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2000 ford f-150, her name is bertha because she�s tough and reliable.

2000 Ford F-150 Base

My truck is 19 years old and the only thing I have had to replace on it were the tires, brakes and water pump. It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. It could drive to Texas and back if need be and I would never worry about it breaking down. I love this vehicle and I believe if I were to get another truck it is definitely going to be a ford f-150. I drive it to work and back five days a week and for leisure trips. It is by far the best truck. It can pull a 4000 pound camper and a trailer for hauling wood, furniture, etc. By far this has been the best truck out there. Everyone I have ever met has asked me why I prefer this old truck and I tell them, she still runs, she does not make a fuss and she's reliable. Why bother getting another? She's an awesome truck through and through.

- Jennifer J

My paws f150 is a hero too.

2000 Ford F-150

To be 19 yrs old my grandfather's originally black ford f150 has kept us very happy. We have spent 19yrs sharing family vacations to the beach. Some of us have rode in the back. His truck is very reliable, extremely tough. It has 4wd and I can't even remember a time it ever getting stuck. For the past 8 years my grandfather paints it a different color every spring. Makes it feel new to him I suppose. It still holds its power and will still spin tires. It has been driven by almost each member of our family. From a work truck to a 4x4 toy. It's become our only vehicle and with its regular maintenance and oil changes the life duration keeps lasting. The interior is still in good shape. Seats have acquired a worn look. Also a worn feel to them.

- Heather M

Reliable 2000 ford f-150 as long as its well taken care of.

2000 Ford F-150 Base

The truck is pretty good. I received it from my uncle last year with the original tires on it from the dealer. Surprisingly they weren't dry rotted or anything and I was able to use them for a bit but I did but new ones. I wish the rims were black because they get a lot of dirt on them and it is very easy to see. The interior is still good actually still perfect condition but the paint is pretty bad. The sun ate it away and from what I can remember it's been like that for years so the paint didn't last long sadly. Besides that everything else is fine and it's a good reliable truck.

- Tyler Y

Lifted single cab step side stick shift ac and heater power locks and windows.

2000 Ford F-150

I love our truck is one-of-a-kind around here and nobody has one that is really like it so it really stands out it is lifted it is the single cab it is very reliable it is easy to work on so we do not have to take it to a mechanic every single time something goes wrong with it usually me and my husband can get under there and we can work on it figure out the issue go to AutoZone and get the parts it is new enough that it has the updated luxuries but not too new that it is all computerized.

- Tammy P

This model amongst others blows spark plugs out of the head.

2000 Ford F-150

For an 18 year old truck with over 200k miles, I cannot complain. Power windows, seats, tilt wheel, ac, xtra cab, it is a solid truck, used for hauling. However Ford has an issue with spark plugs blowing out of the aluminum head. Mechanics know this, Ford knows this. But it has not been addressed by Ford motor company. One of the plugs blew out if the head on my truck. Had I not found in relatively inexpensive fix, by a traveling mechanic, it would have been a paperweight.

- David S

2000 ford f150 with 6 cylinder.

2000 Ford F-150 Base

Overall my truck is really dependable. I do have a problem with the starter that I am working on. The stud that the battery cable hooks to gets loose causing a bad connection with the battery. When this happens the truck will not start. However you can get it to start by messing with the cable or having someone start the truck while you put some pressure on the cable. However, everything else works great on the truck. It runs really well and rides comfortably.

- Tommy L

2000 Ford trucks & other years, blow spark plugs out of the head. I've never known of any car or truck to do this, less Ford.

2000 Ford F-150

For a truck with over 200k miles it's impressive. Everything on the truck still works. I use it to haul & load it down heavily. However Ford made the aluminum heads thin, & this model along with many other years, has a habit of blowing spark plugs out of the head. This isn't a desired scenario. I had an aftermarket fix in my driveway, & it held up. However if the truck was a newer model, I would have left Ford forever.

- David S

Built Ford tough 200k and going.

2000 Ford F-150

Its a 2000 Ford f150 lariat v8, strong engine, reliable, tows like a champ, no real problems in the 18 years that I have own it. Comfortable and could outperformed all other brand trucks, was faster than Chevys and Dodge trucks of the same year. Engine had no major issues except for the coils blew on the engine after 100k miles and at 200k miles, now my engine has over 200k original miles.

- Rudy Z

Colt edition with triton v8 engine.

2000 Ford F-150

Old but worthy. Very reliable car especially for the year and number of miles on it, gets me everywhere I need to go. Heavy duty truck they can do just about anything from hauling and pulling cars and trailers, moving large items and more. Does great in all weather, especially the snow. The cons are the mileage and the price for gas and although it is a heavy car the back is very light.

- Deja J

Dependable food f-150 truck.

2000 Ford F-150

I had this truck since 2000 and there has been no major problems with it. I have replaced brakes and pad as well as tires, but no major engine problems. It drives great in the snow and is a great help in the summer hauling yard waste to the dump and helping move 3 daughters to college and back over the years. Miles per gallon is good for a v8 and the ride and comfort is good.

- Salvatore A

My truck has never stranded me. It is dependable, comfortable, sharp looking .

2000 Ford F-150

My truck is older but it rarely gives me problems. It has been taken care of, I am a Ford customer for life. My next vehicle will also be a Ford but this truck is with me to the end. Easy maintenance, very dependable. I would not trade it away for anything. I have the lariat package, very comfortable, everything works as it should and I feel safe traveling in it anywhere!

- Rhonda J

Not sure what to write review

2000 Ford F-150 Lariat

I have owned this truck for the last 3 or 4 years. That I know of I'm the 3rd own of this truck. It has never let me down. The trim package that I have comes with leather seats. They are pretty durable. But once they get even a small tear in them you better get it fixed sooner rather than later. Mechanically the only issue is that the intake is plastic and will warp.

- Katherine J

My blue 2000 f150 four by four.

2000 Ford F-150

I really like the front seats it fits my lumber really nice because I am on the smaller side, I have the two and a half door I really like that I do not care to sit in the back seat not very comfortable as more for smaller kids yes you do not fit a car seat in there when it is in backwards but it has to go and then the middle.

- Jamie S

good performance, a big bed for large objects and overdrive to help move them.

2000 Ford F-150 Work Series

There's a common problem with the back door locks. The manufactures original cable holders are plastic and break over time. But it's an easy replacement with titanium cable holders. After that, good as new! Also an issue with the check engine soon light. It tends to stay on even after i've checked all the fluids and systems.

- Jaime C

Long lasting light duty truck. Great for using at work for construction

2000 Ford F-150

My primary vehicle is a 2000 Ford F-150. It's a 2 door, light duty truck so it is small and compact but a great vehicle. Only have had problems with small issues like gas pump went out one time but that has been the biggest problem. All other problems are basic wear and tear issues. I'm highly satisfied with my vehicle

- Ivan R

That it is mine and it is built FORD tough and that it is the best truck I have ever had. I would likely not ever consider a different kind of truck because I have always had excellent luck with the F-150 trucks from Ford.

2000 Ford F-150

It is a very reliable vehicle and it is not very expensive to fix. Ford parts are easy to find and if I need a part today, I don't have to wait for the auto parts store to order it for me as they generally have it on hand. It is also easy to upgrade specs on the truck and add accessories that look clean and smooth.

- Michele M

Hate it, it is a very unreliable vehicle.

2000 Ford F-150 Base

Only turns on half the time, oil leaks, no radio, very rusted, interior has stains, holes, and burn marks, the passenger side door does not open from the inside and does not close all the way. The power steering is broken and makes it very difficult to park, the wires inside the starter are very messed up as well.

- Bailey R

Love my Ford Truck. Always

2000 Ford F-150 Lariat

I absolutely love this truck. Never used to like Ford until I drove one. It rides great and is better on gas than I expected. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a truck. I also would gladly purchase another truck like this one. It holds my family of four and hauls anything I need to.

- Christy L

Tinted windows, steering wheel controls, cruise control.

2000 Ford F-150

I do not have any problems with my f-150 I love it just trying to put more work into it make it look better, I do not like the way it leans forward, I just put new brake pads and be headlights so it is getting better just slow, I am going to raise the front and make it level, I got the windows tinted too.

- Daniel S

Built ford tough despite the rust.

2000 Ford F-150 XLT

My truck is getting old- high mileage, rust is accumulating on the undercarriage, hood latch is not locking anymore, after replacing the fuel tank I get regular whiffs of gasoline, clutch sticks between certain gears. All that being said, it is still running ford tough and doing everything asked of it.

- Brian B

A hardworking truck review.

2000 Ford F-150

It drives good and it's very comfortable, have had problems with suspension but nothing too terrible. The bed of the truck works very well with transportation and pick up. Have had it for about 5 years and it has never broken down and all the problems I have had with it have been easily fixable.

- Dylan J

Dependable but also expensive

2000 Ford F-150 XLT

Very dependable but expensive to fix. Gets rusty pretty easily. The parts are easy to obtain on the internet websites like amazon. The back seat is very cramped and offers zero leg room. Driver and passenger seats are big and comfortable. The ride is smooth and is excellent for long road trips.

- Carlos D

Ford strong with tons of power.

2000 Ford F-150

I love my f-150, she's old but is reliable and get me where I need to go. I love how she sits up high and has so much power. she's good in any type of weather and can do just about anything in it. The only thing I don't like it is how much it takes to fill up n gas and the mileage.

- Qua J

Ford truck a good dependable truck that I can count on.

2000 Ford F-150

Has a few small issues but other than that a great truck. It's a good reliable truck. Great in the winter time to get through the snow. Has four doors door wheel drive and has the tow package. All power and leather seats. Not bad on gas for the most part for the miles it has on it.

- William B

I love my Ford. It keeps on performing at 19 years later!

2000 Ford F-150 Lariat

I have not had any problem, besides the normal wear and treat that comes with driving a vehicle. I have 280,000 miles and it still runs like it's new. No hesitation. No knocking. It had a smooth ride. Very comfortable. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to buy a Ford.

- James W

It is 18 years old and it is still brand new with only 26, 000 miles.

2000 Ford F-150

Absolutely no problems ever with this perfect 4x4 truck I bought it new in 2000 and have enjoyed it for 18 years. I have installed a new Kenwood touch screen Bluetooth radio with stronger speakers it is perfect in every way and form. If I had to do it all over again I would do so.

- David K

Great truck but when you get 150, 000 you will start to have maintenance problems.

2000 Ford F-150

Had to replace coils, plugs, brake line, computer controller, master cylinder. Good 4 wheel truck. Rides great but does not get good gas mileage. 14 miles to a gallon. 3 doors like the back seat. Seats starting to tear but have 150, 000 miles on it. Can tow most anything with it.

- Gary C

Easy to get in and out of.

2000 Ford F-150

This is my husband's vehicle, my vehicle is a 2003 Pontiac Montana minivan, which was not listed on the list. I love my van, it rides very easily. It is easy to get in and out of. When the seats are removed, it holds a lot for moving. There is nothing I dislike about my van.

- Rena S

A black ford f-150 that sounds good and runs great.

2000 Ford F-150 XLT

Runs really good, sounds good, only have had 2 issues but they were fixed and she's been driving everyday since I bought it 2 years ago. Fords are good. I recommend fords more than any other car. My f-150 runs so smooth and great. Really love it! It is great on gas, good miles.

- Elizabeth T

Highlight is- it's easy to drive. Very practical.

2000 Ford F-150

Good reliable truck. It's on the small side so it's easy to drive and maneuverable. Easy to park. Big engine, can tow if needed. Downside is that it's a little uncomfortable, especially on long drives. Mostly just a work truck, so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles.

- Katy F

starts right up in the morning the gears shift like a hot knife through butter.

2000 Ford F-150 XLT

I honestly haven't had any issues with my 2000 Ford F-150 besides changing the thermostat and alternator. It runs and drives great the ac and heat are still amazing. I would recommend a Ford to anyone there long lasting and dependable. There just all around great vehicles.

- Brandon H

Old, big and reliable truck for the cheap buck!

2000 Ford F-150

Overall, my truck for its age and miles, has been reliable transportation. I wish it got more miles per gallon gas but for a large truck its fair. I would always choose a Ford truck over another American made truck because they are sturdy and don't break down all the time.

- Angela J

Paid for, runs great, and still has plenty of life left in it.

2000 Ford F-150

I really like my 1999 f-150. I has been a great vehicle and I have had to do very little repair over the years. It is nearly twenty years old now but I really like the fact that it is paid for and has been for many years. It is not worth much to anyone else at this point.

- Max B

It is great reliable transportation and I hope it continues to be for many more years.

2000 Ford F-150

I have had this truck for 18 years. It has been a very good vehicle, that is why I am still driving it after 18 years. There have been a few repair issues, but nothing one would not expect for a truck this age. No real complaints. I hope to drive it for a few more years.

- Ann B

Its a4 wheel drive truck!

2000 Ford F-150

My truck is useful for many things. Out is family friendly and easy to work on if it breaks down. The parts are affordable too. My family and I take it to the mud hole and we also take it on family road trips. We love it. We just wish it was a little more gas efficient.

- Mindy C

My Ford truck has changed my opinion of the brand completely.

2000 Ford F-150

I love the fact that I am higher in the air than most other vehicles when driving. I love that there is plenty of room in the bed of the truck to transport large items. I wish it had a second seat so there was more room and a safer place for my grandchildren to ride.

- Lisa M

Great looking. Great running. Smooth and functional. Does just what I need.

2000 Ford F-150 XL

My truck rides great. Good acceleration. Smooth. Shocks are great handling. Interior sleek and smooth. Performance off road is not bad either. Engine runs great no problems so far. Mine has a great CD player. Steering wheel is at right height. Controls and panel. Nice.

- James L

Its rundown and beaten up.

2000 Ford F-150 Lariat

Its crashed in the right front, wheels are unaligned. Needs new spark plugs. New bumper, new hood, new fender, new right door. When driving feels bumpy, seats are ruined. Needs new tires. Top of truck needs paint job. Needs tint, camper, and back breaks. Oil change.

- marisa H

Old school truck can still kick it.

2000 Ford F-150

It is a great hard working truck, it works as hard as I do. It was built tough and solid, no aluminum body here. I love the 4x4. It is great for working, hauling, playing by the sea or by night with the kc lights. One of the best longest lasting trucks I have owned.

- Chris D

It is a reliable truck that keeps on going.

2000 Ford F-150 XL

It is a performance truck, it has quite a few miles to it now because we have driven it for many years. It has nice color to it which is white, two doors, and has conditioner and heat inside the truck. Never had too many problems with the engine and it never fails.

- Cindy F

It has been a very reliable car over the years getting from point A to B. I enjoy my truck but i would like to purchase a new car in the future.

2000 Ford F-150

It is a white used pick up truck. It has over 100,000 miles on it. It was purchased 4 years ago for $12,000. I make monthly payments on the truck of $139. It drives well in the snow and rain. I have had to pay for multiple repairs including the breaks and battery.

- Anthony D

Spark Plugs are known to blow out of the heads.

2000 Ford F-150

Ford aluminum heads we're engineered too thin. Spark plugs blow out of the head. It can cost thousands to have this fixed. Even if the spark plugs do not blow out the head, mechanics are reluctant to change them, as their prone to strip or break off in the head.

- Dave S

My truck has a third door so it is easier for my children to get in and out.

2000 Ford F-150

My vehicle is very comfortable it is very reliable I have had no problems out of it. My truck has a third door so it is easier for my children to get in and out. I have had no problems out of it hoping to last me a long time. Its a Ford and I absolutely love it.

- Brian T

Reliable USA made truck perfect for contractor work or moving

2000 Ford F-150 Base

Super reliable low Maintenance good mileage. Lasted over ten years so far and have had very few issues with it other than it not being eco friendly. Love that it's made in the USA and very durable..wish there were more space in car as far as seating goes however

- Holly B

It is white double cab. Wash it shine the wheels looks brand new.

2000 Ford F-150

I bought the truck over 5 years ago. I really hadn't had to do much to the truck. It has ran good from the time I got it until know. I had to replace a queasy belt and fit a busted brake line and new brakes but that it all. It runs good and has not let me down.

- Crystal B

A great truck, in need of a newer vehicle.

2000 Ford F-150

My 2000 Ford f150 has been a real good truck. I got it when I was 19 (2016) and has done me well. Now at 335000+ miles it still runs strong but I've changed the power steering pump and still goes out every year, a/c has gone out twice, transmission locked up.

- Emily R

Good old reliable vehicle. In due time will buy another

2000 Ford F-150 XL

Very good sturdy work/ family vehicle. Never have had any problems with our vehicle. It has over 180000 miles on it. We keep it well maintained and cleaned up and have gone on several road trips with it and not one problem. Very smooth ride for a truck.

- Shane V

Fuel efficient and a great family vehicle.

2000 Ford F-150 XLT

Very reliable, only minor issues, normal wear and tear. Great interior with light grey with 5 person seating. Has extended cab with extra doors. Works great when you have more than a few people riding in the cab. Love the lights system and the tow package.

- April R

The most important thing to know about the F150 is that it is super durable.

2000 Ford F-150

The Ford F150 has to be the most durable truck out there. It's extremely reliable and I've used every day since 2000, when I bought it USED. However, it's not the easiest thing to drive, and I will probably opt for a smaller car for my next purchase.

- Eugene M

My truck used to be my late father's. It was his pride and joy. There is a lot of sentimentality attached to it. Other than that, it's also a vehicle that suits my every need.

2000 Ford F-150

I love bench style seating with a folding console in the front. The way that everything is adjustable to suit my shorter stature, from the pedals to seat belt is amazing. The only thing I don't like about my truck is the poor gas mileage.

- Rachel F

It runs and drives great in rain snow mud dust heat and it's great for road trips it's very comfortable

2000 Ford F-150

I love the a/c it always runs great no matter what but the truck is getting off and it seems like every time I turn around something's breaking and i love the sound system in it I haven't had to put anything after market in it just yet

- Matthew T

Incredible truck fully worth it's value!

2000 Ford F-150

I love my truck because it has a large bed useful for moving large objects. The cabin is also very spacious which makes for a comfortable drive. The only thing I dislike is the fuel efficiency, it gets quite expensive to drive daily.

- Tyler W

Its old and has monster symbol spray painted to it.

2000 Ford F-150

It's just old but runs good. A lot of work has been done to it over the years. Not sure what was don't to it before I got it. Rust easy where it snows but does good in the south. The seats are falling apart but it is used heavy.

- Britt W

Its stick shift, must know how to drive it properly.

2000 Ford F-150

I have develop a strong relation with it because of the time I have with it, the truck still runs smooth and feels great driving, bad things are that it consumes a lot in gas, the tank gets filled up with at least 50 dollars.

- Ariel L

always dependable and noticed by everyone on the road

2000 Ford F-150

Produced prior to all the vehicles so totally gadgetry and electrical now, has served its purpose and style and is still wonderful. Easy enough, not overly expensive to repair. Love it forever. Did complete new paint job.

- nan L

We've had it 16 years and it is part of the family.

2000 Ford F-150

It is big and roomy. It rides comfortably and gets good gas mileage. It is good on trips and is just right for two people because it has a crew cab, a second seat for luggage and snacks within reach from the front seat.

- Patsy M

It is quite safe. I have got new tires, brakes and headlights as of last week.

2000 Ford F-150

My truck, Ford F-Series 250 is a never ceasing work horse. It is reliable, safe and still quite good looking, It is also simple to up keep the maintenance. Our household is very happy with the new purchase 18 years ago.

- Suzan A

Excellent blue color and chrome wheels

2000 Ford F-150

Very reliable and excellent mileage. Extended cab lets me pack plenty of gear for camping hunting and fishing. I have a full size bed. So capacity is never a problem. 4 wheel drive comes in handy in Minnesota

- Kevin G

The truck is paid for and is cheap to insure and run.

2000 Ford F-150

The truck is old and for the most part good. It is worn but presentable, and gets better MPG than a lot of the newer models. The truck is not worth much , but I'll keep it until it can't be fixed anymore.

- Ronald C

It has a good strong motor.

2000 Ford F-150

I like my vehicle because I can do a lot with it like moving things. I dislike having to do so many repairs to it because of it being so old. Also I had an accident in it and not able to get it repaired.

- Marie I

It is the best luxury SUV to own, period.

2000 Ford F-150

I love how reliable my truck is! I hate that in any vehicle running the a/c sucks up gas. I love how smooth it runs. I love being able to jump curbs in trucks without messing it up like a car would do.

- De D

Review for an older ford f 150 xlt edition

2000 Ford F-150

It's an old truck but still looks good and is very reliable. Has a lot of horsepower and is good for moving and pulling objects. The gas and mileage isn't that great but overall it's a good truck.

- Deja J

I don't specifically dislike the vehicle with the exception of it gets poor gas mileage compared other vehicles I've tested recently. Otherwise I'd prefer a more current model with additional features such as satellite radio and GPS.

2000 Ford F-150

It's a good vehicle driving short distances due to the cost of gas/poor mileage. It's reliable if maintained on a regular basis. Well designed for moving large items due to generous space in back.

- Sarah E

I would purchase another one without even giving IN a second thought.

2000 Ford F-150

I love my truck have had no problems since I bought it & when I did it was purchased brand new. Have always done the maintenance on vehicle and it is almost as good as the day I bought it.

- Linda L

It is very old but reliable. It is built to be beat up and rain hard.

2000 Ford F-150

Replaced many parts around the engine bay, transmission was replaced with a new one around a year ago. Has 140k miles on it. Replaced drive shaft and you joints. Needs new fuel injectors.

- Patrick C

It is a good, quality vehicle that is very dependable.

2000 Ford F-150

What I love about my vehicle is it has given me 18 good years. I like the way it rides. I like it because it sits up high and I can see over most cars. It hasn't given me any problems.

- Crystal O

People should know that although it is not a new car it still runs well.

2000 Ford F-150

I like my vehicle because it is strong. I also like my vehicle because it is large. Although I dislike my vehicle because it has rust. I also dislike my vehicle because it is not fast.

- Nat S

I love the extended cab and the third door.

2000 Ford F-150

I have had problems with the spark plugs backing out. Have had to put them back in twice. Also catalytic converter clogs and there are 4 of them. Had problems with driver side window.

- Michael B

It is comfortable and efficient.

2000 Ford F-150

It is a good, reliable truck. Gas mileage is ok when driving in town. We like it. The long bed allows us to haul big items, which helps us considerably as we move into our new house.

- Crystal M

The gas mileage is low, and the gas tank is big.

2000 Ford F-150

Being an older car, there are some constant problems, the transmission is going out, the spark plugs are going out. But it has run great for almost 20 year, and we bought it new.

- Andrea S

It has lasted for many years but it does have many rattles inside.

2000 Ford F-150

I like my truck but I could really use a new one soon. I have standard but will get automatic next time. I definitely will get something with more room inside for my next truck.

- ethan j

It has 389,000 miles and is still running strong with regular upkeep.

2000 Ford F-150

I love how dependable it is. I hate the seat belts because they cut across my neck. I hate the seats because they are uncomfortable and don't slide back or recline enough.

- Ricky S

It is a powerful heavy duty car.

2000 Ford F-150

I dislike the amount I have to spend for gas and not being able to fit in parking spaces. I like sitting up high, being able to move things and easily get through snow.

- Angela J

Drives on the back country roads with the rocks and dust, and keeps ongoing.

2000 Ford F-150

It rides smooth, has run for many miles. I does have rattles. Set for 3 years and started right up when we went to start it. That was 3 years in Minnesota winters.

- Karen S

A reliable vehicle that gets you from point a to point b with the ability to carry a lot of things with you.

2000 Ford F-150

I love the truck being it has an 8ft bed. I like the fact I can carry most things with me. Only negative is mpg which is to be expected with an older vehicle.

- Timothy M

Reliable and is a very strong truck always starts and never gives me any trouble

2000 Ford F-150

I love that my truck is very reliable and always starts. But I do not like the old Miss of it and I do worry about it not starting so it's kind of a catch-22

- Art C

It's just an average pickup, pretty much what you would expect.

2000 Ford F-150

It's a dependable pickup. It's a little beat up and had the engine replaced. It has 300,000 miles on it. Not sure how much of that is on the second engine.

- Suzy J

Go anywhere, do anything vehicle

2000 Ford F-150

Love the fact that I can haul anything I like. I dislike the fact that it doesn't have a topper. I love the 4 wheel drive so i can go places others can't.

- Bob S

It has lasted this long but i did have to get a new motor after 17 years

2000 Ford F-150

It's old but i had extra compartments added to it. I also just put a new motor in it so the life should be okay however the newer ones look very appealing

- stoney w

I have almost 300, 000 miles on my truck and it runs great.

2000 Ford F-150

I am a loyal Ford f-150 customer. I think that the Ford truck is the best on the market to do the things that I do, from hauling cargo or going hunting.

- James M

My truck is paid completely off and is missing a headlight, along with my left blinker.

2000 Ford F-150

I don't like that there is nothing automatic on it. I don't like that it runs with a standard clutch. I enjoy that is a functioning truck to haul items.

- Timothy P

Very comfortable! Very reliable! Very easy to maneuver!

2000 Ford F-150

Ford F150's are, not only a great work truck, but they turn on a dime! They are easy to maneuver and you don't need 2 parking spots to parks! Love it!

- Kathy H

It is very dependable and easy to work on.

2000 Ford F-150

It's the perfect size, the interior is comfortable and roomy, I do wish the bed was bigger. I also like that it has roll down windows and not electric.

- Renee M

Fords are easier to work on. Ford parts seem to be cheaper than Chevy parts.

2000 Ford F-150

Rusty box, under powered. Faulty gas gauge. Gas mileage sucks. The paint peeled. Tailgate latches break so do the hood latches. It's an ugly off white.

- Christian B

Durability and low cost maintenance

2000 Ford F-150

I bought it used 5 years ago. Have had to spend minimal money for maintenance and or repairs and it has over 200,000 miles on it. Still runs great!

- joe D

Comfortable and dependable at high speeds. Speeds over 80.

2000 Ford F-150

It's a dependable vehicle that has never left me on the side of the rode. I had air conditioner problems in 2010. No other major mechanical issues.

- John G

Love that it has 4 wheel drive

2000 Ford F-150

I like it because dependable it's easy for me get in and out. Because of Its age some problems do arise. But on the whole my truck meets my needs.

- Gary M


2000 Ford F-150



That it works hard and usually is reliable.

2000 Ford F-150

It is a good, hardworking truck. It has held up through hauling hay, a horse trailer, and hauling metal scrap. It is not working at the moment.

- Sue M

Ford is a great company love my truck.

2000 Ford F-150

It is old but man it works good old looking little nicer but she does the job, some problems w her being weird but eventually everything works.

- Dj K

It's a Ford F-150 WITH 200.000 Miles, all I have had to replace is a bulb in the headlamp.

2000 Ford F-150

I like my vehicle because it's been a dependable and reliable vehicle, I have not had to pay for any type of major repair since buying it new.

- David I

Once it got so many miles on it the struts began to make a squeaking noise

2000 Ford F-150

Truck is a reliable vehicle good on gas and performs very week only dislike is once it got so many miles on it the shocks began to make noise

- Justin D

Amazing and unbelievable vehicle.

2000 Ford F-150

I love my vehicle because have everything I need and it drive so smoothly, and also it have the best engine that is why it's hard to let go.

- Dally L

It is safe and stylish. It fits a lot comfortable.

2000 Ford F-150

I like the ability to move large items. I dislike that it is old and needs a lot of work. I would like to be able to repair it and keep it.

- Robert G

It is a truck that has a bed and a cab.

2000 Ford F-150

I maintain my own vehicles so I don't have any problems. Did you know, and maybe you can use this for future reference, that I hate typing?

- William E

It's the best truck I've owned in 14 years of driving

2000 Ford F-150

I love the interior space within the car, as it fits all of my hauling/ moving and traveling needs. It's durable and has lasted many years

- Kelsey B

The most important thing others should know about my car is that its dependable.

2000 Ford F-150

Very reliable. Spacious for larger families. Drives well, we love Ford trucks they are built tough. Performance has lasted us for years.

- Angela B

What I like about my truck is that it is big, safe, and very reliable.

2000 Ford F-150

The truck that I have is a f150. I use it on a regular basis and it works very well. It's been through a lot, but it still got a ways.

- Bailey M

Good running truck. Just keep up work on it.

2000 Ford F-150

It is a good truck. Plenty of room. Problem with security system though. It makes it not start up all the time and drains the battery.

- Solei H

Very durable and looks good.

2000 Ford F-150

This Ford f-150 pick up has never let me down. Apply normal maintenance and service is an economical and comfortable transportation.

- Mike Y

Built tough like on their commercial

2000 Ford F-150

I like my truck because it is very strong. Even Though it's over 10 years it is pretty sturdy. It is very reliable. I love my truck

- Liliani M

One great, reliable little truck.

2000 Ford F-150

Very reliable and low mt. having spent $125.00 in the last 3 years for repairs replacing a power steering pump and an alternator.

- Daryl C

That the truck is very dependable.

2000 Ford F-150

No complaints, it is in good condition. It works like a work truck. It drives well and is dependable. I dislike the paint on it.

- Eldridge T

Gets me from A to B, but doesn't have any special features

2000 Ford F-150

It's black and has a nice bed that holds a lot of things. The interior is nice and the a/c works well. The radio isn't the best.

- shawn h

Good gas mileage, powerful hauling power, smooth ride

2000 Ford F-150

Love how much power my truck has. Even after 18 years it's still running strong! Power windows and multi cd changer are awesome!

- Joy M

It is a great car take it everywhere it is my second vehicle.

2000 Ford F-150

Runs great 10 out of 10 I drive it every were only problem is the clear coat what a great truck 300, 000 miles and still going.

- Ed M

Great truck for working around the house hauling and just riding around in.

2000 Ford F-150

Never had but regular maintenance don't on it. Other than some rust showing its in very good shape. Pain coming off in spots.

- Lisa S

Ford F-150 still running strong.

2000 Ford F-150

It is a good truck, but it is a truck and not the most fuel efficient vehicle. With gas over $3, I can't afford to drive it.

- Pat Z

Even though it's older it's more reliable than some of the never vehicles.

2000 Ford F-150

I love my truck because of the size. It's got an extended cab with a short bed. It's black with a lift kit and mudding tires

- Alexander D

My Ford truck is very dependable.

2000 Ford F-150

I love my truck cause it rides smooth. I have had it for many years. I can haul wood in it. The 4x4 is the best for winter.

- Christina C

It is always driven in a safe manner. And try to avoid any confronting drivers

2000 Ford F-150

I like how the seat sets up Hough giving a good view of the road and it drive a good.I don't really have any complaints

- Dennis G

Excellent mileage, very room , extended cab, for extra space too

2000 Ford F-150

I love my f150 had it 5 years and only minor problems to fix ! Love how roomy it is and the space in the back as well !

- Stephanie F

Best truck for the money available today. Would highly recommend.

2000 Ford F-150

Good solid truck. Runs well with general maintenance. No major problems encountered so far. Great off road performance.

- Alexander C

Good gas mileage. Handles well.

2000 Ford F-150

Able to tow boats.. Bad on gas mileage.. Love the back seats it is a super cab some clear coat is coming off the paint.

- Doug N

It runs great for its age. It looks very good inside an out also.

2000 Ford F-150

I have had it since 2000.It is the best truck I have ever had. It has over 300,000 miles an still runs like a new one

- Lovie T

It has character, it will always be there for you when you need it.

2000 Ford F-150

The vehicle gets me anywhere I need to be and still has a lot of miles on it! Great first car in my opinion and safe.

- Michelle V

Fords are built to last,just maintain it properly,the body can get roughed up but take care of the engine

2000 Ford F-150

I love it ,it has been a very trustworthy vehicle as we all know,take care of your vehicle,and they last a lot longer

- Sharie W

It is made in america by american people.

2000 Ford F-150

1. It is american made. It is a truck. 3. It's made in america being the most important factor. A truck being second.

- Sherry H

Leather seats hasn't worn after 18 years

2000 Ford F-150

Heavy duty vehicle, works just perfect. More than 280,000 miles and no major problems, just the brakes but that's it

- Luz T

Gas mileage on long travels. Long bed able to carry a lot of items.

2000 Ford F-150

Great for any need. Long bed makes it great for work. Has enough seating for a whole family. Gets great gas mileage.

- Robert F

It has a mustang engine dropped in which is amazing but comes with issues of things not quite matching.

2000 Ford F-150

The a/c doesn't work and that is my only real issue. It is becoming a classic truck and is holding Its value well.

- Laura s

I own a v10 f350, great vehicle

2000 Ford F-150

This vehicle is a great buy. Has brake problems, shifter arm repair. Maintenance requires to be current more often.

- Pauline D

Ford f-150’s are strong comfortable trucks.

2000 Ford F-150

I love this truck because we have not had much trouble with it, but these trucks always rust at the back fenders.

- Tracey S

The truck that keeps on ticking even when it should be in a scrap yard!

2000 Ford F-150

The transmission is going out but other than that it's a great truck! The air blows cold and the motor is tight!

- Kayce J

It is well maintained and in great condition.

2000 Ford F-150

I like that it is in great condition and that it runs great. It has the right amount of power. I like the color

- Sean c

It is still going strong with no signs of giving up.

2000 Ford F-150

This truck has over 375000 miles on it and is still going strong i love fords and this one has not let me down.

- Danielle J

Ford F-150 great for towing

2000 Ford F-150

It handles really well and is great for hauling and for towing a trailer. It is also pretty good on gas mileage

- Rodney M

Ford F-150 sport 4x4!!!!!!

2000 Ford F-150

The truck has been very reliable very minor issues. All in all very solid choice. Plus Ford is better anyways.

- Dillon L

That its a Ford and it runs strong and takes a beating.

2000 Ford F-150

That its still running after 240 thousand miles. Can be used for work or personal. Plenty of room for travel.

- Denise P

2000 f 150 4x4 truck that runs great

2000 Ford F-150

great running truck has less than 100000 miles and gets me around. very minimal problems been great for me.

- Michael F

It likes to make random noises but it is harmless.

2000 Ford F-150

I like that my truck is large and has a bench seat, it is a bit loud though. I'd prefer a quieter vehicle.

- Riley C

Any repairs have costed less than any other vehicle i've had.

2000 Ford F-150

Runs good, cheap for any repairs. Gas mileage is pretty good. Body stays good for a long time. Affordable

- Taylor b

It's a good toy truck for outdoor play.

2000 Ford F-150

I like that I can haul and pull things. I hate how much gas it uses. I have no complaints except for gas.

- Star C

It is dependable transportation.

2000 Ford F-150

It is easy to get in and out of. It gets decent gas mileage. It is helpful when i need to haul items.

- Dave B

Nothing special just a family vehicle

2000 Ford F-150

It has ran great all the years I have had it. A few minor problems. The gear shift had to be changed.

- Cody S

My truck is good for hauling stuff.

2000 Ford F-150

I like driving a big truck. It is getting a little on the old side. It needs work but can haul stuff.

- Laura B

Super crew cab 4 door fx2 bluetooth

2000 Ford F-150

Problems with gas pump, besides that work perfectly fine. 4 door am/FM radio sync included bluetooth

- Perla T

It's very reliable. A very strong truck doesn't need a lot of maintenance.

2000 Ford F-150

I love my truck. It large and has a lot of space.it is very dependable.it is a very strong vehicle.

- Holloway F

My truck has been a very dependable truck at all times.

2000 Ford F-150

I do not have any complaints, this truck serves all my needs. It has been very good to me!

- Ron D

That they can haul loads and maintain it reasonable save on gas

2000 Ford F-150

It is dependable at all time.it a work horse. I enjoy my Ford f150 . Gas miles is great

- Elridge T

it has an 8 foot bed, i love its reliability I have driven Ford trucks for the last 20 years

2000 Ford F-150

I love its reliability. my truck has an 8' bed that carries a full sheet of plywood

- Amy H

That it is a clean, one owner truck that runs great.

2000 Ford F-150

I like that it runs great. It is in superb shape. I wish it got better fuel mileage.

- Sean D

It's a great hauler. Has push button 4 wheel drive.

2000 Ford F-150

I like how it gets around in the winter. It's very big which makes it hard to park.

- Tammy E

Great on gas I love the 5 speed manual transmission

2000 Ford F-150

Great on gas The color black is probably not ideal for here in Texas attracts heat

- Gregory K

It gets me where I need to go. If I buy a large item i can bring it home and not have to worry about any delivery.

2000 Ford F-150

Pickup truck is more convenient you can move large items. I would like a newer o

- Robert B

That fords are THE best vehicles ever

2000 Ford F-150

It is a Ford so of course I love it it has great miles and it is a safe vehicle

- Craig M

Doesn't look good but it's paid off

2000 Ford F-150

It's older but reliable. Does a great job for day to day use. And for extras

- Tylor F

I have not had any mechanical or electrical issues with it.

2000 Ford F-150

It is heavy duty, fair on gas, easy to drive and I feel safe in it.

- Barbara W

well-made, dependable, reliable and tough

2000 Ford F-150

great truck very dependable 400,000 miles and still going strong

- penny S

It gets the job done for me!

2000 Ford F-150

Great truck, just wish it was newer and 4 wheel drive

- Ray A

after 18 years It's still runs great

2000 Ford F-150

It's great and hauls my boat and many other things

- gary z

is a good comfortable for work

2000 Ford F-150

i love it because is comfortable and necessary

- richard M