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Best truck for your money.

2005 Ford F-150

The 2005 Ford f150 is a really excellent car for its money. Purchased in 2005, it has been used every day since. With over 280000 miles on the engine, it has really withstood the test of time. It has been in 3 accidents, and has kept my family safe through each one of them. It has a little wear and tear on it, but we were able to resurrect it a few times. The biggest issue we had was replacing the transmission. At 260, 000 miles the transmission went, but we were able to fix the truck afterwards. The best part of it, is the convenience. Everyone always needs a truck. The towing package has been put through the ringer, and has towed in upwards of double the weight it is rated for. The extended bed is extremely convenient for construction, family Christmas trees, or a night of camping with the boy scouts. The only issue the truck presents my family is the gas-guzzling feature. This thing tears through the gas tank. This is typical of a car from the time.

- Chris M

Nothing beats my ford f150.

2005 Ford F-150 FX4

Its a 2005 ford f150. For a older vehicle it has been a very reliable truck. The seats are comfortable, has a huge dash. I haven't had any problems with it using oil or water. Only problem I have had is it skipping but..That's usually a easy fix by replacing the coil packs, and like all old fords it has a squeak in undercarriage while driving..Annoying somewhat but not a major problem..The four wheel drive is a awesome feature of course! Living on a dirt road the four wheel drive comes in very handy, we love to fish so we are always pulling a boat behind it..It does a awesome job pulling with no problems. We are in the market for another vehicle and I will say we are strongly leaning towards another ford f150.

- Mary H

My crappy 2005 ford, f150.

2005 Ford F-150

I've owned the truck for sometime, I would like to get a car that's more comfortable but the truck was my dads, I have a hard time getting in and out, and it seems to never stop squeaking, no matter how many times I get it fixed. It's also a gas hog. I have doctor appointments a whole town away and gas is a joke when I put gas in it, 20 dollars only gets me to my wall mart twice and Walmart is legit not even 10 minutes from my house. Also m6 key always sticks and I am terrified it will break in the ignition one day.

- Amanda H

2005 Ford F-150: Very reliable truck with minor problems.

2005 Ford F-150 FX4

My dad got this truck back when I was a little kid and couldn't drive it yet back in 2006. He would drive it an hour to work and an hour home every day for about ten years. While he was driving it he never have any major issues, just minor ones with quick and easy fixes. When I got my drivers license he passed the truck down to me. Ever since then I have been driving it almost every day and I have only had minor problems that any car would have, nothing crazy. Overall this truck is amazing and very reliable.

- John D

Know past history on the purchases you are inquiring about.

2005 Ford F-150

It's been reliable but trustworthy it is not. Dealer failed to tell us it was a victim in the floods down south and had a bunch of sand action involved in the body and under carriage of the framework. If they say they got it from an auction find out where it was and what kind of auction; repossessed vehicles, dealerships close out or disaster coverage. Then if it is from the north eastern part of the states find out what weather disaster’ there have been in the same areas and how long clean up took.

- Carla C

Frank's Truck ! Best Friend I Have!

2005 Ford F-150 XLT

This Truck is a great vehicle that I love to drive around town and on long trips. I know I can count on my truck to run real good. It uses a good bet of gas, but that is because I have to carry a lot of tools with me. I have owned three ford trucks and I think this is the best one. I only wish I had bought the model that had larger motor. That way if you need the extra power for pulling a large trailer or a load of gravel, at least you know that you have the power to do just about anything.

- Frank R

It takes my friends and I wherever we need to get to!

2005 Ford F-150 XL

The interior is fabulous and spacious, however due to the age and number of miles I've had issues with the engine in regards of the timing chain. These are all wear and tear type issues, but this has been a solid truck taking me wherever I needed to go. Never letting me down. I was hesitant on having a Ford from the things I've heard, but I would buy another. It's been such a great vehicle. This particular model has a small box but has definitely improved as the models become newer.

- Sophie T

My vehicle is great. For anyone that is thinking about getting a Ford.

2005 Ford F-150 FX4

My vehicle is great. Takes me to where I have to go And hasn't broken down on me in few years. Everything in it works. Drives great no shakes nor anything. Has enough space for a certain amount of people. Steering wheel is great And gas mileage is great. Doesn't use much gas and And it's enough on full tank to get to where I want. Enough space in it to install things. I feel safe in it while drive and was great price when I got it.

- Oscar R

Why I love my Ford pickup.

2005 Ford F-150

05 F150 4x4 lariat. Heated seat leather seats wood grain interior 5. 4L triton two tone dark green and tan colors. 5. 4L puts out 300 horsepower. Moonroof. Crew cab. 3 Speed automatic transmission. Handles on road and off-road very nicely. Lots of aftermarket availability for the body, interior, and performance of the truck. A all around great truck. Only bad thing could be fuel mileage but who buys a truck for fuel mileage.

- Josh H

Dependable truck. Always works when needed.

2005 Ford F-150

I have a remodeling home repair, handyman services. Been in business for 30 years. Since 1989. I depend totally on my truck for all my personal and professional support. I have owned this vehicle for about 10 years. It is been a very reliable vehicle. Had to put a transmission in it about a year ago. It has 250, 000 miles on it now. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it across the country now. It is always been reliable.

- Michael G

My vehicle is 14 years old, but it's still holding up.

2005 Ford F-150 Lariat

It's really a great vehicle. Its older and is a used vehicle but all together it really is a great truck. The leather seats on the drivers side has a hole in it, but mostly the interior is in great shape. We haven't really had that many issues with it besides the few little things like needing a new alternator. But it is an older vehicle so that is expected. I really do like the way it has held up.

- Stephanie J

Overall good truck for the price.

2005 Ford F-150 XLT

We really like the comfort the ford f-150 has. Plenty of room for our family. With a baby and a hundred pound dog, we still have room! We love the large truck bed for when we need to mainly help our friends move! Not the easiest on gas but that's okay. We knew what we were signing up for when we got it! We have had a few problems with it but it is an older vehicle so we need to keep up with her!

- Rachel Y

This is a review of my Ford truck.

2005 Ford F-150

The car is in pretty good shape overall. The interior is really nice, it consists of black leather. The radio is aftermarket touch screen which is also really nice. The bad thing about the truck is the transmission seems to be having some trouble. The truck sometimes jerks when in drive and it is not a very natural feeling. I think the transmission or the engine may need some work done soon.

- Tyler T

2005 F-150. Overall it's a good truck, but I think it was a little over abused by its first owner.

2005 Ford F-150

I bought my truck used, and some of the problems were not brought up by the dealer. (Lesson learned) so the only real issues I had that were definitely new after my purchase was cables and the spark plugs. I'm not mechanically inclined so I can't tell you much about the cables but I do know that Ford changed their spark plugs and the new plugs are a huge pain for the mechanics.

- Gregory O

F-150 Long Bed Truck great for hauling lots of cargo stylishly

2005 Ford F-150

I am a tall man, my Ford Truck fits me well. It drives smoothly and is going strong after 13 years. Maintenance is reasonable although I don't use the Ford dealership for maintenance. My one complaint is that the power windows dropped into the door. The problem was a non problem but the I was made to pay for the repair which is why I no longer go to Ford dealers.

- Philip M

Issue with Reverse low gear

2005 Ford F-150 Lariat

Issue with transmission not going into reverse. Mechanic said reverse low is gone. When you give it gas and it reaches a certain point it then switches to reverse high and the vehicle will go. I'm putting it in the shop next week to correct this issue. The cost is supposed to be 1800. No other bad issues with this truck. The 4 wheel drive is a big plus for me.

- Sandy C

This is the best truck ever!

2005 Ford F-150

This truck has been absolutely rock solid. We follow all the maintenance and have close to 300k miles. Transmission still strong, engine still strong, no rust on body. We are planning on reupholstering the seats that we have worn out. If this one ever wears out I will replace it with another f150. Our 2nd truck is an f150, just bigger to fit the grandkids in.

- Donna D

It has the suicide doors on it.

2005 Ford F-150 XLT

My f150 now has 100500 miles in it and does not leak a bit of fluid anywhere, it is as tight as the day it was built. I had the spark plugs changed and it had new style of plugs from the factory that would break off down in the block and took a special tool to remove it. I didn't like that as it cost me $1000.00 to have fixed. Other than that I love my truck!

- Steven C

It needs some engine work, and it's the only vehicle we have

2005 Ford F-150

I like that we are able to haul things in the.back. I love the heated seats, and the built in DVD player for the grandkids. I do not like the color of the interior, its ugly. I like being able to step on the running board and use the handle to climb in, but I don't like that the top of the door opening is so low,it makes it awkward getting into the truck.

- Tammy W

My 13 year relationship with my truck.

2005 Ford F-150

I like my truck. If you are tall like I am a truck fits well. The truck is reliable as long as I stay current on the maintenance schedule. It had one major fail but fortunately it was covered by the warranty. I still get compliments on the appearance of the vehicle but it needs some cosmetic work done. I plan on keeping the vehicle for another 100k miles.

- Phil M

I love the color. Gold and I put red colors inside of it.

2005 Ford F-150

The only things wrong with my Ford f-150 is that the driver side window is very hard to get to go up. I do believe that the motor is about to go out. . It really has a awesome pick up on it. When you step on the gas it really flies. It does though use a lot of gas when you do this. I live the seats in it. It is really comfortable with my bad neck and all.

- Sabrina B

headlights was somewhat dime and after washing the lens they became alive again.

2005 Ford F-150 XLT

My vehicle is very dependable. I keep it maintenance; including oil changes and tires rotated.I've only had to change the starter. Recently, the left rear window power motor went out.. I bought this vehicle used and it has been a great buy for my family. The fuses have blown a few times and it is an easy fix because I keep fuses in the glove box.

- Toni S

big, a lot of foot room, a lot of power, the body looks really good

2005 Ford F-150

I really like that truck, though it has some problems we have right now a problem with the engine and the truck is known for the problem but the truck is good to work on so we can repair it by ourselves and don't have to goto the mechanic like with other brands the truck still looks good for its age and is easy to drive we love our truck

- Anna W

Ford f-150: a truck for the working man.

2005 Ford F-150

Had to get a new transmission, get an engine tune-up. The truck was bought in very good condition for the year it was. It is a good riding truck, and has been very reliable for how many miles that I have put on it since I bought it. The only thing I haven't fixed yet is the ac, but other than that I haven't had any major problems.

- James A

2005 F150- Stands the test of time and has great features too

2005 Ford F-150

My F150 has enough space so I don't feel cramped. The middle seat in the front is able to be used for storage or lifted up to sit in. I also like that the bed of the truck has a cover so when I'm not hauling stuff, I can keep it clean and covered. It has a monitor that shows the AMPG during each drive etc etc. Overall, it's great!

- Kaylan H

Ford is very reliable and sturdy for anyone looking to feel safe while driving.

2005 Ford F-150

I love my ford. Its dependable and strong. I would recommend it to people looking for an affordable and reliable vehicle. I would trust Ford with my life. I believe that Ford is the best vehicle for families or just people looking to feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable while driving their vehicle to work school or anywhere else.

- River B

It gets the job done, and then some

2005 Ford F-150 FX4

Halswell. Plenty of power. Love this truck. I've used it to haul compost and mulch all this weekend. I built a raised bed garden last weekend. With my bed completely filled with topsoil, the truck drove just as well, and with the same get up and go that it had before I filled the bed with hundreds of pounds of dirt and rocks.

- Jonathan R

The joys of my Ford Lariat.

2005 Ford F-150 Lariat

I am very pleased with my Ford Lariat. I feel very safe in the truck as it is larger than most vehicles. It gets good gas mileage and since I have had it for approximately 8 years, I have had basically no problems with it, mechanically. I would recommend anyone who is seeking a new vehicle, to purchase a Ford Lariat.

- Lynn G

Just grounded info for first time buyers or just looking.

2005 Ford F-150

Ford f150, not that great on gas, makes a great work truck, have to watch springs and balls, but everything else it is a good truck, not one for long distance trips, family wise, not a good choice, just to go to work and home great choice, great as a first time driver car, lots of room and comfortable sitting, nice radio.

- Angela R

Our happy, great little truck.

2005 Ford F-150

This truck has lots of space to go on long trips and take lots of items with you. It gets great gas mileage. We also use it for hauling mulch, transporting furniture and family and the crate for our dog. We have driven it to Nc and oh many times. It is a very comfortable ride. It handles well in all kinds of weather, too.

- Joy S

Gas is expensive and trucks do not have good gas mileage.

2005 Ford F-150

I have owned my truck for the past 7 years and I like it. I have never had any car problems and I love driving a truck. My truck is reliable and comfortable but I do wish there was more room in the backseat of my truck. As far as features, I like that my truck feels like I am driving a car. It is not too wide or long.

- Melissa R

Good reliable every day truck.

2005 Ford F-150

The 5. 4 triton engine is infamous for the spark plugs breaking off on the first tune up. If you get a tune up before 100k it would probably be much easier. Pedals are adjustable, seat belt is attached to seat. A lot of cup holders. Plenty of room so you do not feel claustrophobic. Good reliable truck overall I think.

- Brenda V

Not a fan of bad gas mileage.

2005 Ford F-150 XL

This vehicle sputters when it starts. Everything is manual. Gas mileage is beyond awful. The factory radio/CD player can only play the radio; the CD portion does not work. If there is nothing in the bed, the vehicle fishtails. The muffler is currently falling off and is barely holding on by a wire to keep it in place.

- Tina D

The good and bad of my grand ole f-150!

2005 Ford F-150 STX

My vehicle is a standard/manual 2005 f-150. Although, it does not have a lot of power or speed it is very reliable and has been a great truck. It is not the most comfortable truck to ride in but it is not terrible. The windows and doors are manual. With it being a straight shift there is not much room in the truck.

- Kenneth N

Ford f-150, take it or break it?

2005 Ford F-150 XL

The starter goes out frequently, and the speedometer is in kilometers?? Truck is good for moving big things or trying to get a task done or family vacations because everyone can fit. Another downside is that the truck takes so much gas!! 40 bucks does not even get you a half a tank. More like a quarter of a tank.

- Ashley E

2005 brown f150 fully loaded lariat.

2005 Ford F-150

Sometimes problems with the starter however overall a very solid vehicle. Have never had any major issues and would buy it all over again if I had the chance to. Other individuals sometimes have issues with the plugs however I have not had any issues yet. 175 thousand miles on the truck and still going strong.

- Peter R

Her name is the silver bullet. There is a faint electric company logo on door.

2005 Ford F-150

Well the check engine light has been on for 2 years. The radio & cassette disk are broken. There is a cigarette be lighter. No charging portals. Only one pull out cup holder. It has a bench seat it is comfortable enough. We get the oil changed regularly. All the fluids. It is reliable so far we bought it use.

- Jerry H

Ford trucks have a reputation for durability and dependability. It is comfortable, has an excellent air conditioning system, and great visibility.

2005 Ford F-150

Truck is very dependable, and has all of the things that I need/want. It is comfortable to drive on long trips and carries a reasonable load. The only thing I would change are the rear doors - they only open 90 degrees while newer models open 180 degrees, which would be much more convenient in a parking lot.

- James H

Best four wheel drive around.

2005 Ford F-150

My Ford f150 truck with the 5. 4 liter v8 is a awesome vehicle with plenty of power and torque. It is capable of any job or chore that I have yet to encounter- it has been very dependable and has only required routine maintenance. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone needing a tough, dependable vehicle.

- Steve B

Ford pick-up good reliable truck.

2005 Ford F-150

Drives well good gas mileage fairly comfortable has good pick up has a split bench seat power windows power outside mirrors do not like that it takes two levers to put down front seat gives a good view of the road high enough to see over most traffic steers smoothly have only owned for a couple of months.

- Paul W

Ford Tough is True is the title of my review.

2005 Ford F-150

I'd always heard the phrase "Ford tough" in commercials, and after owning a Ford truck, I believe it. The vehicle is reliable, sample size, handy for groceries, passengers and heavy loads; also notice that when uphill climbs come, other cars struggle while my "older" truck still maintains steady speed.

- Amarili G

Great, reliable and ready for the job kind of truck!

2005 Ford F-150 XL

I have had my truck for a few years now, it's a great, reliable truck! Ford is the main brand my family owns, and we've never had any major issues with our vehicles or recalls as I hear about other makes & models! Very dependable and strong trucks for all job types! Always ready for the job!

- Dari C

Affordable and sturdy, not a lot of maintenance needed.

2005 Ford F-150 XLT

None, just regular maintenance needed. I regularly change the oil and check fluids. Change tires and have had no problems. If you are currently going to purchase a ford, be sure and do your research. Body has held up well. No rust and solid. If you want a good truck, consider ford before 2006.

- Regina E

I love that it is a super crew cab.

2005 Ford F-150

Gas mileage is not great but not bad. Windows quit working and the exhaust pipes fell off. I have had the vehicle for about four years and just went over a 100,000 miles. So far other than the problems listed above I haven't had to do much other than regular servicing and routine maintenance.

- Josh V

Love my truck wouldn't trade it for nothing.

2005 Ford F-150

Well I bought the truck used from a small dealership, and they lied on me about what was fixed and not fixed, but overall I love my truck it drives great and the only problems I have now is needing to change a spark plug, which isn't that hard to change, and I had timing redone in it as well.

- Lee S

I have had my truck since new and it has performed very well for me since owning it and as long as you maintain yours it will last a long time too.

2005 Ford F-150

I love my F150. It has been a great truck. I have always done the maintenance of it myself and it is very easy to maintain. The only thing that I don't like is that it isn't made as tough as the older trucks of days past. I would also liked to have a 4x4, but that is my fault, not the trucks.

- Doyle W

Awesome truck!!!! The f150 but....

2005 Ford F-150

It's a 5.3 triton motor this motor is know for the spark plugs breaking off when changing. I've been told by my mechanic that this only happens when they're not properly changed. It is a great truck other than this potential problem. Plenty of hauling power plenty of room I have a crew cab.

- Cody D

2005 F150 4 door supercab.

2005 Ford F-150

I have a 2005 Ford f150 super cab with a impressive back seat and a 6 foot bed. My truck is very roomy and comfortable. It tows our 24 foot trailer great, easy 4WD transition, plenty of storage and cup holders. It has over 245 k miles on it so it did need some work, but still a great truck.

- Ann M

Reliable, just body issues and some maintenance issues.

2005 Ford F-150

Love ford, am a SUV/truck person. Unfortunately, truck was bought used and now the entire bed is almost completely rusted out. Gets horrible mpg, that is with tune ups and oil changes on time/frequently. I am open to buying another ford, but potentially looking into a SUV with them though.

- Zachary R

Old red, built ford tough. Still gets us where we need to go.

2005 Ford F-150 XL

Have to put it in overdrive to get it over 30 mph, I need to work on it, it has been a good truck we still use it everyday, she is bright red, our big red truck, we like the extended cab and 4 doors so super convenient, can fit 6 people, sometimes however it's hard to park in tight spaces.

- alicia C

Ford leveled on off-road tires.

2005 Ford F-150 STX

Very reliable, performs well but does not have crazy power. Cloth seating is very comfortable but wears away obviously. Some features that I do not have that I wish I did was cruise control, power windows, power locks, thermometer. Love the extended cab for additional seating when needed.

- Nick J

Nice leather seats roomy full size seats in the back comfortable

2005 Ford F-150 Lariat

No problems really Just normal wear and tear from being an older vehicle. Rides nice, does everything I have ever needed. Plenty of room for my family. Very durable looking for the same truck just newer for myself again because I like it so much I would recommend this truck to anyone

- Toni C

It was a truck and I just wanted a simple and used suitable truck.

2005 Ford F-150

One time I was driving and the blinker to my truck came off and it completely just came off and I had to go get a new part it pretty much melted off from the heat. I also couldn't use for the longest time I also had to buy new tires because after two months they were all used up and old.

- Christina R

Almost 200K miles with no major problems or major expense.

2005 Ford F-150 XL

My pickups name is Casper. It has almost 200k miles on it. It's been very dependable and very useful in so many ways. I've pulled trailers and RV's. It's comfortable when traveling. Routine maintenance is affordable and I haven't had any major problems or expenses. I very happy with it.

- Ron B

Had to replace the entire engine. But I still love the truck.

2005 Ford F-150

The oil pump went out and my engine was destroyed and had to be replaced. Otherwise it is great. I am satisfied with it is miles per gallon. Although I will be looking for much higher numbers next time I purchase a vehicle. Also it needs a AUX port. I imagine the newer models have them.

- Aaron K

When there's no trouble with the truck. It runs great.

2005 Ford F-150

It's the full size pickup I was looking for. At 13 years old it is starting to nickel and dime me. I have done basic maintenance, brakes. Oil tires. Last year and a half I have replaced brakes twice along with power steering hoses. Springs have been replaced. U bolts now need replaced.

- Donald D

I keep it regularly and properly maintained.

2005 Ford F-150

It is a white 2005 Ford f-150 with V6. It has 4 doors and a excited cab. The performance is good it just has a loud exhaust. It is very reliable it get me everywhere I need to go no problem. Oh did I mention it has 6 seats. Although riding in middle front seat of very uncomfortable.

- Jonathan G

Trustworthy and dependable.

2005 Ford F-150

It is dependable low maintenance all weather vehicle gas mileage could be better high mileage vehicle still starts every day cloth interior is it very durable serves basic needs easy to get around air conditioning works great hard to fix and repair even simplest things yourself.

- Jack T

Reliability is very high, basic maintenance.

2005 Ford F-150

Very reliable, daily driver 100 miles round trip each day. The truck has a clunk noise when taking off from a full stop. The truck is comfortable, as new shocks and tires have been installed. The radio is sub par, and the seats stain very easily( even water leaves marks/stains.

- Mike M

Very dependable Ford truck.

2005 Ford F-150 STX

I have a 2005 Ford F-150 Stx My truck is very reliable and I haven't had any issues with it. I drive it every day and have had no problems with it. My truck is a charcoal grey color which I am happy with. I bought the truck used with 150 thousand miles and it still runs great.

- William D

Grey crew cab pick up truck.

2005 Ford F-150

Very reliable. I love the 4 wheel drive. The fx4 has a great leather interior, the back seats fold up so your pets can ride back there on the floor (instead of your leather seats) or you can fold them up to help move bigger things that you do not want to put in your truck bed.

- Marissa N

The space is perfect, fits my big family

2005 Ford F-150 XL

Runs and drives like a dream. Seats are super comfy. Lots of room. Fits my big family. It could be better on gas. But for a truck its size its gets pretty good gas mileage. Our kids love it because its big, and a truck. The back windows roll down. Which is a huge plus for us.

- Kayla H

I own a red Ford f-150 2005. The motor and transmission are great.

2005 Ford F-150

I have never had any problems. It is reliable and comfortable. It performance is great. The motor runs smooth. The inside of the car make it very comfortable. I had never had a problem with the motor or transmission. Only thing I have change are the tires which had worn out.

- Diana R

You can have a home on the road and it's not an RV

2005 Ford F-150

This truck is very roomy, drives smooth, looks sharp. The console in the middle offers storage space. Not a gas guzzler. I would recommend this vehicle to a family that is on the go all the time. I can almost say we "live" in our truck. I don't ever want to get rid of it!

- Brenda O

My vehicle is a red 2005 Ford f-150. Great looking truck.

2005 Ford F-150

I really enjoy my vehicle. We have been lucky to have nothing wrong with it. Really reliable. Drive to Jackson everyday for work and is good gas mileage as long as you keep up on required maintenance of the truck you should not have any problems. Would highly recommend.

- Tricia A

The seats are very comfortable and spacious.

2005 Ford F-150 XL

It's really nice and spacious! The only problem with the car is two things, parking spots and gas tank. It is sometimes difficult to find a parking spot and it is also expensive at times when you buy gas. Reliability is good and I love the style and interior of the car.

- Mel N

A very interesting detail about my f150 is that it is a ford.

2005 Ford F-150

My f150 is awesome. It's a Ford, what do you expect. These vehicles will always go no matter what. Even if you're late on their maintenance. They are seriously durable and get awesome gas mileage. They are very comfortable to drive and the parts are not that expensive.

- Claudia B

Pros and cons of a 5.4 l ford f150.

2005 Ford F-150 XL

Truck performs well on highway and off road. Reliable but has common problems such as gas cap cover coming loose, oil filter adapter leaking, and timing issues with the engine. (5.4 l ) usually after 150,000 miles. Other than that sturdy truck that is easy to maintain.

- Jacob P

Ford f-150 truck review 2005.

2005 Ford F-150

I love the truck except for the alarm that sounds in the cab, as it goes off every 5 min. I cannot find the problem and I do not want to pay for the problem. I wish I could disarm the sound. But the truck is comfortable to drive and heavy duty. I would buy another one.

- Char M

It's a good truck highly recommend. Just keep up with maintenance.

2005 Ford F-150

I haven't had much issues with my truck. It's got 189k miles on it and the only major problem I've had with it so far was the spark plugs and since its been fixed. haven't had problems since considering how old it is and the high mileage. Just ready for a new vehicle.

- Haley E

An awesome choice of transportation.

2005 Ford F-150

My vehicle is very reliable and great for people who are moving. I originally got my f150, because I thought I was getting a dog, plus I needed more room for my newborn. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that loves to go on road trips. This truck is very roomy.

- Erika M

Love my truck only own Ford trucks for life.

2005 Ford F-150

Truck has a smooth ride. Very comfortable. Some electrical issues easy fix. Great power and acceleration. Great style and ease of use. Interior is superb. Not great on miles per gallon, but that is not why you buy a truck. Great Bose stereo system. Plenty of options.

- Rich L

Reliable! Gas mileage is the worst thing about it.

2005 Ford F-150

Love my f150 supercrew. Very reliable at 130, 000+ miles. Have replaced some of the O2 sensors. Had spark plugs replaced at about 120,000 miles. Have not really had any other major problems. Would buy another in a heartbeat if I could afford. Love blue oval products!

- Dana B

My truck is not lifted yet but will be soon.

2005 Ford F-150 FX4

I just bought my F150 two months ago. It's in great shape and drives well. My husband bought his new in 2005 so I've been driving his on and off for years. They both have great power and are easy to drive. Besides a little cosmetic work my truck feels brand new.

- Annie K

The vehicle is best for its dependability

2005 Ford F-150

Ford truck has outlasted all other vehicles we had. The vehicle has wonderful look, dependable and great comfort and roomy. The down size is the mileage the vehicle gets which isn't great that is the only downfall. We will definitely purchase another Ford truck.

- Elaine B

Wonderful work truck. Has plenty of room sunroof leather seats.

2005 Ford F-150 STX

I had to get a new motor 1 year after getting it. But it was covered by warranty. Other than that it runs great I use it for work I pull a big trailer behind with no problem. The heater makes noise.. Everything else seems to be good so far I would buy another one.

- Jamie M

2005 Ford f150 crew cab 4 by 4.

2005 Ford F-150

Had problems with it cutting out, running rough. Ended up replacing all ignition coils, costing over $800. No problems since. Extremely comfortable and easy to drive, rides more like a car than a truck. Surprisingly good gas mileage averages 15 mpg mixed driving.

- Michelle V

Ford F-150 2005 is not a very good truck

2005 Ford F-150

I have had a lot of problems with my truck, I bought it used so it was to be expected that it might need some work in the long run but it has been a lot. I probably would not recommend. The back seats aren't very comfortable, it fits 6 people but very tightly.

- Nayeli C

My king ranch and what it needs.

2005 Ford F-150 King Ranch

I love my new truck, has a great interior, needs a better paint job on it and new wheels. Soon I will make it better. Needs new exhaust also and some little things. Tires are about half worn out. I would like to tint all the windows the same shade of darkness.

- Sheldon H

19 year old truck still in great shape!

2005 Ford F-150 XLT

Nice used truck that has held up for 19 years! It does not get the greatest gas mileage but it still runs great! We have done repairs recently but nothing too major! I love the cruise control. The leather seats are a bit worn but the truck is 19 years old!

- Stephanie J

Huge truck but too big for me

2005 Ford F-150 XL

It's just too big for me to drive. I prefer smaller SUV type vehicles because that is what I am comfortable driving but it serves its purpose and gets me where I need to go. Runs great, looks appealing, hauls if it needs to.. just too big for me personally

- Amber B

Blue and silver truck with big tires.

2005 Ford F-150

I like it because it is a truck. We can haul stuff. It is blue and seats 6 people with no problem. It stink on gas mileage. I have nothing else to say about the truck. My husband loves it. We had one 16 years ago. It is blue with silver trim and big tires.

- Christi C

Strong, reliable, and sturdy

2005 Ford F-150 STX

This truck is sturdy because it is mostly steel as opposed to fiberglass. This truck is very reliable due to it not breaking down very often. This truck is strong because it has a big bed. It can carry up to 6 people comfortably. The gas mileage is decent.

- Tina R

We always drive Ford trucks because they hold up to what ever we need them to.

2005 Ford F-150

We drive the Ford because we haul a lot of things. Everything fits perfect. Even if we have a big full load. The truck is able to handle the big loads with no problem. It is very comfortable with plenty of room in the cab of truck. Love the Ford trucks.

- Sherry L

It's a special edition f150 street boss edition tuned by roush.

2005 Ford F-150 XL

It's a great truck, would recommend to anyone that is looking for a good work truck, only cons are the gas mileage and no 4x4. It still runs and drive strong for being a 2005, I've had zero problems with it other then a recall that ford fixed for free.

- Samuel D

Comfortable on long rides and fits items like mattresses, easily on the back.

2005 Ford F-150

Have had this vehicle for almost 14 years. My family and I have taken long trips on it down to tijuana. It is very reliable and we haven't had to deal with many problems. The few that we did have we were able to fix and it wasn't expensive to complete.

- Ana M

Spacious drives well. Decent on gas.

2005 Ford F-150

I really enjoy my truck, drives well. Ok on gas. Room for the kids and all their belongings. I believe it's safe. Drives good. Some what spacious. Lots of cup holders. Back seat vent and Charger. Why do I need to write so much. I like my truck buy one.

- Melissa B

Family friendly, there is enough space for kids. No need to worry about getting a different vehicle when starting a family.

2005 Ford F-150

I love my truck. Drives so smooth, spacious inside, meets all of my needs. Pulls trailers with no issue. I truly enjoy driving this truck. Ofcourse I wish the gas mileage was better, but I certainly took that into account when purchasing this vehicle.

- Candace F

Good truck. Misfires and ticks continues on this year truck.

2005 Ford F-150

Spark plug 5 misfires even after plug and coil pack are changed. Nothing seems to fix it. Does drive nice, read door handles and wiring do break easy with extensive use. No other complaints except which I have stated. Not a gas hog but good mileage.

- Heather B

It is overall a great handling truck and a fun little vehicle to drive. It is very useful to have around the house.

2005 Ford F-150

I like that my truck is 4 door and 4 wheel drive. I don't care for the color much since it is white. The truck seems to handle rough and we can't seem to ever get it lined out. Overall, I really love to just jump in it and be able to haul anything.

- Tonya M

Ford built tough and made of steel like superman.

2005 Ford F-150

Not a lot of problems, but the gas mileage. When Ford say its "built tough" they mean it. I had the truck over 13 years and still run like new. It has DVD player, 6 CD change, and it drives smooth on the road. It pulls everything you hook up.

- Wil H

It is a great vehicle made be an American owned company

2005 Ford F-150

My 150 has 99xxx miles it is a regular cab 2 wheel drive. it is an xl black it has a bed liner and cover. I like the gas mileage, I like the color, I love the fact it has been totally dependable for as long as I owned it. I have no complaints

- Larry S

My super tough, reliable Ford f150.

2005 Ford F-150

My truck is tough, it takes a beating on my gravel road everyday and still going strong. It has more pulling power than my brothers 2013 Chevy. I get amazing gas mileage, it has had only minor issues which is normal for a 2005 vehicle.

- Robin Y

Hands off, she only drives for me.

2005 Ford F-150

I love the color of blue it is as dragonflies mistake it for water and hover above the hood. I like my truck for It's payload & interior capacity, for It's 5.4L power and longevity. I like Its body style and rear seat suicide doors.

- Sheryl G

It's a fx4 and that makes it possible to get out if it snows.

2005 Ford F-150

Driver side door lock button does not work. None of the windows will roll down unless you use the buttons on the driver door. It has lifters that making a noise and needs replaced. The sunroof leaks. The sunroof also does not move.

- Gracie W

Ford F-150's are the best!

2005 Ford F-150

I love my Ford F-150, Supercab. It is very comfortable to drive and performances well for what I need it to do. The only issue I've had with it in the 12 years I've had it was the intact gaskets needed to be replaced last year.

- Trish S

It's got bad suspension and needs to be slowed before going over speed bumps.

2005 Ford F-150

I like that the Ford f-150 is a long lasting vehicle. It can withstand a lot of use and has plenty of room for multiple passengers/moving objects. I dislike that my Ford f-150 is now older and is costing a lot to keep running.

- Brittany J

It's extremely durable both on road and off road and drives well on both.

2005 Ford F-150

I like that it sits up high and I can see everything clearly. I like that it has four wheel drive and can carry and/or pull loads. I don't like having to get out to lock the hubs in when I want to use four wheel drive.

- Pam T

Ford F150 just keeps getting better every year

2005 Ford F-150

I love my truck! I've used it for long trips and it is my daily driver to work. The gas mileage isn't bad at all, especially for an 05 model. I have had to replace both front ball bearings, but other than that no issues.

- Ian S

F150: A strong, reliable vehicle to fit your needs

2005 Ford F-150

Good, reliable truck that has gotten me around better than I expected. The air conditioning doesn't work as well as I would like and it doesn't have all of the new bells and whistles, but I really can't complain.

- Britt W

It's very reliable, has few service problems and looks really good!

2005 Ford F-150

The thing I like most about my vehicle is that it is BIG! I can see over all the other vehicles on the road and that makes me feel very safe. I'll probably buy the same type vehicle again in the near future.

- Terry J

Strong, spacious, comfortable.

2005 Ford F-150

Ford F150 4 x 3 2005, strong vehicle, 17 mpg is good for this truck, bed capacity 1000 lbs is perfect for landscaping and the towing adds more. Cabin is wide, back seats spacious, for adults very comfortable.


The four wheel drive transmission shifter only works in neutral.

2005 Ford F-150

I received it from a company owned by my grandparents. The radio display is broken, It has a power steering leak. The Transmission has begun to lag. The poor fuel efficiency has gotten worse over the years.

- Gordon J

Very reliably!! Definitely gets you to A to B!! S lot and a lot of room!

2005 Ford F-150

My Ford 150 truck is in excellent condition. It has the double doors. Has a huge back seat for comfort and lots of room for kids!! The interior is very pretty! Leather seats, loud speakers, lots of room.

- Tina L

The truck is highly dependable.

2005 Ford F-150

I enjoy the comfort and ride of my Ford f 150. It handles well, has plenty of power. I find it a pleasure to drive on a daily basis. The interior is spacious and gives plenty of headroom and legroom.

- Donald E

Good truck, very reliable till I hit 150, 000 on the odometer.

2005 Ford F-150

Gas mileage is terrible, body is going with rust, now needs a lot of repairs, sadly cannot afford to replace it. Was a great vehicle for a truck, just had it longer than I planned due to obamanomics.

- Chuck B

Very dependable, pretty good on gas and it's really comfortable.

2005 Ford F-150

First of all, everyone has to have use of a truck sometime. So we decided to purchase our F150 Ford. It is a 2005 and has been a real good and we have been very happy with it. Not bad on gas either.

- Carolyn B

An interested detail about the truck is that it has come in lots of handy when going camping

2005 Ford F-150

Never had a major problems with the vehicle even though its an older model just needs some minor fixes like changing the tires or doing tune ups mainly making sure to have maintenance on the vehicle

- Christie C

You feel safe in this truck the anti lock brakes are awesome will stop you in your tracks.

2005 Ford F-150

I love that it is really built tough these truck are awesome. My truck handles so very well that it is such a smooth drive after all these years and it is from one of my favorite car manufacturers.

- Michtre C

Terrible engine in my 2005! Had to replace!

2005 Ford F-150

Love the space inside the cab. Other than that I would never buy this truck again. I have had to have a brand new engine put in due to a ford malfunction with my year truck that is higher on miles.

- Rachael H

Its reliable and has rarely had any repair issues in the 168,000 miles on the truck.

2005 Ford F-150

It is my husbands truck and we use it for carrying heavy loads. It has come in handy when transporting furniture, building materials and much more. Plus my husband uses it when he goes fishing.

- Renee B

Plug issues should be addressed.

2005 Ford F-150

Love the truck, although this particular year has a plug issue that allowed plugs to break apart. Only a dealer should change and for each broken plug they add 50 broken plugs can destroy motors.

- Tammy G

It's trustworthy and won't break down. Parts are expensive.

2005 Ford F-150

It has held up very well for an old vehicle. I wish it was easier to get inside and clean up well. It should have come with built-in tied downs in the back since it's a heavy truck made for work.

- lucy p

Definitely get auto locks and windows.

2005 Ford F-150

Well made vehicle, only had typical problems that come with age. Regular maintenance and this vehicle will always run well. Handles well. Only wish would've gotten automatic windows and locks.

- Chris K

it will go when others are getting stuck you can't stop a ford

2005 Ford F-150

I like my truck because it does everything that needs to be done every time with over 165000 miles and only one hub replaced room for all my tools goes anywhere I need to go nothing to dislike

- Paul H

They cost a lot on everyday upkeep but are worth it if u take care of it.

2005 Ford F-150

It runs great. Biggest issue I have had was the rear differential. Starts up every time and during the winter it does not handle to well cause it is front heavy and end light so slips a lot.

- Laura A

Strong fun truck for the family or single person.

2005 Ford F-150

The car is great. Very safe. Expected gas mileage. Spark plugs need to be replaced far too often and requires a shop to do it so it's very expensive due to a design flaw that never changed.

- Thomas R

It has a lot of miles on it, but it lasts. Only a few things needed to get fixed every once in a while but it is very reliable while looking good and being very functional.

2005 Ford F-150

I like the size of my truck. My truck also is a crew cab so it has a lot of room. My truck's exhaust also sounds nice. It also is slightly lifted with big tires which gives it a good look.

- Robbie S

The f 150 I drive is used for my job and my farm this truck is very durable.

2005 Ford F-150

What I like about my Truck is that it is reliable, dependable, and comfortable. This truck has never let me down. The only thing I dislike about my truck is that it is not an extended cab.

- steve g

Runs great with no problems.

2005 Ford F-150

This workhorse of a truck has served me well. Only after 150, 000 + miles did I have to take it in for some front end work. Motor is still going strong and it hauls what I need it to haul.

- Mike P

It is tough and dependable-.

2005 Ford F-150

I love my 2005 Ford F150 truck. It was a certified used vehicle and other than routine maintenance it has given me no problems. It has a 5. 4 liter v8 with plenty of power and torque.

- Stephen B

2005 Ford f-150 sport pickup.

2005 Ford F-150

Ford makes an extremely reliable pickup. The ride is great, the off-road suspension works well, motor has good power. Box is a little to small I should have got the larger box.

- Barry S

Love that it drives like a snail.

2005 Ford F-150

Has been very reliable, performance is good. No problems have occurred from the vehicle. Lasted very long time with no problems for its year, very pleased with its reliability.

- Amy S

The towing capacity is fantastic. Gas mileage isn't that great but it is worth it for what I do on a normal basis.

2005 Ford F-150

It's actually a Ford F350 but you didn't Have that choice. I love my truck because it is big and get towed just about anything. And I do a lot of off-roading and I have an RV.

- Sharleen C

Has 194k miles and runs like a champ

2005 Ford F-150

Been a really reliable vehicle, always got me from a to b. Used it for work, hauled a lot of trailers with it. Wouldn't be scared to jump in it and drive 1000 miles right now.

- Jesse C

It is very spacious, there's room for your legs.

2005 Ford F-150

Gas mileage should be a lot more per gallon.. Rust issues on the doors an rocker panels.. Peeling paint on hood and roof.. And the actual cost of vehicle when buying new.

- Thomas B

Lots of room and options. Offers us way more than a car could.

2005 Ford F-150

We love our truck! It's the perfect size for all the outdoor activities we like to do. Also perfect for hauling our brush, leaves and weeds to the brush site every fall!

- Tammy V

It is reliable and will always get you where you need to go

2005 Ford F-150

My truck is plain but reliable. I dislike how much gas it needs and how often the battery cables need to be replaced because they get corroded and the truck won't start.

- Laura S

Low gas mileage compared to newer F 150 models that have fuel flex systems.

2005 Ford F-150

It is an older vehicle that we have had since brand new. We bought with extended cab for our growing family. It has been very reliable requiring minimal maintenance.

- Joe R

It takes 60 bucks to fill up.

2005 Ford F-150

Has sucky gas mileage not a good commuter car, not a good family car might need more room, the bed is also really long so might be hard to park and back out of places.

- Linda P

The spark plugs are known to bore out on the 5.4L triton motors.

2005 Ford F-150

I don't like the problems that I have been having with the 5.4L motor. The gas mileage is bad even for it being a truck. I do like the big backseat and the body style.

- Alyssa H

It drives very smooth and tows great.

2005 Ford F-150

The truck is great. I get about 15 miles to the gallon. Sometimes it is gets pricey filling the 20 gallon tank a these gas prices. I have never had any issues with it.

- Gina A

That it's built Ford tough

2005 Ford F-150

I love my Ford F-150. I moved stuff, hauled building supplies, built a 70ft fence with It's helped, traveled through high water after flooding in Houston, Texas

- Shelton K

It is comfortable and drive smooth. Good on gas.

2005 Ford F-150

I dislike that it is 13 years old, but other than that functions just how I need. I have had a few brake problems but other than that has been very good to me.

- Travis S

F-150 STX good value for the money

2005 Ford F-150

It has been very reliable all these years. Besides regular maintenance the only issues I had to address were the alternator and replacing both front bearings

- Nicholas V

We have driven this vehicle for over 13 years! We enjoy driving it!

2005 Ford F-150

The 2005 Ford F-150 has been the best vehicle for our family! It's dependable, durable, and has been a blessing to us! Would definitely buy this model again!

- Wilma T

It has an engine that will turn over and start no matter how cold it is outside.

2005 Ford F-150

I love the fact that the engine has enough HP to pull anything. It's paid for and all mine. And I love the fact that it doesn't depend on technology to run.

- Deborah G

It is very durable and reliable with a few dents and scratches.

2005 Ford F-150

I love the maroon color. My truck is very reliable. My truck is very durable. Even though I do not like how when I bought it a few bolts needed tightening.

- Destiny C

it will literally run forever. Fords are built tough

2005 Ford F-150

Love the control and power of the vehicle. It has been in my family for 13 years and makes it very dependable. Handles great in any weather or for any job.

- Anthony P

It. Gets me from one place to another. . . Very good farm truck.

2005 Ford F-150

This truck has a lot of room. . It has 4 wheel drive. . Very clean leather interior. . Cold a/c. . Sun roof. . Satellite radio. . Tow package. . Big tires.

- Carrie R

My Cars performance after 13 years

2005 Ford F-150

My car is 13 years old and still works pretty well. The only problems are that about every year- 6 months the ac stop working and it doesn't come with aux.

- Rebecca F

Beautiful truck, Ford is the best

2005 Ford F-150

Great truck, I have never has any issue with it. I take care of it really well. Run great, not so great on gas but gets me where I need to go and back.

- Daniel H

The durability of the truck and how it has lasted so long !!

2005 Ford F-150

I have had my truck for over 13 years! I love the ride and the comfortability of my truck.I have not any major problems with the operation of my truck!

- fred z

it's a workhorse and has performed better than we expected it would

2005 Ford F-150

it's been a great truck and is at almost 200,00 miles and going strong. other than routine maintenance and brake replacements all has been pretty good

- coleen o

The 5. 4 liter motor has problems.

2005 Ford F-150

I like the versatility and usefulness of a truck. I do not like the gas mileage or maintenance cost. I like having four wheel drive and the room.

- Chad R

it drives about 5-8 over what the actual speedometer says.

2005 Ford F-150

I like everything about it except it is not 4x4. It has all new leather interior. It has new aftermarket rims. looks great runs good but not 4x4.

- Jacob S

The dependability of my Ford truck.

2005 Ford F-150

I love the dependability of my truck. I like the height of my truck. I like the interior and the leather trim. I like the four door feature.

- Kim B

It is comfortable and has a lot of room in the back seats. Good family truck.

2005 Ford F-150

Tune ups are hard to do, because the plugs brake often and it is expensive to take to the shop. So be prepared for the price of time ups.

- Rosanna S

If you take care of something it'll last.

2005 Ford F-150

I take very good care of this vehicle. Make sure it's clean and ready to run. It hasn't failed me yet. Runs smooth. Great for heavy work.

- Karla R

It is been a very reliable source for transportation.

2005 Ford F-150

It is dependable, I have 4x4, it is big enough for my family. My dislikes are the gas mileage rate, no navigation, no Bluetooth features.

- Jennifer Y

2005 Ford F150 Flareside Fx4. 5.4 engine. Runs good

2005 Ford F-150

It's supercrew cab. Fx4. Runs good just has a lifter ticking. Windows only roll down by the driver door buttons. Sunroof doesn't work.

- Gracie W

Reliable, but many issues

2005 Ford F-150

Tons of electrical problems. Overall has been a reliable car. Ford has made it very difficult for do it yourselfers to fix these trucks.

- Bryan R

A great truck and greatly made.

2005 Ford F-150

My Ford f-150 is a greatly made truck. It is a hand-me-down, and used to be my dad's, but it still runs great and would by another one.

- Ava I

Leather seats, 4 doors, roomie,

2005 Ford F-150

I love my truck its roomie drives great not to bad on gas. Not much room on the back the bed is small. But other than that it's great

- Lisa M

It is comfortable and works awesome drives great and is perfect for our family.

2005 Ford F-150

My truck is reliable dependable there are no problems a all it works great and is very comfortable and features a great sound system.

- Jessica J

It is useful for any situation that you may come across, from taking the kids to school to muddin' with the boys on saturday.

2005 Ford F-150

No complaints, has a nice truck bed. Useful for carrying many construction supplies, has room in the cabin. An all-round good truck.

- Jason L

Ford trucks are workhorses.

2005 Ford F-150

Having a pick up truck has many bonuses, hauling stuff and helping others, Ford is a very reliable brand, my truck is a workhorse.

- Joe R

It is a reliable car that will get you where you need to go.

2005 Ford F-150

It has four doors and runs fine. I like the color it is a nice red. The door sometimes makes a weird noise when I close the door.

- Andrew R

The radio and air functions are great because they are on the steering wheel.

2005 Ford F-150

This is my dads vehicle. He uses it to take my son and I to doctors appointments. Which are a lot and it has been very reliable.

- Jamie P

It's a really good looking truck

2005 Ford F-150

I love everything about it! Lots of room very comfortable, to drive and to ride in! No mechanical issues but regular maintenance

- Kim M

I have had no issues with it and all I do is regular oil changes.

2005 Ford F-150

I like my vehicle because it is big. I also like because it is high of the ground. I also like because it is a four door truck.

- Debbie L

It is all paid off and it is has insurance on it and everything.

2005 Ford F-150

I like that it is big and I like that is its a truck. I do not like that it is a lot to maintain and it is hard to keep clean.

- Rosemary S

It's very reliable. It's very sturdy also. .

2005 Ford F-150

It handles great. It's good on gas. Its comfortable. It's a very good truck and my kids love it. It's also good for traveling.

- Michael G

My ford 4x4 super cab f 150

2005 Ford F-150

I love my truck it runs great no problems it is everything i ever wanted or needed in a truck i wouldn't take anything for it

- Chris D

Does not use oil. Does not shimmy. Rides pretty smooth. Pretty red color.

2005 Ford F-150

Roomy and drives good. I like the back seat. Just uses to much gas. Had not had to repair muck and the cost was reasonable.

- Sheila H

It is amazing traveled almost everywhere with it.

2005 Ford F-150

Repaired a few times and has its problems time to time but it gets from A to B. Probably will keep it for a few more years.

- Brad R

Reliability. Handles well. Good suspension. Good power.

2005 Ford F-150

It runs good. Has descent power. Has a lot of room. Safety features. Good gas mileage. Lots of bed space. Comfortable ride.

- David C

It's a safe vehicle. The towing capability and driveability are great.

2005 Ford F-150

I like the size of the truck. I appreciate that it's American made. The availability of parts to fix anything when needed.

- Andrea A

Takes a lot of money to fill up the truck.

2005 Ford F-150

I like that it can transport large items and seats a good amount of people. It is not as comfortable on long trips though.

- Ella A

It's a nice size SUV with plenty leg room.

2005 Ford F-150

I like the seat heaters. It drives very smoothly. It has advanced mechanical maneuvers to adjust the seat and the pedals.

- Katie N

The seats are amazing and the gas intake is prefect.

2005 Ford F-150

Great on gas, gets you from point A to point B. The truck is an amazing buy, not to mention how good you'll look in it.

- Jamie A

Door break to easy, look in junkyards for parts.

2005 Ford F-150

The seat are uncomfortable, you can feel the bar in back. Door latches break to easy. The truck gets and has mileages.

- Jack D

It is very good on gas when traveling.

2005 Ford F-150

I like how roomy the cab is. It is very good on gas but expensive to fill up. To big to be a everyday driving vehicle.

- Crystal E

It is over ten years old and still runs like it is new.

2005 Ford F-150

My truck is very spacious and comfortable. It rides very smoothly. If well maintained it could last a very long time.

- James T

That it is very reliable.

2005 Ford F-150

The only thing I do not like about my vehicle is where the hazard button is located. Other than that I love my truck.

- Mary D

Its a Ford it's a reliable truck not as strong as a bigger motor but keeps running.

2005 Ford F-150

Right front speaker does not work wiring is bad. Needs more horsepower. Rarely ever breaks down or needs a mechanic.

- Reynaldo M

The color is like the 49ers color

2005 Ford F-150

It runs good and it hard to turn the key most of the time and the back doors won't open up and it takes a lot of gas

- Jojo L

It is a truck it bumps and rattles.

2005 Ford F-150

I like that it is a big truck with decent crash rating. I like that it is four wheel drive. No complaints my friend.

- Shawn B

Need more horsepower. Back seat are to small. That's all.

2005 Ford F-150

Back seat are to small and uncomfortable. Front seat is perfect. Mine needs more horsepower. Overall is good enough.

- Akemi B

The tire condition, engine maintenance, oil, fuel economy

2005 Ford F-150

Great truck with no electronics so there is a longer lasting engine. Good gas mileage and roomy. Perfect work truck

- Cody D

Built ford tough hey there you go

2005 Ford F-150

A lot of problems with spark plugs from those years of trucks. The plugs keep blowing out snd striping the threads.

- Charlie G

Expensive to fix when it has problems.

2005 Ford F-150

Expensive to fix, it is comfortable to drive, paint peels around the gas tank, has blind spots when at a stop sign.

- Tammy B

2005 Ford F-150 XLT Off Road Package

2005 Ford F-150

Ford makes the best trucks out there. The reliability of the motor and torque it provides is more than sufficient.

- Barry S

2005 Ford F-150 extended cab

2005 Ford F-150

The ford F-150 is a Comfy truck; although, in the extended cab the back seat can be cramped for a full size adult.

- Tanner N

Most Dependable truck we have had.

2005 Ford F-150

We have has this truck for 10 years and love it. With the proper maintenance we have had a very dependable truck.

- Carol N

My Ford F-150 has been a very dependable and has lasted over 13 years with regular maintenance.

2005 Ford F-150

I like my vehicle because it has been very dependable. It has gotten good gas mileage. I like that it is roomy.

- Sherry S

Spacious: good to use for work and fitting the whole family for a road trip, can use as two-seater or four

2005 Ford F-150

It's rather large, making it hard to park, but it holds a lot of things if you wanted to use it as a work vehicle

- brianna k

Idk what you want me to put here.

2005 Ford F-150

I have a 2005 Ford f150 single cab. 4. 8l v8 engine with new wheels. Cold ac and g. Hot heat, windows are tinted.

- Cody H

That it drives good and is spacious.

2005 Ford F-150

Like the room and the size of the engine. I like the tires and the rims. Dislike gas mileage and number of miles.

- Peter F

That the transmission will be the first thing to go

2005 Ford F-150

This truck is always reliable and i have never had any issues with it that i didn't already suspect from a ford.

- Adam M

Love ford trucks n cars. Good miles for gas

2005 Ford F-150

Good truck and easy to fix great to hull items in from stores lots of room easy on gas good mileage kid friendly

- Clarissa B

I always feel safe in my truck.

2005 Ford F-150

I love that I can depend on it. Very few problems. don't like that it only has three seats. Bad on gas mileage.

- Hannah B

It's the best truck you can buy

2005 Ford F-150

I have had my truck for 13 years. It's been very dependable. I wood never own another brand. ford is the best.

- tony A

I love my Ford f150 I feel safe!

2005 Ford F-150

My Ford f150 is very dependable. It is also durable and spacious. It drives smooth and with a lot of comfort,

- Thelma S

It's pretty on the outside but the inside has some wear and tear

2005 Ford F-150

My old Ford truck is a good vehicle and runs well. Only problems I've had are with replacing the spark plugs

- David H

Lifted with big tires definitely gets a lot of looks.

2005 Ford F-150

Handsome looking truck comfortable truck with a lot of room. Lifted and gets a lot of respect on the road.

- Tyson S

Has the power to handle most anything you need to accomplish

2005 Ford F-150

Full 4 door, four wheel drive, leather seats, fully loaded, automatic start, back up alarm, heated seats,

- Todd O

It seats 5 very easily and comfortable.

2005 Ford F-150

My truck is roomy and comfortable. It tows great and drives nice. I only wish it got better gas mileage.

- Ann M

Silver 2005 Ford F150 crew cab

2005 Ford F-150

Problems with the spark plugs breaking in the cylinders. Can be an expensive fix if something goes bad.

- Martin D

Comfortable, drives nice.

2005 Ford F-150

I love my truck. It has great performance. It is super easy to drive. I haven't had any major problems.

- Tammy B

Dependable and reliable, roomy

2005 Ford F-150

Very dependable, parts are cheap and availability of parts are high. Maintenance on the ford is easy .

- Mike T

It will go anywhere and still cruise the highway.

2005 Ford F-150

I like how it rides and its comfortable to drive. I dislike the motor. That motor had a lot of issues.

- Katie T

f 150 riding like a boss. four by four off road.

2005 Ford F-150

It's been a good riding truck. Nothing much has gone wrong with it. Possibly ready for something new.

- Berry W

My truck is great for traveling and carpooling.

2005 Ford F-150

I like the durability and space of my truck. I wish it could be easier to park. No other complaints.

- Katie T

Ford trucks are reliable.

2005 Ford F-150

I like the reliability of my truck. My F-150 is a versatile vehicle. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Brett N

Built Ford Tough and will not leave you stranded.

2005 Ford F-150

It's old but trusty. It has never left me stranded. I love It's towing power. It is rusting badly.

- Ken L

Everyone this my truck.May not be new but new to me.

2005 Ford F-150

This is my 1st large truck.It ok .took awhile to get used to.Pretty good shape for age and miles.

- Ray W

It is a representation of me. It is tough and a little eye catching.

2005 Ford F-150

I love trucks, and I have added extra things. It does what I need it to do. I take pride in it.

- Brooke N

My truck is a 2005 model and is still going strong

2005 Ford F-150

I like having head room and a 4x4. I don't like not having an aux port and the dash rattling.

- Miles F

It's older but it runs well and has low mileage for its age.

2005 Ford F-150

It is a good truck and gets the job done. Purchased used with low mileage for a great deal.

- Brad M

Ford makes a great, reliable vehicle and also lasts a long time.

2005 Ford F-150

It's a Ford, what's not to love. It cost a bit more in gas being a crew cab. But runs well.

- Christy S

It has held up well despite being 13 years old with over 185,000 miles.

2005 Ford F-150

Not enough power. It's too difficult to change the oil. It has been pretty dependable.

- Nathan C

it consumes huge amounts of gasoline so you are limited to taking short trips to be economically feasible

2005 Ford F-150

worst part it the fuel consumption. Other than that the vehicle is superb in every way

- jay A

It is a diesel and it has 350,000 miles on it and it still runs great.

2005 Ford F-150

It rides great. It is red. It is a truck. It is a diesel and the gas is expensive.

- Melanie J

It has low miles on it for the year.

2005 Ford F-150

I like it has 4 wheel drive. I like that it is big. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Bill M

I love the interior and the large space in the cab. It's motor is a bit cheap and has some issues but runs well.

2005 Ford F-150

It has been reliable and easy to maintain, other than a few costly things early on.

- Sean D

It is a stick shift, and you have to be careful because the shift knob is currently loose, if you pop it into 2, 4 or R too hard it can come off in your hand

2005 Ford F-150

I like that it is a stick shift. I dislike the cab size. It is a comfortable drive.

- Alexis W

good power, sturdy and made well

2005 Ford F-150

great truck but poor gas mileage, tune up cost me $1,000...5.4 triton plug issue

- joe J

It rusts really bad. Need to keep up on the maintenance of it.

2005 Ford F-150

Gets me to where I need to go. It has a lot of room. But it takes a lot of gas.

- Jackie C

Made Ford tough. Strong truck

2005 Ford F-150

Runs good and fits my style. I've had this for a long time. I love the color

- Daniel N

I like that it is dependable. It gets me from point A to point B. I do not like that it is so small.

2005 Ford F-150

It is a gas hog. It takes about 40 to fill it up and it disappears so fast.

- Savannah W

The most important thing that others should know is that you can count on a Ford F150.

2005 Ford F-150

Dependable, comfortable, easy to drive. Only negative is low gas mileage.

- Ramon Z

Runs great and has great a/c and heat.it said one thing the color body style and tires and rims make this truck.

2005 Ford F-150

No complaints. Has a 8 ' bed. Three speed with of and I love this truck.

- David M

Love the size and smoothness of the drive. Good towing. Can't complain

2005 Ford F-150

Great size, drive quality, towing power, all around a great vehicle.

- Sara M

It is reliable and comfortable to drive. It is very dependable.

2005 Ford F-150

It has been a very good truck. Only maintenance done. No major work.

- Cecilia M


2005 Ford F-150



that it is a ford the best truck brand I use it for all my camping gear

2005 Ford F-150

I like the size and the look. I use it to get big items to places.

- pixie l

It has backup sensors and automatic adjustable mirrors

2005 Ford F-150

Great gas mileage, comfortable and easy to drive. No complaints

- Larry J

Don't get cloth seat option

2005 Ford F-150

Reliable mechanically. Like body style. Easy to find parts for

- JC K

power to burn could not be happier with the power it has

2005 Ford F-150

i just love my truck it is the greatest i will keep it forever

- robert w

It's been a good vehicle very few problems..It's been clean. It's been long lasting..

2005 Ford F-150

It has outlasted all others. Has never had any major problems.

- carolyn m

The seat can be adjusted just right for short people.

2005 Ford F-150

It drives great and is comfortable. Air isn't working great.

- David J

The interior of the truck is comfortable and good looking

2005 Ford F-150

Uses a lot of gas while I'm driving. It's also very loud

- Alex S

It has a lot of miles but it still runs very pretty well

2005 Ford F-150

It's old, needs some work. I really need something new

- Beth D

It is luxurious. It is technologically advanced.

2005 Ford F-150

Great car.Very comfortable. Drives great. Smooth ride

- Karen L

Strong running good truck. Perfect for my everyday needs. No engine trouble or transmission problems. Smooth running truck love it.

2005 Ford F-150

It is a Ford I would only drive or buy a Ford truck.

- Jason B

It's got three hundred thousand miles on it

2005 Ford F-150

It's old but I have gotten good service out of it.

- james S

great running truck. no complaints.

2005 Ford F-150

I love it. solid build. no complaints.

- kevin J