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A very strong reliable truck with awesome 4 wheel drive.

I really like that its 4 wheel drive. It has a 6 disc CD changer which I also like. I enjoy the fact that it has third row seating, and I am able to fit the whole family on outings. I believe ford did great with the expedition, but I don't like that I am unable to do some work on the engine. Something as simple as a tune up must be done in a shop do to the location of the spark plugs. I just had my heater core go out which I heard often happens on the expedition according to other owners of the same vehicle. Overall though it has been a reliable source of transportation for me and my family and I will gladly continue to drive it until it finally gives up and kills over.

- Paul F

It's build strong and looks goods show it off and show what it can do

love my vehicle, it has running boards easy to get into and I have comfortable seats a large console in the middle and a great bug shield as they call this a bra also has a third row seat and space to put bags in the behind the third row. When the third row of seats is removed it hold a lot of bags, luggage tools have a small compartment for very small books some small tools or some dog toys in back of the front seat has storage for maps reading material has bottles holders, just one comfortable and good on gas for how old it is. Build strong as fords are to be strong.

- Cathy G

2001 Ford expedition likes & Wishlist.

I love being able to lay seats down to move things from one place to another or when shopping and I have a large item. I moved from one home into another using the back of the truck. I can move my gas & brake pedals to be closer or further away from my feet. Many features are such a plus; power seats, ability to adjust mirrors, rear wiper, 6 CD player. I wish I had ability to use AUX cord or Bluetooth to radio. Wish there were buttons on steering wheel for adjusting radio stations and sound. Things I wish for from this vehicle will be what I look for in my next vehicle.

- Rebecca L

2001 Ford Expedition All-wheel drive Review Doesn't look like a truck but can do all that a truck can do. I can put all the seats down and haul 8-foot boards in the back of it.

It is a 2001 Ford Expedition All wheel drive SUV. I love it because I have room to haul everything I need to for my grandson between his house and mine. It is very roomy and high up so the bigger trucks and 18 wheelers can see you on the road. I feel safer driving it than a smaller vehicle. The only problem I have been having with it is it blows spark plugs and coil packs off the 5.4 engine ever once in a while. as long as I keep it well maintained the gas mileage stays up pretty well. I would not be afraid to take it across the country on a trip any day.

- Sandy A

Overall dependable vehicle love the turning radius of this car.

This car has been in our family for a while now and has taken us on many adventures throughout the years and yet she still runs solid. Recently she has had issues starting whether it be battery issues or something worse I am not sure but it drives great. One thing I have loved about this car since we first got it seventeen years ago was her amazing turn radius. I mean for the size of the vehicle it can flip a u-turn almost as smoothly as a Focus.

- Rebekah B

My truck is big and black.

My vehicle performs great. It runs great and gets me from point A to B. It does have one problem that I think is the spark plugs because when I get ready to jump out in the street it want to go it just takes it is time getting out there. My truck is big and black with loud pipes on it, it is a three row seat so there's plenty room and the air is great. My truck always take me where I need to go no matter the weather conditions.

- L N

My vehicle is green color have not changed still get good gas miles.

I had my truck for 10 years not many problems with it. I hope too keep it a little longer I have been on trips only brought 3. Set of tires changed spark plug every 2 years and oil every 6 months. I love the way it drives I have room for my 3 grand and so shopping at the same time. My husband loves to drive it so do my children. We travel once a year. Parts are high and hard to find at time some parts are hard to reach.

- Bobbie C

For the age of it the gas mileage and performance is great.

I don't really have any problems out of my truck. Just the normal wear and tear and making sure I keep the oil changed every 3k miles. I keep the tires at the weight they are recommended and make sure everything is always in working order. Overall I love my truck because it has everything I need. It is great on trips or taking my children to ball practice. The gas mileage is still very good for a vehicle this old.

- Tina B

Reliable for miles. Perfect for trips

for have driven it for over 300k mile it hasn't gone through any major issues other than the usual wear and tear that you would expect from a car that has drive all over the United States. I've found it very comfortable in long rides and it's super reliable/ the only problem I have with it is its gas mileage, it doesn't have as high mpg as I would like to but it can't be helped.

- DJ V

My vehicle is almost 20 and still going strong with minimal issues

The expedition is a good rugged vehicle. With MY expedition being a 2001 my biggest problems are fuel pump, coil packs, and my idle air control valve. But overall for being so old it is very good. Interstate I get about 400 miles to a tank of gas and around town about 325. Not to bad for its size. Overall I love my vehicle rides very smooth and has a lot of potential

- Jennifer W

It is expensive to repair.

The expedition is perfect for a family vehicle. There are three rows of comfy, reclining, leather seats. A factory six disc CD changer, DVD player and fold down screen for some entertainment. It is full of power, great on gas for an SUV. Our only issues have been with the air conditioning not working it has a leak. The caletic converts ( there are.

- April D

My vehicle has been very good to me and I take care of it. Fords never fail.

I absolutely love my vehicle it may not be new but at least I do not have a car payment. It always run and drives. It gets me where I need to go Fords are very reliable vehicles!! I would never drive anything but a Ford! I haven't had the first problem out of it. There is plenty of room which is wonderful my husband and I have 6 kids together.

- Lindsey F

Ford expedition, has not let me down.

Just had a problem with it, the number 7 spark plug blew. It has over 135000 miles on it. Took it 3600 miles in January drove great, was comfortable and roomy. For a big car it gets great gas mileage. I really like my Ford expedition, it has been very good to me. I think my Ford has been good to me. Performance, comfortable and reliable.

- Doris P

Spacious, and dependable The Ford Expedition

I love the space the Ford Expedition I use as my daily driver accommodates. It is kind of a gas hog but makes up for that by being equipped with 4x4 so I don't get stuck being I live in such a rural area and all. Has front and back seat controls for the radio and climates. Overall the Ford Expedition is a great family vehicle .

- Katie D

My expedition may be old but it is reliable, comfortable, And roomy

I have driven this expedition for 18 years it has been a reliable family and work vehicle. It is so comfortable, roomy and had great visibility. I drive it to work every day and for trips. It has 240,000 miles with repairs consisting of yearly tune ups and routine maintenance It is a great car that I am keeping for a long time

- Patti R

2001 ford expedition. Good and bad things.

This particular year feels loose when turning. Mine is black and the color is still in good condition. It is old enough that I cannot use Bluetooth. I like big vehicles. This vehicle has 8 seats. It is easy to drive. It has been a reliable vehicle for me. My ac went out and I had it filled and fixed and it still has problems.

- George A

Ford Expedition is a great, tough family vehicle for those on the go.

My expedition has been a great family vehicle. It is very roomy, holding up to 8 passengers comfortable. It has been very sturdy and reliable. We live in Iowa and deal with a lot of snow, but having 4 wheel drive is wonderful. It gets around great in all conditions. I will be buying another expedition in the near future.

- Amanda S

2001 ford expedition. Third row. Leather. Spacious. Storage.

The vehicle is very reliable and spacious. The gas mileage sucks. The vehicle has third road seats which is great for 2 or more children and vacations. The vehicle is nice to drive and drives well. The low mpg is due to the volume of miles driven. I drive a lot and drive a little faster so I do not get good gas mileage.

- Ashley S

We love the roominess and reliability!

Our Ford expedition is super comfortable and reliable. The kids have plenty of room in the back and we have had no major issues with the vehicle. We love it and will get another if the need should arise in the future. We never have to worry that we will be stranded as long as you keep up with the maintenance on it.

- Jennifer P

My vehicle is a white expedition and it is super nice for family road trips.

It takes up way too much gas. I'm spending too much money on a car that can't even drive on highways that well. It makes a lot of noise on the road which is kind of irritable. But the seating arrangement works out pretty well. I think it is a safe car overall and I do keep it maintained as well as I can.

- hunter R

Red school bus travel in school colors.

It runs well but it is the most awful red color. It should be painted if I could afford it. The radio speakers are poor quality and do not travel beyond the front seats. It is wheelchair accessible so it is reason why we bought it. Can you imagine going everywhere in a very ugly looking school bus.

- Jeanne K

I am one Happy Ford SUV Owner!

It is very spacious, convenient for a big family! It's great if you are on the road a lot. This vehicle is very comfortable to take trips in! Comfortable seating, with enough leg room including 3rd row! Would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to purchase their next great vehicle!

- Ana L

I would give it a 10 its awesome.

Everything is great we haven't had any problems with it. I love the space it has and the ac works really good it's easy to clean and easy to get kids in and out of and has car seat hooks and has the ac vents in the back for the kids. I would recommend it to a family with a lot of family members.

- Lacey V

I love my 2001 Ford expedition.

The only thing I dislike about my SUV is the leather seats and the ac went out. It drives wonderfully, heater is heaven in winter lol. She gets my family from point A to B no problem. Its very spacious, love the anti theft feature, electric windows, and I can enter pin on door pad to unlock it.

- Amy K

Great size vehicle for large family

Great size for large family. Love the rear captain chairs. Wish third row seat had more leg room. Gas guzzler. Oil dipstick down too far. Can barely reach (for a woman my height). Paint is chipping. Running boards rusted. Transmission slipping slightly. Trunk will not stay up on it's on anymore

- Kimberly F

Expedition is a great reliable vehicle.

With kids I needed the extra room!! Love the 3rd row option which also can be removed easily for more storage. All the seats are leather which is amazing especially with kids ( easy clean up)! The expedition has amazing leg room and allows everyone to sit comfortably no matter where you sit.

- Girl K

2001 ford expedition blue 8 cylinder.

Mint condition. Runs good. Color is dark blue with 20 inch rims. 2001 ford expedition 8 cylinder. Nice interior. Tinting windows. Its has 150000 miles but always keep the maintenance. Just did smog and pass everything is running great. Paint is mint couples small dents and minor scratches.

- Oscar F

2001 red Ford expedition Eddie Bauer edition.

A motor mount is loose so there's a shake in the front end. All leather interior throughout with heated front seats. Third row seating with removable third row. Power locks and windows. Hot heat and cold a/c with vents in the front, middle and rear. Back seat a/c and heating control.

- Deja W

Great spacious vehicle, not so great on gas but overall a nice vehicle to own.

My vehicle is very spacious and comfortable. It does however only get about thirteen miles to the gallon and takes almost one hundred dollars to fill the gas tank. It drives smooth and gas quite a bit of muscle power. I love the four wheel drive feature because it comes in handy.

- Nicole K

Love and hate my Expedition

I love my expedition but there are downsides. I have had to replace all the ignition coils and once I started replacing my battery went, my alternator and now I need electrical work. I read that my particular year 2001 had numerous engine problems and Ford never addressed them.

- Michele K

Roomy, third row seats can be removed. Back seats let down to haul. Great.

Regular maintenance on vehicle. No major problems have occurred. Great on wet or snowy roads. Very roomy and reliable. Some say there gas hogs but I have to disagree. $10 gets me everywhere. Third row seating is great if you have kids also. No fighting or touching each other.

- Ashley H

riding in high style. At an reasonable price

not great on gas, but secure sturdy and strong equipped with air ride gas mileage is so so. Plenty of passenger seating and legroom all leather seats AWD and air suspension came with roadside assistance am/FM stereo with six disc CD changer many cup holders at your disposal

- dawn J

Very spacious and for it is time, it has a great stereo sound system.

My vehicle has been loyal to me for almost 20 years. With maintenance and some repairs needed here and there, the quality is beyond incredible, it is spacious and dependable. It has allowed transport of small and large items and has taken us on several cross country trips.

- Elizabeth A

The thing I love most about my vehicle is the acceleration speed it gets. It always a quick and save entry to any freeway or major road way.

My Ford Expedition is a well designed all wheel drive vehicle that can take you almost anywhere. From the interior leather seating the the surround sound stereo system to the Triton X8 engine behind it, the vehicle is ideal for getting you where you need to go in comfort.

- Nik C

The Expedition called The Hulk!

My Ford Expedition is very reliable. It runs good. The engine is solid and it looks really good with big wheels. I purchased my truck 2 years ago and I have only had to do really maintenance like oil changes every 3 months. I replaced my head and back lights with LED.

- Jamie G

Well if you take off the last seat and put down the second seats you will have a Mobile hotel in your hands, i have done it myself for a campaign.

Well what I can say about my vehicle is that is really powerful and the only bad thing about the vehicle is that on the spark plugs it's really hard to change them on the really back the last 4 spark plugs; it's a good vehicle really spacious, It is smooth to Drive.

- Heliodoro G

Almost 20 years old, & still going strong.

Been a good vehicle to be almost 20 years old. Has some vacuum leak problems, but none that are unmanageable. Have replaced the front end I.e. control arms, ball joints, etc...my fiance did the work himself. 230,000 miles, & still going strong. A great deal.

- Marie E

My first expedition pulls really well.

My use my 2001 ford expedition for work. It does very well pulling and handling. I also have room for my 3 boys. It is very comfortable I am able to lay the seats down and put my tools and supplies in. It also has 167000 mile on it. I have only had minor issues.

- John E

Expedition in fine riding.

I really like my car. It has tons of room inside and can fold down all of the seats or take them out. I also like the fact that I can tow something if I want to. I have tinted windows so it is harder for people to see inside of my vehicle which I really like.

- Kristen B

Bit of a put together vehicle

Really big and roomy. Easy to drive and comfortable. Bit of a gas hog. Some things are difficult to work on under the hood. Very reliable. I have had issues with getting the spark plugs out because of their placement. Other than those, the vehicle runs fine.

- Tiffany H

My car is really awesome.

My vehicle can go a lot of places. When you go grocery shopping there is plenty of room to do a lot of shopping. There is air in the front and back. The kids have their own stereo options and they like that. Plenty of room to take all the kids wherever.

- Kelsey X

Ol' reliable and still fun to drive.

My expedition has lasted "forever" - over 240, 000 miles. It has been pretty reliable although it is now starting to have problems - but it is over 17 years old. The engine does seem like it will run forever - it is everything else that has me worried.

- Deb T

Great All Around family car

I love this vehicle. It is my favorite out of all the vehicles I've owned. It is comfortable and roomy. The only thing I don't like is we have had to replace something to do with the valves in the engine. There are 8 of them.

- Dana W

Always keep a spare tire. The air does not work.

I dislike the fact that it has no air. The radio does not work. We keep a flat tire. No matter the problem. The fact that our truck always need to be in the shop. But we've had it for years and it has not kept us down yet.

- Jennifer C

Best Ford ever...EXPEDITION

bought in 2998 and low mileage have no major problems 10 yrs I have had it. Only a fuel problem which causes it to choke sometimes when tank gets below 1/2 just have to keep it filled over 1/2. No problem for me anyway

- rudy R

Air Ride Suspension: pros and cons

The exhaust manifold rusts easily in early 2000s Ford V8s. Thus my vehicle has had issues with exhaust in the air conditioning. My vehicle also has air ride suspension, which does not like the cold of the Great Plains.

- Adam D

Cindy's car is a spacious and comfortable way to travel

I like that it has lots of room to haul people and stuff too. I like that it is comfortable and has lots of amenities. I like the leather seats. I like the way it looks. I don't like the low mpg. Gas is expensive.

- Cindy S

Comfortable seats and the sound system

My vehicle runs ok but I had to get a lot of work done. Now I have to replace the cad converter. The seats are very comfortable though. I'd say more comfortable than all of the other cars I've had in my lifetime

- Steve H

It's great for a family vehicle.

I love how spacious it is. It fits all the kids and dog! Great for road trips or dropping kids off at school. Can however do without the airbag suspension. It makes a little car sick if I am riding passenger.

- La Rae C

Easy to fix, the parts are reasonably priced, great for a big family.

It's an old truck but it runs great. It's easy to fix and the parts aren't expensive. I love that it's big and has so many seats. It has never left me stranded even when broken it always gets me home.

- Alissa M

It has a great engine! And can hold a small army of children.

I love my car it seats 9 people and is good for long trips with the kids. But it is just getting old, we wish we could afford something newer with better gas mileage. The cost of gas is 100 week. .

- Kristen K

Spacious for the Living Roomy for the Biggest Family

I like that it is spacious for large families. There is enough room for a small family of four or a big one like mine -- 7 people. I dislike that the repairs only being able to be done by Ford.

- Bonnie B

2001 Ford Expedition 5.4 v8

I love my SUV. It has third row seats which makes it a great family vehicle. It's a smooth ride. The speakers work great for music. The vehicle runs well and drives well. It's good on safety

- Leva R

other than the electrical problems it's a pretty reliable car. it gets us where we're going and holds a lot of groceries

We get electrical shorts when it rains hard. Currently only one door opens from the inside and none of the windows work because the electrical short keeps blowing the fuse.

- Kathleen H

Thankful for all the room

I love the size of my SUV because I am able to fit hubby and our 5 kids. Not only that, but I am able to fit all my son's medical equipment and his wheelchair with ease.


My car is 4 wheel drive so it can get out of a sticky situation. It sounds good, and it seats 8 comfortably.

My vehicle has major issues, it seems like the fuel intake is bad and it wants to die. The tires are messed up and it causes it to wobble. Cosmetic damage is horrendous.

- Britany L

I has heated seats for the cold mornings.

I like that is a very roomy suv and it will hold lots of stuff for or vacations.It's an eddie bauer addition and it has lots of extras.It's ok on gas mileage.

- Shellie M

It is very reliable and comfortable.

Love my expedition. Still a great, smooth ride today. Tight, solid handling. Did have to replace the transmission a year ago, but she was 16+ years old!

- Teresa G

Its big and I can tow something.

I like that it has the 3rd row seating and a lot of hauling capacity. I don't like that it was used and they did not disclose the things wrong with it.

- Shannon C

It runs very well. It always starts with no trouble and never stalls.

The mileage is not great: maybe around 15 mpg in town and a little better on the highway. The car is reliable. It has an excellent heater and a/c.

- Don N

I have a decent size family. We always do things together as a family.

I love the power and room. Family fits nicely. I don't like the mileage and the way the exhaust manifold gasket or coils always seem to go bad.

- Kris F

My vehicle is paid for and still runs great.

I like having a 4 x 4 for winter driving. Roomy enough for traveling. Just being an SUV is enough for me to like it. Ford has been good to me.

- Karen B

The Ford has so much room

I really like the Ford expedition for its size and power. The electrical problems I don't like. Once you figure those out it runs pretty good

- Ryan B

That is it is a very good truck to own.

I had my SUV for 18 yrs and it still runs like when I bought it Ford makes the best truck to me I only have 106, 000 miles on my truck.

- Willie B

I love that's it's a truck. I don't like the fact it's a older vehicle. Everything is starting to go on it. I would love to have a newer model of my truck.

It's a lemon. It's white. We have replaced a lot on it so far. It's a good truck overall but I do wish it was a better running vehicle.

- Brittany G

It's great it tows a trailer very good gas mpg are not to bad

It's a very old truck but it has been great for me I think it is wonderful and it has never let me down I would buy one again for sure

- Chris P



- pete W

It's a pretty safe car and it runs smoothly. I would suggest getting a newer model though.

The reason why i somewhat like it is because there is plenty of space. It runs well but the main downside is that it really chugs gas.

- Junior G

Fun, easy to enter, exit, store rec items.

Comfortable, ease of maintenance, low taxes. Good gas mileage, good looking vehicle. Overhead port for additional viewing, air.

- Judy W

The engine still runs decent even with high mileage however the interior does not last as long.

The one of the most basic complaints I have about the SUV is the age of the vehicle. I have to do some major maintenance now.

- Henry R

It is old and smells like mold.

I like that it has a lot of room. I like it drives good for a old vehicle. I hate that it leaks. I hate it is a gas guzzler.

- Janice L

The Ford Expedition has plenty of room for several passengers which provides a comfortable ride.

Love this car for the room it has for children. Provides a smooth ride during long trips. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Jacquie D

That is completely equipped with the best accessories and very easy to use.

I like love dependable it is. I do not like the gas mileage. I have own it for over 11 years and it has been a workhorse.

- Mark M

Plenty of power for towing.

Engine is a workhorse. Third row seating is a joke. Air conditioning lacks. Back window tint should be darker throughout.

- Danny B

How expensive it is to maintain it just so it performs decently.

Not enough mileage per gallon of gas and the car was just constantly breaking down a one point and had to be fixed a lot.

- Griselda R

It has a v8 engine and will be faster than most cars around it.

The Ford expedition has very poor gas mileage. It is also a little bulky. I would prefer if it was lighter on its feet.

- Dwayne I

My family rides in it. It's dependable and trustworthy

My vehicle hauls a lot from family and friends... it's never let me down. Its roadworthy for any trip to any place

- Jimmy C

it is a very beautiful color

it is really nice it is red and has no problems it performs great and is very comfortable it has amazing features

- jay r

It will last longer than your loan payments.it will handle the road well

I like my car it fits my size .it allows me to have room to transport large objects. It runs well and is durable.

- Donald D

It is a 4 door large SUV with lots of space.

Constantly blows coil packs revs high constant motor issues leaks oil other then than I love my 3rd row SUV.

- Vanessa H

It is a wonderful family vehicle.

I love how roomy and spacious it is. I dislike how hard and expensive it is to work on. I like the comfort.

- Breanna M

It is very dependable and rides nice.

I love my Expedition. I like how it sets higher than a car.I love the fact that it has room to haul things.

- Vanessa W

It is very roomy. It offers a 3rd row seat for taking 8 in the vehicle if necessary but it can be removed for more cargo space.

I love the 4x4 option. Gives me assurance that even in bad weather and we live rural I can still get home.

- Stacie G

It has 3rd row seating and seats 8.

I really like the amount of space and how comfortable it is the only complaint would be the gas mileage.

- Michelle M

Reliable, clean, visually appealing.

The turning radius is incredible, not very many maintenance issues, reliable, dual heating and cooling.

- Ariana S

That it's memorable and it takes me to places such qs out of state.

I like the vehicle because it allows me to go somewhere. Yet the air conditioning is always broken.

- Maan M

It's paid for and it serves my family well and hold tons of groceries and cargo.

Has lots of space. It holds up to 8 people. Drive like a dream. Turns on a dime.

- Patricia M

It is spacious.the Ford expedition is a large vehicle

It has engine problems. The brake system is bad. The gas mileage sucks.

- Ryan B

Ford expedition is one of the best trucks out there

It's big roomy and fun to drive.Good on long trips.I need a new one

- Sean D

comfortable to ride in, lots of room for people and or cargo

easy to see when back up. comfortable to drive. lots of room.

- Sheryl D

It runs very well for a 2001 amd only has 180000 miles on it

Its navy blue. It's got gray interior. It's got a 4.6 motor

- Alexis L

The Ford Expedition is a great family vehicle, with lots of space.

I love my Ford Expedition. I don't have any complaints.


Great for trips and comfort. No

Family friendly Functionality Space Dislike gas mileage

- Judy R

Can fit a lot of people and has so much room. Very high off the ground

It's very spacious. Giant car. Not very good with gas.

- Bobbee R