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The Ford expedition is classy with excellent safety features.

The Ford expedition is a roomie good looking comfortable vehicle. It has leather seats which are easy to clean. The rear camera is clear easy to see objects in the way. The sensors are very good at detecting things in your way. The dashboard has a touch screen that is easy to read and to use. The speakers sound is of high quality. The front seats have both heating and cooling built in. There are rear controls for climate. The back row seating goes down with the push of a button. It has good suspension which makes for a smooth ride. The Ford expedition is a nice looking vehicle which comfort all around.

- Kelli M

My SUV is really big, there is so much room inside, and it's so comfortable. It is very liberating to go from driving cramped sports cars to pretty much driving a mobile office.

I love my Ford Expedition. Before I had this SUV I had only owned sports cars my whole life, so I thought those were the kinds of vehicles I would be most comfortable in. Then a new Ford Expedition sort of just fell out of the sky and landed on me, and when I got behind the wheel for the very first time, it took about ten seconds to decide that I would never buy another sports car. I love the comfort and the roominess and the firm, comfortable leather seats, the big windshield and being somewhat higher up off the ground than with a Corvette or an old-school Trans Am. I love my SUV.

- Jesse S

Everything you could possibly want/need in a vehicle!

I got this vehicle last week due to my growing family. The third row seating was a must, and it does not disappoint. We plan on keeping this vehicle indefinitely. The 9200 lbs. tow capacity was also a big selling point for us. We have four-wheelers, and plan on getting a camper in the near future. This vehicle has everything we want and need. My only critique is that there is not a whole lot of storage space in the back, but the third row collapses to make more room. Awesome vehicle!

- Sheila H

It is very comfortable to drive, regardless of your height.

I absolutely love my expedition. It is spacious, with plenty of room for kids, dogs and luggage all at once. It is very comfortable for both me (5'4") and my husband (6'4") to drive and ride in. We've had next to no problems with it. I love that it has a massive gas tank and so we can make 7+ hour trips without stopping for gas. The backup camera is a feature I didn't think I'd really care about, but has become super handy when parking because it is such a large vehicle.

- Julia E

Our Ford expedition is the just the right size for our family of 6.

This expedition is perfect for our family; it is very roomy, has a lot of extras added that make it fun and comfortable to drive. We really like the sunroof and the fact that it is tinted and you can pull a cover over it. The running boards go up and down automatically when you open or close your door; that was a little hard to get used to, but they come down quickly. The large screen for the built in GPS and the back up camera are an added safety feature I love.

- Cathy B

I love my seats, the fact that they have heated and cooled seats is great.

No problems at all but I do wish my trunk space was larger. I love my sunroof. I also love my heated and cooled seats. I also like my touch screen for everything. I have never had any problems with my touchscreen. I do wish my steering wheel had a volume button on it. I had a Ford before and it had it on there. I also wish it had DVD player I know I could have gotten it but I did not to save money. I wish I would have just done it.

- Lauren F

Smooth driving spacious vehicle for people or cargo

One of the biggest things I love about my Expedition is the space. It can fit 8 people and still some cargo room. If only using it for 5 passengers, it has a lot of cargo space which is great for luggage for vacation. It drives very smooth and I haven't had any issues with it yet. It also looks nice. I have the limited package that has many additional features like sunroof, heated seats, automatic back door, chrome extras and more.

- Moe O

A large family can fit in this vehicle with plenty of space, and if will pull boats and travel trailers.

I like the size, number of seats, ability to pull my boat, gas tank size. The fact that two car seats fit in the 2nd row and I am able to still pull down the seat so others can access the 3rd row. Cargo space is spacious enough to fit my double stroller even with the third row up. Gas mileage is pretty good. The only thing I don't like is the exhaust fan is too loud and the sync 3 system does not have CarPlay.

- Holly F

Automatic braking if someone walks in front or in between cars,

I love this SUV. There's plenty of room for all the kids I chauffeur around and they love it too. I also like the automatic braking system. This comes in handy around the school. It doesn't hurt to have their own DVD player in there also. The kids have there own cup holders too. That's 6 in there, its great. I didn't get automatic parking but plan to in my next vehicle.

- sheryl L

So reliable, so comfortable and roomy, and so dependable!

I love the room in my ford expedition! My kids love it too and there is room for us to have up to eight people ride all at one time. Now our family of five can easily go shopping and still have room for all of our purchases. I feel that this is a very reliable vehicle and feel completely comfortable driving it on long road trips.

- Erin S

Expedition is a great car.

Windshield washer freezes up when it is very cold. Otherwise it has been a great car. 65,000 miles and just normal maintenance. I did have an issue recently when driving in Colorado in that the turbocharger was having trouble but this was attributed to the high altitude. When I returned to lower levels it corrected itself.

- Jim W

Why I like my ford expedition.

Comfortable seating, easy to access lift gate. I like the backup camera and the blind spot lights on my side mirrors. The automatic lift gate makes loading and unloading easy. The option to fold down the third seat makes for great storage. I also like the heated and cooling on the leather seats.

- Mary E

Best all terrain 4x4 family vehicle.

No problems related to performance. Smooth impressive ride. Performs well in rough terrain when 4x4 drive engaged. Comfortably seats all 8 passengers. Best features include ac and radio/media control for rear passengers, and ability to adjusted seats for max storage capacity.

- Haley S

Great car for small or big family.

Great gas mileage easy for handling e in city or on the road. Lost of space for passengers two- four- six or eight passengers. Three seats with lots of baggage space. Large of easy driving and low maintenance. Lot of headroom for tall people and reclining seats for comforts.

- George J

Really love the 2016 Ford Explorer.

No vehicle problems to speak of, other than a few electrical problems regarding the lights and air conditioning in the back of the car. It runs as well with almost 200k miles on it as it did when it was first purchased. Very comfortable, plenty of space, and very reliable.

- Anna T

Beautiful vehicle with excellent turn radius.

My expedition is roomy and comfortable. Even though it is a large vehicle is has a great turn radius. It is a pleasure to ride and drive. I drive for uber and I constantly get compliments on how nice and comfortable my car is. It handles very well on snow and ice.

- Adrianne K

A vehicle offering space and a feeling of luxury.

The expedition rides well. It offers space in the front and back. It is convenient that the middle seats can fold down. The features include back up lights, seat warmers, sensors in the front and back. It has been a reliable car, great size and good performance.

- Mari G

It is on the low end of luxury.

Ford provides a solid family SUV. Gas mileage in the Ecoboost motor is not as great as I would like it to be. 14 mpg in city and a little above 18 on highway. It has all the basic bells and whistles but not a luxury vehicle. Pulls my boat with no problem.

- Patrick P

Ford expedition vs Chevrolet suburban.

I have always been a Ford girl. I recently drifted to a Chevrolet suburban and realized that I gave up the power, turn radius and many other luxuries. The expedition had far better comfort that my suburban did and the king ranch leather is top quality.

- Renee R

The ford expedition is our family transportation to our great adventures!

This is truly an amazing vehicle! We love the space and comfort for a family of 5 plus our dog! We take road trips at least once a month and it is great on fuel, comfy and we feel very safe! Also, it is got great turning ratios for such a large vehicle!

- Krystal B

I love it! My expedition is the best vehicle to own for sure.

It is roomy and run great and is honestly pretty good on gas. I am able to drive to and from work for about 3 weeks before I need to fill up. The leather seats are way to clean. The blind spot detector is great and so are the automatic running boards!

- Mand S

It is wonderful for large families.

I love how big my car is. I feel really safe in it and I love all of the features. The gas mileage is pretty decent for the size of the car. It can be difficult to maneuver in small parking lots and parking spaces.

- Lauren K

I love this vehicle more than any I have ever owned.

So far this vehicle has been nothing but great. It is a newer vehicle so one would hope that it would not be having any issues just yet. It is big enough to fit my family and the comfort is amazing.

- Kelly Z

It does have safety features and anchors for car seats.

Like the room it has for everyone. Hate that the weather tech mats do not fit well, that the side mirrors are not automatic when reversing and the passenger side window is not automatic.

- Shannon B

It's been a very dependable car.

What I love about it: size/height: feel secure while driving. Dislike: cannot adjust drivers seat like I could in my Ford flex. Low gas mileage, but expected from size of vehicle.

- Andrea D

Roomy and Exactly What We Wanted

We love everything about our vehicle. It is comfortable and roomy. If I could change one thing it would to increase the gas mileage. But other than that I love it.

- Desiree M

That it is very comfortable. Even sitting in the third row, when we have it unfolded, you're comfortable.

We have a Ford Expedition EL. I love the extra cargo space, with the ability to have a shelf back there. It's very roomy and comfortable for our family of 5.

- Annette S

The separate ac control for front and rear passengers are excellent!

The Ford expedition el is a great family car. Lots of room!! I prefer 4 captain chairs vs 2 benches, however the benches offer an extra seat. Handles well.

- Susan G

It is a great vehicle for taking your family on road trips.

Big enough for our whole family. Lots of room for cargo. Good grocery getter. Seatbelts tend to lock in place which is uncomfortable. Gas mileage is ok.

- Darcy B

My truck. My truck is big

I really love the space that I have in my truck, I can carry all of my grandchildren with me if I want, It has all of the amenities that I want and love.

- Cecilia C

Just good quality transportation for a good price.

Dependable simple vehicle. Would give it a 5 but sometimes Ecoboost motor loses power momentarily and no check engine lights correspond to this issue.

- Colin F

The space for kids and luggage is exceptional!

Exposition is an excellent vehicle for daytime-to-day use and long trips. Drive daily to work, and driven to vat, Fl for vacations. Wonderful space.

- Kevin B

Lots of room and even the second row of seats recline.

Very comfortable and has a lot of space. Great turning radius for a large SUV. Has three rows of seating, the back two fold down completely flat.

- Phylecia H

Expeditions are the best! It has lots of room but drives. Dry smoothly.

The expedition is easy to drive. This is my 2nd expedition. I drove my last expedition for 10 years and 200, 000 miles with minimal repair work.

- Laura A

Large enough for a family of 5 and 2 large dogs

I have loved everything about. Love how big it is. We were able to tow a 8x12 uhaul trailer behind it for over 2000 miles with no issue

- Brenda W

It is amazing, but I had a car crash, side is dented in.

I don't have any problems with my vehicle. My vehicle is completely reliable. My vehicle is comfortable. My vehicle has amazing features.

- Anastasia B

Has back up screen to help with vision.

Good gas mileage for SUV. Roomy. A lot of high tech features. We take a lot of car trips and find it very comfortable. Large windows.

- Pamela K

It is very roomy. Gets good gas mileage!

It is really big with plenty of room for our kids! It is newish. Comfortable ride. I have always wanted this make and model!

- Kristin H

Heavy duty radiator. Heavy duty auxiliary transmission oil cooler.

No complaints. Love it. 17 to18 combined mpg. 8 seats. 4 doors. Interior color: dune. Exterior color: ingot silver metallic.

- Denise G

I hate that it guzzles fuel. I love how big and roomy and how I feel safe driving. Nice color and nice interior as well. It's reliable too!

I hate that it guzzles fuel. I love how big and roomy and how I feel safe driving. Nice color and nice interior as well.

- Jess S

My vehicle can drive in the snow and up hills and can also carry a large capacity.

I like that I can fit plenty of people in my vehicle. I dislike that it has given me many problems and is expensive.

- Joselyn M

Holds a big family and allows for safe travel.

I love the ride and the room it provides my family but I don't like that I have already had to change my tail lights

- Leianne C

It is a great everyday and long distance travel vehicle.

I love the size. I love its tight turns. I love the twin turbos. It's very comfortable. No complaints about my car.

- Cindy H

It's a big car and we love it

We are a large family and take vacations often. The expedition is perfect to haul the family and all of our stuff.

- Arthur H

The thing I like the most is how reliable it is.

It is hard to park. It has enough room for all my stuff. It is not fuel efficient. It has a comfortable ride.

- John L

It has seat warmers which are great for Minnesota. It dives well in the snow.

I love how big it is so I can drive my kids and friends around. It has a smooth ride, and I feel very safe.

- Jeanne F

It carries a lot of cargo and is 4WD. It gets good mileage for a big car.

It can get me anywhere and fits all of my stuff. It has a lot of power and is 4WD. It is well made.

- kevin r

It's a great family car. Enough leg room and ample storage room.

Ample room for large family. Drives easily much Like a car. Comfortable ride. Like all features.

- Trisha B

That I like to keep it clean. No eating in my car.

I love my vehicle because it's big and I can transport my kids and their friends

- Frances D

I need the room for carrying products for work and play

I love the room. It rides great on the road. Only bad thing is gas consumption

- Anthony R

It's great for big families

It's a family vehicle that is used for everything. Family of 5. Need the space

- Poppy H

It is very spacious and can fit a lot of kids and all of their geese easily.

I like the size of it. It is very comfortable to drive. It's very dependable.

- Jamie G

It works well for towing trailer we use for camping.

I like the size and comfort. The obvious downside is the poor fuel economy.

- Bill A

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I very much love the make and model.

It's dependable and gives good mileage, and is suitable for a large family

- Hazel J

Does what it is supposed to do but costs a lot in gas.

It's big and roomy. Is a comfortable ride. Gets very bad gas mileage.

- Chris t

It feels luxurious. I don't feel like I've skimped on features.

It's new. I like sitting up higher and the available space inside.

- Elizabeth B

The interior is comfortable and the size is good for a family with kids

I like the size. The interior is nice. The comfort is good

- Wendi M

has enough room for the family

great space, but low gas mileage. Fits the whole family.

- marty N