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Ford. It runs like a jack rabbit.Can go on long drives will be very rested.

This is my 2 SUV.It drives like a new one. It performs great and gets good gas mileage.It carries 7 people on trips.My SUV has cool down seats and the front seat and the middle row have heated seats. I have not had any trouble with any of thing as of now. I have had it 2 years now, would not trade it for a new one. Keep the oil change and new filters, plugs in it. It will last you a long time,I just got through putting new seat covers on front seat. Only thing I can say about it is the big motor, some time I mash to hard on the gas, it gets away from me.

- Joe C

Making a better vehicle that has less problems.

The vehicle is really big that fits my family of 7 and the seats are comfy too that are able to go back to relax the only problem is that the engine sometimes goes out due to a lot of traveling. Now we have to use someone's car and we have to decide who gets to go and who does not. I just wish the vehicle was in better condition than what is in now. So I think the ride takes a lot of gas and energy which is not good. Other than that it is a good ride just need a lot more things to keep it in good condition as years goes by.

- Hanna S

Being able to lay the 3rd and 2nd row seats all the way down to where they are flush with each other makes moving things very simple and easy.

I love our Expedition XL. We had to buy this SUV due to having multiples and it was the only vehicle we could find that would fit the type of stroller we had plus luggage or grocery bags. There is more than enough leg space for everyone and our family of 8 fits very nicely. This is an older model so this may no longer be an issue but our only complaint is there not being any speakers in the very back so the kids are always asking us to turn the music up which then makes it too loud in the front.

- DeCourtney H

Great family car even for a big family.

I love my Ford expedition el. It has been a great family car for vacation, kids sports and everyday use. It has been reliable and easy to maintain. We've had no major problems with it - just regular maintenance. We currently have 160, 000 + miles on it and it is still going strong. The only thing I wish it had was a backup camera because of the size of the vehicle. But this feature is not a necessity, in my opinion.

- Joy E

I love the fact that we can set driver seat to 2 settings,husband and I. Love DVD player for kiddos.

We were looking for a vehicle to hold large family. We found our vehicle at us dealership. It has DVD, navigation,3rd row seating,which folds down flat for storage,sunroof,CD player, child lock protection,keycode. We absolutely love it, it holds 3 car seats in back row,triplets, one car seat in middle with plenty leg room and space to move. Seat setting for driver. Hate the gas mileage,but expected because of suv.

- Josie L

Our family Ford expedition.

We have had a really good experience and have never had any major problems with our Ford expedition. Outside of normal repairs and service, we haven't had to take the vehicle to a service shop. It is a very comfortable, roomy vehicle that drives really smoothly. We bought the limited model that includes drop-down running boards, leather seats, and entertainment system that is great for the kids.

- Greg E

Amazing car, rides smoothly.

My vehicle is great. Is drives clean. I have had no problems with it yet. One it does not have is a working aux cord. So if you want to jam music from your phone to your car, that would be the only problem, probably, depends. The radio is nice. The interior is nice. I have the blue color of this car. It is nice, I would recommend to someone.

- Mani K

A family of 5 review the Ford expedition.

This vehicle is dependable and easy to drive. It gets good mileage. We love the heated seats and DVD player. We like the captains chairs in the second row, makes it easier to get kids in and out of 3 rows. We put a lot of miles on our vehicle. The biggest maintenance issue is remembering to rotate the tires and also replace the brakes.

- Leah P

Ford expedition amazingly great buy I hope to purchase another!

I have no serious concerns with my Ford expedition. I love the roominess of the vehicle. We have used it for long road trips and its amazing for travel. It's very economical gas wise full tank gets us about 360 miles I was pleasantly surprised by this. I look forward to purchasing a new model of the same exact vehicle.

- Maria D

Expedition is comfortable riding and features inside are great.

The only problem with this vehicle is that the tires wear out real fast, other than that we love this vehicle. Rides nice and quite. The seats are comfortable and the features are great. Do not like that you need to purchase updates for the GPS, those should just be included every time, so use our phones for GPS.

- Tiffany M

It's better to buy used to get the best bang for your buck, but make sure its in good condition.

I love the room and extras such as a DVD player, automatic wipers and leather interior. The biggest issue I have with it is the fact that its older and was not in the best condition, but it was bought used. I like the captain's chairs, back up camera and sensors as well as the touch screen panel and navigation.


Over 100,000 miles and still going strong although I've had a few issues with hitting my side view mirror while backing into my garage. My fault, not Ford's.

SUVs are sturdier than small pickups allowing me to maneuver around potholes and debris. Comfortable heated & cooled leather seating offers added enjoyment. 3rd row seating enables me to tote my 3 grandkids safely. Retractable running boards are the best idea coming out of Ford in a long time. No complaints.

- Toni B

Stylish mom car for big families.

It drives well, handles like a car, is comfortable on long drives, roomy enough for a family of 5 and 2 dogs and luggage. All the luxury features - navigation, leather, sunroof, DVD player, touch screen media, Bluetooth syncs with all my devices, heated seats, cooled seats I have never had issues with it.

- Crystal C

Love all of the room that the truck has.

I love my ford expedition. I have 5 children so I need something that is large enough to have the family in and if I need to go grocery shopping I can fit everything in comfortably. I also needed something large so that when we travel there is plenty of room for everyone and no one is uncomfortable.

- Mandy T

Green expedition, leather seats, sunroof and cold ac.

My expedition is so reliable. And I have only had minor problems. Such as in the headlights and turn signals I also had to drop the gas tank and replace the floater. I also had the minor upkeep with the oil changes and spark plugs. It is so comfortable and I also have heated seats and a sunroof.

- Ashley F

Highlights of the 2010 ford expedition.

The 2010 ford expedition has lots of room. I love the third roll seat and especially the automatic door hatch. The only problems I have had are with the air conditioner making a popping noise and the inside switch got stuck and the air would only run on high. Was unable to adjust blower level.

- Nicole N

Ford expedition that we own.

Love the heated/cooled front seats. Comfortable to sit and ride in. Carries 7 comfortably. Kids love the DVD. Ours has side boards that move up and down per open and closing of doors. The only problem we've had, is the volume of the incoming calls through sync. Have a hard time hearing caller.

- Mickey E

I like the air conditioned seats - makes it more comfortable on a hot day.

I love my expedition, it drives well and has a good turning radius. The only thing I have had problems with is the automatic running boards. They have broken twice and are extremely expensive to replace. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. I love the heated and air conditioned seats.

- Amy C

Large and roomy enough for a big family, while still maintaining a decent fuel mileage.

I highly recommend the Ford Expedition with the extended cab. As an 8 seater, it is great for a larger family, with plenty of room left over for luggage or groceries etc. My only complaint is when opening the rear door/trunk, you must be very careful that items don't roll out of the back.

- Andrea D

That it is very spacious and can fit a family comfortably.

I love that my expedition is huge. I have 4 kids so a larger vehicle fits our life and lifestyle. We're always taking short trips or vacations and all of our family of six's luggage and stuff fits comfortably. No complaints except that gas is so expensive to keep it it filled up

- Alyssa M

Fully loaded with leather.

It is a nice car with leather and heated/cooled seats but the one downfall for us is the wheels as it has certain sized rims and tires that are way more expensive than standard rims and tires on regular cars. The gas mileage is fairly good, but could be better for a smaller car.

- Brett L

Older expeditions, you get what you pay for.

Has heated seats, DVD player, remote start, leather seats, power everything. Replaced the instrument cluster, map sensor, fuel pump, motor on back windshield wiper. Overall I like the vehicle but so many problems since we bought it and still feel like its a ticking time bomb.

- Jamie R

Top of the line suv, is a very smooth ride. Lots of things for kids like DVD player in the back and plugs to charge phones.

Leather seats good. Camera backup good. Sunroof awesome. The heated seats break really easily and air-conditioning seats don't work that well. The sideboards used to lift up when you close the door and they don't work anymore. It has eight seatbelts, which very few cars have.

- Emily C

Big & safe with a great ride.

Smooth ride and has a lot of space & very quiet. I only had to do normal maintenance. Almost 10 years old and runs like it did when it was new. I never had a recall. It drives well in snow & rain. It holds the road well it fits well in a normal size garage.

- Shirley G

This is a great family vehicle. The third row of seats is easy.

The automatic running boards have broken twice. They are extremely expensive to repair. The 2nd time I have not repaired them and now they do not work at all! I like the rest of the features on the vehicle. The heated and air conditioned seats are wonderful.

- Amy C

Love my 2010 Ford expedition!

I have experienced no problems at all with my vehicle. It performs well, has a smooth ride and a comfortable interiors. All that has been required is regular and scheduled maintenance. The interior is roomy and the vehicle easily tows our 30 foot RV.

- Regina A

The folding seats and automatic closing hats are awesome

I love my expedition. I have a big family so the expedition has it never room to see everyone comfortably. Your luggage racks on top really help the vacation. It has automatic folding seeds in the back at a push button hatch to open and close

- Kelly M

Definitely the bucket seat option and we did have experience replacing the manifold which was quite time consuming

I upgraded from an explorer to expedition for my growing family. We have the second down buckets seats which definitely help with multiple kids and car seats. Downside is that with the third row seats up there isn't much of a trunk space.

- Laura S

Ford expedition and the Ford F-150 shared the top of the line motor and drivetrain. It is made to pull anything and yet comfort beyond good.

It is the Eddie Bauer Expedition with sirus, video player, cd, navigation, leather seats and total comfort and ride. It is my second one bought off the lot new and will not be my last. Dislike nothing. Love my Eddie Bauer Expedition EL

- Linda D

Roomy family-friendly vehicle.

It drives smoothly. The bucket seats make access to the back row convenient. The materials are durable. The are only 7 seats. It fits our two backless booster seats and three five point harness car seats. The storage space is small.

- Hannah T

It's perfect for me--size, comfort, and safety. I do not want any other type of vehicle. I trust Ford, and I love the Expedition!!!

I love the size of it. It handles well. I already have 251,000+ miles on it. I work to maintain it by having it serviced regularly. It is perfect for me! When I purchase a new vehicle, it will be another Ford Expedition!

- Linda M

That it has a lot of space but is still comfortable to drive.

I love all the space it has. The seats are very comfortable. I like that it has heat and air controls for different areas. The gas mileage is pretty good but would be nice if it was a little better.

- Leslie K

I've always had great luck with Ford product. I've found them to run great and last for years.

I love that it has enough room for our kids and their friends. It drives great! It also has Bluetooth capabilities and I can play my music thru the speakers. Overall, very pleased with it!

- Ellen T

Hassle free Ford expedition.

The expedition has been great and extremely reliable since we purchased it in 2010. Outside of normal brake and fluid services we have never had any problems with the vehicle at all.

- Greg E

It can be difficult backing up or getting into tight parking spaces simply because it is so large.

I like that the whole family can fit, and any extra people can come along also. I also like that the 3rd and 4th row seats can fold down giving us lots of cargo space when needed.

- tricia s

The back is spacious and the ride is luxurious.

The Ford expedition rides like that of a large luxury car and handles just as well. The seats are very comfortable for one with back issues to drive even long distances.

- Lynn C

I love how spacious my car is.

I like the size of my vehicle and the fact that I can take it on trips and fit so much stuff in the back. There really is not anything that I do not like about it.

- Eva R

Handling on highway, strong enough to pull camper get 20 MPG on highway

We love our expedition its an EL has room for kids stuff just enough power to pull out camper we travel to florida every year 1648 miles always handle the job

- Gary M

The Ford Expedition is a very dependable car and a real good looking car

I love the smoothness of this vehicle and that it is fully loaded with accessories for my grandchildren. I also enjoy not having any major breakdowns

- Eli J

That it gets great gas mileage.

Love the roominess and amenities... Hate that it is not ergonomic - headrest are awful and push my head forward. Especially when I have a ponytail..

- Vanessa Y

The brakes squeak. They sound like a bus making a stop.

I really don't like anything about our vehicle. I really don't have many reasons to like it. It's breaking down & we need to get a new car soon.

- Emily M

It gets reasonable gas mileage.

We are a Ford family. We have family visit often and we can all ride together when we go out. We bought it used and it is been a good vehicle.

- Sandy D

Rides great with lots of room to haul suitcases for vacation.

I like that it's big enough to carry 8 people. I like that you can fold seats down and fit something 8ft long in it. I like the way it rides.

- Margaret z

The space and ability to move lots of stuff. Plus looks good.

I love the size, style and ease if driving. It has good to action for the winter. Great room for passengers. Also lots of cargo space.

- Pat W

That it rides good, comfortable seats.

Enough room for my family, good quality riding and comfortable seating. The family fit well. There has been no problems with SUV.

- Rebecca r

It's a great car for a family

I love that it is big and spacious. The kids all have their own area. It doesn't ride like a truck. It's great in the snow.

- D B

It is perfect for us. Well priced vehicle.

I like that it is a reliable car, and that it is big enough for my family. Although, I dislike that it takes a lot of gas.

- Diane S

It is a very comfortable ride. And provides space for my whole family and the kids friends with storage space

I love that my vehicle seats 7 passengers and when I fold down the 2 back rows I have a full length truck bed in my car.

- jessica w

Very few minor problems in the past eight years. My next car will be another Expedition

I love the powered third row seats. Provides the additional space needed for all the sports equipment I carry around.

- Stephanie E

Expedited Journey on wheels

It's a great car I love driving it I take it everywhere whether that be to work to my friends or just anywhere

- Ryan H

Cool gray color plus safe

It a good looking car. It's sleek and looks good. Cool color gray!safe vehicle and has lasted 360000 miles

- Kathleen M

It is roomy and does what we need it to do we are able to tow with it also.

It is good on gas mileage. It hauls what we need it to haul. It has enough seating for who we need it for.

- Scott P

good interior. nice navigation

i love my suv.its powerful, muscular. spacious . nice interior. nice color. good navigation. good audio

- ron p

it's very comfortable and has captains seats in the middle row

the vehicle is large and safe. has most of the bells and whistles. is very comfortable for long drives

- larry K

Extremely roomy car. Great smooth ride. Won't be dissatisfied.

I love how big it is but really don't need it that large. Takes a lot of gas. Great riding car.

- Amy M

It has room for 8 people plus cargo capacity to carry groceries.

I hate the gas mileage and how outdated the vehicle looks. I do enjoy the size of the vehicle.

- Lester R

It's the Perfect family vehicle! It fits 8 people and has lots of room!

I love that I can seat 8 people! It's great for traveling! I don't really have any complaints!

- Heather P

It's big enough for our family.

It's big enough for our family. I wish it got better gas mileage. It makes me feel safe.

- Tes C

I love its price the quality is very good I recommend it totally

it has a lot of space It is for the whole family it is comfortable

- wlliam j

Mileage, look, ease, comfortable and other factors can be

I like everything of my car There is nothing wrong with my car

- Shr M

It is very dependable & very stylish without being overly pricey

I love the size. I love the style & I love the dependability.

- Dawn r

Fewer need for repairs.. great gas mileage.. durable

Great looking. Dependable Excellent gas mileage for an SUV

- Paula K

Third row automatically goes down for more storage

Great traveling, lots of room, has gps, three rows seating

- Amy S

It's versatile. I can use it to haul grandchildren or firewood.

It's not my truck, but it is a good vehicle and versatile.

- Mary Ellen E

Luxury and Durable 4x4 all in one

Love it and have NO complaints. All power and leather.

- Lisa P

Love my expedition. . Easy to drive. Lots of space.

- Sophia R