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Again I love the seats that are full power with lumbar support.

It is a very comfortable vehicle for me. It is a limited so it is loaded with power seats both sides. One feature I love is air conditioning seats! Both sides and they are also heated for those cold mornings! I like being up high so I can see over the traffic and it gives you more reaction time. I feel safe after being hit by someone that ran a stop sign and totaled my other vehicle which was a Escape. What I didn't know is that it had a unibody not a tradition frame. So when I had to replace it I went to a larger sport utility which had a frame for added protection. Great car and it is a head turner! I love it!

- Deborah G

Comfortable car for large family with a camper

We bought our expedition el when we were expecting our fourth child. We had previously owned a ford flex and loved it but needed more room and towing capability. We can easily fit all of our kids and groceries and feed for the farm comfortably in this car. The seats are very comfortable and easy to install car seats in. My only problem with this car is the tongue weight for towing doesn't match the towing capability. While it has a large towing capability you will more than likely exceed your ton weight way before meeting your tow weight limits.

- Stacy F

It gets between 9-15 mpg and it has a lot of room for all the necessities we need for kids or travel. It is very comfortable, and easy to drive.

I love the Size, having lots of room in my vehicle is important, I love the leather seats and seat warmer/cooler, the heat feels great when it's even a little cool, and on my really bad lumbar back and hip pain...I love the way it drives, it has good power, esp once you are already going, I do wish it had more get going power. I don't love the gas mileage it gets, an obvious downside. It's a beautiful truck overall.

- Connie T

Somewhat reliable powerhouse - great for towing, economical but needs a fair amount of mechanic work

I like the size - especially the EL version can fit almost anything! I like that it's a tough vehicle for towing and very safe. It's not terribly reliable, though, and all the things that break frequently seem to be in very difficult to reach (and so expensive) places. The paint just is also terrible - even with waxing twice a year and regular hand washing, it has been flaking off the back door for years.

- Jackie L

We love our Ford expedition!

The car has been wonderful. The extended length really helps when it is time to go grocery shopping. The DVD player has also been an added bonus. The seats are really comfortable and we really enjoy having heated and air conditioned seats in the front seats and heated seats in second row. We plan on buying another expedition once this one is worn out.

- Gracie M

I love it, it's comfy and amazing.

I like it a lot, it's comfy and affordable and it is a very good car. I have no complaints, it takes care of me i'll take care of it which mean the most. I would recommend it so much for sure! So there you go! Just remember, you take care of the vehicle and it will take care of you for sure, just as me vehicle has done to me.

- Jake C

Ford expedition review love it!

Overall it is a good SUV for a growing family. We enjoy the rear window that open and adds air to 3rd row passengers. I also like the rear camera to help when backing up. Minor drawbacks in the amount of oil that is needed because the engine is so larger and the amount of gas that is wasted around town.

- Stephanie J

It drives great on winter roads. The all wheel drive is excellent.

This is the second Expedition we have owned. It is an EL so it has a nice roomy trunk. It runs smoothly, is comfortable and roomy and does great on snowy icy roads. We have to do only a few repairs on it. One was operator error. Be sure to make sure your oil tank is full!

- April S

The pros and cons of a Ford expedition.

My vehicle has reverse driving camera. Heated and cooled seats. DVD player for the kids. Four wheel drive. It drives smooth and quiet engine. Bad things on this vehicle. Bubbling paint, rust. Gas mileage is not very good. I do not know a lot about vehicles. I am doing my best.

- Michelle R

The Expedition EL 4x4 with heated and air conditioned seats in comfortable in all types of weather!

The expedition EL has been a comfortable and reliable well performing vehicle that with appropriate maintenance has had no unusual problems. The features including 4x4 has been an asset in all types of driving whether local or highway. I would definitely purchase again.

- Mark Z

Has enough seating for my large family.

Very dependable, has plenty of room for my large family, plenty of storage, drives great in the snow. Always starts and runs great. Easy to get my young family in and out of, great entertainment package for my little ones. Love the 4 wheel drive in the winter.

- Amy L

My awesome Ford expedition review.

Rust, gas mileage per gallon is not very good. It does have nice features such as heated and cooled seats. A DVD player in the back. Bluetooth. GPS system and a reverse video camera. Auto lights. Cruise control, satellite radio. 4 wheel drive. 2 wheel drive.

- Michelle B

Our family vehicle is a ford expedition el that seats eight.

Our vehicle suits my family's needs. It seats all of us and we still have room for one more. The air and heat work great and the gas mileage has improved. The vehicle also has a killer sound system and a TV. The ride is smooth and the interior is beautiful.

- J R

That it's a super comfy ride and it's very powerful.

There are features about the car I don't really like. I wish it had a back up camera, especially since it's so long and big. I feel like they should come standard. I also wish I had a sunroof and two captain seats in the second row instead of a bench

- Amy H

My expedition is an overall great dependable automobile.

I love my expedition, it has been very dependable over the past 9 years. It is very roomy and great for vacations. It also will hold all of family so we can travel in one automobile. There is absolutely nothing that I dislike about it.

- sandy s

It is a great car for a family with multiple littles. Car Seats have a lot of room and the back can fit a big double stroller.

I like that it has a lot of upgraded features like retracting running boards, a DVD player and tv, middle row bucket seats, and a touch screen center console display. I wish it turned a little tighter and had a push start.

- Morgan E

I have owned one previous and this car is so reliable and comfortable

It's a great vehicle for daily driving in negative temperatures as well as lots of snow and ice. Shifting between 2 and 4WD is convenient. Large cargo area is great for dogs and storage.

- Christina W

It's a safe and dependable vehicle that I feel comfortable putting my children in.

I like how spacious the car is with the third row. I wish the trunk was bigger but I do not have to EL version. I also get about 17.7-18.9 MPH and I wish that was better.

- Marian T

280,000 miles and still going.

Dislike gas mileage. Like size, storage, seating, Sirius radio, 4wd, powerful engine. Running boards that let me get in easily. Power windows, reverse camera.

- Tina P

That it is a smooth riding and comfortable vehicle that will fit everybody.

I love the look of this suv and the way it rides. It has excellent features and great surround sound. I also love how they are so affordable.

- Jazmin R

An interesting detail of my car is that you can enter a passcode to get in.

I like the look of my car but the problem with Ford is that they eventually need to be fixed every little while after a couple of years.

- Ariana J

I love the size of it. It's not too high that I cannot get into it without jumping but tall enough to see through most traffic. I also like it's versatility. We have had smaller SUVs in the past but this one really fits the bill for everything we need without being too hard to maneuver in traffic and parking

I bought it used. I have had no major problems with it. I do regular maintenance and I am sure this keeps it running nicely.

- Chris K

It has been a very tough and reliable vehicle with only minimal mechanical problems over the last 170,000 miles.

I love my expedition. Much nicer looking than the newer ones. I do wish there was a power outlet in the third row.

- Kristy R

3rd row seats are amazing.

love it! Plenty of room for our family. Seats fold down allowing us to haul tons of stuff with us. Perfect for us.

- amanda m

My car is running like new

There have been no severe issues with my car besides an occasional oil change. It works like it's brand new

- Peter D

It is safe to drive and gets decent gas mileage. It has had very few repairs. Just usual maintenance.

I have had no problems with my ford. It runs well and I am getting ready to buy a new one.

- jim b