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Love my little go cart:)!! Works like dream:).

2002 Ford Escort

I love my car! Its pretty reliable for the most part. When I first bought it there was an issue with the fuel injector that was a little iffy, but my brother and my dad fixed it fairly easily. I've had it for 2 years before I had any other sort of problem with it. I just needed to get the serpentine belt and the alternator replaced and that was it! It's been 4 months since then and it's still running great! I do drive a lot just because I like to cruise around and my horses are kept about 40 minutes away from my house. For my first car, it's absolutely perfect:).

- Sarah F

It is a great starter car or small family car for all weather types.

2002 Ford Escort

My car is an okay car, it gets me to where I need to be. I really have no complaints it drives really smooth, love the fact that it is a small family car and has room for everyone. With the right kind if tires it's meant for all weather types. It has a CD player an AUX plug in. The interior is very nice and well taking care of. The body of the car has no rust, it dents and dings and the engine is well maintain, with great gas mileage for town on the highway.

- Christy V

2008 Ford Escape with ongoing issues.

2002 Ford Escort

This vehicle has caused me an outstanding amount of issues. Within the 5 years that I have owned it, I have had to replace the battery once, the transmission once, the tires 4 times, and the brakes once. It is constantly having issues with stalling out, it gets stuck when I brake and "jumps" when I press the gas, or shuts off completely. It constantly has something wrong with it. I wouldn't recommend this car for anyone.

- Bailey S

Perfect for single, low budget individuals

2002 Ford Escort ZX2 Standard

It is only two door so not ideal for daily commute with kids. But it is cheap on gas. It only seats two people in the back because there's only two seatbelts. It doesn't have much power. And it is also very low to the ground. So not ideal or very comfortable for people who are tall. It has a rather large trunk space. And it is pretty easy to work on under the hood. Everything is pretty easy to get to.

- Trish L

Great gas mileage, perfect for college student.

2002 Ford Escort

As someone who has a large commute, this car is great in terms of gas mileage. I have a standard model without power windows or locks, which is solely inconvenient. Also, as a new mother, the size of the car is difficult in regards to loading and unloading car seats. However, when I bought this car as a college student, it was a wonderful automobile.

- Jessica R

Most reliable cars you can buy

2002 Ford Escort

I love my vehicle very much and I am always consider is part of my family. very much adopted with my vehicle. Sacrificing the Driving Experience for Style. like objects, especially cars, to be "mine." It's not enough to have a Focus RS; I need my Focus RS to be different from all the other Focus RS's I might see on the road. I get that.

- Leo B

Bad to the bone baby yeah it's trash bad

2002 Ford Escort

Well to be absolutely honest I don't care for the thing it's about to break down I swear it is scary to drive. Seats are damp from I don't even know... rain? and sometimes dust comes through the ac and I'm like whoa "what the?". To get down to the point of what I'm trying to say it's trash. Don't care if its gone.

- Conrad S

It is a beautiful car inside and out.

2002 Ford Escort ZX2 Standard

It has motor mount problems, it performs great except doesn't get up to speed like I would like. I love how it looks inside and out, it is very smooth and pretty. It has ac unit problems and overheats sometimes. Other than the problems, it is a perfect little car to get you where you're going. I honestly love it.

- Rebecca F

Grade vehicle, smooth driving. Altogether the best car I have owned so far...

2002 Ford Escort Fleet Standard

Comfortable, reliable and dependable. I am very happy with this car and would highly recommend this to anyone with a family and who likes to drive in to the city. Also short trips are ok. This is a good car altogether and it is a good looking vehicle at a reasonable price I would recommend it.

- Katherine B

This is a great first car for a teenager!

2002 Ford Escort ZX2 Standard

I've had the car for 4 years now and I haven't had any troubles. Runs like a sports car sits like a Cadillac. Gets great highway mileage and ok town mileage. The only thing I've ever had to fix on this car is a motor mount that had broke. All and all this is a great first car for a teenager

- Tina G

That they never break down and are great on gas and a great little car

2002 Ford Escort

I have had two of these cars and absolutely love them. They are zippy little cars and great on gas and NEVER break down. The car will literally rot away before it breaks down. The only thing that went bad on both of my cars was the heat shield but it was a very easy fix.

- Melissa B

As long as you do your yearly maintain it will last forever. Great car.

2002 Ford Escort

This is not my main car I drive this is my husbands car. It is to small for me and the stuff I do it is a 2 door. My car is a 2000 pontiac grand prix it is a four door and has a lot of room and is a very comfortable ride. I love my cr there I nothing I do not like about it.

- Tammie R

Love the car. It is comfortable even though it is compact.

2002 Ford Escort ZX2 Standard

The first few years I had no problem with the car. It is fun to drive and even though it is small cat it really runs great. I have had it 16 years and it runs like it did when new. I have had very few problems with it even as old as it is. I would buy the same model again.

- Donna E

The condition of my vehicle.

2002 Ford Escort

My vehicle is small but comfortable. It has minor thing wrong with it. Sometimes it would turn over but won't start. I have to let it warm up. My vehicle make noise when I am turning the steering wheel. My tires are bad and slick. It sometimes run hot. It burn lot gas.

- Pearl S

It handles well, with good acceleration, great breaking, and good wheel wear.

2002 Ford Escort

Four door automatic transmission, with A/C, CD Player, radio, Buckets seats in front, bench in the back, front wheel drive. It gets me where I want to go and back. Would have liked a bigger car so as to carry more people, but that was $5000 more then I could afford.

- Thomas C

Plenty of trunk space, easy maintenance, and great mileage for a small car.

2002 Ford Escort

Great on gas. Great to drop to mammoth. Issues have had head gasket go twice on vehicle. Once while newer and later in ownership. I have plenty of trunk space and seats fold down so I've been able to get large items home no issues. Ver comfortable at least I think.

- Cynthia L

My car is the best I love it.

2002 Ford Escort Fleet Premium

I love everything about my car. The only problem was the starter had went out. I love the way the car drives and ride. I am happy with my car. I drive my car back and forth to work. I have kids and it is very convenient for me. I also love the backup mirror.

- Betty C

My car get me to work and back.

2002 Ford Escort

Runs ok, somewhat reliable, small compact car, rides 4, cute car, I had it for 10 years still running, air condition do not work but heat work. Overall it last a long time. By it having some years on it some things stop working.

- Crystal J

My car is small enough to maneuver, is dependable, sturdy, and I've had it for a long time. I dislike how close it is to the ground compared to other cars. But it gets good gas mileage because it's so light.

2002 Ford Escort

I have put a fair amount of money into maintaining it, but the engine is solid and dependable, so it keeps on going. I hit a deer last year, and though my car looks banged up, it runs just fine.

- Megan M

It's paid off, so I will be driving it into the ground. I'm hoping it's the second-to-last car I ever buy.

2002 Ford Escort

I like that it's low maintenance and gets good gas mileage. It has cruise control also. The CD player is messed up and a few small, non-essential things have broken, but it's mostly held up.

- Aaron H

Sporty but leaky have to put quart transmission fluid every day

2002 Ford Escort

Low miles but exhaust is loud transition pan has leak cannot purchase a new pan because none are available have to get one from salvage yard but car still runs good if you keep fluid up

- Mike B

My car gets me where I want to go reliably (so far).

2002 Ford Escort

It's an old car, so I'm pretty attached to it. I don't have far to travel, so I'm not in much trouble if it conks out. No interest in a fancy, expensive vehicle.


It's cool and silver the tires are really good on.

2002 Ford Escort

The wipers don't work that well its silver 2 door and its fast and cool with no issues the seats are very cozy and soft good for long drives across the states.

- Joshua M

I would love to get another one just like it

2002 Ford Escort

It's starting to give problems it is o5 years old and it's been a good car for has long has I have had it. If I get a chance I would buy another one like it

- Doris R

It's a great car for what it is. Good on gas. And reliable.

2002 Ford Escort

Well its old with low mileage. It's not the prettiest thing. But it is still reliable. Every so often needs some repairs. But overall a good car for its age.

- Carla A

It is a reliable car that can handle anything you throw at it.

2002 Ford Escort

It gets good gas mileage and is reliable. I've had it for many years and always been able to count on it. I also like that it looks nice but isn't flashy.

- Joseph F

gas mileage, reliability, dependable and lower maintenance issues.

2002 Ford Escort

The vehicle is in mint condition and very reliable for an older vehicle. I primary use it as short distance transport for groceries, gym and station car.

- Chass P

I got a great deal on the car.

2002 Ford Escort

It is a pretty reliable car. It is very good on gas and mileage. I do have to do the struts on my car but those got messed up from the previous owner.

- Stacy S

Change oil regularly to maximize engine life and reliability.

2002 Ford Escort

Good gas mileage, cheap repair costs, easy to see out of, inexpensive purchase price seats are fairly comfortable, air-conditioning, easy to park.

- Kevin S

It is old but it runs great.

2002 Ford Escort

Easy to drive. Has needs only routine maintenance. Everything works. Plenty of room in the trunk and in front of the seats. Can hold a lot.

- Margaret L

It is a great family vehicle. Very economical.

2002 Ford Escort

It runs well and ever has failed me. Suits my lifestyle. Has manual transmission. It is a coupe and is the right size for me. Goes fast.

- Denise T

Hope they keep making them "ford escort "because, our next one will be a new one.

2002 Ford Escort

They have more room than my van, a lot safer or sturdier. Brake pads seems to be replaced a lot, but nothing major, we bought it used?.

- Beth G

It is cheap to drive and will last forever

2002 Ford Escort

I love my escort. I have had one before and had it for eight years! They never have hardly any problems, just regular maintenance

- Melissa D

This car is a money saver on gas.

2002 Ford Escort

Seeing out of the back window is a problem. The vehicle is not sturdy enough. I like the gas mileage and price to fill up the tank.

- John B

My old ford clunker. Keeps going and going!

2002 Ford Escort

Nothing wrong with my car. Drives and runs good. Do have to keep check on water and oil a good bit. But to be older it's good

- Heather W

What's it good about your car, it drive gooÄ

2002 Ford Escort

I didn't get what I want in my car , cruise control, GPS, XM radio, seat warmer and key that start your car before you get in

- Mary H

Its economical and takes you everywhere on a small amount of gas.

2002 Ford Escort

I like my car because it is easy on gas and is small. I also do not like my car because it does not carry a lot of passengers.

- Debra M

Mid-size SUV with excellent gas mileage, great for city or highway driving.

2002 Ford Escort

Spacious, excellent for long trips with kids and/or pets, great gas mileage, have had no issues or problems, easy to maintain

- Beverly G

The most important thing about my car is that it gets good gas mileage.

2002 Ford Escort

My vehicle is roomy and can seat 7 people. It has ample leg room and wide seats. It has plenty of storage space if needed.

- Darlene B

They don't make them anymore so don't waste your time trying to find one to buy.

2002 Ford Escort

My vehicle has not let me down.. I have had it for 16 years and is an extension of my home. It still looks pretty good.

- Nunya K

It gets great gas mileage in the city in traffic. It has never overheated

2002 Ford Escort

I love it. It has a lot of room for passengers and a large trunk for groceries.it's also small enough to park in the city

- Hope C

Cheap car is good and reliable for now

2002 Ford Escort

The car drives nice however it could be fixed, since it's older. I need to fix a lot. But it is reliable. I like my car

- Sky C

Older but reliable car for around town.

2002 Ford Escort

Reliable. Parts do not cost much to fix when things go out. General maintenance is not expensive. Gets me from A to B.

- Crystal S

A great car to have. Lots of room many extras to choice from.

2002 Ford Escort

Great ride gas mileage good maintenance needs limited service dept excellent wide number of options great car to own.

- Arlan G

Body needs some work, from hit and runs. But basically a good running car

2002 Ford Escort

Actually I have a mercury Milan 2006, but they don't make them any more. It's been a very good car mechanically.

- Diane E

Handle it with care it is getting old

2002 Ford Escort

car it was zx2 a sports car. turbo drive. took care of it and for this runs good. It is now old antique almost

- Elizabeth W

It is not a very powerful car. It's best made for cruising and it is decent on gas

2002 Ford Escort

My little sister gave it to me. With regular upkeep the only problem I had was the serpentine belt breaking.

- Cole K

MIles per gallon are outstanding in this car. It's dangerous however in the rain.

2002 Ford Escort

The Ford Escort is not much for looks or showing off, but it's the best gas mileage car I have ever owned.

- Charles S

It is roomy, comfortable, and drives beautifully.

2002 Ford Escort

Sunroof and gas mileage are the best, it is kind of low to the ground and small is the only dislikes.

- Trish L

Ford Escort Performance Still OK For Being Years Old

2002 Ford Escort

Although this vehicle is a few years old, it is more than enough for driving. The performance is OK.

- Robert D

Gas mileage is great and the car is dependable-would buy again.

2002 Ford Escort

The Escort is great on gas mileage. I does not have a lot of power. It is a dependable car.

- Dan L

Has been durable and reliable for longer than most newer cars

2002 Ford Escort

I love the durability and reliability. Very reliable for my work and living at home needs

- Richard V

It it is fuel efficient and easy to drive and to maintain

2002 Ford Escort

I like the savings on purchasing gas. I find looking out of the back window difficult

- John B

It's a manual transmission, not an automatic.

2002 Ford Escort

Nothing really to complain about. I guess the gas mileage could be a little better.

- Adam L

it's not fancy but its dependable and very affordable and runs well

2002 Ford Escort

it runs fine and needs very little maintenance. comfortable and good in gas

- charlotte h

Lots of repairs. Over time more and more is needing to be fixed.

2002 Ford Escort

Great utilitarian vehicle. Gets me where I need to go, when I need to go.

- Barry F

It is reliable and fun to drive with good gas mileage and

2002 Ford Escort

I like it,s size , safety features & reliability, comfort and power

- Michael K

That my Ford Escort gets good miles per gallon of gas

2002 Ford Escort

It gets good gas mileage, but it is expensive to maintain

- John P