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Overall, the Ford Explorer is & has been a safe & reliable vehicle that has kept me mobile for the past 12 years.

Like: -It's up high & I see all around me well, much better than I ever did in a car. -It's 4X4 so I can go from grocery shopping & running the kids to school to 4-wheeling in the cuts, or drive right out over the dunes & park it sea side (both of which I have done many, many times!) -The back & middle seats lay down so I can pack it full if need be. With the back & middle seats down, I can even fit a twin size air mattress in the back for car camping in the cuts, or emergency shelter. -It's a 7 seater so my large family always has room. -The—now outdated, but then quite cool—technical parts of the vehicle, such as the electronic mileage counter, direction sensor, time counter, diagnostic check, etc., were modern & handy. -The fact that it's big & roomy & actually shaped like an SUV, in a time when most SUVs look like crossovers & are generally hideous. -The rough ride of it... it never was a smooth ride, a lot of SUVs feel just like driving a car. Not the Explorer, it has a masculine feel to it when you're driving & that's very appealing to me. -The heating/cooling vents/controls. It's very nice to have vents all the way in the back & to also be able to hand control of the climate controls over to the back passengers, rather than having to deal with that on my own. Dislike: -The transmission went out at 67,000 miles & had to be completely rebuilt. After reading up on this, that was an extremely common problem with this particular model years. Nice. Overall, it's my favorite of all the vehicles that I have ever owned. I've had this '05 Explorer since November of '06... nearly 12 years we've been together now! I really can't see letting her go. Probably be together till the day she passes over to the other side ;D

- Melissa M

Tough Texas Ford Explorer is my ride!

My Ford Explorer is a superior vehicle as far as performance, reliability and value. This vehicle runs great, requires little fussing over and has been proven over many years in city, highway and off road conditions. I have never been left stranded by breakdown and have only had minor or expected repairs such as new brake pads, battery, tires and recently replaced the tie rods at 160,000 miles. My Explorer has excellent handling, amazing tight turning ratio and a comfortable ride on good surfaces. Off road it has a sport ride which is more adventurous being made for rugged terrain which it can take with ease. I've spent much time in mountainous areas and even on the worst dirt road resembling a goat track she climbs and handled grades like a champion. The best feature is the cargo capacity with folding 60/40 rear seats. A full sheet of plywood and a bunch more will fit having used her for numerous hardware store trips with heavy loads of lumber and bags of concrete mix. My vehicle has a receiving hitch and I have a 10 ft trailer to add to the hauling space which saved me from renting a moving truck during relocation. Keeping the vehicle clean is easy with sturdy cloth seats and tough carpet inside. Even after getting a mud bath the Explorer cleans easily in the driveway or does fine in automatic car washes. In summary it is a fine SUV that I can recommend to anyone needing a utility vehicle.

- Kat W

Ford 2015 Explorer. Lots of space. Not too big, more space for parking.

I am driving under a driver's permit, I like the size of my car, the Ford 2005 Explorer because it's not too big and just right, I like space specially when I do grocery shopping or going out with family and friends. I like that there's a button press for adjusting my side mirrors, the size of my car is just right specially travel to a very busy city like Chicago. My husband sticks to Ford brand and I like it a lot, the only problems I have since we bought it second hand is that the steering wheel is loose (I do not know about car problems and how to fix it but I just heard from my hubby) what I do not like is the seats are leather and the gear stick does not move straight, it has some corners at the sides where you need to fit the gear stick whether it is reverse or park I don't know I just find it annoying that I need to look at it whether I stopped the gear stick at the right place. And for the car key, there were an incident that I didn't know battery is dead and I just got used maybe you know just pressing that car key button rather than using the key.

- Catherine W

Very few problems. Great options. . . Plenty of space for people, dogs, and cargo.

My Ford Explorer is great. It currently has over 305, 000 miles on it. I use it to transport dogs and cats for rescue groups. It is very spacious and handles large and small dog crates with ease. The back seat folds down to carry large items. It has two large storage sections in the back cargo area. There is a small net area for easy access and cargo hooks to tie things down. My car has houndstooth cloth interior which I love. It has a 6 CD player and came with running boards that I use a lot. The only problem that was costly to fix is a design flaw in the air conditioning system. There is a plastic door on two pins that is inside the dashboard and is used to split the air to the various air vents in the car. With the amount of city, road and highway travel that I do, the hard bumps slowly brake the two pins and then the door does not move and the air goes around inside the dash but nothing comes out of the vents. The mechanic has to take apart the dashboard in order to replace the door. It is time consuming and expensive to fix.

- Patty O

2005 Ford Explorer xlt customer review.

For the most part, I really love my Ford Explorer. I love the 4WD, it is great in the snow, on ice, or other sticky situations. I love the radio/stereo and the sound. I love the cruise control. I am able to control it from my steering wheel. I love the automatic windows and locks. I love that there is a separate heater and a/c setting for the rear of the car. I can also access the settings of this at the front of the car. I love how high it is because I am able to see the road farther ahead of me in front of other cars. There are a couple of things I do not like about it. One thing I do not like about it is that the transmission is going out. I have heard that Ford transmissions and another brand (cannot remember which one) do not last as long as other vehicles. The second thing I do not like about it is the gas mileage. It usually gets between 12 - 14 miles to the gallon. Overall, it is a great vehicle. If you take care of your vehicle it will take care of you.

- Pamela B

2005 Ford Explorer great running vehicle especially for larger families

My 2005 Ford explorer is one of the best cars I've owned, especially having children. It offers 3 rows of seating which can be converted to just 2 rows with the back seats folded down for more trunk space when needed. It has run smooth since the day I purchased it, I will say make sure to keep up to date on oil changes and check oil levels to make sure your oil is where it needs to be or the engine will blow quickly (I know from past experience with explorers). The only issue I have run into is the transmission, make sure to have it serviced regularly I had an issue where the transmission felt like it was slipping but it really needed fluid which you cannot do yourself there is no way to check fluid on your own. Other than that it is overall a great vehicle, just keep up on the maintenance and it will be fine for you as well (mine has over 160,000 miles).

- Michelle H

14 years with an explorer.

I have very few complaints about this vehicle. Gas/mileage will always be a problem with any SUV, so I cannot say the low performance in the category is unexpected or a surprise. Putting that aside, the seats are comfortable, the ac has been effective and strong for many years, and the interior fuzz is only just starting to look stiff (14 years). The engine to weight ratio is enough to accelerate quickly when I need to, and has never been insufficient for highway/interstate driving. Not like a sports car, but I do not need a sports car driving around town. Steering wheel is responsive, and does not need me to yank on it hard. Overall, I got a good comfortable SUV that has endured for 14 years with almost no mechanical problems. It is a car. It does it is job well, does not break down, and keeps me warm/cool.

- Daniel V

2005 Ford Explorer, reliable and dependable vehicle for families.

The 2005 Ford Explorer, has 150, 000 miles. It is still very reliable and decent on fuel. I have owned it since new, I have put about 5000 dollars into it. Most of the cost was tires and oil changes, with some suspension parts and brakes being the rest. The only issue I have had with the motor is the rear timing chain make a noise. I have not fixed it yet because you have to pull the motor out of the vehicle to replace. The Explorer is still very comfortable to drive, it also has a third row for children. The other issue I have had is paint chipping of the hood of the vehicle. For the most part the 2005 Ford Explorer has been a very solid and reliable vehicle for me and my family. For being 13 years old I would definitely recommend and consider purchasing another Ford Explorer in the future. Thank you.

- Cody S

Surprisingly impressed with a ford!

I have had no major problems with this vehicle, it is extremely dependable. It has a v6 motor that has 169, 000 miles with no leaks or problems. I have pulled a trailer with 2 tons of wood and/or gravel on it without problem. The interior is spartan but in very good condition. I regularly chauffer my 100lb. German shorthaired pointer on errands and he has had no negative effect on the cloth interior. Everything on this vehicle works as it should except for the rider side rear window. I have replaced the motor but the problem seems to be in the door-mounted switch. I am still trying to sort that out. This is the first Ford product that I have driven regularly and I am surprisingly impressed.

- Gregory L

Ford Explorer traveling comfort.

I have been very pleased with the Ford Explorer. Before I bought the Explorer I had a Ford expedition that I was happy with, traded it in cause I want to downsize a little. The Explorer has been good on trips and reliable. We have not had to put in ongoing expenses into it besides the normal basic wear and tear. I use it to travel out of state at least 5 times a year, round trip travel is over 1000 miles. I have no problems with a back ache or legs falling asleep during traveling, which I have had other cars that I come across these problems. There is plenty of room for moving around when needed. Good on gas.

- Roberta J

Its four wheel drive, which it is best for us with the muddy wet area we live in.

I love everything about my vehicle. For one, its a ford! We customized it to fit our personality and to perform like we need for where we live. We live in a woody wet area. It is always muddy, so the four wheel drive feature is awesome. We also put big mud tires on it. It is fairly simple to maintain. The only thing I really didn't care much for is, like every other vehicle, parts are pricy. The transmission fluid has to be a specific kind as well which it is pricy. It is not very good on gas, but it is dependable. All in all, it is a fast vehicles considering the year, used, and miles out has.

- Heather H

I Would Never Recommend A Ford Explorer To Anyone

My vehicle has had cars since we purchased it. We bought it used and its had several engine issues and the tires have gone bad on it several times within the past 5 months. We bought it and the alignment was fine, it's just progressively gotten worse. We got the alignment fixed and it just did the same thing. The gas mileage is also horrible; our car currently gets maybe 13 miles to the gallon in the city while driving. It is comfortable because of the leather and third row seating, but other than that, I wouldn't recommend this type of car to anyone.

- Cassandra R

There's a lot of truth in Fix Or Repair Daily

Breaks, its gone through the original engine, has had pne replacement, & is now getting a 3rd engine. Not rebuilt, NEW. Front end alignment. Ball joints, tie rods. The springs in the dr.seat are poking out the side, the seat adjustment switches don't work to move it back and forth both seats. The ac went out 4 yrs ago, the paint flaked off in large sections. Some reason 3 new batteries( diff. Brands) have all died repeatedly overnights. The back seat wall lever no longer catches in the up position

- Jennifer P

Good car for a big sized family but not the best in quality.

I like the comfort of the car because it is spacious. I dislike the leather seats because the seats get very hot in the summer. The car jumps when pressing the gas to hard from being completely stopped. The air conditioning is not the greatest, especially when during hot temperatures. The vent in the front, near radio is a terrible placement for the drive because the shift stick is in the way and blocks the air flow. The car is expensive on gas and considering the prices it is not fun to travel far.

- Reina V

My vehicle is a 2005 Ford Explorer and it has really nice rims and horsepower.

I really enjoy all the functions the car provides. Like seat heating, sunroof, and plenty of legroom for my family and I considering we are all very tall. However we have had our share of problems with the vehicle. Just recently we had to get all the wiring fixed which cost around two thousand dollars; also the rear view mirror fell off the window and we cannot find an adhesive that will make it stick. As much as we enjoy the car we must admit it has a lot of inside problems and difficulties.

- Dawn M

That it is a very reliable car and that any problem arises can be fixed a home.

There is plenty of room for passengers or shopping. Has been very easy to maintain and fix when a problem arises. Problems I've had that aren't easily fixable is the center compartment between passenger and driver seat. After 5 years, that compartment lid is totally fallen apart. Also a common problem is there is always a crack on the back hatch opening between glass and Ford emblem. That has been on every single Explorer we have seen. There is some recalls to look for when purchasing.

- Cindy G

Comfortable, spacious, family vehicle.

What I like about the Ford Explorer is its capacity to transport multiple people as well as items (ie. Groceries, sporting equipment etc.) Very comfortable for long road trips. Spacious enough for kids to sleep during long trips. Safe. Cruise control, automatic seat, mirrors and sunroof. Four wheel drive. What I dislike is the cost to fill up the tank with gas. and that this vehicle is a horrible vehicle for city living. No parking available which brings an accumulation of tickets.

- Kim C

Anti-roll over and brakes, auto lock door, seats 7, V-8.

I have had my ford Explorer for 12 yrs and it has been by far the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I liked all the extras the limited edition offers. I bought it mainly because I was having triplets and needed a bigger vehicle to fit all the supplies for the children. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone wanting to buy a SUV. Also I like that it handles like a smaller car, ie. Turning, maneuvering, etc. It also has a lot of get up on go, it's a V8. I absolutely love it

- Kristina H

Most important thing to me is that it is my car and I own it.

Love my car it is multicolored if it is several passengers radio works the things that I do not like about my car the ac does not work the heater does not work one of my seat no two of my seat reclining handles are broken my car also makes this rattling or should I say taking noise every time you press the gas when it gets so annoying but if you ride with the radio up a little bit you can barely hear it but other than that I love my car it is the greatest.

- Nikki B

Great vehicle to keep warm in.

It is a great car and it is very durable. It drives smoothly and handles well. One down side to it however is it does not have 4 wheel drive. So no severe off-roading in this vehicle. But in the wintertime it does get awfully warm inside and the seat warmers really do warm you up. They do not take very long either. Although they could be placed in a better spot I have found myself accidentally turning them on and off very often.

- Jake O

Sunroof, 4 wheel drive, 3 rows of seats, heated seats,

It has 3 rows of seats which I like a lot. Back seats fold down to allow for more room for stuff as needed. Seats 7 ppl. Is 4 wheel drive. Has a built in DVD player which kids really enjoy. It has a V8 engine do it kinda is a gas hog but gets 280 - 320 miles per full tank of gas. Has leather seats. Front ones are heated. Radio/ CD player is crappy. CD player doesn't work and no aux plug or phone charger port.

- Emily R

The vehicle is sporty does its job I need it to do.

The ford I have is very nice and clean trim on the outside. The inside is simple and has lots of storage space in the back. The car comes with lots of new features. The problems I have with my ford is the transmission.First I have to take it to a shop to ever just check the fluid levels because they have no stick to check. The engine is great some here and there issues but I bought mine used off the street.

- Cynthia V

I love the advanced traction system. Living in a rainy state, it helps a ton!

My tire pressure sensors malfunction frequently. The vehicle gets an average gas mileage for a large SUV. They are very spacious, with tons of storage room if you fold your 3rd row seats down. I regularly use the vehicle for transportation of 2 kids and a months worth of groceries. We live down an old gravel road and it handles really well. The 4x4 is an amazing feature and really saves us during winter.

- Samantha E

The Ford that will not stop screaming.

Because the car is old it has acquired a lot of issues. When the car was newer, it was reliable and has a lot of room. The best thing about the car is that you can ride with a group of people or put the seats down for extra space. The car now has diagnostic warnings that will not stop beeping. Even after getting the car inspected, checked, and up to date, the warnings still constantly go off.

- Ashley R

It is great for sport type activities. If you want to haul things and do sports that require larger objects like bikes and kayaks, this vehicle is great. If you need to haul a trailer this vehicle is great. If your primary goal is to transport children, then this vehicle is not as convenient.

I like that it is reliable and that the back seats are easy to fold down and up to make hauling room in the back. I like that it feels secure on the roads both in the winter and summer. I don't like that it is a gas hog. I also don't like that it is not as easy to get kids in and out of the vehicle as a van. I prefer the style and power of the explorer but it's not as kid friendly as a van.

- kalyn E

Ford Explorer 2005: easy to drive, Smooth ride, very few complaints

This car has a really smooth ride and the seats are very comfortable. The air conditioning and heat is very loud. Also, I've seen a lot of the same make and model of this car with the same crack right above the trunk. Overall, easy to drive and I feel safe in it. I like that the car beeps if you are close to hitting something behind you. That helps a lot with backing into parking spaces.

- Alyssa G

Oddities with my used car.

At first my car was great. It started up we, drove well, and was an overall fantastic car. About five months after I bought it I began to have a few problems. The gas, lock, and open door light would constantly be on. I still do not really know why it does that. My steering wheel also clicks every time with every full rotation of the wheel, which I haven't been able to figure out either.

- Anna L

Spacious and sturdy ford explorer.

I have had minimal problems with my ford explorer. We have over 150,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. We've needed to replace a few parts over the years but it is still in good shape! It is a very spacious SUV. We've made multiple moves using the trunk area. We have interior leather which is great and very comfortable. The optional 3rd row also adds more seating options.

- Jessica B

2005 Ford Explorer. Best car ever.

I love my 2005 Ford Explorer I bought it used and never had any issues with it. I have take road trips 23 hours away from my home and never had any issues. I love it because it has a lot of space in the back for strollers and camping chairs that I carry everywhere. The only issue is that it has a larger motor so it uses more gas than the newer models. Other than that I love it.

- Alma G

Comfortable, good size family SUV.

The explorer is very comfortable to drive for short and long distances. It has power seats, locks, and windows, but a basic/outdated stereo. The size is perfect, not too big that it's hard to park, but not too small that I can't haul people or things. I'm starting to have issues with the transmission, but it is getting a bit older. Also, it does not get great gas mileage.

- Andrea P

Dependable SUV and like to travel in it. Will buy another when time to replace.

It can seat up to 8 people. Like the fact you sit up high and can see the road better. We have leather interior which has been great. Easy to clean. Has 4-wheel drive which our son loves. It is easy to haul some furniture and other stuff to the children. Holds the road great. The only problem was normal wear-change tires, change out batteries and change oil on time.

- Diane N

A fantastic long term investment.

I love everything about my vehicle. It is roomy and has great handling on the road. I like bigger vehicles but it's not so big that you can't maneuver it easily. The engine is powerful and has only had minor repairs which weren't as costly as I thought they would be. It has kept very well over the years and is very reliable. The additional features are nice as well.

- Nicole S

Great for a big family with basic needs in a vehicle.

Since owning my vehicle in December 2015, I have had to replace my transmission. The interior is starting to fall apart. It has been reliable and runs smoothly. My 2005 has automatic windows and locks. I dislike that the only way to unlock the car is the driver side door. There is no lock on the back hatch. I like how it has a 3rd row option for additional seating.

- Katie M

Ford Explorer for the SUV Lovers.

I like the body of my vehicle, but it uses a lot of gas and has engine problems related to fuel injection and pick up. I also have a heating issue and a possible vacuum leak within the accelerator. The color of my vehicle is a charcoal color and it has 4 doors, plus a hatchback, 3 rows of seating and tinted windows. It also has a towing package assembled.

- Scott H

A road warriors dream car.

I love my car with a passion! It performs extremely well and keeps me going anywhere I need to be. Other than expensive gas prices I can't really complain about anything about the car. It's very reliable if you keep up on it's maintenance such as oil changes and regular check ups. All in all it's a great car and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Dominic C

Fords are generally good cars.

I have no complaints. Car has run like new since I brought it and still does. Love using the sunroof at night so I do not have to ride around with my windows down. The only thing I didn't like was the quality of the leather seats they didn't wear well. In addition I didn't like that there are no vents in the back for heat and air conditioning.

- Toni R

Ford explorer has gotten me from A to B & I have enjoyed it.

I enjoy the on-demand 4 wheel drive system that my suv has, I have also loved having a sunroof. Previously I had never had a vehicle with a sunroof. Like any car it has needed to have a few things replaced, nothing lasts forever; but it's been fairly decent to me. I like the security I feel being in an suv, I also like have the extra space.

- Danielle T

V8 engine electrical sunroof remote control radio and seats.

Well for starters ima big Ford fan so I love ford vehicles. I have my dads 2003 Ford Explorer V8 and I love it except it's kind of loud when I start it up and stuff the engine is loud. It's comfortable to drive great space and it comes with the sun roof. I like it but I don't love it it's getting old but it's been running great for years.

- Qua-mere B

Love exploring with explorer.

This has been a great vehicle for the family. We use it for everyday use and when we travel. It is roomy enough for up to 7 people. We love the moon roof. It is been 4 years since we bought it used but it still looked new with low miles at that time. We were not sure if we would like it as we had bigger vehicles previously but we love it.

- Barbara H

2005 Ford Explorer- great family car!

I love this vehicle. It is very comfortable and is a smooth drive. I love the features like the low fuel ding and when air needs to be put in the tires. My children also love the entertainment system! It also has a third row seat. My only complaint is I wish that the trunk was a little bigger without having to put the 3rd row seat down.

- Amber T

Great for family usage. Lots of trunk space and entertaining TV. Bad mileage.

the Car is large enough for family usage. The foldable seats in the back are great when traveling with furry friends. The TV helps to entertain passengers. There is lots of space and comfort ability. The only downside is the mileage on the car. It gets fairly expensive when you're constantly traveling. Yet is great to have with a family

- Faith Z

Black on black sleek car.

There are no mechanical problems, the vehicle runs very smooth. It is black with all black leather interior. The AC and stereo work very well. It's automatic. The vehicle seats five people and is very roomy in the back with lots of space for your needs whether everyday grocery days, moving or stroller storage. It is a great family car.

- Elizabeth C

Great on winter roads in Minnesota.

It is reliable and has the features that we need. It has a sleek look and gives us the room we need. It handles well on the road through the Minnesota winters. It has the technology we need and is comfortable to take in long trips. We like the looks of the design and the space it gives us for taking trips with the family and our dogs.

- Mckenzie C

2005 Ford Explorer easy comfort economical maintenance.

It is very comfortable well made easy to maintain if you take good care of it I have had mine for 8 years and it is just now giving up on me but I guess I used her enough as well as her previous owner but all in all I love Ford Explorers. I am looking into another vehicle and am very sad that I cannot afford another more update ford.

- Cassy S

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Lumbar support and heated seat is awesome. Very reliable and lots of space in the back. Seats 7 and is very roomy! Love the Sirius radio and find that I use it more when traveling for weather alerts. It handles well around corners. It was hit by lightning and still works great. I suggest swapping out factory tires with all terrain.

- Jan G

Ford Explorers are great vehicles.

Good solid reliable vehicle. Low maintenance. Can fit 3 kids and their gear. Great for travel. Minor issues from wear and tear. Handles great on highway and side street. Great gas mileage. Great in winter weather. Does have factory defective trunk piece that cracked in freezing weather, does not affect performance, just looks.

- Christine A

What I like is how well it handles off road

The only real problem I have had is my transmission. I love everything about the drive is great and I love the electric and leather interior and how much room I have. What I also like it is that how well it handles when driving on rough terrain. The only thing I didn't like was that the radio volume doesn't work well enough.

- Wes H

My family's ford explorer. Pleasure to drive.

This vehicle is rugged and trustworthy. I love all the features that comes standard. I love that it has 3rd row seating. And all the storage and roof rack. I love that we can fit all 7 grandchildren safely and comfortably. I also like that it gets really good gas mileage and the parts are easy to find. And it easy to repair.

- Kathleen Y

Its has plenty of room & it runs great.

My truck I bought back in 2013. It has been interesting. It has helps me get my girls back & forth to college. It's a great road trip truck. I have. Third row seating. . So it fits my big family. I don't really have any problems with my truck. It's a great truck for me, & it's my favorite color blue. Thanks for reading this.

- Natasha V

With 180k miles on it, I still feel like it is a very safe vehicle.

Recently had to have a significant amount of work done on my vehicle. In the last year I have had to replace the transmission, rear wheel bearings, and the actuator system in the air conditioning. However, this has been the most safe and comfortable vehicle I have owned. It has over 180k miles, so repairing it was a choice.

- Jennifer G

It does not get great gas mileage, so the cost of gas is high.

I grew up driving a 15-passenger van and rarely a small sedan, so I appreciate the medium to larger size of the vehicle. The storage is minimal if all 7 seats are in use, but it works well for our 2 car seats and when the back seat is down, we can easily pack for a trip and have plenty of storage for our daily activities.

- Allison M

Love it and I differently would buy another.

I love my car it has been very dependable, it sit up easy to get into and out of, pretty good on gas, I bought used and it had high mileage when I got it, and it is still going, I just love it, I should look for another but I do not want to get rid of it, handles great in the winter, I cant say nothing bad about it.

- Eugenia A

It lasts a long time IF U TAKE CARE OF IT. Also the sensors are now not working and the power windows are starting to not work. But the car is 13 years old so stuff like that is expected

There is a crack by the back window. The mirrors that u pull down don't work anymore because the plastic that turns the mechanism melted in the heat. Can't replace the small part and have to buy the whole thing. Over the years basically everything has been replaced accept the engine but i have a lot of miles on if

- Maria R

All around truck that drives like an SUV.

The style, the performance. It is a technically a small 4 door truck. Fits my driving style. It has all of the features that I wanted. The only thing that I would like would be a four wheel drive. At the time when I bought the truck it was not available. It has performed better than expected and no real problems.

- Mark S

I really love my ford explorer!

I love the ford explorer because it is a smooth ride and the vehicle has been very reliable. It rides well in city traffic as well as the highway. Maintenance is easy and affordable. I have had this vehicle for several years and the speedometer is reaching 250,000. I highly recommend the ford explorer to anyone.

- Donna W

A great but for your money.

My truck is stable and run well, love all the features, especially the notifications it gives me on any issues, uses the lowest grade of gas, runs efficiently for a week from a full tank. The kids love the back seat it very spacious for my tow boys to play around and sleep comfortable when going on long journey.

- Nicola G

Good vehicle, but, would not buy again.

Overall this is a great SUV except the fuel mileage. The driver's seat wore out fast also. Rough riding and seating in the back is noisy. No reason to have a 3rd row seating. No one can get access to it. The second row seating folded down does not lay flat. Hard to haul items because of the angle of the seat.

- Kathy H

Explorer- the perfect size.

Very comfortable. Big enough to carry anything and feel safe, but not too big to be awkward to drive. It is reliable, have not had many problems. It is great on road trips, mileage is pretty good. I have had it for 12 years and it is still going strong. It is stylish enough to not be boring or embarrassing.

- Kathleen D

2005 Ford Explorer XLT review.

I love my 2005 Ford Explorer xlt. It is a 4x4 with third row seats that can fit eight people. I have been owning it since 2005 and have had very little to no problems with it. I love my vehicle and I plan to keep it until it cannot be fixed. I currently have over 150k miles on it and is still running great.

- Melanie P

Same Problems with em all

Same problem in all explorers,. Transmission, driver side door panel doesn't work. Not reliable at all. I haven't even had mine 2 years and it's been broken down for months now. Heat and air doesn't work right as well. The actual seating and room is about the best things the explorer has in my opinion.

- Virginia L

Something dependable for my kids, I need a bigger SUV with better gas mileage.

The oxygen sensors always make the check engine light go off, somewhat reliable, I like the size for my 2 kids, but still it's kind of uncomfortable with the car seat in the back of the passenger seat, not too many features, performance is ok, I rather something bigger and newer with much less mileage.

- Heidi A

It's a 4 door, had a sunroof, it is grey

The only major problem is my speedometer light flickers then goes off, when it goes off I can't roll windows down or listen to the radio, other than that I really like my vehicle, I like the fact of having a quad cab truck but it's not big, my truck had a tonneau cover so that's like having a big trunk

- Jennifer D

Dual purpose truck with tonneau cover

Sometimes it will stall while driving. Love the fact that it is part truck and SUV with a sunroof, heated seats, air conditioner, four by four, with tonto roof, Gets great gas mileage. Has electric windows, including rear window. Looks stylish, I have been given a lot of compliments on its appearance.

- Susan H

2005 Ford Explorer Xlt flex fuel 6 cylinder.

My 05 Explorer is an amazing vehicle, never had any major issues only a few minor parts such as radiator, starter and muffler. Other than those items listed this vehicle has made me very happy. Got me through many hard Michigan winters and now Florida roads. I would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Kyle K

My vehicle is in awesome condition and has been well taken care of.

It has an awesome performance it also is a comfortable drive and very economical. Very new interior and is an awesome vehicle to own. I would recommend this vehicle for a one owner vehicle or a small family. I had to replace my older vehicle. We had to do a little repairs, but runs with no problems.

- Laura B

The red sports utility vehicle.

Very roomy for my family. Like the space. Love the color. Has 4 wheel drive. Has racks on top for luggage. Spare tire goes under the vehicle so you don't lose backspace. Big bucket seats. Compartment in the center front for extra storage. Cup holders for everyone's seat space. Plenty of floor room.

- Katherine P

A wonderful and cheap vehicle that you can count on.

Older truck but is very dependable. Easy maintenance. Good on long trips on gas. The internal is clean and the seats are extremely comfortable. Great on gas. Its a v6 and the engine is in great shape for the year of the truck. The brakes on the truck has to be replaced more often than most trucks.

- Anthony M

My Ford Explorer is a great vehicle.

My Explorer has had no major problems, and it is now 12 years old. It handles great in all kinds of weather, and I feel safe driving it. Of course, since it is a 2006 it does not have the features that newer models have. We have 2 Explorers now and our next vehicle will most likely be an Explorer.

- Joyce G

2005 Ford Explorer- big and comfortable.

High mileage, reliable, comfortable, struts went out around 230, 000 and replaced. Once it is really worn in, it starts to break down and have more and more problems, but that is expected with an older car with high mileage. I keep up with oil changes and that helps keep the car running smoothly.

- Lily Q

2000's Ford Explorer are very reliable.

My Explorer has over 166000 miles on it. Other than normal wear and tear, I have only had 2 major issues with it. One was a faulty rear abs sensor which happens twice. And the coil pack for the distributorless ignition went bad. Nothing else major. This is my second one and I would buy another.

- Larry M

It may be old, but it gives me money.

First of all, it is a 2005 Ford Explorer. There's going to be a few problems with the car based on that alone. The battery needs to be replaced, I need a new alternator and I just got a flat the other day. So in other words, a new car would be great, but this heap of junk is paying my bills.

- Tanner O

The car is overall an okay car.

The blinker sometimes stops working and the seatbelt does not work where you click the metal piece in. It is very comfy with nice leather seats. It is not the most reliable vehicle, but it does it is job. It does not have any special features, but it does have the latch system for car seats.

- Brittany B

Good car, very reliable. Would recommend.

It doesn't have to many problems. It's been a reliable car for some years now. I overheated on me the other day, but I think it was my fault because it didn't have any coolant in it, put some in and my problem was solved. I personally thinks its a good car, but I don't know much about them.

- Riley R

Repairs on my vehicle since purchasing

I had a few vehicle problems First it was the brakes and tools needed to be replaced. Second windshield wiper fluid and wipers needed to be repaired. I have rust just a little on the side of the van. I have on the dash a certain key displaying on the dash that I need to figure what it is.

- Abigail R

Three row seater Ford Explorer SUV.

Mine has amazing room three row seats five disc CD player also has a DVD player four door helps a lot with having a 27 years old 16 year old a one year old and a newborn I absolutely love it also has four wheel drive amazing in all weather and very comfortable for long trips as a family.

- Elizabeth I

2005 Ford Explorer - positives and negatives

Vehicle runs great. It has roughly 105,000 miles on it. Had a faulty fuel sensor a while back, but besides that it has been great. The interior is cloth. A crack on the back lift gate has formed. After researching, this seems to be a common issue with this year and model. Great vehicle!

- Alex J

It is reliable, safe, last a long time.

It has a large capacity. High off the ground. I feel safer if I am in a accident. I have always been a Ford person. They are very reliable vehicles. There is a design flaw on the rear door. Water gets in the panel below the window. It freezes in the winter time and breaks the panel.

- deb C

The vehicle had very tight turning, easy to handle.

I like have a vehicle that sits up off the ground. I also like the room inside of it. I do not like how heavy the back lift gate is, it is hard to pull down. Also, the seal around the window in the lift has shrunken so bad that the whole inside is covered in road dust constantly.

- Stac B

Roomy. Handles well great on gas.

So far I really like my car. It's really roomy. It seats 7. I have 4 teenagers that like their own space lol. It drives really smooth and turns very well. It handles bumps good too. For it to be older it handles very well. The seats are heated and the heater works very fast and hot.

- A D

It overall it is a very good car as long as you take really good care of it.

I have not had any issues with this vehicle, but when the shocks get wet my power steering goes out for 30 seconds. It makes it really hard to steer. My gauges are not working right but it comes with the age and mileage. (over 220,000 miles) The vehicle is very well taken care off.

- Mariah C

2005 Ford Explorer owner since 2006 reviews vehicle.

My 2005 Ford Explorer XLT four door four wheel drive, three row seats seven people comfortably. Only two complaints was the low gas mileage (which is about normal for full size SUV), and I had a few problems with transmission "grabbing" hard when traveling uphill in steep incline.

- Jodi H

The interesting part of the vehicle is that is has a big trunk.

The car drinks a lot of gas the wooden trim in the interior is falling apart the seat controls on both the driver and the passenger side do not work anymore the roof of the car was some stains the light in the glove box does not work the right side tire is missing one a lug nut.

- Cameron L

My little Engine that Could

My care is a used car that I've had since 2016. It's really reliable. I drive it almost every day and 75 miles both ways to South Jersey at least 2 to 3 times a month. The heat does not work but it works well. It's very spacious and gets me through the winter months just fine.

- Nay L

Has great reliability, is comfortable and has room to haul a lot of things!

My 2005 Ford explorer has over 225, 000 miles on it and still purrs like a kitten! It has been a very reliable vehicle and only has had the normal wear and tear expenses. I will definitely buy another explorer when this one wears out but I don't think it will be anytime soon!

- Gloria C

Great motor and a great over all vehicle except for the rust.

My vehicle runs very good. It has a strong motor it is a 4. 0 And they are really good motors. I love explores they are really nice and reliable. The only thing that is wrong with the one we have is rust on underneath and some on the rocker panel. This could lead to problems.

- Kelly B

It is Ford fabulous I love it and I would recommend it to all.

I would definitely recommend the Ford Explorer I have had no major issues with my Ford explorer since I owned it, I have owned it for over 15 years, only problem I have with the vehicle is that the gas mileage is not very efficient, it is roomy, comfortable and fun to drive.

- Joanne L

It gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable on long trips.

I have no problems with my SUV it is quite comfortable to me does everything I need it to do it works for me. It has all the features that I could ask for and use. There is nothing more to say about it. I bought it from my old next door neighbor and I am very happy with it.

- Carrie L

Freaking love this SUV, want to trade my other ford for a new one.

Love this car the room that I have the space the comfort. Love the dials on the panel the step ladder in the back windshield wiper love all the room I have. Radio rocks smooth driving SUV quiet sounding love being high up only thing that kind of stinks is the gas-guzzling.

- Ashley A

Roomy yet not too big. Easy to drive, heat and ac work amazing.

I love the 4 wheel drive feature, along with the hatchback. I do wish I could figure out how to turn the od (overdrive) off. Sometimes my cruise control does not work, but I am not sure if that is a manufacture problem or just something that happens in my personal vehicle.

- Lisa A

2005 Ford Explorer still works great.

Ford Explorer is an amazing vehicle for withstanding trauma. Perfect for teenagers. The radio had to be replaced due to the CD player completely breaking. The turn radius is great. The car has over 190, 000 miles and still runs great. Passes inspection even being a 2005.

- Mandy D

Gas guzzling, short term, multi-problem car.

I live in New England, so the winter totally destroys the underside of my car. Bodywork is very expensive when it comes to man hours fixing a vehicle. There is a terrible rattling on the underside of my vehicle that no one seems to know how to fix. I have given up hope.

- Alison C

Love the DVD and the heated side mirrors.

I love the comfort. It could use cloth seats; leather is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. While the heated mirrors are a plus it is very hard and expense to replace them. The same is true for the rear view mirror. The kids love the DVD player in the back seat.

- Toni W

Love my explorer and would buy again

Bought my car used at a good price. However after having it for a little while figured out it had been a flood car. Regardless of that it is a great vehicle, plenty of room for the large family. Runs and drives awesome. Get decent gas mileage for the size and 4x4.

- Jennifer Johnson J

Black on black interior with monster wheels.

I totally like my car its all black the performance is great runs smooth its 2005 ford but it's very reliable. In some cases where the car can have difficulties is the car sensitivity. My car gets me to work everyday and I can count on it to perform well and steadily.

- Taff B

Ford explorer is still great.

The vehicle itself is great. Still very reliable and performs just the same as it was new. Only feature that stopped working great is the ac. It now does not cool the car much. The vehicle was bought used but looked new on the inside and outside. Such a great vehicle.

- Olivia S

My vehicle is a 2005 and is still running well.

I own a 2005 Ford explorer. This vehicle has been reliable for over 10 years. It has around 180,000 miles and is still running well. It has 4 doors and can seat up to 5 people. I plan to keep driving this vehicle, as it is saving me money (no payment). Great vehicle!

- Erin E

2005 red Ford Explorer with 4 wheel drive

My car is old but still gets me to where I need to be! My car has many minor issues but as far as everything else goes the car is in pretty good shape! My car has 170000 miles on it! I have owned the car for 2 years and had to replace the transmission on the vehicle!

- Westin L

It is fast and amazing. I love my car.

I don't think that there's any issue in my vehicle that I don't know about. I think that my car is great. It performs amazingly on highways and mountains. When we went to the mountains it got up it pretty easily. It has a great engine. It can drive through anything.

- Rio B

Homey, spacious vehicle for any occasion!

Comfortable to ride in, very spacious and easy to customize to your preferred seating. Very spacious, offers a lot of storage options. Safe, reliable. Issues I have had are mainly cosmetic, easily rusts, crack down the hatch, things like that, overall very pleased.

- Destiny H

Not A killer on gas. Because it's a larger suv you think it would kill in gas but it doesn't

I love my Explorer. It is great all year especially in the winter never have to worry about snow. I have a 3rd row seat so the whole family can fit comfortable. Also I can put the seat down and move stuff or pick up just about anything. Also it isn't killer on gas

- Angelia G

Ford Explorer: A mixed bag of features

Interior plastic parts wear or break easily. Advtrac feature stopped working after a month of use. Also, not very fuel efficient. However, all other features are wonderful. Vehicle is reliable, sturdy, and safe. Transmission is smooth (when not on cruise control).

- Bryan P

My Explorer is a highly reliable vehicle.

My Explorer is so reliable and easy to drive. It is big enough to haul my kids around yet small enough that you do not feel like you are driving a bus! It has many standard features and upgrades. I do not need a lot of tech and that is exactly how my Explorer is.

- Laura K

2005 Ford Explorer Limited

The car drives great. We have had some transmission problems but once that was taken care of it does fine. Decent gas mileage. Plenty of room for the whole family (3rd row seating). Has a tow hitch in the back just in case you need to pull a trailer or something.

- Jared B

It is a reliable and safe vehicle.

The car is very reliable and has room for up to 7 people not including the driver. Because it is a late model it does not have a lot of newer features, but it is a very comfortable car and offers safety when I am driving it which is really all that I care about.

- Taylor A

I do like the body style and the color it still drives like a dream

right now my vehicle is 14 years old and has some things like wheel wells need to be fixed as well as some minor engine problems like throttle body. The inside interior is starting to weather like the leather seat is cracking requiring more tender loving care

- shirley A

Fun exploring in my Ford Explorer.

Very reliable, low cost maintenance, sits above traffic, easy in & out, strong v6 engine, very comfortable seating, lots of cargo space. Rides well on long trips, gets very good gas mileage, turns on a dime, handles all road conditions regardless of weather.

- Gerry W

Good and bad of owning a explorer.

The timing belts are extremely expensive to replace. There is a ton of space inside the vehicle, it works really well when traveling with my double stroller. The second and third row of seats folds down made it easy to transport my kids new play house home.

- Warner W

Best family car with third row seats.

It's a decent car that lasts quite awhile with proper car but it does have a problem occasionally. If you are looking for a car that will last you a decade then this is it but if you are looking for just a temporary vehicle then I'd suggest something newer.

- Alex M

The in - and out of owning a older SUV.

With age things start breaking and having to repair. Love the size and type of vehicle I have. Would purchase another one like it. I prefer SUV, s because of size and the type of extras in the vehicle. After so long with it I will heed to have it repainted.

- Mary E

The four wheel drive is amazing on this vehicle.

Its reliable and very good in the snow. It rides nice and smooth. It makes you feel like your in a truck. It's a great truck to go camping or fishing or anything like that. It's really spacious and has plenty of room for people and equipment. It's perfect.

- Ray S

Ford explorer sport do's and do not.

It's a good vehicle drives decent gas mileage is average. It's getting older and a little more beat up. I wish it was 4 doors its reliable. Tires are easy to get. Parts are usually in stock at local supply stores. Handled kinda loose on the mountain roads.

- Darryl M

My truck still works good for the years it is been running.

I think my truck works good overall for the years it is been running. I did have to take it once to the mechanic show, because the starter was messed up but once that was fixing my truck worked good as new, and that is because it got a lot of miles on it.

- Gabriel N

Seats fold down easily. My youngest son can fold them with no help.

Fits my whole family. Third row seating. Air conditioning and heat. The sun visors are broken. Gas mileage isn't great. Overall a good vehicle. My Ford Explorer has been very dependable for the past few years. It's fourteen years old and runs really good.

- Sandy L

The ford explorer lasted us over 150000 miles before we started to have problems with the vehicle.

I bought my vehicle for my 3 daughters as it had the two qualities we needed; seats 7 and a sunroof. But what we got was more, a dependable vehicle we drove for 150,000 miles. At this stage though we are constantly having to fix it as it has gotten old.

- Thomas C

Good, reliable car would buy again .

I like my Ford and would probably buy another one in the future. It runs pretty good to be as old as it. It hasn't really had any major problems basic wear and tear for a car. I do believe however it's coming to an end soon and will have to be replaced .

- Carrie F

My delight. I love my car.

Runs great when running. So far, minimal problems. Bigger job, well you know there coming. Oil change must be done on time. Runs like a champ. Great performance. Joy to drive and ride. But when it starts breaking down its does part by part. A great car.

- Karen L

Wonderful family vehicle.

There was an issue with the transmission that it had to be rebuilt. The back latch cracked on the outside and the center tonight area came apart. These issue have either been resolved or are superficial and do not affect the performance of the vehicle.

- Kelly R

My main issue with the car is that it's not good on gas, but in fairness I knew that going in

I bought it used about a year and a half ago and haven't had any problems. It's a good size vehicle for our family. Not the best on gas but I do only tend to drive it in town, so a lot of stop and go. Overall I love it and would recommend/buy another.

- Kara H

It drives very well and is ok to travel with.

I like that it's spacious, 4x4, and taller than others so I feel safer. Dislikes I only get 13 miles to the gallon if not less, due to the weight of the vehicle parts wear out faster, and it is pretty big so it's hard to find parking sometimes.

- Christine W

It has a tracker on it and can be found if ever stolen.

My truck is all black with tinted windows and runs good. The only problem is it is time for a oil change and the tire pressure light is on. It's not so good on gas, depending how busy of a day you have. Other than that everything else is great!

- Manage E

It is very efficient, reliable and inexpensive.

I like the heated leather seats and my sunroof. There's a ton of legroom and cargo space. I dislike my stereo that won't play CDs, the windows that won't open because of wiring issues and the fact that there's always something needing repairs.

- Kathleen H

Only Pickup Worthy of My Ownership

My vehicle is a short box pickup. It is a Ford Explorer Sport Trac, which they quit making for a few years. The demand was so high for them that they are now making more of them. I love my pickup cause it is very dependable and fun to drive.

- Cathy C

Pearl paint, leather seats, extremely comfortable.

Leather heated seats are fabulous! We've had very little problems with our 2005 ford explorer. We have all the extras including sun roof, DVD screen. The car is 13 years old and still running good. A little rust happening around doors.

- Anne C

13 years and going strong!

I bought this suv brand new fully loaded in 2005. To date, I have not had a major breakdown. Tires, brakes, fluid changes are it. The electrical system can be funky and can start to wear down over time. However, great investment.

- Mark P

It is really not a family automobile. Not enough room in cargo area for any large items.

It is a Ford Sport trac, pretty to look at. It is easy to drive, But is really only a one or two person automobile. Anything over that and you feel like sardines. I think it would be much better if it had a positive track rear end.

- Debbie R

my truck shows a great ease of traveling on rustic roads when the 4x4 is active

My truck is in good condition, it has only had tire failures and it is easy to recover them, also the glasses are in perfect condition, I really like my truck is a good vehicle to travel in family especially when you have children

- Joshua M

It has plenty of seating space (not super narrow seats), very roomy trunk.

Great car at first. About 5 years after purchase the engine died. I learned that it was not the first case. Grateful I was not driving on interstate when it happened. Was very disappointing as it was extremely expensive fix.

- Natalia M

Several computer and automatic traction control issues

Most of the features are decent, but as the vehicle is getting older, it is starting to have issues. There is definitely a problem with the computer and I'm not sure if it is all of the ones in the make and year or just mine.

- Hollie M

The explorer has very fuel economy.

I love because it's easy to maneuver, sit above traffic, plenty of storage space, fun to drive, handles great in rain. Fold down rear seats give added space. I dislike the design of the liftgate, the panel keeps cracking.

- Jerry W

It's been a great family car and dependable. It gets good gas mileage for a v8

It's been a great vehicle. I did have to replace the transmission after 5 years of having it. I have had to do quite a bit of repairs on the vehicle but i would rather pay for those then to have a payment every month

- Angela B

I have a vehicle that actually runs and gets me to and from work.

I love Fords and my truck is pretty good. It has some little quirks, the turn signal doesn't always work in the rain and the check engine light sometimes comes on if I'm going uphill but overall it's a good vehicle.

- Laura U

Four door third row seating.

It is a 4 door vehicle with a third row seat. Plenty of foot room, and storage space. It needed a new transmission and sway bars. The electric locks do not work as well but is a older car. Still runs great though.

- Mandy K

It is good on gas and is very dependable with over 270,000 miles!

I have a 2005 ford explorer sports trac. It is great. It does have some electrical problems. The speedometer and other dash controls do not work. With this said I still love it. I just ignore the small stuff.

- Jennifer H

They no longer make these models and I wish they did because I would but it again.

The explorer sport trac has been incredibly reliable. Gas mileage is not bad at all. It is great in the snow. Has a big bed for hauling stuff. Very comfortable to drive, feels more like a car than a truck.

- Eileen V

It tells the gas mileage, oil percentage, and windshield washer level.

I like the controls on the steering wheel. The automatic seats, and the windshield wiper on the back. I like how it tells you the gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't have an auxiliary cord plug in.

- Amber H

That it will take you to your destination regardless of the condition.

Well as you already know Its a 2005 Ford Explorer Its in decent condition. It tends to mess up a lot because It's a very old vehicle. The brakes are not that good & the car ends up turning of on Its own.

- A L

The cruise control does not work.

I like the stock speakers in my car. I also love how big my car is and how I can fit so many people/luggage if needed. I dislike how old my car is. I also dislike how worn my leather seats are in my car.

- Morgan C

It is expensive but well worth it.

I love my vehicle. It's very reliable and spaces. My SUV has extra room and setting. My only dislike with my Ford explorer is the gas. It takes a lot of money to fill it up but does great on road trips.

- Brooke M

The cars weight was reduced I assume for gas mileage however it is noisy.

I like the 3rd row seating in my vehicle and all the room the vehicle has. I also like the fact that it is 4 wheel drive. I do not like the fact that my Ford explorer is 13 years old. Wish it was newer.

- Judy J

It is great for large families with tiny kids.

I like that it is big and fits my whole family. However now that all the kids in my family are older, the back seat being so high up because of the fuel tank does not allow for very comfy long trips.

- Laura G

It's rugged and roomy without being huge. It's also comfortable with plenty of leg room and sits up high giving me a feeling of more control.

I love my Ford Explorer Sports Trac as it sits up high and gives me a better view of everything around me. It's a roomy four door with separate front and back vents for heating and air conditioning.

- Terrie K

Comfortable and Reliable.

I bought this car with 16,000 miles on it and it now has over 100,000 and is still running great! It did have a recall that the back door has a crack from the window to the emblem that is annoying.

- chelsea p

It's a comfortable car that isn't overly huge but can fit a lot of passengers or cargo.

My Explorer is comfortable for the driver and passengers, plus gets reasonably good fuel mileage. It's not the easiest to park because it's got the third row seating and is longer than others.

- Melanie M

Its reliable. Even though its loud. It has.. Never broken down on me.

I like that it's enough room for my family.. I like that is its paid off.. I do not like that it's starting to have some mechanical issues.. I like that the maintenance on it is. To expensive.

- Tanya R

Transmissions are not very reliable.it's cheaper to buy a rebuilt one as to rebuild the one I the vehicle

It's been a very dependable vehicle for the most part.just recently jabbering problems with it shifting into gear properly.overdrive light comes on and blinks when I drive.overdrive is out.

- Tammy A

The vehicle is very dependable in heavy snow or snowy driving conditions.

The vehicle has been very dependable. It has been paid off for years. Very decent vehicle to travel through heavy snow fall. The vehicle has in excess of 271,000 miles. No complaints.

- Bradley C

Can't go wrong with a Ford!

I love my Explorer! Plenty of room for a big family to go camping and pull our pop up camper too! I live in Colorado and never had problems in the snow with my Ford! Low maintenance too.

- Brandee L

My Ford Explorer doesn't have very good gas mileage.

I have always like Ford Explorers but as I have gotten older I find I need to have a vehicle that is a little lower and easier to get into. I do like the roominess that the Explorer has.

- Janet C

Family vehicle and reliable

We haven't had any problems so far. The car is reliably to get my husband to work and back. As well do family activities and get things we need. I love the feature of the heated seats.

- Quana M

It is a wonderful vehicle that can be used for hauling people or any amount of things

It is good on gas. It has enough room for my family and to go shopping and haul things. It has 4WD that makes it easier to drive in the winter. I loved the heated seats also in winter

- Barbara H

Ford trucks are reliable and reasonably priced. My next vehicle most likely will be a Ford. However, i plan to purchase a SuV instead of a truck.

My vehicle has been very reliable since i purchased it. I cannot think of anything i dislike about it. However, i realize I'm going to need another vehicle perhaps within 3 years.

- Ernestine R

It has plenty of room when you need it and not to bad on the gas.

I like that it is an suv which the type of vehicle I wanted. I like that it has enough space for my kids and other. I dislike the style of the 3rd row seating, not regular seats.

- Linda T

It has great gas mileage to be a ford explorer

My ford explorer truck with the extended cab an short bed is amazing runs great an have had it for over 6 years an didn't buy it new. It has 180000 miles an its an amazing truck

- Ashley B

You have to check out the tires, coolant, and oil levels regularly.

I love my car because it it's spacious and roomy. It gets great gas mileage in the city and on the highways. It is older so more maintenance is required, but it holds up well.

- Laura M

Safe, comfortable, reliable car

My car is comfortable, handles nicely, and gets reasonably good fuel mileage. The Explorer has room for passengers or cargo and is versatile enough to be used for many things.

- Melanie M

Why I love my ford so much

I really love my car because it is very dependable and i know it can get me to where i need to go. In all the years i have had it it hasn't broken down which is always a plus.

- John D

The engine performance can become unreliable with age.

I like it is size and handling. The seating is comfortable and cargo space is good. We have had a lot of issues with the engine stuttering off and on with no consistent fixes.

- Sarah H

The car has been good to use so far.

It makes noise when I go over speed bumps. I wish it had satellite radio. Sometimes the seat does not go back to original position. It takes a while to put the seat back up.

- Christina C

Best days are in the past

it's a gas hog, is rusty and is starting to get older and stuff seems like it is constantly going out on it. It doesn't have any of the cool stuff that are on the newer cars

- Alyce B

Great reliable truck good miles

I love this truck it's very reliable have had some issues nothing that didn't stop me from fixing it..Put a new transmission in it and it still going like a brand new baby..

- Jowanna H

Because it is a SUV you would think that the gas mileage would be bad but it is not

I love my Ford Explorer. It has 1 3rd row seat which is helpful when my entire family wants to go somewhere or you can put the seat down and haul or move a lot of stuff

- Chris D

It is great on mileage if you keep the maintenance up.

Truck gets 14 mpg. I like the fact that it the truck has three row seating and can seat 6-7 people comfortably. I dislike the fact that the truck has no storage space.

- Alicia F

It will not make it past 200,000 miles.

My car is very old and high mileage, and it does not stand the test of time well. It requires lots of repairs. Overall, it drives okay, but it's not the best car ever.

- Stephanie A

Has lots of room to carry items.

There's plenty of room. The back seats fold down. The back of the truck 'stop folds in half so you can carry tall or big items. It's a good looking truck. I love it.

- Glenda D

The bed is small but it holds all the stuff I need.

I like it cause it is large enough for me to haul things I need. It is a great vehicle and I have very few problem with it. I love the fact that I sit up high in it.

- pearl l

It has been great as a family car. Seats 7 people.

My car is 13 yrs. old it has 230,000 miles but I will drive it till I can. If I had a choice I would buy another Ford Explorer it has given me a lot of happy miles.

- Gerri P

the ford does run rough in the winter but I like the extra space in back

it has held up well. not great on gas ,but compared to other 4x4 not horrible.we were able to put a rear facing seat in the back to add seating for small children

- jen b

It handles well when driving.

The back hatch back is too heavy or hard to pull down. There is also a bad vibration that hurts my ears if you only roll down the back windows a little bit.

- Stacie B

The doors locks are automatic.

I like the way my car handles and rides well. I have had it along time and still runs and drives like new. It gets good gas mileage and has lots of room.

- Linda W

It runs an is in good shape for how old it is

My ford explorer is ok , we bought it used the radio is going needs a new one. It heats up to much up front . It's ok it gets,us around tires are pricey

- Vickey H

It has both four wheel drive and is equipped with third row seating.

The explorer is actually a very reliable vehicle. It has really held up well over the years. The only thing I honestly dislike is the fuel consumption

- Matthew S

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Fun vehicle to Drive

Rough riding but good on gas it's a four door ford explorer sport trac it has 130000 miles on it had a few electrical problems added a custom exhaust

- James D

It is convenient not that big and fits many things.

I like that it fits 7 people that is spacious the two back rows of seats are foldable and I love it. I like that there is space for the kids chairs.

- Cecilia S

I like a clean, sturdy, reliable vehicle.

I love all the room inside it. I love the message center that tells me everything. I love how everything is electric. I love how comfortable it is.

- Amber P

it's a workhorse, dependable, spacious. i can't pick just one

it has everything i need, space, wonderful options, its reliable. the only thing i dislike is it is older and they don't make this style any longer

- m f

It is tan. With tinted windows. 3 rows of seats

It is reliable. I just bought 2 new tires for it. I have to change to front left tire. I love my vehicle. I think it is prefect. Even in the snow!!

- Toni B

Do not buy a used one with more than 150000 miles on it.

Like the gas mileage and storage. Do not like that it does not run anymore. It has 307000 miles on it and I put a new transmission in 2 months ago.

- Derrick P

It allows me to drive in the snow easily because it has 4-wheel drive.

My Ford Explorer has an excellent turning radius. There are a lot of little things that have broken in it. Since I bought it it has been reliable.

- Adam W

Reliable and handy to carry extra people or supplies

Love being able to sit up higher Love the extra storage Love being able to take more people Harder to heat and cool Uses more fuel than other car

- Paula M

It's a great car and I highly recommend it

My car runs great, gets good gas mileage, amazing speakers, leather seats with heated seats also. Only the fronts seats tho. It accelerates quick.

- Raylee D

Love the sunroof. It lets light in and can be opened for air.

Being it is 4 wheel drive it is not as smooth as a normal car. But it has a lot of room. It has good pickup speed. Handles good in snow and rain.

- Debbie S

It is a reliable car. It is from a trusted brand. I like my car.

I like that it is a reliable vehicle. I like the Ford brand of cars. However, I am not happy with Ford dealerships for service on my vehicle.

- J H

Lots of room for hauling.

It is great for hauling. Easy to navigate in the winter. Has been a reliable vehicle. Gas mileage is reasonable for the size of the vehicle.

- Barb M

It is very reliable on the highway for as old as it is.

We did have some transmission issues with it about a year ago and they were pretty expensive to fix but for now it is a really good vehicle.

- Cassidy P

Safe to drive in all weather conditions. Good 4 wheel drive.

Had to replace alternator 2 times the ac has tore up to expensive to fix at this time. Other than that I have been pleased with performance.

- Michelle R

A family-friendly SUV that will grow as your family grows. We brought both of our kids home from the hospital in it, and now we use it to take them to Little League games.

Very comfortable seating, like that it sits higher than a regular car. Has been very dependable for us, we have owned it for 13 years now!

- Terri M

Ford Explorer sport trac is great.

The 2005 Ford Explorer sport trac is a very reliable truck. The rear seats have more room than others in the same class. Very smooth drive.

- Bob D

Ford is a good company and I The explore is a great vehicle.

I had it for 13 years it's been a very reliable vehicle. I drive it 50 miles a day. I would buy another one Ford if this one would go out.

- Benjamin W

There is nothing else important anyone else should know about my car.

I like it because it sits me up higher. I like the color. It has a CD player in it. It is a little bit big for just my husband and myself.

- Theresa M

It's built Ford tough. It's still going strong after 12 years.

I like that it's an SUV. I have room to haul bigger stuff. It's a good sturdy car that is still in good shape for how long I've had it.

- Kristen G

My explorer gets the the things you need done

My truck has provided me with a good time. I am not able to do as much as I want to but I have it been able to do most of of my thing's

- RaNae A

It is a comfortable vehicle.

Convenient and comfortable, it works well for everything that I need. I wish that I had something newer so that I didn't have to worry.

- Adam P

convenience of a truck, comfort of a car

All the conveniences of a truck and comfort of a car. Not super good on gas mileage but inside has all the comforts I want, good a/c.

- jim d

It doesn't run through gas. It is a very smooth ride.

I like that it looks nice on the outside. I wish there was more room in the inside. I would especially like a third seat in the back.

- Angie A

It has tie down spot on sides of bed which is nice when you are hauling things.

It's a small truck so u get the perks of something small but also the perks of a truck. It does use more gas then I'd hoped it would.

- Marianne F

At 175,000 miles it is still going strong, hopefully will be around for another 20,000.

has been a great family car. able to tow our camper, haul kids. has has some engine issues, but at 175,000 miles still going strong

- diane w

It is a great mid-sized vehicle. I would recommend it.

It has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. It makes me feel safe in winter. It is the perfect size and is easy to drive.

- Chris W

It tends to have motor and transmission problems and it can cost a lot to fix.

My car runs good but has problems with the motor. I sometimes fear it won't turn on one day. The look of the vehicle is nice though.

- Kayanna R

A Ford Explorer is a safe, reliable car that is perfect for family life.

I like how safe I feel in my vehicle. It is reliable and sturdy. I wish the center console had more room for drinks or other items.

- Andrew B

4 wheel drive sunroof leather seats

The only thing I don't like is the transmission to check the level is on the bottoms of the motor. Other wise I love my explorer.

- Heather N

It is a fairly reliable SUV.

I like the ease of driving. There's a lot of good space in the back. I wish it had a third row. I wish there was less rust on it!.

- Laura K

buy new, not old - you get what you paid for

coolant leak, rust around the spot above the tires, the six disc player keeps eating my CDs and out of the 6 slots, only two work

- susan d

point A to point B that is all.

Rides too rough. . No luxury, lacking comfort, heat and ac does not work properly. . Needs an alignment my tires keep going bald.

- Brown P

Great buy and very reliable Ford is the way to go.

Its very reliable, I think I would buy it if I had the chance all over again wo wonderful it is a SUV that is pretty good on gas.

- Michelle S

It is a great vehicle to haul items around. Easy to get in and out of.

I love my vehicle. Gets good gas mileage. Great for hauling stuff around. Love the color. You can see if anything is in the road

- Tammy S

People should know that this car is great for comfort

This is overall a great vehicle. It is a very safe SUV. It is very stable on the road, great transmission and locking mechanisms

- Ken C

It very reliable never gives me any problems. I love my Ford.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. This vehicle has over 200,000 miles on it and still has a lot more miles left to give me.

- emily b

Less expensive, easy on gas and comfortable.

I would like to get better gas mileage. I do like the 4 wheel drive. I do like the handling. It rides well for a larger vehicle.

- Rev Dale B

Excellent ride- plenty of legroom.

I love my truck it get me to point a-b and back home. I rides good and it does not sound like a truck. The up keep really good.

- Sara M

Very good pick up and has good mileage.

I have had little or no problems with the sport tax it is just the pickup that I needed. It runs good and has good gas mileage.

- Ron F

The gas mileage is horrible. The transmission is already went out and had to be replaced under 100,000 mile mark. The belts on the motor cost so much to replace that it makes the vehicle honestly not worth the investment.

Never buy this piece of crap. It isn't worth the upkeep unless you have the means to do so or attached to the sentimental value

- jamie e

it rides well and is good on gas.if you have a small family its ok

i have a ford explorer sport trac it is a very reliable car but it is kinda small.it rides very smove .but not good for hauling

- victoria l

Like the stabilitrak and the 4WD Auto

The engine had to be replaced in 2009. Have had only minor issues and normal maintenance since that time. Love the size and 4WD

- Cindy R

Please avoid mid 2000's Ford Explorer.

The Ford Explorer from 2005 has a lot of issues with transmissions, the heater going out, and seatbelts permanently locking up.

- Matthew B

It is roomy and comfortable.

I like that it is reliable and is comfortable. I like that it has plenty of room. I wish it would have better gas mileage.


Very good on gas when taking trips or just cruising around the city.

I like the mileage, the gas intake. I love the comfort of my vehicle in trips or in town. I have no complaints whatsoever.

- Catherine S

Nice reliable working vehicle but the cosmetics are all plastic for the most part making it flimsy.

It is a nice vehicle although it is made out of a lot of plastic which makes the durability less than what I would prefer.

- Ryan S

That it is a decent car for the money.

It runs well, and is suitable for driving most places.. There are few problems with it.. It seats our large family well..

- Lindsay J

Had power everything which is great with a big family.

I love how it is a big car fits my whole family works like a tough car but not on my pocket. No problems with it at all.

- Jennifer L

2005 Ford Explorer - 4 out of 5

Overall a good vehicle. Had to replace the transmission, but that's the only major issue I've had. Terrible gas mileage.

- James T

It is a big family mobile but still fun enough to drive.

It is big enough for my children and their friends. It is old and starting to fall apart. I am ready for a replacement.

- Janine M

2005 Ford Explorer XLT. Besides the trans. Issue at 150k miles the vehicles has not let me down.

Had to replace transmission at 150000 miles. The truck has been great other than the standard maintenance and repairs.

- Andy K

My vehicle makes me feel safe because of its size

My vehicle has been very reliable with minimal repairs. I have third row seating which is convenient for passengers.

- Kara w

It runs really well and is comparable to even some of its own newer models.

I have been in love with driving this car everywhere. It's so easy to use, convenient and useful for many situations.

- Timothy J

Love the way it rides has lots of room to move around.

Very good car just has some problem because the ware of driving it all the time, hard on gas because it is a big car.

- Mary W

The best thing about my vehicle is that it has a third row seat for my family. It fits us all very comfortably.

I love that my vehicle is very reliable and all types of weather. The third row is a necessity for my family of five.

- Alexis G

The trunk is smaller than most.

Love the room and the entertainment system. The truck is smaller but it has three row seats. The gas mileage is ok.

- Amber T

Lots of cup holders in the right location.

No complaints. I love my vehicle. It gets me where I need to be or go and gets me back safely. I wouldn't trade it.

- Star B

Its my dream car. I owned one 10 years ago and have always wanted another.

It's the car that I've wanted for h. Years. I love the room interior. I have not found anything I dislike about it.

- Bobbi H

Windows don't work half the time and there is no air conditioning in it

It has a moon roof which I love. The A/C doesn't work and neither do the windows hal the time. It was my first car

- Preston K

4x4 can climb a mountain in any whether.

It is relatively reliable. 4x4 working great it can climb a mountain. It is rusty a little and I do not like this.

- Kelly B

It's always a big huge mess with lots of cans.

Sometimes it stops going fast when on the highway or freeway so yeah it got a new battery and so that's about it.

- Selina R

What a great vehicle! If you have the opportunity to buy one, do it!

I love this car. It is very reliable. Comfortable to ride in. Lots of features. I feel very safe in this vehicle.

- Kim O

has remote start in it that comes in real handy when it is cold out

Only has 110000 miles on it. Has very good air conditioner and heater. Side view mirror defrost that works great.

- Theresa H

Looks really nice. Not so big and not too small. Good size truck.

The mph isn't that great, but it's a nice working trucking. Haven't had any problems with my truck. Runs smooth.

- Blanca M

Nice car , good car, tough ability

Drives really good, takes a lot of gas milage, good performance in winter, bad tires, handles well, nice vehicle

- Angel C

My Explorer has leather seats installed in them and a TV build in.

My care run great, they have a great mileage on both of them. They both have comfortable seats and so much more.

- Tiara H

It has lasted a lot of miles

It is getting older so i don't like that. I wish there was more trunk space. I like being higher off the ground.

- Chris B

Our Explorer Sport Trac has over 260,000 miles and is still going strong.

Our Explorer Sport Trac has been a wonderful vehicle for our family. It is comfortable and very easy to drive.

- Linda H

Fords are American made and are made to last for years

I like that is big and have wide access to controls. What I don't like is the turn radius. It feels constricted

- Darian M

It is a great driving car.

I like the ride it gives me. I like the AC in it. I don't like the back seat. The speed control doesn't work.

- Anthony F

Good all around utility truck.

No complaints with the sport trac no problems in 122, 000 miles. . Would buy another if they still made them.

- Cicero S

It runs great and has 3rd row seating.

I like how big and roomy it is and runs great. I do not like how much gas it uses and that the a/c is broken.

- Melissa M

The transmission had issues that needs fixed.

While the vehicle is comfortable, it is to old to be reliable. It has been a good vehicle, but it needs work.

- Amy R

Fuel Economy, smooth driving

I like my car, there is just one problem... Transmission. But I like the third row, and the big space I have.

- Fabiola R

My very dependable truck that drives like a car.

It is very reliable and gets very good gas mileage. I wish I had a upgraded music dashboard and GPS systems.

- Joann B

Its reliable. We've owned it since 2008 and it has never broke down.

Windows don't go down. CD player does not work and the paint is now faded. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Lori S

It has auto 4 wheel drive. It's got the big V8 engine. Leather seats with a power driver seat.

I have to step on a runner to get in. I would like better gas mileage. Other than that I have no complaints.

- Sandy C

It works out for my car budget.

I like having a four wheel drive, and all power functions. I would have liked it to have had a 3rd row seat.

- Frances S

The ac does not work like it suppose to.

The middle seat makes it very hard to have a car seat in the middle. It makes the car seat lean to the left.

- Missy R

It is a used well running car without a lot of problems except cosmetically.

It is prematurely rusted on top and along the bottom and sides. It has started squeaking and does not stop.

- Tracy H

They don't make them anymore, too bad cause this is my 3rd one and it's PERFECT. Keeping it forever!

It's the Sport Trak model they no longer make so I can seat 5 plus carry lots of cargo in the pickup bed.

- Pat B

it has been very reliable. it has only had basic expenses need

have had a long time with only small problems. really comfortable and includes all bells and whistles.

- regina r

It is easy to drive. It is big enough to feel safe in.

It is big enough to carry anything I would want to, but small enough to be easy to drive. Dependable.

- Kathleen D

It's good on gas mileage and the four wheel drive works perfectly.

I like that the truck has four wheel drive. I don't like that this inside of the truck feels to small

- Michelle L

I feel that it is a very safe vehicle. It has nice safety features

Nice vehicle. It is very room with plenty of room for passengers and any cargo you may need to load.

- Kristi H

Still run and looked pretty good.

Cooling system not as good as could be, gas mileage could use some improvement, handle pretty good

- Les t

Other should know if the car is reliable and comfortable

It leak and the transmission is about to give up. The paint is old and it get slow on the highway

- Teresa J

One of the most important thing is it is a dependable family car

I like the room. The way it drives. Wish the back seat folded in half instead of both halves.

- Rebecca G

Great vehicle for families for trips and for parents with college kids

Love that it is a comfortable ride, wish it was a little warmer in winter on passenger side

- Nellie S

It is my first car that I owned and I like it so much. It may look old, but it still runs good.

It is an older version. I like how easy it is to drive the car. It needs a few adjustments.

- Martha R

It is great for long road trips because you can pack a lot in the back.

It is comfortable, reliable and holds quite a bit of cargo when the seats are folded down.

- Michele A

It has really, really poor gas mileage.

like the interior roominess. Do not like the low gas mileage. Like the handling and 4x4.

- Barth L

how easy it is to handle when driving

i like it it is big and room lots of legroom lots of room to packs stuff for vacation

- sylvia b

It's very reliable. 4 wheel drive and low gears are awesome.

It's big and spacious. Love the 3rd row seating. Hate that there aren't heated seats.

- Cory B

easy to drive, safe and reliable

easy to drive,good and safe vehicle i like it because it can go off roading as well

- James r

I get good mileage and I have a luggage rack on top.

I like having a high profile vehicle and I like the fact that it has three rows.

- Lynn F

besides it is paid for, it is dependable. As long as regular maintenance is performed, my car runs as expected.

nothing I dislike. I like the size, dependability and reliability of my Ford.

- Kim H

It's a very safe vehicle .My explorer is fun

I love my explorer it is sturdy dependable and fun to drive with lots of room

- pam G

I haven't had any major issues after 240,000 miles. It runs smooth. There isn't a problem with storage.

After 240,000 miles, it still runs well. It has been paid off for many years.

- Gary H

It has very little wrong with it and has lasted a long time

It has had very little wrong with it. It has lasted past 120000 miles.

- Jeremy T

Transmission problems and bearing keep going out repeatedly.. there was over 150 thousand miles on the vehicle so for the year and taking mileage into consideration it was a pretty trustworthy vehicle for many years until the end

Many miles and still runs extremely well for an almost 15 year old car

- Tara G

It's sporty it's convenient and I will be there at all

I like it all I don't dislike it it's great as is.no complaints period

- Jenny T

130000 miles + & still going! 13 years old & showing minimal wear

very reliable & hard working. Like the styling. Well laid out interior

- Charles S

Very dependable!! He gets great gas mileage. He has just the right amount of space!??

I love my ford. He is very dependable . And I named him "truck-truck"

- Allen D

It's fast and it drinks a lot of gas

I like all the room I have inside.But I don't like the gas mileage

- Tony V

how it runs.gas miles you get.and how comfort it is

i like ford because they drive nice.and they are comfort.and nice

- rose K

I love my car. Very spacious. Also pretty good in gas.

Very reliable. Can also hold a lot of cargo. Good for bad weather

- Wegrhr C

no complaints it's been a wonderful truck very reliable , hardly had any problems with it

very reliable , well worth the money to invest in a small truck

- joe m

has a lot of interior room including 3 seat rows plus over head rack

reliable but does not handle well on snow despite 4 wheel drive

- leo s

I like that it has been a very dependable car. I like the features it came with. I dislike that the paint is starting to chip. I dislike that the back only has 2 ac vents.

It gets great gas mileage on long trips and you save on gas.

- Michelle G

not expensive to operate and very dependable and made in

lots of legroom good on gas mileage, very comfortable

- jim j

It runs very fast. It was mass produced, it's very good

It runs very good, it does not waste that much gas

- Javier D

safety and gas are all important

I love the size,I the room and the style

- Deana J