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The wonderful things about my 2014 f-150 pickup.

Having a 4 door pickup is like having a car but with the ability to haul things. We prefer a pickup over a car due to the fact that our legs are more comfortable with our knees bent and not out in front of us. We have the short box but there is still plenty of room with the tailgate down for a 4-wheeler. There is more than ample leg room for both the front and the back seats. We have family 1500 miles from us and often make the trip in the pickup. With the distance the front seats recline sleeping is comfortable. The back seat folds up to create a huge space and is big enough for someone to comfortably sleep on the floor which is wonderful for travel or car camping. This pickup is the first time I have had a backup camera and I love it. I am a terrible baker and the camera has made a huge difference. My husband likes the camera for backing up the a trailer. So many states are requiring you are hands free for cell phones. The ability to sync my cell phones to the pickup is great. The phones can be answered or calls made with a push of a button on the steering wheel. Charging my Iphone is easy since I can use the same charger I use in the house. This means the GPS has its own power source and I do not have to switch between the two. The center console has drink holders for both the front and the back seats. There are also places for drinks in each of the doors.

- Tad H

The 2014 Ford f-150 lariat is a smart vehicle that makes owning and it very fun.

The Ford f-150 lariat is a great vehicle. The crew cab is spacious with enough room in the back seat for both my large dog and car seat for my baby. I really like the bed extension which gives you a few secure added feet of cargo space. The high tech features are also great. The truck calculates its own gas mileage and can even tell you how many miles are left on your current tank of gas. Very helpful on road trips. The dual climate control means everyone can be comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. I also really enjoy the large easy to read touch screen controls for radio and other audio entertainment which includes Bluetooth for your devices so you are not just stuck listening to the radio or CDs. The ability to search for nearby gas stations, restaurants, etc. right from the truck is also very handy. The truck can also give you directions to your chosen destination right from the vehicles touch screen. Driving a smart vehicle like the f-150 lariat helps eliminate the need to use your phone while driving.

- Elizabeth G

High quality - reasonable price.

F-150 supercrew is extremely comfortable with automatic electronic bucket seats in the front and a roomy backseat. There is lots of headroom and legroom in the front and back. The backseat does not fold over, but there is lots of storage space under the seat. There are several spaces for beverage containers for the front and rear seating. Plugs are available in front and back for phone charges and the back of the console facing the backseat has an ac plug. The display screen for the various services - phone, entertainment, navigation, and climate control is easy to read. Controls for those services are also accessible on the steering wheel. The backup camera is a great tool. The f-150 can easily tow trailers and boats. The bed of the pickup is lined which keeps cargo from sliding around during transit. The price of the vehicle was reasonable for its quality and maintenance is not too costly. Fords are reliable, the interior materials are high quality, and the exterior paint is great.

- Paula M

Ford 150 platinum edition: luxury and style.

Our 2014 Ford f150 platinum edition is the epitome of luxury; leather seating, seat warmer and coolers, seat warmers for the back seats, space like a minivan ×2, o mean it is incredible. The back up camera feature makes this large truck a breeze to park, in any situation. The step up bars pull down when the doors open and close when all the doors are close. No need to press a button or push anything up and down. The in dash system connects to your personal phone, which makes hands free calling and texting as easy as a button push. I was skeptical about having and driving a truck, however, I am now the main driver of it because I love it so much!

- Kelly M

The EcoBoost motor is fantastic with the 3.5 liter engine. I have the max tow package of 12,200 lbs in a short bed and pull a 12,000 lb 5th wheel and on open ground. It is effortless for it to pull. I would highly recommend this truck over a Dodge or Chevrolet as it is far ahead of both in new technology.

n early 2016 had 95000 km on truck (2014 F150 3.5 L EcoBoost). Complained to dealership service rep at that time about no pick up in the truck. Had the extended warranty up to Aug 2016. Service rep started to get irate and stated, "This EcoBoost engine is great and there have never been problems." Now 2018 with only 119,000 km on the truck and the timing chain needs to be replaced. Ford will not pay but dealership is paying for some of the cost to replace timing chain. Had a Ford Focus station wagon with 120,000km from 2012 to 2014 with no problems. I traded it in for the EcoBoost F150

- latodd f

Its a Ford has Ecoboost it's a four door. And is very roomy. Also smooth drive.

I have a 2014 Ford f150 four door ecoboost it's very roomy front and back seat. Never had any major issues. The mileage was low at purchase and have nearly 90000 miles only done a oil changes and had a couple of recalls but very pleased over all. But I am always loved trucks and for the most part all my vehicles are Fords. I've not even had to do a total tune up. My personal opinion is that with every make of truck I would tell everyone Ford way to go. If I ever purchase another for my personal use I will be purchasing another Ford.

- Windy R

It is super dependable, reliable, and has tons of extra room on the inside.

I really like my Ford f150 for the most part. It was so much room on the inside, and fits my family perfectly. It has a lot of power, and is super good on gas mileage for it to be a full size truck. Only small things that don't matter to most people are the only issues I have with it, like no defrost for mirrors like some vehicles have, and the vent shapes make it a little weird to get position were you want them. But a lot of these issues are things that I did not think about when test driving and purchasing the truck.

- Ashley W

Great all purpose vehicle. Can fit the family, haul cargo and pull a heavy load!

The color is beautiful, called sunset. It is kind of a rusty red on top, with a sandy beige on the bottom. We have take this truck to Wisconsin several times and it is extremely comfortable. Then both the added cargo space in the back we can antique shop to our hearts desire. There is also a regular plugin on the console. Want to take a coffee maker, or a hot water pot for tea, go for it! We love the ruggedness. The tow package is awesome! Pulled our toy hauler with our Harley Davidson road king without a problem.

- Rebecca B

The wonderful small perks people do not say about when u own a 4*4 truck.

It is great comfort when u are long distance driving. The seats have enough cushion in them that your butt do not hurt after the first 100 miles. It is a nice and smooth ride and shocks work great. Not only that but it is quiet, no rattling or loud engine noises. For as big as it is the gas mileage is decent and it do not guzzlers gas even if you're pulling a load behind it. Also no need to worry bout getting stuck just kick it into four wheel drive and go. You do not even have to get out of truck. Love it.

- Michelle B

Great multi use truck with lots of power.

What I love about my Ford truck is the 4x4 feature comes with even the stock model. I can get decent fuel economy with at least 17 to about 20 miles per gallon in city driving. Also comes with a large 36 gallon tank so I do not has to fill up as often. The seats are comfortable for long drives with adjustable headrests. I have had a few sensor issues but nothing too difficult to fix. It does take more oil than most cars at just about 8 quarts, but with a v8 engine it is to be expected.

- Joanna T

Truck for the rugged guy who wants to ride in style.

This truck is a Ford f-150 lariat. It has leather seats, backup camera, backup warning alarm, navigation system, Ford sync capability, power seats and windows, XM Sirius radio, CD player, fog lights, tonneau cover that matches the truck color, cruise control, running boards, truck bed liner, mud flaps and rain guards on all the windows. It has a 3. 6 ecoboost engine with plenty of get up and go. It is comfortable and rides great. It is low mileage since I am retired.

- Richard S

The car with all the likes that were mentioned can be affordably purchased.

I like how smooth it drives and you do not even feel the bumps in the road and it gets decent gas mileage and it sweet looking you are proud to drive it when pulling my camper you do not even, feel it.. I like how it looks it hold four adults in it has plenty of room in cab I got it used but you would never tell everybody love it and want to drive it the few that love the way it handled they say Ford now make at truck, for every day.

- Craig R

All around good vehicle minor issues which have been easy to fix.

Had initial issues with tuning due to altitude. Water pump went out after 4 years. Had some mild relay issues with the cooling fan. Issues with wearability on the breaks seems like a defect in the calipers. And the high ac hose has a clog. For the most part though the issues have been minor and easy to fix. The truck is a good reliable workhorse and has been put through its paces. It had gotten me out of some though spots.

- Autumn H

Great vehicle, great power, very reliable.

Truck was very reliable and hadn't had any problems until the 4th year of owning it, after taking a trip 2 hours away from home a brake line burst on the way back home, because of this I was forced to have the vehicle towed to the nearest service center where the issue was fixed, upon the fix being completed the other brake line then blew out. Other than these two issues I have had no further problems with the vehicle.

- Daniel M

It is a big truck that uses a lot of gas. App to synch phone is difficult to use. Doors swing out quickly. Hard to park because it is so big.

Ford sells a package for the tires, but did not honor (nor did they check it in routine) when there were problems. We paid extra because the tires were expensive on that particular package. Service department should check for alignment issues each time, but they do not. And, the extra money for the tire package is not worth it because it does not cover alignment problems -- even though they lead you to think it does.

- Jolee S

F-150 black pickup with plenty of room for hauling people as well as stuff!

My truck is just 5 years old now, I purchased it used. I so far have only purchased a new battery. Otherwise it drives smoothly, and it is very nice and roomy inside. This is my first pick up from cars and small SUVs and it is been a great experience. I would never go back. I bought this truck to be able to pull a camper and I have not yet purchased the camper so I am unable to talk about the pulling capability.

- Sara S

Ford truck performance function and reliability. Towing and handling.

I love the performance and reliability of my Ford f-150 fx4. The power and torque are there for pulling my boat. The truck is very easy to engage the four wheel drive and the ride is amazing for a truck. The tailgate extender ladder option comes in handy for accessing the bed of the truck. The interior is very roomy, modern and user friendly. The navigation system is great and the sound system is amazing.

- Jay C

Ford truck – reliable, but not convenient for every activity.

It is reliable & overall a good car. Although, the turning radius is terrible & it is difficult to handle. The seats could be more comfortable & the accessibility of getting the aux. Cord to work is confusing & complicated. It is great for transporting big loads, but it is inconvenient for anything else. We haven't had any real issues with the reliability & we haven't had to have anything repaired so far.

- Elise B

F-150 is our favorite model of full size truck.

I love my four door truck. The backseat is the roomiest, most comfortable of a truck I've owned. The performance is admirable, and we were right to pick a truck with ecoboost. It has required minor work besides regular maintenance. The biggest problem right now is the rear view mirror wobbles badly, but is secure. The last time we had it in the shop they were unable to fix it.

- Mark R

Great towing package for off-road and boat launches.

4 door truck with full size back seat and front.. Seats 6. Not 4x4 but it does have a towing package for great handling especially launching and retrieving a boat. One thing I do not care for is the opposing way the doors open. Makes it awkward getting in. And because of this style there's a big metal piece between that is extremely easy to bang your head getting in!

- Sandra D

Comfortable ride with average gas mileage.

Truck runs well the only issues have been related to the speakers and the backdoor locks. None of which the warranty covered which is frustrating since it is still fairly new with low miles. Gas mileage is much better on the interstate as to be expected for a larger engine but it's a very comfortable ride so even though gas mileage is not as good it is a good ride.

- Leslie W

My truck does great off-road.

Love it! Love that there is tons of space in the backseat if you have children you will really appreciate it. Love that the seats flip up so you can fit large items in the backseat or groceries. It rides great never have any issues with it and the look of the lift kit and tires makes it look rugged!! overall a great truck smooth ride and not super bad on fuel!

- Abi F

You absolutely must use the rear view camera to safely park. Yes, use your side mirrors, etc. But using the rear view camera is not optional for this vehicle. You will eventually hit something you were not meant to if you do not use it.

I like the rear view camera the most, also the extra coverage the side mirrors give. However, I feel that the body of the truck is a bit too wide, the cab could be condensed a bit to fit better on the road. The gas mileage can be horrid in the city. A front view camera for parking could come in handy as it can be hard to judge how close you are to things.

- Adam G

It's got a lot of power even how old it is.

My truck is very efficient and reliable. I am very happy with the. Choice I have chosen to be my truck. I love fords better than Chevys I am a Ford guy. I am more safe in my Ford f150 than any Chevy truck that is on the market nowadays. I've been wanting to go out in my truck but I gotta get my suspension fixed before I get to take it out in the streets.

- Kurt B

My amazing f-150 experience!

I absolutely love my f-150, it has not given me any problems. It has been extremely easy to work on for your normal maintenance upkeep. It has a lot of room on the inside to comfortably fit 5 people inside, which is great if you have kids or friends with you. Great hauling capability. It is the first truck that I have ever felt comfortable driving.

- Deven B

F-150 xl likes and dislikes.

It is a nice truck but very basic. Manual windows, door locks, seats, side mirrors. No cruise control and AM/FM radio. It is a nice reliable truck though. It has a 3.7l v6 engine which is pretty decent on gas mileage. It handles well on the road and is the perfect vehicle for hauling my family around, going hunting and towing my kayak trailer.

- Gonzalo M

The luxury truck of your family’s needs and dreams!

Our f150 is very reliable and drives so smoothly! The backseat is very spacious and comfortable. There’s enough leg room even for adults. It is amazing on road trips too. The navigation system is a big help when you are out of town to. We also love our bed cover! It is great for trips or just carrying your groceries home when it is raining!

- Katie D

my trucks got nice room for my growing family to have plenty of space.. excellent truck bed for hauling the supplies i need for my rescue. ride is nice and smooth. interior is very nice

only issues i have had with my truck is the fact the radio system went out and it took the ford months to fix. i also had a problem with the tires grinding from rust apparently. something was stuck in my ac unit that made a bad noise and finally came out, other than that the ride is nice. it's very roomy and does get some good gas mileages

- theresa m

Definitely not as strong as they claim.

I do not like how weak the pickup bed is. I once dropped a cooling unit my friend and I were loading and it ripped this big ugly hole in my truck bed. The fall couldn't have been more than two and a half feet. Military-grade steel my eye! I was in the army and I have done a lot worse to those. Vehicles without doing that kind of damage.

- Roscoe R

Comfort and dependability.

Our Ford f 150 extended cab is always dependable. We are able to haul anything we want including our camper trailer. It has a very comfortable ride. We have driven it on several long road trips and we got very good gas mileage. The sync system is a great addition to our vehicle. Being able to talk on the phone hands free really helps.

- Loretta K

Great truck a must own if you and your family enjoy the great outdoors lifestyle.

It's a great vehicle for everyday needs and wants. It has enough space for you and the entire family, I would highly recommended this truck to anyone with a huge family and who like to do activities outdoors. I would gladly be the first to say that the engine runs great and the other capabilities the vehicle offers are outstanding.

- Luke B

The ultimate truck experience.

My Ford f-150 is a wonderful truck. It has all the tow power and capability you want in a truck, but with the comfort and luxury of higher end vehicles. Reliable and easy to maintain, my Ford f-150 is the ultimate experience in transportation, and I receive compliments all the time with regards to it is design and amazing interior.

- Anthony K

Looks awesome when it is washed and I get a lot of compliments on it.

It is a great truck. Powerful engine, drives smooth. Makes me feel masculine. Convenient to have the bed in case I need to move things. Lots of room for my family. It has nice leather and a good back up camera. Has a keypad entry in case I lock my keys in the truck. The truck just looks really nice and I love driving it around.

- Colby R

In summarization the car is alright just a very good car to be made in 2014!

Currently, my car is undriveable right now. But, I am working on getting it fixed soon. But, it is a very up to date car. Good on speed, stability, on miles. I also, love that there is an aux cord which can be hard to find in cars from 2014 sometimes. So, Ford was good at putting in the car. The radio is awesome as well.

- Also H

A beautiful truck that rides like a charm.

I really love the look of the truck. Paint is the pearl white. It is fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. The back up camera is great. Rides smoothly. Brakes squeak all the time but the dealership says the breaks are fine. That is disappointing because I hate rolling up to a stop light squeaking the whole way there.

- Michelle M

Ford f 150 ecoboost truck.

I am very pleased with my Ford f150. It has plenty of room and comfort. I get over 17 miles per gallon. One feature I really like is the back seats raise to give more room for large items. It has the ecoboost engine. The only complaint I have is it needs more storage compartments. I would also like to have the backup camera.

- David V

That it is safe for you and your passengers.

I love the size of the truck; it has a full front and back seat, so 4+ people can fit easily. The bed of the truck is huge and is lined so we can haul items and not worry about damaging the bed. Only dislike we have, is the gas mileage. It does good to get 17 miles to the gallon. But that is normal for such a large truck.

- Erin B

If you get a truck buy diesel.

So, I love my Ford. Such a great brand and very roomy but we have had many problems with our truck. Breaks have been going, engine had to be replaced twice. First time it was free underinsurance and the second was not. The saying found on road dead isn't a joke here. But all the other qualities about this car is good.

- Marina R

Ford f-150 I love my truck. It is a pleasure to drive.

My Ford f150 is great. It has a smooth ride. It is comfortable. It does have a slight vibration in the tires. But it has been checked out and they tell me it is fine, so I will take their word for it. I feel very safe driving my truck. Of and when I am searching for another new vehicle I will purchase the same one.

- Debra M

Me & my truck. A great vehicle for multi purposes!

Very comfortable seats! A little high to get into but bought steps & now is great. No major issues with this truck. Love the backup alert! Handles very well & brakes easily. Steering is great. Like my truck!! The back sliding window is a plus. Great camping truck & heavy enough to feel very safe while on the road!

- Diane P

Very stylish and economical vehicle.

Have not had any problems with vehicle since we bought it. Runs fantastic. Wonderful on gas. Very roomy and very comfortable. Driven it 200 miles round trip for 1 and a half years. Very handsome and stylish as well. Very appealing. Would definitely recommend a Ford f 150 to anyone. Price was reasonable as well.

- Abigail L

The ford f150 is an okay truck not so bad.

I do not have a vehicle. My relative has a truck ford f-150. Sometimes that truck has issues and sometimes it works fine. It is a huge truck too and I would not consider buying it myself because I am more of a convertible person. Also the ford f150 is pretty cool I have been inside it and it can be comfortable.

- Jessica B

My f-150 fx4 is a beautiful truck with many features and extras.

I have had brake issues with squealing and brake pads wearing fast but love the many features, size, and comfortability. I only wish it had a digital speedometer and heated mirrors to make it a complete package. It has been a dependable vehicle for recreation and travel. I would buy another in the same model.

- Robin J

Ford trucks computer malfunctions.

Ford f150 trucks have electrical issues. Seems pretty common with the newer Ford vehicles. I have owned 2 and have the same problems with electrical in the truck. It's not a vehicle I will recommend to family or friends. The design and features are great just keeping the features functionable are complicated.

- Darcy W

The back seats fold up to allow for an incredible amount of space for items in the cab.

I like that it has the highest safety ratings and hauling capacity of any full size truck. I like that the crew cab is super spacious and fits our family of four with two car seats comfortably. I don't like that it still uses a regular key instead of a key fob. I also don't like that it's not 4 wheel drive.

- Marcus C

The interior is grey and nice.

My vehicle is very reliable and a good vehicle. I would recommend this same vehicle to any other person looking for a pickup type mode of transportation. The bed is spacious and the interior is grey and I like grey. I think it is a good vehicle and I would get the same one if given the option over again.

- Amanda P

Super awesome truck that I will keep for a long time.

I love my 2014 Ford f-150. It is reliable and comfortable and meets all my work and personal needs. I love the Bluetooth and handsfree calling system. The gas mileage could be improved and I often wish I went with the four wheel drive option. Overall it is a great truck that I will keep for a long time.

- Ian F

The amount of space and comfort inside the cab. Plenty of legroom.

This is the best vehicle I've ever owned. Tons of room inside and easy to haul around whatever I might need. I love the look! I have had some issues with the transmission and timing belt, but all covered under warranty. We have always traded vehicles in every year or two, but this one's a keeper!

- Jennifer K

2014 Ford F-150 ecoboost v6 3. 7 horse power.

The vehicle handles very well and feels like riding in a smooth Cadillac. It gets very reasonable gas mileage and the ride is comfortable. I like the 6ft bed it's easy to haul items. Plenty of room for the family. The brakes are very responsive and allow to come to a complete stop fast and safely.

- Larry F

Best vehicle we have ever owned!

Our ford f-150 is great. We bought it as our family vehicle. We have a super cab which is helpful when it comes to our baby and two dogs. It is very roomy. The big touch screen is nice to have. The air conditioning in the seats is also good to have in the summertime when it is hot here in Florida.

- Sarah P

Quickness of the truck is definitely a highlight of purchasing this truck.

Ford f-150 gets the job done, it is quick, affordable, the design of the truck is very stylish. This truck stock is very eye appealing, when you get work done, to make it quicker, bigger tires and a turbo it is more attractive. I suggest getting a Ford f-150, diesel or gas, both are great choices!

- Danielle O

Great truck, will buy one again.

I have taken this truck on three cross country trips and have really enjoyed the comfort, room and the way it handles. When I trade it in I will be buying another one. I use it for my day to day driving also and find it handles nice, easy to park and I have 4 wheel drive if the weather gets bad.

- Jeff F

Totally love my Ford FX4 must have

I totally love my Fx4 ford truck. It's totally load in dash navigation heated and cooled seats power everything I have 106,000 miles the only thing I have had to do is regular maintenance plugs and ignition coils keep the oil changed regularly with synthetic oil no troubles at all love this truck

- Chuck M

Super smooth ride!! Great truck and every day ride.

I love it! It is perfect from just riding around town to towing. Very spacious and has never had a problem with the vehicle. The interior is great. The leather is very easy to clean and so are the floor mats. The suspension is great. Does not even feel like you are driving a truck. Super smooth.

- Grant S

The truck is very roomy and comfortable and gets good mileage for a truck.

The key fob does not always work, for instance it has remote start and from day one I have always had trouble to use the remote start. Also the key fob battery does not seem to last or there is some kind of poor connection because the button on the keys does not always work to lock the doors.

- Alexandra B

Ford truck. doesn't let me down and love everything about it.

I purchased my f150 2 years ago. I love how it rides and handles. Besides regular maintenance I haven't had to do any major work. I love all the features. Just one problem I have had with the volume button on the steering wheel sometimes when using the volume it changes the track or station.

- Amanda G

Ford f-150 platinum is the way to go.

This is a great vehicle. I love the looks and features in my platinum. I have not had any major issues with it. The only issue I have is a loud turbo fan noise when hot outside but does not cause any performance issue. The power of the ecoboost is great. Will purchase another one next time.

- Terri S

Love my 4x4. It has plenty of room for passengers and can heal most anything.

I have never had any problems with my f-150 4x4 truck. I keep it serviced on time. The interior is larger than most cars and the driving and handling are terrific. Very smooth ride for a 4x4 truck. The only downside is that the turning radius is a lot wider than a smaller truck or car.

- Charles B

2014 Ford review pros and cons.

Perfect for hauling things. Great for long trips has great highway gas mileage. Not good city mileage. Good for a family that is small, back passenger seat folds up. Sturdy truck. Good brakes that last a few years. Nice quiet engine, have to see rpm to see its on. Two blinker settings.

- Jessica S

Great vehicle. The most roomy vehicle we have bet had.

Love the truck. Lots of room in the back for kids or storing if need be. Seats are not the most comfortable but that is cloth seas we have. Truck has plenty of power to pull anything we need to pull. 4 wheel drive works as should and has never let us down. Over a good outdoors truck.

- Jessica E

Reliable truck in any kind of weather and functions at a high level.

The truck performance is great. It has been reliable. The comfort is a little secondary due to the inside damage from previous owner. All the features are still in working condition. Good buy for anyone needing to move items around. I would purchase another one when it is possible.

- Terence S

It is lifted 6 inches higher than usual.

This vehicle is great! Drives smooth like a car but has the big truck feel to it. I am an electrician so it has room for my tools and ladders! Great for off-roading and for family members too! It is a v 6 so it does really well on gas! Has leather seats and heated seats also in it.

- John G

Ford review for the ultimate buyer.

I really love it no issues at all. Look and size perfect, availability of options are perfect, further customization is impeccable. I couldn't have chose something better out of everything I was looking at. If you need further options they Ford has all compatibility possibilities.

- Ray Beets A

2014 ford f 150 tremor edition.

The tremor model has all the bells and whistles. Runs and drives well and I love the touch screen and HUD lights. Wish I would have gone with a 4 wheel drive but overall I am happy with the truck. The ecoboost is nice and gives me the power I need to haul to its intended capacity.

- Carter B

Dependable, roomy, nice-looking vehicle.

Roomy and comfy. Reliable, driven everyday for work and on long trips. Great for family road trips. Takes a little getting used to driving in town and parking in tight places. Perfect for hauling equipment, furniture, etc. Large backseat area with lots of sitting or storage room.

- Jennifer S

Best truck we've ever owned.

We have had no problems with this truck. We love the performance, get up and go. It has been very reliable. It is comfortable to travel in, and I love the heated seats. It seats 5 comfortably. The sync is very nice yo have. We are spoiled now. We are very happy with this vehicle.

- Kris D

This is a great all around daily driver whether It's highway or in town and hauls a decent amount of weight.

I like how smooth the ride is when you're either on the highway or just driving around town. I have the back full of parts all the time and I still average about 20 mpg which is pretty decent. It has smooth styling lines for a great look and also like the 10k mile oil change.

- Chris F

A very reliable and comfortable trunk. Very reliable and trustworthy.

The Ford f-150 is a very reliable truck. It is very comfortable with a whole lot of legroom. It can carry a large payload. You can use it to tow another vehicle or camper or trailer. Decent gas mileage for a truck. It is very reliable. It is also a very attractive vehicle.

- Tab T

Very roomy. Greatest truck ever

I love my Ford f-150. SIt is a smooth ride and is very reliable. This truck also has great gas mileage. Towing package makes a great accessory too. Plenty of room in cab. Allows for 3 cars seats which is a plus for the grandkids! I will stuck with the Ford f-150 for life!


Ford trucks rule. It is a workhorse.

It is very roomy, very comfortable to ride in. The running boards automatically come out when you open the door, this happens on the front door and the back door. It is a v8 so it is very powerful when you step on the gas it goes. I love the navigation system minute too.

- Darlene M

It's a Ford, if looks good, runs good, and has a good, smooth ride as well as the power to haul a good load.

I love the comfort of the ride as well as the ease of the inside of the controls. The truck is also incredibly spacious inside and is great for multiple kids. I also love that the truck has a good haul weight so I can use it to haul miscellaneous stuff for my farm work.

- Caryn M

F-150 review and how much I love it.

I love my vehicle best I have ever owned. I would highly recommend to anyone. Very comfortable and reliable. I would purchase another Ford as my next truck. I receive so many compliments on the ride and options on my truck. Everyone says it rides better than most cars.

- Denise P

Excellent four wheel drive and off-road capabilities.

The design is sleek and tough. The ride is smooth and the vehicle is extremely comfortable. The only issues I have experience are some minor computer errors that have been easily fixed. Other than that, I would recommend the Ford f-150 to anyone looking to buy a truck.

- Sydney G

My review of my f150. What I enjoy and what I do not enjoy.

I like that there is enough solace for my family of five and big dog. I do not enjoy that it is difficult to see when backing up. The truck does have a backup monitor so it beeps when you get close to something. I also enjoy that it is great in bad weather conditions.

- Nicole B

Strong truck, comfortable ride.

Very comfortable. I travel comfortably with 3 adults, 2 children and 1 dog. Easily tows large recreation vehicle. Truck bed easy to load and truck has great load weight ability. Never had any problems - only service required is oil change every five thousand miles.

- Juan L

The design and color of the vehicle.

Bad gas mileage. I also do not like that the car is always so dusty. Not sure if that is an air filter problem. As well as I thought it would be good in the snow but I was so wrong. Slipping and sliding all over the highway. Lastly, the interior does not get clean.

- Kayla T

A comfortable and fun truck to drive.

I love my f-150. It offers a comfortable ride and plenty of room inside. Plenty of power for the towing I do. I get decent gas mileage. It's not loaded with features but the ones it does have are perfect for me. She does great on both long trips and around town.

- David B

I love my 2014 f-150 extended cab except for my engine choice. I wish I had chosen a v8 instead of the v6 non-ecoboost engine. . The gas mileage is not considerably better than the v8 would have been. The 4x4 system is flawless and a lifesaver in winter weather.

- Dave Y

There are likely better options for the money but the ride and comfort is good.

Love how it rides. Gas mileage is decent. Comfortable and spacious. Dislike the fact that the electric system is bad. Windows go up and down hitting small bumps. Radio hasn't worked for a year and the local ford store can't fix it. Suggests I go to a 3rd party.

- Jim D

My truck is a 2014 f-150 with tuxedo black paint.

I had one problem with the brake rotors warping, but other than that it has been great. I have taken my truck across the country multiple times and the only thing that I have had to change on it has been the rotors and the tires after 40, 000 miles of driving.

- Bob D

Love the color and running boards.

I love my vehicle. It has never had any problems in the time that I have had it. When doing a job around the house I can get the supplies I need and do it all in one trip. With a cover on the bed it makes loading up for vacation and hunting a whole lot easier.

- Patrick H

Luxury, stylish and spacious.

My Ford f-150 is amazing, drives wonderfully, very reliable and luxury. I have had no problems with my truck. A wonderful truck for a small family. I would suggest the black color with red and black interior. The inside is very spacious and luxury and stylish.

- Iris S

You are going to have to take any and all turns wide. You'd be better off backing into a parking spot

The size of the vehicle makes parking in certain locations difficult, however it does leave me plenty of room for friends as well as hauling thing in the bed of the truck. I hope to be able to eventually do modifications to it so it looks more "spectacular."

- Devin S

Reliable ford f-150 for the road or off road.

The ford f-150 crew cab is roomy and comfortable and rides pretty smooth for a pick up. It handles great in the city and on the highway and is not too bad on mileage. I have always been comfortable with the reliability of ford products. Has great features.

- kathy j

The ford f-150 is a great family/fun truck.

I bought this truck brand new as my first vehicle I drive it daily and have never had a problem with it even after 2 rear end accidents. It is a 5l v8 truck so you cannot really complain about gas mileage. Overall a reliable, comfortable, and fun truck.

- Austin R

The colors are great, maroon and black interior.

The ac has given me problems and the XM radio has also been a problem. Overall it is a great truck with a lot of cab room. It pulls my boat with ease and looks sharp. The 4 wheel drive can get you out of a jam quickly. The seats are heated and cooled,

- Tommy W

The truck that fits all my needs.

No problems yet, rides great, very comfortable. Feels very safe. Loaded with features. Loved heated seats and cool in seats. Four wheel drive when I need it. Has a 36 gallon fuel tank. Less fill ups. Wish it got better mileage but I can live with it.

- Jerry R

That my truck was built FORD tough! It does the job as a truck, but has all the comforts of a car.

My truck is a king cab, so I can easily transport up to 6 people very comfortably as well as carry a huge load in the 6.5' bed. I've had it 4 years and it's had zero maintenance issues. The only complaint would be I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Ed V

It is super smooth to drive and quiet, even when driving on interstates.

I love the ecoboost engine and the towing capabilities. I love how smooth it is to drive, and how safe it makes me feel on the road. I don't like that I've been having trouble with the 4x4 shifting gears. It doesn't want to shift and gets stuck

- Michael L

It matches my personality and shows off my love of the Cardinals to the whole city.

It's a race red Ford F-150. I designed it myself and wanted it to be race red to match my love of the St. Louis Cardinals. I love the color and the radio/subwoofer. It gets loud!! I also love the smoothness of the ride. No complaints at all.

- Diana A

Nice truck for family with kids

We had to replace the motor and transmission at 64,000 miles but since we replaced it the truck runs great. I love how big the back seat is and that the center council comes up and makes a seat. It gets pretty good gas mileage for a truck.

- Tammi K

How to park it since it's bigger than a car.

I love the features, such as Bluetooth, and the features it has for 4 wheel drive. It features a locking differential, which has significantly helped in the snow. I do not think that there is anything that I dislike about my Ford.

- Nicole B

Great on gas and miles very tuff loading and unloading great to have.

Just love the way it drives. Great on gas and miles. Fabulous price at time of purchase yes we would recommend this truck to all our friends and family. We have been a Ford family for over 30 years great family cars and trucks.

- Mea W

Excellent work and family truck for a family of 4.

It has always driven like a dream. It has very little issues other than normal maintenance. It is not large enough any longer. We always end up taking family and back seat is tight. No complaints. The truck has served us well.

- Elisse K

Great gas mileage, smooth ride, very comfortable.

The drive is amazing. My only issue so far is the tire sensors being connected via Bluetooth. My son hooked up some system to the Bluetooth and it blew three sensors. That is my only complaint. It is very roomy and comfortable.

- Christina M

How dependable and comfortable it is.

I love how safe I feel in it. I think the ride is very comfortable. Its handles well in bad weather. It handles really good on snowy roads. It has not required any repairs since owning. It is the best vehicle for traveling.

- Carol H

Excellent truck! Drives well!!

My Ford f-150 is an excellent vehicle. I have 77, 000 miles on the truck and no problems have occurred. Drives well! The truck has a v8 engine and get 17. 9 miles to the gallon. My next vehicle will be another Ford f-150!!

- Gayle D

Great truck to drive and is very comfortable. It is a good size to carry most items I need to haul and does it with ease. I would be happy to buy another.

I like the size, comfort and usability of this truck. So far I have had very little trouble with the vehicle and it has been easy to service. Only item I don't like is the transmission feel as it seems a little slipping.

- Larry K

Trucks love them lot of fun looks good will not have buy another one.

The truck is slick ride smith you do not feel like your in a truck love how easy it goes into 4 wheel drive look good and fully loaded love the way it drives has a back up camera sound when you get too close to something.

- Carol L

Ford F-150 3.5lt ecoboost 2014

Ecoboost has great towing power ride is excellent max payload max towing problems include dash lights dim and brighten on their own, ford denies a problem, turbos have a tendency to go after 50000 miles mine was at 75000

- Craig P

Just right, not to big and not too small.

This car has been 100% reliable. I have pretty basic features in there, but that is all that I need. I don't need a super luxurious car or a mega work truck, mine is right in the middle and that is right where I like it.

- Chad O

Save money for a few years to afford the poor mileage, but the ride is beyond all others on the market.

The fuel mileage is horrible, even if you baby the vehicle the mileage is below 12 mpg. The vehicle has very nice features, reliable and abundant amounts of horsepower. The comfort of the ride is beyond comfortable.

- Andrew E

It's a one of a kind meaning it has everything you need for the money you are investing in it.

I like the horsepower, interior space, style, Color, I like the fact that it has a lot of electrical components including Bluetooth, satellite radio, etc. I dislike the gas mileage but the horse power offsets it.

- Robert M

One important thing others should know about my truck is that it not fancy, but works well for me.

I like having a truck because it gives me the ability to haul items. I like that my truck is a crew cab and gives plenty of room in the second row seating. Also, I like that my crew seat fold up to all more space.

- Luke S

Towing capabilities and mileage

Love it. It doesn't have as much power as my diesel did for towing. But it does ok. Gas mileage goes down dramatically when towing as well. I got it to commute and hunt out of. Since I am not towing as often now.

- Eric V

I spend 80 miles a day in my truck and I enjoy every mile of the journey.

I enjoy my Ford F 150. I enjoy the ride overall. I also like the features (leather, ventilated seats, technology package). I think the Ford sync system is on par or better than any luxury brand's tech package.

- mike O

Great sound, sensor and space

My 2014 Ford F-150, has a lot of great features that's no buyer can resist. Such as great sensor that's lets the driver know if there is air in any wheel of the truck! And has a lot of space for a family of six!

- Victor A

It has the power and reliability that you need and expect from a pickup truck.

It meets my needs. I purchased the vehicle to be able to tow and be a daily driver. The extended cab make it easy and comfortable to take additional passengers and the V8 engine makes it easy to tow anything.

- Jason S

It is roomy and has a great interior.

The pickup is very roomy and comfortable. The only thing I don't like is it isn't big enough to pull out camper and that the body is made out of aluminum so it dents really easy. It is really smooth to drive

- Chad W

A lot of people assume its my husband's vehicle; so I try to make it known it's mine.

I drive a Ford Raptor, which I absolutely love. I've always wanted a truck; and the Raptor is the meanest looking truck out there. I feel like I'm conquering the road with every trip. I have no complaints!

- Raquel C

They need to know that it is a very pretty truck, but it is also used for real ranch work and pulling horse trailers.

I love the visibility in traffic from a pickup truck. I like the King Ranch interior and leather seats. I love the bed cover I added to it. I like the "love your truck" comments I get from pretty girls.

- Karl Z

It's a good truck to own.

Truck has plenty of power to pull my trailer, it is a comfortable ride and is reliable. The only mechanical issue I have had was with the electronic 4-wheel drive switch this was repaired under warranty

- Roger S

Trucks are very comfortable also and still have all of the other other high tech gadgets.

I love having a truck. I feel safe when driving and protected in it. Also we live in a very rural area and need our truck for hauling firewood and hauling many other items. A car is useless in this area.

- Tammy K

We are a Ford driving family. Love our Ford 150.

We have had no problems with our Ford 150. We get the oil changed every 3k miles and our tires rotated at that time also. This is our second Ford!50 and we will get another one in the next year or two.

- Michael S

That it's more spacious than it looks and it's decent on gas.

I love that it is spacious and has room for car seats. It's a truck so the storage is more than enough. I like that it's a 4 door vehicle. I had that I don't have a backup camera installed in it yet.

- Tiffany M

Great Ride, smooth traveling, plenty of room for a family!

Has the ecoboost engine and it runs smooth. Plenty of room for a large family with tall boys! Only complaint would be that during the colder months it gets condensation on the inside of the windows.

- Jennifer W

There's a lot I could brag about, but the bottom line is that it's built Ford tough.

I like that it's sporty, powerful and dependable. I feel safe driving with my family. My only complaint, and it's my fault for not noticing, is the lack of AC vents for passengers in the back seat.

- Lori M

That it has enough power to do every work activity that we require.

The ecoboost 6 cylinder engine is amazing and the truck is very comfortable for long trips. I love the space. The only thing I wish it had is the same homelike features that our gm vehicles have.

- Mary R

It's not as intimidating as one may think (to drive a truck), especially for a city slicker like me.

I like that it comes default to charge and listen to my own music. I like that the gas mileage isn't too bad for a truck. I don't like that it's a truck but we need one for the winters here.

- Step M

That it's not as bad on fuel mileage as they may think.

I love the roominess and the leather seats. It rides pretty smooth considering its a truck. I can haul stuff and I like that I sit high up and can see better. It's also great looking truck

- kathy j

Four wheel drive is amazing during the snow and rain.

Love my vehicle. High up off the ground makes me feel safe. Really enjoy the hands free Bluetooth. Only complaint is the placement of the cup holders. Really inconvenient space while driving.

- Josh W

It is sturdy and tough. The bed allows me to transport things for home maintenance.

I like that is has a huge bed to carry things around. I like that there is a bench seat in the back to carry more passengers. I don't like that there is not a navigation system installed.

- James T

it's a ford and it's dependable- nuff said

i love ford, always have. i love my truck, it's given me nothing but excellent performance- as fords always have. i drive it to work and everywhere else i go and it has never let me down

- jo K

How durable it is. As much gas as it requires I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

I Love how strong it is if that makes sense. I dislike how much gas it requires to run. I love the features such as how many miles of gas i've got left or when my oil change is due.

- Tanya G

The Ford F-150, Powerful and Tough

My Ford F-150 is great. The 4-wheel drive feature has helped me many times. The only problem is fuel mileage, but if you're buying a truck what would you expect. Powerful and tough.

- Bob L

With having a 4 by 4 the truck handles really good in the snow and really a reliable truck and LOVE it.

It drives nice and get pretty good mileage and i feel really safe in the truck and i always trust FORD trucks, really good brand and handles really good in bad weather in the snow.


A family truck. He was a Ford man.

It was my grandpas. As far as I can remember he always had some type of Ford vehicle. I do not drive anymore but I didn't have any problems with it. He really liked it I think.

- Wes P

The options are endless on this vehicle. Do your research. Get what's important to you

I love the extra luxury options available. I've had no mechanical issues. And the sleek look of the body is exactly what I wanted. It sure doesn't get good gas mileage though.

- Dean G

It has a high safety rating and there is tons of space.

I like it because the truck bed and the leg room in the front and the back seats. I don't like that the middle front seat is completely stationary. It is not very comfortable.

- Mj W

It has more than 5 stick shift

The independence of the vehicle is very well done but some parts need to be replaced and as well as the muzzle is messed up. Also the window is broken. Personally my fault.

- Adolf H

It offers a comfortable ride even when loaded down.

It is easy to drive and handles well. The ride is comfortable. It's great for towing an RV or boat. It is reliable and has only been in the shop for scheduled maintenance.

- Donald F

My truck tows great! it is a 4 x 4 so I never get stuck in the Michigan snow!

I live on a farm. I need a truck because we have 1/4 mile long driveway. I use it to also tow our travel trailer to and from our property. I love my truck!! No complaints

- Cassie H

It's just as fuel efficient and roomy as an SUV, but has so many other benefits.

It drives smooth as silk, and I can see everyone on the road. There is plenty of room for my large family and their stuff. I feel safe in it. It retains its value well.

- Elizabeth W

Space and dependability that is the truck has plus towing.

I love my truck for all that it does. I know I have put it through hell but I wouldn't trade it for any other vehicle in the whole world. I will forever keep my truck.

- Eli R

good gas miles, comfy seats very nice ride

performance of my ford is great I get 20 miles to the gallon, cloth seats, suspension is nice floats down the road, have A/C power everything would buy another like it

- Joyce B

Dependability of the truck and toughness.

Since driving I have had no issues I love the vehicle. It reliable, great to drive comfortable. The 4x4 is easy to engage and disengage. For a truck is drives smooth.

- Amber S

Blue Ford F-150 Fx4 great truck

No serious problems with this truck. It drives great and works well to tow small/medium RVs or boats. Plenty of room for all passengers and decent highway gas mileage

- Baylee O

I take care of my vehicle. I get routine maintenance done to it.

I have always leaned towards the ford truck products. I am very happy with my truck, and my father also owns an F-150. I feel that Ford produces a quality product.

- Chad B

Its reliable. No matter if it's raining, snowing, too hot, too cold, it handles them all

I love the way the truck handles any weather conditions. I love how spacious the cab is and how no one is too big. Love all the bells and whistles it comes with

- Jeremy H

It is very comfortable, and fun to drive. the 4 wheel drive works great

I love the way my truck drives and handles. i enjoy driving it a lot. The ecoboost promised really good gas mileage. it only gives me about 15 mile per gallon.

- steve t

It has more room than it looks and is faster than you would think.

I have really zero complaints about my truck. I have the limited edition so it comes with all the bells and whistles, fully loaded. Couldn't ask for nothing else.

- Jose O

It will seat 7 and a dog.

Very dependable I have had a few problems but all in all good.. Good service policy. Came to side of road and changed a flat in middle of the night.. Bad on gas.

- Della S

Reliable. Comfortable. Plenty of room for cargo.

Very reliable. We take road trips and it is a very comfortable ride. Gas mileage is about average when driving locally. We feel we get good mileage on trips.

- Teresa H

That it is a great truck and it is reliable.

The brakes are have trouble stopping the truck at times. The truck does not shift smoothly sometimes and you can definitely feel when you are at a higher speed.

- Joseph W

Ford F-150: the king of trucks

It's a reliant vehicle that rarely needs heavy maintenance and is decent on gas. I've gone halfway across the country in it several times without any issues.

- Bill R

Trucks can haul cars can't.

My Ford is a very efficient and reliable vehicle. I love this vehicle for several reasons, its very useful to haul, to drive to work, or to carry heavy loads.

- Margarita R

Blind spots on right hand side. Right windshield post hides oncoming traffic.

Like capacity and towing ability, low maintenance. Dislike height off ground and turning radius, physical size is difficult in parking lots. . . Pricy truck.

- Tim B

It is reliable. Rides smooth. Good gas mileage.

It rides smooth, is comfortable and has great air conditioning. Only thing I dislike is the vehicle manual, as it is not easy to understand or guide through.

- Kylie H

Great ride. Great truck. Couldn't be happier with how it runs.

I love having a truck. It's my first truck and I love the amount of space inside the cab. The bed is perfect, and I've been surprised by how well it drives.

- Andrew C

Go to vehicle from a work truck to luxury rig and everything in between...kind of an all in one package

I just absolutely love this truck. They don't get much better..got decent gas mileage...comfy to drive and ride..lots of legroom...stylish almost luxurious

- Jacoby W

Very Spacious crew cab...

I love the amount of space that is in my crew cab. I am able to haul the amount of people as well as haul other items without the elements getting to them.


That it does not use that much gas.

I have always owned a Ford, I like the way it drives like the way it handles on the road, it feels and drives like a car even though I am driving a truck.

- Francis C

It is has a retractable step thing so it is easy to get into the bed.

It is big. It runs well. It hauls things. I have not complaints because it is a very good vehicle. But I guess it has had a few recalls which is annoying.

- Casey A

We like the size and towing capacity of the vehicle. We wish there was a little more space in the back for our passengers and also a way to get into the back through the cab.

Be cautious of the length of the vehicle when towing something. Take some time to practice, especially if you're used to towing with a smaller vehicle.

- Kristi S

That the ride is comfortable and quiet.

Turning radius bad. Rides very nicely. Very comfortable. Gas mileage is very bad and the gas gauge does not march or us even close to digital readout.

- Charlotte C

It has a good towing capacity.

I bought this vehicle for towing purposes as well as buying large home purchases. It's a comfortable truck. I have had it for a year now and no issues

- matt H

That just is because it is a truck it rides like a sedan.

We have had virtually no problems, it runs smooth and gets decent gas mileage. There is plenty of room to take a lot of people, and luggage if needed.

- Tammy H

It's a luxury ride while still being a tough pickup truck.

It's been a good reliable vehicle that I haven't had many problems with. The platinum package has a nice luxury feel to it while still being a truck.

- Zach T

Equipped with modern conveniences. Hands free phone. Cruise control. Great on gas.

Spacious, great on fuel for it is hauling capabilities. Based on price the f-150 is a bargain and the incentives to buy make it hard not to purchase.

- Cory G

My ford f-150 gets the job done in pretty much any situation you can think of.

It is a very nice vehicle to drive. I love the way it feels, and the feeling I get when on the road. I do dislike the lack of smart features though.

- Stephen T

It is very reliable and has very little maintenance needed.

It gets me through deep snow drifts which is super important in Wyoming. It has been very reliable. I don't like that it gets very poor gas mileage.

- Marie E

A nice truck, sturdy, and built to last, and a nice design.

Not sure what to say, besides its pretty snug for a larger vehicle also love the rear hinged doors, and I believe they don't make the model anymore.

- Keraz M

Good gas mileage and dependable.

Great truck very spacious, no breakdowns, and stability. My tuck is one of my favorite truck, I owned previous a Chevy which just gave me headaches.

- Martha G

F 150. Still the best truck for all season driving

Comfortable roomy and reliable. Many different sizes colors and trim levels. Does well in all driving conditions. Miles per gallon is fair to poor.

- Jerem B

Safety with a high quality backup camera with clear view.

No problems. Comfortable ride, good fuel economy, stylish, roomy interior, love the leather, good visibility, responsive 4 wheel drive engagement.

- Richard H

Great Buy! Great for families and hauling

Smooth on the road. performance is great in this truck, very comfortable and plenty of space in the front and back seats. Has no problems with it.

- Shanna B

Its a truck its red and ecoboost. Never had any major problems.

Ok love my truck. I am always love my Ford and a truck is my pick. Really haven't had any issues with it. It's been very reliable and dependable.

- Windy R

Wonderful, reliable truck

This truck has performed week over the past 5 years in all weather conditions. It is just now starting to show its age by making rattling noises.

- Amanda C

It is 4 wheel drive and go go up the mountain road I live on even in winter.

I like the roominess of the cab and that it is 4 wheel drive. My major disappointment that I went with to small an engine as it is underpowered.

- M D G

It is a reliable vehicle that serves many purposes.

I like that it is an American vehicle. It has the big cab so seats 4 easily. Also like to be able to haul stuff without getting interior messy

- Justin H

The vehicle drives smooth with little to no chatter on the tires at higher speeds.

I like that I can haul accessories for my home. The one thing I dislike are the suicide doors. it is not fun using them when grocery shopping.

- Russell S

It drives wonderfully. And is easy to back for a novice.

It is a quad cab with fabulous back-seat, leg room. I really wish it had seat position memory. It is significantly taller than our Chevy 4x4.

- Monica K

It combines function with luxury. It has great power, great design, roomy interior. I am lucky to have one.

It is a 20000 mile 2014 Dark red Ford F150 Platinum edition I bought a couple of years ago. It is almost perfect. I Love IT. No complaints.

- joe H

Smooth ride and comfortable inside.

I like a truck with an extended cab and back seats. I have the ability to act like a SUV with passengers but also have a bed when I need it.

- Timothy M

It is a very well built truck and nice ride.

I like the room and the ride of the truck. The handling is great. Shifts points could be better located and the headlights could be better.


My Ford 150 takes care of me and I love her for that.

The only thing I dislike about my Ford 150 is that is uses a lot more gas compared to my previous vehicle. Other than that I love my truck.

- R S

It's a big red truck and has a nice tow package with breaks

I like that my vehicle came with a tow package and break package for my RV. I wish it could tow more than 7000 lbs. it is very comfortable

- angela m

It is wider than most full size pickups.

I like the power and being able to lock the differential in 4WD. Love the room in the cab. It is easy to work on. It rides kind of rough.

- Shawn S

One of my favorite aspects of the 2014 Ford F150 is the ecoboost, which gives the V6 engine a lot of extra power.

I really like my 2014 Ford F150. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it's reliable, spacious, and is great for needed space.

- Matt K

It is jet black and looks amazing for a 4 year old vehicle. I love it

I like that it is a comfortable vehicle that you can drive in. It has all the bells and whistles. It gets great gas mileage for a truck.

- Gary S

It gives me the ability to spend time in the mountains and outdoors, and get away from the city.

My truck is well maintained for being previously owned. I like the abilities 4 wheel drive gives me, and being able to load/haul things.

- Nick S

It allows us to have to plenty room when we travel. I also feels it keeps us safer since we sit a little higher than small cars.

I am not a fan of the poor gas mileage. I do like that there's a lot of room. It also sits higher which makes me feel safer on the road.

- Tel S

Door fills with water when it rains, you need to pull a little plug out of the bottom of door to drain the water

Nice truck, decent ride. Ok gas mileage. Smooth ride, very plain truck. Very roomy. Radio is nice and sounds decent. I would buy again.

- Robert P

It's solid, rides very comfortably. We tow a 30' camper, and it hardly feels like anything is there. Very pleased.

Love the features in the truck including backup camera, towing mirrors, Sirius radio system. Comfortable ride. Great hauling ability.

- Marty S

that it can go very fast and that it has a lot of power

it is so reliable and I love it so much. the inside is very smooth when driving. also it has the perfect amount of room in the crew cab

- Claire j

It has all the space you need inside the cab.

Runs great, has no issues handling bad weather.. Has all the power I need to get up and go when entering the freeway.. Very spacious..

- Jerry H

Ford is the best truck made. Reliable and good on gas.

The only dislike I have is the truck is too high to reach into the bed and grab something. Truck is very reliable. Pretty good on gas.

- Bill L

The reliability is second to none.

Driving during snowstorms is much less daunting. It is much easier to get in an out of the vehicle, compared to a car. No complaints.

- Dan B

It's a overall nice car with no major problems. The rear view mirror fell off quite easy. The passenger side mirror broke and It's really hard to find a replacement. The car did not come with a key for the spare tire. The cab doors get stuck easy and will not open, on both sides. The tires are good, the frame is strong, the alternator needed to be replaced 2 years ago.

I like the way it rides, the cab is big and roomie, the doors for the extra cab get stuck closed. The rear view mirror fell off easy

- Sheryl B

That it is comfortable and that it is versatile. I am able to haul stuff in the truck.

I like that it is a pickup so I can haul stuff. I dislike that when I bought it used that it had more miles than I would have liked.

- Ronald S

F-150 the truck you need in your life

Smooth ride with lots of legroom, it is dependable, stylish and has lots of cup holders, the bed is long and can hold a lot of stuff

- Laura M

Ford Trucks are reliable and safe! I trust my F-150 and it does the job.

I really like the engine and the horsepower. It's a nice, solid vehicle that gets me where I need to go and makes me feel very safe.

- Bella M

The vehicle is very safe and dependable.

The comfort and size is what we were looking for. It is roomy enough for 2 adults and three car seats in the back for grandchildren.

- Mary S

That is it is beautiful and it could get you out of a lot of situation,

I love how useful it is for hauling stuff. Things I hate about it is how much gas it wastes. And how the inside is cheap material.

- Brian W

It gets up and goes when you step on the gas.

I dislike the gas mileage the truck gets. But I do like everything else that it has to offer. Very roomy and comfortable for trips.

- Skye W

They should know that it's a decent truck with enough room to pick up the Grandchildren.

I love that it's got a king cab, don't like that it's hard to park and that it's hard to see everything because of the blind spots

- Kim W

It's a very dependable truck

Love my truck, I have owned 3 of the same name and model along with several Ford mustangs. Drives great. Fits my family excellent.

- Jason H

Love Ford F-150s! I definitely recommend.

My truck is incredibly reliable and I have had very few issues with it. I have had no major issues at all. It is a great vehicle.

- Veronica R

It is very reliable in all types of weather.

I love how it rides and drives. The cargo area is great. I do not like the blind spots caused by the passenger and rear headrest.

- Jill D

That it gets the job done and it's what best for me and my family

I love my truck i have customized it to my liking and i runs well i have not had any issues with my vehicle and it performs well

- Antonio A

It rides really smoothly for a truck.

I really like the smooth ride for a truck and the towing capacity as well as the off-road capability. I dislike the gas mileage.

- James S

Comfortable and spacious worth the price it is given.

The seats are very comfortable. I feel in control of the truck, I like how compact the inside is. I think it is worth the money.

- Gaby L

It is a great price for a great car.

Love the pipes. Hate the dents.Do not like the leather seats. Newer model. Not sure what else I could say. Wish it was paid off.

- Melinda M

Very good truck no problems Very reliable good gas mileage seats up high to see over cars It has had 2 sets of tires and one battery

It has been a very good truck. I have no problems with it since I bought it It now has 85,000 miles on it time to buy a new one.

- jim b

Great utility truck and family vehicle. Has lots of room and very good gas mileage.

Large gas tank. Can use flex fuel. Big enough for the whole family. Smooth ride. Ford SYNC technology with hands free Bluetooth.

- Mark G

My vehicle is proven to be durable and reliable and it's a Ford.

I like how much weight my truck carries in the bed of my truck. I like the size of my truck. I like the technology in my truck.

- gregory w

It is a big truck and it is a ford.

I like the size of my truck.It has plenty of space and It's a 4 door. The only thing i don't like is the amount of gas it takes

- Morris B

It's dependable and has very little mechanical issues.

It's sturdy, dependable, and i LOVE it. It's comfortable and has all the extras that you would not expect from a pick-up truck.

- Carol T

It is reliable and gets us where we need to go.

I like that it is versatile. I like the fuel mileage. I like the leg room. It fits my family of 4 and gives us all enough room.

- Pam Q

Ford owner 3rd generational owner.

None I love it. It is the best ride I have ever owned. It reliable, dependable and well made I am a 3rd generation Ford owner.

- J S

Big space you can put lots of things inside the car

Ford is good to drive very fast and very convenient. We carry lots of things in the truck or pull some heavy thing on the back

- Jennette O

It has a great back up camera and moonroof!.

I like the torque, power, style of the f150. I dislike the Bluetooth, and consumption of fuel. I also like the interior space.

- Robert C

It just floats along the highway. It is comfortable to ride in seats are great.

I have a lariat and its drives good and travels great also tows my travel trailer likes it not there it's just a good truck.

- Jordan P

Sporty look attention getter and it can get up and go, really fast. beautiful interior

it is a Tremor just a few were made. It is fast it is turbo charge. Has a sporty interior leather seats. Metallic paint job.

- Albert S

That it is dependable, hard working, rugged and comfortable.

It is durable. Nicely equipped and dependable. And it looks cool. The leather seats feel nice and the sound system is loud.

- Alan C

Our Ford F 150 is a vehicle that I feel secure in. It is tough yet comfortable. The ride is smooth. It does take a bit more gasoline than I rather though. Another disadvantage is that it is sometimes more difficult to find a parking spot.

From previous experience with Ford trucks, I know that this vehicle will continue to perform well for many miles and years.

- Glenda B

It is a great value for the money. It is the best truck I have owned.

I like the way the truck handles in any weather. I love the size and the load capacity. I love how comfortable the ride is.

- Ann S



- Pat P

Reliable strong has done most of everything I would ever expect out of a pick up

Strong, reliable, dependable four wheel drive truck. Overall a really good vehicle, could be a little better on gas mileage

- Tim W

Reliable and comfortable.

Good size but easy to maneuver, a lot of legroom front and back, head room, great tow capacity while having a smooth ride.

- Dawn H

Sxm is a great feature and comes with a free trial.

Very comfortable and powerful. I've done many trips in this car and no complaints. Easy to handle and tires are very good.

- Mark W

It is a durable and safe vehicle to own.

I feel safe while traveling in it. The seats are comfortable. There is plenty of legroom. I feel it will last a long time.

- Glenda s

The most important thing about the f-150 is that is drives really well.

I like the roominess of the cab. I like the gas mileage on the hwy but could do with better mileage with in town driving.

- Erica B

Its durable and high quality. The seating system s nice and power steering and four wheel drive are excellent.

I love the heated seats and the way it drives. The space for carrying items in cab other than price it's definitely nice

- Theresa C

Love the 4 wheel drive. Love that it sets up very high. Feels strong and safe.

Drives nice. Strong. Feel safe in it while riding or driving. Can tow with it and haul stuff. Has 4x4 so better in snow.

- Linda S

My truck is about performance, not appearance.

My truck is very well built, and dependable. I like my truck because I can use in rough road, and I can use it for work.

- Rolando O

Drives great even after owning for 4 years.

For the price of the vehicle it did not have automatic lights or floor mats. This is an issue for someone who paid cash.

- Emily W

Its dependable and smooth riding.

The vehicle is very comfortable to ride in. I do not like the gas mileage it gets. The vehicle has been very dependable.

- Sherry S

Best for moving anything heavy

I love dependability of my truck that it has. It helps with all the towing and moving of all heavy things and machinery.

- Eli E

It has plenty of power in four wheel drive.

It has good towing. Bad gas mileage on this truck. Plenty of room in this truck. The four wheel drive is very powerful.

- Philip G

It is a workhorse. I haul everything in it.

Runs great with no mechanical issue. Very reliable and well worth the investment. The only drawback is the gas mileage.

- Ralph K

dependable, last forever had well over 200k on last one before had to get rid of her do to accident

It's a ford f-150 have owned one since i was 18, they have come a long way and have always been good to me last forever

- jeremy L

It gets good gas mileage.

It's good on gas. It's very comfortable and smooth riding. It holds a lot of cargo. It holds 3 comfortable in the back.

- David M

Amazing Ford f150 great family car very reliable.

My Ford has been amazing, it runs well and has never had any problems. Its my main vehicle and has been very reliable.

- Andrea S

It is a reliable vehicle.

I really enjoy this vehicle; it is reliable. It'd a bit of a gas guzzler however which is somewhat of a disadvantage.

- Jess S

It's fast durable and good

I like everything about my car I got it a few years ago and It's still working fine.I have nothing to complain about.

- Paul B

Fords are long lasting trucks. And built in America.

Great truck. But a little high on gas. It is an economy boost and is better than most. Brakes give me a bit of a fit.

- Patricia L

Forever on the road dead!

My vehicle is unreliable. There are many oil leaks and loose trim that makes rattling noises. It is not good on gas

- Jake F

Hugh back seat. Smooth ride. Not cheap on gas.

Some problems with the air conditioner. Air vents break easy. Truck is a very smooth ride. Back seat is very roomy.

- Stacy G

The safety features which include airbags all around.

It has a smooth ride and has all the features offered. I love the Ecoboost engine and voice control for everything.

- Ray C

The room and the great drive.

Love the room and the comfort. I do not like the AC is not strong enough. I would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Jay Z

That it is wide so be cautious when making turns.

It is one of the best trucks you can own. And there is a lot of space inside to the whole family can go for a ride.

- Ken B

Smooth ride with all the features and reliability anyone could ask for.

I love it. I wish it had better fuel efficiency but that's all. It's a great truck and I couldn't be more pleased.

- Otto R

That it runs great, and has had no mechanical issues.

Great truck, I have had no issues and this is my fourth f-150 that I have purchased. I will continue to buy fords.

- Doug C

That Ford makes a great vehicle.

I like the Ford brand. I enjoy having a 4x4 vehicle and riding high. Gas mileage isn't the best, but that's okay.

- steeler C

The power capabilities that it has to pull effectively

I like having the power to pull different trailers as well as the comfort of the ride. I dislike the fuel economy

- Colby P

Ford 150 has power to tow.

The Ford 150 is a great light duty truck. We pull our snowmobile trailer on it in the mountains with no problems.

- Kathleen S

It is black and stylish. It is my 2nd F 150 to own.

It has great exterior style. It has been dependable. I feel safe when driving the vehicle. I trust Ford's brands.

- Doug B

The Ford f150 has good look to it .But should take a look at engine size.

The Ford f150 is very reliable.Get good gas mileage also has decent power.The seats are the only thing I dislike.

- Isaac D

I love it and keep it clean

I love it. It has a smooth ride and plenty of power. It has lots of room and comfortable. I am a proud owner.

- Dean T

great ride and good gas mileage for a truck.. and plenty of room

love it. nice smooth ride and great in the snow. also good for pulling our trailer for camping.. and very roomy

- lynn c

Rough ride. Has had so e mechanical issues for a late model vehicle

I love The interior, all the options that it has . Love having a sunroof. But it doesn't ride very smooth at all

- Kathleen F

Dependable reliable transportation

It's the best most dependable vehicle I've ever had. Have no complaints about it and definitely get another one!

- Randy M

Gas mileage is better than most smaller vehicles.

I love the size, can fit my family of 6. The hauling and towing capacity. The styling and gas mileage is great.

- David S

Good on gas mileage. We drove it to Hilton SC from PSL Fl on one tank of gas

I like the room in the truck. It is a smooth ride. I have no gripes about the vehicle. Wish the AC was stronger

- Jay Z

That it will not get stuck in mud. Because it's a four-wheel drive

I love my F-150 4x4 Fx4. It is very durable very dependable. Gets good gas mileage for the size of truck it is

- Steven F

Basics like brake well gas change tires.

Convenient set up high easy to use it has lots of space sets six people pull trailer haul things that car can.

- Ana A

It's dependable, and has plenty of space.

It's a solid vehicle, it's just not as solid as, say, a toyota tundra. For an american car though, it's good.

- david o

Great for everyday use or pulling loads. Lots of power.

Car is great except it's too smart for its own good. The computer senses problems but is much too sensitive.

- Kristin B

Excellent truck. Good performance

Rides smooth, good for carrying wood and other hardware machinery. Comfortable and roomy. Pretty good on gas

- Indy J

It drives like a dream, it has wonderful cold air and it is very comfortable.

Very comfortable, drives like a car. Good gas mileage. Dependable. Great color for the dirt road I live on.

- Janice S

It fits my three kids comfortably in the back and they are safe

It is a White Ford f150 with 6 seats for our 5 person family with plenty of room for my 3 kids in the back

- Sara R

It is safe and I feel comfortable in it.

No complaints at this time. I like my truck. I have trouble parking it sometimes. But my husband does not.

- Amy S

The Ford F-150 is one of the best truck in the market.

They are tough and reliable. Ford is always my go to brand when looking for a new truck or other vehicle.

- Daniel S

That it is very spacious and not at all a gas guzzler.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love how spacious it is. And for a truck it maneuvers very well.

- Megan W

That I am very happy with what I am driving and using.

I use it pretty much all the time for work. It it probably my most important tool. I have no complaints.

- Ander M

Truck rides good, with decent power.

Love Ford f-150, wish it had a diesel. Truck needs more lighting and better warranty. Truck rides great.

- Adam B

Power of an 8 cylinder from a turbocharged V6 engine.

Love the appearance of the truck and the power of the Ecoboost motor. Only dislike is the fuel economy.

- Steven B

Ok gas mileage has been a great vehicle for the money

At this point I have had no problems. It rides well and Ian able to pull a boat and has a good payload

- Scott S

I can drive over 600 miles on a tank of gas

LOVE my truck 20 miles to the gallon and it GOES too. the body is perfect and it handles like a dream

- Tracy J

That it is practical and it is very durable. When ordered it the V-8 it can pull almost any trailer you'd need to pull.

It has plenty of space on the interior. It is versatile. Can be used as daily driver and work vehicle.

- Tony P

I like my Ford F150 a lot and you should buy one too

Very reliable, good gas mileage, plenty of space in the cabin of the truck, plenty of towing capacity

- Scott B

That it has been a great truck; free of any issues with it.

I have so far never had any issues when buying a Ford. Love the style of their trucks. No complaints.

- Sandra C

Its a two seater. Big red and two door.

I like the large size of the truck. I also like the power the engine has and the sound of the truck.

- Collin D

Great truck great ride and plenty of power

I love the truck i have seen zero issues with the truck so far and great fuel mileage for being a v8

- Josh T

My truck is black detailed in red . Has an amazing paint job.has a sunroof. Electric back window .

The only issue was a cam sensor .otherwise has been an amazing vehicle so dependable and beautiful .


It is really good to move any heavy equipment or items.

I love the color. It's like a green black camouflage. I hate it doesn't have any vents in the back.

- Janet G

it is good to have for a vehicle because it helps me get things done

it is a good truck. it is very dependable. i dislike nothing about the truck. it does great by me.

- kenneth e

A pickup that rides like a car. The extended cab gives the back seat more room than a luxury car

I like the Ford F150 for size and comfort. For the size of vehicle I feel the mpg are acceptable.

- Cindy C

They should know that my truck guzzles gas and doesn't do well on the highway

I like the trucks size and affordability. I would like it it did better on the gas mileage though.

- Jake B

It has the smoothest ride of all the trucks I drove prior to purchasing it.

Smooth ride. Great gas mileage. Great interior. Great sound system. Can't think of any complaints.

- George K

Great gas mileage when driven properly.

It is dependable.Drives great. Gets good gas mileage. I just love my truck. I have no complaints.

- Robert B

100 percent reliable. I've owned f 150's my whole life. Never a problem.

I like everything. Do not like the wind and road noise while driving without radio on. Very noisy

- Michael D

it is very practical and comfortable

it is practical and comfortable. it is the platinum edition so has a lot of bells and whistles.

- tony K

that it's got enough room for 2 car seats and 2 people

It's great to hold a lot of stuff, lots of legroom and cargo space, the heated seats are awesome

- Chantel B

It is my baby. I will keep it as long as it continues to run.

I Love my truck. It is a 4 wheel drive.I treat it like my baby.. I am going to keep it forever.

- jason J

That it's safe and dependable

I like the payload. I like that it has a back seat. I like the looks. I like the performance.

- Roger G

It defines my lifestyle. A hard working family man.

Love the vehicle. The proper tires for the vehicle are too expensive, so I use a smaller one.

- Robert K

Very reliable truck. Comfortable.

It's still running like a champ, even with 150,000+ miles on it. Looks great. Runs great.

- Beau H

nope, LOVE MY TRUCK, it gets 600 miles to the tankful of gas. It drives like a dream and is 4 wheel drive. Loves the snow and rain, good handling!

go get one, they are super great. Looks very stylish and is useful for any type of job.

- Tracy S

That I have a crew cab F-150 that gets over 21 miles per gallon

It is exactly what I want. It also gets 21.2 mpg for the 3 years that I have owned it.

- Tim D

The reliability of Ford trucks and the excellent fuel economy.

I like the reliability of Ford trucks. I like the Ecoboost engine I like Ford Sync.

- John C

It is a great truck. I recommend it for everyone.

I love my pickup..I use it for everything. I WOULD buy another Ford truck for sure.

- Pamela R

that it is a quality vehicle

i like that it is roomie and i can carry things, but i hate that It's hard to park

- jason B

It has a powerful engine.

Love the power of the engine. Love the options. And love the four wheel drive.

- Greg W

I think the space is important for a truck when you work in construction

I like my vehicle. I like how much space I have. I like the color of my vehicle.

- john s

it runs like an 8 cyc. but gets milage of a 6 cyc.

quiet, dependable, fair gas mileage, turbo boost in a 6 cyl. very impressed.

- al k

good bedroom in the bed.

pretty good fuel economy. good bed room. don't have enough secondary space

- larry A

It is very useful. I use it everyday. I would recommend buying a truck.

I use it everyday. It has been very reliable. I do not regret the decision.

- Nonya B

Great truck! I'll help you move.

Gas mileage could be better. Love the amenities. Good reliability records.

- Anne m