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A great family and work truck. A v6 that runs and works like a v8.

We have had very minimal mechanical problems with our 2013 Ford f-150 texas edition. Other than the normal services all vehicles have, there has been no major difficulties. At first we were unsure about the purchase, but absolutely fell in love on our test drive. The side steps made it so much easier for me to get in and out of the truck. Both my husband and I have quite serious medical problems and the side steps make it so much easier to enter and exit our vehicle with ease. The interior seating in front and rear of the cab is very comfortable, and it is very spacious inside. Lots of storage for us to both carry what we may need and all of the toys, diaper bag and snacks my grand daughter takes along for the ride also. Sitting in her car seat she is able to observe everything outside and loves driving in the truck, which makes both my husband and I very happy that it keeps her occupied! It gets great gas mileage, and with all the features it keeps us informed on every aspect of what may need to be checked or repaired. We absolutely love it and will only purchase in the near future our next Ford pickup. Very reliable, comfortable and we feel totally safe driving in it and extremely comfortable with the fact that our granddaughter is traveling along with us.

- Karen G

Ford F150 gets even the toughest jobs done in style!

I love my 2013 Ford F150! It is very versatile, and provides room for the family on road trips as well as the capability to pull our livestock trailer and a bed full of feed. We are on the road constantly between work, play and daily living. I plan on paying this truck off and keeping it as long as possible! We have always been a Ford family, and this truck has kept me a believer in the quality of Ford products. The only issues that I have had with this truck are basic wear and tear repairs. I currently have 144,000 on my truck, live in the country down rough roads, and have only replaced the ac connector for the regulator. I would recommend a Ford F150 to anyone that wants a tough truck that will get the job done, whether it be taking the kids to school, or hauling livestock in style.

- Sarah K

A good city truck but not so much as a work truck.

I hate the fact that the interior lights no longer have an off option when the ignition is off or doors are open. To have them turn off you must take the bulbs out. The convenience options on the steering wheel frequently have glitches and will do something totally different than what option you have pushed. My truck is a V6 and can't believe it gets worse gas mileage than my previous truck with a V8. There's also no on-off switch for the cargo light. I purchased the Ford F-150 because it was least expensive and I now know why. I probably won't buy one again. My previous truck was a Titan and it just seemed to be built better. The Ford F-150 would be fine for a City truck but I use mine as a work truck in and out of the city and it doesn't seem to be built for that.

- Logan K

2013 F-150, a good choice for comfortable and reliable towing and daily driving.

I have been really impressed with this vehicle. It has plenty of power and gets good fuel economy (15/18 - 20 mpg) for a truck its size and weight. The only problems I have had so far we're a broken spring on the fuel door, rear door lock failure, and driver's side window switch failure. I use my truck for towing, daily driving and for OTR driving/towing. It is comfortable, quiet with minimal road noise and handles road trips and loads well. The leg room in both the front and rear seats is outstanding. This was a huge selling point for me over other manufacturers. It has been very reliable as well and is nearing 200,000 miles.

- Shane R

Ford F150 this truck keeps up with a family that doesn't stop moving!

This truck has been a great asset to our family of four. The cab is spacious enough my two girls can stretch out and not smother each other! The ride is smooth and quiet, and the factory sound system was more than expected. The truck handles very well, even while towing. The only issue that we've had has been with the vacuum system on the four-wheel drive. The part is relatively inexpensive, but it includes a lot of labor to replace. There was also a recall for something on the transmission, though our VIN was not included in the recall. Overall a great truck! It keeps up with all of our mileage faithfully!

- Jessica M

Ford Super Cab, cloth interior, Bluetooth, standard bed

My truck is pretty amazing in all aspects other than the fact that I live in bend at it gets stuck in the snow often. Literally any amount of sow and my truck is having a hard time getting around.This truck has lived a long life of driving in the woods by the past owner and driving in the by the current owner and has never had any issues. The electronics on the truck are not ideal the Ice and snow traction support almost make it harder to drive in the icy conditions. The truck gets great gas mileage and drives really well in the warmer months. I most certainly wouldn't take it on a snow back road.

- Jesse J

Ford f-150: my go-to vehicle for everything life can throw at you.

If your a simple person, like I am then you will love the f-150 xle. It is simple and easy to figure out. However, my specific vehicle had a recall that left me stranded on the side of the road when two fuses melted together, so be sure to check for recalls before you buy your vehicle. As for performance, my f-150 has been rock solid. I put about 20, 000 miles a year on it and it has not caused me any issues apart from the recall. I do with it had heated seats, but I love how big the back seat is when I have the seats up. I would definitely buy another f-150 in the future.

- Brooke M

The sound system in my truck is awesome!

My king ranch f150 is a very comfortable vehicle. It drives more like a car than a truck and provides a pretty smooth ride. I like the fact that I can control the radio by speaking. I also really like the backup camera. It is really helpful with a vehicle as long as the f150 crew cab. My truck also has heated seats, navigation, I can connect my laptop or tablet and stay charged up. There is a lot of room inside the cab and its really comfortable. There is almost any and every thing on this truck that one can think of to add to your comfort! All and all, a great ride!

- Deborah M

Best Family vehicle I have ever owned

My F150 is amazing. I love the leg room that it provides my family. I like that the back seats also lift up out of the way so that I can store more items in the back if needed. This is especially helpful in bad weather. The ability to see my gas usage and other important features on the electronic screen is also very helpful. The buttons on the steering wheel that allow me to keep my eyes on the road while I drive is amazing. Overall I am pleased with the performance of the car and its many features that make travel easy for my family.

- Jennene R

Powerful with all the options one would love to have in their vehicle.

I bought this truck in PA where salt is not used on the roads during winter months. The comfort level is exceptional with the electric seat positions, including lumbar support. I needed a truck that had a full towing package for a trailer and was wired, has the electric brake, tow/haul button, as well as being able to drive it manually in need when towing. It is a crew can with plenty of room for 3 people in the back. It is a high vehicle so ground clearance is no problem. The rear camera on the rear mirror is helpful when backing up.

- Sheryl D

Great truck for every lifestyle.

My 2013 f150 platinum has been a great truck. Heated and air cooled front seats, heated rear seats have been a huge plus living in the Midwest we go from extreme heat to extreme cold every year. Mpg is not horrible for the size of the truck, I avg 14 mpg in the city where I do most of my driving. The truck is spacious and give a very comfortable ride. Only problem I have had so far is the sunroof came off the track and no longer slides back, and from what I can tell it will be expensive to fix. All in all though I love this truck.

- Billy T

I love my 2013 Ford F-150

My truck is reliable and rides extremely comfortable. It has more legroom than any other truck I have ever owned. It has just enough features to make owning this truck easy without being overwhelmed by gadgets and electronics that I don't understand. You t pulls my camper without issue and has tons of power. The bed is Plenty big enough to haul hay and feed for my livestock and supplies for my many projects. I do wish the gas mileage was better but it's worth it to have such a nice, reliable, and convenient vehicle.

- Debbie L

The black metallic tuxedo knight rider.

No problems as of yet. Just turned 60k miles. Gas mileage in town and on road has been consistent of 14 -17 miles a gallon. Reliability & performance has been excellent. My f 150 is a crew cab. The comfort is smooth which was surprising. Just recently put new bigger all terrain tires 265/70/17 and rides really good and grips the road so I feel really safe. I have the front bench seat where the console flips up which is great for a 3rd passenger in the front. Back is super roomy and plenty of legroom for my 6'5" son.

- Debra M

Overall, I have a very good vehicle. Maintenance is minimal.

My truck fairly reliable. The engine is solid. I have put over 175000 miles on it in 5+ years. Mostly highway. Ascetically, it is a nice looking truck that gets many compliments. For the money however, more amenities should be included. Ford should use a fax leather or similar for models like mine instead of cloth. They should also include in-dash navigation. The gas mileage is decent at about 15 mpg city/18 to 19 mpg highway. I would buy another for sure if the price and features are right.

- Carl B

2013 Ford f-150 lariat 4 wheel drive.

My 2013 Ford f150 lariat is lifted, has power seats and windows, only 82000 miles, I am the second owner, it's got heated and cooled seats, sunroof, GPS, CD player, it's fantastic, I love the smooth ride, the in truck call system so I can talk hands free, cruse control, satellite radio, FM am radio, 4x4, back sliding window, tan interior, black and gold exterior, cartel RAM on front my truck, came with an aces warranty for maintenance checks and I only take it to Ford dealerships.

- Sierra L

The car itself is one thing...the dealership and salesman is quite another!

Mostly my wife is the "Ford Person". Though I think the salesman that sold us the truck didn't treat us too well, and for that reason we will not be going to THAT dealership ever again. The truck has performed well with only minor repair needs. Of course, things needing repair are invariably not covered by the effective warranty and it is always several hundred dollars. But that is common for the industry and therefore doesn't affect my feelings for the truck.

- Louis F

There is so much room in this truck!

I love my truck! The back seat has more room than my edge did. I can fit 3 full sized car seats in the back seat. The bed is big enough for anything I need to use it for. I can fit 3 fully grown adults in the front. The middle console is decent sized. Cupholders in the back. I love the option to connect my phone via Bluetooth and listen to music or talk on the phone through my truck speakers. The only downfall that I have is I do not get great gas mileage.

- Brie T

My truck is very dependable.

I have 108k on my truck so far I have only had a minor issue with it. The water pump went out at 90k. I expected it was going to be a major issue to change so I set aside several hours for the repair however it only took me 1 hour in all. The pump was easy to replace had a nice I ring that made for no use of gasket maker which I liked. Truck is quite driving and gets real good mileage. Also has plenty of power to pull my 33 foot camper. Love my truck.

- Josh L

The ford F150 is an amazing vehicles to own in Colorado, does great in the snow!

We really love our truck, it does great in the snow, is very comfortable and is a smooth comfortable ride. It gets decent gas mileage for being a truck. It is fun to take on road trips and has enough room to comfortably seat 4 people with luggage in the cab. It is great to take camping weather pulling a boat or 28 foot camper it does so without any problems. The only problem we've encountered so far is replacing 2 O2 sensors at 80 thousands miles.

- Jessica B

A great truck at a great price!

I have had this vehicle since it was brand new. It has been a great truck. We have used it to travel in many trips and now has close to 90,000 miles. We have not had any major issues with it at all. After about 6 months of owning the vehicle I did have a problem with the center display malfunctioning and it had to be replaced due to it being bad. We have had no problems with the display since. Outside of that problem the truck has been great!

- Tom O

This truck is rugged and good.

Ford 150s are a good, reliable vehicle for off roading, moving a load, or even just day to day city driving because they actually get pretty good gas mileage too. Ford is a good brand. Although cars get better gas mileage, these trucks get decent mileage too. Ford is a good brand. People should consider this truck for their next vehicle. This truck is a good utility truck that has many potential uses. Overall this truck is a 9/10 for a truck.

- Jake T

It is a great vehicle to own. It runs great and has a lot of great features.

I like that it is a truck, it has 4 wheel drive, and I can haul stuff if or when I need to. It has heated and cooled seats and a sunroof which I love. Also Bluetooth in the vehicle is a big thing for me. The only complaint would be that the navigation sometimes messes up and the last couple Fords I have owned have messed up due to the computer system. However, I haven't had any problems with this one so far. I have no other complaints.

- Angie A

Five Star Ford that is built to last!

In terms of comfort, performance and features I would rate my f-150 a 10/10. The model I have is not 4 wheel drive, which has always seemed odd to me, but it has never been an issue. The only performance problems I have had were issues not taken care of by the previous owner, as I bought the truck used. Space inside the vehicle is great. The back seat is extremely roomy and helped a great deal when I moved from one state to another.

- Megan M

Versatility when leaving in a place with four seasons!

The Ford Raptor is amazing. You can drive in any conditions: off-roading, snow, rain, and sun while carrying a moderate amount of things in the back. When off-roading the suspension offers a smooth ride, no more of the feeling your "in a truck". When pulling out onto a busy street it has enough horsepower to get you where you need quickly, which is the opposite of most trucks. The cost is worth the extras. It's absolutely amazing.

- Tammy E

Great daily driver to take on long trips and equipped with Bluetooth.

My truck has been very reliable and very comfortable on long trips. The back is very spacious for my passengers. Performance wise it is amazing I've gone on trips, helped friends move and it's my daily driver. The Bluetooth feature is nice I am able to listen to music and receive calls while on the road. One problem I have experienced is the AC not blowing enough cold air out. This is especially a problem in the South Texas heat.

- Pedro R

Awesome truck very fun to drive.

The ecoboost 3.5l is an awesome engine. It fast! I haven't had any problems as of yet. Plenty of room for 5 adults. The tailgate step is awesome and I have side bed steps as well. The stated gas mileage isn't what it was on the sticker. But its a truck and if I wanted good gas mileage id have bought a hybrid focus. I have put 60k flawless miles so far on this truck with just oil changes and spark plugs. Nothing else so far.

- Tom A

It rolls and there's no reason I should have a better chance of getting a new.

It is everything I could want and more! It rides great and handles well. I have the limited edition so it is fully loaded on the inside and it looks great on the outside. Before having my daughter, I always drove sports cars, usually manuals. Things change when you have kids. I needed a family vehicle and a minivan was out of the question. The first time I drove my truck I was in love. I do not miss my 6 speed one bit.

- Lyndsey G

Very satisfied with this truck!

I chose an f150 because it had good safety ratings, I purchased mine certified used from a dealer in 2015 and so far have had no performance problems. It is fun to drive and I love that it has the extra room for seating in the front and back. I have researched online and if properly maintained, this truck will last a long time. I have noticed one kind of annoying fuel feature though, on 2013s there is no fuel cap.

- Jennifer D

Dependable and fit for what I need.

Over the years the only things that have been done to my vehicle is the oil changed, one passenger window motor replaced, and changed the tires. This is my second F-150 and when I plan to buy another car it will be again an F-150. I purchased the 4 wheel drive because I do not have to worry if it rains, snows, or anything else. After all these years that I have owned by vehicle there have been no rattles.

- Joyce W

2013 Ford Recirculating Door Issue

Overall the vehicle has been fine. There have been several issues with the coolant system with leaks or broken fittings. Recently the recirculating air door for the air conditioning broke. After reading several online blogs, this is a common problem with the truck but the manufacturer won't do anything about it. Repair costs are roughly $1200 to fix it because you have to take the entire dash apart to repair.

- Doug R

Ford 150 eco boost. Fuel efficient, great option for both work or pleasure.

The Ford pick-up we bought new in 2013 is an eco boost. This relatively lightweight pickup performs more like a heavy duty pick-up. Lots of power, great acceleration when needed and capable of hauling or pulling trailers weighing 5000 lbs without problem. Handles off-road and difficult road conditions well. This truck is comfortable, easy on gas and has the ability to be a family rig or a work vehicle.

- Judy L

That is is a very reliable vehicle. I feel confident every day!

I love the power that this truck has in comparison to others we have owned. It's very comfortable to ride in and easy to drive! I love the look of the truck as well! We purchased the truck used with little miles on it and really I don't have any complaints. Just a few minor repairs and with purchasing the extended warranty they were covered. So I would highly recommend this truck to anyone! Love it!

- Kathy J

Ford F-150 is a great everyday vehicle and rugged work machine.

The 2013 F-150 has a tough body design and great interior space for the crew cab model. It tows with very little effort and combines smart features including a backup camera to assist with towing. The vehicle is designed for comfort inside and rugged exterior features. There is a slight delay when stopping and starting. Overall, the F-150 is a great value for the money and perfect for everyday needs.

- Jeff H

My Ford f150 is very awesome.

Truck has extra long bed, 2 doors with small storage behind seats, hard to get items out from behind the seats, has Bluetooth capability, CD player, cell phones link to radio, speakers are very clear... Does get dead zones though, seats are very comfortable, large doors... Hard to get out of truck while parked next to other vehicles because the doors can not open all the way due to them being so big,

- Kathy E

Top quality very dependable best truck I have ever owned.

I have had several different types of vehicles but this 2013 Ford f150 fx4 has been the best vehicle I have every owned. The truck drives and handles like a dream it outperforms any other vehicle I have ever owned the interior is top quality it does not look cheap. It's been very dependable I have had this truck around 3 years now and can honestly say that I would buy another one without hesitation.

- Joseph M

Comfortable and efficient features.

This vehicle has so much comfort like the heated and cooled seats, sunroof, 4 wheel drive, 4 door very roomy. With the built in GPS I can go anywhere and everywhere I want with the click of a few buttons. This was also essential for hauling so many things for us and has easily helped us move friends with a trailer attached. I will be staying with this kind of vehicle for the rest of my life.

- Dolly H

It works very well as a family transport vehicle. There is plenty of room for all items you may need and children/car seats fit great in the back seat with room for an adult to be comfortable in the middle.

I love the space the vehicle has, especially room in the back seat. Gas mileage is a downfall, it's improved for a truck but still is low on the miles per gallon/additional gas cost to drive. Heat/cooled seats are great and the truck holds our family for 4 very well. Built in navigation from factory is not good, it is hard to use and not effective to get programmed where you need to go.

- Bailey W

I recommend a ford to car buyers.

Plenty of room for legs and feet. Has a big spacey console. The vehicle drives very well. Great gas mileage and very reliable. Seats are very comfortable and I would recommend this vehicle to anybody looking to buy a ford model. The bed of the truck is very good for transporting work items or miscellaneous items. Personally and honestly I have no complaints or problems with the vehicle.

- Danielle C

Ford Tough best off road package in its class

My Ford F-150 Fx4 is awesome from the 3.5 ecoboost motor to the off-road package with the electronic rear locking differential. The truck toes like a dream and performs awesome in the dirt. The seat are best I have ever sat in adjustable lumbar support and placement of gauges and controls are great. At 87,000 miles no problems to report of and would definitely recommend buy this truck.

- Jeremy L

This vehicle is sleek and reliable

I love the platinum package of the f 150. The heated seats/ac seats and the sunroof are my favorites. It's a very safe vehicle and not too large where you cannot see around you while driving. I previously owned a f150 and knew I wanted another one. So this is my second one. And when it's time for another one I will most definitely be getting another one. The truck is reliable as well

- Court T

It's a great vehicle for just about anything you can imagine

The pick up I drive is a Ford F-150.I purchased it in July of 2013. I've used it for hauling merchandise, hunting and pleasure without a single issue.The truck has a strong v-8 engine that has never let me down.If you need power it's there on demand.As for comfort and driveability I couldn't ask for a better vehicle.Id definitely recommend Ford to a friend or family member.

- Terry H

2013 Ford F-150 drives just as expected.

I really like my 2013 Ford F-150. I upgraded from a smaller truck, and the comfort level is so much better compared to what I had driven before. The truck performs as expected, and has mechanically been very reliable. I would like it to have better gas mileage at times, but that is to be expected when driving a truck. Overall, I really couldn't be happier with my vehicle.

- Benjamin H

comfortable and reliable. Good horsepower and torque

it is amazing and comfortable. Not bad on gas and good for long rides. It never breaks down and always does what I need it to. Has plenty of horsepower and lots of torque. it's lifted 6 inches on 30 inch tires. aftermarket radio and speakers. Pulls trailer and takes heavy loads no problems. Always reliable and never stops running. Good in city traffic and on the highway.

- Sean G

. The spaciousness and convenience of the crew cab is outstanding. Awesome.

I own a 2013 Ford f-150 XLT crew cab. I have roughly 37, 000 miles on the vehicle. The truck rides like a dream having a very smooth ride. It is a perfect vehicle to travel in. The inside of the crew cab is very spacious. I use the back seat as well as the truck bed for transporting numerous things. The back seating is comfortable and roomy for additional travelers.

- Diane M

Trustworthy and dependable vehicle.

This truck rides very smooth for it is size and weight. Enough room in backseat for child's car seat. Great for transporting furniture/groceries/flooring/etc. Feel protected and safe when on the road. No difficulties with heat or air-conditioning systems. Radio and CD functions are current models and enough outlets for GPS/phone chargers and or satellite radio.

- Sandra K

What’s the difference? It is all just an illusion of luxury.

Has problems with wiring. Gas mileage is weak. Quality is hard to get with anything these days. That said, I have always been a Ford driver and probably always will be. My opinion is they are still one of the toughest trucks made. Realistically it does not matter the make or model truck you have you’ll get the same satisfaction with whatever you choose.

- Toby B

The data system is awesome.

It rides smooth. Good on gas. Comfortable for long trips. Pulls heavy equipment well. A lot of safety gadgets. Easy to keep up. A lot of electronic that are very useful. Holds its value. Enjoy its easy electronic systems. Drives and handles well. Good break system. We love the way I can pull the steering wheel back and forward to adjust it so I can drive.

- Pam C

Extremely comfortable and drives easy.

The Ford f-150s are very comfortable cars, seats tend to the fit the back just perfectly. Overall the truck runs fantastic and I have yet to see any problems with it. The truck comes with built in satellite radio along with Bluetooth features. Base speakers in the car sound amazing. Ford has always been a reliable company and I will forever drive fords.

- Daniel Z

Outstanding performance for city and highway driving.

Smooth ride plenty of space love the color ruby red comfortable seating chrome wheels nice accessories plenty of legroom backing sensors rear view mirror has image of what is behind you! Fuel economy average holds 35 gallons four wheel drive on and off-road special feature for towing special feature for hands off cell phones charging for cell phones.

- Doyle P

Roomy, comfortable Ford 150.

I decided on the white truck which I love because it hides dirt very well, the inside has so much room I can fit six adults comfortably, lots of legroom and when I take my three grandkids I can fit them and their luggage plus coolers. I am having a little problem with squeaky brakes but it probably just needs some grease. Overall, I am very pleased.

- Geo K

Ford Pickup keeps on rocking well past 100,000 mile mark.

My pickup has been a very solid vehicle I have had 4 incidents in 200,000 miles: Issues with air-conditioning failing 3x so far. Short in computer circuits. Cab is comfortable and offers tons of room for passengers. Ride is smooth and vehicle handles very well on and off road. Back up camera is in a good place, makes trailer work much easier.

- Justin J

My truck is great. It has all I need.

There has been no issues other than a fuse blowing which made the fuel pump shut off. It is a great truck. It gets good gas mileage. Plenty of room, and enough horsepower to pull anything I need. I have taken it on several trips and it has done great. Another issue is the dealer closed down and I have to drive long distances to have it serviced.

- Dan T

Riding in my fx4 is a dream come true.

It is an awesome truck, about to hit 100, 000 miles and runs likes it is brand new. With the crew cab, the back has plenty of room. No one is cramped. My truck is easy to drive and does not feel like you are riding in a typical pick up truck. The sliding rear window is a truck’s version of a sun roof and allows for a nice breeze.

- Brittany S

Very dependable. Comfortable.., and very nice looking truck.

Never had any issues with my truck. Keep oil change and maintenance updated. Just bought new tires in December of 2018 after having it for 6 years. The truck has never been in the shop except for putting on tires and balance changing the oil every three months and keeping it clean and fresh. People don't think it's a 2013 model.

- Earl D

Ford f150 is the truck made for a living.

This vehicle has driven smoothly for the most part. Gas is a problem and the mpg can be better but it is a truck so it is as expected. It shakes when braking. I do like the features it comes with such as the Bluetooth connectivity for music. It does have cruise control which I like to use to save gas. The vehicle is comfortable.

- Trisha B

Best truck I've ever purchased.

I love my truck the bed is large it runs great I have a small problem depending on travel because gasing up can be costly but wouldn't trade my f150 for the world I have 0 problems seeing smaller vehicles while driving I love my f150 the color is elegant and only had small issues in several years due to normal wear and tear.

- Angela W

Ford f150 ecoboost review.

I have a ford f150 ecoboost 4x4. It drives well and gets great gas mileage for a truck. I have only had one problem with it and that was a sensor that needed replaced. There is a recall notice but I have never had an issue with that but it will be taken in. There is no charge to fix the issue and it is a non dangerous issue.

- Stuart D

It's the best selling truck 41 years running for a good reason.

The engine is powerful and the transmission is smooth. The ride is firm but comfortable. The cab is very roomy. I once pulled my friend's Chevy truck out of a snow bank they were stuck in. I then parked in the same spot they were stuck in just to show how much better my truck is than theirs at getting out of snow banks.

- Mike l

Great cab room for older kids.

I really like my truck! However as a 5ft 2in woman it is not very accommodating to me. I feel the arm rest and window rest are not comfortable for me. I am glad I have older kids because I am not sure I could reach toddlers in the back seat. But since I do have older kids that is one thing we really like is the cab room.

- Susi S

Ford: Found On Road Drained of gas

My specific year truck was called for recall because of transmissions issues. They currently are not able to check my truck because the data is not caught up to 2013. And the gas mileage is a pain in my wallet. It is difficult paying for almost $70 a week in gas. A fair part of my income goes directly to my gas tank.

- Vincent O

That my truck drives extremely smooth.

I never thought I'd buy a truck, but my Ford f-150 has completely changed the way I feel about trucks. When I drive the truck it is like I am driving a truck. That sounds funny but it is one of the smoothest driving vehicles I have ever driven. Ford truck also has a large amount of space in the backseat did my kids.

- Stephanie L

My grey ecoboost truck that is fast, reliable but has brake issues.

My brakes have been a repetitive problem. They always squeak especially in reverse. I have had them replaced numerous times and the guys at the dealership say they are fine. The truck is extremely comfortable and spacious. The interior is nice and cleans up easily. I love how my ecoboost drives. It is fast and fun.

- Molly R

Large Versatile truck with good gas mileage.

Ford f-150 had a comfortable ride plenty of room for 5 adults including the driver. I like sitting high because I am short. It gets good gas mileage for a large vehicle and uses regular gas. We haven't had any major issues as of now, just routine maintenance. The engine stays on but no one can find a viable reason.

- Brenda W

Good vehicle not great mileage.

I bought the ford f 150 new it has been an ok vehicle so far.It's had two o2 sensors replaced. The front brake calipers had issues at 8000 miles.It has one outstanding recall that the dealer cannot do because of unavailable software upgrade. The best I have been able to do for gas mileage is 15 mpg on the highway.

- Shawn W

Love me truck, my favorite one so far.

I love my truck. It is very spacious and comfortable. Heated and cooled leather seats that have lumbar support. I absolutely love the round air conditioner vents. Great for the long road trips we take to see our daughter and her family. It has great get up and go power. And not bad gas mileage for a large vehicle.

- Kelly S

Used F-150 runs like new!

Used F-150 with 78,000. Drives like it's brand new and off the lot for the first time. Perfect for single person or family vehicle in style and comfort. Although it does not have updated technology inside, perfect for the minimalist and non-technology savvy people. Can't stay enough good things about this vehicle

- Michaela C

Pledger F150, great gas mileage, low maintenance, spacious, comfortable ride

This pick up has been great, there have been no mechanical problems at all in the 6 years I have owned it. The only feature I regret not getting is back up camera. The gas mileage is spot on just as advertised. We purchased the extended maintenance plan for the oil changes and minor upkeep needed for the vehicle.

- Ronald P

Good reasons to own a ford truck.

I like driving my ford truck. It sets up high. So I can have a good view of the road. I like the adjustable pedals. My husband drives the truck. I have to adjust the pedals not the seat. We like the truck with bigger tires. A lot of room in the back for the grandchildren. Haul anything I want. Nothing to big.

- Laura M

Ford f-159 raptor is an amazing overbuilt truck

The f-150 raptor I purchased is an amazing overbuilt and overperforming truck. This truck comes loaded with many features. Touch screen controls, heated and cooled seats, cruise control, automatic windows and doors, multiple 4 wheel drive features, tow features and plenty of others. Highly recommended vehicle

- Will M

My truck is great on gas and hauling bricks everyday.

It gets me to work everyday. Good on gas. Easy to maintain. No mechanical issues. Brakes are good. Tires never go flat. It holds a lot of stuff in the bed which is nice because I haul a lot of stuff everyday. Just today, I hauled a ton of bricks with no problems it was a great day, also. I played the lottery.

- Jason L

Vehicle truthful statement.

I have had trouble with the door molding, transmission, oil pan leaks but that was my fault because I hit a boulder to large for my truck. Otherwise I love the truck and when it gets too old I will buy a newer model of the same truck. The paint has not faded despite being outside in the arizona desert 24/7.

- Timothy R

Great as a daily driver in your life.

It helps me get from work and back and is absolutely amazing for pulling trailers. Has amazing gas mileage and handles extremely well. Brake is sensitive which allows for great stopping speed during an emergency situation. Tailgate is amazing to sit and lounge on. It's much more comfy than other tailgates.

- Randall P

Built to last. Ford put forward great trucks. It is fairly easy to park.

Overall, I really like this truck. We have had no major issues so far. It drives smoothly, cools off well, and it is roomy. It took a while to get used to the blinker system. If you lightly push on the blinker it blinks like two or three times and then stops. It is a feature but hard to get used to.

- Celeste J

2013 F150 5.0 4 Door pickup. Absolutely highly recommend this truck. Great motor and transmission. Smooth handling and suspension. Hands free keyless entry also with code entry. Lots of features that will keep your family safe and happy.

Love my 5.0 2013 F150 4 Door trick. Has all the power a V8 needs gets 17 mpg average city/hwy. Suspension is smooth as well as handling. Quiet ride, with tons of room in the back. Hands free feature is a huge plus. Would recommend anyone looking for a long lasting great pickup truck for the whole family.

- Adam C

The storage compartment that is hidden under console.

We purchased a black f150 with extended cab. It is very roomy and seats 5. My favorite thing is cup holders it has them in the doors as well as on sides. One thing I don't like is the gas mileage. It drinks gas. Although that was expected. It is a very smooth ride. It feels like you are riding in luxury.

- Melinda L

Ford makes the beat truck on the road.

Great truck. Lots of power for pulling. Great gas mileage for the size and power. Lots of room in the back seat. Seats are comfortable and radio has great sound. Like sliding back glass. Like all the power options that the truck has. Great factory options. Very well pleased with the design of the truck.

- James Warren A

Smooth ride good on gas comfortable.

These is the best vehicle that I have ever had. The performance is outstanding comfortable and the features are great. When taking a long trip you could not have a better ride than this. It is also great on gas. It is ride is very smooth and comfortable you could not ask for a better truck to drive.

- Ruth G

Durable, reliable, and badass!

My Ford f-150 lariat crew cab pick up is extremely reliable and luxurious enough while still being badass. The 4x4 is awesome and works great in getting out of mud. The ac/heat seats are a huge plus. The leather is extremely durable, I have 2 dogs who are very rough but have yet to tear the leather.

- Claudia C

It�s a king Ranch. Black and Tan interior.

No problems it's been a great car. Would purchase again. It's comfortable and has USB and plug in outlet and hidden compartments. We would buy this truck model again and again. It's very big. Hard to get in garage at times but it's a safe study car and we love it. It's great for hauling things also

- Mary B

Over all pretty satisfied with truck.

Great ride comfortable I have a platinum loaded with features I really like the automatic running boards added a few more additional options after purchased. The only problem I had was the ace went out right after warranty cost was 1600. 00 the ac in this Ford is not as good as my 2005 GMC pickup.

- Doug E

The pros and cons of my f-150.

I truly love my truck. The only drawback is the cost of gas and that tires are much more expensive that is it for problems. On the plus side it is very roomy and comfortable for me to drive. It handles great and has lots of room to move stuff. It has been totally reliable with no engine problems.

- Stacy D

It's a great family car. It runs smooth. It's not, fancy but very reliable.

This truck is great! Extended cab means plenty of extra, seats for kids and room for groceries, so it makes it a great family vehicle! Air conditioner in summer and heat in winter. The back window opens for extra air in summer. Of course the back is great for lugging around things. 4 wheel drive.

- Jasmine A

I bought my truck to haul stuff as well as have space on the interior to grow, and this truck meets all my expectations and more!

I like the bed liner that came with the truck. It also came with aftermarket dash stereo. It has plenty of room front and back seat! I like that it has hidden storage compartments. I like their color as well, black. The only thing I do not like is that I had to buy used and that just worries me.

- Ryan R

2013 Ford f-150 extended cab, seats 6 comfortably.

So far no problems. Very spacious for a family of 6, 3 of which are still in car/booster seats. Very reliable, and safe vehicle. Love the towing capacity, and amount of storage inside the cab, and the truck bed. We went from minivan to the truck, and it was the greatest decision we have made.

- Elisha K

Hids in the headlights and the lift with the bull bar.

Love the height and comfort, adding some additional accessories. Like a lift kit and new tires. Wish it rode a little smoother but could be cause of the lift. Very reliable had to replace the water pump but I thought it went out a little early only 60k miles. Will definitely get another one.

- Anthony L

Awesome vehicle. Satisfied truck owner!

Performance is great. Standard features are practical. Great for long road trips. Plenty of room for a big family. I keep a large kennel in back for my dogs the seats fold up and it fits perfectly. Truck handles great in the snow. Gas mileage is not that great to be expected. Overall happy.

- Penny W

2013 Ford f150 one dependable truck.

I own a Ford f150 3. 7 stx 2 wheel drive ingot silver with crew cab. My truck has tinted windows 18" wheels and an aftermarket muffler. It also has an electronic pedal commander that plugs in above gas pedal and gives me instant acceleration when ever I want it. I usually run it at sport 3.

- John W

The tired and rims are what catches most people�s eyes.

My truck is a black f-150. It's a 2013 and I have had very little issues with it. The truck rides so smooth and never ever jars you around. The amount of room that is in the cab is just a cherry on top. I was able to put some new tires on the truck and it just made the truck even more fun

- Timothy M

Sporty, rugged, and tough. Not to dependable though.

I love the straight edge looks on f150's. The trucks seems to ride a little rough after 5 years. After the fourth year of having the truck, I had to bring the truck in to Ford to have the air conditioner, struts, and tie rods repaired. Love the looks, but not satisfied with the longevity.

- Braxton H

Great truck for work or play.

The Ford f 150 alt has been a great investment the truck has had 0 problems while I have owned it and now has 30000 miles on it so it is a low mileage vehicle. It is a 4x4 so has been used both on road and off-road to some degree. Most often used to haul lumber and work related products.

- Charles J

Great and dependable truck.

Love it! Very spacious crew cab. Pulls trailer well. Four wheel drive works great. Has rear locking differentials. I have the ecoboost engine. Very responsive. Like the Ford sync. Gas mileage could be better. Has 36 gallon fuel tank. I would recommend it. I would by another one for sure.

- Jennifer B

It is my big red, reliable means of transportation!!

My fan kicks on too much, my whole radio assembly went out over 1 year and a 1/2 ago, the engine revs high sometimes. The gas mileage is pretty decent though. I love how big the cab is. The replacement parts are decently priced and it doesn't cost too much more than my car did to upkeep.

- Stephanie L

2013 F -150 crew cab 4X4 3.6 l ecoboost XLT with 5.5 ft bed

Very dependable. No major repairs or cost associated with it except normal Maintenance for the truck. Ecoboost engine is smooth and powerful. XLT trim is mid range package and is very comfortable and easy to clean This truck will handle everything a half ton truck buyer will ever need.

- David O

Great car, great gas mileage. Very cozy and roomy.

Car has been great. No mechanical problems since I bought it. We love the seven row seating available. It's been a very reliable vehicle. I would recommend a journey to anybody shopping for a new car. Especially a family with many kids. This car has proven reliable over and over again.


Try to purchase a newer model of this truck. The common problems were fixed.

The truck was a used truck, my dad got it for his work at the time. It is a well made truck but after about a few months it started to act up. Only recently after about 3 years my dad was able to finally fix the leaking ac fluid. The engine is a oil guzzler more than a diesel guzzler.

- Angel H

Everyday driver for the working person.

Ford F-150 is extremely reliable. I have not had any major mechanical problems, besides a hose leaking to the radiator that was easily fixed. Unfortunately the XLT package does not come with leather seats, clothes only. The ride and drive of the Ford F-150 is comfortable and pleasant.

- Vance I

Great truck with plenty of legroom.

This truck has been very dependable. The back seat is very roomy, and the legroom is amazing. My son who is over 6 foot tall has plenty of legroom in the back seat! The truck rides smooth. We have the tow package and it pulls our RV with no problems. I definitely recommend this truck!

- Amy Y

Ford is one of the top rating vehicle around united state.

I have a Ford f150 2013. I am so in love with my truck it really helps me so much and my family from moving our stuff especially we used it to load everything that we can't carry ourselves with it. I rather used it than renting a U-Haul or so. Plus it has a big space. I just love it.

- Melissa Y

2013 ford f-150 pickup truck. Dependable and versatile.

My ford f-150 is one of the best trucks I have ever owned. It is just a basic work truck with a long bed and a 5.0 v8. Some of the plastic trim inside has come off but for a truck with over 140,000 miles it is still very dependable. I would definitely buy another f-150 in the future.

- William C

The back up camera and the spacious room of the truck.

No problems with the vehicle. I love the space in the back seat, the center counsel has lots of room to store stuff. Has backup camera that has never lead me wrong. Your phone can connect to the car speakers for safe driving. Very reliable and has no trouble hauling my fifth wheel.

- Nicole C

My truck can and does get me to places where I want or need to go.

I like the fact that I have room in the vehicle. I also like the fact that I do sit higher in my truck compared to a car. My truck is a 4x4 vehicle so I have used it to go places where a car can not. I have also used it to go in low flooded areas where a police vehicle can not.

- Thomas S

My 2013 Ford f 150 review.

White 2013 Ford f150 stx 5. 0 v8 motor with tow package. Had to replace battery and purge canister already. Very comfortable. don't like the middle arm rest. Needs a better middle compartment. 17 mph is not very good but understandable. Toolbox doesn't fit due to rear wheel fender.

- Jonathan C

Comfortable, big, good gas mileage

SF150 is a great vehicle. To me is perfect because is big and comfortable. The way that runs and how convenient it is for family, work, long and short trips. Gas isn't that bad for being such a big truck. I filled the gas tank with $100 dollars every two week which to me isn't bad.

- Maria C

4 wheel drive crew cab pickup.

It is big enough for five people. Able to carry construction materials and landscaping supplies for weekend projects. I like that I am higher off the ground than a typical car so I can see what is further down the road. Back seat folds down for extra interior hauling and storage.

- Kathy M

My precious Ford. It is beautiful and wonderful and offers a smooth ride.

I have no specific problems at this time. It is reliable and performs up to standard. It has low mileage as it is driven locally. The color still shines. There does not appear to be any defects and I love it. If I could purchase another one I would still purchase the same model.

- Cynthia E

It's my favorite family member.

I love my truck though it is a gas guzzler. I'll be trading it in shortly, and I will consider other pickup models. There are other attractive models out right now, like the Silverado and the Dodge Ram. Going back to my current vehicle, it has 140,000 faithful miles on it.

- DJ B

Roomy for growing family.

This truck has great handling abilities. It is not squirmy or squirrelly in the rear end. I did need a little more aggressive tire due to my location. It is a 4 door and extremely roomy for a family of four with teen children. There is expansive leg room and under bench storage.

- Amber K

Family truck, good for kids, parents and animals.

This truck is reliable, comfortable and good on gas. We have had very minimal problems. It may simply need additional outlets so multiple items can plug in. I am not sure what else to say. I do not like the fact that I have to complete so very many characters on this question.

- A... E

Great and dependable truck

It is a very reliable vehicle, but not so good on gas in town(not so bad on highway), very spacious, I can fit 2 adults and 4 kids. It has Bluetooth setup to listen to music off your phone, and an inline for phone calls. Center console can be lifted or down to accommodate you.

- Victoria A

White Ford Truck is good!!

Gas mileage isn't the best. I like that it is white. I also like that the truck has a bed that I can put random refrigerators in. It doesn't have a toolbox :(. The seats are comfortable and the back seat is very spacious. It had some cracks on the windshield when I bought it.

- BIlly J

I can sit high which is an advantage because I am only 5'1".

The oil indicator light stays in and no one including Ford can tell us why. It is a comfortable ride for a pick up and fuel expos good. Sitting high up is a plus. Bluetooth system could stand some improvement. Can only sync one phone at a time. No major concerns at this time.

- Denise W

Like the hands free phone option with radio.

I love this truck. It has plenty of power when pulling a trailer or boat. It goes great down the highway. Just wish I would have bought the 4 door instead of a extended cab it get about 17 on the highway not the greatest but good for a truck. Like the hands free phone option.

- Chris C

Spacious family or work truck

Comfortable, nice roomy interior, backseat is big enough for 2 infant car seats, reliable and dependable, drives like a dream, good radio and speakers, plenty of room for groceries and such when shopping, very spacious, good family truck or work, easy to keep clean and tidy

- Nicole Y

F-150 is a great purchase!

It is a Very reliable truck. It has great torque and good gas mileage. I love the large interior with the extra seats in the cab. Easy to hook up my phone for hands free driving. Air and heat are fast and the key fob battery has lasted over 3 years. I feel safe driving it.

- Brittany K

My vehicle is much too large.

I feel like the vehicle is too big for someone like me. Every time I drive I worry about possibly wrecking or running over something. In simple terms, I personally need something smaller like a sedan, perhaps a Ford fiesta, Focus, or Fusion model would better fit my needs.

- Katie T

It will get you where you need to go in any conditions.

I love my truck, it is my second one. I feel more secure driving a truck than a car. I know I can depend on my truck to get me where I need to go, especially in the winter. We can get a lot of snow and/or ice and my truck takes care of me no matter what the conditions are.

- Colleen T

I could not open or close the rear window when I went back to the dealership they showed me the power button in the roof of the cab.

4X4 Great vehicle we had a flat tire and I could not find the jack without the owner's manual I had trouble when I first got it because the granny step caused me problems I am 6'5'' and I eventually got into it from the ground without using the extra step and it works well

- Bill K

Sharp looking truck that is well built inside and out.

My vehicle is very spacious and has nice leather interior. The navigation system could be better but works well and is easy to use. The truck has a nice reverse camera and sensors. I wish it had sensors in the front as well. The motor has held up well up to this point.

- Bryan M

Great family friendly vehicle!

Great room space for more people or bigger-sized people; comfortable for long car trips; has vehicle interior monitoring from a small screen above the steering wheel; vehicle is very technologically sound; has portable plug-ins for car chargers and wall charging cubes.

- Vivian G

Pluses and negatives of vehicle.

Large interior and great steering wheel controls. The platinum series has the retractable running boards, which is a great option. Lots of power with the 3.5 turbo. Would like the gas mileage to be better and some of the dash controls to be poisoned in a better place.

- Keith O

Ford f-150 windows and sunroof.

We have had major problems with the sunroof and back window. Both do not work and they claim they are not under warranty -2500. To fix the sunroof and 1000 for the back window.. I think for a 65,000 dollar truck these should work past 3 years when they became faulty.

- Julia O

It's the neatest shade of red that never fades. We gets lots of compliments on it.

My truck is great. It gets as good gas mileage as most cars. Runs great. Gets me around in the snow. I feel very safe driving it. It's also my favorite color red. Has lots of room, in it a full size back seat great for taking kids around or loading up with groceries.

- Linda C

Comfort, performance and versatility luxury truck.

Great performance . Surprisingly good gas mileage (6.2 engine). Great . Highway cruiser. Comfortable seating and cockpit . Versatile 4 door cabin . Great cabin and bed capacity. Leather seats are very comfortable . Headroom is very ample. Trouble free (78,000 miles).

- John T

Top reasons I love my truck.

I can haul everything from groceries to drywall. It handles well in all kinds of weather. Also does a really good job towing our trailer. Is very easy to drive and does not feel like a truck. Controls are very easy to use. It is very comfortable on the longest trip.

- Robin P

Good vehicle that I use daily.

My vehicle is comfortable to drive and looks good. The interior is well designed but could use a larger storage area in the console. The interior lighting is good and easy to operate. The controls on the steering wheel are also easy to use. The sound system is good.

- Daniel C

I love that the back seat is roomy and the seats fold up to allow for more room.

Extremely comfortable and reliable. Drives fantastically, like a car almost and has plenty of room inside for my 3 kids and their car seats. Safety is critical to me as well, this car performs well and is a safe car for me to feel comfortable transporting my family.

- Brent A

Six cup holders, storage under the front seat. Digital display on dash

Very comfortable, has good sound system, storage, cup holders. Easy to get in and out. Really good in 4 wheel drive on snow and ice. Only thing I'm not happy about is the gas mileage. It averages 17 miles per gallon. Also tall enough I need a ladder to wash the cab.

- Marissa R

Navigation, 4 wheel drive, large inside capacity and leather seats.

My wife and I own a Acura rd. and the Ford f150 fx4 and we both agree that the ride is much smoother. The f150 plus it has heated and air conditioned seats which we both enjoy very much. W e also tow a fishing boat which is easily done with the 6 cylinder engine.

- Kevin A

Fords. I have had different trucks but I wouldn't change Ford f150.

I really recommend people that if they like and going to buy a truck the better option is Ford f-150. Why, do to their spacious interior the crew cab in the back their power horses there 4*4 one of the strongest I feel Ford it is one of the best models in trucks.

- Maria J

Great truck for a family of four.

Issue with fuel pump fuse.. It almost burned in half. Other than that, no problems, yet.. Love the size, plenty of interior room. Drives smoothly and handles great. Pretty good gas mileage for it is size. Wish it had a backup camera. Plenty of power to tow with.

- Daniel T

2013 F-150 Supercrew Ecoboost

The 2013 F-150 has for the most part been the most comfortable and reliable vehicle I've owned. The seats and headrest make for an easy and relaxing commute. The only issue I've ever had with the vehicle is that the gas mileage is marketed higher than reality.

- Stephen H

decent truck for the money

20 amp fuse for the starter failed and had to buy a kit from ford to relocate it. The kit was 20$. It is a bit tricky to park does not turn on a dime. Its comfy except for the headrest is stiff. It has great power and comfy ride. It has a very roomy interior.

- Vicky T

Best truck in America for a good price

love my truck, never had any problems since I bought it which was roughly 4 years ago. Great power and very reliable. Great towing or going on the beach. Would recommend this truck to anyone looking to buy one. Not bad on gas as well, and very good looking !

- Anthony M

Great value for the cost, great options & highly recommend to anyone.

Love my truck. Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world unless it was a brand new super duty. It is got great power, pulls great, v6 turbo that has more get up & go then any Chevy I have ever driven. Smooth ride, comfortable & reliable. Highly recommend.

- Tina S

Versatile and easy to maintain.

Truck is easy to maintain, very good on gas for its size. Always reliable. . . Only drawback is also its size. Sometimes it is too large a vehicle and hard to get into. It currently only has about 82000 miles on it and has required very little maintenance.

- Jennifer P

I like it, no issues all in all a solid American truck

I haven't had any issues, it runs good and all warranty issues have been taken care of quickly. I like the length of the bed and the back seat is also roomy all in all I'm quite happy with it. I could definitely see myself getting another one in the future

- William R

Excellent truck and would recommend to anyone to buy one.

It is very reliable. Great in the snow. Did have to get the dashboard replaced twice due to it cracking but it was under warranty. When purchased we bought an extended warranty. Very comfortable ride. Air conditioning works great, gets extremely cold fast.

- Karen H

Comfortable and relaxing and dependable.

I have knee problem so my husband brought a truck which made some it so much easy for me to get in and I it of. . I love the room that this truck has and also the comfort of it. We have travel from Texas to Florida and our next trip will be to California.

- Ruth C

Ford truck super awesome review.

Overall I enjoy my f-150. It does have a recent recall concerning the transmission so that is something that I will have to handle as the owner. The locking rear differential is very nice because it has gotten me out of some tough spots a couple of times.

- Matt H

Love my ford f-150 truck!!

It is very reliable. The seats are comfortable and with the adjustable backs, you can sit straight up or lean them back to just the right angle you like. Love the extra room with the extended cab feature. Will never go back to just a straight cab again.

- Mary L

Ford f-150 crew cab - our family car.

It is a crew cab which made it our family car and it can still carry any shopping packages that we might buy at any store. It is also good for helping my kids with moving and has the capability of towing. It is very reliable and it is very comfortable.

- Deborah R

First problem with my truck.

Had a throttle control sensor go out on a trip. The vehicle just quit. Sat by the side of the road for half hour before it would start again. Went 14 miles and it quit again. Did this twice more before I could get it to a garage. Repairs cost $579.00.

- Bonita H

It's Ford tough and very reliable!

It has the power to haul what I need to, pull a boat. It is spacious and comfortable inside, and has a comfortable ride. It has all the features I wanted in a truck. I don't like that the back end is light and the tires spin easily on wet pavement.

- Steve S

It pays to shop around. We went out of state to get the best deal. It more than paid for the travel we did to pick it up.

I love the versatility of the truck as it's a crew cab. It has heated and air conditioned seats which make it great in winter and summer. It also has the automated step up to get into the truck and folds away automatically when you close the doors.

- Bonnie M

My Ford F-150 has plenty of room for hauling both people and large items.

I like having the utility that owning a truck brings. Being able to haul something when needed is such a plus. It is a very comfortable ride and has much room in the back seat for my children. I do not like that there is not a rear window defrost.

- Robert C

Comfortable ride and good fuel economy.

My f-150 pickup is a great truck. I really enjoy driving it. I like the fuel economy. I like the comfortable ride. I like the reliability. Like I said the ride is comfortable for a full size truck and the fuel economy of the v8 engine is pretty good.

- Christopher R

Handles great, I have taken care of it, and it has taken care of me.

I only drive this vehicle, the Ford truck f-150 because our 2nd vehicle (Chevy Tahoe) is unreliable as a family car. It frequently loses power and we've been stranded several times. I now drive my husbands truck until we can afford to buy a new car.

- Carrie S

I feel that the Ford F-150 handles quite well and can haul decent payloads when compared to the other vehicles on the market.

I enjoy driving my truck because it handles well in any road conditions. It gets decent gas mileage for a truck that would be nicer if the gas mileage was a little better. It has been fairly low maintenance and that has made me a happy truck owner.

- Raymond L

Very comfortable and dependable vehicle.

I love my truck because it is very comfortable and has almost all of the extras that Ford offers for this year vehicle. I have yet to have a problem with my truck that is now 5 years old. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Ronald F

Dependability in all weather/road conditions.

The only complaint I have about my truck is that it turns like a larger truck like f-250 etc. and get about 15 miles to the gallon. I love my truck and wouldn't trade it. It is gorgeous and I feel safe in it and trust it in any condition.

- Courtney H

It is a very well made car. It is a sturdy vehicle that can perform the task at hand, while looking nice.

I like that it is a powerful enough vehicle that I could use it in case of emergencies, but it is also a good looking auto. It is sturdy enough to get the job done, but also attractive to look at. It performs well, and runs smoothly.

- Michelle H

I love it and am constantly using it for camping. It Rocks!

Put a camper shell on the bed of the truck and I camp in it almost every month. Added a room AC unit that keeps me cool (when I have Electricity) and a heater too. Saved a lot of money staying in the truck instead of booking a hotel

- Norman W

It has great sight lines.

I like it because it is a truck and sits up high. It is very roomy and comfortable. I do not like the Microsoft sync feature because it does not work properly. I am disappointed that the drivers side automatic step has quit working.

- Angie K

It is really spacious and runs so smooth. It's great on gas and is a great vacation vehicle. Lots of storage!

I like that it has an extended bed. I love that it easily fits all three of ours kids car seats. I dislike that it is not four wheel drive and that it's a 2 door truck with suicide doors. It runs great and is a very nice truck!

- Brandi W

It has a turbo. The power of a V8 and good gas mileage like a V6!

My truck is the ecoboost package and It's very peppy and can get get around cars on the highway pretty quickly unlike my last vehicle. The backseat is very roomy for the kids also. I love the way it looks and drives as well...

- Audrey B

It's fantastic for families with 3 kids like ours. Great for road trips.

I actually have a Ford Econoline van but that wasn't an option. It's a great vehicle. It was perfect when my kids were in diapers and I could change them inside the van. It has a flat screen bluetooth TV for the kids to watch.

- Stacey W

It has the functionality and drivability of a full size SUV with the capability of a truck.

I love how big the inside of the vehicle is while still allowing the towing capacity in the larger bed of the truck. The ride is super smooth and it still has good maneuverability. It gets really good gas mileage for a truck.

- Holly S

Great work vehicle, but not the best if it's your only vehicle and you have a family.

I like that it can be used for my husband's work and that it has upheld well over the years. I wish it had more seating and was a more comfortable family type of vehicle. I also am nervous driving a truck instead of a sedan.

- Darlene W

I do not view my vehicle as a status symbol.

I enjoy the fact that it is a pickup truck with a large cab. I constantly use the cargo area, but it still has room for passengers. I also like the fuel economy on my particular vehicle. It is pretty good for a truck.

- Joe k

Works like a truck should! I have towed my travel trailer up into the mountains and down to the beach. Never an issue.

One of the best vehicles I have ever owned. I like the styling, fit and finish and the over all look of it. The engine in this one has been great. Super gas mileage and power to spare. Couldn't ask for a better vehicle

- Calvin N

Its very spacious and can hold a lot of things.

Problems with keys, locking and unlocking the doors, have to keep pressing the buttons in order for it to lock, sometimes it does not and it's a hassle having to walk back to the truck and manually locking the doors.

- Camelia D

It seems that trucks in general (and maybe Fords in particular) tend to have more problems with body rust than other vehicles. Mine is only 5 years old and already showing some surface rusting (which I didn't notice when I bought it earlier this year).

I like everything about it other than the fact mileage. For a truck it's not bad, but it's my first truck, and I was used to getting 20+ mpg. I love the super crew cab, the "old man step" tailgate, the way it rides.

- Lance J

The one most important thing others should know is just how safe the truck is.

I love having a truck for Its convenience. It is very safe and easy to transport pretty much anything that I need. For a truck, the gas mileage is pretty good as well. It has a very nice quiet and comfortable ride.

- Paul S

It is super comfortable and easy to drive.

I love it. It is roomy inside, has enough space for car seats and shopping bags. Gets reasonable gas mileage. Only real complaint is the lack of turning ability. Trying to park is like trying to dock a yacht.

- Kelli H

It is nice and goes super duper fast in winter conditions.

Great reliability with good gas mileage for having a 5. 0 liter v8. Interior has all that you need in my opinion Bluetooth with easy assistance screen. Upgrade is available but found xlt suites my needs the most.

- Randall M

Why this country girl loves her truck.

My truck is large with plenty of legroom in front and back. I can fit 5 to 6 people in it. I get 18 miles a gallon of gas. It is a super smooth ride. The blue with a sparkle finish is wonderful. I love my truck.

- Gayle T

Inevitable carbon buildup in the cylinders, unless one guns the engine regularly.

I like its utility as a pickup, its appearance, and that I feel safe in it. I dislike the mechanical issues that have come with it, especially since I previously thought fords were supposed to be more reliable.

- Stephen C

Surprisingly it gets very good gas mileage for a truck

I purchased the vehicle used. I have had no issues with the vehicle. I only have done oil changes. This is the first Ford I have owned and I love it my next vehicle will be. Ford also very happy with the truck

- Dean K

Absolutely Love my Spacious F150

I love my f150. We have teenage boys who have never complained about leg space, which was the original reason for buying a new vehicle. The only problem that we have ever had was the water pump going out.

- Katherine C

I love all the space that is available inside the super crew cab.

The transmission can be funky at times. The truck is equipped with a manual option. It is the option right after drive and sometimes the transmission slips into the manual position when you wanted drive.

- Matthew C

It's a large vehicle that not everyone is comfortable driving.

I like my vehicle because it's versatile. It has a roomy interior which is important for me because I'm a tall person. It's also fun to drive and powerful. I also like that it runs on ethanol fuel.

- Todd D

My ford is safe and to me that is the number one issue

I love my Ford. I can depend on it weather I'm going 2 miles or 2000. I wish it had a few more features but after I flipped my last one down the interstate and I was kept safe I will stay with ford

- Jennifer T

The truck handles well and is comfortable to drive on the highway or in town.

I like the ride of the truck on the highway. It is roomy and allows me to carry most anything I need to. The gas mileage could be better, but it is a reasonable accommodation for all the pluses.

- Vernon E

Its reliable and very safe to use.

I like that it is a large vehicle that provides protection. I like that it has the capability to go off roading if needed. I also like the design of my vehicle. There is nothing that I dislike.

- Laura F

Great commute Truck 2013 Ford F-150 XL

so far it gets great gas mileage and my insurance isn't high. I'm still paying on it. I get regular oil changes and have put new tires and new battery on it since I first got it a year ago.

- lacey r

It is safe to drive in the snow. But doesnt have a radio

I like That it is four wheel drive. I do not like how shortly after you get vehicle it starts to rust in places it shouldn't. plus it does not have a back seat which I would love about now.

- Zackery C

It is very versatile. It makes a good family vehicle plus it can tow a camper or other trailers.

I really like my Ford f150. It has plenty of legroom in the back seats for my kids and to put groceries. My truck has been good but my fiance has one that has had a lot of engine problems.

- Michelle K

Great and reliable truck.

2013 f150 fx4 with all options. Best features are the backup camera, sync, and heated/cooled seats. Only dislike is fighting the starting of rust, even with extra rust guard protection.

- Rob C

My truck handles very well and looks good.

i like driving my truck especially on long trips because there is a lot of room in the cab. I am also happy with the performance. I would only get rid of it to upgrade to a newer model.

- Shawn N

Utmost reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Very durable.

I love how reliable my truck is. The back seat is very large and has plentiful space, even for a car seat! The radio system could have better quality software and be more user friendly.

- Amanda W

A super comfy F-150 Ford truck

I really like this truck. It is very comfortable and has a lot of room. The only problem I see with it is the transmission doesn't make a smooth transition between the first 2 gears.

- Kim B

The 5.0 engine is the best engine they put in the f-150

I love the 5.0 engine and the rumble it creates while driving. I like the 4x4 version since It's a little higher off the ground. At this point I don't have any complaints on the truck.

- Mark O

Plenty of room and the ease of access with the four doors.

My truck is fun to drive due to the turbo engine. Plenty of room for the family, especially in the back seat. My only complaint is that there are not any air vents in the back seat.

- Demian W

It's very noticeable to others when driving arrive. The most important thing is I enjoy the truck

I like the look of my truck and the functionality of it! The worst part of my vehicle is the gas mileage. The mileage would be a lot better if there wasn't larger tires than normal.

- Josh D

It has a great safety record. It has also be voted number one vehicle repeatedly.

This was the truck I wanted. It is comfortable, roomy, whether you are sitting in the front or the back. We travel often, and are always happy with the ride and drive of the truck.

- Kathy W

Comfortable and powerful.

The F150 is a comfortable vehicle. Its 8 foot bed makes hauling very easy and convenient to do. It is reasonable on gas and gives good performance going up hills with full loads.

- John M

The undercarriage is rusted badly.

My truck has many issues starting with the gas n fuel pump. . . Possibly just needs a fuse directed for the fuel pump. Also needs a/c check and freon due to small and slow leak.

- Darcy W

Nice truck with average fit & finish

Issues with vibration in the suspension that the Ford dealer can't identify. Faulty fuse for the starting system (Ford is aware of the issue) had to be paid for out of pocket.

- Tony S

It runs well mechanically.

I love the size. I love the interior design. I like having a pick up truck. I wish it got a little better fueled economy but I would not sacrifice the performance to have that.

- John R

This truck will get the job done when you need it, but costs a bit when gas prices are high.

I really like how versatile it is. It can be used for hunting, farm activities, fraternity stuff, travel, or stuff with friends. I dislike It's mileage. I like how roomy it is.

- Will T

Great fuel efficiency. It is very versatile to work around the house or a good cleaning and out on the town.

Looks great, great fuel economy, & reliable. It is large enough for my family of 5 to travel and be comfortable. I am able to haul up to 12000 pound and work around my house.

- Larry D

I feel safe driving it. Easy to get fixed if it does have any problems.

No complaints, love it. Love being high above other cars. Turns very easy. This truck is a double cab so seats everyone comfortably. Love that it hauls our 5th wheel easily.

- Debbie S

Runs great and is fun to drive!

I love having a pickup truck. It has four-wheel drive and heavy duty suspension for driving in the mountains. Also drives nice on the highway. No complaints and no dislikes.

- Greg B

One important thing people should know about my truck is Ford does make a quality product at a reasonable price.

I like my vehicle because it looks nice and has low gas mileage. I plan on keeping it for many years as my go to truck. I definitely enjoy the benefits of owning a truck.

- justin M

The vehicle will get me where I need to go and in style.

It feels very solid and I feel safe in it should there be an accident. I do have difficulty getting in and out of it. Just a little higher up for me. I love the blue color.

- Gayle T

My car is safe and fun to drive.

I like the comfort, color, style and interior of my vehicle. The technology in my vehicle is also fun to have and use. Many other features are beneficial to have also.

- janie m

My car is very comfortable to drive and ride in and doesn't feel to big even though it is a good size truck.

My vehicle is a four door pick up truck. I love the amount of room in the cab and the extra storage space in the bed. I also like the power and gas mileage for a truck.

- Susanne B

It has been very reliable and dependable. It was perfect for our family of 4.

It is well built and dependable. Being a truck, it is easy to throw camping gear and recreational gear in the bed. Also good for flooding, which is frequent where I live.

- Richard H

Lots of room and that means we can do a lot with it. Haul garden supplies around, camping gear, etc.

Wouldn't want to be without it. It has plenty of room, does what i need it to do and it's very comfortable to ride in. I just wish that it got slight better gas mileage.

- Cindy L

It can haul a lot of stuff.

It's a pu so you move a lot of stuff. What's not to like. I am really liking my truck the bad part gas mileage. Less than 20 miles per gal. But that's the price you pay.

- William J

It is tough as nails and has never let me down. Other than routine maintenance this truck hasn't had a thing done to it.

The truck runs like a top. The fuel mileage isn't the best as it is a 5.0 liter v8. This truck has never struggled to pull anything I've hooked to it. Built Ford Tough!

- Chase M

It is solid and dependable and will always be my favorite to drive.

I love that it is a big truck but still gets fairly good gas mileage. It drives well and gives me great visibility. There is nothing I dislike about the truck I drive.

- Douglas D

It is reliable, but the gas mileage could be better.

My truck is extremely reliable, I have not had any performance problems with this vehicle, it is very comfortable. We have used it for several trips of over ten hours.

- Nancy L

The handling is responsive, the power to the drive wheels is fast.

Super reliable, easy to operate, great features. Just love this truck. 4WD I'd responsive and puts the torque where/when you need it. The sync interface easy to use.

- Robert R

It's always been my number 1 brand.

No problems except that year Ford has no gas cap, if after I put gas in, it doesn't always seal, the engine light comes on, have to disconnect the battery to reset.

- James H

The drive strong and brakes hard and it seems very safe

I love my truck can't really anything bad about it taking too many places and many good memories has enough power to give me where I need to go and it keeps me safe

- Matt B

It is reliable as long as the maintenance is timely.

I love my truck because it is spacious and functional. It is equipped with sync and a sunroof. My only complaint is the miles per gallon which is around 16-18 mpg.

- Abbey W

Love the color and the reliability that it provides for my safety.

Love how it handles the inclement weather. Would recommend wheel wells to eliminate rust. Comfort is moderate over potholes as with any vehicle, but very reliable.

- Christina D

The gas mileage is not as good as one would think with the size of the engine.

It drives and rides nice, looks good, and has some unique extras. I don't like that it is expensive and I can't seem to keep the phone connected to the bluetooth.

- Mark H

Gas mileage in residential driving is only about 15 miles per gallon. Freeway around 19 mpg.

My truck is very roomy it runs smooth like a car I feel very safe it's very comfortable. What I don't like is it doesn't turn tight so it's hard to parallel park,

- Sandie S

A lot of the options I have only come in a Lariat.

It has a lot of room. I love the engine size 5.0L. It sets high off the the ground. I don't like the gas mileage but you have to compromise the size and height.

- Gary W

This car is so fun to drive.

Plenty of room in the back seat for the family. Good fuel economy and the turbo helps a lot. The one item that is disappointing is there are no rear air vents.

- Damian W

The most important thing someone should know about my truck is to pay attention because it's bigger so you need to watch what you're doing when parking, turning etc.

I like that it is fully loaded it has both air conditioned and heated seats. I also like that I can connect by bluetooth and listen to Pandora, YouTube, etc.

- Brandi H

Very reliable no issues. I have the 5.0 v8 plenty of power and it sounds great.

No issues with the vehicle. Very comfortable and well equipped when compared trim levels of other manufacturers. Love the styling and ability of the vehicle.

- Mike R

Good opinion on Ford f 150.

Recently purchased. So far we have not had any problems with the vehicle. Good gas mileage, drives smooth, bigger vehicle. Would recommend for a nice truck.

- Erica R

Brakes apply rapidly and sensitive.

I enjoy my truck because it is 4x4. I enjoy the way I sit in the truck, better view. I enjoy the not so stiff rough ride. I enjoy the options on the truck.

- Alicia M

Its reliability and how comfortable it is.

My Ford f150 is very reliable and co. comfortable to ride in. I have owned the truck for three years with no problems and plan on keeping it for many more.

- Travis D

Lots of power, reliable and comfortable. Ford makes a really good product.

Our truck is very comfortable and reliable. The only thing we don't like is the electric running boards. Sometimes they stay out and then kill the battery.

- Janet C

Its fast, roomy and fully equipped.

I enjoy my truck because it is 4x4. I enjoy the way I sit in the truck, better view. I enjoy the not so stiff rough ride. I enjoy the options on the truck.

- Alicia M

people should understand that you don't need to be working in construction to use a pickup

4 door ford pickup, grey with chrome wheels. Love the spacious interior and versatility of the platform. love the ride comfort, dont love the gas mileage.

- Payton L

It's very helpful is very durable is very reliable and I would suggest this vehicle to anyone

It's a good dependable vehicle that I've enjoyed for a few years now and I will consider to be in the top of the category for us for us pick up trucks go

- Richard D

Ford f150 v6 5.9 Ecoboost twin turbo engine fx4 off road

It's a f150 it's a fast and powerful truck and reliable truck has never broke down. And pulled everything I hooked it to it worth the money engine alone

- Zack G

It is very reliable and capable.

I like that my truck is sturdy and reliable. It gives me a great view of the road and has a lot of interior space. My only dislike is the gas mileage.

- Doug M

The Lexus is a well made smooth driving car in spite of it is age.

Love the roomy cab, back seat has lots of legroom. The seats are great. Easy to drive and backup camera really helps with backing out of close spaces.

- Sarah M

Roomy back seat even with two car seats

Love the truck -the back seat is very roomy - I can sit comfortably between two car seats! I like the cover over the truck bed - keeps prying eyes out

- Siobhan D

I feel safe in my truck on the highway.

I love the style of it and the ability to haul and tow things. The steel frame makes me feel safe. The large interior is great for the entire family.

- Angie J

Ford makes a dependable vehicle. Have yet to have an issue with anything.

I like the truck because of the low mileage. Also the v-8 engine has plenty of power when I need it. It's got plenty of room for family and friends.

- Terry H

It is reliable and fuel efficient. It has good engine and I love that the space inside is big.

So far since I bought it brand new, I don't have any complains on my vehicle. It works as I expected it to work. It is fuel efficient and reliable.

- Jhunory M

It is reliable and safe. Maintenance and oil changes every 3k miles.

I like the room the truck provides. The horsepower and my towing capabilities.... It has great mileage with gas and flex fuel. Has satellite radio.

- Jason B

Very smooth ride and great on gas mileage for a truck.

Great ride. Love the size of the gas tank and how quiet the truck is. Very roomy inside and good for transporting large and heavy items in the bed.

- Rebecca C

It is dependable and a great deal for the money. It is a smooth ride and fun for trips.

I have a fabulous red pickup truck. It is so great because it is pretty and has 4 wheel drive. It is dependable and gets me wherever I want to go.

- Cyndy D

Other people should know, my Ford truck is reliable and practical. It is not a sports/luxury vehicle but gets the job done.

It is a solid, reliable truck. It fits my lifestyle. It is very practical for my work on a small farm. I have no major complaints with this truck.

- Scott B

The way they made the designed and the color that I got

I love my truck great for different uses can take to road trips or anywhere where you need to go. Haven't had any problems with it all this years

- Alejandra A




That it belongs to me. Therefore, people should know that I treat my vehicles with respect by properly maintaining them and carefully parking them in safe spots.

It is very practical, yet comfortable. It is beneficial when transporting material. It is powerful and can haul a tremendous amount of weight.

- John M

It handles pulling trailers very well.

I like: 4 wheel drive, high profile, large about of room inside, can haul in bed or pull trailer with ease.... Dislike: no dry covered storage.

- Cindy J

Dark blue 2013 Ford F-150

My truck is very reliable and gets me around with little to now issues or problems. The gas mileage is 16 mpg and the tire wear is pretty even.

- James M

The most important thing others should know about my car is its durability.

I like how easy it is to get in and out of. I like the ride, it is smooth for a truck. I dislike how much money it takes to fill the gas tank.

- judy m

Forest green 4x4 king cab beautiful truck sure will miss her

My truck was a dream come true unfortunately the payment is a nightmare but a great vehicle with the ecoboost engine it is pretty fast too...

- Brett S

It is very dependable and the gas mileage is excellent on long trips.

I like how it handles how roomy it is but do not like the gas mileage. I like that I do not have to call someone if I need to haul stuff fog.

- Melinda L

Driving a truck smart, makes them a lot more fuel efficient than people think.

I like my truck because It's roomy inside. I can haul in the bed, and or pull a trailer when needed. The offload capabilities are excellent.

- Jacob B

It's a Ford and It's a great truck.

I like that it strong and I can do everything that I need to do with it, hauling big loads and just everyday driving. Sometime gas mileages.

- Eric J

Dependable truck with tech

I like the size and control of my truck. It if very comfortable to drive. My only real dislike is the sync system tends to mess up a lot.

- Scott L

It rusts and is very plastics it does not provide as much power as you thing.

It is an ok truck. Does not have a lot of lucky to it I don't know how well it does with towing. When putting it in 4WD, the wheel clicks.

- Bryan S

Runs extremely well and looks good.

I like the mileage my truck gets when I take it on long trips. I also like the roominess of the cab. Not crazy about the keyless entry.

- Cyndi J

It is spacious and comfortable while it has a bed for projects.

It is a lariat model so its very luxurious, spacious, and comfortable, but it has had problems with the brakes and also air conditioning.

- andrea r

Great ride for a truck, almost like a car.

No problems with vehicle, very smooth ride, great interior. Not the best in gas mileage but it is a truck. Best vehicle I've ever owned.

- John C

Ford F-150 Crew Cab great for the Family

Our Ford F-150 Crew Cab was a great purchase. Love that it is a 4x4 and has plenty of space for our family of 5. Great on gas mileage.

- Kim R




F150 is a good all around truck

Electronics are an issue sometimes Right now my abs light is on for no reason. Handling is good and fuel mileage is good ~17 for a V8

- Robert K

My car is a very good running car with a lot of power and very reliable.

I love my vehicle it gets me everywhere I want to go and need to go. I have never had any problems with my vehicle and I just love it!

- Barbie H

It is drove a lot and has not had any problems.

I like the interior. It is large and spacious. I feel very comfortable driving it in all different weather. Would like a cover on back.

- Jess S

Good reliable truck you should check out.

Fuel efficiency is not the best. It is very comfortable but not as roomy as I would like. It is reliable and a vehicle with good power.

- Jennifer B

The truck is much more roomy than most people think.

Perfect vehicle for me. XLT model provides all of the features that I need. 4x4 model allows me to tow without issue. Tons of room.

- Will W

Excellent gas mileage and it is comfortable and has plenty of room.

I like how my vehicle rides and gets excellent gas mileage. It is comfortable on short drives and long trips. I have no complaints!

- Richard B

Great, reliable family truck!

Great family vehicle, fits our family of 4 perfectly, on long and short road trips. hauls/tows well, drives and handles like a dream.

- Emily K

It is a regular cab, full size bed.

I like this truck because it is a regular cab. This truck has a full size bed. This truck has a V6 engine which is just right for me.

- Kit B

Trucks are awesome and sitting up higher makes it easier to see.

Love my fx4 and it being 4 wheel drive.. Love the large crew cab as there is plenty of room and my 5.5 ft bed makes just enough room.

- Brittany A

Very good working truck very good on gas.

I have not had any problems with my truck its been running very good I drive to and from work which is about 354 miles from my house.

- Juan V

Great for off road driving.

Drives beautifully and has lots of space. I just do not like the brakes squeaking. Otherwise, it is a great truck to drive off road.

- Elise S

F150 no better truck exists

Great vehicle, great in all weather, mpeg much better than advertised when purchased, strong construction and durability for hauling

- David R

it is a great truck and start every day

I like my Ford Truck because it has a lot of room inside. I can use it to tow my RV trailer and I have not had any problems with it

- Ron D

Why I love my truck! Fun to drive and large enough for shopping.

Love love my truck. So much room to haul. Great storage for large items, seats fold up for easy access. I love it when I shopping!

- Diane V

it is very comfortable to ride long distances and around town.

I like the size, storage and flexibility of having a pickup truck. It rides well and is very comfortable. I don't like ford synch

- bob s

It is very comfortable, I have driven it for long trips and never had a problem.

I like the truck. It as great power and a lot of upgrades. The only thing I dislike about it is that it is a little to big for me.

- Jaycee S

It has a lot of miles on it.

It takes on a lot of miles which is good. I can actually fit a good amount of things on the tailgate. I have no complaints at all.

- Kyle K

2013 Ford F 150 revive by Steve.

I haven't had any issues with my truck. It's extremely reliable. It's a very comfortable pickup truck and is nice for a long ride.

- Steve B

My vehicle is very reliable. I would recommend it to anyone.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. It is very reliable and has comfortable seats. I would not want to drive anything else.

- Cassandra S

Ford review: by William tanner.

It is very reliable and comfortable. It is also quite easy to drive. It has really bad mileage though which is the only problem.

- Will T

I love the electronic systems in it!

I absolutely love my truck, it has never let me down once! I have had minor issues like the drivers side headlight not working!

- Logan M

It does not get very good mph.

Like that it is big and safe. I do not like how clunky it feels when driving or how I have been having issues with the brakes.

- Luke F

Their reliability is proven.

My f150 is quite reliable for business. Overall they improve every year within some category. I have owned f150's since 1996.

- Everett B

Love my F150. Can't do better than a Ford truck

Reliable. Very comfortable to drive. Does everything I needed to and far cheaper than a new truck. Will likely buy Ford again

- Jonathan B

The turning radius on the truck is terrible

Lots of space, large back seat, four wheel drive works great, it is quiet, no issues with engine, a/c and heat work great too

- Alex C

It does a great job hauling. It also is very comfortable to ride in and drive.

My vehicle does a great job hauling horse trailers for me. It's very comfortable to ride in. And it's a lot of fun to drive.

- Rebekah M

It's a very large van but has room for all of our needs!

I love how big and roomy it is. I love how many people it seats. I love how it drives and beeps when something is behind me.

- Stephanie S

Ford f-150 improvement in newer years.

The gas mileage could be better but I understand in newer models it has improved. City driving uses more fuel than highway.

- Everett B

safety, comfort, beaut, never broke, never flat tires, I have this truck about 3 yrs already

The truck is perfect, he has everything you need to have safe and comfort. We have another car, but truck is the first one!

- silvana S

It has great get up and go even pulling things behind.

It is a comfortable ride, haven't had any problems at all, very reliable. Like the bed in the pickup and the extended cab.

- nell p

Great in the snow with lots of room for a bigger family.

Great in the snow. A lot of room in the back for car seats. Dependable. Great on gas mileage. Lots of space for equipment.

- Carrie M

Great gas mileage in town and on the road.

The seats are the worst. Other than that we like the truck. Great highway mileage. V6 twin turbo power seats and windows.

- James M

It may not be the fanciest car but it runs very well and lasts for a long time.

I like the interior features of the vehicle and it is great for off road use at my camp. I do not like the fuel economy.

- Jared K

I guess that it fits me well and it is paid for.

My truck sits up high making it easier for me to see. It rides like a car, very smooth. The gas mileage could be better.

- Bill G

The value stays high. It's a reliable vehicle.

Very spacious truck. It's a blue pretty color. Has a back window. Navigation. Big tires. Very clean. Great gas mileage.

- Sylvia C

Ford really is built tough and dependable.

I feel very safe in my truck. It has been very dependable. It has plenty of room for me and my family. I love my truck.

- Paula H

It is spacious for a smaller sized SUV. And grate on gas.

It is very spacious and fits our family perfectly. We can use this from getting hay to carrying everything on vacation.

- Katie F

It's roomy. It has enough room for a family of 3, and it can haul anything from lumber to groceries to pull a camper!

I love everything about my truck! It is our family vehicle, and it can haul the 3 of us around just fine and then some!

- Charell T

If kept maintained very long lasting vehicle and very dependable

Love 4x4 of Ford handles real nice. Great riding truck down the road. Very dry good mileage for a 4x4 5.0 liter motor

- Curtis M

Get the ecoboost! It adds a lot of towing capacity!

I love have a truck to haul stuff and it's very comfy for our family of five. It gets decent mileage for a truck too.

- Edie T

My truck will is reliable. It's comfortable to travel in!

I like the style of my truck. I like the space and comfort. I wish I got better gas mileage, but it tows like a dream!

- Darcy N

The dependability of the truck.

I do not like that I do not have a trunk for groceries and what not. I love all the space the cab has for passengers.

- Brie T

Engine type, background, maintenance.

Features such as ac, heated seats, gps, heat controls. 4 wheel drive. Acceleration, turbos. Tire sizes and quietness.

- Emily S

I would recommend our Ford f150 to anyone that is looking for a truck.

I like our truck, it is very comfortable and can haul all kinds of things. I like the color. I like the gas mileage..

- David A

I don't know what others would need to know besides myself.

Like that it is an eco boost. I enjoy the looks of the black rims on the truck. Also enjoy the open space in the cab.

- Paige W

Despite being a truck, it gets great gas mileage!.

It has lots of space for our family of 5.. Great in gas mileage!.. Plenty of places to put our items when traveling..

- Brandy W

Very roomy interior. Comfortable to drive. Nice ride.

Has performed well. Is very comfortable and good size. 128k miles and ac still working. Front brakes just changed.

- Stan K

It is very comfortable for trips. Room for 5-6 comfortable and to baggage.

I love the way it drives and the space in the regular cab. It rides like a car. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Angella K

Ford f series great truck.

140, 000 miles and other than tires, oil changes and brakes, no issues. Rides well, good power, good in bad weather.

- Rick M

Lots of room to seat a family but also safe. Large enough to be noticed on the road.

Safety rated, lots of room to hold car seats, bike, luggage or anything else I seem to want to carry. No complaints

- Brian I

It is hard to park. It fills completely most parking spaces.

I do not like it size.. I love that it is all wheel drive.. I do not like that it only has 2 doors.. I love sarris.

- Robin P