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Travel in style on your next road trip.

The ford expedition is a spacious vehicle. Although some may be intimidated to park something of its size, the helpful and very accurate cameras and warning systems make parking a very simple task. The comfortably fits a driver and 7 passengers and there is plenty of legroom no matter where you are sitting. Even the third row is comfortable to ride in, unlike many other cars. Putting up and down the third row is a breeze with just the touch of a button; however it takes practice to put up and down the seats that allow entry into the third row. The rear tailgate door opens and closes with the touch of a button on the handle, inside of the vehicle or with the key fob. A key pad on the driver's door makes entry into the vehicle easy and convenient, especially when your hands are full. The keyless remote comes in handy for using the remote start from inside the house. The stereo system has a good quality sound and the push button assistant is convenient, however she often misunderstands the requests made. The navigation is not as reliable as other services, but your phone connects easily to the stereo through Bluetooth or USB cord, making life easier. There are several convenient features at the driver's fingertips, such as the heating/air conditioning system with dual or personal controls, cruise control and 4 wheel drive. The car handles wonderfully in the snow and rain, thanks to the anti-lock braking system. The roof-rack on top makes snow removal from the roof a considerable challenge, even with extension poles, and causes concern for safety. The defrosters work quickly on the windows in both the front and the rear. The leather seats are conveniently armed with warmers and coolers. Both the third and second row fold down making for a spacious area in the rear of the vehicle to transport large items. Both rows are conveniently split to allow for seating while creating extra space by putting half of the seats down. The car is great on long rides and has a large gas tank.

- Tracy C

Ford Expedition EL 2015 White

I really love my vehicle! The third row has a good amount of legroom even for an adult. Also, with the third row seating in use there is plenty of room in the trunk. There a enough cup holders for everyone! The outer seats in the second row recline a little so when the kids/adults are napping in the car I can recline the seat and their heads are not all bent over. It seems to be a very reliable and comfortable. Only problems I have had to deal with are the leather on the front seats seem to wear very easily. Also the outer side of both the passenger side and drivers side door where the seat controls are they seemed to have snapped/broke off. Seat controls still work thankfully, but had to replace both sides for a total between 250-$300.

- Jenny S

Not really anything just that it does run good.

I really like the size and efficiency, even though it is like a bus, but drives like a minivan. I enjoy using the amenities, like the heating and cooling seats, especially the cooling seats because I live in the deep south. The vehicle is perfect for me and my family. One complaint would be the past issues dealing with the sensor defaults that have caused me to take my vehicle to numerous dealerships.

- Brooke B

Spacious and comfortable ride.

My 2015 ford expedition is a very comfortable vehicle. I have yet to have any problems with it. It is spacious enough for passengers and a wheelchair if needed. My seats are heated and cooled, which helps on long trips. Over all my expedition is the best car I have ever had. My next vehicle will be a ford expedition.

- Renee H

Accommodates a growing family!

Spacious; nice features; rides nice; I wish it had the option for a cover in trunk area; I also wish the keyless entry worked Luke my old edge. Not as handy. A little more storage space in the front would be nice, and the storage space in the doors could be wider. It is fairly narrow, so does not fit a lot of things.

- Kayla B

Vehicle without a very good run.

It is not a bad vehicle, but in the winter it's not very good it is front wheel drive and does not go very well in the snow disappointed about that and does not have very much room for hauling things around! It is not very comfortable for going long distances, and the ride it is like riding without shocks.

- Peter B

Twins plus 2 older kids doesn't equal a easy 3rd row.

Have twin babies as well as 2 older kids. Got it for 3rd row seating but is very hard to get to with the size of rear facing car seats. Kids have to climb in through the truck my 12 year old hates it. Wish the middle seat in 2nd row was easy to take in and out make getting to 3rd row easier.

- Elizabeth M

Plenty of room for passengers and no one is crowded.

The Ford expedition el is extremely comfortable on long trips as well as around town. It has plenty of room for luggage as well as people. We use it for a go to town car as well as a car for long trips. It is fuel efficient for a large vehicle. We have had no issues with this vehicle.

- Christie W

It is a all around good, sound vehicle for everyday use.

The only problem I have had is that I am constantly replacing batteries in my starter it states that key cannot be found a lot. Runs good, is dependable and the mid state Ford is excellent to work with. I would recommend a Ford product to anyone who is the market for a new vehicle.

- Cindy S

The navigation system and sound system is the best and always updated.

Have not had any problems with the expedition easy driving comfort and reliability. Good gas mileage and easy switch to 4 wheel. Drive when needed ease in parking situations and with the front rear and side alarms makes traveling easy. Loss of room for 7 plenty of legroom.

- Kathy D

It is safe and a great family vehicle. Perfect for road trips.

Only complaint is that when it is really hot the car is loud (which I have been told by the dealership is normal for that model). Likes: spacious, leather seats, navigation, smooth drive, Bluetooth compatible, moon roof, tilting back side windows, keyless entry etc.

- Crystal C

Great car and I love the seats.

I love the seats and many features that come with my car. The air conditioning works extremely well and it is a must have for me and my family. The captains chairs are very nice and helpful. The car is great for road trips and I have had it for almost a year.

- Isabella R

Best priced big SUV with all the extras that are nice to have for a busy family.

Lots of room and easy to drive. Limited edition offers all features my family needs for traveling constantly. Love the third row or the extra room when row lays down. Be prepared to gas up often, not cheap. Very comfortable and quick with turbo engines.

- Megan M




It is a safe comfortable ride.

I love that I can feel comfortable that my family is safe when travelling in our vehicle. I also love the amount of storage space available. If I had one negative thing to say it would be that I wish it got better fuel mileage.

- Michael A

My vehicle has 65,000 miles and still runs as good as it did with 65 iles on the engine.

This has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. It has had no major problems whatsoever. I do regular maintenance on my vehicle and it runs perfect. It even gets good gas mileage compared to most full sized SUV's

- Kevin K

It is safer with the height with more 18 wheelers on the road. I feel more comfortable with the elevation.

I love the height inside. I love its turning radius ability, it did not have in the past. It has comfortable seats. I have not had problems with it. I bought it used and am not disappointed. It is driven a lot.

- Debbie H

It has plenty of room. This particular car is probably targeted at larger families.

I love the size of it because I have a large family. It helps transport them and any luggage, groceries, etc. I need and everyone is still comfortable because of the room in the vehicle.

- Ben W

It has plenty of passenger room, while not compromising on storage room.

I love that my Expedition has enough room for my 3 sons. I have big boys and it gives us plenty of room for them and their athletic equipment. It has tons of options and drives nicely.

- Jennifer N

Extended Cab V6 See Spot 7 people great on gas

I love Ford Expedition is an awesome vehicle think it is B6 great on gas mileage and has three rows since about 7 people as bucket seats it's addition so it has an extended cab.

- Rudy N


I love my vehicle. The comfort and security that I feel when I'm in it is GREAT! I don't dislike the gas mileage because I expect it to be low. My vehicle is my happy place.

- Pat W

It's great for large families, hauling large items and road trips!

It's a great vehicle overall. Lots of space, great for road trips and large families. I haul a lot of furniture and it is awesome for that. Only downside is gas mileage.

- Linda D

Style and performance is great. Tow package is excellent

Everything is fantastic everything is fantastic everything is fantastic everything is fantastic everything is fantastic everything is fantastic everything is fantastic

- Mike M

it drives well in most any weather

this vehicle is big enough to fit my family, get us through the mountains when we enjoy going camping, helping us haul a trailer when needed, driving on ice, etc.

- Lindsey M

We have a large family unit that travels together the Expedition allows us to minimize multiple cars and travel together.

Large enough to accommodate family and transport grand baby stroller and high chair... Size to haul a lot of luggage for road trips is important to me as well.

- Don R

It is a family vehicle but it is still very cool and fun!

I love my expedition. We have a big family, it is perfect for loading all the kids in the car for a trip or grocery shopping. I wish it were better on gas!

- Brittany S

it is large for the family no matter if It's 2 of you or seven

It is plenty large enough for our 4 person family. easy to travel with whether It's a short trip or an extended vacation. perfect for travel sporting.

- michele C

That it is a safe reliable vehicle that is great as a primary vehicle for your family.

The Ford Expedition is great purchase for a family. Not only does the vehicle have plenty of storage capability, it is also very safe and reliable.

- Joseph A

The gas mileage is better than what people think. Regular city driving I get 18 mpg

I love the size of the Expedition & all the extras like power liftgate, remote start, etc. I wish there was more leg room in the second row seats.

- Traci B

It's a good vehicle, especially for family vacations.

I like that it always starts. I like that it is easy to handle and has lots of room. I don't like that it requires so much expensive gasoline.

- Eve G

The EcoBoost is amazing. It does well for this type of vehicle on gas mileage, averaging 17.5-18 mpg.

I love my Expedition. The only complaints I have is my fault in that I did not buy a higher trim line. It is the EL version and very roomy.

- Nancy C

Ford expedition love my truck!

Great comfortable ride. Safe to drive. Lots of room for people and gear. Reliable. Have owned 5 of them so you can tell we love the vehicle.

- Kathleen L

It has a lot of power as in when you step on the gas it really goes.

I love the ride very smooth and the reliability so far is great. No problems whatsoever. The mileage is decent and it has good horsepower.

- Jerry L

Reliability of car and reputation of company.

Comfortable ride. Roomy. Options. Performance. Good interior and exterior color choices to choose from. Quality parts. Good service.

- Jamie S

It's Fun to Drive and can haul just about anything you want..

Pros: Comfortable, Roomy, Fun to Drive Cons: Although the gas mileage is better than my 2004 Expedition I still wish it was better.

- Steve T

It's a Ford and it' the best car on the road today

Great super nothing

- ron e

It is huge! And it has a ton of room for vacations.

I love my expedition. I think it is enough room for me and my family of six. It is bad on gas but other than that it is so comfy.

- Alyssa M

Reliability, and the performance is outstanding.

My vehicle has great performance and handling. Great acceleration. Very fun to drive. Stylish, sleek. The backup camera is great.

- Courtney D

Durable smooth driving easy to drive and would recommend it

I have never had a problem with it. It's reliable spacious good on gas big storage area as well. I would not drive anything else

- Jessica R

My Very Safe and Dependable SUV

I love my vehicle, it very dependable and safe. It also runs like a dream. The only problem I have with my vehicle is NOTHING

- Pat C

It feel perfect too expedition in roads difficulties.

My Ford Expedition is a vehicle powerful, and perfect to travel. It is very comfort and it feel secure for me and my family.

- Martin M

Safety, I feel really safe in my car knowing that i am higher up than a car.

i love all the room i have, leg room is great. I dislike the color of the seats, too light. They get really dirty too easy.

- Amber R

It's very roomy, there is ample room for my 3 kids. Lots of legroom.

I like how it drives. I like the gas mileage I get. I like all the room we have. I do not like that there is no sunroof.

- Lacy R

Our truck has a towing package so we can pull a travel trailer.

Durable, roomy, safe, great performance, uses too much gas, great for traveling, luggage rack, towing package

- Boni H

Very reliable cheap on gas due to great gas mileage

Good dependable vehicle cheap on gas gets me where I need to go very comfortably and very roomy in the inside

- Natasha B

I feel very safe in my car.

I like the room inside. I like the stereo system. I dislike the smell that comes from moisture in my vents.

- Lindsay W

A great spacious family car, for active families, room for bulky sports kit.

Love the way it drives, the space and reliability. Dislike how trim around base of driver seat is flimsy.

- Diane G

It is very comfortable . You can enjoy the ride there is a lot of legroom . It is a smooth ride and comfortable sitting ,

It's a great car and comfortable for traveling. It is a smooth ride too. I love my car .

- Fanny W

It is a smooth drive and easy to drive too.

I like that it can fit my entire family in the car. I like the it is a dependable car and is hassle free.

- Corine P

This is a great family vehicle.

I do not have any pat all with my vehicle. This is my third expedition that I own. Great family vehicle.

- Amber H

How My Vehicle Works and the Minor Problems It Has

I have an Expedition that runs well and has gotten a few flat tires and that can get fixed very easily.

- Carol H

That it drives really good and has a lot of room. It is a nice looking suv with a lot of extras.

I wish that my suv and more storage. It needs better gas mileage. It has a lot of room that I love

- Joyce L

It is very big so there are pros and cons to that. You must be able to drive a large vehicle in order to reap the benefits of the extra storage space.

It is a large car, so we can haul the whole family, friends, and any gear we may have.

- Caleb E

It is heavy duty and can travel with 6-7 people very comfortably.

Love that it is an EL version with 4 captains chairs and is leather with a sunroof.

- Jayme L

consumes enough gas and the spare parts are somewhat expensive

it is powerful and reliable, size is sometimes a problem but it is a great vehicle

- George D

Best car I have ever owned.

It run greats with great pick up. It has all the safety things. Looks good.

- Bruce w

I love how it has a lot of storage space. It does have some blind spots which are annoying. It fits my family of 7 comfortably.

It has a lot of room and a lot of power. It sits 7 people comfortably.

- Amie P

It takes 13 miles to the gallon.

It is durable and fun.It gets me to where I need to go.I just love it.

- Nick W

My car works great and needs minimal work. The parts cheap.

I love my ford car and I am happy to have it. I would get another

- michelle M

The steering wheel locks up and has lots of trouble

It's just too big to park in the city and frustrating to park it

- Landon R

It's a turbo v6 so it has better gas mileage

I love the technology and all the room for cargo and passengers

- Drew R

I love that it feels small but is a full sized suv

It is safe and will protect my family in case of an accident.

- Jennifer B

That it uses a lot of gas (I don't even drive that far daily).

It uses too much gas. I do like the space and convenience.

- Sharon K

It looks great and drives like a dream... even the bank seat passengers are happy.

Love it. Great to drive. Amazing electronic integration.

- M B

I love the space. I love the quality. I dislike the smell in the vents.

That the quality of the Ford Expedition is wonderful.

- Lindzie W