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The perfect blend of power and comfort wrapped in an amazingly reliable package!

My vehicle is the most reliable of all my family members. It has over 220,000 miles, and still has had very limited problems. Around 100,000 miles the radiator was replaced, and at 200,000 the wheel bearings needing work, but other than that I have full faith in my car's performance. I go to school on a mountain in pa, and when we get awful snowstorms, my car is one of the few cars that is actually able to still drive through all the snow and ice. The interior is nothing fancy, but very spacious and comfortable. The driver's seat actually has fantastic lumbar support. I regularly drive 8 hours to get from my home to my school, and I have never had a back problem with all the sitting thanks to how well made the seats are. Also, other than a nail piercing my tire, I have never had a problem with my car during these long road trips. Everything about this car has been so well made, even down to the fabric used in the back trunk area. While trying to rush to class and grabbing my backpack out of the trunk, I spilled a whole cup of coffee in the back, but to my surprise, it clean up with no problem, no stain, and like liquid had never even been spilled. The ride of the car is also so smooth for a 4 wheel drive SUV. The car is the perfect blend of comfort and power, and the turning radius is absolutely amazing! This car is quite honestly just straight up fun to drive, and I have loved every minute of owning this car.

- Mike B

Perfect for our family of four.

My Explorer is a pretty good car that I enjoy driving. It has a lot of room and is perfect for our family of four. I own the Eddie Bauer edition and the options on it are very nice. I like having heated leather seats and a sunroof. One of the things that I do not like about my Explorer is the ease of getting to the third row seating. The second row has to be adjusted just right in order to unfold the third row seats. I am often climbing in the back of the Explorer trying to get the seat to open up.

- Tara B

"The sister mobile" they call me "sister Wendy".

The Explorer sport trac is an awesome vehicle. It was made just for short people. It comfortably seats 5 people. It is really good on long trips. I like that it is a four door and has a cab in the back. The only problem I had with it is that when it rains water leaks through the rear window somewhere. The dealer told me that is the one problem. In the winter time if it gets too cold the windows will not come down and the door handle might stick from the cold. Other than that I love this vehicle.

- Wendy A

Ok car, not the best. Would still recommend.

I love how easy it is to drive and handle. The steering wheel controls are pretty handy. I wish the headrest of the 3rd row didn't block my rear window so much and there isn't a lot of cargo space behind the 3rd row. That is a big minus. It's a pain to crawl back to the 3rd row, also. I wish there were an easier way to get back there. The heated seats are great and there seems to be ok leg room in the middle row.

- Stacy R

An SUV that's decent on gas!

I really like my Ford Explorer. Its big enough to fit a family of five. It has bucket seats in front and a bench seat in back with a very large trunk capacity. The back pull up door makes it easy to load and unload. Surprisingly, for a SUV, it is pretty good on gas. In the time that we have owned this vehicle we have had to do very little repairs on it. We have been happy owning this vehicle.

- Kim F

Buy a trusty Explorer it will outlast your expectations.

We purchased our second Explorer after we sold the first one at 255000 miles. Trustworthy vehicle and very comfortable. We had to do updates but it was paid off and it was like making a few payments here and there. This vehicle had decent gas mileage for such a big vehicle. Gets about 19 or 20 mpg still. It currently has 155000 miles and still going strong.

- Annette B

It gets me to point A to B.

When I bought my vehicle it was as is. So there was a lot of different problems with it. One seat the seat belt can not buckle. The mirrors don't adjust, the windshield wiper fluid does not work. It is always flashing that the airbag needs to be checked or engine even though it has been serviced. The gas gage always comes on even when I have gas.

- Heather M

I have the limited trim package, the most deluxe version made in 2008.

I like the hauling capability that my vehicle provides. It has a v8 engine, so it has plenty of power and is heavy enough to ride good on long trips. Although it is ten years old, it still has a modern look and nice styling. It is however, not an economy vehicle. The v8 and extra weight is something that cost you at the pump.

- Tim F

Long lasting vehicle with only minor issues over time.

The only problem I have had is the ignition is loose so sometimes if the key jiggles it causes my seats to move. Also the multi disk CD player has a CD stuck in it and others that I know who have the same vehicle, have said they have the same issue. The SUV has been really reliable especially being high mileage. Runs smooth.

- Rachael G

I love the sunroof option on an SUV.

There are no problems with the vehicle other than the minor repairs you would expect buying a used vehicle. The computer system seems to be failing and I will have that fixed under warranty in the next few months. Other than that, it is a good vehicle, just haven't chosen very qualified mechanics to work on it in the past.

- Theresa C

It is very reliable because I take good care and get it serviced regularly.

My car is 10 yrs old and has been the most reliable car ever. It is a comfortable ride and looks great as it has always been kept in a garage. It has not rust or corrosion as I am in the south where salt is not used on roads. It is white and I feel safe as it does not blend or match roads like grey or brown cars.

- Rhonda L

Older explorer still works great.

My explorer is a little older and I bought it used in 2010. Compared to other used cars that I have bought the explorer has held up quite well. I have driven it from coast to coast twice and it still is working in great condition minus regular minor repairs that are warranted for the age and mileage on the car.

- Stephanie P

My Ford Explorer is a decent truck but it unlocks itself.

My truck is very reliable. It is in very decent shape on the outside. It has quite a few miles on it and we haven't had a lot of issues. The only main issue we're having is that it unlocks itself. We suspect it has something to do with the computer inside the car. I also suspect that is going to be expensive.

- Nikole D

2008 Ford Explorer pros and cons.

Pretty good, no real problems, a few electrical problems ( back doors don't always lock or unlock) reliable vehicle. It is not great on gas for in gown driving. The warning lights are accurate and come on with plenty of warning. Overall it is a good vehicle with lots of space. Very good in winter conditions.

- Amy H

My vehicle has been running perfectly for the last 10 years.

I have never had any problems with my vehicle. It is very comfortable and easy to drive, it has kept up very well, this vehicle is very reliable. It has been in my family for over 10 years. The only problem I have had has been a short in one of the overhead lights but it has been fixed by a family mechanic.

- Kristen B

My car is extremely reliable!

I truly love my Ford Explorer! It is the perfect size with three seat levels and room for storage in the trunk. It is very reliable and durable. I have never had any major issues with it and have driven it across the country. When it comes time to buy a new car I will most likely buy a newer Explorer.

- Liz M

Older ford that has held it is value.

It is very roomy and gets great gas mileage for it is size and cargo capacity. I can tow a small boat with it without problem. The repairs on this vehicle have not been excessive at all for it is mileage. It has held up really well for being a 10 year old car. I would not hesitate buying another one.

- David O

Rugged stability equals safety.

Fore is my preference. I will only drive larger vehicles due to their better ability to save you in an accident. It had a rugged body and can take a hit. Having been in a traumatic accident as a child that has caused me a lifetime of surgeries big and rugged in super important in a SUV or truck.

- Diana O

Dual air conditioner and heat.

It is my husband's car and when I drive it the shifting gear does not shift appropriately like it should. It drives smooth but not knowing what gear it is n half the time is frustrating. He had it repair and after a week it started acting up again. Other then that when I drive it, I enjoy it.

- Stephanie L

Comfortable roomy. Easy to drive and park. Good mileage.

It is been a great vehicles my 2nd one regular maintenance, and it is great, never any big issues. Would buy another one for sure. Looking for another vehicle presently and seriously considering another. Mine has over 100 thousand miles and still runs great. Just looking for an upgrade.

- Mary Ellen J

It is a big gas hog I go through a quarter of a take of gas in two days.

It is a gas hog I go through a quarter of a take in two days. Also it always has problems with the “roll stability control” and it is annoying to fix it. Also I have to take it to a mechanic when ever I need to check my transmission fluid and that is an inconvenience for me.

- Candice S

It's a wonderful family car that has a nice ride and room.

I like the room inside and the size of the SUV without being overly big. Having a third row is a huge plus. It has been pretty reliable over the years. The only complaint are the extra wear and tear inside the vehicle which I never had with the other same models I have owned.

- Christine M

2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition.

Ford Explorer is very reliable, 3 row seating makes for lots of space and comfort. Eddie Bauer edition is classy looking. Gets decent gas mileage for an older SUV. I have never owned an Explorer until 3 months ago when I purchased this one and I am extremely satisfied with it.

- Tracy M

I think buying American made vehicles is the only way to go. Support Americans and their jobs, and the mechanics also like working on the American models and easier to get parts when needed.

It is a solid, secure vehicle that gets me where I need to go through all kinds of weather. I have yet to have any mechanical problems, and cosmetically is looks great inside and out. My only complaint, I wish it got better gas mileage and I wish the insurance was cheaper.

- Melody T

I love my explorer and cannot imagine driving anything else.

Never had any problems with this vehicle. It is nice and roomy. It has been extremely reliable. My next vehicle will be the same make and model. It is 4 wheel drive and my husband says it is the best 4 wheel drive SUV he has ever driven. He says it will go anywhere!!

- Kimberly C

What to know when you have a Ford Explorer.

In the process sometimes could be affected the transmission. It is better you find a good mechanic to fixed and change for a new transmission. The change take a couple of days to be sure the new one work perfectly without any trouble or malfunction for the vehicle.

- Nancy L

Ford Explorer. Has not exploded yet.

Horrible on gas mileage. I bought this car used, and the previous owner did not maintain this vehicle at all. On the good side of the vehicle. It is very roomy and practical. Third row seating is helpful with extra passengers. Does well in the winter time with 4WD.

- Michelle B

Love this truck, it has lasted 10 years!

This truck has been a very good one for myself and my husband! It has lasted 10 years without any major issues! That is literally unheard of with vehicles. It is a smaller truck, which is great for parking. The bed is long enough to move furniture. I love this car.

- Holly F

I keep up with maintenance but there always seems to be a problem.

The pin to switch gears gets stuck, when this happens you cannot take the keys out of the ignition. You need to remove the entire plastic part of the console to unstick the pin. Everything else is basic, nothing extraordinary and nothing terrible. Decent vehicle.

- Des D

That as long as you have routine maintenance on this vehicle, it will last you over 150,000 miles. My family and I also feel very safe while in this vehicle.

I like the roomy legroom in the front and back seats. I like the way the windows are placed, as to help with no blind spots. I also like the way the vehicle was made to endure the 10 years it has lasted me, requiring no major work except for routine maintenance.

- tracy t

it drives great for the miles it has on it. gas mileage is also good

I bought my car used. I tested it and looked at other car like this and I keep coming back to it. it is comfortable to drive and ride in. I have had small problems but it runs great for a car 10 years old and has over 200.000 miles . body also looks good still.

- lori w

Ford Explorers are good safe reliable cars that last for a long time.

My car has been in my family for 8 years. Before my parents bought it, it belonged to the owner of the dealership they got it from. It has always been a good reliable car that has been well taken care of, and I appreciate the fact that Ford makes a good product.

- Robert O

Very solid driving car and spacious for seating.

I love that it is spacious inside, drives well, aside from regular maintenance it has not given any problems. Has over 100, 000 miles and still in good condition I would buy another ford. I also love the color and the fact that it is from the Eddie Bauer line.

- Gloria T

Ford Explorer is a very reliable dependable vehicle.

I love my Explorer. Has been. Why reliable. Did have to have transmission replaced at only 60000 miles but no issues since. The paint does seem like it wants to start coming off now. Would say Ford needs to do better with their paint holding up for years.

- Lisa L

Ford Explorer is a good family vehicle and it is very spacious.

The only problem my vehicle has is that it says I need to service risk now and it beeps constantly like every 5 minutes while driving and it flashes a red light. Also the tire pressure warning light is always on even after the tires have had enough air.

- Suzanne G

My Ford Explorers recent problems.

Had to replace back brakes one front and one rear wheel bearing in last 6 months or so. It will soon need front brakes put on also had thermostat changed about year and half ago but overall it's been pretty good I guess. For a vehicle of its age group.

- Robin D

The most important thing is that it is a well-built vehicle and provides comfort and safety.

I like my Explorer very much. I can't think of anything that I could complain about. It is comfortable to drive and I feel safe in it because I trust Ford to build safe, sturdy cars. I know that it will last many years as long as I maintain it.

- Samantha M

You should know that my car is great in bad weather.

I love my Ford Explorer. It is large enough to fit seven people comfortably with truck space. It is reliable in bad weather and gets me were I need to go safely. The adjustable seats are great for families with people of different heights.

- Taylor B

There is so much room inside and very comfortable ride.

It's a great back and forth vehicle I have had normal issues like new tires and oil changes and hole in muffler but no other problems bought from dealer and had no issues other then normal definitely reliable although I do miss my truck.

- Shaun H

The most important thing others should know about my car is that It's is very rugged and dependable. The vehicle can travel in all sorts of weather.

My vehicle is a blue 2008 blue ford explorer and it has four doors and a back hatch. I like It's structure and how maneuverable the engine and wheels are. I have no dislikes and I especially like that It's interior is very large.

- Anthony D

I enjoy the heated seats in my Ford Explorer. It does not have blind spots.

I have really enjoyed my Ford Explorer. I have 150, 000 miles on it, and aside from routine maintenance, and tires, I haven't had any problems with it. Would definitely choose the same vehicle when I decide to purchase one again.

- Tracy T

It is incredibly reliable. I wouldn't want another vehicle. Maybe a newer model but still an explorer.

This is my second explorer. It will definitely not be my last. I have found them to be incredibly reliable. Any work that ever needs done is usually simple and easy to do. I will drive an explorer for the foreseeable future.

- Micole H

Timing system breakdowns. The model is prone to them.

I dislike that it is apparently prone to a complete break in the timing system, which approximates to a $2,800 repair. I like that it remains pretty consistent on gas. I also like that it had enough room for my family.

- Scott S

Awesome vehicle that's safe, reliable and offers great comfortability.

This SUV performs at a high level. It's great on the highway. Its roomy and comfortable to ride in. I have had very few problems outside of normal maintenance, wear and tear which makes if a reliable vehicle.

- Stephanie H

The explorer is very roomy. Can carry easily 5 people.

I dislike that the fan on the dash has broken in the last two Explorers I have owned. I like the fact that there is lots of room, great to have 4 wheel drive. Just the right size and power of car for me

- Robbin T

For the money this suv is great on fuel, it gets good mileage.

I like that that my ford explorer is roomy, it handles well, I haven't had to fix anything major on it. I dislike the fact that it is only two doors and I wish that the interior was a darker color.

- Kimberly F

It's a solid, reliable vehicle that gets me wherever I need to go.

I like that it is reliable and I've never had any serious problems with it. I dislike that it is a dark color that shows dirt easily and that a few interior parts have become brittle and broken.

- Winter J

My Ford Explorer handles winter weather very nicely.

My Ford Explorer has plenty of space for people, and cargo. Handling is great, takes turns smoothly, and drives great in the winter. The only complaint I can think of is the mpg could be better.

- Chris A

Ford Explorer is a great vehicle.

The Ford Explorer is a great vehicle. Very comfortable and reliable. With regular maintenance it is still running at over 270, 000 miles. It has plenty of room for hauling and good for towing.

- Kay O

Endurance, strength, longevity, light. It is reliable, strong.

It is a sedan, very comfortable, a bit small, but practical, very good for our small family, although not many people can fit in it and don't have enough space. Very durable car, respect.

- Sannija J

Keeps having a lot of random issues when it is well maintained.

It has a pin issue in the gear column that sometimes gets jammed and will not let you change the position or take your key out of the ignition until you open the entire panel and fix it.

- Des D

Ford Explorer - the only car you'll need.

Plenty of space. Cargo mode feature for seats. Driver seat settings are able to be saved on the dashboard. 4 wheel drive for heavy weather. Overall convenient and comfortable vehicle.

- Joseph B

Very reliable, Its spacious,

I had my vehicle for 10 years still in great condition. . I would say It's a great vehicle. I had a couple problems with the air conditioning. But got it fixed. It runs pretty good. .

- Mel R

It is mechanically dependable.

I love that it sits up high.. I love the color.. I love the heated seats.. I do not have any dislikes about the car. It has a big gas tank so I do not have to stop often to gas up..

- Gloria B

Seating Ability and Comfort

Perfect for the small family. A little tight in the backseat when there are two car seats but works well with older kids/adults. Third row seat is not functional for long trips.

- Natalie T

That I own it and despite it being an old car it will get me where I need to be.

I like the truck feeling while driving a SUV, I dislike the amount of gas it takes. I like the fact the vehicle has no blind spots. I like the interior and exterior of the SUV.

- Lisa B

Reliable. Runs well. My husband says it drives like a new car, when I let him drive.

Since I bought my car new I have never had any issues and this is maybe the 6th Ford I have either leased (the first 5) and own the last Explorer. I love it! No problems ever.

- Emmie M

It is a car that drives well in all weather and is reliable

I like that it is good in the snow with four wheel drive. I also like its color and style on the interior. I don't like how it uses a lot of gas and is not eco friendly

- Brendon A

The mileage is not that good.

Problem = transmission / I like the box on it, kind of between SUV and truck / 3 kids all fit in the backseat / engine is powerful / it is quite comfortable to drive.

- Pete A

FORD EXPLORER, It has 130,000 thousand miles.

My car has 130.000 miles and has ben a good car for a long time, I got new tires last year. now I have something going on with the coveteur and need to get it fixed.

- Mary W

Great reliable family vehicle! Awesome for family trips, has great gas mileage. Does amazing in all weather

It is a strong and reliable vehicle. I love all the add on bonuses it comes with. Gets great gas mileage. Is a bigger vehicle so kind of difficult to parallel park

- Ashley T

Reliable, never given me a problem. Good in all weather.

Great car, room for everyone, no problems so far. Love the sync to phone, helps make/answer calls, reads me texts when driving, sends quick reply automatically.

- Mary N

I will never get stuck in the snow as it has 4x4 versus AWD.

My SUV is great. Has all the options that were available at that point and time. Bluetooth works intermittently. That is really the only issue I have had.

- Hassan E

Handles great in the snow

We get a lot of snow here and the Ford Explorer is a great vehicle for this. Also it looks and handles great. Has lots of cargo room and is comfortable.

- Pat P

It is 10 years old and has had very little problems.

It is old and having a lot of issues. It is been a great car, however. The air conditioner went out recently and that will be a costly expense.

- Holly F

It's has a small chair in the back for our dog on beach days.it's roomy

It has a lot of room I do like that.I just think because it's a little older it not the smoothest ride.but really haven't had to many problems

- Cathie P

The car over time will end up having lots of leaks that may cause overheating.

I am a big fan of the Ford Explorer. The 08 Eddie Bauer model is luxurious and reliable. You do have to make sure to keep up with maintenance.

- Barbara L

Awesome turning radius and easy to drive and park.

I love the size and seating and the turning radius. What I do not like it the self-enclosed trans fluid case you can't check the fluid levels

- danielle w

The rattle love the speed and easy acceleration.

I like the size, color and features of my vehicle.. I like the ride and comfort of my vehicle.. I dislike the low gas mileage of my vehicle..

- Sandra D

It's the lowest maintenance, and most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned.

Dependable, low maintenance, comfortable to drive short and long distance. Safe vehicle to be in. Extremely comfortable for passengers too

- Don H

The fuel economy is not good. The liner above the windshield won't stay on.

Well it is actually a Mercury Mariner but you didn't have this as an option. It is compact like I wanted but the fuel economy is terrible.

- may d

Overall it is a great car. It handles well and is a safe reliable car.

I like that it has four wheel drive and does pretty good in winter weather. It has good space. I dislike that it does not do great on gas.

- Amy H

Its comfortable and we take a lot of family trips. The kids love taking road trip.

I like that it is solid and I feel safe driving it. I can fit a lot of cargo and its great in the snow. I hate that it uses so much gas.

- Susan C

that it gets me where i need to go safely.

there's plenty of cargo space to fit my needs.it handle very well on and off road.enough room for multiple passengers to be comfortable.

- thomas J

A very reliable and dependable SUV

The SUV is Super comfortable, great smooth ride, reliable. Average wear and tear/ up keep. Recently in need of breaks not bad for an 08'

- Ashley P

It is not for everyone kinda big if your used to driving a car.

Has a lot of room drives good leather interior and Bluetooth compatible good actually and heat. Burns gas pretty bad kinda top heavy.

- Christopher T

The explorer is an outdoor family car.

The explorer is spacious and able to hold a full family plus dogs. It works well during the winter and has a sunroof for the summer.

- Amanda R

The Ford Explorer is a reliable vehicle. I would buy one again.

This is a very comfortable vehicle to own. It handles the road well and I haven't had any major problems with it during ownership.

- Robert S

It has the best gas mileage.

The vehicle is large and spacious, it has great gas mileage and handles perfectly. There is nothing to hate about this vehicle.

- Greg S

Ford Explorer is great for families

There is plenty of space for our family of 5 including storage in the back. We have had some transmission and battery issues.

- Janelle G

It is very reliable for all of our driving needs, even though we now have over 125,000 miles behind us...

It's an eddie bauer verison, very comfortable, get power features. smooth ride and durable. Has plenty of room for the family

- caren d

It is a dependable and reliable.

I love my vehicle. It is very comfortable for me. I wish it had a little more room. I dislike that it is an older vehicle.

- Lisa L

I don't get must mileage per gallon. I pay over $50 to fill up my gas tank

I paid to much for it. It takes over $50 to fill up. Everything seems to be breaking down on it. I like the radio is loud.

- Nicole W

That it was such a great deal when I bought it. With no problems you can not beat that.

Runs great for a used car, no problems. I like the fact that it's four wheel drive.had it for about 1 year no complaints.

- Asa D

Built like a tank, drives like a small car.

Great in winter. Drives smoothly. I feel safe in it. Fits all my kids and their friends. Not as much storage as I'd like.

- Angela T

The wonderful wonders of the Ford Explorer

Reliable, runs well, good sound. The car runs fast on the highway and steers in the right directions that I need them too

- Patrick W

it is very reliable, will get me through any weather

it has plenty of room, 4x4 for the winter, is very reliable, gets me to where i need to be. very low maintenance cost

- brian d

I love the heated seats. It is easy to maneuver around in traffic.

It sits up high and is easy for me to get in and out of it. It is roomy inside. I can use it to haul large items.

- sandra u

That is comfortable and fits lots of people.

I like that is an SUV. I like that it does not burn too much gas. I like that is comfortable. I like the space.

- Torres G

It's made to last. It's rugged.

It's an explorer sport trac. So it's roomy and we can haul small items. It's comfortable. It's also paid off.

- Jo R

Dependable family vehicle

My truck is very reliable, even though its older. Handles great in the snow and big enough for my family of 6

- Stacy F

Value added, get a lot of features for the cost of the car. Great warranty.

I like that it is dependable and sleek. What I dislike is that I do not have two of them. Am I right folks?.

- Amy C

Regular Maintenance is the most important thing. A vehicle is like your body, take care of it, it will take care of you

No complaints, it's been a great vehicle. I've had no problems, normal maintenance, and I've been good to go

- Steve C

It has a very convenient third row to allow it to hold more passengers.

I love that it is easy to drive and comfortably fits my family. I dislike that it is not a very new car.

- C V

It is very spacious and dependable. Although it isn't 4 wheel drive and is only 6 cylinders, it still has a lot of power.

It is a sport-trac. I enjoy the rear drive system and its lasted much longer than other cars i've owned.

- Phillip G

It is cute. It is a truck. . It runs good b.

I like it. It is a Ford sport trac truck. Needed more CDs only one. The bed is too small. But it is ok.

- Rosanna R

It's good in bad weather with all wheel drive. Has third row.

It's been a good car. Wish the back seat could fit 3 car seats and the third row was easier to access.

- Emily M

4 wheel drive works great with traction control. good tires

It is a 4 wheel drive,a little bit too boxy for me. The back seat is broke so only one side goes down.

- Lisa D

It has a rear back up camera.

I like third row seating. I like that it is 4wd. I like the size of it. I do not like the cost of gas.

- Kim S

4 wheel drive SUV and seats 5 adults. Drives like new with 140k miles. Very dependable

No problems, very reliable, air conditioning works very well, Lots of room, 15 MPG city, 21 MPG hwy.

- Randy P

It has great safety ratings, and is big enough to help people to move. Lots of room for both kids and animals

It's big enough to fit everyone yet small enough so gas doesn't cost a fortune. Safe and dependable

- Jan H

The gas mileage really, really, really, really stinks.

I love the reliability and durability of my vehicle. I intensely dislike the poor gas mileage.

- Joe f

The roomy seats and the ease of the power.

I like everything about it. The trunk space could be a little bigger is the only downside

- Brandon W

It rides nice and is a cool looking suv. I think it is well worth the price

I like it all except it could have better mpg there is ample room and it has a nice ride

- stan j

Don't know don't know don't know don't know don't know

Love that it has a possible third row seating. Very dependable. Perfect SUV size

- Crystal B

Ford makes a great, dependable vehicle and I recommend them to anyone.

It is a great vehicle. Ford makes a great truck. It is great on a road trip.

- Heather M

Safe, roomy, drives well, good family car, room in back

Like size Dislike front seat comfort and layout of cup holders, console etc

- Sandi M

It has great mileage and plenty of space.

It gets me where I need to go. It has good mileage and has plenty of space.

- Tony P

I like the ride of it. It sits up high enough that you can see what is happening ahead.

It is perfect for what we do and roomy enough for what we take on vacation.

- Roberta F

That the stick shift sticks sometimes especially in the winter

The stick shift sticks sometimes but that's something that can be fixed

- Sabreena M

It's a great car with little or no problems . The style is classic

The only complaint I have is theres no storage if you use all 6 seats.

- Mel D

Bad on gas. Not super fast either. So much space for plenty of passengers

Gas is terrible. Space is great. Interior is amazing. Very reliable

- Kenneth R

Third row seating is available and a great option for allowing more people in the vehicle.

Lots of room and great for road trips. Love the third row seating.

- Dorothy S

It's reliable I like how it's safe

I like the size. I like how it's a safe vehicle. I like the room

- Monica P

I like that it is 4WD. It is safe and comfortable for our family of 5. I wish it had a charging station for my smartphone.

It is a great car for a great price. It is safe and reliable.

- Lani B

the shape of your steering wheel and the glasses on the back

I like It's color and speed also It's appearance and model

- Eddie G

is reliable and will get to where i want to go

has a lot of room 4 wheel drive It's a ford no dislikes

- john T

I like the size. I like the ease of driving. I don't like the gas mileage.

It's cool and people should like it. I like driving it

- Elliot G

There is plenty of room and so far it has been very dependable.

I like the room. The gas mileage could be better.

- Ty C