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We were the only car that was able to drive away from a three-car collision.

The excursion is a great vehicle. It is great to take on trips. It is a very safe car. Someone rear ended us in it and the excursion is the only one of 3 cars that drove away. It can be rather hard to find parts as the no longer make this model, but having the Eddie Bauer edition really makes it attractive and worth the effort!

- Amy S

Don't assume that you can be seen by all vehicles. Sometimes the size of the vehicle obstructs the view of *you*, so help other drivers and be cautious when moving around larger vehicles.

I like that I can haul/transport just about anything, that there's plenty of seating, and that it's spacious for everyone. I don't like the gas mileage, the limited parking accessibility due to height restrictions and the bulkiness at times. The size is great when needed, terrible when doing general errands.

- alyssa t

My mom likes me to drive the Excursion because it is a large car and she knows I will be safe even if something happens and I am involved in an accident.

I like the the Ford Excursion is large and can carry a large family like my own. You can also move the seats and use it to move lots of equipment or anything else you may have on hand. It is not the easiest to park but it is simple to drive and is not touchy and jerky like some vehicles I have tried.

- Jason M

White 2005 ford excursion, 4 wheel drive, 6.0l diesel, 4 door, Eddie Bauer pkg.

I love my excursion. It is reliable, and spacious. I have 2 kids and several dogs and we have plenty of room for the entire family, large dogs, and anything we may need to include for travel or a trip. It also has been great when pulling small and medium sized trailers.

- Ryan C

It's all midnight black.. Still runs great

It's a older model but it is reliable. It does guzzle a lot of gas, but I do love it.. Its black with tinted windows.. I like big cars because you can fit a lot of people in it and just ride and cruise out.. Plus I love ford motors. They are the best

- Anthony M

It is very dependable. I have my grandchildren in it all the time so I'm glad it is reliable.

i love how that my car is so comfortable and roomy. It has plenty of head space so that you don't feel all scrounged in and smothery. Because it is so large I don't worry about getting into a wreck and getting crushed. I feel safe in it.

- denise d

Dont r really know it takes a lot of gas and needs time to speed up to get on interstate.

I like the size as we have a larger family. It also works great for pulling our trailers for work. I don't like it does not have a good startup speed takes time to speed up to speed limit. But feel safe in it

- Faith A

It's a beast. Driven it through the worst storms, floods and snow and never got stranded.

Most comfortable reliable vehicle. Feel safe and secure. Diesel prices went up the day we bought it. Fuel injectors had to be replaced at the same time. Roomy. Never worried about my kids when they took it.

- Tana R

Towing capacity: 6,100 to 11,000 lbs, it's good that the gas tank holds 44 gallons of gas

My ford Vehicle is old and outdated for me because when I'm going up hill its complains that it's bothering all that but when Im on the highway it's always jumping when I'm going 75.

- Thomas B

It is an SUV and not a van.

I love how high up I sit and how much space is in the vehicle. It is nice and roomy and I have heated leather seats for the cold months. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Carrie B

It really is very spacious and has held up really well over the years.

I really, really love the size of the cargo area. It has enough room to haul an entire wrestling team gear. If they still made them, I would purchase another one.

- Mel C

it is big and doesn't turn on a dime..stay up with you servicing.

love the room. being able to pull almost anything is great too. i wish that they make them again but i am hanging on to mine as long as it is running

- brian m

It's a great vehicle that has not given me much problems.

I like how big the inside is. I dislike that some parts are broken. I like that its been in my life since I can remember with no major difficulties.

- Manuel O

It is roomy for a family. It is reliable and comfortable.

My car is the best. I love it! It is reliable and roomy for the whole family. It drives fast like really fast. No problems that I know of.

- Kelley C

One of a kind big bold and strong

Big and comfortable takes a lot of gas I use vehicle for mostly for pleasure in long runs I love going out of town with my excursion

- Juan R

05 excursion 6.0. #thebeast

My busy family use our excursion for play and work. Never towed something it wouldn't pull or been down a trail we got stuck on!!

- Alice M

The towing capacity and reliability is outstanding.

I like the size and the storage capacity. I do not like that they do not make it anymore. I like how durable and reliable it is.


Great dog/family car. Take a trip

Great driver for long trips. Great gas mileage and fill ups are a breeze. It holds a lot and dogs seem to enjoy it

- Nancy F

It is comfortable to ride and drive

I love the size. Very roomy. Dislike filling up the gas tank.

- Larry R