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Space-reliability-awesome added features.

I love the size of my 2007 Ford expedition. I have a family of 4- myself, my husband and 2 kids, one of which is in a rear facing car seat- and we can all fit in there comfortably. My 11 year old plays hockey so when we travel for hockey we fit all of our normal travel gear along with his hockey gear. At first I didn't see the point of the automatic seats raising and lowering in the third row, however, after having to use it numerous times, I now love the feature. I love the windows in the back that open up to be able to air out the hockey stench. I also love the heated and ac seats. It is nice on long road trips, regardless of the outside temp, to turn the heated seat on to relax your back muscles. Overall it has been a very reliable vehicle with very little problems and with those problems they were fixable in a day and did not cost very much. It gets decent gas mileage for an SUV but it is very consistent in the gas mileage.

- Jennifer W

Big family? The 2007 Ford expedition is comfortable and drives smooth.

My 2007 expedition is great. Considering it is age it has a few hiccups. It needs a few repairs but they are not serious enough to spend the money. It has had the fuel pump changed twice in four years and the brakes replaced. I love it because it comfortably fits my family of 5 plus a 160lb great Dane. It has heated seats which is amazing during the winter and it is a 4x4 and handles great in the snow. Some of the radio buttons no longer work but it is not a big deal. The DVD player works great but unfortunately we now only buy blu ray for home and the DVD in the Ford cannot play them. The rear seats fold completely flat. I really like my expedition and am planning to trade it in for possibly another in a year or two.

- Kimberly R

Great vehicle when you need a space with kids

Been an amazing SUV. 1st one I've owned, usually a soccer mom with a minivan. Love the SUV a lot better. Same amount of room yet not as big and bulky. I bought 2 years ago and has ran like a champ. Just changed the fuel pump. Do oil changes and its due a tune up just to keep it up and running good. It does like to drink gas. Lol but that's with any bigger vehicles. As long as the oil stays changed it still gets pretty good gas mileage. It's been to Florida twice so a 16 hr drive round trip. Had 2 previous owners. I love Ford's. I love expeditions and will continue being an owner

- April S

Roomy & comfortable family vehicle.

I bought this vehicle used about a year and a half ago. It has held up well for its age. It is dependable and reliable. Air and heat work great. I feel safe and protected while driving it. Love the seating capacity! It fits 8 people very comfortably. It is roomy and comfortable. Just recently took it on a family vacation and it did very well on our 11 road trip. Everyone was comfortable and we had plenty of space to fit our luggage. I would highly recommend this vehicle! It is great for big families or parents of teenagers who always want to bring their friends along!

- Crystal H

Very dependable family vehicle

My Ford expedition is a great vehicle. There is plenty of room for our family plus space to store luggage and anything else we may need. We have not had any major problems with our expedition--just normal wear and tear. The vehicle is a smooth ride, equipped with the latest bells and whistles (for the 07 model) and has proven to be a long lasting vehicle. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of legroom for those long car rides. I honestly have no complaints with this vehicle. My next vehicle will be another expedition!

- Kelly N

Overall I like my current car I just feel like it is time for a smaller car.

The car is in good condition I just feel like it is time for a new car I would love to have a SUV but I cannot afford it but hopefully I win the lottery and can buy myself the car I always wanted my car currently is in need of new tires so that is what I have been doing trying to get new tires for my car because my car needs new tires it also needs a oil exchange and so I have to go to that as well wish I could win a free car that would be very nice.

- Andrea L

When the electrical things start glitching out, beware. Once one thing starts acting up, it will be followed one after another of more problems.

Our Expedition has running boards that descend and retract based on if the door is open or closed. For the last year or so, the running boards mostly just stay out. But they also will decide to descend and retract WHILE DRIVING down the road. It is beyond annoying. Overall, I love the Expedition. It is very comfortable. The dual air plus control for the back is nice. The back-up camera is a must! And the sound system (Bose) is amazing!

- Jana F

The 2007 Ford Expedition drives well, is comfortable, and roomy.

I love my expedition. It drives well in most weather. I live in the south, so we do not usually have ice or snow. It is roomy and can carry up to 8 people. The third row will lay down for extra storage in the back. No road noise. I would say the biggest issue with this year model of expedition is the spark plugs. They are Difficult to remove! The check engine light comes on due to the O2 sensors being out.

- Judy W

Ford expedition . Great for our family of 6. Ok gas mileage . Very happy with it.

We have had our vehicle for several years and it still runs great. We had to repair a few minor things over the years but nothing major. It has been and still is a great vehicle. About the only issue we have now is that the ac has stopped working and we have tried several things and cannot seem to get it fixed. Gas mileage is ok, not too bad, but not great either. But we love the vehicle.

- Patricia F

Not a great buy this time around.

It is a Ford expedition. Bought it two yrs. ago. Had problems from about 4 months in. Misfire, stalling, back hatch was broken, rust, recently found out it may have been a flood car. Battery clicks off all the time have to state it with a quick connection on battery then turn truck on. Some days it does great others not so much. The 4 wheel drive isn't good. Needs new brakes and tires.

- Karen M

Pros of having a Ford expedition.

I like how big and roomy my car is. I can fit my whole family in the car for long trips. It is got great 4 wheel drive for snow days, which makes it safer for me to drive. It does use a lot of gas, but if you change the oil regularly and maintain this car, it will last a long time. I have already made it to over 150,000 miles! It also has a hot heater, and ice cold air conditioning.

- Fern M

The ford expedition is reliable.

My vehicle is old and still runs well. I didn't have to start replacing parts until well after it was paid off. It drives good and everything on the inside still works: air, heat, DVD player, air and heat in seats, power windows. I have replaced the alternator, parts on the engine and had major tune-ups. My expedition is reliable and when it dies, I plan to buy another expedition.

- Queen M

Lee good old car all white expedition.

Leather insides all black. Touchscreen radio DVD vcr hook for games in the back seat captains chairs for comfort lay back runs good with gas on long distance trios kids live having elbow space it's a good car. Speaker system is great kids live it child proof window locks you can adjust an control most all things in the car from your dashboard.

- Alicia G

I love the backup beeping sound

I have a very active family. 4 kids, husband, dog and we are always on the go. Camping, sports, biking, trips. This SUV takes a beating and nothing has broke on it! The only issue is the sunroof needs to be replaced. But I am pretty sure my son broke it and it�s nothing that just happened out of the blue. I absolutely love my expedition

- Crystal B

Dependable. Great steering radius

Drivetrain problems but great car. Have 230 thousand miles on car. Travel a lot with this. Windows are powered and sometimes stick. Had to replace the motors but it has great turning radius and drives great on the highway. Paint folds up well. Sensors in tires are not great. They always say you have a flat tire but I haven't changed them

- Chet B

I love the 3rd row seats are electric. They are very easy to raise up and down.

I love my Ford expedition. It is old and has 152, 500 miles. We have had issues with a few things like: had to replace radio because the CD player would stay on and run battery down, have had 2 transmissions and the radiator was also just replaced. I feel very safe in my car and I would love a new one but they are way to expensive.

- Shanna M

Black and gold ford expedition with 3rd row.

It's very spacious. Electric fold down 3rd row seats. Touch screen radio with GPS. Needs headers replaced but that's ok. Great condition considering its used. I like that it gets up and goes. Doesn't bog down on hills. Gas a little hefty but I can go about a week on a tank. It's a ford it'll run forever but may get a little rusty!

- Candace C

Pimped out to the very max

Interior is great, only thing I hate about it is that it has a lot of problems and is in the shop a lot more than cars should be in the shop. My car has everything possible to be in the car like sunroof, TV, heated seats, etc. It has the extra room in the trunk to be able to fit more things when we are moving big items

- Dylan S

Great vehicle for the family.

It is a great car! Lots of space, heating and cooling seats, DVD player, 3rd row seating. Very comfortable ride for my family. We feel very safe in this car and the only thing we had to fix was the muffler when we bought it. I cannot wait to drive it in the snow. It has different options for driving such 4 wheel drive.

- Melissa P

Great Vehicle for Active Family

I have loved my Expedition. It has plenty of room for my family of 4 to be comfortable at all times, especially on road trips! There is plenty of space for luggage and gear. The vehicle has been extremely reliable. Aside from being a gas guzzler, which I knew before buying, it�s a great choice for our active family!

- Ashley M

2007 ford expedition. Very heavy car don't hit gas going down hill

2007 ford expedition. Black exterior and grey interior. Nice seats and lots of room great for when you need to lug around a lot of things but has terrible gas mileage. It's also very loud it has a distinctive rumble to it. It's difficult to handle as well, bad turning radius and a lot of play in the steering wheel.

- Trinity B

. My goal is to travel and I need room to enjoy my Journey.

This vehicle is great for large families. My children are grown but I have a large fur baby family. I have pet potbellies so when hurricanes come along I am ready. It is a very comfortable driving vehicle. Plenty of leg room and storage. The sound system is good and it is strong enough to pull my travel trailer!

- Marsha G

Uncomfortable seating and rust.

Over all the vehicle is dependable. The main problem is like all ford's they rust out -the back gate and the underside of the doors. Seating is not the most comfortable, the front passenger seat is very uncomfortable for driving distance, headrest hit you either at the top of your head or the nap of your neck.

- Tammy H

Awesome but needs work vehicle.

Needs oil change. Need an alignment, a. C. Works but sometimes it doesn't through in the front. Kids love it because it's roomy. don't like the leather seats. Radio works but be careful with the volume. Needs ballots changed. Love how back seats fold down giving more space. Cant up to 8 people which is great.

- Alma R

Very spacious and quiet ride

It is very spacious for a big family fits everyone perfectly we don't feel crowded enough space for everyone to comfy especially when we go on vacations the drive on the road is smooth and quiet really there's no problem with this model. So if you have a big family this is the one for you and your family.

- Alejandra G

My car is comfortable, drives smoothly. Grateful for it

I am grateful for the car. The gas does go by fast, and it takes almost $50 to fill up. I'm used to little cars so this just isn't personally for me. It gets me to where I'm going. Also I don't like how it doesn't have an aux cord... I have to buy a Bluetooth transmitter which isn't the best either.

- Elaine C

My Ford expedition el is Ford tough.

My expedition runs really well and has good power. I have had problems with spark plugs going bad and suspension issues that needed to be fixed, but nothing major. I took it on a road trip all over California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. It performed great and has plenty of room for my family of 6.

- Dale S

Roomy and sits high enough for good vision when driving.

It has plenty of room for 8. Is a comfortable and smooth riding vehicle. It has been dependable and has over 125000 miles. We use it to pull a boat and it has been fine. Only issue we have had is front wheel noise after brakes were changed. We would definitely purchase another expedition.


The most interesting detail about my car is the inside handle to open the door.

I love my car. It�s great, the interior is fabulous and I love the leather seats. The build of the car makes me feel safe, so if I was ever to get into an accident I know my car will be able to protect me. It�s surprisingly very luxurious and it drives very smoothly. 10/10 recommend

- Emily B

This is a great family car with lots of room.

Car runs great and has lots of room cargowise as well as seating. The DVD works great and was a saver for when the kids were younger. The power seat adjustments are for the driver only. It should be for front passenger as well. Folding the seats flat is easy and very convenient.

- Lyn A

It is the Eddie Bauer edition fully loaded with a beautiful.

My vehicle is very comfortable. It has leather seats and all the bells and whistles. It does need new tires for the cold weather is coming up. But it drives and runs very reliable and comfort. It has a DVD player in it that my kids absolutely love watching movies on all the time.

- J D

Ford expedition is the right choice.

Very reliable and comfortable seats and ac. Love the automatic rear door lift and the handles to assist your getting in the car. It is also very convenient that the rear seats fold down so easily and give you so much cargo room. There are blind spots you have to be careful of.

- Dee W

This vehicle has trained four new drivers and still keeps giving.

Excellent vehicle, with low maintenance required through the years, it has stood the test of time with five kids and tons of room for large families on road trips. It's been an amazing vehicle in the snow and ice and great towing performance. This vehicle is the total package.

- Heather L

The Lasting impact of the Ford Expedition

Performance in any weather is well above average. No major problems or annoying issues. I've owned this vehicle for 12 years strong! Vehicle can fit 7 adults or 8 children. Great for road trips. A/C & heat provide more than enough comfort & blow strong through vents.

- Kenny J

Sturdy and safe; spacious with eight seats

As this car is over 10 years old, it does get a little rusty here and there at times and is a bit outdated, but at the end of the day it is a strong and sturdy car and has lasted throughout the years. Great family car and great for road trips with tons of space and TV set.

- Em V

Good vehicle with great space.

Good reliable vehicle. Has good gas mileage. Feels like a safe vehicle, good with hauling children with car seats around. Great for road trips and has a good amount of storage. I bought it used and it had good mileage with it and it has worked for me for about 9 years now.

- Sara G

This is a great family vehicle.

My Ford expedition is so comfortable to ride in. Lots of room for people and cargo. I have never had any issues with the vehicle. Inside is well organized. The only thing I don't like about it is the gas mileage. The vehicle is great for a family car with the room.

- Sandy M

I really enjoy my Expedition

I really enjoy the room and comfort that it has. The turning radius is amazing to be a bigger SUV. It has a lot of power and will get up and go when you give it the gas. I wish that it was a little easier to clean the carpets in the back under the seats but I mange

- AManda L

Uncomfortable seating and prone to rust.

I live the room in the vehicle. The passenger and back seats are not comfortable if you are traveling great distances. The tailgate is rusting as mist all Ford Explorers and expedition do. Also the door frames are rusting out again a trait of this type of vehicle.

- Tammy H

It is a heavy duty truck - not a whip around town car.

I absolutely love my Ford expedition. My previous car was also an expedition and an explorer before that. Its size is perfect for traveling with my family or going to events with friends. I have had problems with fuses blowing here and there but that is about it.

- Natalie W

Our Ford expedition is the most comfortable vehicle we have owned.

Our 2007 Ford expedition currently has 232, 500 miles on it. Routine maintenance has allowed us to keep it running and in good shape. There has been no major damage or serious problems with it. When the time comes, we will probably purchase another expedition.

- Maury P

It runs perfectly fine, and a/c works well and it has aux

Make sure to always check the vehicle before getting it, I didn't know I had problems with my car until a couple days later when I started driving more often, my windows don't go down, and my horn doesn't work, and that was one thing I should of checked first

- Rosario A

My vehicle is awesome and great for my kids.

It is very comfortable. The motor of the windows is starting to go out. It also needs an alignment. It also needs an oil change. Don't like the leather seats. It is spacey which is great for my kids. Everybody has room. Despite all the bad things I love it.

- Alma R

Great family vehicle with excellent towing capabilities.

Very comfortable ride, quiet interior and excellent towing capabilities. Minor issues with CD player and an electrical ground otherwise has been very reliable vehicle. Seats 8 comfortably and the DVD player makes it a perfect family vehicle for long trips.

- Greg M

I love it! Such a wonderful vehicle for traveling in a large group. Plenty of room and comfort.

I love the room for a large family and still space for your belongings as well. Great for a large family traveling. The biggest downfall with most larger vehicles are always the fuel mileage, and trying to find good parking spots.

- Sarah J

Extremely reliable vehicle that will transport your family and your stuff with ease and comfort.

It's large and comfortable. It's been very reliable. I plan on driving it as long as possible. I don't like that I'm having electrical problems that can only be fixed by the dealership that wants to gouge me for the repairs.

- n c

The best bang for your buck

This is a very reliable, safe, and comfortable vehicle. I never have to worry about whether or not I'm going to make it to my destination. This vehicle is 11 years old and it's going to keep running for another 10 years.

- Katie Y

The navigation system is horrible sound so don't try to rely on it.

Likes: third row, seats 8, leather seats, ac and heat in the front seats, DVD system. Dislikes: the 5. 4 ltr has no power. The air conditioners don't work like they should and they are fully charged.

- Melissa J

The size of this vehicle is incredible.

I love the size of my expedition el. It has room for 7 adults and a ton of room for storage. It has 220 thousand miles and has given me very few problems. Handles great in all driving situations.

- Michael T

The ford expedition is a good car to have for a family

these are my likes: roomy front, smooth ride, really good ac/ heater These are my dislikes:not so roomy back when there is more than one person i Don't really have anything to complain about .

- Maria M

Solid as a rock and more comfortable than my couch.

Very dependable and comfortable. Low maintenance and still has a lot of power. The only maintenance need is oil change. Radiator flush,spark plugs and tires. Truck is solid as a rock

- Steve P

The car looks newer than it is, and people always ask about it.

I like that it is roomy seats 8 heat/ac in seats reliable tows well. I do not like the way the heat/ac controls work, and the sound from DVD player is louder in front than in back.

- Diane S

Benefits of my 2007 Ford Expedition

It is really reliable. I can forget to turn lights off and the battery will still be fine. The interior is comfortable for long or short trips, and I enjoy hanging out in my car.

- Hannah S

It has lots of airbags and a backup sensor. Drives great.

I love the way it handles when I've had a flat. The visiers aren't wide enough to block the sun. It drive great. It's just the right size to haul all 7 of my grandkids around.

- Anna H

It is a gas guzzler. Perfect for long road trips.

Love the light gray cloth seats. Lots of space and very smooth ride. Would love if it had a sunroof, other than that, it's been a very reliable, low maintenance vehicle.

- Velvet L

It's a beast and is great to move things and very comfortable.

I love the way it looks and rides. I also love the space and the height. It's getting older so I don't like all of the minor repairs and rust spots starting to show.


It is poorly made and designed. The trans went within 4 years and 50k miles...have had to replace 2 times. The suspension also went with in 9 years. The timing belt is an issue with my model and ford refused to accept that it was an issue

I loved the luxury of the car and the size but have had nothing but problems with it. I felt the workmanship was very poor and ford does not stand by their products

- deborah r

To get into the 3rd row you have to put the 2nd row seat down.

I love the car itself gas mileage is a bit high but overall it's a great family car. Plenty of storage the 3rd rows folds down with the push of a button for storage.

- Heather L

Expedition is the most comfortable ride you'll have.

Only issue is poor miles per gallon, could do better. Love my Expedition. Very roomy and comfortable. Sits high. Sound system is great. Very powerful engine.

- Sally R

The vehicle has been reliable and steady. I love the space.

I like the vehicle. It handles well for a vehicle of nearly 12 years old. It is four wheel drive which is good for the snow my only concern is the miles per gallon.

- Cee F

Dependable, sturdy, comfortable, luxurious, rugged.

I like the Ford Expedition because it is well-built. It has a rugged frame with a stylish exterior. The interior is luxurious. The cabin has third row seating.

- John M

It's great for families that are large and need car seats.

I like that it has the captains seats in the 2nd row. I love that the trunk opens with the push of a button. I love that the third row folds electronically.

- angela s

Always drive your car like you have babies in the back to keep you cautious.

It is getting old and too expensive to fix. Has to many problems makes loud noise now when driving and once you fix one thing another thing breaks.

- Jessica A

It is completely paid off and has always been reliable.

It is completely paid off and very reliable. I like the height and don't feel like on the ground. I also like the extra room for carrying items.

- Jamie B

Do regular maintenance like the plug and coils.

I truly enjoy the expedition it is a nice family car and a very nice road trip car. . The only bad thing about it is changing the spark plugs.

- Amy B

It is big, reddish, extra long

I has 3 rows of seating, the 3rd row can be put up and down with the push of a button. The strut system is broke, I think that is what it is.

- dawn M

Great for traveling with family and luggage since it it an extended version.

I have a large family and it allows me to carry all the kids and their friends. I have the EL so it also gives me plenty of room for cargo.

- Kristan K

A very reliable vehicle that has stood the test of time

Car is still going strong at 206000 miles. A few minor repairs. A few cosmetic things are starting to show but it has been very reliable.

- Rachel G

My car is well built and rarely needs repair other than routine maintenance.

It drives well. It is well built and rarely needs repair. It only requires routine maintenance. It provides ample cargo space for trips.

- LP H

Gets low gas mileage if that is a concern like due to the size of the vehicle.

I have the extended length. I love it because iit seats 8 passengers. The 3rd row folds down so I can fit lots of stuff in the back.

- kathy c

2007 Ford Expedition . Very spacious

This vehicle is good on gas for a larger vehicle. It seats 8 people comfortably. The dvd is great entertainment for young children.

- Lori B

It's as big as a whole and it's about to set sail... It seats 7 it's a big ol sucka

Its a Ford sometimes it starts sometimes it don't.. has AC and Heater that works sometimes... I prob should have stuck with jeeps

- Patrick B

It's a very large vehicle. But fits a family of 7.

I didn't choose the vehicle. My spouse did. I would rather not own a ford. It is very large vehicle bit fits our whole family.

- Leann S

Handles great, even in the snow.

Electrical issues I do not like. Heated seats went out and how much it cost me to replace them. Nice space and handles great.

- Vicki U

My vehicle is huge and beautiful. I love it even though it's kind of a bus!

My vehicle is a luxury SUV. I like the large size, dvd player , and leather seats. It's hard to back up sometimes though.

- Jessica R

07 Ford expo, great for short people.

Want backup cam and Bluetooth. Two out of the three cigarette lighters to insert phone chargers stopped working recently.

- Sara S

Its a large vehicle but fairly easy to drive.

I like my vehicle because it has plenty of space to carry things. Its high so it's easy to see. It has four wheel drive.

- Julie S

It's spacious and comfortable

I love my truck. The only thing I don't like is the vents for the air conditioning blind me when the sun hits them

- Tara N

I love the space and the performance.

It's a good family truck. No to bad on gas as long as the routine service done. Love the third row for road trips.

- Shameek M

We have a dark blue Expedition and love it! Lots of room with 3rd row

I love the room that it offers my family! Love our 3rd row! No major issues and its high miles, gets about 17 mpg

- Danielle E

Fully loaded but had pricey repairs.

Transmission went out 2 years after I had it. Now the engine went out. Great family vehicle though, fully loaded.

- A B

All around a good truck to have.

It gets me around. It's comfortable,reliable. It needs a little work on the outside, but of than that I like it.

- Tami B

my expedition and the things I like about my car truck

very spacious and drives very well. this us the first Ford I have owned and am happy to drive. I would recommend

- rod v

It is powerful and gets up to speed quickly. No problems.

I dislike the size of the vehicle however I have to have a vehicle that sits eight so my options are limited.

- Toni P

They are well made cars, and dependable with good fuel economy.

I have always loved fords. Because they have always been reliable vehicles. I would recommend them to anyone.

- David M

It's good for the environment and the best thing ever

It's the best model for ever.the handling is the best thing ever.Enough size to fit my whole family members

- Sean D

Plenty of room and comfortable.

PLenty of room for all the family and gear. Handles great in any condition. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- Troy B

It is a reliable vehicle.

It is very dependable. It is roomy and everyone can sit comfortably. It has nice features and is durable.

- Jessica R

It is 4 wheel drive. The vehicle handles very well.

I like the way it handles. It does not need a lot of maintenance. My son loves the dvd player feature.

- Harlan C

Dependable solid vehicle easy to work on if needed.

I love my vehicle. Very sturdy, dependable and reliable truck. Owned for 9 years and would not trade it.

- Rebecca M

I currently have 175,000 miles on my vehicle and have had very few major issues. So far, I'm sold on all Ford products.

It's not the smoothest ride, but It is a 2007. I'm sure with technology, things have gotten better.

- Jamie E

It is powerful versatile and stylish.

I like the new features. I dislike the low fuel mileage. I like the color. I dislike how big it is.

- Sheila E

Very reliable, and long lasting.

I love that the body style hasn't changed over the recent years. It has been a very reliable car.

- mary B

That it doesn't break down at all and it's very reliable.

No complaints really didn't have to do maintenance since I got it runs pretty smooth.

- Steven H

It's very roomy. Has a large truck to fit furniture and lots of groceries.

Problems with windows. Gas mileage is high. Replacing tires happens way to often

- Pat G

I love my vehicle because it's great in all weather. It is large enough to go camping with and able to take friends with us wherever we go.

The all wheel drive and safety rating are amazing for Flagstaff, AZ

- Jessica J

Love the space! Excellent body and interior Engine and important parts last long

Spacious truck, great family vehicle, great for travel

- Lauren E

dependable nice good suv

dependable a lot of space no complaints like it

- s b