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A very well rounded Vehicle

I am a new owner of a 2019 Ford Explorer Platinum. I ditched my Mercedes E350 for this car and so far I do not regret my decision. The closest comparison vehicles as far as options and trim levels would be the GMC Acadia denali, Chevy Traverse High Country and Dodge Durango R/T. The Durango has the highest HP and torque out of all of them but is also the heaviest and which you do not miss when throwing it into hard corners.... I have noticed alot of people complain about the fuel economy. I think for the power and torque I am getting from the twin turbo eco boost 350 hp and 365 ft/ibs of torque you cant complain. Honestly I would rather have the extra power rather than the extra mpg. Its nice to know I can out run just about anyone in my grocery getter. Amenities: I am impressed, especially with Fords Sync 3 system. It is very user friendly and immediately synced with my Samsung Note 8. The app Ford Pass is also very handy. I can search for destinations using the ford app and send it straight to the cars Nav system, it has Waze and google maps......It takes voice commands and is pretty responsive unlike Bixby on my phone. I have the panaramic Sun roof which is awesome, heated and cooled seats, rain sensing wipers, auto sensing high beams I mean the list goes on and on.....its very nicely equipped. The ride: Its the best riding SUV I have been in, its quiet, rides nice, corners excellent for its size and hieght. It feels predictable in hard cornering and controlable.....I unfortunately have not driven off pavement or in the snow to rate the awd system. All in all I really like the ford explorer, its fast, rides nice, has alot cool stuff and looks good.....its a win in my opinion....

- Greg Smith

Why we love the 2019 Ford Explorer!

I love my Ford Explorer! I have 5 active kids and it is the perfect fit for us! I drove a 4 door sedan before this and the difference in space is incredible. I currently have a large backwards facing car seat that barely fit in my smaller car. When I moved it over to my explorer I was amazed at how much room I still had. I currently get 18.1 MPG which for an SUV I feel like is pretty reasonable. The third row is a blessing! Before I bought the explorer I wanted to make sure the 3rd row actually had enough room for a teenager to sit in the back and not room for a small child to sit comfortably, so I myself got in the back and sat for awhile. I am 5'6 and there was plenty of room for my legs in the 3rd row seat. Room was the most important factor when I was looking for a new vehicle and we definitely found it in the explorer. There are also so many awesome features! One of my kids actually call it 'the spaceship car'. The large display screen makes controlling everything such as climate, Bluetooth, radio, etc a breeze. The vehicle itself has Wi-Fi capabilities. It has a back up camera and beeps when you get too close to something. It also has a front camera that you can turn on when slowly pulling up to something such as a parking barrier to make sure you don't hit it. The explorer warns the driver when another vehicle is coming up beside you so that you don't change lanes until the vehicle passes you. The room and safety features of this vehicle is what totally sold us on the Explorer, not to mention how nice they look on the road! I couldn't have picked a better vehicle for my family of 7! We love it.

- Kylie M

Best vehicle we've ever had for our family!

The seats cradle and support well which makes for great travel comfort. The suspension handles bumps very well and I feel more comfortable in our Explorer in bad weather than I have felt in any of our other vehicles, including our F150. We were unfortunate in being t-boned in our Explorer. Surprisingly, we barely felt it and while there was damage, visually it looked minimal due to how well it is built. We are all safe and uninsured. We enjoy the sound system, space, climate control, seat comfort and how easy it is to transition the seats for hauling supplies, and the technology in the vehicle. The space in the second row of seating is very pleasantly surprising. Our only dislike so far is the cup holders in the second row are on the Lower back of the center console and use elastic bands. However, the front cup holders have tension grip teeth which has made them out most favorite cup holders - and we've become very critical of the cup holders due to past family trip mishaps. I would highly recommend the new Ford Explorer to any family!

- Amber B

2019 Ford Explorer, Dream Car!

I have been driving the Explorer for about a month now and I absolutely love it! The V6 engine is the perfect amount of power for my amount of driving throughout town and on short road trips. The comfort level is amazing. The features like remote start, Sync radio, power liftgate and power seats make me excited to drive. I also love the third row of seats. They are easy to lower when they aren't needed but provide extra room when traveling with more passengers. Not only is it a sturdy, reliable vehicle, it looks great! It looks like a high-end luxury vehicle with the reliability and durability of all other Ford vehicles. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone and will definitely buy another Ford in the future!

- Lauren L

My Ford Explorer For My Family

My explorer runs great. It has good gas mileage and runs smooth. I originally purchased it for the room for my kids. The 3rd row is spacious and fits my children with plenty of room. I love that you can throw down the back seat to give you extra trunk space. You can also just throw down 1 seat and still have room for 1 person in the 3rd row. My sons car seat fits in the 2nd and 3rd row with ease. It has front and rear controlled ac/heater. And also driver and passenger each have their own ac/heat controls. This is nice if one person is cold and the other is not.

- Karla D

2019 Ford Explorer: NEW FAMILY CAR

I recently purchased a 2019 white Ford Explorer. I was looking for a new vehicle to better suit a new addition to the family: a baby girl. The back seat has plenty of room to get a newborn carrier in and out of the vehicle with ease. The storage space in the very back is spacious enough to fit a stroller, groceries, umbrellas, and much more. Living down a long dirt road I needed something that would be reliable even with the road conditions were sub par. This vehicle has been perfect for just that!

- Desire H

Smooth riding, comfortable and very roomy

Very comfortable, smooth riding, 4wd, can drive to work in the snow, it does use gas quickly, but right now the cost of filling up is around $35. There are several types of the explorer(basic, one with navigation and electronic third row and the sporty version). I love the third row option when needed, but if it's not needed then you have more room in the trunk area or stroller, groceries or luggage. All explorers come with a backup camera to assist.

- Angela D

Ford vehicles are better than the rest!

I love Ford products! Connecting to Bluetooth is super easy! It has apple and android play features. Love all the safety features such as rear camera, collision warning, side mirror blind spot warning, adjustable very comfortable seats, multiple phone charging places, ac/dc plug, heated steering wheel, and front/rear heated seats to name a few. Gas mileage is about average.

- Lawrence L

I like that it's small and doesn't require a lot of gas. It drives very smoothly

It's a new car and it drives quite smoothly. It's pretty small but also compact as well and so it seems spacious despite it being a small car. There is also a function that tells how many miles are left in the car before I run out of gas. So that's nifty. It comes equipped with a televised GPS and the screen seconds as a rearview mirror when parking and backing up

- Mon B

My Ford is Awesome. Great seats!

I really like how my vehicle looks, but even more is the inside. I love the comfortable seats because it almost seems as if I were in bed. It does have some problems like filling up gas every 2 miles you drive it seems. I also will note though how good the music player is as well. I can't believe how good it was. I recommend this to a true Ford person.

- Sam H

It's perfect size for my family

I like my 2019 explorer, it has plenty of room and plenty of seats! It drives smooth, has a push to start key, has a back trunk space with two seats that can fold down. Also, it can comfortably seat seven people and it even has a backup camera! My car came with Sirius XM, which is music and they have multiple color choices to choose from.

- Rachel T

Apple CarPlay feature in this model is great for music and for GPS. Huge help,

I love my Ford Explorer. It drives smooth, has great technology installed and has a lot of room for people and objects. I've found it to be the most reliable car I have at home and the gas mileage for the size of the car is great. Only issue I have is the color, but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon.

- Nick K

Great family car that drives smooth and is comfortable for all.

My husband had an explorer as a company car, and we loved it! Fits the whole family. Great pickup and drives smooth. Our family of 6 fits perfect. Very comfortable for long rides. We use the hitch on the back for a crate to place extra items on. Only negois the size of the gas tank, too small.

- Maria F

Best Car for A Family of 4

The 2019 has plenty of room and provides a smooth ride. The explorer has many advanced technology characteristics. The car provides a comfortable experience for the driver and passengers. The app available provides for convenient features that make using the car an enjoyable experience.

- Monica E

The Ford Explorer is a great purchase and worth the money

The Explorer XLT is a smooth ride vehicle as if you are riding on cloud 9. It's roomy and spacious. Nice to have a 3rd row of seating for when we travel. The body style looks like a luxury vehicle.. Only negative is SYNC has to be resynced a lot. There is plenty of storage in the front

- Desire W

Love the convenience of the third row seating!

The third row seating is extremely easy to unfold and fold which makes it convenient. I love having the heated seats and heated steering wheel. It is a very quiet and smooth ride. The only downside is the gas mileage is not the greatest but it is as to be expected for a bigger vehicle.

- Josh T

I love my 2019 ford explorer!

I love my 2019 ford explorer. I bought it black, and I got big black rims to go along with it. It is big enough to fit things I want to haul, but is still manageable to drive. I love the heated seats and the ac is great in the summertime! Also loved how affordable it was for an SUV.

- Taylor S

Well likes vehicle. Much better than the Ford escape

Love the size of the car. Way bigger than the escape I had. I can fit my golf clubs in the back with no issues and live the third row of seats. The engine doesn't have that much pick up but it does the job. Side mirrors and the backup view technology has really come along way

- Michael Z

2019 ford explorer XLT review.

This is a solid reliable vehicle. The exporter is reasonably priced with many features. The vehicle has a touch screen and is equipped with apple play making it easy to sync your phone. Cruise control is adjustable and easy to use. Overall this is a quality SUV for the money.

- Josh N

My vehicle has all the bells and whistles. It's great.

I have not had any issues with the vehicle since I have only had it for a few months but it's running great and I love it.I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to purchase a new SUV. It has all the bells and whistles.I could t be more happy with mine.

- Sarah S

Great family vehicle! Highly recommended for small family. Great for road trips

No problem. Great vehicle, low maintenance just make sure you do the oil changes when due, 3rd row, lots of room. Lots of extra plug ins. Wish I had captain chairs in mine. Backup camera awesome!! Touch screen. Very comfortable. Navigation system awesome! Base awesome!

- Chelsea I

Great family car with plenty of space for the whole family including pets.

The third row makes for easy storage. I like how easy it is the fold the seats and put them back. My two children like having separate spaces in the car. They are both teenagers so they want lots of room. It get grays gas mileage and is a comfortable ride.

- Terry G

Spacious great truck that�s great on the road.

Really smooth ride and very roomy. However, gas and mileage goes very fast. Love the heated steering wheel for the winter. Navigation could be better but I like that I am able to use my Waze app when my phone is connected. Overall it is a very nice truck.

- Krystal R

Explore the world in this amazing vehicle.

- Robyn A