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The Ford expedition is spacious, comfortable, sporty, and holds a lot of gear.

I have had about four Ford expedition because I love them so much. They are not only nice-looking, but we've had very little major problems with them. They drive very well and are comfortable for my family of 4. I prefer the second row to have captain chairs because it makes for a more comfortable ride than the bench seat (and we've had both). I am very short and I love the way I can see everything so well while driving. The vehicle is also very easy to maneuver and park. The only thing I wish is that it had better gas mileage.

- Elizabeth H

Answer phone safely with hands free answering!

I was hesitant about getting a different vehicle because I loved the one I was driving regardless of the age of it. I test drove my Ford and loved it! I love having auto start, (I have never had that before) I enjoy having heated and ac seats. It rides smoothly. I also like that I can easily control my "trunk" space with two little buttons, it makes storing things so much easier. Having the ability to hook my phone up to my vehicle is nice also so I can always have my hands in control of the vehicle at all times.

- Missy L

2009 ford expedition. Fits 8 people.

The brake life shifter went out(which is common) and it wouldn't shift into gear. Now it performs good as far as performance goes. It has been a really reliable car until last week went it would not shift into gear. But other than that problem no other problems have occurred. It is a smooth and comfortable ride, with lots of legroom, comfortable seats that adjusts up and down front and back. The features of my SUV are back up assist, keyless entry, sync and voice control.

- Michelle D

Safe roomy and secure and a pleasant ride.

Ford expedition is perfect for a bigger family, each member can sit comfortably plenty of room to read play games sleep on long trips. Plenty of room for luggage and gear. Sitting higher up makes me feel safer as a passenger. As a driver I feel have more control of the vehicle since you can see all around and above other cars on the road. Sense of security. Big enough people can see you they don't back into you or cut you off.

- Petula P

Spacious vehicle for families.

It is a good family car. We have three five-point harness car seats and two booster seats, and there is sufficient space. It is comfortable, and the bucket seats make access to the back row easy. It does have poor fuel efficiency, but it is normal for its size. It drives smoothly and has sufficient features (power locks and windows, CD player, seat warmer, etc. ).

- Hannah T

Best large size SUV for big families.

I love the size of the vehicle. Room for all of my family and their stuff along with my kid’s friends. Handles extremely well and has all of features I was looking for. The only thing I do not like is the running boards that automatically retract when you open and close the doors. Too much maintenance and they get stuck. Plus it is super expensive to repair.

- Michelle K

Pros and cons of Ford expedition.

Lots of room, comfortable, durable, navigation, Bluetooth, sunroof, good trunk space with 3rd row seat, not the best gas mileage. High quality leather, smooth ride, good back up camera, sensors all around car. Powerful. 4x4. Only complaint is it can be loud if sitting in the 3rd row seat. You cannot hear what people are saying in front.

- Lindsay M

For work or play, Ford expedition: dependable, versatile, comfortable.

My Ford expedition is a great truck. . . Very roomy & versatile; a great work vehicle, towing, camping. I haven't encountered any major problems, engine wise. As for minuses, well, my expedition is not so great, as far as gas mileage goes. And it does not have 4 wheel drive. Other than those two things, ford's expedition is a great SUV.

- Roxy R

That the size is great but the gas mileage is not great. If the gas mileage doesn't bother you. You can't go wrong with it!

I have the standard sized Ford Expedition. It is great space wise and the 3rd row seats fold flat for maximum use of trunk space. The gas mileage is not great, avg 14 city 17 hwy. Overall I love the car and it's features. Great size for 2 kids who are in extracurricular activities and all their gear that needs to be transported!

- Michelle S

Gets us where we need to go safely and in style.

I am overall happy with my vehicle. My car is big enough for my large family, very spacious, comfortable both in the front or back seats, has all the extras sunroof. For the most part it is reliable other than minor fixes here and there. My vehicle is equipped with all the safety features which is important for a family car.

- Sandra C

My vehicle has all the space your family needs for everyday use and long trips.

I love the room available in this vehicle with the ability to lower and raise the back row seats. The vehicle is long but still very easily driven. I love the heated and cooled seats as well as the automatic floor boards however all these technological qualities means more things to replace as the vehicle ages.

- Kristin J

Great driving. Great mileage.

Runs perfectly. Has no problems towards it. Great brakes. Perfect condition. Do not like the color but the alright for me. I got it about 2 years ago. Great engine. Enough space in the trunk and enough room for everyone in the family. Great engine. Great mileage. Perfect for driving.

- J J

Very smooth ride and very quiet.

I think the vehicle is too high of the ground. But the ride is very smooth and comfortable. My family loves the car so it is our main vehicle we bought this car on a whim and I wish we would have looked a little longer. But we will keep for another 2 years then it will be paid out.

- Lisa O

Ford expedition is very reliable.

This is our 2nd expedition and we really love them. They are roomy and very comfortable. We have never had anything major go wrong with them. They are very reliable and safe for the whole family. The only reason we would sell it now is to downsize because there is only 2 of us now.

- Diane P

The expedition handles round about pretty well without too much tilting.

There is plenty of room for me to transport my family and guest. I love the tinted windows for privacy. I like the backup feature that lets me know if I am about to hit something. The access to the third row seating can be challenging for entering and exiting the expedition.

- Theresa G

Love my vehicle it is so wonderful to drive and very reliable.

None so far. Very reliable. No problems to report. Very roomy. Good on gas. Automatic cargo door and back seats. Heated front seats. Very nice leather interior. User friendly controls. Great sound system that is very clear. I love the backup camera in the rear view mirror.

- Kelly P

The most loved and praised feature is the heated seats in the front and rear.

It is the most reliable vehicle we have ever own, and it holds all family members and dogs comfortably. The ride is smooth, and the engine is quiet. It getting decent fuel mileage. For a large family it is the perfect fit. It is by far the safest vehicle we could ask for.

- Danielle B

Great car for lacrosse and carpool!!

The Ford expedition has been a great vehicle for our family. It holds all of the lacrosse gear as well as chairs and lots kids when needed to do carpool. I love the Sirius radio as well as being able to talk hands free when driving. Seats are comfortable as well.

- Tori K

I love the size and comfort of my vehicle

I love my truck. Even though it's a exposition , I call it a truck. I love the size and the heavy ness of it. It is very comfortable to drive and ride in. The only things I have changed on it is the battery and tires other than oil changes.

- Connie Z

It seats eight adults comfortably.

I love the seating configuration that you cannot get in any other SUV. The middle row splits into three individual seats and the back row is a 60/40 split. I also love that the glass in the hatchback opens separate of the hatchback itself.

- Katie E

I would buy a newer model due to problems with the paint and coils.

I love the size and comfort of my vehicle but have had several issues with corrosion on the back hatch. Also, I have had to replace 2 coils in the coil package along with 2 plugs. I was told that the other 6 coils will probably go bad to.

- Jessica W

Ford Expedition EL Review

Very comfortable, rides well, spacious for travel, the only problem has been a sensor went out and my key was stuck in the ignition for a while and the motor on the driver side running board quit working. My family loves the vehicle.

- Kelli C

the third row seat is the best in its category of large suvs.

I like the size of the car and the third row seats have great leg room and are spacious, however, i have had trouble with the tires. I had to replace 9 tires. Also, the air conditioning had to be replaced within the first 3 months.

- Aline M

The cargo space is amazing!

We really enjoy the space the vehicle offers, especially the cargo room. We, also, love that it is four wheel drive. The only pitfall is the difficulty for people getting into the third row seat, especially with multiple car seats.

- Pam W

Very dependable is what it is about my truck and safe driving

The thing I like about my vehicle is that is a truck it sits high off the ground it has a lot of Gadgets in it with the sunroof. There is not one thing that I dislike about the vehicle that I have other than it use a lot of fuel

- Jonathan M

It is well-made. And beautiful.

I like the roominess and options. I have the limited edition with a DVD player and heated seats. It also has navigation.. I dislike its performance. I had to have an engine part replaced and I have intermittent air conditioner..

- Giovanni D

Family vehicle with lots of options.

The air conditioner has a hard time keeping up with cooling the vehicle when it is extremely hot outside. I love the cooled seats! It has plenty of legroom in the back seat. There is also plenty of cargo space when traveling.

- Valerie S

It is reliable and we'll maintained.

It's a family vehicle, No complaints at all and I like because my vehicle is white with music in it my kids and dogs love to go for rides to the park to school and to family members houses or just go on a nice family outing.

- Christine L

The engine is very strong. It is the same engine as an F150.

IT's a big roomy comfortable vehicle. I find it to be reliable. It has had a few things go wrong but they were simple easy to fix issues. With good maintenance, it has lasted and is still performs very well

- marie n

Great family vehicle for all ages.

It is the perfect family vehicle. I love that I have a flex fuel vehicle with the ever increasing gas prices. Everyone has room to spread out, we have taken multiple long trips and everyone is comfortable.

- Renee C

It is a great comfortable ride. Very easy to get in and out of and spacious.

Love the expedition. Wish it would get better miles, but such a comfortable ride. If an when I get a new one, I'd not get the flip down running boards. Have had issues with motor in this part of car.

- Rachelle S

I think that if you have a family and you need to move a lot of equipment that this is great

It is roomy inside, but I do wish that the bed was a little more durable and that the gas mileage in the city was a little bit better. I've had axel issues that seem to happen due to city potholes

- brian S

Great family SUV with lots of space!

It has three rows of seats which makes it easy to carry my three kids and their friends around town. Lots of luggage space. Has a DVD player for long road trips. Sunroof. Sirius XM sat radio.

- Meredith R

Very comfortable on long trips. Can hold a lot of gear and still be comfortable for my passengers.

Very comfortable on long trips. Love the heated/cooled front seats and being able to open the back cargo area with the press of a button. The car is very long and makes parking difficult.

- Patricia C

Keep it tuned up and oil changed to maintain optimum gas mileage.

Lift gate in back is not working, and it has a few things that need to be fixed, overall the vehicle handles well, gets decent gas mileage and is big enough to haul everything we need.

- Kathryn K

Both of my Expeditions have been very reliable.

This is my 2nd expedition. I like that I can take the grandkids places. Their car seats fit easily in my expedition. The back up device is awesome. Easy in and out. Very comfortable.

- Debi L

It drives beautifully and just because it is bigger than a car, it is no harder to drive.

I love the size of it for both safety and carrying things around. I love the way it looks, color and interior. I think it drives very smoothly. My only complaint is the gas mileage.

- Ellen S

People should know that my car is very fast comfortable and it looks really nice .

My vehicle is fast comfortable and it's suitable . I like how it's fast and comfortable . And I don't dislike anything about my car . I have no complaints about my car .

- Junior h

It handles well on the road. It has lots of room to be comfortable in for long trips and you feel safe in it.

I like my expedition because it is roomy and comfortable. I also like that it has a lot of cargo space. It is a large, heavy vehicle that I feel safe in on the highway.

- Anne S

How reliable it is and how pretty it is is what I like most about my Ford Expedition

I like my Ford because it is very reliable and it's done me a long way. It has over 350,000 miles and is still running strong. I dislike that I don't have a new one.

- Kathleen M

My family and I feel safe in it traveling.

I love my Ford expedition, it has two rows of bucket seats which is nice to be able to get to the third row. It is a comfortable riding car and has plenty of room.

- Mary M

It is very roomy. It has lots of legroom in the third row even.

I love all the room for our family to sit. It has even room in the trunk to carry supplies and groceries. It rides so smooth. I dislike how much gas it uses.

- Shanle D

Ford Car Review Pros/Cons

My Ford car is great, but the gas tank is too small for my needs and I spend more money on gas. Overall, my Ford is a great commuter and well fits my needs.

- James B

Xlt el 9 passengers all options but a tv

Recommend this product to be purchased by consumers needing a lot of room in a vehicle. It gets about 13 mpg city and 16 on highways no matter the load

- Clifford P

We love our Expedition,, it's perfect in comfort and performance.

It's the best vehicle we've ever owned. The quality and performance are perfect. Everything about this vehicle is positive!!We love our Expedition!

- Peggy B

It is a very dependable vehicle that can carry your whole family to where ever they are going.

I like that it has enough room for my large family. It is also very comfortable to drive. The down side to it is that the gas mileage isn't the best.

- Cody L

There's plenty of room. Lot's of cars boast that they can comfortably seat 8, but their back row seat is unusable by anyone other than young children. The Expedition has a truly usable third row seat.

I like the amount of room and cargo space in my vehicle. My gas mileage is pretty regular for an SUV. I have no serious complaints about my vehicle.

- Monique H

I feel like this vehicle is very safe and well built.

I love the roominess. I love the cargo area. I am not happy with the air conditioning system. I have had a lot of trouble with the rotors going out.

- Wendy L

It's a great vehicle. It's stylish and very comfortable!

The Ford Expedition is probably one of the most comfortable cars I've ever. It drives and handles very well. It works well with our family.

- Lynn T

Very reliable and comfortable.

Excellent vehicle I don't have a lot of miles on it for the year only thing that is going bad are the brakes which is normal wear and tear.

- Lisa W

It is very spacious but if you plan to install car seats, make sure you know what is allowed by vehicle and car seat manufacturers.

My vehicle has several issues that I was not made aware of. I do like the drive and space available, but have some issues with performance.

- Farah G

It's mine!!!! I customized it and made it a bad ass truck

I love my ford. It isa 4x4 so we take it off road often. I have lifted it 6" and have oversized tires on it. It's a bad ass looking truck.

- kathie p

I love the captains chairs in the vehicle as I have children that can easily climb in and out.

I love this car. We have had no problems with it. It rides smoothly and has a lot of great interior features especially for families.

- Stacey B

It is nothing less than perfect.

I love the size. I love he price. I hate that it smells like smoke. I hate that it is an old car and doesn't have the latest tech.

- Lester R

It reliable and safe. It is comfortable.

I like it for traveling. It can hold travel boxes that i need. I do not like it due to the gas prices and the cost to fill it up.

- Karen M

It is big and comfortable. Does the job.

It is okay. It is big enough. Has a lot of issues. Planning on buying a different vehicle. Maybe something that'll last longer.

- Robyn F

It runs great in snow! Love 4x4 feature. I feel safe in bad weather

I love my SUV! So spacious, easy to get in and out of and a very comfortable ride. I like how it sit late up high like a truck

- Rachelle S

Reliable and gets me to and from work. Gets my family to and from school and is safe.

I wish it were larger and had more room. I can't afford an upgrade. Good work vehicle and does what I need it to do. Reliable

- Terra C

that it is very safe on the road

no complaints, i like my vehicle because it provides safety speed and space for me to carry out day to day tasks in my life

- keith C

Ford Expedition review. At&t

The motor etc is great but the inside of car and body has not held up well. I really like the car and would buy one again

- Teresa B

Its durable. Has decent gas mileage.

My speakers and the music and the radio stations and the songs and the color on the vehicle and cause it runs really good.

- Isabel M

Great family vehicle! Plenty of stow and go space!

Very reliable. Plenty of stow and go space. Take your kids and pets with you! Automatic transmission and 4 wheel drive.

- Jaime V

I consider it to be a very safe and family friendly vehicle

Love all the extras it has, the room and third row seats and that the seats lay flat to allow room for large items

- Kelly Barber B

It can hold a lot of people. Like a lot of people.

I like the size and capabilities of the vehicle. I liked the price of my vehicle. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Jeff C

It has 360 degree protection.

I like the room. I dislike that my seat panels are broken. I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike certain noises.

- Janet E

Has many safety features has so much leg room.

I like the room it provides for my family. I like the leather / heated seats. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Megan T

that is is roomy and very comfortable to ride in. Has many features

I like that it is four wheel drive and has four doors. Has plenty of room and is high off the ground.

- Mark M

Roomy and reliable with DVD entertainment!

Like the room with 3rd row, equipt with DVD player, automatic seats, windows, very roomy and reliable

- Christine J

I have a King Ranch Expedition. I absolutely love it! The only problem it has it that when you turn the air on high, the vents whistle. I have had to replace the running board motor but it is now working fine. I love the programmable seat and mirror settings. I also love having the option of heated or ac seat.

My expedition has room for the whole family. We have two car seats and can still have passengers.

- Allison B

It is a very comfortable vehicle to drive and very reliable.

I like the size, of the vehicle. It is very roomy, can seat 7 adults. It's very well made.

- kim s

It has enough room for all 5 kids and drives very smoothly.

I love the leather seats. I love how smoothly it drives. I love the room it has inside.

- Lindy H

The size and safety is great for families of all sizes.

Love the size and features. Ford is far above the rest. Can't beat the keyless entry.

- Stacy S

my car can handle almost any situation. on or off road

i love my ford. i do a lot with my ford. i don't have any complaints about my ford

- Terrill j

There is a ton of room in the third row

We have had it less than a year. It has lots of room. You can see well out of it.

- Marcie D

It has been very reliable with very few problems.

I love my SUV It is reliable and has plenty of room for all my grand kids.

- Tammy B


Great vehicle good gas mileage and lots of room for the whole family.

- Roy Y

I really love the size of the car. I can fit anything I would possibly need to carry around for PTO events or any other long trip storage and suitcases, and I love that I can fit up to five children in the back. It really like makes my life easier is a car pooling mom

How really it is, and comfortably fit seven children or adults

- Kate H

It has a lot of room for a lot of people or stuff

I love how much room there is. It had been a really great car.

- Diane P

It's mine and it's paid for. I like the nav system that it is equip with.

I have no complaints with my vehicle of any kind at this time.

- James M

It has been extremely reliable and performs well. I have not had any major problems with my car since I purchased it

It is a very reliable car as long as you take care of it

- Joni A

I like that it is a full size SUV. I can easily get a 8' length of wood in it. I can easily seat 8 adults. I don't like that some of the plastic pieces started falling off years ago.

For a full sized SUV, the gas mileage is not atrocious.

- Alecia L

I love my vehicle! My favorite thing about it is the hydraulic suspension, it offers such a smooth ride. No complaints

The Best Large Vehicle Available on the Market Today

- Ava M

getting from point a to b

no problems to report at this time. thanks.

- Ken L