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The perfect SUV for families on the go.

My 2017 ford expedition is a great SUV. It averages 19.5 miles per gallon (driving in town and highway). I especially love the heated and cooled seats. Living in the south where it can be extremely hot, the cooled seats are a wonderful feature on hot summer days. One of the greatest features is apple carplay. This allows me to connect my iphone via a usb cord to my expedition so I can play my own music, use the maps app from my phone, listen to podcasts, make calls by speaking into the cars microphone, and most importantly I can send and respond to text messages hands-free. Another great feature is the 3rd row seating that folds away with the press of 2 buttons. I have two children under age 2, so I use my stroller daily and it is large and cumbersome. Having the 3rd row down allows me to easily transport the stroller, diaper bag, and groceries and whatever else I may need easily everyday.

- Jessica T

We love the room in our 2017 Ford expedition!

I love my expedition! I am a mom of two and it seems we bring the entire house with us every time we go somewhere. Both of my boys are in car seats and one is still rear-facing. The expedition has plenty of room for the boys as well as the person sitting in front of them. The 3rd row of seating sits up off the floor maximizing the amount of legroom for whomever is sitting back there. I can ride back there very comfortably. One thing that I do not like so much is that the back windows don't roll all the way down. I do, however, understand that this is a safety feature. There are just times that I wish they extended all the way down. My expedition drives like a dream and is very smooth! All around, I feel that it is the best family car on the market at this time.

- Hannah M

I feel safe and comfortable.

The car has been very reliable. The seats are very comfortable, probably the most comfortable I have ever driven. The air conditioning is very powerful and cools the car quickly which is a bonus since we have leather interior. The one downside to our a/c is that it can blow so hard that it will close the vent. As far as performance, the car has been very reliable and given us no issue. It drives very nicely for a large SUV. Bluetooth and sync work well, sounds is fantastic, and there are many ports for charging. Ample legroom and space in the back for children and adults. Car seats fit very well.

- Alexandria K

Excellent expedition. Great family vehicle.

I bought my car used with 40,000 miles and absolutely love it. I have had it almost a year with no issues. I have 6 kids and have room for every single one. The seats fold perfectly for space and still plenty of space with them up. He have a towing package and it pulls very nicely. The mileage for gas is good. It handles great in the snow and all weather. The extra storage in the back with the pop up shelf come in handy with groceries and other items. All windows open. The far hack 2 are vents and the sun roof has two settings.

- Lindsey M

Our new adventure vehicle!!

We love the comfort and the safety features and way it drives and handles. It is nice for dog kennels to take them to lakes for walks. Love the music the lights that change heated and air conditioned seats. We love doing road trips and we love ability to charge iPhone on the time and it is wonderful drive and ride. We love groceries into the backend so easy to get in it not but not if they tip over and fall out when we open door. We need to find answer for this esp. for glass.

- Sue F

The Ford Expedition has enough room for a family of six and a couple of dogs to travel anywhere you wanna go.

I commute around one hundred miles to and from work five days a week. I have six person household. My expedition is the most comfortable ride I've ever had in a vehicle for both my family and I. It has plenty of power for towing our boat or camper. It's very spacious for our travel needs. Climate control for the front and rear keeps everyone happy. I haven't found a limitation yet. Very pleased with this purchase.

- David E

I will call this vehicle luxury on a budget.

This vehicle has all of the bells and whistles. It is so much more than what I was looking for originally. I have always been more of a fan of the competition, but after owning this vehicle even for a short time, I think I may be changing my opinion. The heated and air conditioned seats are a big deal to my kids. They are fascinated by the fact that you can cool and heat your backside by pushing a button.

- Miranda S

With the ecoboost and v6 it gets great mileage and has pulling power.

With an independent suspension our Ford expedition rides so nice. The leather interior is easy to keep clean. We have the backup camera which makes backing up and parking a breeze! I absolutely love the power fold third seat. There is plenty of room for 8 people. Also, the power liftgate makes for easy opening when my hands are full. This is our second expedition. We will continue with Ford.

- Elizabeth R

Awesome value in a large SUV.

This vehicle is one of the most versatile vehicles on the road. It works for anything and everything. If you need to tow something. You can! If you need to haul your family on vacation. You can! Truly one of the best purchases I have ever made. I think this vehicle fits the needs of those than like to be comfortable and in a larger vehicle and need space to haul cargo and passengers.

- Bryan W

Great family vehicle! Fits a large family with ease and is great for traveling.

I love the 3 row seating with the extra cargo space in the back. The automatic running boards are wonderful. I really like the heated and cooled seats. I love that there is a front climate control and back climate control. The vehicle gets great gas mileage. The expedition is luxurious and functional in many ways. It is a great looking vehicle.

- Ashley S

I take a lot of pride in my vehicle. I took the time to test drive several others and I made a thorough decision based upon the safety standards. The Ford brand has been good to me, and I will continue to drive their products in the future.

I like the overall size of the vehicle. My previous SUV was smaller in size and during an accident I felt like I would have been less injured if I had a bigger vehicle. I like that I sit higher off the ground and it has canopy and side impact airbags. Plus there is a lot of room in the back for my children's friends or the family pets.

- Crystal F

The navigation in case of emergency.

I love everything about my car!! It has all the bells and whistles. Backup camera, beeps when you are about to hit something, the back seats fold down and makes a perfect changing station for my 1 year old! I love the heated and cooled seats, and the overall size of my car. Fits my daughters car seat safely and perfectly!

- Christian M

It has a very big gas tank (30 Gal) so be prepared for high gasoline bill. Mileage is not the best especially in town but all the positive aspects of this vehicle make up for it in my opinion.

It is one of the most comfortable vehicle we have driven. Long road trips are no longer tiring. We love the backup camera and the heated seats for winter. Seating up high above most cars is also a major plus, we feel quite secure in this vehicle. Having the biggest version of this model allows us to transport quite a bit.

- Florence F

The Ford expedition is a great choice for large families.

I really like the way the Ford expedition handles. I feel like I am driving a car instead of an SUV. The 6 cyl engine is perfect for those who need to have the 8 seats. It is roomy inside and the exterior looks nice too. The only thing I have found that I do not like is there is a rear seat radio control.

- David F

Expedition owner for life

We've only had our Expedition for a couple of months but I love it! It's our third one and I think we will just keep buying them because they have always been very reliable, we can take them in the back country with no issues and the comfort, space and features we get for the money are above and beyond.

- Jen S

Ford expedition with many extras and upgrades! Amazing power running boards!

This expedition is amazing! It is very luxurious and has many added features throughout. I love the power running boards and the power folding mirrors. The heated and cooled seats are an amazing extra with these beautiful leather seats. The only thing I would like to see them add is rear entertainment.

- Cassandra R

Ford Expedition EL large, comfy, luxurious and a pleasure to drive.

I looked for the right vehicle for my family of 7 for months, narrowing my selection to the Ford Expedition was easy when I looked at it's towing capacity, roomy interior, fuel economy and took it for a test drive. I love driving this large SUV all over town to shopping and bringing kids to activities.

- Sheila R

There perks a for expedition.

There is a lot of room for my three small children that are in car seats. The seats are easy to put up and down. The leather on the king ranch does start to lose color in the driver seat from driving so much. The cargo area is a decent area. I can fit a folded wagon, stroller and chairs.

- Amanda L

The captains chairs in the 2nd row make it very easy for everyone to get in.

Only thing I would change are the air vents. I dislike the round openings, it limits the air flow. I would also remove the chrome accents, as they can be very bright when reflecting during the daytime. I like the overhead air vents in the back two rows, very helpful in Texas summers.

- Matt H

It is comfortable, gets good gas mileage, and has a good safety score.

I like the vehicle. It has been dependable and with proper maintenance, I have heard that it will easily last two hundred thousand miles. I have noticed that a few times when I increase my speed as I am merging onto the highway, there is lag time. This may be because I "floor it. ".

- Rebecca K

The size and comfort of a minivan without having to be a "minivan" mom.

I love that my Ford Expedition is equipped with the latest technology. I really love the heated/cooling leather seats, the sunroof and the back up cameras. It is also nice to have a car with built in navigation. It really is very roomy and is great for any mom with a growing family.

- kristy R

Comfortable and very stylish!

We haul a travel trailer with this vehicle. It tows amazing! The ecoboost v6 has great power and performs as well as any 8 cylinder we have owned. It is very comfortable as well as it is stylish. The only issue we have had was with the throttle body with was covered under warranty.

- Vanessa B

Pedal adjustment, my husband is a giant and I am very short.

Very comfortable, ergonomic. Drives well, easy to make u-turns and change lanes. Small backup camera but it is still useful. Starts up easily. I really enjoy the Bluetooth sync option for listening to podcasts, it picks up and plays where I left off last time I was in the vehicle.

- Christie C

Comfy seats and smooth drive.

The car is great. Seat are extremely comfortable. The Bluetooth connection can be difficult to set up. I have tall boys and the 2nd row is good for 6 ft tall guys, the 3rd row is ok, but a little more snug. Overall I love my car. It drives very smooth and great for long drives.

- Carrie D

Running boards coming out when door opens.

I love the luxury of this vehicle from the leather interior to the carplay features. It drives like a luxury truck. It has running boards that come out as you open the door which is really convenient with getting kids in and out of car seats. Loves that it has seating for 8!!

- Shelly J

Comfort and convenience of both hauling groceries and people.

Love it. It's size was a little intimidating at first but I've gotten used to it. The back tailgate is super easy to access and I put a piece of no slip carpet backing on the carpet back there and it keeps everything from sliding around. I holds 7 people very comfortably.

- Patricia D

It is turning radius is superb. One of the best I have ever had in a vehicle.

Have not had any problems with it. The turning radius is wonderful. For such a large vehicle it can make any turn. . Easy to navigate and back up camera is wonderful to use. The third row seats come in handy when you have a lot of people with you and they easily fold down.

- Kelly C

Great SUV for big family.

Big, safe and heavy. Comfortable for 8 people room in back for sports gear. Safe, good features, though wish is was a little more loaded. Good take off with twin turbo. Sync feature is great. Sound system is good. Like heated seats but wish steering wheel was heated too.

- Julie B

Ford Expedition Family Car

The Ford Expedition is a great family vehicle. While gas mileage is not amazing, that is to be expected with a large SUV. We purchased it primarily because our family was expanding and needed another car. It is comfortable to drive and has a good amount of storage room.

- Olivia M

Family friendly and reliable.

I love my expedition’s size. We need three rows of seats and plenty of room for stuff also. I love the reliability of this vehicle. It handles well, has great pick up, and I love driving it. I would love if it had more cup holders. That is really my only frustration.

- Ryan E

Great for small and large families.

My expedition perfect for the two of a seven family car. Three seats with ample cargo space. Easy driving and parking. Rear electric seats makes for easy transformation. Good gas mileage for a large car. GPS, heated seats, Sirius radio and hands free command center.

- George A

Great choice for a large SUV.

No problems as of yet at 36, 000 miles. Performs well for such a large vehicle. Good acceleration. Great turning radius. Very reliable. Extremely comfortable and roomy. Enjoy the wireless connected features, heated and cooled leather seats and Sirius radio.

- Billy W

Comfy expedition for a family.

This vehicle is great for our family! Second row captains seats for easy access to the super roomy third row! Although when the third row is up there is minimal storage space but we usually put up the single seat leaving lots of room for everything else!

- Samantha F

Sticking with ford from now on.

So far I have not had any negative issues with this vehicle. This is my 3rd expedition and have loved them all. The ride and drive is much smoother than other similar vehicles. Ford has kept up with technology in their vehicles, and offer many options.

- Christina K

I have the 4x4 option which is really handy for tough terrain.

The car is amazing. No problems so far. It does not consume as much gas as we first thought. Plenty of space for 7-8 passengers. The only thing is that with all the rear seats up, there is not enough storage space in the back. Very comfortable ride.

- Richard P

How great it drives. . Very smooth. . . And all the space you need!

I like how much room the expedition has. The truck is very spacious and gives the option to fold down the back seats to make the truck even larger. My expedition drives very smooth. Great for when I have a car full 9f sleeping toddlers/infants.

- Lindsey C

Ford Expedition is a full size SUV that handles and rides very smoothly

Expedition drives very smoothly for as big as it is. I wish it got a little better gas mileage. I really like the look of the vehicle and being higher off the ground. I wish the liftgate on my Expedition was automatic

- David M

I love my new SUV!! Best vehicle ever.

Love my car!! Burgundy color, comfortable, enough seating for all my grandkids. Great price for the comfort. The only change I would make would be interior color. It's beige and shows every little thing. Great vehicle!!

- Edie S

It drives well is easy to handle. Not too hard to park.

It is roomy and comfortable. Great seating can fit two families on trips. Do not like gps hard to use and not updated. No net to hold groceries they slip out the back when door is opened no matter how they are placed.

- A D

I love all the room in it. That's the main selling point

Love my Ford Expedition. It's big enough to go away for a weekend and take a big dog but just the right size where I can drive it to work. Mostly I feel safe in it because it's so big and sits up so high.

- Janet H

It's very comfortable when your traveling long distances.

I love my Expedition. We purchased it with the tow package since we haul our travel trailer for camping/hunting trips. Our only complaint is even with the ecoboost we wish we go better mileage.

- Lettie R

I love the Ford expedition!

It is reliable. That is the most important feature to me. It is peppy with the ecoboost engine. But also decent on gas mileage. It is comfortable and has lots of second and third row legroom.

- Carl E

For me, I wish I would've known that this vehicle comes in an extra long version.

I love my expedition. It is very roomy and perfect for a growing family that does not want a Minivan. The leather and heated seats are very convenient, especially with the weather changes!

- Amanda T

The model has lots of features for the price paid.

works well for my family needs. It can pull a camper well and not loose performance. It is very comfortable with lots of features. I dislike that the steering wheel is not heated

- chris r

It's family friendly and easy to drive with great acceleration.

I like the size and handling of my vehicle. I love the ability to fill the tank and not worry for 600 miles. I wish it had some more adjustments for the driver seat and mirrors.

- Kristen F

It is a modern car that I can fit my children and friends in as it is very roomy.

I love my vehicle. It is modern and has leather seats that can be heated and cooled, a backup camera, and many other unique functions. I don't have any complaints.

- April A

I think others should know that my vehicle is very comfortable and great for families.

I like that my vehicle has dual headrest dvd players, leather seats, heated and cooled seats. I dislike that it is hard to get into the third row for passengers.

- Ashley S

The Ford expedition is comfortable and spacious. The Ford expedition is an excellent vehicle

The Ford expedition is very comfortable. It also has third row seating with room for 6 people. It easily accommodates my family and our three dogs very nicely

- Sue W

Big man with a big truck obviously.

Plenty of legroom for everyone. A Lot of horsepower V8. Luggage space for everything. Only problem Is driven daily V8 that burns a lot of gas on a daily message.

- Mark J

It has a roomy interior. It is easy to maneuver even though it is an SUV.

I like my vehicle because it is spacious and comfortable. It is newer with many extra cool things. I love the leather seats and space. I have no complaints.

- April B

Great miles to the gallon.

It does great miles to the gallon. The seats are incredible. There is lots of room for all of our needs to pack in the back and still have a lot of legroom.

- Pablo C

It has enough room for all of my children and our stuff.

It fits all of my children with room to spare in the back, the electric system is great (aux, radio, backup camera). There is not anything about it I dislike.

- Meredith T

I feel unique in the for its performance and low fuel expense

It is the car that I preferred at that moment I feel safe and I can travel anywhere and feel confident, its style of elegance gives me good image and comfort

- Chanel C

Best vehicle around for your money

I love the Ford Expedition. It's a comfortable ride and very dependable. There is a lot of attention to the details of this vehicle. Very stylish vehicle.

- Jennifer R

Plenty of room for a growing family that plays sports and carries lots of equipment!!

Love it! It's our second one. Lots of room. Comfortable and Tony great for our family. Plenty of room for long legs and sports equipment in the back.

- Kristin D

Powerful, roomy, comfortable and dependable

Great product, lots of space, comfortable and has most of the technology available! Fuel economy isn't the greatest, but the powertrain is wonderful!

- john s

It is a larger car and comfortable ride.

I like it, comfortable ride. Not that great on gas. Love the size. Gets my family to where we are going. This is our main vehicle when traveling.

- Christina T

My 2017 Ford expedition has a great ride!

Love the ride and the inside! I wanted a 2018 but it made more financial sense to buy the 2017. . . That is the only reason I do not love it.

- Tracy B

It is very versatile for towing and taking several passengers. It is the best for for us as a truck.

I like the size of the car. We are all able to fit in it easily and can include more people too. It is fun to drive and can tow a trailer.

- Sarah B

Work or play suv All around good vehicle

No problems. Is best suv I have ever owned. Have owned Chevrolet Lincoln and Cadillac. the worst was Cadillac. Would recommend Expedition.

- jim c

It is very reliable. I have never had a breakdown or any of the warning lights come on.

Its big enough for my family. It is relatively economic. It has a very modern interior an traveling long distances is quite comfortable.

- Hendrik P

the quality and power of the engine, its internal comfort and its automatic handling

I feel safe in my car its engine is reliable and all its operation is quality, I like its internal part is super comfortable and luxury

- Chanel C

Roomy interior of expedition.

I love how roomy the expedition is on the inside. I like the power liftgate. The engine fan is extremely loud especially in the summer.

- Christy C

It is very convenient for big families or animal people who want to haul.

Very big and can hold a lot. Three rows and you can control the radio from the backseat. It can haul trailers and animal trailers.

- Daniel B

It is very comfortable to ride in for a long distance.

I love the size. It seats 8 people and has heated seats in the front and back seats. The front seats also has cooled seats.

- Leigh S

Big family? Go test drive an expedition.

We love are expedition. Great for large families. Seats fold flat. Tons of leg room even in the 3rd row. Amazing features.

- Lorraine W

That it is well maintained.

The cooled seats and the Ecoboost engine are awesome. The backup camera and front sensors add some security when parking.

- Jeff M

It is a family car. It is perfect for road trips. has plenty of cargo space. We attached a hitch to ours and it can pull my trailer with no problem.

I love how much room I have in the car. I love the leather seats, and the trunk space is great, also rides very smooth

- Amanda A

It has plenty of room and space for kids.

The space of this vehicle is great for a family of 5. We are able to take our family on vacation without any hassle.

- Kelly S

The car feels like a luxury car even though it is a SUV.

Love the cargo space. Love the luxury feel. Dislike the chrome accents in car when sun hits it it is hard to see.

- Michelle A

the interesting detail is an excellent my vehicle

my vehicle ford expedition is much comfort and security in the service for the peoples because is very important

- wawer M

It is not in the planned obsolesce mode like most American cars.

I love the way it handles and looks. I do wish I had gotten some more power options like bbn power lift gate.

- David F

Exceptional predicted reliability

The Ford Expedition excels in nearly every category, from overall performance to interior quality and space.

- Gerald C

It is large enough for me and is extremely comfortable. I am proud of my truck

I love the color, moving running boards, captains chairs, and entertainment package. It run extremely well.

- Mike K

It is very safe as it is such a big vehicle.

It is very comfortable and roomy. It rides very smooth. It has a lot of legroom and a lot of storage room.

- Vicki U

Love everything about it....

No problems... works great.... just awesome.... love it... good brand..... cool features... great deal....

- Peter D

Safety is priority. Reliably is important.

Payment is too high. We the love safety. Gets good gas mileage. Plenty of room. Can haul lots of things.

- Diane G

It's very roomy. Very comfortable and tech savvy

Lots of room. Classy but things roll out of the hatch when you automatically open it so that's a dislike

- Danny g

It's a great care for a family.

I love how smooth it drives. It has enough room for the whole family. Great new up to date technology.

- Rebecca T

It is extremely reliable. We have put many miles on it.

My vehicle is big and runs great. I love it. It has enough power to tow a decent size travel trailer.

- Lisa B

Sync 3 is very cool. Easy and convenient to use.

Safety. Usability. Comfort. Fast. Reliability. Love Ford products. Convenient location of dealership.

- Mary L

I feel safe with my family in the car. Even with two toddlers and another one on the way.

I love the room in my Expedition. I am spoiled with the rear camera and side sensors.

- Jessica K

It has a turning radius like a golf cart. Comes in handy in small spaces.

I love it. It is very roomy and spacious. It can hold a lot. No complaints.

- kelly c

Go for the EL, the extra space is worth it and it's not hard to drive

I love the size. I love the power. I love the quality of ford's products.

- Laura C

It is great for families. Has a lot of storage room for kids stuff.

Love the room. Love the functions of it. Love the safety of it.

- Elaine P

It's great rides smooth, nice to look at

no complaints rides smooth has plenty of room nice to look at

- Brent F

Super spacious with room to get in and out easily buckling car seats. Comfortable seating with easy to use touchscreen controls.

Can easily hold 7 people with room for storage and comfort.

- Sarah Y

We get great gas mileage on this large family car! Our kids have plenty of room when we travel.

It is very spacious. Gets good gas mileage.Love the ride.

- L o

Its roomy and has lots of features. Bluetooth, navigation and heated and cooled seats.

The safety features, airbags, and how spacious it is.

- Heather D

It can be adaptable for servals environments and easy to adapt to it.

I like the comfortable, useful. Don't like anything.

- daniel d

Ability to seat 8 passengers. Also the towing capability.

It is very roomy, holding eight people and can tow.

- Teri G

Handles very well and lots of room

Fits my family, drives great,looks great runs well

- Anna I

It's great and I love it because It's a ford

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- edward N