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Ole faithful 01 ford explorer.

Only problems I initially have with my 2001 ford explorer is it cuts off sometimes because of the battery acid on the wires. I play with the wires and scrape the acid off and spray starter fluid in the intake and it starts up and runs like a champ. Performance it is an awesome truck for nice drives like the beach and great space for all the beach items that I tote with me it fits in the back pretty well! This truck is way more reliable than my old car it does not overheat like my old car. This truck has over 200 miles on it and it runs very good! My comfort level with this truck is me knowing it and I know it will start right up if I was to leave it sitting for a few days. Not too many features I can say about this truck besides it has a fob the old square one. Needless to say my truck is very awesome with the minor issues!

- Mea G

My ford explorer has been an excellent investment!

I have been very pleased with my ford explorer XLT. It has been extremely reliable. It has great gas mileage on long trips and around town. The interior has worm well. The exterior also has survived hot sunshine and cold frigid winters in our city. I have been very careful with the maintenance of my ford explorer. Always keeping the oil change on schedule and the transmission fluid, transfer case, as well as all the regularly scheduled maintenance required by my maintenance schedule. The interior has been quite satisfactory. The upholstery has worn well. The floor mats are still like new.

- Peggy M

It will be ran and ran and ran until it wont run any more

In total it is a pretty strong vehicle. I have had it for over 2 Years and have had few problems with it. The only thing I don't like is it is an explorer sport trac so it is only a two door. That's not really a downside of the vehicle because for someone else that may not be an issue but for my lifestyle with 2 small children (grandchildren) that I have to get in and out of the vehicle on a regular basis it is difficult. If I would have been able to get a four door I would have but at the time this was the only car in my price range.

- Renea G

Tough, dependable, and rugged.

The vehicle performs wonderfully, despite being 18 years old. It is the perfect size for someone who needs to occasionally haul something, but not large objects and not very often. It seems to get better gas mileage than my previous vehicle, despite both being SUVs. Perfect for winter conditions, as I have never had to fear snow and ice like with some previous cars. The only issues are electrical. The driver side switches are the only ones that work.

- Jacob Y

It is gold with tinTed Windows. This SUV is a 2 door sort that is what makes it really cool.

This vehicle is a good riding vehicle. Due to the age of the vehicle it does not do well on gas mileage but it rides smooth. At the the time of purchase it was the top of the line with power locks and Windows. Great steroids system and speakers. It has a great air conditioning unit as well as a great heater when it is cold. I put new tires and brakes on it just this year. The interior is cloth and still in very good condition.

- LaToyia D

Stability, cost of parts, powertrain.

Suspension. Shocks. Power-lacks. I would care to modify all conditions listed. Not for go but for show and response. Specially strength of suspension and reliability-broke down twice in less than one year. Would always rely on stability, power, flexibility (ability to universal change i.e. parts and power train. Would not trust on long over 25 miles distance. Turning radius fair but would prefer more modern customized.

- Danilo C

Overall it is a decent vehicle.

I like the vehicle, it is comfortable and roomy, however it has had multiple problems, we have had to replace the alternator, starter, and currently the brake line is bad and the transmission is starting to slip, the vehicle stalls while we are driving unless you hold your foot on the gas and brake at the same time. It leaks oil too, however it does have 230,000 miles on it right now so can't really say much.

- Cheryl W

My 2001 ford explorer sport.

Gas mileage is not the best but its reliable and still runs great after 18 years. Purchased it used off a resale site looking for a larger car with a metal frame. I have gotten into many car accidents and wanted to make sure I would be safe. Purchased this 2001 ford explorer sport and have fallen in love with it ever since. Very reliable just not the best gas mileage.

- Lynn M

01 Ford Explorer forever.

My car, now 17 years old, has few problems, it has a few cosmetic issues, such as some rust, and the plastic trim has come off in places. Any other errors are my own fault. A/c is finicky, but the worst part is the gas line has a slight leak when filling so I pay about 5 dollars more in gas. Mileage is great for the year and use. Amazing space and towing capacity.

- Brandon G

Do not pull the handles to hard because they will brake.

I really do not like that fact it only has two doors considering it is a larger vehicle. It is not ideal for children. It has a high rolling rate and that terrifies me. You feel absolutely ever single bump in the road as you drive. It is not that comfortable. But at the end of the day I gets us from point A to point B and that is all I really need it to do.

- Danielle C

2001 Ford Explorer sport review.

2001 Ford Explorer sport trac so far i've not really had to much trouble other than replacing the alternator, wheel bearing and battery. As far as comfort iv traveled in it many of times comfortably the ride is good the handling is good. It has standard features like most vehicles. Performance is good also overall its a good vehicle and I really love it.

- Josh H

It has lasted through seven years which included learning to drive, weekend trips home from college and work commutes.

My Ford Explorer is my first vehicle and it has lasted well over the seven years I have had it. It has had a few issues over the years but it has only broken down once so I consider it extremely reliable given its age. It has worked well as a high schoolers first vehicle, a college students transport home, and a young employees commuter ride.

- Chelsea B

A tough little SUV. Almost 300,000 miles and still going strong!

I really love this little vehicle. The 4 wheel drive works great. I can go from road to off-road, dry streets to snow covered ones like it is nothing. I bought this vehicle used almost four years ago and have had to fix only minor things. The only complaint I would have is that the two door body style leaves little leg room in the backseat.

- Alicia L

Over 300,000 (317,000+) and still going strong!

18 years old, over 300,000 miles, limited model provided great features in the day, spacious, versatile, can use to haul items, safe, reliable, transmission replaced approx. 150,000. Leather interior, heated seats, 6 CD player, good heat and a/c, sunroof, electric windows, dual sun visors, good visibility when driving the vehicle.

- Michael S

I've been able to fit furniture in this truck that I'm shocked fit. I used it to move a two bedroom condo in four trips.

I've had my truck since 2004 and really enjoy driving it. I've just had the normal wear and tear over the years. I like the way the sport Trac rides much like a car and not as much like a pickup truck. I've used it often to pick up and carry equipment, gardening supplies, and interesting things I've found on the side of the road.

- Denise M

Large white ford, black fitting wheels. Inside is a soft gray interior.

The truck is very durable, the breaks stop on a dime. It is big enough to hold three large dogs. And the back seats fold downward for more room. It is great in the snow and going camping. Very easy to drive truck. The only issue we have with it, is our vents for cooling and heating are plugged inside. Other then that I love it.

- Rebekah A

The comfy sports trac with low maintenance.

The sports trac truck is a very reliable truck with very low maintenance, it has many features such as a video player in the ceiling, it has powered seats and air, there is a rear window that goes up and down. It has cruise control. I like the fog lights and seating is very comfortable. And it has a tilt steering wheel.

- Michael J

2001 Ford Explorer problems and features.

The vehicle has a bad miss and backfires out of the bottom of the engine. I love my vehicle but it does have problems. The vehicle also is out of alignment. It is very comfortable and has many great features and it is very dependable getting me to from destinations like work, my kids' schools, and the grocery store.

- Crystal H

A masterpiece. Strategically thinking gave Ford no comparison, .

My 2001 Ford Explorer is a beauty, it has four doors, head and hand rest as well as coffee holders both. Front and rear. It is spacious with a quiet engine cold air-conditioning and is extremely dependable nevertheless, the wheel bearings and brakes wear quickly and any heating could result in a cracked head.

- Lillian D

Looks like a truck, small like a car, but tough and space like a SUV.

Great driving truck, can withstand a lot of wear and tear unlike many cars I have had in the past. Only problem is when it's windy it may and can roll over but it is pretty good on gas despite the fact it is a truck and all. Regularly maintain this truck and you shouldn't have any issues for years to come.

- Jessica S

Why I dislike my 2001 ford explorer.

Do not really like the fact that it has only 2 doors. I never even thought explorers came that way. Not the smoothest ride either I can feel every bump in the road. Also it is not the best in gas mileage that I wish it was for sure. The check engine light just will not turn off and it is def noisy.

- Brittany S

During the winter months it has gone through both ice and snow with no problem.

I bought this car back in 2007, and it has outperformed and outlasted what I ever thought it would be. Other than general maintenance I haven't had to do much to this vehicle and it has lasted me well throughout the years. I look forward to continuing driving throughout the next couple years.

- Michael T

Love my little truck, would definitely purchase another one!

Never had any issues until we got an error on the egr valve. Since hubby did the repairs himself and we couldn't troubleshoot which of the three different parts needed was actually the 'bad' part, we bought and replaced all three. Other than that, the ac just started giving me fits.

- Ro D

Sporty with the elegance of a nice SUV, but with the functionality of a truck.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. It drives well, and is very comfortable to ride in. The only issue that I have had periodically, is the sunroof sticking. Sometimes you have to open it again before it closes fully. For an older vehicle, it still performs well.

- Kimberly L

Great v8 and all wheel drive.

It's a good car but is falling apart on me now days although it is 18 years old. I like the v8 and all wheel drive. It's been reliable if kept maintained properly and I've never been stuck off road in it either. It's been driven in mountains and creeks and long distances.

- Jenny D

The engine starts every time and it runs just as well as a 5 year old car.

Even though the truck is old, the engine still starts every time, even in the middle of a Chicago winter. It handles well for a truck and can turn in quite a tight circle. I don't like the fact that it's a 2 door. We have 2 kids and I have to move my seat all the time.

- Sandy W

Love this rig!! Perfect size. Not too big, not too small.

I bought it brand new and have had virtually zero problems with it. Aside from typical maintenance, I think the only issue I've had is having to replace a door handle! My rig has about 250, 000 miles and I couldn't be happier with it. I am just sad I cant buy a new one.

- Kelly N

It's the most dependable vehicle i've ever had the pleasure to drive and own. It's never lets me down.

My Ford has been very dependable. I've kept the maintenance up on it and it has never let me down. The 3.1 motor gets good gas mileage and it's very easy, and comfortable to drive. Plenty of room for family or camping and fishing. And its 4 wheel drive. Foes anywhere.

- John T

4 wheel drive! Will go anywhere. Dig it!

Good car, 2 door, white, and in good condition. Drives fairly well. Not much room though. Not exactly a family car, but comfy for 2 people. Good gas mileage and is 4 wheel drive. doesn't use oil and maintenance is few and far between. 240, 000 miles and going strong.

- Frank S

Ford explorer: reliable car. With great gas mileage.

Reliable car. Safe no rollover issues. It's a sturdy car..Roomy, comfortable. Great gas mileage. No major issues. Just normal wear and tear. Great sound system. Some issues that I have had with the starter, brakes tires. Love the car. Would recommend it to others.

- Debbie P

The Ford Escape can haul anything and everything you'd ever need to haul while also being an enclosed vehicle.

I like the cargo space, the way the seats are constructed, and the way it handles on the road. I dislike the electrical system as it always has issues that need to be resolved. The car also eats oil like I breathe air no matter what my mechanic does to the system.

- S R

The front and rear heat and a/c it is easy to keep all passengers comfortable.

My Ford Explorer is the most reliable and economical vehicle I have owned in a long time. Handles all terrains and all weather conditions on the road with ease. Would definitely consider purchasing another one. Comfort, access, temperature controls are top notch!

- Dave C

Good Runner but lots of little issues.

2001 White Ford Explorer Sport Trac. 160000 mi Runs great, good on gas, electric locks do not work on driver and rear drivers side doors, electric window on drivers rear seat does not roll up or down , it is off track. Lighter and cab light fuse keeps going out.

- Michelle W

Ford Explorer-reliable and comfortable.

The vehicle gets me where I need to go, however it could be better. I dislike greatly that it is only 2 doors, that is very inconvenient. I haven't had any major mechanical issues, only had to have the brakes fixed but on an older vehicle that is to be expected.

- Jara B

2 door with a sunroof. Power windows power locks. Security door code lock.

My explorer is great on gas. Very easy to get in and out. Only thing I do not like is it's a two door. So it is not easy for bigger people to get in the back. I like how I can lay the seats down and there's plenty of room for my dog to get in and go for a ride.

- Debra A

Explorer, dependable, reliable, easy to care for.

It is been a very dependable vehicle. It is got over 300, 000 miles on it now and still going strong. Steady in snow, big enough to take the grandkids along. Easy to work on, parts are reasonably priced. If I ever have to replace it I'd buy another Explorer.

- Carol C

It runs cheaply and is dependable. It has never had major mechanical repairs.

I like the fact that it costs me less to run and have than a new car. I think the ride is rough but it is like a small truck. I do not like it that the console is broken and cannot be replaced. I like that it runs on regular gas. I wish it had 4 wheel drive.

- rob m

the car gets very little mileage per gallon of gas put in, so it kinda costs a lot to put gas in considering you're only getting very little mileage

very old ca, the seats are all torn up and some parts of the car don't even work plus a lot of money was spent on making the car work properly, money we probably should have used to buy a better working car instead but I mean at least it gets the job done

- Samantha b

The styling -- especially the curve of the back of the cabin as it meets the truck bed is so cool and was one of the first to do the truck short-bed/passenger merge.

Absolutely LOVE my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac! Can't believe they quit making them. Ability to carry passengers and cargo have been invaluable to me. The styling -- especially the curve of the back of the cabin as it meets the truck bed is so cool.


It has a truck bed with the space of a small SUV, with 4 wheel drive.

The clearcoat is peeling, the motor doesn't start right away, cruise control no longer works and the automatic headlights do not work. I love having a truck bed on a 4 door vehicle and that it has 4 wheel drive. The gas mileage could be better.

- Sarah T

It is a 2001 and only has 120, 000 miles.

It's really good for winter, would not recommend for people who want to save on gas. It is a gas guzzler but it has 4 wheel drive so it is really good on icy roads. The one I have is a 2 door would recognize a 4 door for people who have kids.

- Kala C

2001 Ford Explorer Sport-Trac: Great small truck.

Sport-Trac so I love the bed. The tie downs are great for moving. Big engine so it is good at towing too. I love my bed cover so that I can throw things in the back and lock them if I need to. Plenty of room in the cabin for 2 car seats.

- Simon V

It is paid for, and even though it is an older auto, it still drives wonderfully.

I love the fact that it is very roomy and comfortable, like an SUV, while also having the functionality of a pick up truck. My only complaints come with the fact that it is old. . . Normal wear and tear of a high mileage automobile.

- Kimberly L

My car is a rust bucket that is falling apart. I would never recommend this vehicle to anyone.

Every week something breaks on it. It's not reliable at all. I have had to repair the muffler 4 times in 3 years. It is comfortable but rusts so easily and falls apart. Every Ford I have ever had is junk. I will never buy another

- Valerie C

I can stop at a campground on a whim and sleep comfortably inside.

I can fit my kayak inside with the rear hatch closed so it is completely secure. My bike fits inside as well. I have slept comfortably in it. I have used it several times to move. I like being higher up vs a car.

- Kendall S

I think that it is on the older side but very reliable. Every ford I have ever owned were super reliable and never gave me problems .

Not to many complaints about my explorer. I had it for 6 years and is still treating me well. Over 100,000 miles and have never had a engine or transmission problem. Just minor engine change, brakes, and tires.

- Jake J

Just one thing after another now better.

I enjoy this car, had a few issues in beginning now my cousins mechanic helped it a lot. It had a bad gas gasket got that replaced then some pipes had to be replaced, shocks worked on, and radiator replaced.

- Nita A

It's a 2 door suv that is perfect for single and or tall guys

I love that it is a 2 door suv. You can not really find those anymore. It has great leg room in the front, not overly cramped like newer suvs. Bad thing is that it is on a truck frame, so it is bumpy ride

- David D

That it's great driving in the snow.

I dislike the console being too low I enjoy a higher console to rest my arm. Also would like to have more ports for phone chargers. Would also be great if the back seat had its our radio and heat control.

- Rose Mary C

It's spacious and smooth riding.

I like the setup of the vehicle. It has plenty of room for various activities. The only thing to dislike is all the malfunctions that goes on with it, but when it's running decent it's a great vehicle.

- Preston A

2001 ford explorer review

my 2001 ford explorer has been nothing but good it has power room reliability comfort you can haul just about anything in it iv also used it for traveling and it does great overall it's a great vehicle

- joshua H

It's very roomy and comfortable. It gets very good gas mileage

It gets very good gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable. It is very room and I can carry a lot of tools and materials. Since it's older I need to bring it to the mechanic every now and then

- joel b

It can take a beating when traveling i love it and others will to

it has lasted trips to west virginia. to new york. to new york city i wish they made vehicles exactly this way it is one of the best vehicles that has endured a Lot through the years i have owned it

- wayne S

Electrical door issues and sensors not indicating doors are shut

This has had quite a few electrical problems with the doors. such as sensors not detecting when a door is actually shut. Other than that it has been a very reliable vehicle and i enjoy driving it

- Kellie H

It is a vehicle meant to get us where we are going.

It gets us where we need to go. It has good space for hauling items more than a regular car. It can go in a few places better than a car. We have had to fix a few things but it serves us very well.

- Steven B

My 2001 Ford Explorer 4x4..

My vehicle is in tip top shape except a little rust on it, it also has 4 wheel drive that makes easy to get out of snow during winter and it's also great on gas it's also has a lot of room in it

- Joe B

It is been faithful. Motor has not been a problem. No major problems for repair.

Too old. It has been a good vehicle. I like the fact it is 4WD. The door had to be fix because it got stuck. The back window hinge broke. It could be much more comfortable if it was a newer car.

- Cynthia R

It was worth buying this brand and model , I have no regrets

It had a few issues with 4 wheel drive but once that issue was fixed, is still a great vehicle. Very reliable, plenty of space, safe for family, and great for vacationing. Also good gas mileage

- Debbie H

A reliable, versatile truck

My Ford Explorer has been a reliable truck for me. Naturally, as a 2001, I have had to add new battery, tires, control arm, ball joints and shocks, but it has been a great truck for me.

- Jonny A

The gas mileage that this vehicle gets is really BAD!

I like that it's an SUV. I do not like the size for myself, prefer smaller, like the Escape. I do not like that it is 2 door or red. I really don't like the gas mileage, it sucks!

- Michele H

It gets me to point B, all I could ask for in a vehicle

I've had my truck for years, i need a new battery. My truck has gotten me through good times and bad times. It's white, and I am selling it. The inside is clean and it needs a wash.

- Brandee L

The front shocks don't hold up well to remote dirt roads. I destroyed the replacements in under a month.

I dislike the fact that it's not 4wd, I love the leather interior and that a vehicle this old is in great condition and is reliable. I also dislike not having a 3rd row seat in it.

- Nathan N

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable. I have had minimal issues with my car. It has never failed to start.

I love the size, not too small, not too big. Also like that I sit a little higher than sedan. Comfortable seating and handles well. Would like for it to have better gas mileage.

- Denise D

Perfect sized family vehicle

I really enjoy the size of my vehicle, it's large enough for my family and our needs but yet not too large. My explorer gets great gas mileage for a vehicle of its size.

- Michele P

It goes the distance, and then some.

The car was bought as a base model, so it doesn't have as many of the bells and whistles as others, but I think it works fine, it's lasted me and my family many years.

- Lucas M

That it has aloud car alarm.

I like my vehicle because it rides nice. I like my truck because it is easy on gas. I like it because it looks good. And there is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Jennifer K

Very reliable but cant get a trailer from U-Haul.

The vehicle has been very reliable and low-maintenance. There is an issue with trying to rent a trailer from U-Haul. Never had any issues with the 4-wheel drive.

- Robert M

Spacious Ford Explorer. Great for family

The Ford explorer has been an extremely reliable vehicle. My husband very much likes the hatch space and well as the space available in the back and front seat.

- Misty M

Sporty Explorer Sport 4x4

i drive a ford explorer sport 4x4. i absolutely love it. it has a 3.6 engine, it is a 2 door, with a moonroof. plenty of cargo space, and great in the winter

- amy k

It is versatile and long lasting.

I have an explorer sport trac and I love it. I bought it new and have had no major issues with it. I like that I have the flexibility of a truck in an SUV.

- Jane H

It's been a good car but it's ready to be retired.

It's been a good vehicle but it's falling apart. A Lot of miles on it, so I'm getting ready to purchase a new one. It currently has over 225,000 miles on it.

- Shannen A

That it runs great.Always starts, even in cold weather.

So far a very reliable vehicle. Has over 100,000 miles on it, but in fairly good condition. 4 door. Very comfortable to drive. Power windows, cruise control

- Kyle C

Good gas mileage and I sit high enough to feel protected.

It is reliable and has not cost me much money at all over the years. It is a sport so not over comfortable and the body is starting to show wear and tear.

- Rita G

It is a good vehicle, even though it is an older one.

It has been good. Not many problems. Has a bit of rust. Air conditioning works good. Other than that, I have no problems at the present time. Thank you!.

- Jeanie B

It uses a lot of fuel, but worth it. She can smoke the tires too.

Perfect for me. I use it to go fishing and hunting. Great off road. I have a battering ram in the front. Indestructible. Best vehicle I ever had indeed.

- John B

It is economical and classy.

I like it because it's tall enough to see over cars. It has a lot of room in it I've helped people move & it surprised them just how much will fit.

- Cathy O

There is a lot of room. It is easy to drive and drives well.

I love the 3 rows of seating. I love that the 3rd row lays down for more room if needed for groceries or anything. I like the drive of the vehicle.

- Nichole B

My stereo system I put in it

Only thing I had to do is change oil and filters and tires. Also done the spark plug and also the plug wires. I have a good SUV. No problems. Yet

- Jeremy L

It is a great car to drive.

I love that it has space but it is not too big so I can easily maneuver it. I do not like that it easily has problems and breaks down in winter.

- Kristen K

My car is small but can be very convenient and useful.

It is good for hauling things, but not very big. Consumes a lot of gas. It is old and has hard gears, not turning or accelerating very quickly.

- Caroline C

not the latest year but a very dependable car with lots of room; perfect amount of trim.

bless fords. the only brand I would now consider. so dependable. there have been no problems. so very comfortable seating; no engine problems;

- valerie w

Reliable and safe four wheel drive.

Very reliable. No mechanical issues. Good mileage. Comfortable seats. Safe. Good and roomy storage. Excellent size tires for four wheel drive.

- Rena F

this vehicle is more reliable than my alarm clock ever has been.

I have not had major issues. Minor issues such as needing to replace key unit and normal wear. We bought it used but have had it for 5 years.

- Anna D

I wouldn't buy it again if given a choice.

Repeat problems with the gas line. A bit of a gas guzzler but a nice ride in the snow. Enough room for a few people and storage in the back.

- Jennifer H

It is a good safe and reliable truck. I never have to worry about it not starting.

I love the room it has inside. I also like the short bed. I just love everything about my truck. I don't dislike anything about my truck.

- Yvette B

My vehicle ruins line new and it is a 2001 Ford

I love it. It is very reliable. It had great gas mileage. Is old but has very minimum problems. It still runs like new and it's a 2001.

- Nichole L

Engine light is on and it has shock problems.

It has ice cold air,and it's a great ride it gets to wear I won't to go and back,but I have the engine light on and I don't know why.

- Patrick b

dependable comfortable rugged poor gas mileage beast

great vehicle except for mpg.. very comfortable great ride dependable not many problems for a car that 16 years old...easy to maintain

- Jim r

It is a 4 wheel drive. It has two doors and a roomy hatchback area. You can put the back seats down if you need extra space.

I bought my sub 2 1/2 years ago used with low mileage. It was used and previously had one older. Absolutely beautiful and runs great!

- Celeste Z

Ford Explorer truck is if you go to fast or u-turn wrong it will flip.

My Ford Explorer truck makes it easy to put all the kids in and haul everything we need four-wheel-drive leather seats power windows.

- Kathy D

Lincoln are not cheap, but once you drive one you know why.

It's perfect for my soccer mom lifestyle. We have plenty of room. I have had to do little repair on it and it gets good gas mileage.

- Amy H

Ford Explorer is reliable and well-built

Ford Explorer Sport Trac. My vehicle has been very reliable and pretty much maintenance-free since I purchased it over 10 years ago.

- Sam K

the truck gets great highway gas mileage but very poor city mileage

The truck is rear wheel drive which is very inconvenient in the rain. The truck bed is only 4 feet and cannot hold larger items.

- Sam B

It's one of the best vehicles I have had on gas mileage.

I love it because it is a comfortable car and drives well and smoothly. I love the size of the car and how easy it is to drive.

- Tania H

Explorers are very reliable vehicles.

Reliable car. It's a good all weather vehicle. Outdated radio. That's really my only complaint. I really like my car otherwise.

- Erica H

Being safe and gas mileage.

I love it and feel safe in it. Especially because it is so big and makes it easy to run errands and get the kids in the car.

- Abby H

My Explorer is older, but it runs great. It is great for taking my dogs out and doing various activities. The only thing I dislike about it is I wish it had four doors instead of two.

It runs great and is perfect for hauling anything! It's not too large to drive easily and it can take pretty big loads.

- Jennifer L

My car is a great little SUV...

Problems shocks rear shackles filler neck wheel bearing... Otherwise my car runs great and the stereo sounds great...

- Robert D

That it is a nice size vehicle and comfortable to drive and I feel safe in driving it.

Likes are the size off the vehicle, that it is 4 wheel drive and comfortable to drive. Dislikes are the gas mileage.

- lisa k

that all of my family can fit and it's easy on gas

i really love my vehicle because it's easy to drive and i can park it easily into tight places and its great on gas

- shelly c

Ford Explorer - always reliable and great for families.

I love my Ford explorer. I've had it for years, without issue. Always reliable and great for families with kids!

- Kelly F

Last of a breed, the 2 door suv

Overall reliable for high miles. Door handle breaks often. Rear wiper stopped working after a couple of years.

- David H

The truck is reliable and has lasted.

Car used as work truck. Has been reliable and roomy. Allows for storage and transporting tools and materials.

- L T

The truck is very top heavy and gets about 16 mpg.

Has decent power. Very problematic.It is Very top heavy. A true gas guzzler. The four wheel drive works well.

- Landon W

runs great as long as you do matiances and take care of it

it is dependable for sure. has large space and rides comfortable.. it is easy to repair. wish it was cheaper.

- brandon m

It gets the job done and has a lot of space for hauling things.

The handling isn't very good, but it is an older model. Gets pretty good gas mileage for the size of vehicle.

- Jamie M

It is great for family outings. It has room for everyone.

I like the room it has for my family. It is accessible when moving big objects. I dislike the usage of gas.

- Maimiti M

Reliable if we'll taken care of

Very reliable. Uses more gas than I want though. Has held up for almost 20 years with normal wear and tear.

- Candace S

It has transmission problems and it's a pretty common problem

Transmission issue. Door handles breaking all the time otherwise I love it. It drives smooth and accurately

- Tracie A

Smaller than a full size.

Ford explorer sport is the smaller version of the full size explorer. The gas mileage is not the greatest.

- Ruth S

It is safe and very reliable.

I like that it's high up. Like that it's good on gas. Like the color. Hate that it's a bumpy bouncy ride.

- Tammie H

My rear seats fold down so I can accommodate transporting large items.

I love my car because it is dependable. It drives well. My car drives smoothly. And it is so comfortable.

- Luz R

The best back support ever.

Size easy handling comfortable. Can haul cargo easily. Cramped in back seat leg room as seats don't move.

- Bonnie O

It came in a nice shade of blue.

It works well. It's study and good for getting out of snow. It's always ran great and it's easy to fix.

- Jae A

It is a four wheel drive. And everything works.

It is a 4x4. Looks good. But the gas mileage is not as good as I like. Drives well. And has good power.

- Ed L

That it is great on mileage.

It is smaller than a full size pick up. It seats four people comfortably. It gets decent fuel mileage.

- Crystal P

Generally decent vehicle that goes from point a to b.

It is very comfortable. It has minor problems but they are easily fixable. I really like this vehicle.

- Baylee M

It is very dependable and sturdy.

What I do not like is it burns gas too fast. What I like is that it is very reliable and I feel safe.

- Denise B

My vehicle has never broken down and left my stranded.

Dependable and durable. Hardly ever breaks down. Is comfortable to sit in as a driver or passenger.

- Sandra J

Is green and is a 4×4 it runs on regular gas

I like my car it runs good is a family car .I dislike that the air conditioner doesn't work.

- Lorenza H

It's safe and reliable.It's comfortable to ride in.It gets good gas mileage.

It's a good,reliable truck. It gets good gas mileage. I have no complaints about my truck.

- pam w

Good family car would recommend it to another family

I like my suv a good family car no complaint Will buy another they last for while

- Savannah K

It's easy to maintain, easy to drive [ handles well ], has enough room

IT's dependable suits my transportation needs room for car seat and I just lie it

- Kenneth A

All wheel drive makes it easier to control when it's slick.

I love the all wheel drive. I like the sunroof. I don't have any complaints.

- Angela P

I really like my vehicle, it is good on gas. It runs smoothly and the four wheel drive works great. The only thing that i really don't like about my vehicle is that it has a 4ft bed.

It's a great car and for the year that it is it has plenty of safety features.

- Nicole T

It roomy but not to big. Has plenty of cargo space, A.C. front and rear

I'm a ford man. we needed a SUV that was also compact. There's no dislikes

- Tommy Z

Runs Perfect, 2 wheel drive

SUV with a short pick up bed,very reliable, best vehicle I've ever owned.

- Gregory F

It's great to have SUV that works like a truck. Best of both worlds

The only issues I have is the maintenance I need to do with the vehicle.

- Brian R

Make sure you have the remote key to lock the vehicle

Small,transmissions don't last long and fuel pumps don't last long

- Christina S

I don't know. Have to be careful of proper tire inflation

reliable, get around well in the winter. Comfortable to drive.

- Carrie S

It's very good on gas and get you around smoothly and is a vehicle that last long time

I like everything the vehicle has to offer. No dislikes

- David P

get out of the way i'm coming through. it's too big for me to handle properly

good for my scooter lift equipment. uses too much gas

- lee h

it's a solid and dependable transportation and gets the job done

like the way it drives and runs after all these years

- james g

It's a great reliable family car

It's big but still small, It's not a pickup though

- lauren R

That my Explorer has every option available and they all still work

One of the best driving vehicles I have ever owned

- Eric M