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Good vehicle. Some minor issues. A little too small.

2000 Ford Explorer

Considering that it is a year 2000, it has not given me or my family any real issues. It is completely stock and we do not do any major cleaning to it like detailing. The only thing we do is yearly maintenance. The chrome detailing on the inside is still in good condition. One thing that I have realized while having this vehicle is I do not like automated running boards. Over time the running board on the left side of the vehicle has stopped working. It does not come down when you open the door; not that we need it anyways. To me it is a waste of battery. I would never choose automated running boards again. There are a few technical issues such as the light on the interior on the drivers side above the radio and the a/c does not blow out cool air, but I have chalked that up to the fact that it is getting old. All in all it is still in fantastic working condition. I cannot speak for the 4x4 since the vehicle has never been off-roading. Something that I wish was stock in this vehicle is instead of having halogen headlights I wish all vehicles would come stock with lads.

- Rhonda P

Good vehicle that can do any job. Good for when you need four wheel drive.

2000 Ford Explorer XLT

Four wheel drive, small enough to pull or push things. Automatic transmission, tilt, cruise, air conditioning, cassette and CD player, power windows. Four door with rear opening window and hatch. Fold down rear seat to level the back out to haul bigger items. Big center console/ armrest to store items. Overhead display above rear view mirror that shows outside temp and the direction you are traveling. Also comes with roof rack and a place to put a tow ball on the rear bumper. Downfall is rear window wiper, spring does not pull it tight against rear window for wiper to wipe clean for a clear view. Side skirts under doors from front fender to rear fender hold water so it does considerable damage to vehicle by rusting out the body. Engine compartment does not leave much room to change or replace parts in a timely fashion.

- Josh V

Explorer: A reliable vehicle with some quirks.

2000 Ford Explorer XLS

It's a comfortable and roomy vehicle with a lot of options. The rear seats fold down to give you full room of your back hatch area, and it can comfortably seat 5 people. It's a decently reliable vehicle with routine maintenance, and I have always gotten to where I need to go in it. Things do start to break down over the years, though. Personally, in mine, the hatch lock sticks along with the locks in the main doors. The power window in the driver's side has broken as well. As for what's under the hood, after replacing what has needed to be replaced, that is reliable. It's mainly the interior that starts to break down.

- Jacqueline P

Old white car but does the job.

2000 Ford Explorer

I have a white 2 wheel drive four door 2000 Ford Explorer. The car overall is ok, it does have some problems. The fuel pump has gone out on it twice, the shocks are bad on it and now I think the starter might be trying to go out but even with all of those problems, the car still runs and I can count on it. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is 2 wheel drive and has caused a problem for me in the past while trying to drive on ice. Other than that, I love the car. It is very comfortable, I feel like I could take a really long trip in that car and still be completely comfortable.

- Augusta P

My ford explorer Eddie Bauer.

2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

Sturdy car and it drives like a champ but it does needs shocks and struts. There has been a leak in n antifreeze. We replaced the radiator but not the hoses. Now no more leak. However, the car temp gage will heat up almost all the way to hot and then drop back down to normal. Not sure if that is the hoses or not but will replace those next. Maybe it is the temp gage sensor going bad. My power seats and heated seats works great and is really nice. Center console flip up lid has worn damage on it where it is natural to rest your elbow on it.

- Tracy H

Overall sturdy, but little things break

2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

I absolutely love my car. I enjoy the height so that I can see ahead in traffic or over another car to turn. It is 4 wheel drive, which I enjoy in the mountains. It had the fewest blind spots of any car I've ever had. It is definitely not perfect, but I don't drive that much. If I didn't, gas would be cost prohibitive. Additionally, the lock on the driver's side door has broken twice. I had it repaired the first, but since the second time, I leave nothing of value in the car. Also, it rains in through the sunroof.


My Explorer is a family friendly vehicle.

2000 Ford Explorer

I enjoy the comfortable and durability of my Ford Explorer. It handles well on and off the road.. It is easy to handle, and comfortably seats, my four grandchildren. I filled up every eight to ten days, so I really save on gas, and with four grandchildren with after school pick-ups almost daily, and extracurricular activities outside of school, I am surprised at the money I save on gas expenses. My Explorer feels light and roomy, yet solid and protective. I love my Explorer. She even has a gender and a nickname.

- Tiffany W

My experience with an older vehicle

2000 Ford Explorer XLT

What I like about my Ford Explorer is that it is a smooth ride, even though it's older. Any of the repairs I have had to do were very low cost compared to what past vehicles have cost me. The dashboard does not look like a spaceship, it has the basic buttons and meters and they are easy to read or access when driving. What I don't like is it feels small when you have 2 people up front and 2 in the back, it feels like we are crammed together. They should have moved the back seat a little further back.

- Danielle M

The 120 thousand mile rock.

2000 Ford Explorer Limited

Living in Las Vegas I believe leather is a mistake for all owners unless it's a luxury over 45k car. That is my few negatives on Ford Explorer. This is my second explorer which has a V8 so it's bad gas mileage wise. Both explorers were dependable with proper keep up until around 120k miles. Transmission tend to faulted around this mileage. With proper upkeep or not. I find explorers very comfortable and fun to drive. For a regular sized SUV I think they are in a class by themselves.

- James B

Eddie bauer edition makes it really nice with the leather.

2000 Ford Explorer

My car is 18 years old with over 280, 000 miles so it has a few problems. The door lock sticks and the brakes need changing but other than a few maintenance issues it is very spacious, and I love that I can fit my kayak in it with the back window open, and putting the rails on the top of the car was easy. The biggest problem I have is gas mileage though. I am only getting 17 miles per gallon, but it is cool that I can know that because of the electronics that tells me.

- Kathryn B

177k miles and still runs like silk.

2000 Ford Explorer

This car currently has about 177k miles on it and runs as smooth as silk. As far as I am concerned, my future kids will ride in this vehicle. (I am in college right now. ) It is the Eddie Bauer edition, so it has all the bells and whistles. It has a compass and thermometer (for outside), a place to play cassette tapes, a 6-cd changer, a sunroof, and a place for all your fast-food napkins. And even though its a 2000, you would not expect it but there is a charging port.

- Hannah S

Nice truck for 19 yrs old

2000 Ford Explorer Limited

The mileage could be better. I love how it rides nice and roomy. Suspension and steering issues are a problem for me. My vehicle however is on the cheaper end for parts and such. I wish it was a brighter color. Luxuries included are amazing heated seats and mirrors. Air conditioning heater automatic thermostat how many miles till empty and other necessities on a readable digital display. Real issues with doors hatch and hood latch but my vehicle is a salvage vehicle.

- Amber G

All the small stuff works amazing. Windows\ dashboard/etc.. . Never had any issues.

2000 Ford Explorer

We purchased our SUV used 5 years ago. It has served our family through many family events during that time. In the all the time we have owned our SUV we have had almost no trouble. It works well with our country habits like going to the lake and hiking. It all so cleans up well! My family feels proud when we are out in our Explorer. When we replace our family vehicle next year it will for sure be another Ford. More than likely it will be another Explorer.

- Michelle H

The Explorer is good for people who need space with a gas tank that fills cheap

2000 Ford Explorer Sport

The Ford Explorer has a lot of space, so it's great for tall people, families of 5 or less and or families with claustrophobic people. It is also good for trips whether long or short. As the vehicle gets older and has more miles, it starts to run worse, but it's been 19 years and it still runs and passes inspection with only needing to fix minor things. Gas is decent, 5 gallons gets about a quarter of a tank, and $15-$20 usually gets about half a tank.

- Jenna N

The explorer is a safe, dependable SUV. I would recommend it to anyone.

2000 Ford Explorer Sport

My explorer is a reliable, sturdy, safe vehicle. It does wonderful on snow and ice during the winter. The 4 wheel drive is easy to use and doesn't require going outside. It's dependable and safe. It gets about 15/16 miles to the gallon on the highway, and 12/13 mpg in town. My only complaint - it doesn't have very much legroom in the back seat. However it has a lot of cargo room in the back. Plus the back seats fold down to give even more room.

- Penelope P

The way it rides and drives and the power it has u cant go wrong.

2000 Ford Explorer

It's a great truck been there for me for years I'd trust it to go anywhere. Never had to buy anything really just tune ups. Rides like a dream lots of room lots of leg space, lots of room in the back to move stuff and the back seats lay flat to get more stuff in its just a great SUV. Great on ice and snow and the seats are soft and rides so smooth. And has lots of power which is great I pull a lot of stuff and great on gas.

- Willie M

My awesome vehicle and the reliability and comfort that comes with it.

2000 Ford Explorer

My vehicle has comforting seat arrangements that I can access with a click of a button. Driving my vehicle is smooth and relaxing. I can rely on my vehicle to never let me down. The vehicle is comforting and has many amazing features. The reliability of the vehicle is very reliable and I trust the vehicle to always be of great use. The features are great the radio always has a great selection.

- Eliza I

2000 explorer ready for your workload

2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

My vehicle is a 2000 explorer it is red in color. It has power windows, locks and is very comfortable. It has a second row. The back has its own ac and heat controls. It has a moon roof for those nice days. It has a lot of room in the back to put all your groceries or whatever your transporting. It has a hook on the back so you can put a trailer and get your work done. Its heavy duty.

- Carol B

The exploder: the 18 year old Explorer that keeps on keeping on.

2000 Ford Explorer

It is got many problems due to age and time and the car itself is battered. However, it functions incredibly well and is simple to use. The brakes, gas, and shift all work like they're supposed to and the car itself is still able to go 70 miles per hour despite it is age. It is very spacious inside and has a large trunk/back that is handy for transporting large and heavy objects.

- Alyssa R

Comfort and affordability of the Explorer.

2000 Ford Explorer

The back hatch latch sticks and the door locks get stuck often, but performance and low maintenance makes up for any inconvenience of the doors. Acceleration on take off is excellent, gas mileage impressively high, comfort is beyond any expectations, I am disabled and comfort and ease of entrance and exit is very important. The Explorer is very easy for me to enter and exit.

- Julie B

It's a reliable car that won't drain your pocketbook on maintenance.

2000 Ford Explorer

2nd Explorer I've owned & both have been very reliable w/ minimum maintenance issues. Large enough that I feel safe but small enough to provide reasonable gas mileage. I like that the body style is more rugged than soccer mom. I'd consider buying another one but other manufacturers are offering more options, so I'm almost certain I'll be buying something else this time.

- Susan V

Great car, lots of room. But not so great gas mileage especially short trips.

2000 Ford Explorer Limited

The only problem I have had is some of the panel lights seems to keep going out. This is an excellent car when it comes to room and space. Unfortunately it doesn't get great gas mileage especially in town for short distance but long distance isn't so bad. I wish it came with better speakers and better sounding radio. But you can't get everything you want all the time.

- Cheryl F

Ford Explorers are rock stars.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love this car. I have it for 17 years and it has never let me down. Other than usual tires, brakes, etc. It has never needed anything. It hauls a lot of stuff in the cargo area, which is great for my small business. I have taken it halfway across the country and numerous trips between 300-500 miles. The gas is great on the highway, not so good in the city.

- Debra C

My 2000 blue ford explorer is really annoying and need a lot of work

2000 Ford Explorer Limited

It's blue . a 2000 explorer. It doesn't work and it's really hot. Tires are busted. Windows wont go up or down. Air doesn't work. Headlights work when they want to but only on bright. And the radio doesn't pick up any stations. The windshield wipers work but they rarely work. The heat work fantastic ! Rear view mirror is missing and it has a bad battery

- Tiffany L

Ford Explorer 4. 0 inline!

2000 Ford Explorer

The 2000 Ford Explorer has a 4. 0 inline v6 - bullet proof engine! The creature comforts are not the best pretty basic seat controls and radio options but it goes through everything and anything you want it to - the 4x4 option is great especially seeing as it put itself in 4 if it decides it needs to but you also have the option to do it yourself.

- Mollie D

The vehicle I drive is a great vehicle for commuting.

2000 Ford Explorer Sport

The Ford Explorer I drive is a good commuting vehicle. I don't recommend for long drives. The heat and air conditioning doesn't work, the engine is very loud, and the tires aren't the right size the vehicle. The vehicle has leather seats and a functioning stereo with CD and cassette features. The vehicle is very clean for the age and condition.

- Savannah G

Overall, the car is great, just wish it had better gas mileage.

2000 Ford Explorer

Car is not a bad car, overall fairly good. But if your are looking for something for long distance driving I would suggest something that has better gas mileage. Very comfortable, cushioned seats an great heat. Wish it has leather seats. Very reliable, the car has over 206, 000 miles on it and is running strong. Just ready for an upgrade.

- Hannah P

Ford explorer has the transmission of a "champion"!

2000 Ford Explorer

It is an older vehicle with a lot of history along with that comes high mileage. The pick up on it is not what it used to be but it gets me where I need to go and that makes it reliable. This is not my first Ford Explorer and it probably will not be my last. If you take care of it she will take care of you, no matter how high the miles!

- Jamie S

It's a 5.0 V8 engine. It's all wheel drive so you know it'll get ya places.

2000 Ford Explorer

My vehicle isn't a Ford Explorer, it's actually a Mercury Mountaineer, it's still a Ford though. I bought it about a month ago and i absolutely fell in love with it. it runs excellent, there's a few cosmetic issues but that's about it. it does have a transmission fluid leak somewhere but other than that, there's nothing wrong with it.

- Mikayla B

The Ford for all: an SUV for you and me.

2000 Ford Explorer

An excellent vehicle. Very few issues, but there was a nagging issue with the transmission after a decade. Other than that, it performed quite well. A excellent winter time car because of the tires and their traction. The inside rides high with comfortable seating and spacious room. I loved the CD player and the surround sound system.

- Nick N

Easy driving vehicle: timing chains go out around 250000 miles.

2000 Ford Explorer XLT

Transfer case has broken, timing chains have broken: until these problems occurred I loved my vehicle. Easy to drive, live in a large city with a lot of traffic. Easy to see out of to park and change lanes. With the stop and go traffic the brakes need replaced 2 times a year, but I put approximately 1000 miles a week on my vehicle.

- Susan W

I Love my Explorer like no other

2000 Ford Explorer XLT

I purchased my 2000 Ford Explorer used in 2013. It has been an excellent and dependable vehicle. With almost 194,000 miles, it is still a comfortable vehicle to ride in, and has tons of space. I haven't had very many issues mechanical related that aren't just normal wear and tear. I will keep it until I have no choice but too.

- Carla B

The Fine Ford Explorer - It�s Alright

2000 Ford Explorer Limited

Reliable car. It gets the job done. It gets horrible gas mileage, as to be expected with a large SUV type vehicle. Great for a first car for a young driver. I bought this car when I was 16, and it was already 17 years old. I've put over 11,000 miles on it in the past few years with no major issues. Very comfortable and safe.

- Mackenzie D

1997 Jeep Cherokee sport 4 door 6 light blue.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love my Jeep Cherokee. It has roughly 240k miles on it and I've had no mechanical issues with it at all. I used to Jeeps but after buying this one I want to buy more and more. It's very comfortable and parts seem to be fairly cheap. It has exceeded all my expectations and I will never buy any other vehicle but Jeep again.

- Jaime C

Comfortable and mostly reliable.

2000 Ford Explorer

My Ford Explorer is super comfortable and spacious. It holds everything I need it to, and I prefer taking it on trip when more than two people are coming because the back seat is so comfortable. I have had a couple issues with it, but nothing that a couple trips to the mechanic couldn't fix. Overall very reliable car.

- Jamie R

Others should know that my cars front door handle is broken, and you have to open it from the inside.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that my car has air conditioning that works. I like the space that it has, and that it has four wheel drive. I dislike that the front door handle is broken. I also wish it had more power, it's hard to get going sometimes. I also wish I could listen to pandora in my car, like my husband can in his truck.

- Kimberly Y

A reliable vehicle Ford Explorers.

2000 Ford Explorer

My car is a 2000 Ford Explorer. When I bought it a year ago it had 110, 000 miles on it. I've only had to change a tire rod and fuel pump. As long as you change oil when needed and do the tune ups on it these vehicles will last you a long time. It is a very reliable vehicle I would drive this vehicle anywhere.

- Kimberly S

It is a family oriented SUV that can seat 5 people and has automatic 4WD.

2000 Ford Explorer XLT

Older vehicle with a lot of visual blemishes. The motor works well for its age. The driver's side rear door has not been able to be opened in over 5 years. The parking brake does not always engage properly and I have to be cautious where I park. The air conditioning does not work very well on really hot days.

- Jamal H

Old Ford Explorers still run decently.

2000 Ford Explorer

Some malfunctioning with the catalytic converter, but aside from that it still runs; even in the high mile range. I currently have about 195, 000 miles and it is still going strong. The fuel pump and the alternator had to be replaced within the past couple years, but it still runs fine for an old vehicle.

- Austin G

Best Ford truck ever wont ever change!!

2000 Ford Explorer

Ford has helped me a lot. Comfortable for everyone helps fit tons of tools in it for work. I haven't had a problem with it breaking down. haven't had a problem with the engine or the interior either. Over all great truck and won't change anytime soon not even for another truck. I love my truck.

- Justin C

It is a family car a nice olive green with white and blue inside.

2000 Ford Explorer Limited

Cruise control ac air heating it can sit 7 to 8 people comfortably back windows open sliding door automatically opens room in the back for groceries or luggage good on gas excellent on road trips the back seats lay down and the middle seats also they down are you can remove the mail the car.

- Isabel C

This truck was made very well. It is very roomy and on long trips it feels like sitting in a recliner chair.

2000 Ford Explorer

My truck has not had any major problems in the 3 years I have owned it. General repairs only, oil change new belts and alternator. Very good mileage on the highway. Drove 14 hours from Minnesota to Kentucky and had a very pleasant trip even with the 2 hour delay due to road construction.

- Valorie H

My car I never thought I would have.

2000 Ford Explorer

It gets hot often because it is an older car. The engine had to be replaced because we did not check the water cooler in the car. It can go long distance as long as you plan the length of the trip. But over time it will be better because you get to cherish your car more every time.

- Maro J

Older Ford Explorer holding up to the test of time!

2000 Ford Explorer

Good for the price. The sun roof has leaked. Love the fwd. Decent amount of room. Nice leather seats but they don't hold up time wise unfortunately and they get hot during the summer when you sit on them. Air conditioner has had issues but nothing new from an older vehicle.

- Tony Q

I really am loving this great SUV.

2000 Ford Explorer XLT

I love it had it 19 yrs and lil to no problems.It's a very reliable transportation.It's a daily transportation in love the space and seating. Use it to move and grocery shop. Lots of space to carry stuff. I have had no real problems with it. I love it and would buy another.

- Tammy Z

My Ford Explorer and why I like my truck.

2000 Ford Explorer

My Ford Explorer is eighteen years old, and I have owned it for eight years myself. In that time, I cannot think of any major repairs I have had to make besides replacing the battery. With good care and maintenance I expect this SUV to still be running for quite some time.

- Terrence Q

I love my SUV, I do not know what more to say.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like the fact that I am sitting up high like in a truck, but it is not a truck. It is comfortable and I am more comfortable diving it. I have plenty of room for carrying luggage groceries or whatever and they are inside the vehicle, whereas they would not be in a truck.

- Sarah R

Our like new used Ford Explorer

2000 Ford Explorer XL

We purchased our 2000 Ford Explorer as a used car in 2017. It was well maintained and has been great for our family of three. We have not had any major issues except normal maintenance. It's comfortable, reliable and we feel very safe using it as our main family vehicle.

- Valerie B

It is a solid, reliable vehicle, that gets decent gas mileage and has the ability to easily haul things.

2000 Ford Explorer

We purchased a used 2000 Ford Explorer in January of this year. Considering we only paid 1,700 for it, it has been a reliable vehicle so far. We have always loved Ford Explorers for the reliability and ability to haul things, like the motorized wheelchair that I now use.

- Jean M

A great runner in this ford.

2000 Ford Explorer

It is a comfortable car to drive. It runs well. And the miles can add up and eat the road. It runs great off-road. The only issues I have with it us the head gaskets blow real quick and it is expensive to fix. But even with a blown head gasket it still can run very well.

- Irene B

It has not had any major problems over the years and still runs good.

2000 Ford Explorer

It is getting up there in age but has kept plugging along with minimal upkeep over the years so I have stayed with this SUV. It could use another paint job and maybe some interior work but it does get me around safely, just keep new tires on it and tune it up regularly.

- Cheryl N

A exclusive silver Ford Explorer 4x4

2000 Ford Explorer

It has high miles, rust on spots, but four wheel drive HI and LO work. It doesn't like to start up sometimes ,when it is already warmed up. Not sure why but i haven't been stranded. Its silver, with good all terrain tires on it. She needs a little maintenance and love

- Mike R

My Explorer is amazing1 she is 18 years old & still looks new.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love my Ford Explorer. It is the best vehicle that I have ever owned or driven. It is a maroon color and has cloth seats. It gets very reasonable gas mileage. I have never had any major problems with my truck. She runs like a dream & I will for sure buy another one.

- Amy F

4 wheel beast I call it. Has 4 wheel drive and doesn't get stuck on any road

2000 Ford Explorer XL

The suspension needed replaced completely at 120,000 miles. Other than that everything else has been going strong. The engine does have a low tapping sound but still is running strong. The interior has started cracking and fabric started ripping easily from the aging.

- David J

It is a Ford. Good quality product.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like the body style. I like the interior. The smooth ride. Inside room. I am a Ford man. It has power. The quality is great. Ford makes a great product. I always buy a Ford product. This is the second Explorer I had they are great vehicles. I will buy another one.

- Donald H

Perfect for a woman on the go!

2000 Ford Explorer

Performs very well. Easy to handle. Perfect style and space for any occasion. Love the computer features, fold down seats, recording device, front and back air/heating controls. Leather interior is uncomfortable in the summer. Love the sun roof and top luggage rack.

- Sheri E

Ford Explorer great vehicle to have.

2000 Ford Explorer

Great vehicle to drive. Love the way it handles haven't had much trouble with it all but replacing the fuel pump. Love the way you sit up higher in it then a small car. Great for someone with back problems would buy another one if I found one like the one I have.

- Sammy C

Runs great! A very reliable vehicle!

2000 Ford Explorer Sport

My vehicle is a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport. It's a 2 door 4x4. The odometer reading is 126,000 with a rebuilt engine. A great running truck overall. It's black with tan interior. The windows are nicely tinted and the stereo has a six CD changer and great equalizer

- Lynn G

It is white and beautiful.

2000 Ford Explorer

Everything is great on my car. The only problem there is the one of the windows does not work and the air conditioning it is too great but it has lasted a long time and is very comfortable. It is very reliable me has lasted about 23 years. I love my car so much.

- Lizzie C

Family ride nice even through traffic time.

2000 Ford Explorer XL

Runs great, nice interior, power windows and seats. Comfortable room while riding with a full vehicle. Beautiful seats like that they are fabric and not leather. Our family enjoys the ride any time we go somewhere. The stereo is great and has adjustable volumes.

- Donna S

it is great for country driving, but I find it difficult, being an older person, driving around a big city.

2000 Ford Explorer

My 2000 ford explorer has sort of been a nightmare for me in the last 4 years. A woman, texting, smashed into the driver's side rear, knocking my gas door all bent out of share. then I had 3 accidents due to the vehicle being too big to safely back up anywhere.

- bob g

Reliable, good on gas, I feel safe driving in my truck.

2000 Ford Explorer

For the most part I love my vehicle. For it to be almost 20 years old she runs very well. I also like the fact that it is a strong built truck. The only complaint I have is the rusting. When I see other Ford's like mine I notice rust on the bottom doors, trunk.

- Wanda C

I like that you are above traffic and can see and avoid any danger ahead.

2000 Ford Explorer

I have owned this vehicle new and the only major problem occurred this year when the cooling (not air) developed a leak and had to be replaced. I love it because it can be used like a truck when rear seats are put down. The leather seats are great for family.

- Wanda D

It is black Explorer sport. The heater and radio work great.

2000 Ford Explorer

It is really old, but still is operational. The air blows but does not cool. The heater works great. The radio works great. It used to have leather seats. After aging, they are easy to rip. It does drive a little rough but it is 18 years old. I still love it.

- Christy A

Older Explorer shows its age.

2000 Ford Explorer

It runs rough when it gets below a 1/4 tank of gas and on hot days. It is a 4 when drive and that works great. It is a little small for my family of 4 but it is better than driving a small car. The ac works fantastically well. I wish it had car seat anchors.

- Kirsten F

I really love and enjoy driving my SUV.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like my vehicle because I am sitting up high, like you would be in a truck, but it is not a truck. There is plenty of seating for others and I have a lot of space to carry groceries or any thing I want and it is protected unlike it would be in a truck bed.

- Sarah M

Good running vehicle with little to no mechanical issues since we bought it used.

2000 Ford Explorer

No problems. Very comfortable. Rides smoothly with little to no mechanical issues. It has been a good running car that has been reliable for the time that we have had it and is a great car for what I need to use it for which is going to work and back daily.

- Amy C

Used black 2000 ford explorer.

2000 Ford Explorer XLS

Black in color, rear wheel drive, five door, automatic, never been wrecked, rebuilt motor, power windows and doors, cruise control, trailer hitch, driven mostly just for going to work but able to use for long distance traveling and a very comfortable ride.

- Stacy S

I can fit up to 5-6 people in my car, the air conditioner is starting to mess up but it still works.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that for a used vehicle it is very dependable. I have had this car for about 2 years now and have not had any really big problems. I don't like the fact that the car is old, I wish I could upgrade it but it is dependable so I won't complain to bad

- Brandi D

My car is a brown SUV and its got a nice inside.

2000 Ford Explorer

It is reliable and comfortable. I like the color and inside. The runs good on the road and it gets good mileage. The seats are good and it hold enough people. It is a smooth ride and good radio. It's a comfortable car to drive on the road or off-roading.

- Kristina O

I really loved the fact I could drive it thru just about anything.

2000 Ford Explorer

My Ford Explorer got me from point A to point B with no problems. It had plenty of space and a big trunk area to put plenty of stuff in the back. Hate that I got rid of that nice Explorer, traded it for a car and that was the biggest mistake I ever made.

- Gabriela G

Great family vehicle with lots of storage room

2000 Ford Explorer XLT

Lots of room and comfort. Nice radio and system factory installed. Not so great on gas mileage. It is four wheel drive all the time though so that is to be expected. No major mechanical issues so far, and what we have had to repair has been fairly cheap

- Misty K

It is not the greatest on gas mileage.

2000 Ford Explorer

My vehicle is 18 years old and I just now started having to fix, replace, or repair factory parts on it. I have had minor issues out of because previous owners not taking care of it but I got those issues fixed and the truck runs like it is brand new.

- Tiffany B

First and foremost it comes with a CD player, we're oldschool and it's great! Plus, the cupholders are a good size and there really is a lot of space.

2000 Ford Explorer

We bought the car used, it runs well it's just rattles a bit and the gear shifter is hard to change every once in a while. It's a long vehicle but there is a lot of space, good for shopping and seats 5 people with plenty of foot room in the back!

- Angel B

The Ford Explorer is a spacious, reliable vehicle with manageable quirks.

2000 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a reliable vehicle with a great space for moving furniture. Our model has a few oil-related quirks that are fixed by letting the engine run a few minutes when first turned on, but this also lets the AC/heat turn on faster.

- Chris G

That to me it's a good car.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like my car because it gets me where I need to be and where I need to go. I don't like my car because its an older model and i'd like to have a newer better running car, I have two small children and a car is needed when you have children.

- Alyssa B

I think it's a great vehicle and It's worth checking out,

2000 Ford Explorer

I love it-I love the sunroof my favorite feature. I really like the fuel left estimator. I also like how it computes the oil and other features guide-It's very handy. The thing I don't like and wish it done better is fuel mileage.

- Sherry P

Comfortable, reliable, fun to drive midsize SUV for everyday use

2000 Ford Explorer

I like pretty much everything about my vehicle. The interior is comfortable, it drives well, and visibility is very good. The only downside is that the technology is dated as compared to modern cars, and the fuel economy is sub-par

- Alex A

It run good I just need to get it looking good again.

2000 Ford Explorer

Well it needs a front end alignment, and the tires done oil change, but it is runs pretty good. It has a ac and heater and the driver side window needs fixing the rear one needs to be aligned again so it will go up and down.

- Don D

Reliable and can carry a lot of stuff.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love my vehicle because it sits higher off the ground so It's easy to get in and out of. It's also 4 wheel drive so it handles nicely in bad weather. I don't really have any complaints just wish it was a bit newer

- Tara r

It's in great shape very fuel efficient handles loads a passengers very well

2000 Ford Explorer

Very happy with this vehicle it fits a transports all my needs never had any major problems either other than the oil changes tune ups, brakes and a couple of emissions issues always passes smog , great truck

- Miguel L

It is very reliable, however has pretty poor gas mileage.

2000 Ford Explorer

This is a very reliable car because it is very old but it still works fairly well for its age. The gas mileage is not very good, however, and it has had to have a good amount of work done because of its age.

- Taylor F

Take your tank to the grocery store. Lots of room for groceries.

2000 Ford Explorer

My car is an older model in really great condition. It is 4-wheel drive and is like driving a tank, not so much in actuality but definitely for the safety factor. I am tall and there's adequate leg room.

- Carol T

It is a nice SUV that is sturdy and durable. Has gotten my family through a lot of winters and not problems so far.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that it is roomy with enough seats for my family. I like that it has a nice truck area. It is also 4x4 which is nice in the winter. And I like that the inside is clean and not complicated.

- Scarlet S

Dependable, Easy to maintain. Relatively good gas mileage

2000 Ford Explorer

Owned for almost two years, very dependable. Gas mileage is pretty good, around 17 or 18 MPG. Had some minor issues from previous owners. Replace intake manifold gasket and had radiator flushed.

- Jerry B

My mercury mountaineer will never die!

2000 Ford Explorer

My mercury mountaineer is awesome. She's 18 years old and still going! Not all the doors work right and the glass window on the hatch won't close all the way but she starts every time!

- Jodie A

That it is a great car that gets the job done and is comfortable to drive

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that it's a SUV and that I can see from up high when I drive. I have a lot of room to carry passengers or stuff. I just don't like how it's not that efficient on gas mileage.

- Kelly G

That Fords are good vehicles.

2000 Ford Explorer

We have had this vehicle for 18 years and have not had any problems with it. It had been a good car. The only complaint I have is the back doors do not lock anymore for some reason.

- Kay K

Ford Explorer, The adventurer's choice.

2000 Ford Explorer

I have loved my ford explorer for years now. It has served me on and off the road well. If it is miles on the highway, she is game. If its going off road, she's ready for that too.

- donald b

Its dependable in bad weather, goes thru snow and rain and ice and it's very good.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that it's still going as old as it is. It's a very big car lots of room. I like that it's 4x4 and can go thru the snow. I don't like that I have to buy parts all the time.

- Jessica T

It's a great family car. It also drives great it's easy to handle.

2000 Ford Explorer

No complaints on the vehicle itself it's just time for a new one. I actually love the truck. I love the room inside. And I love the way it drive I just need a more update model.

- Bridget D

Reliability she has over 100,000 miles and she has never left me sit.

2000 Ford Explorer

My explorer is roomy and I have had few problems with its performance. Since it is an older vehicle it does not include many extras but I find it comfortable and very reliable.

- Ann J

It is reliable and great for moving things around.

2000 Ford Explorer

It is a blue explorer that is very reliable. I like the size as it does make it easier to carry things around and makes me feel safer. I dislike the amount of gas it uses.

- Andrew A

It is reliable and safe. I have had few issues in the 10 years I have owned it.

2000 Ford Explorer

It has served me well through the years but it is time for a change. I love that it will get me through all types of weather conditions. Living around ice that is a plus.

- Michelle H

The most important thing about my car is that it has been very reliable.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like how reliable my explorer has been. It has been a great family car. I wish the ride was a bit more smooth & I would like a newer model with a back-up camera.

- Deborah L

It jolts from time to time if you do the gas too quickly.

2000 Ford Explorer

It drives well enough, but its age is definitely getting to it. It's kind of shuddery as it drives and the "DOOR AJAR" light is always on for seemingly no reason.

- Erin O

An Ford Explorer That Still Runs Well

2000 Ford Explorer

It's a pretty standard SUV. It runs well and feels comfortable enough. There's a lot of space for passengers and for storage. I wish it had a better fuel economy.

- Rashad J

It runs and is pretty good gas.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that it works. I dislike that it only has 4 seats. I dislike that things keep breaking on it here and there. I like that it has a lot of room in the back.

- Christina I

easy to handle in heavy traffic not to small not to big

2000 Ford Explorer

I like the size, it's not so big that it's hard to drive in heavy traffic. everything is enclosed so you can leave things inside without people seeing them.

- Johnnie V

It just keeps running. It is great in deep snow.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love the visibility I have. I can see everything around me. I love the utility of all the space. I dislike the fact that at 150,000 it has a bad cylinder.

- Daniel N

I like the fact that you are sitting up high, not low to the road like a car.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like my Explorer, it is comfortable and rides good. I like sitting high like in a truck, but it is not a truck. It has room to carry a lot if I need to.

- Sarah M

I feel very safe driving it.

2000 Ford Explorer

Well built, had 243, 000 miles and still has plenty of energy. Best SUV I have owned. Upkeep is easy, does not burn oil, fluids stay full, no leaks.

- George V

2000 Ford Explorer Good Ride

2000 Ford Explorer

I have had no major problems with this vehicle. We have had most of the exhaust system replaced. Antifreeze was leaking. Brakes have been replaced.

- Elizabeth M

It is fairly good on gas in town and on the highway.

2000 Ford Explorer

I have had it for 11 yrs and hardly had any problems with it. Ford is very dependable. It is high enough I do not have problems getting in or out.

- Cindy B

Not a thing - vehicle is 18 years old.

2000 Ford Explorer

Nothing to add - vehicle is old. Body rusts easily - I have the Eddie Bauer edition, exhaust comes through holes and the window seals are rotted.

- Shelly M

We got a really good deal on it, paid half of blue book value for it.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love that it's paid off and we got a really good deal on it. I don't like that it's starting to have maintenance issues and it's getting older.

- Jennifer W

The 4x4 works so well. I had to go through snow drifts as high as the hood.

2000 Ford Explorer

I got this SUV from an elderly couple. They were unable to drive anymore. Only owners. Well maintained. I have yet to have any problems with it.

- Cindy H

Watch out for is the calibers and just keep the maintenance work up on the car.

2000 Ford Explorer

Great shape, low mileage, but it is a gas hog. Easy to maneuver even though it is a full sized SUV. Now I can do my errands without assistance.

- Tonja G

I like the size and the space. There is room to carry lots of things in the back and it it also roomy enough for car seats. It is reliable and dependable.

2000 Ford Explorer

This car is awesome and great for a small family or even just one person. This car works when I need it and gets me where I need to go safely.

- Cassandra Z

Dependable 2000 Ford Explorer

2000 Ford Explorer

The car is very dependable and has lasted me an incredibly long time. It has never really broken down in a way that has caused major issues.

- Josh M

It is as small as it looks!.

2000 Ford Explorer

It's a reliable car but I wanted something that was a bit newer. For a first car its not bad at all but there is nothing amazing about it.

- Joshua G

Performance, high quality, gas.

2000 Ford Explorer

The performance on my vehicle is efficient. I rarely have problems. Although, most likely, I will purchase a new vehicle in the future.

- Edwin A

it runs like a top. older vehicles are better as long as you maintain them.

2000 Ford Explorer

i like older vehicle because they are more reliable. i love everything about it. i don't need anything fancy like new vehicles have.

- ge s

Dark windows large fast v8 motor

2000 Ford Explorer

The only problem I have is the power outlet on the dash was quick to break it has over 200k miles and I would drive it cross country

- Daniel C

It is fine, nothing great but I've driven worse.

2000 Ford Explorer

It does the job, it is older though. It does not have many miles but there is a lot of rust and it runs pretty rough because of it.

- Samantha H

The Many Reasons to buy a Ford Explorer

2000 Ford Explorer

Great liability, sunroof, electric seats, LS sport, 4-wheel drive, tow package, dash cam, rear view camera, upgraded stereo system

- Chris C

It's a big vehicle that sits up high and is easy to see traffic from

2000 Ford Explorer

It's a gas hog but the engine runs well and there is a lot of room for people and things and it has a lot of fun little features.

- serenity b

The most important thing that people should know about my car is, is has given me no problems.

2000 Ford Explorer

I have a 2000 Ford Explorer. This is my second vehicle, in my life, that I have purchased. I like it my truck has a lot of room.

- Edwin I

Uses a lot of fuel to get from point A to point B.

2000 Ford Explorer

Great commuter for school and work. Very reliable and trusting. Uses lots of fuel for commute. Is very spacious which is a plus.

- Jose C

It's a prized thing for me.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love the room I have. It was given to me by my grandparents so it means a lot. It could have better shocks, but, that's on me.

- Cody D

Just a fantastic daily driver

2000 Ford Explorer

Owned my Ford Explorer for over 13 years. In that time it's barely given me any problems. It has been a dependable daily driver

- Dan E

Highly dependable, everything still works on it including the air conditioning.

2000 Ford Explorer

No major problems with my Explorer, just change the oil frequently and take care of your tires, very dependable for long trips.

- Jesse S

It's usually a pretty reliable vehicle for errands but maybe not for long road trips.

2000 Ford Explorer

I dislike that the lights are a bit wonky because it is a bit old and the paint is falling off but it gets me around just fine.

- Jennie A

It is reliable and trustworthy. It has never let me down.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that it is all wheel drive. I like that it has a v8. I like that it has all disc brakes. I like that it is dependable.

- Anthony K

Keep the oil change and the arms on it make sure they are stable

2000 Ford Explorer

It gets me there and I like the feeling of the truck when it in motion and I dislike that the air-conditioner blows out quick

- regina C

Steers a little bit to the left on its own.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that it is white. I do not like the steering. I do not like how slow it is. I like that it is reliable and heavy duty.

- Wyatt S

That with regular maintenance and upkeep,a vehicle will last.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love my truck. This is a good vehicle with regular upkeep it has been running good for me.I will keep it as long as I can.

- Debra G

Also has a voice recording feature on driver side.

2000 Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer limited so it has a back up sensor and heated seats. It is old, brakes are starting to go, wear and tear, etc.

- Amber P

It is reliable and has lasted a long time. Does not have to be babied.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love that I can get out of deep snow without shoveling. I also love the fact that my vehicle is still hanging in there.

- Ann S

It is a bad weatherbeater!

2000 Ford Explorer

Provides a comfortable entry/exit. Exudes a strong appearance.Gives me confidence to drive in nearly any type of weather.

- Ken K

That it allows me to get to work and back to save money.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that my car is smooth.My car is dependable. I like the seat space and the roominess and the cup holders are nice.

- Jerry P

It's reliable and gets me to and from where I need to go.

2000 Ford Explorer

It's a reliable vehicle - good engine - nothing major has gone wrong with it. It is roomy and comfortable to travel in.

- Heather B

If it runs properly and is up to date on everything it needs.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love how it's running well. I dislike how the breaks always go bad but overall it has been one of my favorite cars.

- Alex V

It is a pretty cool vehicle. . Drives pretty cool.

2000 Ford Explorer

It does not have any problems. It drives pretty good. It is up to date with maintenance and it drives pretty smooth.

- Leticia G

That it can get around on the streets when there is snow and ice.

2000 Ford Explorer

No complaints. It is a dependable SUV I believe if you take care of your vehicle it will last you a long long time.

- Michaela S

It has lasted 250000 miles and is still running like a champ

2000 Ford Explorer

I love the automatic four wheel drive feature. I have an awesome amount of space to put items behind the back seat

- Christine B

I love tahoe,. I have owned two.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like it because it has room for a lot of people and storage for family trips and vacations great for traveling.

- Crystal R

Is the motor and good condition.

2000 Ford Explorer

It has great speed. It's good on gas. doesn't have a lot toweling power and handling. doesn't have good breaks.

- Alexis T

It is dependable. It gets me where I need to go.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like all the room it has. I can haul and move stuff. It could be better on gas. I am not fond of the color.

- Chelsea W

Usual maintenance should be done slightly earlier than recommendation for improved engine and transmission life.

2000 Ford Explorer

ABS is fantastic. Steering also above average. Fords Fix Or Repair Daily applies as nuts and bolts fall off.

- Anthony L

Safety is my most important I think.

2000 Ford Explorer

Seems like there is always something messing up but of course that all vehicles at some time to the other.

- Diana W

It is dependable and reliable.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that it is dependable. I like that is has all the features that I need. I dislike that it is old.

- Anne R

This is a durable car, latest eighteen years so far.

2000 Ford Explorer

Durability, holds up well. Wear and tear after 18 years, but still dependable for day to day driving.

- Donelle P

It is paid for, it is reliable and serves me well.

2000 Ford Explorer

It has been very reliable, has plenty of room. Fuel mileage is decent and is a decent looking vehicle.

- Frank B

Very dependable. Could have better gas mileage though

2000 Ford Explorer

It's very reliable for an older vehicle. With just a few minor (cheap) fixes it has been a great ride.

- Kaitlen S

I think when it comes to vehicles everyone has different opinion and to do your own research before making conclusions.

2000 Ford Explorer

I enjoy the power it has not to mention the size. I think the ford explorer is a dependable vehicle

- Aaron H

it is a comfortable ride, it doesn't cost a lot for repairs

2000 Ford Explorer

i love the fact that it is low maintenance. it has enough room for my family. it is great on gas.

- jetaun r

that It's a good running SUV, and it has good traction, and nice when It's clean

2000 Ford Explorer

It's a good vehicle but It's white. It gets up the hill to our house which is a task in itself.

- Brenda R

That it is fairly reliable and really a pleasure to drive around

2000 Ford Explorer

Very comfortable and feels good to drive. Plenty of space to carry extra items if needed.

- Chadd O

Never any issues, extraordinary reliable and problem-free.

2000 Ford Explorer

Always reliable. Approaching 100K miles. Never a problem except for routine maintenance.

- mary p

that if you take care of your car it will take care of you

2000 Ford Explorer

i love fords. i have had my explorer for many years. love to take it camping and fishing

- betty b

Good engine and transmission gets you to work and back as well as anywhere within the town

2000 Ford Explorer

It is old. Roof leaks water. Has many rattle. Engine and transmission are working fine.

- Hreg H

I feel safe in this truck

2000 Ford Explorer

I like that it's a 4 door truck , I like that I can haul most things , it looks cool

- regina s

It is a good , reliable car.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like the room . I like the comfortable seats. I like the color of the vehicle.

- Deborah G

My vehicle is great in the snow and for off roading.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love that it's all wheel drive. I love it has good mpg. I love that it's stylish

- Will J

Is a family Vehicle and has lots of room for travel

2000 Ford Explorer

Very roomy for vacations. Pretty decent gas mileage on road. Pretty easy keep up.

- Rebecca M

Reliable, dependable, great all weather vehicle. Trustworthy

2000 Ford Explorer

Suv. Large cargo area, ability to tow, seats 4 comfortably Dislike -gas mileage

- Charles B

It is my means of getting from point a to point b and used for hauling things around.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like the cargo space. I like that it is awd. I dislike that it isn't modern.

- Cal C

it has a very tight turning radius and is comfortable

2000 Ford Explorer

it has a very tight turning radius. it's fairly easy on gas. it's comfortable

- Joan C

it is very dependable. it easy on gas. It's fun to drive.

2000 Ford Explorer

I love in capacity for load. I love it stylish look. I love it gas mileage.

- del M

My ford explorer is a very reliable car. it runs when no other vehicle will run, it is a good vehicle

2000 Ford Explorer

it is reliable, it cranks up in the winter when most cars won't start

- pam r

It is a really good brand of car. It is really well known

2000 Ford Explorer

I really like it. It works great and gets me everywhere I need to go.

- Brittany C

It is a Ford and that pretty much says it all.

2000 Ford Explorer

I really don't have any issues with it. It has been totally reliable.

- James M

everything works. put a lot of work into it

2000 Ford Explorer

It's definitely built ford tough. has over 190 and still dependable

- donnell W

My car runs okay. It has problems here and there but i guess that's because its old and tired. I wouldn't mind another newer version of this car.

2000 Ford Explorer

Buy new and not used that's definitely the most important thing.

- Joharren S

Comfortable, reliable. Gas Consumption, but it's alright.

2000 Ford Explorer

It is Reliable and dependable, comfortable too. Simply nice

- Anne G

Love my truck but it needs too many repairs. It has over 400,000 miles. Gets me from A to B. It's old

2000 Ford Explorer

400,000+ miles. Still runs great. Needs some extra TLC.

- Melissa S

hangs in there and won't quit

2000 Ford Explorer

like-reliability; size, height, capacity dislike-nil

- Jeffrey T

Long lasting vehicle since I took possession of it no big problems.

2000 Ford Explorer

I like my vehicle cause it's a long lasting truck.

- Juan F