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Recommend the ford explorer to anyone looking for a comfortable, reliable car.

Love! Vehicle has been very reliable. We bought vehicle used 15,000 miles. We have been diligent on regular maintenance and oil changes which has greatly increased the life. Wish it was better in snow. Does ok, we have found over time that the tires make a big difference on performance in snow. Vehicle if very roomy and fits our family perfect. Wish we would have bought the one with heated seats. We did have a problem with a 'clunk' when we took it to the ford dealer they said it was possibly the tires or possibly the transmission adjusting to the new driver because it has an auto adjust. Not sure if they knew what the problem was so they made up a story. Checked a couple of places but could not find anyone that had a fix. Over time the problem has fixed itself. Not sure what the problem was or the fix was. We live in a very remote area and have put a lot of miles on our vehicle. It is very comfortable and has been a very reliable car. I would recommend the ford explorer to the family that likes to travel in comfort and confidence.

- Diane F

The turn by turn radius is amazing! No other SUV could make these turns!

I love the all leather interior seats. It comes with the warm feature for when weather gets gold. I enjoy the windshield wipers. Once you turn the knob to the first setting, it becomes automatic. The windshield wipers senses so the speed changes on its own to a higher or lower speed depending on the frequency of rain hitting your windshield. You do not need to change it as you would with other vehicles. It automatically stops on its own too when there is no more rainfall. I enjoy the automatic trunk button feature. Press the button on your fob to open it and there is also a button inside to close the trunk when you are finished. Reverse camera is always a help when backing up with sensors.

- Jenna D

there dual air conditioning lot of plugs for devices and CD and DVD players

I love the Ford Expedition because it has a lot of room it's comfortable dual air conditioning front and back seats are comfortable also has extra seat belt in the middle for the children and really good gas mileage on long trips it stands up for itself I wouldn't have any other vehicle. The kids enjoy it we get to go on Long Journeys with it and compared to any vehicle that we've had before this is the one that has a lot of legroom space a lot of connection for phones it has a CD player a video player with screen so over all this is a great vehicle

- Janet R

Most Comfortable SUV, But Bad on Gas

I love my spacious and comfortable SUV! It has all the bells and whistles I need, without it being over the top. It has Bluetooth for music and calls, tells me when something needs to be checked in the vehicle, like low air in a tire, and the trunk opens up with the push of a button. The only thing I have an issue with is gas mileage. I also would have appreciated more trunk space, but by far this vehicle is the most comfortable, powerful, and safest feeling driving I've ever had.

- Jessica C

The Highlights of a powerful, durable & reliable Ford Expedition XLT vehicle.

I purchased my Ford Expedition XLT back in 2011. The reason I purchased this vehicle is because of the comfort, space & smooth ride. This is the vehicle that I use going to/from work, family & vacations. The performance of this vehicle is strong, durable & powerful. The features of the vehicle are.. sunroof, power seats, Bluetooth, & can charge your phone, iPad, laptop & other electrical devices with a USB cable.

- Valerie C

The expedition is safe and reliable.

Extremely reliable, lots of space, which is great for families. The expedition is very large, solid, and sturdy making me feel safe when I drive. For a large SUV the expedition has great city and highway mileage. Mine has had some problems, but nothing too major. The brakes need tuning up about every other year, and I have had to replace some tires and the battery, but the battery lasted 8 years.

- Sally S

It sure is big: a that is what she said review.

I really like how big my vehicle is. I can fit everything I need. I travel frequently, so I need plenty of space to fit my luggage and my big dog. It is sturdy and has good mileage. I especially like the little details in the car, such as the extra storage in the console, and the mirror in the front. The fact that my car is so easy to clean is also a big plus with me.

- Lucy C

Traveling near or far, this is the vehicle for you!

I truly enjoy my expedition. It is roomy and comfortable. I haven't had to deal with car problems. I recently ran into high water due to a flash flood and made it through about 3ft of water. No ongoing issues resulted. Comfortable seats/third row is roomy as well. Cooling/heating system excellent. Four car Chargers for the modern tech families who must be connected.

- Gloria C

Very satisfied with my expedition.

The only problems I have had would be the brake sensor under the steering column and the door sensor sometime registers my door being opened when it is not. Other than that I have had no problems. It has been amazing and reliable. Very tough and dependable. I am very pleased and happy with it. I wouldn't trade it in for anything else. I am very satisfied.

- Jessica L

Wow what an awesome and roomy car it fit all of your needs!

I really like my Ford Expedition. It has lots of room making it very comfortable. It can fit up to 7 people. It also has buttons on the back cargo area that can make the back row move to create more storage space. The automatic back door is very helpful when caring many things This is a very reliable car and we love it for our big family.

- Whitney S

Ford expedition: great reliable car with expected problems for its age.

This car performs great, has only needed regular maintenance like oil changes and new tires. The front upholstery leather was replaced, the car got a new paint job after a fender bender, and most recently there are issues with the Bluetooth feature suddenly going out and the heater quit working, however the seat warmers still work well.

- Ashley L

Solid ride, comfort, seats 7 comfortably, great family car.

This car is affordable, reliable, spacious, 7 seats, great for kids, comfortable for long trips, great cargo, smooth ride, maintenance costs are reasonable. This car is solid and rides well. The security/usage features on the car give you a cushion to manage appointments for repairs, oil changes, lights out, gas refueling.

- Shelley L

There are heated seats. There is also a/c seats for the summer.

I have had multiple ford trucks and they all have transmission problems. The expedition is roomy, comfortable, and spacious. However it's a gas guzzler and the transmission is going up again. No one know why ford is like this. I have also had a Honda civic and drove that till it was 11 years old. With no problems.


If I could summarize my vehicle in one board it would be reliable.

For the most part my vehicle is reliable. We did have an issue with the alternator but we just had it replaced. It is comfortable, spacious, and performs well. It meets all of our needs. The rear view camera comes in handy a lot when trying to fit into right spots or backing out of parking spaces in parking lots.

- Nicholas C

I really enjoy the car and enjoy the push button 4 wheel and traction control.

It has been very reliable. It has plenty of room for everyone. It is dependable. Has had very few breakdowns. It has been economically feasible to purchase and maintain. It doesn't get the best of gas mileage though. The leather seats haven't been the most durable. It is very comfortable. And fits our needs.

- Barry J

Love my limited expedition

Drives great, kids have leg room in the back, had hands free calling, back up camera, power 3rd row seats, leather, has DVD players on each side in headrest, sunroof, Maroon in color on outside, power folding step sides, only problems door locks stopped working on passenger side but it was an easy fix

- Hillary A

All in one vehicle! Ford expedition will not disappoint.

Has every button you can think of. I have had many compliments on how comfortable the seats are. The extra room in the back is wonderful for a big double stroller. I love the fact it can pull our fishing boat to MN. The kids really love how much room they have to move their arms around.

- Molly S

Expedition is a great vehicle

No problems, very happy with expedition. Rides comfortable and smooth. Heated and air conditioned seating is a great feature. Lots of room and big enough I feel safe driving it. Prefer bigger vehicle to see above other cars in front of me. Automatic rear door is a very nice option.

- Carrie A

Nice family vehicle with really good heating and air conditioning.

I like that it fits my family of 6 comfortably but isn't too big of a vehicle. The heated/cooled front seats are awesome, especially the back of the seat when it's heated for an aching back. I don't really have any complaints I guess! It is a little bit sensitive on the brakes.

- christy C

Its my car I love it i'm glad I bought it

I love my car I have had no problems I take care of it get regular maintenance it rides good does well in the weather and I have plenty of room for anything I put in it and plenty of room for passengers the look of the car is very nice it is comfortable for all who rides in ir

- Sandi B

Comfortable front seat SUV.

This vehicle is very comfortable in the front seats. The 2nd and 3rd rows are not as comfortable. It is very roomy and it is the 2nd one I have owned. I love the space when the third row is down. This row is easy to move using a push button. I like American made cars.

- Brenda G

Steel grey color Spacious

Works great and honestly I will never understand why anyone would want anything else. It fits lots of people when needed. Great for road trips. It looks really classy and I just love Ford's. If you drive a minivan just throw it away and get you one of these bad boys

- Amanda U

The unbeatable Ford expedition.

My vehicle is comfortable. Beige interior and luxury destine. Fully loaded. I love my truck. There is plenty of legroom and it has 3rd row seating. Captain chairs on 2nd row as well. The kids approve! Stylish, comfortable and the right price. Cannot beat a ford.

- Crystal G

The Ford Expedition is by far the best SUV around!

The Ford Expedition is a very roomy and reliable SUV. The only downside I can think of would be the gas mileage is not as great as I'd like. We like this SUV brand so much we are on our 2nd one. The 1st one had 325,000 miles on it when we sold it with no issues!

- Patricia O

I enjoyed the vehicle but really like the third row seat.

The only problem I have had is with the brakes. I actually enjoy the vehicle and I really like the third row seat. I have over 200, 000 miles on my vehicle I have had to replace the battery cables and two hoses but overall I really would recommend this vehicle.

- Kathy M

Good quality, high end features.

Handles great, good in all weather conditions. Room for all the kids and cargo. Good towing capacity, many high end features. Fuel economy good for the size of the vehicle. Plenty of power when needed. Very good ride and comfort. Very few maintenance issues.

- Jeff M

AWD option and 4WD option while driving.

I enjoy the all wheel drive option in the winter. I also find the option to use 4wd while I am driving. I do not have to stop and pull over to use 4wd. My biggest complaint is the led screen stopped working in the radio. I have no clock or anything.

- Sam J

Lots of space. I preferred expedition or suburban or tahoe.

I like that it seats 7 adults comfortably and there is plenty of cargo space. Don't like the led odometer. Hard to read if sun is hitting it. Also seats are hard to put up and down as I didn't splurge on the electric ones.

- Johanna A

This car is reliable and is safe for my children to be in.

It has third row seats with more room for luggage, groceries, pets, etc. It has a rack on top for my kayak and has buttons to open the tailgate on the keys. Drives nice and is decent on gas. Leather heated and ac seats.

- Brittany W

It has room for EVERYTHING!! Its stylish and is much nicer than driving a minivan.

Its comfortable and it has good extra features. Its roomy and it works well for our family. Able to move seats to fit our situation. Its large and long so parking can be tricky and it isn't very good on gas mileage.

- Ginger A

It comfortable for long trips and it drives great!

I love my Eddie Bauer Expedition with a sunroof that opens when you push a button. It also has seat coolers and warmers for your rear!! It has buttons to push when it's raining so you don't skid out.

- Ann C

Reliability in all seasons.

I have had no problems since owning the vehicle. Runs and starts very well with 20+ miles per gallon. Extremely comfortable and wonderful handling on highway. Overall I feel very safe in the vehicle.

- Ronald R

Very reliable car and fun too!

My car has been wonderful to drive. It holds everything, rides smooth and can handle all types of weather. Besides being very safe, it has last 192, 000 miles and still going. Great car!

- Suzanne D

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it has remote start.

I love that my vehicle has seat warmer and cooler. I love that it rides smooth. I dislike that the fold down extra rear view mirror does not let me look at all the kids in the back.

- Elena E

That my vehicle is a horde and I love my Ford and Ford is the best

I really like my vehicle because it is a Ford I've always liked Ford. Only one thing that I can say that I dislike about my vehicle is that it consumes gas quite a bit

- Craig H

What I like about our Expedition

I love my expedition. It handles great and is fun to drive. There is so much interior room for our family. The 5 of us fit great with plenty of cargo space.

- Kirsten G

It uses a lot of gas and takes a lot of gas to fill it up. So the cost at the pump is not so great.

I love this car. It is roomy and comfortable. It has features that I love such as sync and rear radio and heat and air, so everyone can be comfortable.

- Tanya P

The space to transport your family and your things is AMAZING! It' so roomy!

It's very spacious. I like the fact that I can haul my children and things, comfortably. It is older, though and it's just normal wear and tear.

- Brandi F

It has all the functions you could possibly think of. Love the hands free settings and the captain seats instead of bucket seats.

We have a 2011 Ford Expedition limited edition. It has all the upgrades and as of now we have had no issues. Highly recommend this vehicle.

- Kelly S

It is built well, tides nice and I can count on it to go when I need to go!

Very reliable very dependable. My grandson likes the 3rd seat! No complaints. Like Ford warranty program. Comfortable & stylish.

- Dawn C

Only lasted as long as the warranty.

Performance and comfort issue seem to be the biggest problem. Vehicle was amazing for the first 3 years and then went downhill.

- Jennifer G

It is reliable. I have had no issues with it so far.

It is roomy, comfortable and reliable. All my kids fit comfortably. I can get 7 other people in it besides me. It is great.

- Lauren M

It is the right size for our family.

Seems to have a lot off-road noise. Tires are expensive because of the size of the vehicle. Sometimes the sync does not work.

- Pam J

Room for all and then some

I love the size. We can fit all of our kids and the back is so much roomier than other large SUVs. We rarely run out of room.

- Kelli C

Room for everything from the kids stuff, camping gear, tables..even the kitchen sink!

love, love, love all the extras on this beauty, gas mileage good for a vehicle this size. comfort level is off the charts!!!

- Joann M

It is great to drive! Even though it is very large, it is easy to drive.

I love the roominess of it, I can fit my family and all of our stuff. I dislike that is is rusting fast on the back hatch.

- Stacy D

Need more room to make me happier!

Could be more roomy! Seems limited in cargo & passengers space! Overall comfort of drive is good! Options are plenty!

- Tricia H

All the safety aspects it has.

I love everything about it! It is comfortable, safe and has plenty of room! It is the perfect vehicle to travel in!

- Sara G

It seems safe and dependable.

I like sitting up high in order to be able to see over other cars. . I dislike the rough ride and bad gas mileage.

- Wendy W

Ford can have A/c issues.

Love the size. Fits a lot. Dislike always have serious little issues with Ford. Same happened with prior ford.

- D s

Roomy enough for a large family, especially my extremely tall family.

I love the size. Reliable with no mechanical issues. Great gas mileage in town and on the highway for a SUV.

- Angela S

The rear seats fold down with the touch of a button. Very convenient.

This a great family car for long drives. I like the safety of a larger vehicle when it comes to my family.

- Lynne H

I like my Expedition because it is a larger vehicle and I can transport up to 8 people. I also like it because I can fold down the 3rd seat and have plenty of cargo space when we travel as a family of four. The main disadvantage of driving a larger vehicle is that it is not as fuel efficient as a smaller car.

My vehicle is safe and reliable and when I replace it, I will replace it with the same make and model.

- Lisa L

Great Vehicle. One interesting detail is the third row seating and second row seating all folds down and you basically have a truck.

Probably the best vehicle I have ever owned, never had a problem with it and it's not too bad on fuel.

- Jennifer S

The expedition is a stylish alternative to the minivan.

I love that it is so big. With a large family it is very roomy. It is also enjoyable to drive.

- Tammy P

that it's part of our family we rely on it to do our everyday things

my vehicle is important to me because its how I get to work and do what i need to for my family

- nelosn f

The most important thing about my car is that it is a Ford.

I like the seating and turn radius. It has plenty of power. Parking and backing up are a pain.

- Melissa T

I love the running boards and backup camera. The size. I would like easier ways to access the very back seats.

It is a great travel vehicle. You can manage a lot of passengers and take a lot of stuff.

- Tracy C

It's really great in the snow. It has 4 wheel drive.

It feels like a truck, which I like. I like the color. I like the warranty.

- Gina Dahl D

It has plenty of room to transport kids. Gas mileage could be better.

I like my vehicle and have no complaints. It is roomy and comfortable.

- Alecia B

I love the space. It keeps the three kids separated. They have their own air system for the back that works well. I have no complaints. I would purchase another one just like this one.

It is very spacious. We love the added room when we travel.

- Lacy A