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Rear Door opens with a two touch button on remote

This is my second Ford Escape, I love the 2019 model. I have tan leather interior which is soft and comfortable, and white exterior. It has everything except a sunroof which I never used anyway. I love the feature that when the SUV is stopped for a red light or traffic it shuts off to save fuel and automatically turns back on when you press the gas to go. I feel as though the lane assistance is awesome also, if one is not paying attention and starts going into the other lane it beeps to make you aware. This would also be great if driving and you start to fall asleep. It would definitely wake you

- Judith B

Best car I have ever had!

I have had no problems with the vehicle. It has nice acceleration and good gas mileage. It is surprisingly spacious on the inside for how small of an SUV it is. The car has been very reliable so far. Has Bluetooth so you can listen to music from your phone. The car also has a decent sound system. I do a lot of interstate driving and it is a very quiet car, not a lot of road noise inside. The escape is also very easy to maneuver because it is so compact. There is no gas cap so it is very easy and quick to fill up.

- Kc G

Small, sporty, stylish car with just enough pickup.

Love the escape. This is the third one that I have leased, and I will most likely lease another one at the end of this lease. That is if the company is still making them. I like having an SUV, but given that I am usually the only person in the car, maybe 1 other person at a time, I do not need something bigger than what this offers me. The storage in the back has enough room for my golf clubs, grocery bags and other misc items I like to keep in the car. One of my favorite features in the apple car play.

- Jamie P

A dependable vehicle, fun to drive with quality features and affordable.

Fun to drive, economical on gas and everyone is comfortable. It is roomy and still just as easy to park as a normal sedan. Nice horsepower affords easy maneuvering in traffic. With 4 wheel drive I'm confident I can handle any type of weather condition. The Ford name brand is world renown for it's high quality and durable vehicles. I'm confident I have a car that will last for many years to come and still enjoy a smooth easy drive.

- Maria A

Great ride, great car, would buy again.

I had originally gone into the dealership wanting a 2018 Ford Escape SE. Due to finances, the 2019 S worked out in my favor. In the beginning I was upset that I had gotten the base model of the escape. But honestly, the 2019 S has been perfect for me. The car drives very smoothly, even in the sport mode, and the radio is great. I have enjoyed the rear view camera and the Bluetooth connection as well.

- Falk K

2019 Base Model Ford Escape

My 2019 Ford Escape has been a very reliable vehicle so far. It gets great gas mileage for an SUV. The only dislike I have is that the gear letters on near the gear shift do not light up and you can't see them at night. I would also have liked for the car to have come with the option for Sirius radio, but it is not even available for the car so I had to cancel my membership.

- Stacy H

The Escape has a backup camera that I find very useful!

The Escape is a very comfortable car. It handles very nicely on all road surfaces! I leased the Escape I had before and I never had a problem with it! I love the comfort of the heated seats in the winter and the roomy seats! It also allows me to carry a lot of items, so that I don't have to worry about transporting heavy items, such as furniture and other household items.

- Lori F

This gas saver is a must have.

I really love my ford escape. I have 2 children (6 year old and a 1 year old) and it is just enough space for us and the car seats. It auto shuts off at stop lights to save gas and the touch screen is a plus. The trunk space is great also. It is enough room for my stroller and groceries. It is awesome on gas. It takes a good $40 to fill up and I believe it is 23 mpg.

- Sandra B

Innovative, safe and fun, you will not be sorry if you buy one

This vehicle drives great and is spacious. I love the safety features, rear camera and backup sensors and airbags just to name a few. The display information on the dash is great too. I love that it has apple carplay, it comes in very handy. There are many more things that I like about the Escape these are just a few of the great features on this new model.

- Christina H

2019 Ford Escape SEL a good choice

I have a 2019 Ford Escape SEL. I am very pleased with the vehicle so far. It get good gas mileage and very comfortable on long trips. One of the features that I like about this vehicle is the adaptive cruise control and collision warning system and braking. It is a 4 cyl turbo charged and has very good performance and power. Overall a very good vehicle.

- Randy B

2019 Ford Escape is a great car

I love my 2019 Ford Escape, I just have 2 complaints. First, I wish it could be a little better on gas. It's midsize SUV, but coming from a Sedan, I'm getting killed in the picket at the pump. Second, The eco boost function gets a little annoying. It makes me feel like my car is stalling every time a stop. The good thing is that you can turn it off.

- Christina G

Heated seats, backup camera, Sirius radio, Bluetooth, connect iPhone.

I like my 2019 Ford Escape because it is spacious. It also makes me feel safe. I have a lot of gadgets inside that I don't really use but is nice to have. Heated seats was a must when car shopping. There is also an option to use Wifi in the vehicle. I don't use it, but I'd imagine it would be nice or useful when traveling with young children.

- Kristin H

The sports package is beautiful and sleek, it�s a really comfortable ride.

The vehicle is very good on gas for an SUV, which works well as a frequent driver. It's very comfortable for long road trips and has plenty of space in the trunk for groceries, strollers and toys which is refreshing. The only con if I have one at all would be the start 'button' is often confusing but eventually becomes an instinct.

- Kaitlyn B

2019 Ford Escape Model disappointing

The vehicle runs great. Really basic features in car. The gas mileage is not as great as the older models. Does not come with CD player or same features as 2017 model. The front vehicle window size is a lot bigger too. I feel like this was a cheaply made vehicle would definitely purchase a different model next time I buy a car

- Grace R

The vehicle is a great value for what you get. You have electric start

I have had a escape for years. This vehicle has a lot of stuff added to it without an extra charge This vehicle is really great on the gas mileage. The picture frame is great it's on a large screen to watch the camera when needed to use. The extras are really great the heated seats and electric start are great added features

- Tina J

The turning radius is amazing and the Escape fits easily into tight spaces.

It is such a pleasure to drive. It hugs tight curves well, it's turning radius is amazing, and the features are user friendly. Sync is easy to connect to any mobile device and I love my Sirius XM radio. I do wish it had more cup holders in the front and in the back. Especially since there are no cup holders in the back.

- Brandy D

Excellent Compact SUV at an excellent price

Vehicle rides very comfortably, responsively and is roomy for a small SUV. Have had the vehicle two weeks and no issues so far. Concerned the interior door handles may not last, as they are very small plastic handles. Have reservations about the electronic parking brake but only time will tell if this becomes a concern.

- Ann D

The Brand New 2019 Ford Escape

I love the fact that this vehicle has a backup camera! It has saved me numerous times! It has an automatic start which is awesome in this degree heat in North Carolina. You don't have to put a key in to start the vehicle; all you have to do is press a button and it turns on. The seats lay down which is great!

- Amber P

I can look up my driving stats and how to get better mileage use.

The vista roof was my highest selling point. I absolutely love being able to look up at the stars when I'm camping with my family and laying in the back seat. The heated seats are a bonus and the CarPlay feature helps me drive safe while still being able to keep updated with messages and my music applications

- Carla B

2019 Ford Escape. Great car to have.

Great SUV. Touch screen in the middle. Automatic 4wd which was great in the snow. This Ford Very reliable. I would definitely tell people to get this SUV. Very spacious and has a good amount of trunk room. Also looks very nice as well. I have 3 dogs and the can all fit very comfortable in the back seat.

- Richard L

Is it gas or lemonade..??

This car is a gas guzzler. I have to fill my tank about once or twice a week which is kind of annoying. I am not really an SUV type of person but I have to get used to it for the next three years. I do not know how to open the sunroof so I do not even bother it anymore. Other than that, the car is fine.

- Ashley D

The 2019 ford escape - the SUV for everyone.

The 2019 ford escape is a great vehicle. It is perfect for the small family. It has the amenities for a nice and comfortable ride. It can seat 4 adults very comfortable. I enjoy the upgraded electronic features of the vehicle. You cannot go wrong with this vehicle. It even gets great gas mileage.

- Trevor W

I hook my iPhone up through the USB port

The Escape is reliable and the computer system lets me know when there is a problem. It also gets very good gas mileage. It handles quite well. I was in a rollover accident last year and the side airbags saved my life. I was so happy with the car that I decided to lease the same one again.

- Teresa S

The best part is the sync option for hands free phone calls.

I love my Ford Escape. It has 4 wheel drive for the Winter and handles well in the snow. It is bigger than the crossover but not too big to park. The color is a clean white crisp color with tan interior and weather guard mats. I also like the sync option that offers hands free phone calls.

- Jennifer N

My vehicle is great. Love the color and technical advances

The only problem I have been having with my car which may be due to where I live, which is West Virginia. But the gas mileage is not as good as promised. I mostly got 23 and that's even on the interstate it may go up to 26 but again this may be due to all the mountainous roads in my area

- Ashley U

Escape is a great vehicle

Nothing is wrong. Great vehicle with very nice features. The auto off feature is nice to save on gas. The seats are very comfortable. Great interior features are great for a family or a single person. The auto hatch is great too. Being able to close it with a remote is awesome

- Cathy H

Overall good car for anyone

Rides nice, easy on gas, affordable, nice size, good for road trips,. plenty of room for groceries, no issues, quiet engine, nice headlights, easy on gas, family vehicle, sporty, quiet, nice, can gain speed quickly, nice look in the front, taillights nicely crafted and designed.

- Sally H

Heated seats and backup camera!!

I love my car! It's the perfect size- the backup camera and Heated Seats are a MUST for me so I was so pleased this car has them! The seats are comfy and it's just big enough to be comfy for a long car ride but not too big to where I can't get in and out of parking spots and stuff!

- Jordan W

The highlights are the heated seats and steering wheel,

It has great performance, heated leather seats, built in GPS, 4 wheel drive, great gas mileage, large cargo area, can seat up to 8 passengers, great interior and exterior colors, panoramic vista roof, that extends more natural light, heated steering wheel, Siriusxm satellite radio

- Jane K

Ford Escape in a nutshell!

I love my Ford Escape. It is roomy enough to accommodate 4 adults with ease. It has the ability to haul moderately sized objects. The ride is smooth with adequate acceleration when getting on the highway. I can maneuver small parking spots if needed and enjoy the back up camera.

- Laura W

Ford titanium escape rocks!

My car rides smoothly, has 4 wheel drive and looks sharp. I especially like the push button start and keyless entry. I have plenty of passenger room and storage. I feel safe in my car and like sitting up higher. My dealership is in good touch with me and I have had no problems.

- Susan P

Great gas mileage and ride.

The car drives amazing. It is very comfortable and adorable. The only issue I have is the keyless entry not functioning occasionally like it should. The gas mileage is great, I drive a lot of short distances with starting and stopping the vehicle and still get like 26 mpg.

- Hannah H

It is so cool love the exterior and interior!

I love it because it has no problems. It rides smoothly and the model is so nice. Also it is in white which is really pretty nice. The interior and exterior is very cool as well. It was my dream car for the longest time too! I got it with my own money no help from nobody.

- Mariah G

I am a music lover so I enjoy the features the radio system has to offer.

The only problem is it is not as good on gas as other vehicles I have owned. I have to fill it up at least twice a week. Other than that, it is a comfortable drive, lots of space for a family of five, Bluetooth, good sound system, and lots of other quality features.

- Samantha C

Great SUV! Perfect size. Great handling.

I love the leather seats. The modern technology. The GPS is awesome. The backup camera is wonderful. I also love the motion activated rear hatch. I also like the keyless ignition. It gets ok gas mileage, but is very comfortable to drive. The handling is great.

- Jon P

My very own personal Escape

For a small crossover SUV it has a ton of room. Rides smooth. You don't hear outside noise. Comes with many different feature options. I love the updates to the navigation system and SYNC.

- Marie S

an attractive SUV for the price or lease agreement

like lease drivability. it is ideal for this climate along the Oregon coast. I would buy instead of lease of given the choice

- Stephen M

escape in the new ford escape

Ford is escape is a great car, good size and decent gas mileage. This would for sure be my top choice of any ford SUVs.

- Mallory S