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Ford escape: dependable, durable and smooth.

It is a good car, a reliable car, but not a top of the line, outstanding car. However, for the options ford has available, the escape is affordable, dependable, and provides good value for the cost. The gas mileage is not great, but it is not terrible. The escape also includes lots of features that just tend to make your drive better, such as automatic high power ac/heat when you turn on the car, touchscreen compatibility, rear camera, heated seats, heated mirrors, a rear wiper and a very powerful defroster that has allowed me to ditch my ice scraper and in turn just let the car run for 5-10 minutes. The 4wd performs well in snow, ice, sleet, etc. And has enough power to tow small attachments. However, starting in the 2016 model there is no auxiliary cord attachment, but the Bluetooth connection is relatively easy to set up. I have not had many manufacturing issues with the vehicle, and overall it runs great. Not a car to buy if you are looking for style and flash, but definitely one for durability. I highly recommend the ford escape.

- John M

Performance and reliability.

Ford Escape has decent get up and go. All power seats make adjusting for a comfortable ride easy. Back up cameras and profile views allow for easy backing up. In general this small SUV was easier to drive and park than my compact car. Fuel mileage is about 23 on the highway. I researched this car for a long time before buying and I am very happy to say it has not disappointed me. I would give it a 10 for reliability. My only complaint is that the sync software is not compatible with most of my apps. However, I have not had a chance to take it in to see if an update is available for download. I can still use my apps and connect when I plug in via USB by phone though. Performance is not affected by this issue.

- Paula T

Ford Escape - 2016 - awesome vehicle.

I really like this car. It is a comfortable size for driving, and has enough room for my family. My children can easily climb in and out of the car by themselves. The trunk space is fantastic. I can fit a double stroller, or two children's bikes in the back. The car heats up quickly during the winter months. My phone automatically connects through Bluetooth each time I get in the car. The outside keypad is wonderful, and makes it easy to leave the car running, but locked at the same time. The color looks nice. There can be blind spots while driving, especially when a car is right next to you on the freeway. The review backup camera is also wonderful.

- Kali S

Slick, cute, efficient, fun, and a great radio system!

I love my Escape! We were lucky to find one that had a heated driver seat and black rims! I wish it had a little bit more room but we have two boys that are highly involved in sports, especially baseball, so when it comes to packing a pop-up canopy, two baseball bags, two chug jugs, a bag for snacks, and two chairs, room gets a little tight. It looks slick, has great pick up, and I love the Sirius radio! After a 8 year hiatus from Sirius we ended up subscribing for another year because we got 3 months free with our vehicle purchase. If you are looking for a fun, cute, efficient, vehicle, this is the SUV for you!

- Jennifer L

It is easy to drive and maneuvers well, and gets ok gas mileage.

I like that it is on the smaller side so it easily fits in all parking spaces, can zip in and out of traffic, and is very easy to drive. I am not big on the color I wish I could have had something other than black. I also wish it was 4 wheel drive as we do drive on the beach so we can only take my husband's vehicle to the beach. Another thing I wish Ford would redesign in the lack of center console space, there is no where to set your phone or a house key I miss the little area my previous Escape had to stick little things. But overall it is a good vehicle, decent gas mileage and decent space in the back area.

- Erin S

Great vehicle at a great value!

Overall, I am very pleased with this vehicle. When I originally started car shopping, I was very impressed by the number of features in my ford escape compared to similar vehicles at that price point. The ford sync system, Bluetooth features, and blind spot detectors made me choose this vehicle over any other. I am on the shorter side (only 5'1') but I can comfortably drive this vehicle. I also love the automatic trunk and ample back seat/trunk space. The only downsides are the blind spots are really bad (thank goodness for the blind spot detectors) and it is severely lacking cup holder/storage space up front.

- Stephanie M

Standard small size SUV at higher price range.

Shifting between gears even though it is an automatic jolts the car. There is not a lot of room or convenient features. It is just a pretty basic small SUV. My favorite feature is the height of the vehicle because it is easier to get kids in and out of car seats. The backup camera is also really great. So far I have had the vehicle for 2 years and have only had one major problem which was covered under warranty - something in the electrical panel was defective. So. I would say so far it is been pretty reliable. Overall I just think it was too costly for the features provided.

- Anna F

This car is just so-so. Maybe a newer year than 2016.

This car had a wheel bearing go out before it had 10, 000 miles on it. I ended up getting a mouse nest behind the glove compartment so I took it to the dealer. They charged me $350 to clean out the mouse and asked. I thought that was exorbitant. The Ford dealer actually told me that they give better prices get people to purchase their car from that dealership and for people with other fords that were bought at a different dealership. This car was a good selection for driving in the snow. It handles well and the all wheel drive has not let me down.

- Roberta S

If you need an SUV...this is the one for you! Most reliable car ever!

I am really happy with my purchase of my Ford Escape. The reason I purchased the vehicle is because anyone that I talked to about the Escape loved its reliability and how they never really had any issues with it. I've had my SUV for 2 years now and have not had one single issue with it! I drive a LOT and it just keeps going! I had looked at a couple of other SUVs and they all didn't have the "get up and go" ability that the Ford Escape has as well. If you want a great car I definitely suggest the Ford Escape!

- Annie W

A wreck totaled my 2014 escape. I walked away and bought the same style.

I have never had any issues with my car. I love it because it drives like a car but sits up high like an SUV. It gets pretty good gas mileage, usually 21-23 in town and 25-27 on the highway. I have taken it on several 10+ hour road trips and it is comfortable for both driver and passengers. It has plenty of room in the trunk space and seats fold down to fit larger items. I have two 70 pound dogs and they fit just great. The titanium package has leather seats, seat warmers, sun/moon roof and Sony sound system.

- Lisa M

Cheap plastic interior on expensive newish car.

The Escape is comfortable enough, but seems top heavy to drive and everything in it is plastic, no wood or leather anywhere. Not my style. It goes fast enough and handles well, except for the top heavy feeling that makes it feel like it would be easy to spin it or have it topple over. I just don't like that such an expensive (relatively) car should look and feel so cheap inside. It has a good security system, it's easy to park and maneuver, but it feels cheaply made inside, to me. My bf likes it fine.

- April D

Great mid level SUV with mpg of car and sporty features of bigger SUV.

Vehicle is very comfortable to ride in. Auto lift gate and backup cameras are fantastic for mom on the go. Interior has heated seats but they are not full leather. It is the best of both worlds. Sync 3 is nice for phone integration and Pandora. Does not always like my iPhone though and I cannot get maps to work. The sunroof is fantastic. It is a panoramic which my daughter loves since it spans to the back seats. Roomy while still getting gray gas mileage for an SUV. I average 21-23 mpg.

- Crystal A

Sporty small SUV that does not break the bank.

Nice smaller sized SUV with all wheel drive and a nice peppy 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. The sync infotainment system is nice and integrates with Apple CarPlay and android car. Gas mileage is average considering the power from the smaller turbocharged engine. For a smaller SUV it has ample room for most passengers and decent space for luggage. Overall it has been reliable and no mechanical issues, extended oil change intervals of 10k miles keep it out of shop. It has a sporty look.

- Mark N

An excellent value with a sporty look.

Comfortable to drive good gas mileage, good looking, excellent performance and handling plenty of legroom and headroom, lots of room for packages along with the availability of to carry 5 passengers. Cruise control operations very easy to use. Loaded with many standard features: Bluetooth Sirius radio enabled rearview camera power windows and rearview mirrors multiple speed windshields wipers and rear window wipers power adjustable driver seat. Folding rear seats for more cargo space.

- Martin E

The small back up camera stinks - and it only gives you a view of straight back (my husband's Honda has a wider angle). While this seems something to complain about, if you're backing out of a parking space, you can't see cars or people that are behind you coming from the sides until their right behind you. I've almost hit several cars and people in my day so I've had to adjust to having a backup camera but still needing to look around at my surroundings before accelerating - if this is the case, what's the point of even having one?

I like the size - it fits me, my husband, and toddler real well and there is spacious trunk room as well as a Digital odometer. I dislike the size of the back up camera and that it does not have any sort of blind spot detection or back up sensors or lane assist - these seem to pretty common things in cars from 2016, but Ford does not seem to think the SE model is "worthy" of them (My husband's Honda from 2015, equivalent to SE model had all these and more come standard - annoying).

- Colleen A

Safety features, body style and comfort of an expensive luxury vehicle.

I like my vehicles body style, it is the perfect size SUV in my opinion. The interior of the escape is attractive and it is as comfortable to drive long distances as it is as a passenger. I am happy that I got the package that provided an extra large sunroof, a navigation system and amazing safety features. I had some issues with the electrical components of the navigation system but Ford eventually replaced the system when their maintenance department couldn't resolve the issue.

- Sally O

Ford Escape titanium is a great vehicle.

I have only it had my Ford a few months so it's rather new to drive it. It's good on gas. I love the light at night inside it. You can change the colors. Which is a big plus have kids and grandkids. It's very comfortable and has heated seats which will be great for the winter time. So far it's been a great vehicle. The only thing I am trying to get use to is a whistle noise I hear on the passenger side. The dealership said that's the Ecoboost on the vehicle.

- Samantha M

Highlights of owning a Ford Escape

My Ford Escape is a reliable vehicle as it is fairly new. The only problem I've encountered is the screen and it self- resolved. Service on it is easy, quick and very reasonably priced. It gets good gas mileage and has more than adequate leg room in the front and back seats. I'm happy with my vehicle purchase/lease and feel it is worth the price. It's a great car for families with kids, pets or those who need space for gear, but don't want a minivan.

- Ayla V

Multi-purposeful, sporty vehicle.

Currently, I have had no problems with my vehicle. I absolutely love it! The seats are very comfortable and adjustable to make each person comfortable. I am impressed with the amount of storage space available in a smaller vehicle. The back seats fold down allowing for the entire back seat to be open, which is very nice for long trips. The radio system is easy to navigate and I love the sync system which allows me to play anything from my phone.

- Emma S

It's a great car, overall very versatile. Gets decent gas mileage and easy to drive.

I like that it is easy to drive and compact enough to fit in most any parking space. I like that it has some features of an SUV like opening the back gate and not having a trunk. I don't like the space in the front, I miss having a small space to put my phone and things in. In this model I have to use the cup holders or put it in the seat if I am using the cup holders. I also wish it was AWD or 4WD so I could drive it on the beach.

- Erin M

Great car for my hubby and I.

The Ford Escape is large enough to haul items from big box stores and small enough to fit into parking spaces. Our garage etc. This car is very comfortable for my husband who is 6 foot 2 and me at 5 ft. I love the back up camera and do not seem to have blind spots. It is great on gas locally and highway travel we have had this car 1 and a half years and hope to keep it for many years. We would definitely buy another Ford Escape.

- Judy S

A car that offers great functional perks without sacrificing looks.

Reliability. Fuel mileage. Low maintenance. Fun to drive. Good visibility. Feels safe. doesn't feel like a small car but it still small enough to drive in town with ease. Fictional- I like having cargo space that a small car does not have. Comfort- it is spacious enough for adults to ride comfortably, even in the back seat. I like the ecoboost engine, it feels safe when accelerating to merge onto a highway for example.

- Amanda G

I like the color. I am not happy with my purchase, but I am stuck with it.

We bought it because it is supposed to have the towing capacity that we needed. It does not. We had to buy another vehicle for towing. I do not need 2 vehicles. We purchased this car new and when we got it home the ac didn't work. We had to have it fixed. Then a few months later the navigation system died. We had to have that fixed. I think we got ripped off with this car. With the payment we got we should not have any issues.

- Karen R

I love my GPS system mostly.

I love my car. It has been the best car I have ever owned. I love the candy apple red color. I love that it has 4 doors. I love it being reliable in the snow on the roads. I love it being titanium because it has all the bells and whistles. It always reminds me of any problem. I love how it will park itself on the street and I love all the colors that I can use to light up the inside of my car. I will always buy a titanium car.

- Martha S

Mom of 3 loves her Ford Escape!

I really love our Ford Escape! It is actually our second, we leased one and decided to go ahead and buy outright the second! It is perfect for our family of 5. I can safely fit 3 car seats across the back seat. Great trunk space for stroller and groceries. Really has so pep to it also! Has been very reliable and easy and comfortable to drive. I am a petite woman and can adjust everything just fine to see and sit comfortably!

- Sarah B

Overall, the Escape is a very nice car. I would recommend it to my friends, HAVE recommended it in fact.

It is great. The only complaint I would have is that the back seat is a little too cramped and the seats are stiff and uncomfortable in the back. You can't sit back there if you are tall. Also, when you roll the windows (1 or both) it makes a terrible racket from the air not flowing correctly I assume, but you have to roll all the windows down, or no windows down, otherwise there is a very loud warble inside the car.

- Ashley B

Good family car, and affordable on gas. Comfortable and roomy!

Our Ford Escape is perfect for our family. With 3 kids, having a car that not only had room, but is affordable on gas is a difficult find. We comfortably fit 3 car seats in the back, and have plenty of room for groceries. Up front, my husband and I enjoy the features of the consol. It's easy to switch from GPS, to radio, to bluetooth music streaming. Over all, it is a comfortable vehicle and we really love it!

- Shani B

It does not have automatic windshield wipers. My previous car wipers would activate automatically when the rain started and I just assumed the new models had this as a standard feature. I totally miss this option and wish I would have thought to check because I would have added this feature.

I love that my Escape is roomy on the inside yet handles like a regular size car. It has seat warmers so I'm toasty warm in the winter and when my back hurts I turn it on and it acts as a heating pad. The auto footaction hatch does not open easily you have to try several times to find just the right spot to get it to activate so I rarely use it, I hope they work on this issue in future models of the vehicle.

- Jamie M

Sporty trendy reliable vehicle.

My Ford Escape is a very comfortable vehicle. It is not too big yet large enough for a small family to travel in. It is very reliable. Good looking and sporty. The gas mileage is good. The performance is very reliable. I drive 60 miles round trip for work and only have to get gasoline every 8 days or so. I only have basic technology and it really suites my family’s needs. I would buy this vehicle again.

- Mary T

Ford Escape: convenient and affordable.

I purchased this car off of the lot in 2016, and it has been running the same since I drove it off the lot. The only issue I have ever had was driving over a screw in my driveway. The backup camera is very convenient and helps me back into a spot and parallel park. The Bluetooth feature helps me keep my eyes on the road and answer phone calls. I love how compact the car is, and how roomy the interior is.

- Christina S

2016 Ford Escape review by short mom.

Favorite features: its quiet, fits both of my car seat bound boys and all of our stuff. It's got responsive acceleration, dependable navigation, and back up camera and sensors which save me a ton of time parking. I'm under 5'0", but it adjusts pretty well for my stature. The only thing I don't like about my car is that it is lower to the ground than the previous body style which was more like a pickup.

- Candice K

It's a great smaller size SUV but has a lot of room

Like that it is a SUV. Love the big front & rear windows to see out. First time owning vehicle with backup camera & blue tooth (now I'll never own one without! love them both). Only had the car since March and love it . My only complaint it that the A/C went out in April and it's been back 3 times (in fact that's where it is now) to dealer to get it fixed (hoping they correct it this time)

- sankris h

Solid and reliable. Some comfort exceptions.

The overall ride is smooth and the size is just right. It is a comfortable vehicle to drive. I do not like that there are no back seat vents. It makes the temperature uncomfortable for people who sit in the backseat. I would like the back up camera to be larger so that I could have a better sense of what is around when reversing. I also think all cars this size should have four wheel drive.

- Michelle M

Safe and sporty w room for junk in the trunk.

I have recently purchased my ford escape and feel very confident in recommending it to others. I feel very safe and comfortable at all times while driving it. I love the back up cam, leather seats, storage options and gas mileage. I ultimately bought it because I wanted a car that could carry my bike and one that would be safer in the event of a crash. I can safely say I like my car 100%.

- Em C

The ford escape is a reliable comfortable stylish midsize vehicle that is great for small families.

My ford Escape is very comfortable. I have a toddler and it is easy to install and uninstall a car seat. There's plenty of room in the back for things like strollers or bags for trips. It is a nice family car however, if you have more than one child I would suggest buying a bigger vehicle. My family and I fit comfortably in the Ford escape and we have not had any issues with it thus far.

- Elizabeth B

Ford Escape is a great car to own.

My 2016 Ford Escape is wonderful. It is so comfy and has plenty of legroom in the front as well as in the back seat. Plenty of room for cargo as well. The navigation system is easy to operate and is really helpful. I have had it act up two times where the screen went black and I had to disconnect the battery cables to reset it. But other than that really no problems yet. Knock on wood.

- Tammy W

It is a silver soccer mom car and is comfortable.

It is very comfortable, has a lot of room inside, it is a very reliable and safe car. The steering wheel turns good and it also has a lot of safety features such as beeping when you back up too close to something to make sure you do not hit anything and also has a nice back up camera that shows everything behind you very clearly. Although this a very nice and satisfying car.

- Tammy A

Overall it is a good car and we are happy with it as of now with a family of 4!!

I love our Ford Escape! It is very comfortable and we get great miles to the gallon! I just wish the trunk was bigger because I do have a double stroller that cannot seem to fit unless I shove it in! Then I have no space at all for groceries. I also wish the back had a little more foot space. Other than that I love this car and it runs very nicely locally and on the highway!

- Amena M

Great vehicle, good features, with the cost.

This car has been great since the day I had it. Performance, gas usage and maintenance requirements have been as expected. The mobile app features are a huge bonus. The app itself has some bugs and is not always functional, but there have been some improvements in the last couple years. The touchscreen for radio, GPS, phone is very user friendly, never had an issue.

- Michele P

The best car I have ever had.

We own the titanium model and it is amazing! It has every feature we need like heated seats, navigation, and plenty of safety features like side-mirror notification. It is extremely roomy and comfortable for us and we love the way it looks too. I wish the navigation was better and up to date, though, because a lot of well-known stores in our area do not show up.

- Christy B

The perfect 2016 Ford Escape view.

Nice precise steering and relatively sharp reflexes the 2016 Ford Escape is one of the segment's top athletes. Some compact crossovers feel tall and bulky from the driver seat, but the Escape just feels like a sporty hatchback with a higher center of gravity. The driving position is also elevated, of course, so you get that SUV-style commanding view of the road.

- La Niece T

I really like the no touch lift for the trunk door.

I really do love my car. The backup camera is awesome and the touch navigation works great. I just wish the vehicle were a little bigger. If I put a stroller in the trunk there is not much room for much else. Also, if you have two car seats or people in the backseat you cannot store anything there either. It makes grocery shopping a challenge with two kids.

- Kate C

Great ride, very smooth drive.

Drives smooth, feels safe. I like it a lot, has not had any problems. Lots of room inside for all kinds of fun stuff. Great trunk space for shopping. I like how high it sits on the road. Seats are comfortable, adjustable and fits me nice. I am able to make them nice and high since I am short. All around, car is great, I really like it and enjoy driving it.

- Amy G

It is a small SUV. It is great for a small family use and wonderful for road trips.

For the most part my Ford Escape is wonderful. It is just now that an air valve has gone bad but my warranty will take care of that. I strongly recommend making sure you have a good warranty when purchasing a car. It does seem like it will not shift correctly sometimes. Other than that it is wonderful. I love the roomy leather interior. I love the my Ford.

- Cassie W

Highly recommended a must buy,

My Ford Escape is amazing. It does not have many "bells and whistles" however it is very enjoyable to drive. It gets excellent gas mileage which is helpful because gas prices are very high. I have not had any problems with my Escape. I always recommend my car to others not only because it is comfortable but also due to the accessories and the gas mileage.

- Amy K

It is not SUV like. . . Rather basic and mediocre in power.

It seems to dive great. But one thing is that it reminds too much of just a regular midsize car. . . The Ford Focus. That was my normal vehicle before and the similarities in traction and things like that I feel I should see and feel a bigger difference since upgrading to an SUV. I feel there is not enough. Ram or the power I would like in a vehicle.

- A T

Seats are very uncomfortable.

The seats are very uncomfortable, not enough room in the front. I like how much room there is in the back, first time having a sync option, but it has to be synced all the time and I am still not quite sure how it works. Cannot seem to figure out how to get my apps or music to come over the speakers and phone calls a the same time with the Bluetooth.

- Kristina W

Nice, but relatively new and experiencing issues.

I love all the bells and whistles that this crossover included, like the automatic rear gate, GPS system, heated seats, etc. It has plenty of pep and the steering is responsive. However, after just 2 1/2 years, I have already had to replace a throttle body, which wasn't covered by our extended warranty. It also continues to have cold weather issues.

- Tammy J

Great vehicle would definitely buy another love it.

I love my ford escape because it drives and handles great. It has easy to operate heat air and radio. It's a really comfortable ride and gets real good gas mileage. And for a small car it has the power you need to get in and out of traffic. My wife drive it and the safety of the car has 4 stars out of 5.I love the hatchback it's really convenient.

- James R

Love my escape the little Red River.

It is very comfortable! Has amazing gas mileage. I love the dual temp control. It runs and drives very smooth. It actually revs up kind of when you step on the gas. I have had absolutely no maintenance problems with my ford escape yet. The only thing I do not like is it is not heavy enough to tow any real weight like a decent pull behind camper.

- Angela R

My 2016 Ford Escape review.

Very reliable, can comfortably sit 5 adults. Nice trunk space. The folding back sets are nice for hauling a slightly large load. The optional manual option is nice. Great on gas mileage. Comfortable seating. Sync Bluetooth is nice to help prevent texting and driving. Also allows me to play my own music through USB. Multiple outlets for Chargers.

- Tina S

Really great vehicle with oomph.

Our Ford Escape is the titanium model. I love the back up camera and that was one of the main features I was looking for. The other features included are all very easy to use and are placed perfectly for easy use. The only thing I do not care for is the very small back seat, but since our children are older it hasn't been a major concern.

- Tricia S

Great mid size SUV with many safety features, very good gas mileage and comfort.

I love that it has a rear back-up camera. The side mirrors have little blind spot mirrors built in and is a wonderful safety feature. It is very comfortable and has many adjustable features for the seat. It has a lot of room for groceries or suitcases if traveling. It is very comfortable as far as a smooth ride. Very good on gas mileage.

- Darlene M

Great everyday luxury car.

The Escape is very comfortable, roomy and has a lot of extras that make it fun to drive. The back up camera is wonderful for parking. It has a turbo so the car moves fast without using a lot of gas. Can travel far on a tank of gas. The remote start is great during the summer and winter months so I can cool or heat my car before I get in.

- Katie M

The Ford Escape is a great car

I bought my car brand new. The gas mileage is reliable and convenient. It has plenty of storage it's not too big but not too small. It has a backup camera and sync to be safe on the road I don't have to be distracted and can talk to people with the sync device. It has plenty of space for 5 people. It's a good midsize car for a family.

- Catie h

Ford Escape. Best SUV I have ever owned.

It meets all my needs in a vehicle. I have physical limitations and this is the easiest vehicle for my to get in and out of no matter where I sit in the vehicle. It comfortably fits 5 adults with plenty of legroom. Has plenty of room for a wheelchair or a walker. Great gas mileage and I love the rear camera and alerts when backing up.

- Renee W

Perfect size and quality for me!

It is the perfect car for me- great size, performance, many features. I love the media options. Sits high enough off of the road, but is not too big to maneuver. Great for moving, which I do a lot of in my early-20s. The voice options are convenient, but you really have to work with it sometimes to accomplish what you are going for.

- Jen C

This car drives great and has lots of great safety features with blind spot assist being my favorite.

I love my Ford Escape Titanium edition! The only inconvenience we have had is travelling. It is okay for 2 people to travel in, but no more than that. I have all the features and absolutely love the blind spot assist. I do wish I could speak to the sync and it send text messages. I can hear my received messages but can't send one.

- Patricia T

2016 Ford Escape leads the SUV industry in comfort and options.

No problems it is reliable and comfortable. It is a neutral color so it looks like a lot of other SUVs it gets decent mileage for an SUV. I have had no major issues with it I like the backup camera and the steering wheel controls. A little hard to figure out at first but now that I have had it awhile I have learned how to use them.

- Sheri R

The Ford Escape is and all around good vehicle.

I have not experienced any problems with my ford Escape. The performance and reliability are excellent features of the vehicle. The one option that is not in the vehicle is google map. You have to use your phone or Garmin for directions. The backup camera is also a good feature and the number of miles to e is one of my favorites.

- Lisa P

It has luxury features for a way less price.

I love this vehicle. It is super easy to drive and has been running very well with the couple years having it. It is my moms car, but I drive it all the time and I want it really badly. I would recommend for sure. The Bluetooth, USB cords, comfy seats, touchscreen, moonroof are all perks and they make the experience 100x better.

- Morgan L

Sirius radio electronically tells you any problems like oil change due.

Good gas mileage. Lots of features. Nice riding. Tells your car what is wrong like headlight out law tires. In need if oil change. Power window. Keyless entry if keys left in cars comes with Sirius radio get very good service at dealership I bought it at. haven't had one problem to vehicle besides reg service like oil changes.

- Julie M

Loving my roomy Ford Escape!

I love the Ford Escape. It drives nicely with a good suspension. I bought mine used and still need to setup the Bluetooth features. It gets about 25 mpg. And is very roomy and comfortable. It seats 5 passengers and you have a nice open trunk area for cargo, storage or what not. (groceries, gym bags, work supplies etc.. ).

- Nancy A

Ford Escape: cute, roomy, and affordable.

The Ford Escape is a perfect size for a couple or small family. I love that it is not too big but it is not as small as a car. The back seats easily fold all the way down for a lot of extra storage. One thing I do not like is there is not a great place for my phone or other small items I want easy access to while driving.

- Shelly J

Easy to drive and handle!

I really like how easily the car handles. It's a dream to drive. The engine is smaller w turbo so gas usage is pretty good. I like how many options there are for seat adjustments. However I don't have the base model. If anything I wish there had been more options on the starter model. But the backup camera screen is tiny!

- Kristen C

Spacious, reliable, and affordable.

The Ford Escape is a great vehicle for a bigger and tall guy like myself. Plenty of leg room and spacious feel, without having to buy an oversized vehicle. I have the towing package and love being able to tow my 5x8 trailer with no issues. Great gas mileage for the vehicle and reliable, it is my households third Escape.

- Shane P

The 2016 Ford escape review

I love my car's performance. I've only had minor problems with the 4 wheel drive saying it needed service required, but was fixed. The backseats are not the most comfortable, but the front seats are great. I have a more basic model, but it still has a back view camera, 4 wheel drive, and has been super reliable for me.

- Shelby B

Great on comfort but not so much performance.

I am very pleased with the comfort of my 2016 Ford Escape. Performance is a little noisy. Especially when accelerating. I have been told that this is because of the ecoboost. . If I had known about this noise before leasing, I would have considered another brand. My lease is up soon and I will consider other options.

- Arden D

Black rims, heated driver's seat, and really low miles!

I love my Ford Escape! It looks slick, gets decent mileage, and is definitely an upgrade from what I thought I could afford. I wish it had more room as we have two boys that are very active in sports. But with a little rearranging it works. We found one with extremely low miles, black rims, and a heated driver seat!

- Jennifer S

Not a lemon and can still afford lemonade.

My favorite features are the remote start, seat warmers, ambient lighting and rear park assistance. It is great on gas. Comfy space for rear passengers and they are not cramped. It rides smoothly. . Has many features and wasn't overpriced. Extremely happy with performance and have had to do little maintenance on it.

- Anita B

It has plenty of legroom for growing grandchildren!

The Ford escape is great for people that have kids or grandkids. It has a large trunk area, with hatchback, and the back seats fold down. You can carry a lot of groceries or other things in it. I have had no problems with it. I like being able to see the speed I am going, in big numbers, and set the cruise control.

- Sherry R

Computer malfunctions. It rides rough. Doesn't block outside noises. Too small. Needs more rear a/c vents

I hate my car. I regret ever buying it. The computer screen that controls the radio is always malfunctioning. The rear of the vehicle doesn't have enough vents for passengers and they need their own controls. The seat belts lock up before you can extend them enough. It ride roughs and doesn't block out road sounds

- Connie R

Windshield and wipers nee dc reevaluation.

The vehicle is comfortable to drive. 4WD great for the winter especially living in New England. Spacious back seat for the kids. Plenty of room for all their gear for sports. Heat and a/c work well. Windshield is too large. Have had the wipers actually fly off the vehicle twice. That is the only real complaint.

- Ann S

Reliable, attractive vehicle with good pickup and a really comfortable ride.

Very reliable, great touch screen interaction, good gas mileage, extremely comfortable ride, love the look of it. Keyless entry, remote start, and keyless ignition are so convenient. Foot wave to open rear lift is a fun and convenient feature. Could use some better designed small storage areas around the driver.

- Julie G

I live in New England and this SUV handles amazing in the snow and cold winters.

The escape is the perfect size for my family of 5. There is plenty of legroom in the backseat for my kids. The cargo area is large enough to hold multiple suitcases, coolers and other items needed for our many road trips. Excellent of fuel and mileage. This is my 3rd escape and I have never been happier with it.

- Michele B

Slow response to tow car after distress call.

Had some initial problems with the vehicle. Finally got Ford to replace the engine at 20, 000 miles since that time car has run good. The problem involved an oil leak and left my wife stranded for several hours on roadside did not like that situation. Other then that and replacing tires and battery its been ok.

- Marsh M

It is a very common car, so make sure you get an uncommon color.

Super comfortable car. I take lots of road trips and it has held up well! Love the sunroof and black exterior. The only thing that I would change about my car is the size of the dashboard screen. It is super small and would be nicer if it was bigger and maybe a touch screen. It is not a deal breaker though.

- Megan C

Very reliable and safe vehicle. No problems safe driving my family around.

I love my escape, it drives very nice. I have had the car for almost 3 years and have had no problems with it. The only problem I found is that when reversing in run and snow it squeaks . When I took it in they just said it was rust and nothing to worry about. Overall I feel Safe driving my family in my car

- Jacqueline H

It is pretty reliable for the most part, we have never broken down or had any major problems with it.

It's a nice car, it has some great features like camera's blind spot indicator, navigation and voice control. It gets pretty decent gas mileage, is comfy and has enough room. I am not keen on the moon roof and when it gets really cold the cameras ice over plus the sync goes out of whack every so often.

- Rory F

I enjoy my backup camera feature.

This is my 2nd time leasing a Ford/escape. I like the ride and the performance it provides. I also like the gas mileage. For me it is not too small and it is not too big. The interior is very comfortable and provides just the right amount of space for me. I enjoy my driving experience in my Ford/escape.

- Wanda R

The heated seats are great for the winter.

The car performs very well in the snow. I live in Michigan and there is a variety weather and the car always performs well. Heated seats are very nice. Bluetooth for music and syncs your calls and text messages. It drives very smoothly, breaks work nicely. Rearview camera helps a lot with backing up.

- Sam G

2016 Ford Escape perfect size.

The size is perfect for me, the storage is sufficient. We can fit 3 "smaller people in the back seat or two with a car seat. The gas mileage is decent and so far a low maintenance vehicle. We purchased a warranty with the vehicle which allows us to keep up with the oil changes, etc. without a hassle.

- Brenda R

Great car for the money an a small family.

The car/SUV is nice, but not roomy for me. But overall it's a good buy good gas mileage. Trunk space is a good size an has more room if you put back seats down. I haven't had any problems. No recalls on it that I am aware of. Bought brand new in 2016. I like it, but would like something a bit bigger.

- Tracy B

2016 ford escape titanium edition.

Haven't owned it long enough yet to give a thorough evaluation but it is very nice. The technology is good, it drives very tight has a lot of features and feels like a safe vehicle for me and my family. Seems to get good gas mileage I will know more when I own it for longer and take it on long trips.

- Jen K

This vehicle is very safe and saved our families lives

Love our car! Great performance, great fuel mileage, and awesome safety features. This is our second Ford Escape due to an accident in our first. We chose to buy again because of how well it did in the first accident, it would have been a lot worse without the safety features built into this vehicle.

- Renee G

Drives extremely easy and gets great gas mileage.

It drives great. I currently have a problem with the turbo Charger but I am planning on getting it fixed soon. I enjoy plugging in my android auto to listen to music everyday and the navigation is wonderful. I enjoy being able to text while using my android auto. It makes driving a whole lot easier.

- Diana M

The ford escape titanium - overall decent SUV that can use some modifications.

I love this car. The only issue I really have is with wind noise. Even with the windows closed, you can hear air noise. Also, the escape is very bouncy. It is not a smooth ride and you feel the road imperfections. There are also times that the auto close on the tailgate door does not close properly.

- Joanna T

2016 honesty about the Ford Escape.

The vehicle is great overall. It is very compact, would not recommend for large families. It is very good on gas however, it needs an oil change when the factory warning says it does or it will run very roughly. It rides very smoothly otherwise. This is a Ford that I would recommend to many people.

- Chanel S

Back seats fold down. Back up camera. Bluetooth. Great gas mileage.

It's a great vehicle and I love it. Great gas mileage and performs like a charm. Only minor issues which my dealership provides service for when it's needed. I love that the seats fold down and the back has a lot of space. The only thing I wish was different was the backup camera screen was bigger.

- Christina N

Basically I would get this car again for what you pay.

All good. Some issues with the seat springs in drivers side. I like the storage it has. The back seat is comfortable and the ride is nice. The engine is a little loud on acceleration. The heating/ air system is good. All in all it is a car I would purchase again. We did like having all wheel drive.

- Maggie L

The perfect soccer mom vehicle.

This is a great vehicle if you are looking for a crossover/SUV that is compact. I can fit plenty in it, but my husband feels a bit cramped in it. I like the sportiness, the response, the appearance and the overall performance. It drives more like a car than an SUV and for me, that is a good thing.

- Maggie G

Love my Escape with all the features and comforts it has!

I had my car 6 months when I started having a problem and had to have a part that had been recalled replaced. Since then no problems. Its roomy enough for me and my daughter. With the back seats folded down the little car can hold a lot of stuff, was surprised when I could fit a 60" flat screen!

- Brittany H

Easy to drive SUV in handling and driving. Handles great in all road conditions.

After driving a van for 10 years, it was a bit of a difference to drive the Ford Escape. I love the easy handling of the Escape. The only issue I have with my Escape is a rattle in the front passenger side. Not been able to figure out what the issue it. But outside of that, it's a great car.

- Lisa F

The USB compartment is very convenient. Everything is easily accessible.

My car is great! With two kids it's easy to very accessible! The large open space in the back makes it super easy to go grocery shopping. And the quick and easy fold down seats makes it easy to haul large items! I have tall children, and with the space in the back, my kids can grow in this car.

- Kayla M

Love the features: sensors, automatic park and liftgate.

I have not had any problems the vehicle it has been a very reliable vehicle and operates well in the snow. Visibility is very good, love the extended sunroof makes the inside bright. Is to operate has all the bells and whistles. Automatic park is great and automatic lift gate is a nice feature.

- Maria B

My perfect beach vacation 2016 Ford Escape.

My 2016 white Ford Escape is affordable and sensible to buy. It has great gas mileage, is spacious enough for 5 people and a medium sized storage area in the rear, and so far, two and a half years, has been maintenance free. It is the perfect size for our favorite beach vacation destinations.

- Tracy B

It has a lot of features to it.

I like the features it has like remote start, power everything, and navigation. I can open the trunk with my foot. Sometimes it doesn't seem to work for me. I like being able to have different ways to open and lock the car. I can lock everything in the car so I don't have to carry everything.

- Jamie S

Keyless entry is one of my favorite things on the car.

First of all let me start off by saying I love the color. I absolute love the keyless entry, the leather seats are very comfortable! I have the aluminum rims which are a absolute must for any car I have! The wheels are like the eyes, first thing you look at! I love everything about this SUV!

- Melissa S

As a short person I love being up high.

I love my Ford Escape, I feel comfortable driving this car, love how it handles. It is a little small when going on a trip as far as packing but the two of us it is fine. I love the features it has that my old car didn't have. Over all I would recommend this vehicle to my friends and family.

- Martha P

Great smaller SUV with four wheel drive.

Very reliable and comfortable for both the driver and passengers. Only issues—needs storage for phones and would like larger cargo space but is still good for a smaller SUV. The sync system is improved over the older one I had in my Fusion. The Bluetooth speaker placement is also improved.

- Sara M

It is reliable and has good visibility.

It is a reliable car. What I do not like about it is the configuration of the space between seats in the front. There is no phone cubby which the 2017 escape has. Plus the passenger seat is not electric although the driver's seat is. At this price point, both should be automatic not manual.

- Anne M

This car is a fantastic car, buy it!

This car performs really well. It works great in all weather conditions, I live in Michigan so we experience all four seasons and I have yet to have a problem with it. I love the leather seats. It comes with heated seating which is great for the winter. The back up camera is also very nice.

- Sam K

This vehicle is perfect for a driver who does not like to "think" about driving.

Vehicle is comfortable, easy to handle in snow, reliable, intelligent 4 wheel drive makes rough roads easier to handle, good gas mileage, exterior and interior are attractive, have heated seats and auto window, moonroof, seats are easy to lay down so I can fit larger cargo in back to haul.

- Lori L

I love how clean it looks and comfortable it is to drive.

I love my car, but if you need a lot of room in the seating area, it will not work for you. Plenty of space in the trunk, seats are slightly cramped. Fuel economy is not the best. It drives smooth and comfortable. Windshield wipers are strange the way they work, but they work so it's fine.

- Laurel H

Feel like you are riding on a cloud check out ford escape it is a dream car.??.

My cars performance had been wonderful it is a great running car it is also very good on gas. It drives like a dream like your on a cloud.It. Has a quiet engine you do not have noise my family and I love it I am happy with the purchase and recommend it to. Anyone looking for a nice car.

- Bianca J

Ford is for family and stability.

Gets great gas mileage. Room for 5. Plenty of the room in the trunk. Excellent for a family of four to five. The air conditioning has a small issue of cooling for a long period of time but it doesn't happen often. Would definitely purchase or lease another Ford is given the opportunity.

- Jorge S

Perfect vehicle great reliability.

This is the 3rd Escape I have owned. I love the size, the room inside and the options. It is the perfect sized vehicle for me and my family. We have taken it all over the us on trips. There is always plenty of room for all of our luggage! I will continue to buy this model in the future.

- Sarah C

It's a great smaller family suv with great handling in the winter months.

I love the fuel economy and the back up camera! A few things I have discovered about my escape are at times the trunk space is almost not enough room, especially when grocery shopping or buying bigger items. Sometimes it says the tow lights aren't working when we aren't towing anything.

- Amanda R

Ford escape - great SUV.

It is a good car. Gets good gas mileage. The vehicle has automatic headlights which is very nice. Has a 60/40 back seat. There are two latch points that are easy to access on either outboard seat. Spacious cargo area in the back. I feel like it has been a good fit for me and my family.

- Brittany G

The stunning Ford Escape!!

I love everything about it! The exterior is very stunning & I love the color. The interior is beautiful and easy to use all the dials & radio etc. It has great gas mileage and terrific handling. The seats are super comfortable and easy to adjust. Easy to see outside all around the car.

- Gail E

Ford escape 2016 first car.

Wish it had automatic seats, wish it had a 3 seater, & seat warmers, maybe even a push to start or sensors if you're too close to another car or if another car is coming - it does have back up camera, mykey feature, reliable, great on gas, Bluetooth features and, runs very smooth.

- Vanessa A

Ford escape: driving a dream.

Performance is great. Handles like a dream. It has a lot of miles due to driving from the country to the city. The technology is incredible. The only issue is navigation data and directions are out of date. Have not had chance to update yet. Drives well. Handles the snow for our area.

- Ryan H

I think the most important thing to know is that it handles really well in any type of weather condition.

I love my car. The gas mileage is great. I live where it snows a lot & the escape handles really well in the snow. I am constantly switching back & forth between my radio, my iPhone, & my iPod with little problems. The brakes are great. I've had my car almost 2 years with no problems.

- Jessica P

The perfect vehicle for the family on the go!

Had it for 2yrs no problems whatsoever, perfect for shopping, plenty of room. Drives smooth, very gas efficient. Great for long trips, lots if leg room and storage room. Tires are perfect in all weather, has a backup camera that is very useful. Just an all around comfortable vehicle.

- Teresa A

What I like most about my ford escape.

It has. Larger screens than most cars for backing up. It has a good radio and sound. It is comfortable seating with the heat in it which I love. I love the look of the car. It drives very nice, no pulling of any direction on the tires. The heating system heats faster than most.Cars.

- Gladys A

Ford Escape computer problems.

Before my vehicle had 24, 000 miles on it the computer had gone out. At 29, 000 miles it needs new tires. It is a fun vehicle to drive but I have been very disappointed in the problems. I had a Kia and a Honda before this vehicle and never once had to use the new warranty on them.

- Barb T

Rear camera and very roomy.

Great gas mileage, comfortable riding long distances. The vehicle handles great on long trips and when pulling a trailer. The backup camera is great although it took some getting used to. The Escape is very roomy and when you let the seats down you can fit a full size bed frame.

- Jaime D

Great family vehicle, spacious for family of 4.

I have had no major mechanical issues, only problem was the ac right after we bought it used, a year old. No problem s since. Gets decent fuel mileage, great for small families. Comfortable to drive and ride along. Only downside is it lacks acceleration. Has a fuel flex package.

- Jeremy H

The car is fun to drive both on city streets and on highways

My Ford Escape is very comfortable to ride in. It's has great acceleration and has the features I want, such as satellite radio and GPS. I only wish that the gas mileage was better. In the city I average about 20 miles per gallon and on the highway about 25 miles per gallon.


Ford Escape, how it has done for me.

The Ford Escape is pretty good. Rides good on trips, but not that good on gas mileage. Haven't used it for towing yet, but should be easy to do. Lease is up in a few months, so I might see about buying it, do not know yet. I do not drive it very much, 7200 miles in 2 1/2 years.

- Charles V

Ford Escape pros and cons.

It drives smooth can drift a little when it rains so be careful I have had a little trouble with the transmission but the dealership helped out it has okay gas mileage with is very important nowadays it has great room in the bad and if you need more you can put down the seats.

- Amy T

Ford escape is a comfortable, good looking car that is great for a family.

I like the way it looks. It is a comfortable ride. I do not like the radio set up- I find it difficult to change stations while driving. It has ample room for 2 adults and two car seats. The only thing I do not like is there is too much noise coming into the car when driving.

- Debbie L

Great car for small families.

This vehicle is the ultimate mom car! I love it! I can pretty much do everything on the dash with vocal commands! The kids ride comfortably. I do wish the trunk had more room. This really is not an SUV. It is more of a crossover. Families of more than four shouldn't purchase.

- Amanda M

The Ford Escape. . Gives you a reason to Escape!!

The Escape is fun to drive and gas friendly! Smooth drive and great for driving trips! With the a great smartphone connectivity through the Escape for wonderful handsfree options. A great value for a small family like ours. For its small size, its very roomy and comfortable.

- Christine C

Escape handles well, a smooth ride.

I have a black Ford Escape. I am leasing. I have no real issues with the ride or performance, I just would prefer a larger car like the Edge. The gas mileage is just okay. I feel like I am always going to get gas. Otherwise, I like the car and it is performance as a whole.

- Crystal M

The spare tire kit is amazing and is found in the trunk with everything you need.

The only thing I dislike about this vehicle is the automatic interior lighting that does not shut off, even when the trunk is the only thing open. Other than that I love everything about this car. It is very spacious, but when driving feels similar to driving a small car.

- Taylor T

Very happy with my 16 Ford Escape.

No issues at all. 60k miles and only oil changes and tire rotations. Good performance and comfort and reasonable cost to operate. This car has been very reliable even in the Cleveland winter weather. Options are adequate and it is easy to see all the way around the car.

- Bruce D

Really enjoying my Ford Escape.

Highly reliable car. Comfortable to drive. I really like the sync feature that communicates with my phone. I have had no issues with my car so far. The backseat does feel a little cramped in comparison to similar cars. maintenance has been affordable through the dealer.

- Kelsey H

My likes and dislikes of my 2016 Ford Escape.

Very comfortable. Great lighting, everything functions as it should. Gas mileage not great. Handles well in wet weather. Tells you how many miles left on gas that's in the gas tank. Does not have cup holders in the back passenger seat. Car overall a nice family vehicle.

- Robin D

The 2016 Escape is sporty and I love the black leather and the black interior.

Love this vehicle! The leather gets hot in the summer though and cold in the winter. At least in the winter you can use the seat warmers! The 2016 didn't come with apple play so I had to install it myself. I use mine for delivering meals with grubhub and it works great!

- Ashley W

I would say the most important thing to know about the SUV Ford Escape is the great vehicle handling on all types of roads and weather!

I love how my Ford Escape handles and drives on all types of roads/weather. The seats are comfortable for all passengers and offers a lot of legroom! The smaller SUV design gets great gas mileage and still has room to haul shopping bags with easy in the back portion.

- Melissa L

Love that it has backup camera and syncs up pretty easily with your mobile phone.

In general an excellent vehicle/ good on gas/mileage, comfortable and roomy. Only issue is back passenger doors inside siding falls out easily (clip fail) ample space for us with two kids. Excellent for driving in the New England winter weather. Handles great in snow.

- Eric T

I absolutely love my Ford Escape.

I drive a white Ford Escape. It was my first new vehicle purchase. I really love the back up camera and the hands free settings. The gas mileage is great especially on road trips. The only thing I wish we had was all wheel drive for the harsh winters we get sometimes.

- Jessica S

Ford Escape safety- check it out if you are interested in buying!

This car is safe to drive in the winter which is very important in the area where I live. The rear view camera is excellent and clear. If the rear camera breaks, it can easily be fixed! I recommend getting the hybrid car to help save on gas costs. Do not cosign a car.

- Robin J

Excellent features, limited head space.

I truly enjoy the features of this car. I have the titanium finish and the driver assist, rearview mirror, AWD, and moonroof are all excellent specs. However, the back row of seating offers limited space and it tends to feel very cramped with more than 2 passengers.

- Kelsey S

Great all-around SUV with fantastic mpg.

Reliable car with great fuel efficiency for an SUV. Handles great in all weather. Very comfortable and smooth ride. Includes features that I didn't think that I wanted, but I am so glad to have like the backup camera and Bluetooth connectivity. I have no complaints.

- Angela M

The things about our Ford Escape that we really enjoy.

Back up camera that helps on reverse. Phone synchronization witch makes staying connected with loved ones while driving. Navigation system. Good gas mileage which is wonderful in today's economy. Changeable mood lighting makes things fun and adds a different touch.

- Lori M

Fantastic ford escape with hands free liftgate!

Absolutely perfect small SUV for highway and around town drives. Has all the features you want...GPS, 10 speaker Sony stereo, auto lift gait, remote start and Sirius radio free for 3 mos. It rides smooth and has good pick up on hills and highway merging... Love it.

- Chris W

Great SUV! Highly recommend Ford Escape.

No problems!! Car is excellent and I would buy another again! No issues at all! It is reliable, comfortable, rides great, smooth drive, everything you could want in an SUV! We bought the car in 2015 new and would buy another Ford Escape if our budget allowed us to.

- Jennifer S

Ford Escape is perfect for moms.

I only have issues with the sync software. Mainly issues with phone connectivity and apps working. Other than that I love everything about my car. It is the perfect size for me. A lot of cool features that make being a mom easier. Enough room for everything we do.

- Kate L

Ford Escape is a great vehicle.

Very comfortable. Love the multiple driver seat adjustments. Also the back up camera is very convenient. I enjoy the Bluetooth phone connection. Unfortunately the only back seat cup holders are in the door panel, but there is a 12v charging jack for the back seat.

- Diane B

Ecoboost engine is very responsive. Some of the controls take some getting used to.

So far I have had no major problems with this car. Have had a few problems using the hands free button. Car is comfortable to drive, would like a little better gas mileage and have a little more room in the back when all seats are up. Overall it is not a bad car.

- William H

It is small but it sits 5 comfortably with lots of trunk room for food or pups!

Very reliable and has not broken down yet. Seats are very comfortable as front ones have heat control but no cooling (they’re cloth not leather). Rear camera is super helpful and has a clear quality. Ford people are very accommodating and help whenever we call.

- Kaitlyn G

The dash love all the things on there. Love handsfree phone. Love screen stuff.

Gas mileage not a good as i would like. And not enough cubbies for things. I have a lots of stuff. I liked the bigger/squarer body. When are they going to make phone holders. I love the fun of driving. It is almost like a sports car. Love screen and all options.

- June D

great for 1 kid, not 2.

The trunk is not the biggest and not a ton of room with two car seats in the back seat. Not a lot of space for tall drivers/passengers and children in back seat. Very comfortable, seat warmers work great, nice display on media screen. Feels safe and not too big.

- Julia A

It is a very nice and comfortable vehicle.

I really enjoy the special features the car comes with. I especially enjoy how spacious it is which can be very helpful in my day to day life. I would have to say that the car not having leather seats makes it very easy for dirt and stains to get into the seats.

- Ake Z

Excellent vehicle, great for families or singles.

It is a great SUV, I have the tow package and it pulls my boat very good, no issues, the moonroof is a very nice option that extends back the entire length of the roof and the remote start and heated seats are a must for the winter months I recommend buying it.

- Heidi H

Good bad ugly of owning the Ford Escape.

Very reliable wish it was a little bigger did replace engine because of factory defect. No charge two days no rental car had to pay for it. Not fair of Ford got good service from local Ford dealer its out of warranty now too expensive to buy coverage from ford.

- Marsh M

Am very happy with the car. Rides very nice and works great on icy roads.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. Runs awesome. Very reliable. Comes with heated seats. It is perfect for my husband and I. Sits up high so you do not feel like you are crawling out of the car. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone that would like SUV.

- Cheryl N

Ford 2016 escape love my car.

The only problem ihadwasa noise around my back tire. I have had no problems with my cars of ar and runs great. I should of bought AWD instead of standard at the time it didn't fit my budget. I would differently reconsider because we live in. With a lot of snow.

- Carl B

The vehicle is very reliable and gets great gas mileage.

The vehicle is very comfortable and spacious. Very reliable, I have never had an issue. This is my 2nd Escape. It handles very well in the winter. Snowy roads no problems. Gas mileage is great took a long 800-1000 mile road trip and only stopped once for gas.

- Michelle H

It's a great vehicle for people with kids and families

I love that my vehicle is large enough for my family but not too big. I love the backup camera but wish it had automatic seats as I am short and always have to move it when my husband borrows it. It makes me feel like I am keeping my family safe at all times

- Kayla A

Overview of the ford escape.

I love my car and do not have any major problems with it. However, I wish the steering was a little stronger to combat the occasional heavy winds. Also, the backup camera is projected on a small screen which makes it almost impossible for the driver to see.

- Brie S

2016 Ford Escape review.

Performance and reliability is very good! I have not had any problems in the past 2 years. I do regular oil changes at my dealership. The comfort is good, sometimes it is hard to get comfortable with long drives but that is because I have lower back pains.

- Alyssa B

Not ideal for starting family.

I feel every bump on the road and it really rattles the vehicle. The CD player car faulty, and I was going to be charged to fix it if it wasn't under warranty. Having a car seat in the vehicle now makes it difficult to fit in the driver and passenger seat.

- Christina M

Very happy with the car so far, no problems gets me where I need to go.

No problems. Performance is good, love the reverse screen. Seats could use a little more cushion. A better sound on the radio would help on long drives. I would like it better if the back seat folded down flat. It has good gas mileage. Nothing else to say.

- Kathy G

Overall it is a great value.

I like my car. It is a nice size for me, not too big and not too small, and I think that it is pretty easy to maintain. I have not had any big issues with my car. It performs well and it is very reliable in my opinion. My car is also great on gas as well.

- Dee O

Outstanding Ford product with great features.

Easy riding, comfortable, like the storage space, sunroof is great, decent gas mileage, no mechanical problems, has cruise control, backup rearview camera, still getting used to it. Overall absolutely love my vehicle, would buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Cheryl D

Heated seats and steering wheel plus the navigation feature.

My vehicle is big enough to haul items. It is roomy and spacious and I love the leather interior and panel options. It offers heated seats and steering wheel. It rides smoothly and had navigation. The back seats fold down for additional room when needed.

- Linda F

Ford Escape is the car for me.

I love my Ford Escape. It is not too big but its big enough for everything we need to use it for. It is a little sporty but also good as a family car. It is good on gas mileage and has good pick up. My son and his wife also just got one and they love it.

- Karen G

Ford Focus and why it is a middle of the road car.

Low clearance, headlights are not very bright, it is loud when driving, the seals around the doors do not stay on. The car gets great gas mileage. The heated seats and mirrors are great in the winter. The car in comfortable to drive and roomy to ride in.

- Shannon C

Great size with Great Gas mileage. The perfect car for running errands with a small family.

I love the reliability of my car. It is there for me, runs well, and gets pretty decent gas mileage. I also love the way it rides, relatively smooth and quiet. It is the right size for me to run errands with my kiddos. I also like that I feel safe in it.

- kelly s

Price wise great deal with no money down. Dealership were very friendly and helpful.

I love the color. I like how comfortable the driver seat is but dislike the passenger seat. I was very uncomfortable driving until I found out you can move the steering wheel forward. Hard adjusting to a 4 cylinder when I've been used to a 6 cylinder.

- Annette A

Ford Escape. A way to Escape while driving.

I love my Ford Escape. There is plenty of room for cargo. Plenty of legroom for the back seat. Navigation system is top notch and haven't had any problems in two years. It drives great in the winter and with heated leather seats my butt never gets cold.

- Tammy W

Ford Escape - great vehicle.

Great vehicle, perfect size for 5, like the fold down rear seats, gets great performance. Rear view window does not have blind spots, very reliable. Service charges are reasonable. Easy to maintain. We like the heated leather seats and it looks classy.

- Larry E

Convenient size. Comfortable to ride and has given me no maintenance problems.

The mileage is better at approx 26 mpg than my previous car. The size is not too small and not to large. I want something that I can load things into without too much trouble and the back seats can be lowered giving me enough room to put in my bike.

- Lana F

The ford escape, what a ride!

I enjoy the smooth ride and maneuverability. There's a quiet roomy interior and good amount cargo space. I love having a sunroof. All in all, I feel the ford escape is an excellent vehicle for my daily commute. The fuel economy exceeded expectations.

- Eric R

The most amazing feature is Park Assist. when you live in New York and have to look for parking every day, this feature is awesome, the car finds the spot and parks while you are not even touching the wheel.

I have Escape Titanium and I love it. It has a lot of features, but the most handy is park assist, that is a huge help when you have to park in a tight parking space. I like the comfortable bucket seats, the eco boost system, hands free liftgate.

- lydia b

It's not that expensive to have a vehicle that has a lot of options and is affordable and economical.

The car is easy to turn. It's large enough to haul plenty of items yet small enough to turn on a dime. It is loaded so it also has a lot of options on it. I got the fuel injected engine so it has a lot of pick up too. No complaints at this time.

- Kia M

On my Escape I wish the sales people would have told me what to do in the case the power liftgate does not completely close. You get an error on your dash and the trunk is not sealed completely. I had to look up on Youtube any others that had this issue and found the solution. I didn't want to have to drive to the dealership with it not being secure.

I like how spacious the suv is. I like the power that comes with mine, and love that I get great gas mileage. The only thing I dislike is the app features within the touchscreen. The sync module does not always work so text-to-speech not working.

- Chris B

If you're looking for a car that's great on gas and has top of the line technology, than the Ford Escape is great!

The gas mileage is awesome and it's a smooth ride. I love the built in NAV system and Bluetooth capabilities. The backseat is not very roomy though and makes for a very uncomfortable long ride. The gas and brake pedals are too close together.

- Joh D

It is spacious, and pretty decent on gas. Make sure that tires are good, and that brakes don't squeak

I do not like that my car does not warn me when my oil is getting low or what the tire pressures are. I have had cars that have done both for me, which was really helpful. Also, I needed to replace my shocks after only 6 months of using it.

- Emily A

It's great for a family, but the back seat is a bit small for teenagers.

I like the size and love the backup camera. My adult kids don't find the backseat comfortable. There is a lot of wind noise. I love the Sync system for playing audio from my phone and making hands free calls. The cargo space is just right.

- Joy M

Greatly underestimated vehicle, don't knock it, the technology beat out BMW of the same year.

I like the size of the vehicle because it is an SUV..so I can haul all sorts of things.The technology- backup vision, bluetooth, sidecar warnings, touch screen.The peppiness of the engine, great response time, and it is comfortable too.

- merilyn b

The most important thing others should know about my car is that I had an alarm system installed.

I like my car. I would like a larger back-up screen, but that is about the only thing I can criticize. I like that I can set my lights to go on automatically based on darkness. It gets good mileage in comparison to my last vehicle.

- margaret d

2016 Ford Escape very reliable, safe, family vehicle

The vehicle has many useful safety features such as blind spot sensors, sensors around the car to help with parking, built in navigation, heated side mirrors and comfortable seating. Plenty of truck space and very reliable for travel.

- Brittany W

It is a great brand and buy. The vehicle is designed to be easy to clean and runs well.

I like the roominess of the vehicle and the interior that is very easy to clean. I keep up with the maintenance on the vehicle and have had no problems with the vehicle even with the high mileage that has been put on it in two years.

- Anecia S

Small SUV that is cheaply made but family friendly

I like that I can fit 3 car seats in the back. I like the gas mileage too. Unfortunately the car is cheaply made. My 6 year old shut the door and the plastic on the door broke. The interior siding got stuck so the door wouldn't open.

- Anne G

Fast, comfortable, spacious ride.

Enjoy the drive if the Escape, it is fast to get up and go and smooth ride, however it does make a lot of air type noises that can be annoying. Love the power control functionality for drivers chair but passenger side does not have.

- Erica T

2016 Ford Escape - Amazing SUV for the money!

Vehicle is dependable and gets good gas mileage. The sound system is surprisingly good for stock. The Escape has Microsoft Sync which allows me to connect via Bluetooth. It's pretty fast and very good looking. Love my Escape!

- Erin S

This vehicle has a button that you push and it will parallel park itself. My wife needs this because she stinks at parallel parking.

The SUV is very easy to maneuver in tight areas. My Escape has all the latest technology that one could ask for. And, most importantly it is very economical and affordable for being a new vehicle with what it has to offer.

- David m

I have had no major issues with my 2016 Ford Escape

I like that my car is reliable and comfortable. I wish it got better gas mileage. We have the S model, so we don't have back seat air conditioning, which stinks since we have a toddler. I would love to have a larger vehicle.

- Cayla P

Good gas mileage. Convenient sync. Backup camera. Parking assist.

Car is very comfortable. The heated seats are great! It runs well and is easy to drive. This is my second escape and I love how easy it handles. It has sync and that is a great tool! Easy navigation and hands free phone.

- Rachel B

Ford Escape Fanatic!!!!!!

I love the moon roof on my car and the built in seat warmers are fantastic on a cold day. I love the handling of my car and that it lets me know if there's a car behind me as I back up. Extremely satisfied with my Ford!

- Lacy P

Make sure to sit for several seconds after shifting gears before moving.

There is not much I dislike about this vehicle. I enjoy the cargo space and there is more than enough space for a family of 5 to travel for a camping trip. We used this vehicle on an 8 hr trip to MS and fit just great!

- Elizabeth B

It's perfection in a bottle wrapped up by Santa on Christmas morning.

It is an amazing upgrade from a 2001 isuzu rodeo! I love the steering wheel controls, the seats, the AC, the touch screen controls, absolutely everything! I just wish the vents we're higher up so they dont hit my hands

- Jerica J

It is a very durable car, will last a long time.

I like the back up camera, button actives lift gate, computer dash with electronic speedometer. I dislike the fabric floor mats, the fact that the side mirrors get fogged up and when I sync my phone the audio is quiet.

- Jennifer R

It gets great gas mileage.

Dislike how the windshield wiper wipes one last time at the end when it is already dry. I also dislike how this model does not have gps. You have to connect your phone to it. I do like the reverse camera and sunroof.

- Leslie B

It is safe and has great gas mileage and it is comfortable.

My car is comfortable. It has great gas mileage. I feel safe in it. I will say that the metal around the car is rather weak, but, I am sure that is because as I say-- It will give its life in case of an accident.

- Bonnie G

Soundly built automobile and enjoyable to drive

Well built automobile. It has many features that make it desirable. Easy and comfortable to drive. One complaint after service is that it shakes at certain speeds. More to do with the servicing than the car itself.

- Jim A

Better performance please!

One of the down sides is that it is an SUV with only front wheel drive. Also, a vehicle if that size should have v6 engine. Those are the only problem for me. The car is reliable and comfortable to drive otherwise!

- Nikki T

Sometimes the radio freaks out and starts skipping through channels and you need to clean the window where the backup camera is quite often.

It's easy to drive. The driver's seat adjusts into multiple positions so you can be higher up, for short people or lower down for taller people. It gets great gas mileage and there's plenty of trunk and leg room.

- Heather C

The car is safe and dependable.

I like the special features on the vehicle. I like the safety and dependability of the vehicle. I enjoy the overall comfort that the vehicle provides. I think that the drive is somewhat bumpy and could be better.

- Rick S

Fuel Economy and Power in an Affordable Package

My 2016 Ford Escape SE is reliable, gets great mileage, and its 2.0 EcoBoost engine delivers impressive acceleration when required. It would be the perfect road trip car if the seats were a bit more comfortable.

- Michael M

Comfort level of the 2016 Ford escape

2016 Ford Escape is comfortable to drive and runs great. The rear seat could have a bit more cushion seat is a bit hard. Cargo space in rear is great and the rear seat lays flat in case you're moving large items.

- Ellen C

It allows us to carry my husband's mobility scooter easily

I like the size of the SUV and I like that it is connected to my phone. I like the ease of getting cargo in and out of the back. I am not particular happy with the way it drives, the gas mileage nor the comfort

- Elin H

I have had absolutely no problems with my car - it is very reliable.

I enjoy my escape, nice drive, nice ride. The seats are a little hard, but they are very adjustable (I have a titanium). It handles well in the snow, has a great sound system, backup camera which is very handy.

- Susan P

It is safe and good on gas mileage. It is comfortable and has good space

I like my vehicle because it gets good gas mileage. I like that it has a backup camera. I don't like that when I first got it I had issues with the shocks although they got replaced. I like the 4 wheel drive.

- Barb O

It is fun and easy to drive. I love it. I recommend an Escape for everyone.

My Escape drives like a dream. It has enough cargo space to carry my husbands motorized wheelchair and groceries or luggage depending on where we are going. I love it. My kids are alway trying to borrow it.

- dorie A

Why I love my 2016 Ford Escape

I love that the car grades mu driving based on speed and anticipation. We have a large family so stepping down from a 3 row vehicle was tough but the trunk space in the car is awesome and the ride is smooth.

- Shaunda G

The blind spot sensors and backup camera are great.

I love the sunroof, leather seats, backup camera, sensors, and built in gps. I don't like some things that were obviously cheapened when making my car. Tires already need to be replaced, paint chipping, etc.

- John N

It is a little uncomfortable, but seems to be rugged

It is the first Ford car I ever owned. I have always had an affinity to Ford Trucks. I have had an aversion to Ford cars. This one is an SUV built on a small truck frame. My wife says it drives like a truck

- Bob H

It is really good on gas.

I love the dashboard and the design of the car. It is comfortable, drives smoothly, and I like the sound system. I just wish it had cooled seats and that the a/c in the backseat was more powerful/effective.

- Sivan L

Good on gas for an SUV with traveling on the highway.

Comfortable vehicle and good on gas. The vehicle needs better airflow and will not fit 3 kids needing car seats and or booster seats. Good for 2 kids and love the back seats folding down for larger items.

- Kat S

The speakers and audio are not that loud. Also the bluetooth has some issues but overall decent vehicle for the price.

It's good on gas and is a good vehicle for in between a car and massive SUV. The price was fair and payments are affordable. Only problem is with the bluetooth. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

- John Z

It is great, fun to drive, great gas mileage.

Love the size, acceleration, gas mileage, dependability, safety features.. Dislike the fact that it makes a "wind" noise at the bottom of the windshield at higher speeds. Impossible to pin down its origin.

- Julie G

Driving higher up IS the way to go! The windshield is exactly like the one in my old car, a 2006 Honda Civic, so the transition was totally smooth!

I LOVE my ford! It passes other cars like a dream. It is usually a smooth ride, the air pressure light helps along the way! I wish i had an oil check reminder in the car, but other than that, it's aces!!!

- Sharla G

It has great pick up and is great on gas.

It drives well and has lots of space. I love the hatch trunk. The escape is great on gas. It has a screen with GPS, maintenance information and radio. Also has capability to charge phones and electronics.

- Susan B

One of the highest rated safety vehicles that should help with insurance rates.

Love the safety features such as back-up camera, blind spot warnings, hands free phone feature, etc. Very comfortable ride. I also like the dash features such as miles to empty, current mpg averages, etc.

- Angela H

It is the perfect size for hauling smaller pieces of furniture that I might purchase at a flea market.

The size is perfect for me. I have another older Escape and enjoyed it so much, I bought a newer one. I love that I can haul bigger items and have AWD for the winter. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Josephine C

Nice hatchback for active young people, but shape can be distracting

The only complaint I have about my car is that due to the construction of the windows, it can be difficult to see your blind spot when cranking your head around. The back up cam is also not very accurate.

- Stephanie L

This vehicle is the best of its kind.

I think this car is amazing. I wish my car had remote start but I can't complain. It's a cheap car that gets great gas mileage. The trunk is a little small but you can make it work or all of your needs.

- Isabella W

It is drives great! Great on gas.

I like the roominess of my vehicle. The backup camera is awesome and so helpful. There are so many different features to explore that I still haven't figured them all out. So far, I have no complaints.

- Melody H

I never had a car with a camera before. It has been a great help.

I was recently hit a mall. I was turning to park, and another vehicle decided to pass me. The front of my car ripped off like a tin can. Because of that, I am not a fan of the structure of the vehicle.

- Kristina W

Ford - the brake lever needs a redesign

I love the 'zoom' of this car and the comfort of the interior. I hope someday Ford and others figure out how to move the emergency brake lever to a less-obtrusive spot - this one just collect debris.

- First N

That it is great on gas. Easy to maneuver, electronic seats make it easier.

I like the backup camera, also Siri's radio, and dual rear view mirrors, automatic trunk opener. The only thing I would say I dislike is the fact that the glove compartment does not have a lock on it.

- Karen C

It has tons of room in the trunk.

I've had my escape 2 years this month. I bought it because my old car was in an accident and was totaled. My escape is the 1st crossover SUV I ever owned and I love it. There is tons of trunk space.

- Mary C

People should know that this car is compact, but spacious.

I dislike the back up camera is so small and far away. I like the space and it is awesome to travel in. Even though I do not have kids, when I have family in town, my car is extremely accommodating.

- Brie S

Ford Escape is the best vehicle I owned so far

No issues with the Ford Escape so far. Great gas mileage and a lot of extra space. The seats fold down in the back for extra room. The SYNC system is a must have and makes for safe hands free calls.

- Heather H

Nice car for long road trips.

It has plenty of legroom and pulls off great. The radio could be a little louder. Haven't had any problems yet. I do like the fact that my indicator light comes on when ever my tire light comes on.

- Jacqueline F

Will not get the mileage you would expect it to get.

Only purchased because it had the leg room my husband needs. Dislike greatly the console box, too small and cannot see into it from seat without turning around. Does not get the mileage I expected.

- Virginia C

Reliable, great on gas mileage, plenty of space.

I love this car, I drove a 2003 Ford Escape for about 12 years, and didn't thing I would get another. I did, and I am excited about my decision. It is reliable, runs smoothly, good on gas mileage.

- Nicole B

My Ford Escape is one of the best selling vehicles available.

I like the fuel economy of my Escape, My Escape is four wheel drive which is good for winter where I live. My Escape is comfortable inside and sleek on the outside. I have no complaints of my car

- Vicki F

It was my first big adult purchase.

I like that it tells me exactly what speed I am going. I like that it has heated cloth seats. I dislike that it does not have navigation. I like that it is a good, reliable vehicle in the winter.

- Julia H

The gas mileage isn't that great for a small SUV, especially when driving short distances.

I like the design. It is the perfect size for my family. I dislike the fact that for a brand new car it has had some problems like brakes and shocks. It makes me think it is not built well.

- Becky M

It's a great crossover from a van to a car with plenty of storage, I can reach the roof to clear the snow,

It is very nice , it never seems to have problems. only goes in to service for oil changes, Fits everything for vacation , great on gas, holds 5 people, leather seats are nice , easy to clean,

- Debra s

Gas mileage is good but not quite what is advertised

Drives nicely and gets good gas mileage. Like the reliability and well made, but not a big fan of the style or type of 4wheel drive that is auto. feels more like a crossover than a real suv

- Alex S

It rides comfortably and smoothly.

Comfortable and spacious. The factory sound system is decent although I do wish it could be louder. The max volume (30) is not loud enough for my taste. Other than that I have no complaints.

- Kiah W

It gets good mileage and drives easily. I like the rear view camera.

My previous vehicle was a 2009 Ford Escape and I loved it. This car is OK but I don't like it as well as the old Escape. I don't sit as high and it looks like 99% of the cars on the road.

- Phyllis R

SUVs are really the best. 4 doors is a life saver.

Haven't had any problems other than having to purchase a new battery. The car did not alert me that the battery was dying. I just went to start my car one day and it wouldn't do anything.

- Amanda S

It is very efficient in gas since it is a diesel.

Like-.. It is compact, great on gas, love the Bluetooth and, sirius radio, backup screen, easy handling.., classy..... Do not like -.. It does not have seat warmers, navigation, sunroof.

- Joyce R

It's a solid small SUV. It's Not overly large but has a good size trunk compared to a car.

It drives nicely, especially on the highway. I like the Bluetooth features for hand free phone and heated seats. The tires didn't last long and I was told it was never aligned properly.

- Jess K

Great car. Horrible dealership service

Runs just fine. The only problem I ever had with it was the sunroof. The glass exploded when my wife was diving it. the Dealership would not cover it and said it was a rock that hit it.

- Matthew F

This vehicle is dependable and economical to operate

Comfortable to drive and decent gas mileage along with plenty of room for my dog was important to me. It is dependable. I love the color. The backup camera has been a wonderful addition

- Liz G

Good vehicle but radio problems

My escape has been a great vehicle. I have had very few problems with it. I have had some issues with the radio but that's about it. I get good gas mileage and the ride is comfortable.

- Michael S

For the purchase price and cost of operation, this is the best combination of comfort and capacity you can get.

Gets great gas mileage. A lot of room for packing for trips or hauling light loads around town. Handles very well for the type of vehicle. Very nice layout of controls and accessories.

- brian c

I truly love my Ford Escape!

The Escape is great. It is comfortable for long trips. My only,complaint is that I wish it was bigger. It has great features and we have had no,,issues other than general maintenance.

- Nadine P

The Ford Escape offers great technology in a compact, affordable package.

My car is very sporty and roomy with great technology features. I especially love that it has a rear lift gate that opens with just the kick of a foot. I do not have any complaints.

- Laurie M

It is a convenient family vehicle and is a great size to accommodate small trips to the store or load up for a vacation and fits a family comfortably

I like my vehicle. It gets good gas mileage, is a decent size and fits enough passengers. It is a smaller SUV with enough rear space to load up a big grocery trip or go on a vacation.

- Megan B

Plenty of room & good gas mileage. And it is a good looking vehicle.

I really like this vehicle! I downsized from a full size truck to the Ford Escape but it is plenty big enough for everything I need to use it for. It has all of the bells & whistles.

- Karen G

It does really great on gas. It only takes about $25 to fill up

It's a really nice vehicle. It's really good on gas and has plenty of room for our family right now but we may have to get a bigger vehicle in the future if our family keeps growing.

- Erika N

Very roomy. . Great to handle! I love the look!

No complaints, very roomy, lots of space! Dislikes none! Maybe a different color. . Because it is been very hot this summer. . And my car is black. So white might be a better choice!

- Cheryl W

My favorite part about my Ford Escape is the size and how easy it is to drive.

It is reliable, quite and comfortable. The sound system is great. I love the hands free phone connection. The cruise control buttons are very easy to reach on the steering wheel.

- Amanda R

My Ford Escape is a gas saver, safe and comfortable car.

My car is comfortable. It has great gas mileage. It has lots of room. It has great safety features. I wish the payments were lower, but, for a car like this, I had to pay more.

- Bonnie P

It's functional for my family life. Basic no frills transportation.

I like the size generally and that it fits my kids and most of what I need. I wish it had more of the modern features that new cars have but I don't plan on keeping it much longer.

- Lauren R

It is very comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

I have not had any problems with my car. It performs great. It is very comfortable. The only thing I do not like about my car is the gas pedal to far forward compared to the brake!

- Joyce H

Bluetooth allows me to play my Apple Music wirelessly thru the car stereo

2016 Ford Escape, bought used. It has navigation that functions properly and efficiently. It has intelligent four wheel drive, panoramic sunroof, heated leather seats and Bluetooth

- Sarah H

The backup camera is great! I love how it beeps when you are close to something and as you get closer beeps faster.

I love my car! I'm very happy with it. Or rides smooth, plenty of room for my family and has all but one feature I wanted in a car. One thing I dislike is not having remote start.

- Jennifer M

It's a great all around package for family, gas mileage, value, and durability.

My car gets good gas mileage and it can comfortably seat my family. We've used it for road trips. The navigation screen is a nice touch and comes in handy for those trips as well.

- Gerald D

it's great on gas and I can drive long distances before filling up again.

I love the fact that my vehicle is roomy, comfortable and has lots of pep. It's also great on gas. I love the way it looks too. I can't think of anything I dislike about it.

- mom l

It is a vehicle that offers value for your money. It is more fun to drive compared to other compact SUVs. It is also current as it is sporty.

I like the space that I have while driving. It does not feel crowded and there's a lot of room to move. I like the way how my Escape runs smoothly while the engine is silent.


Love my Escape. I feel safe in it.

Escape is roomy, easy to drive. I am so happy to have the backup camera for safety reasons. Air conditioning is excellent. Lots of storage in trunk. Easy to get in and out of.

- Mary I

Runs good, and is a decent family sized car.

It is decent sized vehicle. Travels great but the gas mileage could. Be a little better. I wish our particular vehicle had third rows seating. All considering it's a good car.

- Crystal J

Ford makes VERY reliable vehicles! If you are looking for a wise, long-term investment, Ford is the way to go.

Like most SUVs, it's not fuel efficient. But, it's the perfect size to house friends, family and dogs too! It's a pretty smooth ride and easy to drive for a bigger vehicle.

- Mel C

It handles great in the snow. Gets pretty good gas mileage too!

I love how it handles in the snow. I like the bluetooth capabilities and backup camera. I hate how to open the back you have to stick your hand in a snowy hole in the winter.

- Sara D

Gas mileage for around town driving is still 28 mpg, long trips close to 40 mpg!

The Escape allows me to see the road clearly from a higher level then my Focus. THe back seat lies down to give me extra are for groceries and a walker. Gas mileage is great!

- Karen B

Ford Escape: a very reliable car

I love my Ford Escape. It is so reliable and safe. When I was 15 I got in my first wreck. The airbags went off and the car was totaled, but my mom and I were perfectly safe.

- Sarah P

My car is easy and fun to drive!

I love the fast pick up, the cargo space, the technology/NAV system, stereo, gas mileage, and how easy it is to drive. Wish the mileage was a little better, but it's not bad

- carrie z

Despite its small size the vehicle is very versatile.

I like the size off my Ford Escape. For a family of 3 it has sufficient cargo space and room in the interior. It also gets decent gas mileage and had been very reliable.

- Ed H

ford escape 2016 4x4 its good on gas reliable and the technology does not work too well

my car is a ford i like it because it is reliable, safe and good on gas. The seats are comfy and the technology is good.How ever the technology does not always work well.

- paul p

It is an SUV. Making higher than other cars.

I love the size of the vehicle. I hate the gas mileage because the Ford fusion is better. I love the color that is dark grey. I love the features like the back up camera.

- Jenny D

ford escape titanium model: big on money, short on delivery

i've driven other ford models and the one I have, the titanium, is just a money hog. it doesn't drive as smooth and the entertainment center was already outdated in 2016

- esther g

It drivable and can take you many places with sufficient gas mileage.

The car is spacious and very comfortable for a family of 3. I love that it has the back camera. The only that I don't like that for other features you need to pay extra!

- Ana O

Great gas mileage and options available to choose from.

The escape gets good gas mileage. It is up to date with the radio and options inside. The backup camera is very exact. I wish there was a little more room for car seats.

- Sarah M

It's unreliable and not worth the money. there has been many recalls on it as well.

we bought this care new and have had nothing but problems with it. It has broken down 3 times and the radio stopped working. I would never recommend this car to anyone.

- Christinee W

Good midsize SUV with AWD for any kind of weather and safety features

The titanium version has leather heated seats, Bluetooth capabilities, touch screen navigation, rides well on the highway and the ecoboost engine gives it good pick up.

- Brittany H

It lasts forever and looks the same despite stains on interior.

Very comfortable to drive. Good cargo size. Sporty features that are easy to use. Good craftsmanship. Quality drive. Only downside is that the price is a lot of money.

- Mary P

It and drive great in the snow, even though it is a small SUV

I love the sync system on the ford cars, i think on all the cars. But it does tend to have its fair share of issues, and unfortunately right after the warranty was up!

- Katie P

It does not have much horsepower, but it'll get you where you are going.

I do not like the window shape because they allow cigarette ashes to fly back into the vehicle really bad and I am not fond of the amount of bugs that get stuck on it.

- Joy F

I love the design. It has great pep and stops on a dime.

I love my 2016 Ford escape it drives smooth and has plenty of power when I need it. Hands free phone and radio. The back gate opens by a function on the key. Love it.

- Lamar N

It is good for getting around on bad roads.

I like that it gets me around in the snow. I dislike that i have had to pay for things that shouldn't have gone wrong and that things have broken that shouldn't have.

- Roberta S

The Ford escape is affordable reliability.

The Ford escape titanium SUV 4WD is peppy, comfortable and stylish. Plenty of interior space for a mid-size SUV. In three years I have not had a mechanical problems.

- Cher G

Ford's service so far has been very good. For me, this is very important.

Likes: assistance is easy, does not require to much maintenance and perfect for 2 /3 people. Dislike: back seat space is too tight, gas consumption is a little high.

- Deborah L

How great of fuel mileage it gets empty and pulling.

I like the comfort riding. I like the way it handles in the snow. I dislike all the buttons. I dislike the color it is. My one complaint is that it has blind spots.

- Yvonne D

It is reliable - it always cranks right up and is ready to go. The AC is cold.

My vehicle has plenty of room for groceries and dogs. It drives decent, gas mileage decent. I dislike the cost. I am still making payments and it is the base model.

- Jeremy S

Many features for a great value! Good on gas. Fun to drive!!

I love the car!! It has a blind spot & jerks when in reverse on a slope but that is my only complaint & I can live with that as the good outweighs those two things.

- Deanna J

Love the Escape, never thought I would like an SUV.

I purchased the Escape about 3 months ago after driving my 201 Taurus for about 15 years. Really like Escape being a little higher making getting in and out easier.

- Tim E

Pretty low maintenance overall, great red color.

Door easily swings in wind and has gotten a little crooked, causing wind to rush in when on the highway. Pickup is a little lacking in the heat when accelerating.

- Jen A

The Ford Escape is dependable, safe, and fuel efficient.

I like how it looks, the technology, the comfort, and the fuel efficiency. I don't like that there is some type of squeaky noise coming from the back hatch door.

- Keela B

The most important thing to know is that it's safe and gets good gas mileage.

There's a backup camera I like. There's lots of room in the back to haul stuff. It's a safe vehicle. We bought it as a family car. It's a good size, not too big.

- Emily A

Would absolutely recommend it.

The car is comfortable and is easily managed. I only get 18. 2 mpg but do a lot of stop and go driving. The blind spots are a problem for me. Overall a nice car.

- Ken R

It has all the upgrades and a moonroof. The leather seats are easy for clean ups.

I like my vehicle. It is roomy and comfortable to drive. I have not experienced any problems, everything works great. It is big enough to travel with my dogs.

- Linda F

When it just is not enough air to cool down my SUV

The A/C unit does not allow the proper flow of air through the system. The positioning of the actual vents are not adequate enough, to cool the vehicle properly.

- Felicia H

With all Its features, it is reasonably priced and has fine character.

It is compact and economical but still has plenty of inside room for my animals. I get great gas mileage. I also had a back up screen which is great for backing.

- Ken P

It is such a smooth ride and if I don't pay attention to my speed I end up speeding

It is the most fun to drive of any I have ever owned. I enjoy going anywhere just to get to drive it where before I hated going anywhere that I didn't have to.

- David B

The safety is great. Most of them are standard and put your mind at ease.

At first there was an issue with the seat belt. After a visit to my dealer it was all okay. The car itself is great and it goes a long way with $20 for of gas.

- Leslie R

It's Just the right size for us, it fits us perfectly.

It's a nice size and plenty roomy for us. It's good for our long winters and gets us around easily. We love the titanium package especially the navigation.

- Susan M

Extremely comfortable for long trips. Had for 2 years with no mechanical issues.

Love the size, how high it sits on the road, the dashboard controls are easy to use. Dislike some of the Bluetooth controls as I have had problems with that.

- Miller S

It is dependable. Has great gas mileage.

It is nice compact SUV. Nice smooth riding however I wish the cargo area was bigger. I have had a few problems with the radio dash freezing up on me as well.

- Ryan W

It is safe and comfortable.

I love that my car is American-made, safe, and reliable. The Bluetooth connectivity is great too, because it means I can listen to music or podcasts easily.

- Amy P

Very comfortable front seats. Ideal for older people.

This model is very good car, I have since 2016. He has never given me problems with reliability and features. Oil change is more frequent than other models.

- Matteo K

It's roomy, stylish looking and has great get up and go.

Love my escape, it has quick get up and go. Seats are very comfortable. Sync system is great. Cargo spa is roomy, just wish I had auto open close tailgate.

- Erica T

It's a reliable car and easy to drive, but I think it's only good for a single person or couple

I love the size and how easy it is to drive and maneuver. I wish it was a little smoother. I don't like how the back of the car looks but I love the front.

- Mary T

Great for someone on the move.

Great on gas. , has backup camera, handles easily not too big but holds a lot we are in the process of moving and have been able to fit in a lot of stuff.

- Judith S

That it has a lot of room for a small suv

It's a roomy vehicle but hard to park as I can not see where the front end is due to how the front hood is designed. Cloth used on seats is cheap looking,

- Donna M

Sometimes the Bluetooth radio does not work correctly.

My Ford Escape is a lovely vehicle. It rides smoothly, and has really good gas mileage. It is a beautiful blue color, and the seats are very comfortable.

- Jay F

dependable suv that is decent on gas, nice safety features with the rear camera with collision warning

dependable vehicle. 4 wheel drive is nice in the winter. would like the newer model. i like the rear camera and sound if i am close to hitting something

- lisa k

It has 4 plugs and 1 USB to charge your cell phone devices.

It is awesome on gas, and you can easily park in any parking space. Also it is not too big or too small, and plenty of trunk room. I have no complaints.

- Carol J

Very comfortable and easy to drive, not too many electronic distractions

Like the vehicle overall, back seat leg room is a little tight and the storage space is a little small. The overall gas mileage is decent but not great.

- Geoffrey R

Smaller size SUV and reliable.

Very reliable and a small SUV. I preferred a smaller SUV. It has seats that lay back for more storage if I need to move items from one place to another.

- Bren K