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Ford Explorer is the family vehicle for me!

I enjoy the heated and cooled seats as well as the heated steering wheel. The back seats also have heated seats. The hands free, (put your foot under the bumper) open the hatch is nice when you have your hands full. The ride is very smooth. It has a smaller gas tank that I what I would like so I feel that I fill up more often however, I do get excellent gas mileage in town and on the interstate. I am still trying to learn the voice activated commands. They are simple but when you do not use them everyday, you forget. I like the sunroof and having the moonroof is an added bonus. I do have the third row seat in the back. You fill a button and it will automatically fold itself upright into the proper sitting position or it will fold itself to automatically be able to haul whatever you need. There is plenty of legroom in front, back, and very back if you use that space. I like all of the controls being on the steering wheel as well as a touch screen. My family enjoys the "Sirius" subscription to a large variety of music and news channels. The sound system is a Sony and sounds wonderful. You can also play through Bluetooth from your smartphones playlist if you would like. There are USB and standard outlets in the front and back seat of the vehicle which is an added bonus. We bought this vehicle used however, this is our 3rd Ford Explorer that we have owned. We feel that they hold their retail value and give us the most "bang for our buck". I always look forward to see what new features Ford comes out with. I average 8, 000 miles per year on my vehicle so with that being said, a vehicle last me a very long time. Ford has always held up to our standards!

- Heather W

Couple bumps but a dream car.

There’s just two things that bother me about the car. First, driving on old roads gets really loud inside the care. Second, one day I go to start my car and nothing happened. No lights flickered, the engine didn’t attempt to flip over.. Nothing. I didn't know what was happening. Thankfully my boyfriend was there and he tried to jump the cars battery. It only held the charge if the cars were connected. Turns out it was definitely the battery. Why this is so frustrating to me is that the car has alerts for just about everything else- low tire pressure, the battery on the key fobs, when you get too close to something. Why not alert why the heart of the system is running low? Some of my favorite things about the car are the heating and cooling seats and the heated steering wheel. It is the best to start the car and turn on the heated seat and steering wheel while you shovel snow off the car. Crawling inside afterwards feels amazing. Another great feature is that it easily fits 7 people in the car. It allows my family of 6 to ride together on vacations. Or be able to pick up multiple kids to take them to their basketball games. The gas mileage is not great but it is much better than other similar size SUVs. We have another SUV that feels like you are about to topple over when taking a turn a little too quickly. In the Explorer guy never have that feel. She drives beautifully.

- Dana S

Great buy for a growing family

We were looking for a mid size SUV that could provide comfort and fuel efficiency. The Explorer was able to provide a lot of features for a reasonable price without sacrificing comfort. We were able to travel over 1300 miles and all three kids and luggage was able to fix comfortably. The fuel cost was very reasonable, we did not have to stop too often to fuel up and the Explorer did not have a problem keeping up with traffic. We did not buy new but we were able to get a great deal on our Explore and got everything we were looking for at a reasonable price. The vehicle is able to inform you of every detail pertaining for your trip, oil change, tire pressure, and much more. The hands free is very useful with kids in the car and for safety. We are still working on getting to know all the features the car comes with, we have only had this car for two weeks and we keep finding new features every day. The Explorer came with a sport drive that helped us travel to the mountains and did not strain the engine going uphill. I have had other vehicles that offer the sports drive but still struggles going uphill. The third row offers extra space for additional passengers and can comfortably fit a growing teenager. The third row also offers an outlet to be able to charge devices. The third row is able to be stowed away offer additional cargo space for items much larger.

- Cynthia G

The best car ever. Drives like a dream.

My vehicle is a 2016 ford explorer. I chose this vehicle because of the way it looks and I love the way it drives very smooth and will get up and go very quickly when I need it to. It has a third row seat that is very roomy that can easily fit adults I usually have it for my grandkids and it is perfect. All the instruments on my dash are in reach when I need to use them they're easy to find and easy to use. I have a keyless start for my engine and when I am walking to my vehicle when it is locked all I have to do is put my hand by the door handle and it unlocks for me. I have to set a keys and one time on one of our trips I left a set of my keys in the car and I had the other set on me I thought I had locked my vehicle but it wouldn't lock because it knew I had a key inside so I now know that my vehicle will not lock when I have my keys inside that is good to know. It also has a keypad on the outside the car but I haven't used it yet. This car is comfortable to ride in the seats and every row are comfortable. When my grandkids are in the car and they're in their car seats they could easily see out the windows and mother car they couldn't. I absolutely love my car.

- Wendy D

Great car, not so great computer function

We have had multiple problems with several of the computer run systems. Our auto positioning of the driver's seat has malfunctioned. Also had an issue with the heat/cool function of the seats. The dealership seems to.have fixed those issues. However we have had multiple and continuing issues with the touch screen that controls navigation, phone, climate and entertainment functions. The issue seems to have started when we installed a computer component that hadn't been installed when the car was manufactured. Despite several trips to the dealer this problem persists and they seem unable to fix it. We also had problems with the third row seats stowing appropriately. The positives are that the driver's seat has many adjustments to get you in a comfortable driving position and is easy to adjust. It is comfortable to drive daily and on long road trips. Nice cargo space when 3rd row is down. Third row has decent leg room. And it gets decent gas mileage. It also seems like it is impossible to lock your.keys in this vehicle. The auto start (when properly functioning) is great for warming up or cooling down the car based on outside temperature.

- Mariah T

All items easy to use and operate.

Vehicle is white no trim. Have problems with gps sometimes works other times not. Trouble with seats to come down in so can get dogs into. Have 5 dogs from 7 lbs to 140 lbs so do not have too much time to play around so must keep to get them in. Good carpeting and center area to hold a lot of items. Doors have areas to hold drinks and other items. 3 rows of adjustable seats that can be taken out or left in with a lot of storage spaces throughout. Completed dash board with lots of items at your fingertips. Sun roof that can be opened up to outside air or closed to the interior of the car. Front and rear air conditioner and heat control with controls in fans off and on. Air bags all through out front and back as well as in doors and on dashboards. All controls at fingertips and owners manual with directions for uses in all items when necessary as well sizes shapes and phone numbers for you to call and where items are to go. There are pictures of the images and the items so you can use and also items numbers for you to call for as well.

- Wanda O

A summary of my experience with my Ford Explorer.

Roomy, sporty, very comfortable. Gas mileage not so much. If this vehicle got better gas mileage, it would just add to the many great features. This vehicle is great for long trips. Have not yet towed anything so I cannot give an accurate analysis on the towing as whether or not it tows and rides comfortably at the same time. I have not had any mechanical problems with the vehicle. Bought it a little over three years ago. I would recommendation synthetic oil. It costs a little more but you get more mileage between oil changes. I have had a problem with the paint on the hood of the car. It has bubbled somewhat. Supposedly it is covered under warranty. I called the dealership but they are difficult to deal with. I called another Ford dealership and they were not accommodating either. The vehicle itself is wonderful however after you purchase it, the service center sucks when you have issues, especially if it is a warranty issue. I dealerships are more interested in the bottom line than customer service.

- Leslie G

It's comfortable, dependable, fun to drive, looks good, has good technology, and is very versatile with the driving options (mountain, sand, snow, etc.) as well as seat options (fold, stow, normal).

I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport and I LOVE it! I love that I can just turn it into snow or mountain mode (live in the PNW) with a turn of a dial; no chains required, no special tires, no fixing anything before we head out. I love how spacious it is for both passengers and cargo, but not feel so big and bulky that it's difficult to drive. It's great to drive, great to park (good turning radius), good technology, the seats are comfy for driver and passengers, and it's user-friendly (intuitive) with the touch screen control panel. I am thankful, however, that I got a bigger warranty package as I've had a few problems with the side mirrors not functioning properly (taken in 3 times for that), and now there's a leak in my a/c line that, without the warranty package, would have cost me about $1,500. Yikes! That said, I still love my car and hope it lasts for a very, very, very long time!

- Kristin T

The best car I have had, spacious, convenient, and beautiful.

Great spacious car. Driving it feels almost like you are driving a spaceship. It is a smooth ride, very dependable, and for being a big car it cuts (to make turns) unbelievably well. The air flow throughout the car is great making it adjustable in the front as well as the back for your passengers. The third row seating is convenient to allow more people to ride with you without compromising the space you have to load in the trunk area. I can start the car just by pressing a button on my key, it is great in the mornings to warm up the car while I finish up in the house. My favorite feature of the car, however, is the ability to have the trunk open up just by passing my foot under the back bumper. I do not need a key, I do not need to open a latch on the back, just by putting my foot under it opens up, the best when loading/unloading groceries from the car.

- Cristina C

The sport engine is my favorite, even for such a big car!

The driving experience with the sport edition is so great. It has fantastic pickup and does not struggle on hills or fast speeds. It makes me feel safe and secure when making driving decisions, such as left hand turns, no traffic signal. The interior has nice clean and sporty details. It holds up great with three kids getting in and out daily. The touchscreen can be a bit tricky as it does not always pick up where I touch. And voice commands do not always work. The navigation takes forever to put in address and it is sometimes easier to just use voice entry. It stinks when you put car in r and you lose all the address info. You just put in. But overall, I love my car! It stills looks great on the road too.

- Tamara P

Great family car with lots of trunk space.

I love how spacious it is for my family. Car seats fit with ease. I leave the third row folded down normally and I have so much room in the trunk. I can fit the double stroller easy and still have so much room. It is so easy to then lift up the third row to fit more people. The air conditioner works great. The driver and passenger have the choice to have their own settings and the backseat has it is own separate controls so everyone is comfortable. I also absolutely love the light on the side windows that tells me when a car is in my blind spot. My only complaints would be that the battery died earlier than normal. Also the back lift gate is a little heavy when closing.

- Natalie G

Ford customer service training needed.

Problems with this car have included dead batteries (though Ford has replaced twice), getting the car towed when the battery dies is a nightmare. Takes hours to actually complete and most of the Ford people you talk to will be rude to you or simply hang up. Power window motors have been replaced and still shake - when you make an appointment to take the car in they tell you they don't have someone that can "assess" that and they'll be in touch to schedule something, then nothing happens and you number the process again. The car itself is fun to drive, fits a number people and things. Drives well, looks great. Customer service from Ford is below par.

- Kris R

2016 Ford Explorer Limited -Great power -Above average GPA -Luxury options

The Ford Explorer Limited edition is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. It has every luxury item I could want including heated and cooling seats, power everything, heated steering wheel and the list goes on. The vehicle has great power and gets on the gas with the touch of the petal. The GPM is fairly good. It averages 20 gpm overall. On the hwy it gets around 25 gpm and on the city streets it averages around 18 gpm. The third row seating is a great option as well. The seats are small and would not fit a grown adult however it is perfect for children and is a nice option to quickly pop up extra seats.

- Michelle M

Nice vehicle overall but electrical problems from beginning.

Vehicle is very comfortable and spacious. I love that it has third row seating and rear control air conditioning is a plus. It is very helpful to have a backup camera when reversing. Trunk area is fairly small but if not using third row can fold down for more space. Downfall it that we started having electrical issues a few months after purchasing vehicle. Keep in mind that vehicle was brand new. At first the radio screen start going black then the inside lights stopped working then the lock/unlock from the remote stopped working. Besides electrical issues is it is nice, spacious, reliable vehicle.

- Melissa P

Multifunctional - do you need safety security and user friendly features.

Spacious, easy to maneuver, lots of storage, abundance of cup holders and USB plugs, minor electronic issues with navigation system not recognizing the sd card. Abundance of features with the sync system. Easy to read dash panels with customizable display. Heated seats are awesome, gas mileage okay - not bad, not horrible! Key fob functionality great especially if you only have one hand available when trying to enter vehicle. Auto start is great for busy individuals and moms! Like the options in how to utilize truck space(seats up or down) allows you to pack the car to suit your needs.

- Karen H

Best Ford ride I have bought yet! Comfort seat Package would not go without

I bought my Ford Explorer used and have had it for 4 months now. I absolutely love the all wheel drive. I live in a state that we get lots of snow and long winter, so I would never go again without all wheel drive. I love how it rides. We have the comfort seat package, what a difference in comfort would not ever give this up either. It has a lot of features that I am still trying to figure out yet and some features I will never use. What I love was how easy it was to synchronize my iPhone up. I am not very technical so loved how easy this feature was. This Ford Explorer is a keeper!

- Bobbie H

Ford Explorer: Making family life easier.

I love almost everything about my vehicle. The hands free controls work great. The back up camera picture is super clear and makes me confident when I am backing up. The car reminds me when I need an oil change, which is a lifesaver because I often forget. The interior is great. I can fit 3 car seats in the middle row, which frees up my entire back end for cargo. The seat fold super easy and also set back up quickly. The only issue we have had with this vehicle so far was a computer glitch. It was an easy fix though. I would highly recommend a Ford Explorer to my family and friends!

- Kari B

Love my comfy and smooth ride. It has everything I need.

The only issue I have had so far is that my airbag sensor light trying turned on for a few days. Other than that it drives very smoothly, does not waste as much gas as you would think for a larger vehicle. I love the black leather interior. Only wish the seats were a little wider. All of the functions on the display are awesome and the rear camera and sensors are very helpful when driving a larger vehicle. It also comes with mirror sensors for when someone is in your blind spot. However I did find they do not alert you when someone is right next to you. Overall I love it.

- Maria M

The vehicle that has something for everyone.

The ford explorer is great. I love the features that allow me to feel safe while driving. Such as the ability to use voice commands and built in gps. I love that it reads my text messages to me and shows me all the features of my vehicle. I am not great at reading the tire gauge for putting in air or eyeballing it and the ford explorer shows you your tires and the air in detail. I love how smooth the ride is and how it handles. I am short yet this vehicle isn't too big and doesn't overwhelm me. But it still fits my family of 5 and we don't feel cramped.

- Ashley H

Blue Ford Explorer limited 2016

I love my Ford Explorer it is perfect for my family I love how roomy it is and all the additional features that are included such as sun/ moonroof, touchscreen controls for radio, navigation, calls and climate inside car. I love how my child can access controls from the backseat with the additional controls accessible to her as well as USB connection and outlet to plug other devices in. The only thing I dislike about the vehicle is that my husband cannot drive it comfortably, he is 6'2' and the driver seat doesn't go back far enough for him

- Patricia M

Comfortable SUV, even for long trips there are seat massagers!

I love my explorer-limited. I haven't experienced any problems other than a few minor cosmetic things covered under warranty. It is a very reliable, comfortable SUV. My model has all of the little features that add up to be amazing such as the leather heating and cooling seats in front and rear, seat massagers, front and back cameras, double moon roof, the fold down seats for extra space when we need to load up the car with things. Road trips are comfortable in this vehicle. It is very spacious, reliable and an all around beautiful SUV.

- Mandy C

Love our 2016 Ford Explorer

Our explorer is very roomy. Drives smooth, loves the options like the seat heaters and adjustable temp on both sides. Seats seven people which is great because we have two girls who play sports and always have multiple kids in our car and lots of sports equipment to carry. Gets good gas mileage as well. Love that when I have my hands full I can open the hatch with a button. One thing I don't like is when I am putting stuff in the back sometimes it starts to close and it has closed on my head as well as my daughters head too.

- Michelle S

Great family car my wife child and dog and all our luggage fit very comfortably.

Car is extremely nice. The dash set up is very intuitive and easy to use. It is sleek and nothing is distracting or looks out of place. The b6 has plenty of power to move the fairly large SUV with no problem. Having the third row in the back is very convenient and with the seats being able to fold all the way flat the vehicle has tons of storage space. Only down side to the xlt model is the clothes seats which have been hard to keep clean. Upgrading to the leather is highly recommended for people with pets and children.

- Kendrick V

2016 ford explorer XLT. Good comfort and performance.

I love the ride of the vehicle and all the features of the XLT trim. Fuel mileage is good. I was hoping for a little better city mileage but it is still good. The mirrors are a little awkward because of the 'spotter' mirror portions but you get use to it. The rear window windshield wiper is a little small and does not wipe much off of the rear window. All the controls are user friendly. Over all, we really have been pleased with it. So far it has been very reliable but it only has 28k on it so far.

- Clay W

I love the space! My 3 kids (2 are car seats) sit comfortably in the middle row.

The problem that I have encountered with my explorer is the Bluetooth. It connects to my phone fine for a couple of weeks then out of nowhere the phone will not connect. So when I try to reconnect the phone it says 'bluetooth initializing please try again later'. Even after doing a master reset and everything it still will not connect. The next step is going into the tiny space of a fuse box taking out the Bluetooth fuse and then putting it back into its place. All of a sudden the Bluetooth works!

- Stephanie V

I have a decided since of safety driving the Explorer.

No problems detected as of yet. This vehicle handles superbly, giving the driver a sense of confidence and security. It's easy to navigate, actually makes driving less of a chore and much more pleasurable. The winter is when this vehicle really performs exceptionally well, it sits firmly when the terrain is wet or icy. Low gear is only required in treacherous conditions, very little slippage if any occurs in really messy snow and ice. The Ford Explorer is truly a delightful machine to drive.

- Clive W

The favorite part of our vehicle is the extended sunroof.

We have a 2016 Ford Explorer Limited. The vehicle was purchased used - new to us. The only issue we had was major with the transmission. It had to be rebuilt. This was only after one year. However, after repairing under warranty, we have not had any problems with it. It is a nice smooth drive, has lots of horsepower and gets reasonable gas mileage. I do miss the space of my Chevrolet Suburban but not the cost to fill it up. This is a nice in-between for our family of 4.

- Wendi H

Overall, it has everything you need

The car is very luxurious on the inside. It has leather interior and looks nice with the chrome accents. IT is spacious and has enough room in the trunk. The white exterior looks amazing and the front grill is strong and sturdy. The black carpet on the interior makes for great stain covers if stains get on the carpet. The Bose sound system sounds amazing when I listen to my music. I appreciate the point screen access for temp, entertainment, navigation, and phone

- Rebecca B

My favorite is the information system. Even the kids like it.

I love my explorer. It handles awesome on the snow. The large touch screen information systems is the best. I have voice activated controls, Bluetooth, and aux. I wish it had navigation but I can use the aux cord and sync my phone for navigation. It has 3 rows 2 people in front 3 in middle and 2 people in the back. The back seat also folds down to make room for hauling. I handles really good and it has dual temperature gages as well as rear temperature controls.

- Jackie R

The Ford Explorer driving experience is comfortable and safe.

It has a stink smell that comes out of the vent when I turn on the ac, but other than that it runs well and is very comfortable. It does good on gas and I really enjoy driving it. It has many features that I like: rear camera and it beeps when I get too close to objects to warn me. I have the third row seating and it is very easy to install/or change into. The side mirrors retract and I like this for when I park too close to other cars or go into a car wash.

- Dee W

Mostly good vehicle, but the check engine light issues are a mystery

It has many great features that I appreciate having. The third row seating was an essential feature for me in purchasing the vehicle. I love the roominess, comfort, and driving performance. The gas mileage is okay, but could be better. And I may have just gotten a lemon, but there are multiple minor issues (undiagnosable check engine light, interior lighting issues, etc) that don't cause overall driving issues, but that have been hassles nonetheless.

- Dinah B

It has a third row in it. Most people don't know this and it is very useful. A lot of vehicles with a 3rd row don't have a ton of trunk space but my vehicle does.

The things I like most about my vehicle is that it is very fast (twin turbo) and the ride is very smooth. It doesn't have as many features as my last vehicle which I do not like. I wish it included driver seat memory so it was easier to change drivers. My husband uses my car a lot so we are constantly changing it back and forth and it would be nice to have a button that does everything. I like how my vehicle has a 3rd row so I can fit more people in it.

- Laura D

My Ford Explorer is Awesome!

I love that my vehicle is roomy and has a third row. It can seat 7 without having to drive a minivan. We have had no problems with this car and it drives very smoothly. The driver's seat is extremely comfortable for long drives. I also like that there is separate front and rear climate control. There are lots of cup holders which is great when traveling with a large group. The Bluetooth technology is great for using the phone or GPS systems.

- Meredith H

Love that I can have a third row with a touch of a button.

My Explorer is the perfect size SUV. Enough room for our family but still not feeling like you are driving a tank. It rides great and handles great. The interior is very comfortable and is enjoyable on long rides. The stereo system is the best factory system I have ever heard. Another great feature is the hands free opening of the tailgate. If my hands are full I can swing my leg under the car with the keys in my pocket and the lift will open.

- Andrea M

2016 ford explorer base. This is a review of a newer ford explorer SUV.

This vehicle currently has 56,000 miles, so far no issues. It has a few scratches here and there throughout the exterior of vehicle. The interior of vehicle is ok it has light scratches mostly and a few heavy scratches on some part. The interior has tan cloth seats and the exterior is silver in color. This SUV has great tires and is good mpg.(miles per gallon) overall this is a great dependable vehicle that we use for our primary vehicle.

- Clarence L

Love the explorer so far. I really cannot say anything bad about the explorer.

Problems bought it used looks like windshield was replaced but trim was installed wrong. One side blew off. Alternator was bad putting too much juice to battery all was replaced under warranty. Since then everything has been ok. Love the backup and front camera, heated steering wheel, heated seats, I wish it had a CD player with which you can put more than one CD in. I like the how the brake and the accelerator pedal move for easier use.

- Ray J

Comfortable and economical SUV with seating for seven

This has been my favorite car I've owned. It's comfortable, feels safe, looks nice on the outside (doesn't look old yet) and is versatile. We've used it for road trips with our teenagers, one of which is over six feet tall. We can pack our luggage with the third row folded down or up and still have plenty of room to add more. I love that it's roomy enough to move lots of things, and still be comfortable enough to ride a good distance.

- Jessica E

The best car I had and very comfortable car. Good to buy!

My vehicle is big enough for my family. It is spacious and comfortable. I do not experience much problem and if I had one the customer services or after sale service is great. It is very comfortable as the interior are nice and elegant. The dashboard and mechanics are stylist and somehow futuristic. I love the features added and also they are innovating the system and technology of the vehicle. I am verify satisfied on this car.

- Maurice M

Totally happy with my car.

A lot of space, you can modify with different features like the back seat can adjust to, the seat on the trunk can also be adjusted if you want them on or not. Mirrors also have memory of driver 1 or 2. Front seat also have the heater or cooler option. One thing I do not like it is that I cannot turn on the light in the back seats if I want to see my kids while we are driving. Other than that it is a very secure vehicle.

- Maria D

Ford explorer for the win! Spacious, luxury, and a smooth ride!

I love my vehicle, it is 3 years old with 60k miles on it at the time of this review. I have not had any problems thus far, thankfully. I like the option of having the third row but I very rarely use it which gives me plenty of rear cargo space. I have the leather seats with heated seats in the front, which I love. If I had to purchase another vehicle today, I would definitely go for a ford explorer as my first option.

- Mandy M

Offers a bucket seats in second row for easy access to the third row seating.

The Ford explorer offers a smooth ride, excellent leg room, excellent seat configuration for car seats, and adequate gas mileage. It is a wonderful vehicle for a growing family and supports easy access to the kids in the third row seating. The vehicle also provides remote start which is handy both in the heat of summer and the cold of winter to establish a comfortable temperature within the vehicle for young children.

- Hannah M

Reliable, sporty looking family vehicle.

Our Explorer sport has excellent power. I love the v6 twin turbo, it gives me the power of a v8. The Explorer is very roomy, seats 7 with the third row option. The Explorer feels like a safe vehicle to drive my infant around in and has enough room for a stroller in the cargo area. Only dislike so far is that the car has developed sounds. There is a squeaky noise in the dashboard area and I have no idea how to fix it.

- Christina R

The best vehicle I have ever owned.

I love my Explorer. It was one of the best purchases I have made. I have had my vehicle for 2 years now and have never, not once, had any issues or problems. My Explorer has been extremely dependable and completely reliable. My Explorer has plenty of space and room for all things necessary for our family. It is more than comfortable and is very accommodating to our needs for our travels and our many vacations.

- Christina W

What I love about my Ford Explorer and why

I love the roominess that the explorer has. There are conveniently seven seats and everything can be taken down to a flatbed on back for shopping or trips. The navigation screen is large and has all the features you could want. Everything is touch button and electric which makes life simple in this vehicle. The look is very fresh and stylish with the word explorer across the front of the vehicle.

- Julia C

The car is pretty comfortable to drive. Pretty fast for an SUV.

The passenger door window would shake as I you rolled it down. Car wasn't even 3 years old. Took force forever to fix the problem. There was something loose in the front of the car by the tire that kept making a knocking sound.. The leather seat cover keeps popping off on with the driver and passenger side. Every time I snap it back, it comes back out again. Ford even tried fixing that too.

- Candy S

It can fit perfectly in any garage!

My 2016 ford explorer is great if you are looking for an SUV that is not too big. After looking into a truck and larger SUV, I found that it didn't fit in my garage. Which is a huge problem since I didn't want to be parking outside. I found that a smaller SUV like the explorer fit just right. The back is nice and spacious for all the sports gear and groceries that any mommy out there needs!

- Scott T

Overall my family like the Ford Explorer.

I love the way the truck looks. It has a lot of room for our family and its great for traveling. Gas mileage on this vehicle stinks. The warning alarms for when you are too close to something sometimes go off for no reason. That can be annoying at times. I would test drive this vehicle to make sure you are comfortable driving a bigger truck. I sometimes still have a hard time parking.

- Laurie M

Ford explorer. Excellent vehicle. Comfortable, wide body, and 3rd row seating.

Drives smooth and comfortably. Vehicle feels powerful enough to have 5 adults riding in the vehicle. The 3rd row seats are easy to pull out and stow. Good space between all seats; vehicle feels wide and comfortable. The radio system is pretty good I have the 8 inch screen, it works ok, seems the temperature is off, so need better method for calibration or turning off some features.

- Marcus R

My 2016 Ford Explorer review

It's very nice, comfortable, and great for long distance drivers. It is very roomy I can put a lot of items into the car and still have room in the back seat for other passengers. The gas on it is amazing. When it is over 90' the car is very hot but it only takes 45 seconds with the ac to cool down. Once my payment is over for this car I'll probably sell it and buy a newer model.

- Chris V

Navy blue SUV, with all the bells and whistles.

I have a dark blue Ford Explorer. That is the main factor in my buying the SUV. I am not fond of the black interior but if you keep the sunroof closed in the summer it is not too bad. I have all the bells and whistles but the entertainment package since my kids are grown. I also have the bucket seat in the second row but did not get the console, I'd recommend getting the console.

- Tracey M

Love our Explorer-will be a repeat customer

We love our explorer. No problems as of yet. We have regular maintenance performed. Reliable and efficient. Four wheel drive very helpful during winters in the mountains.perfect family vehicle, easily fits our family of 5. Would like a few things to be standard for our next purchase. The foot control for the lift gate for example. Movable pedals-I am 5' tall and need the help.

- Misty P

Comfortable and safe with lots of bells and whistles.

Very comfortable, safe, and reliable. There are lots of bells and whistles, moonroof, hands free options, dual temperature controls, heated seats. The only issue that we have had a few times is that the electronic starter hasn't worked in the vehicle, but we used the remote starter and it was fine. Lots of storage room when 3rd row folded down. Very easy to stow seats.

- Casey D

Perfect non minivan mom car.

I really love my Ford Explorer. It is honestly the perfect mom car without having to get a minivan. There is plenty of leg room between seats as well as in the seats themselves. I love the fact that I have heated seats, it is perfect for winter time. However, I wish it would have come with their condition seats as well. I really honestly have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Christine B

2016 Ford Explorer third row seating. Love!

I have 3rd row seating, which I love. I also love how the seats fold or stow, the middle seats also fold up. This makes a lot of room for hauling. I have had this car for just over a year and I still do not know how everything works. I get very good gas mileage. Silver in color, which now everyone has one just like it. Drives nice and is very comfortable. Sharp looking car!

- Julie W

Perfect family/ transport vehicle.

The vehicle really runs well, and is both convenient and comfortable, I have taken it on numerous long road trips and it has always given me the utmost of quality performance, the roomy interior, provides the perfect vehicle for family transport, as well as everyday items And groceries. The engine runs very well, and the mileage is perfect. This vehicle is perfect for me.

- Ron L

Comfortable for long trips, a lot of legroom and available space for luggage.

The Explorer is extremely roomy and comfortable. When driving you feel safe, handles well in rain and snow. Third row seating is comfortable not crammed like a lot of third rows, easy to adjust seating. Automatic start, seat warmers and steering wheel warmer are added features for cold winter mornings. Only downfall is gas mileage and recent recall on suspension.

- Andrea S

Great family vehicle with good storage look inside for more surprises!

Likes: comfort, looks and style, reliable, holds 7 people, plenty of luggage room, smooth ride, remote start, push button start, heated seats, rear view camera, navigation, and not horrible gas mileage. Dislikes: have to always fold seat down and up for people in the back row to get in, and in our car often times we have to put car in neutral in order for it to start.

- Jessica G

It has room for 7 people, giving you lots of room to transport others or you can put the last row down and have lots of room for cargo

I like the heated seats in my car. We also like the 3rd row so that I can take my kids friends, my girl scouts or my in laws with us when we go places. It is a nice dark blue and has sirius xm, I wish it had Nav but otherwise it has everything I wanted including 4 wheel drive. I do not love the size I find it difficult to park, thank goodness it has backup camera

- erin m

A great size car that is not too small or too big. A wonderful car for a family.

The ford explorer is great, it runs really smoothly. This is my first SUV, I have always drove sedan so the difference is nice and stable. I feel more secure because it is bigger but not extremely big where it is hard to navigate. I am about to be a mother so having a bigger car like this explorer makes me feel safer. Also, a lot more room for all the equipments.

- Kim H

In love with my soccer mom car.

I love my car. Very roomie has enough room in the back to put my sit and stand stroller and four lawn chairs and much more. That is just what I carry with me. I can take those out an pop two more seats up an fit me a passenger and five children. The gas mileage is really good. Not to mention I do not go off-roading but when I hit a curb its like it never happen.

- Kelli N

Our favorite vehicle - 2016 Ford Explorer.

Great ride, very quiet, good gasoline mileage, inexpensive to service, looks new after 29, 000 miles, easy to drive on long trips, excellent paint job, tires are looking good after 29, 000 miles, we enjoy the responsive tailgate, excellent vehicle warming system for traffic passing on either side of the SUV, very comfortable seating in the front and back seat.

- John F

Seats 7 with third row seating!

I love my Explorer. It has a smooth drive and it gets pretty good gas mileage. It has an ecoboost engine and I think that is why. It has heated seats which is great in the winter. It seats 7 with third row seating. I love that it has Bluetooth which enables me to talk on the phone hands free. It has a built in GPS system and it has a satellite radio installed.

- Brandon R

Great bargain SUV for the budget conscious family.

I love my explorers basic features. However, I do have an issue with my Bluetooth going in and out. There is also an issue that other users have had that keep the interior lights on for days and then go off. I do realize that I would've like the bigger touch screen that comes in the other models. Overall, it runs great and has the major bells and whistles!!

- Elizabeth B

Digital dashboard, heated seats, built in GPS.

I absolutely love my explorer. I love the mileage I get, I love all the extras it came with such built in GPS system, phone connection, and heated seats. The easy to read dashboard, digital readings and leathers/microfiber interior, which is very easy to keep clean. The explorer was the first vehicle I looked at purchasing, and definitely do not regret it.

- Joanne C

Room and hands free along with plenty of storage.

Great room, seats seven people comfortably and with room for overnight luggage. When traveling or buying groceries the back two seats fold flat for travel or groceries. The front two fold down for additional room. Console and map are very user friendly and easy to use all navigation and entertainment in vehicle. Hands free is also very convenient as well.

- Linda M

Great vehicle when functioning properly.

We have had several issues with our Ford Explorer. With only 80 miles it broke down for no reason in the middle of a road. Happened one other time after about 5 months later. The power steering recently had an issue. There was also a recall problem that needed to be fixed. I like the look and comfort but hate the reliability of our particular vehicle.

- Candace H

Style and functionality all in one vehicle

I love my SUV! I love the leather interior, touch screen computer, hands free sync feature with my cell phone, back up camera, 360 sensors, foot sensor for the back, automatic unlock feature, the way it handles on the road, and the extra room it has for passengers and misc. items. Also it just looks good inside and out! It feels like a luxury vehicle.

- Sarah T

Ford Explorer limited fuel flex

I love the heated and ac seats along with the heated steering wheel. It has two sunroofs and a backup camera. If you or someone gets too close to the car it will let you know. It has third row and is amazing for road trips. The third row folds down and you have a lot of trunk space. If the door is locked you just need the key on you and it will unlock

- Hayley B

Spacious and reliable ford explorer sport.

My 2016 ford explorer is amazing and runs great. Not only is it spacious and sporty, it is also reliable and very comfortable for my expanding family. The third row is helpful when we have others ride with us, but it also folds flat down to make the trunk bigger. I would recommend it to all car buyers who are in the market to purchase a family car.

- Christine F

First on race day *ford* 1.

I like my vehicle because it has comfortable seats, nice padding, and plenty of room. Have not had issues with it although it is a newer car I like how it drives and would recommend buying one. A little pricey but that is just a good old fashioned America car. Ford has always been a car I buy for the reason how long it lasts. First on race day.

- Ian W

This is the perfect family car!

Our family loves this car! Great gas mileage and super roomy. This is perfect for family trips. We have 3 children (2 in car seats) and 3 big dogs. This car sits all of us very comfortably. Also love that it doesn't feel like a big, bulky SUV. Drive is extremely smooth and the car is responsive. Interior has great storage options and features.

- Taylor C

It's a comfortable ride with plenty of space, without compromising maneuverability. It's easy to park and squeeze into relatively tight spaces.

I have the Explorer Sport model and I love it. The only thing I regret is having the second row bucket seats instead of the bench seat. I have a young toddler and having the extra seat space would be nice. I get pretty good gas mileage, around 18.5 mpg overall. the third row seat is nice, but I usually keep it folded flat for more trunk space.

- Jaclyn A

You have to hold the brake and push the button to start it fully also it will shut off after 30 minutes of unused if you have the key on you it will lock and unlock when you pass a door

I like that my explorer has leather seats and enough room for my kids and friends. I like the air conditioner system and the heated seats up front. I like the comfort of the seats and the overall feel and look of it What I don't like is it is keyless start and that there is a humming or buzzing noise that comes from the windshield sometimes.

- Andrea T

Ford Explorer. A true family vehicle.

It fits my family of 5. I need 3 car seats in there and it does the job. The car runs smooth and has been a great vehicle since we purchased it. The only issue I have is I wish the trunk space was bigger and I wish the back passenger seats would both fold down instead of one. It would make getting kids in and out of car seats a lot easier.

- Kelly R

That it is dependable and safe vehicle for a family.

I love the navigation and bluetooth features. The 4 wheel drive is great on any type of terrain. The 3rd row seats are great to travel with large groups but can also be stored away to haul large items in the back when needed. The tires that are made for this vehicle are rare and have to be special ordered. This makes the price outrageous.

- Kimberly D

My perspective on my Explorer.

My Explorer gets great gas mileage on the hwy. It has lots of room to transport older kids, only able to have 4 car seats even though there are 5 seats, the middle seat in the middle section is not big enough for a car seat. I think the way the middle seat folds could be designed different as it is not the easiest to get to the back seat.

- Jean C

the car is big and shiny know matter what color it is.

the car is really nice and they have seat warmers that are just amazing. The car is truly huge and I love this car so much. I will pass it on to my child because I think this car will last a lifetime.there is three rows of seats. You can fit seven people in that car. People love my car because it has a lot of space for you to move around

- ava Q

Fourth Explorer for this family.

Reliable, grey family and commuter car. Gas mileage could be better but it is decent for SUV. Love the 3rd row seating, great for getting the kids in and out. Huge trunk including third row seat fold-down provides for plenty of storage. Would definitely suggest Explorer for anyone who's in the market of a smaller SUV van or crossover.

- Brittany J

It is reliable, nice and stylish, and works well for a family of 5 that has 2 dogs.

It is spacious for our family to use along with our 2 dogs. It is reliable so we can take longer trips for vacation and to visit family. It looks nice and stylish and it has 4 wheel drive for snowy conditions. My only complaint is that we have already had about $2000 in various repairs for this vehicle even though it is 2 years old.

- Robin P

Great vehicle to drive with amazing space.

I absolutely love my Ford Explorer. It has such a smooth drive and does not feel like the vehicle is too big or taking over the road. It is super easy to fold down the seats and the extra space is great. It has enough room for 3 car seats (2 in the third row and 1 in the middle row) and still allows others to sit in the middle row.

- Betsy G

2016 XLT 4wd. Towing and entertainment package make this ride even more sweet.

I love my explorer. Rides really smooth and 4wd is perfect in the winter time. Heat and air is on point. Gas mileage runs around 23 mpg. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. Only issue I have had is replacing headlight balance. Which is a lengthy process to fix and you will need expertise in this area to do it yourself.

- Lauren P

Great for a family of 4-6

Great vehicle for a family of four and two large dogs. Drives smooth and quiet. Large front and back seats. The only downside is if you have car seats and need access for someone in the 3rd seat section, because the left side seat has to fold down. Love that the 3rd set of seats folds down for a larger space for dogs or groceries

- Molly P

Massaging seats heated steering wheel, auto start good power.

Very reliable nice trim package good visibility, you are high up in seat, heated seats cargo holds a lot stock tires not good for snow and ice, heated steering wheel is so nice. Have massage seat both front passenger nice touch, sky roof is very nice lets in a lot of light, rear back seat is electric folds down into floor board.

- Sue L

Great design, some wiring problems.

There are weird issues with it, electrical mostly. System lights come on and go off all the time. Sensors like to go off for no reason. We love the size, the ride and the features, but we worry that it is going to stop working for no reason. We would get another Explorer, as we think something it wrong with this specific one.

- Kelly S

My Ford Explorer Is Junk!

Ford just kept it for almost three months because they couldn't determine what was wrong with it and now my 3 y' old car has a new engine. I have had to put it in the shop for 4 different things since I purchased it in Fed of 2016. First three months it had to have the throttle body replaced and sensors replaced in the bumper

- Jennifer B

They are nice but pricey.

The 2016 Ford Explorer limited is very nice. It has all the bells and whistles you could want. Heated and cooled seats, power third row, hands-free liftgate, keyless entry and remote start. It also has Bluetooth and satellite radio. For and SUV it gets decent gas mileage and is super roomy for a family. I would recommend it.

- Lesley A

Great Quality Vehicle. Worth every penny

I love my ford explorer. It has plenty of room for my family plus extra room for luggage during long road trips. It is good on gas and drives smoothly. It is the best car I have owned so far. I don't think I will get any different make or model in the future. It's a very reliable and dependable vehicle and worth every penny.

- Emily S

My Ford Explorer: Mom Mobile.

My Ford Explorer is the perfect size SUV for my growing family. With one car seat here, and another on the way, we have all the room we need to cart around the kids and all their things. The payment is high, which I do not love, but the automated third row seats, zoned A/C, and impressive trunk space almost make up for it.

- Allison B

Great sleek looking vehicle for a growing family.

Overall I love this car it was a great addiction to our growing family. Great for kids. It really checks all that I need. I guess I wish that there was more space for car seats in the backseat. Very comfortable and looks great. Miles per gallon could be better- do spend an awful lot on gas without really driving too much.

- Amanda K

It is dependable and has been great for my grandkids.

I love how smooth of a ride it is, good gas mileage, great navigation system and backup camera..... At times I wish I had a bench seat for the second row (I have a dog). When it rains the sensors are a bit sensitive and will alert me that I am too close to something, when really it is just a raindrop stuck in the sensor..

- Carrie M

Great car but hard to park.

My Ford Explorer is great. All the technologies included, e. G. Air-conditioned seats, 10v outlets, make driving very comfortable. My biggest problem is parking; it is a very hard car to park right on the first try. This is not surprising because it is a large SUV, but I have driven bigger cars that were easier to park.

- Maddie J

Love this vehicle because it is awesome!

I absolutely love my ford explorer! This vehicle drives so smoothly, and it is very comfortable! My only complaint is that there are only 2 cup holders in the front. My husband drives an f-150, and he has 4 cup holders, so we are more comfortable taking his vehicle on some road trips for the added space and cup holders.

- Jordan H

It's a great and ideal family vehicle.

I like that it is large enough to carry everyone in my family as well as our belongings. I also enjoy that it sits higher up on the road than a car, it definitely makes me feel a lot safer on the road. I like that it is made by Ford because it's a maker that I am familiar with and have always had a good experience with.

- Ashlee G

Room and comfort of my SUV.

Its a real cross over. Not a body on a truck frame so it handles better. It has ecoboost which is cool and I cut down how often I fill up. The space is great and I can fit larger things in better with the foldable seats! I once slept in the back of the car because we got flooded while camping. Fit 3 adults comfortably.

- Mary Lou L

Sweet SUV for a busy family.

I love how big and spacious my SUV is. There is plenty of room for my whole family and puppy. We live in Colorado and the Explorer helps with all of the hills and pulls our camper. The seats are so comfortable and great for long trips. I love that I have electric everything which is so much easier to do with a newborn.

- Jessica B

Unreliable, service department is horrible to work with.

We bought our 2016 Ford Explorer in 2016. 6 months later, it had to go back to Ford several times, because the backup camera would turn on when driving. The radio would turn off and all hands free devices wouldn't work. The air/ heat also turns off during that time. They could never figure out what was wrong with it.

- Samantha W

Great style, lots of space.

Love sitting up high and the looks of it. Love the third row and the ability to fold the seats down to create a flat cargo space. Love the cargo space when the third row seats are up. Do not like the gas tank size. Holds less than 350 miles per tank. Since I drive a lot of miles I have to go to the gas station a lot.

- Morgan B

Works as luxury and work. Amazing

Few recalls, otherwise great. I love my car so much. It rides so smoothly, looks beautiful, but also it's functional for a family. It is able to get through anything with the 4 wheel drive. We own 40 acres and it is amazing to have a vehicle that can do whatever we want but at the same time look like a luxury vehicle

- Kerri S

Most comfortable and stylish SUV

I love how comfortable my explorer is, it's super comfortable on long rides. It gets decent gas mileage, but I wish it got a little Bit better. I love the touch screen and everything is right at your fingertips as well as on the steering wheel. Overall performance is positive, wish I would of gotten the tow package.

- Mia B

The good and the bad and the expensive.

Blind spots. Comfy. Leather. Drives nicely. Good warranty. Nice color. Not many bells and whistles which is good. But with all of this it is way too expensive. My other one I had for 15 years so they run long but my car payment is atrocious. Other SUVs are much cheaper than mine and they come with the same package.

- Heather W

It's great for large families or to be able to take friends along. 7 people fit very well.

I like the amount of space inside especially the third row seating. I like the overall look of the exterior. I don't like the gas mileage because I have to drive a lot and gas gets expensive. I also don't like the comfort of the driver's seat. I always have a hard time getting the seat into a comfortable position.

- Melissa A

2016 Ford Explorer sport edition.

I really love this vehicle! I am in a wheelchair so we needed a vehicle with a good towing package and space in the back to put the manual wheelchair.. This vehicle is perfect for that! Also very reliable and safe! Has great features like heated steering wheel, heated/cooled seats, driver assist and so much more!

- Kathleen S

I have a big family and I refused to drive a minivan.

The only problem I have had with my car is the sync Bluetooth. It sometimes disconnects itself and just will not reconnect, it did it for almost 2 months when I decided to take it in to be looked at. It was an easy replacement that was under my warranty. Other than that, I absolutely love this car. No complaints.

- Ariana P

Great family car with plenty of room.

Love the space, handling, and performance. 4WD is great. Fuel mileage is ok. . . About 23 mpg on the interstate. Sport package is geared a little lower than normal but provides plenty of torque. Plenty of room for a small family. Easy to install a car seat. Back seats fold flat. Multiple power ports. Good audio.

- Tim K

Great family car that is safe and comfortable.

This car is one of the best and most reliable cars I have owned. We have never had problems with the vehicle. We take it on all our family road trips. I have yet to find a vehicle that has all the features this one has. The car is comfortable in long car rides for both driver and passengers. Cargo area is great.

- Carrie A

the most interesting part is the space, and then self cooling/heating seats.

it drives very smoothly and has very many new features to it. I love all of the space that it has to fit many people in it, and yet it is not huge like a van. I would one hundred percent recommend this vehicle to anyone, but especially a family. it's a very family friendly vehicle due to all of the space in it.

- ella W

Build in Televisions, air conditioned seats, and a great running engine.

The car runs very well, however the transmission has a minor leak and the air conditioning is very loud. I have also noticed that sometimes the air conditioning does not get cold. The car has built in televisions, storable seats, and a great sunroof that goes from the driver's seat to the back passengers seats.

- Sierra W

My 2016 Ford Explorer Review

No problems as of now. Love the space on the vehicle, very roomy. Tells you when service needs to be made. Runs smooth. Bluetooth service is great on the vehicle. Grey and black interior color is the best combination. Has the child proof lock, easy remote start is a awesome future (especially in the winter).

- Angelica R

It�s a family comfort vehicle

There's a lot of room and it's very comfortable. One issue is that every once in a while the screen and radio just won't come on. It only lasts for about a day or so but it can be annoying. I love how the seats fold down in the third row giving plenty of room for groceries. And it fits everyone with comfort

- Eliza O

My vehicle is extremely comfortable and has so many features that I love.

The only problem I have had is the lift gate. The liftgate is supposed to open when you stick your foot under the lift gate as long as you have the key in your possession. It does not work as easily as it shows on the commercial. You have to stick your foot under in just the right position for it to work.

- Sherry G

The gas mileage isn't the best but the car rides great.

I love my Ford Explorer! This SUV has room for 7 people. I really like that the third row can be folded down so it doesn't need to be up all the time and allows for a lot of storage space. The dual climate zones are helpful for the front and back along with the dual zones for the passenger and driver.

- Charlene K

Ford Explorer XLT is the perfect vehicle

The Ford Explorer XLT is a very smooth ride. It contains many special features that are helpful while driving. This is the most reliable vehicle I have owned and is perfect for a family due to sitting 7 people comfortably. Perfect vehicle for grocery shopping, going on vacation, or just everyday driving.

- Kaitlyn M

I love my Ford Explorer! The best SUV you can own!

The Ford Explorer is the best car we ever had. It drives well and is extremely great on gas when traveling. The vehicle is roomy and comfortable. Modern items such as the USB availability throughout the truck is so convenient. Air vents makes it possible to be comfortable no matter where you are sitting!

- Kimberly C

very affordable and comfortable

I have had my car for a little over a year and it runs great , I haven't had many problems yet, except that it needs an oil change kind of frequently. It runs smoothly and is quite comfortable to drive, even long trips, there are three rows, one of which you can put down to fit more things in the trunk .

- Jamie M

Great family sized safe roomy vehicle

Have had suspension problems and transmission went out first year. Ford warranty and recall service has fixed everything. Very roomy love the added features; sync, backup camera, heated seats, dual control temp. I wish it had GPS built into it. Great for snow and ice conditions. Automatic Track control.

- Lisa T

Love all the room and features

I love everything about it.It's very roomy and my tall husband and son can fit in comfortably. I like the heated seats feature. Having the option to adjust vents in the front and back is a great option..In the way back being able to fold the seats down multiple ways is very helpful and convenient also.

- Michelle L

The best car ever, go buy this car now!

I love this vehicle. It transports my 2 kids and husband perfectly. It is spacious and stylish. It is reliable and maintenance has never been too much of an issue. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to my friends and family and anyone else who is looking for something cutting edge but practical.

- Nelly H

The Ford Explorer isn't all you think it is.

Not enough room even though it seats 7. Unless you get very familiar with all of the options on the touch screen it's hard to use other than the radio. The warranty that was offered with it had hidden exemptions that were not talked about or shown to me and things like a door hanging were not included.

- Melanie R

Versatile, seating configuration can be changed to accommodate.

Good fuel economy. Smooth ride, Versatile, very reliable and good for long trips. Easy to use options at my fingertips. Has sync, navigation, leather, heated seats, plus all the standard equipment. Seven passenger. Engine is a 4 cylinder turbo. Probably will always be my preference in future purchases.

- Susan S

It is a large vehicle w/ 3rd road seating very loaded very comfortable vehicle.

Purchased on a lease.. 3 years - w/in 1 year we had to replace tires.. Basically sold high end vehicle w/ cheap tires.. Sunroof currently will not open.. And battery cable just disintegrate last week.. Not great on gas.. We owned one prior loved it.. however this 2016 model has not been great at all..

- Angela R

The sleek design of the vehicle how it has that nice shine and how manage. .

The vehicle is amazing and outstanding runs great, everything stays up to date does not use a lot of gas, a really good buy for a big family or a nice car to use for a lot of storage. I like to take go on long trips at a time and how smoothly the vehicle runs through any type of weather is outstanding

- Brandy R

Ford Explorer: the choice for comfort and dependability.

Bought the limited edition and love the extra features such as heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, massaging seat and touch screen adjustments! Would not hesitate to buy again. The quality is also much better than the last vehicle I owned. It was a Chrysler and was a total disappointment.

- Kathy W

Luxury and dependability all in one.

Has a smooth quiet ride. No problems with it. Sleek design and the interior is top of the line and luxurious. I really enjoy driving this car and the gas mileage is great too. I highly recommend this car to anyone. My. Daughter is learning to drive in my car and it is easy for a beginner to learn in.

- Kim W

I love to third row like a pro!

I love my Ford Explorer. It comfortably fits seven people. The third row is convenient with a control panel to stow the seating when you do not need it. You cannot beat that kind of convenience at the push of a button. I also love the technology with sync system, navigation, and Bluetooth capability.

- Rea L

ford explorer 2016, four door

the ford explorer 2016 is really a good car. I've had it for almost a year so far. I bought it used also. It runs smooth and has leather seats. It seats seven people, 2 in front and back and 3 in middle. The doors has cup holders, the middle seats has cup holders. The seatbelts have built in airbags.

- catherine H

The 3rd row seat is great to take extra people r to haul grandkids.

The Explorer rides nice for being a 4 wheel drive. The power liftgate is a godsend. I love the leather heated seats. We receive many compliments on the exterior bronze color. The review mirrors with blind spot mirror is awesome. The 3rd row seat has decent leg room and is nice to have with grandkids.

- Debra O

Safety and comfort in the explorer limited.

I feel safe and secure in my ford limited explorer. I love the features such as automatic high beams, automatic wipers, push button liftgate, heated, air condition and massaging seats, heated steering wheel. Back seats are heated also which is nice. Very comfortable to drive long distance and roomy.

- Tina K

Ford Explorer Platinum is one of the best SUV's on the market!

My Explorer provides excellent comfort, safety measures and space for our growing family! The massage seats are AMAZING on long road trips! The captain seats in the 2nd row provide excellent functionality for the passengers in the back. The exterior safety features are a huge comfort when traveling.

- Whitney A

System issue throughout car.

Entire system shut off while car was in full speed motion. Since everything is computerized there’s was nothing I could do but call for help. Very scary experience being in the road with full traffic around. apparently issue was linked to a recall that was announced 2 months after my experience.

- Stephanie B

It is a very reliable, safe, family vehicle.

It is very reliable car and has great performance with safety and traveling experience. However the seats are extremely uncomfortable for long car rides. I have had very few problems with the car and have done routine oil changes to keep the car in good condition. Fuel efficiency is great as well.

- Anna D

Is wonderful! There is nothing i would change about this car

I love this suv... it has all the bells and whistles including keyless entry, push button start, back up cameras, sync, 3rd row seating, etc...i haven't had any issues with it. For as big of an engine and a car as it is, it gets pretty good gas mileage. Over all i could not be happier with it!

- Tara F

Black 2016 Explorer with front wheel drive.

I really have no complaints. I love my Explorer. It drives very smoothly. Very spacious to accommodate for families. Gets relatively good gas mileage for driving mostly highway (23. 8mpg). I have leather interior and the seating is all comfortable. I would recommend an Explorer to anyone.

- Courtney H

Compared to other midsize SUVs on the market the Fors is a quality made and efficient vehicle.

It is sporty and big enough for the entire family to take either short or long term trips. It is also roomy enough for packing and helping friends move. For the size of the vehicle it does get relatively good gas mileage and I am overall very pleased with the quality and safety of the vehicle.

- Scott B

The Ford Explorer is a quality car which is enjoyable to drive and ride in.

Other than a noisy buzz on the freeway in hot weather related to a piece on the front hood, I have no complaints. The car drives smooth, is comfortable to ride in, has acceptable gas mileage for the its size and has good features like quality AC and Sirius XM radio o make my drive comfortable.

- Brett M

My dependable vehicle and how much I love it.

I love my car. The only thing that would make it better would be if it were free. It is reliable, has not had any problems. To take care of it I keep it fueled, oil changed and washed and swept out. It is comfortable and roomy enough to haul the many kids I haul around to different places.

- Stephanie M

My 2016 Ford Explorer review.

Very comfortable. Lots of storage room. Easy to fold down seats so you can store more. Easy to bring back up in order to seat more. Gas mileage is great (unless you are mostly just doing in town). Love the backup camera. Love the blind spot mirrors. Ac makes a ticking noise in back sometimes.

- Erin R

Best car I have owned out of 5.

This is the first car I have not thought of trading in and I have owned many cars. There is tons of cargo space and the third row has plenty of room. The limited version has very nice features including second row heated seats. It drives very smoothly. I like the regular ac plug it has also.

- Elise P

My best vehicle purchase ever.

This vehicle is so smooth to drive and has plenty of room for those traveling with you. I love the Bluetooth it's so clear and family and friends say they can hear me really well as well. I enjoy the dashboard screen, it lights up just enough and the size is not overwhelming and distracting.

- Amy S

It can carry eight passengers

It has the room that I need - can seat 8. It gets decent gas mileage. The gas tank is a bit small, so the range between fill ups is shorter than I would like. The model I have doesn't have some of the conveniences, such as automatic liftgate and auto folding mirrors that I would like to have

- Peter B

Great car for a big family.

I have a big family so this car is perfect for us. Love the sound system, the way the care drives. We did have some problems with the navigation system card and the suspension but everything has been fixed. This car is pretty good on gas. Love that it has cameras in the back and the front.

- Lauren D

I love this vehicle because it drives smooths, navigation is wonderful

It comfortable, spacious and has everything I want in a vehicle the gas mileage is good, fits my everyday needs and my family needs. The performance on this car is amazing it drives smooth the turn radius is amazing. It is reliable and trustworthy. I love the navigation and stereo system.

- Jessica H

Pros and Cons: this car is a decent vehicle for the money. .

I have had this vehicle since it was brand new. I've had to bring it in to have the seat belt replaced twice. I also had a problem with the 'Sync' not connecting with the Bluetooth. Some of the pros of this vehicle are the comfort and gas mileage. It handles very well for a midsize SUV.

- Erin F

All the bells and whistles as well as great sport suspension.

Love the hands free. I can just talk to the nav or phone or radio. Since its a sport edition the handling and pick up is better than a regular Explorer. Tires are expensive and they charge 100 for navigation updates. Love the hands free hatch as well. Great when you have your hands full.

- Danielle S

Amazing SUV for family traveling and everyday usage. Great gas mileage.

The car runs really well on gas. I usually have to fill up once every two weeks after using it everyday for errands. The air conditioner is amazing, it cools really quickly. The car has Bluetooth which makes it easy to connect for music playing. Very good family car, seats 7 comfortably.

- Amy A

Ac seats. Heated seats. Heated steering wheel. The way the car drives. It is safe.

The Ford Explorer is hands down a great car. Why? It is very safe, the heated seats are amazing, the trunk can be small/large, and it drives great. There have been no problems with me and my car. It has worked amazing over the last two years. I would highly recommend this car to anyone.

- Mckenna G

This Car is for the whole Family

We recently bought this car to start planning for our future. We needed a car capable of holding dogs and people. This car does just that. The seats are comfortable and provide plenty of leg space while still leaving room in the trunk for the dogs. The whole family can ride in this car.

- Kaitlyn P

I love my ford explorer and when it is time to replace it I will buy a new one.

My SUV is great! I love third row seating and the fact there is lots of room. I do wish. However, that automakers would provide a space for women's purses. I usually keep in passenger seat, however when that seat is occupied, I must place my purse in rear seat, which is not convenient.

- Lynda H

Everything you want, it's in a Ford vehicle.

My family is a Ford family. But my Explorer is unbelievable. My Ford Explorer is very reliable, roomy, very comfortable and easy to drive. Live my Ford Explorer because of its third row seats. Love the push start button. Like that my whole family including my 2 puppies can fit in it.

- Maria S

I like the all wheel drive and the. Navigator. It rides nice and is roomy.

I do not like the size of the Explorer it is too big. The front hood is high makes parking difficult for myself to park it. I like the auto 4WD. Especially with all the snow we get here. It has a lot more “extras “ than I would like but had to purchase if you wanted other options.

- Kathy W

Features Ford Explorer offers.

Heated seats are great, very comfortable seating, room for 6'0" tall legs, love 3rd row seating that folds down, cup holders are expandable, rear-climate control helps ensure people in the back stay warm/cool, love all the buttons on the steering wheel to control radio/phone options.

- Nicole C

It does the kicky door opening thingy on the back!

I really like the legroom of my explorer. The get up and go is amazing. Gas mileage on the older model is still really good about 17 mpg in town, more on the highway obviously. My only complaint is that the mirrors don't have built in blind spot mirrors which would be handy on an SUV

- Teresa C

The Ford Explorer is a dependable vehicle that looks great.

I love my Ford Explorer. It handles well, is comfortable and has great pickup. It is a great looking vehicle; I have the Platinum model. I particularly like the folding third-row seats. They're there when I need them but closed when I don't which gives me plenty of rear cargo space.

- Theresa F

I like the design of the car.

I haven't had many problems with this vehicle it is one of the best cars I have ever driven I would recommend this car to many people and have loved it more and more every day I cannot wait to get the new model next year I am really enjoying it hope I can pass this down to my kids.

- Brian C

It's got a lot of great safety features, which makes for a good family vehicle.

My vehicle is a great family vehicle. I like that it has bucket seats so that both of my kids' car seats can fit in the car. I also like that it has a backup camera for safety. Another added bonus, that I have never had in any other vehicle I have owned, is an automatic car start.

- Tim M

This is a great lasting car.

Works well in the long run, Has great mileage, can fit plenty of people. Has roomy trunk. It is a great hauler. Has a good price for it. 2016 model is great, but you may want to go for one of the newest models. I've had my car for three years and haven't had many problems with it.

- Ryan D

Ford Explorer comfort and reliability.

I have not experienced any major problems with my Explorer. It is very comfortable to drive and has 3rd row seating that folds down when we need extra storage. It has rear seat heating and air and CD/radio which sounds great. It has a v8 engine and gets about 17 miles per gallon.

- Cheryl L

2016 Ford Expedition details

The only problems I have had with my car is a carbon monoxide recall. It also has some sort of issue with its locking system. It will be locked but will still open while it is locked and the alarm will go off. I still don't understand why the car will open even when it is locked.

- Macy Y

Long tom ford customer. Good service

Drives good.quiet. Gas mileage good. No issues with it. Comfortable leg room. Tilt steering wheel electric seats. Ac is great. Color white. Like the color. Back three row seats fold up easy. Trunk size good.I enjoy long trips because it is comfortable. Could probably sleep in it.

- Melinda R

I love my certified pre owned SUV!

I love the heated and cooled seats as well as the heated steering wheel. I love the backup camera for the added help for backing up and parallel parking. The seats are also comfortable and the third row makes it nice and roomy for the family. My kids love the added room to relax.

- Shelby A

Ford Explorer great family SUV.

It gets good gas mileage. It does not have any blind spots. Very comfortable. Has a great sound system. It rides very smooth. It has a very roomy interior and lots of legroom and headroom. The seats are very comfortable with good back support. I only wish it wasn't so expensive.

- Susan G

The bronze color is amazing.

This vehicle is the best I have owned. It has many features, sunroof, leather, heated seats, heated steering wheel, cooled seats, dual temperature. The captains seats in the second row are great. The keyless entry is great as well as the power seats and memory setting for seats.

- Stephanie K

An OK car. You won't hate it.

Underpowered, sluggish, narrow seats, fairly quiet, decent technology package, very common make and color (white), sits nice and high, could use some more easily accessible storage in the front, nice big sunroof, uses regular unleaded, so not expensive to fill, lousy gas mileage

- Keith E

Generally speaking a well-made in my truck and car.

The vehicle is a very comfortable to drive comfortably hold seven people the only drawback is the side mirrors fog up and you cannot see out of them when it foggy . I am sure way the navigation but sometimes it does not understand the voice command and it could be frustrating.

- Donna M

The folding seats allows me to put my daughters wheelchair in the back.

Lot of space. It fits me, my husband and our three daughters. It even fits my daughters wheelchair. I also love the backup camera, massage seats and heated steering wheel and seats.. It has a very Smooth ride. That makes it perfect for road trips! It just feels great to drive

- Kara C

2016 Ford Explorer base model

It's reliable and good on gas mileage. It's service requirements are minimal and the service from Ford is outstanding too. This car looks attractive and it rides well. It included features that I enjoy such as backup camera, trailer towing package and Sirius radio capability.

- Leonard G

Do the manufacturers recommended maintenance!!! Oil changes are the single most important thing an owner of ANY vehicle can do. Tire rotation and balance is probably the next important thing.

I like the technology it offers (hand recognition entry, rear mounted camera, electric lift gate. It is a good riding car and handles well. I don't like the position of the seatbelts. They are hard to reach when you get in the seat. I would like to see a larger fuel tank.

- Tim F

The vehicle has a third passenger row, it�s Bluetooth compatible, fuel efficient

So far it hasn't been any major problems. I've only done routine maintenance, such as oil changes, brakes, and rotors. When the vehicle needed brakes, I experienced vibrating in the steering. I would highly recommend this vehicle, if your searching for a sport utility vehicle

- Robert P

Comfortable explorer ! Heated leather seats and third row seating

It has leather seats ( heated front seats, ) very comfortable, third row seating. Back up camera. You can hook your phone up to it and listen to music through the explorer. It is very relaxing and reliable. I have had no problems with it since I've had it ( September of 2018)

- Casey M

Love my 2016 Ford Explorer limited.

No reliability problems at all. Super comfortable, can drive all day without being uncomfortable. drivers area very well thought out. With three rows of seating there is always space. drives great in all seasons and looks very sharp. I do wish the mpg's were slightly better.

- Thomas B

You can get a discount on a ford vehicle if you own at least 100 shares of Ford stock.

I love that my Ford Explorer has a lot of creature comforts and room for people and things. It makes long road trips easy with lots of capacity, and things like conveniently placed cup holders. Built in Mac and hands free Bluetooth help me stay productive throughout the day.

- Melanie E

Review of Ford Explorer 2016.

Loud when it is windy outside and when you backup it makes a funny sound. Lots of room in the car but wish backrow had three seats instead of two. Love the safety features but wish the blind spot beeped instead of the small light. Have had trouble with the seatbelt airbags.

- Jai J

Spacious and comfortable.

We enjoy the fact that it is big but drives like a car. The third row seating is a life saver. Very comfy leather seats and climate controls throughout car. User friendly and spacious for car seats. Drives well and is gas friendly. Only takes about $45 to fill up The tank.

- Jackie M

My Ford Explorer and how amazing it is

my vehicle is amazing so far I enjoy it a lot it fits my family well and can't really complain as long as I maintain the car and give it the love. Many things is that it's a sport car and love to go on trips with it. The features are amazing connects to Wifi and Bluetooth

- Angie L

Ford Explorer - One of the best family friendly cars I've ever been in

My Ford Explorer is pretty amazing. It has a lot of seats and a lot of room in the back seats. Whenever I drive in it I feel very safe, and can rely on the car always. It handles very well in rain and snow and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering buying it.

- Joaquin L

Ford Explorer Best Features

The Ford explorer gets good gas mileage considering the size. 3rd row seat is often used to transport people. Leather seats are easy to clean. The ability to see backing up is wonderful. The air conditioning and heat controls are easily adjusted and are very comfortable.

- Marie B

Sporty, reliable, and multi-faceted Ford Explorer!

I love my Ford Explorer! It has quick pick up yet smooth on the roads. I love the sportiness of it and sleek look too. I have captain seats in my middle row which make entering and exiting the 3rd row easy. I have young boys who have no problem getting in and out either!

- Erin N

I love the touch screen to operate the radio, navigation, and air conditioning.

This vehicle has been amazing for my family of 4. The 3rd row seating is great when we take additional children on road trips. The backseat is spacious and family friendly. The 3rd row can also be stored away to make room for luggage for family vacation or weekend trips.

- Kim D

I don't have anything significant to say about my Explorer.

I haven't had any problems with my Explorer. I love the comfort and visibility - high up. It has sufficient power to do anything I want it to, and still gets good gas mileage. There is plenty of space inside for almost anything I want to carry. Will buy another Explorer.

- Leland H

Explorers have good gas mileage and they are very spacious cars

I love that my car has a gps built into it as well as 2 sunroofs. I hate that you have to press a button to close the back door instead of just shutting it because other people forget to press the button. I also hate hate hate that the gas tank is on the passenger side.

- Candice M

The car has plenty of room for sporting equipment and passengers.

The car needs to be told to pick up when you go on the parkway. It is great to use in snow and rain. Very dependable car that is fair with gas mileage. There is plenty of room for passengers of all sizes. The radio and GPS system works well. GPS sometimes gets you lost.

- Maria P

Overall my ford explorer is spacious and comfortable for long or short drives.

I love the comfort and space it provides for my family. Easy to keep clean. This is the first time I have had cloth seats and I do not care for them. I prefer leather or pleather. I also cannot see well over the hood. It is hard to park or see if I need to pull up more.

- Elizabeth G

Fun to drive, comfortable for long trips.

Very comfortable, fun to drive, has a lot of airbags, lights, windshield wipers come on by their self, 2 cameras, 2 sunroofs, seats 8, air control for back seats, navigation system, hands free calling, parallel parking, ambient lighting can change to different colors.

- April B

In conclusion this Ford model is not like any other. I rate it a 9.

Well his car is very good but sometimes the camera in the back stops working out of nowhere. It's is very comfortable and spaces. This car also doesn't waist as much gas. Which this is a huge advantage. This car is a reliable one. I would honestly say that I love it!!

- Lupe L

We love that there’s a rear camera to make parking easier when reversing.

Me and my husband release our vehicle. We love how smooth it rides and how it runs on gas. We dislike that sometimes the radio goes out for no apparent reason and we're unable to use the Bluetooth or radio at all. Overall besides that we've no problem with our model.

- Jessica N

Ford Explorer is a great choice!

The Ford Explorer has been great for my family. It provides plenty of space for my growing kids and their friends! I love my charger, but it was nice going from a sedan car to a more spacious means of transportation. We have really enjoyed this vehicle since day one.

- Rachel R

Ford Explorer likes and dislikes.

Has been reliable, but has had a few small issues. (seat belt isn't tight, noise in windshield trim). Like the door lock code feature. Comfortable to ride in and fits up to seven comfortably. Easy to drive and handles well in different weather. Good car for a family.

- Tiffany P

Explorer - love it or hate it.

The vehicle drove well. Seats were comfortable. Plenty of room with three rows. Teens were most comfortable in 3rd row. Sometimes had an odd odor later recalled for exhaust issues. Major negatives were severe blind spots and vents that wouldn’t blow air correctly.

- Heather B

2016 Ford Explorer Sport, EcoBoost

I have not experienced any problems with the EcoBoost engine or any other components in the drivetrain. The vehicle is spacious and powerful. The only problem I have had with it is the weather stripping coming loose, but no water has made its way into the vehicle.

- Ryan G

Comfy car that seats 7 people.

I love that my car seats 7 people. I love my heated seats in the winter. I love the Sirius radio and the back up cameras. It drives smooth. I love the tinted windows and it helps to keep my car cooler. I love to take long trips because it is such a comfortable car.

- Lisa R

Great SUV, never lets us down, and we have tested it believe me.

Great SUV, we live 12 miles off asphalt road, our Explorer never fails to get us to town. In the snow it is unstoppable. Comfort and fuel mileage great. This our 5th Explorer we had a 94, 96, 04, 2013, and our current one 2016, they have been very good cars for us.

- Larry C

It is extremely safe and handles great. Very spacious for a mid-size SUV.

The overall comfortability and handle plays a key role in my liking of this SUV. I love the spacious interior and the sleek look it has. The only change I would make to the second row seating is the chairs do not have arm rests. Other than that, I love my explorer.

- Ryan W

It is comfortable but not economical. It has more room than most cars but not nearly as much as larger SUVs.

I like the backup camera, it is easy to drive and has heated seats. I do not like that a plastic piece of trim had to be replaced and cost over $200 for a couple feet of plastic. It also does not seem to get better gas mileage than a larger Suburban we also own.

- Robert S

Fantastic stuff, a must own!

Have put over eighty thousand miles on it in three years with no problems. Great for grocery shopping with all the room in the back. Third row seat is nice to have if needed. The back up camera is a God send. Would definitely get the same vehicle if had to again.

- Jeremy H

One thing to know about this car, would be that it is spacious

I like my vehicle because it is spacious. I love that they offer the special pearl white paint color. I love that it is safe. I dislike that the safety feature of beeping when something or I am close to something is so inaccurate at times and is really obnoxious.

- Ally G

Ford explorer expectations for you.

Front end pops when you turn, feels cheap compared to BMW we've owned in the past. Seat Belts get stuck. Sync acts weird sometimes. Front end pops when you turn, feels cheap compared to BMW we've owned in the past. Seat Belts get stuck. Sync acts weird sometimes.

- Mat D

Dependable and reliable. Feel safe in my vehicle.

The luggage rack up top of the Explorer comes loose often. Haven't had any performance issues with the vehicle. I enjoy the comfort and reliability of the vehicle which lead to my safety on the road. Has backup camera which makes it easier to park in tight spots.

- Junior A

Great SUV great performance.

Nice to drive good fuel economy the fall time 4 wheel great in bad weather three row seats are handy auto open tailgate is side mirrors with the convex work very well performance with 6 cylinder 290 horsepower is fantastic 4 wheel disc brakes will stop on a dome.

- Gary C

Buy the extended warranty.

It has great features. My favorites features are the rear view camera, blind spot monitoring, heated and cooling seats, and massage chairs, when I hit 50, 000 miles I started having a lot of pricey mechanical issues with it though. I would not buy a Ford again.

- Kim D

Sport mom needs lots of space!

The Explorer seats 7 people. My children are both very active in extracurricular activities and the Explorer allows space to haul all their items plus ourselves comfortably! The vehicle rides smooth for out of town sporting activities and gets good gas mileage.

- Brandy V

Mr. Reliable -- if you need a car to jump start your Japanese car, this is it!

All the necessary features... Cruise control and safety features are included. Heated/cooled seats, great sounding stereo system, etc. The car has been 100% reliable; other than standard maintenance (which I sometimes neglect to do) I have spent $0 on repairs.

- Ra J

The storage in the trunk/ 3rd row has been handy to have and easy to manipulate-.

I love my car, and have named her "liv" because she is so comfortable it is like k. Driving in a "living room". We have had not maintenance issues so far, and have owned the car for 1. 5 years. There was one thing covered by warranty, but it was an easy fix.

- Sarah W

3 row seater with plenty of extra room.

Very good gas mileage, 3 row seats, plenty of storage room once seats are folded down, very comfortable to drive. Little bit low to the ground, would prefer the height of the 2000 year model which was much higher, but that did not have the 3 row seat option.

- Rachel O

We love the sunroof for when we go on day trips. We love just using the sunroof

I absolutely love the Ford Explorer. It has been the best choice my family of 4 has ever chosen! It is extremely spacious and all the features are amazing from the touch screen to the back up camera to the sunroof! You can't go wrong with the Ford Explorer!

- Renee D

Great family SUV including travel with a dog. Comfortable ride.

The Ford Explorer is very reliable. It has passed every inspection and everyone who rides in it comments what a great, comfortable ride it is. Plenty of room in the backseat and 3rd row. Great for a family with teenagers. Great for trips and family travel.

- Amy K

I really love my family car.

I don't really have problems with my vehicle. So far it is so good. . . I love it and if I had to I would definitely buy it again no questions asked. Before I used to have a Nissan Altima which I also loved. My vehicle is a seven seater and very roomy. . .

- Leticia R

I love my ford. It has been a great car.

I love fords no problems ever. I like the older ones without all the plastic. Leather 4WD, 4 door, sunroof, air conditioning, auto everything. It drives good, it handles good it's been a good car. It has a lot of storage. Can fit kids and everything good.

- Dawn F

3 Row seat option with lots of legroom and space for 6 people.

I love the 3 row seat options which when folded down create a lot of extra space for storage. There is a lot of leg room between each row and the seats do not have to be folded down to get into the back, the car has heated front seats and automatic start.

- Rachel K

ford Explorer my vehicle that I always use

it has great features, fun sun roofs, easy to steer, good breaks, easy navigation system, memory, heated , massage seats, different memory radio stations, seats that fold down into the ground, auto start with the remote, that is why I really enjoy my car

- Heidi J

Makes Costco trips a breeze with seats in back quickly folding down.

I have had zero problems with my ford explorer. I keep regular maintenance on it and the gas mileage is pretty good considering I drive tons. Plus as a family of 5 we have plenty of room to go on road trips with comfort as we are a tall family. Love it!

- Krystal F

My car is a dark color and has dark rims so it's very sleek and sporty looking.

I love my explorer. It's 3rd row so it has that extra space without being a minivan. The back up camera is the best I've ever seen, the camera on it is so clear and covers a very large area. The seats are very comfortable for road trips with the family!

- Claudia V

The vehicle has all wheel drive capability

Great vehicle! It is dependable and works for my family. We have not had any engine issues because we keep it maintained. We usually have to change the oil once per year. The vehicle comes with third row seating which is excellent for a larger family.

- Chris P

Everything i just said before.

Complaints are the warning sensors all around the car go off for no reason all the time. The windshield wiper makes a humming sound when i am driving fast on the freeway. It smells like something is burning every time i accelerate quickly.

- Lauren R

It is a very safe and dependable car.

I love that it has push to start, leather seats, and is four wheel drive. I also love the big touch screen, automatic liftgate, and heated seats. I dislike that I cannot turn off the lights where they will not come on when I open the door.

- Martha P

Our vehicle is the Ford Explorer in white, an interesting detail about our vehicle is the accuracy of the parking camera.

My Ford Explorer has been a great fit for my family and I. We use it all the time for family trips, it has lots of space and is a smooth ride. The only problems we have is the remote start stopped working, but we able to get it fixed.

- Carly V

It is a good family car without a massive price tag.

My biggest complaint is the back seat. I find it is not very big and when I have my sons car seat rear facing it hits my drivers seat. This makes his car seat have a slight tilt. I do love that their are air vents in the back seat.

- Kathleen D

Milage is not what they say.

The vehicle is good but the gas mileage is really bad. With the cost of the vehicle and the maintenance it makes the value of the car not worth it. On the highway it ride well and the mileage it not what they said on the sticker.

- James H

Explorer. Best vehicle I have ever owned!

Love this vehicle! It is roomy and comfortable. Has plenty of extra features that I did not think I needed but now love and would not want to live without! Smooth driving and easy to handle! Love everything about the Explorer!,

- Tracy H

It is a very family friendly and functional vehicle.

I like the fact that I have remote start. Love that the seats are all black leather and love the exterior color and rims on the vehicle. It is very convenient to have Ford sync for my phone. Lots of hands free equipment.

- Sylvia C

The Ford Explorer is a great, safe family vehicle!

I absolutely love my Ford Explorer. It is super comfortable, reliable and has all the features I want and need. Best part is the third row which when not in use I keep folded down for more room for stroller and groceries

- Brandy G

That for a larger SUV with a third row seat it gets great gas mileage.

My car has everything I could ever need and more. It feels like a luxury car on the inside and gets great gas mileage. My only dislike is that there are an abundance of them on the road which makes it a bit less special.

- Rebecca S

It's amazing and stylish! I love the versatility of the vehicle!

I love this truck! Handles well and performs as needed. There are a few cosmetic issues but those have been corrected in the newer models. Extremely reliable and dependable. Drive 1700 miles to Florida with no issues.

- Ayana S

comfortable and elegant at the same time

a really good truck, I like it because it is very wide and at the same time very comfortable, it allows me to travel with my family in a comfortable way. Its engine is very powerful and also has an excellent design

- jhon s

Great family car all around!

My Ford Explorer is a great family car with lots of trunk space, a third row if needed and extremely comfortable seats for around town driving and long road trips. It is great in the snow and extremely reliable.

- Jen W

This vehicle drives and handles very nice on the road.

This vehicle drives well and handle well on the road. It has plenty of usable storage as the seats all fold down. I wish it had a rear opening window to haul long boards without having to leave the hatch open

- Gary D

It is a great family car and gets good gas mileage but does have some bugs in the bluetooth system and stereo that need to be fixed.

I really like the comfort of the drive and the third row seating as well as the room but I have encountered some technical difficulties with the stereo and bluetooth system not working properly with my Iphone.

- raven S

It has flexible seating which allows us to seat 7 people.

I love the size. It's perfect for our family for every day living. However, I would like more room in the back for luggage. There's not much room for luggage unless you lay down one of the back row seats.

- Alisa B

It has recall after recall and the gas mileage isn't the best.

I like the outside style and how it looks. I don't like the interior to much. It seems a bit cramped up and the controls are not in a great layout. I also don't like the amount of recalls on this vehicle.

- Blake B

The most important thing the other should know about my car is that it's a great car for my family.

I like the fact that I can fit my entire family in the automobile. I like the fact that it gets good gas mileage even though it's pretty big in size. I dislike that Ford seems to have quite a few recalls.


The most important thing I believe is the backup camera to save from hitting things and bumping into anything in the front and back

I like that the vehicle is brand new. It has black interior along with a backup camera. It has air conditioning that can be controlled based on the temperature that the different individuals want it to be.

- Jennifer C

It is an attractive looking vehicle, that has all the latest technology.

I like the look of the vehicle inside and out, and the technology included. I dislike the cramped room in the 3rd row seating, and the low gas mileage.Overall nice looking vehicle, but not very economical.

- Antonio R

is a very aerodynamic and particular vehicle super comfortable

for me is one of the best vehicles I have ever had in my life, very spacious and with good traction, my family and I enter comfortably for long trips and also for short trips, I recommend every time I can

- Xavier P

The truck is comfortable and easy to handle and provides many safety features

I like the multiple cameras that make it easier to back into different parking spots. I also like the heated seats and the massage feature in the front seats. There are also many good safety features.

- Stac W

It is very comfortable and it seats a lot of people. It has heated seats.

I love to be able to drive a lot of people and it has heated seats! Also the sound system is good. It has tinted windows. I wish the two row seating was behind the driver's seat instead of in the back.

- Lisa B

Great family vehicle with good gas mileage.

The car has been fantastic. It is comfortable and gives our family plenty of room. We are able to fit car seats and even extra large dog kennels to transport. For an SUV, this has great gas mileage.

- Liz G

It's very dependable and it's a great size for a family of 5. Also I love the two extra seats that flip up in the back for when we go out with family or friends.

I love my Explorer. I've had about 5 explorers now and I plan on getting another one for my next car. It's the perfect size for my family and has a good safety rating which is very important to me.

- Kim R

Comfortable but faulty electronics.

It is comfortable and spacious but constantly have problems with the electronic display screen. Every so often it black's out or stops responding to controls on the steering wheel or touch screen.

- Danielle L

Very sturdy, I've been hit before on my older models and no damage on my car but lots of damage on the cars that hit me

This is my 4th Explorer do obviously I love them. 1992, 1997, 2004 and 2016. The one thing I dislike on the new ones are the taller doors and smaller windows, hard to use ATMs or Bank drive thrus

- Rhonda L

Great for families on the go, store your gear, settle in and enjoy the ride!

Love my Ford Explorer because it fits my kids and their friends. Seats are comfy and it rides nice. I dislike that the trim pieces inside and out our not durable. My 2015 Explorer held up better.

- Lisa A

It runs smoothly and handles well in the snow and cold weather

My Ford Explorer is a sport. I love the leather interior and large sunroof. I also like the look of the wheels. It drives smoothly and does well in the snow which is an important feature for me.

- Rachel C

It's comfortable, easy to drive and maintain, and is safe for my family

I love all of the little details in the Ford Explorer. The quality of the touch screen is great. I love that it has both a backup camera as well as a forward camera that makes parking a breeze.

- Imari M

It's a good family vehicle

I like that It's 4 wheel drive. I like that it has the 3rd row of seating. I don't like that the front windshield leaks. Fords are notorious for this. I have had 3 fords that the windows leak.

- Dave K

2016 Ford Explorer conveniences.

The car is very spacious and quiet. Drives smoothly and has a lot of storage space. Seats go up and down very easily. Multiple charging ports are very convenient and so is the media center.

- Anna S

It has great acceleration ability on the highway

I like that it can fit a lot of materials. It also has great horsepower but still has a smooth ride. There are several cup holders. It also has lots of storage for my personal belongings

- Richard G

The car design and look are extremely appealing !

Incredible touch screen , beautiful interior , the back up camera is a life saver and the mirrors tell you when a car is in your blind spot . The temper controls are absolutely incredible

- Rebecca W

No issues with this car a all.

It has captains chairs that I love, and we got a great deal so the payment works for us. It has great safety features such as backup camera, snow features and blind spot notifications.

- Jennifer J

This car is definitely built to last! Very well made, and has lots of advanced features.

It doesn't have a lot of road noise while driving. The seats are comfortable to ride in for long distances. There are lots of features for the price of the vehicle. Lots of trunk room

- Danielle M

The wonderful safety and security features of the vehicle.

I like having voice activated controls for calls, texts and navigation; comfort and safety features the vehicle offers. I dislike the mpg but that is expected with a car of that size.

- Vicki M

They should know about The high safety rating it gets

Love being higher up on the road in an suv. Love the safety rating of the car and how safe I feel in it. There is enough room for my kids and a few friends to carpool for activities.

- Jackie L

The ease of handling and driving the car which makes it very stable.

I like the size and comfort and stability of the Ford Explorer. It's easy to handle. Not too big or too small just the right size. I haven't found anything that I dislike about it.

- Linda S

It is roomy and a great handling vehicle.

I love my Ford Explorer it has been a great vehicle. I have had no problems with it. This one makes my 3rd Explorer and I will probably keep buying one as long as I can afford one.

- Belinda H

It is very safe and ideal for families

My Ford Explorer is just the right size for my family of 4. It has tons on room large shopping trips or luggage for vacations. It is also great to drive and good on gas for the size

- Tiffany H

There is lots of room even when using the third row.

I love my Explorer. Lots of room, comfy for travel and fun features. I love the rear moon roof for the kiddos to see the sky and my sync for making phone calls easier while driving.

- Dana M

It is perfect for a family of 4 or more.

It is fits my family perfectly. It is comfortable, easy to drive. I like the amenities it came with including the back up camera. It has been reliable and I am very happy with it.

- Melissa C

It's very well built. Never anything wrong with it.

I love my vehicle. I love sitting up higher. It has plenty of pep for entering the freeway. It is very good on gas usage. I feel very safe driving and riding in the Explorer.

- Kara K

My vehicle handles very well on the road.

My dislike is a problem with my vehicle that the dealer cannot figure out. It would be nice if my vehicle had a cooling seat. I like my SUV because I sit up higher than a car.

- Virginia B

The technology does not work a times.

Burn gas badly, high insurance, high car payment, unreliable technology. It is fast and drives good on the highway. When all the technology consistently works it is a great ride.

- Sara M

Great family car that is stylish and has amazing features. Very comfortable ride.

The features of this vehicle are great. It is a smooth ride and I am able to do whatever I need in it as far as passengers and loading things. It is a nice drive in all weather.

- Angela Y

Comfortable and fits up to 7 people.

It has been reliable and fits my family of four plus our dog. The Explorer is great for traveling. It is big but feels like I am driving a car. The backup camera is a huge plus.

- Michelle C

Very family friendly SUV. Love the usb charging ports. Great cargo space.

Wish we would have gotten a better deal at purchase. Picked the white color with all leather interior. Good seating and am able to tow what I need to. Friendly for the family.

- Jennifer N

It is great for a family car.

I like the third row seating. The extra space in the trunk is helpful in packing the kids' things. I don't like parking the car. It's difficult because it is hard to judge.

- Amie W

Stylish, sporty and drives great.

I love my suv. Like being up high when I drive and like the style and function of it. Very easy to get around in. Mirrors are easy to see out of and backup computer is great.

- Kim B

It is an excellent family car with lots of room for everyone.

I absolutely love everything about my car. I love that it is a push start. I love the three rows of seats for everyone in my family to fit. I have no complaints about my SUV.

- Jessica T

The ability to not carry keys since it has a touchpad to get in

I like the size of the inside and the ability to lower both sets of back seats to haul things. My wife likes the ability to heat or cool the seats. Also like the tow package

- Kenneth s

The most important thing people should know is that it is safe.

I like the smooth driving. I like the Sirius XM radio. I like the rear view camera. I like the air controller. I like how everything you need to know is on speedometer area.

- Cassandra V

The most important thing is that the quality is poor for the price of the vehicle.

We are already having transmission issues with a 2.5 year old car. Also paint was bubbling on the hood. The quality is not what I would expect for the price of the vehicle.

- Amanda B

It's a good, reliable vehicle for people who need seating for seven.

I wish it had Captain's Chairs in the middle row instead of a bench seat. It's easy to put seats up and down. The dashboard is easy to read. I wish it had a true roof rack.

- Jennifer S

Excellent for 2 people but also has 2 seats in the back.

It goes great in the snow and it so far has required definitely low minimal services or repairs and that is unusual, the vehicle is 2 years old and has not had any issues.

- Stacy S

Sleek and powerful vehicle from the inside and out!!!

Love the interior such as the heated and cooled seats. Love how you can customize the screen. Love the oomph of the car - good motor. A bit of a gas guzzler but I'll live.

- Maria W

It's easy to drive and rides smooth. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Its big, but not too big to drive. I love the storage and how many passengers it can hold. I also love the sound system, but wouldn't mind a little better fuel efficiency!

- Carson S

How good on gas it is for a single mom with multiple kids.

I love how it has plenty of room but doesn't feel like i'm driving a bus. I have really good fuel mileage. The only thing I don't like is that I don't have leather seats.

- Kelli c

This car is excellent to drive and is has a very comfortable interior.

I love the comfort and space inside the vehicle. I also love the sporty design and quality performance the vehicle gets. I love the extra space that the trunk also has.

- Tom r

it's a great, economical SUV that fits everything a family of 4 needs

love the fact that it's roomy and fits everything I need and everything for my kids. Lots of storage space, and it's peppy to drive. Also love how safe I feel driving it.

- Maggie C

It holds 7 people comfortably but when you use the third row seat, there isn't a lot of room for luggage.

It looks good. There's room for 7 passengers. It drives well, both in the summer and in four wheel drive in the winter, when needed. Gas mileage is okay, but not great.

- Chris E

It rides very smooth and isn't loud. It's enjoyable to drive and own.

Overall I just love it. It's spacious without feeling too big but also small enough to park with ease. There are some small interior changes I would make if I could.

- bitsy c

It is a great car, you will not be disappointed with it.

I have not had any problems with my car. I love it very much. It drives perfect, it has great interior space and technology features. It has everything I have needed.

- Sarah D

Very safe, spacious and comfort.

I love all the space inside the SUV and being to put 2nd & 3rd seating up or down. I would like to be able to connect my iPhone but it does not adapt to my version.

- Samantha L

American made car from Ford that's great and lasts a long time

It's a good American car that runs well and easy to maintain. Easy for an old guy like me to drive and use. Ford is a great brand that I always use for decades.

- John J

Get an extended warranty for this vehicle.

Comfort is great - reliability is horrible - it has been in the shop 3 separate times for different issues costing me a fortune to repair and in rental car fees.

- Christine S

It handles great and is extremely sleek. I look forward to driving it.

My Explorer is so comfortable and sexy. There is plenty of room for my German Shepherd in the back. The extra features and second row captain seats are the best.


It's highly reliable and comfortable, with a tremendous amount of features for the money.

My Ford Explorer is extremely comfortable, quiet and has a very smooth ride. It has a lot of features for the money, and I'm completely happy with our purchase!

- Rick B

It's a good family size vehicle. Would be perfect for a 4-5 person family

It's a nice large size SUV. The gas mileage is alright but when I first got the car I had some issues. The throttle body had to be replaced in the first year.

- Kelly C


Ford explorer is a utility vehicle made for the century. It is classy, the performance is superb, it has so many comfort features and can work on rugged parts.

- Taiwo A

It is fun to drive. It is my favorite color, Black on Black.

I like the modern features. The parking sensors all around the car. This is my first car with a backup camera. I also enjoy the heated and cooled front seats.

- John D

Ford Explorer are good on space.

I love the leather heated seats, the third row, navigation and all the space. I do not like the different feeling I am getting from just driving it for 2 yrs.

- Peta T

Others should know that my car is fun to drive and has user-friendly add-ons

I love my car and how large it is. It is very high-tech and accessible. It is hard to park sometimes, and has trouble fitting into some parking spots however.

- Madeline J

2016 Ford Explorer (Platinum)

I absolutely Love my 2016 Ford Explorer, such a smooth ride, and the power is unbelievable!! Not to mention it's the platinum so it has everything you need!!

- Bailey G

Reliable vehicle in all types of weather.

Great car, comfortable, lots of room inside. Gets around well in winter. Exterior is appealing. Limited edition has advantages such as heated steering wheel.

- Pamela C

Very comfortable, dependable, good looking SUV, and economical

It's a limited with leather seats, air conditioning seats, all power, cameras, v6, 7 passenger, full sliding sunroof, tinted windows, aluminum alloy wheels.

- Michael B

Best SUV for singles and Families

I love my explorer, it has been the best vehicle I have ever had. There is so much room for 7 people. We use it to travel everywhere, and have had no issues

- Heather D

It is a family car with great gas mileage. Smooth driving!

I can't say there is anything I dislike about it. I love the color, it's black inside and out. It drivers like a champ. Great gas mileage and amazing space.

- Sarah L

The small extra that came on this model are extremely helpful

I honestly love my car for the room it has. I have two children in car seats and feel like there is enough room for all our stuff and passengers if needed.

- Vasilia M

Family friendly, safe, and affordable. What more could you ask for in a SUV?

I love my vehicle. I feel safe driving with my kiddos. There is plenty of truck space and plenty of space for my passengers. I love the bluetooth features.

- Amy D

The size is great for families with kids and pets.

I like the size of the vehicle as it fits the needs of my family. Four wheel drive, remote start, heating steering wheel. It drives smooth and looks nice.

- Lauren S

It is a safe car. Doesn't get the best mileage, but it's still a good car.

I love the little aspects of the car: It has grocery bag hooks in the back, chapstick and pen holder in the center console, and an ID holder in the visor.

- Maggie D

It is very comfortable and also a very reliable car.

Experiences problems once high mileage is attained. All vehicle owners who take good care of their vehicles however, will tend to have better performance.

- Tristan G

American made car and it's great, from design to features to the way it drives

I like the style of my car. I like the modern technology. I like the comfort. It is smaller in the cargo area than I expected for the size of the car.

- PJs G

Love that my explorer has bucket seats

No issues or problems. I have just over 60k miles on it and the only thing I have had to do is regular maintenance ie oil changes and replace the battery

- Tyra L

Can drive really fast and smooth.

I like how it drive, so far Ford it has been a pretty good make no problems and lasting vehicle. The features are great with everything been with power.

- Pilar N

can save your life in a crash. car will call police and shut engine when you are unable

very safe, great seats, awesome features. gas mileage is not that great, and the air conditioned seats are noisy and only cool the bottom of the seat.

- barb s

It has very good stopping power and when you pick it into 4 wheel drive it goes fast

I love my Ford explorer. No matter what type of road I go through my Ford explorer can Handle it. With the hydraulics it keeps my mind nice and smooth

- Lonnie S