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My little car may be ugly and needs lots of work but I love how dependable it is and the fact that it's mine

It has a bad transmission and the front end needs a lot of work but it still runs and drives gets you from point A to B point A to point B I've been able to rely on it and it has been more dependable than other vehicles that have come through it's time that I've had it it has comfortable cloth seats and when I love the most about it is that I own it. And most definitely needs lots of work cosmetically and mechanically. But it doesn't burn oil or leak oil and has a lot of potential. I'm driving around everywhere that I need to like back and forth to the store my kids school my husband's work and our friends and Families houses. For it to have a bad transmission and lots of problems it has gotten me a long way and lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I can't imagine anything else that would go through with this car has been through and still be on the road like it is today. My husband has tried to talk me into getting rid of the car because it's an older model needs lots of work and looks ugly cosmetic wise but I wouldn't trade it for the prettiest vehicle that comes with payment after payment and interest rates that will rob you

- Stephanie J

This vehicle is deceptively small on the inside.

This car was pitched to me as a small family SUV. This would be fine if your family only consist of two people. There is ample room for cargo but the leg room is lacking. You cannot seat a full grown man in the back seat with and adult in the seat in front of them. If you have car seats than nobody in the vehicle can ride comfortably. This vehicle is a slight size upgrade to a car put if you are looking for something with similar room and better gas mileage I would recommend a car instead of this particular SUV. Everything else on the vehicle seems about right for the price, more efficient then fancy.

- Daniel G

Smooth vehicle and gets the job done.

I always buy used cars, but I like this one because it gets good gas mileage. It is also easy to get parts for if something goes wrong. My car is relatively comfortable, perfect for four passengers and gets me where I need to go. A new version probably would have a functioning ac system but mine does not. Everything else that is electric works really well (windows, seat movement, radio etc.. ).

- Dakota G

How I love the performance of this car.

Low power but great on gas mileage, low cost maintenance, a good family car, easy to drive, very little maintenance, having it for all of these years, it is like family, cost efficient with insurance, never broken down on me, best vehicle I ever purchased, my next vehicle will be this model or similar.

- Edward T

It is a great a to b transportation car, great on gas.

My car is a low maintenance car. It runs great I do have a problem with some fluid getting into the piston rings. My car saves money on gas for the most part. The car is a 5 speed. It's a older car so the problems I have with it is things that are to be expected. It has been a great car!

- Emmy B

Fantastic car and the best decision I ever made.

It is awesome. I love it. Best car ever. Handles great and is good on mileage and I think it is perfect for the commute work. Very comfortable ride. Dependable. It smells good. It handles in the rain and the snow. It has a great sound system and I love the added features.

- Bart W

It has a lot of rust because in the winter from the salt and sand.

I had to replace the water pump, starter, new brakes, and thermostat. It's good on gas and has great mileage. It has cruise control and the rear view mirror shows what direction you are going. It seats 5 people comfortably. Lots of trunk space and affordable too.

- Dustin A

My Ford Escort Delivers In More Ways Than One

My vehicle performs well, even considering how old it is. It's great on gas, and serves me just fine. There are some imperfections in the paint and dents in the body, but that's to be expected when you have a vehicle over 15 years old.

- Nina C

It is most definitely a good reliable car.

We bought our car used, so we've been running into some problems that the previous owners didn't fix. Getting it fixed is very expensive. We don't have any issues right now, she's driving pretty smooth!

- Tiffany G

Reliable for a 2000 Vehicle

It runs fairly well for a car its age. It is still reliable and gets me to and from where I need to go. I can still trust it will get me places safely. If you take care of it it will last quite a while.

- Marissa M

Ford escort is reliable, and dependable

Extremely reliable. not flashy, however has not had any issues with the vehicle. Average gas mileage, and have not put on many miles on it, disregarding its age. overall has had no issues

- Daniel G

My car is cost effective and works well. It may not be glamorous but it does the job without breaking the bank.

The vehicle does not have power door locks or windows. It's outdated. However, it gets me from point a to b reliably and allows me not to have a car payment which is important to me.

- Christa D

This is the smoothest car I've driven

The car is extremely smooth driving. The car is excellent in not producing harmful pollutants in the atmosphere. The sound system is amazing. I love the powdered windows.

- Geanette D

It's fairly old, sorta ugly, but it still works and does It's job well enough, that we're thinking it'll last till our oldest starts driving in 5 more years.

My wife owned this escort since 2002, I married her in 2005 and we've had it ever since. It has been a great car and required very little repairs/maintenance.

- Mike R

Perfect for first car. No car payment. 20 bucks to fill tank.

It got flooded out and died. It was reliable good on gas, perfect size for first car. Everything worked well in the car once air conditioning was fixed.

- Bree A

It dies a lot after being turned off.

The vehicle broke down a lot. It was never reliable and it always would break down. I did like that the gas mileage was amazing and the car was cheap.

- Stevie A

Honda's last a while so high mileage is not as big of a problem like other cars.

Its dependable. I hate it has no leg room. I do not like that it's lacking interior lights and no room. It's also hard to get in and out of.

- Tina M

This car is very dependable. It also has great gas mileage

This car had great gas mileage. It is also very easy to work on. It is a very dependable vehicle that I hope to drive for a good while.

- Jessica T

It's an affordable, reliable vehicle. It may not be flashy or high end but it gets the job done.

The escort has been a good reliable car for me. 18 years old and still going strong. No odd repairs just normal maintenance items.

- april t

Alright car. Does the job

Works great for its age. Fuel gauge broke as did the speedometer but have apps to show. My. Speed so can't complain. Cheap to run

- Shannon F

It was built to last it has been very well taken ace of

I Love it it is paid for it has over two hundred thousand miles on it and I wouldn't be afraid to go anywhere in it.

- Latricia M

It is safe, dependable and it is good in the snow.

Like that it is small. Like that it has four doors. Like that it has a huge trunk. Like that it is good on gas. .

- Marcia K

It get good mileage, runs well handles decently around corners.

I love the gas mileage I hate size because I have a lot of grandkids currently do not have any complaints.

- Raquel G

Gas mileage. Is great. Good pick up getting on highway.

I love gas mileage it gets. Easy to drive. I do not like small size. I would feel safer in larger car.

- Maureen L

It is a good reliable car that gets great mpg

I have rebuild the suspension and it drives like a new car. Parts are cheap and is in good shape.

- Fred M

It's a great first car, hard to screw up and will run forever.

I love my lil , manual is the best. I love my gas mileage. I wish they still made these.

- Coral B