside I have found is with 2 car seats in the back you can't put a third person, so right now 4 people is the limit. When our kids are out of car seats we would be able to easily fit 3 people in the back.

- Lesa E

2007 Ford Escape: Not a terrible vehicle

My Ford Escape belonged to my husband's grandmother and was well taken care of. Maintenance was performed regularly and it was driven minimally, so even though it is a 2007, it has less than 50,000 miles. It drives well and is reliable although gas mileage is not great and it needs a wheel bearing, which is not a small job on this vehicle. It is spacious, though with two small children in rear facing car seats and a medium sized dog, I'd prefer more room.

- Kathleen C

My SUV is reliable and fulfills its purpose.

My SUV may be old but it does get me from point A to point B everyday. I got my SUV about 3 years back for my first car and at first I hated it because it was very outdated and unappealing compared to most of my friend's cars in high school. But once I was out of high school and out of my parents' house I learned that my car is very safe, reliable, and all I need right now. It is comfortable, has good speakers, and good in the snow/up hills as well.

- Cara D

Old, but very reliable. Very happy with it

For as long and as much as I drive my car, I am very satisfied with its performance! The interior has stood the test of time and my younger siblings, but because it is an older car it is missing cooler aspects like an aux input. It is a smaller car, but it can haul things very well. The hatch back is very roomy. There have only been a few problems with the way it drives. I will have to replace the tie rod, but otherwise very reliable.

- Mackenzie H

Love my Ford escape. I will never sale this vehicle.

I haven't had any problems with this vehicle at all. I purchased in 2009. It had previously been a leased vehicle. It has only been in the shop for new tires, break job, and oil changes. Very dependable, smooth ride and a lot of room. My only complaint would been my gas mileage. I inly get 17 miles to the gallon in the city but I can even live with that. When I am in the market for a new vehicle I will purchase the Ford escape again.

- Virginia L

Great car, would recommend to someone needing a car.

Good car, very few mechanical issues. Drives well. Over time developing small electronic issues like door light being on while all doors are completely shut. Not great gas mileage. Is good on the highway. Brakes are good and has good acceleration. Good car would definitely recommend it to any needing a vehicle. My vehicle has over 100, 000 miles and still runs great even after sitting in a garage for almost a year.

- Joshua G

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it's a safe car to ride in and easy to learn how to drive in.

I like having an SUV that isn't too big for my height. It's perfect for moving a lot of items and still has comfort room. The sunroof is a nice touch for when you need to ventilate. I dislike my tires, however, since the back two can't hold air well anymore. Those will be replaced soon. Another thing I dislike is not having a built-in GPS since it's an older model, but I can always buy one when I get the money to.

- Alex S

Surprisingly roomy and safe!

It is a great size. Not too big on the outside, but spacious and roomy inside. It does well on gas and gets decent speed. I have had some issues with the window regulators breaking, as well as both front axles breaking. It has some quirks where the tire sensor light will go on and off. I feel like the maintenance is expected for the age of the car. It serves its purpose and is comfortable and nice to drive.

- Cheyenne C

Ford Escape - Comfortable and Reliable

I like my Ford Escape. It's honestly a great vehicle. It has always driven well and has had few problems. It can take CDs or Bluetooth devices for all music options which is very convenient for those who like to choose what they listen to; if not, the radio works great as well. It has air conditioning for the hot summer days and heat for the frigid winter ones. A very comfortable and very reliable car.

- Kennedy F

The most important thing is that it's a reliable family car.

It is a 6 cylinder 5 passenger vehicle. I like that it's been reliable. It's been in our family since it was brand new and hasn't had any major issues with it. The exterior still appears good with minimal rusting. The only complaints are small ones. The light on the clock is apparently attached to a fuse that is loose as it only works sometimes. The cloth ceiling is starting to fall down.

- Kari M

Tons of space! Very dependable and affordable.

I have never once regretted buying my escape. I love the outdoors and I have got plenty of space for my camping and hiking gear. I love that the seats lay down. Cannot carry as much as I could in a truck bed but much more than a sedan. It rides smoothly and is in general a well built vehicle. When I have had to replace small parts from wear and tear they've always been affordable.

- Brooke D

Fun Little in Between Car

My vehicle is fun to drive. It has a lot of room and feels very spacious. Sitting higher up is definitely an advantage. The transmission went out in it two weeks after having purchased from a dealer. Had 120,000 miles on it. The air conditioning doesn't work very well. Super easy to park, same some zip to it. Pretty decent on fuel economy. Not an eco friendly car.

- Gillian E

Safety features are great, car mildly annoying.

One thing that my Ford Escape does that really helps me is feel comfortable driving. It feels safe being in this vehicle and I am glad that it is not lower to the ground like other vehicles. There have been problems, for instance an annoying 25 beep at the start up of the car. It is a glitch in this particular vehicle and fixing it is far too expensive.

- James F

Why an older car can be a good thing.

While my Escape is a little older, it sure is dependable. She's only had a few issues since I got her last year, the main issue being with the brakes. I had issues a few months ago with them, but once they were repaired she was back to working great again. The Escape also does not have the best gas mileage and running a higher octane really benefits.

- Haley L

Still going after 11 years.

It does not have an AUX cord which I do not like because I enjoy playing my own music in my car. The seats are comfortable. The tire pressure gets low a lot in the winter which is an annoying problem. I like that my car can speed up quickly and that it has lasted 11 years without many problems. The ac currently does not work and is an expensive fix.

- Vi L

Reliable car! Easy to drive, easy to navigate.

This car is great. It is easy to drive, and is high enough off the ground that you do not feel as though you are going to get squished by large trucks. Car has optional 4WD. This model comes with a 6 CD changer, but the stereo is easily upgraded/replaced at a car toys or similar store. Rear camera is not standard, but can be an aftermarket install.

- Llama S

Avoid the 2007 ford escape.

It is not reliable at all. The transmission keeps messing up and we have had to replace it several times. It is a gas guzzler. It does not turn very well and is extremely slow. I only have it because it is all I can afford right now. It also rides a bit rough, every bump in the road sends the vehicle rocking and it sways with a strong gust of wind.

- Amber C

The vehicle is very reliable that gets great gas mileage

I've never had any problems with the cars engine or anything else, the gas performance has been excellent on the road and highway driving, the reliability has been great with no major issues at all, the SUV is very comfortable with plenty of leg room and room for storage in the back when you put the two back seat down flat, it has a sunroof

- Robert T

My pretty Ford Fusion is epic.

No problems so far actually. Seat Belts could use an adjustment but as long as you maintain and keep track of the “health” of your car you'll be fine. I haven't had any unexpected problems at all and that is a lovely first car for me. Make sure you adjust the seats a little farther from the wheel because it can be weird driving close.

- Victoria H

It is spacious, but it is more maneuverable than one would expect.

I love that it has space, but without being so big that it is difficult to maneuver. I also enjoy that it is not a huge gas-guzzler for its size. I also feel very safe in it. My only complaint I have ever had about it was that when I broke my rear window, the glass shards were almost impossible to remove from the carpet in the trunk.

- Natalie T

You get what you pay for, so choose a quality car that will be dependable. The ford escape is not that car.

You get what you pay for with a Ford Escape. After owning my used car for 90 days the transmission went out, and it's been a never-ending string of problems since then. My air conditioner only puts out air on the highest setting and the 4 wheel drive never seems to kick on when I need it. I can't wait to upgrade to something better.

- Celeste V

My wonderful Ford Escape. Since the day I purchased it it's been great.

I love my Ford Escape since the day I purchased it in Aug. 2007. It has been very reliable with a minimum of problems. Its comfortable and has plenty of room for road trips and large purchases from. Home depot. I now have close to 194,500 miles and still running good. I would definitely recommend a Ford Escape with no hesitation.

- Ivy Stella O

Good value vehicle. Not all the bells and whistles but good enough.

Performance is good for a four cylinder engine. Five speed standard is smooth. Nice little SUV. Solidly built and comfortable for its size. Only real issue I have had is with the door/hatch closed alarm. Also, working the rear lower seats to enable putting the back of the seat down to increase cargo space, can be difficult.

- Alan V

I love the trunk space and the fact that I can see all around the truck.

The wheel alignment and suspension is very stable. The maintenance is budget friendly. It picks up speed well. I love the drive from Chicago to Milwaukee. It handles well in the speed set as 80 mph. I will most likely purchase another escape. One problem I have had was the air vent not being able to reach towards the back.

- Alischa T

2007 Ford Escape. Reliable, minimal issues, decent on gas.

The vehicle drives and performs well. It gets decent gas mileage. I haven't had any mechanical issues, just normal wear and tear. There's a lot of trunk space and the seats fold down if you need more space to haul something bigger. The cons are the seats aren't very comfortable, especially if you're going on a long trip.

- Jeni H

Easy to see out of because you are sitting high.

My escape is reliable. It is a little rough riding with the tires I currently have. It is easy to drive through. I am short so it is easy for me see out of. It is good for hauling items also. It is great for kids in, it is easy to clean. Works well for its age. I really like it. I would recommend the escape for anyone.

- Vicki K

Old is still good to drive with amazing mileage and upkeep.

I like my ford 4wd vehicle, I am not one to drive in the snow, so this was perfect for me. I also love the sunroof and spacious trunk. Easy fold down seats. I would of picked another color but was not available at the time. But the maintenance was also very good, as you can see it is 2019 and I am driving my 2007 car.

- Mary D

New transmission at 140k miles.

At 140k miles I have had to replace transmission, shocks, and brakes. Other than that, no issues. I do regular maintenance and have replaced windshield and tires. Mine is leather interior that has sun damage. I like the sunroof and automatic features. It has made several cross country trips and has decent gas mileage.

- Alicia S

Overall great vehicle with great fuel economy. Spacious inside also.

Reliable vehicle with great gas mileage. The engine shuts off every once in a while so that the electric component can take over, creating less fuel emissions. Very comfortable quiet ride. The main problem with this vehicle is that when something goes wrong it is a little different to fix than a standard gas vehicle.

- David H

A good car all the way around!

I have a great vehicle. I haven't had very many problems with it! The first Ford car I had was awful but this one is a great one! I was hesitant about buying it but I am glad I did! It is a easy car to drive and handle on the road and good gas mileage! I have been on many 8 hour drive trips in it and it was great!

- Mel F

Practical with your budget in mind.

Economical and practical because of the size. Has been a reliable car plus able to carry a lot. For a small car, performance is acceptable and servicing the car is perfect on your wallet as opposed to a larger, more luxury car. Comfort could be better, but one has to remember this model is not top of the line.

- Catherine T

We have owned this car for four years.

My ford escape has had several transmission issues and has never had much get up and go despite being the v6 model. Does have plenty of room for up to five people and is very easy to drive especially for new drivers. It is fairly comfortable to ride in and has a simple trim interior that is very functional.

- Brandon S

Ford escape and how I feel about it.

It's a great truck, v6 power, pretty comfortable, and has a sunroof. Only issues are the constant dinging every time I leave or get in the car it's very annoying and repetitive. For that reason I wouldn't buy a ford again. Ford also has a lot of transmission issues, which I am afraid will eventually happen.

- Chloe S

2007 Ford Escape thoughts after 12 years

It is a pretty reliable vehicle. Doesn't have a lot of power because it is a 4 cylinder and also not great fuel economy but they are fairly inexpensive to own. It now has 150,000 miles but no major issues mechanically so far. I believe with regular on time maintenance it will easily get over 200,000 miles.

- Cody D

Ford escape is one of the best cars I have had.

The car is very comfortable to drive. Everything works well. It saves on gas when traveling far places. It drives very smoothly and is comfortable with long drives. Everything works pretty well. The brakes work tremendously the radio and ac is also amazing. I would recommend this type of car to anyone.

- Terry C

5 star safety ratings. Averages over 30mpg.

My vehicle is reliable. With regular maintenance it still runs great at 11 years old and with 180,000 miles on it..... There are some glitches (the alarm will go off randomly, and right now doors are registered as "ajar" when they are not)..... Otherwise, the vehicle runs great and looks great, too..

- Kathryn Z

It is compact, yet can still tow, and is roomy for a small vehicle

The main problems I have had, have all been due to the prior owner not tending to upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle. Things like rusted wheel wells and the ac unit needing to be replaced is the main problems. Other than those the vehicle runs very well and handles amazing for being 12 years old.

- Destiny W

Great gas mileage even with age

Constantly kills wheel bearings. Motor for rear wiper has been replaced with brand new one twice in a year. Back seat does not have a middle seat belt! Other than that I'm getting 27 mpg or better, lots of cargo room which thankfully allows me to haul my oversized dog with us on outings more often.

- Sam S

Great first car , 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid definitely worth it !

My 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid, has really been great to me . I've have no major issues. It runs very good . it's a reliable car and has some power to it , I keep on regular oil changes. It is pretty good in gas, but I wish it had a little more power and I also wish they had a 4 wheel drive version .

- Brett H

Overall great dependable vehicle.

My ford escape handles very well in adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow. I'm also quite impressed with the interior space it offers. This vehicle is over ten years old and the only repairs was a water pump. Other than that it has provided my family with safe reliable transportation.

- James E

My vehicle is compact but powerful.

I love my vehicle because it saves me on gas. It is small but not too small. I can park anywhere without trouble and I can fit 3 car seats in the back. The trunk is very spacious also. The seats are not too comfortable though, especially the back seat. I haven't had any problems with it either.

- Janice F

The advantages of owning a ford escape hybrid.

It is the perfect blend of size, speed, comfort, cargo capacity, and gas mileage. I would definitely buy another ford escape hybrid. This one is twelve years old. They last! One great feature is that at speeds under forty-five miles per hour, the vehicle operates as a fully-electric vehicle.

- Rich K

Drives like a dream on afternoon drive in the countryside.

I have no problems. Drive like a dream. No worries. When I go on long trips. Real good gas mileage. Real comfort. Lots of legroom. Back seats lay down for extra. Room to haul. More. Spare tire goes under rear end.Jack has it own spot. Plus backdoor rise up or u can just open the back window.

- teddy K

Ford Escape engine problems but very comfortable.

When engine gets wet car seems to shake. Interior leather on door peeled off. Had a lot of tire problems at beginning. Engine is very loud when too hot or too cold. Lots of space in car/very roomy. When running good I enjoy driving it. Radio works well. I love this car in an updated version.

- Ann S

Love to escape in my ford escape.

Love my escape. Gas mileage not very good. Love to drive it on the freeway, does great going up hills and the back seats accommodate and adult well. Been having issues with the keyless remote it seems to work whenever it wants even after replacing the battery. Trunk can hold two large totes.

- Tracy M

It's reliable and dependable!

I like that my vehicle makes me feel safe and that I can transport large items from place to place. I like that I have four wheel drive. However, my driver side window does not go down and that's very annoying as well as I can't move my seat from front to back on the driver's side either.

- Tiffany P

Great work car. Gas mileage is good and will keep you from stopping to fill up.

The moonroof does not always function right, and you need to do it a couple of times to get it to close right. The radio never holds a station. The back seats do not fold down all the way like they are supposed to. Even though it was treated, the whole undercarriage is rusting out.

- Robin D

2007 Ford Escape car review.

Haven't had any issues due to the fact that I always keep up on regular maintenance. My family has always loved Ford and find them very reliable! The Escape is very comfortable, has decent gas mileage and has plenty of room for outdoor activities, trips and whatever else you may need!

- Jenna O

My car has drives amazingly, and everyone should take one for atleyone test drive.

I love that I have had my car for over 2 years and not had a single problem with it so far. For Its size my truck gets very mpg. But what has to be my most favorite thing of all about it is that it is orange, which makes it really easy to ding in the parking lot at almost any store.

- Alicia M

I love my reliable Ford Escape!

My Escape has been very reliable over the years. I'll be buying a new vehicle in a year or so and want another Escape! I have only had routine maintenance done. The mileage is decent, and it is very Versatile for my family and pets. It is a great compromise between a truck and car.

- Nona M

Reliable, trustworthy, very good on gas.

I have had no problems with my vehicle my Escape is very reliable even in bad weather never been stuck or broken down I have driven out of town on many occasions very good on gas. I have and would recommend the Escape to any and everyone. I also plan on purchasing another one soon.

- Pamela J

Great gas mileage, especially on the highway I fill my car up 40$ and it lasts 2 weeks if not more

I've had several issues with it like belt shredding AC fuse blowing out and one of the back door hinges lose but other than that I've had it about a month going on 2 months and nothing really major wrong with it recommended to small families looking for a small but big enough car.

- Angelique D

The best family car for a family getaway!

It is a very good family vehicle because it has a big back seat and a big trunk area. However, it is a little dated. Due to its age, a lot of the color on the outside and inside have started to fade. Overall, the actually performance is great. It runs very well for how old it is.

- Tabatha B

My vehicle overall is good for driving in the winter with 4 wheel drive.

My vehicle has been around for 7 years of my life. It has been a good runner. I really like the 4 wheel drive capability it has. These cars are known to have 20 to 24 highway gas mileage. Over time the car can have some wear and tear like body areas such as wheel wells rusting.

- William G

Reliable and safe family vehicle.

Since I purchased the car I have had to replace some things, but given it is age, it is in very good shape. There is no rust and it drives very nice. It is comfortable to drive and holds plenty of room for my three children and all their stuff. It handles great in the snow also.

- Lisa K

Nice car for families, for driving here and there.

I have had problems with a faulty fuel pressure sensor. This was a fairly expensive fix. It is a comfortable car, with cloth seats. Like many larger cars, it is not especially fuel efficient. It drives well in the winter months and has plenty of trunk space and passenger space.

- Marianne B

Safe & Dependable Family Car!

My Ford Escape is very dependable car! Very spacious for a CR-V. Power seating to change into my most comfortable position while driving. I trust this car to get my family where they're going, safely. Not too great on gas mileage however. No other complaints other than that!

- Olivia E

2007 short Ford Escape review.

The 2007 Ford Escape, in my opinion, is very reliable. I haven't had many problems with it yet, and the gas mileage is also a plus. Although the inside is sort of plastic-y, I prefer the design to newer models of the Escape. Overall, I have been very satisfied with the vehicle.

- Chris V

You get your money's worth

The escape is safe and reliable with low maintenance. The size of the escape is great for our small family. I really appreciated the 4 wheel drive in the winter. The fuel economy could be better but the price was right. I will definitely consider buying another in the future.

- Dawn T

I good all weather condition 4 cyl small SUV.

Gas tank is designed to avoid spills but is obnoxious to fill. It causes the pump to stop as if you were full. It causes me to have to stand there to pump and have actually now had gas spills because of it but never did before having a vehicle with this kind of special tank.

- Carrie V

All wheel drive pulls great.

Good reliable vehicle haven't had to replace anything so far. Oil changes last for 5000 miles. Very comfortable riding vehicle, automatically kicks in 4 wheel drive when needed, I would definitely buy this vehicle again, has plenty of room in the trunk, perfectly family car.

- Stacy J

Great gas mileage and drives smooth

My vehicle gets great highway miles and somewhat good town miles. It has very comfortable seating is very roomy. There is a sunroof and a back seat. This vehicle seats up to 5 people. I have had to replace the transmission, but I had it about a whole year before it went out.

- Dylan H

A affordable and stylish vehicle, great mpg, made by a respectable company.

The Ford escape is compact size SUV, it has plenty of room but is great on gas mileage. The upkeep of the vehicle is easy and inexpensive. The Ford escape also comes in many colors. These are good vehicles made from a respectable company and the price range is affordable.

- Dorsey C

Little blue car it gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive.

Very reliable and comfortable. Been driving it since my last car got into an accident. It drives really well and it is easy to mender. Never been in an accident and it is very easy to drive. Gotten wet a few times and it handles snow really well too. It is been a fun car.

- Brandon O

Has several speeds on the windshield wipers . And is more sporty and quicker.

The car has only one door that can be opened with a key, my key fob does not work so I can only get into the car from drivers side door. Poor gas mileage, I like that I am sitting up higher than a car and that it is roomy. The second seat folds down easy for more storage.

- Kathy T

The great escape! Reliable and attractive.

The Ford escape is a great family vehicle. It does good on gas and has a nice appearance. It's awesome for road trips. My kids fit comfortably in the back. The trunk is spacious. It was affordable and had a low car payment. Decent sound system. Perfect for a family of 4.

- Prissy B

It is very roomy. There is enough space to take luggage and people on vacation with no hassles.

I like the amount of room my SUV provides. When I go on vacation I have plenty of room for all my necessities. I never have to use a luggage rack. The only thing I really dislike is the mileage, but that's mainly because of the price of gas. I really have no complaints.

- Charles H

2007 Ford Escape- useful for any event.

The car I have now had for 4 years the only issue I have had is the sunroof leaking when it gets clogged up by leaves its an easy fix but it has been an incredible car. Its comfortable for transporting people and has a ton of room for when having to take things places.

- Anna P

My Ford Escape is a one amazing car, you should really give one a whirl.

This is actually I car that I had wanted for along time. I have not really had any out of the ordinary issues with my vehicle thankfully. Standard up is all I have done thus far. This car is very reliable, great gas mileage and super comfy and I love my leather seats.

- Sarah C

Great SUV and it is very reliable. I get 27 mpg.

My Ford Escape hybrid is a very reliable car. It gets 27 miles per gallon. I have only had to change the oil in the past 11 years. I would recommend this car as a small SUV it can carry almost anything. It will also make a nice family car. It is comfortable to drive.

- Beverly W

I love my Escape! I am a lifer!

I love my Escape and will be buying a newer model. It is very low maintenance and reliable. It is comfortable to drive and gets good gas mileage. I have not needed any major repairs in the nearly 12 years I have owned it. The size and storage room meets all my needs.

- Nona M

Ford Escape. Small issues and amazing gas mileage.

I bought this car used back in 2015, overall it had some issues with battery and sensors, but after fixing these issues I have had zero problems. Also has amazing gas mileage after driving two and a half ours only at a average of 80 mph only used half a tank of gas.

- Ben H

Not bad for the price point

The Ford Escape is. Very reliable car so fast. Had to get the transmission fixed about seven years in, but other than that, it hasn't had any major issues. However, the AC is now broken and CDs easily get stuck in the radio, and there's no aux cord plugin.

- Noa T

Ford Escape: 6 vs 4 cylinder.

I have driven both the v6 and 4 cylinder versions of the Ford Escape. The performance of the v6 is unparalleled and should strongly be considered. Yes, the fuel economy of the 4 cylinder is a selling point, but the strength of the v6 is a good trade off.

- Carlos A

it�s a great vehicle and it�s large enough for adventures

it's okay, there's heated seats and air conditioning. The windshield is cracked and the radio screen is loose. The glass window in the back is broken and it's easy to drive. The steering wheel shakes when your close to 40 mph but the shaking is minimal

- Aliyah L

Comfortable, Good on gas, great

No problems. Drives perfectly for car that's over 2007. Comfort is very good. There is a lot of legroom. Technology is outdated because this is 2019 and nobody uses CDs anymore, but it does have an aux. The car is good on gas as well. $30 to fill up.

- Ashley J

My Ford Escape - how my Escape is the right vehicle for me and my family.

My vehicle handles nicely on the road both in the city and on the highway, it has a smooth ride plenty of room and is good in adverse driving conditions. Its great for families with plenty of room for the kids and great for weekend getaways up north.

- Scot F

A great car for a small family.

So far the car has not given me any problems. It is a great size toting around two small kids! Fits car seats in the back just great and has so much room in the trunk to store things! It runs really well and seems like a very reliable car to drive.

- Alicia B

If it is on e you still have like a lot of miles to go until the car stops.

When I am on the highway it is really hard to not speed. If it rains a lot my sunroof leaks. I feel that the doors were made from cheap material, they're easy to break. But other than that I feel that it is her really good upgrade from my old ford.

- Bianca G

It is amazingly reliable, despite It's less than perfect appearance.

My vehicle is new to me, and I love the way it drives, it had some surface rust that needed fixed up and a few other things that needed done, so thus far my biggest dislike with this car is the amount of money I have already had to put into it.

- Embrissa D

I am on a 2007 4 to escape it has been a great vehicle for us no major issues and is great in bad whether

My escape is very reliable it's good on the road good on snow and ice it has had minor repairs but nothing major very good purchase for my family works well with travel is great on gas mileage and fits perfectly with our 3 person household

- Courtney T

2007 Ford Escape 4 wheel drive. Comfortable, dependable, tons of cargo space.

I love the fact that it has a large cargo space. Lots of room in the back seats for passengers. Its 4 wheel drive so no fear of getting stuck. As long as you keep regular maintenance up its very dependable. Could use a better sound system.

- Lori V

The worries of owning a Ford Escape.

Had problems with the transmission just as the warranty expired, this set me back over $2, 500 of unexpected costs. The SUV engine is weak does not have sufficient horsepower. To many plastic parts on the car that seem to break easily.

- Luis C

Great reliable vehicle for a family of 3 who loves the great outdoors.

I have not had any major issues with my vehicle. I've had it for 10 years. It's the right size for a family of 3 who love the great outdoors. It has plenty of room for out outdoor gearing we can haul like 2 kayaks and a paddleboard.

- Frances D

The comfort and reliability.

Very reliable. I enjoy the escape for it is comfort while traveling and the room for transporting packages or furniture. The performance is always good in any weather. There are no blind spots when having to park.

- Veronica M

Compact SUV, great gas mileage and enough room for a few friends to get away.

Very reliable vehicle that gets great gas mileage for an SUV. Initial acceleration is ok but does better at higher speeds. Have the base model so the seats are not as comfortable. It is easy to clean and maintain.

- Alexander N

It is not very fuel efficient and has a pretty small gas take for how much gas it uses.

I like the size of the vehicle. It is tall but not too long or bulky. Easy to park. Some things are breaking down on it now but there are many parts available. Some repairs are difficult therefore expensive.

- Gena P

It is great on gas and durable for my family.

It is a great family car. Great on gas mileage and dependable. It is also a manual so it drives a lot better in my opinion. It is a good color so it blends in and its 4 wheel drive so it does treat in the snow.

- Kathy G

Hybrids do not run their gas motors under 30 mph so the air will not blow cold unless you're moving.

I love the older body style on 2007 escapes. They sit higher and have more of an suv feel and less of the crossover/car feel. Bc it's a hybrid, the air is not always as cold as in other cars when not in motion.

- Lauren K

My vehicle is a life changer and con help in any situation.

My vehicle is amazing. I love driving it long distances and it has a lot of miles put on it, but it still runs really well. I am able to drive in tough weather with no problem and it is a confidence booster.

- Car M

lasts if you take care of it

good for transporting. do not like that the engine is put in sideways which makes it more difficult to get to the spark plugs in the back which results in higher labor costs for certain maintenance items

- ri N

It has excellent trunk space for traveling and it has enough leg room to sit five comfortably.

I like the trunk space for travel. I like that it needs little regular maintenance and I haven't had to repair much since owning it. I liked that the price was in my budget when I purchased the car.

- Cortney P

Though it is a reliable drive, it's physical character is breaking down and expenses to maintain non-driving features not worth current value of vehicle.

Sporadic electrical malfunction preventing driver door and passenger door from opening, periodic alarm going off for no reason, headliner falling down, AC not able to fully charge. Loud to drive.

- Carol G

If you don't want a large SUV but need something that will carry a lot of stuff and drives more like a car than a SUV it is perfect.

My vehicle is just the right size for what I need it for. It has just the right amount of room for everything I need to carry. I like the fact that even though it is a SUV it drives like a car.

- Jenelle O

It's a hybrid so I pay only about 50% of the normal for gas.

I love that it is a hybrid and saves me gas money. I hate that it's not super roomy in the back. I dislike the cloth seats and the fact that my tire pressure sensor goes out all the time.

- Kaila S

It does not like reg gas. Mid grade or premium. Otherwise MPG is down and it runs little rough.

I like having the 4 door and cargo capacity of an SUV. The MPG is really good for its size compared to a smaller vehicle like a car. I do wish 4 wheel drive was standard to all SUVs.

- David O

It gets good gas mileage. I haven't had any major problems except for a defective timing chain.

I love the way it drives and handles. It also gets good gas mileage. I do not like how some things are designed like the placement of the alternator on the bottom rear of the engine.

- Scott R

It is the perfect car for a teenager! Recommend it to everyone

My car is about 9 years old and I haven't had a single problem with it! I am a teenage girl who drives wild and it has been great. Definitely a car that will last me many more years

- Railey H

Blue 2007 ford escape in good shape

It is a blue 2007 ford escape handed down from my parents. While I have had it, the only thing that has gone wrong was low tire pressure happening a lot and needing a new sensor.

- Kylee H

Short Review of 2007 Ford Escape

The 2007 Ford Escape, in my opinion has proved to be very reliable. It's a comfy ride, and although it looks plastic-y on the inside, I like it's design better than newer models.

- noah l

it has pretty good gas mileage for its year and i am happy with how it's performing.

my ford has been all in need for traveling to work and back and for visiting friends and family. i've had few problems and so far the car has been everything i need it to be.

- ethan b

Good gas mileage, nice dependable car. Great look.

Like the way it drives,pretty good on gas. The style of the body is a plus for me. The paint around the tire rim, is my dispike,it peels. No matter how I tried to prevent it.

- Jess M

Spacious, fuel efficient, smooth ride

I love how spacious the inside is. There's plenty of room for all my groceries and for my craft totes when I go to shows. It rides very smoothly and isn't too bad on gas.

- Kim M

Best car around for those who drive far weekly

I love the car. It's cheap on gas and I can drive 2 hours away and back and only use one tank of gas. It's easy to get in and out of even when you have a broken ankle.

- Toni R

Good winter vehicle has 4x4

Had it since fall 2009. Replaced transmission, couple window motors, and rear windshield wiper motor. Besides fixes car has been good and got me through fewer of snow

- Jason M

Gas mileage is really great. It rides and drives really good.

I really love my vehicle it gets really good gas mileage it is really good for space in the trunk to carry a lot of stuff. It gets me where I want and need to go.

- Patricia T

It suits many purposes. I used it for outdoor sports, family activities.

I like 4wd, runs well for older vehicle. Dislike that it rusts easily. It Starts easily in freezing temperatures. I dislike that electronics malfunction.

- Laura A

Fun, roomy SUV, great for anything you do!

It's 11 years old, so it's become a lot of upkeep and maintenance, but I love driving it! Big windows means good visibility, and I like being up high.

- Darian P

The perfect car for me. I would buy another.

I really like the vehicle. It is the perfect size for me. It gets good gas mileage, everything on it works great. It is the second Ford I have owned.

- Alta J

Fantastic Ford reliability.

Reliable, comfortable to drive, great visibility, mechanically - easy to work on. Gas mileage is wonderful. Parts are not very expensive to replace.

- Brenda Z

After only 5 to 7 years rust is a big problem

My SUV is very comfortable driver's nice and does not leak oil good for Its year. But living in the northern part of MY sub frame big rust problem.

- Glen h

It is very versatile and reliable.

My vehicle is extremely reliable and has only needed routine maintenance and repairs as a result of normal aging, for example new shocks and brakes.

- Wr M

Low miles, great gas mileage and fantastic family car.

Absolutely love my Ford Escape! Perfect for my family of two small kids and a dog. Does great in the winter elements and gets fantastic gas mileage.

- Morgan D

It's a fun.car, that's efficient and dependable.

It is a good combination of size and efficiency. It's adaptable. It is front wheel drive and is good on gas. Also, reliable and low maintenance.

- Adam M

My Ford Escape is the best small SUV i've ever had. It make driving easy.

I love my Ford Escape because it is a smaller version of the other SUVs. This car drives good and easy. It is better on gas than the bigger SUVs

- Judy F

That I would not recommend it.

Overrated. Ford is not as strongly built as it claims to be. The only convenience is part availability and such being a popular domestic brand

- Vincent H

That it is not made for a person that is tall.

I like that it is an SUV not to big and not to small. Has room not everyone is squished. I don't care that it uses more gas than I am used to.

- Amy W

It's easy to maintain and affordable. The all-wheel drive is very nice.

It's a red 2007 ford escape. I like that it's cheap to maintain and has all-wheel drive. I don't like that the transmission blew very early.

- Kris T

You have to floor it on the interstate. Needs to be a v6.

I wish the interior color were different. I wish it had more of the options the were available when it was new. I really like the body style.

- Jacklyn G

Poor gas mileage but has sunroof and heated seats.

I have experienced issues with the alternator in this car and also the built in DVD player stopped working but no other issues present yet.

- Lydia K

A Fun Ride For Short or Long Drives

I enjoy how the car drives. It's quiet and comfortable for longer drives. The gas mileage is pretty good for city driving which is a plus.

- Jeannine G

Overall it is a great SUV

Overall it a pretty good vehicle. It is roomy and can haul a lot of stuff. I don't like the gas mileage is the only thing i can think of.

- tammy m

It is great on gas. Twenty dollars will fill the tank.

Like that it is good on gas. Hate that is a four cylinder and it had no giddy up and go. Also it has a weird smell that will not go away.

- Melissa G

This car has a lot of trunk space and fold down back seats.

My car is simply and practical. It runs good but gas is a little much but still works very well and doesnt cost thousands for repairs.

- maria g

Very safe and realistic vehicle for everyday use.

This car is very reliable and is rated highly in safety ratings. I never had any problems with this car and I am about 130,000 miles.

- Katie O

It will last for years if you do regular routine maintenance on it.

It drives well and is good on gas. It's lasted nearly 12 years with only expected repairs. The wheel wells tends to be prone to rust.

- Tammy B

It can comfortably fit a lot of people. It's a nice car for long trips.

I like the comfortable seats. I enjoy the phone connectivity so I can use it hands free. I also the overall size of the interior.

- Christopher O

that it is a great car and that I would recommend it to anyone

I like the fact that it is not really big but it is big enough to take my family all together places and it gets good gas mileage

- kim k

Good car to have and versatile. I can carry a lot. Just fold down the rear seats.

Very reliable no big surprises good gas mileage in 92000 miles. keep up service schedule and there will be many miles to come.

- Luther H

Good mileage, and safe to drive.

Like the way it handles and gas mileage, ride good, comfortable and roomy, it is easy for my wife to drive, safe for grandkids.

- Gary K

2007 Escape lives on 11 years later

Durable, easy to maintain, long lasting, family of 4 can fit, has not needed a lot of maintenance outside of the routine needs

- Melissa N

I think people should know that my suv has been to hell and back and still performs wonderfully.

My truck is very comfortable. It has a 6 cylinder engine which is very good on gas. I don't have any complaints about my suv.

- Harold J

It can last for a long time when it comes to mileage

A good vehicle, has really good mileage and a good stereo. Is really good on road trips, both in cities and on country roads

- Shelby G

The escape has a great cargo capacity for an SUV.

I love the escape but my current one is used and therefore has had a few major repairs recently needed that were unexpected.

- Emma J

Gas mileage and price of the car.

I really do not dislike anything about my vehicle.. I like how easy it is to use and how it is not very low to the ground.

- Sarah G

It is a very dependable vehicle.

It is fun to drive and is just the perfect size. . . I do wish it got better gas mileage, it gets 20-21 miles per gallon.

- Cheryl M

Moon roof and running boards.

I always feel like I'm going to tip over. There's no power pulling a hill. The back windows don't roll down all the way.

- Jeremy C

It is extremely safe and comfortable.

It is durable, has been a great car for 11 years, good on gas, four wheel drive, lots of space, and has a solid frame.

- Marina B

It is a hybrid, and very good on gas

It is a nice car but starting to get old, Things are starting to fall apart. It doesn't have the newest things added.

- Sue G

The vehicle has been overall reliable.

I've had problems with the alarm system several times, the transmission and doors and windows not closing properly.

- Maida L

If you want reliability Ford is the way to go.

This car has been real good to me. Have kept up with the maintenance minus some wear and tear this car is reliable.

- Karen R

Love compactness and being able to zip around.

Only problems I have had are with engine oil leaking from the engine. Otherwise I like how small and compact it is.

- Dylan W

It has a lot of leg and head room for tall people.

The most reliable vehicle I've owned. I like the body style. It's roomy and flexible. I wish it had better mileage.

- Mary M

Do research on the flaws of the car....Learn what a transmission sounds like when It's going out on a car.

My Car is on It's 5 th transmission. 4 of those were replaced under warranty from a Ford. It's kinda my lemon car.

- Kirsty z

Good gas mileage and great in the snow.

The engine seized at 3500 miles and was replaced under warranty for a factory defect but no problems since then.

- Howard R

It's a hybrid and it have ran well for 11 years without having much go wrong with it. So I really can't complain too much about it.

A hybrid, have had it for 11 years and not much has gone wrong with it. It is nothing special but it runs well.

- tracy w

Runs great I have no complaint s

It is low maintenance. Oil change is every 5000 miles. I have not had any major repairs since taking ownership.

- Steven J

Great little SUV for the money

This is a very reliable vehicle. Great on the gas mileage. On the smaller side, but still seats 5 comfortably.

- Karen J

It has 190K miles on it and it is dependable and reliable.

Dependable for getting me everywhere. I like the comfort of driving the suv. Great mileage and storage room.

- Daron S

2007 Ford escape: a decent car.

Its comfortable and my son enjoys it but it has some transmission issues that have to do with shifting gears.

- Casey C

I love the style of the vehicle. The fact that the seats fold down if necessary. It's 6 CD changer. It's also a hybrid, I really like the good gas mileage I get.

It's good gas mileage being a hybrid. It is a versatile vehicle, can seat 5 or carry whatever I need to hall.

- Roberta R

Escape Lovers Rejoice!!!!

Wears tires quickly, not great on gas. Comfortable and reliable. Sunroof is a plus. Good car for a used car.

- Sam K

Good functionality and overall performance in a Good looking car

Reliable good looking functional dependable comfortable nice color good traction performs well slow pick up

- Mary J

It's a hybrid and gets great fuel economy. This can save you money at the pump.

I like that it's a hybrid. I like that it gets good fuel economy. I like that it has a spacious cargo area.

- Chris L

It is economical and cost friendly.

It is reliable and gas efficient. Roomy enough without being bloated. Easy to maintain and cost friendly.

- Daniel J

It drives well in all weather. It handles well in snow and rain.

I like how it drives and I like how to looks. I dislike that it's getting old and needing more repairs.

- Kiera P

It's a great car. Doesn't break down.

I love the gas mileage. I love the stereo. But i hate that i can only unlock it from the drivers door.

- Laurie B

Drives fantastic fits my family needs. Good on mileage

I bought my escape used and I love it. I needed to replace the motor recently but it still runs great.

- Amy H

None rides very nice with new tires.

No problems except maintenance oil changes etc., like the car. Would buy another one. Rides very nice.

- Charles P

It's a fun suv that handles all weather well and can transport several people with a lot of cargo at the same time.

It has lasted me a long time and has been an excellent form of transportation for all of these years.

- stacey g

It's dependable. Great SUV in today's times. Ford is affordable.

It's dependable and well taken care of. I dislike the amount of seating room. Wish there was more.

- heather h

That the breaks are not that great and there is not aux or Bluetooth.

I like that it is larger. I dislike the amount of gas I need. I hate that it doesn't have an aux.

- Kaylie L

It is a very reliable vehicle.

My car is reliable and great for road trips. I have had it a long time and it still runs great.

- mer s

Great gas mileage, easy to drive and get around in.

I think it is a great size overall but sometimes it can be a little too small when traveling.

- Lisa H

It gets great gas mileage both in town and on the highway.

I like smooth ride. The amount of cargo space. I also like that it runs on a hybrid engine.

- K V

it is very spacious and it is great for a family. it is also a great car to go camping with

I like how big and spacious it is. I also like how safe it makes me feel when I'm inside.

- mag g

It's reliable and it get me everywhere I need to go

It's a cute little black escape. It makes me feel tall. I like it because it is a tank

- Clare D

it works and gets me where I need to go without breaking down

I like that it is reliable. I hate the fact that it is old and the air does not work

- kristen m

It's great on gas, has lots of room, and is reliable

I like that it has 4 wheel drive. I also like the sunroof. It's all so great on gas

- Mary Beth M

It's very dependable,worth the money.The v6 motor is great,little to no repairs at 12000 miles

It's very roomy,like It's a ford product..120000 miles and no major repairs needed

- catherine h

very reliable and has plenty of storage and great on gas

very comfortable to drive handles great in all conditions and great gas mileage

- joanne S

My SUV has 4 wheel drive and is very good in the snow for traction.

It's a decent vehicle, like any car or suv after a while they start to get old.

- Joel M

it is easy to drive. but does not drive well in the rain because it is so light.

My car is a hybrid. I love the gas mileage. I will always buy a hybrid.

- melodie m

I love the room it offers and ease of lowering the seats to accommodate hauling household items.

The ABS system is not the best. It gets a little squirrely when in use.

- Heather A

The front passenger airbag could explode so no one should sit in the front seat

My car is safe, reliable, and practical and gets me around town safely

- Steph D

I like the size, it's not tiny but not too big for me to drive.

Nothing really wrong with it, just need to get some maintenance done.

- Amanda M

I've had no problems with this vehicle. I have loved it. Rides smoothly, has lots of room in the back for luggage.

Reliable. Safe. Comfortable. Fits lots of luggage in the back.

- Tiffany J

It is cost effective. I would like to lift it a little as it sits too low to the ground for my taste. It is easy to drive.

It is cost effective, easy to drive and is also a 4 wheel drive.

- Jim D

The ride is nice 4 wheel drive handles well in winter

Got lots of room 4 wheel drive nice sound system handles well

- Scott k

Ford makes some of the best most dependable vehicles on the road

Durable, dependable, comfortable and best of all paid off

- Mark m

No complaints...great everyday vehicle with plenty of inside space and good visibility. Easy to handle on the road and in most weather!

The car I drive is about transportation and reliability.

- Risa W

It's a good car that runs good. Good on gas. Has a lot of space

Enjoy how it looks. Enjoy how it rides. Enjoy the space

- Shirley D

Very reliable car to own. Never have had any major issues with it

Fun to drive. Good gas mileage. Reliable transportation

- Robert S

I purchased my vehicle used from craigslist; it has issues with power steering fluid leaks & had the 4wd driveshaft removed, which I wasn't told about. I do like the vehicle aside from that, it's a comfortable ride and very roomy. It's quite good on gas compared to my previous van.

The Ford escape is roomy, comfortable & fuel friendly.

- Sor D