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Safe, dependable family vehicle that is great for all terrain, and powerful.

I inherited the truck from my dad. It is comfortable and roomy for when I have 2 or more passengers. Very pleased with the power/performance. Have hauled tons of stuff with this truck over the years. Moving my daughter out of state, I drove my truck 1600 miles round trip, with 3 total passengers (and 2 pets), pulling a Jeep on a tow dolly, and both vehicles loaded to the max. Easily navigated up and down the steep inclines and winding roads through the Smoky mountains. All passengers were comfortable the whole trip, and I always feel safe when driving my family in my truck. Good looking truck too. My only complaints are that I wish it had better fuel economy (maybe that is a tradeoff for the power/performance?), and for some reason I have never been able to pair my phone with the Bluetooth in my truck. Since I am not commuting for work, these are only minor issues for my use. Love my 2012 Ford f-150 and would recommend for anyone needing a safe, dependable, and roomy family vehicle that is suitable for all terrain and packed with power!

- Amy W

Hand free use of phone and ability to carry my wheelchairs.

Is big enough to be able to carry any of my electric wheelchairs is also roomy enough in the front to be able to place my crutches for shorter trips when I do not need my chairs. I also have Sirius radio and am able to listen to my music without ads I have had no problems with the truck up to this point the truck tells me when any of the tires are having problems like low tire pressure and when I am getting to the point that I need to have the oil change also has the power to climb the mountains around here and the cruise control keeps the truck staying at the speed I have set the leg room is just right and the comfort of the interior and the drink holder is convenient so I do not have to search and feel around for my coffee and I can set my phone on the trucks control and I will have hands-free phone use.

- Robert J

Comfort with power in a reliable truck.

This truck has been very reliable with minimal upkeep besides routine maintenance (there was a slow oil leak that was easily fixed last fall). We bought it 2 years ago and it is now up to 50,000 miles. Drives great in winter (both on snowy roads and icy roads). Cab is very spacious with room for 3 in the back if needed (we have our kid in the car seat and fold the other 2 seats down so our dog can lay on the floor). Not the greatest mileage vehicle but it is a truck so good for what you would expect; can fill the back with lots of hunting gear and can pull people out fairly easily if they are stuck in the ditch. Runs smooth, cab is quiet, need to be careful about blind spots with backing up as it is a big truck.

- Kat N

Great vehicle but has a few design issues

Vehicle drives very smooth. 5.0 liter engine give all the power you need. Speed limiter gives it a top speed of about 95 mph. Everything looks good on truck except for the Front end. Trucks really shouldn't have the grille coming up into the hood. Also the opening where the license plate holder goes is fairly ugly. They do have aftermarket options available if you want to remove the license plate holder. Only other complaint is rear window with defroster and sliding glass. Defroster stops working after a few years and have to replace whole window to repair.

- Byron M

I feel very safe and comfortable in my ford.

The only problem I have with my truck is parking it. I am not used to driving such a large truck that I have to park way out at stores. Also, I haven't installed a step up so have difficulty climbing into such a high truck. It is very comfortable and roomy. The truck is very reliable, we've taken it on many trips. It has a cover on the back which needs to be taken off (we never have) if I want to put anything in the bed. I do not like that. It would be very heavy. I feel safe in the truck since I am sitting higher than most vehicles.

- Donna B

Excellent truck to feel safe in with kids!

There isn't a truck or car in the world that I love more than the F-150 I own. Unfortunately, I bought it pre-owned and I ran into a few reoccurring problems over the past four years where it's been in the shop multiple times. Other than that, I love this truck. The durability, space, drive and the overall look is something I really enjoy. I have two small children with huge car seats that fit perfectly in the backseat and still have tons of space! Just an awesome truck to drive and feel safe with children in.

- Brittany D

F-150 comfort on the inside and rugged on the outside. Great truck!

No major problems with the vehicle but I am getting some rust spots in the front even though I always clean and wax. Also, I keep having problems with the back power window. They eventually had to replace the entire window and housing to fix it. No major mechanical issues to this point and it has 65k miles on it. Power everything for features, backup camera in the rear view which I like. Very comfortable on the inside and the v8 has plenty of power to tow anything I need it to. Really love my truck.

- Michael F

After four years, I still consider my truck to be the best on the road.

I love my truck. It is actually the Ford raptor on the f150. It provides a go anywhere kind of feeling. I love that I sit up higher than most cars on the road. It is also very comfortable with leather seats which are both heated and cooled. Other features include a sunroof, cruise control, navigation, Bluetooth that allows me to connect my phone for music. The only thing I do not like about the truck is it is full economy. . . I get about 12 mpg. I would highly recommend the truck!

- Joel B

Why wouldn't I own an f-150? It can handle any task you can throw at it.

Great all around family vehicle. From hauling a load off-road to making a quick weekend trip getaway with the family. It has plenty of room for all my needs, from hauling groceries to luggage to taking all of our dogs to the park. Has plenty of power to pull my trailer and utv out of town to the deer lease. The best part is that it was very affordable, an unbeatable bang for my buck. One of the best decisions I ever made was buying my f-150, and I would own another one hands down.

- Weston G

Our vehicle is reliable, safe, a pretty blue, four wheel drive, and spacious.

The problems we have had is that it rusts really bad and easily along the bottom of the sides of the truck. The vehicle performs really well and runs great. It is dependable and reliable. We did have a problem in the winter where if we were not driving it, the vehicle wouldn't heat up. It would blow hot air. We have not been able to figure that one out. The vehicle is super comfortable and has tons of space for groceries, kids, adults, etc. I am happy with how spacious it is.

- Jessica S

Reliable hard working truck that is easy on gas.

This truck rides well, handles well and is enjoyable to drive. The seats are comfortable. There is plenty of cup holders and storage compartments. The sync system could be better. It recognizes my phone when the vehicle is started however I have to tell it to connect to Bluetooth audio every time to play music from my phone. The gas mileage is reasonable for a truck of this size. I average 17.8 mpg. Even though it is a 6 cylinder it responds like an 8 cylinder.

- James I

Ford f150 is great for small and large families.

Love my Ford f150 crew cab truck, it has plenty of room inside for the entire family. We can easily fit 2 adults, 2 infants in car seats and 2 teenagers. We have not had any major motor or tranny problems and no major electrical issues. The only actual problem we have had is with the heat/ac blower going out twice in the past 3 months. Other than that we love it and will definitely get another Ford truck when we decide to purchase a new one.

- Billie A

Random errors and truck computer issues. If this is the only transportation you will have then I would not recommend this particular truck to you.

I currently dislike this truck. I have had a few problems that seem to happen at random. It was fine until my friends Jeep wasn't starting and the battery seemed to be the issue so we put the Ford battery in it and it was fine. When the battery was placed back into the truck, it was all messed up. This isn't the first time either. Last time it was when I got in it after work to leave and nothing. It wouldn't start. Now the same. No go.

- Robyn W

4x4 worth every penny! It is also got amazing get up and go.

It often downshifts to first gear out of nowhere. The check engine light comes on a lot because of the catalytic converter. It's a great vehicle to have - moving things, buying large home items and having two kids in sports with all their gear. My husband uses it as a work truck and it is been very reliable. He's put over 200k miles on it as well. This is our third f-150 and we will get another one when the one we have hits the end.

- Stacey R

2012 Ford F-150 with Ecoboost.

I love my 2012 F-150 for many reasons! I'm able to carry my kids with plenty of space for a third person in the back. I love the heated and cooled seats as well as the remote start! It has a big touchscreen and back-up camera as well as the proximity sensors. The 4-wheel drive works amazing, especially on the beach! I have the EcoBoost version and love that it gets a little better gas mileage than if I wouldn't have the EcoBoost.

- Summer H

Great seats, towing power, acceleration, and braking.

Since I've had the truck there has only been one issue. There was a problem where the turbo cooling system would accumulate moisture under certain driving conditions. This problem was fixed with a service recall. Since then I've not had any issues. The 3.5L Ecoboost pulls trailers with ease and I've managed to get anywhere between 18-26 MPG. The seats are the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in within a vehicle.

- Dallas W

Great truck at a Great price

The f-150 is a spacious big vehicle that can seat 6 comfortably. I enjoy the storage ability in the back and the modern features of the cabin. I wish it got better gas mileage but the truck serves all its purposes for me and my family. The speakers and sound system are a great extra and the in dash information system lets you know how the truck is performing or alerts you to something that may need attention

- Jay R

Dependability with a few snags.

After 7 years, the ford f-150 has held up decently. We've had to replace the brakes, and the back window brake light leaks when it rains. That has been harder to fix, and I suggest ford look into this issue. Other than that, it continues to run excellently and perform well. It has done several cross-country trips with the utmost reliance, and helped us move at least one house. 4/5 stars.

- Gia N

I really enjoy driving my f150 with the 3.5 ecoboost.

I have owned my vehicle since New. The 3.5 ecoboost was supposed to be great on fuel mileage and was for the first 2 years. However my mileage has steadily decreased to around 16 city (down from 22). My driving habits and routes are the same. All maintenance has been done and mileage is at 106,000. I have had multiple issues with coil packs, replacing a total of 4 sets and plugs.

- Chris L

Love my Ford f150 super crew truck.

My truck is very roomy including the back seats. The gas mileage is not the greatest but I knew that when I purchased it. I wish I had waited a little longer before buying it cause my husband and I like a lot of the new features on the newer models. I love the tailgate step and bar. It has been a tremendous help especially as we have gotten older and have some mobility issues.

- Sandra R

Review of my Ford F-150 by CW

It is very reliable. Sturdy, and I like the power that it has. The horsepower is great! I do wish that it got better gas mileage however. Most of my drive is within town and therefore I start and stop a lot. It rides nice though and handles really well. Also, I've had very little issues with it in regards to repair issues, engine issue, but I did have to get new tires.

- Clifton J

Ford F-150's are reliable and comfortable vehicles that I enjoy owning.

I have a Ford F-150 pickup and have had several over the years. It has been a reliable vehicle and meets all my needs. I haven't had to perform only routine maintenance and that makes my Ford F-150 very reliable. The pickup is comfortable to drive and that makes my business trips easier to handle. I enjoy my Ford F-150 and will buy another one when the time comes.


The ford F150 is a great vehicle for work or family purposes.

We recently bought our ford 2012 f150 as a work truck. The gas is affordable, even with a 6 inch lift and oversized tires. I love the bucket seat so we're able to seat up to 6 people comfortably! The truck feels very safe and males driving on the highways easier as people seem to be intimidated by a large truck. I would recommend an f150 as a work or family vehicle.

- Charlie C

Ford is not what it used to be.

It died on the road while driving across country, this vehicle has the accessory of the automatic start button and shuts off, when this was taken to a Ford dealership they refuse to help us during this time as we're moving across country being stranded in a state we were not familiar with, please keep in mind we also have three children in the blistering hot sun.

- Kari O

The stereo works great and I like how high up the truck is.

The truck is rotting from the inside out. We purchased the truck last summer and while it sat over our vacation in march the rot really started to come out. We really like the truck except for the rot issue. I am very upset that we still have to make a monthly payment on something that we are going to have to trade in and spend way more money on something else!!

- Meghan D

2012 f-150 supercrew cab.

I have a 2012 Ford f-150 with a 5. 0 motor. My truck is comfortable to drive and handles well both on the road as well as off-roading. It is a super cab which allows plenty of space and is a comfortable ride for any passengers. It has a towing package that works great! I love my truck and would most definitely recommend it for anyone looking to buy a Ford.

- Melissa C

My f150 regular cab work truck.

Have not had any problems with my Ford 150 so far and I have had the truck for 5 years now. It's been reliable for me and is comfortable to be in. Its a stock truck, so all the features are manual and plain. Still is nice, but I believe all vehicles should come with automatic windows and locks and cruise control. But what can I say, I purchased the truck.

- Kurt R

Ford F-150 comfortable, reliable, durable

We love our truck! It has a very spacious backseat the seats adults and kids comfortably, which is a huge plus! We also have retractable cover on the bed that is awesome when you get groceries and it's raining or if you need to haul anything while it's raining. It drives like a dream ! It's very easy to drive and it's soooo comfortable to ride on trips

- Katie H

Headlights are very bright and has a good wide beam.

Great on gasoline are a. Very smooth ride and the air conditioning is very cold and the heater is very hot and have to turn it down on low, and the stereo is loud enough for me and my son, and the truck has a computer display unit, to tell you if something is wrong with the truck or if you need a oil change, or low on air in one of your tires.

- Orlando E

Great overall work truck.

I like this truck for it's comfortable drive and long lasting performance. My truck has been used for my job as a utility worker l. We have to go through some tough terrain to get to our job and the truck is still here with 215k miles on it and running smooth. It gets maintained as should be and absolutely has stuck through the tough stuff.

- Russell S

4 wheel drive, can tow and haul plenty in this truck but it has all the features.

Easy to drive, comfortable seats, nice display live the 4 wheel drive, lots room in front and back, love fact that I can use my cell phone thru the truck so I can drive hands free. Love the fact that I have plenty of storage in back seat area and in bed. Mainly brought to tow bass boat for fishing. Couldn't live without the 4 wheel drive.

- Rebecca E

Great truck. Lots of power.

I love the 5.0 engine. Lots of power for towing. It has been a very reliable vehicle. It rides very comfortably. The fit and finish is excellent. It is the best truck I have ever owned. I would highly recommend the ford truck. I had one recall that was resolved quickly. The sound system is also very good. The interior is easy to clean.

- Tim C

We love our Ford and our Nissan!

I bought my Nissan used. It has been very reliable for 4 years now. The sunroof began to leak last summer, but it is reached its 10th year of life and is still running great! We also have a Ford f-150. It is a bit of a gas guzzler, but it drives like a dream even at 6 years old. It is very roomy and we prefer to take it on vacations.

- Tessa D

Standard size truck with ample room in both front and back seats.

Great comfort. Good features. Could have better gas mileage. Have on taken on numerous long vacations and vehicle did really good. Have had just normal maintenance only. This vehicle has more than your average legroom in the front and the back. Ample console space and strong a/c and heater and maneuvers well. All in all great truck.

- Kat R

Was in accident and the vehicle took bulk of hit and protected my body.

Great performance. Handles well in all types of weather. Great gas mileage on highway and not too bad in and around the city. I feel comfortable and safe in my truck. The colors ford comes in are great and the truck has many features such as heated seats, adjustable lumber, step rail, navigation and Bluetooth for safe driving.

- Marie M

My Ford pick-up. . I can tell you now that I would not buy differently.

I love my pick up. It has beautiful interior, comfortable back seat, lots of foot room, drives so smooth. I can comfortably fit 5 [five] grown-ups inside the cab. My truck is a great vehicle for shopping too. Whether you are buying groceries or a trip to the mall. I am convinced that my Ford f-150 was built Ford tough for me.

- Diane B

The tuxedo black color is amazing.

It is been an accident magnet. I have just had bad luck with it. Anyway I love how comfy the leather seats are. By far more comfortable than Chevrolet, Toyota, and Dodge. The power is amazing the twin turbos really give it tons of power. The vehicle has always run great. It tows more than any other half ton I have ever owned.

- Ryan B

Off road edition of the Ford F-150

Since this vehicle is the off road edition, the only thing that I do not like about this vehicle are stock features of the vehicle. Even if the original price would increase, the truck should be sold with a lift kit and different tires. If the buyer do not like these options, they should buy a different edition of the F-150.

- Garrett H

The ford F150 is a all around great vehicle!

The ford f150 fx4 crew cab has been an awesome vehicle for our family. We have had very little issues with the vehicle. The ford f150 has had no trouble pulling a trailer or camper. This vehicle is also great for a small family as there is ample room in the backseat area with plenty of legroom. I would buy this vehicle again

- Mindy G

Dependable, maintenance is easy.

The F-150 is great. We are having windshield wiper issues. Once we turn them on they won't shut off. There was a recall on a part, can't remember what it was but Ford sent us a letter and had our local dealership take care of it. We did change the rotors 3 times since we bought it. Other than that, just regular maintenance.

- Kathy D

Not a satisfied customer. Truck jerks in mid driving.

My issue with my f-150 is with the transmission I am going to assume since when I am driving it will jerk like it's trying to either downshift or something crazy. My last f-150 did the same exact thing. I have contacted ford motor company and have never gotten a response. I most likely will never buy another f150 again.

- Melissa H

How well the ecoboost works to pull your trailer or fifth wheel or anything as well as a diesel truck would!

I have the ford f 150 v6 with ecoboost. It pulls my fifth wheel with a boat behind it like a dream. So far it has been very dependable. A complaint would be the air conditioning does not blow out very hard on high. Also this truck the rear window does not defrost which sucks. Also i would love to have back up vision.

- Brent H

Like this van I drive other vans and let's just say their ride is not as smooth.

This van I drive is my work van I drive people to appointments all day and sit behind the wheel anywhere for ten to 12 hours a day 5 days a week comfortable and very reliable and it handles very well for being such a long van with the v- 8 motor I have no problem with power getting up hills or getting on freeway.

- Richard T

Little lady and her pick up.

My vehicle is a 2012 Ford f-150 pickup. I love my truck, the way it handles the roads and turns (alive in upstate New York area). The looks on peoples faces when they see little old me (a 5 foot 5 inch 51 year old) climbing into my truck is priceless. I am more comfortable driving my pick than my compact SUV.

- Laura S

Can handle any driving condition!

I have never had any problems with this vehicle. I live in the northern part of the us. Two years ago we had record snowfall. I was never stuck! Plowed right the snowbanks. Always dependable, runs like a champ. Regular oil changes are the only maintenance I have ever needed. Drives and handles like a dream.

- Valerie G

Ford is pretty but not made to last.

Ford is cheaply made. I had to replace the switch my seat several times. My engine has a ticking noise but they don't know where its coming from. They now want to charge me $187 to remove parts just to possible be able to see what it is. I think diagnosed should be free unless you don't get it fixed there.

- Kim P

The pickup truck that drives like a sports car.

I wouldn't really say that there are any problems with my vehicle. The performance is great, it will really get up and go and has some speed. It is very spacious inside and feels wider than most trucks. The features are what you would expect out of a full-size truck. Everything you need, nothing you don't.

- Preston V

Long lasting and reliable.

Highly reliable. Durable. Gas mileage can be a, title low depending on driving conditions. Definitely the vehicle you want for big projects and/or bad weather. Very comfortable. Spacious interior with plenty of room for passengers while still hauling other items. Mine has a great stereo and heated seats.

- Michelle K


The truck is amazing haven't had any problems. Pulls great. Not to good on gas 14 mile per gal. Although I do not have 4X4 I have gotten stuck twice in reg sand. Pirelli tires. I also wish the leather seat wouldn't wrinkle. The engine is very quiet. Smooth driving. Upgraded sound system is amazing.

- Arthur M

2012 F-150 clay super crew with 5. 0.

I had one problem with my pickup other than that it has been awesome. I really like the 6. 5’ Box. I have the 5. 0 And it tows like a dream. I wish the mileage was a little better, I get around 16 mpg for everyday driving. I really like the back seat of the super crew it is full size and comfy.

- Duane Y

The mule truck that never stops.

I really like the smooth ride of the truck. The crew cab is very spacious and comfortable. The ability to transport things is great, including the dog. I am a carpenter so it works out great for moving tools and material from job to job. I would recommend this truck to all working men out there.

- Paul D

It is the black ops edition so it looks very tough.

My vehicle is very comfortable. It is very roomy. Plenty of space for children. We have had many problems with it. I bought it brand new and have always had an issue with low oil pressure popping up even though we keep it maintenance. We have also had to rotate and change tires more than normal.

- Barbara C

Good ford truck. It is comfortable to ride in.

The truck is in good condition and is very roomy. It only gets about 16 miles to the gallon but is used for multiple purposes. It is reliable and dependable. It rides real smooth and is comfortable to ride in on long trips. It has plenty of room in the back seat and can fit 3 people comFortably.

- Deborah H

The reasons why I own an F-150! It does what I need it to do!

Comfortable, tows fantastic, has 130k on it and never failed me. Stereo system is very good.. super crew has plenty of room. Fuel usage while towing a 4000 pound boat is outstanding well as long as you don't put foot down. Backup camera has me spoiled I will never have a truck without it again.

- Steve M

I really like this truck.

This truck rides very nicely and gentle great fuel mileage. One issue I have noticed is a slight lack of power. There is virtually no low end power. The four wheel drive also fails to engage without putting the truck in reverse and moving 4-5 feet. Other than that, the truck is really nice.

- Scott S

Great truck, affordable, beefy and very safe.

Very reliable and comfortable. Only con I have thus far is bringing it to and from the dealer for recalls. The super crew cab is very roomy and the folding seats make storage a breeze. 4x4 works great! And has never let me down in the northeast winters. Radio and tech is very user friendly.

- John C

It is long lasting, I have over 130,000 miles on it and it still runs good.

The gas mileage is not great, but I like the extra room in the vehicle. I have also driven other pickups that drive smoother than the F-150. All in all, I do like the Ford F-150 because it has plenty of room for my kid, however I think I will purchase a different brand of pickup next time.

- Tyler O

A dependable ride! Good for anything, I will never own anything less.

No issues at all love it. Extremely dependable and lots of room. We drive it on trips we drive it hunting we haul stuff you name it we do it! It is white it is a 4 door it is hauled plenty of dead animals home as well as pulled a 40 thousand dollar boat. Yep I'd say it is paid for itself.

- Tamara G

2012 ford f 150 stx extended cab shining black with custom wheels.

The airbag light came on and we cannot figure out why. The truck comes in handy when you need to haul stuff. The backseat is comfortable considering that it is only half a seat. We have the old fashioned roll up windows not electronic ones. There is a recall on the transmission right now.

- Shannon M

Still running in excellent condition

Really not much to say other than the car being at 100%. From the day the vehicle was bought, which was back in 2013, till this very day there has been no problems. Just like any other car should a part no longer work, it has been replaced. Engine and everything else is as good as new.

- Yolene P

Leather seats and a nice sunroof.

Suspension is a little stiff. Finish on the wheels has worn off a considerable amount. The back up camera sometimes decides not to work properly. I really like the engine the truck has 5 liter v8 is the way to go. I do not like that it is been slightly detuned for this truck though.

- Caleb M

Best Ford f-150 model year. 2012!

My Ford f-150 is very roomy and comfortable to drive even for me being 4"11. There is plenty of cargo space in the extended bed. It can be hard to park at times though since the turning radius is not the best. The best feature is the backup camera. It only works 40% of the time now.

- Arianna P

2012 Ford f-150 lariat is a real keeper.

This truck still performs like new and looks great. It has had no recalls, which is amazing these days. The seats are super comfortable and fit me much better than car seats. The stability and handling are superior, and I have had a commercial license so I am used to many vehicles.

- Penny J

F-150 from Ford is very reliable, durable and comfortable. It is safe to drive.

Great for moving things around. The bed of the truck is closed. It has heated seats feature. Also it is reliable and very comfortable to ride on. It has 4 wheel drive, and it works great on extreme weather. This truck is very durable. It is very high maintenance but it is worth it!

- Genesis H

I love my vehicle my truck is roomy and I can haul all kinds of great things.

The number one problem with this truck is it runs my battery down and I can't find the source if it. The good thing is its roomy & comfortable. The performance is smooth, I love the interior and I have done very little maintenance on this vehicle. I love all the extra offered.

- cynthia S

great truck would highly recommend a ford f150 to anyone

No issues at all. This truck has just had regular maintenance. . Has 85000 miles. Only issue is gas mileage. Plenty of room to haul anything. Great 4 wheel drive in Snow. Hauling trailers have never been a issue. Have been in Northern Michigan and In Montana in heavy snow areas.

- Steve B

It's nice it has an aux port for music, even with being a basic model

The truck runs smoothly but I have had some problems with it. I have a current unresolved brake problem. The vehicle is under 100 thousand miles too. Overall unimpressed with it. I find the handling in the winter to be okay at best, even with new tires and sandbags in the back.

- Blake M

Great for the family and pets.

Hard to get in the truck high for me have to claim in ben having trouble with the brakes and sometimes it smokes when we start it up it is good when we want to take the whole family and we can take one vehicle instead of two and the bed is great for losing things and moving.

- holly M

2012 f-150 fx4 with all options. Heated and cooled front seats.

Gas mileage not as advertised, even after adjusting driving habits. Very comfortable to drive, full of features. Have had acceleration issues while driving in the rain. Truck has needed several front end alignments. Truck seat leather split after less than one year.

- Matt B

Comfort and security on the road and off.

I love the feel of stability I get when I drive my Ford f-150. I feel safe and secure. I especially like the backup camera and the seat heaters. It is easy to hitch and tow a trailer. I just as comfortable driving it in the country as well as on the interstate and in town.

- Amy S

It's great on gas when traveling, the comfortable ride.

This vehicle has help myself and my family out in more ways than one. When we are going out of town it grate for our luggage and other things. Also for hauling unwanted appliances, moving items and just the room inside of the vehicle very spacious for us going to the park.

- Dee G

Plenty of power. Lots of comfort.

I love everything about the truck except the gas mileage. It tows well, looks great, and is very roomy and comfortable. The EcoBoost engine does very well on the highway, but can be pretty thirsty in stop and go traffic. I would still recommend it to anyone, though.

- Nick L

Reliable comfortable ride.

We have had no problems with the vehicle. The vehicle rides comfortably even on long trips. My husband uses it as his work truck and has no issues with it while pulling his work trailer. It tows the trailer and still feels like a smooth ride. It is a reliable vehicle.

- Terry M

It has all the things you'd need for both city and country living, tons of space and power.

The vehicle is very reliable and has all the space I need. I like the 4 door cab but also need the pickup bed for moving. The things I dislike are the lack of parking assist and that the automatic window mechanism on the driver's side seems to wear out very quickly.

- Stephanie C

Looks and operates well. Nice looking truck.

Great vehicle. Drives nice is partially helpful and great in snow in the northeast. Good on gas, smooth ride, sound system is very nice. The truck pulls a camper trailer very well with no problems. No mechanical problems other than routine oil changes, tire wear etc.

- Dan M

Ford trucks are fun and comfortable.

It is a big truck. It is 4x4 and it is good for off-roading. I live travelling to off-roading places with the truck. It is easy to use, the stereo is awesome it comes with Sirius radio and it has a lot of radio stations. I recommend Ford because it is a family truck.

- Valerie B

The most important thing about my vehicle is that it is versatile.

I thought the truck brand new in the year 2012. It has been exceptional for daily commuting in the city and also for traveling interstate while towing. The gas mileage is fairly well considering it has a v8 engine. It has required low maintenance and minimal issues.

- Ian W

Good, reliable pickup truck for a family.

My husband thinks the seats are uncomfortable. I love everything about the truck. We've had trouble with the backup camera not working so we've done away with it. Otherwise no problems with the truck at all. It is a great family vehicle and perfect to call anything.

- Elizabeth W

First vehicle we had with ecoboost and we love it

We love our F150 we have had it since 2012 and we haven't had a single problem. We have had 2 recalls on parts that Ford took care of right away with no waiting. We have taken it on several trips and the ride was comfortable. We also have the ecoboost wish we love.

- L S

Ford trucks are just the best never let you down

Nice ride lots of power and looks amazing good gas mileage plenty of towing power just fun to drive does good in the snow has GPS ,air power windows sunroof ,GPS navigate nice sound system, leather seats with heat and air in them auto climate control back up camera

- Todd H

All around great truck for the money.

I love the styling of the truck. The leather seats, steering wheel and wood trim are very nice. There is a lot of room in the back seat area and when flipping up the seats, the cargo area is huge. The stereo is powerful. The backup camera makes it great for towing.

- Debbie H

I'm pleased with the performance and quality of the truck.

I haven't had the truck that long about three months. So far performance is great good gas mileage. Front seats are not so comfortable on very long rides. It's very roomy. The truck has some blind spots. Over all I am pleased with purchase. Quiet and smooth ride.

- Sara W

That it is a great looking truck with great gas mileage and features.

I love the special trim package I have - Harley Davidson. I love all of the features it has heated/cooled seats, built in navigation system, power seats, moonroof etc. My only complaint is that the running boards no longer work well because of the weather here.

- Karen J

Best truck ever. No bells or whistles. Just reliable.

It's not fancy but reliable. I could buy a brand new truck but there is no reason to. I drive my ford every day. I have had to do a few little maintenance things here and there but the starts and runs great. I couldn't have made a better choice than my Ford f150.

- John E

Ford crew cab is extremely versatile.

Have not had any major problems. Would like to get better gas mileage, but love trucks over cars. I feel safer in a truck than a car. My truck is a crew cab which gives me the ability to take my grandkids with me. I've been driving Ford trucks for 30 plus years.

- Linda E

Interesting detail is the fact that it has Bluetooth.

It is very spacious, and very large which can fit anything. Problems can include, diesel is too expensive so it is expensive to fill up, constantly need maintenance. Not the most cost efficient but definitely flashy, and good for those that work in construction.

- Ailyn T

It is very reliable! And it gets decent gas mileage for a V8 truck.

My 2012 Ford F-150 is a great truck! It is an extended-cab, 4x4, XLT model. It has 5.0 liter V8, and it averages 15.9 mpg, which is great for a V8. The only problem that I've had with it is the wiper switch went out. Other then that, it has been a great vehicle!

- Allyn W

the amazing gas mileage of the truck has saved me hundreds of dollars a month.

My 2012 F-150 is my dream truck. It has plenty of power with the 3.5l ecoboost engine and is very luxurious with the lariat package. With the lariat package I get heated and cooled leather seats. The only issue i have had with the truck was with its coil packs.

- Michael G

Would rather be in a truck then a car.

Love it except it's not 4x4. No problems great ride. If taken care of you can drive it forever as I am almost at 200k miles. Has leather interior which I like but in summer and in shorts my legs stick. Would like to have a heated steering wheel but it does not.

- Melissa B

The f-150, a reliable family truck.

The Ford f150 is a really smooth ride and as always you keep up on the oil change and tire rotation it is a great truck. It does really well on gas mileage for being a large truck and with the 2nd full seat there is plenty of room for children or other items.

- Jennifer R

Ford makes a tough truck.

This truck has 270,000 miles on it and it is an amazing truck. It is a hardy vehicle that is worth the money. It has had minor issues that are common wear and tear on a vehicle of this age. I would recommend a f150 to anyone looking to buy. Built Ford tough.

- Holly C

it is too high to get into for older folks without having it lowered

my truck is comfortable , gets good gas mileage and is a flex fuel vehicle , I like that it doesn't have a center console so is more roomy than newer models , I will probably have to change vehicle makers when I buy next vehicle to find one without a console

- craig s

With the normal maintenance, oil change, transmission change, the truck is good.

This truck has 350,000 miles on it and is still trucking along, no oil leaks etc. The only problem it had was an aftermarket add on. It is a really dependable truck. It has been driven across central Texas from the day it was driven off the lot, in 2012.

- Sarah K

Great on gas mileage and smooth.

Great f150 cannot wait to see how she drives in the snow yes I would recommend this truck, we are a Ford family you cannot go wrong with ford, great on gas mileage love the color test drive one today you will love it and so will. Your family and friends.

- Mea W

All in all I love my truck!

Had to replace battery several time. Gets great gas mileage. Single cab is small. Drives great. No problems with the doors or windows air conditioner is really cold. Handles great around corners. Looks great. Replaced tires several times. Look the color.

- Penny F

Extremely comfortable for long drives.

F 150 is a great truck obviously for hauling but also road trips. Smooth ride lots of legroom very comfortable. Basic maintenance is all it is ever needed, oil changes brakes and tires. No engine issues ever. We will be in the market for a new one soon.

- Erin F

Tough vehicle that won't die easily.

It is large enough to carry myself as well as the rest of my friends when we go out. It is very reliable and i have not had any major problems with it so far. It is not the most fuel efficient vehicle but it is not unacceptable when it comes to mileage.

- John B

Pros to owning a Ford F-150

I enjoy our Ford F-150. It is very dependable and is easy to drive! We drive this truck more than our car because it is more spacious and can easily fit car seats, and has plenty of room for storage. This truck handles well in rain, snow, and sunshine.

- Cheyenne B

High-powered large truck requires big money.

It is very expensive to buy gas to keep it running. It does require a lot of experience driving because it is such a big truck. Oil changes are frequent if you want to take care of it. Overall, maintenance is costly because of how big of a car it is.

- Olivia O

Great grocery getter for mom of 3!

My f150 is a great truck! Very roomy to cart around my 3 boys. No mini van for this mom! We have taken many family trips, it rides comfortably and gets decent gas mileage. We will always drive Ford! We are very satisfied with the Ecoboost technology.

- Heather F

Love everything about it!

I love the size and room in the vehicle. It is easy to drive and rides very smooth. A few of my favorite features that I love include the keypad on the door and the 110 outlet. The rearview camera, Bluetooth, and navigational unit is also used often.

- Carrie S

The fuel mileage is great. For a truck its size I get about 17 mpg city and about 22 highway

I have a 2012 ford f150 supercrew. I love this truck. Its metallic red . The interior includes up to 6 seats with fold down center in front. Back seats fold up for additional space. Overall layout is great. Has a v8 and a 80000 pound towing capacity

- Larry C

It is very reliable...no surprises. It is as they say...built Ford Tough.

My truck is very roomy for passengers. It has lots of space for carrying things. Because of Its size, I feel very safe on the road. It is constructed very well and gives me no trouble. My only complaint is the gas mileage is not terrific.

- Sandra G

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage everywhere I go.

My truck is very comfortable and spacious to drive. It's great to haul just about anything and love the built in step and handle in the tailgate. I have driven the truck for 72,000 miles and have only had to perform standard maintenance.

- Dale M

Built in wifi is very important

I like my truck because it can get me where I want to go. I like many features in it like bluetooth with my phone and it has wifi. There is also an a.c. outlet in the back so I can plug in my laptop. The only downside is the gas mileage.

- Frank B

I have never had any major problems and it is a reliable vehicle.

I like that it is reliable and never had any major problems. I also like that it has a large backseat for sitting room. I like that it has enough room to haul many things in to box but it is not as long as some crew cab pickups are.

- Amanda R

Although it is a very dependable and comfortable vehicle it is a gas guzzler. It takes quite a bit of money to fill the gas tank.

I like the comfort and roominess of my F-150. I also appreciate that since it is a 4x4 I can go places that other vehicles may not be able to go. It has been a great family vehicle offering plenty of storage space on long trips.

- Joshua J

My sexy F150 is a beast of a truck

I love my truck, I wouldn't trade it for any car made today. You can just do so much more with a truck. It is a 4 door so I can haul plenty of people around. It has a ticking sound when it is at idle,not sure what that is

- Gary S

2012 Silver F-150 Super Cab

It is a really comfortable ride with lots of room. The leather seats are easy the body for long trips. Easy to load up the whole family and head down the road. Only glitch I've had is a sensor going bad at 52,000 miles.

- Heath Q

It's a reliable vehicle and very comfortable. With the crew cab it comfortably seats four adults even for long trips.

I've had very few problems with my F-150. The only thing is the wiper control doesn't always shut off. It has good power and plenty of acceleration. Gas mileage is about 19 mpg, so not great but for a pickup truck not bad.

- Timothy B

The truck has everything you need to make it a good driving experience.

The only problem with my truck is that it leaked water in around the windshield. I contacted Ford motors but never heard back from them. This is the second Ford truck that I have had that had a leak around the windows.

- Peter G

It is a beast to drive since I have the extended cab, but very comfortable.

It has a very spacious cab. The bed is a nice size. It is very handy for transporting large items. The 4x4 feature is great for the hills at my house. It is not very gas efficient, but expected for the type of vehicle.

- Michaela S

Super Reliable and Versatile Truck

My truck is a good vehicle that is very useful and reliable. I like the way it handles and I love being able to fit so much in the back. I don't like the passenger space - I wish I had got one with an extended cab.

- Liam F

Very comfortable for long trips!

Fords are tough! Extremely easy to get because it has a side step! Lumbar seats which are great for the back! iPhone radio hook up so you can play your music with no commercials! Rides smooth great for long rides!

- Sharon L

The Ford F-150 has a very comfortable ride for long trips.

Likes: sits up high, comfortable ride, ability to haul large cargo. Dislikes: difficult to get children in carseats. We will be replacing our F150 soon in anticipation of growing our family and needing more space.

- Teryn T

With my experiences, this vehicle has been very reliable.

I absolutely love my 2012 Ford F-150. I currently have 190,000 miles on it and to date have had no problems with the vehicle. It is very comfortable on long drives and gets reasonable gas mileage for a pickup.

- Wade A

My truck is part of my family and I enjoy riding in it to work. It is smooth sailing down the road.

I really like how the truck drives, high off the ground. It has plenty of room in the front and back seats. The truck bed allows me to carry my tool and things in the back. It is my favorite color, black.

- Marty P

Ford lariat pickup with a lot of luxury.

It has a lot of features that I like, including heated and cooled leather seats, a large back seat, and box cover. It is a smooth riding pickup and I really like the black interior and the stereo system.

- Matthew L

The space available inside this vehicle. It is bigger than any other SUV or truck.

The features are top notch. The space in the vehicle is bigger than any SUV or other truck. The backseat has plenty of room for multiple people. Ford offers many features and easy upgrades for the truck.

- Brittany M

F-150 Lariat is Awesome!!!

The F-150 is a great truck. Mine has had some issues with leaking oil but the first one was magnified by very poor service. The mileage isn't as good as they advertised, but it has power. Lots of power.

- Jason M

That it is reliable and very user friendly.

I like the convenience, and versatility, but hate the size and parking ability. I like the options for storage and towing. The towing is great. Parking is difficult and the gas mileage is not great.

- Thomas M

Reliable roomy vehicle with many miles to come out use

Truck is very reliable and had lots of room. No issues while owning it. Just put new tires on it and will keep it for a few more years too. The rear view camera is nice and makes banking easier.

- Jenna M

It has a v8 motor that is really powerful.

My vehicle is a Ford F-150. It has leather interior and heated or cooled seats. The rear backup camera comes in handy too! It is white with a cover over the bed to keep it dry when I am traveling.

- Nancy P

It is a great solid truck.

I like my truck because of the large backseat area for kids. Also, I like that it gets pretty good gas mileage for Its year. Finally, I like it because I haven't had any real problems with it.

- Duane M

It is bought and paid for and I plan on keeping it as long as possible. I wash and detail it often.

I love the way it looks and more so how it rides on the highway since I travel a lot pulling my trailer camper. It endured several grudging laps with other competitors and it came out first.

- Peggy L

Starts every time all 4 seasons.

Great truck rides well plenty of room has quick turn radius which was hard to get use to. Great on gas love the color of red it is /have had no problems with it. Has only 24651 miles on it.

- Karen F

Truck is a deluxe ride, attractive, comfortable ride.

Deluxe package Tacoma, very comfortable but high for me to enter. Very pretty, gets attention. Seating for five is roomy. Seats are heated and air conditioned. Only 16 miles per gallon.

- Carol L

It takes very tedious maintenance and care.

This truck has gotten me through just about anything and is an absolute workhorse. No complaints after over 200, 000 miles and still continues to run like a top with regular maintenance.

- Jordan U

The car rides very smooth.

I like that I'm sitting higher in my truck and it has a lot of room. It will make tailgating easier. I do not like that the rear window doesn't open, and doesn't have a defroster either.

- Earl C

That it has lots of power but the body isn't lasting well at all.

I like the size and power that it has. The ride is also pretty good for a truck. I don't like how fast it is rusting out or how many electronics (sensors and things like that) it has.

- Kevin E

Power and comfort, would recommend to any one!

Love the ride ! Has plenty of power, hauls 24 ft boat with comfort. Gets up to 26 mpg on highway with ac on. Four wheel drive handles well in snow. Carries six passengers with comfort.

- John B

That it is extremely durable and well-built.

It is a sturdy and reliable work truck. The maintenance is low and it serves an essential function in our day to day work. I dislike only that I do not have a back seat/extended cab.

- Paul M

The truck may not seem heavy duty but its been capable of proving itself to be.

I like the mileage that I receive almost anywhere I go! The leather interior is also a plus because it will last longer than cloth. I cannot think of any dislikes I have of the truck.

- Michael D

Solid engine and drivetrain setup, safe reliable and the power to do what I need it to do

Great pickup has lots of power and runs great. Very comfortable and handles better than some cars I've owned. I just wish it got better fuel mileage but it's still not bad for a truck

- Clayton A

Super pick up and smooth ride.

Turbo 6 has so much pick up from previous 1998 f150 I owned. It is king ranch with all the extras. The only thing I dislike about all new pickups is how tall the overall truck is.

- David V

I own it with no financial obligations.

First I have no complaints. My F-150 has serviced me well and it is an extended cab cab trout with a 6 1/2' bed. I have the 3.7L Flex Fuel engine that get 23 mpg on the highway.

- Dale W

It is the most dependable truck on the market.

I bought this truck new in 2012 and have loved it from the first day, I can haul anything I want to, anywhere any time. I would not trade it for any other vehicle on the market.

- John S

It gets great gas mileage

My 2012 F150 has ac/heats seats along with a backup camera. In our instance the only complaint we have is the backup camera has its moments where it glitches and shuts off.

- Stephanie D

The super crew has a lot of room. It is plenty of space for a family of 4 or 5

I have not had any issues with my truck. I do normal maintenance and it has ran perfectly fine. It did need brakes done around seventy thousand miles. Also needed rotators

- dave h

It is dependable and roadworthy

It is good on gas and has not cost me a lot in repairs. It holds a lot of cargo which is important to me and tows enough. I wish the steering on it were more reactive.

- Travis n

It's like a Timex - it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

I have always liked Ford vehicles. This is my 2nd F150. I like the capability. The only thing I wish I had was an extended cab so my whole family could fit in the truck.

- Joe D

Reliable, sturdy vehicle that can go for many miles

My truck is a extended cab with 4 doors which makes it excellent for our family and also for "truck" tasks, such as hauling things. I have no complaints about my truck.

- Jason P

It's a Ford and after 142,000 miles it performs like new,

I have never had any problems with my truck. It averages 19 miles per gallon combined city and highway miles. it rides as well as a car. and goes anywhere in the snow.

- John P

It is a nice size car if you want a mid size SUV.

One thing I like about my vehicle is that it has four-wheel drive. Another thing I like about my truck is that it gets the girls. I dislike the amount of gas it uses.

- Patrick D

The most important thing people should know is that not only is my truck a large powerful vehicle, but it is also extremely comfortable to drive in.

I love my EcoBoost engine for the mpg. It is a very comfortable truck and is very easy to drive for a larger vehicle. I don't think I would ever want another vehicle.

- John W

Comfortable, great stereo sound, and decent gas mileage for a truck.

My biggest complaint is the stereo screen is so basic. I have the Lariat which is not top of the line, but one of the higher models and the stereo interface is basic.

- Rob t

Less expensive than comparable Chevy, Dodge or Toyota trucks. Very few mechanical issues and easy to maintain.

I bought this truck because it had extra power to haul my camper. But it has turned into a great family vehicle as well. Very roomy and comfortable for long drives.

- Norm S

Great all around truck, with power, room and comfort.

I really like the room, comfort, and power. It is been very reliable with only one issue covered by warranty. I couldn't think if any vehicle that would replace it.

- Jason C

It gets very good gas mileage for a V8!

I love the ability to tow trailers. I also like the fact that it has a 5.0 V8 engine that gets good gas mileage. It is fun to drive and cruise down the street in.

- Kyle J

How spacious it is and luxurious it is. Ford definitely put some time in creating some of their best work for that time frame.

Very reliable truck, very spacious, whole family loves traveling in it. The gps could be a little better- the screen has a hard time recognizing maps and numbers.

- Lauren P

It has a ton of room being a crew cab, more than any other vehicle I have owned.

Purchased as re-certified (used) so far a few engine issues covered under warranty. No other issues. Very smooth driving and Ecoboost 3. 5l has a lot of power.

- Steven S

I am the primary driver. Although, I will let my husband drive it sometimes.

It's red and it's a four door crew cab. I love having all that room like a car, but still able to haul stuff in the back when needed. The best of both worlds.

- Rosemary P

Quality. The pickup has more room than other pickup models.

The f150 pick up has lots of room in the front and backseat. Gas mileage could be a little better but not bad. Runs good, no trouble to date. Maneuvers well.

- Kat C

My car is versatile and I can use it for several different activities.

I like the size of the vehicle and the fact that I can move large objects with it. I do wish my vehicle had a better gas mileage. But it is very comfortable.

- Brian P

Dependable and comfortable to drive and own. Super cab has plenty of room.

great for owning a home. good visibility and comfort when traveling. poor electrical connections inside the door panels causing speaker and door lock issues.

- Davy W

It will get you from place to place.

It is fine. It gets me from place to place. We can load it up and go places. I have a boat so we can hook that up as well. Have had a few breakdowns though.

- Matt N

Built Ford tough...the truck runs like they say it should

I enjoy my F150. It gets me where I need to go and I am able to haul and tow things effectively. It has not had any major issues and I am the second owner.

- Megan M

Great towing ability,good comfort on long rides

I love my F-150 !! I use it to go to camp even in the winter and not have any problems. I have heated seats w/ dual controls so my passenger loves it too!!

- Daine E

That it is very comfortable, and reliable for driving around town.

Very comfortable and I really like the way it drives. Very nice truck. No problems other than the door handle fell off. I feel very safe in this vehicle.

- Kelli W



- Cesar M

It's a very comfortable ride. It stays looking nice for years.

I love our truck. It drives very smoothly and is great for hauling. The only downside is that it's expensive to maintain such as new brakes, tires, etc.

- Meg S

It's extremely dependable. A real workhorse.

I never have problems with it. I didn't like the buying experience from the dealer and don't care for the warranty but other than that, it's been great.

- Gary p

Great for towing a travel trailer

performance is great.It is very reliable. The comfort is amazing for long distance traveling and in town shopping trips. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Kim K

It gets great gas mileage for a truck. 18+ in town and 22+ on the highway

I love my F150 because it has all of the bells and whistles. Bluetooth phone, nav system, dual climate control and tow package. I have no complaints!!!

- Harry M

This truck is reliable, smooth to drive, and requires limited maintenance.

This has been a great truck. Smooth drive, great features, etc. The only complaint is gas mileage - making it not the best car for daily commuting.

- Rocky B

It is blue and four x four.

3. 5l ecoboost, great motor, lots of room in interior, supercrew cab, don't like the tire pressure sensors, reliability is excellent, 20 mpg average.

- Ed Z

That it is very safe, spacious and a truck to buy. I will definitely purchase again.

I like my truck a lot. I have 94000 miles and have just done basic maintenance. I have my Check light come on for low compression that is it so far.

- Willis S

Awesome space inside of the truck. A tall grown man can ride in the back seat for multi hour trips and be comfortable

Love my truck for pulling my boat and enclosed trailer. The one thing I don't like is the gas mileage. I only get 14 in my truck and 35 in my car

- Charley P

It's a beast and does whatever you want it to do.

Well I really like the bed it makes moving things a lot easier. The stereo is awesome, it gets super loud. My f150 has great off road capabilities.

- Michael G

That parts are really expensive for it when something needs to be replaced.

I like that it is no enough to do what I want to do. I dislike how much parts are when I have to replace something. It is a reliable truck though.

- Desiree S

The Ford trucks are the best on the market. They are heavy solid trucks

This is a nice truck. It has been reliable most of the time. The air in the truck is going out and the brakes have needed replaced a couple times

- Elizabeth A

F150 is an outstanding vehicle!

My F150 has been a wonderful truck overall. It has a wonderful ride feel and is very luxurious on the inside and sharp looking outside as well

- Chris H

Watch out for cab corner rust. Otherwise enjoy the vehicle.

Great vehicle but unfortunately I'm starting to get rust on it. It drives great and runs great. The 5 liter engine is very smooth and powerful.

- Michael J

100% reliable. Never had any trouble with it even one the coldest days of winter

This is a very comfortable truck. We have traveled with 5 adults with plenty of room. It is very easy to drive. More like an suv then a truck

- Misty L

That if you have car seats you cannot get to the 3rd row.

I like that the vehicle has a lot of space inside. Plenty of legroom for my passengers. I don't really have any complaints on this vehicle.

- Lisa L

High sitting smooth ride, but not made for short people.

It's a gas hog, didn't come with a cap, or cover. Really hard to get things from there. Starter seems to be going bad. It does ride smooth.

- Theresa F

It rides very smooth is clean and nice on the inside and mechanically very sound vehicle

I like that it has a big trunk, rides very smooth and very little mechanical work needed. Gas mileage is poor but everything else is great.

- Cody P

It is decently spacious, and is a great starter car.

No complaints! Luv the size especially for vacations etc. Hauling ability is great! Ride is very smooth. Height is great for scenic trips!.

- Diane P

Comfort, reliable, quality.

My vehicle is a Ford f150 supercrew cab. It is big enough to transport the whole family and two dogs and still be comfortable for everyone.

- Jane D

It has a ton of space on the inside.

I wish the stereo was better. I like how quiet it is. I like how smooth it rides. It has a lot of space. My family fits in it comfortably.

- Jennifer C

Features on 2012 ford f150

It is an f150 ecoboost. It has a sunroof. It has a rearview camera that helps out when in reverse. It also has heat and cool on the seats.

- Brenda C

It's my car. I bought it for my family. While I'm happy to offer to help, I didn't buy it to loan it to everyone's friend of a friend.

It's got plenty of room. It's multipurpose. We can use it for hauling stuff and people. We always need to carry something somewhere.


Sometimes the radio does not do very well in the display or seems to act up.

Easy to drive holds all the grandkids like the interior.. Only dislike is the running boards are a little high for me it is a big step.

- Alan O

The reliability of the truck is second to none. One less thing to worry about

Best driving and most comfortable truck I have ever owned. Have not had one major issue with it. Even after putting lots of miles on it

- Vincent C

Nice and smooth ride. With room and very comfortable.

The f150 is very roomy and comfortable. It drives very smoothly! The information system is very helpful and has everything need on it.

- Karla M

Truck that rides like a car.

My truck drives like a car it's so comfortable, the color. Is awesome it has good gas mileage and also has low mileage plus it a ford.

- Betty K

Holds value very well. Luxury at it's finest. Better than a car. Safer.

It's the Harley pkg. Love it! Rides nice and beautiful. Looks new still. Love the dash and heated and cooling seats. Great nav system.

- cindy r

Great vehicle that is as good as it has been advertised. Will definitely buy another one in the future

I like how spacious it is. I also like how it drives down the road. I also like how comfortable it is regardless of where I am sitting

- Derek K

Everyone will want to borrow your truck. Great for a lot of outdoor activities. One won another vehicle again

It's the first pick up truck I've had but love it. Spacious four multiple people . And can still carry more in the bed of the truck

- Nick W

very dependable and easy to maintain.. and drives and rides very nice

have never had any problems with our truck. the entire family enjoys it.. we use it for vacations and also hauling a lot of things

- lynn c

It has Bluetooth, so you can drive it hands free. It also has passenger temp controls.

My truck is 4 wheel dr, so it will get me anywhere I need to go, in all kinds of weather. It has leather interior. Love my truck.

- Nancy K

My truck is reliable. The gas mileage say 25 mpg or something, but I only get about 13-15mpg.

The back seat has a lot of room. I don't like the low gas mileage, which is 13mpg. I love having a truck, especially for hunting.

- Cassie W

Its built FORD TOUGH and is always reliable when I need it

I have no complaints about my truck it has always been reliable and it has not had any major breakdowns and I am the only owner

- Michael A

That this vehicle is very reliable when take of it meaning the up keep.

Right now there our no problems, , just had it tuned up for the fall, new windshield wipers, and will be installing tire later.

- William D

It's reliable, comfortable to drive, good on gas. I love it.

It's a great truck that feels like you're driving a car. It's reliable & comfortable to drive. I recommend the F-150 to anyone.

- Christina M

It is very reliable and smooth on the highway.

It is comfortable and fits my family. It has 4 wheel drive on the fly and heated seats. I don't like it because it is to long.

- Angela K

It has a sunroof a sliding rear window big in dash screen display. Heated seats and the easy step for tailgate.

I have a F150 it is cobalt blue. I absolutely love it. Recently the backup camera did go out but the sensors still work fine.

- Alicia C

Not really anything specific. I like to keep it clean.

Only complaint is the gas mileage. Does everything I need it to. Is fantastic for hauling things! My dream vehicle for sure!

- Asia D

The car is mine and anyone that has money should buy one.

Smooth comfortable ride.. Large enough to handle family on trips.. Sits up high.. Not very good gas mileage.. No complaints.

- Sandra H

Extremely comfortable, and doesn't ride like a truck. This is a Cadillac with four wheel drive.

I like it because I'm up high and can see. I feel much safer in this than a car. It gives a great ride and has lots of room.

- Aliza B

Built strong to last a long time.

It can pull anything I hook up to it. Towing and handling is great. Good on gas for a truck. Best truck I have ever owned.

- Terri F

Ford F-150 Pretty solid vehicle a few minor issues.

Miles per gallon is 15 would like it to be higher. Gear shift sticky and not good. Gas tank sensor issues. Fuel gauge off.

- Brandon C

It has a lot of miles on it.

I love my truck. It hauls my camper and has a lot of room in the backseat for my family. I wish it got better gas mileage

- mike V

Great performance for 6 year old truck

It is in great shape for being 6 years old. Has under 90,000 miles on it. Very smooth driving and extremely comfortable.

- Misty K

Short list of things I like about the 2012 f150 lariat edition.

Very comfortable with lots of room in the cab; lots of extra features like heated seats, sunroof, and upgraded stereo.

- Joseph K

It rides nice and is very comfortable. The milage is fair around 17 on the highway.

The comfort and gas mileage is excellent. It does cut out when you step on the gas. When the motor is a fresh start.

- Brad D

Honda accord has been a great car for my teenager. Great gas mileage.

Ford f 150 has been a great, safe reliable vehicle. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a truck to go with Ford.

- Tara H

It has a great towing capacity and is extremely reliable.

Love the size and overall comfort. I dislike the mileage I get around town but this is balance out by the positives.

- John E

It is a very dependable vehicle. I have had no mechanical issues with it.

I like the horsepower of the engine. I like the legroom and the headroom inside the cab. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Jay H

It's a very good truck. Highly recommended. Good value.

It's a ford pickup, red in color. Runs really well. Haven't had to have it in the shop except for some minor work.

- Amanda M

Gas mileage is poor but everything else about it is amazing.

Like the quality of drive, little to no mechanical problems, smooth ride and drive often. Dislike the gas mileage.

- Cody A

Dependable and reliable transportation.

Have had no problems. The best vehicle I have ever had. Dependable and reliable. General maintenance and that it.

- Randy H

Decent truck that's works for what I need

Fairly reliable, has had a few issues with the electronic components but nothing really mechanical that is major

- Grant W

To be six years old, has very low mileage.

Truck runs great. Good gas mileage. Has the tow package, pulls a trailer very well. Has a very comfortable ride.

- Bill H

The most important thing others should know about the Ford F-150 2012 truck model is that it has good fuel economy.

The Ford F-150 2012 four door truck is a very reliable vehicle. It has a well crafted interior and rides smooth.

- Elizabeth D

there is a good amount of space in the interior

It is very reliable however not that great on gas. if i were to buy again i would. the cab is a very good size,

- robert g

very powerful and great mileage. great radio. great ride.

great radio, comfort driving, good gas mileage. comfortable driving or being driven. very powerful. very roomy.

- Dale W

Favorite vehicle to drive

I love the way it drives and have not had any real problems. There is lots of legroom and the truck runs great.

- Amanda J


been a good truck good haul power but fuel mileage is not that great broke down alot when i first got the truck


It has a very Comfortable ride with great visibility.

I like the way it rides, the options. I like the power, payload, gas mileage. I am not very fond of the color.

- Lawton H

It is a smooth and comfortable ride. But, it does not get great gas mileage.

I like that it drives smooth. I like the amount of room it has in the back seat. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Cody B

It is huge and uses a lot of gas.

I hate that there's no handle to climb in on the driver's side. You have to grab the steering wheel, instead.

- Kris W

That it suits my family very well

It is comfortable to drive and ride in. It has 4 wheel drive if needed. It has enough room for up to 5 people

- Sharon W

Love the running boards. Sturdy.

Runs great, no problems! Spacious inside and tows great. Drives smooth on and off of pavement. Easy to clean.

- Erica L

The engine skips and runs very rough.

Breaks stick, loses power in the engine,shifts very hard,skips. Very roomy, good gas mileage, 4x4 works well

- Scott L

Strong, easy on eyes, long life on the vehicle...love the space

I have a f150 which is great on inside space, great on gas, however I think my next vehicle will be smaller

- Cathy W

It has four wheel drive. It is reliable. It has a nav system. It has heated and cooled seats. It has 4 doors so lots of room. It has alarm system. It has tinted windows.

I love my truck it is very roomy, has four wheel drive. I like the nav system it has. It has been reliable.

- Beverly S

The standard of trucks. Ecoboost is the future

Reliable 4 wheel drive. Hauls. Stable Roomy. Seats 6 Stable as a winter vehicle great power ecoboost engine

- Mik C

Ford needs to recall the melting fuse problem.

Fuse keeps melting making the truck die when I am driving. Very unsafe. The 4 wheel drive stopped working.

- Sad D

Its efficient don't waste a lot of gas. It's very economical

I always have to buy tires especially for the winter. I do save on gas. Do have to do lots of maintenance.

- Norio A

That she is reliable, she is good at hauling things

I love the look of my truck, it is low to the ground, her name is Sally. Sometimes Sally gives me problems

- Heather R

I like everything about the vehicle. It is the perfect size with plenty of space for my wife and kids. I use it a lot for landscaping purposes and it works great for that.

They should know that it runs really nicely and smoothly. Even though it is a truck it drives like a car.

- Nathan S

My car does well with utilizing gas.

The Ford 150 is big. It has four seats that are comfy. The bed of the truck is spacious for moving items.

- Gaby L

It is a high performance vehicle that is very easily to drive

What I like about it it's big roomy and runs like a bat out of hell. What I dislike is poor gas mileage


It's the most durable vehicle I've had.

I love it's durability. Love having a truck that's able to move and two things. Love how it's held up.

- Ron T

spacious front seating and great interior that looks classy

I love the interior and the heated seats however I wish there was a little more room in the back seat.

- Falon S

Plenty of legroom in the backseat.

It is nice. It still feels new. It doesn't get good gas mileage. I feel comfortable driving it though.

- Jessica C

It is super fun to drive and it is got plenty of power for aggressive driving.

My vehicle is super awesome. Kids have plenty of space and I can do work around the house more easily.

- Clint B

great looking truck easy to drive.

this truck is a platinum edition very comfortable and road worthy. beautiful truck body and paint job.

- ann d

Just how reliable it is. It is 6 years old, and has had no mechanical breakdown.

I love my truck. There isn't much I would change about . I love its handling and towing capabilities.

- mark b

It feels safe being in a pick up truck. The drive on the truck is smooth.

This car has a lot of muscle. It looks good. It drives like a dream. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Nicole H

It is well maintained with high mileage. I travel over 150 miles per day.

I like the room and that it is a large vehicle. I dislike the gas mileage, it averages about 20 MPG.

- Deborah L

Its mine and it's paid for, no loan anymore; and it is roomy and very comfortable like driving a car.

it is a comfortable truck. I like color and it appears classy. It is roomy.and has great leg room.

- Di M

Useful to pick up and transport small and large cargo

It is good for hauling large and many items. Has plenty of passenger space. Not so good on gas.

- Keith D

reliable well made truck that gets better than average mpg

very comfortable, not particularly good on gas, plenty of room, reasonably fast and reliable.

- William G

Although a great ride, it drives like a truck, NOT a luxury car.

Love the remote start and air conditioned seats. Very happy with the truck. No complaints.

- Adam M

It's a reliable vehicle never had had broken down since I bought this vehicle.

I like it gets me to where I need to go. It runs great in the winter. It is very roomy.

- Maria S

My wife loves it. She is the one that runs most of the errands, so she can haul the stuff that she needs to.

It's four door so it has lots of space. It's bigger than our car inside. It's red too.

- David P

3.5L is super avg 21 mpg, Supercrew 4x4, blue, really good traction on snow and ice without 4x4, worst problems are tires, I consider it to be very reliable and comfortable

3.5L ecoboost has great power and torque, will actually lay rubber with stock engine

- Edward Z

It has a v8 plus it was built in the USA

I like that it's a truck plus I also like the comfortable seats and hands free system

- Juan S

They should know that it gets me from point A to point B with no issues.

I love my vehicle because it is easy to drive and good to drive anytime of the year.

- Joshua A

It is a truck. The four wheel drive is very easy to use. Gets good gas mileage and can still tow a lot of weight. Very good ride too.

It is very versatile because it can handle a descent load or get great gas mileage.

- George W

big tires, red, country looking, leather seats, four full size doors, and it is 4wd. I love my vehicle

it is hard to climb up in. rides good, and the interior on the inside looks great

- justin p

It has a smooth ride and seats comfortably

2012 Ford F-150 XLT Supercab, get about 18.5 miles per gallon, four wheel drive.

- Jason A

Great trunk space with a heavy latch on it, and it can go very fast for a truck.

I love the weight capacity. I love the way it drives. I love the trunk space.

- Patrick S

I feel that it's very safe and reliable. It's a trustworthy vehicle.

It's quite comfortable. I think it's very nice looking. It's very reliable.

- Mark M

I truly enjoy my Ford F-150. It's really a reliable vehicle , fairly decent gas mileage for a pickup truck. It is also nice and comfy for the family on long trips as well.

My Ford F-150 has great safety features. I highly recommend this pickup.

- William B

the comfort it is to drive.

big blue is comfortable to drive and ride in. only dislike is the mpg.

- dale A

Durable and dependable, always ready to go

Great truck for doing all kinds of things around the house and business

- Brad A

It's not mine. It belongs to my parents and I just ride in it.

It's a good ride. It gets me where I need to go. It has a lot of room.

- Jeremy P

the horsepower the roominess the four doors The display

like the handling, the room the short bed dislike no rear view camera

- Sal O

Seating gas how long it will last and if you wasn't get stuck anywhere

Very fast truck with turbo big tires I would love to buy a another one

- Brittany B

Its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the way it looks and the way it drives. I don't like the cost!

- Jacob M

No issues at all with reliability at all. Never had to do any repairs and only preventative maintenance. The fuel mileage is not that good.

Transmission can be rough sometimes when you are accelerating rapidly

- Brian S

plenty of needed cargo space for shopping for small and large loads

not good on gas, but plenty of cargo space for large and small loads

- Gloria S

It's fast! Has a ecoboost engine. So much room inside

Absolutely love the gas mileage, how much room inside, rides smooth

- Ronda H

the vehicle still works after all these years is still pretty good.

fails to please us. I like the spacious parts. the pickup is fast.

- dawm r

not a lot of electronics...…………………………………………...

Reliable Not a lot of electronics to go wrong Affordable Dependable

- Henry S

It's spacious enough for the three car seats I need to put in it. The seats are comfortable. It's really nice looking, and it rides nicely. Plus, it's consistently been reliable for us. Just normal maintenance.

It is the jack of all trades. Comfort, Reliability, Versatility.

- Stephanie G

It can seat 12. It has a backup camera. It's easy to drive.

I love the backup camera. It has great cargo. I hate parking it.

- Sarah M

Great on gas mileage. Great for short or long road trips.

Very good gas mileage. Fits 6 passengers and can tow trailers.

- george s

It is a Powerful Truck able to haul travel trailers.

It is very powerful wit ecoboost engine. Smooth, quiet drive.

- Jeff J

It's high end trim and all the options

I like the size and the features. I don't like the cost of gas

- Michael r

Truck runs great with very few issues over the years.

Well made. Runs great. Great for getting through winter snow.

- Flo C

has good gas mileage and is 4 wheel drive and is fun off road

i love my truck it has a lot of room and has good gas mileage

- jason w

reliable safe strong

ford makes high quality never have trouble with my fords

- barbara p

Reliability and dependable. Parts price is also reasonable

Reliable and tough.. Reasonable price. Parts are reasonable

- J J

it's big and can drive in the most extreme of conditions.

it's a truck that gets great gas mileage and good steering

- ron S

ecoboost v-6 cylinder crew cab model

great ride, very dependable. would not own anything else.

- Jeff B

They need to stay away from the f150

This is my second ford 150 and I have had plenty problems

- Richard S

It handles well, and it is roomy. The truck is a great size for taking family or friends with you.

It is roomy. It handles well. Gas mileage is not great.

- sandy w

Lots of power, comfortable ride, nice safety features, plenty of room especially in the back seat (crew cab)

Plenty of power to pull any item with good gas mileage

- Milo M

It is definitely dependable and gets me where I need to go.

I love the room. I love the comfort. I love the color.

- Jason M

I love my vehicle. The only thing that I don't like is the expense of tires.

Great vehicle. best vehicle that I have ever owned.

- steven r

super comfortable for five people, fuel mileage is great for a large truck

roomy, power, style, comfort, fuel mileage, towing

- Jason B

12 way seat cruise control ecoboost

Heated seats ecoboost light vehicle cruise control

- Dale f

Does it fit your needs. Reliable.

Smooth ride. Holds the road good. No complaints.

- Gordon C

I love it and it is dependable.

It is big, fast and bright red. Fun to drive

- Frank v