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Ford makes a great truck

I bought a Ford F150 2002 SuperCrew cab , brand new at least it was Ford for 3 years which save me a ton of Interest and then when the three years was over I bought my own truck out outright figuring that's what they were going to cost when I got ready to buy them after they've been used in out I was right after 3 years of all the truck I didn't paid 18000 for it and paid it off and kept the truck there's nothing better than owning your own truck knowing that you can service it I have a great neighbor that does a lot of Labor we trade off and on for things but he's grated knowing how to fix the truck and work on it for me I buy the parts and then he does labor that helps a lot because the Ford garage is are expensive I didn't have a lot to fix on the truck other than I pulled a horse trailer a lot I had a engine of a 4.5 + 4.6 whichever it is but I had the VA number 8 and it was a good running truck so he's been a good running always service the truck although it don't show on Carfax because I serviced it myself for the most part I did go have it what they called are compression doubt after it seemed to lose some of this air compression in 20 10, since the truck is always outside and we've gone through Indiana winter the truck bed itself frame is rusting and now I noted that one of the frame Wheels it's rested but I had it welded a plate put on it then the bed frame came up through the bed so I had it welded and bolted and replaced the engines been great my biggest complaint would be the rest under the truck I wished I had gotten it plated or sealed I was told it was done but it wasn't it would have made a huge difference truck would still be holding up really good the engine still really good and if somebody wanted to buy it for 2500 to park the engine out they may do so I've got 248 thousand miles on it and it's still running I'm getting ready to repair place the axle shaft did not looking into another bed frame this car truck had all the bells and whistles like I said I love this Ford truck when they built the 2 002 they did it right, I wouldn't be afraid to own another Ford and another Ford in another Ford truck I do love Chevy cars better but the next car I'm buying is a Ford Fusion seen a lot of good ratings on them , I did know one thing Ford why do you have to be so high in your prices you can buy a house for the price you're asking for a truck and takes years for somebody to pay that all the poor people are in the middle middle income people can't even afford your trucks please get your prices back down make your truck stable again we don't need all the bells and whistles we just need a good running truck to last us for a while

- kathy Butler

My 2002 Ford F150. It was a great truck and ran well up until the last few years.

I loved my pickup truck when I first got it, it served me well. Now that it is on in years, I would like to get a newer version with more updates and features, my 2002 Ford F150 is out of date and things are starting to go wrong with it, but it performed well up until the last couple years. I never had an issue with it until someone hit me, then everything seem to go wrong with the suspension. Not happy with how much rust is on it, it seems it just started rusting out of nowhere Under The Rocker panels and over the wheel wells are heavily rusted. Like I said back in the day it was a great truck I had no issues the drive was nice it was comfortable but now that is up an age it needs to be replaced.

- Todd F

Decent used truck purchased at an average price.

Overall, it is a decent truck. It was used when we bought it but I still believe too many problems are popping up. One major problem that is apparently common is that the rear extended cab door handle malfunctions and requires a repair. This is especially annoying since the back seat is narrow and when multiple people are entering or exiting it can become troublesome. The general wear on the vehicle seems to not hold up. Plastic breaking easily, daily use items are not holding up. The good thing I like is the power in the motor. If I need a sudden burst of speed, extra work around the land, or handling a trailer, the truck seems to do well. The seats are not uncomfortable but could be better.

- Penny G

Ford 150 pu truck. It is the best vehicle I have for my use and interests.

Stable in all weather, rarely gets stuck. Sufficiently comfortable for me, not so much for my wife. Cabin roomy. Gets decent gas mileage. I have minimal problems with tire slippage. Ability to carry emergency equipment and supplies under the front seat. I keep a small backpack accessible between the front seats and in a rubbermaid box in the back containing a heavy rope. Chain with tow hooks, and a fire extinguisher. I go off road a lot, as owner of rural land and residing close to the outskirts of the city line where I have access to unimproved roads. Among my interests are hunting and fishing and the vehicle serves admirably for these purposes. The vehicle is a ford 150 pu.

- Ass Hole C

Number one Ford f150 extended cab.

The only problems is body like squeaking in front. that's been the only problem that I have ever had of it. I love my Ford it drives smooth I can haul whatever I want and I can use it as a family ride also cause it is extended cab 4 door my next vehicle will be another Ford f150 xcab but the next will be 4x4 I wouldn't trade this truck for anything it has heated seats sunroof I can adjust the seats and the gas paddle to my short body length I recommend everyone to a Ford f150 all you have to do is gas up and go and of course tune ups but other than squeaking in front end it's the best.

- Krystal G

Pros and cons on le truck.

It's great for hauling heavy items and a trailer. Does great with a 1200 lb horse + king ranch trailer attached on windy and straight roads. No rollbacks on incline. Seats are okay.It's a good basic truck. Downfalls: when first purchased there was a key for on/off airbags-- it was turned off and had the dealer turn it back on. Slight glitches such as the e brake gets stuck but that was within first 6 months of purchase -- years ago!!. Seatbelts wear fast, the seat bench knobs fall off after a while and it's a pain to pull forward. Steering position cannot be adjusted. Mass gas guzzler!

- Courtney M

Ford: fabulous on roads daily. Buying a ford has always come with no hesitation.

This is the second f-150 I have owned. Very reliable truck. The first one I had was a 2001 supercrew which flipped seven times. The truck held up on all safety measures and more. I sustained only bruises. Neither truck has ever left me stranded and both had and have close to 200,000 miles. The triton v8 engine has great performance. All repairs have been within normal expectancy. I love the small features that fords have like the cell phone still charging after the vehicle has been turned off! I have owned many fords and have enjoyed their performance, handling and speed.

- Christina H

02 ford f-150 extended cab.

Overall I am very happy with it. The only issue I have is I am 6'2' female and have really long legs and the steering wheel so far away it is uncomfortable to drive with the seat back far enough to get in and out without smacking my knee on the column. Also with the seat far enough forward to reach the wheel I have hit my head repeatedly on the hand hold that hang down below the top of the door jam. That being said once in the driver seat here is plenty of legroom to drive comfortably when the seat is far enough forward to reach steering wheel easily.

- Ann B

Insight of a 02 f 150 4. 2 l v 6 owner.

I own a single cab 02 f150. Some features of the vehicle are automatic transmission, manual windows, manual locks, 2wd, a/c. I really enjoy this truck. It has the 4. 2l v6 engine and gets between 17 mpg city and 22 mpg highway. It is reliable I have 200, 000+ miles on the truck and it has never left me stranded. I can tow up to 4300 pounds with the truck so I have been able to tow my friends boat and trailer with no effort. This truck is great for somebody that needs a truck but still wants to have a reliable non gas guzzling commute.

- Rebecca T

It is very reliable it will start every time.

I have a 2002 Ford f-150 I have had it since 2004 it is one of the toughest trucks I have had the only problems I have had with this vehicle is my clutch other than that in the 14 years that I have had this vehicle I have had no problems it is always been very reliable for crew cab has plenty of legroom even if you want to lean back you still have plenty of legroom it has a cold air conditioner and a warm heater I would rather put money into this truck than get another one because it is so tough it is Ford tough.

- Jerry L

It is a four door truck with many safety features.

I love my vehicle because it not only is a truck but it is built tough, it is very dependable and easy on gas when going on long trips. So far I have not had an issues or trouble with my vehicle, I have heard nothing but good reviews about my vehicle. It ranks number one as far as a reliable, dependable, long lasting trucks in America. One cannot wrong when choosing a Dodge ram, most trucks would ride rough and be so uncomfortable but this is the most smooth driving and comfy truck I have ever owned.

- Bee K

2002 Ford f150 king ranch. My experience.

This truck comes with the 5. 4l Windsor engine. These engines are very well made and last years as long as basic maintenance is kept up with. I love the power this truck has. It is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever driven. Always starts and goes. Leather heated seats and adjustable pedals are nice. The problems I have had are the following. Floor heater vent hasn't worked for years, ignition coils need to be replaced frequently, lots of issues with exhaust manifolds leaking.

- Ashley K

My f150 is easy and affordable to fix if a mechanical issue arises!

My f150 has great performance and reliability. Is very comfortable and roomy. It has 4 wheel drive and can be used to play in the mud and can be put back into 2 wheel drive and taken on a family road trip the next day if needed. For a larger truck the gas mileage is not to bad. I get about 16 mpg per gallon city and 19 mpg highway. I like my trusty truck it works great for my family and our needs. Plus the family mudding adventures are not the worst either!!

- Mindy C

The performance of my Ford f-150 overall it has been very durable & reliable.

Really haven't had problems with vehicle it is done really well it has a hundred thousand miles on it I kept it up-to-date change fluids frequently had always keep up with and made sure it had regular maintenance check ups and it is still running great been very durable vehicles! Also has been on numerous long distance trips and rides very comfortably and it is been very liable! Overall if I had it to do again I definitely would buy another Ford f-150.

- Jackie S

Great truck. Large and reliable.

My truck has been great. I got it 5 years ago with 40, 000 miles and have put 100, 000 on it since then. I have had no major problems with it and it runs great regardless of it is age. All of the housing under the hood is still original and works. The one major thing I do not like about it is that it is a regular cab and I do not have room for me, my dogs, and all of my stuff. But the 8 foot bed is plenty big for moving or hauling my hunting stuff.

- Courtney C

Truck has problems but it does start everyday and it still looks good.

Like all Ford the front end is bad, squeaks, rattles, new Orleans roads are not the best, truck needs new idler arms, springs and all the bushings, also have changed the brakes a number of times, probably two or three times a year, had trouble with the steering column shifter went out, and also have to keep putting Lucas oil in the transmission to keep it from slipping, it does not leak but it does slip.

- Al B

It does what I need it to do. Has spacious interior.

Problem I have had is with the 5. 4 triton. It has the aluminum heads so you can't torque the spark plugs very tight. They slowly loosen and eventually come out taking the threads with it. There are several kits to fix this problem cheapest I have found is 63 dollars per spark plug hole. Aside from that it has a nice ride and handles good in the conditions I drive in muddy, snow on gravel mining roads.

- John W

We love our truck crew cab.

We bought this car 2 years ago no problems with it yet very reliable has heated and power seats number lock on door besides key fobs is crew cab lots of room has topper rubber mat power windows and mirrors we pull two trailers one a utility trailer other travel trailer follow very nice lots of power to pull it has auto heat and air conditioning very comfortable seats for long drives our.

- Jack B

F 150 has been a quality truck.

Overall my ford f150 has been a solid and dependable truck. I am second owner and it was passed down to me by my father. It has 224,000 miles on it and still runs strong. It has needed general service work over the years but no major problems. The interior is nice however the seats are not that comfortable. True to typical ford fashion, the seats are a little too firm for my liking.

- Clint W

Blue/green Ford f-150 2 door cab.

Problems: slow to accelerate, does not show mileage and the gas gauge stopped working. Reliability: I have had it for a really long time so at this point it is not very reliable. Comfort: this truck comfortably fits 6 people. The size of the cab is a good size. The door size is a bit of an issue. It has a middle seat which can also be a cup holder for when you do not need to use it.

- Mariah E

Beautiful 2002 ford f150 ( everything works ) ac and all.

My truck drives like new, really smooth ride, changed alternator since had it and no other problems. Squeaks now and then but not often enough to bother anyone. No tapping in engine, no rattling, shaking. Really smooth sound. The interior is also still clean no scratches or cracks in the dash, no tears in the seats either also all electronics still work windows and all ac too.

- Robin D

Very comfortable. Looks are nice am very happy with my truck.

I got my f150 new have had it sense. I love my truck, I love the looks of it. I have had a problem with the ac a few months ago. Have not had any big problems so far other than ac. The leather is wearing out. I have had the back window is not working now husband has not checked out yet. The side mirror does not work. But after all the truck is a 2002 truck.

- Nett S

Parts have been very reasonable price wise. Easy to work on. Great in the snow!

Truck has 208, 000 mile other than normal maintenance, only replaced alternator, and spark plugs. Did blow #8 spark plug at 168, 000 mile but doing the work myself was only about 38 dollar repair. Just did have to replace intake manifold due to coolant leak. Was not hard to replace about 168. 00 for all the parts. Other than that has been a great truck.

- Michael Q

Ford F-150 Pickups are reliable and durable.

I bought my Ford F-150 pickup brand new, right off of the lot in November 2001. It has been and continues to be very resourceful and reliable. Have I had some expenses and repairs - absolutely. But, my truck has over 250K miles on it, so what would you expect. I have been very pleased with this truck and would recommend a Ford vehicle to anyone.

- Michael l

Solid and dependable. My truck!

No problems. Wish it got more than 15 mpg but - I knew that when I bought it! It's solid, dependable, has great passenger room, great storage in bed and back seat. Winter is coming; heat is quick and awesome. On the fly - 4WD is incredible. Have used it in Colorado mountains one entire winter and got through some deep mud and snow easily.

- Am M

Off-road tank! Can take a beating and still keeps going.

Very reliable. It is built like a tank! I can go off-road and beat it up and it still works great. It isn't the best looking vehicle and doesn't have all the bells and whistles but I can go camping or to the beach or whatever, get it completely filthy and just hose it out like new. Great for the adventurous and enough room for the family.

- Tonya C

Excellent durable reliable truck.

Very reliable vehicle. I have enjoyed owning this truck for over 10 years with no major issues. Pulls a boat and a trailer with ease. Great for going around town as well. I would recommend anybody looking for a solid truck to last them many year to take a look at this truck. I am over 200, 000 miles on it now as an everyday using truck.

- Joseph L

It is a very dependable vehicle.

Excellent vehicle able to get around easily and is a very dependable vehicle. Allows us the ability to be able to move our personal belongings without having to rent a moving truck. The engine runs good and is a very dependable vehicle. It has a fold down back seat and comfortably fits 6 people. The handling of the vehicle is very good.

- Pamela E

Built ford tuff, able to handle heavy loads.

My truck has lasted me many years with little maintenance. It has a very comfortable ride and very reliable. It has plenty of room. It's great on and off road. Not very good on gas. It's a great work vehicle that can handle a heavy payload. The a/c is excellent. Another issue is body rot, mostly on the base of the doors and wheel wells.

- Martin K

Even though it's a fairly large vehicle, it's a comfortable and easy vehicle to drive due to the tight turning radius and smooth ride.

I like that it has plenty of room inside the extended cab in both the front and the back seat. I like that the V8 engine has plenty of power to get up and go when I need it. Due to its large size, I feel safer than when I'm in a smaller vehicle. The only thing I don't like is the lower gas mileage I get as opposed to a smaller vehicle.

- Amy Y

2002 ford f-150 dependable.

My truck is pretty reliable. The four-wheel drive is really useful in the winter. Driving stick shift drives better in my opinion. I can pull heavy trailers and it definitely holds up; I drove all the way up to bg which is 3 hours away with my best friend. I have had this truck for a few years and it has not had any major issues.

- Abigail L

Great vehicle! It runs very efficiently and is strong.

I love driving my 2002 Ford f150. I personally love trucks. The look of mine is awesome. I have had very few problems with it even though it is over 10 years old. The way it runs is perfect. The acceleration is a bit poor, but that is expected in a large truck. Sometimes it will shake and vibrate. It is still a really good truck.

- Danielle M

It is a blue and tan truck with extended cab and three door leer topper.

Most of the time it runs great. Recently had to replace passenger side axle brakes and seals on rear. It needs a tune-up yet the Ford dealership quoted me four hundred twenty five dollars and I am sure that is before tax. I work out of my truck and it is always loaded with tools so I feel it has been a good truck over all.

- William H

Comfortable feels of a truck.

My truck is very comfortable, unlike compact cars the view is much more visible and the huge side mirrors allow you to see for miles away. The smoothness and comfortable feeling of the truck is due to the amount of space inside from the size. Highly recommend a truck, as they say every man must know how to drive a truck.

- Tyler G

Ford f150 are decent running vehicles in my opinion.

It. A pretty good work truck it was good reliability wise then when it broke down one day it was saying that bank 1 was running to lean and bank 2 to rich and nobody has been able to figure out what it is we replaced every part and can't figure it out so reliability is good but as far as working on it wise it's no good.

- Cassie K

The pedals are adjustable.

I haven't had any problems with my f150 just the normal maintenance like oil changes, breather. It's not as comfortable or roomy like my f250 super duty gas mileage isn't that great but I also pull a cargo trailer daily. The pedals do adjust for me that's the best feature of the truck considering I am only 4'11' tall.

- Natasha B

Limited edition Harley Davidson with supercharged engine.

Have owned this vehicle since 2002 and is a daily driver since purchase. It is the Harley Davidson f150 edition. With approximately 187, 000 miles and counting. I take meticulous care of the automobile and enjoy the compliments. Planning on purchasing a new truck in about two years but I will not get rid of this one.

- Brian C

The best truck I have ever owned!

My Ford f150 runs very good and has plenty of power with the triton v8. I have no problems in the winter she starts right up and snow is not a problem. I like being up higher and being able to see above traffic. My truck is very quiet and very powerful. I like my truck so much that I will definitely buy another one.

- Mark R

Ford 150 vehicles are quite reliable.

My truck gets good mileage. It is very roomy. It is manual transaction and I would not have an automatic now. It uses little oil and is very reliable. The parts for repair are quiet easily found and the cost for the parts are reasonable. I have almost 90, 000 miles on the vehicle and it is still runs very smoothly.

- Terry G

over all stylish, sporty.Great design, color easy access.Short wheel base.Low enough to to ground to make it easy to get in and out of but high enough to get into the cow pastures

my only problem has been the poor design of the heads no having enough threads for the spark plugs. I like the power of the 4.6 motor. the miles is not bad at 16 miles per gallon for a ford. I like the dash and interior layout the back doors are great with kids. You don't have to worry about them opening the door

- john n

Great size truck for someone with pets or children.

My vehicle has over 200,000 miles and has only had some trouble in the past two years. At this point, the repairs have been worth keeping the vehicle rather than trading it in on a newer vehicle. Issues have included radiator replacement, all new spark plugs and coils, new intake manifold, and new thermostat.

- Sharon S

It is the best bang-for-your-buck vehicle I have owned. Highly recommend.

Like: the f150 is incredibly reliable, cheap and easy to fix and have a great aftermarket. Dislike: the vehicle is getting old, and many components are starting to wear- some are not designed for easy replacement. E. G. , the slave cylinder for the clutch can only be replaced by removing the transmission.

- Gregory R

Trucks can be family vehicles too.

Pros are. Relatively smooth, quiet ride. Safe in winter on bad roads due to 4WD. Comfortably fits two car seats in crew cab back row. Cons are: some paint has flaked off the exterior, otherwise has held up well over the years. Can be difficult to lift out infant car seat from base due to cab height.

- Holly K

This truck is a powerhouse.

I have had this truck for many years. It is reliable, dependable. I have had just minor problems with it (wear and tear) it has treated me very well. I just change the oil every 3,000 miles. The truck is very strong. I got rear ended by a driver, his car was heavily damaged, my truck was fine.

- Frank D

It has a powerful engine for its size.

My Ford f-150 is very reliable and has a lot of power to pull my camping trailer. I do not like the color but, I am willing to overlook that. It has a lot of towing power. It is not good on gas because it is old. It is a short bed on it so, sometimes it is not very convenient to haul things.

- Connie L

Trucks can run great too!

My gas light does not work properly, but other than that my truck runs great! It rides really smooth and actually does not do terrible on gas! It works all the time and is very comfy for being a two seater. The only other issue is that my gas cap broke off after being screwed on too tightly.

- Tiffany K

It is very reliable and made to last. Will definitely not have to buy a new car if I upkeep maintenance.

Its a Ford F150, Lariat edition. Has problems with the go plugs, as in the winter time it has a hard time starting. Had a lot of mechanical issues when I first bought it. Once it was fixed, it is a very reliable truck. Just hard to fix small things, like the go plugs, on a tight budget.

- Kristina G

Comfortable riding and good on gas.

I love the way it drives and rides. It is good on gas. It fills all my needs as far as dependable and comfort. I love that I am higher up than a car. I do not think I will ever go to a car again. It is very handy for hauling things big or small. It is comfortable to ride on a long trip.

- Netty J

The ford f-150 is a reliable and stylish vehicle for those who need a truck.

The vehicle runs smoothly and has been reliable. The front seat belt in the passenger side comes undone sometimes, which is a problem, other than that it has been a good vehicle. The seats are comfortable and adjust to my needs. It has automatic windows and an aux cord input as well.

- Kristina W

It is a very useful truck for me and I love driving it everywhere I go.

My f-150 has been super duper reliable for me and has never broke down or cause me any problems at all the entire time I have owned it. I have taken it on many long distance road trips with no problems. It has plenty of room and rides very nice and quiet. Gets great gas mileage.

- Bonny C

I like a dark red chevy silverado 06 07 with 20s nice system and nav.

Burn oil gas that all want turn while front end bad check engine light stays on do not know why sometimes it is hard to start see a lot with bad headlights hard to get in and out of seats I am older have the time the back doors wont open but it rides good it has 308, 000 miles.

- Donald L

If you want a rugged truck, that still drives like a car, this is it. Ford.

I have had my car for almost 17 years and no major problems. I would never go back to a car. You can haul or help people with it. I like that you ride up so much higher than a car, so you see more of the road.The only problem I have is the paint, the clear coat is flaking off.

- Jim N

I often use it to pull a trailer and it does quite well.

I have a King Ranch 4wd with quad seating. It's been a very good truck. I am the 2nd owner and have had it for 13 years. It only has 118,000 miles and other than tires, have had no problems. Only thing I don't like is the low gas mileage but somewhat expected for 8 cylinder.

- Glen W

The air conditioner runs very cold and it has a great am FM radio.

Great truck, I can put a lot of things in it, great for shopping for furniture, I have 160, 000 miles on it, runs like a top, it gets great gas mileage and it is very powerful although it is a 6 cylinder, I am going to keep it forever, never really gave me any problems.

- Angelo F

Fuel efficiency is good, but acceleration is needed for steep inclines.

Have always gotten great service from this pickup. Since it has been owned all that has been done is maintenance. It is on its third battery and the oil is changed on schedule. The only thing I have to watch is to make sure I accelerate at the bottom of a steep incline.

- Dave W

Lots of aftermarket parts to make look unique.

2002 Ford f150, v6 4. 2l 2wd, 4 door, manual transmission, ac, heater, tape player, bench seat in back, 190k can haul more than 5000 lbs, does justice when hauling trash, no more than 1 yard of any gravel or fill dirt, great on gas, cheap parts to fix if things break.

- Knightly A

I like the long bed. Can fit 4x8 sheets of plywood perfectly.

I have never had any problems. It's perfect for what I need for hauling, loading, getting around. The only problems was the basic alternator, starter, tires and brakes. I wish it had some of the new features, but whatever. My next truck will probably the same thing.

- Kent L

This is a real good truck for it is age and mileage.

We have over 218, 000 miles on this truck. It has a few things wrong with it, but it stills runs real good for it is age. A/c is not working or is the cruise control. This truck still gets fair gas mileage. It has a CD player that allows us to put in up to 6 discs.

- Dennis R

The great white hauler for me and you.

I love it drives good lots of room radio is great my friends love it and would not trade it for anything fits all my family and friends hauls everything I need and friends like to use it to haul their stuff also tires are great no rust and great in the winter.

- Beth S

It's dependable. I now I can get into my vehicle even with it's age and drive across the states to visit family.

Overall a good truck.pretty decent on gas mileage. Still looks great after a lot of years and fairly dependable. I dislike that it is older. Would like an newer one. Dislike that the seat motor has quit. Also it uses oil. Not uncommon for an older vehicle.

- Josh R

Very powerfully. Roomy. 4 doors.

Very roomy. Love the power it has. It has power windows and power locks. The back seat flips up so you can also put stuff back there. Very powerful. Great family truck. Can seat up to 6 people very comfortably. Also can fit a car seat in the back seat.

- Carrie K

2002 Ford f-150 king ranch.

My truck has leather heated seats. It is also good on gas and plenty of room for the grandkids. Besides the tune up and regular management of the truck we have had no major issues. It has a towing package making g having to pull a trailer at ease also.

- Charity S

The big bed is amazing! Go for the 4 doors.

Both the extended cab back doors have gotten stuck shut. The heat and air went out. Back seat is very small, but great for children. Front seat is a 60/40 and very comfortable the pop out cup holder broke and the dash/radio lights go in and out.

- Brittany Y

It totally reliable, low maintenance with regular oil changes and above all is very comfortable

I absolutely love my ford truck it is very comfortable, I've owned it for 10 years and have on head to replace tires and light bulbs. I travel 6 months out of the year and my truck has seen 46 states. It travels well and still looks brand new.

- Angela R

It is afford! Very nice appearance and lifts me up where I have a better view.

Size, appearance, dependability, comfort, ability to see from all views, ability to carry up to five people. Very roomy and smooth riding. Able to carry/haul large items. Ability to travel areas where a car might not be able to.

- Sandie F

Truck still runs good for it's millage.

This truck has over 205,000 miles on it. It still runs real well, but has a few mechanical things wrong with it. examples are cruise control(not working) AC compressor (disconnected), and left rear turn signal (not working).

- Dennis R

The back window leaks, sometimes the wipers come on unexpectedly and sometimes cruise control will not engage, must be a short.

I waited for 3 months to get a step-side, I love the step-side look. What I don't like about the F-150, is the back window leaks when it rains. Nothing to do with stepside, just a lot of the F-150 trucks back window leaks.

- Stephen C

Fords needs work for the first few years

Radio stop working after 3 years. Had lots of transmission problem over the years. It's a good work truck. Ford's normally run good after you get all the bugs fixed. This is my second used one the new ones cost to much

- John W

Pleased with my truck after nearly 20 years of use.

Love the comfort of the ride. Love the power to accelerate when needed. Beautiful vehicle. Never had any problems with the engine at all. Recently had to replace fuel pump, but, after 15 years, I thought that not bad.

- Mitchell N

It is a beautiful truck and it is mine.

I love my Fords. It low, fast, and cowboyed up. I never seems to have enough gas. I have bent the bed in a bowl from to much weight. We bent the frame jumping over long in the wood. And she still rocking and rolling.

- Charles R

It's dependable. I have owned it for more than 5 years and have very little complaints.

I love that I can drive to my college (5 hours away) and still have gas in my tank left when I get there. I don't like that I have roll down windows as it is hard to roll down the passenger window while driving.

- Laura L

Make sure to check the undercarriage often because the muffler fell off.

It has been my only vehicle for 16 years and it been a great truck. Rides good, gets good gas mileage, drives like a car and I have never had to replace the exhaust system or shocks. Starting to show some rust.

- Dan H

It's a Ford and it worked well for 1800000 miles with minor probes in the way till now...

I love my truck because my father gave it to me . As a gift for being a hard worker .it doesn't run so well anymore and is costing me a fortune to fix. But I do what I can to get to work and feed my family.

- Jason S

If she has over 100k miles on her, she needs to be handled more gently.

It is a old and has a lot of miles on her so she’s a little slow and she does not start as well as she used to. She’s reliable though and has never really broke down. She just needs to be taken care of.

- Madison B

If you like working on a car and maintaining it yourself then it is very easy to work on it and very dependable. You don't need a mechanic to even do little small maintenance jobs.

I like my Ford F-150 because it has been extremely reliable and trustworthy. I wish more Vehicles could be as dependable. I like the gas mileage and the ease of maintenance. It is very easy to work on.

- Brian N

Do not expect to work it like a truck was not designed for that just a big car that looks like a truck

The bed of truck not big enough to haul anything large 4.6 engine underpowered will not get out of its own way you sure don't hook a trailer to it other than that drives great and rides like a car

- Doug P

My vehicle has been very reliable for me.

I am able to haul stuff with the bed or if needed I can tow a trailer. I also like the four wheel drive and riding high, what I do not like is the rust in spots it is beginning to look very junky.

- Ken H

Ford F150 4x4 Supercrew Cab

This truck has 240,000 miles and still runs wonderfully. We use it as a family vehicle to fit our grandchildren. It has leather seating, a supercrew cab, a v8 engine, and it is 4 wheel drive.

- Angela S

Spacious cab with ample cargo space and excellent traction!

It's wonderful for an older truck. She's giving me the expected issues for a 2002, but I'm willing to invest in repairs. I love the roomy cab and the security that comes with a 4WD vehicle.

- Irish G

It is my baby and I take very good care of it. I am constantly cleaning it inside and out.

I love that I am able to repair most things on my vehicle myself. I love that I have enough room for me and my work stuff. I dislike the things that are breaking down and needing fixed.

- Amanda Y

It has 300,000 miles and it still runs great and it's a truck so it can haul things!

The motor and drive train run great and It's made it to 300,00 miles. Downside is because I live where it snows, so the whole body has rust issues. Overall it has been a great truck.

- keith a

My truck has many miles but always is up for a challenge.

I have a Ford F-150 truck that has over 200,000 miles but is still in great shape. I can always rely on it and it never fails to produce. I would recommend this truck to everyone!!

- Sherri C

All the bells and whistles!

My truck has been very reliable and very comfortable. I can carry most anything inside and out. Has an automatic thermometer which gives temperature and great radio and DVD player.

- Marilyn F

My truck door latches broke

I love my truck but its a little crowded for backseat passengers but it runs great now both of my back seat door latches broke though and wont open I hear it's a common problem

- Shane H

It gets great gas mileage.

My truck gets very good gas mileage. It uses very little oil. I do wish it had power windows. It has a great air conditioner and stereo system. It has a very good transmission.

- Terry B

It will always get you back and forth from point A to point B.

I love how my truck gets me back and forth. I never have problems with it starting. I love the interior. I hate the gas mileage. The battery goes down fast and also eats oil.

- Linda S

It is a 2002 ford f150. 200,000 plus miles. Great space inside

We absolutely love our truck. We were given it used. It has run great and we have had no problems with it. It currently has over 200,000 miles and is still doing great.

- Katie A

It is in excellent shape and has low mileage for it's age.

I love the truck because it is diesel, it has a lot of power, is 4 wheel drive, and fun to drive. It is a 4 door long bed which makes it difficult to park sometimes.

- Darleen M

Reliability and power are the best thing with this diesel engine.

It is the Ford F350 and I love the 7.3 engine it has...great power...slow but steady. I do not like the braking system...not good enough for heavy loads or pulling.

- donna s

The second love of my life.

I had purchased my 02 Ford f150 with the 5. 4 used with 95, 000 miles on her. Now she has 228, 000 on her and still runs great. I keep her serviced every 3 months.

- Gary K

She has traveled every state west of the Mississippi.

I outfitted my vehicle to live in and have traveled the nation in it. It has been a great companion and has lasted me many miles. It is dependable and hardy.

- Sara P

It's paid for and drives very well. The fuel economy is decent, and the ride is good too.

I like the dependable engine and transmission. The four doors are great for loading the kids up. The brakes work very well, and it's a good looking truck.

- Mar R

It doesn't have 4 wheel drive, all trucks should have standard 4 wheel drive!!!

It fits our family of 6 and is good for hauling loads of stuff, but it is constantly have mechanical problems and we want to replace it with another truck.

- Angie M

312,000 miles! Truck has traveled most of the Eastern seaboard

2nd owner, 312,000 miles. Only slight issues and general maintenance and she's still going strong. Hauls trailers up to 28' and up to 5000# with no issues

- Kathy S

Long term mileage is result of maintenance.

As long as the required maintenance is kept up with tires breaks I'll change and tune up then it will give me long term mileage with very little problems.

- Christine P

When I can afford it I will be buying a new one and its lasted a long time so it's well worth the money

I love that it's a 6 passenger. I also love that I can use the bed for things and I can help deliver things for family. How big it sits and talk it is

- Heather W

Ease of driving gas mileage is low.

My food truck very reliable. It gets me to and from where I need to go. It's great on gas. I do not like that it's a stick shift but I got use to it.

- Heather S

The long life of a long fabulous truck.

The truck has been reliable. It still drives well even though it has many year on its life. It works like a new machine with many years to go on it.

- Lisa M

It rides great, looks great and is comfortable.

Looks great but sunroof leaks. This has caused some electrical issues. Also the sunroof controls are hard to shut tightly enough to prevent leaking.

- Tammy R

My Truck way get you to where you need to go.

My truck for it's age is pretty reliable, has plenty of room, and it will get where you need to go. I drive it across country a few times a year.

- George L

That It's 4x4. And it will climb mountains.but you just have to make sure it don't get hot

I love that it is 4x4.And I like that it gets me from place to place but only if It's close because it runs hot and that's the only thing I hate

- Loria S

It is not for sale! I would like to keep it running for as long as possible.

It is a solid, sturdy vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage and has a lot of room to carry stuff. I like that it is easy to spot in parking lots.

- A G

I carry my vehicle because i carry a lot of load so that's a plus.

Had the vehicle for more than sixteen years now. I haven't had any huge problems with it. It runs great and smooth for how old the vehicle is.

- Jesus C

I love my Ford F-150, Ford Born, Ford Bred

I love this truck. It's an older vehicle but is reliable and had a strong engine. Everyone love it because of all the space in the back seat.

- Kiana N

High enough to see around you

You sit high enough to see over many cars and you see more scenic scenes because you sit higher up. It is comfortable and rides smoothly.

- Ashley S

There's plenty of room, especially cargo room so you can haul things around.

It handles great . Love the light metallic blue color and the matching topper. It's very comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

- Therese P

As long as you keep the maintenance up, it will last for years.

Love my truck. I currently have 195,000 miles on the engine and have had very little problems. Change the oil every 5,000 miles.

- Caleb C

It's quite large can cause problems finding parking

I love my truck. It handles well regardless of the weather. I have plenty of room for my kids. I really have no dislikes about it

- Sara S

It rides nice, but there is no air conditioning. The truck is red.

I dislike because it's hard to get in it. I have knee problems. I don't have any complaints except there is no air conditioning

- Linda P

The most important thing is it's reliability.

I like that my truck keeps on going. I have had only minor repairs with it. It is the most versatile vehicle I have ever owned.

- Laverne R

Ford truck owner. Reliable car. Great investment.

It has lasted me 16 years. It has 270, 000 miles and I drive it about 4 hours every weekend, home. It is a great reliable car.

- Alyssa H

Good leg room and comfy seats.

Love trucks just wish it had 4 wheel drive and I two things all the time but it needs to get better gas mileage while towing.

- Jesse W

The truck is built to last.

The truck has been reliable and has lots of room for comfort. We have put a lot of miles on it and it is still going strong.

- Kim B

Great car overall. Love it.

I like that my truck is a manual transmission. I like that it has good visibility. I do not like that the AC does not work.

- Christian D

It is very durable and dependable

I Love my vehicle very much. I have had it for more than 15 years. I have not had any problems with it since I've had it.

- Tom M

It's reliable and I can depend on it

I like that it is reliable. I also like that it is paid for. I don't like that it's old but one day it'll be an antique.

- Mark M

It's a good truck and no trouble at all

All in all just a good truck. Gets me where I need to be runs good and hardly gives us trouble. What I hate is a gas hog

- Mickey D

It has been a very dependable truck. .

I really like the interior size. It drives well for a big vehicle. mileage can always be a little better. No complaints.

- Mark H

It has minimal miles on it.

I like the freedom of a truck to be able to haul things around. I like the feeling of being high up in a larger vehicle

- shane G

The replacement parts are a little high.

It run & drive well. It is reliable gas mileage is decent. It has a good pickup corner well it has a 5. 4 liter engine.

- Albert B

Its strong and can tow well.

I love my truck. Will be getting another one soon. Drives very nice and reliable. I do not have any dislikes maybe gas.

- Nicole M

It's Ford tough, dependable and powerful.

the truck has been a great truck, I love the 4WD and it has plenty of power. It is expensive to buy replacement parts.

- Joe L

Pretty much same as last answer. Common truck, trusted, tested. Parts and mechanics are easy to find.

The vehicle is good, just older. Like that truck is a common vehicle, familiar to mechanics. Also parts easy to find.

- Ter H

It is over 15 years old but it is still going and has some more life in it.

My truck is ancient now and has lots of miles on it. It was at the top of its line in its day but it keeps on going.

- Charles E

It is a roll over hazard, sways we you drive, gas mileage could be better

It's a very reliable vehicle, easy upkeep, the only thing I do not like is the gas mileage and it very unstable

- Randall S

It is reliable. It has over 200,000 miles and still drives great.

I like the room, I like the style. The only thing I would say I dislike is, the back doors never stay operable.

- Veronica P

Drive in style while also maintaining comfort

This truck gets great gas mileage and is super comfortable to ride in. I would recommend this truck to anyone.

- Taylor S

It is great on gas and very comfortable.

No complaints. Love my truck. I love Ford trucks. Very reliable, good on gas, and great for long road trips.

- Theresa V

Very reliable and less expensive to fix than other vehicles i have owned.

I love my truck we have had to replace the thermostat housing unit and some minor repairs but nothing major.

- Michelle R

Safety features and ability to maneuver in winter months.

Not really a truck enthusiast, is to big is an old truck, waisted too much gas the suspension is too rough.

- Cesar J

It's a pickup which is awesome I can haul my horses with it and anything else.

Just has an exhaust issues that needs fixed...does have some rust on the rocker panels that you can't see

- Jackie J

Everyone should know that my truck is my vehicle "baby" I take very good care of her.

My truck is older so it is missing some new technology that is available today but I still love my truck.

- Greg W

It is dependable and good on gas.

I like that it has pedals that move. I like that it is good on gas. I like that it is four wheel drive.

- Christopher L

The interior is extremely nice.

It is a king ranch so I enjoy the interior. I do not enjoy the gas mileage. I enjoy the stock suspension.

- Ethan P

Not the greatest on gas, but gets you from A to B.

We bought it from his boss used, not a bad vehicle!! Has had a couple issues but never left us stranded.

- Summer G

Its super sturdy and will last a long time.

I like that the truck is reliable. We've been building it up too. I don't like the fuel economy though.

- Claire C

Ford F-150 The best truck for the buck!

It's a 4x4. It has leather seats it's a four door. It gets 19 miles per gallon. It is very fun to drive

- Marvin K

keep transmission tuned and keep oil changed. keep truck waxed.

Been good but a few engine problems, blowing a spark plug, window coming loose, trim falling off.

- Leonard F

It works harder than most people I know

Truck has 250000 miles on it and still goes as strong as any other vehicle on the road. Live it

- Ricardo C

It gets me where I want to go and can haul a lot of stuff if I need it to

It's just getting old and starting to wear out. It's lasted a long time though so that's a plus

- Mag H

It's reliable and runs good, the body is in great shape too

It's an older vehicle that I don't like and it only has two doors. I like that it is reliable

- Tracy A

It has very low milage and everything works, we have never had any trouble with it.

It's clean, roomy, sits high, I love our truck. There isn't anything that I dislike about it.

- Margo D

It is a dependable workhorse that I use for daily activities

It is durable and has no major issues. The only dislike is that is consumes a lot of gas.

- Javier E

That it works. My car has driven me across the country multiple times.

I like that it has a flat bed. The seats are very comfortable. The car drives with ease.

- Sarah S

my vehicle is very reliable and looks great. It is fun to drive

like the big truck feeling. I runs great. It is great on gas and very fun to drive.

- Kisa T

It is heavy duty pick up truck and I am proud to own this brand.

I like how it look and it can pull heavy stuff. I don't like it drink too much gas.

- saranya c

the Haul capability in the bad combined with passenger space, makes a great versatile combo.

Reliability, space to access engine compartment, passenger space, haul capability

- Robert S

How it drives when you are in control of it.

With my family size, I wish the truck was bigger in size. Needs to be updated.

- Brian W

love it if i had to buy i would by it again

ike my vehicle because it runs nice the they is't anything that i don't dislike

- mamie m

The car I own is a SAAB. I love it. It is a seasonal car.

It's a truck. Comfortable but rides like a truck. I'm stiff when getting out.

- Julianne F

Full size bed and can pull a heavy load on a trailer

It's has a full size bed. It has a good strong motor. It's hard on fuel.

- David C

It is dependable and allows for me to focus on driving due to its hands free phone capabilities.

It runs great and has more than enough for friends to ride comfortably.

- Neva E

It is paid for and runs. Cheap to keep going and maintain. Ruggard and sturdy. Goes in all weather. I can use for multiple purposes.

Dependable good service. Good truck for all stuff. Tires are expensive

- Sonya S

It has over 200,000 miles on it.

My vehicle is a Ford F150 truck. I love it. I bought it new in 2002.

- Kevin B




it suits my needs and is reliable.

good transportation, reliable. decent mileage, enough room inside

- Dawn G

That it is paid for and I don't have to buy one anytime soon.

It's a company vehicle I get to use. Runs fine,not fond of white.

- Chad D

It has a full size bed so I can carry anything that I want to carry.

No complaints. It runs, drives and suits me greatly. I love it.

- Nancy E

Just replaced about 90 percent of the front end. Wish it was a 4 wheel drive as well. dependable so far.

I would rather have a truck than a car. An SUV would be OK, too.

- cha c

I will be able to make it to the next level of detail

Harley Davidson model, Crew cab and it's not like other trucks

- Mike Z

I live off main roadways and my vehicle takes a beating on the rough roads. Still it is very dependable.

My truck is paid for. It starts every time. Very dependable.

- Charles K

It's a Ford .It's got 4 wheel drive. It has chrome wheels.

I like crew cab.I like the 4 wheel drive. I like the color.

- Ed T

Ford is number 1 pick ups are great

it is very dependable. decent fuel mileage takes me there

- Richard C

Great to drive. Good to carry stuff. Great for camping.

Fuel mileage is not good. Hard to carry the whole family.

- Mark V

Good amount of passenger space and plenty of room for hauling.

Suits my needs.is comfortable. Drives well. Gas mileage.

- Bob J

Extended cab fully loaded. It's a great truck for my husband and is wonderful for shopping for "the big stuff". I find it comfortable as long as I don't have to ride in the back seat which is miserable.

It's a big tough truck that does what Hubby needs to do.

- Caroline C

it has many miles on it but it has had very few mechanical problems

ilike how it drives. i don't like the mileage it gets

- john l

Space and power. Gets the job i need done

Has good gas miles. Runs smoothly. Has a great radio.

- David C

reliable transportation, 4 wheel vehicle

Used reliable vehicle, good transportation

- Glenn V