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Quality made to last for years. Ford tough! Reliable and great looking too!

2007 Ford Explorer

We were Chevy Blazer fans. When we decided to replace it of course we went to the Chevrolet dealership looking for a new Blazer. Problem was they stopped making them. Although the Tahoe was nice it wasn't the size I wanted. We scooted on down the road to the Ford dealership (gasp! I was raised in a Chevy only family) and found the best vehicle I have ever owned! We bought a brand new 2007 Ford Explorer and it is now 11 years old and we've only had to have it worked on twice ( minor issues). We get 20-22 mpg on the highways. It has 2 extra seats under the floor that just pull up therefore seating 7 very comfortably. We are several hundred miles under the 100,000 mileage and we feel confident we will still be driving it for many more years. Ford will be our first choice from now on. Quality made in my hometown (Louisville, KY ??)

- Tina R

I purchased a used Ford Explorer and within the year the doors stopped locking and unlocking pro

2007 Ford Explorer

I purchased a used Ford Explorer and within the year the doors stopped locking and unlocking properly. My vehicle was not under warranty and I cannot afford to fix the issue with it being almost $2000. At first I just figured this was just some bad luck but after researching I discovered Ford has had door issues since the 80's. The main reason I am writing this review is because I was recently at a stop light and a man came up to my vehicle and opened the back door to get in. I had my 5 year old in the backseat. Thankful I was a good distance from the car in front of me so I hit the gas knocking the man to the ground. I then was able to put the car in park and reach back a lock the door before he could get up. So Ford I want to know how this is not a safety concern? This man could have killed us

- malik l

2007 Ford Explorer has 250k miles and still running smoothly.

2007 Ford Explorer XLT V6

The car is old, but still runs pretty well. A few things are a bit goofy about it, as I stated before, it is quite old. It has over 250k miles and just recently had the brakes fixed. The back door needs to be wrestled open and the oil was just changed. The car itself is a strong and reliable vehicle. The seats are cushioned rather than being leather. Speaker system is really nice however speakers in the back no longer work. The volume button is touchy. Heating and cooling still works inside. The car is not loud and it's easy to drive. The car is automatic. And uses a lot of gas. However, despite the negatives of this vehicle, it still is able to store quite a bit and haul quite a good amount of weight. It's a nice family friendly vehicle. I personally would rate it a 3.5 out of 5.

- Cassandra B

Ford Explorer excellent performance.

2007 Ford Explorer

Very good performance, very comfortable seats, like sitting up high for good views, handles well, good turning radius, we drive mountain roads so brakes are important and they perform well and have not had to replace, we had to replace the radiator due to a. Leak. We have just over 100, 000 miles and performance has been great. We have it serviced regularly. The paint job has performed well and it remains shiny with good cleaning and waxing. The ride is very good, but bumps are a bit more noticeable compared to the Lincoln. The interior has held up well. We like the ease of operating the seats. It has lots of room to haul things. Recently, we hauled a fireplace mantel which was 100 inches- no problem! All in all it has been an excellent car for us.

- Mary H

Why I am a fan of Ford autos.

2007 Ford Explorer

Overall, this has been a very good vehicle, with only one major repair, a new transmission and radiator. Other than that, everything else was either routine maintenance or replacement of normal wear and tear items including brakes, shocks and other suspension parts, and other minor items. Mileage was not great but performance was very good. It is lacking in overall comfort but almost all of my prior vehicles have been full size pickup trucks, mostly Ford. This was my second Ford Explorer. It has been a good value and very dependable. Even though the transmission was replaced at 112, 000 miles, it has never left me stranded. I consider myself to be a Ford loyalist and always recommend Ford products.

- Michael P

07 Ford Explorer sport review.

2007 Ford Explorer

I really like my vehicle for something to have to drive, but it is not the most reliable. It is an old car and drives like an old car so it makes getting around a lot harder. I also drive a 2 door vehicle, and with the nanny I did and driving siblings to and from school, sports, and activities, the size of the car is not ideal. Comfort is my favorite thing about the car. It is not small at all and the backseat and trunk are huge, which is nice when needed. It does not drive as smooth as I had hoped for so you can feel every bump in the road. Gas is always cheap for me and I really do love my car, but it is good for a first time car, not an everyday car.

- Logan A

That is a reasonable family car.

2007 Ford Explorer

I really have not had any major problems with it while I have had it. I have had to charge the spark plug, and other routine maintained. It is comfortable to ride in, we have drove it from pa to oh, several times since we brought it. I love that it has 4 wheel drive, it has everything that we wanted and still needed at the time that we brought. I love the power seats that it has easy in/out where the driver seat moves back and forth. How the rearview mirror darkens when there is a car behind you at night, so their lights are not shining in your eyes while you are driving. I love it!!

- Andrea O

Ford Explorer: Fit for a family of Explorers!

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

We are a family of four and our 2007 Explorer fits our needs perfectly. Both of our children are still in car seats and even with two car seats in the back seat there's plenty of room. The trunk provides adequate storage space. The ability to lift just the back glass saves a lot of effort. The vehicle drives great. It's very smooth. It also runs great. We have had a few minor issues such as a heating issue and we had to replace the spark plugs. Both of which were very easy fixes and could be done by my partner with ease.

- Harley M

Research may be required to get around money racket fords.

2007 Ford Explorer

Even though this is an older model Ford Explorer, it has been reliable. The most major thing we have had to replace has been the radiator. The biggest problem with that was figuring out how to attach a hose to the radiator. Ford required a special tool to do it. Ford does this kind of thing a lot to make people think they can't fix it on their own, have to take it to a mechanic where you have to pay someone else to fix it. Just a money racket by a greedy company!

- Melissa A

It has tan leather seats, wood dashboard, tan interior, maroon paint job.

2007 Ford Explorer

I love the way this car and ride so smooth, love the comfort of my leather seats and the awesome space I have! You can really do a lot with this kind of car and it will do everything you need it to, it is always been reliable and never let me down. This is the perfect family car as well, my son and dog have plenty of room and then some! The third row seating is also a huge plus for when we go on log trips with my sister and her daughter!

- Stephanie D

Versatile and comfortable companion car.

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

I love my explorer, this the second one I have purchased over the years. I had a 4wd when I lived in a snowy climate & don't need that here in the south. The explorer was a very safe car in the snow & ice and had plenty of cargo space for just about any task I needed to complete. I used it for picking up building supplies & for moving. Great vehicle! This SUV rides smoothly & is comfortable to drive on long journeys.

- Karen S

Our Ford Explorer has been great for our road tripping family.

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

I love that my Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition (with 7 seats) is big enough for the whole family plus any out of town guests we might have. Living on the other side of the country from family and friends, we often do have guests and it is nice to be able to take one vehicle to go out and about. The DVD player has been a life saver for to keep the kids occupied on long road trips, and even shorter ones too.

- Stefanie R

6 passengers comfortably. Storage for tools & containers.

2007 Ford Explorer

At first it was a really good car. I have always kept my car maintenance up but in the past year there has been more issues. The parts for my car is really expensive. Of all the cars I have owned this one has been the most expensive for parts. I have had to replace all the sensors in all 4 tires. The links that attach to the arms of the tires. The thermostat for the heater I have replaced twice this year.

- Tina F

Best feature is heated seats.

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

I love my car. I love that it has heated seats and sunroof. It is very roomy on the inside. It is high enough off the ground you do not feel like your falling into it. I do not like that I didn't have it to long before there were a lot of mechanical things going on with it. I had to get a new motor by the 3rd year owning it. Radiator went out not even a year later. But overall it is a great car!

- Rachel R

Tire sensor light comes on after driving on freeway.

2007 Ford Explorer

Love the sporty look. Drives like a car. Very smooth ride. Have problem with tire sensor coming on after driving on freeway. Only gets about 14 miles a gallon. I had to replace stereo because the lights stopped working in factory installed stereo. But it does drive nice and I havent had any mechanical issues so far. Very comfortable seating and easy to see out of. Would definitely buy again.

- Tina F

Ford Explorer limited 2007: 3 out of 5 and also, a 3 for performance.

2007 Ford Explorer

Several times I have had to have sensors replaced due to rain getting on them because of leakage in the seams of the hood. I was told by mechanics that this type of replacement often happens to this year and model vehicles. Also, when it rains very hard there is leakage through the sunroof. The performance is okay, but would like a vehicle with a smoother ride for long distance traveling.

- Rachel S

Its reliable. I never have to worry about breaking down.

2007 Ford Explorer

I have 3 active boys and the room in our explorer is perfect. We sometimes travel out of state for games and are able to fit everything we need and be comfortable. With kids comes friends and it's nice being able to bring their friends with us places. I also have 2 dogs that the rear seat fold down to accommodate them. Plan on buying another one in the near future.

- Sarah H

Extremely reliable vehicle!

2007 Ford Explorer

It has been a very reliable car. The only problem was a short in the radio that caused the battery to go dead. It took some time to figure it out, but once it was fixed, everything was good. We've had no major repairs. New tires a few times and normal upkeep. Being a 11 year old care and almost 200, 000 miles, it is still running like it did when it was new.

- Jan O

The Ford Explorer sport trac is a perfect combination of comfort and utility.

2007 Ford Explorer

My Ford Explorer sport trac is eleven years old, has 150, 000 miles on it, and has had no mechanical issues. It runs great. It is comfortable and has weathered numerous cross country road trips without issue. The truck bed is shorter than full sized trucks, but has fit most everything that I have needed it for. It has truly been a great truck.

- Brian T

The ride is very smooth, I barely feel any bumps in the road.

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

There are no exceptional features on my truck, it is very comfortable and has a smooth ride. It does have what people call 'the explorer crack' on the hatch on the back. It has cracked and split the door right above the handle on the hatch. It is a very nice truck other than that. Very minimal rust for being a Michigan vehicle (snow-salt).

- Linda O

It has a touch screen radio with Bluetooth, a navigation system, and a sunroof.

2007 Ford Explorer

This car is very nice because it is a three row seater and has plenty of space, especially if you are like my fiancé and I because we travel. For example, the one we have has a touch screen radio with Bluetooth and a navigation system, along with power windows, power door locks, and a sunroof. It is definitely a family friendly vehicle.

- Sabrina M

My car is black and reliable.

2007 Ford Explorer

Very comfortable, not many blind spots except from passenger side looking back, very safe for how big it is I got in an accident and barely felt anything I like the big back window to see everything out of which is also able to open, a lot of room in the trunk with the seats folding down perfect for camping or traveling or moving things.

- Leah S

Best vehicle on the road. The ford explorer is a very room vehicle.

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

My vehicle is very dependable I enjoy the way it is on the highway. It is good on gas and it good in the snow. If you keep the engine up to date it will last a long time. It is very room on the inside special if you have tall children. My husband also used it for pulling the trailer with it when he go and cut grass it haul really good.

- Lisa J

Happy owner who has enjoyed the ride.

2007 Ford Explorer XLT V6

No major problems during the life of the care. At one point I did have a slight wobble in the front end along with bearing needing replacements, but no other problems. Smooth ride, quiet engine. Oil changed every 5,000 miles, as it's now have 126,000 miles I really have enjoyed this truck and would buy another if they still made them.

- James A

My Ford Explorer has been the perfect car for me

2007 Ford Explorer XLT V6

The electricity started to go but I have had the car for a long time not. Probably just time to get it replaced. The sound system in the car has always been fantastic. There's an aux cord outlet and an area to plug in a car charger. It seats 8 people which has always been really helpful with driving my friends and my siblings friends.

- Jacob W

review of my car, the most comfortable one!

2007 Ford Explorer XLT V6

Pros - Impeccable handling inspires driver confidence Powerful and surprisingly economical engines, Premium interior with lots of customization possibility, Surprisingly comfortable and practical for daily driving Cons - Infotainment system has a few quirks, Engines lack some of the response and audible thrill of old ones

- Joseph Q

Great all around family SUV.

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

It is a very comfortable auto carrying 7 persons the seats are adjustable making it very comfortable. Very dependable has always been fuel efficient for an auto of that size . Has been a terrific auto both on the highway and off road. Would recommend this auto to anyone looking for an SUV that is reliable and dependable.

- Rise N

Plenty of room and nice ride.

2007 Ford Explorer

Perfect size, good gas mileage for SUV, mine has 4x4(and I highly recommend getting it), . I also have 3rd row seating. Make sure you buy rubber floor mats and one for very back. Only thing that is difficult is resetting the oil change. I still cannot do it but my nice mechanic neighbor does it for me. I love to this car!

- Gee M

Eddie Bauer ford explorer 2007 model

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

We bought the vehicle used. It was good in the beginning. But now have had to replace the alternator starter and harmonic balancer with in the past month. And now it has jumped time. I don't recommend buying this vehicle. But does have nice comfortable seats and third row at that. And the mpg is pretty good for an SUV

- Nicole R

Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition SUV

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

Iij love my Explorer because it is higher than a car, making it easier to get in and out of. I like that it can seat 6 with 2 third row seats that can be put up in the back, but in my vehicle the motors to put those seats up don't work so that is frustrating. Also the gas mileage is not that great because it is a v8.

- Sharon L

With it's low, mid, and hi 4x4 settings and it's V8 engine plus the ground clearance this SUV can drive through a winter storm or a mud hole with little louse.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like that it gets great gas mileage driving highway speeds. It's great for winter weather driving; plus it's V8 engine gives me the power when I need it. On the flip side it's a gas hog when in stop & go traffic. It doesn't have the room you'd expect to get in an explorer. The interior design is a little wonky.

- Michael C

07 Ford Explorer! Great, powerful, fun, and reliable. It is a great vehicle.

2007 Ford Explorer

I do not have any problems. The performance it is great especially 4×4, heated seats, sunroof, and CD player. My Ford Explorer is very reliable. The heated seats are great for snowy weather. Sunroof is great for a date on a starry night. 4×4 is great for mudding and pulling vehicles and stuff like trees.

- Mary M

My ford explorer and why I bought it the make model things make it run so well

2007 Ford Explorer XLT V6

My vehicle has good mileage great on gas runs really well never had a problem braking or stopping on if anyone looking a vehicle like this would be awesome plenty of seating space let down seats. Great for camping family time groceries hauling appliances. Good on dirt roads couldn't ask for a better car

- Katrina S

My is my honest opinion about this vehicle

2007 Ford Explorer XLT Sport

Love the vehicle, good on gas, very comfortable. I had a problem with broken bolts on the manifold, I hear is a common problem for this vehicle, but it was fairly inexpensive to repair. Other than that the vehicle is great. I don't regret purchasing the vehicle. It can take a licking and keep on ticking!

- Mike G

My favorite feature would have to be the extra storage space in the bed.

2007 Ford Explorer

My vehicle is very reliable. My vehicles does not waste a lot of gas. My vehicle is economically friendly. I do not have any troubles with my vehicle so far. I have had my vehicle for about three years and it was used yet works perfectly fine. I would recommend buying the Ford Explorer sport trac truck.

- Jessica H

Third row seats Can pull campers/trailers

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

I love how big but small it is. It has third row seating but it's not a huge vehicle. The problem that I have is I am short so I have to have the seat so close to the steering wheel to reach the pedals (I'm 5'4). So sitting that close doesn't have me feeling so safe but other than that I love the car!

- Ashlyn K

Looks great inside and out, it is also roomy and comfortable.

2007 Ford Explorer

The vehicle is a 3 row truck, very spacious if you have a lot of children. It is soft leather inside and very comfortable for long drives out of state. I have been having trouble with driving up hill with mine and Ford thinks it might be a recall on the truck. Until further notice do not quote me yet.

- Candice A

Ford Explorer. I live it�s dependability.

2007 Ford Explorer Limited

I am extremely happy with my Ford Explorer. It is reliable and has plenty of room for my family and pet. I love the comfort of it. I have been driving it since 2007. It drives smoothly and would buy another one down the road. I don't necessarily have a need for the moon roof. Not a fan of it.

- Jill H

07 Eddie Bauer explorer overall.

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

The vehicle has been pretty maintenance free other that an recent coolant system replacement and alternator. The engine seems to be a little undersized and the towing capacity is not very good for a larger vehicle. The features are nice for a vehicle firm this time period, but that is not much.

- Luke Q

It is great for transporting big loads and good in the winter.

2007 Ford Explorer XLT V6

For me it is too big. I like how it had 4 wheel drive but the air conditioner needs to be recharged every spring. I do like the third row seating and having the option of folding it down. We're able to transport everything for my husband's business in the back. It does use a lot of gas however.

- Anne G

Blue oval love' . I absolutely love every ford that I have owned since 1978.

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

I really like the 4.0 v6 as it has plenty of horsepower and performs great with the towing package and a capacity up to 3500 pounds. The 4x4 handles great in the rain and snow. The Eddie Bauer edition includes leather heated seats and in the cold Minnesota winters that is a very nice feature.

- Lisa F

It is a decent vehicle that runs well and has plenty of room in the back for lots of storage.

2007 Ford Explorer

It is a comfortable and safe ride. I like that my child's stroller and all of our groceries fit in the back. My only complaints are that the seat belts don't retract properly, so they frequently get shut in the door when we get out of the car, and I'm too short to reach the tailgate handle.

- Jennifer J

a truck that is tough and dependable for everyday use

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

My vehicle is roadworthy with a few minor problems that were easily fixed!! Gas mileage is pretty good. Very tough vehicle that will last a long time with very few problems. Great for long hauls or to get groceries or taking it to the drive inn. Very roomy and comfortable for sleeping in

- Jeffrey K

Ford vehicles, and how dependable they are.

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

Everything runs good on the truck, I keep my oil changed regularly. No major issues with the truck. If I had to get another ford vehicle I definitely would. They are very dependable truck/cars. Many people in my family owns a ford vehicle. I am looking forward to getting a newer model.

- Joseph M

Good girls truck. It is to wimpy for real work.

2007 Ford Explorer

The truck is too small. Performance is good. Reliability has been outstanding. Comfort is very good. It would be fine for a suburban setting. I do not like government mandated electronics at all. Computers have ruined cars and trucks. The fuel mileage is fine but not an issue to me.

- James R

Ford Explorer reviews of a everyday user, not a soccer mom.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like the ability to see when sitting higher, the windows are large enough to see from. I also like the turning radius, the Explorer turns like a car, fantastic for tight spots. If enough storage space in the back. The ever back seat is a little hard for large people to sit there.

- Bernadette M

It is a relatively spacious and comfortable SUV that I enjoy driving.

2007 Ford Explorer

It is very comfortable, relatively spacious interior. I do wish it had a third row seat option. It is a smooth ride, I love driving it. The transmission already went, I was hoping I'd get more time out of the car than 11 years. The car itself is still in very good shape otherwise.

- Lisa C

2007 Ford Explorer I love my truck.

2007 Ford Explorer

I love my truck it is big enough for my whole family! I use it to travel to get kids back and forth to school dr appointments you name it! Just keep it up to date with normal maintenance and it is a great vehicle! I have always owned Ford Explorers they are great for all seasons!

- Brittany E

Straight very nice 2007 Ford Explorer low mileage.

2007 Ford Explorer

2007 Ford Explorer (1) owner with 80, 000 miles has had excellent 3, 000 mile oil changes and inspections, has sun roof and top cargo rails, body is straight has a few door dings. Has leather seats, driver's seat is electric/w electric mirrors/windows/doors. Seats (7) a must see.

- Johnny G

When it is good, it is good. When it is bad, its very bad.

2007 Ford Explorer

Nothing about this vehicle is a simple fix. In just a few short years I have had to replace the radiator, thermostat, tires twice, transmission, the harmonic balancer, wheel bearings, and control arms. There is a short with the left rear blinker where it goes in and out at will.

- Hannah B

I should have went with the dodge Dakota!

2007 Ford Explorer XLT V6

I had to more money into it before it is first payment. It is a gas guzzler, and the oil has to be changed more often than any other vehicle I have ever had. My rear locks have never worked. The cow catcher that came with it was ridiculously gaudy, and you bounce on every bump.

- Suzi W

I love my Ford Explorer, it is reliable, affordable and most importantly safe!!

2007 Ford Explorer

I love my vehicle, so far the only major issue I have had was replacing a transmission after 180,000 miles. The vehicle runs great and is very good on gas. Also I have twin daughters in car seats and the vehicle is both safe and roomy. My next vehicle will definitely be a Ford.

- Marlena G

Lots of room and a smooth and comfortable ride

2007 Ford Explorer Limited

I bought the Explorer because it had seating for seven people and I could fit all five of my grandkids in it. I also had to commute 40 miles to work and needed the 4WD in the Wisconsin winters. I love the leg room and smooth ride. It is a beautiful vehicle with chrome accents.

- Carol J

Ford Explorer, the go anywhere, do anything, take it with you too, kind of truck.

2007 Ford Explorer

Well the underside is rusting out pretty fast and I do keep it clean. Take it to car washes regularly to keep the dirt and salt off it as I live in Michigan and all! It is very comfy to ride in for long trips or short. Fits all my needs perfectly. Its a truck, yet its a car.

- Julia A

Don't jump to conclusions always double check the car dealers

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

It gets me around but my rack and pinion keep going out and the censors plus brakes but other than that it's a good SUV to have and it wasn't a lot to own but I see why when I got it off the lot not even 6 months later the transmission went out but that was on the dealer

- Andrew R

My Ford Escape: The Details

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

CD player needs to get replaced have a CD stuck, air works great, moonroof. Great heated seats on both sides, DVD player works well but has no sound. Great vehicle and has decent mileage as well. Leather seats get warm in summer is a downside but they are good and comfy

- Kayla M

I want a truck, but I do not need it. Explorer is the next best option.

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

The ford explorer is a nice middle ground between wanting a truck, but not needed all the bulk of a truck. It has a v8 which give you plenty of power to pull a smaller trailer. The negative is that there is not much saving on fuel cost between and explorer and a truck.

- jared G

Ford explorer good size SUV

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

The car runs nice. It has enough space the back is big enough to load items as on grocery and small furniture if needed. However the car is a gas guzzler. I've never had any problems from the car and I keep it maintained my only issue is the gas. So overall great car.

- Michelle F

2007 Ford Explorer limited: great car for college students.

2007 Ford Explorer

Problems: tire pressure sensor broken, automatic side steps break easily. Performance/reliability: super reliable and powerful. Super comfortable to drive. Features: have not paid to update the navigation system, so I just use my phone. Wish it had Bluetooth.

- Nicole H

It is better than people think - the value you get for the price is unmatchable.

2007 Ford Explorer

I only like it because it is available for me to use when permitted by my roommate. I like it because it is an SUV to carry a lot of items. I do not like it because my roommate does not upkeep it. I do not like it because it consumes too much gas, which is expensive.

- Dominique D

Spacious, leather seats and a lot of trunk room.

2007 Ford Explorer

Overall the vehicle has been good. It was previously owned so it had a few rust spots here and there. The car runs smoothly and the only downside is a little gas does not get you that far. Other than that, I recommend it for someone who needs a car on short notice.

- Liv M

Reliable and dependable. No problems ever

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

Never had any problems Ford Explorer has been reliable form day one. It's been through hell and back. Great SUV. Still drives as good as it did in 2007. Love my car and would recommend to anyone looking in the market today. Would consider buying a new Ford Explorer

- Josh C

Good condition white Explorer.

2007 Ford Explorer

My car is a 3rd seat Eddie Bauer white Ford Explorer. It has a new transmission and relatively new tires. It has been well maintained and is in good physical condition. It is a 2007 and I purchased in 2009. It has over 122, 000 miles. It has never been wrecked.

- Blanche S

Most reliable vehicle ever!

2007 Ford Explorer

This has been the most reliable car I have ever had. It has close to 200, 000 miles on it and still is a great car. There have been no major expenses. Just normal things like batteries, tires, spark plugs. It still is a very comfortable car to ride in or drive.

- Jan O

Great family car, with plenty of room. Decent gas mileage and a great turning radius.

2007 Ford Explorer

I have a 2007 Ford Explorer, with about 160,000 miles. I love my leather seats, interior and sunroof. I really love the turning radius. I can park it in any parking spot, and turn around quickly with little effort. It seats 7, with is great for my family of 5.

- Golden H

Great SUV will tow anything

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

Only problem don't have the ac on when turning on the car. But I've drove this truck from ga to Ohio and from ga to Florida. The leather seats clean up easy and it gets okay gas mileage for a SUV it has amazing radio and sound stock it will tow. A trailer easy

- Iowan S

Very good vehicle! totally recommend

2007 Ford Explorer

Starting from the first 6 or so years the car performed reliably and was very much a wonderful vehicle. However, more and more became an issue such as windows failing to open, AC breaking and so on, but that most likely happens to most cars after so much use.

- Jaden C

2007 Ford Explorer, old, loud, huge.

2007 Ford Explorer Base

It's very old. It also looks like a bus, it is very hard to maneuver in parking lots or tight spaces. The air conditioning barely blows, it's extremely loud. The radio is very staticy if turned up too high. Overall it is the worst vehicle I have ever owned.

- Taylor A

Ford Explorer is an awesome car and great for road trips.

2007 Ford Explorer

The SUV is really great. The only issues I really have is the suspension and the tires. Over time the car starts to squeak. Even after fixing eventually you will have to fix again. Other than that there is plenty of space for anything you have to transport.

- Erin L

I have a good mileage SUV.

2007 Ford Explorer

My vehicle is old but it gets me to where I want to go. I have traveled to Texas and Florida in it and it did fine. I have also traveled to Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. The gas mileage is good. It is an SUV so I sit up high instead of low like in a car.

- Amanda B

The Ford Explorer The explorer is a safe and dependable truck.

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

The vehicle is very comfortable. The transmission on this kind of truck does have trouble. 2nd gear as a rule goes out but the truck will still drive. It has heated streets which are very nice in the winter. The roof has a skylight but I don't use it often.

- Joseph R

Five out of ten stars for the 2017 Ford Explorer

2007 Ford Explorer XLT

I currently am not having any problems with my ford explorer. Very reliable, good in upstate New York snowy winters and very good on gas. The SUV is very roomy and comfortable. The features on the explorer are very up to date and make hands free very easy.

- Sandra S

Comfort & Function meets Sleek & Bold

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

I love my explorer, it is very reliable, functional, and comfortable for my family and extended family. The kids love to be able to control their own A/C and watch DVD's in the back. I love how my explorer sounds and looks, powerful but sleek and bold.

- Ashley L

My vehicle is a basic car in my opinion.

2007 Ford Explorer Limited

My vehicle is still in pretty good shape and works reliably. However, the heating and air conditioning shut down pretty frequently and is expensive to repair. The PRNDL also gets stuck sometimes and it's kind of scary to see if it's going to move or not.

- Kaitlyn B

I take care of my car like if it was one of my children. Don't sit in my car thinking that you can have your feet up in the seat treat it like you would treat your own child with care and love.

2007 Ford Explorer

In my car I can sit 6 people in it not including myself, therefore it never limits me. I love my car it is very roomy. The one thing I can honestly say that I don't like about it is that it's a gas guzzler so, other than that I really do love my car.

- Yula W

Ford explorer it will get you out there but the front end might fall off

2007 Ford Explorer

I love the car and the space with the third row seating. But I have replaced the front and rear suspension and it is rattling again. I hear it is common with the explorer. Just aggravating but really doesn't affect the driveability of the vehicle

- Laura R

Ford Explorer Sport Trac is amazing

2007 Ford Explorer

My vehicle is an Explorer Sport-Trac, and unfortunately, they do not make them anymore. This is the second one that I've owned and I am keeping it because I can't find anything I like better. If you can find a used one, consider trying it out.

- Lisa W

It drives smoothly and quietly!

2007 Ford Explorer

My vehicle has been berry reliable. It fits 5 people very comfortably with room to spare. It gets pretty good gas mileage. It looks sharp & pretty. I would highly recommend an explorer to anybody & everybody. I have been very happy with it!

- Debbie B

It's a very spacious vehicle that seats 5 and has lots of legroom.

2007 Ford Explorer

It is perfect for the area I live in. There is more than enough space for a months worth of groceries. One thing I do dislike is trying to get into it as I'm short. Overall happy with it since we've never had any problems with it.

- Tamika A

My car is paid for and generally gets me where I am going.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like that is it is paid for. I like that is it is a SUV. I like that it has a 3rd row seat.. I do not like that is it is old. I do not like that it has over 122,000 miles. I do not like that it has needed expensive repairs.

- Blanche S

My Ford Explorer did everything I wanted it too. It hauled my kids to their sports events, and helped to move them off to college.

2007 Ford Explorer

love my Ford Explorer! It is getting a bit older now, but has been a great vehicle. The only complaint that I do have is that legally, the Explorer cannot tow a Uhaul trailer... I found this out shortly after I bought it.

- kari t

'07 Ford Explorer Review for growing families

2007 Ford Explorer

The optional third row makes transporting children/car seats a breeze. Also, the third not in use makes for a very large trunk space. It's old with a lot of miles, but the car itself has been very reliable and practical.

- Sarah L

Its awesome I love it. It is comfortable it is reliable I enjoy riding it.

2007 Ford Explorer

I love my vehicle a lot of problems for when it does this major problems how to replace the transmission had to replace the bottom of where the wheels are whatever you want to call them I cannot think of it right now.

- Jessie P

Don't buy a ford. It's my third ford and I've never had good luck.

2007 Ford Explorer

Car was purchased used after our other vehicle was stolen. Within the first year of owning it we had to have transmission replaced. Currently check engine light is on for emissions. I will not purchase another ford.

- Jessica T

That it has 4 wheel driver and that there is a decent amount of storage space.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like that it is has 4 wheel drive and that it has room for me. I am 6'6 and weigh 300lbs. There also plenty of room to store stuff in the back. What I dislike are the occasional overheating episodes I deal with.

- Jeffrey J

Roomy for all passengers and storage.

2007 Ford Explorer

Engine has went out twice along with ac and heat x1. Therefore has caused extra expenses when was already tight on cash. Also is not best on gas. Good part is the room the car has for passengers and other items.

- Courtney O

This Sport trac Limited is too luxurious for a truck.

2007 Ford Explorer

it is economical. It has been dependable. It is rather comfortable. the dislikes are that it is too small. It has too much tech (computers). not enough load capacity. Sissy Truck.

- james r

car is reliable, roomy, everything that was said before.

2007 Ford Explorer

Has been a really good vehicle. Reliable, great pickup, , decent on gas, has 3rd row seats, roomy, heated seats, heater/air in back, 2 way sunroof, dual temperature controls, auto lights. Would buy another one.

- Gayle K

It only gets 15 miles per gallon of gas!

2007 Ford Explorer

My Explorer is an let. It has leather interior. I love this SUV. The only problem I have had was to replace the battery. It is a 4 wheel drive, excellent air condition system. I love the extra room in the back.

- Sandra L

That it is a 4 wheel drive.

2007 Ford Explorer

Love the 4 wheel drive but hate low gas mileage. I love the traction in winter driving. I dislike that it does not have a clock. I dislike the heavy metal tonneau cover and no pneumatic shocks to lift it.

- Mary B

My sport truck explorer has a weird smell

2007 Ford Explorer

It works pretty well. I have no problems. At 100K miles, I start getting problems with it. It started leaking water. Also, there is a sweet smell that I still don't know where it is coming from.

- George G

Explorer is a great big car with lots of room but it is terrible on gas mileage!

2007 Ford Explorer

My Explorer SUV is nice in the winter. I do like being higher up. It has a lot of room in the back. For the last couple years, the tire pressure goes on for no reason. The gas mileage is horrible!

- Michelle M

It's pretty safe, It's not great for tight places but it is nice and rugged.

2007 Ford Explorer

It has great seats that are easy to get in and out of. It has a big cargo capacity. It's good for towing my boat. The only complaints is It's bad on gas and I did have to get a new transmission.

- John A

Ford Explorer w/ SOHC motor

2007 Ford Explorer

I love it besides the fact that it has a sohc motor and apparently ford goofed while putting this explorer together so instead of them pulling the consumers get screwed if they purchase one .

- Trisha J

White 2 door sport suv. It is smaller and sporty and handles well. I love sitting up higher and you can see well out of it.

2007 Ford Explorer

It is a reliable brand that I trust and made by USA company. I haven't had any majors problems but did have a bracket break on the seat to move seat forward and back to excess the backseat.

- melinda d

It is very roomy. Has step rails so it's easy to get into.

2007 Ford Explorer

It has 3 rows which is great for big families. It is roomy. I don't like that it is black and soaks in heat, I also think it would be better with more updated features (touch screen etc)

- Natasha M

That is generous in space for both passengers and cargo.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like that it is a comfortable vehicle, ergonomic design of your seats, many details of comfort and high technology. It is an all-rounder. I do not like the high gasoline consumption.

- Tovar T

Good vehicle, some issues.

2007 Ford Explorer

Pretty good, reliable. Had issues with coolant system, and chrome wrap on grill is crinkling. Also has rust building up on back hatch. But for being 11 years old it is running good.

- Ryan S

The trunk is so big. It really comes in handy when traveling.

2007 Ford Explorer

I don't really have any problems with my car. I love the way it drives and how smooth it feels on the road. I also like how many seats there are and how much room is in the car.

- Hannah W

Very strong and powerful car. It will last for a while.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like my car because it is very big which makes me feel safe and allows me to drive a lot of people. I dislike my car because its a gas guzzler and gets empty very quickly.

- Dominique S

It is an American made vehicle.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like my truck because it is an American made vehicle. It can carry bigger objects in the bed. I dislike that there is not good fuel mileage and that there is no AUX cord.


It was expensive and I love to take great care of my cars.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like the silver trim inside my car. The doors open by pulling up the handy which is very unique. And my car is not new but it does not look as like its over 10 years old.

- Whitney G

It's a great family vehicle.

2007 Ford Explorer

Its roomy. There is a fold down 3rd row seating. I like the feature of knowing if the tires are low and also letting me know when the gas gets low with how many miles left.

- Robin M

It is a six passenger SUV and good with gas mileage.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like that it fits all of my family and it is easy to drive. I also like that it is good on gas. I dislike that fact that it is old and does not have enough trunk space.

- Amanda B

Great Vehicle - Bad Transmission. Watch your driving.

2007 Ford Explorer

I have had to had my transmission rebuilt twice and I it needs it again. Other than that, love my explorer. It has done me good for the last 11.5 years. Love the space.

- Shelley W

It is very spacious! I can fit my kids, all our stuff, and a giant double stroller if needed.

2007 Ford Explorer

I love that it's safe and provides enough room for my family. It's gets relatively good gas mileage for a vehicle of its size, and I think it's a good looking vehicle.

- Jamie H

It is a very reliable vehicle. The only issue is it has terrible gas mileage. 14 in town and 16 on the interstate.

2007 Ford Explorer

IT is 11 years old with 140,000 miles and I have never had to do anything except normal maintenance. The vehicle is very reliable and just continues to run flawlessly

- Nathan E

It is an SUV with a good safety rating.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like that it is reliable, decent on gas, has lots of room for our family and pets.. I do not like the color of the vehicle and that it is not full leather seats..

- Melissa D

Great family vehicle Drinks gas a lot

2007 Ford Explorer

My 2007 ford explorer is really great dependable ride! Does have some flaws though it is a real gas drinker and my tire light keeps coming on when pressure not low

- Ashley W

It is a good car and it drives well.

2007 Ford Explorer

I feel very protected in my car because it is a bit bigger than I truly need. It brings me to and from the places I need to go to but it sucks gas up frequently.

- Angel O

Great for adventures and going on road trips with friends

2007 Ford Explorer

This is a great car. I have lots of positive things to say about it. Great for road trips and off roading. Only bad thing is that it's not great on gas mileage.

- Lindsay P

Gas aver and ac blow good.

2007 Ford Explorer

They both good running cars on got more room and other on is a gas saver I love them both they was giving to you for a gift I would give either one if them up.

- Billy R

The best family vehicle on the market!

2007 Ford Explorer

It's a very reliable vehicle that me and my family love. Spacious up front and in the back, a great family vehicle. It's comfortable and its never let me down!

- Dawn J

It is roomy. Can seat 7. The two rear seats fold for storage.

2007 Ford Explorer

It has plenty of room inside. Has leather seats, dvd player, moonroof. Well equipped. V8. It is a reliable vehicle that hasn't had any performance problems.

- Crystal C

This truck is a great solution to those who don't want to drive a minivan but need the space!

2007 Ford Explorer

I love that my truck has 7 seats and all of the back seats can be folded down. My family of 5 can easily fit along with groceries or other purchases.

- Jenny S

The left window sometimes does not work.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like the space of the front of the car. I do not like that there is not much room in the back. I do not like that the car does not cool down quick.

- Luis B

2007 Ford car review for survey

2007 Ford Explorer

Car sometimes stops because of the engine and I have to shake it so it can start moving again. Other than that there were no problems with the car.

- Kenneth B

It is still very reliable after all these years and still holding up well.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like the comfortable ride, the space and that it is four wheel drive. I don't like that it is so old. The style of the vehicle fits my life.

- Dot E

Spacious without feeling like you are driving a bus.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like the optional third row and the spacious trunk. I like the ease it rides with. I also like the rear air vents for my rear facing rider.

- Sarah L

Transmission problems galore

2007 Ford Explorer

There are constant transmission problems. The transmission has been replaced two times. I am not happy with the performance of this vehicle.

- Donna H

It rides great and is still a truck..

2007 Ford Explorer

I love that it is a comfortable 4-door truck without being so large that parking is an issue. It serves me well as both an SUV and a truck.

- Mavis L

It is not the most fuel efficient, but it requires low maintenance.

2007 Ford Explorer

It is great for carrying bigger items like suitcases, hardware, ladders, but it is too big for just driving around the town without cargo.

- Max B

The car is not so great on gas.

2007 Ford Explorer

My vehicle transmission recently went out and I have to buy a new one and they are really expensive or I may even have to have one built.

- Malik G

It is an older vehicle but still looks like a newer one.

2007 Ford Explorer

It's a very reliable vehicle. In driving on long trips, it is a very comfortable SUV. The vehicle holds its own in appearance and power.

- Joe S

The car has enough room for 8 adults to sit comfortably.

2007 Ford Explorer

The car is easy to drive comfortable and has been free of issues. The only complaint is the override that occurs when we back up a hill.

- Barbara K

Feel very safe when using it.

2007 Ford Explorer

Very good looking vehicle that is very comfortable to drive and ride in. Can fold the rear seats down to haul large items when needed.

- Kathy S

SUVs are top heavy and in extreme winds it could roll.

2007 Ford Explorer

No complaints, drives great, I love the 4 wheel drive. It performs well in mud and snow. It has a smooth quiet ride for an older car.

- Valerie P

it is a ford and that is all that's needed to say. they only car manufacturer i will buy

2007 Ford Explorer

love the room, horsepower, driveability. comfortable seating for all. fuel economy is decent for the type of vehicle, no complaints

- daniel c

You can fit a lot in the back of it.

2007 Ford Explorer

It's a good, safe car. It allows me to feel safe on the road especially when I'm driving my son. The gas mileage isn't the greatest.

- Karina L

my truck is great, not sure what u mean??

2007 Ford Explorer

i like the truck alot for the price i got it for, comfort is great. it drives great, the front end id the only problem i had on it.

- matt c

It gets me from point a to point b.

2007 Ford Explorer

Enough of passenger room for four adults... It drives smoothly and has room for hauling stuff.. It does not have good gas mileage..

- Jerry C

I have owned several before and still recommend it.

2007 Ford Explorer

Higher, American made, comfortable. Good size for packing things or traveling with additional people. Feels like a solid good car.

- Scott H

It has a keyless remote so that you will never ever lock yourself out.

2007 Ford Explorer

I love my sport trac! There is nothing I dislike about it. If I could change anything, I would make sure it had an auxiliary port.

- Rae B

2007 Ford Explorer XL problems

2007 Ford Explorer

Front end issues constantly, vacuum system has been faulty numerous times creating the check engine light to be on all the time.

- Michele C

It has been a very reliable vehicle.

2007 Ford Explorer

Wish wit got better gas mileage. Love the room it has. It is very easy to drive. Over 200,000 miles and is still very reliable!.

- Janet O

I think that you should know how safe it is and what things break down on it the most.

2007 Ford Explorer

I love my explorer. I like how I can fit my whole family into it. But I would like it to be somewhat bigger as my family grows.

- Alison J

Great truck love everything about it.

2007 Ford Explorer

Love the ride smooth driving great room for extra riders love that it comes with bed cover love that it has a 12v plug in back.

- Timothy B

It is 11 years old, has 123,000 miles and still drives well.

2007 Ford Explorer

It drives well and has a smooth ride. It is been reliable, and has not had any major problems. It has good towing capability.

- Jennifer D

Ford Explorer Customer Review

2007 Ford Explorer

Acceleration on the Ford explorer is very poor and gas mileage could be better. Currently I am getting 19 miles to the gallon.

- Donald C

rides great and it's comfortable for 4 or more people

2007 Ford Explorer

It is comfortable, roomy, great for long trips and comfortable fits a group the only drawback is the miles per gallon for gas

- Deb C

Ford makes quality products.

2007 Ford Explorer

My vehicle has a comfortable ride, it has nice extras and is mechanically sound. I. Do not like the low gas mileage per tank.

- Sandra H

I believe it to be very safe.

2007 Ford Explorer

Comfortable, seat adjusts perfectly for my back. It is, roomy and has been reliable. Do not like the low mileage per gallon.

- Carol C

It is very reliable and trustworthy.

2007 Ford Explorer

I really like all of the cargo room. It gets good gas mileage. I hate its tan cloth interior and all of the stains it shows.

- Tammy S

Heavy duty easy maintenance.

2007 Ford Explorer

Smoothly rides 250000 k mile easy on gas spacious looks good easy maintenance cheap gas drive long distance lot of seating.

- Sylvia S

It runs great even with high miles.

2007 Ford Explorer

I really love my vehicle! It's the best one so far. I really do not have any complaints! It is a 4 door! It does its job!.

- Bobbie K

Some Ford cars are reliable, but not all of them. They are very expensive to maintain.

2007 Ford Explorer

The car was very expensive compared to what I have gained. I had to take it to the mechanic many times for major repairs.

- Myrna B

No rust daily drive great condition

2007 Ford Explorer

Very reliable, drive 100 miles a day plus take trips. No rust and minor problems like needs a belt. He will get up and go

- Jessica A

It's a nice white and tan car.

2007 Ford Explorer

the tire sensor always gives me problems. The a/c goes in and out constantly and my check engine light will never go off.

- Quartesha M

It is nice to upkeep and take care of.

2007 Ford Explorer

Reliable four wheel drive. Runs well in cold weather. Only complaint is that I worry about it because it has high miles.

- John W

Do not buy ford unless you want to spend money constantly trying to fix it.

2007 Ford Explorer

It is ford, to many issues, have to constantly fix it. Radiator went out, horn does not work, coolant constantly leaks.

- Anthony A

My Ford Explorer is large enough that I feel safe in it in case of an accident.

2007 Ford Explorer

It has the room to do multiple tasks. The engine size has lots of power. Looks attractive. My Ford is very comfortable.

- connie O

It runs good and starts every time. Good battery.

2007 Ford Explorer

It starts every time and has good air condition. The tires whine because it is a big SUV and I do not like that a lot.

- Joe B

Performance is great, very spacious.

2007 Ford Explorer

Have no problems with our Explorer. When we go to buy another vehicle we will by another Explorer. One happy owner.

- Dorothy I

there's a lot storage in the back of the truck that is covered

2007 Ford Explorer

I like everything more seating back storage good on gas I love driving it. there is nothing that I don't like about

- kim z

Ford explorer blue with all wheel drive.

2007 Ford Explorer

This all wheel drive vehicle is great in the snow. I like that there is a keypad on the outside. It has a sunroof.

- Margie P

It drives well when traveling long distances!

2007 Ford Explorer

Love the easy parking when shopping! Love the ability to put on movies when I have the grandchildren! No dislikes!

- Teresa B

Nothing really just that I need to upgrade it asap because I want to ride Benz.

2007 Ford Explorer

It's just an older car so I gotta upgrade soon. I believe in the next 3 to 6 months I am going to upgrade my car.

- Charles H

It is not an economic saving vehicle.

2007 Ford Explorer

I love the size but prefer third row seating. I do not like the gas mileage. It has a great factory audio system.

- Renee M

Does not get very good gas mileage.

2007 Ford Explorer

Runs great. Has been dependable. Plenty of room for my family. Haven't had many issues with it. Good family rig.

- Angie R

2007 Ford Explorer. Black with tan interior. Run great considering the mileage.

2007 Ford Explorer

Water is leaking. It drives pretty good for having a lot of miles. Gas is a problem though. It is a 6 cylinder.

- Miriam P

It is very dependable and reliable.

2007 Ford Explorer

Love the options, heated seats, DVD player, comfy ride, satellite, power, towing capacity, electric everything.

- Tammy H

It is a very dependable vehicle.

2007 Ford Explorer

Its is very roomy. Also easy on gas. It is very nice inside and outside. It is a very low maintenance vehicle.

- Darlene Z

The hunk. Of Junker. don't buy a ford.

2007 Ford Explorer

Has been good up until recently. Replaced the engine. Had been making funny noises. Not sure what else to say.

- Amanda L

Sporty, reliable truck with room to carry passengers and cargo!

2007 Ford Explorer

It has been a great truck! It's comfortable, reliable, and practical. Plus it is a nice looking vehicle, too.

- Lana B

It is a ford and American made

2007 Ford Explorer

I like most things. The rear window is a problem. The hinges have deteriorated and are expensive to replace.

- Richard b

Ford Explorer great for Minnesota

2007 Ford Explorer

The car is wonderful for the snow in Minnesota. Great cargo space for traveling to the lake, or to events.

- Janna H

How much leg room and head room and comfortable it is.

2007 Ford Explorer

Four people can fit comfortably in the truck. Has a lot of head room. Radio doesn't work the way it should

- Amy C

It has unique handles, I call them space handles.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like the size. It is easy to drive, it looks modern while still being a little rough. Very dependable.

- Lindy S

Only has 35,000 miles on it because we only use it to shop and go to church.

2007 Ford Explorer

The big red machine. Takes up where we want to go and has space for lots of items when we go shopping.

- Carol B

The car is safe, dependable and easy to operate.

2007 Ford Explorer

The explorer is dependable, comfortable and easy to drive and park. Do not like that it is getting old.

- Lisa G

It's a truck but drives like a nice car.

2007 Ford Explorer

It's a Sport Track. Like the hauling capability. Don't like the wheel bearings going out frequently.

- Tom B

That it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle that runs on regular gas

2007 Ford Explorer

I like that it is a V8 with 4 wheel drive. I like that it uses regular gasoline and can seat 5 adults

- Nick A

Ease of getting in and out because of the interior handles!

2007 Ford Explorer

Square shape, big windows, interior handles, fold down seats, three rows of seats, Eddie Bauer trim,

- Victoria B

i like it because it has a truck feeling but it's more like a SUV. It's quite convenient. Its is good condition and runs well as we have done all the upkeep necessary

2007 Ford Explorer

Its clean safe and smells good. Its dependable and i use it every day. Reliable transportation.

- angel l

it is a very reliable vehicle , safe, enough room for me and my dogs and love the look of it

2007 Ford Explorer

it is very reliable in all types of weather, it drives very smoothly and is roomy and comfortable

- stephanie d

It's good with highway miles. If you take care of it, it will take care of you.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like that it is roomy inside, rides smooth and is great on gas during our frequent road trips

- Gina B

It is mine and it is beautiful and comfortable with leg room

2007 Ford Explorer

Big enough to fit people comfortable. A lot of legroom. Don't like that air doesn't work.

- Gerald C

The amount of gas it uses and the dollar amount it cost

2007 Ford Explorer

I dislike the amount of gas it uses. I like the way it has held up after all the mileage

- Miriam P

comfortable ride..............................................................................................

2007 Ford Explorer

like the size. big enough to have lots of passengers. can still haul a lot of stuff

- lacy m

More visual as it sits higher off the ground than a regular car.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like the style, comfort, gas mileage, roominess & features. No complaints.

- Avis G

Smooth ride and safe love the room and look of this auto

2007 Ford Explorer

I luv my auto but uses a lot of gas it's very roomy and a nice smooth ride

- Carol H

It's a compact truck, 4 doors, good for passengers, and big enough to haul the things I need to. Gas mileage is not the greatest, but it's better than having 2 vehicles

2007 Ford Explorer

It big enough to haul small items which is about all I can handle anyway.

- susan W

It's comfortable, stylish, sporty, family oriented.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like the sporty style. I like the internal features. I like the color.

- Tonya R

It's 4 wheel drive, and has 3rd row seating. No complaints.

2007 Ford Explorer

I like the way it handles. The room it has. I like the options it has.

- Angela R

That it's my baby and I love it

2007 Ford Explorer

This was my first car so I love it I'm use to driving it all the time

- Marlene K

great gas mileage with a v8 engine. good pickup for size

2007 Ford Explorer

good gas mileage and power, durability, ease of use pickup bed

- John S

which is very comfortable and very fast and good quality

2007 Ford Explorer

I like my car because it is comfortable and of good quality

- Anthony M

100,000 powertrain warranty.

2007 Ford Explorer

100,000 powertrain warranty, brand new tires, 54,000 miles

- Jerry L

Low mileage in very good condition

2007 Ford Explorer

Big red machine-lots of storage-relatively few problems

- Lynn S

Like that it's big, hate that it needs maintenance

2007 Ford Explorer

Its junky, it needs a lot of maintenance done on it.

- Traci L

The basics of how it works.

2007 Ford Explorer

Drives and runs well. In great condition.

- Kevin M

We are a ford explorer family!

2007 Ford Explorer

- Carol K