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Reliable automobile with excellent features.

At this point in time I have not have many problems with the vehicle. I have been concerned about the brakes a couple of times but had them checked out and they stated the brakes do not need to be changed. I have 91,000 miles on the ford explorer and have not had to replace the brakes. I have had to change the battery a couple of times. I hear this will happen with cars that have the features I have on this car. I have heated seats for both driver and front passenger along with GPS and hands free options. As for performance, I get about 21 mpg, which is okay for cars today. I do wish I could get about 5-10 more miles per gallon, but maybe that will be available in later models of the ford explorer. The car has decent pick-up I wouldn't call it a top five car when it comes to pick-up. The car has been extremely reliable. The car has not had any problems starting up except at certain times when I have tried to use the remote start feature, but when I go to start it manually it starts right up. The car is very comfortable and we have enjoyed having the leather seats. While driving the car is also comfortable as it rides very smooth even on gravel or dirt roads. The features on this car are the best. Remote start, connects to your phone, my wife loves the heated seats feature. The car also has an automated feature to stow the third row seats which has come in extremely handy while all the traveling we've done during the soccer seasons. The car also has a feature where the temperature in the 2nd and 3rd row seating can be controlled by passenger or drive upfront or controlled by those in the back. The car has all the features one would hope for in a car manufactured in 2014. With improved gas mileage, I would absolutely by a ford explorer again!

- Bill R

The explorer is stylish and able to keep up with typical, everyday family life.

Problems: my Ford explorer has had several recalls on it, however, Ford has successfully completed recall repairs. My biggest problem was the driver side door panel glue was ineffective, which causes the door panel cover to raise, which affected the aesthetics of the car. This was successfully fixed by ford, although it to the dealership service center two weeks to re-glue the panel. The biggest problem I have had with my explorer that is not related to a service recall is an issue with my sync system. I will have my phone plugged into my sync (via cell phone cord) and sync will either not recognize the device or will randomly disconnect from the device. My music/audio book will no longer play through the speakers unless I disconnect the device and reconnect it several times. It does this with my husbands phone as well. Pros: my explorer is a very good family car. I am able to fit 2 full size car seats and a 10 year old comfortably in the backseat. I love that the 3rd can either be flattened for transporting large items or can be used as extra seating. The driver and passenger seats are roomy. I enjoy that I can customize my dashboard layout and that I am able to access phone/entertainment/navigation from the steering wheel shortcut buttons. I also really love that I can send a vehicle health report to my email and keep in the know with how my vehicle is performing. At 4 years old, the leather is holding up nicely. Overall I am very pleased with my explorer.

- Maria D

Reliable safety features, very comfortable, is a 4x4.

Only problems I have had with vehicle is the Bluetooth function, it will pair just fine to any device, but sometimes fails to display what is being played on the screen. It is not the best vehicle on gas, but makes up for it in other ways. Other than that, the seats are very comfortable throughout, space is wonderful. The ability to open or fold the third row is fantastic. I can fit my large dog kennel in the back (third row folded). Leather seating makes it easy for clean up. I use as a family vehicle and my everyday driver. The air vents in the second and third row are a lifesaver in hot and cold weather, and the second row has its own temperature control panel.

- Elisabeth A

Best family SUV, ford explorer! Hands down!

I love my explorer! This is hands down the nicest vehicle I have ever owned. It has all the extra room/space as not to feel cramped and on top of each other that I am looking for and mine has the optional 3rd row seating as well. Leather seats (which are heated in the front and middle rows are amazing and work like a charm in the cold upstate NY weather) are also super easy to keep clean with kids around. I have all the bells and whistles that I could want in my explorer with a few extras. I even have the sunroof and moonroof so the kids can look at the stars at night while I am driving. This is the best vehicle purchase that my family has made in quite some time!

- Carrie L

It is a solid reliable vehicle.

Overall a solid truck. Frequently driven long distances (5 1/2 trips 4-6 month) and keeps kids comfortable throughout the ride. Handles well. Have put 60000 miles on it and have only had to do maintenance repairs, (brakes, tires, oil changes). Plenty of space in the back with 3 row folded down. Nice to have the extra seats in case they are needed though. Easy to fold and unfold seats. Only issue I have really is I feel the driver seat sits too low. I have difficulty pulling into parking spaces or tighter spaces because I cannot really tell where the front corners of my truck are.

- Nicole K

Why Ford Explorers are great for moms and people who like to travel.

I absolutely love the Ford Explorer. It has great room for all three rows of seats, all the seats are comfortable with dual settings up front and in the back. It has a moonroof (who does not love that). All the controls are easy to navigate through, with it automatically syncing to your phone as well as the seat remembering where you like it. The seats of the option to fold down and be stored all at the push of a button. My favorite feature is the key fob. When putting groceries away it's nice to just walk up to the car and touch my door handle and it unlocks all the doors!

- Stephanie L

Only buy explorer if you are buying the sport

Overall I love the comfort of my ford explorer sport. We have had it in twice for A/C repairs and have replaced the battery twice. I am now scheduled for a repair due to the molding around the windshield flying out while I was going down the interstate and the light saying car is not in park when it is in park on. It is not for gas efficient considering the size of the vehicle previously I had an expedition and I would tell you I think their gas mileage is about the same! With all these issues why do I love it. It is easy to drive and it has all the bells and whistles. .

- donya b

I love the ability to configure the 3rd row in multiple ways.

I love my ford explorer. The trim package delivers all the luxuries I could ask for. It can comfortably ride 6 adults. Putting the 3rd row down gives lots of storage space. Even with the 3rd row up you can fit a double stroller in the back. There are only two changes I would make to make it a better family car. First, I would have captains chairs in the second row instead of a bench. With 2 kids in car seats I lose access to the 3rd row. I would give more room between the front row and second row. Rear facing car seats push the front passengers up close to the dash.

- Kelsey S

Highly recommend a Ford Explorer.

This is the 3rd Ford Explorer I have owned. I drove the last one for 11 years. My grandfather was a Ford dealer. I have been extremely happy with how it drives, it is safe with 4 wheel drive, plenty of room, roof rack, I put a tool box on top to carry skis to and from mountains. Plenty of room for passengers and gear while my sons were growing up ski racing. I like the 2014 model has a deep well in the back for gear or groceries, moonroof, sunroof, backup camera, hands free telephone and navigation system. I would recommend hands down this vehicle to everyone.

- Lori C

Has an intern light which can be changed often!

I like my car a lot! Inside is very pretty and comfortable, when is cold has a good heat so we always are very comfy and when is hot the air is very powerful so always we feel good. Is fast and never has had any problem in the three years that we have had it. All the amenities inside make me like being inside if I have to in traffic for example. I think the model is elegant and sport at the same time. I think it is engine is excellent and the force as well. I highly recommend this car more if you have a little one is safe!

- Andrea L

Good look and power, but numerous recalls and expensive replacement needs.

The Explorer looks good and seems to be reliable. The best part is the great speed pick up after 40 mph. You can feel the power and the steering at that speed is very tight. I have had some issues with numerous essential recalls such as the carbon monoxide issue & door panels. Recently I have replaced all brakes and still have grinding-they say that is normal but it didn't do that before. I also had to pay for an expensive heating part replacement recently that seems to be common in the Explorer.

- Tiffany O

Love my Explorer sport! Perfect family vehicle!

Plenty of room. Heated seats and controls are easy to use. Never have had any reliability issues. I have the sport version and it has all the bells and whistles. Fast acceleration like a sports vehicle. Uses more gas than I would prefer. GPS function is not the greatest and not as updated as it could be. Plenty of room for toys, groceries and whatever else you may need to haul. Handles great in the snow and air conditioned seats are a plus in the summer with leather seats that can get hot!

- Jessica W

The Explorer has nice leg room when we travel with family or friends.

I like driving the Ford Explorer on the open road and in town. This is my fourth Ford Explorer and the others I never had to lock into four wheel drive. They would dig down into the snow and ice and have great traction. The 2014 Ford Explorer is terrible on ice and snow, and that is not good in north Dakota! Two days ago I was going to work and applied the brakes before the stop sign and slid right through it, luckily now one was coming! I am extremely disappointed in this vehicle!

- Diane L. J

Ford dependability, I have confidence in my vehicle.

Never had any problems with the car. We keep it maintained regularly. I no longer need a large car and hope my next car is an escape. I like Ford products and will continue to drive a Ford. I also could never see myself going back to a sedan. I like driving SUVs and trucks and intend to continue to do so. Every Ford I have own has been dependable. I am sure it helps that we stay on top of oil changes. I am a firm believer that the oil changes are a big reason our car runs well.

- Patti W

Ford explorers are amazingly awesome.

I absolutely love my explorer! It is very comfortable to travel in with plenty of luggage room in the back. As well as plenty of room when we have cousins traveling with us with the third row. It is very easy to fold the seats to make room for everyone. Our explorer does not have all the bells and whistles others the same year have, but that does not make it any less awesome to us! Our kids will always prefer to ride in our explorer verse my husbands truck!

- Ashley K

Family friendly vehicle. Great for a growing family.

My explorer has served me well. I am able to travel with my husband and two teenage sons easily. There is capacity to hold all of our stuff for a week at the beach. The ride is very comfortable. Gas mileage is lower than a car but that is to be expected. The back up camera is a must with a vehicle this size. The seats are comfortable. The tow package is a must for us as we have a boat that we tow. I would strongly suggest this vehicle for growing families.

- Becky M

Best vehicle I have ever had..

Absolutely love my explorer. It has third row seating, heated seats, leather interior and sunroof. The gas mileage has been wonderful, and the car has been maintenance free. We have a large family and six of us can ride comfortably. Some of my favorite things are the hand free phone and messaging system. It has the backup camera feature which has saved me several times. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. Best car I have ever owned.

- Sharon S

Great Audio, great performance; 10/10 would recommend.

The only issue I have had with my Explorer is freon-related. I feel safe and secure driving the vehicle, it drives smoothly and reacts well. I love the backup camera feature. The touch screen display and navigation need improvements, as do the Bluetooth and USB connections. That being said, the Audio quality is fantastic and you can get some very nice bass if you adjust the levels properly. Overall, this is a vehicle I would recommend to others.

- Evan W

Handles well, roomy SUV, good mileage.

I like the room the interior provides. It is easy to make more cargo room or to have more room for passengers. I feel the fuel efficiency is fair to good. Of course it could be better, but for the passenger capacity it performs well. I have had problems with some little things in the interior and the paint wanting to chip on the hood that I feel should not happen for the price paid. It handles very well on the road and very comfortable to drive.

- Misty B

2014 ford explorer XLT is great value.

I love the space inside the car and have always loved fords, however there are some imperfections. While driving, we can definitely feel a vibration under our feet. I do wish the middle would fold down for a closer cup holder for back seat passengers as well. The interior is very comfortable, but would love a little more space (similar to VW atlas) between seats. Features are also great, but would have loved remote start option for this trim.

- Kayla T

Spacious, Comfortable, and Affordable

I love it because many times we needed to haul more than 5 people which is how many most cars and small SUVs will hold. The 3rd row of seats is perfect when taking my 3 grandchildren in car and booster seats. When all seats are folded down, it's amazing what can fit in it. The mileage is about 19 around town or mid 20's when traveling which we think is reasonable for the space we have. It rides well and is comfortable to ride in.

- Diane K

Best 7 seat SUV for the price.

I love my car. I have the xlt trim. The leather seats are easy to clean with small children and the 3rd row is amazing! I do with there were captain chairs in the middle instead of a bench for easier back seat access. The full mileage is not too bad for a seven passenger SUV. The stereo system is great also. I love the large screen for the stereo and navigation. I wish my options included a sunroof but that is my only negative.

- Michelle B

The best midsize SUV out there. Everything you need in a midsize car.

No problems as of now, this. Vehicle has been the most comfortable for long trips and everyday use seats are very spacious and plenty of legroom even the passenger enjoy the ride plenty of room for luggage and a rack on the top for extra space also includes a 3rd seat. For extra guest, very smooth and quiet ride this vehicle performance is excellent overall the best midsize SUV out there I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Stella C

My smooth riding Explorer SUV.

My Ford Explorer not only looks nice & sporty, it has such a smooth ride. When driving long distance, it feels more like a luxury car ride instead of a truck. Also, its comfortable & roomy. I drove long distance with 3 very tall male family members & they were fine. I love the interior design, my rear backup camera, and of course my double moonroof. I haven't had any problems with the truck so far. Thumbs up, definitely.

- Lorna H

will not buy another ford until they are warrantied for life

Ford vehicles have been having a lot of issues in my experience. Friends of mine also have the focus with issues that have sent them to the shop more than 4 times in less than three years all for the same part. Their workers have damaged my vehicle when I've taken it in for routine maintenance which causes even more work for me as they have to take time to fix it. It has been a stressful experience with these things.

- Stephanie S

Ford Explorer. It is a great family vehicle.

No problems. Comfortable for a family of 4, with room in the back for groceries, luggage, whatever. I like my Explorer a lot. Back up camera is a nice feature. Leather seats are nice. They are heated too. This is a nice feature for the winter months, although it never gets really cold, for very long here in east Texas. I wish we would get snow more often so I could play and build snowmen and snow forts with my kids.

- Jamie C

Do not buy a Ford Explorer!

There is an odd odor coming from exhaust. There’s a horrible blind spot in front passenger side. The touch screen goes blank often. The two front windows stick 3/4 of the way when cold. The transmission always feels like it slipping. It is difficult to see out the side windows. Recall on door trim. Recall for carbon monoxide in the cabin of the vehicle. Lawsuits against Ford for the carbon monoxide issues.

- Robin H

It is very family friendly. Even riding as an adult in the back row, is extremely comfortable.

Of all of the vehicles I have ever owned, this has been my favorite. I love the three rows of seating, which is especially useful with three children. It has a great music, phone, and sync system that connects to my phone through bluetooth. The only things I wish were different with the car is that it had remote start and some of the door vinyl is splitting apart....which is covered by a recall.

- Erin W

2014 Ford Explorer: an investment for a safe future.

My Ford was the first car I ever drove. It has amazing safety features that help the driver without distracting them. It has three rows and seven seats, but it does not feel or look bulky. It has decent mileage and does not have problems as frequently as other cars. Also, it is great for families, young adults, and teens learning to drive. It is a great investment into your safety and future.

- Grace H

Overall great vehicle for the price.

Overall I love the vehicle, but there are a few issues. The leg room in the middle seat is somewhat limited. We have two children and with car seats it is a bit tight. The tire pressure warning light is also very sensitive. It comes on very easily with temperature change. Last, it only has 58, 000 miles and there is an issue with the emergency break and we've had to have work done on the ac.

- Brooke P

Awesome family and road trip car!

It's a reliable larger-sized car; perfect for a larger family which we are preparing for. It is comfy for both long and short trips. Living in AZ, it is a huge plus to have A/C monitored from the back seat as well for the children. The downsides are that it is hard to back in/out of spaces as the mirrors don't provide the best visibility and it uses more gas than average per mile.

- Samantha S

Our youngest grandson runs to get into my car. He loves it!

I haven't had any problems with my Explorer. We bought my Explorer so that we would have room to take all of our grandkids places. All 5 of our grandkids fit into the car easily. The front and rear climate controls are really helpful, too. I also really appreciate the automatic rear door. The heated front seats have come in handy, too. The backup camera is also very helpful.

- Michele D

2014 Ford Explorer issues.

The car has enough room for two full size car seats in the back which I love! I have had a lot of issues with the sunroof, it does not open, leaking issues. Also the air broke on one side and only blew hot air but my husband mixed that for only $30 which was a relief! Other than those two issues I really do love the car! I haven't had any mechanical issues with it at all.

- Princess K

Comfy, cozy SUV! Lots of room and smooth ride!

This is one of the most comfortable SUVs to ride in. The seats are soft and you do not feel like you"re riding on the ground. However, it does have big blind spots on the sides of the windshields. Also some of the seals around the windows are coming off. Also not a good car for rear facing car seats because you have to keep the front seats pushed up so far.

- Liz S

Very pretty vehicle with lots of room.

I really do like my car. It is very spacious. The front has plenty of room on the sides. Back seat is quite roomy the only dislike I have of the of the car that did does have a blind side which could possibly cause a wreck. Maybe the side mirrors need to be bigger; really not sure. Other than that I have not had any mechanical problems with this vehicle.

- Elizabeth C

2014 Ford explorer loaded

Ford explorer is loaded. Touch screen radio with navigation and hands free for your phone. Easily connects to your phone via bluetooth. You can press a button to make the back seats fold up so you don't have to do the work. Has a back up camera and heated and ac seats. Back seats and steering wheel are also heated. Great car with lots of added bonuses!

- Jessica B

Get the most luxury for less.

I have the limited edition, I like the power seats and automatic back door. The Sirius XM subscription that came with my car is nice. The car drives well, it's dealt with ice/snow conditions and with the 4 wheel drive I didn't have to put snow tires on. The heated steering wheel and seats come in handy in the winter as well as the remote start feature.

- Jenny D

The rear view camera is the most helpful especially when my wife is driving.

Practical. Aerodynamic design, great and safe family SUV. All the features and benefits to complete daily tasks in the urban. Jungle, and robust enough to enjoy that weekend sojourn in the mountains. It has the v8 engine for the inclines and declines of a mountainous terrain. Yet the sleek design to tour the high end shops of your interest and desire.

- Robert A

Ford Explorer-big vehicle and big package.

I have had my vehicle for about a year now. I absolutely love it. My 3rd row seats fold completely flat which is great for when I need to do a lot of shopping or trips. One down side to such a big SUV is the cost of gas. Also during the summer the glue that kept the driver side panel down came unglued because it was so hot so I need to fix it soon.

- Cynthia S

Dependable, comfortable, and maintenance free.

The car is very dependable. Had high mileage for it is aye and have had no major issues with it. Only regular maintenance has been needed to keep it going. Storage, seating, and legroom are no issuer. The front and second row seating is very comfortable. The third row is a little crowded but is manageable. The seats fold easily for extra storage.

- Deb M

Good car but I should have done more research.

The door panel has come off making it difficult to use the door properly. The car drives smoothly and gas usage is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The room in the second row of seats is less than what I thought I would need for a car seat. If I was to purchase this car again I would make sure to inspect the car more carefully.

- Allison T

Spacious and affordable family SUV with sleek look.

Love the size and features of the Explorer. The third row seating is great and easy to flip up and down. Spacious feeling and plenty of room to store stuff In the back. The large control screen is nice and easy to use. Love Ford Sync and the quality of the back up camera. Fabulous feature I can't live without now is the keypad entry.

- Gina H

Drives well and looks good on the rode.

It drives very well. Gas mileage could be better. I love the leather seats but it needs to have heaters in the second and third row seats. I haven't had any mechanical problems since owning. I keep the oil changed regularly. The only problem with driving is there is a slight blind spot where the drivers door meets the windshield.

- Kelly L

My vehicle is the perfect ride to have.

My vehicle is my choice because it is right size vehicle for my type of families plus it smooth and comfortable ride on the road very good for long road trips plus its very affordable nice interior easy to control plus it good on gas. . I just love my vehicle I would recommend anybody get of these vehicle plus it a trusted brand.

- Marlon D

Ford explorer fits my family's needs and would continue with this model.

The ford explorer has exactly the room needed for my family of 6. It has double climate control so me and my spouse don't have to fight over the temperature. Third row seat can fold down for extra storage if needed. The only problem I have encountered has been the blend door actuator, which is a typical problem on ford models.

- Brittany C

Comfortable, spacious, and smooth.

The Explorer is a smooth ride, fits our 4 family members plus, my kids’ friends and/or my parents in it to. It has many conveniences, such as the DVD players, navigation, phone connect and multiple music options. It has plenty of room for luggage when going on road trips, even when the third row option is being utilized.

- Natalie C

Turn off tow assist before driving. This car fishtails very easily.

Not an all wheel drive. Paint didn't last on exterior. Have to turn off tow assist every time we drive otherwise it is not steady on the road. Not enough heat a foot level to warm legs and feet. Windshield wipers always make awful noise. Have replaced them, more than a few times, to try to fix the issue. . . Never helped.

- Becky K

Seats 7 front and back climate control.

I love my Ford Explorer. It has a smooth ride. It has front and back climate control to keep everyone happy. It seats 7 people. I can put the back row seats down and haul things. Stereo system is great. For its size the gas mileage is not bad. My Explorer has a sunroof/moonroof. I enjoy sitting and gazing at the stars.

- Angela C

Ford explorer. Excellent choice.

The ford explorer is a great vehicle. Mine is a 2014. I had a 2000. Big difference, more room more power, better gas mileage. I have the sport edition, which is top of the line. No complaints at all. I test drove quit a few other brands before going back to ford. Best bang for the buck. The quality is definitely there.

- Mike M

Big on the inside looks small on outside.

It is great and roomy has a three row seats can easily fit 7 and also has room in the back of the vehicle the one I have has a backup camera that allows the view while backing out of anything has leather seats that heat up and ac has a rear control panel which allows the people in the back to be at the temp they want.

- Christy G

Comfy car with great size and performance. Starting to have a few issues.

It is a comfortable ride with just enough room without being too big. It could be a little quieter ride. I would prefer the back seats to be captain seats to make access to third row easier. The performance of the vehicle is excellent. The air conditioner now has issues with one side being cooler than the other.

- Kelly M

What I love I about my car. . Comfort and size and safety.

Has been having some repair issues as it gets older. Very comfortable drives well and has lots of room. Excellent in weather conditions especially snow. Leather seats do not have warmers do next car will. Back up camera extremely helpful and has prevented accidents. Done time include lights take time going off.

- Maria M

My favorite car I have owned!

We love our ford explorer. It is awesome in the snow and so far seems very reliable. It is quite comfortable for short trips and is decent on long car rides. It is a blast to drive and holds the road extremely well on curvy mountain roads. It is very spacious in all seats and the cargo area is easy to use.

- Matt J

Terrific SUV. Super reliable and great to drive.

My Ford Explorer has all the features. That I could want including back-up camera, GPS, heated seats, power windows and seats. I have not had any problems with anything concerning the SUV. It is been totally reliable except for a few flat tires which of course is not the SUV's fault. Very pleased overall.

- Donald B

Great family and cargo car.

I love my ford explorer. It allows us to carry our family around comfortably and still be in style. The only issue is the mileage per gallon and trunk space. The heated seats were great when we lived in a colder climate. The fold down seats make it easy for grocery shopping and lugging around bulky items.

- Crystal J

Economical and Dependable

I love that my Explorer seats 7 people and still had room in the trunk. It is very dependable and only needs gas of 87 grade. It is a bonus not having to spend so much on gas. We generally use this car for long family trips because it is very comfortable and has many places to plug in for electronics.

- Jill S

My Explorer drives great good gas mileage.

Trouble with engine light coming on and off and also when you fill the gas tank you have to leave the engine running or it does not want to crank never know if you turn off the engine at gas pump if it will crank with ease or if it will be difficult to crank and acts like it had trash in the gas tank.

- Kathy M

The 2014 ford explorer is a fun, reliable family friendly vehicle.

Performance had been great. There have been a few recalls on my vehicle, however my local dealer has been quick to take care of all. Besides routine oil changes the only thing I have had to replace is the battery, which I did myself. My explorer is fun to drive. Just wish it was a little more roomier.

- Terra T

The lemon I got at Ford and cannot buy another.

I had to have the hood repainted because the paint start to chip. The computer has been changed out several times. My husband had to change the axle because it was leaking. There is something else leaking but my husband cannot find it all these things happened to it right after the warranty was over.

- Dawn D

Our favorite vehicle of all time.

This is the most reliable vehicle we have ever owned. It is very comfortable and stylish. We've had no major problems with it. What issues we have had are always taken care of with ford. We get compliments about how pretty it is quite frequently. Will definitely replace with the same thing next time.

- Chriss K

Ford Explorer - do not buy it.

Had a recall for carbon monoxide leaking into cabin making people sick. Touch screen is always on the fritz Front two windows stick on auto feature Horrible blind spots Third row is tiny and makes truck super tiny Always feel like car is hesitating when accelerating Looks good. Inside is nice.

- Robin G

The limited edition has a luxurious feel without paying a huge price tag.

We have never had any problems. The Ford Explorer has proven to be very reliable. It is a luxury vehicle without the huge price tag. The navigation option, dual moon roofs, leather seats give it a luxurious yet sporty feel. And has the capability of seating our family of five very comfortably.

- Melissa Z

The backseat seatbelts have built in airbags.

I love the gas mileage, the room inside the vehicle and all the extra amenities. It has heated seats, a back up camera, and touch screen navigation. Overall it has been an excellent vehicle and I would recommend a Ford Explorer to anyone. I have a family of 4 and everyone has plenty of room.

- Debra L

Is the door closed or isn't it?

There seems to be a problem with the door sensors. The car will indicate that the driver's side door is not closed, but it is really closed. I sometimes have open and close the door (really slamming it hard) to get the sensor to say the door is closed. This just started in the last 6 months.


Spacious SUV, very reliable.

I haven't had any issues with my car for the most part. It is very reliable and I love that it has third row seats to accommodate my family. In side is very spacious & the moonroof is a plus. My only problem with the SUV is how small the gas tank is. A full tank on average gets me 300 miles.

- Kay L

Great space. 3Rd row seating in the Explorer is key.

The interior of the vehicle is great. 3Rd row seats fold down - lots of cargo space. Plenty of space for 7 passengers. The vehicle handles very well - large but easy to park and maneuver. Controls (radio, cruise control, etc. ) Are at my fingertips. Easy to sync phone for hands free talking.

- Lori C

Roomy and economic Explorer.

I have really enjoyed the gas mileage in my Explorer. If I could change anything it would be the light touch blinkers and I would put the gas tank on the driver side. It is inconvenient on the passenger side. The cargo area has a large amount of room especially when the seats are laid down.

- Shannon V

I love my Ford Explorer off-road selective drive system.

Never had a problem with the car, it just keeps running. Change the oil every 3, 000 miles, keep gas in the tank and drive it, it is as simple as that. The heated and air conditioned seats are amazing for those of you in the Midwest where it is hot in the summer and ice-cold in the winter.

- Bill G

It is very safe with all of the added air bag features, seat belts etc.

I love the room for me and my family it is perfect. I love all of the extra features of comfort such as electric seating. the complaints i have is the electronic features going out and if the main board goes out your vehicle is powerless. also do not like gas mileage it could be better.

- deana c

Bad blind spot but overall great vehicle.

The blind spot is very bad. But that is honestly the only bad thing about the Ford Explorer. It gets relatively good gas mileage and it comfortably fits 6 people. I really love the traction system for the Colorado snow and muddy roads. I would recommend anyone to purchase a Ford Explorer!

- Liz G

I enjoy the double sunroof feature.

This Explorer feels more like a van than a SUV. It sits lower than my previous Explorer, but having a newer Explorer provides more comfort for driver and passengers. I do enjoy longer trips, although some of the safety features are a bit annoying, I. E. Back-up beeping is very annoying.

- Pauline S

Not really understanding but there is nothing interesting about this vehicle.

It is old it is cuts off always smells like tires burning, the driver's side door handle is broke, the part where you read how much gas and how fast you are going broke. The outside of the car is rusted, and some of the seats are Brooke, windshield wipers are also broke front and back.

- Tabatha B

Explorer details for a great new car.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. I love the size and roominess, and the gas mileage is great for a SUV. It also drives very smoothly and has a lot of great features. I love the back up camera, the heated seats, and the navigation. It also has a touch screen which I love.

- Debra L

Ford explorers are amazing.

Very comfortable and roomy. Spacious. Traction is very good in rain and snow. Very smooth drive even on bumpy roads. Plenty of foot and leg room in the back seat. Third row seating is great for larger families. Lights are very bright and it's very easy to see while driving at night.

- Amanda S

Ford Explorer lots of pros very few cons.

So I have a white 2014 Ford Explorer limited touch screen radio/navigation Bluetooth 3rd row seating. The 3rd will fold or stow by the press of a button. My only complaints would be I do not like climbing over my middle seat to get to the 3rd row and the 3rd row only has 2 seats.

- Jay D

An amazing car a lot of space and car.

So far amazing. Gas not bad either. I have only had it a month but absolutely love it. Will see how our sites in winter. Had an Escape and that was amazing. So this has to be better. My Escape was so good winter this is for wheel drive. Which should be better will see for our is.

- Chris S

Some known problems but overall a nice and good looking car!

The interior door panels have lifted away which was difficult to get ford to replace. There have been a couple recalls, there are some known problems with the turbo, my seat belt latch broke, but overall it drives really smooth can go really fast and other than that is a good car

- Jessie S

2014 Ford Explorer great for families.

I really love my vehicle. It is very comfortable to drive and has a nice ride. I haven't had any problems with since I bought it 2 years ago. The only maintenance I have to do so far is regular oil changes and rotate the tires. It is a great family vehicle fitting 6 comfortably.

- Danielle M

2014 Ford Explorer is a great SUV.

Very reliable, no issues. It has dual sunroofs, all leather, it sits a little lower to the ground than older models. Dual climate control, side curtain airbags, all wheel drive. Its ok on gas mileage, about 19 miles per gallon. I have had no problems at all with this vehicle.

- Cate R

My Explorer experience with upgrades and low mileage.

I love my vehicle. It was an upgraded xlt with leather comfort package. Upgraded rims but not electronic folding back. After seeing several used with electronic messed up I was okay with the non. Easy smooth ride with plenty of space in all 3 rows. Great for growing family.

- Lexis M

I really like the backup camera.

Very comfortable, roomy smooth drive. Holds a lot of cargo. Second and third row seating is adequate. Gas mileage is good, even better on the open road. Wish the seats were more like velour but fabric cleans easy. Like the gear shift in the center better than on the wheel.

- Amanda P

Ford Explorer is great for busy families.

Love the space in the Explorer. We have three kids under the age of 7 and they all fit and are comfortable inside. Lots of trunk space, comfortable ride, very user friendly, love the stereo features and all the easy to use features on the dash. Very comfortable ride too.

- Erin H

Likes and dislikes of the Explorer.

Acceleration takes a bit long. I do love the space especially on the passenger side. Maybe a little more trunk space would be nice. And passenger side seat is way too low for my preference compared to the driver's side. Has enough charging ports for phones or tablets.

- Rosemary O

It's very comfortable to drive with lots of room for the kids and luggage when going on vacation.

I love my vehicle. It's very roomy and the extra seating is nice since we have a family of four. I love all the extra features. The power steering did go out recently which I was not happy with since I was under 36,000 miles. Fortunately have the extended warranty.

- Ashley B

The Ford Explorer is a dependable and reliable car.

There have not been any performance or reliability problems with the vehicle. We do regular maintenance and have not had problems. The 3rd seat is very hard to get into and not very comfortable. The other seats are comfortable. Would like to have a backup camera.

- Dianne D

Great Ford Explorer with reliability and comfort.

The leather on the drivers door is splitting, the key fab is not responding when opening the door, the car is very comfortable and reliable. There is a lot of trunk room and I utilize the power seat function to add my third row of seats which is a great benefit.

- Kimberley S

Spacious and reliable vehicle.

The car is reliable, very spacious, with the 3rd row of seating. It is a four wheel drive, so it is perfect for any climate drive. The only negative thing is the higher gas usage. It has a beautiful exterior, I think I will never choose another type of vehicle.

- Bonnie B

Ford Explorer Features and safety

You get great features for the price. I really love the control panel where you have access to maps, sound, phone, etc. in the car. THe feel safe in the car and the extra airbags in the back really help to put my mind at ease when traveling with my children.

- Heather E

It is so very spacious, easy to clean, economical, and safe.

It is spacious and durable. Great for trips with others as well as those involving lots of cargo. Rear view display great for safe parking. White trim easier to clean. Mileage is a bit of a drawback. Also the electronic key is convenient unless it is damaged.

- Aditya R

Honest review of my vehicle.

The car is very comfortable. Very good fuel efficient. It is a good car but not for long distance travels for long periods. It will have mechanical problems if it constantly driven in freeways for multiple trips. Other than that, it is a good family vehicle.

- Alex M

Technology is user friendly.

It is comfortable, dependable and just the right size. It is super sharp in appearance and feels safe. The technology is easy to use. The car handles well. The ride is smoother than some more expensive luxury crossovers I have driven. I am s happy customer!

- Kristin B

My vehicle is very dependable, comfortable and has a lot of room.

Very comfortable, good gas mileage, navigation system included, very reliable, Bluetooth speakers. Only problem is that the tires lose pressure quite often. Has a lot of room, (can fit up to 7 people). Good for road trips. Handless calling with Bluetooth.

- Jorge A

The drive is very smooth, there is built in navigation, it says up to 7.

I love that it has the option to have the third row seat or I can put the seats down and have a big flat space in the back. I love the full moon roof, I love the space. Only thing I would say I dislike is the amount of gas it uses when compared to a car

- Chrissy W

I like the automatic back door.

My 2014 Ford xlt Explorer is trimmed out nice, it has GPS, touch screen and dual sunroof. Not to good on gas. It has backup camera, leather seats and three row seats. Battery goes out often, automatic window, and seats. It doesn't have running boards.

- Tiffany W

This is a really great car for a family, with plenty of room for the kids AND a large cargo area

Great for my family, with a very wide bench seat in the back for my kids. I like that there are two folding third-row seats when I really need a little more seating. Gas mileage isn't great, but it's what I would expect from a vehicle of this size.

- Tim M

The way it rides so safety.

I like that it is very spacious, and fits my family comfortably. What I do not like are the rubber door protectors and the black panels on the doors are all coming off. I have seen this on other explorers that I have seen in various parking lots.

- Cristina C

It is very dependable and gets great gas mileage.

There is plenty of room for passengers and for groceries or luggage or whatever. I love the third row of seats. We have a lot of grandkids and we use the space. The gas mileage is amazing for such a large vehicle. The seats are very comfortable.

- Kim M

It's a nice spacious vehicle to drive. It drives well in the winter.

I love the vehicle. It's spacious and comfortable easy to drive. The only thing I do not like about this vehicle is at the gas tank when you fill it up is on the right side passenger side of the vehicle and I do believe that is a safety issue

- Kathy B

You feel safe driving it, many airbags and the construction of the vehicle is great.

It is roomy and can carry up to 7 people or a lot of other items as needed. I don't like how the passenger seat sits low, it's uncomfortable to ride for a long time. It has all of the equipment needed; air, cruise, adjustable driver seat.

- Sue M

I feel safe in this car and never have to worry about the reliability.

Love my Ford explorer! It is easy to drive, park, and maneuver yet big enough to hold 7 passengers comfortably. It has very updated features and a very sporty look. I would recommend this SUV to anyone, especially a sporty family.

- Betty I

The comfort of the ride in addition to the space available for passengers and cargo. I also feel VERY safe in this vehicle.

I love the size of this vehicle for both passengers and cargo. This vehicle is a very comfortable ride for an SUV. I am not fond of everything being touchscreen I find it distracting. I DO love the phone being available though!

- Kathleen S

It does get pretty good gas mileage for a vehicle of its size.

I really like the 3rd row seat, which makes it convenient for hauling kids. However, I do not like the way the vehicle handles in inclimate weather. For a 4 wheel drive vehicle, it handles rather poorly during rainy conditions.

- Al B

it's smooth ride. It's like your riding on air. A comfortable ride can make all the difference in a vehicle.

This car has a great ride the seating is comfortable, the features are terrific such as heating, air conditioning and so on. It's spacious and I would recommend this vehicle to everyone. Ford has its act together, class act.

- tammy p

Ford is great with suv love mind

My suv is wonderful haven't had no problems with it doesn't waste gas tells me when any of my tires have a problem back up system all wheel drive wonderful get out of snow Siri installed gps warm seats for winter just great

- Janet S

My explorer is very reliable.

I love my explorer because of all the extras it has. It is a eddie bauer edition. It has leather seats and a moonroof. It also has a 6 cd changer. I love that It's 4 wheel drive that really helps out in the michigan winter.

- letisha k

It doesn't drive as smooth as it used to. When I first got it, it drove really smart, but now it's a little rougher.

I really like my car. It has leather interior and a nice touchscreen where I navigate the different media I listen to while driving. I have, however, had to get more work done to it than I feel I should have this early on.

- Kristen K

Spacious family vehicle for all types of areas.

Love how spacious it is with 2 little kids in car seats and a third on the way! More area to fit things in have been able to travel long distance with 4 adults and two children in car seats. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Sara R

It is an excellent purchase and as long as you maintain vehicle, it will last.

Custom made with leather seats. Quite roomy, drives smooth and is comfortable. My chief complaint would be I do not have a sunroof. Other than that it is wonderful. I can 'tow my teardrop trailer and it is gas efficient.

- Carrie B

It is a high quality vehicle that blends performance, comfort and utility.

I love the utility that it provides. I can use it transport things and it is great for my family. I also like the way it look, it drives nicely and it has many premium and comfort features that made it a great purchase.

- CHAD w

Updated Features are a major plus

I LOVE my backup camera, I would say that is my favorite feature in the car. As for handling in the snow I expected it to be better than it is. I think the seats could be more comfortable but i like that it is roomy

- Amanda B

If you are a short person, this isn't the car for you!

I love how spacious it is, and how safe it is. However, it has many blind spots, which has caused me to get into a couple of fender benders along the way. It's a hard car to be able to view everything around me in.

- Courtney S

It is comfortable and more plush than one would expect for a Ford

I like it because it is good looking and attractive and gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable and I like the backup camera. The only thing that is a dislike is that it is really BIG and sometimes hard to park.

- Nancy R

I love having the three rows of seating and having space in the trunk. I am able to fit 2 car seats and have room left over for others to sit. It was super easy to set up my phone and figure out the navigation system. I don't have any complaints about my explorer.

Most stay at home moms want to know about the space in a vehicle before they buy it. I always recommend my vehicle because of the amount of space for multiple car seats and trunk space for stroller and groceries.

- Brittany L

It is very unique and very good

It is a very useful car, I love having it, it is one of the best for me, it is very good to work or to walk with the family, among other things. It is very easy to drive, it is very fast, it has many good things

- Ian S

It is very excellent and very unique

It is a car very very excellent, it does not present many faults, it is very helpful, it is unique, I love this car, it is very good for my family, for me, to go out to pass, of old or to work, it is excellent

- Michael I

It's a family car.....not a dream car. It's good for day to day things not an extended trip.

I like the way it looks, love the ambient lighting. It's very roomy. I dislike the cup holders or lack thereof. The seats are extremely uncomfortable and you can't have MAX A/C with vents hitting your feet.

- Jennifer W

Reliable and comfortable midsize SUV

I love the keyless entry and easy turning radius. Best midsize SUV out there in my opinion. Would prefer the bigger Expedition for my family but this car is great for a smaller family in need of three rows.

- Kara M

It is safe in collisions. Had an Explorer previous to this one and everyone was on their own row and survived the totaled vehicle.

I love that it has three rows of seating. I love my sunroof. The back up camera is big enough. I dislike the exhaust issue it had and I had to try to live with for a while. I love the safety of the vehicle.

- addy m

It is a reliable car that is comfortable to drive.

i have an suv that is big enough to meet my family's needs. it is has great features like leather heated seats. I wish I could have afforded for an upgraded model with auto fold down seats, moonroof, ect.

- danielle o

It's a safe vehicle and drives real nice. It's looks great.

I like the size of the SUV. I like all the options it has. I don't like how the exhaust smells up the interior. That was a recall and still happens. The molding cannot hold up to the heat and sun of FL

- Laura A

Smooth ride. Power behind the wheel. Very user friendly and personalize.

I love how I can personalize my car. I do hate that there seem to be some glitches with the computer system. My phone does not sync for weeks at a time. It's honestly the best car I have ever owned though.

- Emily W

It is very comfortable and it is a good trip for long vacation or getaways.

It has all of the bells and whistles so that is a plus and it is comfortable. It's gets fairly good gas mileage. It is very common though and everyone has one. It has a slight vibration that I don't like.

- Laura T

It's durable. It has had no problem despite being 4 years old.

Problems with the sync bluetooth very rarely. This vehicle is great and lasts, I have had a Ford in the past that lasted up to around 200,000 miles. These cars really hold up with minimal to no problems.

- Tristen S

It is difficult to see out of when backing up. I am afraid that I am going to back over a person in a parking lot one day. I have had some close calls.

I love the modern convenience of it but it is extremely difficult to see out of. I am afraid that I will hit someone one day. It rides smoothly. Spacious. I do love my 2000 model explorer better though.

- Tonya N

The drive is smooth and quiet.

Very smooth drive. Very comfortable while traveling. The interior on the door is coming apart. I do not know because of heat and the seems on the door are separating. Other than that I love the car.

- Jamie B

It's mine and it has great handling and lots of gadgets

I had a explorer previously, and loved it. I love the color, handling and characteristics of it I don't know if because I'm older but I'm finding it too big I think I need to downsize to an escape

- MLou H

Great family car. We were looking for new car that would accommodate our growing family. This was a great choice. It's stylish with lots of amazing features.

My car is a black Ford Explorer. It's a used car and so far I haven't had any problems with it. It's an amazing car. Black leather seats with third row seating. Navigation system and backup camera.

- Sara M

The second row seats also are collapsible, not just the third row. So the entire back of the truck can be used for transporting large items.

Like the size, interior comfort and collapsible third row seating. The backup camera makes driving easy. There's a drivers- side blind spot that can be tricky to navigate until you get used to it.

- Currin H

The seats are super comfy, heated is amazing in the cold weather or if you have an aching back.

Love the heated seats and steering wheel. The backup camera is so helpful and makes me feel safer that I can see what is behind my truck. The navigation is wonderful, especially when traveling.

- Dusty L

Great value for the money. Dependable car.

I love how roomy and spacious the car is inside. I like the way it handles when driving it. If I had to choose a dislike it would be the seats are angled oddly so you are permanently leaned back.

- Amy A

I love the way it drives. It turns and feels like a car. It has great safety ratings, but all of that does not matter because of the serious risk of carbon monoxide recall. It should be fixed, but I always worry about my family while driving.

I disliked the exhaust recall. It also has a lot of small recalls and issues with the AC and leaking roof rack. It currently has the check engine light on and is in the shop to see what is wrong.

- Jamie B

It's an average car which suits my needs

This car is a good all round drive. I'm a mom and what I like about it is plentiful room for storage i can change the seating layout. But it's hard to get kids in and out of and uses a lot of gas

- Chloe A

It's perfect for families with a collapsable third row. I can put my kid's friends in the back, or load it full of luggage for a road trip.

It's a Ford Explorer with captain's chairs in the center row, and a foldable third row seats. I love it most of the time. I don't like that I can only put a carseat in one side of the back row.

- Victoria D

Reliable SUV with moderate room and great gas mileage for size.

I have had this vehicle for almost 5 years and the only issue I have had so far is the armrest tearing on the door, which is a nuisance, but is minor. Engine wise, no issues. Great vehicle.

- Jenny H

It will get you just about anywhere regardless of the weather conditions or road conditions.

The vehicle looks great and it's fun to drive. However, the interior is beginning to show age and the armrest on the drivers door is already split. The weatherstripping is also coming apart.

- Jim A

Love the car, wishing for more space!

I love that it doesn't cost a fortune to fill the gas tank and that I can still travel with 7 people in my vehicle. I wish there was more cargo space, but it works for my family with 3 kids.

- Christina R

Ford Explorer. Has lots of room and very reliable.

The Ford Explorer is always been reliable. At 200, 000 miles I had to get another transmission. But that was expected. It is fully loaded. And has the third seat in the back. Very roomy.

- Audrey W

It has a high safety rating.

I love that I feel safe in my vehicle. I love that I have a lot of room as well. I dislike that I am having issues with my transmission saying ?not in park? when I turn off the vehicle.

- Williams S

That it is sporty and fun to drive.

I like the way it looks, that it is sporty looking. I like that it has a lot of features, such as heated leather seats, backup camera, etc. I like that you sit higher up like a truck

- Kerry M

My vehicle is overall very spacious and comfortable. I love the dual climate control.

I love my 2014 ford explorer! It is very comfortable to drive and ride in, I would strongly recommend this vehicle. It has a lot of space and it is very good on gas for being an SUV.

- Ariel M

That it only has a V6 engine but it feels like a 4.xxL V8 with 18-20 mpg

I love to size and comfort of my truck. It's perfect for some many roles, weekends outdoors, moving friends, and hunting. Plus it gets great gas mileage with excellent passing power.

- Terrance G

Great for space and comfort when compared to other SUVs in same category.

Like the space, Great for road trips. Dislike the blind spots and interior defects. Complaints the rear has squealed in reverse since day 1 and dash board has rattled since purchase.

- Pam J

The vehicle has and eco boost which is perfect for the gas mileage.

I love the fold down seats in the explorer. Great for having two big dogs. I love that driver and passenger seats are heated. My only complaint about the vehicle is the price tag.

- sarah a

White, black leather interior, upgraded sound system, black 22in rims, 7 seats, seat warmers

It had terrible gas mileage but other than that really pretty family car. Wish it was a little more roomy, the kids don't have a lot of foot space but over all we all like the car

- Cortney J

It is very comfortable to ride in and to drive.

I don't have any complaints about my Explorer other than it does not have built in navigation. I also would like running boards. But I would buy the same vehicle again for sure.

- Jill E

I feel safe in my car and it also gets adequate gas mileage .

Has 3rd row seating & separate controls for rear air which I utilize frequently with my grandchildren. Also has Bluetooth that syncs with my phone and plenty of storage space,

- Cathy C

It is very unique and very good

It is an excellent car, I am very happy and very proud of the ternelo. It is very useful in the labor area, as well as in the social or family area. It is one of the best cars

- Will S

There is plenty of room for our family of 5 in my Explorer

I do love my Explorer, I don't have any complaints. It has everything my family needs and more. A navigation system, DVD players for the kids, heated & air conditioning seats

- Chris B

It's a great family SUV with lots of cargo space and legroom in the third row.

I like my vehicle because of the amount of seating. It's also roomy and the ride is smooth. The only thing I dislike is the number of recalls I've had in the past few years.

- miss r

that it rides great and I've only had to take to the shop once since i've had it.

i love it. It rides smoothly. It is the perfect size for me. It has vents in the back as well as cup holders. i love the color of the outside, but not so much of the inside.

- Doll B

It is roomy and solid. You have a sense of safety when driving it.

Dependable, safe, roomy, attractive design, and reasonably priced. I've had no mechanical problems. It is hard to judge because you can't see the front or rear ends well.

- Ronald k

My car is very slow to start, and the acceleration is hardly there as well. It takes a whole lot of effort to get it going at a decent speed sometimes.

My car engine started smoking a few weeks ago, and lots of components are breaking. I bought it off my sister a while ago, but it was already used when she got it as well.

- Oliver G

Reliable and I feel very safe driving it.

Have had fords for most of my adult life. Last three have been Explorers. Very reliable. I like being up high rather than a sedan were you cannot see what’s going on.

- Patricia H

Has had a few issues that needed repair above and beyond tires or brakes

I Love the LOOKS the options, the feel sitting i it and driving it. I LOVE that it is American made. I dislike the quality of some things and the shorter 3/36 warranty

- Randal P

It is safe! It meets all the safety standards. The navigation system helps you get around and when car needs maintenance or car repair lights come on.

I love it! There is plenty of legroom. It is small enough to whip around town but big enough to carry lots of kids. I get good gas mileage. I also like the technology.

- Stacy K

Gas mileage is not as good as I had expected but the vehicle tows a trailer very well.

I like the visibility and comfort of my vehicle. I has been reliable and suits all of my transportation needs. It has all the features I was looking for in a vehicle.

- Patrick R




It's more spacious than any other midsize suv. Price is average but you have everything you need as long at you hey 4x4

I love the car. Too bad it's a basic. I could have gotten a car with more things for the same price if i did a little more research. Haven't had any issues yet.

- Sean G

Ford Explorer Family Vehicle

Love the vehicle. Very roomy and can seat up to eight passengers in the third row seat. It also has video screens in the rear for the kids which is fabulous.

- Jessica F

I feel very safe in my car.

It is just the right size to carry what I need to carry. It is also not too big, so I can drive it anywhere and park it easily. This is my second Explorer.

- Melisa H

that is drives good. it is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

I love the rear window wipers, the lights on the mirrors telling when someone is in your blind spot, and the back up camera. there is nothing that I dislike

- Rita T

Roomy, good gas mileage for size.

Love touchscreen, hate gas tank is on the passenger side and this is very inconvenient and frustrating. That is the only complaint I have about his vehicle.

- Shannon V

It is a great family car with decent space.

My vehicle has leather, heated seats. It has a back up camera and satellite radio. My only dislike is the speakers don't always work right in the winter.

- Alaina b

The metallic flakes in the paint bring out and awesome shine in the vehicle.

It is fully loaded moonroof heated and a/c seats multi color leather great on gas and gets great highway miles and is also pleasing to the eye I love it.

- Ernest A

That it is well built,stylish.comfortable and very safe.

I like the stylish design of the car. The SUV is suited for everyday use. One can take it camping or use the car to transport company workers to dinner.

- El M

Good deal on a Ford explorer.

No problems love my car, comfortable, wish it had better gas mileage, great SUV to have. Somehow my panel in my driver side is coming up wish it didn't.

- Lora A

It is a safe reliable car with luxury modern features!

I like all the features my vehicle has. Such as heated seats and a back up camera. However, I feel like some parts are made cheaply and fall apart fast.

- Taylor B

It's fast and all wheel drive loved it in the snow!

Ford explorer sport lots of power lines the EcoBoost. Only poor mark is the windshield trim covers are known to blow off and had happened three times.

- Luke B

There are some blind spots but once you learn them it is fun to drive.

I love the look of my car the ease of driving it and the number of seats. I wish it had better gas mileage. Overall I love my car and enjoy driving it.

- Kristin M

Great warranty and company

Love the size, leather seats, navigation system, sensors when you get close to things, drives great. Do not like that you cannot see over front better

- Patsy K

I like all of the features. I do not like the lack of legroom in the back seat.

It is a great family vehicle if you have very small children. Adults really do not fit well in the back seat. great for car seats. love the ecoboost.

- Mindy S

Very comfortable, roomy. Lots of features.

No issues. My car is in very good condition and runs perfectly. I love this vehicle and all the comforts and room it has for my five year old son.

- Melissa B

Great for a large family with extra seats in the back!.

Rear ac, lots of room, leather seating. Only complaint is the radio touch screen for air control is annoying and the screen is starting to go out.

- Serena C

Space interior size and use no no no best in class for anything

Road feel size in traffic makes you feel safe Great color and great leather interior fun to drive. Awesome all around for using doing anything

- Joe P

Great traveling with children.

Love the space but really does not get good gas mileage. Maintenance sometimes gets a bit expensive but all in all it is a good vehicle to have.

- Ann M

This is our primary vehicle and it has been a very reliable vehicle.

This has been a great family vehicle. I use it to travel to work everyday (a 30 minute commute) and we use it for all of our family road trips.

- Ann C

The explorer is great for road trips but bad on gas.

My SUV is fully loaded and extremely comfortable. It driver really well and has all the features I need. Only complaint would be gas mileage.

- Darin N

Great family vehicle for any size family. Also great for an adventurous couple.

Too many computer chips where too many things can go wrong. Love the heated and air conditioned seats. Great having a third row for kids stuff.

- Amy K




Haven't gotten stuck in the snow yet.

I love the heated seats and the dual temperature zones. Also the winter driving feature. The vehicle is also great for driving in the winter.

- ril h

good vehicle bad paint job

extremely reliable had problem with paint on hood thought it was rust but metal was still galvanized but paint bubbled off like it was rusty?

- Mary B

I think people should know that it is sturdy.

I like that it has the third row. It is comfortable on long trips. It is sturdy. I have been rear ended 3 times and there was minimal damage.

- Shanna T

It is a great dependable vehicle with lots of room for children, luggage, etc.

I feel like I'm in a luxury vehicle. I love the roominess of it. I love the options that I have with it. I love the nice ride that it has.

- Kristy K

The most important thing someone should know about my car is the unlock code.

Love everything. Have no complaints. Love the backup camera its big. Love the back up sensor. Have not had one problem with my Ford explorer.

- Lauren S

It's got a trailer hitch and can pull our boat when we got on our fishing trips out of town!

It's a very comfy ride and you can pack all of your belongings and friends into it. I enjoy the sound and navigation system. No complaints

- Shari W

It is much roomier than it looks.

The car runs great I have never had a problem with any of my explorers.. It's the perfect size for me.. I feel extremely safe in my vehicle.

- Danielle J

That it's a good quality car for your money. It's easy to find parts to fix it if needed.

It's comfortable, but annoying that the trunk door doesn't open automatically. I like the style of the car. The seats are very comfortable.

- Jennifer C

Reliable car to own, person preferences, but all around good car.

It is a fair size car, wish it had more hidden storage. It is quiet so turning it on in the morning is not something to wake up neighbors.

- Kevin F

It is on consumer reports lists of recommended to buy used or new.

Love that is has roomy feel with walkway in between seats. Easy for the kids to get in to their back seats, and also get out on their own.

- Amber A

The suv is big to drive and the right piece between front window and side window is too hard to see vehicles coming from the right

It is too wide compared to the older model i had. I do like the navigation system. and the back up camera. stereo system not that good.

- jean w

Our Ford Explorer is not as fuel efficient as some options.

Our Explorer is great, especially the third row seating. It's really convenient and we can take our kids' friends and sporting equipment.

- Jennifer G

They should know that it is a great car for families.

I love that it has enough room for my family. It is very stylish and drives nice. The only thing I don't like is the cost of gas for it.

- brittany H

Comfortable and dependable.

My ford is very reliable and has never given me any problems. It seats 7 and is very roomy. I have 3 tv's installed for when we travel.

- Danella L

Love my Explorer! A great versatile SUV!

I love my Ford Explorer. It rides nice and looks cool. My only complaint is the gas mileage. I feel like I am always filling my tank


Positive review of 2014 Ford Explorer

I love my car and have no problems with it. We got a really good deal on it and it has the perfect amount of space for us and 2 kids.

- Kellye D

Very comfortable, great for big families.

I love my car cause it is comfortable, spacious cause has seven seats and a beautiful car. When I'll change I am buying the same one.

- A G

A lot more power and pick up than expected.

I like the comfortable seating also the comfort of the ride the walk thru to the 3rd roll seating. Can't think of anything I dislike.

- Sherry C

Seats fold down flat for easy storage

I'm short and it's hard to reach out the window because the door is so tall. Love the backup camera it beeps when things are close.

- Jessie W

It is good on gas, very roomy and comfortable. It is fully loaded with leather seats.

I don't have any complaints. I love the way it rides, it has a smooth ride. It's good on gas. It is very comfortable when traveling.

- Joy F

It is able to carry 7 people.

I like that it holds our whole family. I wouldn't mind driving a smaller SUV though. I wish the larger cars had better gas mileage.

- Beth a

It gets pretty good mileage for an SUV.

I love the redesigned body and the styling. The fuel mileage is good and it handles well on the road. The interior is also roomy.

- Derek W

The most important is the ac.

I actually really like my car. Very safe and dependable. Absolutely love the reverse camera on fender! Very good low maintenance.

- Mia M

The truck drives good in the snow. And the gas mileage is good.

The back hatch window does not open. And the doors do not unlock with the drivers until you hit the locks button to unlock them


It's a very good, small SUV that gets ok gas mileage but is great if you drive a lot of people around.

i love how roomy the car is. i love how it drives and the comfort of the seats. there really isn't anything i dislike about it

- gary E

3rd row seating and extra carrying capacity

I like that it has 3rd row seating but also plenty of room to load stuff I also enjoy the backup camera, heated seats, and gps

- Jeremy t

It is great to have a car/truck that will fit the family with 2 car seats.

It is a very nice car/truck. I like the 3 row of seating. It is very handy to fold the seats down to use a traveling vehicle.

- Marie R

Very spacious, the third row seating adds so much space

Love the space, and third row seating. It comes with a lot of extras and so worth the money. The navigation is an extra touch!

- Amber B

Love this vehicle! Feel Safe

It has been a very reliable car for the last two years. It is big and has never really had any problems. I feel safe using it.

- Ashlynn F

The steering wheel heats up.

I like how it has 3 rows, very roomy. I do not like the basic edition, wish it had a camera. I like how reliable this car is.

- Michelle L

It is a safe car to drive.

Handles well. Very comfortable inside. Excellent gas mileage. Awesome gauges you can see my miles per gallon you are getting.

- Gail A

It's a v6 so not the best on gas. It has a wider wheel base than smaller suvs. This makes it have a smoother ride.

I enjoy my vehicle. Traveling is comfortable and a smooth ride. Doing regular maintenance keeps my vehicle running smoothly

- Alice A



- Godwin B

The Ford Explorer is a modern classic

I've used Ford vehicles since I started driving. Their Explorer model is my favorite. It's roomy, safe and easy to operate.

- Steve M

It's roomy but not too big and is gas efficient for an SUV.

The only thing I dislike about the car is how dirty the back up camera gets. I have to clean it daily to be able to use it

- Sam M

Ford is a good American brand.

Like sitting up higher. Like roominess. Dislike lower mileage in town. Sometimes difficult to see behind if you are short.

- Theresa H

Ford is a good vehicle and safe.

I like that I feel safe in that car. What I hate is when I turn off the car the radio do not go off until I open the door.

- Donna K

Phenomenal gas mileage for a car Its size.

The car is a very smooth ride overall. The only downside is a loud pulsating noise when the back windows are rolled down.

- Mitchell G

It handles well in all weather types. Especially snow.

I love that it handles all the weather in Michigan. I do not like that it is not as comfortable as I would like it to be.

- Jane G

It is reliable and I feel safe driving it.

I like that I set up higher than a sedan. I like that it has a third row. I like the color. It needs a little more room.

- Rose K

The ability to move the seat up and down as you want.

The tires need to be changed often than other vehicles. Oil on the vehicle need to be one specific one to work properly.

- Rem M

It has plenty of room for my family of five.

I love the room for 7 passengers. Also, it gets decent gas mileage for an SUV and was most affordable auto of its size.

- Kim P

It's a beast in the snow.

I like the 4 wheel drive, it's a beast in the snow. The fuel line always gets clogged. Suckered gas mileage...12 mpg.

- Heather G

Handles well and is safe to hold all 5 of our family members.

It's a great stylish SUV that fits all five of our family members. It drives smooth. It is comfortable. I like the GPS.

- Lisa K

It's a great family car that has a third row of seats that can lay flat.

The car is spacious which is great for packing and riding. The car rides smoothly. The car also gets great gas mileage.

- Stacy W

Sturdy and reliable and trustworthy

Reliable SUV that has.been very good and has given me very little trouble over the years and gas done all that I asked

- Kyle E

It's a great family car and good durability

I love everything about it. The exterior, interior, the warnings and precautions that it has. It's a great family car!

- Jasury R

Great family car for my family of four is fits us very well

I love my Ford Explorer. It gets great gas mileage for what I use it for and I feel like it came with so many extras.

- Kristen R

It's a great travel car & will fit 7 people comfortably.

I like most everything but for me it's a little too big. I should have bought the Edge. Rides nice & is comfortable

- Teresa L

I love having 3 rows on my vehicle for when my family visits.

It is perfect for my big family. I just hate the buckle on the back seat. It is only good for 2 people instead of 4

- Jan V

Good body style, and decent cost.

Cool enough. Can't wait to get another though. Starting to get a little noisy and bumpy and would rather Uber ride.

- joe j

The car is very efficient with fuel and has good traction

I like my car because it is spacious and very comfortable. the car is very efficient and has a very powerful engine

- David T

Stylish for a vehicle that can seat 7.

No problems a all so far, super comfortable has all the bells and whistles I need and the response time is amazing.

- Kelly J

Great family car and great gas mileage

Blue in color. Fits seven comfortably. Cruise control. Seats fold down. Tear defrost and windshield wiper blade

- Bon K

Color green is a problem for me.

I like the explorer quite well. The color is green and I am not wild that color. I have had a few engine problems.

- Edward S

It runs really well and is efficient.

The car is decent. It gets me from where I am to where I need to go. It runs well, and I am overall happy with it.

- Nicole F

I love my Ford Explorer wouldn't trade it for anything.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle, it's very comfortable, never lets me down. Love all the features it has.

- Nicole A

It is one of the safest cars to drive and gets good gas mileage

I like the design, the room, cargo area,the way it drives smooth.There's nothing that I dislike about my vehicle.

- James A

That it is a reliable and dependable vehicle. Works great for families!

I love the space. I love how it drives and handles in the winter weather. I love the comfort and control options.

- Nicole D

not as expensive as you think for a midsize suv with all these extras

no complaints best suv i have ever owned handels great comfortable ride all the bells and whistles good gas miles

- james S

Great big comfy family car that gets great mileage!

Love my Explorer. Big enough for the whole family with third row. Comfy on road trips. Gets great gas mileage.

- Tabitha F

It has a lot of space and storage.

I love all the room and how it fits 2 car seats and a booster seat!! I do not have any dislikes about my vehicle.

- Abby B

It is the best vehicle we have ever owned.

It is great on gas mileage. It has plenty of room for the grandkids. The seats are comfortable. It rides smooth.

- Kimberly M

The ford explorer is a great family car. I feel very safe with my kids traveling in it

I love all the extra features it has. I wish the second moon roof opened and I wish all the windows were tinted

- Megan B

Good driving car and comfortable. Good on gas mileage

Not enough cubby holes for misc stuff. Third seat won't adjust. Very good driving car. Love the backup camera

- Paul F

It is fast, very dependable vehicle.

It's a fast reliable vehicle. Good safety features for the family. Nice black leather interior with heat seats.

- Jose G

Don't buy a Ford! As the don't stand behind their vehicle.

Paint chipping, bad warranty insurance, sunroof motor stopped. Windshield panel covers fly off. radiator issues

- Kathy H

Comfortable and reliable. Rattle at the back window that drives me crazy.

Comfortable ride. Wish it had captain seats to get to third row but overall a good size for a family of four.

- Kelly M

The multi way adjustable seat is awesome

Comfortable, reliable and has all the features I need or want. I trust the brand and believe it is a good car

- Elizabeth H

Great stylish family SUV. Pet friendly. Very reliable.

Limited edition. It has all the bells and whistles. Leather which I have never had before. Love the 3rd row.

- Amy K

Comfortable and great features.

My vehicle is dependable, comfortable ride. All the features are great. I have not had any problems with it.

- Prissy H

It is a safe car and there is plenty of cargo space with the third row being used.

It is big enough for what I need it for without being too big. Maneuverability is great and so is the power.

- Kelly C

It drives great, big enough to fit the family and small enough to maneuver.

I love the sporty and luxurious look. I love the option to have my third row up or down. I have no dislikes.

- Ashley C

Comfortable driving and extremely reliable!

I love my car for comfort, looks and reliability. I wish it got better gas mileage is only thing I'd change!

- Marsha L

Has plenty of room, amazing family vehicle, seats fold back

Rides smooth, has room, seats fold back, air conditioning broke, sun/moonroof. Runs nice for a used vehicle

- Tara B

It has a 3rd row seat so it seats seven people which is handy for our family.

too large to park sometimes. uses a lot of gas. has a lot of features i like such as built in navigation

- linda o

It has a bad blind spot on each side of the car.

I like the size and color. I also like the third row seats. I do not like the blind spot and cloth seats.

- Sue S

It has a sunroof that I like.

Excellent in snow. Easy to park. Smooth ride. Lots of room. Back up camera. Electric seats. Seat warmers.

- Diana B

It is very reliable and roomy. It keeps me from walking to work every day.

I love my car because it has heated seats in the winter. It drives very well and has room for everyone.

- Wendy P

great riding vehicle for family trips or just going to work

Great vehicle to get around town or highway. Perfect for family trips or daily business. no complaints.

- michael w

it seats 7 adults comfortably and it is relatively good on gas for its size.

I have the vehicle since 2014. I have put in a lot of miles on it so far. so far no complains thought

- Antoine b

Very comfortable with all the seating adjustments.

Love being able to put down all back seats for room. Love the armrest,comfort.Love the look of vehicle.

- Cindy T

How user friendly all the car functions are for the user

I love my vehicle. Specifically I enjoy the gps and backup camera features. I also enjoy it's easy use.

- Melissa N

It has a back up camera and works great! Also has a touchscreen and Bluetooth .

It is comfortable but I loved my trailblazer more. Ford doesn't feel as safe or sturdy as my Chevy was.

- Kellye J

Roomy in the setting area but not storage in the back.

I like the room it has and all the features. I do wish it had a little bit more storage in the back.

- Jessica H

It is excellent and very unique

It's a great car, I love having it, it's very useful ,very familiar, and excellent for the work area

- Dave B

The engine is not the right size for the truck.

I do not like the pickup of the car. The weight distraction is horrible. It does not drive smoothly.

- Sean C

Make use of the back up camera because there are terrible blind spots.

It has a lot of room and features. It's very comfortable. I do not like the many blind spots though.

- Debbie Z

You have to keep up with maintenance.

Love all the space and how it drives smoothly. Hate how it takes a while to pick up speed. Reliable.

- Rosemary G

The back up camera is very helpful for seeing what's behind you when backing up.

I like the back up camera. I like how it looks. There's nothing that I dislike. No complaints.

- Lisa R

That I love it and wouldn't trade it for any of other type. Maybe a newer version.

I like that my vehicle is comfortable to drive. It is also comfortable for family to ride in.

- Jamie G

My Ford Explorer has a 3rd row and leather seats. Those are my favorite features. However, I wish it were more fuel efficient.

It's a great family car! It's very practical. The explorer is nice and roomy but not too big.

- Reagan D

it rides smoothly and is reliable.

the color is great, the gas mileage is good, and the space is on point. I have no complaints

- tammy R

It is a reliable and durable car to drive on short or long rides.

I love the room. I love the fuel economy. I like the look of the vehicle. I dislike Sync

- Elizabeth L

I love the all the options that were already installed. I love how much space it has for transporting my family and pets. I love the height so I can see around other cars and trucks. It's my favorite vehicle ever!

It's comfortable for all riders for short or long trips. Option to seat up to 7 people.

- Linda H


I like that is new. I like that is comfortable. I dislike that I'm still paying for it

- David V

The Ford Explorer SUV is very comfortable and reliable

This vehicle is Too big and sucks gas. Very comfortable however. Love the room it has

- Kristin C

I love it! Drives nicely, rides smooth. Feature of a nice car in an SUV. Like that they now have a 3rd row seat. The only complaint is that dirty water runs straight down the back hatch. The window lip needs to be wider.

Ford Explorer now offers 3rd row seating that used to be only offered in Expeditions

- julie p

The air conditioning likes to go out and we have to deal with that. We got the warranty to cover.

It is super roomy. The v6 takes off like a rocket. Pretty decent on gas mileage too.

- Brandy S

It has been a very reliable, mechanically sound vehicle.

Overall, I really like the vehicle. The older models seem to have more room inside.

- Jenna B

I really like how spacious it is. It has three rows of seating but we plan on laying the middle row down and have a place to sleep for road trips

It is very durable and drives very smooth. It has a lot of extra features too

- Anna T

A great car for traveling!

It is roomy. It is comfy. Great to travel in. Only wish it had better mpg.

- Jan S

Been quite reliable. Great in the snowy weather and lots of cargo space.

XLT trim and it is working out really well for me and my family with 3 kids.

- Marc S

This thing holds the road like nobody's business!!!

It is very roomy. I like the acceleration. It also holds the road very well.

- Dave M

Although it isn't the best on gas it's a great vehicle with plenty of room for a big family

Love that this vehicle is big enough for my family. Lots of great features

- Rebecca J

It is hard working. This will be the best ride.

The backup camera is a good idea. The drive is smooth. This a nice car.

- Lerolyn A

It has a lot of blind spots and makes it really hard to see around and behind you

I love the size and dependability but there are way too many blind spots

- Melody T

I like the roominess and reliability of my vehicle but I am not a fan of the lack of Bluetooth and the Sync system leaves much to be desired.

Will fit the whole family but not for the family that loves to jam out.

- Jill T

There is so much room in every row

Love how much room there is in the trunk even when the third row is up.

- Becky W

Twin turbo and that it's almost fully loaded. Lower miles too

I love how it looks sporty. Love the twin turbos and how it performs.

- Jeff D

Love how big and spacious it is. It is very comfortable and safe. Spends to much gas.

very big and comfortable car it seats 7. has a big trunk great for moms

- wendy r

that it has a great ride It is so comfortable especially on long trips. It gets pretty great gas mileage.

I have no complaints. It runs great and we have no problems with it.

- kathleen b

safe and comfortable with a great engine for pick-up. It is also stylish with a green dark side color

great heat and air great pick-up from the engine great leather seats

- Myra W

It is a high quality vehicle. it's good to use it in the city in the countryside

It is an all-terrain vehicle, very comfortable and plenty of space

- jhoam z

It is free from accidents.

I like the leather seats. I like the mileage. I like the color.

- Josekarlos C

Large size that will carry multiple people with plenty of legroom.

Large size. Minor issues. Easy to use dashboard. Great interior

- Ashley M

It's safe, spacious, looks good, and pretty fuel efficient.

I like the room as it fits my entire family, dog, and luggage.

- Rayleen G

It's roomy and has a lot of great features like built in navigation

I love the 3rd row seating, I love the built in DVD players.

- Brianna T

Drives like a car, controls are easy to reach while driving, spacious.

Drives like a car but roomier. Wish it had more cargo space

- Kristy S

I love the ride.i love the looks of the inside and the outside. I get tons of compliments.

It gets Great gas mileage and zero to 80 in no time at all

- Melba D

been great vehicle no problems other than normal wear and tear. Brakes, tires etc... engine still going strong

great vehicle for transporting kids to and from activities

- Mary B