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My 2000 Ford Expedition Limited It is the perfect SUV and everything about it is ideal; from the exterior body and its detailing to the interior leather seating and ample room space.

My vehicle is a 2000 Ford Expedition Limited. When I purchased this vehicle (in December 1999 brand new) it had everything I wanted in a vehicle; as well as extra features that I did not expect. I still own this vehicle and it is still in excellent condition. Everyone believes it is newer than it is. I do not have any problems, its performance excellent, very reliable, roomy, ample trunk space, very comfortable and I love my SUV and will continue to drive it until I cannot. I do not consider this a problem, but my CD player just (the CD button) is stuck. I am very avid in maintaining my vehicle and I believe this is why it is still in good shape and running very well.

- Helen T

Great SUV for a family vehicle.

Great family vehicle. Seats 7 very comfortably. Feels great on the road, have taken it out of town on multiple occasions. Very safe vehicle for the family. Unfortunately we were hit in the read once by a speeding driver as we were waiting for a turn at a red light, we had our infant, toddler, and tween in the 2nd row. The impact felt hard but the kids were perfectly safe. It was that moment that I was so grateful we had an SUV and not a small vehicle. The downside was (maybe due to the previous hit) overheating.

- Iris B

Ages well with minor issues, big and roomy, and extremely reliable.

After 18 years, this car still runs great with minor issues. The service light has been on for years but no one can determine any problem. It has not affected the performance of the car. The interior is large and roomy and pedals adjust for tall or short people like myself. The rear door no longer opens because the hinge seems to be caught. I heard others had this same issue. I rarely use my back door so it doesn't bother me yet. Overall, this has been a very reliable car.

- Trina M

One thing I like is that the a/c works great. Never had to fix anything from it.

I love my car because it never causes me problems. Takes me everywhere I go, we did have trouble with the transmission but it got fix nothing too major. I've had that car for 5 years and still works fine. I took it to the shop to get the wheels rotated and also check for anything that need to be replaced. Just cause it old does not mean it will brake or anything with good care it can last you a long time. I love it and I am glad for it.

- Stephanie A

The car can be difficult to navigate in cities on narrow streets.

The car is a very old car so it can be a little unnerving driving it around. However, it has proven to my partner and I that the car and make is very reliable after 18 years. It is a very large car and has been great for moving to a new apartment. We learned that we could easily fit a couch in the back with the seats folded down. In addition, we could fit a bunch of boxes making it easier to transport a large amount of boxes at a time.

- Jena K

Buy a Ford truck! It is not hard to locate auto parts to update the truck.

I really love the space inside the truck. Also I am glad it was high up from the ground. It helped when streets where started to flood. Also the large tires helped plow through the water/dirt. We have leather seats and I would encourage all buyers to buy leather protection to keep the inside of the truck looking good. Otherwise it is a good running truck. I recommend this truck for all families. We plan on buying another one!

- Angela S

2000 Ford expedition Eddie Bauer is good on gas.

The vehicle is fairly good on fuel consumption. It was better before my catalytic converters became clogged. I live in the country (rural) of Georgia so I had the cats cut off. The instrument panel is also going out. The odometer is digital and it displays when it wants to. And the oil pressure gauge does not work until I press the hard pedal. It very roomy on the inside. It had a third row seat.

- William F

I have been driving it since high school. It's part of my identity.

This car has lasted me for a very long time and has held up with me and performed well. From time to time, I do have to perform some maintenance and unexpected things happen such as a fuel pump blowing out. But overall my car is very reliable, spacious and even for an SUV does okay on gas. I know if I get in a jam while in my car, I can jet out of there. I am very thankful for my car.

- Rachel K

19 years and No Troubles!

My car is 19 years-old, but with regular maintenance and upkeep, it has been running like a charm for these 19 years. I have not had any major mechanical problems with it. I have used my Expedition with my three children, and now I carry my grandchildren around in it. If something was to happen to my Expedition today, I would be out tomorrow to purchase another Ford Expedition.

- Paula B

Get really great gas mileage, rides smooth very comfortable on long drives!

Gets really great gas mileage. I put $20 in and drive an hour and a half one way and then drive it back again without putting anymore in drive around town a few times with same gas. Really great vehicle to own I have had mine for a year and no problems with the motor at all only thing had to replace was my tires from all the wear and test from driving long distance daily.

- Shawn A

That its big and has 3 sits inside with lots of elbow room. .

It very reliable. Hasn't broke on me yet and got over 200 mil. It's a good investment. It's worth what you pay for. . Good for. Vacationing and to carry a boat it's good for that. . Camping out take it hunting you can also go mud riding. Plus Ford is a good manufacture. The inside is a 3 sitter big and a lot of comfortable sitting without being crowded. . .

- Martin M

My car is blue and big and is very comfortable since it's an Eddie Bauer.

my car is incredibly reliable and has done great over the years it's an older car so it does have some issues but that does not take away from the fact that it serves the purpose and is a good option for the price we paid. The car is also well-suited to the types of things I need it for having enough space for a lot of things and people to move around.

- Nicholas V

For a 2000 year model and it is now 2019, my vehicle is in excellent condition.

We have had a few issues with the expedition over the past 3 years that we have owned it. First we have had to replace the battery twice. The passenger side tire had to have new wheel bearings replaced. We continue to have issues with the gas tank reading on the panel and the electric reading. Other than those issues I have to say I love my vehicle.

- Jennifer M

My Thoughts on the Ford Expedition SUV

The Ford Expedition is a great vehicle, especially for those with families. It's roomy, with enough room for eight people. It's durable and rugged, but not too much so. The four wheel drive option adds to it's ruggedness and makes it an all around good vehicle. The gas mileage is kind of low, but other than that there aren't too many issues.

- Landon P

2000 Ford Expedition massacre

The ac constantly goes bad. The suspension keeps malfunctioning. The interior is fragile and is destroyed easily. There is plenty of room but many parts make a lot of noise. The running boards rust easily. It is not good on gas. The moonroof is nice. The door locks have gone bad and do not unlock I the press of the unlock buttons

- Cody W

Great all wheel drive vehicle for winter driving.

Good reliable truck. O2 sensors were bad, but we're easy enough to fix. All leather and heated seats were a great option. Third row seating is a must in my family. Very reliable for a decent price. All wheel drive is a must in Montana. Automatically slips into four-wheel drive when needed. Must have for family vehicle.

- Christina C

About the ford. This is a good on gas very reliable lots of room.

I like my Ford it runs very well good car for a sizable family, I wish it had more trunk space, you cannot really fit much in the trunk I think I get pretty good gas mileage with this SUV lots seating this vehicle has 4WD I do not have a sunroof on this model but the ac runs great the heat car starts up really well.

- Angel W

Ford expedition review pros and cons.

The expedition has foldable seats for extra space and storage, has small vents on the roof top for air conditioning on hot days and is really comfortable seating. It has good performance and reliability. The only downside it has is its height which is really a little problem that can be fixed with small ladders.

- Taka J

Expeditions Review from an owner

I have enjoyed this vehicle. Not as big as a full size SUV but still plenty of room inside. It drives nice. I keep up with regular oil changes and maintenance and have had no complaints. I have had my spark plugs changed recently, and my mechanic said this year model can be tricky, but no problems with mine.

- Kay W

The vehicle I purchased used.

When vehicle purchased used previous work had not been kept up. Many problems have occurred due to lack of upkeep. Overall car is reliable but have had to put much money in car to keep it safe. Front end was worn out as well as the electrical needed work. Windows would not go down and locks work sometimes.

- Julie J

For the most part, I have all the features I like to have a newer model.

I have a 2000 Ford expedition fully loaded SUV. I love the electric seat and windows feature, along with the ride and power of the 5. 4l motor. What I don't like is the constant upkeep of it, being a older model, everything seems to go bad on it consistently, but the motor is still strong.

- Dar M

The 2000 expedition is a great all purpose vehicle.

My 2000 Ford Expedition is a great performing vehicle. It offers everything I need. It has 4x4 to get me out of tricky situations. It is tough enough to haul another car or boat but has a gentle ride that is easy on my back since I have had back surgery and need a vehicle with a soft ride.

- Shannon M

This is a great vehicle to have if you have a big family. Seats eight people.

It has been a really great vehicle never had any trouble with it. We have always kept up on the maintenance on our truck. It seats eight people. It is not too bad on gas on the highway. It is very comfortable to sit and ride in for long trips. The performance of this vehicle is very good.

- Lisa Y

Not bad on gas winter time does not do to good

It's a very reliable vehicle it needs oil and plugs changes nit it runs great I love it it will hold 8 people comfortably it's not too bad on gas but in winter months and snow it does not want to go very good it all slides easily and gets stuck easily all in all it's a good vehicle

- Loretta S

Good SUV for rural living!

My vehicle has had relatively few issues considering how long I have owned it for. I have had to replace the battery once and had some work done on the brakes recently. There is minor wear and tear externally and internally. I live in a cold, harsh climate and it has been very reliable.

- Emma G

A great, reliable and dependable car.

I have really loved this car. It is very reliable and dependable. It has the third seat, which can be removed or left in. It is nice if you need the extra passenger room, or if you need to have the extra space to have for carrying things around. It has been dependable through the years.

- Dee B

It is a very dependable car with leather interior and all options.

It has automatic transmission, power windows, air conditioned. It has 4 wheel drive which I like since it snows a lot where I live. It drives good and is big enough to seat 7 people in comfort. It does use a lot of fuel and I don't like that. Otherwise it has been a very dependable car.

- Kathleen L

2000 Ford expedition fully loaded in good condition.

My truck is a 2000 and that's 18 years old. Every time we fix one thing it seems like something else goes wrong. The motor itself is strong. The comfort is definitely there though. It is fully loaded, which means it has all electric and includes the tow package and a third bench seat.

- Dar N

Love my Expedition. I feel very safe

I really enjoy my expedition. Very roomy and I feel safe in it. Easy to get my sons in and out and my older sons walker. The only bad thing I would say is it seems to have the common Ford problem which is electrical. The turn signal and rear wipers won't work and the CD /tape player

- Holly B

For begin a big engine it get good gas mileage.

The Ford expedition is a comfortable ride big engine that is been reliable over the years. Comfortable on long distance drives. The seats are very comfortable tinted window automatic windows, white great car-SUV. Everything is luxurious, very reliable. Has CD player, six channel.

- Phil L

This car is really useful when you want to intimidate a smaller car.

This car is really good when it comes to holding a big family. This car is good for people who knows how to handle a big car. This car is pretty good on gas and does really well even on high mileage. This car does not come with an AUX cord, which is a con about this vehicle.

- Sandra B

I will be there at the same time as the one I have is a cutie pie I love you too.

It is really nice to have some time to talk about it and let me know if you need anything else from me please let me know if you need anything else from me please let me know. I am not sure if you got my email about the same as the one I have is a cutie pie I love you too.

- Amanda N

Durable Car With Right Care

The vehicle performs well and has high mileage on it. It's pretty reliable as long as you maintain the upkeep and regular maintenance. In my time driving the vehicle, I have not had any major problems with it but have had to purchase new components like tires and brakes.

- Nicholas A

We love our Nellie bell!!

This SUV has been good to our family since the first day. With regular minimal maintenance it has been with us for 16 years with no major issues. Car seats, strollers, ice chests, luggage, people, and more get in and out very easily. This has been my favorite car.

- Heidi W

Spaceship SUV. Super comfortable. Reliable and affordable.

For how old the car is and how many miles it has, it runs like a champ! The amount of space the vehicle has in noticeable in every seat. It does have a few electrical issues ( with the locks and lights) that seem to be pretty common, but nothing too expensive.

- Os S

I love it because it 4-Wheel drive and has a lot of room.

I really haven't had and problems. The only one is that now when it summer it will cut off on me. I'm not sure if it's a sensor or something else. Also my gear shift has started to mess up. I have to make sure it's in the right gear before pressing the gas hard.

- Dominique M

What its like owning a Ford expedition.

All around good vehicle with not a lot of problems, it has a lot of room, it feels safe, it has good handling, its very reliable, however it does dig into your pockets when it comes to gas if it is an everyday riding vehicle, it would be good for vacations.

- Ashley F

Broken down junk would not buy another ford.

I love the vehicle but it has had a lot of mechanical issues. The spark plugs blow out and the transmission is going out. Ford knows about these issues but are not doing anything about it. The interior is great and everything is good but the running of it.

- Douglas M

She’s a determined conqueror of differing terrain.

Clean, sturdy, has lasted forever. Leather interior. Good turn radius with great visibility. Speakers could use an upgrade but I still like the Audio system. Seats 5 comfortably and has room in the back for adequate storage. Lovely for taking road trips.

- Anna O

5.4 v8 is a gas guzzler for sure. If you make sure to stay on top of maintenance then the car will last forever.

The motor is very dependable. The only issue i really had was with the fuel economy. if i was lucky i would get about 15 on the highway and 11 in town. But the seats were very comfortable and it had the room for everything that i needed on a daily basis.

- joshua o

Happiest expedition owner.

This vehicle is roomy and comfortable whether the ride is short or over long trips. I am thoroughly happy with the vehicle quality and durability. I have only owned the car for two years, and as a second hand purchase, it has been a positive experience.

- Lisa H

The know of a 2000 ford expedition.

This vehicle was gifted by my grandparents. It's a salvage. But it has been working great. Haven't had any problems with it yet. It's a v8. Great car for a big family. Good on gas.3 row seaters. Rear a/c controls. Seats pull down for room for big items.

- Vanessa H

If your brake light and turning signals not working check your fuses 1st.

Since my vehicle is a little older it is well expected to have problems nothing major. Tires are needed which is the most costly problem so far. Fuses need to be replaced for minor things like the adapter plug-in. Other than that it still runs great.

- Chiquita R

It has amazing space and drives great in the snow and over mountain passes. It is also a very attractive SUV and very dependable.

I like all the room i have to fit my three small children. I also like how easy it is to handle in the snow. I dislike how much it burns in gas, and i also dislike the fact that fords locks start to malfunction so quickly.

- Sarah S

I have driven it to Montana and back twice.

It is a great car. The leather seats are not the greatest; however, the car has been reliable, the interior design is easy to clean and maintain, the exterior is easy to clean and maintain. No problems whatsoever.

- Gabriela A

Ford Expedition with 5.4 Liters

I love that the vehicle has a powerful engine at 5.4 liters but it uses a lot of gas. I am able to use it to pull my camper which is around 4,500 pounds. However again it only gets around 13 miles per gallon.

- Evan O

My vehicle did not cost me a lot of money.

My Ford Expedition is a well built SUV. It is big and roomy so passengers are comfortable. It is high up so I can see the traffic better. My biggest dislike about my vehicle is the low gas mileage it gets.

- Doug S

Great in all types of weather

Love the awd and how well it handles ice and snow. Great gas mileage too. I wish the trunk were a bit bigger but we use it for small in town travels. I will definitely buy another when this ones does.

- Liz B

This vehicle tends to rust at the bottom of the sides.

I love that my vehicle has a 6 disc CD player, but you can't tell looking at the dash. It has a tow hitch which is great! It is reliable and comfortable and has a moonroof. I love my old SUV.

- Jill W

It's very sturdy and dependable.

It is a sturdy and dependable vehicle. I do not have any complaints. Perhaps the only thing I do not like, is that its an older vehicle. I will probably get the same car when I need a new one.

- Dee M

If something breaks down the engine is difficult to work on.

For an 18 yr. Old car it drives well, is easy and comfortable to drive. It gets decent gas mileage and can carry 7 people comfortably. It has a good air conditioning system and stereo.

- Michael B

I have reached up to 378,978 miles on the truck with the same motor. I'm telling you guys should purchase you one. #buildfordtough

It is a wonderful truck. Just really old and starting to go down on me but it is wonderful and looking forward to getting a newer one they are worth every penny you spend also.

- Chataurii H

It is good summer or winter.

Good SUV. Roomy, takes off slow, bad mileage in city driving, better gas mileage on the highway. I need more tires for the winter. I could use a new paint job for next summer.

- Gregory S

It is Spacious and you have good visibility on it

Love the car because it can seat 8 people comfortably, I feel safe in this car, not like in those Mini Coopers . Don't like that is 8 cylinders and it consumes a lot of gas

- Yolanda B

The material is better not like the ones today that just break in a single accident

I like that it is not like new cars.I have had accidents in it but the materials are not that fragile like they are now.I only don't like that it sometimes looks too old

- Vanya V

It is my car and mine to drive.

Everything about this vehicle is great.. It is reliable.. It has lasted through the past 18 years.. For the make and model it is actually quite good on gas mileage.

- Joseph H

The most important is its reliability ! I never have to worry about it breaking down

My Expedition is extremely comfortable and big .The only drawback is the heating core and where it's located to fix it ! It's extremely trustworthy for traveling

- Leslie W

Comfortable and smooth ride.

It is starting to break down and costing me too much to fix. I am a single mom and I need a car that is more reliable. I also need something a little smaller.

- Angel E

Reliable car, do not want to let it go.

Burns gas, love the space, getting older so more work needed. Stay up to date with oil changes and tune ups. When maintenances properly, car is very reliable.

- Lee G

The ball joints are worn and the steering wheel tilts and wobbles.

I dislike that it uses so much gas and has a lot of electrical wiring issues that a lot of expedition owners have as well. I like how roomy and comfy it is.

- Paula M

It has 215k miles on it and still runs great.

I feel very safe and it has been a very good and reliable vehicle. I do not have any complaints, I have always loved this car since the day we bought it.

- Lisa P

It's a great family car, especially if you have dogs.

I love the size of the expedition, it work great for our family. On the other hand if we put less than $20 in gas it wont show how much gas is in it.

- Rye S

It can seat 8 people comfortably.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like how many people it seats. I like how the civics handles in the snow. I do not like the poor gas mileage.

- Lori B

It is great for winters in Wyoming and also for large families.

It is a gas guzzler and when the third row is in there is practically no storage space in the back. But besides that I am quite happy with it.

- Mik K

Very spacious and comfortable.

Can't complain much about my Ford expedition it's a very good car a bit pricey on gas other than that to any problems haven't been to pricey.

- Elizabeth F

Will go through the gas if you use it for city driving.

I love this tank, have no problems in the winter, it can go through snow with ease, the only thing I do not like is the gas mileage sucks!

- Jeff S

It is not good on gas at all. But it is great if you have kids

I like that it's big to transport kids . I like that I can fit a lot into it. I don't like that it's old. I don't like that it gets 8 mpg

- Valerie F

Great Family Car, very dependable

It's a great vehicle, very low maintenance. I do very little to keep it maintained which I love. It's big and roomy for my large family.

- Katie T

My vehicle is a slate Grey Ford expedition . We bought it used about 2 years ago. It has 3rd row seating which we need for our family of 5. Seating is very comfortable and roomy. It handles very smoothly. We have hard winters here in the northeast pa. Our Ford drives great in bad weather and on slick roads. It is high off the road so bumps are no problem. Unfortunately it is a gas hog. Gas prices lately have been going up so we pay around $60 for gas.

My vehicle makes me feel safe and comfortable. I drive my children in this vehicle and do not worry about being stranded or broke down.

- Melissa L

That it is fast, and really cool car.

It has 3 row seating, is AWD, sits high, has all the bells and whistles, is comfortable and fun to drive, it holds the road real good.

- Pam A

It is safe, reliable, and practical. It gets me where I need to go safely.

I purchased my vehicle brand new in 1999. I am the original and only owner. I make sure that the maintenance on my vehicle is done.

- Helen L

It is but fuel efficient but it is very comfortable

I bought it cash. I chose it bto cause I needed a big vehicle. It is a gas game sleep but keeps my family and work needs.

- John L

All the doors must be unlocked to open the gas cap.

Its old, and makes too much noise... I like the power of the vehicle. The vehicle is strong and tough, but has its flaws..

- Alejandro G

Roomy spacious and fast because I am point A to point B.

Nice big spacious v8 and reliable big spacious and it is got to be very reliable high performance comfortable to ride in.

- Angela M

The doors doesn't open from the inside

It has serve me well for a bit over 18 years. But does cost a lot of gas which equal money. But the large space is useful

- Sandra M

Regular service keeps vehicle in top shape.

The Ford escape has comfort that is great. The good gas mileage saves us money. Easy driving through the mountains of NC.

- James W

Ford is awesome!! Ford tough.

Love that I have plenty of room. . Sometimes it is too much room though, gas mileage is not horrible and ac still works.

- Sarah B

Lots of space for a big family

It has been a good and reliable vehicle since I have had it and it just now is starting to fall apart little by little

- Kim A

Drive across the united states in comfort and style.

Performance is great, holds to the road. Is very reliable. 4 adults can travel comfortably across the United States.

- Joanna D

it's a good suv to have and fun to drive

I like it's fun I like to go on fishing trips and camping trips and it has the room I need but cost to much for gas

- Michael w

Long Lasting, Dependable, and Low Maintenance Vehicle

My vehicle has last me for a long time. The work that I have had on the vehicle was on the brakes, A/C, and radio.

- Cer W

Love the heated and cool seats.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. I bought it new. The only thing is the driver seat is starting to wear.

- Shelley B

It is a reliable vehicle it has great air conditioning and a lot of room.

It is a good car it is old but paid 4 I have no complaints it has a great air conditioner it takes a lot of gas.

- Colleen C

That gas mileage is low. Not a good long distance vehicle.

My vehicle is ok to get around. Gas mileage and performance are an issue. Recurring problems is a big concern.

- Barbie E

absolutely the ugliest most piece of trash

it is so old it barely will go 50 mph on a good day. wish i could get something better but i'm poor as it gets

- yvonne g

It uses a lot of gas and is expensive.

I like the room and I hate it is a gas drinker. I do not like the rooms but I can things work my vehicles.

- Shermika L

Great 4 door family truck.

BIG TRUCK WITH A LOT OF SPACE. DECENT MILEAGE FOR THE SIZE. I love how the truck has a removable 3rd row

- Amber E

I like that it has a lot of space to fill I can put bikes and move a lot of stuff. It is better g

It's big and has a lot of room It is very spacious. I can fit boxes and bikes and can help friends move

- Ernest G

Decent on fuel. Tight turning radius. Plenty of room

have had it for years and have never had an issue. Decent gas mileage too. Had to replace hatch handle

- james m

I trust and depend on my ford it's a great family car

I love how big it's got 3 row seats great a c unit but it takes a lot of gas but I love it regardless

- Caleene C

My truck has been very dependable, I love the space, gas mileage is not that bad.

I have no complaint, my vehicle has been very dependable, I have had it since 2010 it has been great.

- Karla R

My car is still nice and pretty and works awesome.

I like my vehicle it's still functioning very good through the years, and it saves gas.

- Imeldab B

It is roomy and dependable. It rides very comfortably.

My expedition has been very reliable. It allows me to travel with my trailer.

- Larry K

It is comfortable for long trips. It uses a lot of gas

It is green. Very comfortable for trips. Paint is good..wastes a lot of gas

- Kevin P

Spacious! There is room for my entire family and the dogs.

It's very spacious. I feel safe in it. Con is frequent mechanical issues.

- Claudia G

No real complaints other than I wish it were bigger.

I love how tall it is and I never have to worry with my kids in the car.

- Starr B

The Expedition is large enough to have roomy comfort for 6 and cargo.

It is big enough to cart around anyone I want and cargo. It is roomy.

- mary d

It's highly reliable and has served me well over the years.

It's dependable. It gets good gas mileage. It meets all of my needs.

- Jesse S

No complaints, it has been good

Nice and reliable, a little too large and needs better gas mileage.

- Chris M

motor repair may be often

the motor needs repair more than I like. it has room. 4 wheel.

- Donald g