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The truck has far mileage and good towing power as well as good dependability.

The car runs very smooth. It has not broke down in any sort of way. Go in every 6-8 months and it will run fine. It carries loads very easily, and is very helpful when needed for work and for everyday tasks. Compared to many trunks that I have driven it has comfortable seating and decent gas mileage. It can fit multiple people without anyone feeling in a tight space which is unusual for a truck, and especially a truck that can move as much is this one can. Besides the basics I do not need to take it in the work on it all too much. Overall very happy with the experience of the car and would suggest it to others if the needed to carry around loads on a decently consistent basis. Very happy with the purchase as the above states.

- Conner A

Ford 150 platinum - favorite truck.

I bought my truck new and have it since 2010. I love my truck! It is always driven well and I have haven't experienced any serious engine issues. Only recently it has started running a little rough where it stutters a little bit. I haven't had a chance to take it in yet to find out issue. November of 2018 my breaks did go out, so they were replaced. The interior is very nice with brown leather, heated and air conditioned seats, sunroof and color change interior lighting. This is the first vehicle I have kept more than 2-3 years. It is by far my favorite vehicle to date and I have driven a variety of vehicles including cars, SUVs and larger trucks.

- Pacer D

Great family truck even with young kiddos

I like this vehicle a lot! Pros: Back up cam, Controls for stereo and a/c are on the steering wheel, the seat is power adjustable, the seat has capability to save two different driver's preferences, power windows, the center of back window rolls down, has a step for the tailgate, deep center console, hydraulic hood, ginormous back seat which makes rear facing car seats fit very easily and tall people don't have to worry about feeling cramped, Cons: Leather seats (husband loves them), hydraulic hood is difficult to reach for a short person, the inside panel where the buttons are on the door is starting to come off

- Victoria P

Great performance, more room than expected.

I really like that as a truck it is high enough with the flooding that happens. I have had tire problems but that does not reflect on actual truck. Minor things like the plastic piece that holds the visor broke, the gas cap door does not close flush anymore. I really like how much room I have in the back seat with seats folded up. I have camped in it and transported dogs in large crates on the interior of the truck. The controls are conveniently located. I can see well out of the vehicle. I am not the best at parking it but that is my skill. For a truck passengers have said it rides smoothly.

- Sabra W

This is an overall comfortable, practical, and durable vehicle.

The interior is large and roomy enough for my entire family of 4 to sit comfortably, but not to bulky or oversized with unnecessary space. The reverse camera is extremely beneficial when parallel parking or loading up trailers. The body style is updated but not to modernized from the look of what a truck should be. The parts are durable and last long. The bed of my truck is standard size so I can haul quite a range of sizes & loads and is compatible to withstand the wear and tear of the workloads and elements it endures. Overall, I love this truck and plan to own ford from now on.

- Brandy G

Nice looking truck, but built really poorly

my ford f150 is comfortable and very safe. I almost gave it the lowest rating but because of the aforementioned reasons I gave it a 2. I bought this vehicle brand new off the lot and within 2 years it started raining inside as the back window gaskets are obviously bad and a year after that the rocker panels started rusting out and need to be fully replaced. The 4 wheel drive boots had to be replaced twice as of today and all parts are extremely expensive to buy and time consuming for a mechanic to replace making it even more expensive to fix. I would not recommend this vehicle

- Hilary G

I would title my review 'An Old Gem and a New Lemmon'. My previous Ford f150 truck was great. Other than regular maintenance, such as oil changes, tires, brakes, etc... required only a radiator replacement. My currently owned 2010 f150 has required a lot of work. With in a month of purchasing the current f150, it blew a head gasket.

I own a 2010 Ford f150 truck. Overall, the Ford f150 has been a pretty reliable truck. After I bought it used, it reliably was there after in the repair shop every week. I soon considered the sunk cost and decided to keep it. The problems that it developed were not evident when I purchased the truck. Since I have spent so much money on engine problems and have all but replaced the engine piece by piece, it now runs great.One of the major factors in my decision to keep my 2010 Ford f150 was that my previous f150 ran very well until another driver hit it.

- sue t

Ford owner 'til the end. Love my Ford.

Had a 2004 f150 in the past and compared to this one, this one is way more roomy. Can fit my family of 5 in with no problem at all with plenty of legroom. Does have a bigger gas tank which I have but can go twice as long is driven reasonable. My 2010 has leather with heated and cooled seats which my other did not have. Love those feature especially in the winter time. When the time comes I see me owning another one in my future. With the luxuries this one has I could imagine what a newer one would have. Love my Ford.

- Tina C

Great running truck. Dependable.

The only problem I have had with this truck is a few days after I bought it, used, the cam phasers went bad. It was idling horribly when I would stop. I took it back to the dealer and was able to get it fixed under warranty. I have taken this truck off roading in the sand multiple times and it had performed great. It is comfortable to take on long road trips and the gas mileage is not bad for a full size truck. I've also towed a small cargo trailer and it did great. Would definitely buy another ford truck again.

- Chelsea P

Goat best selling truck of all time.

These trucks are great. 3rd f-150 I have owned. Zero problems, I am hoping to purchase my 4th f-150 in the next few months. They are super comfortable, reliable, and a joy to drive. Good fuel mileage, quiet ride, will haul pretty much anything I need it to, and do it with no problem. I especially like that the rear seats fold up and that the floor is flat with no driveshaft hump in the middle. I have a 200 lb. English mastiff that takes up the entire rear floor when he is laying down. He loves the truck too.

- Brad H

For a V8 it gets good gas mileage without giving up power or performance.

This is the 8th Ford I have owned and the fourth F series truck. I have enjoyed each one thoroughly. My current 2010 F 150 is a gorgeous blue. It is 4 wheel drive four doors and it rides so smooth. Plenty of power and very little repairs. I have 163,000 miles and except for tires, oil and filters everything is original. I actually still have the original brakes. They just have not worn out. I wouldn't change a thing about my truck and if I ever do replace it it will be another F 150.

- Michael V

Dependable and roomy. Can really take a beating.

Most reliable vehicle ever owned. Has all the comforts and bells and whistles you can imagine. Most of all, it has plenty of interior room. Unfortunately for me it is time for a new vehicle and would like very much to find a new model of the same vehicle that I currently drive. I would either like another f-150 club cab, which is what I am currently driving or an expedition. They both fit the bill as far as interior room, and the gas mileage is not as bad as most people would think.

- Edward K

Beautiful vehicle! Perfect for the American road.

This vehicle is one of the bigger built vehicles, most call it a truck. Seeing that it is high off the road, it drives smoother and you feel less bumps on the road. It is not easy to get stuck in ruts because of the 4 wheel drive. It comes with great power and for a big vehicle, this bad boy can really move with ease and precision. However, you must execute great care if you are used to driving smaller vehicles as you will need to be careful with judgment especially when parking.

- Annalise L

It's safe because Its made of steel and not plastic.

Love the ford, it all my family has drove an the only one I want to drive. I love the Ford because of their reliability and good looks. I had a Dodge once an if I couldn't get a Ford it would be a Dodge but I want a Ford all the way. Mine is the blue Ford color. Love all the bells and whistles it has. The only thing I don't like about it is it don't turn as sharp as I would like it is hard to get it in a small parking space, I have to backup an go in again to get it in straight.

- Lena B

My 2010 Ford F-150 FX4 has been a great truck for a the past 10 years.

I have had this vehicle for almost 10 years now and it has held up extremely well. It only gets about 12 miles per gallon on average so it's not the most eco-friendly vehicle. Any other major problems that I've had were usually a result of the lift kit and larger tires that I added later so I can't fault the truck or manufacturer for that. It's been a great vehicle and still has plenty of life left in it. I would recommend it to anyone else looking for a reliable pickup truck.

- Brandon C

Excellent Truck with great capabilities

2010 Ford F150 XLT has quality room and great gas mileage for a 4x4 truck. I am currently getting 20.3mpg. With a wife a two sons this truck has excellent space for a family for a good travel to all be comfortable. Great ride down the highway....very smooth and quiet, no outside noise. I've had one minor problem with this truck and it's the fuel canister by the tank itself. problem is it cost way to much to fix it and it doesn't affect the capability of the truck.

- Jeff B

It's dependable. In any weather and any terrain. My ford has never let me down.

I am a proud owner of a 2010 Ford F-150 superCrew. This is the third f150 I have owned and it will not be the last. Big thing for me is the room in the back seat for the kids. I can make a pallet in the back floorboard for them on long trips. Out of all three f150s I have owned. I have never had any problems with any of them as far as major mechanical or electrical. I will buy another one in the next couple years and I recommend ford trucks to everyone I talk to.

- Michael E

It's a power horse. Durable and very dependable. It also looks great on the road.

Love that my Ford F-150 rarely gives me any headaches! It's never once let me down, never failed to start (with the exception of a faulty battery that wasn't due to the vehicle itself). It looks great on the road and drives fantastically. It's also very comfortable from a passenger point of view and hauls a hell of a lot. My only complaint is that it IS an older vehicle (2010) and is lacking on more recent, updated technology like that of the new models.

- Victoria T

Built Ford tough most dependable truck on the road.

I have not really had any problems with my vehicle it has been very reliable even at 195, 000 miles it still has no issues no lights on one dash has been a really dependable truck the ride is really smooth and comfortable has more than enough space in it which I love cause I have a family great towing power and the features that it comes with are amazing great sound system Bluetooth power windows and locks anti-theft over all great truck to drive.

- Gilbert L

It is dependable and it has 4 wheel drive so I feel safe in inclement weather.

I have not had many problems with my Ford f150. I like that it has a 36 gallon gas tank so I do not have to fill up as much and it is very convenient on long trips. The only fallback is parking because it is big and it also does not get very good gas mileage. I would recommend the Ford f150 for purchase. They keep their value well. This truck is also comfortable for long trips as I have driven across country in it several times.

- Cindy C

Family truck We love the way it is

Well this truck is really great. We love the fact that it has enough space inside as it does outside. We love it because my husband works in construction and it's great to put tools in the back. It is really comfortable I would like to see a truck that is design for a women and not a man. Which would be great but I love it just as much as he does just not so much for grocery runs sometimes it can get a bit windy in the back.

- Karen M

I get good mileage on my truck.

I have absolutely no problems with my truck, it performs just the way a vehicle should. It stays reliable because I do regular maintenance on it, I change the oil/breaks and spark plugs and reset my mileage. The seating is comfortable for all situations, road trips, etc. It does not really have any features expect for it being a southern edition. It is a two wheel drive truck so I don't go through mud or to many dirt roads.

- Malik R

2010 Ford F-150 Platinum best luxury truck

My Ford F-150 is an amazing truck I love it, for right now I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. I love the way it drives I use it as my daily driver. The only thing that I sometimes dislike about my truck is that it's does waist a good amount of gas throughout the week. But overall I enjoy it the leather seats make it feel like a luxury car and that 5.4 v8 engine gives more than enough power for everything I need.

- Fernando D

Raptor great family vehicle/ fun to drive.

Shortly after we purchased the vehicle, the shocks needed to be rebuilt which unfortunately was not under warranty, but completely necessary for the ride. Our truck is super comfortable to drive, our model is classic and has enough room for our family, we love the additional lights in the grill, this vehicle hardly depreciates, it is such a sought after car. Great family vehicle and fun to drive.

- Alexandra M

Very roomy and great for traveling with the family on vacation.

We've gotten a lot of use out of our Ford F-150. It's been great for vacation with the kids and dogs. Plenty of room for all luggage and plenty of legroom. We've been able to haul furniture and make dump runs. It's definitely a very comfortable ride. We actually own two of them because we live it so much. We did have to replace the transmission once. But that's been the only problem we've had.

- Kelly R

Luxurious ford truck for the family.

The 2010 ford f 150 is a very spacious vehicle which is great for the family! A full tank of gas lasts about two to three weeks depending on how much you use the vehicle. What I love the most about the ford f150 is the luxurious look it has without breaking the bank. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone who is in the market for a new car without having to worry about the money.

- Maria R

Great vehicle if you do not mind the extra size!

I love my f-150, it is spacious, comfortable and reliable despite it being secondhand. It also rides incredibly smooth. I noticed this the other day while riding in another persons van. It is great for road trips and also a good everyday driver. The size can be a challenge, but it's worth it for how people respect you in traffic and actually let you merge! It's nice to sit up so high as well.

- Molly F

That Ford tends to design their vehicles so specifically that only the Ford dealerships can fix certain things on them. It makes it doubly bad when the dealership closest to you is terrible, lies about prices, and never gets the vehicle back when they say they are going to.

I like the Ford F-150 overall but this particular model has a ton of rust on it that I think was covered up when we bought it through the dealership (used) in 2013. It runs fairly well though but we did have one major engine repair that only FORD could do so that made it irritating and that much more expensive. Overall, it is a handsome truck and there's plenty of room for my family in it.

- Kim G

The interior cab is comfortable.

This is the first ford I have ever owned. I switched over from a Chevy z71 last year. At first it was different, but the truck is growing on me. It is easy to drive and maintain. I have not had any major problems yet. The floorboard in the tart get really hot sometimes, but that is about all. I try to take care of it and drive it easy. It is really easy to work on and easy to find parts for.

- Chad T

F-150 satisfies the need for speed.

Smooth ride, tons of room in the interior. The truck drives like a sports car on the highway. It has tons of power and the ability to accelerate quickly. The seats are very comfortable. The truck moved like a sports car on the highway yet when you are riding in the can it feels like you riding in a luxury vehicle. Being elevated in the cab gives the driver a feeling if superior safety.

- Lee B

Spacious, reliable and comfortable choice for those who need a truck.

I find the f150, especially the 2010 since I have had other years, very comfortable. The truck is easy to use, very reliable, and I have had no troubles with any functionality. It drives well and changes wheel drive with no problems. The cab space is comfortable and roomy and the bed is durable and large. I would suggest strongly the use and purchase of the ford f 150 xlt.

- Michael C

8 years and 150, 000 miles.. Still chugging along like a champ!

I have never had any issues with my truck. It is our primary traveling vehicle, and we travel a lot! It has 150, 000 miles on it and it runs like a champ. I love the sync system-it makes road trips a lot easier not having to constantly scan for a radio station, I just use my phone. I wish I would have opted for heated seats, but that is on me and not the truck.. Lol!

- Jo L

Momma's truck - this truck is my kid hauler, the whole family fits comfortably!

Problems - none. Performance-love it! The v8 engine can really pick up and go, and it can easily pull out camp trailer. Reliability- I have had my truck for 6 years and it starts up every time. I feel safe in this truck. Comfort- plenty of legroom, 5 people can travel comfortably in this truck. Features-I love the back camera and screen being in the rearview mirror.

- Shannon C

My ford is built to last long!

Very reliable vehicle! You can never go wrong with Ford. Sometimes difficult to work on but you won't be working on it possibly never guaranteed dodge or any other model it will be one thing after another you'll be fixing and a lot more money lost! It's also has looks which is somewhat of a confidence booster! Tackles all conditions weather wise and mudding wise!!

- Natasha S

My 2010 f150 has a nice sized cab making it easy to accommodate multiple people.

My F-150 seems to have multiple issues that occur amongst hundreds of other people. The reviews & complaints are always the same so it seems like they're maybe a manufacturer issue when Ford made the 2010 F150. My truck is the XLT model and I have noticed that other people who own the XLT model have experienced the same issues in the same areas of the truck.

- Ali E

Ford truck review and highlights.

We bought the vehicle used with about 10,000 miles in it. Love the heated and cooling leather seats. The seats are not very comfortable, spouse gets pain in his leg when driving any distance at all. Gets fair gas mileage - about 16 miles per gallon. We've taken it in several long distance trips. Is able to pull a 26 ft travel trailer without much difficulty.

- Michele F

When opening the door the running boards fold out from under the truck.

Touch screen no longer works and problem with ac motor but otherwise has been an awesome vehicle. I use it for daily driving, and use it for volunteer fire calls. It pulls trailers fine. I personally would prefer cloth seats but the leather seats are plenty comfortable. You can also apply various settings for the seat and save them for two preferences.

- James R

Overall great vehicle that is fun to drive.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle, and it is a joy to drive. Very comfortable! I own the platinum edition and it is loaded with most options. Quite on the road and powerful enough to pull a trailer. I would definitely buy another ford. The only thing I do not like is the brakes. This is my 2nd Ford pickup and the brakes on both make noise.

- Jeffrey S

A very well rounded and reliable truck.

The Ford f-150 2010 XLT is a very reliable truck in my opinion. I never have a problem with it starting, it handles rather well and rides smoothly for a truck with beefy suspension. The seats are comfortable, and the heat and air conditioning work great. It has power windows, locks, and a nice radio system complete with Bluetooth capabilities.

- Daniel C

The greatness of the Ford f150.

Nothing really wrong with it right now it works fine from point A to point B and it has great interior and exterior design, I love the stock speakers and stereo that comes with the beautiful truck. The windows are tinted after my designs and I like the way the windows go up and down properly and nothing really ever goes wrong with it.

- Tony P

My f150 is a workhorse, and is spacious for my family.

My truck is very dependable. I have hauled stone in the bed of the truck with ease. I pull my 11000 lbs. Camper without any problems. The cab is spacious. When my kids are sitting in the back they have plenty of room. The tint on the rearview mirrors keeps the glare out. The ease of turning the 4x4 on is also nice in the winter time.

- Chad F

Comfy to drive and easy to maintain.

I have had issues with the ac compressor and the gas gauge does not like to work correctly if you drop below a quarter of a tank. Other than that I have put the truck through every climate for 3 years at almost 200 miles a week and it is a champ. The seats are massive and comfy and you have so much room in the front and rear seating.

- Erica S

Ford F-150 is the most comfortable truck on the market.

The Ford F-150 is a reliable vehicle, I've had no major issues. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty room for other passengers. MPG leaves little to be desired as my current MPG is 18.6. Parking can also be a issue do to the size of the truck. I personally enjoy the radio/entertainment system that came stock with the truck.

- Austin M

It is a great truck and I love it

It is very reliable but the little things tend to go out like the ac went out for a while and my driver side sensor went out but other than that it is a great truck and the repairs were easy to fix. I would recommend this truck to anyone who is looking for a truck that drives smoothly has few problems over time and good gas mileage

- Claire T

Ford f-150, best I have had since owning vehicles.

Have had no problems with truck. Great power, towing ability. Hauling weight is very satisfactory. Good fuel economy even with the v8 non-ecoboost. Very good acceleration & four wheel drive comes in handy. Would purchase the same vehicle again. Very comfortable & extended leg room in the passenger back seat, super crew cab.

- Charles G

Black with brown trim 2010 Ford f-150 lariat.

The problems are the upkeep. I take in my truck into the shop at least 6 times a year. I love everything about the truck except for the maintenance. I have the lariat edition for my f-150. I get about 15 mpg in city and about 20 mpg highway. The sync system is not the best when it comes to hands free option but it works fine.

- Alec R

It has pretty good power.

I like the truck but it seems like one thing after another goes wrong. O2 sensors went out now back end is going out. It only has 120,000 miles on it and I just keep having to dump money into it to get things fixed. It is nice and roomy and can tow my boat but I am afraid it might leave me stranded on the side of the road one day.

- Nicole K

Great except for a few tiny complaints.

The only problems I have had are small things like gas cap door is loose and the little plastic thing that holds the driver side visor broke. I have been surprised at how much room there is when the seats in the back are down- I rescue dogs and can fit a large crate in there. I have also camped inside the truck - not the bed.

- Sabra W

Good looking ford pickup, not an old man's truck.

Back doors are horrible to open & load because they do not open all the way. Rear window defrost died after warranty expired. Found roof leak recently in rear driver's side by rear window. Overall like this truck, mileage could be better. Been a very reliable vehicle, 4wd switching is easy to do & engages smoothly.

- Sue B

Comfortable, Over 150,000 miles and a smooth drive. Tons of room in the back.

Comfortable ride. Over 150,000 miles and a smooth drive. Tons of room in the back, as well as the front. I can let the seats up and sleep comfortably. But, it really is a Comfortable ride. Over 150,000 miles and a smooth drive. Tons of room in the back, as well as the front. I can let the seats up and sleep comfortably.

- Eric E

Our Big Red Family Truckster!!!

We really enjoy our 2010 Ford F-150 XL. It seats 6 and we love the roominess of it for our family. The only problem we are having is a intermittent shaking and jerking action when it is at about 55 mph. We have had it in the Ford dealership service and they can't duplicate the problem, which I find hard to believe.

- Kim H

Ford f150 is the most reliable model for the best vehicle for you.

A ford-f150 is a great truck to own. It is very easy to drive, runs smoothly, and is in great condition. Its king cab is very spacious, and seats 3 people in back and front. The big cabin behind is very nice with a top cover over it which keeps everything nice and clean, and very much safe. Ford is the way to go!

- Julia J

My truck is a one stop shop.

My truck gets average gas mileage, has been very reliable in its performance and is comfortable I have only had a few issues outside of regular maintenance such as battery change or oil change and tire change. I can very comfortably accommodate 6 people including myself and then still have bed space for storage.

- Robert S

Smooth riding and dependable.

It is able to haul heavy loads but gets bad gas mileage. It is a comfortable riding truck as trucks go. It is reliable and I have had very few repairs that needed to be made. It is easy to navigate and easy to handle. It has a large amount of room in the front and a large area to carry equipment and heavy loads.

- Larry M

It is a very sturdy and reliable truck, gas mileage is horrible.

The gas mileage is not very good. Other than that I have no issues. There are many great features, the side steps to reach into the bed of the truck, and it has lots of space for me and my family. It also has the sync system on it. I am able to use my phone hands free and listen to all my music and Audio books.

- Joseph P

Safe and reliable! I have a 2 year old that I don't hesitate to put in the back!

We have had our truck since it was 2 years old and the only problem we have had is when it idles, it wants to shut off. But we Googled the problem and it seems to be common amongst Ford F150s. It's more of a nuisance than a problem. It's been a wonderful, reliable vehicle! I would buy another one in heartbeat!

- Amy H

Ford F-150 extended cab very roomy

I love everything about my truck. The only thing I would change on it is I would have gotten leather with heated seats. It is a very smooth ride. All the controls for radio phone volume power steering is all on the steering wheel which is a huge plus in my book. I did have the camper shell added and I love it.

- Callie G

Very powerful truck and will pull anything you need

It's actually a really good vehicle. Never really any problems except for normal wear and tear. Reliable and does everything I need it to. If I had to say any 1 bad thing about it it's that it's not very great on gas mileage. Big tank and a little expensive to fill up but other than that it's a great vehicle.

- Caleb M

The truck that could last a lifetime (or until you're ready to upgrade to the latest model)

Despite issues with the exhaust header and air conditioning, this is still our families favorite used car purchase! The leather seats hold up against anything and there are plenty of cosmetic options we love that are readily available (plastic carpet covers, plastic pull out bed cover, inexpensive tint etc.)

- Katie A

King ranch is a cowboy Cadillac!

All normal maintenance with the exception of the spark plugs needed replacement. We get the oil changed regularly and often get air filters for dessert dust. Happy with the performance of this vehicle. Only thing we would change is getting a larger engine size for towing our camp trailer, or other tow jobs.

- Brooke C

Control of big, bulky body.

The body is amazing. The vehicle drives smoothly and is controlled easily, although when weather gets a little rough, some control is lost. Vehicle is big and bulky so sudden direction changes cannot be made, but that is expected (any cautious driver wouldn't need to suddenly change direction, anyways).

- Tayler N

I absolutely love the navigation system in my Ford f-150 pickup!

I bought my 2010 f150 pickup and have loved it since then and I think every person should have a nice f150 to go driving in. If you're like me a country boy I love to put my truck in 4x4 and go ride around in the national forest it is always nice getting out and seeing nature and some wildlife has well!

- George P

Very Reliable and smooth riding Truck

I love my truck! It has been very reliable with just the basic maintenance. I do a lot of camping and towing and it takes me everywhere I need it to go. I love the backup camera and the heated and cooled seats. Very smooth and comfortable ride. I would recommend an F150 to anyone who is looking

- Jordan N

Crew cab, makes it big for the inside. All black and shiny.

It is fantastic. Smooth riding, big on the inside. Gets decent gas mileage but runs very well. Leather seats with heat and cooling seats with Bluetooth and everything electronic. Power seats. I have confidence is the reliability of my truck. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to buy a new truck.

- Nicholas H

Great family truck for a great price

Gets great gas mileage, good family truck, all windows work, really like the four wheel drive, great for road trips, extremely spacious back seat area, adjustable seats and able to plug my phone in to the radio or just charge it, floorboards and mats super easy to clean and leather seats are awesome

- Valerie J

It is big enough to hold my family of 6! It also drives well off-road.

I like the truck and the way it handles. There's plenty of room and it is comfortable. I have had problems with the back left door wiring. I have also had problems with leaking in the back window. The front windshield also cracked up top where the "ford" sticker is. All in all, I like the truck.

- Kenny F

I would not buy another Ford again too many problems lack of power and towing.

Rough ride maintenance is kinda high there is a lot of room in back seats. Bed could be a little bit bigger. 5. 4 motor is weak on towing could use a better transmission. I have had a few problems with my truck. Injectors going out under 150, 000 miles had to replace water pump at 45, 000 miles.

- Nicholas J

Ford f150 tough, even with your horses.

Weird sound and performance in transmission when pulling my 2 horse trailer. It's very comfortable with leather heated seats and Bluetooth radio. I only wish it had a backup camera and displayed on radio which songs are being played. The motor is strong and pulls my trailer without any problems.

- Kim S

Current truck is a 2010 f 150.

My vehicle is a good truck. Has 4x4 large cab and drives nice. I have been thinking about trading it in to getting something newer and a lower payment. I think I will just have to try and keep it for right now though. If I was going to trade it in I would be looking at getting a new f150 truck.

- Jeffrey T

The heated and cooled seats are a great extra.

Bought used need a rear drive shaft that was expensive but other than that running great and I love it. Pulls a 28 ft camper like it is not there. So far I have no complaints best truck I have ever owned by far. The leather seats are the most comfortable I have set in, this truck is very roomy.

- Wayne A

Surprisingly roomy cab with a foldable back bench seat!

The f-150 is roomy and comfortable... Even the backseat. That is saying a lot because I am tall and need leg room. Sure, my knees are in the back of the seat in front of me, but the person does not feel it. I fully recommend the ford f-150. My only complaint is I wish I had better gas mileage.

- Jennifer B

F150 Ford Great durable truck

Odd noises ' sounds like muffler rattling. It takes up a lot of gas and only gets 15 miles per gallon (terrible). Other than that love it! I always feel safe on the road. The truck bed is also wonderful and durable. I would recommend it to anyone! Maybe a newer model would have less drawbacks.

- Sydney M

Rocker panels rust out year 3 in, back window leaks and no way to fix. Rides smooth, great gas mileage

Love the safety features. Love the comfort. Love how it rides. Love it hauls everything we ever had to haul. Love the fuel economy. Hate that it leaks like a sieve on the back. Hate that it started rusting out 3 years in and now underneath is about to fall out. Poor design and construction.

- Marieamelie B

The best thing is how safe it feels for my baby.

Only had this truck for a month but I love it. Everything is power. Huge crew cab so my baby is safe in the back. Leather seats. Power windows and seats. It's like driving a spaceship. Definitely an upgrade for me. Great a/c and radio. Cruise control. I feel very up high and safe in it too.

- Jeni B

My truck let's me do everything from hauling hay to a night on the town.

Have not had any real problems. Routine maintenance is performed as directed in the owner's manual. It is great on long trips as well as around town driving. The gas mileage is ok. Seems to do better on longer trips. Love being able to haul whatever I need to. Overall it is a good vehicle.

- Kathy B

If you love Ford trucks. This is the truck for you.

Love the performance, very spacious and comfortable. Gets great mileage. Very reliable. Love the features it has of power heat and a/c seats. The camper shell is great to have as well. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who needs a truck. The colors available are great as well.

- Diana C

Dependable reliable great on the highway gas conservative roomy.

It's a very dependable truck. Always starts and runs great. Rugged can go thru all kinds of terrain. Very roomy my whole family can fit comfortably. Cold blowing air. Good traction on wet surfaces. Never needs oil or transmission fluid. Gets an average of 16 miles a gallon on the highway.

- Michelle J

It has really nice rims and tires.

It a good running vehicle I move a lot of stuff with it. It has good performance I get about fifteen mile to the gallon in the city and twenty seven mile on the high way, it rides smooth, I have done a lot of up trades on it, customize to fit my style and so it stands out from others.

- Tyson P

My well running Ford f150.

My truck is very comfortable. It has the ability to sync my phone to my truck. I can talk hands free. It has a well lit panel for night time driving. I have nearly 200,000 miles on it and I have not had any mechanical problems. I love my truck and would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Cindy W

Pros and cons of the Ford f-150.

The Ford f-150 is good for people who work with big items such as tools or construction. It is not that great on gas to be traveling long periods of time with. Spacious and reliable. I would trust this vehicle if I were in an accident. Built in navigation helps when cell phones die.

- Norma S

It is a regular cab 4x4 8 foot bed lariat.

No problems, it is exactly as it should be, very dependable and is a dream to drive, I have had several of this type of truck and loving the country I have to have 4 wheel drive for winter, it gets good gas mileage,17 mpg and is a great driving and riding truck! Always a ford owner!

- Rod K

Kia is an amazing make! Would recommend!

I love my Kia Sorento more than anything! It is very reliable and a great family car. It is very roomy and comfortable for long drives. The Kia car makes are ways very reliable and safe. With side airbags and airbags in the seats it is one of the most safe cars I have ever driven.

- Erin B

Being a full size truck is great a big plus is the 4x4 & the leather seats

I like my truck a lot it's an 2010 ford f-150 lariat 4 door 4x4. It has leather seats , 6 disk changer & moonroof. The truck has been a really good truck for the most of it . I really enjoy having a larger truck and being able to have the 4x4 for when and if I want to use it .

- Jeremy B

I would have to say the best highlight is the hand free cell phone feature.

I purchased it used so there are some flaws but for the most part it is a great vehicle. I am most fond of the hand free cell phone sync. The ride is very comfortable and the vehicle is in good shape no major dents. It is very reliable and I would definitely purchase another f150.

- Benjamin C

Drives great. I love that it sits up high off the ground.

It drives great. Fits everyone perfect with plenty of room. Would buy another if I had the money. It has had some work done and will get more work done to make look brand new. It has some rust and some dings. Its black with chrome. Which will be repainted black. Has new fat tires.

- Lauren F

My go getter, reliable an awesome truck that will not break down

It's dependable get me to work on time, it's a smooth ride, the gas mileage is fairly good, I haven't had any major problems so far, I do all work and shopping in it, so I can say it's a awesome truck and I'm proud to drive a Ford and if I get another truck I'll be a Ford as well

- Jake S

Strong towing capability.

Great features, decent gas mileage, and looks great. Truck bed rattles, and leaks are common in this model. Great hauling power, height, and excellent cab space with extended cab. Modernize interior amenities. Definitely prefer Ford models over Chevy. Also, great turning radius!

- Victoria P

Great family truck for everyone.

It's very reliable it's very dependable it got a lot of legroom its diesel so it's cheaper than gas gets good mileage double cab to fit the whole family it's a great all around truck can carry big loads for work or play great for shopping moving or taking everyone to the beach.

- laura R

The f-150 is a great family sized truck, whether it is just two or more.

Seating for six, spacious enough for three car seats. Like the interior lots of legroom, and storage space under back seat. Has a slight leak from antenna line but overall an excellent vehicle. Comes with standard tow package. Great for long trips and off-roading adventures.

- Marie M

My truck is always reliable.

My truck has always been reliable. I have owned my truck for over 8 1/2 years without a major mechanical problem. It has the towing power and pick up I need when I need it. I dislike that my truck does not have more covered cargo capacity like that which one gets from a SUV.

- Steve m

My truck is nothing special. It's a great vehicle and passes all my thoughts.

No problems. Performance Wise it can handle any terrain I go over. Not a fan of leather seating. 4 wheel drive, Bluetooth. The truck has excellent suspension and the tires are always on point. Sand can be a bit difficult to get through but not impossible to navigate through.

- Joseph G

F150 good bang for the buck.

My truck has good towing capabilities. I dislike the fuel mileage. I am getting around 13-14 mpg. Very room though with passengers in the back seat. It does have some rust on the back of the doors and tailgate. I have about 80, 000 miles on my truck and would buy one again.

- Greg M

It is just good for us. We can go on far trip and not have trouble.

We like it. Takes us where we need to go. Do not have trouble with it. We can pull stuff and not have trouble. It is big in side have a loved room. We can fit six people in side and still have a lot of room. Very easy to clean and keep clean. Like the color it is beautiful.

- Angela M

My truck has large mud tires and I enjoy riding it in the woods of Maine.

Oil changes are really expensive for trucks. Also I have had to replace one of the control arms. Also I have had an issue with the heat changing from the dash to anything else including the defrost. Lastly sometimes my Bluetooth does not work as well as I would like it to.

- Kyle T

It runs really well for an 8 year old car.

The vehicle runs well. The only thing I dislike of it is the gas. Other then that it runs really well. It also has a lot of room to sit in the back seat. There is also a problem with the window. I love seeing the car in front of my house every time I walk out of my house.

- Laith H

overall I have not had any major problems with my vehicle.

I have had no problems with this vehicle, it runs very smoothly, and is very reliable. Gets me to where I want to go. I have excellent performance with this vehicle. Change oil and filters on a regular basis also change brakes and brake pads. Also changed serpentine belt.

- Linda R

My truck black beauty and our wonderful family adventures.

I love my truck. The space, towing capacity, the room, interior. The four wheel drive is great. This is perfect for my family and living out in the country. We have tons of space and it does not cost too much in gas. It is the perfect vehicle for my family and our dogs.

- Cheyenne P

Love my truck and love driving it.

Love the look and very roomy inside. It is a gas guzzler but a great truck, no problems at all just regular maintenance. Would definitely get another one or suggest one to others interested. Runs smooth, great air, easy to drive. Great for hauling, traveling, or moving.

- Beth H

A great American product that we can be proud of now and in the future.

Ford is an American made vehicle that has proven to meet the needs of Americans.. Performance is great, a reliable, it speaks for itself. F150 has a good ride There is plenty of legroom in the front as well as the back. Features are great and there is no room for error.

- Mary G

I have the ford 150 and yes it is a old style vehicle but also very reliable

The ford year 2010 has many miles and very easy to control and drive. It is good for in city but also does great in the mountains. Not much technology as I would have liked but would be a great vehicle for older people because of the low technology involved in the car.

- Melissa G

Ford strong, and dependable, great.

Stalling and no one can fix it. Not all the time, other than that it runs great. I do a lot of off-road word getting firewood. It has never been stuck. It is a hard working truck that I have had for 8 years. When it comes to getting a different one I will get the same.

- Robert B

Great family vehicle for trips with the family.

Great truck. Very comfortable and spacious. Smooth highway driving. Great mpg on highway and in the city. Powerful truck for towing small items or pulling small trailer. Very easy to maintain. Nice looking body and interior. All power window and locks option is great.

- Hugo H

Bought it used and have had very few problems.

No problems, 100, 000 miles and still going strong. It is very reliable and still gets good gas mileage. I find it very comfortable to drive on long trips. As far as repairs I have had very little. Just had to replace the cigarette lighter and fix the gas door.

- Gerard M

Opinion of my ford. And my insight of the truck.

The a/c blower motor has issues. I would say Very comfortable ride. As well as a Awesome audio. Very dependable full size truck. The interior is very nice. The package with the exterior carpeting in the bed of truck is very nice. All together a outstanding vehicle

- Christina L

My truck is large and spacious. It has withstood a move cross country, and is animal friendly.

I love having a truck. It makes it easy to transport large items. I don't care for the "suicide" doors. I would prefer it to be regular 4 door truck. Also, my truck now has what I believe to be an electrical problem. The engine light comes on and off all the time.

- Stephanie B

Great truck. Few issues. Would but another one

Great truck. Only have issues with sensors for the engine and they have to replace them one at a time till you get lucky and they replace the correct one. The style is nice and it is really comfortable to drive. Has a lot of features that some trucks do not have.

- Debbie B

2010 Ford F-150 Lariat Review

Great vehicle! My 2010 F150 Lariat came with the 36 gallon fuel tank that is very reliable on long drives, not too fun when filling it up. The tow mirrors on my truck are very handy when I'm towing my boat and towing it with my 5.4 V8 Triton engine does fantastic

- Ethan T

F150 I will buy another one.

Reliable and dependable. Gets good gas mileage for a pickup. Have had it for eight years and no problems. It has heated and cooled seats, backup camera, Sirius compatible radio and travel features, leather interior, and adjustable seats for driver and passenger.

- John M

Best performance. Towing features are great.

Best performance. Brakes can be spendy to replace. And sparks plugs need full replacement year is prone to have them get stuck. Tow feature really decent down large hills while towing. Trailer brake works great. Weather stripping tends to leak near rear windows.

- Kevin R

Ford makes good trucks for the money you spend on them.

Needs a lot of maintenance work. Every 3000.00 miles oil change. All four brands replaced. Brand new ties and replaced the running board. Overall it is been a good truck runs great. The factory radio and speakers work good. Transmission has never been replaced.

- Julie K

All my favorite features and more

Steering is rough handling Drives smooth Very comfortable Good on gas Seats recline Good stereo. CD player, Sirius radio Plenty of leg room Air conditioner and heater works good Truck bed is good for small loads Easy to tow trailers Stylish and sleek

- Natalie R

Ford F150 best on the market.

Good truck. Getting a lot of miles out of it. Accessories tend to break like the sunroof. Poor design with no cabin air filter, I believe they have fixes that on newer models though. V8 has tons of power. Would recommend a F150 to anybody looking for a truck.

- Dustin C

I really love the lift that is on it.

Very comfy, very big back seat. Has Bluetooth and lifted. Has a little rust on the corners of the back cab. Runs good, has a nice exhaust sound. Does not get the greatest gas mileage. Does not have a spray in bedliner. Also does not have a heated back window.

- Bryan D

It is a 2010 ford f-150 regular cab pickup.

I have not had any problems with my truck. Of course, I do not even have 27,000 miles on it yet; even though it is a 2010. I would recommend a ford truck to anyone looking to buy a new vehicle. I absolutely love mine, and have no intentions of trading it off.

- Christopher B

Great truck for everyday and heavy use

Great truck! Comfortable, affordable, and good looking. Runs great even close to 10 years old. Only issue is when towing at certain mid level speeds the truck shakes, but no other issues! Easy to maintain and service and parts are easy to find and obtain.

- Molly S

Roomy nice power and good bed.

No real problems very good vehicle drives very well good power it is a four door so nice room for passengers very nice bed and has bed liner so can hall lots of stuff with no problems. Drives very nice and handles very good as well has good power for a v6. .

- Franklin D

Love My 2010 Ford F-150!!

5.4L, 6-speed automatic, power windows, power driver seat, keyless entry, extended cab, fog lamps, Sync, USB ports, excellent stereo, very comfortable, lots of cargo room, seats four adults very well, reasonable mileage on trips, traction control works well.

- Dave A

Me and my f150 like my dog, always with me when I am out.

I love my truck, it is dependable, never have had any problems with it, runs great, it is fun to drive, cab is comfortable and has all the amenities that I like. This is the 2nd one I have bought and probably will buy another when I am ready for a new truck.

- Robert F

The best of times with Ford

The 2010 F150 is a very good truck especially with the 3 valve 4.6. I have 140,000 miles and it still runs and drives great and I drove it across the country numerous times. The Super Crew is very roomy everyone always says how much room is in the back seat.

- Jason B

Smooth comfortable ride that's attractive fun to drive in all types of weather.

Really enjoy my f150 Ford pick-up, super smooth ride, dependable performance, fairly good gas mileage, love the looks and height. Had very few problems beyond normal wear and tear, would highly suggest this truck. Love the interior and roomy size of vehicle.

- David M

if you buy an F150,new, and they ask if you want the under belly spray coated, don't fret on the price and just do it.

My vehicle rides very smooth. It is very comfortable. It is also pretty good on gas. It has a lot of safety rating and lots of airbags. I don't like that the underbody started rusting out about four years after buying it new and the parts are very expensive.

- m b

Ford Truck that can get you where you need to go

The performance is really good for a truck. Runs about 16 mpg. It is very reliable. Haven't had any problems over the 2 years I have had the truck. It has 140000 miles on it. Just your basic maintenance is needed. If you are looking for a truck go with ford

- Davis M

Plenty of room. You don't feel cramped at all.

Overall, I really like my F150. It's a crew cab that gives me plenty of room. There a lot of legroom too. My only thing I would change, would be to have a short bed instead of a regular bed. Otherwise it's a great truck. Just a little hard to park.

- Amy V

Ford Tough Truck Built To Last

Ford F150 is a Tough Truck built to last. The cab of truck is roomy and comfortable, mine has the extended cab and great for extra passengers. The truck bed has a lot of room for hauling items. I am very happy with this truck and happy with the Ford brand.

- Gail D

I would buy 10 more, one of the best trucks I have ever owned.

Our truck has over 150 miles on it and is still running strong. It is a four wheel drive so it does great in the snow. We live out in the county and never have any problem getting in and out of our dirt roads. The truck does very well hauling heavy items.

- Robin T

You are riding your dream car and making it true.

So far, the performance is good and I am comfortable on its features and functions, good running, it performs great and I could assure to worth buying. Even the model is not the latest but the durability of the car is still good. Keep up the good work.

- A. a D

I never had a better truck.

I have never had any problems and do not anticipate any problems in the near future. I use it everyday for my landscaping and lawn design business and it serves every possible. Many of my friends have borrowed it over the last 8 years for different jobs,

- John J

Good for the money but minor issues

Very reliable vehicle with good interior given basic package. One issue is a leaking back window. It has been repaired twice but still leaks. Another issue is that positioning and design of seats makes it somewhat difficult to properly place a car seat.

- Ashley E

Don�t know of an interesting detail

Electrical system has problems. Door locks don't always work properly. A/c is terrible, not enough power to cool entire cab of truck. Frustrating that the traction control cannot be disabled. Can't turn off daytime lights when vehicle is put into drive.

- Michael R

Adding dual exhausts is my favorite part of my truck

Dependable, sturdy and comfortable are three great ways to describe my F-150. Love the performance and reliability. No problems and have recently turned 105,000 miles. Have owned numerous other ford trucks, tempo and edge with all great satisfaction.

- Terri L

Truck of luxury, power and prestige.

I love the size and luxurious ride. I feel like it's a limousine. It is a truck and performs like a truck with lots of bells and Whittier keep any tech head happy. The best thing is the tech center. Back up camera, navigation, Sirius, engine info.

- Denise L

Great for families of all kinds

The Ford F-150 is a very reliable vehicle. The XLT Supercrew cab option is absolutely perfect for a family. We choose the f-150 over an SUV, and I don't regret it one bit. You can go from hauling the family around, to doing other projects with ease.

- Marissa C

it is a good lookin truck

comfortable and roomy seating, good sound system, gas mileage is good, tight well made truck.Extended cab offers more room for backseat passengers or hauling things. Full size truck bed is beneficial for a lot of reasons. no major problems .

- eddie e

Best Pickup Truck to Purchase!

I have the 4 door f-150 xlt. I really like the room the back has for the backseat passengers. Even adults can seat in the back with ease. So far it has down well on not needing major repairs. The backup camera went out, but that is minimal.

- Betheny P

I've invested a few bucks for aftermarket embellishments on it.

It's roomy for a truck, has a back seat. I love the way it handles and it's convenient for moving things. I also love the color, black. I have no complaints but sometimes it lags a bit when taking off. I've heard that's normal for F-150's.

- Michael F

I have the full sized 4 door truck and it is very roomy.

I love all the room in the back seat. I love the sync where I can connect my phone via bluetooth to play my music. The voice activation is kind of cool. I wish I had one of the slide windows on the back window though and also a bed cover.

- Nicole W

That it's one of the safest full size pickups made.

I like how well it handles and the ride is smooth and comfortable. The interior is spacious and very well built providing comfort and even space for up to six people. My only complaint is that it's not as powerful as similar trucks.

- Arturo C

Great, reliable and, well priced truck.

I love the vehicle. It has been very reliable and everything works how it is suppose to. The only complaint would be that when roads are wet or icy the rear end is very light and will lose traction on tires every once in a while.

- Justin H

Love My Truck, "Papa Smurf"

I have had my truck for seven years. I have had not one single issue. I do have to get my tires replaced more often than I would like, and they are very expensive. But I have had no problem with the engine or the car body itself.

- Amy C

It is dependable and has not had any major issues.

I wish that I didn't have to replace several small parts prior to 65,000 miles & Iwish the gas mileage was a little better. The truck is very comfortable and roomy. I am pleased with the durability of the major components on it.

- Aaron S

Runs pretty good for it's age would probably buy another ford

Comfortable roomy in back seats plenty of foot room rides smooth never had any problems with the mechanics of truck till lately the fuel driver when our and it was very hard to get to and muffler is going to have to be replaced

- Jody E

That it is a very affordable nice dependable truck.

I like my truck because it has been a great truck for us, we have just paid it off. It still looks great and looks like a new truck. I dislike that we are getting to the age of the truck where it is starting to need repairs.

- Kellie W

It is a very big truck and is not easy to park so I apologize to those who don't like my parking.

I bought the vehicle used, so I expected some issues, but overall it has been fantastic. There is a lot of noise coming from the front end on our rough streets. It has a very comfortable ride and the SYNC feature is awesome.

- Dane S

My truck is a reliable machine that runs well and can be depended on.

I love the size and being able to transport big items by myself. I dislike that maintenance on the truck can be extensive and expensive. I like that F150 are reliable trucks. It is the one thing that Ford does really well.

- Kyle P

trucks are not only for guys

i love my truck it has everything i need. i have had my truck for almost six years and i haven't had any issues with it. it is very roomy and fits my family very well. it's an awesome truck and i recommend it to anyone

- taylean z

Confidence good for work and familiar car.

Simple it is amazing I feel very confident driving this kind of car because it is comfortable it is very trusting and you can put over the box slot of things is a familiar car and also very good if you need for work.

- Maria G

I wouldn't trade it for anything. Fun to drive and looks great.

The pickup is awesome. 5.4 liter v8 has a lot of power. Can be quick off the line, handles well in corners and also pulls really well. It has also got a few aftermarket parts that infancy appearance and performance.

- Brent D

Wish I had more features, but I like my truck.

I really like my truck, it does not really have any major problems. Although I wish I had a different interior and more features. Although, I do feel like my truck is a pretty good model without those features.

- Jay F




There's a reason the Ford F-150 trucks have been the best-selling trucks for more than 30 straight years. They are reliable, dependable, and rugged, as well as stylish and functional.

I love everything about my Ford F-150. From the style, to the dependability, to the versatility, this vehicle has provided me with years of reliability. It rides like a luxury vehicle, but is tough as a tank.

- Jeff B

good a great truck to own I have always gotten great mileage on them about 200000 before I replace them

this is a great vehicle it has served me well I have owned f-150 for over 3 decades so as you can see I love them they are real work horses and have very little repairs,, I work have and my truck dose too

- robert b

Reliable, durable, and functional.

It is reliable and capable of hauling a variety of types of cargo. When necessary I'm able to tow items for additional cargo space. With the crew can I'm able to comfortably travel with my three kids.

- Shannon M

This truck is the best Ford vehicle I have owned!

It is a great truck that I have used daily for the past five years. I have a ton of mileage on the truck, but still runs good. Ford builds great trucks and look forward to many more miles of memories!

- Brad N

The gas mileage is good for a pickup. I can go 500 miles when I fill up for a trip.

The truck gets good gas mileage. I love the performance for the 5.0 liter engine. This is a King Ranch 4x4, leather seats that are heated and cooling. It has a back up camera which comes in handy..

- George L

Comfort and space inside. I am a tall guy so that is a great feature.

I like how much space it has inside. I like the comfort of the inside compared to my previous truck. The only thing I would change would be that it be a new truck (but that is not Ford's fault).

- Justin G

It is very reliable as for as not breaking down.

I do wish it had better gas mileage. I also wish the Bluetooth or USB audio was more reliable. I do love the back doors and how much room the back seats have. I do wish the stereo was louder to. .

- Austin G

It is good on gas mileage.

My truck handles very well and is fun to drive. It is great in our winter conditions. It also is a nice looking truck. The only drawback I can think of is the fuel mileage. I wish it was better.

- Gary S

It is dependable and gets the job done.

I love my truck. It is comfortable and great in the bad weather. I feel safer being in a bigger vehicle which is why I got a truck in the first place. It gets me were I need to go and I love it.

- Rebecca M

My truck has more comfort features than many luxury sedans.

Excellent quality and performance. Many luxury features, including heated seats, surround sound, navigation aids, passenger and drivers power seats, memory seat positions and beautiful trim.

- Tom C

It is a very powerful vehicle when put in 4 wheel drive.

I love that it's 4 wheel drive in the winter. Winters can be rough with all the snow. It could get better gas mileage but I knew going into buying it. That would be the only real complaint.

- Corey F

Ford F150 Good truck but some problems

I have loved my truck since I got it. I have had a few problems with it lately. It seems like each year the transmission if messing up and they have to reprogram the computer in the truck.

- Melissa F

Giving me little to no problems.

Truck has over 300, 000 runs great, very reliable, safe and resourceful. Definitely got my money worth. Regularly maintenance done on everything, if parts wore out they have been replaced.

- Tiffany B

My truck is the real goat. . .

My truck rides extremely smooth. It has not failed me yet starting up in good or extreme weather. I have relocated twice using only my truck once and it got the job done with no problems.

- Tanya G

Used but New...Great Truck...Love it

I purchased my F150 Super Cab used with only 6900 miles on. Like brand new. It has been 7 1/2 years and the truck is running great. I love it. I will probably keep it as long as possible.

- Susan B

Ford is very dependable, even in cold weather.

Like dependability of ford. We depend on the 4x4 in rough mountain winters. We enjoy the comfort of the interior, and the versatility of using the bed of truck for hauling farm supplies.

- Penny F

Reliable and dependable on long or short trips.

It has been very dependable and reliable. We make sure routine maintenance is done as recommended. We have made several road trips and were comfortable. It is also our daily driver.

- Victor B

I feel safe while driving it and it is dependable.

I love everything about my truck. The size is perfect for my family. It is dependable, comfortable, and I feel safe driving it in the crazy traffic where I live in. I love my truck.

- Nancy G

Runs great with virtually no maintenance besides oil changes.

runs and drives great, i have no complaints about how the vehicle performs except for the quality of tires that came with the vehicle from the factory, they were horrible quality.

- Bishop M

Reliable truck that is built tough for years to come!

Ride is comfortable, easy to clean leather seats, heated/ cooled seats, moonroof, expensive on gas, air conditioning issues. Great for families of 4-5 while still looking stylish.

- Jane R

Ford makes very reliable vehicles for families to go and have fun.

I like to amount of room I have in my truck. And it is very reliable. There is a lot of road noise in it. The truck is not as smooth a ride as some other trucks I have ridden in.

- Anissa B

It is basic doesn't have all the bells and whistles but gets the job done. It can go where ever I need it and bring whatever I need with me!!

I like the way it rides it sits up high the way a truck should. Yet it is extremely comfortable, my only complaint is that I do have some body rot and rust on the wheel wells!!

- Erik J

Ford f150 trucks are durable and get great gas mileage.

My Ford F150 gets great gas mileage. In addition the truck is useful for yard projects. Finally, my Ford is used to tow our camping trailer that brings us lots of joy and fun.

- Dee F

The one most important thing others should now is speed, comfort, space.

I love the space. Both front cabin and the back cabin has plenty of space to fit 2 car seats in back and still enough space up front.. Economic.. Dependability.. Smooth ride.

- Laura L

It's mine, payed for, does what i need it to do, and is dependable

needed a truck to use in scraping, looked around found this truck has been really good for what i got it for , pretty good on gas ,looks good , drives good that's all i need

- Gary M

It has been a very dependable vehicle. It is my everyday driver.

It holds up to five passengers and can still haul anything else you need to. I wish I had gotten the four door one for more comfortable and room for the backseat passengers.

- Kathy L

It is reliable and drives well.

I love my Ford. I have had it for 8 years and it has never been in the shop for anything other than service. It is not fancy, but it was a good price for a reliable vehicle.

- Tiffany W

It has a lot of room for not being a full four doors.

The gas mileage could be better but it isn't terrible. I think the Bluetooth and USB audio could be better. The back doors are great and there is a lot of room in the back.

- Austing G

That it gets great gas mileage.

I like that I get good gas mileage. I like that it has plenty of room inside the back seat. You are not cramped up sitting there. And plenty of room for storage of luggage.

- Christine B

It is hard to maneuver in tight spaces but is great in the elements.

It is very dependable and allows for the activities that I love. It is great in the winter time as well with the 4 wheel drive. I wish it did not cost so much with gas.

- Will H

It gets me from point A to point B and has so far been reliable and safe

I haven't had many service issues. It allows me to transport furniture and other things when needed. It gets me where I need to go. Trucks don't get the best gas mileage

- Joshua W

It has plenty of room for passengers and cargo. I can use it to haul lots of stuff!

I drive a white crew cab truck. I like having room to be able to have more than 1 or 2 family members ride with me. I just like the practicality of having my own truck.

- Jonathan K

That it is almost 9 years old and just had it is 1st mechanical repair.

I like that it is affordable. I like that I have owned it for almost 9 years and it just had it is first repair done. I dislike that the interior is cheaper materials.

- Kelly W

safety features. Heavy duty body style. Good to have when there is snow as the 4 wheel drive helps while navigating in the snow.

Dependable. Very comfortable to drive and ride in. Interior is luxurious. The body style is good looking and the color dark navy looks sharp. We love out Ford F-150

- Patricia J

4 Door Crew Cab is very roomy for all passengers, and a great buy!

I love the crew cab, it is very roomy and comfortable for passengers. This truck also has a 6' bed so I can haul my ATV to go riding. This truck is great in the snow!

- Christine M

It is made by Ford therefore it is very dependable.

Nothing to dislike, I like how it handles how it sits up high and is very durable.. It is 4-wheel drive and supercrew so plenty of room and it gets to the snow great.

- Margaret W

Very reliable. Drives in all conditions with no problems during bad weather.

Biggest issue is the key fob and not being a flip style. Love the ride and the comfort while driving. Feels like a truck but does not ride heavy or uncomfortable.

- Matthew P

Don't buy ford you won't get what you pay for continued hassle product dealer and service

Purchased fords for over 30 years custom ordered this one it is a piece of junk ford has cheapened their product won't stand behind warranty pot customer service

- Jim E

the super crew ford f150 is a great vehicle for work, play and family.

truck has roomy interior. i like the 4 wheel drive. despite the all terrain tire it has a nice ride. strong v 8 engine is responsive no complaint about my truck.

- terron k

The inside of the truck still looks brand new.

I like that this vehicle is not too big but not too small. I do not have to worry about it using a lot of gas. It is easier to drive than the other truck I own.

- Savannah L

Great light-duty pickup truck

Great gas mileage on the highway and in the city, had had issues with the torque converter since I got the truck though. That is the only real issue I have had

- Eric H

It can be a perfect truck for small families. It's roomy inside and great for any situation. It's also tough and safe.

I love how versatile my F150 is for everyday driving and also for situations like going camping or moving large objects.It's roomy enough for our small family.

- Bill D

Occasionally the truck will shudder. The door handles get loose. But I just love my truck, and the dependability

I like the security of being up higher. I just love a Ford and I feel very secure in one. I dislike the air conditioning though, I takes forever to cool down

- Katerena B

2010 was a bad design. Go with a 2012 or newer.

Motor locked up on us a 250, 000 had that replaces. The tire sensors have always been a problem. Location of the oil filter. Injectors always have problems.

- Casey M

The engine is a v eight with a double barrel carburetor

It drives great a lot of room for luxury has four doors good gas mileage a lot of storage room in the bed large tires and rims beautiful paint job dark blue


It is very dependable in all situations.

I like that the truck drives smooth like a car but is durable off-road and the mileage is great. I dislike how big the truck is, it is like driving a boat.

- Justin K

It is a nice comfortable vehicle that can also serve as a work truck.

I like that it is roomy. It has a smooth ride and it can haul almost anything that I want. I dislike that it is so long and is hard to park sometimes.

- Marie P

Just dependable. I know the newer ones have a few recalls but this year is great

Love the truck but having trouble getting good service at Bill knight Ford in Tulsa. , Ok The service writer is awesome but support staff not so good

- Chris K

2010 f150, dependable but not quite tall enough.

It has a few electrical gremlins. Overall it is a great dependable truck. I wish it had a bit more ground clearance and slightly better gas mileage.

- Charles E

Ford makes good trucks and I can pull anything. If something needs to be fixed it is easy to do. The parts are cheap and really last.

My ford truck is red and very dependable. It doesn't get real good gas mileage but it gets me where i am going. I have had it for a few years now.

- Landian S

I keep it well maintained. The oil is changed every 3000 miles, all the fluids are topped off regularly. There is a back up camera for added safety

I love the roomy interior & the look of the exterior. I don't like the low gas mileage. I wish it came with running boards but I had those added.

- denny m

This truck is dependable and provides a safe mode of transportation.

I like my Ford truck because it is dependable, and well built. This truck gets excellent gas mileage and handles all of my transportation needs.

- Rob L

My F 150 has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned

I've had no issues other than regular maintenance with my truck since I purchased it new. The truck has never been in the shop for any repairs.

- Michael W

It has plenty of space for everyone. Great for a big family or older kids.

My truck has a lot of space inside. I like that it has four doors and picks up and go. We enjoy being able to take our dog with us some places.

- jennifer f

I have not spent money on any parts or repairs on this vehicle.

It's been a great vehicle and I have had great service from it and not had any cost in repairs. I really have no dislikes about this vehicles.

- Mike G

It's mine, don't touch it and don't ask to borrow it.

It's a crew cab, lots of room. Lariat edition so it is very comfortable. 15mpg is not the best but you don't buy a truck for the mpg it gets.

- John W

this vehicle has no interesting detail I know of it's just a plain jane pick up

overall it's great pick up the only thing I don't like about mine is it has a long will base and I drive down ranchroads a lot and it drags .

- charles k

It is a Ford. I once worked for Ford and I think that they make a good, quality vehicles. I prefer to buy Ford vehicles, but next choice is Chevy.

I absolutely love my truck. Just having a few issues with it lagging a little. Nothing a tune up will not fix. Wish it was different color.

- Shannon F

I love my Ford F-150. I'm a ford kinda guy!!!

I love my truck, I have not had any issues with it. I wish the fuel mileage was better, but it has plenty of power & comfort for what I do.

- Darron B

The 2010 Ford f150. The most versatile automobile on the road today.

Very reliable truck. Dependable. And versatile. Take it for a night on the town or to pick up a load of lumber from your local home depot.

- Justin P

It's a Ford and it is made Ford tough. Love my truck.

Performance great, wish gas mileage was better, over all love it. Not really had any major problems. It does have a little rust started.

- Chadwick W

I use it for work and it does the job

I feel safe in it. I use it for work and it gets the job done. I'm always seen on the road. There is enough room in the cab for my dogs

- vivian F

It has been durable and reliable in all the years I have owned the vehicle.

Lots of room for family to travel in, lots of room for cargo. It is outdated and doesn't have the comforts/technology of new vehicles.

- Greg B

reliable and tough. gas mileage might not be good as you hope,but when gas price isn't bad,you don't have to worry about it

was my husband truck,but i loved it so that it became mine. for gas mile,there would be something better , but i love the size of it.

- miyoko g

A reliable truck that a pleasure to drive.

The F-150 drives great. The interior is comfortable and roomy. I've had no major mechanical problems and the body is holding up well.

- Scotty W

F-150: Luxury and Utility combined!

Excellent vehicle, with ample space for passengers. Leather interior, sync, Bluetooth, and quiet engine. Gas mileage could be better

- Kay M

Good for carrying lots of stuff in the bed of the truck.

It has lasted a long time and has done well on long trips. Dislike the air conditioning not very good. Comfortable drive and seats.

- Rafael A

It's paid for and runs well. Looks good still. No problems.

It's paid for and still runs well. No mechanical problem. Looks good. Just wish it was a new SUV can't complain tho. I'm blessed.

- Treva C

Very fluent and easy to drive. Not much special things a new driver needs to know

I like the quality and endurance of my ford. But at the same time I feel my car could be better in noises, my car is really loud.

- Ryan S

I like the extra foot room in the back seat and the numerous compartments.

My truck is extremely reliable. It is able to seat up to six, which helps with my large family, and the bed holds a lot of stuff.

- Kim G

This truck can haul anything, it's also very roomy in case you travel with a lot of people. Or if you just want to haul something in your passenger seats.

You really can't go wrong with the F-150. It's a large truck with plenty of power and space that can get just about any job done.

- Grandell W

The v6 handles like a crossover. It is so easy to drive.

I like sitting up high versus low to the ground. I need new tires. I dislike the gas mileage. I also enjoy how roomy my truck is.

- Sara F

Best truck ever to own. Buy one!

Best truck I've ever owned. No problems at all. Put tires and brakes on it in 8 years. Never had any mechanical problems at all.

- Craig L

I have had no mechanical issues with it. Just regular maintenance. Very easy to take care of.

I like the size reliability of the truck. It is comfortable and roomy on the inside. I wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Mary B

My f-150 has black leather interior.

I find my 2010 f-150 very reliable. I haven't had any trouble in the 7 years I have owned it. I also find it very comfortable.

- Jo M

Very well crafted vehicle as long as maintenance is kept up, it will last you a long time

I have owned my ford f150 for over 4 years, I have had little to no problems. The truck always gets me from point a to point b

- Daniel A

The gas mpg dwindles over time.

Reliability is great, It's always started even in the cold winters. Not great gas mpg. Very spacious. Smooth ride for a truck.

- Samuel J

It is my personal and work truck.

Great work truck very reliable. It can hold all my equipment and great for plowing. Very good in 4x4 drive and very spacious.

- Kyle M

I like the amount of space in the interior.

I like the ability of the truck to haul not only times but it is also large enough for my entire family to ride comfortably.

- Drew C

It runs great and looks great

It is a great vehicle that was a owned previously but it was in great shape on the outside and have very few issues with in.

- Donna M

Very Durable and able to haul many different items. It has cooling seats

The brakes have squeaked since the beginning even with replacing them. It is a manufacture defect but Ford won't recall them

- Julie J

Great truck for work but the fuel MPG goes down drastically as it gets older

it is pretty reliable. small mechanical issues but it is getting old. the gas mileage has gotten worse the older it gets.

- Samuel C

Its durable and it's a good quality made truck.

I like my truck because it is durable and I have plenty of room to haul stuff in the back. Also it gets good gas mileage.

- James D

the 150 handles well, but is difficult to park and uses a lot of gas. It is roomy and the visibility is fantastic

I can use my truck for a variety of things. We can haul material or take family members out for a ride It is a workhorse

- imary p

I feel it is a safe for me to drive more so than a small car.

I like the room my truck gives me. I also like the performance of my truck. I do wish it had a little better gas mileage.

- Audrey S

The ride is extremely comfortable.

I like that my vehicle has lots of space. I like that it is large and sits up high. I do not like that gas is expensive.

- Samantha C

Tough and Rugged , Is there when I need it.

I have a very low maintenance truck, It's dependability is amazing, I use a lot for hauling tree branches and debris.

- Shai W

I have never had any mechanical problems with my vehicle. Everything major works well.

I love the color (Royal Blue). I love that it drives smoothly. I have never had any problems whatsoever with my vehicle.

- Juana R

The size of the truck bed. Is well enough to do all projects.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love the way it looks. I also love the way it drives and controls on the road.

- Jordan B

They are built to last a long time. Plenty of space.

Love the Ford F-150 models. Have drive. Them since I was 16 years old and will probably always have one. Very reliable.

- David P

Looks of the vehicle is nice.

Been reliable. Starting to rust on back quarter panels. Shift is not smooth. Not as fuel efficient as it suppose to be.

- Robert D

It is extremely comfortable and offers a nice ride.

It gets really good gas mileage. I did have a weather related door seal problem, but once it was replaced, no problems.

- Darla W

It cost a lot to fill up and the 4x4 is really good in the snow

My truck is very good for my lifestyle I like to travel and go outside and haul things with the hitch. It's awesome 4x4

- Justin W

It is a jack of all trades, master of none.

Smooth driving, safe, easy towing. Not much room in the back seat, chairs are a little uncomfortable, confusing radio.

- Archie G

I take good care of it because I like it so much.

I love the room it provides in the cab. Plenty of room for a car seat and to take the dog. It also looks real slick.

- Quinn f

How well it handles for a large truck.

I love my extended cab f-150, lots of space for family. . Rides well, only downside is gas mileage isn't the greatest.

- Doug A

It's a very dependable vehicle.

It's a very dependable vehicle. I love the space that it has inside as well as the storage space. Really good on gas.

- Yolanda W

It's very safe and this truck will get the job done.

It's a lovely car. Great features and dependability. My only problem is how fast the gas runs out and expensive fuel.

- Anne H

Ford f150 platinum with all the bells and whistles

Best vehicle I have ever owned, the most comfortable vehicle I have ever ridden in, would not ever buy anything else.

- Ernie G

It's very functional and it has helped a lot of people

It's my truck that I use everyday and everyone borrows it in my family. It's getting old but I don't want a new one!

- Michael P

It is over 8 years old and still runs great.

Undercarriage rusting, it runs great. It is very comfortable and roomy. Back seats that flip up for more cargo room.

- L S

Plenty of room for a family with the layout of Ford's crew cab.

I like the roominess of the cab and the truck drives nicely. There are some known issues with the rear drive train.

- Scott L

It is a good solid vehicle.

I like the visibility. I am not a great parker but the trucks handling makes it easy. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Alyssa N

Great truck with awesome options.

Great truck. Has lots of options. Very reliable. Wish it had a long bed, but does the job. Service it regularly.

- Jeff K

It is cool, and the air conditioner works well.

Good truck. Comfortable. Smooth ride. I wish it was a little bigger and got better mpg ratio. Needs exhaust pipes.

- Pablo L

The best rough farm truck

I love my truck because it is great on gas. Do well pulling boat, horse trailer and camper. I love the no gas cap.

- Karen D

It can haul however much cargo I need and it has a comfy cab for those long drives.

It has run rather well to be honest. I had a little trouble with the radiator but the dealership helped me greatly

- Grant J

You might has trouble trying to park in a parking lot due to the size.

It is a great car to use and has the power to tow almost anything. I would say its the best car i've ever owned.

- Caden D

Plenty of room with a crew cab. No problems with the engine.

Very reliable truck, no problems at all. Not bad on gas mileage for a truck. Overall satisfied with this truck.

- Robert C

Backseat size is not ideal for car seats.

My truck is great. It is stylish and runs well. The maintenance is easy and affordable. I also like the color.

- Jared K

it's a nice truck that it gets very good gas mileage

it gets good gas mileage runs very good like the tires on it and the color red don't dislike anything about it

- donald b

Keep up on the maintenance and it will run great.

Has needed small repairs with sensors but otherwise solid. Roomy interior, large bed, hauls trailers smoothly.

- Jessica K

Cab room and 4x4 pulling power

Manifold leak and sunroof leak is the only 2 problems. The thing i love about my truck is the room in the cab.

- Isaac G

I love the roominess. It is a comfortable ride. Thank you

No problems. Love it. I love that it has a large interior and it's comfortable. It has been very reliable.

- Scott S

It's a 4wd F150. It goes almost anywhere and hauls a lot.

My truck drives well and I enjoy driving it. I wish it got better gas mileage but I like the power of the v8.

- Dave N

A great, long lasting vehicle, the best we've ever owned.

Has been a great vehicle with no mechanical problems, has held up well, still looks, drives and rides great.

- debbie c

Spacious interior and great vehicle

I have had it for about 4 years and little to no problems. It's spacious drives great and gets the job done

- Tony P

Fords are strong and dependable. The run as long as you take care of it

Love it. I would prefer a more powerful engine and greater towing capacity. My next truck will be a 250/350

- Henry Z

The most important thing for them to know is that Its a Ford and Fords are the best

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It is blue and it is nice. Runs good and everything works properly.

- Linda B

Great truck that performs above expectations.

Great truck. It gets the gas mileage that is stated. The ride is smooth and can haul anything that I need.

- Timothy V

I love that my car has a working air conditioner and automatic locks and windows.

My husband bought his Ford truck November of 2017. It is a used 2010 truck. I just got a 2016 Ford Fiesta.

- Jennifer S

Parts are very easy to come by. Working on this year truck is still manageable without a lot of electronic hookups

I love my truck I have not had any problems with it except for the expense of the 17 inch rims and tires

- Lorraine W

Don't get between a girl and her Ford truck!

Ford trucks are the way to go. I have not had it in the shop except for service. It rides like a dream.

- Tifini W

Great Truck for the money

Over 100,000 miles only regular maintenance, no problems. Good on gas. Very comfortable on long trips.

- Ken W

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It is a very reliable vehicle. The towing capacity is great. I have had no issues with this vehicle.

- Kellen F

It's very roomy and there is enough room for a family. It's a smooth ride and isn't ugly.

I like both the interior and exterior. It's rides nice and for a truck it doesn't burn too much gas.

- Kristyn C

Great safe truck for a family. Also great for chores and hard work around the house

I love the interior I feel that's it's too nice for me The ride is smooth Wish it had a 6 foot bed

- Nick K

It is made well, the craftsmanship is amazing and Ford is a trustworthy brand

I like the smooth ride, that it fits more than 5 people comfortably and that it is of good quality

- Joanna H

The truck has a smooth ride and has pretty good gas mileage.

I like that it can haul trash to the dump. The truck has a great stereo. I like the way it looks.

- Daniel V

It is easy to work on. And lasts a long time.

The Ford F-150 is a workhorse. I have @200,000 miles on it. I don't have any major issue with it.

- Dennis H

It's a great truck. It's great on gas to be a truck.

I love that it's a truck. I love the leather interior. I dislike that it's not a 4 wheel drive.

- Beth H

It carries my husband's scooter to and from the store..

I like that it is comfortable seats. It carries my husband's scooter. It has a lot of legroom.

- Julie S

It's my pride and joy, runs well and gets decent gas mileage.

Not loud enough. White with Chrome! Fits my whole family and still looks manly and looks cool!

- Leroy s

It looks good and can haul a lot.

I like it rides smooth like a car. I like it can haul things. I don't like the gas mileage.

- C K

Dependability and comfort. has been useful in my daily needs and good for travel

It's been very dependable over the years. Very handy for hauling items. Comfortable interior

- connie j

It's a safe family car, but gives the power to tow and do all the things I need to do.

Love my truck. It fits my growing family and is very useful for towing my boat and camping.

- Mark G

It's a great truck and can fit a family well.

I like the roomy cab and the hauling capacity. I don't like the shutter in the rear axle.

- Scott C

I love my truck, it is affordable and runs well. I have never had any problems with it.

That it is a great truck that is more affordable then some other trucks on the market.

- Dar W

That trucks are mor3 affordable than people think.

I like the size and that I can haul anything I need to. The gas is the only downside 3

- Amber M

I have a great custom vehicle. It is very fast. I work on it a lot, adding things and tuning up the engine.

Awesome custom vehicle. I think the bodywork complements the performance level well.

- Robert H

It is bigger than a car. It also takes up more space.

It does what I need. It is easy to get in and out of. Could have better gas mileage.

- mark g

The gas mileage is bad. But that is true of most trucks. It's something you sign up for.

The size of it. It is a comfortable ride and can be used in a pinch to do housework.

- Kenny H

Roomy and really comfortable

It is a comfortable ride. Wished it had better gas mileage. Great power for towing.

- Paul M

It's mine and I take care of it

my truck has the bed cover heated seats are real nice I have a awesome radio in it

- Dallas T

It has a crew cab, enough space to carry up to 6 people.

i really like my truck. It's spacious, and very good on gas. Great for camping.

- jesse G

It's #1 you can't beat a Ford.

Love it, It's the perfect cross between work horse and comfort. It does it all

- Thew h

The truck is an utility vehicle

I like about it is a Ford made and I don't like a little that's an 2010 truck.

- Oliver C

IT is very dependable and been a great vehicle for my family of four

Comfortable and very nice. Smooth ride. I wish I had a true 6 foot short bed

- nick l

electrical issues that keep popping up with it

like the look don't like how much plastic is in a 50K truck electrical issues

- rick S

It is very sturdy with a lot of carrying capacity.

I don't like having such a large vehicle. I like being high up off the ground

- Nicole Z

It's a Ford and always performs as needed. It's got some age on it, but still does a good job.

It is dependable and has plenty of room and still looks nice. No complaints.

- Beth R