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Ford Expedition: Long lasting comfort and style

My Ford Expedition has been the ideal vehicle that has served me well for both long and short hauls. It has very comfortably 4 children and now up to 8 grandchildren and still going strong. It rides well and steers like a dream. It is one of the easiest vehicles to park I have ever owned. The seats are easily removable and removable. Coil packs are the only problem I have had out of the vehicle but not until over 165,000 miles. I will most likely look to buy an Expedition again but for now it is still running strong and the body style stills looks relevant to today's styles. Extremely satisfied customer.

- Kimberly T

Reliable SUV with enough space for people and cargo

My SUV is now 14 years old so the problems are probably more from age and wear and tear than the vehicle itself. At this point, some of the window switches are losing their connection and sound as though the motors are dry. The window seal is drying out and cracking. One of the doors has a hole in it where collects water during storms and slowly drains out throughout the week. I actually enjoy my vehicle as it is spacious and can haul most of what I need. I am able take a bunch of people with me to enjoy road trips. However if I need to escape from the world, I have my own space to do so.

- L S

Most comfortable smooth vehicle ever for a family.

I absolutely love my ford XLT expedition. This vehicle seats 9 with belts or you can fold down back three seat for more luggage room. The engine has lots of power. The only problem I say is gas mileage. This truck does have a large tank so at 3.00 a gallon a half tank can still cost you 40-45.00. That is my only con about this vehicle. My truck is well kept up. If kept nice, clean, and all the maintenance done right this vehicle can last you long time. When making long trips it is one of the most comfortable rides ever. The vehicle rides smooth without a ton of noise in the cab.

- Laura D

My ford expedition is fun for the whole family.

This ford explorer expedition Eddie Bauer version has a beautiful interior and exterior. I t rides smoothly in the road with no problems. It has a excellent engine and is not very good on gas. It takes 50 dollars to fill up and only lasts a week. It does have plenty of room for groceries, pets and children. There is also plenty of legroom which is ideal for long trips. It has a good radio and cup holders and DVD player in the back to entertain the children on long trips. All together it is worth paying a little more for gas to have the convenience of this luxury vehicle.

- Julie G

It is reliable and has a lot of room for everyone to be comfortable.

My expedition is a 2005 Ford Expedition and is green. My family has owned it since the first year it came out and has 160,000 miles on it. I love how roomy the car is and the built in DVD player it has inside. There are 8 seats which gives a lot of room and it is very reliable. What I dislike about it is the gas mileage and how much it takes to fill. The gas will drop very quickly too at times which can be annoying and confusing and makes me feel like I wasted money on gas. Overall, this car is amazing and it was my first car handed to me and I love it.

- Racquel H

Good and bad of owning an expedition.

I like that it is big and roomy but not to big. It is easy to park and handles well. I have over 200,000 miles on it and have had very few problems. The only thing I do not like is that you have to take it to the dealer when the spark plugs need to be replaced as they need a special tool. We are very car savvy at my house and this is a pain because normally we could do it ourselves and it is expensive to have them replaced. Other than that it has been a great car and continues to me even now.

- Dee S

2005 Ford expedition family style.

My 2005 Ford expedition is the best car I've ever had. Plenty of room for the whole family and the dogs. Has a DVD player for the back. Sound system is amazing. Very easy to drive and park. Has over 200, 000 miles and still runs like its brand new. Leather seats make cleaning up kids mess super easy. It only gets like 8 miles to the gallon but I still love it. Kids can climb up in it with ease. With the gas tank filled up it holds about 40 gallons. 4 Wheel drive is amazing with mud and snow.

- Miranda H

An interesting detail is the option on the seats to heat or cool

I love the height it has, I always feel safer in higher cars. The seats have a cooling and heating option which is nice. Also there is a TV which is great for when there are children in the vehicle. It is very reliable for road trips although a con to it is that it eats up gas since it is a V6 I believe. I also have had many problems with the spark plugs and the catalytic converter, but it just may be my car. Other than that love my expedition!

- Gisel S

Drive / rides awesome, great fuel mileage, plenty of space and comfort.

Love my SUV, no major problems other than normal things like brake, tune up etc. Performance is great so is the reliability. I use it every day for a daily driver and also take road trips, very comfortable, make long trips very nice. The room in the vehicle is also satisfactory, I have plenty of space for 5-6 passengers including myself. The fuel economy is awesome with an 2005 model with over 100, 000 mile I still get around 17 miles to a gal.

- Sue S

even though my vehicle is an older model it has great space.

my current problem is apparently a problem with a lot of other cars of this make and model in which the car cuts off out of nowhere and after it sits awhile it cuts back on again, apparently it's a fuse relay gone bad. Other than that, the gas mileage and a loud clicking noise from the back of the passenger side of the car when the air conditioner is on but other than that I love the size of it and how comfy it is to drive.

- megan G

Extremely comfortable luxury type SUV.

I really enjoy the amount of space there is from the size of the seats to the fact that it seats 8. The seats are very comfortable and made of leather. The sound system is excellent. There are a/c vents throughout and can adjust temperature on each side. The engine is very powerful with great pick up. Cons are terrible gas mileage, expensive repairs and the roof rusts extremely easy.

- Arlene B

Feel very safe riding with loved ones in it, even with mechanical problems

Cam phaser went out and the spark plugs are a bear to replace (they break easily) drive shaft went out and time chain shatter at around 175000 miles. Good overall ride. Smooth and has been a good family vehicle. Plenty of room and head space with comfortable seating. Our edition is loaded with leather seats, heated and cooled. Bluetooth and LCD screen in front and back of vehicle.

- Kris M

Enough room for a soccer team

I love the size of the vehicle. It is enough room for 3 car seats and then some. There is a lot of room when the 3rd row seats are folded down, even more when the 2nd row is folded down. I just wish the 2nd row middle seat could be take out easy for better access to the 3rd row. But it does fold down. It handles really well and I haven't had many issues with mine

- Melinda L

Roomy, smooth driving, and comfortable riding.

Love my Ford expedition! When we buy another car it will be a newer expedition. I love the room and the way it drives & rides. I love the leather interior. We also enjoy all the Chargers it has. I believe it has 3 total. It has a luggage rack that comes in handy. I also love the third row seat that folds down for extra storage. The middle row folds down as well.

- Brandy D

The Ford Expedition is a versatile vehicle for all!

I love the versatility of the expedition. I have had no issues out of it, other than routine maintenance. When I do need parts for it, they are readily available and cheap. I also upgrade it often with parts from other models. It carries me and my family, all of our gear. It's great for road trips on the highway or off road. I would recommend it to anyone. loo

- Michael W

We live our Expedition It has been good to us

We bought it used, it has always been very reliable. We have 275,000 miles on it and have had no major problems. It's very comfortable with good legroom for all passengers. It is starting to show a little rust but it doesn't sit in a garage and has been on chemical and salt treated winter roads. We would seriously consider another one of the same quality.

- June O

Repair this beast often!!

This model is known for the cam phasers to go out which then makes your timing chain break. Cost of repair close to $3500 depending on whether you use a ford certified mechanic on not could cost more. Spark plugs are another issue, basically have to take this to a dealership to replace them and if they break, which they are known to do, you pay extra.

- Jennifer M

You realize the space you have and don't want to go back or give up that space.

Very roomy, excellent seating, love the 3rd row seat, only problem at 190,000 miles was the coil pack had to replaced once, love the plug in for iPads, etc. Could have better headlights, hard to see at night (had to replace with better bulbs). Wish the center console had a better storage place for drinks for the two seats in the 2nd row.

- Dana E

It�s an economical vehicle with a spacious interior.

Everything works great the only problem would be the exterior I have a rust mark in the ceiling of the truck and water gets into the truck. But as per the motor I like how it runs and it doesn't or hasn't broken down. Also I like how spacious it is since I have 3 kids I love how I can fit them all in and still have room for more people.

- Edna V

I have not had to fix anything serious on my car since I bought it 3 years ago!

I have a family of 4 and we drive the kids to a lot of activities. My car has lots of room and seats 9. I have had my Ford for 3 years and I have not had to replace or fix anything other than regular oil changes and tire rotations etc. I would highly recommend a Ford to anyone looking to buy a reliable, comfortable and sound vehicle!

- Amy E

2005 Ford Expedition: I never have to make 2 trips.

My job calls for hauling people, product and props and my Ford Expedition ensures I am always able to get the job done. After putting almost 250K miles on her, I would change nothing except the mpg, but I consider it a fair trade off for the space, comfort, durability and towing capacity. This girl gives her girl 5/5 gold stars.

- Frances H

That the camshafts go out and are really expensive to replace.

I love that my vehicle has so much space and that it has been a really dependable vehicle. However, I do not like the fact that the vehicle was manufactured and that ford knew there were issues with the vehicle and they did not recall but rather let the customers fix it which cost about 1/4 of what the vehicle cost brand new.

- angela b

Ford Expedition- my most reliable vehicle ever and it just keeps going!

My Expedition has been extremely reliable and comfortable over the years. I didn't have any issues at all with this vehicle until I hit about 170,000 miles. At that point, I did have to get the transmission rebuilt because it started skipping on me. Since I had the transmission rebuilt, I have had no other issues with it.

- Ann D

Spacious vehicle with all the bells and whistles

I have owned this vehicle for about 6 months now. I needed something bigger having a family of 5 and it exceeded my expectations. There is plenty of space. The back seat folds down giving extra room. Heated front driver and passenger seats. Automatic windows and doors. DVD player. Drives like a dream so far, no issues.

- Ash C

Love my expedition it is a true life experience.

No problems until after 100,000 miles now we have something every few months. Still rides 8 people comfortably. When my kids were younger the video system was an amazing babysitter. The sound system is still great. I have been in a couple of accidents and this vehicle has saved me from major injuries. I feel so safe.

- Melissa A

Family adventure car with lots of extras.

Had to replace tranny already. Seat cushions are ripping & CD player is stuck. But love how many people it holds, that the 3rd row seat is push button to raise up & down, half at a time. Also 2nd row seat is able to go fairly flat. Has child lock doors, & fully heated & cooled front seats.

- Tracey B

One of the best try is out there.

Few transmissions problems, great car across country. Sits really high for great road seeing. Huge inside for comfortable ride. Gets a great gas mileage. Great for large families who travel a lot. Color is beautiful great to look at as well. Overall great car for anyone who travels or has larger family.

- James H

Everybody gets to go when we're in the expedition.

I had to have the transmission replaced but that is it. She starts up every day and takes me and all the family on long and short trips with everyone comfortable. The front and back air and heat is fabulous. The gas mileage is not the best, but when you have 3 kids and 3 adults, nothing else will do!

- Antigone D

Family car for daily trips and extended getaways.

Great for transporting the family and all of their stuff. We use the car for day to day school/store trips and have used the car for camping trips each summer and love the space and ease of packing everything we need. It is a safe car but because of the weight the tires get worn out much faster.

- Kate L

It saves me a lot of money on gas.

My car runs really good, it has not gave me any problems ever since I bought it. What I love the best is that the ac workers a the heater also works perfect. Another thing I like about my car is that its gas saver. It is for 5 people and I do not have to worry about anybody saying we do not fit.

- Laura S

This car is going on 230,000 and is still going and has served our family well.

It is a great car. I have almost 230,000 miles on the car with little maintenance.On the car. I have had the car since 2006 and it has been a great car. This car has served it purpose very well for our family. I would recommend a ford expedition to anyone who would ask me what I thought of it.

- Ginger S

Very reliable make and model

This car has been running very well for 15 years and hasn't had any major problems! We absolutely love and trust it! We love the DVD player and the size of the seats. We're able to fit 6 people in the back if needed. The back seats easily fold down by the push of a button for extra space.

- Heidi G

Comfortable, smooth ride with the capabilities of hauling like a pickup.

We like it very much. It is the Sport Trac model that offers pickup bed as well as carrying 3 extra passengers. We are able to transport all of our needs and haul a trailer with it as well if needed. We have no complaints. Rides very smooth and has enough power to meet our needs.

- Delores W

Ford expedition spacious and reliable.

It is a v8 engine so it sucks up gas. I have had to replace the transmission which was worth it at the time because the vehicle still had a good resale value. I think Ford has improved its manufacturing and is not know for being found on the road dead anymore or fix or repair daily.

- Samara J

It's just an older vehicle.

The sunroof leaks, and has caused CD player and tv not to work. Sometimes if too much water gets in it the wiring system messes up blinkers radio switches, have trouble with sensors and warning lights. But other than that it drive good and is comfortable. It's just an older vehicle.

- Megan B

2005 Ford expedition super great for trips.

Very comfortable, very reliable and love all the features. Excellent gas mileage, perfect for long road trips. Plenty of legroom, seats 8 people easily. The 4 CD player makes the long trips that much more enjoyable. Great sound. Separate heat and air controls for the passenger.

- Wayne L

Best purchase I ever made as far as a vehicle.

I bought it new I 2005 and it has been a very good car, we do take care of it and we did have battery problems, but that is normal, we have had good service from this vehicle., I would recommend this type of vehicle to any one that needs a 7 passenger vehicle. A very good ride.

- Le Roy F

My truck it is great I love it.

My vehicle has good power, it is a big truck but gas mileage is fairly decent, I have a big family so I need a lot of space and it provides that, I am very satisfied with my vehicle, I have the upgraded sound system, it sounds pretty good and the ride is very comfortable.

- Darren R

Runs well, and performs as it should despite it is age.

It performs well for it is age, and does well for what it is needed. It is a good size for what it is if you do not want a huge truck or small car. It might need some tune ups every now and then in the future if it is a lot older, but it really runs decent and good ford.

- Alice B

I love my 2005 Ford Expedition that I will never let it go.

Only problem is AC and condensation. It has to be looked at about every 3 years. I think it's the model. They are known for this problem. I would jump in my vehicle and drive across country with no hesitations. I teenage girls love the room and we have plenty of it.

- Samantha A

300, 000 miles and still going.

Very reliable and comfortable car. This is our fourth Ford and we will certainly consider another. We have not experienced any major problems and have almost 300, 000 miles. The expedition is roomy and we use it to take our dogs to the beach. The quality is a+.

- Kathleen W

Size and power of engine.

I love the color, size, engine power, and extra features. I have faith in the Ford brand. This business has been around for a long time. Much of my family have owned Ford vehicles, in the past and presently. My next vehicle purchase will most likely be a Ford.

- Hazel C

The spacious family expedition.

It handles and drives really well. It is top heavy so sharp curves can be a little tricky and dangerous if trying to take them at high speeds. I really love the fact that I can lay all 6 seats down in the back of the vehicle. Very spacious for long trips.

- Crystal R

My expedition is safe and reliable.

My expedition is a great family vehicle. It feels safe abs drives well. Never leaves me stranded, a vehicle that is very well made. My last expedition was in a roll over accident, and everyone made it out safe and sound. The top wasn't even dented in.

- Melissa R

Very fast and comfortable for the whole family.

The a/c does not cool the back passenger. It does pick up speed very quickly and it fits 9 people. We love to travel in it. The back seat in the middle section, can recline. I love going grocery shopping in my expedition. I feel very safe driving it.

- Alma R

The reliability is the best thing about it.

The performance is great. It has a 5. 4 liter V8. The comfortability is immaculate. 3rd row stow away seating. Climate control. Tow package up to 70000 pounds. I haven't had any issues with it and it is pushing 190000 miles. Overall great SUV.

- Justin V

Gas mileage is not as great as some other cars.

Very reliable but when you do have a problem it is expensive to fix. Have had it for many years and it still runs good. Lots of space to hold up to eight passengers and plenty of room in the back to put your belongings or groceries etc..

- Pam C

It fits my lifestyle, I feel safe in it and I love it!

It's always been my favorite vehicle & I will drive it for as long as I can, I'm prepared to replace the motor if it comes to it. I really love this vehicle! I love that it can hold 8 adults comfortably and I feel so safe in it too ??

- Tamy G

Ford knew about the rear windshield wiper, however, refused a recall on it.

Had to put in a new transmission, new engine. Rear windshield will kill the battery if used and Ford is aware. All of these problems and it does not even have 200, 000 miles on it. Also, paint is chipping badly in certain areas.

- Dawn C

It is a great vehicle if you have a large family. It has room for people and also items in the back.

I love the space and legroom that it offers for my family. It is a very comfortable ride. We have had some mechanical issues that apparently are typical for the year that we have which has been costly and troublesome.

- Dawnell D

It will seat 8 people so it's great for traveling with others.

I like that it's roomy and big enough to fit my family. It drives really well. My biggest complaint is that it is high up. I have a handicap sister and it's hard to get her in it. We have to use a stool to get her in.

- Kim S

The doors have a hard time shutting all the way without force.

Our expedition is our family vehicle. It seats 8, and I love that the back seats fold with a push button. It is excellent going over the mountains and pulling our trailer. Love that it has front and rear heat and ac.

- Denise S

Capable of going anywhere.

So far I have had no problems with my vehicle. Equipped with 4WD, backup sensors and camera, sunroof, leather interior and third row seating which provides plenty of room. Good reliable vehicle all around.

- Gloria D

It is a comfortable ride with plenty of room.It looks nice and has Ford quality. Serves both young families and families with grown kids. It has improved with modern technology. Good bang for your buck.

This is our second Expedition. We love the size of it. Our kids our grown, but we fit comfortably for family vacations along without luggage. It is powerful and comfortable. Perfect fit for us.

- kara n

Ford king ranch expedition.

My Ford expedition is really spacious for my four kids, husband, and I. Love the leather seats. Which it had a screen to view the rear. It only has the beep when I am about to hit something.

- Magdalene G

It is perfect for a big family. It can seat 7 people.

I like the roominess of the vehicle plenty of room for whole family. It has been an overall decent car. It is a secondhand vehicle so it isn't perfect but it gets me where I need to go. .

- Kimberly D

It's a spacious and flexible vehicle and also very dependable while having a good profile.

I like the spacious interior. I'm able to have my family of six travel comfortably and I can also transport large items that would not fit in a car. It's been a very dependable vehicle.

- Sharon C

It has 200000 plus miles on it and still going strong.

I love my Expedition. Fits all my children comfortably. Would like to have an extended version next. I will definitely buy another one. There isn't anything I don't like about it.

- Stacey R

It has very food performance it picks up speed well is a very good family vehicle

My vehicle has a lot of seats for my family its rugged has safety features has good performance picks up speed quickly looks kind of sporty I dislike the store in the truck though

- Rebecca H

The most important thing others should know about my car is it's reliable.

I love the size of my car. It fits 7 people with a 5 person household it's comfortable ride. I love the leather interior. I also love the feel of riding higher off the ground.

- Jamie P

2005 Black Ford Expedition

I absolutely love my expedition, it's so roomy, plenty of seats and space for my children and plenty of trunk space. I wish the mpg was better, but beggars can't be choosers

- Rebecca B

The AWD is reliable and works great.

I like size, reliability, familiarity with Ford products. I like load capacity without having to drive a truck. My only complaint is lack of durability of leather seats.

- Pam M

Ford Expedition from 2005

It is reliable except sometimes the safety feature causes it to not be able to start. Also, when moving at fast speeds, the steering wheel shakes when braking.

- Amber H

My amazingly versatile Ford Expedition

My expedition is very roomy with the full size third row with power fold third row seats. The entertainment system keeps the kids entertained with headphones.

- Heather A

It's a great vehicle. It has no problems at all

My 2005 Ford Expedition is a great truck it's never given me any problems and I love it very much and I don't plan on buying a new vehicle anytime soon

- Chrissy P

Eddie Bauer Edition - Expedition

I really like the large inside space of the vehicle. It is very nice that it can hold such a large quantity of people and items at the same time.

- Alexis P

It has a tight turn radius that makes it easy to drive.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive and fits 8 passengers. I also like the way it drives and its easy turn radius. I dislike the gas mileage it gets.

- Katherine L

It is a great family car. It fits 4 perfect, good for road trips, or night out.

don't have any yet! Unless the gas, and don't get a SUV if you are looking for good gas mileage. We are going to have to replace the cam phasers.

- Angel S

Sturdy and dependable. Good gas mileage.

I like the way it handle for such a large vehicle and I really like all the room for the family. Thing is it uses lot of gas so that is hard.

- Philip L

The most important thing about my vehicle would be the safety of it. Have yet to be inside it and feel in any real danger from other vehicles.

I like the space and feel of the vehicle. The size makes it feel very safe and the leg room makes it feel like I'm never cramped at all.

- David O

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is reliable.

I like my suv because it can hold everything I need. I dislike the color. I also dislike the low gas mileage. It is a sturdy car.

- Olivia U

Perfect for families, but would not get the four wheel drive.

The vehicle is very comfortable, roomy and is enjoyable to drive. The one real issue with my expedition is it gets poor gas mileage.

- Randy B

Its big but not that difficult to maneuver in. Good amount of power for accelerating.

Drives well but the gas mileage isn't that good. Wish it performed better and that the AC was more evenly distributed front to back.

- Drew N

spacious lots of room for travel and safety airbags

I love the roomy interior able to travel with people and items we need..Gas mileage is great .. Lots of safety features that I love

- sarah d

That it has four wheel drive and handles well.

I love how big it is and how roomy. I love the ability it has to drive through snow. I also love the moonroof and heated seats.

- Sherry T

My Ford Expedition is the best.

It's a great truck. I had to replace the transmission last year, but other than that it's awesome. Very comfortable and roomy.

- Lindsay B

Its safe and dependable and roomy.

I love the room and the way it handles. I dislike the timing as being a common problem. I love the extras that come with it.

- Candice D

It is great for a big family and has tons of space for moving anything.

I like that it has room for the whole family. It does not get great gas mileage, but that is expected of a car of that size.

- Sequoia R

Safe and comfortable, perfect family vehicle for any task.

This is my favorite vehicle that I have ever owned. Seats plenty, with a lot of comfort. It is perfect for me and my family.

- Jessica G

it a very good car,good on gus very good very good very good

the performance is good,know problems,good reliability and comfort is good the features is good i've known problems at all

- edward p

It's a very dependable. It get very good gas miles.

Not big enough, back seats uncomfortable. No leg room in the back. Not enough trunk space, it's a very dependable car.

- Melody O

Great family vehicle at a great price and long lasting

At 185k miles we just had the transmission replaced. No major issues while owning it. Just standard maintenance mostly

- Katie W

The horsepower it brings.

Strong car its built for running it has a v8 engine 4 wheel drive with leather seats 3 row and it has the potential

- John P

If it is properly maintained, it will last a long time.

My vehicle has served me well. My repair cost have been very minimal. I have kept up with the maintenance program.

- Kathleen T

There are certain things you have to do to make certain things work.

I like it because it fits our family, it's nice, and roomy. Wished it was never, wasted less gas, different color.

- Alma R

Reliable dependable family suv

It is very space good as family vehicle. Its reliable drives great love the DVD player for the kids to watch TV.

- Patrece T

It's expensive to repair and to expect at least one major repair

Had to replace the transmission. Also had to put a new engine in it. The brakes have caused a front end shake.

- Dana G

It runs drive and gets from point A to B.

Its is a great vehicle lots of extras Eddie Bauer edition lots of room 8 seats great ac new tires new motor.

- Tom T

It has a strong V8 engine. It is an older model but runs strongly.

I like the interior space it offers. I like the gas mileage for an SUV. I like the climate control seats.

- Kim F

Its clean. It runs good. It look good. it's a 8 passenger truck.

I like my truck because it have not let me down. It hasn't broke down. Just a little work here and there.

- Wendy B

I feel like since it is a large car, so you have more protection.

I bought the Expedition used. I have really enjoyed it. It rides very comfortable and has plenty of room.

- Ella W

Ford transmission problems but a good truck.

Transmission went out. Other than that it's a good vehicle. Not horrible on gas like you would think.

- Kimberly D

Its amazing its blue with a sunroof

Love it. It drives so smooth. Best vehicle for the 3rd row seating. ...........!........ ðŸ˜

- Melissa G

I treat my car like family.

It runs great after all these years. It's easy to work on it yourself. Parts are inexpensive.

- Tokyo R

air actuated 4x4 which allows u to shift into 4x4 while driving!

so far It's been reliable but has the usual ford rust and exhaust manifold gasket leaks!

- shane s

It holds up to 8 people. It sits higher than other SUVs.

We have had transmission issues. The air conditioner is flaky. The back is rusting.

- Steffanie G

that it is one of the coolest cars on the road

i like that it is very roomie and very smooth always keeps us cool in the summer

- Sylvia L

I love that my car has plenty of room with 8 seats but can also fit our family with the back row down and the two dogs in the back. It's also great for towing and i feel safe on the road due to it's bigger size and safety features. The only thing i might change about it would be to get the extra long for more cargo room.

It's dependable and stands up to a big family's constant use and wear and tare.

- Amanda M

Good for large families. Versatile can use to tow as well as lots of interior space for cargo

Lot of space. Have 4 kids. Like the way it handles. Feel safe in bad weather.

- Bill C

Gas consumption Mobility Effectiveness

It's too heavy Highly maneuverable Waste a lot of gas

- Oscar G

Lots of options; lots of space.

- Peggy E

My reliable daily driver & tow vehicle.

- Kira F