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Paint problem & Ford refuses to repair

2014 exp el. I love the vehicle in all aspects! I did not buy it for the gas mileage. Drives like a dream and fantastic amount of room. Only one issue at this time that will “NEVER” allow me to buy a Ford again! Only 35,000 miles. The Paint is peeling away. I even spent the extra $$ for paint protection and interior protection and extended bumper to bumper protection. This vehicle was my retirement present to me. I spent all this extra $$ as added insurance! LMAO 🤣! Dumbo! The paint is pealing away. Ford at first said they would repair it. When I brought it back on a schedule day for the repair, they refused to repair the issue. I even brought up, what about the paint protection?? Nope!! It’s not a rusting problem! WTF!!! Are you joking?? Even bringing up the manufacture agreeing that the paint is DEFECTIVE. So I have a wonderful vehicle that looks like S#!t!!! Thanks so much Ford & Mr Bob Rooooorhman of wood field.

- Al Palacz

Exceptional Ford expedition.

2014 Ford expedition. I have really enjoyed having this vehicle. It drives well and there is plenty of room for my family on road trips. It has been a reliable SUV. There were a few electrical problems right after we bought it. But it all turned out to be from recalled parts. The gas mileage is not the best, either. As far as comfort goes, this SUV is great. I have leather seats that are heated and cooled, lumbar support, and everything adjusts to my liking. I love the backup camera! I wish this was a standard feature in all vehicles.

- Elisha G

The 2014 Ford expedition is an excellent SUV with plenty of room and options.

I love my 2014 Ford expedition! It has a super spacious interior with seating for 8 people. The trunk area is generally large enough for anything I need to transport, but I love the option of putting the seats down if I need to. I haven't had any mechanical problems since I bought the vehicle. I love the sync system which allows me to listen to the music from my phone and talk hands free through the speakers of the vehicle. It also is very sharp looking inside and out. Excellent vehicle!

- Angie H

Just the right fit for my driving!!

The ford expedition is a great vehicle. I love an SUV and the expedition is an attractive vehicle. It is very easy to drive and I always love sitting up high versus riding in a car, which I feel like I am pedaling. I feel safer in a bigger vehicle and can see a lot better in an SUV. It is just the size I enjoy driving. Has the right amount of features. Do not need an abundance of bells and whistles. If I buy another soon I will probably be buying another expedition.

- Sharon T

Favorite car yet! Has everything you need and everything you want.

I had the 2000 expedition for years, this one is the first I found that not only feels as comfortable, but adds all the new bells and whistles in the best way! The car is almost intuitive. Review back up, heated seats and cooling seats, one touch rear door open closing are some of my favorite features. There's ample seating and although a large sub, floats over the road and drives with ease. My favorite car yet!

- Gina R

The truck is large- making it comfortable for all, and hard to park.

This car is super roomy and comfortable for all. It seats 8 very comfortably and drives nice. The gas mileage can be a bit of a downer, especially when we haul our trailer but we know the truck will do the job. It is bonus features such as heated and ac seats are so nice as well. We love the extra space in the back for the dogs and the ability to open the back hatch.

- Allison C

Recommended family vehicle.

Great vehicle. Haven't had any problems occur. Drives smooth. Love the rear view camera. I also love that I can move my seat up and down with the push of a button. I like having the dual climate seats and the keyless entry. I also like how the windshield wipers will speed up at rate of the rain coming down. It is definitely a car that I would buy again.

- Whitney A

Great family vehicle with lots of space.

I love my vehicle. I have children so this vehicle makes it were we can all ride as a family. With the third row feature the kids are not all squished and every still has plenty of room and there is no fighting. I love my heated seats in the winter and absolutely love the cooling feature on my seats for the hot summer days that we have here.

- lauren A

Taking your Saint Bernard to the vet? No problem!

A very comfortable ride! The extra row of seats folds down to increase the space for cargo when needed. Lots of space for my Saint Bernard! Very reliable, even in our very cold (down to -30) winters. Holds the roads very well in ice and snow. For a car of this size, gets decent mileage. I have been very happy with it!

- Liz B

Roomy interior with ease of transition into cargo mode.

Great gas mileage for a large SUV. Roomy interior is what I love the most. Ease of putting seats in cargo mode is excellent. (not the case in my GMC version previously owned) one issue for this model is squeaking in brakes when in reverse. Annoying but not any indication of quality of brake pads.

- Sheri R

Very reliable with a ton of features.

Very reliable. Has lots of features that I love, heated and cool seats, moonroof, electric seats in the back. Very roomy for a family that has two teenage boys. Have not has any problems with the vehicle. Have had two expeditions prior to this one and this one by far is my most favorite.

- Sheila L

How roomie it is! Even if sitting in the backseat I feel I have ample room.

It is the king ranch series and is wonderful. Has the reverse camera, GPS, Bluetooth, ac and heated seats and many other fun things. I love the side steps that disappear when the door is closed. It is so reliable and fits my 2 kids, husband, myself and all of our stuff when we travel!

- Michelle O

Good value and have been a repeat Ford customer for 20 plus years.

Very reliable even at 100, 000+ miles. Gas mileage is an issue at approximately 14. I have always bought fords and have found them to be a great value for the money. The service people do a great jog if ever trouble but their prices are expensive as they are at all service areas.

- Andrew L

Optional features you can purchase.

My car has air conditioned seats and heated seats which are a great feature. I do not like the navigation system. It does not take you on the most direct route. I do like that I can listen to Pandora on the car. I think all cars should come with leather seats which mine has.

- Lisa R

2014 ford expedition is a perfect vehicle for families.

My kids and I love our ford expedition. It has lots of room and very comfortable! Of course the DVD player is a bonus we enjoy. Easy to get around in town. Has lots of room in the back for storage! Very reliable, and drives smooth. Definitely the best vehicle we've had.

- Tesla Stanley S

The size is perfect but easy to drive.

The expedition is large enough to accommodate my family when we are all together. It is easy to drive with safety features that make driving easier. I feel very safe in all types of weather. It accommodates my small size making. Driving easier. It is the perfect size.

- Teresa S

I like the height and the step ups.

The side panel by the drivers door falls to pieces. Ford replaced it twice but now I have to pay. (where the move seat switch is). They said because I was too heavy but I weigh 130 pounds. My husband rarely if ever drives my car so it cannot be him. That is all.

- Kim B

Spacious and reliable vehicle.

I love my expedition. It drives really well, and the ride is extremely comfortable. There is plenty of space in the front and middle seats. The very back seats do not have a lot of legroom, but the space is fine for kids. It has been very reliable so far.

- Christen L

It is powerful and will get you where you want to go.

I like it because it is roomy and has a lot of cargo space. It has 4 wheel drive to get through roads when it is snowy. There are a lot of options that I use like Bluetooth, cruise control, heated and air cooled seats, etc.

- Linda J

High miles and the truck still runs great!

I love the smooth ride of my truck. The Interior & exterior look very nice & sleek. The comfort options that i have in my truck are perfect for my family and I. 4x4, navigation & heated/ac seats are perfect for the seasons!

- Tracie A

It is a seven passenger reliable vehicle

This is my second Ford Expedition. I love the car. It is very reliable and we have never had any problems. It has a lot of nice features such as back up camera, front and rear sensors and heated and cooled seats.

- Renee M

The extended version of the Ford Expedition has great storage options and can fit up to 8 people comfortably.

I love the size of my vehicle and how it accommodates my large family. I love the extended version so that I can fit extra storage in the back. I don't like the poor gas mileage. I don't have any other complaints.

- Melinda B

Reliable, nice design, comfortable, roomy,

Leather seats. Front seats are heated & air conditioned. Back seats are comfortable. Plenty of cup holders. Good gas mileage. By lowering back seats, there is plenty of room to carry large items.

- Susan W

Paint trouble on Ford Expedition

The paint on the tailgate started to peel off after 2.5 years and after 3 years the paint on the hood started to do the same thing. Ford does not know how to paint aluminum!

- Jess S

It gets terrible gas mileage, but is great in climates that get a lot of winter weather. It is also great on muddy roads.

For about the past year, I've had engine issues. The dealership identified it as a cam phaser failure. For the price and year, it is very behind on technology features.

- Andrea S

The expedition has lots of cargo space.

The 2014 Ford expedition has ample space for long trips and day to day activities. Plenty of room for car seats in the second row. Very capable in the wet and snow, too.

- Jeff B

Dependability excellent maker and great gas mileage.

My expedition never gives me a problem. I prefer fords for this very reason. It is huge inside great on gas and drives like a dream. This vehicle makes me feel safe.

- Annette E

The convenience of having an SUV that is conservative on gas.

Gas conservation, safety features and comfortability. The vehicle has had a very low maintenance status and it is very accommodating for my day to day activities.

- Michael S

The suv is solid and dependable. I have only one breakdown and it is at 125,000 miles.

I like how much room I have in to take my children on trips and still have room for luggage, coolers etc. I can use it to pull the trailer or camper if needed.

- Claire W

It is a very comfortable car with good cooling system and excellent electrical traction and very good handling

This is a very luxurious vehicle, comfortable has a great acceleration ideal for the family also it is worth noting its strength thanks to good engine that has

- juan r

It is reliable for many miles.

I like that it is reliable and can transport many people. I like that I have not had any major problems or much maintenance. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Megan J

Great family vehicle. Love the fold down seats

I love the Ford expedition. It is reliable , comfortable, and great for kids and road trips. My only negative is backup camera goes up and down frequently.

- Emily M

Heated seats can be used even in summer.

Seats are comfortable, heated seats, by lowering back seats, larger items can be transported, low gas mileage, leather seats, comfortable for dogs.

- Susan M

It's a very smooth ride and goes fast.

Has to many gadgets/buttons. I like the radio controls on the steering wheel. I also like the 3rd row seating that folds flat when not in use.

- linda M

My expedition is very roomy and is great for hauling the entire family!

I love that my expedition has 3 rows of seats. I really like how the back two rows of seats lay down flat. I only wish it had a backup camera.

- Jen R

Expedition has ample cargo space.

The 2014 Ford Expedition provides amples cargo space to carry all the stuff my wife and kids needs for day to day activities and vacations.

- Jeff B

It uses a lot of gas, but drives really well.

It drives really well and smoothly. It fits our family of 8 very well with extra space for storage. We haven't had major issues with it.

- Nancy B

It has a very good quality engine, ideal tires, it is very innovative also has a very fast electrical system

It is a very wide, luxurious car with a great acceleration, comfortable to travel with good comfort in the ideal seats for the family

- pedro c

Easy to drive/navigate even in tight spots.

Love that it is fully loaded with seats that heat and cool. . Very large back up camera roomy enough for the kids and grandbabies.

- Karen M

The car saves on fuel so it is economically better.

The car drives well and uses fuel economically. The car heats up quick during cold days and never had an air conditioning problem.

- Natasha L

The gas mileage for this SUV is not bad like many think with having a bigger vehicle.

I love the features with the GPS system. The vehicle is very comfortable and enjoy being able to fit family and friends in it.

- Emily M

Comfortable but could use improvement

The comfort is great and gas mileage, for an SUV, isn't awful. Has some engine problems, such as coils and often oil change.

- James w

It is has a lot of safety features.

My car has enough room for our family of 4 plus a ton of extra space. Love the second row captain chairs and the third tow.

- Amanda M

the capacity of its engine and paint, with very comfortable seats for the public

It is a very comfortable car, with very good acceleration and great travel to travel, it also has a large brand of rubber

- david b

The Expedition provides lots of space and comfort for traveling.

The Expedition is great for our family of seven plus our dog. Everyone is comfortable and it fits all of our stuff.

- Sheena E

That it's safe & reliable.and that it drives really well even though it's a big SUV.

Love that it carries a lot of people. And that it's US made. And we have pretty much always had a Ford motor car.

- jo b

It is dependable and well built not tinny like Toyota.

Wish it was the Eddie Bauer model and had duel heating and cooling controls. Also blower system for ac is bad.

- Doreen B

Comfortable and Roomy Inside

It always starts, has no issues, and minimal maintenance requirements. It is comfortable and roomy inside.

- Duane U

I love the color, it changes it and it is tornasol

my vehicle has an excellent performance, it is luxurious and I have not had any problem with the currently

- thomas R

Enjoy how roomy the vehicle is

Great gas mileage for an SUV. Very comfortable drive. Very roomy, and plenty of leg space, cargo space

- Eddie C

The amount of room that is offered through the entire vehicle.

Love the extra room with extended length. Love the heated/cooled seats. Love the features included.

- Sarah M

I really do like the way that it drives and the amount of seating.

Love the durability and number of seating. The back up camera is a must-have, as well as the GPS.

- Laura A

very affordable and reliable, recommend for anyone with kids who play sports

my expedition is great on gas and mileage and is also very roomy for myself and my children

- Crystal A

Love feel and drivability. The vehicle is spacious. It gets great mileage.

Durability is very important to me. The vehicle should withstand everyday wear and tear.

- Juan T

I would not purchase another one i prefer the Tahoe. I have not tried the new model expedition.

The vehicle is spacious. The ride is rough. The gas mileage is not so good.

- Raynel G

It still has a V8 engine that Ford took away in later models.

I like the large open feel where I can see all of the way around the vehicle.

- Leslie B

There is plenty of room for a larger family since there is 3 rows of seats

I love that it has 3 rows of seats. I don't like the light color of carpet.

- Tiffany B

it is roomy, usually dirty and a lot of times as kids in.

Its roomy gets ok gas mileage doesn't handle that great in wind or rain

- Laurie m

Poor fuel mileage and paint peels roomy and 3rd row seating

Terrible fuel mileage Paint peeling Spacious 3rd Row seating

- Greg O

Lots of room for children's and adults. Great navigation

I love the size. We like the moon roof and running boards.

- Sara G

That it is very good and I want to sell it but it has scary ghosts

Like: cup holders and 4WD dislike: the loud ghosts in it

- John D