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The 5. 4 engine in these trucks have issues with timing chain.

It is a crew cab, very comfortable on long trips, delivers decent gas mileage, we have had it about 3 years and have replaced the battery and alternator which were original when the truck was new. The only real issues I have with it are the satellite radio-the truck came with it from the factory and after a rain of any amount it stops working. The rear sliding window has problems from time to time due to same issue. . Rain leaks in from the third brake light mounted above it, the gasket material has failed causing it to leak. Its a minor thing but can cause a musty odor in the cab. A navigation system would have been nice if it had been installed.

- David H

The ford 150 does live up to its name! Ford is! Built tough!!

The thing I like most about my 2008 ford f150 is the condition and durability it has proven to outlast over the years excluding the normal wear. It currently has 160, 000 miles on it and in really good shape. The only thing that I can count against the vehicle which isn't on the performance... Is the back cab light (3rd brake like) assembly leaks! I have replaced it once and it still leaks through a car wash or a heavy rain downpour.

- Lindsay D

Blue f-150 2008 is very reliable, comfortable, and perfect size.

I absolutely love this vehicle. This is honestly one of the best vehicles I have had. It drives nice and smooth, it is very reliable, it has good gas mileage, it is very good for people that need to move things. I love that I can move many things in the bed of the truck. I also love that there is built in tool box and two built in seats in the wall. Very comfortable seats and perfect size, not too big and not too small!

- Hannah R

Great drive with lots of room.

It drives very well. It is very roomy so I can fit people in the back comfortably. The bed of the truck is large enough that you make less trips if you have several loads of materials you are moving. The only downside is it is hard to find interior parts for the year of my truck if something on the inside breaks. They do not make the newer models the same way as the older ones and so no new interior parts.

- Chandra B

One thing we enjoy is the 2 DVD players that are built into the headrests.

It sometimes will not lock into 4 wheel drive and the horn has never worked. It has over 100, 000 miles on it so overall it is a good truck. It rides smooth and for a pickup it does get better gas mileage than one would think. We haven't had any major issues with any mechanical problems and any recalls are easily fixed by the Ford dealership. Ford is a good product and recommend it to anyone.

- Jill B

Overall a very nice truck. I own a 4x2, and if you do not have a need for a 4x4, it's a less expensive option for a truck with towing capacity.

Overall a great vehicle. The hitch was installed wasn't attached to the frame, but to the bumper. The seats are flat and can cause your bum to hurt when sitting in them for long distances. The seat belts are through the seats themselves and if you are shorter, these can ride across your neck, with no way to adjust them for a better fit. Overall, a nice vehicle with a smooth ride.

- Kelly C

It's family friendly while being useful for everything.

I love it's towing capability, the fact that it can handle being off road on dirt roads and in the city. It feels like a bigger diesel truck without all of the hassle and I am able to get everything done with it. The gas mileage is decent too for it being a bigger vehicle, I can't complain. Honestly it's served us well since we bought it and I really don't have any complaints.

- Samantha D

Love the truck but paid to much.

It had 100, 000 on it when I bought it but was in what appeared to be good shape and from a dealer who had a good reputation for verifying the integrity of the cars they sold. However, I have had to buy new tires and have major repair work (transmission) done. I did get insurance which cost about what it paid for the transmission - so that was no saving.

- Stephen F

Ford strong and built to last.

I got used so expected some problems but no the biggest thing I've done to it was replace the carburetor gas mileage not that great though and I've also put a new set of tires on it that's about it when they say built Ford tuff they mean it. It's got well over 1, 00, 000 miles on it but still runs like a top. I'll never buy anything but a Ford.

- Bill N

Ford pickups are great in quality and looks.

Ford pickups are very reliable, and the Ford dealers are always willing to help. There is no better brand to go with other than ford. They all have nice interiors based on what you choose you can have heated seats, heated steering wheels, Bluetooth, and more. Leather seats in Ford pickups aren't easy to tear and they are easy to wipe down.

- Morgan L

Satisfied ford owner review.

I love my truck. It rides better than any other make I have rode in 11 years old and with regular service it is still good on gas and reliable. The driver seat is working. Of course but the rest seats are like none ever sat in them I hauled children and my chihuahua in a kennel on them. This is my fourth f150 and so will my next truck.

- Susan D

Why I love my ford. Brand name, dependability, selection.

Our ford f150 is a 4x4, 8 cylinder, automatic transmission full bed. It has four full doors, power windows, premium stereo sound system with a jack to plug in your iPod and a slot for compact discs. The climate controls are on the dashboard. The heater warms up Quickly and the air conditioner cools just as quickly.

- Tina B

It is got a full cab in the back and it is midnight black and a four wheel drive.

My vehicle has leather heated seats, it is a full cab and midnight black with a red stripe going along the cab of it. It is a four wheel drive and actually gets great gas mileage! Also perfect for going mudding and nice for in town use as well. It is all around a really sweet vehicle and didn't cost me that much!

- Kristen N

Why you should choose the Nissan Rogue as your next car!

The Nissan Rogue gets great gas mileage and it is such a smooth ride! There’s enough room for grandchildren ‘s car seats and room in the trunk for plenty of storage. We absolutely love our Nissan Rogue! The reason I like it so much is that it is roomy on the inside but still small and sporty on the outside!

- Gena S

It is a truck, it does not drive like a car. When you're driving down the road, it feels a little rough because it is a truck not a passenger vehicle. But, the interior is very comfortable and spacious

I like that it is a sports cab so I have extra seating, it's roomy and reliable. Never had any mechanical issues. I dislike the gas mileage I get, only on average 12 miles per gallon and I dislike how difficult it is to get into. I have no complaints about the vehicle, and is good, reliable, and comfortable

- Kathleen S

Luxurious detail in the inside.

This vehicle is reliable and dependable. The spacious seating provides comfort. Audio system is great for playing movies on long road trips. The sturdiness of the vehicle makes my family and I feel safe at all times. We will continue to purchase Ford trucks for the years to come and for our children as well.

- Madeline T

It is big and roomy so it fits a lot of people.

It is bumpy that is because it is a truck but it is great on other things like it is cargo as far as putting things in it and moving them around everywhere and also far away like 120 miles away from my house and also heavy items also I also plow snow in the winter so that is a plus because it makes me money.

- John B

Ford f 150 reliable strong vehicle.

Drives easy. Great on snow with 4WD. A bit expensive on gas but then again what v8 vehicle isn't. Nice interior. Not too small. Leather seats. Heated front seats during winter time. Easy maintenance. Parts are not ridiculously expensive. 4 doors. 4WD black leather interior. Ac. Heated seats nice stereo.

- Adrian G

Truck fails to live up to Ford legacy.

Its a truck, drives like a truck. Leather seating, comfortable, but not great for long trips. No center console space. Steering wheel controls are poorly designed. I have had suspension issues, a/c issues, clear coat is peeling badly; I would not expect this on a vehicle that was less than 10 years old.

- Chris P

Family of 5 all proud to drive a four door truck.

The four door model gives me the convenience of a four door car, with the practicality of a truck. With the aftermarket addition of a tool box in the bed I now also have a 'trunk'. I will always have a four door truck. This is my second Ford f-150. In fact my family of 5 all drive the same model truck.

- Katherine S

Built Ford tough. Fun to drive.

Easy to drive, not bad on gas. Fun to drive. Good on long trips. Built Ford tough. Its reliable and dependable. Would recommend to others. Good to have for hauling. Will last even with a lot of mileage. Great body and white color. Sometimes the gas mileage isn't the best but it's great on the street.

- Lina C

It is over all a very useful and nice truck.

This truck is very useful its strong, roomy, and its comfortable. I can bring my kids to the store with it and it pulls trailers very well. It's good for having fun and going on road trips. It was nice cloth seats and good leg room. It is very nice to drive and I recommend you to try it yourself.

- tony B

Review of my truck a red 2008 Ford f 150.

No problems, I really like it, its large it makes me comfortable driving it with a child in the backseat. It's simple and realistic. It has 4 wheel drive for driving on any terrain I need to go on. It is decent on gas mileage and has a good sized gas tank so I don't have to fill up all the time.

- Kay F

Great truck with lots of enjoyable features.

Very reliable. We have had no problems with our truck. It performs well in all conditions. We enjoy the features of a truck, with automatic seat adjustments and warmers. The truck is large enough for us to take our adult children in the back seat. Love the backup camera that pops up on mirror.

- Lynda M

Good and bad for this truck.

Parts can be pricey. But overall a good vehicle. Great on interior space. Console controls are easy to access. Great for hauling or towing. Backup camera is awesome for people like me who cannot backup. If you are on the shorter side make sure you have the side steps as they are a lifesaver.

- Michelle S

This isn't your Sunday drive f-150.

For being a 2008 it has 126.251 miles. It just had to have the injectors cleaned out due to the 4x4 terrain every weekend for the first 4 years. It's a crew cab with captain seats. Has 6 disc CD changer, with rear view camera. The wheels are welds racing with 4 inch lift kit from factory.

- Miguel M

Likes and dislikes of an owner.

Idiot lights, door locks, over head lights, speed buzzer, and the dealer who sold the truck to me did not keep his word. But the truck gets good mileage. The Tonneau cover keeps sliding and the dealer will not take care of it. I will by a Ford again but not from the doge dealer in town.

- Mark G

The vehicle was purchased used. It was well taken care of from previous owner.

Emissions light came on about 150, 000 miles. Runs great other than that. Also the sun roof had a leak early on. The vehicle has leather seats so some wear cane be seen. This vehicle was bought used but it was too of the line when released. It has seat warmers and electric back window.

- Angel B

Great vehicle that provide hauling and personal driving

My ford truck is great because it is reliable safe and gets the job done whether it is hauling stuff to our river place or taking us out it out to eat ..its color matches the color of my boat so it looks good when I haul my boat.after 10 years and 160000 miles no mechanical issues

- Michael N

Nice and comfortable. Plenty of power with the 5.4 triton.

I like the Ford F-150 body style. The 5.4 triton has plenty of towing power that I use often. The crew can offers plenty of room for a family of 5. Only complaint is the slip/shudder that seems to be common at certain speeds for this vehicle. Other owners report it as well.

- Keith C

It is strong and will get the job done. While having room to keep the family comfortable.

I like my Ford Truck because it is comfortable, and yet will haul whatever I need to haul. It has a crew cab and it will fit the family to include the dog, without feeling cramped. Since it was a leftover it has many upgrades that I would not have paid for, but love to have.

- Andy V

It is still reliable after 100, 000 miles and 10 years old.

Only problems I have had have been replacing two spark plugs after 100, 000 miles. But overall I am super satisfied with the reliability of this truck. If it was a little bigger it’d be a plus. For being 10 years old and have 100, 000 miles everything has held up very well.

- Tori C

Good comfortable work truck.

Runs excellent even with high mileage. Very comfortable interior. Great work truck and will haul just about anything. Take it to Lowes to get all of my building supplies. Four wheel drive gets me out of mud water and snow. Gas mileage isn't great about 16 miles to the gallon.

- Ann G

They just do not know they're Ford fans.

My f150 has been totally reliable. It has the power I need to keep up on i-35, even when towing. The leather interior is durable and looks good. When other people drive it, they always say: I am not a Ford fan, but I like that truck. They just think they are not Ford fans.

- Kelli M

It's in perfect condition for a 2008.

My 2008 Ford f150 pickup is the best and only truck I have owned I have had it for 5yrs I have had no problems at all I change my oil and give it a minor tune up and it runs great. I love my pickup, it's real roomy its black and the interior is still in perfect condition.

- Irene U

2008 Ford tough truck. Still trucking.

Goes through tires quickly. Just replaced brakes (rear). 114, 000 miles on vehicle. No serious problems. Just change oil (sometimes go over 3, 000 miles) and change out tires. Ford makes a good truck. I wish it had some of the new stereo technology but it does the job.

- Brad H

Black f-150, four door truck. Short bed.

I love the truck because it drives well after having it for quite a few years (10) and only recently started acting up with the a/c. Cannot say much else because it is only been the primary vehicle for the last two years or so and ran perfect until the last 5-6 months.

- Amy A

The engine is amazing. The v8 provides you with so much power.

The vehicle overall is nice. The v8 engine is powerful and it is great in all kinds of weather. The only things I don't care for are small things: physically rolling down windows and bad gas mileage, no mirrors in visors, but otherwise it is a reliable work truck.

- Anthony B

All in all my truck is wonderful. It drives like a dream.

The only problem I have had with my truck, is with the catalytic converter. It makes the truck sputter when taking off or idling. Other than that, the truck runs like a dream. It is very quiet and smooth. I would definitely get another Ford truck in the future.

- Kim C

In summary, my car does what you would expect a pickup truck to do.

It is been very reliable. No real problems out of the ordinary. Not many extras. I would really recommend it. Not so good on gas but that is to be expected. It has plenty of passing power and towing ability. I would buy another car just like this if I could.

- Mark D

My ford truck has everything I need. Good size inside and enough horsepower.

No problems with my truck. It is a very dependable vehicle and has never let me down. I bought my truck used at a local dealership and have enjoyed it since. I needed a four door as we were having our 3rd kid when I bought it. Ford products are always good.

- Eddie C

2008 Ford f-150 extended cab.

I like the truck. It is a reliable vehicle. There are areas of rust and wear. The truck is not very comfortable for longer road trips. There haven't been much for performance problems. It is overall a very nice vehicle. We would purchase another f150 truck.

- Jennifer C

It has major body decay under the bed liner and is spreading to the rear fender.

My Ford F-150 is very reliable and has an outstanding performance. I have only done preventive maintenance since I purchased it over two years ago used. I don't like that it doesn't have current convinces like electric windows, locks or cruise control.

- Joseph O

We ride in comfort and joy

We brought the truck about 4 years ago and we just love towing our fifth wheel. We love camping and traveling to many places. We have had no problems, just standard stuff like tuneups. The back seat is great for our dog, plenty of room (big dog).

- LeeAnn M

It is solidly built and a good car.

It is only 10 years old and I tried to get and alignment but the shop stated it needed ball joints. There is not much I can state negative about it. I believe I just prefer cars sometimes so my 6 year old can get in and out of the back on her own.

- Nicole M

That it has a chip key and will only start with that key.

I like that my vehicle has a full size bed, excellent air conditioning and drives very smoothly. I like the amount of space behind the seats and the small doors that open to allow easy access. I do not like how many miles I get to the gallon.

- Joseph C

I don't realize that I am speeding my truck has a lot of pick up!

I like that my truck is reliable. It hardly has any issues for the age. It rides well has some power to it when you hit the gas pedal. I feel safe and happy when driving my truck. I dislike that the air conditioner does not work that good.

- Krystle C

Lots of room in cab and room to haul in back

It has been very reliable having problems with the AC now sometimes it works sometimes not it is a crew cab so is nice for taking at least 6 people in it like the fold up armrest/caddy to store change hairbrush receipts dog treats etc in

- Jan B

The Beast From The East!!!

My wife purchased my truck for me about 4 years ago. The CD player has never worked on it since I've owned it. We now use it to tow our 30-foot travel trailer in which we travel and live in. My truck has been exceptionally reliable.

- Joe B

I like it's roomy and has a lot of cargo space

It's bumpy but it helps me loads things and bring them to work and back home it's roomy and also high there's a lot of cargo space it's also very good in the winter because it has a lot of traction it doesn't slide around the snow

- Joe B

Great brand, reliable and affordable.

I love fords! Reliable family car, lots of space and legroom! Great bed length! My current Ford is almost 200, 000 miles and it runs excellent! As long as you take care of your ford, it will take care of you! Ford girl for life!

- Rach G

Premium smooth ride and very comfortable for trips.

I love that it is high up and I feel safe. It has room for 6 people. We use it to travel and it is very comfortable. Best truck we have ever had. When gas prices get high it is a pain to part with the cost of gas.

- Holly E

How dependable it is. It also rides really well for a truck.

I purchased the truck used when I was in high school and even though it had over 100k miles on it, it was in great shape and has been very dependable. I haven't had to do anything but scheduled maintenance.

- Carter R

You can Always use a truck, a car can get you there but a truck is much more functional

My Ford F-150 has been generally a reliable car. The only major repair has been a new transmission after 8 years. My truck is very functional and as homeowners we use it frequently for home improvements etc.

- Dennis O

Voted best truck for 41 years running.

I really like my Ford f150, I have not had any problems out of it except it uses a quart of I'll about every 2000 miles. It also has a ticking sound in the engine that I am not sure where it is coming from.

- Gary S

The vehicle has always been reliable and never caused me any maintenance headaches.

My 2008 Ford F-150 has been a reliable and useful vehicle. It's always nice to have a truck for the purpose of moving things when necessary. It runs well and I've never had any significant issues with it.

- Michael T

You either need to have a good mechanic that doesn't charge a lot or be willing to have the time to just about take the whole truck apart to do simple repair work.

I love the performance of the motor. I love the features like heated seats, etc. I hate that you literally have to take the whole dash apart to change even the most simple things like the dash fan.

- Olivia T

It does what I need it ti do.

I like the comfortable ride, the handling and the amount of room in the interior. I dislike that Ford's transmissions seem to be of poor quality and don't last much beyond the warranty expiration.

- Andrew A

Brake light issues on our Ford f150 pickup truck.

Just have trouble with brake light coming on then off. Just got new brakes. Service tech says could be short. Light in console or bad connection. But problems costs over $500 to see what it is.

- Carolyn M

Spacious and trustworthy brand and vehicle with a spacious body inside and out. Worth the money all day long. The year we own is a beautiful combination of old school features like roll down windows and the look of a newer model. Perfect to suit any individuals needs and styles.

love the amount of things we can place in the back I love the spacious four door truck. I love the old school feature of roll down windows. I love the haul capacity and durability of the truck.

- Brandt S

Prone to power steering line deterioration over time.

The F-150 is a solid truck. The 4wd and tow package make hauling a breeze. My only complaint would be the rust. The all metal body with the salt used every winter in PA make for rust spots.

- Bradley M

It is dependable and safe.

I like that it is a pickup and I can transport things. I like having a big car, makes me feel safe. Do not like that it is secondhand/not in perfect condition. And it is a stick shift.

- Spirit L

That I absolutely love it and I can do anything I want with it.

I absolutely love my truck and have no complaints about it. It could use a little more technology but that is no big deal. Also I put a scratch on it because I do not know how to park.

- Jacob F

It is made by Ford in the USA

My vehicle is a 4 door heavy duty truck. I like that it is very safe vehicle to drive. i wish it would get better gas mileage. I also wish it would be easier for me to park in spots.

- Tami t

That we take care of it and hopefully it will last us a few more years!!

We like our truck, it has always been a very dependable vehicle!! We can put my husband and myself and the majority of my grandchildren in it. It is just a very good built vehicle.

- Toni W

It gets the job done. We've used it many times to haul home improvement and landscaping materials.

I love that there is plenty of legroom, for a taller person like me. It's got nice leather seats as well. I dislike that it doesn't get as good gas mileage as I would like.

- Angie S

It gets me to where I am going without fail. Never had any problems other than regular maintenance

It has been a very reliable vehicle. I love the Navigation system as well as the rear DVD entertainment system. The heated seats are very nice in the winter. No complaints

- Steve M

4 wheel drive, big truck with lots of room

Great performance, no issues, the backseat could be designed better (the seat itself), a lot of storage under the backseat, 4 wheel drive, power windows, power back window

- Kayle F

F-150: a trusty old favorite.

I have 250,000 on my f-150. This truck was never babied and has proven to.be tough,reliable and comfortable. There really is something about an old pick up truck.

- Henry B

My 2008 ford f-150 crew cab.

I have a 2008 F-150 crew cab. The interior is spacious and well appointed. The transmission seems a bit slippy. But other than that it has been a very good truck

- Darrin B

It is a beautiful truck and the leather seats are very nice.

Mostly everything in the car works, the only problem would have to be with the tires. They get stuck when you want to turn all the way and make a weird sound.

- Katherine D

Ford trucks reliable especially when frowning a family.

My truck has plenty of room especially since my kids are now teenagers and are very tall. My truck has never needed to be put in the shop it is very reliable.

- Jennifer S

Good value car. High mpg, low maintenance.

My dogs can travel in the back, while I can have a careful. No complaints, this is my 2nd f150. Everyone in my family drives one, we own 5, in a family of 5.

- Kathy S

The could packs are bad about going out.

The coil packs are going out but that is on every f150 about that model. I love it though it is a great work/hunt/ family vehicle. It gets the job done well.

- Caleb S

It's extremely dependable! It is a comfortable ride even for a 5'1" Mom.

I love my truck! I didn't do 5 stars because it's not the best choice for a family ride. You can haul luggage in the back but not so easy if it's raining.

- Charlotte A

If your commute to work is longer you may end up paying more for gas than a normal car.

A larger car always feels more comfortable. Sense of security when you're higher than most cars, also the fact that there's a bed protecting your rear end.

- James C

It does not have good gas mileage. When you make a quick stop everything slides forward inside.

It's not good on gas. But I love driving it. I don't like that when have a hard stop everything slides forward. I have to make sure everything is secure.

- Christi H

I prefer it to other Ford models.

The drive is great, and the dashboard is clean and aesthetic. The mileage is good too, and I can't trust this vehicle to get me where I am going.

- Olivia B


My truck is jacked up and it runs well. I had some issues starting out but it has been running great since. I don't dislike too much about it.

- Cody B

I would give it a 3000 times grateful of this beautiful great truck.

It's a great truck to have if u love to have people ride with it and a family own. One of a kind when u need to move stuff great fitness also.

- Tabetha H

The spare tire is underneath the truck bed haha.

It is nice to have when needing to haul things. It is dependable and rides nicely so far. The only thing I would change is better gas mileage.

- Ronnie M

The brown leather seats in my truck really stand out.

Transmission is starting to go, but really love the model of my vehicle. A king ranch is a nice ride. Just wish I had better gas mileage.

- Caleb J

The most important thing is to make sure your vehicle has a matching set of tire.

I wish it was an xlt instead of an xl. I also wish it was a f-250. I also wish it had the 5.4 engine. The truck rides and drives great.

- Rob H

Not amazing gas mileage but not horrible. All around good choice for family and fun.

I love my vehicle because of its dependability comfort. The only problem is gas mileage but it's worth it to have a truck that tough.

- Caleb S

Provides safety due to its size and performance.

Love the versatility of a truck. Plenty of room. Can haul a boat and trailer. Carries feed for livestock. My ac does not work great.

- Jill L

The gas mileage is not that great. Usually about fourteen mpg

Good size, Cheaper parts, I wish the engine was a little stronger, but I like that everything is prewired if I want to add features.

- Jonathan V

The Ford 150. It's a great truck for people in construction, lawn maintenance,

It's very reliable truck, not really any issues. Good for loading up the bed of the truck for moving things. I recommend this truck.

- Kim B

2008 ford f 150, red with gold trim

Transmission had to be replaced at 100,000 miles. Over all comfortable truck, reliable and gets me to and from where I need to go.

- Scott S

Low cost to maintain for a long period of time.

It is very comfortable to ride in and drive. It is very reliable for short and long trips. For its size, it gets great gas mileage.

- Brandon S

Needing to buy a lot of fuel could be an issue if you do a lot of driving.

Like the brand and the versatility of the vehicle. It's powerful and capable in snow and offline. It's not the most fuel efficient.

- Ed B

Great reliability and comfort.

Interior design flaws, center console destroyed by sun and grab handle broken on first use it cracked and dislodged rom mountings.

- Albert T

Accept it's strengths, but realize it's shortcomings such as gas mileage.

It's incredibly handy for hauling things. The gas mileage could be better, but it's a truck! Super comfy ride with rear seating.

- Kevin B

good quality truck,still looks and rides good

it is a good dependable truck with no major problems,great fit and finish,no squeaks or rattles,still has a good comfortable ride

- gene M

It is been really good. Not really any problems. Has 116,000 miles.

I love this truck! Gets great mileage, tows good and is awesome to haul anything. I installed gps and new audio video system.

- Barb G

It works for us. Our family requires an all purpose auto and this one suits our needs.

It is a wonderful pick-up that we use for everything! Haul the kids, the dogs, vacations and day to day running to the store.

- Michelle D

It is an older model but needed for certain functions.

I like that it can carry larger items like furniture and surfboards. I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike the unreliability.

- Carol C

It is all purpose, seats six, has room to haul stuff, and drives comfortable.

I like the design. It is tall and I can see a lot when driving. I also like the power it has and the ability to haul stuff.

- erin n

It has a lot of storage and I will not exchange any other vehicle for my truck.

I LIKE MY PICKUP TRUCK BECAUSE IT'S POWERFUL AND IT'S VERY COMFY. The only disadvantage is it used up quite a lot of gas.

- Lai P

Happy driver of a Ford truck

Runs great after 190,000 miles and 11 years and 4 collisions and repairs. Have had many Fords and am a satisfied customer

- Robert F

I love my F-150 Lariat, very reliable and comfortable

This is my second F-150. Both have been very reliable (only minor repairs). Upgrading to the Lariat was worth the money.

- Ben C

F150 is the best truck to own

I love my F150! It has been the best vehicle that I have ever owned. It has been very reliable and has great performance

- Kim N

That it starts no matter how cold it gets and that it has a really good heater that heats the truck up quickly.

I like this truck because it is very dependable and goes through the snow really well. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Jerry P

That's it strong enough to pull or drag anything's

It's not that bad it has some rust in a couple place it's a gas hog and it's a stander and the break need to be replaced

- Ryan G

It is a very dependable truck and a Ford.

It is 4 wheeler drive and goes very well on snow. Nice interior and layout. Hard on gas but does have flex fuel option.

- Mark S

is very comfortable has lots of room and is fun for when you want some speed.

i have a diesel ford f-250 very good have an air conditioning problem and some blow by but other than that runs great.

- isaac m

While it seems very tame it is a very powerful and reliable vehicle.

It is a great and reliable vehicle it is not that great on gas but it it's definitely worth it with its reliability.

- Miguel C

F150 with premium rims, tinted windows, custom radio and remote locks.

Reliable truck. Have had no problems and continues to perform after 10 years. I have manual windows and added tint.

- James W

Fun to drive and safe and large vehicle. Also not great gas mileage

I dislike the gas mileage of course since it's a truck but love the safety and security of driving a larger vehicle


Overall a great vehicle if you don't mind the sucky gas mileage

Best truck I have ever owned. I will be a faithful Ford customer because I have never had any issues with my truck.

- Beccs R

It has many luxury components such as heated and cooled leather seats.

It's been a pretty good truck I like everything about it. I do not like the fact that it is not loaded just simple.

- Michelle H

Ford makes good, dependable, easy to maintain trucks

I find my truck is easy to drive. it is easy to maintain. i wish it got better mileage but it is a truck after all

- john t

It's totally reliable, has a large cargo space and comfortable interior

Thoroughly happy with my Ford. It's economical, safe, spacious and comfortable. The 6 cylinder gets good mileage.

- Mike R

My Ford F-150 gets me from point A to point B

The only problem I have with my vehicle is that my gas needle does not work. Everything else works just fine.

- Christian T

It is a beautiful black truck with all leather interior, drives very smooth.

The only problem I have with the truck would have to be the wheels. The truck makes noise when I try to turn.

- Katherine D

That it does what it is advertised to do. Haul stuff, and it is very good at it. It is a very well built truck.

I like everything except for the gas mileage. I only get 15-17 mpg. If I were to get 20, I'd give it 5 stars.

- Thomas B

Don't buy if you don't like spending money on gas!

Really love how comfortable it is to ride in and how smooth it is. Can't stand how much gas it takes though.

- s M

Great overall great for long trips groceries trips

Great no problems runs great looks great traveling is great roomy for traveling for long trips short trips

- Wanda M

Does well on other than paved roads 4x4 works well

I would like a long box rather than short would like rear doors to open flush it does what I want it to do

- John P

It is paid for. Has been reliable. Will continue to drive it until it is no longer reliable.

I like the room that the truck has. I like the power the truck has. I like that it is fairly good on gas

- Mark J

It has a large bed and it is cab is roomy enough for several.

My vehicle is very comfortable and is great for moving day and helping transport loads of big furniture.

- Bailey C

It's durable and can haul whatever you need it to. It is also a very reliable.

The ability to haul thing. I feel more safe in a truck if i was in a wreck. Like the power a truck has.

- Gayla L

It is very comfortable. It is very dependable. It looks nice.

I love the room I have inside. I love the feel when driving on the road. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Bonnie G

It is a very helpful truck.

I like that's its a truck and can do more than a car. I don't like all the old technology in the truck.

- Rebekah C

Steel body, all the perks

Very dependable, not bad on gas, had minimal repair currently have 140,000 miles. Never a major issue

- Jen C

Great truck for family use

Very dependable, comfortable for travel, lots of legroom. Plenty of cup holders. Solid frame, sturdy

- Stephanie H

It's amazingly comfortable for Its size!

I love the hauling space/capacity. I wish it got better gas mileage I love the seating capacity.

- Kevin D

It is a great truck! Gets me where i need to be

I really like my truck. It has held up pretty well. I don't like that it has started to rust

- Christina S

My truck is fairly fuel efficient and it is kept immaculately clean

The air conditioner doesn't work well. But I love having a truck they are so useful and fun.

- Gabe M

It'll keep me safe and it's easy to drive. I like the large side mirrors.

I like the size and the truck bed. It's large but not massive. Easy to drive. I feel safe

- Lisa A

cheap to repair and to get fixed locally. Mechanics seem to think this is great.

This works well, runs great mileage is pretty good. I am very happy with how it runs.

- bill h

that I don't have to do a lot of maintenance on this truck

I like my vehicle because. it is american truck. and doesn't take much to fix a problem

- jose C

Low maintenance reliable family friendly works hard safe

Crew cab fits my whole family no mechanical issues other than regular wear and tear

- Rick P

That it's my baby and that I always give it a good wash every 2 weeks.

I love the size and it takes me from point A to B. Very convenient for landscaping

- Juan M

Very well taken care of has had all services done very dependable vehicle,

It has navigation It has a audiophile stereo Runs great Dependable No complaints

- Gerald E

It's got a good system in the truck, it's hidden under seats

It drives great. Just need new tires. Perfect color and like the inside leather

- Tyler O

It is a 4 door very heavy duty truck. It gets about average gas mileage. It has so much room inside. I like the whole family get fit inside,comfortably.

It is heavy duty to drive on the highways today,with lots of room inside.

- Tami V

It's pretty big and let's me carry lots of things It's reliable

White Ford truck, usually have no complaints. Gets me where I need to be

- Alan N

My truck has been very reliable and i would consider purchasing again.

It handles well. Has good gas gas miles and gets me where I need to go.

- William R

that it is paid for and belongs to me free and clear

gas mileage is good plenty of room on the inside the ride is smooth

- john g

It's safe and fairly fuel efficient and that's good enough for me.

I dislike the seat belts but just about everything else is great.

- Mel S

It's a FORD Truck that runs great.

like my truck.It rides nice. I can load up the back with things.

- Robert L

It is very useful and allows me to haul, two people and products.

It is dependable. It is powerful. It is stylish. No complaints.

- Sean C

It is a pickup truck. Not overly stylish but fits my needs.

The back seat is very small but it's been a good truck so far.

- Warren P

dependable great to navigate easy to drive not sure what more

It pulls my rv very comfortable and gets me where I need to go

- mark g

I love the F-150 series. It is a great truck that drives well and offers many extras.

It handles very well and does great in the winter time.

- Juanita W

No complaints.. comfy, smooth ride. Sometimes it takes a while to cool off but then again, I live in Texas

Good, solid vehicle... always reliable after ten years

- Debbie B

It's beautiful and I feel good driving it No complaints

Never Any Mechanical Problems Totally Free of Problems

- Elizabeth E

Its a Ford F150 and runs great.Gets good gas mileage.

I like my Ford. The ride is good. I can haul thinks.

- Robert S



- Teear W

It has lasted for several years.

I like trucks. I feel safe. Lasts a long time.

- Jill b