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Ford Escape: an affordable and reliable mid-size vehicle

2014 Ford Escape S

Upon getting my car, I had a recall notice sent to me regarding the locks on the doors. The Ford dealership took care of it at no charge and provided me with a rental car at no charge as well. I also had a problem with my airbag light being on due to a faulty sensor in the driver seat belt. The other problem I had was with my turbo feature of my escape which caused the check engine light to come on. My car has 95,000 miles on it and has had no other issues at this time. Personally, I don't think it accelerates as fast as a lot of other vehicles but this is expected as it is a midsize vehicle. Since I live in Wisconsin and the weather is often unpredictable it is important to have a reliable car. I have found that my car is reliable in both snow and rain. My Ford Escape gets about 31 miles per gallon which makes it more affordable compared to a truck. Only have to get my oil changed every 5,000 miles. All the seats are adjustable and back seats can be folded down for more space in the 'trunk'. The car is higher off the ground compared to a car making it easy to get in and out. The escape has both front and rear windshield wipers. The rear windshield wiper is helpful when other vehicles are kicking up a lot of moisture. The features include Bluetooth, USB connection, radio, CD player, and air conditioning. I think these features are appropriate and not over the top. The Bluetooth can be linked to your phone to make hands free calls. The calls come in pretty clear; however, I dislike that other people can hear the calls outside the car at a stop light or in a parking lot. I mostly use the USB connection to charge my phone. The only feature I wish my escape had was lights on the mirror for when other cars are in the blind spot. The blind spot on the escape is not very big it would just be nice to have a way to double check that there is not a car there.

- Jenna S

Ford escape. Reliable and fun drive for adults and teens alike.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

So far, my escape has been an enjoyable vehicle. In the past 4 years of ownership, I have had no expensive repairs other than normal maintenance, (tires, battery, etc.) Having said that, I love my local ford service dept. They do not try to upsell too much. . The remote start is such a great feature in both summer and winter- primarily in winter when the windshield is icy. The engine is peppy enough for me. Good acceleration when I need it. The cargo space is awesome. I have plenty of room for 4 suitcases plus smaller bags. . We've taken this vehicle on several long trips of 300+ miles and we cannot complain. Of course, it is not a luxury vehicle with a luxury ride, but that is not why we bought it. We use the seat heaters a lot in winter. We seldom go past the '3' setting because that can get too hot. I would suggest to ford to add rear seat heaters. We've had a few requests for that from some of our passengers. I would also suggest to ford to add ac to the seats as in some other vehicles (e.G. Fusion). My son really likes the bluetooth and speakers. He likes to drive my escape when I am not using it and he's 17! I like the mykey option to limit speed or other features but I have never used them. The gas mileage is good too- around 26 mpg average. . The only problem we've experienced has been the interior trim panel on one the rear doors that has come loose. We haven't repaired that yet. Otherwise we are very happy with this purchase and will strongly consider a ford product for our next purchase.

- Wanda C

Perfect for a busy family and/or commuter but does have a few flaws.

2014 Ford Escape S

I bought this car when my oldest son was going to college and wanted a reliable vehicle to travel back and forth (280 miles roundtrip). I also needed the vehicle space to load up his stuff! This vehicle was perfect for both of those needs. Since then, he has finished school but I now have been promoted to a position within my company that I have to commute 70 miles per day. Again, this car has been good for that too! I average 30 mpg. This car has accommodated sports gear, groceries, moves from apt to apt... Overall, I am very satisfied with my ford escape. A couple of negatives are the sync feature. It is very inconsistent with how and when it will connect to my smartphone. At times it will automatically connect and start playing music/audio book just by starting the car. There are other times when there is nothing I can do to get it to connect. Needless to say, this drives me crazy. Another thing that I dislike about this car is that there are no cup holders in the back seat-this has always baffled me and is a running joke in our family. The third thing I find as a negative is the operation of the windshield wipers. I have had to replace the wipers a lot more for this vehicle than any other car I have owned. I am not sure why this is?? Overall, I am happy with my escape but will not purchase another one when I am ready for my next vehicle.

- Jennifer J

Ford Escape: the perfect sized car with great reliability and ease of operation.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford Escape se. It is very comfortable to drive and I have fibromyalgia, so comfort is important. I haven't had any problems with my car. It always runs great. I believe these cars are very reliable because mine has been. I have had fords almost all of my life and never have any problems with them. The seats are made in such a way that it really supports my back for any long trips I may take. All of the controls are easily accessible while driving. The stereo is great! It is very clear and can be loud if you want it to be. The power drivers seat allows me to place my seat at the most Optimal place for me to reach the pedals comfortably! The heater and air conditioner works great! I have a backup camera in my vehicle! This makes backing out so much safer and very easy. I do not feel the need to crane my head as far to be able to check before backing up. The car has a great amount of room without being too big. It gets good gas mileage and is easy to maintain. My car is white and didn't even show the hail damage as much when we had a hail storm before. I believe another color would have really accentuated the small dents I had. Overall this has been a great car for me and I highly recommend it to others!

- Jennifer J

It is a nice car. I could have not done any better. I would buy a Ford.

2014 Ford Escape

The problem with my vehicle is that when I had my battery die it cost a lot to replace it. This was due to where the location of the battery was. The mechanic had to remove a part of the front end to get to it. The cost of the labor was terrible to replace the battery was about three hundred dollars. Then there is a problem in the transmission that is a recall and I am waiting for the part to come in. No one likes recalls. Then the trunk handle came off in my hand. So I am waiting for that to be fixed when the recall is taken care of. I do like the car I feel safe in it. The ride is very good smooth and sometimes you do not realize how fast you are going. It's very good on gas. The interior has a lot of room. The seats are very comfortable. The driver's seat could come up more. I am short so seeing over the dash is getting hard. There is plenty of storage space in the car. In all the car is great but I wish that I would have researched the car better. Besides the battery who knows what else is hard to work on. I had to trade in a car that I bought brand new and did not have many miles on it. Plus I gave they ten thousand dollars also. That car had six recall on it. It was a Ford also.

- Rose V

2024 escape tritium

2014 Ford Escape

I always wanted one and I finally got one I like it anyways but then again the there are some issues that I don't care too much for somebody tell me this battery save mode and then I can't get it out of the safe mode and my battery feels dead the car won't start I have to get it jumped and then it's fine I don't like where the batteries placed and the tailgate has a mind of its own it opens up when it wants to the back windshield goes off when it wants to and then the other thing is the lights I don't understand the lights on the knob you open the door the lights come on no matter what setting you have it at you open the tailgate the lights come on but I just want to know about this safety comes up on the screen battery in safe mode or once it goes there your battery is dead I can't get started unless I get it jump so I went out and bought one of those Express power boosters $99 because I don't want the car to leave me and my son stranded somewhere tested the battery battery is great anyways I just I'm not too happy with it I thought it was going to be something I really like but I probably won't get another

- Gary

It is a reliable smooth ride with surprisingly great turn radius.

2014 Ford Escape SE

I have had my escape for close to 5 years and I have only positive things to say. I do have a very short commute to work so my miles are pretty low. My biggest complaint is the blind spot on the passenger right side when trying to turn out of my neighborhood. I have almost nailed someone a time or two. The turn radius is great. It is so easy to park. The 4 wheel drive handles great. It handles well in poor weather including rain and snow. It handles very well I always have to pay close attention so I am not speeding on the freeway. It is rather annoying every time the weathers turns colder the tire pressure light will come on and you have to take it in to have them reset because the tire pressure in my case has always been fine. There was a recall on my car with the passenger side door latch but it was fixed in a couple of hours. My partner is 6'3 and he is very comfortable when driving the car also. His biggest complaint is also the blind spot. The sound system in the car is very good too. My car is at close to 30k and not had to have any major repairs. I am also still on my original tires and brakes.

- Kerrie M

Good little SUV, but could use adjustments in design.

2014 Ford Escape

I bought it used at carmax 2yrs ago due to my my car being totaled during hurricane Matthew. The speakers have never worked right. The sound goes in and out from left to right speakers. There has been a water spot that has grown in size above the driver side door/to the left of the windshield, from what I believe to be a blocked drain from the moonroof. The back seats only recline a few inches. I would prefer them to lay as flat as possible (my old SUV did). I don't like that I have an obscured view from the road looking out the back end. I feel I should be able to see better actually looking over my shoulder to back up. Also, the lights are not very bright when in reverse. I was in a pitch black area and still had to stick my head out the window to try and see the edges of the driveway. Aside from those things, it's a decent little SUV. The backup camera is good, but lighting could be better. Dual controls, along with individual controls would be nice. Heated and cooling steering wheel and seats would be fantastic.

- Amanda P

Reliable, convenient and safe ford escape.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I bought my 2014 ford escape used 2 years ago with 36,000 miles on it. To date I now have 57,000 miles on it and have absolutely no problems with it. I have driven through several snow storms and it is very responsive. In bad weather when others are stuck or sliding, this car it very reliable. I wanted the leather seats of the titanium trim, due to dog hair and general maintenance, but do not like leather in the cold. The heated seats are easy to adjust and warm up quickly and retain the heat for a while after I turn the car off which is nice in the winter. I also like the convenience and safety of the back-up camera and warning tones when something is behind me. This is the perfect size SUV for me. I have driven much larger SUVs in the past, but this one handles better. I feel like it is so much easier to maneuver in tight spots for parking etc., but still large enough to hold a decent amount of cargo. I have fit large chairs and even a soda machine in the back of the escape.

- Gay P

Convenient and fuel efficient compact SUV.

2014 Ford Escape

I like my Ford Escape titanium. It gets decent gas mileage which is good for my weekly commutes and still has enough space for a car seat in the back and to bring along strollers, bags, groceries, in the back. I wish it had a little more space up in the front storage space, width of center console, etc. I have found the internal technology is lacking a bit compared the other cars I have had, even there Fords. For example, it will tell me a sonar sensor is going off but it does not show or tell me which one. They are on the front, upper sides and rear bumper. It will tell me a tire is low but will not tell me which one or show me the psis, like other cars I have had. Also, if the battery goes know that you cannot just go to a batteries plus or AutoZone because the battery is tucked way back and requires removal of other things under the hood to access so you will have to go to an actual auto repair shop. Kind of a hassle when it happened to me.

- Chris H

Great car! I would recommend this car to anyone. Lots of bells and whistles.

2014 Ford Escape

There have been 5 recalls since I bought the car used. It handles great in snow and on ice. It has auto 4WD, but you can put it in full 4WD, but it is cumbersome. You have to use the instrument panel to change over. The engine is a titanium type. No engine problems in 4 years. I love the heated seats. It has remote start, but you have to be within a certain distance to cause the engine to start. No more locking your keys in the car, the programmable keys will not allow it. The back seats fold down with just a pull of lever. Very easy. The instrument panel let's you know if you have a low tire (but it does not say which one). When to change the oil, if there is a problem, rather than just an idiot light. The tailgate has a foot sensor to open it, I do not use this. I have to balance on one foot and get the other foot to swipe the sensor just right. However, I love the push button tail gate closure.

- Jennifer L

Ford escape have a problem with their ass door and it's not worth getting one because we're not engine light comes on you don't know if it's your gas door or the engine very deceiving

2014 Ford Escape

I love my car in general but the speakers have at static since day one and have them replaced and it doesn't work in the electronic seem to be giving out and then coming back not very happy and hate the gas tank no Engine light comes on and you go to with all the freaking gas tank door thing so I think that sucks because then you don't know if there's actually a problem with the engine or if it's your gas I love my car in general but the speakers have at static since day one and have them replaced and it doesn't work and the electronic seem to be giving out and then coming back not very happy and hate the gas tank no Engine light comes on and you go to with all the freaking gas tank door thing so I think that sucks because then you don't know if there's actually a problem with the engine or if it's your gas door

- Flo B

Great all-around family friendly SUV

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

This car is really pretty comfortable and flexible. I have 2 teenage boys, which means I never know they a friend or two might also be coming with us on short notice. Thankfully, I usually have enough room. We also drove my car from Maine to St. Louis (Fort Leonard Wood) and back when my son finished his Army Basic Training. There were 3 of us in the vehicle on the first trip, 4 on the way home. It was comfortable, but this was the only time I wished I had gotten a larger vehicle (long ride). I do not feel that I have had to have work done more often than I have regularly with previous vehicles. Currently though, I have a shudder coming from under the hood when I press on the gas at between 40-50 mph. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is. I also need new tires due to regular wear and tear.

- Sarah D

A sturdy car to help you enjoy life's adventures

2014 Ford Escape SE

I have had my 2014 Ford Escape for quite some time now, and I have driven it for long road trips that were 12+ hours and I never had any problems with it during those times. I also have put over 100,000 miles on my car, and the only issues I have had with it in the past five years have been replacing the battery and taking it to a dealership for minor recalls that they have had. Because I had a long warranty, they replaced my motor for free one time, and the only current issue is that the turbo is starting to act up. My car is extremely reliable, the sound system is great, it rides smooth, and the seats are comfortable. I also like that the back seats fold down for road trips so that I have more room to pack things when I need.

- Rebekah T

Great on gas comfortable ride.

2014 Ford Escape

In my opinion the Ford escape titanium is top-of-the-line is a smooth quiet ride. There is plenty of room inside! Starting with the front it has heated seats which will come in handy in the winter months the back seats have plenty of legroom and elbow room the trunk is very big back seats fold down to make the trunk even bigger. It's like driving a luxury car for half the price. The Ford escape does amazing on gas I get about 375 miles to the tank and it only cost me $35 here in Texas to fill up escape gets about 19 mpg around town and 24 mpg on the highway. I would definitely recommend going to check the Ford escape titanium out if you are in the market for a new or used car you will not be disappointed!

- Heather F

My 2014 Ford Escape is the absolute best car for me!

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford Escape! When I went to purchase a new vehicle I 2013 I actually was going to get a Ford Fusion. When I test drove the Fusion I liked car, but trunk size was not acceptable. While we were waiting for our sales person, we looked around showroom, and that is when I discovered the Escape! After having both of my knees replaced, I left bed how easy it was for me to get in and out of! I like that I sit a little higher in traffic, to see better. My gas mileage has been great. Absolutely love the foot sensor to open tailgate, and I have plenty of room to haul anything from groceries, to a run to home depot or Loews! This has truly been my favorite car, and already looking at the new models!

- Kay P

Problems I had with my Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape

The monitor that displays the odometer went out at a estimated mileage of 75, 000 miles. The cv joints went out at an estimated 100, 000 miles. The battery is hard to change and most places will not change it and you have to go to the dealership to have the battery changed, which costs an extra fee to do this. There's a cover over the oil pan underneath the vehicle that caused a problem when the oil was changed and eventually after so many oil changes, it loosens this covering and the covering came loose while I was driving down the road and I was flagged down and had to cut it out from under the vehicle. The car does well on gas and was a smooth quiet ride for the first 50, 000 miles.

- Angie L

#Short girl problems. Never had a seat help me see above & beyond my hood.

2014 Ford Escape SE

I've been driving this vehicle for the past 2 years reluctantly 'downsizing' from my prior Explorer Xterra purchases. I was concerned being at a lower driving viewpoint( I like being high enough to see the car in front of the car in front of me) especially with all the crazy California traffic & even crazier drivers, but was pleasantly surprised to find an adjustable driver's seat both Vertically as well as closer/ farther from the steering wheel & greet adjustable headrest which made me feel safe even in this smaller vehicle. I purchased it used & have had absolutely zero problems with it other than a drained battery which was due for replacement anyway based on its age.

- Brandy T

Wonderful SUV, not-so-wonderful mileage.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

My Ford Escape has been a reliable trouble-free vehicle. My only issue with it is the gas mileage. I get approximately 15 miles/gal. city and 16 miles/Hwy. I have it regularly serviced and there is not issue. Hence, the 3 stars since I spend way to much on gas. Ford service has been great even though the mileage estimates are off. (Supposed to be 23/city and 27/Hwy) The Titanium has great features with parallel parking feature, backup, side mirror light for blind spot, heated seats, large sunroof and leather trim package that looks as good as the day I purchased it. Overall happy with the car and should probably give it a 4, if mileage cost wasn't such an issue for me.

- Lori N

Love my car! Minimal issues!

2014 Ford Escape

Super comfortable. I have two small children and their car seats fit perfectly in the back. I only wish the openings for the door were a little larger. It would make it easier to get my kids in and out. The luggage/trunk area is large for the type of car. Its awesome are long car rides with lots of luggage! The front cabin area is very roomy. The car gets great gas mileage. A few things that have become a problem are the placement of the oil filter and the battery. When changing the oil filter you have to stick your hand in an area not big enough for your hand. Also, the battery is tucked so far up under the frame of the car that you cannot easily hook up jumper cables.

- Skyler L

The comfortable midsize SUV with unique features

2014 Ford Escape SE

I absolutely love the Ford Escape SE. It is a very reliable car in all seasons. I live in Colorado so we can get a mix of all four seasons within one week. This car is durable in the snow (the best car I've had that runs well in the snow). It is comfortable. A smaller SUV with enough room to fit four passengers comfortably. The seats I have are cloth, although they can be difficult to clean, they are very comfortably for long or short car rides. It has a touch screen with available Bluetooth features to play music, make calls, or even read incoming texts while you are driving. It does not have navigation, but who doesn't have a smartphone with GPS nowadays?

- Lynsey B

It gets me where I need to go, but it does have issues

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I really enjoyed this vehicle at first. Then I had issues with it that made it more of a headache than anything. First the transmission went out. It was under warranty so it didn't cost me to fix it, but it must have been a problem for a lot of these vehicles. It took me almost 3 months to get my car back due to the transmissions being sold out. Then I've had issues with both the battery and the air conditioner. We just replaced the battery and it seems to be doing better, but the air conditioner just randomly goes out. Now that I've had another baby, it's also not big enough for two car seats and our teenager to ride comfortably in the back seat.

- Sarah C

Great car, small defects!

2014 Ford Escape SE

I absolutely love my vehicle, there are just a few things that I don't like about it though. To start with there have been multiple recalls, which isn't necessarily a bad thing it's just it's the only vehicle I've ever owned it had so many. The way it is set up under the hood it is difficult to get to the battery, and I've had issues trying to help people drop off or issues trying to get to my battery in general. The dash is so big that it collects more dust than usual. Just a few things that I don't like about it. All in all it's a great vehicle, the brakes and gas are always going to be touchy on any Ford so that's always expected.

- Kayla L

I love my Escape and you should, too!

2014 Ford Escape SE

I love my Escape! This will actually be my first car that I have purchased brand new and have kept until it's completely paid off because I love it so much. It has great gas mileage and has wonderful features that I have come to depend on like the backup camera or the sync hands free phone system. Now there have been a couple recalls on my vehicle but Ford has done a great job of contacting me and getting those issues taken care of at no cost to me. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who likes to travel because it's size makes it comfy for a couple or small group but it won't break the bank in fuel costs. Love my escape!

- Rae B

Great family downsize vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Escape, as my daughters got older I was able to downsize from an edge and I am happy that I did. It drives very smoothly. The only issue I have had (knock on wood) was a bad fuel pump right after I purchased it, but Ford replaced it immediately. The one irritation I have is the undercarriage protective covering - after hitting a lot hole this winter it came loose and eventually the front half was dragging on the pavement. I took it to a shop that reattached it but I have just noticed that it is drooping again - which means that I have to replace it. Gas mileage is decent. All around good vehicle!

- Beth W

The mom go getter! Great for long or short trips. Gets you where you need to go.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my 2014 white Ford Escape (white ape). I haven't had any problems with it, although I know there has been a couple of recalls for parts. The compact and slick body style allow me to get around the city with decent gas mileage. With the ability to lay the back seats down I am able to haul a good amount of things. I wish there was a cargo rack on top and hitch but I know some of those things can be added in the future. The music/radio of the Escape is awesome. The ability to Bluetooth devices along with using an AUX cord is very handy. I have also never had a back up camera so that is a great feature.

- Erin M

Nice big screen!! A great family vehicle !!

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

We love our escape, the screen is a great size and I love how big the camera is. It also beeps to warn you of crossing traffic or if you car is getting too close to an object. It's so helpful to have a trunk that opens automatically. It's a great reliable car. We haven't had any issues with it. The windshield wipers come on automatically when it rains which is awesome and you can still adjust the blades to how fast you need it. Under the passenger seat in the back row is a small compartment in the floor for extra storage ( which helps when you have kids). The escape is a great car for a family .

- Angelina M

Ford Escape or can a Ford not?

2014 Ford Escape

Certain parts on my Ford Escape 2014 standard have easily worn in the last 4 years from what I consider light use. I noticed the glove box compartment is slightly ajar, keeping the light on inside. I had all 4 door latches and my fuel pump system recalled. The seats are not easy to clean, but are decently comfortable for a 2 hour drive. I get great gas mileage. A full tank is about $30-40, and I only fill up once a week. It does well with longer trips. Overall I am satisfied for 4 years of light use. I think if it was driven any farther or used more extensively it would not be a great SUV.

- Brit B

Excellent affordable and versatile family car

2014 Ford Escape S

Love this vehicle. Have spent many long trips in this car, and it is so accommodating. Comfortable, fun and easy to drive. Some vehicles are 'tiring' to drive, this one never taxes you, just zips along. Excellent visibility. It's easy to get my son in and out of. I wish the sync system didn't take quite as long as it does to connect via Bluetooth, and I don't like that when I am using Spotify I can't see the song names on the interface. Also wish I didn't have to reconnect every time I restart my vehicle. Front wheel drive still handles snow well, excellent gas mileage. Just love this car.

- Kate B

Best SUV for your buck on the market!

2014 Ford Escape SE

I absolutely love my ford escape. It is everything I wanted in an SUV and more. It is extremely comfortable and spacious. I love all of the features including the back up camera. It was very easy to figure out all of the technology features in the vehicle. It automatically connects to my phone whenever I get in the car via Bluetooth. My passengers have plenty of room with still a ton of storage space in the back. It can hold a lot without looking on the outside like those larger bulkier SUVs. It rides like a dream and I feel very safe in it. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Lindsey C

Interesting detail - the double moon roof and the parallel parking.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I have only had one recall on my car about a latch on the door handle. I bought my car through my dealership and it had 20k miles on it but it was a great deal and it literally does everything I want it to do and more. It had a double moon roof and a backup camera as well as a hands free parallel parking feature that works great in the city I live. I have made multiple long-distance road trips with it and it still runs like the first day I bought it. I am in love with my car, if it ever dies on me I'll likely go back to the ford escape - I do not think I'd have any other options.

- Gene H

My sunset Escape is reliable, problem-free, and a joy to ride.

2014 Ford Escape

Imagine trying to get up mountain roads or the hills of San Francisco with your car. There's probably a mile of cars behind you with the drivers getting more upset because your car is too slow. Now, imagine having the Ford Escape with ecoboost. It has awesome get up and go power for the biggest of mountains to the smallest of hills. It rides like a champ who has just won the belt of a lifetime. The seats are cushiony and cradles my body like a newborn baby. With regular check ups (kind of like when you go to the doctor), my Escape is reliable and gets me to where I want to be.

- Michelle M

Great CUV with easy to use tech and safety features.

2014 Ford Escape

I have only had one issue. The drivers seat leather split and Ford replaced it under warranty. The vehicle has been excellent and is comfortable to drive on short and long trips. I have the Titanium model with the tech and tow package. The 2 liter turbo is powerful enough to tow and gets the little cuv moving for passing on highway. The seats are comfortable and provide enough support for our 14 hour trips. There could be a bit more room in the back for hauling a standard sheet of plywood, which is too wide for the opening, but there is enough space to pack in a lot stuff.

- Greg H

The Ford escape is a great small SUV option.

2014 Ford Escape

My Ford escape has been reliable with absolutely no engine maintenance required. I do have the regularly scheduled maintenance as required. I have taken many road trips and find it to be very comfortable. I like the adjustable lumbar support in the driver's seat. I also have has passengers who comment on how comfortable and smooth the Ford escape is for long trips. Plus plenty of luggage space! I have been one that frequently trades in my car every couple years when that new car fever strikes but cannot imagine another auto that would suit my needs like the Ford escape.

- Sharon H

2014 escape - good value and comfortable drive.

2014 Ford Escape

The escape rides really smoothly and is very responsive. Brakes slow you down smoothly but can stop very quickly. Sometimes the gas will give you a bit of a jump start. The inside is nice and has a nice amount of room for passengers and cargo. The height is great for getting in and out of the vehicle since you do not have to climb out or climb in due to being too low or high. The least favorite thing for me is that the gear shift is awkwardly placed right by the climate control panel so you have to put the car in gear to reach the knobs. Overall I really enjoy it.

- Melinda F

Economical and Modern Style

2014 Ford Escape SE

I always wanted an SUV and it's perfect for what I need. The seats fold down in the back so that I can make more room for moving, traveling, or shopping. The sound system is great. I've never really had any problems with the car other than when I bought it used from the dealer there was no antenna attached. I don't really listen to the radio so I never got it taken care of. I use the USB cable all the time to connect my phone and sometimes the connection goes out but it could just be my cord. I really don't think I've had any major issues with the car I love it.

- Jess M

Take it easy in the comfort of your Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape

The car is very comfortable. It gets about 27 mpg in town and 28 on interstate. It is very easy to drive and user friendly. I love the radio and that you can control it on the steering wheel. I also like that it tells you the range you have left on the tank. It has a good amount of trunk space and legroom in the front and back. I have not had any trouble driving in bad weather. The main thing I do not like is that there is an o2 or co2 sensor that will not reset. I have had it replaced 3 or 4 times and the light is still on for it. That is very irritating!

- Anita A

I would say worth every penny and super efficient.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

My ford escape is amazing. I mean it has it is flaws what vehicle does not though. I would say the bad thing about my car is comfort we have leather seats nice interior, but it is not the most comfortable for long trips. I would also say during the winter when the car gets to cold you cannot pre start the car because the engine light comes on and it is because the car is too cold. It is super reliable though I love the gas mileage as well and it is a great gas saver not expensive to fill and it last all week of being driven everyday sometimes twice a day.

- Chelsea H

The Sync feature is fabulous.

2014 Ford Escape SE

The car is extremely reliable. I have never had any issues with my vehicle. Handles nicely is comfortable to take on long car rides. Has a good stereo system and the sync feature is great as an added entertainment and safety tool. I find the back up camera to be useful when parking in cramped places and the camera itself is very responsive. The back up camera is easier to use than other cameras which I have used in other cars. I get decent gas mileage in town and I get 30 mpg highway. I like the interior trim as well, the car looks good inside and out.

- Natalie H

Small SUV with multiple features and comforts worth checking out!

2014 Ford Escape SE

The Ford Escape is the best car I've ever owned after owning a Ford Focus and a Honda Civic. The small SUV shape allows you to sit up higher and still have the comfort of driving a car that doesn't feel so massive. The gas mileage is surprisingly good for a SUV type car and I find myself not filling it up as much as I originally believed. The car is extremely comfortable and even my 6 foot father has raved about how comfortable and spacious it is for him to drive. I greatly recommend this car because of all the features and comforts that come with it.

- Grace M

If you're looking for a reliable car, this is a good option.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

Overall it's a quality car, at a very reasonable price-point. The features are just what I was looking for, backup camera, blind spot mirrors, also includes AUX cord and USB port. All I was looking for. Biggest issue comes during the winter months. I've found the Escape does not handle that well on slippery/icy roads. My car has also had issues getting up sloped driveways with snow on the ground. Can be a bit frustrating. Overall handles well the rest of the year. Is comfortable and spacious, but not overwhelming like with the size of an SUV.

- Amy V

Ford escape I own 2 & love them both.

2014 Ford Escape SE

I love my ford escape so much that I own 2 of them it handles great as long as u kept up on maintenance runs fine the pick up is quick in the 2014 but I still love my 2006 as it is the limited model with heated seats and you are up higher in the vehicle more like s true SUV my black 2014 drives like a car they both have sunroofs which is really nice in the summer months never have I had any mechanical problems with either one and I purchased both used from 2 different ford dealerships bottom line good handling vehicle s love both of them!

- Lesly M

Great car for a great buy.

2014 Ford Escape

I have had no problems other than with breaks, they seem to go fast on this vehicle. I been on and off-road with my vehicle. The car sits up higher than a car and that's one of the reasons I got it. The car is very reliable I never had any problems with the motor other than having to change oil and basic needs all cars need. I have a sunroof, heated seats and can control the temp on both sides to be different and I would have it any other way overall this is a great reliable car that I'd tell anyone who thought of getting one to get!

- Shawnee D

Very reliable and comfortable!

2014 Ford Escape SE

It is very reliable and comfortable. I drive it for about an hour a day and have never had any issues. My only complaint is that it does not have seat warmers. If it does, I haven't been able to find them! But the gas mileage is better than my old car and I find that I only have to fill it up maybe once a week. It is very quiet and minimizes road noise. The sync feature is a little touchy. It was difficult to pair my phone with it and I have actually unpaired it because sync was so annoying to use and inconsistent.

- Susie C

Awesome 2014 Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape

I love this truck! It has everything I need in a vehicle. I have two small children and the foot sensor to open the trunk is my favorite feature. When I get close to the car with my keys it opens for me on its own! How cool! The touch screen for the heat and radio is amazing! I love that it has an actual charger in the back of the car like my house so I do not have to search for a my car charger. Such an awesome vehicle! Also the park assist is great. Rear view camera and signal when someone is in my blind spot.

- Debra B

My Escape and all its wonderful highlights.

2014 Ford Escape

Having the vehicle for two years now I love that it has heated seats, the back up camera, navigation screen, and when changing lanes it alerts you if another vehicle is in your blind spot. Another positive is the remote start, the keyless entry, you can open the trunk with moving your foot, and the lumbar seating. I do wish that the backseat had rear control for either air or heat. Also love the functions of Siri and able to hook up your phone to the Escape and use the functions on your phone while driving.

- Joshua T

The Ford escape is one of the best vehicles to own!

2014 Ford Escape

We chose the escape because of the safety features it offers! We just had our little girl and wanted to feel protected. We also wanted something that would have lots of room like an SUV but for the fraction of the cost. The escape drives well and has GPS and all your controls on the steering wheel to control the radio and to make calls on your phone through Bluetooth. We also have heated seats power lock and windows, and a back up camera which I love! We are happy we made our choice in getting the escape!

- Megan S

My truck is a ford escape in gold in color. Runs great with no issue.

2014 Ford Escape SE

The car runs like a gem. No real issues. Changed four tires and brakes that is fabulous. I changed them out this year. I had no issues. That is a great vehicle I would not want to trade it in for anything. I would recommend this car for everyone.I picked out a gold truck. I rarely see another one like it. They had to bring the truck down from the factory. It was worth the wait. I get lots of compliments. The truck has plenty of space to back all kinds of equipment. It runs great going to state to state.

- Christine R

Reliable with few critiques

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

Performance issues include oversensitivity with parking sensors (I.e. beeps at me when I am not close to a curb or it will randomly beep when I'm sitting in traffic). I love the navigation and rear-view camera features the most. Unfortunately the previous owner activated the MyKey feature, which was not reset at the CarMax from which I bought my vehicle and I still cannot figure out how to reset it. So, my car will beep at me when I hit 75 MPH/does not allow me to go over 80 MPH, and limits my volume.

- Jenny S

The car that feels like an SUV, but drives like a mid-size car.

2014 Ford Escape S

It is the perfect middle for someone that wants a higher vehicle, but not overly big. Gives me the feeling of driving an SUV, but the gas mileage of a car. I like that it has a back-up camera, but I wish the screen was bigger. I like that it has hands free options. I can control my music, phone calls, etc all from my voice. There is plenty of room in the back for storage. If you want an SUV that holds a lot of people, this isn't for you. Mine currently has 100,000 miles on it, and still going strong!

- Anna D

Great for young and old, especially if you love music.

2014 Ford Escape

I absolutely love my car; I haven't had any maintenance problems so far, it is very comfortable to drive, it speeds up at the drop of a hat, the list goes on. The inside is lovely, my favorite feature is the radio. It has Sirius, but I can also plug in my phone to play songs as well as put in CDs. It has hands-free calling as well, and a super easy cruise control. The screen in front I can change to show exactly how fast I am going or how many miles in gas I have left. Very sporty looking, I love it.

- Alex R

Ford Escape keeps me safe.

2014 Ford Escape

I have only had one problem with my Ford and it wasn't even the car's fault. I had my window replaced and when they put all the pieces back together, there was one that was misplaced and just rattled overtime I got on the freeway. The seats are super comfortable. I got into an accident with this car. It was January and I hit black ice on i-5. Super scary, but there was minimal damage and the car kept me safe. Only had a few bruises and was a bit sore. I have had no problems with it is performance!

- Chelsea M

Perfect for the busy Coach�s wife and mom to a little one!

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I absolutely love my Ford Escape. It is roomy enough for the entire family while also offering a smaller design that is not difficult for me to drive. My favorite features have to be the rear back up camera and the heated leather seats. So comfortable and convenient. I am a coach's wife so I am always putting the seats down and packing my vehicle full and it will hold EVERYTHING! Other than normal wear and tear I have had no problems with my Escape. It's always reliable and gets great gas mileage.

- Stephanie F

The Ford Escape is a great mid size SUV that works perfectly in a city if you want a bigger car but a large SUV would be too much.

2014 Ford Escape

I really like the size and shape of the vehicle. While it has changed since I originally had a Ford Escape in high school (unsure of the year but probably a 2001) the size is really perfect for what I need. I live in a city so I large SUV isn't a great choice just for parallel parking purposes but this care has the space to pick up furniture but is not so massive. My biggest complaint is honestly that there have been so many recalls! It's annoying to have to take it into the shop for all of them.

- Ashley A

Decent Used 2014 Ford Escape

2014 Ford Escape S

I like this car. It's a great size for my family and especially with us fostering dogs and cats from various rescues. We can lay half of the back seat down to carry kennels and still have room for my son's car seat. The check engine light goes on and off pretty frequently and I can't seem to get a straight answer as to why. This car also has been a magnet for accidents. 3 in one year, where my Kia had 0 in 5, so not sure why that's happening either. But I do like the room and the car in general.

- Aisha O

Compact size for easy maneuverability, but still has the feel of an SUV.

2014 Ford Escape

There seems to be an issue with the pitch of the windshield. I have had to replace the windshield twice in under a year due to significant cracks after small rocks kicked up from the road. This seems to be a common issue based on reviews I have seen online. Otherwise, the car has been very reliable and comfortable. It is compact in size compared to a typical SUV, but it is spacious and comfortable on the inside. The sun roof/moon roof feature is nice for longer drives, especially in the summer.

- Kelsey P

2014 Ford Escape good gas mileage, comfortable riding, roomy for passengers.

2014 Ford Escape

The 2014 Ford Escape has been very dependable in all weather, even though it does not have 4WD it does well in snow while driving. Have had no mechanical problems at all, at the time we got it I put on a complete set of tires they were coopers I would not recommend them. I did replace the battery the beginning of the year. Taken it on 3 trips and very good on gas at times getting nearly 30 mpg. Presently I have 58000 miles on it, very pleased with all the extras that it has. No complaints.

- Lois G

2014 Ford Escape; Reliable and spacious

2014 Ford Escape S

The car is perfect for road trips, especially with family. The seats can be manipulated down, to make for even more room for luggage or whatever is necessary. The vehicle has had quite a few recalls within the past few years, but that is to be expected with a car that's a few years old. Especially through Ford, different warranties can be purchased where Ford will pay for upkeep of the vehicle through their own auto repair shop, which is a major reason I have kept the car for this long.

- Brittany B

2013 Ford Escape excellent buy

2014 Ford Escape SE

Heated seats are awesome in winter. Along with the four wheel drive works excellent. I also have the tow package which comes in handy quite often. The automatic start is one of my most favorite gestures as you can prepare your car for winter cold. Gas mileage has been fairly good and even better with travel. Plenty of space to carry everything from groceries to a trip to the hardware store. Overall I am very pleased with the performance, reliability and convenience of this vehicle.

- Barbara A

My Ford Escape. Built Ford tough !

2014 Ford Escape

My Ford Escape is wonderful in regards to gas mileage. I love out in the county and drive quite a long way to work and I'm so impressed by the mileage I get from a tank of gas. It is very spacious and roomy. The rear seats fold down making plenty of space for groceries and packages. I have owned my car for three years and have not had any issues mechanically. The Ford Escape is a good quality car and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a new vehicle.

- Elizabeth W

Love back up camera. I use it a lot in parking lots.

2014 Ford Escape

My vehicle is a 2014 Ford Escape, black. I love it. Love how it has so much room. The seat room is spacey and even the back side where your trunk is suppose to go is really big. Back seats fold down flat so you van have more room to load and unload things. There is a back up camera which is very handy when you have tight spots. Also has great features, like Bluetooth, many plug ins to charge your phone. Also has a spot to hook up an Audio cable. I love my vehicle it drives smooth.

- Tiffany W

All good except middle console area.

2014 Ford Escape

One of the features I really like is the backup camera. Also I enjoy the heated seats on cold days. For the most part, this vehicle has given me good service. Had to have the battery replaced, and it was a pain to work with jumper cables the way it is positioned under the hood. My biggest complaint as far as feature comforts is the middle console. It just is not made for ease of access, and I miss having a flat tray area to put things. The deep hole compartment is not very handy.

- Yvonne E

The Ford Escape is an amazing all around family vehicle and outdoor vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape SE

My Ford Escape has been amazing! It handles well during winter months in the snow and on ice. The gas mileage is also a bonus with how much I drive. It has plenty of room for families during road trips and many charging ports for different electronics such as USB, RCA jacks, and even a lighter charge port. It also has great space in the back for animals, luggage, and storage. The Ford Escape is an all around wonderful vehicle not only for families but for new drivers as well.

- Dakota R

Great SUV for room and comfort.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford Escape, it is very comfortable, has plenty of room for up to five passengers and also has fold down back seats for hauling - large and roomy! I had my first escape for 2 weeks when I was involved in a serious accident - me and 2 passengers were only slightly injured, all airbags deployed and I felt we were protected as much as possible. I immediately wanted the exact same vehicle as replacement by the insurance company. I have not had any mechanical problems.

- Cindy I

Definitely some issues with this Ford.

2014 Ford Escape

The torque converter went out at 80000 miles. The sunroof does not close properly and there is no good place to leave a cell phone. It drives pretty well other than the above and the trunk is very roomy. I have had trouble with the Ford dealer diagnostics to find the problem which is a big issue for me. After reading more online, I found out that the transmission has always been a problem in our year model. Also the placement of the parking brake is in a weird place.

- Eileen S

Escapes efficient performance.

2014 Ford Escape

The Escape gets pretty decent gas mileage, whether driving in the city or on the highway. The seats are comfortable and adjust well. I have had issues with the air conditioning working well and the rear panel shaking. The back has decent storage for the size of the vehicle and there is an okay amount of legroom in the back seat. The car drives smooth as well. The heated seats and backup camera are nice touches, along with the Bluetooth availability for your phone.

- Morgan L

My Escape. Can be pricey due to fuel but worth it in every other way.

2014 Ford Escape

I actually love my Ford Escape. It comfortably fits my grandkids car seats both forward and rear facing car seats. The back stays just as cool or warm as the front. The stock radio sounds good both I the front and back. Plenty of storage areas. I do not like the paint job it nicks and scratches very easy. However I have had two cars hit me and they were left with a sizeable dent I had nothing on my bumper. I also hate the gas mileage. I get between 22 and 28 mpg.

- Florence U

What I love the most is the flexibility. It gets good gas mileage and is reliable. I have put almost 100,000 miles on it with no major issues.

2014 Ford Escape

The Ford escape offers a wide range of options which makes it flexible for my way of life. I have a white collar job and it's quiet ride and creature comforts such as heated leather seats and xm radio make it a perfect every day driver. I always get compliments from colleagues and clients when they are passengers in my vehicle. I also cycle, camp, and do home improvement projects and it has plenty of cargo room and roof racks to haul my gear and supplies.

- Thomas L

We love our Ford its reliable and has a big moonroof!

2014 Ford Escape

Our Ford Escape is very reliable, comfortable and cute! We have done only routine scheduled maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations and it is performing very well. We did have a small oil leak about 3 yrs in which ford fixed at no cost to us. It was a cracked gasket of some kind. The car is roomy and we enjoy the moon roof feature. I never use the cruise control so I can't comment on that. The gas mileage is a bit less than advertised, but not much..

- Cynthia J

Great value for the money.

2014 Ford Escape S

The Escape gets excellent gas mileage and is very peppy for a 4 cylinder. I have never had any problems with the car or any major repairs unless they were a recalled item. The backup camera is great and the screen is easy to see even though it is small. My Escape is the bottom of the line model but is well worth the purchase. Great value for the money. I have ridden is one that had heated seats and would recommend spending the extra to have that luxury.

- Rebecca W

Escape into a comfortable reliable vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape

I haven't had any issues at all with my Ford escape and absolutely love it! I do a lot of driving and have put 125k miles on it in less than four years. I have only had to replace routine items such as tires, brakes and windshield wipers during that time. It is super comfortable for long trips and even though it is getting high in miles now it is as quiet as it was when it was new. It also handles well in all types of weather, from sunshine to snowstorms.

- Anna C

Pros: saves gas, security, backup camera. Cons: too small for family.

2014 Ford Escape

I drive a Ford Escape it very comfortable although its feels small in the back especially for my family of 5. The space in the back sit cannot fit 3 people comfortably. I love the backup camera because am able to see when am backing up. It's also great on gas, it saves us a lot of gas. The key feature is something I really love because the car will not move if the keys are not in the car and the car will not lock if the lights or doors are open or on.

- Ethel E

Comfortable ride with great safety features

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

it drives really comfortable you and sits just as well.. have had it now for 3 years without a single issue. Love the heated leather seats and backup camera. Bluetooth works incredibly well too. Safety features including not locking yourself out with the keypad is awesome. The only thing I don't particularly appreciate is how sensitive the alarm is if you're too close to something (like the drive thru window) and doesn't stop unless you put it in park

- Kara F

I really love driving my Escape!

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

My Escape is a very comfortable vehicle. It is responsive, and I feel safe when I'm driving it. The car includes heated leather seats, traffic sensors, rear camera, availability of Sirius Radio, dual comfort zones, and GPS. When I am driving it, I am sitting up high enough to be able to see the road around me more clearly, yet it is not difficult to enter or exit the car. Overall, this is one of my favorites of all the cars I've owned.

- Marisa B

An interesting detail about my car is that it has a backup camera.

2014 Ford Escape

My vehicle, a 2014 Ford Escape, is very nice. I love it, and it drives very well. It is kind of reddish, with black rims and tires. There is two seats in the front, obviously, and in the second row there are three more seats, and in the main back, if the seats are down, then it can be a drunk, however if you pull the seats up, you can fit three more people in the car. I got this car for Christmas, and I have not had any problems with it so far!

- Kaila L


2014 Ford Escape



You'll never want to Escape this roomy beauty!

2014 Ford Escape

I just bought my Escape, used, and I adore it. It is very roomy, and comfortable. The bells and whistles (GPS, Sirius, mood lighting) are all easy and make the vehicle fun to be in. I really enjoy the fact that it lets you know when things like an oil change is needed, or you have low tire pressure by flashing a short message when you start the engine. The 'push to start' took some getting used to, but it is really an amazing feature.

- Ruby S

It�s is a sleek and visually appealing car that is reliable and trustworthy

2014 Ford Escape SE

My 2014 Ford Escape is extremely reliable. In the five years that I've had it, I have only had one issue out of it. A fuse went out and it was a easy fix. The only downfall that I have ever noticed with my car is the traction control kicks in extremely easily even if there is not really a need for it to engage. The gas mileage is great, the sounds system is great, it's spacious enough for a midsize car. I have no complaints with it.

- Darby H

The Ford Escape 2014 is very user friendly and just a genuinely good family car

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I haven't had any major problems with this car. Speed builds up nicely I love driving it. Very reliable because it tells us what's going on with the car all the time with the screen features I know how many miles I have before my gas tank is full and if anything in my car needs maintenance. The light feature under the seats are cool too ! Seats are always comfy and there is plenty of room for me and my family for trips ! Great car !

- Carolina C

I love the buttons that adjust my seat to my preference up to 3 different ways.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I love my Ford Escape. It has everything I was looking for in a car. I was mainly looking for leather heated seats, a moon roof, a navigation system built in, and Bluetooth capabilities. I had upgraded from a 2005 Ford Escape, which I drove throughout college. I have always had great luck with Fords so I knew that I couldn't go wrong with another Ford vehicle. I didn't know what I was missing with a newer vehicle. Now I'm spoiled.

- Stephanie G

In love with my ford escape titanium.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I really like this vehicle a lot. It has a lot of space, it is comfortable in any way possible. I used to like and prefer smaller cars better but once I tried the ford escape titanium, that completely changed my mind. I do a lot of road trips and this car is really good for that and also, it saves a lot of gas. I really cannot complain about anything with this car, I am in love and for now, I have only had good experiences with it.

- Amanda P

The most important thing people should know about our car is the radio. The radio station stays on J103 which is Christian music. Anyone who gets in will be listening to Christian music.

2014 Ford Escape

I love the fact that my vehicle has warming seats. I also love the fact that it can take 5 people anywhere we need to go. I do not like the fact that the back seat is so small that my kids car seats can be used because the seat belt buckles go under their seats and the kids can't buckle up. They are 6 and 7 anyways and really do not need car seats. Also it could have seats in the hatch area. Maybe some that pull out would be nice.

- Tosha B

Besides my issues I would still buy another Ford.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I enjoy my Ford Escape but have had several issues with the car. First, the GPS unit was giving me issues after that was fixed the radio sound module had to be replaced. I also had an issue with the lug nuts. They had to be replaced. When a fuel sensor failed, followed by a second fuel sensor. I then also had water inside floor of the car which was a blocked drain. All the issues cost few under my extended warranty.

- Janet J

The most important feature is the backup screen.

2014 Ford Escape SE

My Ford Escape is very comfortable. Has plenty of legroom and different seat positions, to be sure you are as comfortable as possible. It also has many different features. It has a disc player with very clear sound. It also has plenty of space in the rear for luggage, groceries or any other need you may have. I recommend this vehicle if/when you are in the market for a new vehicle. Keep it in mind; you won't be sorry.

- Margaret W

Just right for a family of 5!

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I actually really love my Escape! The compact feel with the space of a SUV makes it perfect for my family of 5! We recently had twins and our 5 year old, and it fits my two car seats and a booster seat perfectly! The trunk area also fits our huge twin stroller with ease! My titanium edition was a huge make it or break it for me as well! It has comfortable leather seats, a panoramic sunroof perfect to let my babies get some sun!

- Alexandria S

Should have bought another car.

2014 Ford Escape S

I bought a used Ford Escape. Some features don't quite work anymore. Had to put a new transmission in the car less than a week after buying it used. Gas gauge jumps around and if I go too fast on the freeway the ac starts giving out and blows no air. Otherwise I like the amount of room it has. Good sized car. Charger port in the back trunk area is nice. Also doesn't connect to my iPhone Bluetooth and nothing I do makes it work.

- Rachel F

The Ford Escape is a great vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape

I absolutely love my Ford Escape! The ride is very comfortable. We have driven this car to Washington dc and to Yellowstone over the last few years. We have not had any problems with the vehicle. The service department at our local Ford dealer is wonderful as well! They always let me know of any concerns they may have. The Escape also tells me when there is a problem. It told me about low tire pressure so that I could fill it.

- Diana B

Great ride, minimal problems.

2014 Ford Escape S

The Ford Escape ride is very comfortable. The instrument panel is easy to maneuver and read. I haven't had many problems with the vehicle, except for the LCD main display. The display(after about 25000 miles) started acting up and becoming dull. It wasn't covered by the warranty, nor the extended warranty that I shoveled out $4000 for. Other than that, the SUV is nice. Soft ride, no other mechanical errors or issues. Love it.

- Kirk G

This vehicle is spacious, comfortable and reliable

2014 Ford Escape

I purchased my car second hand in new York in august 2017 when my 2005 escape began to have problems. I have always liked the escape models and they are just getting better and better. I have not had any issues with my car except for recalls which have been taken care of in a great amount of time. It is the most reliable car I have owned. My car is the car used for traveling because it is comfortable to drive and ride in.

- brianna s

A wonderful experience from an old lady.

2014 Ford Escape

It is the first for me to own a car with sync. I love that I can Bluetooth my phone into the car and play my own type of music and can talk on my phone hands free. I enjoy the ride and I can see above some smaller cars when driving. I had a couple of hiccups with recalls on my car. Which I guess is more on the service than the car but, it was taken care of within 2 days and I was back on the road with a peace of mind.

- Linda H

Ford Escape is one of my favorite vehicles I have ever owned.

2014 Ford Escape

The performance is awesome, it is always reliable, the comfort is great especially long road trips very roomy and comfortable to drive for my needs, it has a lot of space to pack for road trips passengers have plenty of leg room and they can adjust the temperature and the speaker for the radio, great on gas mileage, their service center are amazing very nice people when it comes to your car maintenance and repair.

- Kristen E

Ford Escape - Loved by Families!

2014 Ford Escape S

The Ford Escape is perfect for a small family. The seats are comfortable for long trips, very spacious with lots of room for hauling both people and large items, it drives smoothly and we have not experienced any problems with it thus far. It's a reliable family vehicle that if well taken care of, will last a long time! We love it enough that we would upgrade to a newer model of this vehicle in the future!

- Tessa C

Quick, economical and easy to drive

2014 Ford Escape SE

Never had any problems with over 65000 miles. Only cost are oil changes and gas so far. Handles great in the snow and even better in the rain or dry pavement. The 5 speed automatic transmission makes it quick and smooth starting from a complete stop and seems to coast at 65 mph. Great gas mileage even when I'm in a hurry. Controls and instrument panel are easy to use and see. Just a great car to drive.

- Henry R

Informative ford escape review.

2014 Ford Escape SE

I don't really have any issues with this car now that I have recently replaced the better. I love how smooth the car rides, it is quiet, very efficient on gas, roomy and spacious for when I want to transport large items. Easy to clean, change the oil, change tires and I really like on the car computer system informs you when there's an issue with the car. Very happy overall with the purchase of my car.

- Shy F

Ford Escape 2014 titanium edition has a backup camera and blind spot mirrors!

2014 Ford Escape

The vehicle is very safe and drives very smooth! Is great in all terrain and weather and does excellent in the snow! Has good visibility and the back up camera is awesome! Has lots of the amazing safety features too that includes blind spot mirrors and will beep at you if you are too close to something when backing up! Is a good size to carpool and put kids in the back but is not overly big either!

- Lily N

2014 Ford Escape, cloth interior, back up camera, Bluetooth controls

2014 Ford Escape S

My car is extremely reliable. I have had no issues. Regular maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations). The windshield wipers open out both directions so it keeps the windows clear during rain with ease. Good gas mileage. I don't drive much, but a tank of gas lasts a good while. Bluetooth through the stereo is an excellent feature as well as volume and cruise control controls on the steering wheel.

- Megan I

To me, the most important thing to know about my car is that while it may not have all of the bells and whistles, it is still a great car. I've never had a Ford before and I love it.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford Escape because it's exactly what I wanted when I was searching for a new car. I enjoy that it's an SUV instead of a car so much that I probably will never go back to a car. It gets decent gas mileage and it makes me feel a bit sporty. The only complaint that I have is that the air conditioner/heater doesn't seem to work very well but it may just be that I need to get that recharged.

- Katie A

Reliability at its finest.

2014 Ford Escape

I have yet to have mechanical issues with my Ford Escape. That is probably my favorite part about the vehicle is that it is reliable. My second favorite thing about the Escape is definitely the gas mileage. I can drive home (10 hours) to see my parents for under $100. The size of the vehicle fits my everyday needs, but if I was toting around a family, the Escape might feel a little tight on space.

- Lindsey A

Classy, sassy and easy to drive.

2014 Ford Escape

The only thing I remotely dislike is that it is a little on the small side. When I have my grandchildren in the car, they need more room. It performs well. It is very reliable. I love the backup camera. It is very comfortable. I did not get heated seats, but I am happy with what I have. I have kept up the regular oil changes and check ups. I have had no problems thus far. I bought it new in 2014.

- Sharon O

Good quality in a mid-size package

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

It is dependable, comfortable and has the features that are important to me. I have most of the bells and whistles available on the escape, making it nicer than most. I love the memory seat option. The navigation works well. The sound package is good. Overall, it is quiet inside. There is plenty of room for four adults or a family of five. Finally, I have found it to be reasonably economical.

- Kenny S

Love the privacy screen on the trunk!!

2014 Ford Escape

I bought my car used in 2016 with 85,000 miles already on it. It still run excellent. I get 23-31 mpg, depending on the location. The car has had 7 safety recalls so far. It's fun to drive, very dependable and kid friendly. I love the fold down back seat for larger load. It has a hatchback with a pull out screen so what you have in the truck area is discreetly covered. Just love my car.

- Vickie T

I love the gas mileage and the heated car seats.

2014 Ford Escape S

I love my car, it is great on gas, its large enough for traveling with my family. I love my sunroof. The phone is a great feature, your hands are free while you're driving. I have a car seat for my granddaughter and it's very easy to take in and out. I also love the fact that my back seat will lie flat and that makes it great for storage and picking up large items when you purchase them.

- Kim C

Easy to drive. Simple but effective.

2014 Ford Escape SE

Very easy to drive. Simple interior. Easy to use touch screen controls for radio and hands free calling. Rear view camera. Small for an SUV. I have had no issues but there seems to be quite a few recalls on the model. The only issues I have is the interior fabric of the seats are difficult to clean. Overall it is an easy to drive affordable SUV if you are not worried about luxury or size.

- Melanie D

It has amazing gas mileage, which makes it perfect for traveling!

2014 Ford Escape

It's a great car for a teenager or someone with kids. I love taking my car anywhere and everywhere.only problem I had with it was I had to buy new tires not long after I got and then I had to also get a new battery. Which my dealership didn't tell me I would have to do that. I've always been raised to hate Ford vehicles but after driving this one I like them or well at least I love mine!

- Makenna G

Safe and very reliable to drive

2014 Ford Escape SE

I love this car. It drives really smoothly so it's comfortable for long drives. It's reliable and I feel really safe whenever I'm driving places in it. One of my favorite features is the touch screen option. I can connect my phone through Bluetooth to have 911 assist set up but I can also have different music options, see which way I'm driving, and what the temperatures in the car is.

- Sam B

Grey, 2014, Ford Escape with a backup camera, cloth seats.

2014 Ford Escape

The air conditioning unit makes a constant whistling sound. Overall it is very comfortable and drives very well in the winter. Our winters are 4 months long. I like that it is not too high off of the ground so I do not feel like I can flip. It is a nice middle sized vehicle for someone like me. I wish the backup camera was bigger, and it does not beep when you are close to something.

- Laura L

So many extras on my Ford Escape!!

2014 Ford Escape

I love this my Ford Escape! It is probably my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. They gas mileage could be a little better, however I knew it wasn't great when purchasing. Rides very smooth! Plenty big for road trips with my husband and step son. Love the automatic lift gate and my remote start! Awesome vehicle with so many extra features that I do not know how I ever lived without.

- Kristen B

The gold 2014 ford escape.

2014 Ford Escape SE

I love the gas mileage the escape gets and that it has sync with MyFord touch. WI can haul a trailer with it and have plenty of room in the front and back seats. I am short so I like to sit up higher in an SUV which the escape is great for yet I do not feel like it is too big. I have had to change the brakes and tires so far but other than that, maintenance has been just oil changes.

- Anna C

Great car, plenty of room for mid size SUV.

2014 Ford Escape

My Escape has heated seats, touch screen entertainment, navigation, Sirius xm, and a sunroof. I wish that it had leather seats, blind spot monitoring, and an automatic lift gate. It is overall one of the best cars I have ever owned. I have had very minimal problems with it. I am starting to have to replace things on it, but it is also getting close to having 130, 000 miles on it. L.

- Rebekah P

Ford Escape Turbo provides all the comfort needed in an SUV

2014 Ford Escape

The Escape wasn't my first choice of SUVs but I'm very satisfied with it. It's comfortable, has heated seats that can be adjusted. There's plenty of room for passengers in the back seat. A decent amount of space in the back to transport large items, esp if the back seats are folded down. The downfall is gas mileage, I fill my gas tank at least twice just for a normal work week.

- Kerry S

Perfect SUV. 2014 Ford Escape SE.

2014 Ford Escape S

The radio became tissy over the years but we don't have any serious problems with it yet. We have gotten 100k+ miles on it within the 5 years we've had it. Still running great! Does everything we need it to do. It's comfortable and roomy. It's not that bad on gas either. The computer interface is really easy to figure out. Navigation can be a little off sometimes but very rarely.

- James H

fairly reliable for day to day use

2014 Ford Escape SE

The escape is fairly reliable for daily driving and slight offroad use. Some months after I purchased the vehicle I noticed an issue with the capless gas tank which was creating too much suction, and also as a result, anytime I fill the gas tank, the car initially stalls out. Apparently a fairly common problem, but not a fix I wanted to spend money on for such a young car.

- Dan C

Great Vehicle for all sorts of people!

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Escape! It's roomy enough to really pack in a load of groceries, cart my friends around, and still not feel claustrophobic. It's great in the winter with its AWD, great gas mileage, & really reliable. My only complaint is that I got two recall notices within 6 months of buying the car, but the dealership will replace them for free (whenever they actually get the parts)


It is a better than a car, and with less of a hassle than an SUV. A crossover like the Ford Escape is the perfect height, and has plenty of room, with wonderful features.

2014 Ford Escape

I love the size of the vehicle, it isn't too big or too small, I am able to take it camping and not worry about having enough room for all the camping gear, but I can also just enjoy driving it around. The only issue I have had with it is that during the harsh summers in the California desert, the engine cooling system seems to be struggling, otherwise, the car is wonderful.

- Dane S

2014 Ford Escape a few issues

2014 Ford Escape SE

I initially loved the car. I originally owned an older Ford Escape that lasted me 10+ years. Unfortunately, it just didn't live up to my expectations. Bluetooth is dodgy and rarely connects the first time. Voice commands almost never work. The car shifts excessively hard when accelerating--so much so that I had it looked at by two separate shops that both said it was normal.

- Amy P

Very reliable and safe. Also it handles very well in certain driving conditions.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my escape because I feel comfortable in it and safe. I especially was looking for a vehicle that had navigation and backup cameras and a nice size touch screen which my car has all these things. I love the heated seats and it being and all wheel drive so I rarely get stuck in the winter. I have had my car for almost 3 years now and I have never had a problem with it.

- Missy L

It is a good vehicle to use for a while, but you'll only want it for 2 years.

2014 Ford Escape

I enjoy the Bluetooth technology and rear view camera that come standard. There is plenty of headroom as well. However, over the years the seats have become less comfortable. Issues I have had include shocks, a pin on the shift cable, hubcap bolts, rear door plastic coming loose, and brakes. However, this has been a work house carrying music equipment several times a week.

- Thomas M

Ford Escape Titanium excellent Ride

2014 Ford Escape

My Escape has the Titanium package, it is fully loaded. Has the Ford Sync feature so my phone is hands free. All leather seats, front seats are heated and fully electric. Sirius XM radio. This vehicle handles and rides like a luxury automobile. I would highly recommend this car to anyone. I traded an 11yr old Escape for this one. I would buy this vehicle again a heartbeat

- Judy M

Good the bad and the ugly.

2014 Ford Escape

Get great customer service at the dealership. Seems. Like in the 4 years I have had the car it has been at the dealer for 4 or 5 recalls. The 2014 Escape I have handles nice but you really have to be careful with. Blind spots while driving. Also backing up is bad. I have the rear camera but not great help when backing out of spots in malls or supermarket parking lots.

- Ken O

Comfortable, reliable, and safe!

2014 Ford Escape

I travel throughout the state often so I need a dependable car that is safe and comfortable. My car is comfortable for long trips and I feel safe while driving on the highway and around bigger vehicles. I was able to adjust my settings to fit my need and easily connect my phone to the car for hands free. So far I haven't had any problems with my car, which is comforting.

- Layne M

Very happy with all three of my Ford Escapes I have owned over the last decade.

2014 Ford Escape S

This is my third Ford Escape. It is fun and easy to drive and maintain. Good gas mileage. I am retired and rarely take long trips, so my Escape is ideal for short trips and running errands. This vehicle is a good value for me. I may eventually buy another Ford Escape. I have never had a major problem with this vehicle. Service is fast and very convenient for me.

- Valerie C

Reliable, but not a luxury car.

2014 Ford Escape

Miles per gallon is not impressive. No space up front for change and personal items (purse, cell, etc. ). Difficulties with Bluetooth connection. Do not like that often after a phone call it will take a few minutes for the computer to realize the call is over and the radio to restart. Any issues with the screen causes GPS and radio to also not work. Otherwise, reliable.

- Megan S

2014 Ford Escape Pros/Cons

2014 Ford Escape SE

My car has a very smooth drive and is very compact yet spacey. The biggest issue with the car is using the auxiliary port and Bluetooth to play personal music. It sometimes has a hard time registering the device. The seats could be a little more comfortable. It currently has about 40k miles on it, but I have noticed a decrease in performance with acceleration recently.

- Alyssa S

2014 Ford Escape se 4 wheel drive.

2014 Ford Escape

One complaint I have is on really humid days the ac sometimes stops working. Have to turn it off for a while than back on. Fuel economy is a little low for a 4 cylinder. What I like about it is the body styling. I love its comfort. Drove it from MN to TX and was very comfortable the whole ride. The touch screen is very responsive. Overall I would rate my Escape 4. 5/5.

- Ann N

I like the color, and ford sync.

2014 Ford Escape

I really love my car, there is a lot of room for me and my dog to be comfortable. I have moved back and forth from Kentucky and Illinois for a couple of years now and it has been so easy with my escape. It is easy to drive and is a smooth road car. The only setback was when it was recalled due to its transmission. Other than that I haven't had any problems out of it.

- Rachel B

2014 Ford Escape: the perfect vehicle for road trips and adventure.

2014 Ford Escape

I love the Ford Escape. It has a lot of room and is comfortable. It is also good for weekend adventurers. When you let the back seat down, there is ample room for bikes and dogs. The Escape rides smoothly and is perfect for road trips. The only thing that would make this SUV better is if there were air conditioning vents in the back seat to better circulate the air.

- Lily B

A little small, bit perfect for me!

2014 Ford Escape

I wish it had a little more visibility when looking out the windows. Also, I wish I would have purchased the model that had the luggage rack and the settings for the seat positions that you can save. The seats could be a little more comfortable. My husband is 6’ 3” and he says my car is too small. It is a very reliable car, I have had no issues with it so far!

- Judy C

Fun to drive! Cute vehicle. . Would make a great starter car.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

Love the way it handles in the snow. . Drives like a car and is very comfortable. . Gas mileage is ok. Needs a little more leg room in backseats and a little more storage space would be nice. Love remote start and automatic lift gate. Nice stereo system. . I would definitely recommend and when it is time for a new vehicle, I will probably look into another escape.

- Constance G

It is easy to drive, handles very good, great gas mileage.

2014 Ford Escape

This vehicle is the best I have ever owned. No problems, always reliable, very comfortable, just completed a 6, 000 mile road trip and averaged about 600 miles a day an was always relaxed. The se has the right amount of features for me, power. Driver seat, power. Windows, fold down backseat, tilt steering wheel, fog lights, a/c, and returns 25 gal city and 28 hwy.

- Randy F

The vehicle has a rear view for safe backup.

2014 Ford Escape S

I love the ford escape because of all the different features it has. Rear view for backup. Heated seats, & air/ heat conditioning in the car. Fabric seats. Door pockets & a center console for keeping important things. A hatchback with plenty of room for groceries or anything else you want to transport. 4 wheel drive so you do not get stuck in mud or snow.

- Pamela C

Center console, along with navigation and stereo system.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford Escape. I especially love the navigation system that the car has. The center console has a touch screen display that is very helpful when navigating using the map feature the car has. I also love the option to use sirius radio in my car. I can always find a station I want to listen to, and sometimes will even listen to the same station for hours.

- Gabriele B

Reliable and comfortable SUV.

2014 Ford Escape

This car is super reliable and has not had any problems since I purchased it. It is great in the extreme heat and is also really good in the winter snow. Even though it is high in miles, it still drives great and the engine is silent. It handles well for cross country trips. I haven't had to replace anything on it with the exception of routine maintenance items.

- Ann C

Car that can park itself and one you can rely on.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my car. It parks itself and has a video camera so you can see the backside of the car. The navigation is excellent and very helpful. Plenty of leg room and room for suitcases. Windows are tinted so no one can get a bad sub burnt. Traveling down the roads are very quiet and seals great. Love the top racks so you can put your extra suitcases on top of car.

- Louise S

I love the hands free feature that lifts the hatch.

2014 Ford Escape

My vehicle rides quiet and smooth. For a small family it is a nice size. However, when traveling with more people or on longer vacations it is very small with luggage and 4 passengers. For it is size, it does not get more than 20 miles to the gallon on average. For someone looking to grow their family or who travels often, I would recommend a different vehicle.

- Jordan P

Over all great and dependable car that does what I ask her to.

2014 Ford Escape

I really love my 2014 Ford Escape. She is very dependable, she has gone long drives and short drives, I love my key fob trunk button, panorama roof, hands free electronics. Very good car. Currently I have a problem with my ac. Sometimes while I am driving the vents stop blowing air, I just turn off my air circulation for about 15 seconds and be it works again.

- Bridget S

Loving the experience of owning a Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my SUV. It is a gas saver, very comfortable and has a lot of legroom. I just love that I can connect Wi-Fi and be able to talk while I drive. I have had 2 recalls on it. The only problem that I have had is that the steering gets hard to turn and I have taken it to the dealer and they can not find anything wrong with it. I would buy another Ford Escape.

- Dorothy B

Hot seats in the frigid cold.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

This car has heated leather seats, adjustable in height as well as forward. It also has moonroof and a variety of interior lighting options. It has a built in garage door opener. It has 2 cup holders between the seat but not really a place to put 2 beverages plus 2 cell phones. Also not convenient USB ports. It has remote start capabilities and keyless entry.

- Denise F

It's a four wheel drive; and six speed transmission.

2014 Ford Escape

I am very satisfied with my Escape the only thing I am not happy with is the 6 speed transmission it sometimes shifts hard as I drive on very curvy roads and hills. It's a 4x4 very helpful in winter plenty of room for my grandkids. And the seats let down if I want to haul anything. It's not too large, it's easy to operate, park; and maneuver in tight spots.

- Sherry B

The heated seats are a pretty good feature and can warm up quite well.

2014 Ford Escape

The car is pretty good; you get Sirius music channels for about 3 months free as a trial period before being able to purchase it if you so wish. It has heated seats in the front but currently the low tire pressure sensor is broken and while the vehicle does have a CD player, one of our CDs is still currently stuck in it. Overall, it is a pretty good vehicle.

- Amber P

My opinion of the 2014 ford escape s.

2014 Ford Escape S

This SUV is not 4 wheel it is front wheel drive and is not very good in the snow. It does run well. I wish the miles per gallon was higher this is a base model. And does not have navigation. The backup camera is very small and not very helpful especially at night. The radio controls could have been made easier to use. The design color and trim are very nice.

- David A

The biggest thing about my vehicle that I love is the amount of space it has!

2014 Ford Escape

Overall my vehicle is amazing. I've had it for about 4 years and there has not been anything crazy that has happened. There was one issue with the steering wheel but it wasn't anything that kept me from driving. So I do 100% recommend the vehicle. It is definitely great family car! Very spacious and has a ton or space in the truck to fit whatever is needed.

- Rylee F

Ford is great, continental tires are not.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my 2014 Ford Escape. The one complaint is that it was custom made (not by me) and the wheels are a weird size and are very expensive to buy new tires. I have not had any problems with the engine or reliability. The only issue I have had were with continental tires (the ones that came from the dealership). I would buy another Ford for my next car.

- Kira L

The Most Very Versatile Vehicle

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I have never had a problem with this car! I got it used and it was not fixed correctly but the car itself is outstanding. It drives incredibly nice and it quiet. It has a lot of features including Bluetooth which I use frequently. It provides a lot of comfort for passengers and has a very spacious trunk which has helped me with moving to and from college.

- Mariah Z

I love my black titanium escape.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I love the ecoboost and titanium trim. It gives the tow package, heated leather seats and the large back up camera. It was everything I was looking for in a new car that didn't break the bank. The Bluetooth is nice to listen to music off from my phone. It does not have navigation, but sync can give you directions. Sync is great for hands free phone calls!

- Meagan K

Great size, cheaper style.

2014 Ford Escape

I enjoy it a lot and it is a really good size, I have the s model and would prefer the se or titanium because of the leather seat options, larger media screen, etc. The higher up models also would have higher quality door handles and steering wheel. The engine is also a little small and therefore acceleration is not great. It is a great first car though!

- Olivia C

Car is really great and spacious good for long drives.

2014 Ford Escape

There is no problem yet in this vehicle apart from the recall work that was done on the coolant. We had overheating issues on our long drive. Had to go back to dealer and get the car fixed. They took the car for almost one week to fix it. They should have check the car thoroughly before handing it over to us. We had to go back 3 times with same problem.

- A S

Review of 2014 Ford Escape

2014 Ford Escape SE

Overall a good vehicle, I've had a few recalls right after purchasing the vehicle. That got aggravating after a while, one still hasn't been fixed as they haven't found a solution yet, it's not really much harder on gas either, maybe an extra $10 a week, I've taken it on long road trips, does fine, I've never had a problem with it traveling. Rides good.

- Kat H

Small sized family SUV that is efficient and affordable

2014 Ford Escape SE

The car runs really well and has been low maintenance for us so far. The eco boost feature helps us save on gas but we can still get up and go when needed. One thing I don't like is it is still smaller than what we needed. We got it thinking we'd have a lot more room but with two kids it's still cramped and my husbands knees almost touch the glove box.

- Annie M

that the interior is put together poorly and will pop off.

2014 Ford Escape

interior will not stay in place on the doors so sometimes you can't open doors in back because it will catch and have to pound it back in place. it is too low to ground compared to all the other 4wd I have owned. the windows are slow to go up and when it is cold our will barely go up. I do love back up camera and being able to hook up phone to car.

- vicky p

I recommend the amazing and sporty ford edge!

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I love my escape. I originally wanted to get a ford edge and my husband wanted to get the escape for me. His reasons included many things but mostly wanted the amazing gas mileage. I am so glad we got the edge. It is sporty and I still feel young and cool in it. Drives great even in winter. I recommend any ford vehicle and especially the ford escape!

- Courtney P

Ford Escape review: from an owner's perspective

2014 Ford Escape SE

No problems with this particular vehicle - runs smooth, no issues with the mechanics, plenty of space in back seat, good gas mileage, reliable and comfortable, like the all wheel drive feature as well and the color and shape of the car. I would definitely recommend this car to others, as it will not disappoint. It is also a very safe SUV to drive in.

- Kelsey F

Great Practical Starter SUV

2014 Ford Escape SE

I really enjoy the spacious back seat, room in the trunk, and ability to be in an SUV, but not feel like I'm driving a boat. The gas mileage averages around 24 miles per gallon, and the cost to fill it up averages around 35 dollars which isn't too bad. The negative side of it, is the pick up. It's a very slow vehicle while merging onto the highway.

- Caitlin P

It's had a lot of recalls. Servicing them has been a hassle and in one case the service drive has turned me away, so the recall never got handled.

2014 Ford Escape

It is a practical vehicle and is easy to drive and park. I dislike the quality of the OEM parts...they are flimsy plastic and things like door handles are not sturdy/durable. It is a good car for kids/dogs because it is not so fancy that I'm terribly worried about wear and tear, but at the same time it is definitely susceptible to said wear and tear.

- Samantha D

Too small to be family friendly.

2014 Ford Escape

Like that it is easy to park, like the backup camera, the drive itself, comfortable to drive, gas mileage is decent. Do not like that it is hard to see out of the back windows, it is had a lot of recalls over the years, it is difficult to change the oil because of the layout of the engine, and the backseat is way too cramped now that I have a child.

- Danielle M

Best reliable SUV for the money.

2014 Ford Escape

This vehicle has a lot of features but it is not considered a luxury SUV. The worst thing is that the voice controls are very bad quality and never get what you are saying. The best feature is the sunroof which goes all the way to the back seat. The thing I like best about this vehicle is that it is very reliable and starts up right away, every day.

- Ellen H

Amazing 4dr Ford escape experience

2014 Ford Escape SE

The 2014 Ford Escape SE 4dr is absolutely amazing. The bucket seats are so comfortable, There is a nice rear camera that helps you back up and lets you know if you are near something or someone, It lets you know if there is anything in your back seats. It's great on gas mileage! All in all it's an amazing vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Lisa D

Very accommodating and comfortable

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I haven't had any problems with my car so far. I love the heated seats in the wintertime. I also really love the ambient lighting that I can control and change colors. The car even has an electrical outlet. The touchscreen is fast and responsive. The seats are comfortable. The car itself also drives very fast. Overall, I really have enjoyed my car.

- Jacqueline G

Titanium Ford Escape features

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

This is actually my second escape and I love it! The titanium is fully loaded with a large backup camera, leather seats, and ample entertainment options. The only negative is that there is no GPS system within the car. For an SUV, the gas mileage is even decent and even better on highway miles. Plus I love the fact that it is 4WD for poor weather.

- Kayla R

It has a very small gas tank.

2014 Ford Escape

I like the storage space in the trunk and the gas mileage. A few things that bug me are how some of the pieces in the car seem to be flimsy such as the door handles on the inside. I feel as if I pull too hard it will come right off. Also I have had problems with the bottom of the car under the engine falling off and the screws becoming stripped.

- Jake M

Great vehicle, fun to drive, comfortable,

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I love my car. It's great on gas, provides a good drive, has good pick up, even going up a mountain, and is comfortable. The only downside is the lack of seating for more than 5, which we were aware of when we purchased it. I love the additional features such as heated seats and changeable interior lighting. I would definitely purchase it again.

- Jess P

The Ford Escape highlights.

2014 Ford Escape

Overall the Escape is a great family car. It is the perfect amount of room for adults, a baby and even the dogs. We haven't had any problems other than normal vehicle maintenance. For a smaller SUV is it super comfortable on long car rides. I also love the backup camera. It has a better quality back up camera than most more expensive vehicles.

- Lindsey S

Smooth ride, no car problems

2014 Ford Escape S

The Ford Escape is a comfortable, drives smoother and handles well. I really like the design of the vehicle and the interior. The fuel economy isn't as bad. I average about 24 mpg combined (27-28 highway). The AWD does a really good job in slippery conditions, and I was pretty impressed with it. I have had the car for 2 years with no problems.

- Danielle S

The remote start.. to cool or warm up the car before getting into it and the heated seats in the winter.

2014 Ford Escape

Love the vehicle, heated seats, remote start, rear hatch makes loading and unloading very easy, second row seats fold down for more room, very comfortable for 4 adults, settings for different drivers, hands free phone. The biggest problem is that the gas mileage is nowhere near what was on the tag on the window and that is very disappointing.

- Marilee H

Decent car. Good reliable just not want I was hoping for.

2014 Ford Escape

Not a bad car, just no storage space. You only have your 2 cup holders and that is about it. The drive is loud and it is not very quiet. It is a spacious car. I have the titanium and love all the additional features such as the front of back sensors. The windshield wipers do have a mind of their own and will randomly go off and pick up speed.

- Tia R

Comfortable reliable ride.

2014 Ford Escape

The escape titanium is a smooth comfortable ride. It gets fair gas mileage for its size. I have had no mechanical problems and still feel confident in its performance. Leather heated seats and electric starter are a treat in the winter. It also handles well in the snow. I traded my Subaru Forester for this vehicle and have never regretted it!

- Karen L

My family and I are very happy with my vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I really don't have an issues with my car, except that I have never had any issues with windshields with my other vehicles and have had to have the windshield replaced twice on this vehicle. It is reliable, it has only ever not started on extremely cold days (-60 degrees). It is comfortable and has many modern features like the smart screen.

- Leslie W

Fast, sleek and gas efficient vehicle that works well for any lifestyle.

2014 Ford Escape

I am very skeptical about the smart 4 wheel drive feature. I travel a lot for work and dread snowy days because my car does not perform too well on slushy surface. Besides that the car is amazing on gas, easy to maintain and maneuvers on the road like a tank. The size of my vehicle is very convenient for parking and moving through traffic.

- Victor C

It's a great car. No issues.

2014 Ford Escape

Ford has cone such a long way in trying to keep up with Japanese cars. It's the first American made car I've ever owned. It has all the luxuries a high end car has for a fraction of the cost. I am highly satisfied with the purchase I made. I did compare similar cars but the escape had all the bells and whistles that the other cars did not.

- Nancy C

I would definitely buy another one!

2014 Ford Escape SE

Great car. Good gas mileage, comfortable seats, amazing A/C. Equipped with Sirius radio. Lots of room. Back seats fold flat to extend cargo area. The only thing that I would suggest is that the panel of the back hatch should be anchored a little more securely so as not to come loose when pulling the handle to close. All around a great car.

- Leslie A

The touch screen navigation is great as well as the hands free features are great for phone calls or turning up and down the volume

2014 Ford Escape

I have the titanium trim with the 19' wheels and the touch screen navigation. I love the leather seats. The touch screen navigation has been helpful in many road trips I have taken. The only thing I dislike is the fact that I have 19' wheels which some places including the dealership don't stock and it can take over a week to get them in.

- Nicole N

Ford Escape: my perfect vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape

I have yet to witness any problems with my vehicle. It is great on gas and is easy to drive. I really love the rear camera, which allows me precision when in reverse as well as comfort in not having to wrench my neck to back out. This is my second time purchasing the Ford Escape and I am definitely purchasing it again when the time comes.

- Marisa C

The service that comes from owning a Ford is bar none so far in the last 4 Years.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford. It is super reliable and has a wonderful ride. The extras are great. I have the capability to use my phone with Bluetooth for numerous functions. The customer service that comes from owning a Ford is outstanding. The only thing I do not like is the roadside service that comes with the vehicle. I have had two bad incidents.

- Donna P

Ford Escape the good bad and the ugly.

2014 Ford Escape

Poor gas mileage seats are not comfortable no issues by performance or reliability it cost a lot to maintain this car as it is poor on gas it looks nice but for a four-wheel drive is not that great in the snow or ice however it is not had any issues other than routine maintenance and tires car has 180000 miles on it and is still running.

- Jess F

Ford Escape: best in comfort.

2014 Ford Escape

I was mainly looking for a car that fit my lifestyle by having the space I need to carry around lots of stuff and people, and this car definitely delivers in comfort. I have had no major issues with the performance of it, and I am very happy with the mpg I get in this car. Massive improvement to the 2-door 2001 Honda Civic I had before!

- Rachel W

Good vehicle for a family of 4.

2014 Ford Escape

Got the car used with 74k miles and the transmission had to be overhauled. Regardless of this I still enjoy the car and the model. The vehicle drives well and is very comfortable. Impressed for being a Ford model. Performance wise it I like the small turbo boost even though I wish it was bigger. Still a very enjoyable vehicle to drive.

- Eddy R

Reliable and happy with my purchase.

2014 Ford Escape

Has been a very reliable vehicle. Have been very happy so far. My vehicle has over 100k miles and still runs good. I have always owned a Nissan (350z) but had to trade it in for a family vehicle since my daughters birth. I have not been disappointed (except going from a 350z to a SUV) and happy with my purchase. Have lots of room now!

- Brenda A

Exceptional handling and reliability in adverse weather

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

The vehicle handles very well in adverse weather including snow and ice. The vehicle is reliable and the intelligent 4WD always works when needed. The leather seats are stylish and comfortable. The other upgraded features are also very convenient and satisfying including the push button start, the no hands cargo open and the sunroof.

- Jeanette G

The 2014 Ford Escape, an affordable, secure car!

2014 Ford Escape S

The 2014 escape provides a comfortable ride and a sense of safety. The only problem that I have found are recalls. It seems that there is always some kind of recall that has to be done. In the 2 1/2 yrs that I have had the car, there have been several recalls necessary. Other than that, there have been no major problems with the car.

- Janice D

I love my 2014 Ford Escape!

2014 Ford Escape

I absolutely love my Ford Escape. It rides very smoothly, and gets great gas mileage. I really like the rear windshield wiper. The only thing I would change would be to add air vents to the back seat, otherwise it is an amazing vehicle. In today’s world it only costs about thirty dollars to fill up and that is a major plus for me.

- Emily W

My blue car is amazing and I couldn't live without it

2014 Ford Escape S

I have absolutely loved my Ford Escape. It is great on the highway and super quiet! Speeds up nicely and has a great turn radiance. I love the color and it looks great when I have it clean. Maintenance has been super easy and I haven't had any problems with it. Does great in the snow and the rain. Easy to park and fits in any space!

- Christine M

Fun, comfortable and reliable vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape

I really like the vehicle. The turbo is fun! It is comfortable for long trips and easy to drive. The rear camera is very reassuring. It does not have as much space as I would like but it still does the job. It has four wheel drive which is a must have for Idaho driving. It drives smooth and I would definitely recommend it to others.

- Ashley F

Saves the college graduate some money!

2014 Ford Escape

Very light car. I used to have a Durango so it was hard getting used to how it handled in snow. Have to really take your time on the road with this vehicle. I love the money I save on gas though! Ecoboost has saved me so much money! I have had some glitches with my dashboard display, but such things happen with a pre-owned vehicle.

- Alissa P

Ford Escape Titanium Features

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I really enjoy the amount of space this car has. It comes with navigation, a backup camera, and heated seats. You can open up the back of the car by pressing a button on your fob or waving your foot underneath the car. The car drives very smoothly. My only setback is the blind spots are bigger than in some other cars I have driven.

- Kirsten S

Love my 2014 Ford Escape!

2014 Ford Escape

I love my 2014 Ford Escape. It is beautifully equipped inside and out and is the perfect size for our household, with enough room to comfortably seat 5 or to haul luggage, furniture, home improvement materials, etc. when the back seats are folded down. It powers through snow with its all-wheel drive, yet consistently gets 20.5 MPG.

- Jeff Y

Turbo is really quick, especially for a family vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape

I like it is small size, it makes it fun. Easy to drive. It does not handle well in wet or slick weather. I like the paint color. The metallic color is great in the sun. The tires didn't last very long. They are wearing out early. It has plenty of cargo space. The leather seats are wonderful. The engine is quick and peppy.

- Terry H

Great get out and go vehicle

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Escape easy to drive and park. The backup camera is so helpful! I use to skip parallel parking but it's a breeze now! I get great gas mileage and have had no problems whatsoever. I with the seats were a little more comfortable for long rides and the cargo space was a little bigger but I'm satisfied with my Ford Escape

- Rebecca Z

I think it is too expensive for all it is issues.

2014 Ford Escape

Computer is always having issues (intermittent) so they can never find the issue. Has a lot of recalls. My back door open whenever it wanted. My tailgate lifts on its own. It leaked for 2 years before they found the issue. The camera comes on whenever it wants. It has too many issues to list them all but those are the main ones.

- Lisa D

SUV with a lot of space and comfort.

2014 Ford Escape

When sitting at a light the car shakes a bit. The seats are very comfortable and there is so much leg space, especially in the back seat. And the trunk is huge as well. It also has a window the opens in the back so you do not have to open the full trunk. It has blind spot mirrors too, which I have never had in a vehicle before.

- Cassandra H

I think the option of the fold down seats is a very appealing aspect.

2014 Ford Escape

I like the vehicle. The issues I have is, it is awful in the snow and ice. It has a perfect amount of space. The features are nice. I feel it is a safe vehicle for myself and my family. I wish I would have purchased the 4 wheel drive model. I think I would be completely satisfied. I have owned three different years of Escapes.

- Kim J

Reliable, but you get what you pay for.

2014 Ford Escape

Reliable, easy to drive, plenty of space for shopping trips etc. , radio is needlessly complex, seat adjustment is limited, lots of blind spots - if you go from a car to this type of vehicle (small SUV) you really have to adjust your driving and awareness. Some things on the interior do not seem high quality - just functional.

- Terri D

The primary vehicle I have now runs great, and there are very few problems.

2014 Ford Escape S

My primary vehicle which is a 2014 Ford escape is in very good shape, I really like it. There are rarely problems with it. One problem is the battery, it often dies but that is probably just the battery itself. Other than that the vehicle is great. It runs well even with the turbo boost. And it does not get overheated quick.

- Callie S

The vehicle is great on gas and it can get up and go if you need it to.

2014 Ford Escape

The computer system malfunctions sometimes we don't really know why but that is basically the heart of the vehicle it's a pretty important component so it is frustrating when it happens and it only happens sometimes so we aren't sure what causes it. Other than that I think the car is great on gas. And it is pretty reliable.

- Julia C

2014 Ford Escape a confusing maintenance issue vehicle

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

Nice that I haven't really had to replace brakes as often as I had on previous vehicles. Unfortunately had issues right after extended warranty expired. Other things were covered. Maintenance is expensive but does not occur often. Wish that gas mileage was a little better. Roomy. Cargo opening smaller than previous versions

- John S

Program your preferences and relax

2014 Ford Escape

I have the 4 door titanium. It has keyless entry, an alarm system, heated leather seats , three charging ports including one electric, back up cameras, sirius radio, CD deck, lets you know if you have a low tire, door ajar etcetera. It has great cargo space and is very comfortable. Not back on fuel for an all wheel drive.

- Kathi P

The color of my car is my favorite! It is called Arizona Sunset!

2014 Ford Escape SE

I love my Escape! It is roomy and comfortable! I gets pretty good gas mileage! It gets me where I need to go! I can take it off road if I want to without any problems! It has leather seats and seat warmers, which aren't really good to have in Arizona! But otherwise it is a great car! I highly recommend it to others!

- Katherine Y

Loving my carat gold Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford Escape. It is the 3rd one I have owned. With the back seats down I have plenty of cargo space to haul surprisingly large stuff. I love having the back up camera as I have arthritis in my neck. Also love the Bluetooth ability to talk hands free on my phone through the radio. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Sandy W

I give the escape a Winter thumbs up

2014 Ford Escape SE

Overall I really enjoy my SUV. It handles well in all seasons including deep snow in the winter; just add studded tires and you're good to go. Only downfall is some of the plastic parts on the inside of one rear door and the trunk are starting to come off. Even after being fixed they still separate from the actual door.

- christina M

Ford - a doodles best vehicle

2014 Ford Escape SE

I love my 2014 Ford Escape (sunset - nor really red and not really orange). I love that my back seats fold down and all 3 of my goldendoodles can ride comfortably. I also like that my back seat splits and only one side folds down so 3 people and 3 dogs can ride in the car. I would prefer an updated mapping system on it.

- Jessica C

I love how much room my car has. I got a full ladder in it.

2014 Ford Escape S

This car is nothing but reliable. It's a 2014 and I've never had a single issue. The interior has held up amazingly and the gas mileage is impeccable. I love how stylish I feel in this car and I know I'll have it a very long time. The back seats fold down and create so much room in the back I can fit everything I need.

- Kelsey W

With the escape, you get what you pay for.

2014 Ford Escape S

Overall I like this vehicle. I do found that the seats are not that comfortable and are limited in adjustment options. The entertainment system is needlessly complex and not intuitive and the general organization available from the driver's seat is lacking. This car is an excellent value for what you get for the money.

- Terri D

Great gas mileage for being an SUV type car.

2014 Ford Escape

Like- 4 wheel drive, large cargo area, drives very smooth, nice large display, perfect size car not to big but not too small. Dislike- constantly needs repairs, no place to store items in the front except the two cup holders but there is not place for anything like food, phone, extras when you have cups in the holders.

- Cassandra S

The "foot action" lift gate is a really nice quality,

2014 Ford Escape

Only problem is that it could have more storage in the drivers/front passengers area. It drives smooth, handles well on all road conditions & has been very dependable. I love my panoramic roof and the heated seats. It has lots of storage area in the back and oh I really love the foot action lift gate, very convenient.

- Gayle R

It is mass-produced mediocrity.

2014 Ford Escape

I am irritated by this company and will likely not buy my next car from ford. I dislike the customer service I receive from their dealerships as I feel like they don't care about helping the customer and they just want you to leave. I also am annoyed by the fact I had 6 major recalls on my vehicle since I have had it.

- Kayla H

Easy to drive and handles well on the road smooth.

2014 Ford Escape

Car is very reliable comfortable and low on gas. I like the style the leather seats and the safety features. It seats 5 comfortable. I will definitely buy another one Ford is the best car out there. Good mileage. Sits up high and is easy to drive. I have a feature and my car parks itself and wall find a parking space.

- Elaine M

It is a great car and would recommend this car

2014 Ford Escape SE

Its dependable with the room we were looking for. We get good fuel mileage on the road and enjoy the ride it gives. The interior feels nice and the seats gives a nice ride for a long distance drive. The engine is s 4 cylinder turbo with plenty of power for a small engine. The color red is a different we haven't seen.

- Kelly W

Smelly space headlights!!

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

Overall it's a great vehicle. When I first bought it, there was this awful smell. Come to find out the battery needed replaced. The air conditioning works, but is not blowing out of the vents. The headlights will not shut off while the car is in park and running. There is plenty of room, and I can haul things

- Brian W

2014 ford escape consumer review.

2014 Ford Escape S

The 2014 ford escape offers a choice of three engines (unique in the compact SUV class). The 240-horsepower rating of the 2.0-liter ecoboost engine looks irresistible, but truthfully, the 178-horsepower 1.6-liter version is still plenty powerful, just as smooth, and more affordable and more efficient in the bargain.

- Bradley B

Perfect for high school, college, and people who want a car that is taller

2014 Ford Escape S

Overall amazing car! Extremely reliable and safe on winter roads. Comfortable adjustable seats. My only complaint is you cannot raise or lower the steering wheel. Also there are no heated seats. Cloth seats at least don't get too cold and they are not too warm in the summer. The AC and heat works very fast and well.

- Lynsey R

Ford escape 2014-4 door se.

2014 Ford Escape

Had to replace tires and rear brake pads after only having car for less than 4 years and $45, 000 miles. It is good on gas and has nice storage space. Good car to take on vacations. I like that it has video when car is in reverse so that you can see where you are going and it beeps if you get too close to something.

- Stephanie D

It is very comfortable and it rides very nice. It also gets good gas mileage.

2014 Ford Escape

I love everything about it. It Is fully loaded and has a lot of comfort accessories. The heated seats are the best. But my most favorite thing about it is that I can see completely out and around all the windows. I have no blind spots. That is amazing for a short person like myself. The backup camera is awesome!!

- Ronda S

Great car! Even the basic model is quite luxurious.

2014 Ford Escape

I love this car! It fits all situations and needs. It has a lot of space, Bluetooth, and is very comfortable. I can transport a lot of things, plus it is a good looking car for business and more formal events. maintenance on it is better than the Volkswagen I use to have. I love this car and recommend it to anyone.

- Kristin S

Great car, bad battery placement.

2014 Ford Escape SE

My ford escape has had no major issues and I drive my cars hard. I put about 35,000 miles per year on my car. My only problem is replacing the battery is a pain because you have to remove the windshield wipers and a plastic cover. Does not really make sense especially if you get stuck somewhere with a dead battery.

- Alyssa H

Ford escape, reliable but not special.

2014 Ford Escape S

This car is great. It has a smooth ride, gets great gas mileage, and is very reliable. My only complaint has been the number of recalls. We've already had it fixed twice for factory defects. Otherwise, this has been a good car for our family. Although I believe the suspension may be going out at only 100,000 miles.

- Ethan D

Very spacious good gas mileage not great for extreme temperatures

2014 Ford Escape SE

I lived in MN it did horrible in the winter it got stuck and had to be dug out many times plus when it was cold it would take. While to start. There's a manufacturer problem with the 2014 navigation it will go blank once in a while and there's nothing you can do to get it back on. Good gas mileage lots of space.

- Jade R

It�s a great car, just not my first choice.

2014 Ford Escape SE

It's a very nice car and would be the perfect car for someone just not me. I'm used to driving a truck and still drive one for my line of work. I bought this car because I travel long distances a lot and this one was cheap, reliable, and gets great gas mileage. It's kind of small though, I wish it had more space.

- Sydney C

Absolutely love this vehicle and seated heats aren't bad either!

2014 Ford Escape

I love my vehicle. It has a lot of room, can fit 3 kids in car seats/boosters comfortably in the back. The back seats fold down for any large items. Comfortable seats, heated seats. The only problem I have had is the back door (where the handle to pull it down) has come loose. Absolutely love and would recommend!

- Elizabeth S

My 2014 Ford Escape experience.

2014 Ford Escape S

I'd say that my vehicle is pretty nice. I've had it for six years already and it has had little to no problems. My favorite part is the seats. I don't know I just find them ridiculously comfortable. I go up the mountain in the winter for snowboarding and this car does amazing in the snow. No slipping or sliding.

- Ryan S

Reliable vehicle but cheaply made and in certain ways is too basic.

2014 Ford Escape S

The seal on the door isn't great and let's in a lot of sound. The rear camera doesn't always work. The speakers are cheap and blow easily. Gas economy isn't as advertised. The seatbelts in back seats don't comfortably fit most adults but are okay for kids. Plastic parts of trim are cheap and crack/break easily.

- Elizabeth L

Sailing smooth with the Escape

2014 Ford Escape SE

The car runs so smooth. I wish it had Bluetooth music we have to use a sync cord and then an adapter BC it doesn't the latest iPhone capability. It does shift a little hard going from reverse into forward, but other than that it runs great. The love that the back seats fold down to make it larger in the back.

- Kim S

The biggest smallest SUV there is.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford Escape. It handles very well on the road and it has a large capacity to hold cargo. This is also a good vehicle to have for a road trip, has it has good gas mileage. The back seats fold down, so you can get more room and you have the option to have one seat up and one seat down to get more room.

- Kathryn L

Nice ride good gas mileage.

2014 Ford Escape

I am very happy with the vehicle. It has good power and gets good gas mileage. I am really pleased with the amount of roof the vehicle has and the power for the amount of gas mileage I get. It is fairly comfy and rides really smooth. I have gotten good mileage and very few minor problems to deal with thus far.

- Andrew K

The fully upgraded one was so nice and did everything I wanted it to.

2014 Ford Escape

I love the feel of my car. Driving it is incredibly smooth. The moonroof is a fun addition and I cannot imagine not having one now. I didn't get the upgraded trim package and I wish I had. I do dislike my tiny dash screen that it is very helpful. Aside from that one thing I love my car and have no complaints!

- Katie B

Good starter car for a small family

2014 Ford Escape SE

Good mileage. Some recalls easy to have fixed. Bluetooth is excellent. Good sound in the speakers. Back seats fold down for easy storage. Excellent breaks. Comes with satellite radio for a few months. Easy to renew if you would like. Clear displays to show how much gas you have left and how many miles.

- Faith K

Great sound system for music or books on tape.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I love my 2014 Ford Escape. It operates smoothly and is quiet when I drive. The sound system is great for listening to music or books on tape. It has been a very reliable vehicle for me especially during the winter. I have only had to do the usual maintenance like oil change, filter change and tire rotation.

- Jan Z

Great for a small family and pets

2014 Ford Escape SE

This car is very family friendly for a small family, such as my family of 4. We are able to get both of my kids in with both adults in the front. Plenty of space for our dogs on the back as well. Very comfortable for all of us. I wouldn't want to put another in the car though. It is perfect for 4 people.

- Angie M

Escape into a fabulous vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape

The performance of the Escape is amazing. I travel a lot and it handles great on the highway and for long distances. It is also a super comfortable vehicle for both the driver and passenger(s). It is extremely reliable, as only routine maintenance has had to be performed on the vehicle since being purchased.

- Dom J

Ford is reliable and affordable.

2014 Ford Escape

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is that the shocks have already worn out and been replaced, but I only have 48, 000 miles on it. however, it is always reliable and I haven't had any other issues with it besides regular maintenance. I would definitely purchase this vehicle again in a newer model.

- Shelly P

I love the size. It's not too big but big enough for the family and taking trips.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford Escape. It is comfortable, gets good gas mileage, perfect for the family and going on trips, and love the way it looks and drives. I have never had any problems with it. I love it and hope it lasts a long time! Although, some of the parts for it are a little expensive. But not a deal breaker.

- Tiffany B

Life of having a Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape

It drives so smoothly and has a very nice interior. The comfort level is outstanding. The only issue I have with the car is that it has a high tip over rate. It is perfect if you have a small family and/or pet, perfect for road trips and long drives. It also has a big trunk space, which is everyone's dream.

- Destiny B

Brand new SUV and a wonderful warranty, too.

2014 Ford Escape

It was my very first time to buy a brand new SUV that I had always wanted to do. I bought warranties along with it, free oil change and etc. For the next 5 years or 50, 000 miles whichever comes first. Love it! This SUV I bought does not have everything but it is a start for me to buy a very brand new car.

- Mary M

Reasonably priced and maintenance is also reasonable.

2014 Ford Escape

My Ford Escape is one of my favorite vehicles out of all of the cars I have owned in my 71 years. It is easy to drive, attractive, has the perfect accessories and is large enough to carry all the things I need to. I can move my recumbent trike in the back and it is powerful enough to pull my trike trailer.

- Linda F

Great car would buy again

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

It is very reliable. Gas mileage is not great. Has lots of room. Back seat goes almost flat for my transport of cakes. Only had to change oil. Last escape had 150000 miles on it. Last one rusted around the bottom of the doors I hope this does not happen. Would like a little more tint to the back windows

- Eunice W

The turbo is my favorite part of my 2014 Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape SE

I REALLY love my 2014 Ford Escape. It is comfortable, and has all of the bells and whistles. I really like the back up camera, and the sensors on the back of the vehicle. One thing that makes the vehicle great is the factory turbo. It allows the vehicle to get up and go a lot faster than a normal vehicle.

- Brittany S

Windshield is weak. Cracks very easy.

2014 Ford Escape S

It rides very well but it is a bit small on the inside so tall people cannot sit in the front or back comfortably. Great trunk space. Awesome features like telling you how many miles you have left on you gallon but not that great on gas when compared to similar cars from the same year. Comfortable seats.

- Alexis M

Compact, Sleek, Dependable.

2014 Ford Escape

Really reliable vehicle. Gas mileage is pretty great. I usually put in about 15 dollars and it puts it at full or nearly full. Compact, easy to maneuver. The only thing I would complain about is it has quite a lot of dashboard. The console only takes up a portion in the middle and the rest is just dash.

- Candace M

It has all you need for fun and everyday activities.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

It's designed well, has good fuel economy, and also has good power with a 201 horsepower engine. It is stylish looking, has heated leather seats, a backup camera and rear wiper. It has dual control heating and air conditioning and an excellent stereo. It has multiple USB ports and a 110 volt receptacle.

- Steve H

Great, comfortable, spacious and economy!

2014 Ford Escape SE

I love my car is comfortable and when I drive it is smooth on the road. The space inside is perfect have in the back of the passenger side in the floor a compartment to but secret stuff. The truck is spacious. You see this car in the distance and you think is small and uncomfortable and is the opposite.

- Carol L

What a great choice that has some downsides.

2014 Ford Escape SE

Computer problems frequently with notifying when to get an oil change, backup camera and connecting to Bluetooth devices. Seats are comfortable, great highway mileage and ride. Screen features are amazing and cost to fill take is not expensive at all! Even at the highest prices at most it has been $30.

- Larry P

Ford Escape is an awesome SUV for price.

2014 Ford Escape

The car rides like a dream the panoramic sunroof is Definity worth it. The sound from the sunroof is a little louder than normal. I have the turbo engine is not really worth the gas mileage. 22 or 23 mpg because I drive interstate. I would test drive all options but the fully loaded is the way to go!!

- Britney M

Overall I really like my car, I would look into buying a new one.

2014 Ford Escape

It runs great has good gas mileage, comfortable, lots of cargo space, I have had it more than 2 years and only had one small problem broken coolant reserVoir. Lots of get up and good, it is to small an engine compartment to do any maintenance for yourself needs to be take to the dealer or a mechanic.

- Kyle S

Its a medium size SUV that seats 4 comfortably. It's been relatively reliable.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

Particularly comfortable. Dont care for design of console. Seems to take a long time to warm up in winter. Constant small things need repair, electronically. Difficult to see over back seat headrests not enough leg room but usually runs well comparatively affordable good gas mileage nice look.

- Patty S

This car is family and pet friendly. Plenty of cargo space, leg and headroom for tall family members and seats are easily cleaned for those four legged family members!

2014 Ford Escape

I have owned my car for about 1 year and havent had any problems with it besides the recalls. The heated seats are really nice in the winter time. Its a V6 and has just enough power to be fast and gas friendly! I have teenage kids that sit on the back seat with plenty of legroom. Great family car.

- Darla F

My favorite road trip car.

2014 Ford Escape

I have had no problems at all with my Escape. It is very reliable and comfortable. I love the heated seats and the back up camera. My original tires lasted 4 years. The white color is holding up very well. I love the key fob. The car is safe with all of the sensors on the sides and front and back.

- Sandra W

This SUV is my favorite vehicle yet!

2014 Ford Escape

I really love my vehicle! My only complaint is the number of recalls there have been in the last 4 years. It seems there is at least one major recall a year. The car itself is nice and roomy. I love the sync technology. I do plan on staying in this family of vehicles if we ever need a new vehicle.

- Ginny M

It's comfortable with lots of cargo space.

2014 Ford Escape

I like the cargo space and the passenger roominess. I like the quiet ride. I like the split back seats so only one side can be lowered when I need more space but still need a backseat. I wish it sat higher like the old Escapes did, but maybe that's part of why the ride is quieter and smoother.

- Jean s

The 2014 Ford Escape in a nutshell.

2014 Ford Escape

The Escape handles very well and can turn, park, etc. , like a much smaller vehicle. It has great towing capacity. We like the added elements - rear view camera, hands free phone and iPod capabilities, closing rear hatch with the touch of a button. We wish the back seat had rear air conditioning.

- Sue F

Ford: the good, the bad and the gas mileage.

2014 Ford Escape

I feel like things are always falling apart with this car. I like having a lot of room in my car and I definitely like all the features like sync and the backup camera. We are always very comfortable in the car when we go on long car trips. I am surprised at the gas mileage it gets being an SUV.

- Lauren D

It has the ecoboost engine.

2014 Ford Escape

I like that it has the Ecoboost engine. I also like that it gets great gas mileage (up to 30+mpg). My only complaint is that when you fold the back row of seats down to expand the trunk, they do not go as low down so the floor of the trunk is uneven, making it difficult to transport large items.

- Miranda R

My car A small SUV Reasonable on gas Easy to maneuver

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

My Ford Escape Titanium is a luxury vehicle that's very comfortable for me to drive. It is the car that I always dreamed of only in one day. The only thing about it is I could not afford an up-to-date model at the time. I purchased my vehicle. I would have rather prefer to purchase it brand new.

- Carlton L

Overall it's a steady, pretty reliable car

2014 Ford Escape SE

I've had some problems with it as far as a bad fan and valve. There have been two recalls. It drives ok. I do think it looks nice. The inside is spacious. The truck holds a lot. I like the large display screen for the radio, etc. I feel like it could be a smoother ride. It is pretty good on gas.

- Michelle R

2014 ford escape se review.

2014 Ford Escape SE

Love the comfort of my car. Feel roomy and spacious without being a huge car. Great for living in the city, because I can pack it full, but I am still able to fit into parking spaces around town. I have navigation and a touch screen included on my car, and it makes for great hands free driving.

- Carrie J

Escape: The Good & The Bad

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

Vehicle is great, however, it has internal rattling from seat which was replaced and now from dashboard and center console. Otherwise I love this vehicle. Its peppy and fun to drive, good features for sound and navigation. Comfortable seats and good amount of room in hatch/trunk area for cargo.

- Kimberly J

14 ford escape is basically just alright.

2014 Ford Escape S

The engine and transmission are not really that great, but the vehicle is spacious. The radio is not very loud, the radio set up is bad. The steering wheels is comfortable. I don't like the placement of the cup holders. The electronic dash looks horrible. It's doesn't have a digital speedometer

- Derek N

Fantastic ride overall, reliable.

2014 Ford Escape

Very comfortable, smooth ride good gas mileage. Handles great in bad weather (snow, etc. ) Reliable, love the GPS. A few recalls but was taken care of really quick, we bought it new if we should trade in the near future we would get another Escape great features on dashboard and steering wheel.

- Rita A

Awesome vehicle that saves lots of gas.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my car. It's got a lot of features that are so awesome and safety and very roomy. I love it. Because it saves lots of gas. It tells you when there is something wrong with your vehicle. I love the color of my car. Everyone would be very impressed with the quality of this kind of vehicle.

- Betty M

Great gas mileage and hands free.

2014 Ford Escape

I've had my vehicle over a year now, and I have had no performance issues. It gets great gas mileage. Has steering wheel buttons to control radio, see dte, and much more. It has Bluetooth capability and it reads your text to you and can reply back with select replies all by the steering wheel.

- Christi G

It has cool features but that's about it.

2014 Ford Escape

If the cylinder head cracks and leaks oil, the oil may contact a hot engine or exhaust component, increasing the risk of a fire. Ford is recalling certain 2014 ford escapes. From what I've been told the whole car has a recall on it. Also when I get up to about 60 mph, the car shakes a little.

- Jordan M

4 cylinder engine Great gas mileage Bluetooth Backup camera MyKey features

2014 Ford Escape S

You get great gas mileage on the Ford Escape, and you also have a lot of room. 4 cylinder engine, backup camera, Bluetooth, safety features such as My Key is what makes the 2014 Ford Escape wonderful. Really great for a family car or for when your friends want to get together for a road trip.

- William B

I didn't know that some vehicles tell you how many miles you have until your empty

2014 Ford Escape

My vehicle is a Ford escape The problem I have is sometimes it won't connect to the Bluetooth from your phone I won't stay in cruise control my exhaust is falling off my bumper is falling off the seats are really comfortable I love that it tells you how fast you're going on a little computer

- Kayleena S

2014 Ford Escape Great for road trips

2014 Ford Escape SE

Lower gas mileage had glitches after about 2 years of owning the car. It is definitely a comfortable ride and great for road trips. Spacious in the back for storage. The sync option to connect your cell phone is a great feature. Never had any major mechanical issues only electric glitches

- Sarah K

Decent but not worth the price.

2014 Ford Escape

I bought the car thinking it would be good on gas, with the Ecoboost, but I find it isn't much of a fuel saver. I also dislike that there are no cents behind the driver for backseat passengers and really abhor the sound that is emitted when the back windows are down. I will not buy another.

- Jenny S

Ford Escape 2014 great car for the family!

2014 Ford Escape

Love it. Never have any issues!! Great on gas. Drives very smooth and is great for long trips. Hess comfortable seating and just the right amount of space and a great trunk area. The one problem I did have was the handle on the trunk door in the inside did come off. Not easy to fix either.

- Ashley K

The gas mileage is pretty good and the car itself is pretty sturdy.

2014 Ford Escape

It has over 70, 000 miles on it. Stalls when I am driving down a highway or on the street a few times a month. Sometimes it gets so bad. to get it replaced is so expensive. I like that is higher up but I don't think it is comfortable in the slightest. Gas mileage is pretty good on the car.

- Jaime T

The Ford Escape is amazing for those looking for adventure!!

2014 Ford Escape

I have had my car since I bought it new in 2014, honestly I love the Escape there is room for all of my stuff and it is a very reliable car. The touch screen and navigation are very helpful for long trips. I have been across the country at least twice in my Escape and I have had no issues.

- Nicole C

Recalls. Not enough interior lighting where you need it.

2014 Ford Escape

Have had many recalls. Doors could open had to have new latches put in. Coolant sensor needed to be replaced. And now there is a problem with a bushing in the transmission. The car could move even in the park position. Comfort could be a little better and the interior lighting is not good.

- Charles N

Love the dashboard - really user-friendly.

2014 Ford Escape

I love the car! The one issue I have is that there is no place to put "stuff" except the cup holder - needs a compartment in the front to hold pens, chapstick, etc. This wouldn't be a deal breaker, since I love other aspects of the car, but it makes the car look messier than I would like.

- Steph S

Great for beginning drivers. Perfect 16th birthday present

2014 Ford Escape SE

The worst part about my car are the blind spots. They are really the only thing I do not like about the car. They have caused me to be in some pretty close calls. There are also no air vents in the back seat which is really hard with passengers. Overall it's a great first car for a teen.

- Mary H

I love the car so much. But I love the Bluetooth and backup camera the best.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my vehicle. I do not have any problems with it. I love the Bluetooth connection to play music. I love the backup camera, I cannot backup at al so it helps a lot. This car is reliable and drives like a car not a big scum. It is comfortable and you can recline even in the back seats.

- Victoria K

Ford escape is a great SUV. Highly recommend.

2014 Ford Escape SE

Great car. Spacious, great features. Great on gas. Back up camera is good. Would love to have GPS. Doesn't need much maintenance. Seat warmers are great for the winter. The trunk has a lot of room. I don't know what else to say. But I love this car. Can't wait to upgrade to a new version.

- Dawn C

Great car but frequent recall.

2014 Ford Escape

So far there is no problem in the car it is good for long drives and spacious backside to store luggage. The only suggestion is about the frequent recall being called for this model. Wish that could need happen. One time after the recall work we had great difficulty to get the car fixed.

- A S

LCD touch screen with voice recognition.

2014 Ford Escape

Very comfortable. Leather, heated seats. 4WD. Ecoboost. Push button hatch. Push screen controls. I have had a couple recalls on the vehicle but they have done a good job updating me on when repairs were ready to be made. I was able to schedule directly with my dealership to repair those.

- Tara C

Ford Escape: the non-SUVers SUV.

2014 Ford Escape

My car is excellent on gas, has plenty of space and four wheel drive. My car is very comfortable and reliable. I have not had any major issues whatsoever in the 5 years I have owned the vehicle. I would recommend a Ford Escape se to anyone looking for a comfortable, safe, economical SUV.

- Christopher W

The reason to buy a ford escape, quality, comfort and price.

2014 Ford Escape SE

The ford escape comes with everything you will need in a small SUV. I love the back up camera and the hands free phone usage. If you are looking for a car this is a great one to purchase. The escape rides smooth and handles curves very well. Great fuel economy and peppy at the same time.

- Barbara L

I am satisfied overall with the performance and gas Milagros of the vehicle.

2014 Ford Escape

Gear shift is stiff making it difficult to slip smoothly. Seat adjustment is lacking for shorter people. Sounds rough at initial idol. No luggage rack need alerts on backup cameras. Dash reflects on windshield in high sunshine making it difficult to see in high glare conditions at times.

- Karen B

Our 2014 Cherry red ford escape and why we like it.

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

Our engine light keeps coming on for no reason. The car runs great. So we don't know why this happens. It has all the new tech. we never had before and that is a plus. My wife likes the sparkle red color it stands out. We are happy with it. And will continue with this brand down the road

- scott P

Ford: Built Tough. Lives up to the slogan

2014 Ford Escape SE

The mile to the gallon is horrible on the street/city. The storage space is nice. The speakers are amazing especially of you like the music loud. The vehicle comes with Sync which makes everything easier. The vehicle is high of the ground which gives the best vantage point when driving

- Page B

Definitely buy this car! The Ford Escape has everything that we need and more.

2014 Ford Escape

Hey! I would love to let others know about our vehicles/vehicle. So far our Ford Escape has had no problems as of yet, and the performance has been wonderful so far. The comfort and features are outstanding as well, and I hope that others find out as well when they decide to buy a car.

- Steph Q

Fabulous Ford Escape Titanium

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

My Ford Escape Titanium has the features of black leather seats, moonroof, Bluetooth, GPS, smooth driving, air conditioning, seat warmers, a spacious trunk space, 4wd. It is a great family vehicle. It has plenty of room for up to four passengers. It holds a lot of luggage in the trunk.

- Elizabeth B

It's a great family car. Good on gas. Attractive style. Plenty of room.

2014 Ford Escape

I love my Ford escape. It drives nicely looks. Sharp has plenty of room. It is good on. Gas. I love the Bluetooth and the rear camera. I would buy another in the future when the time comes but I hope ro. Keep this car for as many years as I can. . Its my favorite car I have ever owned.

- Heather S

Spacious and sporty This car is sporty looking but big enough for a family.

2014 Ford Escape SE

The Ford Escape has been a good car for me. It's comfortable and dependable. Other than regular maintenance I only had an ignition switch go out. It is good on gas and roomy for passengers and storage in the back. Great little family car or business car. I use it for cleaning business.

- Terri P

Great usability, too many recalls and warranty maintenance

2014 Ford Escape

The interior is comfortable and spacious. The handling is smooth and easy to drive. I love the touch screen dash feature and how easy the UI is for the dash system. That being said, it has had multiple recalls and engine issues under 100k miles that have made it very difficult to own.

- Heather B

It is a car designed for safety.

2014 Ford Escape

I like the back-up camera because I can be assured I won't back up into anything. I also like eyesight that warns me of approaching vehicles or getting too close to something. In addition, I like hands free communication. I can answer my phone and talk without touching the handset.

- Lucille G

We enjoy the space the Ford Escape it has. The interior is very nice.

2014 Ford Escape

The backup camera on the 2014 Ford Escape only works about 40 percent of the time, that is the only flaw with this vehicle. Otherwise runs very smooth and gets very good gas mileage. We also like that it has a lot of room in the red 2014 Ford Escape. This car was bought brand new.

- Barbara F

Rear camera. It has an easy tailgate to open.

2014 Ford Escape

We have had no problems with our Ford Escape other than a brake light out and a flat tire. It is good on gas handles nice. It had plenty of room for our family and room for storage it is comfortable for a long road trip and has all the features that you will need to enjoy your trip.

- Kyle W

Why I like my Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape

Very comfy and smooth driving. I like how the gas is very easy to access and do. I would recommend this car to anybody looking for a good and reliable car, I am very glad with this purchase. I wish I had leather interior but the cloth gets the job done and it still very comfortable.

- Lauren B

My Escape is very comfortable to drive for short and long distances.

2014 Ford Escape

The performance of my 2014 Ford Escape is very smooth. I enjoy how comfortable the car is inside as well as how it drives, both in town and on the freeway. There is plenty of room for 2-3 people in the backseat, as well as a solid amount of storage space in the back of the vehicle.

- Marc S

It is a great car for the price, but beware if you do a lot of driving.

2014 Ford Escape

I liked how many features it has for the price. I like having an SUV but it also gets pretty good gas mileage, which had previously stopped me from buying an SUV. I don't like that it isn't quite at 100k miles and it's already falling apart. It doesn't seem particularly well-built.

- Rebecca D

Why I like my ford escape.

2014 Ford Escape S

I like everything about my ford escape. It is reasonably priced, economical to operate and looks good. I like the hatchback for hauling bigger things. I think the resale value of an escape is pretty good. They come in nice colors. I have had for 4 years with no mechanical problems.

- Gale H

Gas mileage in California.

2014 Ford Escape

This car has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. The car is completely reliable and has been sturdy over the last year of me driving more than 800 miles once or twice a month. Gas prices in California are not easy on the wallet but this car has made it a little easier.

- Lauren V

Comfortable daily driver that is pleasant to drive

2014 Ford Escape

It's a great size- can move furniture but still fits in normal parking space. Rear camera is great as well as some of the other features. The AC is amazing and living in Florida that is important! I sometimes wish it had more power and that I chose a different color but that's it.

- Tracy L

It is a smaller SUV with a lot more room than you would expect.

2014 Ford Escape S

My vehicle has pretty good gas mileage for an SUV. It has all the bells and whistles to help me and let me know about maintenance issues. It's comfortable and fun to drive. I also enjoy the amount of room it has for a smaller SUV. It is the perfect size for my family and my needs.

- Kelley G

Things that I like about the Escape!

2014 Ford Escape

This is my second Escape. I love the versatility of it. It is classified as a SUV, but rides like a sedan. The built in navigation system is totally awesome! The rear seat can be laid down to carry large loads. When I am ready for a new vehicle, I will check out the newest Escape!

- Mary B

Nice easy ride. Lots of storage space for the size.

2014 Ford Escape S

Get pretty decent gas mileage on the highway. It is very roomy in the back and has lots of room for storage. The steering wheel grip is really nice and fits in my hands perfectly. The glove box is really deep but not very wide so things get lost in there easily. Very reliable car.

- Kate R

Classy but benefits of a pickup to haul items that would not fit in a car.

2014 Ford Escape

I love the fact the vehicle is a perfect regarding height not to low or too tall. The front is short so I have room to haul things but still gives me the feel of a small vehicle. The last year we have had some electrical problems that affected the fuel pump and windshield wipers.

- Debbie G

Excellent mileage and comfortable ride.

2014 Ford Escape SE

Extremely reliable, and comfortable. I enjoy driving it. My biggest frustration is with the Bluetooth -- I cannot listen to google map directions and have to disconnect, listen through my phone. Other than that I love the hands free for phone calls and listening to text messages.

- Lisa G

Ford escape was just what I was looking for!

2014 Ford Escape Titanium

I love the titanium package! A must for me was the touch screen, leather seating and double moon roof which this car has. So far I have not had any mechanical problems with this car and I am approaching 70,000 miles. Car runs great and is comfortable, I love the smaller SUV size.

- Laura B

Best and worst features of the Ford Escape standard edition.