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It seats 8 adults comfortably. It is roomy and can fit a lot of stuff in it.

I love my Expedition. It comfortably seats 8 people and large families. It is great for road trips because it fits everyone's stuff and even a cooler. It sits high like a truck. It is safe for driving as one can see what is going on around while driving. One problem we had was the transmission blew and we had to get a new one. It was costly but definitely cheaper than a new car. We have had it 11 years now and it has held up well. It is what I expect from Ford. There are more than 233,000 miles on it and I hope we can use it for another 75,000 miles before we need to replace it. It has done a great job for our family of 6. We have taken several trips across the country with it and have been very happy with how smooth a ride it is. If you ever drive out west past Kansas, you need to put premium gas in it because it doesn't like the cheap 85 octane gas.

- Rebecca S

Best truck I have ever purchased.

2003 ford expedition XLT 4x4 with a 5.4l v8. I have had no issues with this vehicle. It has 150,000 miles on it very reliable it fits the whole family. I do everything in this SUV from fishing, camping, off roading, towing, long highway trips. This SUV is comfortable on and off road. This SUV has plenty of power to get the job done. Has leather interior, power windows, locks, great stereo from factory, nothing bad to say about this SUV. If I had to choose one bad thing about this SUV it would be the mpg it gets about 12 mpg in city and 16 highway. I have had this SUV since it was new I don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon and have no doubt it will run and continue being a good rig for my family and I.

- Normand C

My truck has had a lot of problems. We have fixed 90% of things on the truck.

The car is 15 years old so we have had some problems with it. We recently have had the engine harness rebuilt because most of the car parts are discontinued. The transmission has been rebuilt. Catalytic converters has been replaced. Manifold intake has been changed, gaskets fixed. Alternator has been changed along with a new battery. Among a lot of other things that have been fixed on the truck, it is running amazing. It is basically a new truck again. We have put a lot of money into it but it was very much worth it. We are very happy.

- Mila C

An very interesting detail about this Ford Expedition is that it's a "Lemon" so many recalls on this vehicle that i have sunk over 3K in it within 3 years

Love the fact it's a 3 row seat with the expansion room for my large family. However, there are many downfalls to this particular model the 03 Expedition has many recalls and I have had to put quite a lot of money into fixing minor to major issues. I like that this vehicle is spacious and gets me to A and B but I still have problems that need to be addressed and have sunk so much money into it I would not recommend this type of vehicle as a dependable, get a chevy at least they are built like a rock!


The most important thing is that it has always been reliable and roomy. Very comfortable for a family of 6 to travel in.

I have had almost no problems with my Expedition. I love that it is reliable, comfortable, and most of all family friendly. I have 4 kids and the full 3rd row is very nice to accommodate car seats. I also really like that the 2nd and 3rd rows fold completely flat to haul bigger things. My only negative comment would be that there is little cargo space when 3rd row is up, but that is to be expected in this size vehicle without going to something like an Excursion or Suburban.

- Sarah H

Good vehicle for towing, comfortable, substantial.

The only problem I have is that when I need to look over my shoulder to back up I have a problem because of my height. I feel safer with such a large vehicle in the heavy traffic we have on our area. It also allows me to sit higher than most of the surrounding traffic. It gets relatively good mileage for city driving which is important to us as we are retired. We bought the vehicle originally to tow a travel trailer which it did very well and for many years.

- Mona Y

It is a very reliable family vehicle.

It is a very reliable vehicle. It has plenty of room. It was the perfect size for my family of 8 and we could hold one more passenger. It is a smooth riding vehicle. Mine had the whole front seat so 3 people could fit. I haven't had any major issues. We've just had to change the brake pads and small things like that. I highly recommend this vehicle for anyone with a large family. When I get another vehicle it will definitely be another expedition.

- Beverly S

Things that may go wrong with that year of vehicle.

Driver side window does not go down and handle on doer inside driver side is bad had to rig it to be able to open door till piece comes in. The converter on it is going bad. Was repaired once already needs replaced again. Check engine light has also been on for a few months now I recommend if you like SUV or trucks and have the money to repair it on hand wren things happen it's a good vehicle. It is a gas hog because if the size if the vehicle.

- Lisa M

Ford expedition best made SUV of all time.

I love my expedition! It gets decent gas mileage for a large SUV! Has 3rd row seating and seats 8, it is very reliable and leather interior makes it easy to clean up! Has lots of room for hauling or vacation/ trips! It has a lot of different options such as heated seats all electric buttons for drivers and passengers seats, power windows sunroof and tv/DVD player! Has dual play and a huge console! I’d recommend the Ford expedition to anyone!

- Shelly M

2003 Ford Expedition with 200k miles

What I hate about this vehicle is the gas mileage and the ac unit in the back needed to be replaced twice before I finally have just stopped using it. I love how roomy it is. It seats 9 comfortably with still room in the back for groceries or luggage. Of course it needs to have things fixed here and there since I have over 200k miles on it, but after 15 years of being the main family vehicle, it is something we depend on and love.

- Holly B

Extra seating. I do like having the third row seating, for passengers.

Bought my 2003 Ford use ac didn't work, had to take the whole dash out to have it worked on. Took 10 hours to have it fixed. Now the heater is not working as of now do not know what’s wrong with it. Over all my Ford has been a good car no other problems with it so for. Great gas mileage I can go almost three weeks on a tank of gas. Highway miles not to bad, lots of room even when the third row is up for extra passenger.

- Nikki F

It is an amazing auto! Ur is good looking and attractive in design.

The Ford expedition is an amazing SUV. We are so pleased with it is comfort, endurance, reliability, and sound structure, that we are considering purchasing another one in the very near future. We will not trade in the current one because it is running in excellent standing, even with an unbelievable amount of miles. Thank you, Ford motor co. We would highly recommend this vehicle to those considering the investment.

- David V

My expedition owns it is place on road. Along with the smoothness of the ride.

The one problem I have come across had been a loud humming noise that starts at about 55 mph and progressively gets louder until about 70 mph and then it just stops the noise until my speed lowers to about 70 mph again. I love the feel that I am in a safe vehicle. The expedition is a 3/4 ton. It handles extremely well on the road. It is definitely built to last.

- Rachael B

Fog lights and drives smooth I have had no problems.

It is a small truck haven't had no problems, the only thing I do not like is when it rains it is a little harder to come to a stop and that is due to lack of heaviness in the back end. It has fog lights and there brighter than the headlights power control 4 wheel drive but I have never used them. I have always wanted a truck and now I have one and it is a ford.

- Diana L

2003 Ford expedition- so reliable.

This vehicle is very reliable. We've had it for years and taken it through hell and back. The stereo, tv, and everything still work great. The air conditioning cools down rapidly, the heater takes a little bit longer. The acceleration takes a little effort and gas is expensive, but other than that we love it and take it on road trips because it is so spacious.

- Dania R

Still running strong at 180k miles!

I drive a 2003 Ford expedition with close to 180, 000 miles on it. We just replaced the suspension and it drives like new. We have problems with the DVD player skipping and not ejecting the DVD. Also, the CD player no longer works. Other than that, it drives great. Although it does not get great gas mileage- about 14 miles to the gallon on average.

- Tammy M

Ford expedition 2003 expect wiring issues.

This edition of expedition has always had wiring issues from the moment I bought it and it is only been downhill. It started with automated windows and locking systems not working, then the sensor for open doors stopped working. The engine is great, it runs very well is a nice family car. If it wasn't for the wiring problems, I would love it.

- Alexandria J

Love my truck, inside and out.

Ford expedition, third row seating, almost 250, 000 miles, this is my daily driver. Needs tune up but still gets me too and from work 20 miles a day. Plus weekend road trips that are 100+ miles. Love the room and third row seating. I feel comfortable riding in this vehicle as the driver or passenger. Even riding in the back.

- Stacy L

Ford expedition. The poor man's mountain goat.

Electronics are terrible in ford's. Windows and door locks fail on most fords. Lack some power. Overall good cheaper vehicles when used. Newer vehicles are a waste of money considering the main purpose is to get you from point a to b. I like the durability of the engine and outside components. Overall a b for this vehicle.

- Jason A

Reliable SUV very affordable.

Cheaper to fix than most sport utility vehicles, reliable transportation, utilizes 87 grade gasoline which saves money, prone to front end suspension issues, provided third row seating so it fits more passengers the option to fold the third row seats is beneficial whether I am transporting passengers or transporting cargo,

- Anthony B

If you're not ready for the power then you're not ready for the amg gt.

It's spacious with comfortable leather seating, includes a DVD/TV player with two wireless headphones, decent sound system, multiple cd storage/play options, and auto adjustable back row seats. The only downside is that it's a gas guzzler, but it's still a great family car, and we've been on many smooth road trips.

- Lynn H

Roomy, comfortable, powerful and safe.

My ford expedition as a fantastic car. It is big and comfortable, carrie's an incredible amount of cargo, we've taken it on several long trips, and it is a very comfortable car traveling. I call it a car but it is really a truck. It is great in snow the visibility is good an overall it is been very reliable.

- Geoffrey T

The Ford expedition is my dream car. I would buy another one.

Love the size and comfort. Enough room for all of the family to ride together. Gas mileage is horrible. It is been a good car. I enjoy the heated seats and the vCard has been a lifesaver on long trips. I have very little maintenance on it. Just tired, breaks and a few batteries have had to be replaced.

- Angie S

Very large car but can make a u turn very easy.

Have 170, 000 miles only have done routine brakes and had one accident it held up very well feel safe in it great in rain and can have 8 people safely in it. Does take a lot of gas but have done only one tune up on it power locks and windows still work well seats have held up and carpet is still good.

- Sharon E

5. 4 v8 can pull trailer with boat with ease.

My vehicle is a very good dependable SUV. I have had no major issues other than replacing the radiator twice. It is an old vehicle and I feel it's time for another one. I would depending on our economy purchase another expedition. Other than that I will have to downsize to something more economical.

- Phillip D

A great all-around SUV for whatever the day might throw at you.

The 2003 Ford expedition is an all around excellent SUV. It has plenty of room for the family and the extra friend. Even with the third row seats up you do not need to sacrifice luggage space. The 5. 4l engine has more than enough power to haul any toys to the dock or to your favorite camping spot.

- Danny O

The secure feeling when in traffic.

It is kind of difficult to parallel park because I am kind of short. I especially like that I feel more protected and secure when driving the freeways because the truck is very substantially built. I sit higher than I do in a smaller vehicle making it easier to keep aware of traffic around me.

- Mona Y

Ford expedition pro's and con's.

I love the room it has, the options it has is awesome. The 4 wheel drive is good. The leather seats with heat and cold option is awesome. The 3rd seat is nice that it can be folded down for extra room. Parts are expensive, seems like the it's always something going out or wrong with the parts.

- Sharma C

Very spacious and roomy comfortable.

Spacious seats comfortable does have an issue with transmission every once in a while only have to fill up gas tank once every two weeks if not making a lot of trips with a lot of stopping and starting spacious cargo area can fit everything we need to go on vacation with a 5 member family.

- Amber K

Extremely comfortable and reliable.

My vehicle is very spacious and reliable. It consumes too much gasoline. It is a family friendly car. The fact that it has TVs helps my kids stay entertained when we go on long trips. It has never broken down. Seats are foldable and rear seats fold completely for spacious trunk space.

- Adrian C

Very comfy and great for large group of people.

Uses too much gas. Makes strange sounds and CarMax I feel is not the best deal in town. The remote is missing for the DVD. Prior owner wore out the leather seat. The rear right glass does not match. Also smog did not pass the first time. I avoid using it for too many miles due to gas.

- Yvonne R

Dark grey great tires nice condition.

I have had it for 6 years. And works great and it has a third row seat and is reliable! There was some problems but I have put some money down in to it in some parts that wouldn't work or needed fix! If I could get another truck like that I would! I would go out of state with it.

- Sabrina C

Comfort and reliability in for expedition.

This is a great vehicle. It is comfortable on long trips. It is reliable. Normal issues considering it is age. The gas mileage is not great but I knew that going in. I am hoping this car will last a couple more years and will look into buying another expedition or explorer or.

- Shelly Y

The great lasting Ford expedition.

It is runs great. As long as you keep it maintained it will forever. It is very spacious. It has lots of hatchback door for convenience of carrying groceries and all your family needs. Great family car for mom with kids and sports. Low gas mileage makes it a great car as well.

- David R

The perfect family vehicle if you don't like minivans.

Smooth ride. Nice and easy take off. Accelerate quickly. Cloth seats are the best. Great for families. Also great for trips close, and travel. 3 row seats, the back two rows lay down for transport. Back hatch very convenient. Nice turns, and stops. Also great grocery getter.

- Whitney K

2003 Ford exploration. Decent vehicle for families and multiple people reasons.

It works great, I have had a few problems but nothing serious. The quality of the seats and paint job on a new one is pretty bad. The leather wore down quickly and cracked. Needs a lot of gas treatment frequently. I would recommend for families or constant carpooling.

- Beth P

My vehicle is amazing in everyway!

I love my Ford expedition. I love everything about it, and when I say "everything" I mean everything! The leather seats, the speed limit, gas saver, love the radio/tv system etc. You would love it as well no kidding! Check it out for yourself now and thank me later !

- Evelyn M

Family friendly spacious expedition.

Drives smoothly. Seats 7 comfortably. The back seats fold down and make it roomy in the back for hauling luggage or extra cargo. The front seats have a cooling and heating feature. The middle row seats have car seat hooks which make it easy for installing car seats.

- Amanda A

I love the keypad to open the door incase you get locked out.

It has been very reliable for me and my family. It has over 244, 000 miles on it. I have had to replace the alternator before and 1 or two other things but its roomy and has been reliable. Of course it takes a lot of gas but I think it gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Melody C

Runs smooth like butter on a hot skillet.

No problems love it would tell everyone about it to anyone that would like to know about it just manner stuff like brakes oil change that's all I love it because I don't have to depend on people I can just get in and go come and go as I please I love my freedom.

- Donna F

Sits up high! Great ride for a large SUV.

Only problem is gas mileage! Runs like a charm. Smooth quiet ride. Easy to handle. Lots of room. Back up feature is a life saver. Steroids is great. Air is quiet and ice cold. Front and rear air conditioning. Great trip vehicle. Great turn radius. Abs braking.

- Debby R

This vehicle runs like a dream. It just goes and goes. I have put nearly 250,000 miles on it and it hums along.

I love my truck! I got it brand new and it has given me no trouble - just routine maintenance and wear. It is comfortable, easy to drive and has lots of room. The only downside is that it has a truck fuel economy. But it is still cheaper than a car payment!

- Vic G

Half lemon half reliable. We have a love hate relationship with our vehicle

The vehicle fits our needs size wise but we have had many mechanical issues. Our vehicle recently spent 5 days in the shop and has been back in twice since then. We had to have work done on the motor, two window mechanisms replaced, and some other minor work

- Terana B

Spacious and comfortable ride!

Maintenance is very costly. But has very comfortable seating and rides smoothly. Also has heat in seats and very spacious. Has sunroof and other special features for a fun and enjoyable ride. Lots of room for 8 to 10 people to ride. Mileage is very good.

- Diane B

Best vehicle purchases so far.

I love the space. It drives like a smaller vehicle. Good on gas with highway miles. Performance is great. Reliability and comfort is pretty good. My kids love that is it is very spacious. City miles are horrible. The paint will last as well.

- Jasmine M

It is excellent for big families and long trips. They will fall in love with this suv the minute they drive it.

I love the fact that it is big and roomy enough for me and my 4 children. They is plenty of legroom so on long trip no one is cramped up. The only con that I have is the gas mileage could be a little but the pros way overcome the cons.

- briana h

While it is a rather large SUV, it is comfortable and easy to drive.

My 2003 Ford expedition has been a wonderful, reliable vehicle. To be honest, very few things have gone wrong over the years with regular maintenance. I have over 173, 000 miles on it and expect to keep it a while longer.

- Leslie D

It's been a great vehicle for a large family who like to go camping and two other trailers.

Excellent power for towing, decent gas mileage for road trips. Automatic folding and heated seats are nice. 4x4 wheel drive is necessary for the winters. I wish it had a little more cargo room behind the third row seats.

- Ryan M

The one most important thing others should know about my car is it is 14 years old and still drives good.

I have had my Ford Expedition for around 14 years now. I like driving it because it has been a good, and trusty vehicle. I don't like that it is getting older and I notice things like the seats are starting to tear.

- Patty B

Reliable, comfortable family car

My Expedition has over 200K miles and just keeps going. It is very reliable, and parts are easy to get and fairly priced when it has issues. The drawback is not much space to carry things since I have a large family.

- Antigone M

Overall it is a great vehicle.

It's a great vehicle for someone with a big family. It does use a lot of gas. Other than that, this vehicle is great. Plenty of room. We've moved a lot of stuff in it, 8 big dogs, and even a couch and loveseat.

- Jacqueline S

Great vehicle for families with plenty of space for the family

I'm short and the adjustable seating makes it perfect for me to see all around. I have a large family and can fit them and their gear. It's comfortable for family trips. Gas mileage could use some improvement.

- Amber V

Spacious inside and seats 8 people

My expedition is a work horse, I put average 300 miles a week as I travel for our singing Ministry. We keep our equipment inside at all time and fuel economy is not the best but the space makes up for it

- Jeff D

I love its size and how smooth of a ride that has.

I have only had the vehicle for about 6 weeks but so far so good no problems and I bought it as a used vehicle so it didn't have any problems before and I would over also that is a really great vehicle.

- Sarah T

The one most important thing for me is reliability.

We bought it new as a second vehicle. We have not had any major issues with this SUV a all. Only minor, fixable things it has been an excellent vehicle for us. I would highly recommend it to any buyer.

- Terri M

Love my expedition. It's a great vehicle.

I love my vehicle. I have seen where my year and model burn thru relays. When you work for a dealership and get them real cheap it isn't a big problem. Other than that everything is fine with my car.

- Amanda K

2003 green Eddie Bauer Ford expedition.

I love my 2003 Ford expedition! No engine or transmission problems at all, and has lasted over 15 years. I own the Eddie Bauer version. I will be purchasing a newer version within the next year.

- Lori B

I really think Ford SUVs and trucks consume too much fuel

My soccer tn the past year has had a few little details I had to fix I fixed the fuel pump after my car refused to start one day at a Walmart parking lot. And then I just fixed the control hub

- Carlos T

Great performing vehicle that keeps our family safe and is always reliable.

This is our fourth Ford SUV and we are loyal to the brand. The comfort, performance and reliability of this vehicle has been perfect. We would definitely purchase a fifth when the time comes.

- Kathleen W

My car holds up to 8 people and does excellent on highway mileage.

I love the size of my vehicle. She is a little rough on fuel which I'm not a huge fan of. She's getting old but still holds up on long trips. It's a comfortable ride with three kids.

- Alicia D

It does take a lot of gas, but it also seems to get a decent amount of travel before we have to fill up.

I love that it is a large car that fits our very tall boys well. It drives nicely and has good suspension. I also love that we can take it anywhere and it's a comfortable ride.

- Jill V

It is a big safe car. It is also gets pretty good mileage on the highway.

It is big and roomy. It makes me feel safe because it is big. It is a nice truck to take on trips with the family. Everyone has plenty of space. There are three rows of seats.

- Candace G

Best car ever!! Has been a very trusted member of our family

This has been the best car! I love the room. We have had this car for 13 years and there has not been any major problems with this car!! I would recommend ford to anybody!

- Traci H

I love feeling safe when we are traveling short and long distances.

Comfortable, I love the turning radius has power when needed, not too bad on fuel mileage, I feel safe. I wish it had more controls in the steering wheel and memory seating.

- Nora L

Since we have gotten our vehicle it has not given us much problems.

We got our car from my mother in law, for the most part it has been good. We did have problems with the muffler and something else my husband fixed. It gets ok gas mileage.

- Amanda T

It's expensive to drive an Expedition! It is great for road trips but in town, it's a vampire.

I love how comfortable it is to sit in my Expedition. It's very roomy and has a smooth ride. What I dislike about my Expedition is the amount of gas it takes to fill it up!

- Gloria V

It was nice vehicle on the rise I put 80,000 miles on it in fifteen years

Nice truck I bought it new. Transmission went out right after I purchased it.They factory had put the wrong transmission in.It was supposed to have the bigger transmission

- Myrom R

Very roomy and comfortable car

It has very comfortable seating and is very roomy. It rides a little bit rough. I have a hard time parking it because it is so big. I feel like it is good protection.

- Debbie A

Great Family safe vehicle plus smooth ride for all.

I love my vehicle is lasted me 370000 miles. And it's still running strong. The interior is awesome the exterior is awesome. very smooth ride very trustworthy family car

- Kathlwen M

Plenty of space, luxurious features! I love this car and hope to drive it forever

Great Car! The transmission went out a while back, had to get it replaced. Otherwise nothing serious. Love the space , speakers and comfort of the Eddie Bauer edition!

- Griffin D

It is very reliable and has never left me stranded. Starts right up whenever I need it.

I like that it get around well in the snow. I like that it has tons of room for people and cargo. I don't like that it gets poor mileage. I have no major complaints.

- Jeff A

Ford Expedition is a reliable family vehicle. Can withstand extra miles

It is a great vehicle. It has withstood many trips out of state and around town miles. It fits all of my needs as far as space, handling and all around vehicle

- Jennifer C

Needs improvement with electrical.

Caliber often goes bad. Manifold goes bad easily, a lot of electrical problems. Serpentine belt broke at least twice since we had it. Will never buy again.

- April B

Its know for a leak in the windshield that causes electrical errors threw out the vehicle and the spark plugs are the worst to have changed very hard to get to.

I love the space it has the large safe feeling of a bigger vehicle. I do not like how it's falling apart and how hard maintenance is to have done on it.

- Terra S

It is a very reliable vehicle as long as you keep up with regular maintenance.

It is fully loaded with all features that you want in a vehicle. It is very comfortable with plenty of room for everyone. It drives and runs very good.

- Tasha L

Great family/passenger vehicle

Runs great has good handling pretty good on gas mileage however has quite a few electrical problems mainly the fuse box on passenger side floor board

- Anthony S

It gets me where I need to go on a daily basis without delay.

No issues. Bought new in 2003, kept up with all maintenance. Runs like a charm. Take care of your vehicle and your vehicle will take care of you.

- dee c

2003 ford expedition review

Runs great pulls good has third row seating and the DVD player in the roof only problem I have had is with the airbag sensor and window switches

- Amber P

It uses a lot of gas so you have to plan ahead when going anywhere.

I love the space and the fact that it is a family car. I hate that it uses so much gas. It takes about $80 to fill the tank and it lasts a week.

- Megan V

My 2003 Ford expedition has been a great running vehicle for the last 16 years.

I own a 2003 Ford expedition and I love it. I have had some repairs to make, but overall it is a good vehicle. Wouldnt trade her for the world.

- Sharon C

It runs very smoothly and is a very great SUV.

Sometimes the cold air does not work. Sometimes the car turns off while driving. It has been fixed several times but still has the same issue.

- Daises G

it runs, It's paid for gets me where i'm going and home again

It's a minivan..windstar..which you do not have on your list of vehicles..but i like it because it sits higher up and it's roomier than a car

- terry C

The one most important thing for people to know is that they will more than likely have to replace the engine.

We have had to replace the engine twice. It is very spacious though. The whole family can fit including the dogs. It drives well for an SUV.

- Lauren B

Ride comfortable.. Gas consumption very reasonable.

It is dependable and long lasting. Drives like a car. Everything is easy to reach because of steering wheel controls. It had a smooth ride.

- Denise E

That it's our family car and it is all we have.

Needs work. . . The ac just went out, it needs new front tires and could use a tune up. The paint is starting to peel and chip on the body.

- Brittany M

that it is just keeps on running after all these years

I like that it's reliable and that it rides well. It has 4 wheel drive and can carry a lot of stuff. Gas mileage is not very good though

- mat c

That it's very dependable.And I don't have to do a lot of maintenance on it.It's made by Ford so you know you're getting a well made transportation.

I like it because I have the choice of it being a car or a truck.It's an eight cylinder so it uses lots of gas but it gives a smooth ride.

- Wanda T

It is 15 years old and still runs like a new one.

I like SUV and have always had fords. My car is reliable very easy to drive. It is roomy enough for me to haul almost anything I need to.

- Wilma W

Great for safety and comfortable.

Great overall car and very safe. Although the paint has been and issue since the beginning and the both head gaskets had to be rebuilt.

- Lisa B

Bigger vehicles can be harder to drive downtown

It is big enough for multiple people. Among with plenty of room for moving things. Goff family vehicle , but can be pricey to maintain

- Nick L

Reliable vehicle that has a lot of storage room.

Very reliable care that has made it over 15 Years with no major problems. It has 200000 miles on it and it is still working perfectly.

- Brandon C

Good family vehicle for large family.

The wheel wells are rusted out and it is just old and unreliable something to do with the battery because it will not hold a charge.

- Dana S

Very roomy 3rd row seating

Holds 9 people. 3rd row seating. Very roomie. When 3rd row is down lots of trunk space. Not so much trunk space when 3rd row is up.

- Jessica B

It is a very safe ride, it has big mirrors to help with the blindspot.

I like how much room it has, and how powerful it is. I like that is has 4 wheel drive for the winter time. I don't like the color.

- Missy S

It is a very nice vehicle and it is reliable.

I like the style of the vehicle. The amenities it has. Also, how much space it has. There is not much I dislike about the vehicle.

- Jeffrey T

High safety rating, and very durable. Vehicle will run forever!

Smooth and comfortable ride, incredible acceleration and motor. Good body, with great accessories. Easy maintenance and easy use.

- Kelsey V

It is very spacious! Lots of extra room for kids or traveling.

I love we all fit in it with extra room. It drives very smooth. I love how the back seat can control their own air and heating.

- April A

It will accommodate a big g family perfect.

Super roomy, with power 3rd row seating. Very dependable for our out of town trips. The only downside is it uses a lot of gas.

- Thomas E

Its very spacious and it's just the right size for my family.

My vehicle needs some maintenance work. I need a rotor and I also need a power steering pump. My car also burns a lot of gas.

- Karen W

Poor design as it pertains to electrical components.

It has horrible gas mileage. Electrical issues when raining. We love that it is large and can accommodate our business needs.

- Charles C

It is amazing for my kids and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I live my truck it is three row seats and fits almost anything in it is an amazing truck and I can pull just about anything.

- Audrey H

It is a reliable car, but because it's a SUV its more expensive to fill up.

I like that it's a big SUV, and so far no problems. Do not like the mileage it has. I do the oil change every 3, 000 miles.

- Tanya V

It is big and it takes a bit longer to stop than smaller cars.

It's very easy to drive. Love the 3rd row seats. Hate that replacement parts cost. It's a great vehicle to take on trips.

- Jennifer W

Extremely Roomy for the family!

Pros: great family vehicle. Can fit up to 8 people in it! Driver passenger plus 2 tows behind! Cons: gas can get costly!

- Patricia B

Excellent vehicle runs beautifully. Lots of room just get in and go

I love it only wish the back to hold items was a little bigger. It's nice and roomy for my 5 kids my husband and myself

- Stacey V

Great running 2003 Ford truck

I love my vehicle because it is so roomy, for a 2003 it runs great. I have really never had any problems with my truck

- Debbie H

It's very dependable and reliable

I like it is very dependable for how old it is. I haven't had to get anything major fixed on it. It was a good price

- Melissa B

It drives smooth,fits the whole family,and allows us to travel in comfort.

I love that my vehicle can fit my whole family. I love that it has a great turning radius. I just feel safe in it!

- Nicole T

Extremely easy to use, though the mass of buttons can be tricky at first.

I like that it is comfortable but I dislike that it requires too much gasoline. It is also too big for my liking.

- First Name C

You can carry 200 lbs. of canoes on the roof.

It is older and has a lot of mechanical problems. It is huge and harder to park than my previous vehicle as well.

- Rachel H

Vehicle is very spacious and runs pretty great

Runs pretty great, just takes up a lot of gasoline. Very spacious vehicle. Good for big families & family trips.

- Ana A

Fords are great if you take care of them

Fords I have had in my family since I was born. Reliable if you find the right one. I would love a 77 bronco.

- Alley E

It's a very reliable car I can drive far and is good

It has 200000 miles it has a bumper damaged the stereo doesn't work the windows don't come down and need tires

- Martha R

Heated seats, electric windows, has a sunroof, and has more than one charging station for cellphone.

Comfort,relaxing,heated seats a plus. And drives great in the snow. Let you know when your car needs service.

- Juan D

As long as you take care of your care it can last.

Love my truck and it's has normal wear and tear on it. I've had to had tires, brakes, oil change and AC work.

- Jessica R

The size is great. It is roomy in the back and us a great cargo area.

It has been in the family for over 10 years. Its affordable and very dependable haven't had any major issues.

- Rachel S

The gas mileage is not very good, which limits the number of trips I can make in a month. The vehicle is comfortable to drive and has seating for 7 additional guests. Long trips are a pleasure to take in my vehicle.

The vehicle is higher than standard cars which allows the driver to have a great view of their surroundings.

- Rita R

My awesome mom mobile and why I love it

Rides super smooth spacious family friendly holds value I love my truck wouldn't change it gets through mud

- Jasmine P

It is reliable and I've seldom had any critical repairs.

I love the size of it. It drives great and has a lot of great features. I hate it uses so much gas.

- Angie S

it's big and uses more gas than most. it is 15 years old

Love the way it drives and the look. wish it got better gas mileage, but it is a 8 cylinder

- kris d

I bought it used so not everything works quite as it should. It is a gas guzzler but rides smoothly.

It's easy to set up the 3rd row seats and isn't too bad for getting people in and out of it

- Robynn G

It is very big and can handle a lot. Great for a big family.

I love that it is big and can carry a lot stuff. I don't like the price to get it fix .

- Kimberly G

It is a durable, roomy and great auto.

I love the size, comfort, quality, durability, and model. I am very happy driving it.

- geo m

It seats 7 people comfortably. It also is 4 wheel drive.

I love the room in my car. I can use it like a truck, but it is enclosed like a car.

- Karla W

It can carry seven passengers. It has a removable rear seat. It gets moderate bass mileage.

I sit up high and can see road better. Power accessories. Read as really works well.

- Derryl W

Well taken care of. Reliable. Ample space, sturdy vehicle

Very reliable vehicle, fits a total of 8 people. Good for trips with the family.

- Dylan M

It gets horrible gas mileage

I like the room, available seating and 4 wheel drive. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Jason P

it rides really well on highway and city roads

very reliable and safe. has over 100k miles. gas mileage is not that great

- matt B

Its big but good on gas and gets great mileage.

It's a great vehicle. Great on gas and good mileage. I have no complaints.

- Syndy N

My car is reliable. It also has enough room to fit my family inside.

My vehicle gets me where I need to go. It fits my family. No complaints

- Farah R

I like that its big. It has third row seating which is nice. Not too great on gas

It has third row seating. But it also has a very small trunk space.

- Heather B

The car is roomy, spacious for a large family. Large seats for heavy people

It is very hard to work on and due to location of engine expensive

- Melissa G

It is great for getting around in the snow and bad weather.

It is a 4X4. It is bigger than some. It is great in the snow!

- A V

Old needs to many repairs like the size of it it has a smooth ride

The size and the way it rides and the way that it handles

- Cindy S

the one important thing others should know about my car is that it's reliable.

it is very spacious and reliable. i like the look of it.

- Loraina L

It's very spacious for family trips or christmas shopping

Very spacious for family needs... Dislike mileage in gas

- Dora B

It drives. But my window won't go up and my wiper delay is out of whack

I like it but not as much as I did my 1999 expedition

- Aresha S

it is heavy and drives well in snow, and seats seven people and has tv screen to entertain children

Reacts well, lots of room, uses a lot of gas, seats 8

- nad m

Reliable, fits my whole family. All minor problems.

Great engine, great size. Lots of little problems.

- Sabrina S

Great vehicle and reliable.

Love the vehicle! Runs great and fits my family.

- Alex E

It is reliable vehicle and pulls a ton

It is powerful, comfortable and hauls a lot

- John M