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The vehicle with room and space that is a joy to drive.

First, I love my excursion. The truck has been very reliable over the years. I have had issues the alignments over time. The front always seems to pull to the right. For anyone that is looking into purchasing this type of vehicle. I recommend thinking about how the vehicle will be driven . The gas mileage, bluntly is not good. Especially with the price of gas these days. On the other side of the coin though you have the room to do many things that most people do not. Like moving you child in the dorms without having to rent any moving equipment. Also not having to worry about having enough room to buy things while shopping. I really like the feel of the truck while I am driving . I would and will recommend the Ford excursion to anyone that ask me.

- Thomas G

Perfect for large families. Comfortable seating. Drives smooth.

I love this vehicle! This ride seats eight. Big enough for all my children to fit comfortable. Even if they were all in car seats! Heating/AC work perfectly! Has heating/AC in the back where my passengers will ride comfortable. Back windows roll down completely. Way back side windows vent open. Seats fold down so I can haul bigger cargo. Has lighted step boards to see at dark. Has cup holders for all passengers. Has nice sound system. Is a SUV with four wheel drive. Nice for the snow states. Is NOT fuel economy! Has a nice excel when pulling in to faster traffic. Mine has leather seats, heated for the front passengers. Besides being an extra large vehicle, is handles smoothly and glides down highways. I love my ride!

- Isis H

Great for large families, lots of room, great ac and heat, load cargo space,

My excursion it is a limited edition. It holds 8 people comfortably. It has lots of room in the back to hold everything you or your family needs everyday. I have 3 boys so it can hold a large cooler, tent, football equipment, baseball equipment, and folding chairs, etc. I have big boys so the seat room is great everyone has plenty of space for 8 grown people. The seats fold down to make it easy to get in and out. The 2nd and 3rd row can fold down if you need to haul things. Has a great ac and heater you or the back can control the ac or heat they can change the radio and turn it up only to where you have it set too. I love my excursion great for large or growing families.

- Mae D

The excursion: best family car or work truck on the planet.

The 2000 Ford excursion is great but it does have its pro's and con's such as. It is a huge gas hog but gets good mpg. The excursion is great for a work vehicle or a family car (but better than a minivan) it has cup holders in the 2nd seating area which is very convenient. It has an amazing crash record so if you got in an accident you would be safer. We just recently got a new Bluetooth speaker that connects to our phones easily and our daughter loves it! We have had this car for almost 20 years and it has been very reliable and has passed all smog tests.

- Sharon F

Ford may have discontinued the Excursion but it will drive until it is completely beaten.

The truck is an overall beauty of a beast. The truck I own is a V10 and can pretty much pull through anything. Handling is good and ride is good too with the right upgrades. I get asked if that truck is mine and people just look at me like if I can't drive that truck cause I'm a kid. I also get asked a lot the make of the car. The cons though is some problems with the suspension and ride comfort. You may need to buy some upgrades for shocks. Overall it's a great truck.

- Valfred M

A great vehicle for snow and road hazards!

Living in Montana this is a wonderful vehicle for maneuvering about. I never have to worry about getting stuck! I like the option of having 4 wheel drive. The downside of the vehicle is that it is quite expensive to drive although if, you are a big family this vehicle can be quite convenient because, of the roominess of it. You can fit six people in this vehicle with ease. I also have never had it leak or burn any oil for the eight years I have owned it.

- Jennifer S

The four by four monster beast

I have a 2000 Ford excursion. It's a v8 and has the 5.4l engine the Triton engine. Which is known for throwing spark plugs the mysterious knock and missing engine oil. But the truck is very reliable. Can handle mudhole, pretty much anything you can throw at her this beast can handle it. I love the cushion seats and like sitting high up. Structurally sound and safe care. Gas guzzler but I love it.

- Allie B

It is a great kid hauler.

I like my vehicle it is very large can haul 8 people makes you feel very safe has a tv and I can sleep in it if I have to. The down size is it is a gas hog and cost a lot to fill the gas tank up. Also tires are costly to repair. But there’s good and bad to everything I suppose I can't say I have any complaints except they do not make these anymore I feel like all vehicles are to small these days.

- Tammy P

Large, spacious gas guzzler.

My vehicle is reliable and basically bulletproof. It fits my family of 5 plus 2 dogs comfortably. We enjoy camping and all my kids are involved with sports, so the extra space is important to us. The gas mileage is awful. I average 12-13 mpg and spend a ton of money on gas each week. I wish I has something that was more economical but I know we would not have the space we love.

- Lauren G

The excursion is great for large families.

If you are a traveler, the power of the v10 will be a great asset. You can climb hills with plenty of ease. But if you are looking for fuel economy, this is not the vehicle for you. . With a family, the 3rd row seat is very convenient. Seats are quite comfortable as well. And for grocery day the ease of loading and unloading through the convenient back door is great.

- Jean G

Comfortable and Spacious!

I absolutely love the ford excursion! It's so roomy, super comfortable which is great for long trips, Trunk space is absolutely incredible! So much room for all the luggage, all the kids stuff, with room to spare! Shocked me because I have 6 kids!! Super reliable, I drive out of state often and have never had an issue!

- Ashley S

It's large so if you live in an urban area get something else.

I love the power that the vehicle offers (I have the 6.8 liter V10) great towing capacity and it never even gets close to overheating. It has room for 8. Seven adults can be comfortable. The only real down sides are low fuel economy and parking spaces that it will fit into. But really what could you expect

- Josh A

Ford excursion and large family.

Have an excursion converted from a v10 to a 7. 3 diesel. I have a stage 3 programmer the only problem I have had was the high pressure oil pump keep going out and blowing put a new one in and runs great. Has Eddie Bauer seats 3 row seating fits all 6 kids in it perfectly and holds all the groceries in it.

- Danielle F

Ford Excursion review in the Rockies

It's not all wheel drive. In Colorado it's a problem. There is a lot of 'play' in the steering wheel which is a pain. There is a small leak in the oil line and additional oil is replaced between oil changes. The cab is loud due to road noise and there doesn't seem to be much to be done about it.

- Inca F

Big truck with cool looks

Great utility vehicle - I have over 300,000 miles on original engine and a 6 inch lift. It's got over sized tires, 6.8 liter v10 engine, heavy duty tow built transmission, full entertainment system and many other extras. I also put higher gears in both axles to compensate for the larger tires.

- John H

The Ford Excursion - The only SUV worth its weight in gold

Comfortable and imposing on the road, the Excursion is a force to be reckoned with and a joy to drive. With plenty of space inside, and the ability to tow just about anything you might want, the Excursion gets you where you want to go and allows you to bring all your family and toys with you!

- Rob L

I like the color and the trim of the car but most of the car is just bad.

loud, springs squeak all the time. The transmission is out and out of tune. Fords are not good cars. It brakes done and needs to be fixed all the time. The worst part were the tires. They only lasted 10 months until I was sliding all over the highway when it was snowing outside.

- Lucy D

Love that she's mean looking

I hAve had absolutely not one single problem with my 2000 ford excursion. The performance is awesome and amazing., it's such a great and very reliable and dependable vehicle, and so super comfortable on top of all that. It's never let me down, she's always been by my side

- Ashlee R

Read more about my excursion.

My excursion is very dependable. It is super roomy for my boys and all their sports stuff. I love that we can take it anywhere. It is very safe to drive. It is great for long trips. The only downfall is that it is a gas guzzler. I do not get that many miles to the gallon.

- Claudia C

Love My Ford Excursion Truck

I actually love this truck , in the 2nd owner and I absolutely have no problems at all. I drive it to work and doesn't drain too much gas considering its size. I do have a lift kit on it and can never park in parking garages, but other than that works and runs great.

- Jeremy M

A driver sets fairly high in auto and this comes in very handy.

Have never had in shop but once with faulty injector. Shifter has become sloppy. Drives smooth. Front brakes have been replaced. There is nothing else to say about the auto, it has been safe and reliable for 15 years. Pulls a travel trailer wonderfully.

- Mark M

Dependable family Ford excursion.

My Ford excursion is a dependable family vehicle. That not only gets us to and from work and school, but we are able to drive long distances for family vacations in this car. We recently had some repairs done to this vehicle to continue its lifespan.

- Heather G

If you can't afford the gas, don't buy the truck!!

Love that it's large, safe, and big enough for a family of 6. I hate that it's a gas pig, and that it has maintenance issues b/c the previous owner did not maintain it properly.

- David C

Excursion gold a lovely car

Uses a lot of gas, but has 3 rows allows up to 8 passengers. Very roomy, it in on the old side so it's starting to need more work

- Lauren M

This truck is a gas hog...

V10...it's a gas hog. I'm not even sure why it was made. They should have all been 7.3s. All should have been fully loaded

- Kim T

It has never left me stranded.

Love everything about it usually. But unfortunately it is broke down at the moment and needs a major repair.

- Ashley B

It is a big diesel vehicle that can trailer any item you can possibly think of.

I love my vehicle even though it is old. It can haul anything and it fits my growing family.

- Bethany C

Plenty of room for a bunch people and all of their luggage.

Love the big size of the excursion. Don't like the mileage it gets.

- Christopher P