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Mustangs are the best ever, you should buy one.

My cars overall performance is excellent. There is not really any problems that I have other than how much gas I go through a week. I wish my car was more efficient or held more gas, or was better on how many miles I get per gallon. My car is very reliable. It gets me from point A to B without any problems. My car has never failed me which I really good cause I know other people who cannot say the same. I love the features that my car provides. I have the premium package on my car so I get more features than just stock. I have leather seats, which I love and there very comfortable. Except when it is a really hot day, my seats get really hot which is not comfortable.

- Victoria T

Ford f-150 - comfort and reliability at a fair price.

Riding in my f150 is like riding in a comfortable car. I have had little if any maintenance issues and the vehicle has held up well as it has aged. I prefer the f-150 over other makes of truck I have driven or ridden in from time to time since buying mine. The only issue I have had is that a couple of tire pressure sensors have failed. My two favorite features of the truck are the great ride and the roominess of the cab. I use 4wd frequently in the winter and it is very effective. I also tow my boat in the summer using the tow/haul feature with great success. It would be hard for me to considering replacing this truck with another make or model.

- Sean K

The split back seat can be folded up, part used for cargo, part passengers.

I love my up. I have to replace part of the air conditioning valve which was an expensive process. However, considering the value of the vehicle, it was worth it. The vehicle is very comfortable to travel in. The back seat is large and has lots of legroom for 3 adult men. It also is comfortable for 2 adults and 1 car seat. The front seat is comfortable for 2 large adults and one smaller person. All of the functions are within reach of the driver. I have a short bed but it is adequate for my needs. The back seat fold up and I have an air mattress that fits it so when I have been on some jobs I could sleep in my up. Love the convenience.

- Beverly D

I have a 2009 long bed f-150, it is midnight blue.

Extremely comfortable interior/seating. The seat can be adjusted enough to anybody at any height can drive with ease. The breaks and gas work nicely. The gas mileage is great. Lasts a long time. There is plenty of room in this car, even with only two seats. There is extra space behind the two seats to fit things that you do not want in the bed. (even big enough to fit my small dogs with extra moving room!)Speakers are amazing. There is an excellent bass system. Only problem is it is extremely bulky and can be hard to do sharp turns or drive in general.

- Noah R

Gas mileage is typical for a 4wd truck this age, averaging around 20 miles per gallon.

I bought this truck in 2012 when it was 3 years old. The only issue I've ever had with it mechanically was a sensor within 2 years of purchase. It's been kept in the garage when not in use and is just now starting to show minor surface rust after nine years. Mine is a regular extended cab but still very spacious without compromising rear bed space. Rear seats fold up for more floor space. Typical features including power mirrors, CD player, aux port, 4wd etc. It is a little light weight wise in the back when trying to get traction on slippery surfaces.

- Kyle W

Our truck fits us comfortably and has sync options with our phone.

I love my Ford f150 truck because it has so much room in the back seat. In my family we are pretty tall and it is so hard to find the perfect truck to fit us all comfortably. I love how we can sync our phones to the truck to listen to different music and also answer our phones. Since we have had our truck we have minor issues with it. To me it is extremely reliable and safe. I also like the fact that it runs a health report on our truck periodically to let us know if there is anything to worry about.

- Jessica E

Only Ford gives you a truck chassis, not a truck body on a car chassis.

My Ford is very easy to drive, a beautiful vehicle, gets lots of compliments everywhere I go, does the work of a 150 truck, but has the beauty of a luxury car. By the way, it is a 150 xlt lariat 4x4 (which wasn't listed as a model choice). My only complaint about it is that there is no hand grip on the driver's side to assist you in getting into the vehicle! I am only 5'4" so I have some difficulty there, but it is worth it for all the other good qualities.

- Phoebe N

The automatic steps that come down when you open a door sometimes gives me problems. They tend to stick in the winter.

It's a white f150 platinum. It has heated and air conditioned seats. Nav system. One of the best sounding stock stereos I have ever heard. It has tons of room. Leather seats. The doors are plastic, which is really the only thing I don't like about it. It has ran with minimal problems so far. I have used it to pull a travel trailer. It does really well, as long as yours isn't too heavy. I have loved this truck since I purchased it.

- Jody B

Fords are the best. My family are all about Ford vehicles.

Able to load with furniture for moving, rides great and smooth. Great on gas mileage, comfortable, room for 3 people to sit comfortably. Color is a red but not to bright. Able to carry tools and groceries. Love sitting up high enough to see other cars. The dealership was very friendly and would use them again. Have had no issues with this vehicle thus far.

- Sharon C

It's reliable, runs greats and it is a well built truck.

I love that it has 4 doors and 6 seats so I can haul my family of 6. I love that I can haul a bunch if items in the bed of my truck without putting stuff inside of it when we go on vacation. My truck runs great and gets pretty good gas mileage. The only complaint I would have is there is no handle on the driver side to assist with climbing in.

- Leslie H

Extremely reliable and comfortable.

I have had problems with the four wheel drive with my vehicle at times. Other then that I absolutely love the inside qualities of the car such as the leather seats and spacious back seat room. I love the rear back up camera with big screen to see everything around you. The car has been very reliable with never breaking down on me.

- Cody B

Perfect family truck and can use it for anything.

The six has a 4. 6 L which makes it underpowered for towing but great on gas. I am 6’4” and fit perfectly. It is comfortable for both me and my wife. I wish the extended cab doors weren't suicide style. It makes it tough to load a car seat. Other than that it is a very reliable truck and gets me anywhere I need to go.

- Richard F

The truck is very comfortable, but has had reliability issues.

I bought my vehicle with 115, 000 miles, a week after purchasing my water pump was going bad and had to replace. Reliability is an issue. Although, vehicle is very comfortable and useful. I used my truck to move into my new apartment, hauling out household goods and furniture. My truck model is the xlt supercrew long bed.

- Lane T

It is a ticking time bomb.

My vehicle is a 2009 Ford f-150. It was bought for me by my parents to drive to college. It was formerly a work truck on a farm. It is pretty ragged out. Almost has 200, 000 hard farm work miles on it. Transmission is slipping and the engine sometimes sounds real bad. Dents and scratches give the ole girl some character.

- Luke C

2009 ford f-150 pickup truck built tough for the road.

We like the 2009 ford f-150 4 wheel drive very much. It is built tuff in every way. We have about 40,000 miles on it with the original tires and battery. Truly amazing. Every time we take it in at a ford dealer, they change the oil and tell us nothing else needed. We like the comfort and it is great for traveling.

- Mona K

Dependability at it is finest and longest.

I have been a Ford girl since young, learning from my grandfather who also owned a large salvage yard. I'd go with him to other facilities to pick up parts, usually ford. The reason we didn't have many parts of Ford is they were so reliable. Every Ford I owned never let me down or stranded or big repair bills.

- Tina D

My opinion of my truck. My truck is a standard and it is reliable.

The color is red it was purchased new I have only put new tires on it twice it has not given me any problems it is great on gas and is a daily driver to and from work. I have to say it is a reliable vehicle. In town driving I get about 18 miles per gallon of gas and on the highway about 21 miles per gallon.

- Rene D

Me and my best truck ever. Every little girls and (boys) dream truck.

My Ford f150 is durable, trusty and fun to drive. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It starts when is -30 below and drives like a dream. I would recommend this truck to anyone. I have hauled and towed trailers and have never had a problem. It's very comfortable to drive on both short and long trips.

- Melissa A

Built to be reliable. Nearly a decade later, this truck is still going strong without any issues.

During the 6 years I have been driving this truck, with well over 100,000 miles, I have yet to see any major problems. So far I've only had to replace the brake-system and tire from general wear and tear. Car does not have rumbling sounds, no leaks, no issues with A/C. Overall, a very well made product.

- Monica D

The perfect truck for the short tiny country girl.

This is a very nice truck it has some frame issues and also some body problems but the motor runs great. The movable pedals and seat adjustments make it nice for families with members who are shorter. Also the built in center council is great for storage and accommodates many different size cup bases.

- Heather S

Be prepared financially to be able to service the vehicle.

It is a very nice vehicle and just what we needed, however, if given a choice I would not purchase it again. The vehicle is not very durable. In less than a year, we had to take it to the shop twice for services over $1,000 each time. Thankful we purchase a warranty when we purchased the vehicle.

- Cynthia C

Ford f-150 are the best gas motor pickup trucks around.

Ford f-150 are very roomy. They drive very smooth and have a very nice turn radius. I love taking my truck off-roading too. The 4x4 works magic. Have never gotten stuck or stranded. These trucks are built sturdy and meant for work. Great family vehicle also is very good from trips out of state.

- Cameron G

2009 Ford f-150 a reliable used truck.

The truck has been very reliable for me. I bought it used about three years ago. I put on new tires and new brake pads. I had a problem with the tire sensors and had them replaced as well, the switch for the heater fan has been replaced other than that I have not had any major problems.

- John D

F-150 best for family of 5.

As a family of 5 with a large dog our f-150 with crew cab fits us perfectly. We can put the dogs kennel in the back, tied down, and head up the mountains or out to the beach. As an outdoor family I couldn't imagine having any other vehicle. The f-150 is definitely a great fit for us.

- Kay P

The silver bullet is her name.

Its functional no bells and whistles. Check engine light is always on. Normal wear & tear have been the only problems. Everyone needs the truck for moving or hauling. It has a speed. We have driven to Arizona, Utah California several times. The air was leaking due to condensation.

- Jerry H

I really love the suicide doors.

My family and I have had this truck for 10 years and have had very few problems with it. The majority of the maintenance we have been able to maintain ourselves. It comfortably fits us, our two kids, and our dog. Plan on purchasing another truck like this one for my daily driver.

- Brittany G

Used and altered from original state

I bought this truck used, with 138,000 miles on it. I enjoy driving this vehicle. Don't know if it is my bad luck or the vehicle, but both wheel bearings needed to be replaced and the head gasket blew about a week after I bought it. It was also already installed with a lift kit.

- Meridith S

The title of my f 150 review kicks booty.

F 150 is pretty solid and very durable and modern with USB and Bluetooth capabilities. The truck handles incredibly well in snow and the 4WD is hands down amazing, it should be noted too that the 4 door is huge and can accommodate a large family and or multiple animal carriers.

- J S

Has good features that we like inside also very economy.

Steering problem goes a little to sides trying to get it fix but cost a lot of money but soon as we can will do it anyway maybe trade in and buy a new one maybe next year or when income time comes around if we can but checking out to see how much it will cost to get it fix up.

- Ana V

Cool truck has all the options.

I really like this vehicle I enjoy the cruise control and the storage always runs well I have never had any mechanical problems the downside is it uses lots of gas and new tires are really pricey the cost of maintenance is fair but seems unnecessary for an only vehicle.

- Doug S

All in all it has been a good vehicle it is comfortable to ride in and very safe.

Love driving a truck feel very safe in it, we have had more problems with this truck than previous trucks. Little things air/ heat guilt working. Now the radio and clock have suddenly stopped working taking to Ford tomorrow for service check and to see how much to fix.

- Linda N

The most important thing is that it is very reliable if it is taken care of.

I bought it a used car dealership and within the first 90 days the fuel pump started to have problems. The truck wouldn't start after a while and it kept reading as empty. After we had the parts replace and another full inspection done it has run just fine since.

- Aria W

Overall great vehicle for the price.

Four wheel drive is a life saver, only downside is the gas mileage. The power and responsiveness of the pedals is great. The speakers provide clear audio for listening to going down the road. Power windows for front and rear makes adjusting them easier than pie.

- Dale C

The Ford F-150 2009 has extremely nice wheels. The wheels are strong and durable and the suspension is strong and lasts.

The Ford F-150 2009 is a great vehicle. It lasts long and is extremely powerful. However, it depreciates a lot after a few years. It can still run properly but it has little value. I love it because it was my first truck but it has no value in the world now.

- Barry G

Spacious seating for a truck, great reliable vehicle for a family.

My f150 is extremely reliable. It has over 100, 000 miles and I have not had any major mechanical issues. It is a 4 door truck, comfortably seats 6. The back seat is the most spacious of any extended cab vehicle I have owned, offering plenty of legroom.

- Melissa G

The interior is comfortable and the backseat is huge.

I love the King Cab, the backseat is huge! We have the Lariat edition so it has the large sunroof and leather interior which is nice as well. The downside is It's not as convenient putting things in the bed of the truck as it was the trunk of my SUV

- Erica B

My truck has many blind spots so you must be careful not to ride in them.

I like the fact I have a truck instead of a car. I like that I can pull a horse trailer with it and it does not sit as low to the ground as a car. I do not like that my truck has a lot of miles and that it does not have powered windows and locks.

- Katherine C

it's FORD, born and made in America

I like sitting high to get a better view of road. I like knowing my vehicle is one of the safest on the road. I like being able to hau my cattle trailer to take a cow to market.I like the high number of hay bales and feed sacks it can carry

- Ay B

It is a mean machine and ready to take on any task I give it.

I love my truck. It has all the towing power I need and the performance I want. It is probably the best vehicle I have ever had. I would have preferred it have the Sync technology, but other than that it is a wonderful vehicle.

- David L

It's a hard working, rugged and dependable. The growl of a big american V8, sittin up high, and going off road.

I love the comfort, durability, and towing capacity. I love the color and all the upgrades in the truck and outside of the truck. I love the height of the truck especially when driving in traffic can see ahead much better.

- dawn b

That you shouldn't tailgate me. I keep the ball hitch on the truck.

I like how it is reliable, it can haul and carry large loads if needed, and I feel safe in it. What I don't like is the gas mileage, it is not the easiest to park, and the doors swing out too wide. I would prefer an SUV.

- Rebekah O

Good reliable truck but ac is not good.

I have had my Ford for 6 years and bought it used. I have not had many issues with the truck. The worst thing about the truck is the ac. It never blows cold like it should no matter what I do to fix it.

- Sarah H

I've traveled everywhere and it's been very dependable!

I have loved my truck since the day i bought it. The last year I've had a lot of maintenance issues all at once. I like it so much I'm trying to just keep it going. I'm not ready to get rid of it yet!

- Robin B

Very comfortable and roomy. Easy to drive and easy to maintain

My truck has 115,000 miles on it and never had a mechanical problem with it. It has good towing power and easy to drive with a trailer. Smooth driving down the freeway and lots of room in the cab.

- Randy H

The most important thing others should know is it is an extremely reliable vehicle.

I love the security I feel driving a truck vs. a small car. I live where you need a vehicle that can handle snowy and icy roads. This vehicle does that and tows the things I need towed. I love it.

- Montana L

The truck rides smooth even after 110000 miles.

I like the vehicle and it rides smooth. The interior is comfortable and very spacious. I do not like the visor clasps as they are rather small and the leather is easily scratched by animals.

- Stewart S

Almost no blind spots, good gas mileage for the size of motor. Comfortable ride.

I find it hard to get into, I am short and have arthritis. I like that I can see everything when I am driving. The truck rides very well and we have been happy with the reliability.

- Susan C

Nissan in general is a reliable brand.

I love everything about my truck. When I was shopping for a new vehicle I can back to it 3 times in 1 day.. The only thing that I might want different is electric doors and windows.

- Charlotte M

Great smooth riding pick up!

We have 225000 miles on this vehicle with no major problems so far. It runs very smooth and comfortable. Lots of room in the back seat. It does have a lot of rust on the down side.

- Sharon D

There seems to be a quality issue with the oxygen sensors. I have replaced them regularly on 2 different F150s

Been driving F150s since i was 13. Will always drive an F150. Truck never has any problems barring a few plastic pieces that fail overtime. Never a problem with the drivetrain

- Eric S

It is definitely a family truck. The crew cab is roomy, and comfortable.

Our f150 is absolutely wonderful. It has the most comfortable cab we can ask for. It fits our family wonderfully. It is one of the most reliable vehicle we have ever had.

- Kelly S

One of the most important thing others should know about my car is that its fast.

I love my truck. I will always choose Ford. They are built well, and drive comfortably. The only way I would get away from a Ford truck would be to get an automatic car.

- Katie R

it's made by Ford, that's all anyone in the U.S. should care about bamma screwed all of us w/ his union bailouts

has 215000 miles on it - runs great, no leaks made by Ford the only U.S. automaker who didn't get their Unions bailed out by taxpayers - never buy anything but Fords

- Russ H

Reliable and you get a lot of options for the money with a Hyundai.

Good all around vehicle. Can drive on trips to other states and take family members..Up to five. Can pick up and haul materials and packages with the 6 foot bed..

- Allen P

The Ford F-150 has a very spacious cab and offers plenty of leg room.

My Ford F-150 is very reliable. I bought my truck preowned for an affordable sum and have had little to no work performed on it other than regular maintenance.

- Dan W

The best truck I have ever had.

Bought this for the 8 foot bed. It has great power. I drive 500 miles a week to and from work. Had it 2 years. No problems with it so far. Great gas mileage.

- Bobby B

It has updated speakers and the sound is incredible.

I love how powerful the car is. It also gets good gas mileage. Sometimes the truck is hard to park but overall it drives well, especially in bad weather.

- Sarah S

It is an American brand vehicle.

It a large vehicle. Comfortable to drive and easy to drive. There is a lot of room for items as well as room for larger items in the bed of the truck.

- Shane M

It is roomy and can pull a large load or take you to the store, kids to school, etc. It is a very useful vehicle.

I like that it is reliable, roomy and can hold a lot. I also like that I can haul almost anything. The gas mileage is the only thing I don't like.

- Michelle T

It can last a long time with proper maintenance

It's reliable I never get stuck in bad weather it's sturdy I can get a lot of material around with it good for moving things that are heavy or big

- Maria D

My truck is 4WD even though I took off those grotesque STX 4WD stickers that looked like peeling paint. They were REALLY tacky!

like the ride, the comfort, the load capabilities. Also like the SYNC audio system. I do not like the turning radius or the ground clearance.

- Peter O

Great truck, comfortable ride whether in town or long distance!

I actually bought this truck used and have driven it for about 7 years.Great truck, great payload... interior well apportioned. Joy to drive.

- Suzanne R

Mileage is the big factor.

Good truck, plenty of room and load space, wish it got better gas mileage though but gas mileage is usually not a reason someone buys a truck.

- Steve Z

It drives well and gets good gas mileage for a pickup truck.

I like the fact it is a 4-wheel drive truck, it has a step into the bed, and it gets good gas mileage. I dislike that it is not a quad cab.

- Lisa D

Is very dependable and reliable easy to maintain I do my own oil changes

The truck suits all my needs I've been a Ford truck owner for over 30 years. I keep buying trucks made by Ford because they are dependable.

- Paul S

The Triton 5.4 liter motor is not the most fuel efficient truck motor on the market.

I really like the sound system. I also like the moonroof and heated seats in the winter. I like the seat memory. I dislike the 5.4 triton

- Connor b

It's dependable and very cheap to maintain. It's also very comfortable and spacious.

I like it's look - it's tough but comfortable. I like the King Ranch trim package as well: leather seats, heated/AC seats, GPS, Sync, etc.

- David M

It is very dependable and have had no major issues.

The truck has been very dependable. Rides pretty smooth even though a 4x4. Have had some minor issues with exhaust but normal with age.

- Kurt U

It is dependable the quality is well recognized, for the vehicle use,.

Very dependable. Fun to drive. Only think I do not like is it does not have satellite radio. Still looks great after almost 10 years.

- Brady W

It is great gas mileage, great for trips or just driving around.

Drives great 4 door. Lots of room, great for travel air conditioner CD player we all love it my husband and I are the only drivers.

- Betsy R

Runs great even though used

Purchased used and runs great. Has all the features I wanted and. One of the bells and whistles that cost money and don't help you.

- Jason K

Best truck and nice looking truck.

It is the best truck and I bought are not change for nothing has a nice motor and has a good design on the body so I love my truck.

- Victor R

My truck has great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage. Very roomy. Seats my family comfortable. Only dislike is interior deteriorated near rear window causing a leak.

- Patrice J

Nothing really, Ford is the way to go.

I love my truck. It gets me were I need to go. It's been extremely reliable the last 3 years I've never had any problems with it.

- Elliot O

It uses a lot of gas and has a 32 gallon tank.

I love the size, look, and efficiency. I do not like the a/c style and power. I also do not like the openness of the windshield.

- Stephanie O

It is been a good truck, with very few mechanical issues.

I like the comfort, the size, and the gadgets onboard. Since it is a truck it is useful for hauling stuff, work, and family use.

- Eric D

Easy to Drive through all conditions

This vehicle has been reliable for every need that I have. it also drives well in all conditions including snow, rain and mud.

- Joseph S

It is sturdy and reliable.

It's very comfortable to drive. Just the right size. I had to get it before I when out on disability I didn't need the payment.

- Frederick R

It is a family car, if maintained well it will give you years of use.

I love it because it fits a lot of stuff in it but kind of hate how it is super big & it is hard to fit in some parking spots.

- Dallas R

It's a representation of me.

I love being able to haul things when needed. I like the feeling of driving a truck. I really dislike the gas mileage it gets.

- Kevin M

It rides really nice. Overall, a typical F-150. Ford does it the best.

It is the Laredo version. Very nice inside, leather seats, nice trim. Rides really smooth. Changed out to a dual exhaust.

- John S

It has Ford Dependability.

Very dependable. Great gas mileage. Trained Ford technicians available locally for repairs if necessary. No complaints.

- Kay H

the mileage is great and you never have to worry about it

it has never had engine problems. i really love the vehicle control and the interior seats. i love the size and durability

- albert r

It's been a good vehicle for the last nine years

I like that it has four doors. It has plenty room. I like sitting higher up. It is not bad on gas considering it's a truck

- Michelle M

It is easy to drive and has lots of power.

I like the size. I like having 4 doors. I like that I can put anything in the bed of the truck. I like the way it drives.

- Kristen S

Others should know that my truck is a good family truck. It is spacious and comfortable. It is big and can fit a lot of stuff in it.

I love my truck because it is spacious. The truck is easy to drive. Sometimes it is hard to maneuver into small spaces.

- Rachael F

It's roomy seats four or five comfortably. Bed of truck is great size

I really like my truck as it I've always wanted a truck. Not really no complaints other than I paid for a bigger truck.

- Robert N

It sucks on gas. It only gets 15 miles to the gallon.

It is reliable. It seems like things break on it all the time. I love having a truck to use for hauling things around.

- Krystal W

That it does not get good gas mileage.

I like how it looks. It drives very smooth. It has a lot of room for various activities and can fit all of my friends!

- Hunter M

You cannot go wrong with a Ford!

Have had no major issues with this truck. Over 140k miles. Performs well on road and off! Would definitely buy again.

- Stephen H

Reliable & a hardworking truck.

It's very reliable. No real major problems. Only a couple minor electrical problems. Other than that I love my truck.

- Brandon f

My f-150 is very dependable. Short trips and long trips; I don't have to worry.

I love my f-150. Plenty of room for the kids, groceries and other stuff. Taken it on vacations and always reliable.

- Jeffrey D

No 4 wheel drive which a truck should really have,a necessity

its roomy. Like the color of it.It has a lot of space in back for moving things.What I dislike is no 4 wheel drive.

- mea j

It's versatile and fun to drive

Love the 4 wheel drive. Ability to load as much in the bed as possible. And there's plenty of room in the interior.

- Lc L

Ford Truck that works okay

It feels very big and bulky to drive. Also there have been problems with the turbo working like it is supposed to.

- Maddie V

It is very faithfuls reliable. It gets us everywhere

Our truck is a very fine truck. We love our truck. We take our truck everywhere. Our truck is very faithful to us.

- Pam W

I really like the extended cab

The f-150 is a very durable truck, it has so much power and last very well, haven't had any problems with my truck

- John D

If you perform routine maintenance your ford should last you many years

I've had no major problem with my ford, only routine maintenance..very comfortable to drive short or long distance

- Dale S

It has a strong motor and can pull pretty much anything

I do not like the dashboard it seems as if it were just thrown together with no regard to niceness and dependable

- Michael H

It is all wheel drive. I can drive in snow, rain and ice with NO FEAR.

NO complaints!! The truck is awesome! I take care of my truck and my truck takes me all the places i need to go.

- Lisa M

It gets good gas mileage while still having the power of a truck

I like the room inside the vehicle. I like all the features. It gets good gas mileage while still having power

- Richie T

Very reliable and dependable for many years now. LOVE IT!

No problems at all. Rides really smooth and has lots of storage space. It is very comfortable for long trips.

- Gary M

Nice ride, will get all the work done.

Plenty of room, no major issues, has been very dependable, would like it more if it got better gas mileage.

- John H

Technologically advanced but still easy to use.

It ride's nice, and it is big and green, but it is old to many, but to me it is new. No complaints from me.

- Lori G

Because of the lift and oversized tires it's a gas hog

I love the platinum package I have. The navigation and sound system are great, and I enjoy the smooth ride

- Bill B

Love it. . Roomy reliable and strong.

Super comfortable and roomy. . It is been great for hauling equipment and family. . The back seat is huge.

- Clay S

The extended bed is the most useful aspect of the truck.

The Ford f-150 is a reliable means of transportation that can help me haul what I need to, when I need to.

- Drew J

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I like that it is a reliable vehicle. I have never broken down. In addition, it is stylish and spacious.

- Alicia F

this truck is a great starter truck, a joy to drive.

My truck carries everything I need. The real downfalls of this truck is the rust and it's fuel economy.

- Greg S

It doesn't get the greatest gas mileage, but it is four wheel drive.

I don't like that there is no bluetooth for the radio. I like that there is satellite radio installed.

- Ross B

Has a large towing capacity, we can easily tow a camper without the truck working too hard.

I like the back up camera and navigation. Dislikes - I wish it had better gas mileage. No complaints.

- Renee R

Comfortable ride is dependable decent gas mileage is quiet good Towing capacity and hauling

Comfortable ride 289 has enough power is smooth not bad gas. Mileage would like extended cab 4wd

- David D

I love it! I love the look it of the vehicle. I haven't had any major problems with it.

I love the look and reliability of the truck. I wish the infotainment systems was up to date.

- fred m

It is very dependable and gets good gas mileage for a full size pickup.

I love the room inside of the cab and how smooth it rides. I also like how dependable it is.

- Tonya R

Wonderful vehicle, only complaint is we have to have the transmission rebuilt when it hit 70,000 miles. Other than that the truck is very reliable and trustworthy.

Transmission issues. Make sure to check the history of the vehicle before buying a used one.

- Louanne S

It's very reliable and great running truck. Love how it drives.

It's a very spacious vehicle. Great towing capacity. I don't like that it uses a lot of gas.

- Leon D

I like my vehicle because it is very reliable. It is also really good on gas. I feel that it was a good buy.

One most important thing others should know about my car is that it is really good on gas.

- Rhadia W

It is dependable and gets me where I need to go. It's used for hauling and getting around.

It gets me where I need to go. I plan to get a new one soon.It is an all purpose truck.


It's reliability. It is also very good and gas mileage and plenty of room for cargo or passengers

It's very reliable and stylish. Never breaks down. Has a lot of new bells and whistles.

- Joyce W

Ford is better than Chevy

It is my favorite color and Ford is the best brand. Dependable and hauls a lot.

- Thomas G

Big enough for my family. Plenty of space in cab and in truck bed.

I love the steps that come out when door is open. I love the heat and cool seats.

- Jacob L

The tow power, it is very useful for towing my jet skis.

The vehicle has plenty of towing power. It is reliable and a great work truck

- Jose M

the truck runs great has gave me no problems will buy a ford truck again

run great good gas mileage rides good would tell anyone to buy a ford truck

- Eli B

It's awesome. It's safe and drives like a dream. It can go from working to be being a family vehicle

I have no complaints about my truck. I love it. It's perfect. Lots of room

- Michelle S

It's American made, reliable and durable. I've had this truck since 2011 and it still runs great. I love it.

This truck is reliable and dependable. Affordable and made in America.

- Lemmy K

Tough and is such a smooth ride everyone would be shocked

Tough and dependable. Gets great gas mileage and it is a smooth ride

- Richard T

Quality build. Craftsmanship is good. I would recommend it.

Very dependable, drives nice and good on gas. I have no complaints .

- Robert K

Truck has lots of power. There is plenty of room for buying home improvement things. Very comfortable to sit in for long or short rides.

Feels very safe, comfortable to drive, plenty of storage.

- Tammy S

The only problem I have with it is that the gas mileage is not too good

I like the truck it's dependable and has a lot of room

- Vic P

Bad fuel economy, not to comfy but it has been a reliable truck

Reliable but not very comfortable, uses a lot of gas

- David K

I love my Ford F150. It is so roomy inside, and yet built to do the job. I can haul anything from horse feed to lumber in the bed. It is so comfortable inside that it is great when going on a trip out of state. M seats are leather, power locks, power windows. Built to last.

My truck represents luxury, but yet its a work truck

- margaret b

Not a new truck even though it looks new

Love my truck. Great ride. Lots of room.

- Will d