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IT IS FORD TOUGH! A thrill with each ride and proud ownership of one dependable vehicle.

I like the way it runs and is so dependable. I have had no major problems with it. I like how you can put more chrome on it and a spoiler lid on it for looks. I am not afraid to do any long distance driving the whole truck is made very well and I feel safe on the road. The one thing I do not like are the way the doors open so hard to put groceries in it when you are parked at the store and I don't like how someone who has never rode in it or valet it tend to shut the front door first and not the bad thereby denting the door depending on the force of the slam. Adults and children both do this. I have no real complaints just wish gas prices would go down so I can travel more.

- Cynthia H

Continuing to luv my dependable, comfortable, efficient ford f-150!

Vehicle has been very reliable and has required little more than routine maintenance. It rides reasonably well and drives very well. The looks and finish have held up very well despite being parked outside (without protection) all day every day. I,ve been very pleased with the vehicle and if I have to replace it during the remainder of my lifetime, it will almost certainly be with a vehicle of the same make, model, and trim. I drove a similar vehicle for seventeen years before this one which I have now used for twelve years.

- Fred L

Great vehicle for hauling large purchases and entire family.

This vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and very roomie. I enjoy the fact that I can haul a lot of building materials, and that I have room for six passengers if necessary. The pick up section can haul long pieces of furniture over 6 feet and is extremely reliable. The front seat has a lot of room as well as the back because there is no hump in the middle of the floorboard. The cooling system works well throughout the vehicle and I can rely on this to always perform well and consistently.

- Betty Jo L

Durable and dependable

I love that it is so durable and dependable. I have had only regular maintenance and normal repairs that come with an 11 year old truck, but nothing major. It rides like a luxury vehicle, not like the trucks of the past. It's built well and will easily last me another 100k miles. There's a reason the Ford F150 is one of the highest rated trucks in quality and customer satisfaction. It's a high quality vehicle all the way around

- Anna K

Good truck but with the electric vehicles coming to market they produce truck.

2007 Ford f150 crew cab 4×4. Great truck almost 200, 000 miles and the only fix I had to repair was so far was the power steering pump. I also had a water rain leak coming from sunroof at one point and I finally figured out the problem and it was the drain tube hole on each side of sun roof was plugged up so I took a air nozzle and blew out the lines and now have no issues of water running into the inside of my head liner.

- Geoff H

It is 11 years old and still going good.

My f150 has been a good vehicle. I bought it used in 2009. It now has 189, 000 miles on it. Only had minor issues fixed at the mechanics. I have had an ongoing issue with electrical issues for most of the time I have owned it. Windows stop going up and down and needed to be fixed 4 times. Dome light works and does not work. Mechanics haven't wanted to fix that. Radio lighting goes in and out. Now mostly out.

- Eric T

Pros and cons of a 2007 f150.

Always having problems with the front end probably because not steel arms, needs more power for being a sport. I have had the breaks go out a number of times but mechanics say nothing wrong with brake pads or rotors that caused me to hit someone once. I had a brake pad fell off inside a tire and shred it from the inside and they still had a lot of tread left. Seats are very comfortable, no blind spots,

- Sue O

F150 Becoming Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Truck

MY 2007 Ford F150 is a Supercrew, so it actually the vehicle we take when we need a comfortable, roomy interior, such as on long trips. With my tonneau cover, I can keep my cargo protected from rain, wind and prying eyes. Further, with it being a 2007, I feel free to modify it and personalize it to my tastes. I wish it had some of the technology in the newer F150s, but those are out of my budget.

- Robert w

Review of the past 7 years of owning my ford.

Overall been a great daily commuter and family vehicle. Comfortable for the wife and kids, family feels safe in the vehicle. Only long term issue has been the miss when you accelerate, which is a documented spark plug/wire issue in the 5. 4 engines. Other issues have been back window leaked for a while, wiring issues in door jamb and cab corners have recently begun to show major deterioration.

- Scott S

Comfortable, reliable light hauler.

Have owned this truck for nine years and outside of regular maintenance, tires oil change etc. have had only one problem. Had to have brake calipers replaced due to bad bearing. Have 4. 6 liter v8 that gets around 18 miles per gallon, on highway. It is f 150 xl crew cab, with 6'6" bed. Holds full sheet of plywood with tailgate in open position. Comfortable ride and ease of handling and parking.

- Bryan M

Family friendly comfort and utility.

I have a Ford f150 crew cab truck. I love that it has enough room for my husband, our two kids and me. It is very comfortable if we need to travel long distance. The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage. We would get better mileage if we had a compact car, but it wouldn't be nearly as comfortable. Plus, you cannot haul big items (ex bed, refrigerator, . . . ) With a car.

- Kim A

The ups and downs of owning a f150.

Overall the truck isn't to bad. The main issue we have had with it is the heater core going out. And also the paint isn't very durable. It is starting to fade and peel on the hood and on the roof. The inside of the extended cab f150 isn't very roomy either. If I had to buy another pick up I don't think I'll be buying. Another ford I think I'll be buying a Chevy or GMC.

- Missy C

It sit up high where you can see over dashboard.

My Ford runs great, but the bed is not performing well. It is giving in the bending inside and giving. My tires does not hold up good with a load. You have to watch out for the blind spots. But after all this is an older truck. It handle water puddle on the road pretty well. I likes how it sits it sit up high enough for you to see over the steering wheel.

- Shirley A

We have stock in our f150.

F150 is a very nice dependable trucks. My husband purchased his truck pre-owned in 2008, and it is our family vehicle. The maintenance like all vehicles is very easy to maintain. In 2016, we had trouble with the transmission, it had to be replaced. We learned if we want to have a long life with this truck, keeping up with the maintenance is priority.

- Nicole R

Beautiful, comfortable, safe Ford f-150.

I love my truck, I had issues with my 2002 but so far I have had no problems with my 2007 other than only getting 14 mpg. It runs extremely smooth, its big and comfortable and I feel very safe driving in it. I love the sunroof and the availability of using an AUX cord. I also love they sound system that it came with, I didn't even have to add to it.

- Brooke P

Carpet floors are awful to have.

The dashboard cracker really easily and I am disappointed in that. The light on dashboard comes on and off. I don't like that air vents either they are very flimsy. The seats have to have seat covers on and the floor is carpet which makes it really hard to clean. Especially if you live in the country where there is mud everywhere when it rains.

- Steven A

It gets me from point A to B without fail.

I like driving a full size truck as it has all the power I need when towing/hauling. Also having 4x4 comes in handy during bad weather or on back roads. Having suicide doors on the extended cab is great for when I have passengers. It is also a very comfortable to drive when going long or short distances compared to my other vehicles.

- Gregory H

2007 f-150. I love this truck!

I purchased a 2007 f-150 with 128k miles on in and love it. There have been no mechanical problems and the truck drives great. The v8 engine lets me pull anything from a landscaping trailer to a sailboat. In addition, the extended cab is comfortable and has plenty of room for the kids and our dog. I highly recommend the 2007 f-150.

- Nicholas L

Ford f-150 black and gold.

It has good mileage. It has a unique color to it. The problem is that it does waste a lot of gas. It is feature of the truck is that it has clean carpet and it does have a little tear on the drive seat but other than that every seat is in good condition. It is not really reliable unless you like to spend on so much on gas.

- Yasmin B

It handles very well and provides a smooth ride.

I love my truck because it provides a very smooth ride. I use it to haul numerous things like firewood, lumber, and scrap metal. I also use it for hauling items from our unit to civil war reenactments. The interior can be washed out with a water hose, I only have to remove the stereo. My only regret is not getting a 4WD.

- Michael K

My truck is a reliable car that I enjoy driving even with some of its flaws.

Some parts are hard to repair because they are in an awkward position. It fits 3 average people comfortably. It is reliable and has lasted in my for a very long time. It was originally a business truck that became a everyday driver. While it would be better if it had always been taken care of, it still works just fine.

- Hannah D

Love my little truck it is awesome all around.

I love my little truck. It gets great gas mileage all around. I also am bigger than a regular dude car. I can also haul my horse trailer with this truck! Which is awesome and does not seem to be pulling anything when I have it hooked up. Only bad this is the carpet interior. I am getting the floor boards wrapped.

- Katherine C

The old 150. She just will not give up.

She's a very reliable truck I have to admit I do not take care of her the way I should. When she starts acting funny I just drop a quart or two of oil in her and that usually takes care of the problem. I know if I treated my wife like that she'd leave me for sure. She would never put up with that kind of neglect.

- Walter T

It has been taken very good care of throughout the years, my family owns a car care center so I always get it in for routine maintenance when needed. The only thing that is not original is the ford emblems on the front and back of the truck and i had to replace the transmission about a year ago. But other than that everything else is original.

My truck is the first full size truck i bought as an adult. I love it and have taken great care of it over the years so it is still in very good shape. I would however like a newer truck since this one is close to 12 years old but as right now it still gets the job done so no need in hurrying to get rid of it.

- Curtis N

There’s hiding spots in the vehicle.

There are problems with the water pump. We had to replace the radiator. The muffler had to be replaced. The seats tear easily torn but they're comfortable. No ashtray in the vehicle. No lighter in the vehicle. The trunk is hard to open. Headlights are not bright enough. Brakes lock when it rains.

- Bridget O

I love my truck what a great investment.

I love my truck. It is comfortable, I have not had any major mechanical problems with it. It is very reliable and drive great in the snow. The only drawback is it does not get great gas mileage. If this truck gets to the point where I need to get another vehicle I will definitely buy another ford f-150!

- Teresa P

It is been a safe, reliable family vehicle.

My truck has been a great vehicle. I bought it new and had no problems with it. I have just had to do simple maintenance repairs. It has been great. I would recommend a Ford to any one looking. It is been great family car as well. When we travel we can throw whatever is needed I the back end. Great car.

- Bobbi B

Ford f-150 is great and I love the toolbox on the back.

I love my Ford f-150, I used to drive a car but now having a truck I am able to do many more things. Moving houses was much easier because I could haul more things and I do not have to worry as much when small flooding occurs in my area. Someday I would love to get another truck with more features.

- Glenn T

2007 F-150 Lariat super crew.

My only complaint is the phaser noise just off idle between 800-1400 rpm when hot. I love the fact that I ordered the vehicle with the 6 and a half foot bed option. Also the larger gas tank option so I am not stopping for fuel as often. The interior is very nice but outdated by today’s standard.

- Jonathan G

Ford tough! Over 100k miles and it still runs like new.

Well maintained, no problems except the front tires wear quickly despite wheel alignment. The door seals are not as good as I hoped (leaks in severe rain storms), very comfortable, except on long trips. I am no fan of the fact that the spark plugs sometimes need a professional tool to be removed.

- Charles H

Good size and very reliable! Top pick. Recommend to those looking.

This is a very reliable and sturdy vehicle. Very practical truck for those with children or bigger families. Only a two row vehicle but very spacious. Lots of legroom. Huge dashboard and overall plenty of space. Leather seats make it easy to clean up crumbs or spills. Very reliable and dutiful.

- Victoria D

I did that on previous page.

There's no back seat passenger door behind drivers seat which is inconvenient. There's little rust on foot boards but after 11 years very impressed with how minimal it is. A/c went out a few months ago. Great truck. impressed with performance. Runs and holding up great for being 11 years old!

- Colleen C

It is a very dependable truck.

The only real problem that I have had with the f150 is the doors are a little small. I am 6'7" tall and when I get in and out of the truck I am scraping the top of my head through the door. After 15 years of football getting to bend in and out of the truck is a little tough on some mornings.

- Barry G

Amazing and awesome beautiful.

It is great it is smooth it is comfortable. Lots of room lots of space. Big tires. Nice rims. White. Fast. Smells good. Drives fast. Gets me to a and b. Safety. Speakers are great on it. Bass is amazing. Boss whip. Clean inside and clean outside. Truck bed clean and opened up.

- Natasha G

2007 f-150 Ford dependable and durable.

238, 000 miles and still going great. Only minor problems such as door latches, heating fan motor etc. The truck runs great and gets around 16. 5 mpg. It is very comfortable to ride in and has plenty of power. I would recommend this model and year to anyone and it is a great truck for me.

- Jeff C

Simple but nothing wrong with that: I love my truck dives smooth.

It's a very reliable truck. I have only had to change the brake pads on it and the occasional oil change but overall very pleased with it. I have thought about upgrading to a new one, but at this time I just do not see the reason. I am old fashioned if it's not broke no need to fix it.

- John D

The powerhouse f-150 ford truck.

The 5.4 l v8 engine is hard to change plugs wo breaking one and the back ones are hard to get to. Not the best on gas mileage 12-14. Has great torque, power to pull anything under 11k lbs. Rides nice, easy to use 4w drive. Well laid out interior, heated seats, mirrors great in winter.

- David C

I love my Ford truck! You should get one!

I bought my truck used with 85000 miles on it. Since then it has been back and forth across the country with no problems other than routine maintenance. It has always started even in the middle if our Wisconsin winters. There is enough room for my family and all can ride comfortably.

- Shaun G

Big tires crew cab. Lost of room to move.

It's nice bit horrible gas mileage. Runs very well because I make sure it gets routine checks. It get about 17 miles to the gallon. It has back up sensor. Which helps if your trying to hook up to the hitch by yourself. My big black beast is a crew cab has a ton of room in the back.

- Amber B

Great work truck, would buy again.

I bought it used for a work vehicle. I use it for construction, has over 250, 000 miles on it and very reliable. Comfortable enough to take road trips and I plan to stick with the f150 when I am ready to upgrade. Only real issue was a loss 9f reverse gear at around 240, 000 miles.

- Dominic D

4 Wheel drive Ford lifted.

It is a 2007 f150 4×4. Its lifted on 33's. Its backed by a 4. 6 So it makes plenty of power. It pulls whatever I put behind it really good. The 4 wheel drive works great also. I haven't been stuck yet. It has the manual lever for the 4WD and not the crappy electronic push button.

- Michael D

My Ford f 150. I love this truck.

It lasts so long it gets rusted. I had to replace a lot of parts. Handles extremely well. Ok on gas. Truck is very comfortable and I will hopefully run the truck until it runs no longer. One problem is it is pricy; replacement parts, tires and gas are very expensive.

- William R

It is pretty good on gas for a long bed truck. It only takes about $65 currently to fill it up from empty.

Well, I purchased this vehicle because we needed a vehicle that could haul produce or trash or whatever. It is hard to do that with a car. The only performance issue with it is that it has a lot of miles on the engine and I worry it will need replacing soon.

- Mary K

Fixing vacuum hose: gasket problem.

I have had my vehicle since 2010 it is a used 2007 Ford f-150 it is a durable high maintenance construction truck it has minor damage the vacuum hose intake has gone out took it to a mechanic said it was a motor gasket problem other than that it drives great.

- Jennifer J

Ford 150 crew cab -Harley Davidson edition.

Most comfortable truck ever! Great on long drives. 6 cup holders. The ac is great. The heated seats are wonderful in the winter. The crew cab is very spacious. And has a full bed. It may be an automatic but has od and 4 wheel drive. We couldn't ask for more!

- Paula S

Large, comfortable, reliable vehicle. Used on a ranch.

It is a spacious vehicle. I have had it for over 6 years. No problems. We have 18 miles to the gallon on highway. Alarm system. Replaced transmission 2017. Fuel pump replaced 2018 due to leaking fuel. Also driveline replaced in 2018. Very dependable vehicle.

- Stephanie B

Built Ford tough. Best work truck for the money.

Gets me where I need to go. Lifted so some parts wear out faster than a normal f150 without a lift. Plenty of power with the v8 and 4WD. When you put it in 4WD there's not much it will not get through. Plenty of power to pull a trailer whenever you need to.

- Michael G

Only thing I can think of is it's good on gas rides well pretty well low maintenance

I love my vehicle it really doesn't have any problems a vehicle doesn't have very many problems if you keep it maintenanced who performs very well very reliable it's a king cab and great storage in the back seats under the seats and the interior comfortable

- Charles H

It is very roomy for a truck and I actually prefer riding in it rather than a car.

The vehicle has a second seat which is great for transporting more than just two people. There is a cover on the bed of the truck making it easy to haul materials in any kind of weather. The interior is roomy and the ride is great. I have no complaints.

- Mary Lou K

Overall a very nice vehicle. It has proved to be reliable.

Lots of room which is nice. Controls are easy to use. There is a miss in the transmission that seems to come and go but fixing it has proved to be difficult. The bedsides are starting to rust and there is also rust along the bottom cab. Gas mileage is ok.

- Stefani H

My truck is safe, reliable and very comfortable for road trips or common use.

I like the comfort and size of it. I like the bed cover. I do not like how low to the ground it sits as a 2 wheel drive. I wish it sat up higher. I don't really have any complaints; it's been a great reliable vehicle and I plan to keep it for a while!

- mary d

Ford f-150 trucks are dependable.

The 2007 Ford f-150 crew cab that I drive is very dependable and is well built. I have 250000 miles on it and it's still going strong. If I plan on getting another pickup truck in the future I would definitely look at getting another Ford f-150 truck.

- Brandon K

I would recommend the Ford truck.

The truck drives well, the problems I have had are all related to the brakes. The gas mileage has become a problem over the last few months because my commute to work went from 10 minutes to 45. I would recommend the f-150 I have had 3 in my lifetime.

- Jim D

They are not very fuel efficient but are very versatile.

I like the durability of my truck. With the proper maintenance it runs smooth and is dependable. I am able to haul heavy loads, whether in the bed or with a trailer pull. The inside is comfortable and seats comfortably for long or short drives.

- Sar R

The f-150 is the best on the market.

A comfortable ride in and out the only problem I have had was an alternator go out but as far as everything else has been great no problems with bakes gas mileage is not the best but it is a truck has a great towing and all around great truck.

- Chad T

Ford is dependable, reliable.

Ford has always been a trusted brand in my family. I love the reliability that I have had through the years. I drive a 2007 f-150, it has 247, 000 miles on it and the only problem I have had this far is the air conditioner going out.

- Amber K

It is really smooth when driving it. Really nice motor

Ever since I bought this car, it has never disappointed me at any point, it is great to drive and I do not have any trouble with it. I would highly recommend it if you're looking for quality or something that will last for a while

- Alfredo B

King ranches are some of the nicest easier to drive. Classy looking and clean cut. Towing the best of any vehicle out there.

No I love the 2007 version of my King Ranch. The only thing I would do different is get it in a 4x4 instead of 2x4. I have the short bed, which I love, and I keep it as good as possible with mant. check ups and preventative mant.

- Heather L

That it's the best I can afford with my income. The price of new vehicles has gotten way out of line!

It seems like craftsmanship is lacking in American made products. Cosmetic problems happen easily. And it seems that mechanically these vehicles are made not to last anymore, even though they cost half the price of a decent home!

- Steven S

That Its very sharp looking.

I love my truck. I have a 4" lift kit and nice big mud tires. The frame needs to be welded because it has rusted out. My lights are bow shutting off while driving. It's kind of scary but I still love the look of the truck.

- Richard L

Do not buy any F150 manufactured prior to 2014

Changing the spark plugs proved to be monumental expensive. The lube that is needed to remove the plugs without breaking them, was not available to the public. Cost over $500, not including the tow to get the work done.

- Michael D

It is a dependable vehicle. Bed size is great. Perfect for 2 people.

It has been a dependable vehicle. It is a little crowded when trying to have 3 people in it. My biggest issue with the vehicle is that in order for the a.c. to produce cool/cold air the vehicle has to be in motion.

- Shawna R

Overall it is a great car to drive. I would definitely recommend it to others.

I really like all the features that it comes with. Also the roominess of the cab is great. However I do not like how large the truck is overall. I used to drive a 1997 F-150 and the size felt much more manageable.

- Joe K

It seats six, and it has been a very durable vehicle. No major issues with 180,000 miles.

I love out truck! We have never had any major issues with it, and it seats 6, which we have a hard time finding. I do not like the cruddy fuel mileage, but it probably could not be better in a vehicle this size.

- Carrissa H

It is a crew cab with a long box and has a topper that has saved me a few times.

The truck is what I was looking for when I was buying. It has to many miles for my liking but I will assess that when I buy a new truck in the future. I wish it got better mpg and that's my only other complaint.

- Philip K

Overall good work truck. Would recommend to others for purchase.

I love the color and how well it has held up over the years as well as the overall exterior structure of the truck. However the engine sounds rough and I have already had to have work done on the transmission.

- Jeanine H

I can haul dirt in my truck if I want to as compared to a car.

My ford 150 has been very good to my.I have had no mechanical problems at all.It is very comfortable to ride in and I love the automatic gear shift. I love the idea that you can carry things in the back end.

- steve r

My truck has is very comfortable seating, and is very durable.

My 2007 Ford F-150 has given me excellent service. It is roomy, comfortable on long trips, while also providing hauling space for home projects. Even after 240,000 miles it has required very few repairs.

- Donald C

I can haul, pull, push, drag, or drive it as a passenger vehicle, owning a car, you can't

F150 est hd, very comfortable for u to 5 people inside. This truck drives and handles better than a Cadillac, easy handling, smooth ride and very responsive. this is my second F150 EXT and I Love it!!!

- Norman g

Ford F-150 XLT 5.4 v8 four wheel drive

My ford f-150 is the most reliable vehicle i have ever owned. I have owned it for 5 years and the only problem I have had is the coils had to be replaced. Other than that the truck is doing perfect.

- Cole L

The vehicle has space for enough passengers, as well as storage.

The truck has a lot of space for storage. The ride is not jumpy which can be present in a lot of trucks or suvs. I like the look of the vehicle still a work horse but sporty enough to drive daily.

- Theresa C

It's well built and reliable. I would recommend an F-150 to anyone looking to purchase a truck.

It's been a very solid vehicle. It's given us very little trouble been very dependable. I hate the gas mileage it's a gas guzzling pig, and from my point of view it's too big and hard to park.

- Kathy G

The best car I will ever own.

I like it alot, one of the problems I had with it was the battery keeps dying on me. We took it in to the Ford dealership and they fixed it, they said it was just a wire was out of place.

- Justice W

It is super reliable and a comfy ride.

Though it is a truck, it rides and feels like a car. It is durable and dependable. I love that I have the roomy interior with super comfortable seats and still have the bed for hauling.

- Ann O

It's a workhorse. Carries its weight and hauls about any load.

It was just the work truck until the divorce. Now it's everyday driver. I has made me a lot of money and it's paid for. Occasional maintenance but that's to be expected. Good truck.

- John M

2007 Ford truck 150. Reliable and dependable!

My truck is very reliable. I have had it for 3 years and have only had to replace the battery and do the oil changes. It always starts and is relatively fuel efficient for a truck.

- Travis D

2007 Ford King Ranch Truck

I have a king ranch F-150. For a 2007 V8 truck it gets about 15 MPG which is awesome. The truck has great performance and has not needed anything other than the normal checkups.

- Jesse S

Great Truck for comfort and power.

It has been a very reliable vehicle, only need to make some minor repairs. Performance is very good and has great towing package. Very comfortable inside and plenty of legroom.

- Justin I

My truck has been very reliable and I expect to own it through 250k miles.

I have had some issues resulting from the mileage on it. I just replaced my throttle body and on board computer. I am saving up to have my air conditioner and brakes replaced.

- Matt S

Be careful when changing the spark plugs they can break off in the cylinder head if not done properly. Then you have to buy a special tool to extract them.

I wish it sat a little higher off the ground. It has plenty of interior room. I wish the spark plugs were easier to replace it was just a bad design. It drives really nice.

- Troy H

It has had very few maintenance problems and has been very reliable.

I really like sitting up high and being able to see over other vehicles. I dislike trying to park, however. It has had few maintenance problems which has also pleased me.

- Cynthia C

One thing they should know is that it is a special edition Truck a Harley Davidson

My truck is very reliable and take me everywhere. Makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. The only thing about my truck is gas consistent it does waste a lot of gas.

- Patricia C

It is a major gas guzzler. I frequently give other people rides to places, and it does not get very good gas mileage.

I enjoy that I am able to move freight and haul furniture. However, it is currently needing a lot of tune ups, including spark plugs, a new heater core, and new brakes.

- Ryli V

It is a on the fly 4x4 which is very useful.

My truck is a king cab and my whole family and dog fit comfortably. I feel safe and it is very reliable. I am able to use to haul inventory for my business very well.

- Renee P

One of the best trucks money can buy.

My truck runs great everyday. I've had it for about three years and still no complaints. 5.4 motor is more than enough for the f150. I highly recommend this truck.

- Chase T

It has a powerful engine.

I love the power that the engine has. I dislike how the spark plugs where designed, it is very expensive to change them. I like the size and comfort of the truck

- Tisha T

Durable and reliable truck.

My Ford F-150 is a reliable and durable truck. I have had the vehicle for 7 years and the only major work that has had to be done was a new fuel pump last year.

- Peter B

Ownership of an older Ford F 150

I love having a reliable pickup truck because of all the chores you can do with it. The main problem I have is old age is catching up to it. Time to replace it.

- robert s

It has a solid and sturdy frame.

The manual transmission has been good in the winter. It has enough room for me. I like having a pickup to move things when I want. It does find a little rough.

- Michael C

Practical and easy to drive.

Good car, reliable, easy to drive. Is not a modern model but it has everything needed for transportation. Air conditioning, safety measures, CD and AUX audio.

- Colette B

My car is good in the snow. I have tires for hunting and fishing in the mountains but that is the only upgrade you should make.

The only thing I do not like is that it is old. It has been a great dependable truck for the entire time I have had it. It can be a little loud at times.

- Jeremy L

that my car is a truck. it is not a car.

it was a good truck but is about wore out. I would like to replace it with either a newer ford or dodge. only major problem was the bumper really sucked.

- julian W

It's a comfortable riding vehicle.

It gets back in forth to work. The only problem I really have had is the front springs had to be replaced and the gas filter had to be replaced as well.

- Gary H

Ford 150 Is a great truck.

Our Ford 150 is reliable. It has gone on all kinds of terrain without problems. It's been on some long trips and is more comfortable than other trucks.

- Dean F

It's lifted. I drive lots of people around and they needed to be notified before they step out of the vehicle.

I like the room. I like the leather. I love that it's a lift. It's had a few engine problems, but I'm hoping it's the last of the problems for a while.

- Danny G

It's been reliable for the past 11 years.

It's been reliable vehicle for past 11 years. Only left me stranded once. Allows me to carry the stuff I need and still have room for family of five.

- Corey C

Work truck to end all work trucks

I am starting to have problems with this truck. I am having to replace items as they are wearing out. I will have this truck for another 7 years

- Matt S

its ford built tough ! and very safe and trusty and will take you places again car can't go .

I love it very reliable and safe . I love it will take me places cars can't go. I hate that it not a super gas saver I hate parts are hard to find

- fred r

This truck is just flat-out awesome

It's a Ford F-150 four-wheel drive extended cab Lariat all leather big tires and wheels very very nice ride have not had no problems today with it

- Brandon o

My Ford truck has been virtually problem free with only minor repairs.

Over the years, my truck has been extremely reliable. Working in an industry where I NEED my truck to be dependable, it is more than dependable.

- Randy O

It's been reliable and versatile. I would recommend it to anyone

I like the size and versatility of a pick-up. f Ford has earned my respect, so much so that I will be looking to get another when the time comes

- Steve S

It is a really good truck for work and for every day work

Had some transmission problems at 83,000 miles runs good poor gas mileage rides good comfortable to drive looks really great pulls a load easily

- Russell M

It has a pulling capacity of 9600 lbs.

Very clean truck, low mileage. I use it to pull my camper. I dislike the fuel mileage it gets. I also dislike how it handles in tight quarters.

- Larry E

Go from city to off-road with a click of a button!

I absolutely love my Ford f-150! It changes from two wheel drive to four wheel drive very easily. It's a four door vehicle with full backseat.

- Kim M




F-150 4x4 supercab 5.4 triton

"Really just an all around great truck" i've owned several fords but none like this baby! Ford does make one of the leading sale vehicles

- Jason L

Dependability is second to none. It has never led me down or left me stranded.

The reliability is second to none. It's versatile being able to haul, tow and get around in bad weather. Don't really have any dislikes.

- paul k

Ford f-150 supercrew. Plain jane. Easy to drive, quiet, huge cabin.

None. Second Ford ever and I'll never drive another brand. Comfort, quality, ease and handling is tops. Technology easy and advanced.

- Kimberly A

My family and I have loved everything about this vehicle

Very comfortable vehicle to travel short or long distances in. Makes a good family vehicle also. Would love it if it was better on gas

- Meghan K

Good truck and why I recommend it.

It is a reliable truck and I use it everyday for work and personal use. I do recommend it. Nice comfortable seats and nice hydraulics.

- Ashton H

Even though It's eleven years old, It's just as tough as the day I got it.

It's the first truck I've fill my own. It's built tough and has been the last eleven or so years. This is the truck I use daily.

- Matt K

I like that the off-road capabilities are so dependable.

Reliable comfortable and beautiful I'd get it again especially enjoy the off-road capabilities that it offers and passenger space.

- Zach C

Nothing accept its very dependable.

I love that it is very solid and dependable but it is not very good on gas. I will buy another Ford f-150 when the time is right.

- John K

Rust bucket, electrical problem.

Had to replace the motor at 190, 000 miles, small electrical problems have occurred, other than that it is ok. Also lots of rust.

- Nathan Y

It is used and needs some work if I went to sell it that is what I would say..

My vehicle husbands vehicle was used when he bought it and he needs a new one. He is the one that owns the vehicles in our home.

- Rosalie P

It's great for long trips and hauling for camping.

I dislike the body shape but love the smooth ride the color is red my favorite the back should be longer bed but is good enough.

- Ava V

The fact that the vehicle only gets ten miles per gallon

We had to have the transmission replaced. Overall the vehicle runs well. The overall gas mileage is only ten miles per gallon.

- Brian L

It is a good little car gets great gas mileage pretty fun to drive.

Roomy, reliable, comfortable, get to and from where I have to be. Get good gas mileage, has a 6 foot be which is perfect for me.

- Jim M

It is very dependable and just needs to be taken care of.

I dislike my vehicle's interior. I would have liked it to be more luxurious. There's nothing else really I do not like about it.

- Daniel G

reliability is the most important it gets me where I am going

it is very reliable I love the towing !! the comfort level is high I personally love ford I was a ford ranger girl but moved up

- lisa b

I would highly recommend this vehicle.

This vehicle has been very reliable. It has allowed me to accumulate several miles with little to no money invested in repairs.

- Justin V

Gets great mileage.. These cars will last a long time.

The 4 wheel drive is good and for a truck it is not horrible on gas.. Dislike the amount of times it is had electrical issues.

- Blake P

It is a pickup truck and it cal haul things in the truck bed.

I like that it is a pickup truck. I like that I can haul things in it. I like that I can fit my entire family inside the cab.

- Danielle S

It makes me feel safe being in a midsize SUV.

Like: Because it is big and tall and has good vision for driving. . Dislike: too much on gas and spend too much money on it.

- Dianne K

That it is a versatile vehicle.

I like that it is a big vehicle. I also like that it can do so many things. The only thing I dislike is the gas mileage.

- Robert G

Dependable but takes a lot to fill gas

The 2007 Ford F-150. Uses a lot of gas and I don't like the spark plugs it uses. But other than that it's very dependable

- Rich V

One important thing they should know is that it is very reliable.

Gas mileage is terrible and the spark plugs needed to be replaced. The truck drives great and has never left me stranded.

- Erik S

It is built to haul items and to be used as a truck.

I like the size of the bed, the power of the engine, and the 4x4. I dislike the small size of the second row of seats.

- Cody C

4 wheel drive option is very easy to use. Comfortable for up to 5 passengers.

No problems. Safe, reliable and pleasant to drive. Excellent vehicle for inclement weather, including ice, snow & rain.

- Linda M

That it runs very smooth and has great gas mileage.

Good gas mileage and can get me to the location I need to be at, also good for hauling stuff. No dislikes come to mind.

- Luke C

Great truck highly valued.

It is great having a truck. The power and torque is just right. The gas is high but still worth it. Wouldn't trade it.

- Reggie W

Vehicle is hard on gas. It could have a better mpg rate.

Nice ride, comfortable, but vehicle is hard on gas. Had no mechanical problems with it other than normal maintenance.

- Wayne S

Nothing really I bought it about four years ago.

Comfort is good spacious good for hauling gas mileage is okay I am finished with this really do not have much to say.

- Louie A

Four wheel drive 4 door truck great space.

I love how it is got four wheel drive extended cab it is very roomy very comfortable I just love everything about it.

- Sunshine S

It runs good and nothing is wrong with it.

It's a good truck. Runs good. I don't have any complaints. It doesn't have anything wrong with it. I drive it daily.

- Kayla S

It is most important others know it is reliable.

I enjoy the physical capacities of the truck such as towing capacity and cargo space. I dislike the fuel efficiency.

- Alexander H

Great truck, the gas can be expensive but worth it

I love my f150, built tough. 5.4 Triton engine runs strong. I pull trailers sometimes and the truck handles nicely.

- Anthony F

Best Ford truck out there.

Love this truck, just now everything is failing on it. Have to replace a lot of parts lately. Getting it fixed now.

- Nancy C

Eight cylinders equals power to go.

I am fortunate to have a well built F-150. My truck is roomy, comfortable to drive and good on gas.I Love my truck!

- Don W

I love the 4-wheel drive in the snow and mud.

Excellent vehicle. It is a very reliable truck that has met my needs and expectations. I will continue to buy ford.

- Dan C

It's a big truck and is good for hauling stuff.

It's a Ford. It has a wobbly steering wheel and no get up and go. Go with Chevy instead. This was just affordable

- Tori H

Dependable and reliable at all times of the year

Extremely reliable over the past 11 years and going. Just continue to give it a yearly tune up with oil changes.

- Theo A

My truck is very reliable and is extremely versatile.

I love my truck's reliability. It has 4x4 capability and allows me to haul my camper. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Andrew D

It is handicapped accessible and can be operated by a handicapped person.

I hate how big it is. I like sitting high above the road. I like the ease of getting my wheelchair into the van.

- ronald w

It will run well and long if you get your oil changed on a regular basis.

It has been very reliable. Get the oil changed on a regular basis. Wish I had more than just the baseline model.

- Jonah S

It runs smooth and no mechanical issues. This truck does have some scratches but no dents

Its an older truck that has had minor mechanical issues but overall is fine. I enjoy the height of the vehicle

- russell b

Check out performance before you buy.

Great car, great reliability and comfort. Could use more performance upgrade. Looking to buy newer truck soon.

- Lee D

Nothing, it is maintained free of drama.

I like it because I never have problems with it. It is easy to fix when it breaks down. It is an american car.

- Jose C

It is reliable. Good on gas mileage. We drive it everywhere

I like the way it looks. Easy to handle. Great size. Runs great. Good gas mileage. Love the pearl white color

- Joyce D

It's a king cab. Has a lot of room in the cab. Easy to use a car seat in.

Very spacious and gets me from A to B. Been a reliable vehicle. I did have to change the spark plugs at 100k.

- Jeff J

I really like the design. I bought mine for pulling and it more than does the job. With this comes a higher than normal gas bill but i have no complaints at all.

It does what it claimed it would do and this is what people should know. I am faithful because of this fact.

- DaNa J

That is very dependable, you will know when something is wrong with it and what needs fixing.

I like that is a truck and it has lots of space for passengers as well as to carry large loads of whatever!

- Araceli G

Its safe. Its practical and it gets us where we need to be.

I love that i have enough room for my son and his car seat as well as groceries and room to haul big items

- Leah D

It has very low mileage.

It is.Very dependable. It is Able to haul stuff. It is a Good work vehicle. It gets good gas mileage.

- J. D

Ford trucks are made really well and last a long time.

I just really like my Ford f150 truck. I like trucks. Runs good, gas not bad. Lots of room for grandkids!

- Debra C

It is great no mechanical problems

It is a good sturdy truck I only have one complaint and that is mine isn't a 4x4 so it is horrible on ice

- Curtis L

It can sound like a diesel.

The only problem is the Ford f-150 can start sounding like a diesel it is very comfortable and reliable.

- Sally G

Keeps its resale value over the years. If kept maintained it will last past 200K miles

The vehicle is very dependable. IT has the ability to transport several people. It has towing capability

- Walter B

F150. Great truck. No problems.

Great truck. Dependable. Strong. Reliable. I would highly recommend one to anybody wanting a new truck.

- April G

I think it is important to know I am driving a big truck.

I don't have many complaints. I like my vehicle most days. Only thing that can be bad is gas mileage.

- Amy K

great gas mileage, its a 4.2 v6 so it gets good gas mileage on it

There is nothing wrong with my truck, it's a great truck its a 07 ford f150xl with 112000 miles on it

- Sarah C

Drives and rides great. Very comfortable to take on long distance rides.

Very comfortable vehicle. Runs and drives great. Wish it got better gas mileage. Great 4x4 on it.

- Daniel H

It is a very dependable truck. I have more than a 100,000 miles on it and it is still running strong.

I like how it seats six. It is a reliable truck. I wish it got better gas mileage though.

- Brandon H

It is a spectacular vehicle. I love to drive it whenever I can.

It is great for going to get plywood. Its paid for. I love how safe I feel in it.

- Susan H

The most important thing is you need to make sure you can afford the gas mileage.

I Do not have any complaints on my truck. We drive it daily and have no issues.

- Melanie C

It's Reliability is the most important thing about it

My truck is reliable. It is comfortable. I have no complaints about my truck.

- Lauri W

It's awesome to own and i would buy newer version

I like sitting up high. Functional to move things. Full backseat, seats 5

- Diane T

It is reliable. It is easy to drive with lots of space.

It is reliable and comfortable to drive. It has never gone into the shop.

- cammie c

I like how low maintenance it is. Great for towing trailers. All around amazing

Amazing 4 wheel drive and traction control. Sleek design inside and out.

- Jerice R

It's great to haul things. It has power to tow and can be used in four wheel drive

I like the size and power. I don't like the sound of it. It is loud.

- Mary M

Lasts a long time, and can bring plenty with you wherever you are going.

Plenty of power. Can go anywhere. Can haul plenty. Can bring my bikes.

- Rick D

I have a family so the extended cab is critical. I use the switch on the fly 4x4 every winter. My only complaints are the driver side mirror auto dimming failed and the CD changer failed and cannot eject CDs

I use it for all aspects of my life, work, shopping, fun, and play.

- Kris B

It is a solid & sturdy reliable truck I would recommend.

Rides smoothly. Really reliable. Comfortable, and attractive.

- Brad M

4WD - handles well in snow and ice and other adverse road conditions

Very comfortable and excellent visibility when driving. 4WD

- Emery J

It's paid for and uses gas but it rides real good.

It rides good. It has room for the family. It has a v8.

- Russell S

Reliability and dependable is comforting

Rides smooth, comfortable, 4x4 works great, gas hog

- Paul A

that it is heavy duty and I just put a new battery in it a week ago

It's a two door 4.6L *cylinder Ford F-150,

- Brandon B