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Has a lot of safety features.

Our expedition is fully loaded. In most part I don't having any complaints especially since it is a 14 year old vehicle. Haven't had an issues with engine or other major components. So the negatives for me are: the leather seating is getting worn. The tire sensors go bad and are costly to replace. Side mirror motors are wearing out too. The drivers seats motor for moving forwards and back has worn out. Have had a water leak from the back window that we had to fix. And may have a new leak somewhere. Do wish that it was possible to add a seat between the 2 captain chairs in the second row. Again a lot of the issues may be due to it being an older vehicle. Positives: absolutely love the electric fold down/up third seating. Like the two captain chairs in the second row. Height from floor to ceiling is spacious. Very comfortable to drive. For me it doesn't have very many blind spots when driving. Love the we haven't had a huge mechanical issues.

- Amanda M

Very roomy and dependable vehicle.

For a vehicle that is 14 years old, there’s not too many issues, other than normal wear and tear. We've replaced many parts, including: battery, alternator, tires, brakes, window motors (front driver and passenger side), and struts. There is a tear on the driver's seat. The truck is very reliable, and has been on at least one road trip, over 700 miles, per year. I enjoy how much room is on the inside of the vehicle, as I have a family of 6 and 2 dogs. The fold down, and removable seats are also a plus for added space when needed. Center console is very big! All in all, this is a great vehicle, considering we bought it used almost 7 years ago!

- Erin H

It has an amazing surround system. It's a 4 door very spacious SUV.

My 2004 Ford expedition is a very great vehicle. The only problem is that it take a great amount of gas. This vehicle is good on the road. The interior is very nice. It is 4 door and is very spacious. The vehicle is luxurious and has eye catching appearance. I haven't had any problems with this vehicle other than an air compressor but it is not one to let you down. When you need a vacation this SUV is a great choice. It also has touchscreen GPS as well as a rear camera and beeper to let you know if something or someone is too close. I'd say this is your friend.

- Naomi T

Roomy and reliable family vehicle.

I have driven this truck all over the country, over 200, 000 miles, over the past 12 years. I have never had it in the shop for anything other than tires, brakes, or other routine maintenance. It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned and starts right up every time. After 14 years, the DVD player and other buttons and knobs still function correctly and it is just now starting to need some expected repairs, such as compressor fan or suspension work. Comfortable and a ton of space. Highly reliable and recommended vehicle!

- Brandy F

Such An Incapable Vehicle

The vehicle I own regularly has issues when it comes to acceleration and top speed. I can't get above 60 mph in less than three minutes of pushing the pedal to the floor. It also has no aux cord, so I had to get a cigarette lighter adapter (FM transmitter) just so I could listen to music while I drove. It worked perfectly fine for driving around town, which was perfect for me. But any drive where I had to go over 70 mph was not possible without being a driving hazard. It wasn't very fun

- William T

The ford expedition is reliable and well equipped for families.

My Ford Expedition has been super reliable. Regular maintenance and small repairs are all we have had to take care of. It is an older version so it's performance has declined with age but that is understandable. The gas mileage is decent for a vehicle of that size. The storage area accommodates our family of seven. The upholstery is very worn, even large holes have formed in the leather. We enjoy the DVD feature for our kids and the heated and air conditioned seats.

- Megan R

Screen where radio is and also one for backseat riders to watch movies.

Haven't had any problems since I've bought it. I've had it for years so yes it's a little old but never had to take it to the shop for anything. Love how much space it has, perfect for my daughter and for my baby on the way not to mention it has a TV screen in the back for movies. It alerts you when you are too close to something while backing up. I would say only downside is gas, it takes a couple dollars to fill up tank but will last you a while before its on E.

- Melanie P

Ford expedition is excellent for a luxury and comfortable ride.

It has eight seats with DVD features. The Eddie Bauer model is different from the XLT models. Its has a more of a car feel than a SUV feel. The height length getting out of the vehicle is shorter than the height of the XLT. The gas module was burned and the gasket was worn and my husband replaced both in about 2 weeks. We have had a ford expedition before so having this one is great. Its reliable, comfortable, and its luxury features are worth the price.

- Leslie S

Even though it is on the older side it still runs great!

We have had a great experience owning our 2004 Ford expedition. With only minor maintenance type repairs it has been an extremely reliable and comfortable vehicle for our family. In fact we like it so much we are planning on getting another newer expedition in the near future. Having the third row is really handy if you have multiple kids and car pool. In my experience the third row in the expedition is one of the more comfortable ones on the market.

- Nicole S

The pros and cons of the 2004 ford expedition Eddie Bauer edition.

Has had transmission issues. Paid 2400 for a new transmission to determine that it was only the flywheel. After repairs the truck runs like a dream. Also has had issues with wiring. Under the panel on the passenger side there is a wire that will render the truck useless. Depending upon how it is hit it will not allow the truck to start at all. Also have replaced the alternator and battery cable. The wear and tear of replacing some parts is expected.

- Amber A

Comfortable truck for the family!

The comfort level and third row seat of this vehicle is very nice. The electronic back-up sensor constantly alerts to cars that are not behind me so I have taken to just turning it off. It is not as high up off the ground as my last truck, but I have gotten used to it. The DVD player in it is a godsend for long car rides with the grand baby. All in all a spacious comfortable truck for family drives and garage sales!

- Amy T

Fits the whole family in it plus some.

My vehicle fits the whole family in it. Can drive it anywhere. Had a few rough patches and fixes that needs to be made. can't drive the vehicle in overdrive. Rides really rough with overdrive on. Had to replace the tires several times within a very short period. Vacuum leaks happen often cause the vehicle to stall and sputter bad. Other than these few minor issues pretty great car.

- Allie S

The bigger the better! Ford Expeditions are amazing vehicles!

I love my 04 Ford Expedition. I've always been fascinated with big vehicles so when I seen her on the lot, I just had to have it. It came with a dvd Player, seats up to 7, seats recline for comfort and also let down for back seat space if needed to move big items. It's a gas drainer, oh yes! As long as my oil is change and I maintenance it as necessary, it's just like a champ.

- Yolanda D

My car it is a expedition and I think that is why it is to difficult get the pieces.

My car it fails to turn off only if I am driving quietly down an avenue and I stop at some light or some place it goes off just by nose or that deva is that problem with my car and sometimes the car it is wrong with the gasoline I do not know what it that but the mechanic say the something are broken but now it is okay just something wrong what I do not what is it.

- Cecilia M

Black and Tan coloring are beautiful.

Great reliable vehicle. I have over 200 thousand miles and the engine and transmission are in great shape. Leather interior is durable and has lasted. Vehicle is roomy and seats a big family with lots of space and comfortable seating. The only downfall has been the windows. They have come off track and are privy to repair. Other than that year and make are excellent

- Emmy M

It is very large and spacious as it holds a maximum of 8 people.

Considering that the car is well over 10 years old, it has served my family very well for road trips and trips to hardware store. The gas mileage is however a huge drawback as it get about 12 miles per gallon. Also, when filling up the take, it tends to cost about 90 dollars. Other than that, I do believe it is comfortable and very practical for large family usage.

- Devin W

Great ride! I love my car. Very dependable.

I really love my car. It has three row seating and plenty of room for my family and friends. It has over 200, 000 miles and still doing great! I have had a lot of people offer to buy it from me but I enjoy my ride. I am a pastor's wife. I take people to doctor visits or to buy groceries. I always have plenty of room. I have lather interior, very nice. Thanks.

- Crystal B

I Love My Ford Expedition

This vehicle has been great to me. I've never had any major problems with it. Seats are extremely comfortable given they're really cushioned and leathered. I can fit 8 people and luggage without a problem. I've towed a trailer with another Ford Expedition and towed it like nothing. It's great for long distance travel. Gets up and going without hesitation.

- Steven R

I love my love expedition

I have had this expedition since 2011 and we love it. Many trips with the kids. It has taken us to many soccer games away and near. Haven't had any real problems with the truck except for o2 sensors. Fixed the problem and it's working fine. It's comfortable to ride in and I really do not want to get anything else at this time because I am pleased with it.

- A G

My Ford Expedition experience

My 2004 Ford Expedition is very smooth and reliable I have had this truck for almost two years and only have had to do basic maintenance, change tires oil changes and things like that I would definitely recommend this for anyone It has 3 rows seats which is also good for my big family the only downside is it is a gas guzzler but besides that I love it!

- Ram C

Its a Ford expedition 2004 black 4x4 its rides and drive great.

Since I had my vehicle I haven't had too much problem with it, the only thing is that I had to put ball and joints on so far I can say it's been a great SUV so if you need a vehicle for a big family this would fix you just right it have a third row seat with a DVD player for the kids to watch so you won't have to be bother while driving.

- Rebecca K

It is one of the best vehicles I've ever had to help support me and my family through thick and thin, we have owned it for many years, it has only needed to receive minimum upkeep and repairs throughout the years.

The overall size of the vehicle can comfortably fit my whole family. It has some of the best storage possibilities, when we decide to vacation by vehicle. Never feels cramped once everything is stored. The size of the vehicle can make it harder to operate, especially for beginner drivers. The leather interior compliments it greatly.

- Dean W

Ford expeditions are great for big families. With 3rd row electric seating.

Love that it seats 8 very comfortable. Runs great very smooth ride. I hate that it's a gas hog. I love the dual ac/heater controls and even controls for the back of the vehicle. And the electric 3rd row seating is great for groceries. The DVD player is great for long trips with kids too and headset connections make for a quiet ride.

- Jan C

Stylish big girl truck for the active lifestyle.

The 2004 Ford expedition, Eddie Bauer edition is a smooth riding SUV. It comes fully loaded with heated/cooled seats a DVD player, seating for 8 and a sunroof. It is 4 wheel drive and handles well in all weather conditions. There are front and side airbags for safety. With regular maintenance it has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Jessica W

I love Ford Eddie Bauer expedition.

Bought this vehicle new in 2004. Have driven it every day it is now 14 years old I have had no major problems with the vehicle I get regular maintenance, new tires every two years. Still good on gas comfortable meets all my needs I wish Ford still produce the Eddie Bauer for additions this is my third Eddie Bauer Ford vehicle.

- Bonnie S

It is very important to keep up on maintenance.

I love the Ford expedition. It is the Eddie Bauer edition so it has a TV the kids can watch while we are in long trips. It is big enough for our family of 5 and we still have lots of room for things we take with us on trips. I also like that it is high enough up I don't have to hurt my back helping my kids in and out of it.

- Crystal C

The ability to go from standard 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive with just a turn of a knob.

Purchased my Expedition new in 2004. We have used it moving our daughter back and to her college, getting things from hardware stores, costco, groceries you name with plenty of room. Taken it on road trips it rides comparable to a any luxury cars. Has over 150K miles and ride and runs like it did when we first bought it..

- Barbara U

Great for the family on road trips.

This vehicle has been in our family for a good while now. The performance has been exceptional we keep up to date with the maintenance so it still runs smoothly. A great thing because now we can pass it down to our kids. They love the features like the TV. We can connect our kids PlayStation and they're set for the road.

- Manuel M

Rebuilt transmission 2 years ago.

My Ford expedition is very reliable. The only problems I have been having with it is the front windows. The wire to roll them up & down keeps busting, causing me to have to replace the motor part. Other than that, it has not caused any problems mechanically. We had the transmission rebuilt in it a few years back as well.

- Jennifer S

Best car ever had and hope if when buying another one I can get as lucky.

Only problem having now is gas but that because the car is 14 yrs old. Reliability not one major problem ever. Can seat 9 or 5 with fold down back seat for luggage if planning road trip vacation, all seats in back fold if your need to haul or buy something without having to get truck, has all features set for that year.

- Wanda W

It is been reliable with very few maintenance issues.

I purchased the car new and mechanically it has held up very nicely. The price was right. It was large enough for my family for outings and sports events.. I do not like that the sunroof leaked and I had to replace at a high cost to me. I am disappointed that it is rusting above the side runners getting into the car..

- Nancy S

If you want reliable you won't go wrong with a Ford.

It is very comfortable & reliable. 5th one I have owned in my lifetime. It is the Eddie Bauer edition with heated & cooled leather seats, dvd player, & 6-disc in-dash cd player. Great performance as every other Ford I have owned. No problems to speak of. Just general maintenance issues as with all vehicles.

- LeeAnn C

I avoided being hit because of the fold in mirrors.

Haven't had a lot of problems with it. I've been told by my mechanic who worked for ford for years, it has the best engine in it and as long as I do the regular maintenance on it should last for a very long time. I love the fact that so many people can ride in it at one time. It drives and rides very well.

- Bette S

Overall it's a great car for a family dual ac in front and back.

Hold 8 people lots of room, the only problem I have with it is the ac broke and it's not an easy fix have to take the whole dashboard off, love that the driver seat has 2 memory spots just press the button and it moves to where u set it, love that it's big and safe and for as big as it is it turns sharpe.

- Brittany P

How comfortable and reliable is the Ford expedition 2004.

I have a 2004 Ford expedition, it is the best family vehicle I had ever had, it fits 8 persons including the driver, it has a decent back space for your groceries or for whatever you need it, you can travel comfortable without sitting on each other, as for know I haven't had any mechanical issues at all.

- Maria R

Reliable and gas hog 12.5mpg

As an older vehicle, being 15 years old and having over 200k miles it has given me great reliability for the first 2 years I've had it. I bought it preowned and have not had many problems with maintenance thus far besides some wear and tear normal fixes. So far my experience with fords have been positive

- Clare H

Simply put it's well made. And made right here in Louisville Kentucky.

It's a very dependable SUV gas mileage is around 15 mpg all the options available work except the radio screen. Drives like a luxury car... its air conditioning works well it has over 175 000 miles and still doesn't burn or leak any fluid. Probably one of the best well made vehicle's I've ever owned

- Dave F

On my vehicle...I have 24 in rims and TV I the back seat.

Had to replace motor and transmission within 5 years of owning it, haven't had any other problems with it, very dependable now and hope it stay that way. Far as features its 4 wheel drive, all electric, cold ac, electric seats. Drive good all seasons, very good in winter, doesn't take long to warm up.

- BeeBee H

Eddie Bauer is a very nice edition and would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

Have problem with turning the wheel all the way because the car shuts down but besides that my vehicle is very spacious for a family or for packing space as well. Seats very comfortable. The built in television is very nice and I look how we can watch movies on trips especially since I have children .

- Rebekah M

Large and comfortable, standard for a big car.

Runs very well, drives smoothly, only negatives are that it is hard to park and the gas mileage is low. The air conditioning works very well, the size makes it feel very safe, and it can hold a lot of people. A feature that is nice is that the seats can easily be folded down to make room in the back.

- Mckenna K

Very reliable, I will put it up against any SUV and expect to prevail.

My vehicle I bought it brand new off the lot. The Eddie Bauer Edition fully loaded all the bells and whistle. I haven't had any major issues. I've purchased tires less than 10 times. It currently has 100k plus mileage and if still going strong. I remind ford to anyone that needs a reliable vehicle.

- Roosevelt A

It is reliable and comfortable.

My ford expedition 2004 is probably the best vehicle I have ever had. It is definitely an upgrade from the other vehicles I have driven. So far I have had it for a year it is use and I haven't really had any major issues with it. The performance is nice it is reliable and it is pretty comfortable.

- Ashley S

Smooth ride, extremely comfortable and big enough for all your needs

I love my SUV. I recently bought it used and really have no complaints, except that there is no way to have the air only circulate within the car instead of coming in from outside. I hate driving behind smelly trucks and can't stop the smell from coming in without turning the ac off on a hot day

- Kim A

It carries a lot of passengers and can hold lots of weight

The truck waste gas in like an hour and the truck doesn't last past 2 years. That aside, the truck is pretty reliable through bumpy roads and areas. The leather seats are somewhat comfortable. The seats feel like the arms of a leather couch. It would be nice if they had a less lumpy feeling.

- Saul F

Big Ford expedition feels great!

Love expedition but gas mileage is poor. Rides nicely and is amazing in snow. It is great to ride so high up, but even with the running boards it is work to get in and out when you are 5ft 2in. The large size of this vehicle really makes me feel safe, particularly compared to my mustang.

- Martha V

Mechanically Sound, No issues, transmission excellent

My biggest issue so far has only been some rusting on the exterior of the vehicle on the trunk as well as the side door. I have also had a hole rusted out in the front frame. Mechanically speaking I have needed to add some power steering fluid at times. I have not had any other issues.

- Stephanie T

Ford products are the best by far.

Great handling on the highway. The main problem we have had is the tow adjuster. We were quoted that it would be over $1000 to fix at the local ford dealership. This is a great truck and we love it regardless. I come from a ford only family and ford's products continue to exceed others!

- Mary G

Blue metallic sits nine third row seat.

Love my truck. Needs some trim work but it is ok. Still drives..Blue. Cloth seats. Needs side runners they come in handy very space vehicle seats nice three in front three in the middle and three in the back of the back seat is set up. Lat back row down and you have tons of cargo room.

- Kristen W

Great vehicle for long distance driving.

I think the performance is great. I am very happy with the car. I really have had no issues with it. I usually just drive it on the weekends. It has been great on the road driving from NY to savannah, GA It is very comfortable and easy to drive. I find it to be a really roomy vehicle.

- Jacqueline E

Expedition Eddie Bauer review.

Vehicle is good for long trips. The problem is with daily commute, it consumes a lot of gas. I haven't had any mechanical problems. Vehicle is very comfortable. Fits 8 people; but when fully occupied the space for storage becomes very limited. So the solution was to get a top storage.

- Juan J

Overall the car is not in the best conditions inside but it works.

So unlocking the car from the inside is a problem. The lock pads on the car are falling off and it makes too much noises when turning. The thing in between the front seats is broken and the CD player does not work. The seats are very comfortable. The car is white with black detailing.

- Luz V

So much space but think before you own!

I love that it has so much space to travel. It also has very pretty interior. Even though its from 2004 it does have good technology. The only thing I don't really like it that it needs a lot of gas. We love driving around but we have to double think because of how much gas it needs.

- Daisy H

Very spacious. Love the 3 rows of seats.

I love the heated seats in the winter. However it is a big vehicle so it takes a lot of gas and NY is very expensive to live in. I also have very expensive maintenance fees. One issue I have now and can not get fixed is the transmission. It for some reason goes forward in every gear.

- Gabrielle P

One killer looking car of the world always the best car of the world.

Works good and perfectly car awesome car and is useable car is good and works amazing no problems with it clean title beautiful car very nice well taken care of nothing wrong everything works good on the car and the way it should work car is fine no problems with it whatsoever.

- Ruby N

This is my favorite vehicle I have ever driven

It is a good car that occasionally has some minor issues and it has broken down once but it was cheap to fix up. Well suited for things I need and the fact that it seats 8 is great when I'm taking my friends around town and just enjoying my time. I only wish there was a sunroof

- Reese S

It is really reliable and very durable.

I how large it is on the inside, I wrecked it and barely any damage, and is going on 210,000 miles and still running. I really am upset how once one thing needs to be fixed. . . Everything needs to be fixed. One window motor broke and now two more are starting to stop working.

- Erin U

Never had to worry about it not starting or something going wrong. Dependable.

I love my expedition! It is got 3 row seats. There's plenty of room for everyone to seat and for ball practice equipment. Never have to worry about getting stuck in the mud at the all field. It can pull the boat and the camper with no problem. Best vehicle I have ever owned!!

- Dawn J

The SUV has been a dependable truck for me and I depended on it.

I have replace the starter twice but it is a very dependable SUV. For a used SUV I have had to replace only tires with the exception of the starter. I have the oil changed every six months no matter how many mile. The only other problem was the back lift up gate has cracked.

- Joseph F

It's a black 2004 ford expedition v8

It's a smooth ride. Little to no issues. Can do tight turns off road and on road. My car is a ford expedition it's black its a v8 and I love it to bits it's made in 2004 so it's about 14 years old. It runs amazing I never thought I would love this car but it's like my child.

- Mackenzie H

Luxury with 4 wheel drive.

It is a more comfortable ride then my hummer was. Seat warmers, DVD, leather, easy up seats, feel more comfortable on road, 4 wheel drive, handles well. Nice console. Overall a luxury vehicle in my opinion. Wish I had purchased one years ago. Even gas mileage is reasonable.

- April M

Kids ride in style and in comfort even though it old.

I love it everything about our ford. It's comfortable for my kids and wife. Its performance has been the top of the line. I haven't had any severe problems with it. It's been very reliability. I love my ford expedition very much. Our kids love it we use it to go on trips.

- James E

Great cargo space and room for passengers.

Love this vehicle got a family car. It is very reliable and can carry a lot of cargo. Good for around town daily errands and also trips with the family. Also room for pets and luggage. Camping., no problem. Can fit all gear in rear. Great for towing any toys you may have.

- Denise B

It is a big blue expedition with new tires.

It really do not got any problem it works perfectly fine and drives good. I have had this car for 3 years and it has not gone bad on me yet and I have taken it to the shops and got everything new. The seats are comfortable, the breaks work, new motor too and everything.

- Mitchell B

Reliable Ford expedition 2004.

The car as 250, 000 miles, been very reliable except for having to replace brake pads and air conditioning not working. Probably will not pass smog inspection in 2020. Haven't had to put much money in the car overall, would definitely recommend purchasing a Ford again.

- Lisa L

Alternator and AC issues.

I have only had two issues with it since I bought it a year ago. The alternator went out, but it was fairly simple to replace. The other issue is that the AC does not blow out of the second or third row vents. It makes it very difficult to cool the entire vehicle off.

- Joseph S

Great SUV, motor not so great

One problem with the Triton motors are the automatic adjustable cam phasers go out and can cause the top part of the engine to blow. Other than that this size of SUV is great for large families and traveling. This SUV has been very reliable for my family drives well

- Jeremy T

It can seat 8 people, but the middle seat in the middle row is removable to make the middle row captains chairs which makes the third row more accessible. This however does only make it 7 seats.

Although my vehicle is older, I absolutely love how smooth it is, the reliability, and most of all the amount of seating since I have a large family. The only complaint is gas mileage, but that's expected in a large vehicle. You can't eat your cake and have it too!

- Aryelle R

Lots of space for all our kids and their friends.

Extremely reliable. We constantly maintain this vehicle and it has been a good car. The car is roomy and comfortable. We have tons of space for our three kids and animals when we take a vacation. Easy to drive. We have never had any major issues with the vehicle.

- Nicole N

This has been the most dependable vehicle we have ever owned

We bought this vehicle new and have driven it for over 300,000 miles. It has been the best, dependable vehicle. The only issues have been regular things you'd expect: water pump, fuel pump, transmission, alternator, etc. We will probably purchase another one.

- Chris B

The Ford Expedition has a bad design in this model for the spark plugs.

I purchased my 2004 Ford Expedition new in the fall of 2003. I have kept all regular maintenance on it. I'm on my third battery and second set of tires. 116,000 miles and just had all new brakes for the first time. This has been a great purchase for the family.

- Thad B

Better fuel mileage and simple control.

Rusting, almost 300k miles on it, it's still runs and drive good, gas mileage is not too bad, use it every days, own it for 6 years, it pay off, Ford 5. 4l engine is tough, burns no oil, replace tires twice a year, towing trailer is ok just uses more to burn gas.

- Adam T

Expedition 2004 how comfy and spacious is.

My vehicle is a family SUV I haven't had any issues with it yet it drives smooth very comfy seats cool a\c front and back 7 passengers car it has space for groceries bags when u go shopping it also has an extra tire for when u get a flat one it drives perfectly.

- Maria G

Smooth ride yet if you want to hit a off road trail this is for you

My 2004 Ford Expedition is a very dependable vehicle. I have not encountered any mechanical issues. Inside is very comfortable bucket seats, premium audio speakers. Smooth comfortable ride. I would recommend this SUV to anyone. Off-road and yet sophisticated.

- Thomas B

Ford expedition information

My vehicle is a little older but is running really good. Its has some rust when you open the doors. I live in New York and the car has 4 wheel drive so it is really great for the harsh winters here. It also has 3 rows of seats so a lot of people can fit in it.

- Megan W

The truck that puts in the work.

Gas mileage is not good, the brakes and wipers need to be replaced. Great for traveling but not so good on the gas. The seats are nice and comfortable a lot of legroom. The size is good and holds a good amount of people. The truck is pretty fast and reliable.

- Roy G

2004 expedition: can you really trust it?

The blinker light goes out, the air conditioner only works on two settings; low or blasting. The most horrible rattling come from the back and the high beam lights occasionally flicker on and you cannot turn them off unless you jiggle the stick really hard.

- Kiara A

It is good for road trips.

It is good for long road trips, and can hold a lot of people in there. You can sleep in the back because there is a bed in the back. It does need a little bit of work on it as far as it needs an o2 sensor and an alignment. It could use some new brakes also.

- Kelli K

Really this is a long survey.

It performs very well because it still runs better than most and it gets the job done while I cannot go very into detail but it is a good year and make and it is even been updated so more better features now such as TV screens GPS and other characteristics.

- Thalia A

Overall great vehicle. Keep in mind repairs!

Maintenance needed every 3-8 month. Ok on gas in town. Somewhat reliable . Very comfortable . Very spacious. . Great family vehicle. Easy to find a good mechanic. Cost of mechanic can be very pricey. Awesome for towing another vehicle or moving supplies.

- Eve F

What a great ride, 250k and still going!

I love this car! In one word- dependable. It is a workhorse that goes through snow, handles road trips, and day to day loads with ease. It is a dependable family car. I have had less repairs on this car than any other, and I have over 250,000 miles on it.

- Beth H

Nothing special it�s got all the original equipment

I really haven't any major problems with this vehicle except for replacing the AC. It has been very reliable as I drive about 60 miles a day on my commute back and forth to work. I would recommend this vehicle for anyone with a family and likes to travel

- Earl M

Love the expedition, of you want more storage get the expedition el.

I like my vehicle, the only thing I do not like about it is in the back there is no storage. My van had way better storage then this SUV. If I had known that before getting this vehicle I would have went with the ford expedition el for more back storage.

- Becky B

The truck is black trim of the brown at the bottom w king ranch rims

2004 Ford Expedition. Black and brown with 160,000 miles. The seats are brown leather. The rims are stocked king ranch rims. Ac blows cold. Recently replaced the blinker switch. Oil change is up to date. I own the vehicle and there is one previous owner

- Alyssa D

Extended expedition with v8.

The vehicle is older but very reliable minor issues and routine upkeep. It is the extended version so there is lots of space but it rides a bit rough. It has a v8 and tons of pulling power, it was used to move our boat and camper back and forth to camp.

- Darin S

Family comfort and dependable in all weather.

My expedition is roomy enough to take family trips with my adult children and grandkids comfortably. The mileage is great for the size of the vehicle. It handles well in all road conditions. I can drive it with confidence in the heaviest rain and snow.

- Teresa C

Strong and reliable vehicle

Have had normal wear and tear and miscellaneous maintenance issues but love the space, power, size, reliability. A/C strong and cold as well. Have had issue with door AJAR light for drivers door and replaced latch assembly but hasn't solved problem.

- Toni P

Decent gas mileage for bigger car.

I like everything in my car. 3rd row seating and fold down back seats. I dislike that there is not a lot of storage in back if the 3rd row seating is up. Decent gas mileage. Dislike paying 70 dollars for gas to fill up on empty tank of gas.

- Kristina G

Ford is a good well maintained car. It will stick around for a long time.

I have a red 2004 Ford expedition. I brought it from a dealership in Biloxi, ms back in march. It has 24 inch rims and black tint windows. Very good running car, I have to replace the power steering hose and she will be backup and running.

- Kay G

2004 Ford Expedition with power everything

2004 Ford Expedition ready to haul your family around. 7 passenger vehicle with leather seats and captains chairs in the second row. DVD player to entertain. Power everything! Car has 200000 miles on it. It has the normal wear and tear.

- Michelle R

The Ford Expedition has been a very reliable vehicle.

I own a 14 year old Ford Expedition. It is a great vehicle for long road trips and around town . It is one of the most reliable vehicle that I have owned. I transported my children in this vehicle and am now transporting my grandchild.

- Pam F

Auto headlights no longer work. The third row no longer moves up or down.

I am an Explorer and Geocacher. Having a SUV is important with the activities I am involved with. Expeditions can handle the rough terrain like a champ. It is had some repairs and currently has a few quirks, but it keeps on going!

- Selena R

How to love and hate your car. At least it holds my luggage

We have had some issues with the titan motor thday can be expensive. Also the doors and rocker panels suffer from rust due to the plastic trim. But it's roomy and comfortable has the options we want and is an overall tough suv

- Jamie S

Lots of room but still drives like a small car!

I love the room my Expedition has with seating for 7 and tons of storage compartments. I was very intimidated to get such a big vehicle but it drives and handles like a much smaller vehicle. Turning and parking is super easy!

- Jennifer C

2004 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition. 200k miles and keeps on going.

It has been a great car. Almost 200k miles and no real problems to speak of. Love the third row seating. Gas mileage is bad but to be expected on a suv of this size. I have the Eddie Bauer edition and like the upgrades.

- Susanna H

It is very comfortable to sit in and to drive. Even though it is a bigger vehicle, you can see your surroundings very well.

The seats are very comfortable and has good room. Also, it is easy to drive. One thing that I dislike about it is that it cannot connect to bluetooth and the driver's seat does not rise as much as I would like it to.

- Karman A

It drives great, it's reliable, large I have other SUVs and this is the best one yet

Love this vehicle, its large and roomy and comfortable, its drives great and plenty of room for the whole family, what I really don't like to much is that it goes through a lot of gasoline other than that I love it

- Doreen D

Expedition what every good family needs.

The Ford expedition has been a quality vehicle from me and functionality with my family the ride is great the powers is good and it keeps my children occupied with the video screen and sound system capabilities.

- William C

It doesn't do as well on gas as I would like it to.

I haven't had any problems. It runs good, pulls trailers good, plenty of room for passengers. Just if I had to buy again I would opt for the EL version to have a little more room for stuff if 3rd row is in use.

- Kristy H

Very space out truck and room for any activities.

Very good truck an very space out truck room a lot thing and enough to fit 8 people inside smooth to the touch relaxing seats with adjustable seat 3 sets of a/c and 4×4 truck to goes out well with no problem.

- Carla Rodriguez C

We get great gas mileage and great safety ratings.

Rarely have problems except for normal wear and tear. Great gas mileage, smooth driving. Very comfortable even on long drives. Basic features, I don't need or want anything fancy. It's a very good reliable car

- Gayle J

Full Sized SUV The Expedition Delivers

I love the size and comfort of my Expedition. I have owned this vehicle new since 2004 and will purchase another when time comes to do so. It has been very reliable and for the most part no major problems.

- William C

Spacious SUV for big family.

I love that it has 3rd row seating. Plenty of room for my big family to fit comfortably. Problem I ran into is the turn signal relay just went out. It runs great. Paint is fading but not a big problem.

- Alley M

I love my Reliable family auto

Super reliable. I would love to have a newer model. This Expedition has been a wonderful vehicle for my family. Gas mileage isn't super great, but that's to be expected with a vehicle of its size.

- Amanda H

All electric with all the bells and whistles. Sunroof, electric seats heated and cooled front seats navigation CD changer and dual fan control.

It's an Eddie Bauer edition so it comes with everything. It fits my large family and is generally spacious unless I'm getting groceries. I wish it were longer to accommodate 4 kids and trunk space.

- Anne C

Love the room with my 3rd row for growing family.

This SUV is a great family car. Only issue is when fuel relay goes out not any easy or cheap fix have to buy a whole now fuse panel. Not good for hard working people to just drop money like that.

- Christina H

The most important thing is that it gets good gas mileage and handles well.

It is age it is starting to need to much work. The engine, bearings and other small components are starting to have issues. It would be great if it had been maintained by it is previous owner.

- Miranda W

My car is a great family vehicle! It has a third row that can be folded down for more trunk space.

I love the size. I love being able to fit my whole family plus some extras. I feel safe in it because of the size as well. Because of its size it does take a lot of gas, which can be costly.

- Ashton R

If you have a big family, this car is perfect for you!

It is very comfortable, love the versatility and room! Awesome in the snow, and great when you have a big family. . I have 3 boys! Has lots of driver and passenger friendly features as well!

- Denise P

Very spacious! 6 passengers are able to fit in the 2nd and 3rd row seating!

Only issue is it is a gas hog! Lol. With routine maintenance, it runs and drives well! It has lasted well over 10 years, and is roomy enough for all of my children to be comfortable!

- Jennifer B

Best family vehicle I have ever owned.

My Expedition has so much room. It is very dependable which is so important when you have children. It rides great. I love that back seat folds down to give you even more room.

- Allison T

I like how much room there is inside. Plenty of space for all the kids. I don't like how much gas it uses.

If you need extra space in a vehicle, the Ford expedition is by far the best. Plenty of room and lots of features that allow the kids to control things for themselves as well.

- Nicky D

It guzzles gas. It is really inefficient for running errands around town.

I love the size of the vehicle, it fits my whole family. I love the features, DVD player, heated seats, backup sensors, heated mirrors. I hate the fuel economy of it, though.

- Tina Y

It is big. If you are not used to large cars then this is not the car for you.

I love the space to transport my family and all of the extra stuff we need for daily activities as well as for trips and vacations. It is also a very sturdy, safe vehicle.

- Kate L

I'll replace it with another one just like it when the time comes.

My truck is awesome. It has taken care of my family for 14 years. It fits our family with room for friends. I love that I can go on or off road at the flip of a switch.

- Brenda Z

We love our Ford Expedition!

I love my Ford Expedition. We have had no major problems with it, just the minor maintenance that must always be done. It has been reliable, comfortable transportation.

- karen w

It is a good deal for the money.

I love everything about my exposition. There is plenty of room for my family. Plenty of room for moving and trips. There is heated seats and it cools and heats amazing.

- Daniel M

I think the most important thing about this car is the reliability which has been good.

My expedition is roomy and has a nice ride, It has many of the luxury options available. This car has been reliable for us, the performance and handling are good also.

- kelly b

My car shows off part of my personality.

It's fun to drive around town in. It's a way larger vehicle than I need. I don't drive it much and as long as gas prices are low It's manageable as my transportation.

- frank D

It is mechanically perfect.

I liked because is big, comfortable, I always like big cars, when going with my family it is great satisfaction to have it. The only thing I don't love is the color.

- Reyna G

Dependable and big enough to fit the whole family. Lots of room for storage.

Reliable. Good engine, has minimal maintenance, and parts are reasonably priced. The only negative factor is it has low gas mileage. Average 12 miles per gallon.

- Christy H

Love the my Ford expedition. I would buy another one.

It durable and highly reliable. Low maintains. Comfort seats. Gas mileage is excellent for an SUV. I enjoy going on cross country trip and it's very comfortable.

- Kim F

It is a gas guzzler! But it drives great and still runs great.

I dislike the trunk very much because it's too small and the back seats slant backwards and cut off the trunk even more. I like the amount of seats--it seats 8.

- kelly r

Misfires of higher mileage

Performance and reliability were super until the mileage was over 100,000. Now the coil packs and converters have gone bad and the engine continues to misfire

- Anna G

Great truck. Spark plugs always misfire but is a easy fix.

Comfortable and roomy. I really love it. 3rd row seat folds down. Help people move furniture. Take things home without having to pay to get things delivered.

- Mela L

It is comfortable for long drives.

The middle row of seats does not lay fully flat and there is not a dome light override. I like to be able to go car camping. And this has made it difficult.

- Jessie R

It's very reliable and roomy good work truck also but the mileage kinda sucks

Good reliable vehicle,it's got lots of room to fit your family,I mostly use it for can fit a lot of tools,and deliver cabinets ,it has some power to it too.

- Louie C

The gas mileage is not very good.

I like the size and how well it rides, but it has some mechanical needs at the moment. The air conditioner needs repaired and the sunroof currently leaks.

- Gerri F

Great car for big families. Just not a car to travel in.

We have a big family. So we need all the room this car provides down to the very last seat. However it is such a gas guzzler. That's my only complaint.

- Melissa Q

my 2004 ford expedition eddie bauer

I love this car it fits my family perfectly and they have plenty of room runs and drives great. This car is very reliable it fits 8 people comfortable

- angel g

My vehicle is great looking on the outside/inside, the vehicle is white.

My car is old an a gas guzzler, it cost so much to put gas in it. The exterior and interior looks great, but the mileage is over 200, 000 miles.

- Carrie P

It can seat 8 people at a time making it perfect for carpooling.

It is spacious and comfortable. It can seat up to 8 people. The only thing I don't like is the color. A Black makes for a hot car in the summer.

- Shannon C

My family has had it for 14 years and we still haven't given it up.

Over time the windows start to have problems. Engine and brakes give out too much. But besides that, enough room for people to be comfortable.

- Mckenzie W

It runs good, had decent power.

It is a good truck. Wish it had the backrest DVD players. The bad is the sunroof leaks and every time it rain the inside of the truck floods.

- Anne M

It's very wide. And that makes it a little more difficult to park.

I like that it has so much cargo room in the back. I don't like that there are no car seat anchors in the rear seat. I like how high it sits.

- Dorothy H

The seats are comfortable.

Its high off the ground, a lot of legroom and got a handle to pull on to get in, the only thing I dislike about it is it uses a lot of gas.

- Becky K

There's nothing special or important any one needs to know about my car.

I like that it is an 8 seater. It is very roomy. I can lay all the seats down and load large items. I only hate that it is an older model.

- First name M

I absolutely love the heated and AC seats

I love the size of my vehicle. It holds all 6 of my kids comfortably and we have used the vehicle many times on road trips across state.

- Danielle H

It is a very reliable vehicle.

There is nothing wrong with my vehicle I am fine with it. It is reliable and big enough for my family. May be old but I really like it.

- De C

It is very reliable, comfortable, and good for commuting.

I love the 4 wheel drive especially in winter. I love rear air Cond in the summertime.. I hate gas mileage because gas is so expensive.

- Laure D

04 ford expedition great family truck

The truck is perfect for a family has enough room for carseat truck is decent im able to put a jogging stroller in without moving seats

- Angela V

Regular checkups is the key to longevity.

It's a great SUV, I will definitely buy another one in the near future. Regular maintenance is a must for keeping I as long as I have.

- Gerald G

It drives like a car but is a truck.

I love my car. It pulls trailers but drives like a car. The gas mileage is pretty good also. There is one tire that leaks air though.

- Selma H

That is made in America, and one of the most reliable vehicles on the market

My vehicle is very reliable. It is also very comfortable, and has a ton of room. It is honestly one of the best vehicles I have owned

- James C

Not my first, will get another

The second ford I have purchased, always reliable, as long as you get regular maintenance, I will probably get another ford soon.

- Jerrel G

My expedition has a built in DVD player great for long trips.

I like that my ford expedition has 3 rows. I dislike it is a gas guzzler. I like it has a DVD player for my little ones to watch.

- Maxine R

It gets very bad gas mileage. But great for off roading and it has 4 wheel drive.

I love it!!! I just wish it has more cargo room. Very comfortable and roomy. The third row seat can seat adults very comfortably.

- pam n

Has a lot of Room for people and stuff, but is a gas hog and hard to maneuver into small spaces

I love how much room it has. My biggest dislike is because the vehicle is so old, it is starting to develop all kinds of issues.

- Heidi Z

It is a great vehicle for families.

Lots of space, smooth ride, lots of safety features. The vehicle has seven seats in total which is perfect for big families.

- Jessica F

It is great on gas and has lots of power.

I love how my vehicle drives. I love the features it has. Wish I had a newer model. Dislike the leather seats in the summer.

- Lili V

8 seats, comfortable ride.

I love the fact that my vehicle has 3 rows and extra room in the back for my children, it is an extremely comfortable ride.


They should know that although the truck has low gas mileage, it runs well and feels safe.

The truck is large and feels very safe. It has four wheel drive for the winter. the truck is very roomy and comfortable.

- Jenn J

Very powerful and a ton of space.

I love the space. The power it has is great. I would like it better if I had a newer model that parts weren't going out.

- mike M

It's a great reliable suv that gets me anywhere I need to go

No problem great running suv with no issues at all great gas mileage and great highway truck it's my daily driving truck

- Deontez W

My car is very spacious and has basic safety features that benefit the family.

My favorite thing is how big it is to allow my family space to grow. My least favorite is how much it costs to fill up.

- Jalessa M

Plenty of space to travel with kids and dogs.

Very comfortable for family travel. Plenty of space to haul large items. Passengers can control their own air settings.

- Michelle G

It is very reliable and it runs like a champ.

It is old and makes squeaky noises and my tires blew out causing damage to the body frame of the car it also has rust.

- James P

The most important thing someone should know about my car is that they should not buy it.

The car has bad fuel consumption. Also the car jumps to the side every so often. lastly the seats are not comfortable.

- Juwan W

It is built well. It is dependable. Good gas mileage. Fun to drive.

The size, comfortable, color. Cost a lot when needed to be worked on. It is reliable, good gas mileage, lots of space.

- Debbie G

If I were to advertise my truck it would definitely be a family truck. Taking kids to games, driving flown in relatives, etc

It's got a lot of space for family and friends. Decent HP to torque ratio with average pull. Downside is mpg and size.

- Anthony J

It uses a lot of gas but has a great stereo system.

I like the size, the safety I feel when driving it, and how it handles in the snow. I do not like the gas consumption.

- Kathryn Z

The for expedition is a family oriented vehicle very nice and reliable

This truck is really reliable gas is not too bad I realize the smooth drive comfortable seating for the whole family.

- Yliana C

SUVs Best for traveling with kids

This was my 1st Ford & it has been out exceptional on performance. I love SUV's & don't own anything else but an SUV

- Jennifer K

love my 4wd ford expedition

we bought ours used. have not had many problems just usual wear and tear. it has been a very reliable vehicle for us

- eve w




It's a great family car. Easy to drive and very roomy.

I love how safe my car is. It's very roomy and comfortable for all. The only dislike is the amount of gas it takes.

- Rose M

Gas mileage isn't good especially if you're wanting to take a long trip.

I love the size and comfort. Gas mileage isn't very good. I also have a couple of mechanical issues at the moment.

- Gerri M

Learn how to drive a car properly.

I loved all the features it had & the space capabilities. Size was a dislike as well b/c it was hard to park.

- Jessica V

It has run over 200000 miles and it still running .

It is an older suv with a lot of problems. I kind of got it as a lemon but needed a vehicle in an emergency.

- Greg B

Low maintenance SUV. Love my Expedition. Will buy another.

I love my expedition. It has been the best vehicle I have ever had. Great air conditioner. Great storage.

- Lynda B

It does not waste much gas.

I like how easy it is to get around in. I like how comfortable it is to drive in. I like how spacious it is.

- Marina D

Uses lots of gasoline. Has plenty of storage room.

It runs well. It is very easy to get serviced. Very reliable. Fun to drive. Lots of room for passengers.

- frank p

Factory system sound amazing!

Its reliable,dependable and you do enjoy it. It also has a lot of room with I love being a busy mom...

- Krystal V

It is the best truck made and I would not trade it for anything

it is a reliable truck that I love to drive . It is comfortable . It is roomy and good for long trips

- chris m

It has a lot of airbags and the seatbelts work properly.

My vehicle is literally falling apart. It might go at any minute. I cannot afford the repairs on it.

- Deborah C

Not sure what can be said about it other than if you are looking for a big family car and don't want a Minnie van SUV is the way to go

My vehicle that is a little older that's one thing I don't like about it. It's big has lots of room.

- Kayla F

A great vehicle. Sits high you can see the road. Seats a lot of people. Clean running

Great handling, nice, big, roomie. Getting older. However still is a great vehicle. Nice gas mileage

- Richard L

It can prevent a bigger injury in case there is an accident

Its big means everything fit in it Reliable I can take wherever I want to Its safer than cars

- Esther L

It has a lot of space to fit large families.

I do not dislike anything about my car, it runs great, its spacey and comfy for my family.

- Shauna W

That it gets from point A to point B and that it is a great used vehicle

My truck is older but has been a pretty great truck love the color and features in it.

- Jennifer R

I have the eddie bauer edition it is all power, all leather, excellent front and rear a/c and heater and extremely reliable. It currently has 270,000 miles and still running strong. I had one before this one and will definitely be getting another.

EXTREMELY RELIABLE VEHICLE ,you will never want to shop for a different model again

- jessica c

It rides comfortable and does great for gas mileage.

I love lots of features that my suv has. My dislikes are that tires are expensive.

- Kelly R

That it's very comfortable to drive in and great I'd have a big family

It nice to drive and like how big the car is but don't like how much gas it wastes

- Brian N