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The Ford f-150 is not just a rugged truck, but also a comfortable family vehicle.

Our Ford f-150 is a great family truck. The truck seats a total of 6, and the back seat is very roomy. We have a shorter truck bed, however there is still plenty of space for hauling things. We took this truck on a 2800 mile round trip road trip and it was such a smooth ride. There was plenty of room in the back seat for our older son as well as the car seat, some snacks, a diaper bag, and a bag with bottles and formula. We were able to tow a 6 by 12 trailer packed with household items from a storage unit with no problem. I really like that this truck has the ability to move the pedals forward or backwards so this way my husband nor I have to move the seat when we switch drivers. This truck has proven to be very reliable and very tough. The only problem that has come up with our truck is that occasionally the turn signal will not work if you move the steering wheel to the lowest position, however we were informed that this can be easily fixed. My husband and son absolutely love this truck. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for a truck that is durable, can easily haul and tow, but also happens to be family friendly.

- Christy N

I love my ford tough f-150.

My truck is my lifeline. Although it is 16 years old it is still very reliable. I've shipped it from Hawaii to Oklahoma. I bought it new in Oklahoma and had it shipped to Hawaii then back to Oklahoma after 7 years. I love this truck. The way it looks, drives and performs. It has an electric sunroof which I use often. It has a lot of power. Leather seats which I love. It's a very comfortable ride for a truck. I feel very safe in it. I hit a cow once unfortunately and it totaled out the right front fender and part of the front grill. My dogs were sleeping in the back seat and didn't even wake up with the impact. Even with the damage done my husband nor myself were hurt in the slightest. That's ford tough! I've never had any major problems with my truck. I've kept up the everyday maintenance on it and it has rewarded me with a dependable vehicle with over 125,000 miles on it.

- Lisa C

My 2003 Ford F150 always there for me

I own a 2003 Ford F150 XL stepside pickup crew cab With approximately 205,000 miles on it I've had a little trouble with his Ford F150 I've had two naps oil changes and general maintenance I had one blown spark plug that was quickly fixed and taken care of by the Ford dealership other than that I really haven't had any issues or problems with the truck it's been a good truck it's strong pulls the trailer that I can add pool for camping and it takes the loads that I packed into it or hauling for dumping I feel safe and comfortable in the truck it hard as air conditioning Power windows power door locks AM/FM CD stereo power steering overdrive for when hauling the trailer split bench seats with a drop-down consul pass-through back window. My F150 is a short bed and has always been able to haul or deliver on my demands of work for the day

- Curtis A

2003 Ford F-150 King Ranch: The best of the best.

The 2003 Ford F-150 King Ranch edition has been a wonderful truck. I have been driving it for 16 years, and it has been very dependable. I do all of the routine maintenance myself, which is pretty simple for this vehicle. The truck currently has 160,000 miles and the only somewhat major issue it has ever had was a cracked intake manifold. My local dealership took care of that fairly painlessly. Other than that, I've just done general maintenance things, such as change tires, brakes, alternator, brakes, plugs & wires. I've hauled some heavy loads with no problems and I've been using it to haul a boat for many years. The truck still looks phenomenal & people still compliment the leather interior. All in all, I plan to drive this vehicle until it absolutely won't run anymore, whenever that may be.

- David D

Firm steady ride, powerful yet maneuverable.

So far, I am enjoying this vehicle that I bought used. I broke a leaf spring bracket but the repair should be inexpensive. It drives nicely. The seats are comfortable and the rear seats (crew cab) fold down for larger items. However, there is very little storage space behind the rear seats. In my regular cab truck, there was much more storage in the cab. The ride is firm and the visibility is good. Although I would prefer a full 8 foot bed, the short bed makes it easier to maneuver and to park. There is a small compartment in the console, but it includes two extra cup holders that could be accessed from the rear seat when the center console is down. The sound system works well and the speakers are placed properly for the best sound.

- Gregory J

What's up with Ford trucks. There is a button that raises or lowers the pedals.

The dash lights come on and off at any given time. The air conditioner does not work. It is a common problem with those trucks. I like the truck. There really is not much more. Well, the code for unlocking the door works when it wants to. The interior is beige. Do not like it. It's a good truck if you need a good work truck. It can take a beating. The truck automatically locks once it is in drive and you put on the brake. Sometimes it is delayed. When the lock goes down, if your arm is on the window, it will grab your skin and it hurts. Was thinking about reporting this to the Ford company.

- Donna C

White 2003 ford f-150 that drives like a dream.

It is a very reliable and easy to drive ride. Every part of the car has been put together with love and compassion from the people over at ford. I have not had any issues with the truck other than a fan has gone bad, but that is a relatively easy fix. I have driven this truck all up and down the east coast and it drives just as smoothly as the day that I purchased it. I have never once been uncomfortable while driving. All of the accessories and such still work perfectly as well. If you are looking for a reliable, comfortable, and good looking ride then this is the car for you.

- Blake L

Reliable Ford super crews.

2003 Ford f-150 XLT supercrew, triton v8 5. 4l, auto tranny. Been an excellent and reliable truck. It is been of great use even though the box is only 5. 5’. I bought the truck new and have been the only owner. During that time, twice did a spark plug blow out of the cylinder. Having knowledge of vehicles, I was not alarmed and aware of the possibility of it happening. The triton v8’s are known to have this happen. But even still, it is a fairly easy repair and you are back in the road. Keep up with routine maintenance and it'll last you a long time as it has for me.

- Lori B

Ford tough - truth in advertising.

Good gas mileage, very comfortable. Transmission issue at nearly 200,000 miles, would only drive in od. All in all, a very dependable, attractive ride. Bed side is excellent. I have had no problem hauling anything, ever. The interior is roomy and comfortable, for a truck. Like all vehicles, it is important to keep up with routine maintenance so that you do not have problems later. Most of the people I know that have had issues (not many) are due to zero maintenance or care until there's a problem. I would definitely buy again.

- April N

Ford F-150 XLT 4.6 Triton, it'll get you there

after 250000 miles with regular oil changes the only things that have gone out are things that are rated to go out at the 170000 mile marker anyways so by all means the thing is still running and running strong even after a year and a half of delivery driving work, other than that the only complaint I have is that the catalytic converter on the vehicle needs to be straight piped and is currently making the service engine light effectively making it harder to know when something else is acting up

- Cameron M

The lift on it is a lot of fun.

It is a fun truck. Not really a whole lot of options but it runs nice enough. It has a nice lift on it and thirty seven inch swamper tires which I like. This truck has the five point four triton engine and has plenty of power. It also has lots of room with the super crew cab also. I have had it for about six months and had to replace the whole front end and I am about to have to rebuild the engine and the vehicle only has one hundred and thirteen thousand miles on it.

- Rob M

It is tough and dependable.

I love my truck! It is a Ford f150 4x4. It goes anywhere, is very reliable. I put lots of miles on my vehicles and I have never had any major problems. I have been driving Ford trucks for 30 years or so, they're the best! Sometimes the 4x4s don't get the greatest mileage, but that is understandable. I feel safe and secure in my truck, especially in bad weather. I have pulled many Chevys and Dodge trucks out of ditches and washes.

- Windy A

16 year old Ford runs and looks as good as new!

We bought our Ford F-150 XL in 2003, and we have been and continue to be very pleased with it's reliability and comfort. In addition, although it is 16 years old, it's appearance seems current and appealing. We have maintained it according to schedules, and other than normal battery and tire replacements, there have been no problems. This is the best vehicle we have ever had, and expect it to last many more years.

- Linda L

Great reliable vehicle for family or individual.

With over 350, 000 original miles (motor, transmission, etc.) it is still a solid truck. It is our family's primary vehicle, we have driven it on long trips as well as every day driving. Our only complaint is that it is a single cab and with a child we need more room. Air and heat work great. Our biggest issue has been with coils going bad quickly, otherwise we just perform routine maintenance, such as oil changes.

- Nick C

My vehicle is an 03 Ford f150 extended cab. It is a good truck for driving.

My truck has had a lot of issues since I have had it. The spark plugs were faulty and the rotors are not in good shape. The overall drive is comfortable. It is a pretty smooth drive for the most part. Since it is an extended cab though, there's not at a lot of space which is an issue. The bed is really long and that's helpful for when moving or needing to haul larger objects. The engine runs very well.

- Maddie S

Very reliable, has never left us stranded on the side of the road.

Very reliable, and easy maintenance, especially if you drive. A very comfortable vehicle, but as our family grew getting car seats in the backseat even with rear doors became a hassle. Never have issues with towing or off-roading, but as with any car I would definitely recommend routing care, cosmetic and mechanical, as rust tends to be an issue especially in places with salted roads puting the winter.

- Danielle J

Buying a Truck is a Good Idea!

My truck has been very reliable despite the higher mileage. It always starts right up! It is built sturdy with enough room for people and groceries to fit in the backseat. It does not have 4 wheel drive, which is something I would strongly recommend getting if you purchase a truck! It gets stuck occasionally in the winter months during heavy snowfalls. Otherwise, it's an older and reliable model.

- Amber E

Ford f-150 full bed with seating behind main bench seat.

I've e never had issues with my truck other than standard service - it has 200k miles on it and drives just like the day I got it. I have had to switch to better gas and better oil, but I always take care of my cars and trucks so that they last as long as possible. I had to replace the transmission but that was due to a son driving it hard. Other than that, nothing but standard maintenance.

- Richard N

The 5. 4l will last a long time. Mine has 242k miles still going strong.

Absolutely love the 2003 f150 extended cab with 6 1/2 foot box. Ride is smooth, seating is comfortable & electronically adjustable for the driver. Love the 5. 4l engine, has lots of get-up and go. It is been a very reliable truck for the past 3 years I have owned it. Would definitely get another, but not older than 2003 because they made changes to the 5. 4l engine that are not good ones.

- Tracy D

I love my truck and will one day be getting a newer model of the same kind.

The truck runs great, even with some problems going on right now. It doesn't stop as soon as I push on the brakes and sometimes keeps running fast even when I have taken my foot off of the gas pedal. I have to take it in for a diagnostic. It has a lot of room for my kids to sit in in the back and I'm able to haul everything I need from fishing gear to yard work hear whenever I need to.

- Eddie M

Them f series not stopping no time soon!

It is an 2003 f 150 regular cab 4x4 XL work truck. 4. 2 liter v-6 with 5 speed manual transmission. No power windows or power locks. No tilt steering or carpet in the floorboard. A/c, cruise and am/FM radio are the awesome amenities it has. It has 130k miles and is my daily driver. My 2006 f-150 fx4 is loaded like a baked potato. It has 222k miles on it. I recommend Ford trucks.

- Christopher S

Reliable truck but with a growing family it�s getting cramped.

My truck has been very reliable to my family. It hasn't given much mechanical issues either. The only things that has ever been fixed was the A/C and the water pump replaced. It's a large truck so it has some decent leg room in both front and back seats. Now with our growing family it's starting to get cramped. We will eventually get something more modern with a bit more room.

- Precious T

My old reliable Ford f-150.

My vehicle is older and has 200, 000 miles. It has some problems with the engine missing but considering its age I am very pleased with how well it has held up. It is a safe and very roomy vehicle. I have plenty of room to haul my kids and groceries etc. The bed is also a great plus for hauling large items. I love owning a truck as it offers much more versatility than a car.

- Jennifer C

Small pick-up for BIG city driving!

The Ford F-150 that I drive is an excellent vehicle. For city driving, an excellent choice. Long trip driving with children probably not such a good choice as the seats won't lean back since it is a single cab, seating is cramped for more than 2 people. Having the bed for so many different tasks is awesome. Easy to maneuver in parking lots. Love my truck

- Sonya A

Personal Car/Usage, Recommended with simple details.

Have had my car for years, it's been getting me to places and what I need to get for me or my family Definitely enjoy my car, couldn't say I messed up on purchasing it nor can I say I made a wrong decision. If you need a vehicle similar to what I have, whether a normal car for work, family, haul certain things, moving belongings. I recommend this vehicle type.

- Mark A

My powerful green machine.

My Ford f-150 pulls my little 22 ft travel trailer all over the us with little problems. I bought it used with 150, 000 miles on it. I've had to replace one of the coils and the radiator. It gets great gas mileage while pulling and without. Its a 4. 7 V8. My next truck will be a Ford truck for sure but with more horsepower so it can pull a fifth wheel.

- Gwen S

The review of my Ford f150.

My vehicle is a Ford f150. It was made on 2003. It has been a very reliable truck that has needed minimal care. The alternator has been replaced and it has had its oil changed every time According to the specs. It has good tired that has been replace a year and a half ago. Overall if I had to get another vehicle I would definitely get s Ford pickup.

- Sheryl B

For the most part it has been a pretty good truck. Got my money's worth.

Over time the back half doors won't open. The driver seat has locked in place and no longer reclines. The service engine light is on. It has been tested and report comes up a misfire. Nobody can find the misfire. It sputters in town but runs great on the highway. I have owned the truck for 8 years and all on all it has been pretty good vehicle.

- Marcy B

White pickup truck with a replaced bed with wood.

One of the biggest issues with my vehicle is the amount of rust found in the bed. It drives good for someone who goes long distance. Good on gas. Its comfortable and I am able to pull anything I've needed to with it. The stereo could use an update. The nice part about the truck I have is it is reliable even with 150, 000 miles on it.

- Elizabeth E

Review of ford truck from 2003.

It's a great truck. Reliable, rarely has any problems. Its lasted this long even with having kids in and out. It gets great gas mileage out on the highway and in town. The bed has been useful to haul things, from moving to mowing. It does excellent on oil. I don't put too many miles on it so I don't need an oil change that often.

- Luke H

When purchasing a ford product never buy anything less than a limited trim level.

I do not have any vehicle problems out of the ordinary I service it at regular intervals and do not continue to drive it when it appears to have a problem I have it looked at and repaired. The vehicle performance is as expected I absolutely love the lariat trim level and would not buy anything less than a limited in the future.

- Michael P

2003 Ford F150 with 5 inches of lift on 35 inch mud tires

My vehicle is very reliable, it is 15 years old and still runs and drives great. Normal maintenance is required as per every vehicle but other than that only minor things have gone wrong, as would any vehicle with that age. I have 3 kids and 2 of them are in carseats and there is plenty of room for all of them in the back seat.

- Stephanie C

Ford is the way to go if you want a good and reliable vehicle.

I really am completely satisfied with my vehicle I don't really have any problems with it except the normal wear and tare it runs great even w high mileage it comfortable to ride up in short and long distance and rides smoothly. I would recommend it to anyone else to buy I've enjoyed having it as my vehicle Ford is tough.

- Tana G

Electric sliding rear window and electric pedal adjustment/extension.

Electric sliding rear window. Electric gas/brake height adjustment for comfort. Bed liner to protect paint. Driver and passenger side running boards. FM/AM radio with Seek and Tuner with a single disc CD player. Lighted sun visor mirrors. Drivers side has a message recorder with several message options. Leather seats.

- Sharon O

It�s a maroon 4 XL crew-cab. Been very sturdy and has over 300,000 miles.

My ford has over 300,000 miles. I've had to do quite a bit of work, like out in a new engine. But it has always been pretty reliable over the years. I like it's large size to be able to move large objects easily. It doesn't get very good gas mileage, but most trucks don't. It's got a sturdy body, which is important.

- Ashley M

A reliable and durable truck

It's been a great truck in my family for about 14 years, it's reliable and durable. I had a bad wreck in it and it survived with barely a scratch. Now that it's been through so much wear and tear, it has a lot of issues, like an oil leak and other little problems but it gets the job done still. It's never failed me

- Samuel T

2003 ford f-150: reliable but quirky.

Performance, comfort, and for the most part reliability (with a 16 year old vehicle, things are sure to fail at some point) have been outstanding. My only complaint about my f-150 is that it has had a series of electrical quirks, which are most likely not inherently the fault of the truck, but of a previous owner.

- Jake B

the best truck that I have ever owned

it's a white 4x4 stepside extended cab truck. Fully loaded power windows, power seats, heated seats, sunroof.sliding back window, leather seats, am FM radio,5.7 liter v8 gas engine. Its has over 330,000 miles and still running today. Has been a great truck, and I can find another one as great as this one has been

- donny Y

Good styling runs good comfortable all around nice truck money well spent.

My truck has been very reliable. Have only had a few problems due to lack of maintenance by the person I bought it from other than that it has been very durable and strong easy on gas and has plenty of room for myself and my family as well as work looks good and feels good to drive plenty of power when I need it.

- Gabriel S

Its blue and silver with the lariat package and runs great.

Very reliable truck little to no problems except for maintenance. Good gas mileage can get you where you need to go, and the truck just looks good. If you have family then this truck can hold up to 6 people, and all the luggage can go in the bed of the truck. There is great space also for your luggage and family.

- Austin W

F:150: Love the way it handles and it's proven durability.

Car has handed down to me from my grandpa, in good condition. I have put tons of miles on it and it now has over 200,000 on it. I have never had to do any serious work to it, only some minor fixes. I love the way it handles. Even though it's only 2-wheel drive it'll usually come out of the mud if I end up there.

- Ben L

Quality vehicle for work, pleasure and everyday use.

I have not had any problems. I don't like the gas mileage it gets, approximately 11 miles to the gallon, but for a large vehicle that is what I expect. The ride is rough, but there again it is a large vehicle. I use it to haul furniture for business, my grandchildren and my husband and myself. It fits our needs.

- Karen M

Dependability of our Ford truck.

It's been a pretty reliable truck for us. It gets us to and from where we need to go without many problems no matter how long its been since its last service for a tune up or oil change. I believe we got our money's worth out of it so far. People give fords a bad reputation but ours has been pretty dependable.

- Alicia H

Tuff assed truck that won't quit

My truck is very dependable, it cranks every time. There is a problem with the truck, though, it has spark plug boots and they blow off and are aggravating to change. My truck is a four wheel drive and has amazing traction when engaged. I work with my truck and it hauls really heavy loads, without straining.

- Stacey N

This vehicle has a beautiful stereo system in it. Runs great and you have full surround stereo sound . Great sound everyone needs a good stereo.

My 2003 F-150 Ford pick-up is so reliable. It has never failed me. And she is in such good shape, look at that truck! You do not see any Illinois trucks in that good of shape as that one. I just moved here from Florida 2 1/2 years ago and she don't have any rust or anything. Good shape, runs great good truck.

- David B

That it is very dependable safe and good looking vehicle I love it.

It runs very good and it is comfortable ride and pretty good on gas and good power as a good sounding radio system very cold air conditioner heater works great have a nice comfortable interior. Good looking exterior nice looking tires and wheels overall I think it is a very good vehicle I really love it.

- Jeffery E

I love my truck it is right outside. I ain't got no luck, but I sure got a ride.

The truck has performed great down through the years. And is still very good with a little over two hundred thousand miles on it. It is just old now but still drives like the new ones. I would love to be able to get one of these late model new ones. But living on a fixed income I just cannot afford one.

- Archie J

King ranch the real king of the highway.

Two hundred and eighty six thousand miles and still ready to go anywhere at any time extremely comfortable ride. My vehicle is a king ranch with the five point four engine power everything and it all works good have had this vehicle almost four years and have spent very little as far as upkeep goes. .

- Mike S

Enjoying our f150 for 16 years.

We bought this Ford pick up new in 2003. We have had no problems whatsoever mechanically. We keep it serviced on time and enjoy the spaciousness of the interior. It will soon roll over 200, 000 miles and still going strong. We especially like the convenience of the power windows and seat, and mirrors.

- Becky S

Older vehicle but made for comfort and usefulness.

low gas mileage but it has power when I need it. I had to replace major engine components such as the timing and the head gaskets but I love my truck! It is the supercrew style which I like very much it combines sedan feel with truck capabilities. It is an older truck but I still like the body style.

- Brandon C

Very Great Truck for the family

My truck is great when it comes to transportation. The mileage is great and can reach my destination with no problem at all. The truck is great for transporting the family in one trip. In all I really do enjoy this truck a lot. The only problems I have had is routine maintenance to maintain the truck

- Salvador V

f150 has a bench seat. Very reliable vehicle, no mechanical & electrical issues

Check engine light on with p0171 and p0174 was a quick fix replace intake gaskets as well as isolator bolts and grommets Amazing 5 speed manual transmission. Very reliable. Some of the features is ABS system as well as Air conditioner and heater very helpful cruise control when driving long distance

- Jonathan G

The truck that just won't quit.

I have had my vehicle for 15 years. It has given me very few problems. It has the features I need in an automobile. I make sure to change the oil regularly and try to maintain its fluids. I have replaced the brakes on schedule and it runs fine. The interior will probably give out before the engine.

- Andy T

2003 ford f-150 with a stepside truck bed.

This truck has been very nice since the time I purchased it. The style is nice, the seats are fabric and very comfortable. The air conditioner and heat are both very strong and work quickly. The truck runs well and has been reliable so far. The truck bed is small but useful for moving most things.

- Austin C

The v8 engine is equipped with 4x4.

The 150 truck is a gas hog!! It is however a v8. I believe it is 15 miles to the gallon. I had to replace power steering hose and alternator in the year of 2018. Beyond those issues mentioned the truck is solid. The interior color is tan and the exterior is maroon. The colors do not seem to match.

- Lisa B

Ford, built tough! Best truck you can own.

I love this truck, it's built tough! I am a ford brat, my whole family works at for, nothing and no one can tell me wrong about ford. The best in its class! No other brand beats ford by a long run! I would not purchase any other brand. Ford is it for me, the only brand out there that is the best!

- Cynthia R

I have a white f-150 xl the interior is still like brand new

Recently my car had been shaking a lot, we couldn't figure out what was wrong with it but after changing the spark plugs it went right back to normal. Other than that I can't really rely on my truck for about anything. I tried driving different cars but nothing feel the best like my ford truck

- Cecilia L

Great performance and comfort

XLT supercrew. Has been reliable and fairly easy to maintain and repair. It's roomy with comfortable seats and all accessories are easy to reach. It is great for hauling, but does have a slight shimmy at certain speeds that no one has found a cause for. It doesn't affect performance though.

- Amanda H

Ford svt Harley Davidson pickup.

The Ford f-150 svt Harley Davidson crew cab pickup is a very reliable, responsive and fun to drive vehicle. A family sized vehicle with the performance of a sports car. Fairly good fuel efficiency with the capacity for 4 adults. Comfortable leather bucket seats proved a elegant interior.

- William B

Black, 2003 ford f-150 single cab.

Even though my car is 16 years old, it is still a decent, reliable form of transportation. It has over 300,000 miles on but it still drives like a champ. In the 3 years that I have had it, I have only had to replace the starter and the fuel pump. All in all, it is still a good vehicle.

- Sean L

Runs like a champ after 15 years. Would never buy another brand truck

I have loved it for 15 years, still runs great, interior has finally started falling apart but it is expected due to age and Florida's heat. Paint on the hood is looking bad but no rust. Normal wear and tear. Overall the truck has never been bad to me, would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Jason E

It's a great dependable ride!

Our 2003 ford f150 4x4 has been very reliable and has had no major mechanical problems, it is a very comfortable ride for long distance travels. The gas mileage is around 15 on Hwy. It is jacked up with big tires so it would get a lot better fuel mileage with regular tires and no lift.

- Melanie R

I Love My Truck! She still gets compliments like she's brand new

love the king ranch package. This package has every option and feature you can think of and some you didn't. Gorgeous style and long lasting durability that will last for years to come. II love my Ford and wouldn't drive anything else. The value and rugged construction can't be beat.

- Lisa H

Easy to drive it runs well and easy to handle.

I have two Ford f150's and they both have been superior vehicles. My 2003 was bought new, is 18 years old now has been used often both short distance and long distance sometimes with heavy loads and keeps going strong with very minimal repairs/replacement parts needed over the years.

- Toni M

Hard working truck for v6

Really great truck. Almost 140,000 miles. Running strong. Even though only v6 it has pulled large loads of wood multiple times. No problems at all. Just need it to be 4x4. Because I do get stuck in the yard. Overall good work truck. Would recommend if only need 2 wheel drive.

- Gina H

Work truck built to work!

Best truck I have ever owned. This truck has almost 200k. My place of employment uses this same make and model for their work trucks.. we have 6 trucks that currently have over 300k. I quit literally have no complaints about the vehicle and would buy another if I came across one

- Mike W

Big old truck gets the job done.

The Ford f-150 is a great truck rarely has any problems. But it is gas mileage is quite awful. Cost around $70 to fill up and only last a little over a week. I drive a lot, so if you are like me I wouldn't suggest getting this truck. If you work on a farm though it is just perfect.

- Dylan M

Hello you need to check this out.

This vehicle is really awesome because I like his model, is an economical one and never let me down, has a nice presentation and its colors are awesome. I use it every single day and I really like it. You can trust me when I say buy a ford f150 and you will never regret about it.

- Angelina J

Ford tough is all you need when it comes to trucks.

Really good truck and nicely constructed. The vehicle has really nice performance that you cannot get anywhere else for the value. It is really comfortable and has really nice seats that give you a really relaxing ride. It has a lot of features that standard vehicles do not have.

- Harry J

King ranch king of the road.

My vehicle is a 2003 f150 king ranch quad cab, it is loaded with almost every option that was available in 2003. It has 286358 miles on it and still goes anywhere I need to go and at anytime, very comfortable ride with more room inside than almost any other pickup on the market.

- Michael S

Our truck it just right for us

I love my truck because it has a lot of room for me and my husband and our 4 kids to ride without being cramped up. It also has a lot of room in the back to put our stuff for trips.. We can pull our boat on it and go fishing.. And also the motor runs very good without a problem.

- Brandy F

Good quality made vehicle.

Love Ford products. Will not buy nothing else. Have bought only Fords and Lincolns all my life since 1968. Have not bought or owned anything else. I am from a long family list of Ford buyers. They have good performance good prices and longevity. My first car was a 1968 Mustang.

- Archie J

It is reliable and will get me from point A to point B.

I dislike like how often it requires new shocks. Also gas mileage can be better in town. And I dislike how low it sits to the ground. However, I love the spacious cab space. I love how it is a four door, which is great for families. And I love how I can haul stuff around still.

- Victoria H

It has plenty of room, enough to seat 4 in the back comfortably.

Overall the f-150 is a dependable vehicle. It has a smooth ride, quality brakes and keeps the whole family safe. I have had mine since 2003 and it has not given me any problems. It is great if you are driving around town or for a lengthy trip. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Manny L

I live the cab to transport stuff with

Rides smooth, ac works well. Can handle a wreck well too. I like that its 4 door. Very spacious. Leather seats are the best. Don't like the color. Other than that I like everything else about it. It's been making a clicking sound but I think that is from where I hit a mailbox

- Leah O

It still looks very good. The factory red paint job with a clear sealer coat.

Poor gas mileage, needs to have a factory blower installed. Otherwise everything else is alright. The vehicle is very reliable with 185, 000 miles on it. I think that it will be good for another 100, 000 miles. Nothing else needs to be changed other than regular maintenance.

- Donald C

Lots of room for the kiddies.

Extended cab is comfortable and roomy, with comfortable space for a family of six. Now 15 years old it is starting to show signs of high maintenance. In the last year it has required a good bit of front end work, new brake system, new belts but mostly routine upkeep overall.

- Sonya S

Good basic dependable truck.

This is a good basic truck. No fancy stuff that breaks and is very durable and reliable. It does eat through some gas and is kinda loud. The only issue is that the back door handles break and to fix it you must take of the inside of the door. But can be fixed with tie wrap.

- Rich S

Something to hand down to grandson.

Our truck is great for hauling the antiques I buy home. It is been fair on mileage and gives me peace of mind. It is 4 wheel drive n I hate snow. It was handed down in family and hope to give to grandson when he starts to drive. Of course it is a ford. Only thing we'll own.

- Deb K

Very dependable and a great for everyday use.

I like that my truck rides very well. I like the fact that it has four full size doors . the only things I wish are that it was 4wd and it was a better color.The truck is great on trips and it tows trailers very well.the seats are comfortable and it is very quiet in the cab

- george M

Open the door at your own risk

Really low gas mileage, you can only open the back doors by opening the front doors, you need a lot of room to get out of the door because of the way it opens, easy to make door dings on other cars (which you will have to pay for), small cabin space (would recommend F250)

- Terri M

Best built pickup truck. Comfort of a car.

Ford F-150 Crew Cab has all the interior space and comfort of a car but is the toughest pickup truck around. Enclosed boxed frame, 4.6 V8, Move to 4'4 without getting out to Lock in hubs, Cloth Interior, Power Windows & Locks, Terrific Stereo Sound, Plenty of Storage

- Kimberly N

My truck and only space for two. It's a single cab. It also has a floor shift.

I love my truck. I have always wanted a truck. I love having all of the space in the bed to transport anything I can fit. I love that it only has two seats for the driver and passenger. I love that it has a cover on the back so i can lock the item in the bed up as well.


I love my ford truck. It is everything I need in a truck, roomy,smooth ride.

my truck is very reliable, no major problems. Rides good, plenty roomy. A navy blue, finish has held up good. Gas mileage 18 mpg on highway. Love the amount of room it has in it. The only thing I wish it was long wheelbase. Pulls good. As you can see I love my truck.

- Vicki G

2003 150 Ford Harley Davidson.

Love the 2003 f-150 Harley Davidson. It is very quick. 120k no major problems. About all that was repaired we're maintenance items tires brakes battery. It's comfortable to drive, not a Cadillac but comfortable. Only downside is gas mileage 14 mpg city or highway.

- Joe Q

Great hauler with great comfortability. Looks great.

Have had a few issues with this truck. The 4wd kept going out, the front end had to be rebuilt, new steering stabilizer, but drives nice and is pretty comfortable. Gets up and goes when you hit the gas pedal. Not great on gas mileage but is great for hauling things.

- Danielle L

My vehicle runs well with maintained maintenance.

Its runs good as long as I maintain service. Overtime I have noticed that it squeaks when driving not sure why. I haven't had any major problems just the usual ware and tare. It's typically me and my partner so it provides enough room for us. Standard am/ FM radio.

- Ashley H

Pick up truck with extended cab.

Beautiful maroon truck with extended cab and great air condition. Rides are smooth and seats are great. Radio sound is amazing. Truck is great for long rides and even great for beach trips. Great speed and engine. This truck is worth getting. Not a waste of money.

- Breanna M

It works! It gets the job done.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. It hardly ever breaks down, and it takes me wherever I need to go. I use it as a working truck, so it really does get the job done. From carrying boxes upon boxes full with items, to carrying small pipes or other heavy items.

- Clement G

A truck is a great vehicle to own because we all encounter situations where the hauling capability will be useful.

The Ford F-150 is a roomy vehicle with sufficient cargo capacity to handle just about any load you may find yourself in need of hauling. The truck sits relatively high off of the ground, which I would assume makes it safer in the event of a traffic accident.

- David L

Good truck and working and trips and fun.

Nice to be a higher truck for work loads gas isn't the best but gets the job done. Overall I'd say it's a reliable truck for years as long as maintain it. Can haul more work loads for constructions landscaping demolishing dump runs and great for camping.

- Matthew T

My vehicle is a white Ford 51-50 and it is a good truck to drive with

I do not have any vehicle problems anymore, I had fixed my truck about a year ago with the breaks. The seating is comfortable, and all in all the truck runs great and is a beast. The features are all new due to putting in a new radio for Bluetooth options

- Amber R

Great pick-up truck handles whatever situation I put it to.

This is my daily driver, and it is very reliable. When it was purchased I ordered several extras and maintained the truck to insure it would last. Luxury level interior, 4X4 long bed, towing package. For its size and age, fuel economy is not bad.

- Anne G

Quality and longevity. It is a Ford thing.

It is old with almost 170 thousand miles on it. And it has served me extremely well. And if I ever get the opportunity to get another new vehicle it will be a Ford. From the very first car that I have ever owned have been Ford since 1968.

- Archie J

This 2003 Long Bed 4WHD truck has carried many a beaver carcass and hauled more vegetables than you can shake a stick at.

This vehicle is a workhorse. I have driven it under every imaginable harsh off road situation since I purchased it in 2004. Never let me down. Cannot find the same body style anymore, so I will drive this one until it completely dies.

- wade b

Mercedes quality and reliability.

I like the size of my truck, and it's been extremely reliable. The amount of gas it requires for a long trip, however, does make me cringe at times. The only complaint I can have is the amount of money it takes to fill the gas tank.

- Jonathan C

My truck may not run, but at least it's built.

My truck was recently in a really bad car accident, luckily, my grandfather and I were able to rebuild the whole truck. Right now, it is not all the same color, and the engine doesn't start half the time. The headlights do not work.

- Halee B

Always have gas money this truck will drink up when constantly being driven.

The car is so comfortable we do not have any trouble with it except for always having to put gas in every other day or so but that is cause we always on the move but it is in other words good shape. I love having this truck.

- Sarah W

It drives but it has a multitude of problems that need to be fixed.

There are so many problems with the truck. Most of the windows have stopped working, the ac has given out, power steering has messed up. It drives but sometimes it feels like it might not live for very much longer.

- Sarah W

Fuel economy is very sufficient with the 4.6l doesn't use hardly any coolant has been low maintenance

I've had this truck for several yrs and overall i give it 6 on 1-10 scale, blower controls always messed up comfort is decent features are dull performance is fair but has been pretty reliable out all features

- Jody C

Great family & work truck.

Runs great. Cosmetically scaled as used in good condition, interior is clean, seats are cloth. Mileage is standard for the age of the vehicle and under 200, 000. Currently needs a passenger side control arm.

- Angeline R

The 2003 Ford F-150 is good at being a truck and family vehicle.

My F-150 is fantastic for hauling things and has a lot of interior space for my family. The engine is powerful and quick. The gas mileage isn't great so filling up at the tank can be quite pricey.

- Karmen K

Dependable, Comfortable, Fun to drive. Super cab provides room for friends/family to ride comfortably and still have a good sized payload.

Never had any issues until recently the ac will not blow out of the front air vents. I know it is a vacuum issue but may cost too much to fix. The truck runs great and I have enjoyed having it.

- Edward W

Capable vehicle for what it has been engineered to do.

Other than the typical 5. 4 spark plug issue I have no complaints. The truck is built well and feels like a tank. Gas mileage is poor, but considering all alternatives it is not a bad trade off.

- Matthew B

It's a great family car, as many seats as I need for my family, but more reliable and better mileage than a minivan

I like that it hasn't required a lot of repairs, is reliable, safe for all three kids to ride in, and I can haul anything I need in it. It's great for day to day errands as well as long trips.

- Hannah F

It's been one of the best vehicles my family has had.

I love how it's big enough fit my family of five. I love the color red. I love how it gets us safely from place to place. I dislike the fact that we've had to fix it up quite a bit this year.

- Sheri M

My truck is reliable and dependable. This my second F 150, they are excellent trucks.

My truck is reliable and dependable, it helps that I have always kept it maintenanced. It is approaching 200,000 miles, but still runs great. This my second F 150, they are excellent trucks.

- Justin W

Very reliable. Reasonably easy on gas.

Sounds really bad a-- when you start it up. I love the way even though I am short I can still see out clearly. The only parts we have had to replace are just normal wear and tear parts.

- Diana R

My truck is dependable and fun to drive.

I like that it is reliable, drives well and it is a truck so I can haul things. I do not like the gas mileage, how big it is and because it's a truck everyone asks me to help them move.

- Stephen K

It is tough and reliable while being comfortable.

It has been reliable and dependable over the years. It has good towing and hauling capability with fairly reasonable gas mileage for a larger vehicle. Smooth ride and roomy interior.

- Larry R

It's a trooper. Has never failed me yet.

No matter what happens to the truck a keeps on going has been very reliable. It has been driving with a problem with the emission system for over a year now and still going strong.

- Hannah A

We do not have heating or AC in it anymore. Otherwise it still runs well.

It still runs, which is great, things are always breaking down on it. Our AC no longer works, nor does the heat. We had to tape up the back window to keep the rain from getting in.

- Katherine D

2003 Ford lariat truck f series.

Due to the fact that the truck is very old, it is starting to wear down. It has been reliable up to this point however, and I have only recently started having issues with it.

- Greg K

My exceptionally great truck!

My interior is all leather which I absolutely love! I love that I have remote control windows and seat adjustments. Overall my truck has been great and has no major problems.

- Brooke B

It handles well in the snow and is easy to put in 4 wheel drive.

My truck was given to me by my parents. It used to be my dad's truck. I like that it can haul a lot of stuff and is dependable. I will miss it when I have to get a new one.

- Connor N

This truck is really great

It is a great truck and would recommend It hasn't let me down in the last three years I've had it. Been across country in it and also to other states. Back and forth to work

- Joseph C

It drives way different with mud tires.

Right now it's broken but I love my truck because its big, loud and gets me through stuff. I wish it had more space on the back for my kids but they love my truck as well.

- Sasha B

Nice looking truck, will buy another Ford truck.

Uses oil now that it is older. Sunroof was leaking but my husband sealed it. I like the truck. I will buy another Ford truck. Some of cons could be from previous owner.

- Jill K

Old ford, starting to go out.

It is slowly starting to have more issues and needing to be fixed more often. . . It still runs well enough to get us around town but can no longer tow our fifth wheel.

- Rebekah E

The one most important thing that people should know about my truck is that its durable.

I like that it's a durable truck. I would like a newer one in order to keep up with today's technology. It has a few dents but for being 15 years old it's pretty good.

- Skyler K

That it is in great condition and I got it for a real good price.

It is a newer model than the 1997 I had. It is an automatic where my last was not. It is a lariat with all the bells and whistles. I love my truck. And it is paid for.

- Cathy L

It's a truck. It drives and rides like a truck. If you're looking for the ride of a car then this is not the vehicle for you.

This is a great truck. I haven't had any problems with it other than normal wear and tear issues. The engine is the larger V8 and seems to be strong at 140,000 miles.

- Jason C

That it is a great vehicle and I would buy another one.

I like that it's very dependable. Seldom have any mechanical issues. It gets decent mpg. I dislike that the air conditioning doesn't blow as strong as I would like.

- Mary W

It has to many miles. I want a newer car. It Eats gas to quick.

It's a great make to get. They are American made vehicles. Never had a problem with it. I just put so many miles on it over the years that it time to get a new one

- Christine L

It is bigger than the average vehicle so it does take some getting used to.

I like the look of it and how it drives. I do not like the bad gas mileage. It is getting older and starting to have mechanical issues. It is comfortable to drive.

- Vicki B

It is a great truck to use for hauling things around.

What I really enjoy about the Ford f-150 is that it is a perfect ride, it is nice and smooth on the road. What I dislike about it is that it uses up a lot of gas.

- Gabrielle E

F-15 great vehicle, uncomfortable seats

Our truck is low mileage and we have had no problems with the vehicle itself. We do not drive long distances in it due to the seats not being terribly comfortable

- Jim F

Its dependable, has a smooth drive. Its spacious and it is convenient.

I like the smooth drive. I like the space in front and back. I love the color.... I dislike the cab doors. I dislike the mirrors all, including rear view mirror.

- Sheryl B

I can comfortably drive because the gas and brake pedals adjust.

Adjustable gas and brake pedals. Back folds down perfectly for the dogs. Can seat 4 comfortably or haul a trailer or lumber or feed or dogs or goats to the vet.

- Kimberly H

Ford trucks are the best in the world. No one can beat them.

I like it. It was my sister's truck. It has a couple of design flaws but nothing major. Has over 200,000 miles and transmission & motor still run like champs.

- Duane D

it's from an american maker manufacturer so It's reliable and honest.

I like that it is easy to fix when there is a problem and it's a smooth ride. I like the space inside. It is the basic model so it has no bells and whistles.

- Don S

Ford # 1 selling truck. Buy a Ford so you do not wind up walking.

My truck is fantastic. Drives very well and dependable too. Will pull a Chevy out of a ditch every time. Always buy Ford because it's the best truck made.

- Jon S

Long term ownership can really wear down the car and it doesn't last as long.

We have had to take it to the shop several times with problems due to coils and spark plugs. A recurring problem with the make and model of this year.

- Deborah H

It has 215000 miles on it.

I like the power and the handling. I do not care much about it is looks. It is very good for hauling things. It needs the ac fixed. It also uses oil.

- Kerry F

1 most important thing is that it uses up a lot of gas

The car is really spacious and it has a bed which is really good for hauling stuff and picking things up like spare tires and things of that such

- Christopher M

It gets great gas mileage.

It has been a great running truck. I only have 65000 miles on it. Love to drive it love the color of blue it is. The best vehicle I have owned.

- Ted M

F150 nice when new but didn't stand the test of time.

It is older and has electrical problems with several things in the electrics not working right, a bad heater core and bad catalytic converter.

- Susan H

My Ford f150 short review.

Its ok, I am going to get a new one soon I don't like the stick shift. And it needs a new engine soon but other than that it's a great car!

- Frank T

It does not have automatic lock doors.

It has been a great reliable vehicle. I like that it is simple without a lot of components. It would be nice to have automatic lock doors.

- Kim M

Ford trucks are nice, reliable vehicles.

I love it because it is a 4 door,it seats 6 passengers, it is a 4 wheel drive, I can haul things.it drives pretty nice, it is comfortable.

- Josh J

Nice reliable basic truck.

It is a nice basic truck, very reliable no fancy features. It is very easy to get parts for and to get fixed because it is a popular car.

- Rich S

2003 F-150 Nice Basic Truck

This is just a truck. It is great there is nothing fancy to break. The only problem is the short back doors the handles no longer work.

- Richard S

The most important thing about my truck is that is already has over 300,000 miles and is still going strong.

I love the fact that it has the ability to pull a heavy load while still having the power to get up and go. Very durable and dependable.

- Kinnith M

It is 16 years old and continues to run well.

This vehicle has been very dependable and safe. For it is age it is in wonderful condition, inside and out. This vehicle is good on gas.

- Becky S

It has pulled several Chevrolet out of the mud. Never once had to be pulled out by another truck or tractor.

My F150 is reliable and good looking. It has plenty of power but surprisingly gets pretty good gas mileage. It's exactly what I want.

- Donald T

It is dependable and paid for.

I like the power, room and dependability. It gets good gas mileage, the style is still current, and it hasn't had any major problems.

- Greg B

Safe, comfortable and easy to drive.

I love my truck. I feel it is very safe . It is easy to drive and comfortable to ride long distances. I would buy another ford truck

- Susan M

It still look good as new and well maintained.

It's in a good running condition. Even its old, still smooth to drive. I just love it because it lasted more than 10 years with us.

- Ma Cristina Z

Great for towing and an all around great drive.

It's really great. We've used it to haul multiple things and have never had a problem. The only downside would be gas isn't cheap.

- Camilla B

Ford F Series Pick Up Truck

The truck has been reliable over the 15 years that I have owned it. However, several issues have begun to develop as it has aged.

- Greg K

It is a good model it is a truck with heart if it was a person.

I all around goo however I would like a longer bed I would love to have a longer bed it is always done what I wanted in a truck.

- Walter H

ford f 150 , one of the best trucks i have ever owned.

I think that the truck is really good on gas,and i also think that it is very very reliable. it has never left me stuck anywhere

- cassidee h

There are worse trucks out there.

Well, we have no heating. We've had to replace the radiator, ac compressor, and serpentine belt in the last year we've owned it.

- Kate D

It is very roomy and lots of legroom.

No air conditioning so is warm. I like the extra full seat in back so seats 6. I wish the gas mileage was a bit better the 19.

- catherine S

I like how you can attach a trailer or even a rv

My vehicle is very stable I like to use it for hard jobs such as moving dirt/gravel. The interior is very stable and comfy.

- Jimmy B

Ford Truck! best vehicle we have ever had

Haven't had many issues other than rust and needs to be cleaned professionally. It took us across country and works amazing

- Bianca L

That Its never had any problems.

I bought vehicle new and fully loaded with all the extras. It has 260, 000 miles on it and has never had a serious problem.

- Linda M

Ford makes lasting vehicles.

It has a camper shell I can sleep in on road trips. It doesn't have problems despite having 140000 miles. Okay gas mileage.

- Garret H

It is the 100 year anniversary.

It rides smooth but looks gay. I do not like the level it sits at and the wheels are really small. It needs a lot of work.

- Drake C

Very inexpensive to maintain.

Rides well. Gets great gas mileage. I do not have to worry about it getting scratched or dented, it is old and runs great!

- Daniel Y

Its blue 2003 ford truck.

It's a wonderful vehicle wouldn't trade it for anything never had to do a lot of work on it probably will keep it forever

- Amanda F

It has 180000 miles and still running strong. The maintenance is easy because it is diesel engine

This truck has taken a beating and still runs great. It is diesel so the gas mileage is good I don't have any complaints

- John A

Very good on gas and is very reliable.

It carries all equipment and tools for jobs. It is really good on gas. It is very reliable to get me where I need to go.

- Ronald B

Problems with older f-150 are many.

It is getting older and has electrical problems, the heater core has gone bad and the catalytic converter quit working.

- Susan S

very durable and can tow a lot

Very comfortable, no problems as of now, very reliable, has 4x4 and we use it as a towing vehicle. love going with ford

- Chris H

Why I love my Truck, because its a truck.

Its a truck, that's why I like it. I'm in the used car business and I just prefer to have a truck over a car any day.

- Desirea B

It's in good condition and everything

Nothing wrong with it except it needs tires soon and a oil change and it drives nice, it takes me where I need to be.

- Travis B

It runs well but the gas mileage on it could be better.

I like the 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive. This way, I can navigate better during winter. Not really any complaints.

- Denzel E

ignition coil setup sucks. all other design features are fine.

absolutely love my truck. bought new and runs great. hate the ignition coil setup. everything else no complaints.

- cc S

buy an f150 very low maintenance

my f150 is really dependable. in 15 years I've only changed oil and fluids on it. I just replaced battery last year.

- Brian R

Last a long time put a lot of mile on it without to much maintaining

Very nice truck 4x4 is good good for towing boats and campers lots of room in it comfortable to drive on long trips

- Michael L

I love the a fact that it sits 6 people. And has a locking tonneau cover

The back set is really cramped. Not a for wheel drive. It has great hauling strength. It shifts and stirs smoothly

- Brittany M

It is one of the best cars I have owned.

I love that it is high. I like that I can haul stuff. It is very roomy and spacious. I hate how much gas it takes.

- Danielle F

It is very comfortable, rides smooth and seems to always be right on the money for doing what I need it to do.

This is the best truck I have ever owned. It is smooth and gives me no problems. Not to bad on gasoline either.

- Lora D

It's a Ford . Able to do the big jobs !

It's a 4x4 so it's tough enough for bad winters . Big enough to haul stuff home. And it brings memories of family

- Debra E

Heated seats, air conditioning, electric windows, and doors.

Very reliable vehicle has, air leather interior am/FM/CD. New tires powers windows, and door locks heated seats.

- Angela R

Dependable and holds value.

Has always been dependable, good power and gas mileage have only had to do standard repairs, battery, plugs etc.

- Gregory B

Back doors wont open cause catches or latches broke.

Gets me where I have to go and no dislikes. Could be made aluminum or steel parts, plastic wares out to quick.

- Douglas G

That it is a damn well built vehicle and best truck ever.

It is a good truck that runs well. Two hundred thousand miles and still runs like a champ. Very good vehicle.

- Duane D

A reliable vehicle that has lasted a long time

My 2003 Ford F-150 Supercrew had a sunroof and running boards standard when I bought it in October of 2002.

- Dennis M




It's a good vehicle to have

There is nothing wrong with my truck it is a good vehicle and runs really well it is good for everyday use

- Dylan L

Black Ford f150 four wheel drive.

Runs good I have over 100, 000 miles and it still runs like new no problems, very comfortable smooth ride.

- Monica R

Very nice to drive nice for trips.

Very comfortable handles nicely great pick up speed to get you out of a jam poor design of plugs in motor.

- Dale B

They are very awesome and they are really easy to drive.

It runs great, has speed and has tons of room it fits me, my husband and our four children comfortably...

- Kayla W

would get this vehicle again

very reliable truck, trustworthy, I haven't had any troubles with it at all and I have had it since 2003.

- Daniel T

That it is dependable, safe and a well rounded truck.

It is a dependable truck, American made, seats 6, 4x4 works fantastic, I am very satisfied with my truck.

- Jared D

Needs more pulling power rated higher than what it pulls

Great looks problems with plugs and coils poor design drives great nice leg room paint on tailgate peals

- Dale B

My vehicle is reliable very spacious and can hold a lot of cargo

I like that it has a lot of room. I like that it moves reasonably fast. I dislike how much gas it uses.

- Paul S

Has less than 70k miles and is paid for. We feel it is safe to travel in due to its size.

Safe, reliable, quiet, and paid for. Is able to do almost any job well. I wish the mileage was better.

- Chris P

The body is in good shape. It runs well. It rides nicely too.

I like the body style. I like the motor. I do not like the fuel mileage. I do not like the high miles.

- Dan R

That it is built strong to handle anything you need it for

I like that it has room. Also like the handling.the only dislike is that it is showing its age

- Leonard D

It seats 6 people safely and comfortably without sacrificing any towing capabilities.

I love the power of my truck. It has the v8 triton. I like the room the 4 door cab offers.

- Jessica N

It is strong and reliable, and can get you from place to place.

I like the height of the vehicle, and towing capacity. I hate the bench seat and the rust

- Jeffrey C

It makes my life easier with its ability to haul things.

It is dependable and it can haul things. It does not give me many problems. It is useful.

- Joe D

Love the room. Hate the air conditioner. The most reliable vehicle i've ever owned, have had no major service issues. Could be better on gas.

Has a ton of room for lots of kids and kids junk. It's very comfortable for long drives.

- Jennifer E



- John B

That Ford trucks are very reliable and very durable

It's everything I want and I can do anything with it. Also it has been very reliable

- Timothy B

older cars can last a long time if treated well and maintenance is kept up

runs good for an older vehicle, it is a good color, it carries a lot of things

- betty j

It's never let me down, has held up really well, and is great in the winter time.

I like that it is spacious and dependable. I dislike the gas mileage.

- mike e

Has the original transmission.

My truck is blue. Has the original transmission. Runs like brand new.

- Louis R

Totally dependable, long lasting, reliable, desirable

Love my truck, my next car will be a ford truck, no doubt about it

- mya b

lasted a long time. Never any major problems just routine maintenance.

dependable, doesn't look 15 years old. Nothing torn or broken.

- Chris H

it's durability and it has lasted for a long time with few repairs needed

I like everything about my truck. it carries a lot of purchases

- joe l

It is old, has a couple problems. not good looking

with high mileage, runs ok. Going to pass it on to my grandson.

- mud z

That it is very dependable and still works wonderfully after 15 years.

I love how long it has lasted. It's a truck and I have loved.

- Michelle G

I like that it's four wheel drive and can tow a camper.

It can tow. It's big enough for five people. I like the style.

- Tina B

It was a very cheap vehicle that is super reliable

It is reliable. It is safe. It is fun. Overall I love it.

- Tyler U

Motor has been replaced and has a vacuum leak.transmission leaks.other then that it's a good running truck.

Truck that originated in Michigan so it's full of rust.

- Russ H

It drives good & looks good

I like it because it works well & ive always wanted one

- Debby B




Truck is very bad on gas mileage but otherwise a great truck

Like that I can haul stuff and dislikes the gas mileage

- Tracy W

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

I like that it is reliable but I wish it was bigger.

- Cassandra A

The engine doesn't give out easily. It has a nice color.

It runs and runs no problems. It has a nice color.

- Jackie S