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This truck is whatever you need at any given time.

The truck is extremely passenger friendly, with room for 5 grown men. It has pulling power, enough power to pass 18 wheelers in a snap on interstate, etc.. The leather interior is top of the line, has a smooth ride. a lot of comfort. Upkeep is minimal, however it requires special plugs and coil packs. These trucks get a carbon buildup around 100 thousand miles, and require a special tool to remove points, plugs without breaking. It is a heavy duty truck, but has a feeling of spacious comfort, even luxury. a lot of extras and is certainly appropriate for family travel. It has 130 thousand miles, and requires only regular servicing. ( oil change, tire rotation, etc.) it looks sporty, and can appropriate for a luxury vehicle. This truck has a custom bed cover as well. Ford also offers some unique paint colors, and really is eye catching. Gas mileage is decent, considering the size and power that you have with it. Great for work, great for play. It is truly an all around great vehicle, and is quite suitable for any and all occasions.

- Maria O

2004 Ford F 150 Great for our needs and safety. Not great for spark plug issues.

My vehicle Ford F-150 is a great vehicle for what my family needs utilitywise. We get bigger items from home improvement stores and like to shop in store for furniture items. It is nice to be able to lug around everything and anything. I wouldn't trade that feature of a pick up truck. I also love feeling safe inside a bigger vehicle. If we travel we like to take our truck. The one downside we have had with this make and model is the tune ups. This particular make and model had issues with it's spark plugs getting stuck when trying to change them out during a tune up. That unfortunately happened to us and it cost us around 5,000 dollars to get it fixed. After researching this issue we found that they had a lawsuit concerning this issue. Wish we would have known before purchasing. Might have gotten a different brand truck.

- Jennifer B

Why I love my Ford f-150 truck.

No problems at all with my Ford f150. It is very reliable, easy to drive, navigate, back in to a space, including my driveway. It is seats & ability to get in & out of my truck make this so easy & comfortable. I love that it has a compass, easy to see all that is around me, in front, sides, back, for safety, & it tells me if I leave my lights on when I stop, or if someone does not have their seatbelt on, it lets me know. Very big side mirrors, which I am able to use automatically, & a nice big rearview mirror for safety. Easy to open the back, which is covered, & close. I get compliments on my truck all the time. Most people think it is much newer than it is! Love my Ford f150! I want to buy a new one sometime!

- Cris L

Big bird- yellow Ford F-150

I've had very few problems in the years since buying my truck. I've dealt with the common problem of the window motor going out as well as a few check engine light issues (none were major problems), but overall it has been wonderful! It was my first vehicle and was very good for protecting me when I had my first wreck- no visible damage and I was unharmed! I don't like the accessibility of the jack and spare tire. It can be a pain when it's raining or I've got a headache. The jack is underneath the backseat and has to be removed and it's tools are used to remove the spare from underneath the back of the truck with the key, then turning until it comes down.

- Rachael M

It saves so much on gas, if you go long distant it is a life saver.

I've has this vehicle for over 10 years and it has been great runs smoothly, fast for one but now after close to 15 years it started to have problems. With the motor especially. Even the a/c broke down. A lot of minor problems but if you keep having tune ups and oil changes regularly this vehicle will last. Until this day yeah minor things bother me and yes it might be old but it saves so much on gas good for people like me work drives so far for school and I am surprised that it has not fully gave up on me yet. Yes it might not to the most modern but it certainly has its perks.

- Michelle S

My Ford F-150 is a reliable good looking truck for daily use.

The Ford F-150 has been a truck that won many awards for Americans best truck, my family has always owned fords and f150s. My 2004 f150 has some problems that happen between 04-08 with the spark plugs, ones that was fixed I haven't had a problem since. My f150 is lifted with larger tires the truck handles the six inch lift and thirty five inch tires perfectly, it's definitely a definitely rode from stock but looks good! I get compliments all the time on the comfort of the Interior of my truck it's roomy and perfect for trips. All the features are excellent and simple to use.

- Mitchell P

04-09 f150 has the best body styles, last of the metal body's.

The only major problem is my cam phasers and guides on my timing chain. It's really expensive to fix this very common problem. Should be a recall on it! Other than that I have had no other issue at all but regular maintenance. I've drove it from Houston to Dallas at least 50 times and from Houston to Louisiana about 20 times. My truck has a sunroof, leather seats, back up camera, nice sound system and chrome 20 inch wheels. I'm keeping my truck until the end of my day. I would rather rebuild the motor than by a new truck. The body style that year was the best!

- Jerry H

Smooth ride, smooth look.

Our Ford f-150 drives and rides very smooth. It gets good gas mileage. My truck is a cab and a half. The back seat is small and not very comfortable for an adult. It is good for a child. Car seats do not fit very well in the back seats. The front seats are very comfortable and adjust very well. Ours has the standard bed and it is very spacious and nice. The problem with the truck is that it is inclined to rust. I have heard that fords do that. It needs window guards too. The rear window is inclined to leak because the seal moves too easily.

- Misty C

Another level of Ford Lariat.

My Ford truck is very durable drives smooth. I like that it is very spacious and comfortable to travel in. Love the leather seats and the luxurious look it has in the interior. Outer look my truck is black and love it. Looks so elegant with it's chrome outline. It's a whole nother level of ford truck I think. I really think any other kind of truck model will not come to it. I guarantee it's quality it has not failed me. Gas mileage is great especially for me that I travel long distances. I would not give up my Ford truck for nothing.


My little baby pavement princess

I absolutely love my vehicle! The only thing that I don't love is the gas mileage. I feel like I'm constantly throwing money at gas. Other than that I literally love everything about Felix (the name of my car hehe). I have had issue in the past with my gear shift and my windows but got that all fixed up and haven't had any issues! You should know that Felix (again, the name of my car) is strictly a pavement princess and doesn't go off the road very often. I have ventured into some grassy fields with ease but never when it's muddy.

- Julia B

It has heated leather seats and is the best truck I have ever owned.

It is a 2004 ford f-150 king ranch, and have had it since 2005 and it is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned, runs great has plenty of power, I pull a boat and a camper trailer with it and have never had any problems with it, and with it being a king ranch it has every accessory you could ever want in a truck. It now has 249,000 miles on it and it still runs great. When it is time to get a new truck I will most definitely be looking at the new king ranches before anything else.

- Kevin C

Ford, the most reliable truck on the market. Now, & forever!

I have had no problems with my truck since I bought it used in 2004. People think it is newer than it is, since it is always been garaged, & never used for a work truck. Performance has always been great, along with reliability. It is so comfortable to drive. Seats feel comfy & easy to get in, & ride in. I love that I can see above the traffic, unlike my Lincoln, & it has a compass, & safe, big rearview, adjustable mirrors. Speakers are awesome, & radio, etc., is very clear. Love it!

- Christine L

Basic review of a 2004 f-150 lariat.

I love my f150, it is great for moving furniture and big household purchases. Furthermore, with the 4-door I can comfortably fit 4 other people in my car. Although it is a bit outdated in comparison to the newer models, I can still connect my phone through the radio with a FM adapter and it also has the 5 disc changer which is great for road trips. The biggest downside is typical of big cars, that it requires a lot of gas and does not necessarily fit in all garages. Love my truck!

- Olivia H

2004 Ford f-150 lightning.

Special edition sat lightning, production number 1941. 120k miles and runs great. It has aftermarket exhaust and air induction, lower crank pulley, heat exchanger and aftermarket intercooler reservoir. Remotely tuned by woodbine motorsports. It's a pretty comfortable ride for me, but too loud for most of the passengers. My daughter describes it as a roller coaster. Bought the vehicle with a known vacuum leak and removed the supercharger and intercooler to fix the leak.

- James S

Super awesome 2004 Ford F-150 Lariat

I'll first start with problems. So far, the only issue I've encountered was when my a/c went out, the control board had to be resoldered, instead of just purchasing one, because they don't make that part for that year anymore. However, this truck has been super reliable, runs great as long as you keep up with maintenance, and keeps its value like no other make/model. These vehicles have strong engines and great towing capacity. I wouldn't own any other make of truck.

- Ramon C

Dependability of a Ford pickup with towing availability. Dependability.

I have had little or no problems with my Ford it handles great and I have only had brakes alignment and spark plugs added as well as tires but it has performed exceptionally well and I do not have any bad things to say it has been a very reliable vehicle and I recommend it to anyone looking to buy a pickup truck its features are exactly what I need it handles well in heavy traffic and also toes trailers as I need it with no strain on the transmission.

- Robert M

4x4 2004 pickup still going strong with 200,000 miles.

I love you truck. It has 200,000 miles and still going, although I was in an accident recently. It is a ford f-150, blue with running boards. 4x4, back sliding mirror. No bed liner. My truck has 4 doors and a lot of space in cab. For being 15 years old, it still runs strong and gets me where I need to go. I have a basic model. Not many upgrades on truck. It is a 5.4 and v8. Decent gas mileage if you ask me. I fill up once every ten days.

- James T

Best truck for anybody's first.

This truck has been amongst the best vehicles I have owned relative to reliability and cost of ownership. The comfort beats most cars I have driven, and there's apparently nothing it cannot carry or tow easily. I really enjoy how the cab just fits. I love having 7 cup holders within reach from the driver's seat. The vents look nice and are very easy to adjust without breaking. The power is good on this truck for what I need.

- Nadia P

I love my Ford F150! Very reliable!

Honestly, I love my 2004 Ford F150 XLT Triton! The only thing that I wish I could change about it is the gas mileage, but low mileage is expected with a truck especially when it is a 4X4. I haven't had any issues with it so far and I've had it for about 2 years. The only thing that has went wrong is that the bed cover doesn't want to close like it's supposed to anymore. It doesn't want to roll out tight and even.

- Courtney M

It is very sharp looking. Midnight blue is a great color.

I love this truck because my best friend owned it and he past away from cancer and left the truck to me. It makes me feel he is still with me. It is such a safe truck. I feel so protected as long as I am in this truck. I just love it so much. The truck is so clean and I have not had any major problems so far. It makes me feel big and strong. I am very short and I love I can look down at other smaller vehicles.

- Dustin C

My favorite thing on my vehicle was the automatic window it opens and closes.

I love my vehicle that gets good gas mileage and has a automatic open and close back window it is good cruise control nice radio I have never had a really had any problems with it. It is a great vehicle. It has a great engine cruise control , AM and FM radio does not have an AUX cord that is the only bad thing about it leather seats it is never really hot in there it is always cool it is easy to clean.

- Kevin T

4 door with plenty of power and comfort.

Leather seats. Smooth ride. Reliable. Towing package. Air conditioned. Stereo . Very few repairs over the years power windows power locks great family vehicle with four doors. Engine is tough v8. Great highway gas mileage and city gas mileage. Bumper to bumper warranty. Bucket seat in the interior. Holds its value for a long time. I would love to by another one. Will never by another brand again.

- Myron M

My truck is in pretty good condition

My truck is a really good condition. It just takes a lot of gas money. I go cruising a lot with my truck with my friends and I love driving my truck. It runs really good and goes fast. Every single day I go take it to the gym and coming back to the house and it takes a lot of gas. I love my truck but it waist a lot of gas, so I have to spend like 40$ for a full gas tank.

- Andrew C

Please and quit satisfied with my Ford f 150 with lariat wheels.

Overall very nice pick up. Just don't like the gas mileage. Its very reliable and comfortable even though I do not use all the features such as stereo controls in the steering wheel etc.. it does have everything else which is very helpful before I had this pick up my mother had it and she also enjoyed it she enjoyed the convenience of it being a pickup and so do I.

- Barbara P

The bed is the best part of my truck. It�s durable and easy to put stuff in

I love my truck in all aspects. Even though it's a little old, it still gets the job done. The seats are old and the leather is getting worn but I still sit very comfortable in it. It's only a 2wd but I've never once Been stuck in the mud. I haven't had any issues yet as far as reliability. I keep it updated with maintenance every 6 years and it runs like a charm.

- Charlie B

F-150 is Ford tough..I recommend you at least test drive one ?

The Ford f1-50 is a good truck. I wasn't always a big fan of Fords but over the years they've grown on me. The truck is very comfortable..easy to handle and not too bad on gas. I'd love to upgrade to a newer f-150! I would go as far to say that the ford f-150 helped me to become a fan of ford trucks and will recommend them to family and friends anyway!!

- Kathy K

Very roomy and comfortable, lots of legroom & head space for big/tall folks like myself. Great power for acceleration as well as hauling capabilities. Also really good on gas for the size of the truck.

Ford F-150 extended cab truck. Love the roominess as my wife & I are both very tall, good head space, legroom, room for passengers in the rear seats. Plus the big bed allows for hauling, moving, transporting building materials & other large items. Only drawback is this model is a two wheel drive & living in Colorado really wish it was four wheel drive.

- Michael C

All about my white ford pickup.

It is a ford f-150 heritage model. Bought it brand new in 2004. It is a tuff one. Hit a few deer, been in a couple wrecks. No major damage and no one got hurt. Haven't had to do a lot of work to the engine. But it does need a tune up soon. It is not good in snow, because the back end is to little. But after all is said and done, I'd recommend a ford.

- Large D

2004 Ford f-150, very reliable and long-lasting.

My vehicle is very reliable and has had very few maintenance issues, even though it is fairly old. I frequently drive it long distances and it never has any problems and has held up very well. It has a very spacious interior making it easy to transport groups of people. The large bed of the truck is very useful and has had no issues or damage at all.

- Claire S

This vehicle has provided an immense amount of support to me.

I own a 2004 Ford van which has three hundred thousand miles on it I have changed the oil religiously every 3000 miles the air conditioning is still freezer cold I have replaced a few parts but not many at this age a little bit of a paint problem but easily correctable this vehicle has provided me with unparalleled quality service and reliability.

- Pete T

Very versatile and long-lasting truck.

In the almost 15 years that we have owned the vehicle, we have never had to take it into the shop for anything besides oil changes and checkups. It is the most versatile of any of the vehicles that I have ever owned, with the extended cab offering the option for the whole family to ride, and being able to also bring anything you want in the bed.

- Salem I

My Ford comes with a triton v8 engine. As a plus there is more power.

My vehicle is really good with performance. I'd say every aspect from appearance to the quality of the parts in the engine. Although, there are problems with some minor things. Most of the issues are just mandatory maintenance things that have got to be checked and changed frequently. Over all I am satisfied with my vehicle and reliability.

- Michelle A

The most reliable truck there is.

My f150 runs great, it has no problems with it, it is very comfortable in the back and the front, it has a nice look on the outside that works for both men and woman. It is the most reliable vehicle my family has ever owned by far, and it runs real smoothly. It has a third seat in the front with lots of leg space, it is good for travel.

- Charles T

Great older truck, with Ford quality.

My 2004 Ford f150 short bed, regular cab was an outstanding purchase for me. 136000 miles of trouble free driving. The cab is very comfortable for my six foot four inch frame. The truck has been extremely dependable. It will easily haul around 1800 pounds with no problem. Stops well rides great. Fuel economy is right where it was rated.

- David R

Useful, but be careful because of transmissions in the 2004.

Up until a week ago, it was very reliable- it performed perfectly and met all my needs- but the transmission went out- I did some research and discovered that Ford knew the transmissions were defective, but rather than do a recall, they just crossed their fingers that they would fail after the transmission failed- I still love my truck.

- Jim D

2004 Ford f 150 odd issue in the rear.

My 2004 Ford f 150 seems to keep having rear end issues. When you go to take off from a solid stop it feels like it is jumping (like losing traction) it was fixed once before when I first got it. Now 3 years later it is doing the same thing. Now I have to find a new warranty for this issue b/c my old one expired and am unable to renew.

- George K

Awesome vehicle Looks and drives great. Very comfortable ride.

I have owned two Dodge Durango’s and have never had any mechanical problems. One was brand new and the other one was used. For features it has everything you need. Back up camera, Bluetooth, has regular plug outlet. Lots of room and it has third row seating. Which is comfortable to sit. It is only a v6 yet it has the power of a v8.

- Sarah K

Everything works fine with the headlights and truck

I'm not looking to sell my truck be there isn't anything wrong with it beside the wiper motors needing replaced due to shortage. There is oil in the bed caused From hauling stuff away for people. There are mud tires on the back and street tired on the front. Factory sound system but sounds like sub. Tape player no CD access.

- Makayla H

It�s long and very useful!

I would say that it has a lot of wheel and tire problems, it also makes a lot of squeaking noises. Not to add that it eats a lot of gas. It could be somewhat of a financial burden but you can always work your way around it or sell. At the end of the day it becomes very helpful with moving big items and doing construction.

- Jordan M

Love the triton motor, reliability and comfort

Even at 20 below zero my truck starts. It's extremely comfortable when traveling. Very reliable. Made in America. Very low maintenance. Parts, when needed, easy to find. When choosing this truck, we did research and it beat Chevy hands down. Great for towing. If I had to buy another vehicle, it would be a Ford F150

- Sandy T

Amazing truck, great quality.

We love our 2004 fx4 f-150 lariat 5.4 triton. It is comfortable, roomy, and has great gas mileage for a bigger truck. We have had a problem with bearings, ball joints, and the radio, but that is it. We've owned fords in our family for generations, so it was no disappointment. It is a 6 seater, or 5 with the console down.

- Irene K

My Ford f150 and its use.

I love my vehicle it is roomy and has a great amount of pep for being as old as it is. I used it hard and had to haul a great many things in it and it always came through for me. Recently it has been having a lot of issues but since it has almost 300k miles its to be expected I just wish it would last a little longer.

- Sherry V

Very comfortable and feels well made.

It is a great truck very reliable. The inside is very spacious and feels like you have a lot of room. The four wheel drive is very helpful for the area I live in. I also feel every safe while driving it. I did have some problems with the spark plugs when I first had to change them out but haven't had any issues since.

- Nick B

I like how big the bed is because I go fishing and kayaking a lot.

Very reliable and comfortable. My friends always ask to ride in my truck. Gas could be better. If you keep up on it then you will have no problems whatsoever. The truck was given to me for graduation and I have put a few miles on it already. It was my moms and it still runs like new. The bed is also very spacious.

- Charity N

I love my f-150... Everything I want and need... Will surely get another.

I do not have anything bad to say... I love my truck.. It is perfect for me.. It did take abit to learn how to drive because I had a smaller car... But was easy to learn... It is the perfect truck for me and my two dogs... Wanted the half doors and 6 foot bed for hauling my kayak and whatever else I need hauling.

- Sheri S

F150 Heritage A Good Little Vehicle

It has the aluminum heads which I don't like because I've blown out spark plugs. Besides that it's been a good running vehicle & I have 150,000 miles on it. The interior, especially the seat & headliner are made with cheap material and the front bumper has to have a bracket to hold the license plate.

- Debi D

Ford: a great everyday truck.

Currently has 250, 000 plus miles. Original engine and transmission. Handles well in rain or snow. Rides slightly rough if roads are rough. This is a great truck for daily use. Mileage is 18 mpg. Has an extended cab that is great for keeping stuff dry. Truck bed is long and allows for greater carrying loads.

- Ruth B

Ford truck problems and what they are.

It's a good truck but the gas mileage is kind of steep. I can get a full tank for almost 60$ which seems to be a lot. Especially because I don't have a diesel in like the make and model but I have also had to put a lot of money into rewiring the computer, and the interior has had issues with not holding up.

- Katie G

My ford my life. My family truck and our everlasting love for our F150

I've owned a few trucks before in my lifetime but this one has outlasted them all. It's high on miles and it still runs clean. The ac does disrupt once or twice but everything else has been great up to even the mileage. It is very comfortable and roomy. We fit 3 car seats inside and they all have leg room.

- Vanessa G

It sucks as an everyday driver.

It is just rough riding as far as comfortability goes, the tires wear down so fast I have put 2 sets on them in the past 6 months. I find it to be ridiculous. It is also drinking a lot of oil and gas. My dad looked at it but he said he didn't know what wrong with, and he’s the best mechanic in our town.

- Cody S

Family and work truck all in one.

It gives me the opportunity to have more than 2 people travel in the truck as well as carry loads in the bed of the truck. It handles very well and for its large size it is not an issue doing things that smaller cars can do. It's well made and have really had no issues over the time I have had the truck.

- Mike L

My truck was struck by lightning about 7 years ago.

This motor for this truck is the worst I have ever seen. It has a blown cylinder and we have no idea what caused it. The motors on the windows go out constantly. The seat belt only connects if you push it the right way. The CD player quit working years ago. All this and it only has 191,000 miles on it.

- Amy C

2004 Ford f-150 4 wheel drive. Roomy and dependable comfortable ride.

My Ford f150 4 wheel drive has not caused me any problems. It is very comfortable to r8de in it has been very dependable. Has lots of room. It also has a hard shell bed cover that I love. Very well taken care of the interior looks brand new. Very comfortable and roomy to ride in even with 3 grandkids.

- Tammy F

Best truck ever to have an that's lasted years.

I have had the vehicle since 2010 and still have not experienced any problems with it at all. I have always kept it well serviced! I think the only thing is where the front left tire always goes flat for some reason. We have had it inspected but the person that inspected it could not find the problem

- Veronica G

Great truck except one problem

Comfort, spacious, drives great. Wonderful truck all around. Perfect for work or family. Be careful with back doors ours won't open anymore. It will take us having to take door panels off to fix the broken pieces. Very daunting task. Very complicated I suggest if it happens take it to the dealer

- Rhiannon S

Ford f150 very reliable and has a large bed.

Takes a lot of gas but gets okay mileage fits 5 comfortably and can haul a lot in the bed of the truck has good sound system. Good horsepower and a lot of room the only problem is the gas mileage takes 60 buck to fill up. I usually only put 30 in every few day on my commute back and forth to work.

- Arianne P

Over all it has been a good truck.

Climate control, lomb bar seating, to long of a bed, average gas mileage, no extra features, rattles when first started up, holds up to six passengers, no leg room for backseat passengers. It has been a good truck, it was bought used and it is still going. Leather on seats not holding up well.

- Diane B

It is a terrible car that gets terrible mileage and it does not even appeal.

My truck really has a lot of problems ranging from the starter all the way to miles per gallon. It has been falling apart ever since I got it and I cannot wait to get another vehicle. I would probably recommend a Toyota made vehicle and not a Ford vehicle. They fall apart terrible easily.

- Caleb W

Leather interior, heated seats, sunroof. Electrical back window.

Love my truck. Got it used 140000 miles and still running strong over 210000. Easy upkeep and parts are very common and inexpensive. Was able to all maintenance and upkeep myself using a simple Chilton book leather interior heated seats and sunroof had me sold. Best truck i've ever owned.

- thomas B

Great car with workable things.

It performs well, its large and cozy for a sweet drive. It is reliable, but does cost quite a bit for gas, overall good car. However, not good for the short or elderly as it can be tough to get up and in. If you don't have those things to worry about including gas then this a great car.

- Shay M

The truck of trucks. All and all you cannot beat a Ford truck.

It is a good truck and easy to drive. And has good power and I'd buy another one. Also I think you should buy me one and give it to me and I would give mine to someone else. . I am just saying. . But I think it is the best truck I have ever had. So I hope you all go out and buy a f-150.

- Bobby H

My truck just keeps going.

Lasting a long time without issues. The only money I have has to put in is regular maintenance. It is reliable. Though at it is age I am dealing with rust. It still drives amazing. It has needed a new gas tank. This was my largest cost. Breaks tires. And bearings are all other repairs.

- Tammy H

Still looks as good as new!

Overall I have had no maintenance problem with my truck! However it does have this ongoing problem of frequently feeling like it is going to die out upon acceleration, that no mechanic thus far has been able to diagnose! Has not cut out yet, but frustrating to me as the driver/ owner!!

- Diane F

My beast not only gets me where I need to go and runs pretty good on highways.

I love my 2004 f-150. I honestly cannot complain about my truck because it still runs like a champ considering it has over 200,000 miles. The only one problem I have with my truck is that my 4 wheel drive does not work. Other than that, she's a beast and I prefer ford over Chevrolets.

- Hope G

It is a reliable truck used mainly for work.

It is a truck for work and I do not have any serious issues with it. It is lasted a couple of years and has never broken down. It has enough space for my tools and just enough room for 1 more passenger. All that aside, I do want to upgrade to a newer model before it breaks down on me.

- Rebecca G

It will go anywhere you want it to go it w?t leave you stranded on the side of the road

I've been very happy with my old f150 she's been very reliable to me i took out the bench seat an added 2 bucket seats an a middle console its had a timing chain an a shifting cable to it other than that the air is ice cold in the engine turns over every time that's always important

- Walter S

V8 triton engine issues and more.

Problems with the 5. 4 l v8 triton engine, problems with transfer case, and problems with axle, the wheel bearings seem to constantly go out, the engine has a issue with ticking which does not pertain to my own vehicle as I have seen many people who also have the same ticking issue.

- Nick A

One of the best trucked I've ever owned.

It's a very nice truck the only complaint I have would be that it's not very economical with gas other than that it's a solid truck, the seats are fairly comfortable as I have travel across the country in this truck and did not fail me on a sixteen hour drive overall very satisfied.

- Pedro M

2004 Ford f-150 short review.

Great truck. I got this truck at 20, 000 miles, and it has not let me down yet. It hardly ever has performance issues. I have used it to pull trailers loaded down with stuff and it has gotten me through moving all my stuff from two different places, and it has never had a problem.

- Logan P

The pros and cons of a Ford F150

I love the space that the vehicle has for back seat passengers. It is very reliable and I love the drivers side passenger door code. I don't like the fact that the spare tire is underneath the vehicle. I love all the room in the cab. I was able to use the cab to make extra money.

- Theresa J

Perfect truck for the everyday driver.

The f 150 is a great truck with great interior for your everyday driver. I couldn't ask for a better truck. The suspension has held up great and the four wheel drive makes driving in Illinois a lot easier in the winter. The bed of the truck is perfect length for everyday driving.

- Ryder J

Honest opinion of my 15 year old truck.

Its a 2004 F150 so maintenance is to be expected. Have had the front end totally replaced due to age. Runs strong, its comfortable and reliable. Plenty of room for the family. The 5 ft bed can be challenging sometimes but for the most part its large enough to haul what I need.

- Michael D

2004 f-150 great family ride!

I really love my Ford extended cab f-150. It drives and handles as well as a car. There is plenty of room in the front haven't had many issues with the truck however we just replaced the ball bearing yesterday at 130, 000 miles. It only cost $30 but the tool was $125 to rent.

- Sarah H

A great vehicle to drive and enjoy.

Four out of four door windows have broken so they will not go up and down. Very expensive to fix. Our engine had to be replaced at 97000 miles but was covered under our extended warranty. Other than that we love our truck. It is a comfortable ride and I love the heated seats.

- Gloria B

My awesome, amazing vehicle.

I am really into my vehicle. It does mostly everything that I expect it to do. It performs great, has great power, drives really nice. . Payload is outstanding, has plenty of room. Excellent speed. I have taking numerous trips to different cities and having had any problems.

- John M

Ford truck for the modern day man of his time.

It is a good car. It is an easy keeper without a lot of upkeep. No significant problems. It has been a long term vehicle of use for me. I would easily buy it again. No significant issues or recalls since purchased. Well made in the electronics and in the mechanical package.

- Jeff D

Powerful v8 showstopper has shortcomings.

Roomy, still looks modern despite being a 2004, comfortable seating, powerful v8 engine. - transmission issues, poor gas mileage, power lock issues during cold weather, factory spark plugs break when removing due to poor design, cam phasers are a known issue among owners.

- Jeff C

Great work truck. Dependable and looks good.

Ford F-150 Supercab has 4 doors so you don't have to move the seat to get in. Plenty of sitting room for 5 adults and lots of legroom too. The rear bench seat may not be comfortable for long rides, 7+ hours. Only have had to do general maintenance...runs like a champ.

- Angela G

Love it, has not let me down just minor problems.

Very dependable. Have had some minor problems with console shift, replaced twice. Problems with motor to windows, replace left and right side. Also, problems with door latch to extended cab, replaced both sides. The truck still looks good and very comfortable inside.

- Sam V

This car is one of the best I have ever had.

My f150 is amazing it's brought me and my partner everywhere I couldn't be without it and I do not think I have ever had any problems or malfunctions with the vehicle and do not plan on giving/selling the car anytime soon but if I do I will surely get a newer model.

- David S

My vehicle is very nice and it is very dependable.

No problems; performs great; very dependable and comfortable. I am currently trying to sell the vehicle and purchase a nice car that does not take around 50 to 60 dollars to fill up the tank, when if I had a car it would take about half of that to fill up the car.

- Chandler C

The leather seats are super cooling and I love that for the summer time.

I love it because it's a smooth drive and super dependable and I have had it for years and it's never given me trouble I have gone to Austin Tx about 5 time in it and that's 3 hours going and back and it's a really good truck and I would recommend Ford to anyone.

- Sarah G

Great truck and very affordable

No issues and performs great. I have had this vehicle for several years and it had always performed as it was supposed to. Rides great and handles great. Maintenance is cheap on this vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that is currently looking.

- Houston M

my ford f-150 does everything that you would expect out of a work truck.

my truck is mostly used for back and forth travel to work and short errands, I like the fact that every time I turn the key it starts right up with proper maintenance and care it is very dependable, durable, and provides for me all that I need in transportation.

- kenneth S

Well I love my nice truck and it not for sale.

My vehicle is gray it has 2 doors and drive good it has about 200 thousand miles on it right now it need tires on it. I payed 4500 hundred for it gray interior heat and air ride very good it has a back seat in the back of this truck get up to 160 miles per hour.

- James J

Ford is the future, with the cars/trucks you want.

Well, the truck is very reliable because it is up higher than most cars, it has great features. The trucks engine is loud so you can hear when the truck it coming. The mileage is great. The gas is very good as well, the gas lasts up to about 2 and a half weeks.

- Raven C

Joys and problems of a 04 Ford f150

It takes up too much gas and it's too big to drive or find parking in the city. It is very comfortable and roomy inside the vehicle. Since it is old, there were a lot of maintenance issues I had to fix like the power steering and the rust on the step railing.

- Mark L

My Family's Favorite Ford

Our F150 has been very reliable with minimal repairs needed, spacious enough for the whole family and a large bed for all our things. Seats are comfortable enough for long road trips and gets surprisingly good gas mileage for an older truck, about 35 mpg Hwy.

- Brittany S

Ford f-150 performance review.

This vehicle runs really well, with minimal issues. I have had a few problems with electrical issues, but they were easily resolved. (blown fuses). I have never had any engine issues. I have only ever experienced normal wear and tear issues with this vehicle.

- Van W

I love my truck's flexibility.

I love my truck. It's roomy, comfortable, fun to drive and great for hauling stuff. It's a super cab, so I can seat 6 people comfortably, but if I'm helping someone move or hauling materials for a project, I don't have to worry about how i'm going to do it.

- Roy S

The MPG is incredibly low, so I will not likely cruise.

I love that it is a truck, because it's a cool car. Its pretty powerful, but the gas mileage is so dang bad it takes all the joy out of driving it. It also has had so many engine problems I can no longer drive it on trips or further than about an hour away.

- Russ D

Details on a 2004 Ford f-150 fx4, yellow.

It is a big truck and big tires and has a bunch of power and plus it has a great engine and it is really fast and can make it over anything it wants to if it needs to it is great in snow and good at going fast and being very stable on the road and off-road.

- Nick K

The stereo system I put in it.

Good running truck. White with extended cab and 3 doors. Short bed high mileage but I keep it well maintained. I wish it was 4 wheel drive but at least it is a five speed manual transmission. It is starting to show some rust but most Ford trucks do anyhow.

- Eric H

Great work and family truck!

This truck has lasted a long time with few problems. Nearly 200,000 miles and runs great. Nice cloth interior and looks newer than most 2004s if you maintain them. Able to haul a lot of weight in the bed & spacious inside. Would definitely recommend.

- Cole C

My truck it run great, I wish the air conditioner work better it takes to cool.

It waste a lot of gas, it has 4x4 it rides smooth for a truck, it really runs good, it has plenty of space so it seats 5 adults comfortable. I wish it had navigation and Bluetooth. The air condition is not very strong it takes a while too cool the truck.

- Linda C

I love my husbands truck I drive it daily.

Almost 200 thousand miles still going strong just replicated the alternator last year and battery this year new tires and good as new again never have any problems out of it except keeping the gas tank full but what can you expect from a 2004 v8 truck??

- Ashley A

Very solid car which has very few mechanical or engine issues.

I like driving a truck and having space for all my stuff.... I like having a working AC and good tires on the car.... I do not like how much gas the truck burns. Fuel efficiency is subpar.... At 14 years old, the truck does not run at peak performance..

- Matthew H

I will buy another ford f150 for our next vehicle

Very reliable, never had any issues, starts every time. Never stalls. But I believe it's the way you take care of a vehicle. Must keep up maintenance regularly, must change oil on time change spark plugs. Put good gas in it. Change breaks when needed.

- Katrina C

Towing capacity and payload.

Camshaft problems 180000 miles. Estimates to have it fixed were comparable to putting a new engine in. Other than this I have had only minor problems. Vehicle has performed well and has very good towing capabilities. Vehicle has been very dependable.

- Steven C

Great truck. Great gas mileage

The truck is really great on gas. Love the space in it works great for all I need it to do but the engine is already needing replaced and it sucks on oil. It's parts always need to be replaced. But it is a very strong truck and has a really good ride

- Jonathan W

The back window leaks if it is raining make sure to have a towel so u dont get soaked

I depend on my work truck it has been thru alot with me I replaced the motor and then the transmission and now I am replacing the radiator but I love my truck so it is worth it. After I finish fixing what I am doing now I will replace the back window

- Suzie S

my car has an excellent brake system

I see no problems except that the ac at times does not cool, even when I add coolant to the ac. other than that the breaks work well on my car the headlights are bright, and the motor seems to be working well. the speed acceleration could be better

- angel v

I am well pleased with Ford cars and trucks.

The truck runs very well. It is the fourth Ford vehicle that I have owned. I find it to be very soundly built. The controls are well laid out, and easy to use. The air conditioner works well as does the heater. It can also carry a heavy load.

- Damon M

To turn off overdrive when towing.

The f150 fx4 has four wheel drive. With the 5. 4 liter triton engine it has plenty of power. Control layout is very comfortable. The only complaint I have is that if the tilt wheel control lever is used incorrectly it comes off in your hand.

- Michael D

Rough ride

I like that I can haul stuff. I regularly use my truck to make money. The only complaint I have is that the truck has a fairly rough ride.It is a great work truck, but requires regular maintenance to ensure that it runs for a long time.

- Jeremy S

That it needs a bit of fixing. It is a little old and it gets stuck when pressing down on the gas to change lanes so it can be a bit close calls at times.

It is a truck and it is clunky and hard to park and such. It can't fit in tight parking spaces. I like that it is high up where I can see other cars when driving and I feel confident when it is raining knowing that parts won't mess up.

- Rima E

2004 Ford F150 XF4 Will recommend

I have had little problems with the truck, probably less then $2000.00 of repairs. Mainly sensors, replaced rear end seals, and alternator. Have 280000 miles. Have pulled a 24' pontoon boat along with a scout trailer full of gear.

- Rick E

It has been very well maintained.

I like the Ford f-150 pickup truck because it serves us well as far as comfort... I like the Ford f-150 because it is paid for and we can update any problems affordable... I dislike the fact that it has half back doors and no seat..

- Gina S

The most important thing is that it's not great on fuel, estimated MPG? 14...

I like the power, tow capability, portability with truck bed, height from ground, and i feel safe. My main dislike is the gas mileage, and how big it id which makes it tricky to park at times. I've been driving ford for 15 years

- Kristopher W

I have been watching YouTube videos and it seems there can be problems with the spark plugs getting stuck. I'm far from a mechanic but from what I understand, the materials of the spark plug and engine head, when hot for long periods, can fuse together. So, look into this before purchasing.

This is only my second ford vehicle. I do like it a lot more than the first. It's a smooth ride and it's comfortable. My only complaint is that it doesn't have enough take off power. Also, no power windows but that manageable.

- Darcie C

Very convenient for transporting and hauling things.

My Yukon was totaled, so I'm driving our pick up until I can get another vehicle. I love being able to haul large items, but it's a problem if it's raining. Hard to store things in the open bed. Love driving a truck, though!

- Cindy m

I love the fact that I can haul a lot in the bed of my truck without problems

Love it There's nothing wrong with my vehicle. Gets great gas mileage and very reliable. Very comfortable and spacious for what I need it for. Capable of pulling a heavy load and all the way around a good dependable truck

- Shannon A

It does not get the best of gas mileage.

I like that it is an extended cab truck with four doors that provide plenty of space in the back seat. I do not like the gas mileage that it gets. I do not like that the lift I have on it causes it wear out parts faster.

- Cody M

My truck is 14 years old and has over 230, 000 miles.

My truck is spacious enough for all the family to be transported. The 5 foot bed is perfect for hauling a small load of material here and there. Having 4x4 and a strong v8 makes my truck versatile in every way I desire.

- Brady F

Maybe just that if the road is wet the back tires don't get a lot of traction and with slip so drive carefully.

I like that it has room for hauling and for friends. It's a very comfortable ride. I dislike how much gas it's consumes. I also dislike that it's the first year of its model style so it's has minor mechanical issues.

- Mary B

It was made by a company that didn't take a bailout even when others did.

First I love that it was made by a company that didn't take a bailout. I like the color, a med. blue. It is a four door, easy access to the back seat. The interior is roomy. The bed is good for hauling everything.

- Dominique P

It is beautiful and reliable.

I have had it since 2004, it has never been in the shop for anything major. It has gotten me where I needed to be. The only thing I do not like about it is that it does not have air conditioning anymore.

- Ethan G

I feel very safe in it. Part of the reason I got a truck is that if someone hits me, it will do more damage to their car than it does to my truck.

I love that I can use it for anything and everything. It's great for road trips. And it's great for going around town. The only bad thing about it is that it doesn't fit in a lot of parking garages.

- Lynn C

That it is very reliable and that they should know it will never leave me stranded since I am a handicapped individual.

Owned 34 vehicles between 1988-2004. Bought the 2004 F150 and no need to buy any other vehicles since. Very few breakdowns of any kind. Super reliable. Will never buy any GM product ever again!

- Ryan L

Overall it is not a bad truck, it is reliable for the and has never let me down.

Overall the truck gets me from point A to B. But it has its problems. 1 being that the 5. 4 liter motor in it is notorious for having a click. And 2 being that it is gets horrible gas mileage.

- Trevor G

The important is safety and the wheels of our truck.

The vehicle of my hubby is good. . Very comfortable it is truck my hubby really like it. Sometime have tire problem but my husband he is only repair it the problem of our car is the stereo.

- Rose J

Other than the transmission the truck is in excellent condition. It drives really good

I love the truck, it runs really smooth the only problem that I'm having is I think my transmission is trying to go out in it. It goes into reverse but do not want to go forward in drive

- Latoya O

The fuel economy is terrible and the ride is like sailing in a boat.

It's spacious. The ride is awful. The mileage is only 11 to 12 MPG in town and not much better on the highway. The engine sounds like it is tearing itself apart every time you start it.

- Brad E

It still has low mileage on it. Only around 75k miles. It's been a very dependable truck. I'd buy it again. One of my smartest purchases.

It's the first Ford I've ever owned. I love it. I'm going to keep it until 2024 and the I'm going to buy a new one. I haven't had much trouble with it at all. I'm glad I bought it!

- Ron T

It's solid and dependable! It starts easy and rarely has issues.

I like the power and the ride. The gas mileage isn't very good but I knew that when I bought it. I'm the original owner and have over 200k miles on it. It's been a good vehicle,

- Tim R

It is dependable and suits my lifestyle. I enjoy driving it.

I love the truck but it is not convenient for bringing home groceries and it is hard for me to step up into it. It has been very reliable and I keep all of the maintenance up.

- Rosa W

You can haul anything and go anywhere while being comfortable.

The size is great inside the cab which is needed because I am a big guy. No complaints. Can haul anything. Great for my line of work I do construction and need to haul things.

- Austin W

As a 2004 F-150 I have discovered that for the time my vehicle was in production ford utilized extra long spark plugs. Which they no longer use because they are a huge pain.

In general I love my truck it was a great deal on a used vehicle. I have had no major issues with it. The only way it could be better is if I could have afforded a new car.

- Charles B

Old F-150 At 150,000 Miles

Starter went bad, exhaust manifold cracked, rides and handles great, not rusted out, stereo sounds great, fit and finish is very good, comfortable for passengers, ample bed

- Dwight R

An F-150 Triton V8 with a bed cover.

An amazing truck that can pull its own weight and can be very reliable. The only problem would be the seats and how they were made from the factory, makes the tear easily.

- Mason G

stay away from fords because they will not last only if you park it

it has only 103.000 miles on it and 2 windows have fell down the front end was out line went I got it new and nothing was done until it came out of its 1st 12.000 miles

- walter m

Tough truck but bad gas mileage.

Low gas mileage. Steering problems but a tough truck for hauling. Silver, gray interior has good tires but the steering seems to be too stiff have to change leaks a lot.

- Chuck T

That model of the F-150 is known to have timing issues for various reasons

Have had problems with the coil packs when they become wet. You cannot go over puddles very quickly or clean your motor with water or you'll have to change them.

- Zack M

It is large but easy to drive.

It has been very reliable. I personally do not like how wide it is but it is not really a problem. It moved is across country. Will be very nice to have in snow.

- Ashley C

It is like a tank. My truck can take a beating.

I like the the get up and go that comes with a large vehicle such as a truck. I like sitting up high when driving. I feel like I can better view my blind spots

- Erin R

Low maintenance required. Good for towing and carrying weight Not cheap on gas

I have never had any major issues with it, even though it is an old car. Very tough, just perfect for My line of work, good handling weight. Not cheap on gas.

- Aldo M

Good Quality truck for your transportation

Great vehicle good on gas easy to drive comfortable good ac would recommend it for anyone slight problems with coils off and on but respectable and dependable

- William H

FX4 package is awesome, love the center shift

Love my truck, has never let me down! It's a rowing machine and great off road with the FX4 package. Has gotten me around since 2006 with 225k miles on it now

- Ryan F

Speedometer is 5 mph off slow.

No complaints. Gas mileage could be better. Dent in the door. New tires. Need a front end alignment other than that truck runs great. Only 90000 miles on it.

- Jacob B

It need some body work, it's not perfect but it drives great

My truck is great! It's reliable and gets me from point A to point B. The only complaint I have is that the tires are really expensive and keeping gas in it.

- Kristi H

We can fit our family inside while hauling something bulky in the truck bed.

It is comfortable. It is quiet. It rides very smooth. I prefer the body style of that year. It is double cab so we can fit our whole family in it at once.

- Michelle V

It is great to drive at night. Very relaxing and easy to drive,

It is great, comforting, safe to drive. I bought this Ford a while ago for my birthday. Saving up for a new one but overall it is a great car to drive in.

- Alan G

Needs to get better gas mileage. We rented a dodge truck to move my daughter to Texas and the Dodge got 22 to 24 MPG My ford would only get around 16

A very good and dependable vehicle Very seldom have issues with it. Better gas mileage would be an improvement and it rusting rusting in the wheel wells

- gary L

Who had it if used or the dealer you get it from.

It is a very good pickup. I drive it every day. I had no problems with it. Gas mileage is fair. But good for a pick up. I would buy another one like it.

- David A

Great Truck with few issues.

Great truck bought used over a year ago. 220k + miles. The only issue really that I have had is needing to replace some coil packs and replace the pcm.

- Anthony P

The truck speed is amazing when you have to pass a car and drives smoothly

I bought it not knowing it had a common issue with camshafts so it had to have a rebuilt engine. I was not advised of it. It drives smooth on highway

- Angela N

It is very reliable and cost efficient.

Has been very reliable. Cost of maintenance and repairs have been reasonable. I love having a truck bed with a cab large enough for a family and pets.

- Amy M

It has been very dependable over the past 14 years and 140000 miles.

I like the size, it's comfortable for me. I also like the ability to be able to carry stuff in the bed of the truck. I like that it fits in my garage.

- David R

A sturdy vehicle 14 years later.

I have had this truck for about 7 years. It was a work truck before that. It has about 250, 000 miles on it and still runs with little to no problems.

- Austin G

I love my Ford Pickup truck, runs great

My ford pickup truck has 135,000 miles on it and it runs and drives great. The truck is great to haul or tow. It has a large engine to pull with

- George G

Gas mileage isn't great since it's a truck, it gets about 13 mpg.

It is a very reliable truck, lots of space, and lots of room for upgrades if wanted. The only problems I've had are from normal wear and tear.

- Junior L

It's comfortable and it is quite long so it takes bumps more smoothly.

I like the fact that it has an eight foot bed. It is also the most comfortable to travel long trips in. My only complaint is the gas mileage.

- Stewart T

It is a great car, with turbo. Gets up and goes.

I love that I can fit the whole family and the groceries. I do love the dependability. I do not like the gas mileage. I wish it were better.

- Catherine C

Ford makes a great f150 .trucks run great ,very low maintenance.

I like the crew cab very spacious, truck runs great .other than it does a sputtering thing when shifting into second ,when overdrive is off.

- Ricochet S

It got a big cargo space.

Its big, red and comfortable. It has 4 wheel drive. I can take it anywhere and not get stuck. I can take things with me like paddle boards.

- Tricia M

Black, rugged, daily driver.

Very smooth ride, interior is durable, exterior is very well manufactured, very reliable. Motor is very strong runs great when maintained.

- Darren R

Pretty red and runs on gas really well.

4 door pick up truck, excellent air condition, plays loud music, comfortable seats with armrest and cup holder between passenger and drive

- Breanna M

My vehicle is a Ford F-150 and an interesting detail is that it's 14 years old.

The Ford F-150 year 2004, is a reliable car. It runs smoothly for being 14 years these ford trucks are able to withstand years of driving.

- Ana M

The interior is very spacious and it drives very nice.

I love the roominess of the interior. I no not like where the handle for the windows are. I wish they made a dog window in the back doors.

- Mary L

The 4 wheel drive has been very handy.

Bought this truck for a work truck. It's been a very dependable and strong truck. I have put on 278000 miles and it's still going strong.

- Jesse R

That it is very reliable. And good for loads and pulling trailers.

Dislikes.. High gas mileage.. Rust spots.. Expensive tires.. Not AWD.... Likes.. Color.. Comfort.. Rides smooth.. Transfer things in bed.

- Audrey L

It is a good vehicle and great.

This vehicle is awesome. It has comfortable seats and the air conditioner works great. The radio works great but the knob is not working

- Chancey O

it is a gas hog. expect to spend tons of money out in gas if you have to travel a lot.

I like the power the truck has. But it is really just too big. tires and repairs cost more than a smaller car. and it also has oil leaks

- Justin B

Very roomy and comfortable able to handle 6 people very easy.

Sturdy, great looks, runs well, no problems, smooth drive around corners, great gas mileage seats are cozy, plenty of room in the back.

- Tim T

Good vehicle for everyday use

Comfortable ride, good hauling capacity, would like better gas mileage handles well on the road only minor repairs have been required

- Red C

Not good for someone who has trouble walking, or getting themselves up

Very comfortable, however takes a lot of gas. Its big, roomy, drives smoothly and is very reliable and does not have tons of problems

- Shauna M

One of the best made vehicles in America.

I love my f 150. A very dependable vehicle. Has given me years of service. I have driven this truck to New York on several occasions.

- John M

It's a very nice truck. I love it.

I have a 2004 Ford F150. I bought it used. It is very nice. I love driving it. One of these days I will try to get a paint job on it.

- Milton R

It has 4x4 and its dependable.

Its a truck so I have room to pick up big items. . . It has 4x4 so I never get stuck. . . But I dislike the fact it's a gas hog. . .

- Melissa C

Its a ford f150 TRITON, good for hauling stuff in bed of the truck.

Good work truck. With toolbox in bed. Seat folds down in extended cab makes a good bed. Gear shift does get stuck in park sometimes.

- Norm B

The gas mileage is really terrible. Only get 13 miles per gallon.

I do not like the way the front seats are made n my vehicle. Other than that, I like the truck really well. No problems yet with it.

- Leach L

That's its not for everyone.

I like that my car gets good gas. I like that my car has enough room for my kids. I like that its a old police car already broke in.

- Danielle T

Great truck, very reliant and dependable.

Absolutely love my truck! Not great on gas mileage, but it is super dependable and reliant. Wouldn't want to trade it for anything!

- Blake C

Very dependable, holds resale value.

Great truck, have put 70,000 miles on it and have not had to do anything but replace the tires, oil, and brake pads. Rides smooth.

- Daniel W

I feel safe being in a truck.

It is getting rusty. I bought it brand new. I really like my truck. It is paid for. I feel safe, being a single middle aged woman.

- Sonia D

The truck is roomie and very comfortable I has plenty of room.

The truck is pretty sweet it has 4 wheel drive which helps in the snow. It is. Great tow truck too it pulls my trailer no problem.

- Christian C

It lasts awhile for good service length

I like the good service with low maintenance the vehicle has given me. It has been of good value. It has held up well over time.

- jeff M

It is reliable, rides good and it does the job I need it for.

I like the extended cab, gas mileage and if I need parts they are cheap and easy to find. I dislike my power locks mess up often.

- David H

2004 F150 Crew Cab good all around truck

Very sound and dependable truck. Decent gas mileage easy to work on. Rides smooth for a crew cab comfortable truck for 5 people.

- ike h

be prepared to pay more in gas to drive it cause it will cost more than a car

i love it cause it is a truck and I can haul things with it. I dislike the gas that it takes I end up spending a lot on the gas

- amanda p

Great reliable transportation.

My truck is reliable, good transportation, comfortable, spacious, with plenty of room. Problem is engine needed to be replaced.

- Karen S

Ford F150 does what it needs to

Pretty good truck with plenty of power. Bought with hail damage, replaced alternator, and plugs, normal for a truck of its age.

- Skylar M

It drives great with little to no problems.

I love my truck it just need some work done on the motor. It gets me from a b when I need to go somewhere, I cannot complain.

- Barbara E

My ford truck rack in the back

2004 ford f-150 air conditioning brake problems tilt wheel power windows power steering intermittent wipers 16 inch wheels.


It's all good what else can I say

It's really good on gas and it is really comfortable to Drive. It will tow anything I haven't had no problem with it at all

- Carl R

It has been a very loyal vehicle not very many problems.

I just wish it was a four-door.. Wish it was a different color and I also wish that it was 2 will dr. Not four-wheel-drive.

- Mary M

It is very expensive to drive with today's gas prices.

It is a good truck, very rarely has an issue. It is very comfortable. I love the body style. It gets horrible gas mileage.

- Nicholas S

2004 F-150 Truck Use Review

Good solid truck. Durable and functional. Does not have all the bells and whistles, but has been reliable for many years.

- Michael P

trusty ole gal straight shooter

I named my truck jezebel she is red with a few issues. she has a few issues the dealer knew about but he did not convey.

- timothy M

It has a nice interior and a exterior looks

There has been few problems with this truck. The transmission went at a 160,000 miles. It is reliable and performs well.

- Mark W

It has a rebuilt transmission and new tires. Has a/c.

I really don't have any complaints. It's comfortable. It has the power needed to flow in with traffic on the freeway.

- Norman B

Not for the short, or those who can't climb in a big truck

This car has a nice design, and drives smoothly. It's a very heavy duty truck that goes a long time without problems

- Shauna M

Reliable, with a small repair costs incurred, other than normal fair, wear and tear

I have this truck a long time, put more than 211K miles on it and have incurred only a minimal amount for repairs

- Fred A

My big green truck that i love to drive

It's cozy. Fun to drive. I've had to replace the transmission because of it being old as well as the drive shaft.

- Brianne C

Ford f150 fx4 crew cab truck in black exterior and black interior

Very comfortable and very good mileage everything works in it has excellent sound system and seats 5 comfortably

- Patricia T

It’ll protect you if you ever get into a crash.

It is always messing up! First the motor blew up a 150, 000 miles, than the transmission, than everything else.

- Allie G

Protection from other drivers. It is tall which I love.

I feel protected and it was my best friends so I feel like he is still with me. Just a great truck all around.

- Dustin A

Very comfortable ride for a 4 door.

Comfortable ride, with 4 doors, with easy access in and out, sand color leather interior. Sand color exterior.

- Carolyn H

The reliability and durability.

I absolutely love my truck. It's very reliable. It has the torque to haul my 3 horses. It fits my family of 5.

- Amy S

Ford f-150 is great truck.

Had to replace timing belt. Runs good. Dependable. Nice and roomy. Purchased used and have driven for 3 years.

- Clara B

do not buy a used 2004 f150

it was a bad year for the f150 i have 2 windows fall down a new alternator and i only have 103.000 miles on it

- walter C

Very versatile. You can take lots of people places or you can remove the seats and haul a lot of stuff.

It has been a good reliable vehicle for our large family. The air conditioning worked well until this summer.

- Apryl H

It's a nice driving workhorse!

It's a reliable transport. I would like better gas mileage. It's great that it needs little to no maintenance

- Randy R

Ford fx4 extended cab seats 5 comfortably and has great tow package.

I believe everyone needs a truck in every family. We are able to move things with no hassle and tow our boat.

- Yancy S

2004 models have a lot of timing issues for various reasons.

The coil packs get wet very easily. I have to change a least two of them if I get the top of my engine wet.

- Zack L

I have a really nice looking truck,

After a week the motor blew in it, and I had to have the transmission rebuilt but now it's like a new truck

- Shawn C

2004 F-150 5.4l Triton engine.

One hell of a truck. Does whatever you ask it too and keeps on ticking. No mechanical problems whatsoever

- Christopher s

Has lots of room and very comfortable for long trips.

We have had truck since 2005 no problems only change oil and filters and put new tires on. Very reliable.

- Wanda R

Nothing it's a good car to drive for a female of my caliber.

I hate the gas mileage but I love the way it handles. It's smooth and not bumpy and my kids love it too.

- Siouan J

Vert reliable transportation

Needs exhaust pipe , back windows, runs good good tires nice interior power brakes. Cold air , hot heat

- Randall J

Its older model but is great for hauling anything.

Good on gas. Plenty of room. No problems. Hasn't had hardly any repairs other than regular maintenance.

- Linda A

Great truck with a lot of life

I love my truck other then regular maintenance is a great truck and still has a lot of life left in it

- Donna B

Its rugged and tough , I can haul things in it or just drive to the store. It's very versatile

I love my truck. It is beautiful and perfect to me. The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage

- Leanne P

It's very useful and has great style. I like 4 wheel drive.

I like the style and equipment packages. I like riding high in a truck. Don't like it's gas mileage.

- Bruce R

Very Dependable Vehicle. I have had it since New 2004 and have only had a seal leak one time.

The F-150 is a dependable vehicle. It looks very sharp. Plenty of leg space for any one over 6 foot.

- Matthew T

It's 4 doors for more women

Overall it's not a bad truck. But like any vehicle it has its problems, gas mileage is not great 10m

- Trevor G

Reliable and lasts for years after paid off. Electric parts have lasted over 12 years

Reliable. Doesn't break down and has had minimal repairs. Very roomy and fits 5 people comfortably

- Katie W

It is a very dependable brand vehicle. It is over 14 years old

I love my truck. It has been very dependable and I would definitely buy another ford in the future

- Sheila K

Its dependable and gets decent gas mileage. The passenger seat is very roomy

I love the size of my truck and the rubber floors boards. I dislike the manual locks and windows.

- Lindsay G

It runs and gets me from point a to point b.I don't know why it is anybody's business about my vehicle.

It has been a good vehicle. Very little repair work has been done on it.It works for our needs.

- Jean E

It is big and heavy and bounces around when you're driving. The gas mileage is awful. It is hard to maneuver in a parking lot.

It runs. It may be old and have bad gas mileage, but it still runs and there are few repairs.

- Brad e

I will always have a truck as one of my vehicles to drive.

Love trucks and how big they are. Like the feeling of being safe. Like the lift on my truck.

- shayna j

Has been completely reliable without very many repairs.

My truck has been very loyal to me, but is getting a little old around the edges- like me.

- Paulette B

It's head gasket blew so there is a completely new engine.

It's too old, no cd, aux, or Bluetooth audio. Leather is cracked, windshield is cracked

- Tyler B

It is a 4x4. it is a Lariat model. It has lots of added features. It has a huge powerful engine. I really enjoy owning it.

It is fierce. It is an awesome vehicle. It is better than any other make of truck.

- brendan b

good all around and dependable vehicle.

has been a very good truck. Is easy to get around in. Great hauling capacity.

- Rick M

It's hard to drive because of the size.

It in a a huge van. It is hard to drive but sort of reliable. I still have it.

- Hazel W




It's a Ford F-150 STX, with 258000 miles.

Good quality truck, gets good gas mileage, minimum maintenance 258000 miles.

- Raymond J

It's been very dependable having 350,000 miles on it

Love the space. Dislike the squeaking. Dislike the wear and tear on seats.

- Lori R

The truck has everything you need, it can even hold up to 6 people for a ride.

I like that my truck can haul any load to my destination with no problems.

- Ayanna M

The truck is very reliable and continues to perform.

Big and roomy, reliable - over 286,000 miles. Don't like the rust

- Jack D

It is a very reliable vehicle. It also gets good gas mileage for a truck.

I am very pleased with my truck. It is used as my primary vehicle.

- Kerwyn M

there is really nothing else to know about my truck very common model

like color. fun to drive. bad gas mileage.overall reliable vehicle

- dylan c

Everything is still running great with higher mileage and no major issues

Love the way it handles and drives. Easy to keep maintenance up

- Bobby C

Ford trucks are reliable and last

I liked the truck but it's old now and starting to have issues

- Eileen G

Not great gas mileage with a v8 motor and towing package

I like the truck very much but it is getting some age on it.

- Steven C

For a truck it gets great fuel mileage.

great truck. I love it wouldnt get rid of it. meets my needs

- Diana H

It's a good reliable vehicle that was bought at a good price.

I love my truck. Literally just oiled her up 10 mins ago.

- Jason f

It's built Ford tough 14 years old and still running good.

14 years old. Still running good. I have no complaints.

- Scott G

Really good on gas. Has no problems. Runs great. Has comfortable seats. Has four doors. Runs on diesel.

It's fun to drive. Has a nice radio and nice speakers.

- Russell N

don't waste your money on it buy 4 wheel drive this truck in no good in bad weather

it not 4-wheel drive so in bad weather it is no good

- bob h

It's nice and I like my truck nothing much to say about my truck.

I like my truck it moves me to where I need to go.

- Jessica A

The f-150 is our favorite full-size pickup, netting multiple 10best awards.

No problems at all.

- Jade T